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Research Master Social and Behavioral Sciences Are you an excellent student and interested in conducting scientific

conduct research at the forefront of social and behavioral sciences.

research in the area of Social and Behavioral Sciences? Then this is the

The programme is focused on two major disciplines, the Major

master programme for you! During a two year programme in English

Psychology and the Major Social Sciences, from where you can

you will follow state-of-the-art courses and be involved hands-on in

choose a minor in Psychology and Society, Psychology and Health,

research of your teachers.

Social Sciences, or Methodology and Statistics. The programme is characterized by a strong interplay between teaching and doing

The two-year master programme Research Master in Social and

research. You will be taught by excellent researchers who are dedicated

Behavioral Sciences provides you with the knowledge and skills to

to prepare you for a scientific career in academia or elsewhere.

Masters 2011/2012

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Type and Duration

Training in research (incl. first-year paper & master’s thesis) 66 ECTS

Two-year Master of Science

Academic skills

Admission criteria


• A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline

Master of Science (MSc.) in Social and Behavioral Sciences (research).

• An average score of 7.5 (75%) for the courses in the second- and


third-year of a Dutch bachelor’s programme, or an equivalent

After this master

average score in a non-Dutch system for the courses in the second-

A completed programme offers various career opportunities:

and third-year bachelor’s programme • Sufficient knowledge of the English language (Minimum score of

• PhD position at a university or research institutes; • Researcher and lecturer in a faculty of social and behavioral sciences,

600 on TOEFL or comparable) • Strong motivation, excellent skills and sufficient talent for doing

such as Tilburg University, or in specialized institutions such as CITO Arnhem and Educational Testing Service, Princeton NJ;

scientific research • Suitable attitude and motivation for the successful completion of

• Statistical consultant, researcher and lecturer in a wide variety of university faculties or in other public or

the programme • Students from outside Tilburg University with insufficient statistical

private institutions. Dutch examples are Statistics

background will have to attend and pass the Statistics Summer School

Netherlands, Centraal Planbureau (or another

to successfully complete the master’s programme.

government advisory institution), research labs with large companies, Opinion poll, survey research,

You will learn

and organizational research agencies;

To work with complex data sets and apply state-of-the-art techniques to such data and to write international research articles using these data.

• Research positions at public or private institutions.

You will also engage in research activities under the supervision of


senior research staff.

You can visit our website for more information about the programme, admission requirements and application procedures.

Your education consists of Major/minor courses

Courses in Methodology and Statistics


Tilburg University PO Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg, The Netherlands Telephone Fax

+31 13 466 28 11 E-mail

+31 13 466 22 11

Flyer Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences  

Flyer Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences

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