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by Janet Spencer After Spanish explorers stablished regular trade

Now that’s efficient. Culligan HE. Culligan Water Conditioning 270 Caribou St. W Moose Jaw, SK 306-693-0606

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routes with the Americas, a new industry was born: Pirating. Come along with Tidbits as we sail the high seas! • Pirating reached its height in the years between 1650 and 1730. Pirate ships didn’t roam around hoping to chance upon a victim; they patrolled known shipping routes. During this time, many governments (particularly England) supported piracy, encouraging it as a cheap way to get expensive goods into their country. Piracy became so prevalent that sea-faring trade nearly ground to a complete halt. At this point governments began working against the plunder, tracking down pirates and hanging them in public. The last pirate of this era ever hanged in England was strung up in 1840, and in 1862 the last one was hung in America. • In the mid-1600s, there were about 50,000 British sailors making an honest living on the sea, and probably somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 British pirates making a dishonest living at the same time. During this period, about 80 pirates served on each pirate ship. The career of a pirate generally lasted only a few years or so before they were drowned or killed or jailed. Although some made a fortune and retired, it was more common for the ones who made money to squander it in short order, necessitating another trip. MYTHS & LEGENDS • The image of the typical pirate that’s been passed down through history is partly true and partly false. Pirates often wore a scarf tied

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931 1st Avenue N.W.

Awesome property!! Centrally located and zoned R4, so great for a home or business.

31 Holly Crescent

This beautiful home will impress you once you walk up to the fully stoned front! Amber Tangjerd 306.681.9424

146 Everton Crescent Come see why this spacious bungalow with triple attached garage should be your new family home!

1142 Coteau St. W.

Great starter home located on south hill. Great for revenue or a single person.

Derek McRitchie 306.631.1161

Lori Benson 306.681.8151

324 Main St. N. Moose Jaw, SK Bus 309.694.4747 Res 306.692.2034 Fax. 306.694.6288

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Wednesday Steak Night

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Friday *Eat in only*

Ribs & Ceasar Wing Night

306-694-4900 82-Manitoba St. W

Happy Hour Mon-Fri from 2pm-6pm

Open at 6am Mon-Fri Open at 10am Sat & Sun

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– CANADA PageQ42– DECEMBER Say– 2012 You Saw

It In Tidbits

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1711-Main St North Insert sale dates 306-692-8181 Insert store location Moose Jaw All trademarks owned or licensed by Am. D.Q. Corp. ©2013

Pirates (Continued):

around their head to keep their hair out of their Cface lient: Interand national to Dairyprevent Queen – Grill & sweat Chill Space/Size:into 2 col x 5their -1/4” from running Product: Holiday Cakes Pubs: Newspaper eyes. They frequently went barefoot which gave For use by NMF participating locations only. Issue: 2012 Note: Please delete this on information before placement. them better traction slippery decks. Pirates wore earrings because they thought it would improve their vision. (Acupuncturists say this isn’t far from the truth.) Burying their treasure is not something that happened often, although there are a few cases on record. Leaving a treasure behind left it vulnerable. Most often plunder was carried to the nearest port and sold. Likewise, walking the plank was a rare occurrence. In fact, there are only two pirates known to have used that method. One was Major Stede Bonnet, who is credited with inventing it, and the other was a Dane called Captain Derdrake. More commonly, men were simply thrown overboard. • Contrary to popular belief, a pirate ship tended to be a fairly democratic workplace. A charter establishing ship rules would be drawn up at the start of each voyage with each sailor contributing to the list and expected to stick to it. Disability pensions were awarded for pirates wounded in battle. Usually, the captain was elected by secret ballot and could be voted out of office. Likewise, ships’ officers were often elected democratically. Many pirate captains preferred to win their battles with a show of force rather than bloodthirsty slaughter. Booty was generally divided fairly, with the captain receiving a share and a half; officers receiving a share and a quarter; and crew getting one share each. Nobody on the pirate ship got paid anything at all unless they captured something of value. Most ships carried musicians on board to provide entertainment.

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Cher Duckworth Owner

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After hour appointments available - call to book yours 11 Hochelaga St W. Moose Jaw

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ARIES (March 21-April 19): Just because they disagree with you, doesn’t mean you aren’t right. In the week ahead, you can easily maintain your own opinions in the face of opposition. You may even find an ingenious solution to a stalemate. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Make an effort to be the cooperative kid. In the week ahead, you will find that by joining forces with others, both of you will benefit. Loyal partners and friends will speak on your behalf. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Money makes the world go around. Your generosity may be repaid over and over in the week to come. With charitable Jupiter in your sign, you might find someone willing to give you a big tip. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Deep down inside, you may be contemplating an important decision. The week ahead will bring you many opportunities to gather valuable information that will help you make the wisest choice. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Communication is the best road to travel for success. Keep a close watch on your money in case pendulum swings the other way. You possess a golden touch in business affairs in the coming week. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Busy bees receive the buzz. Your industry and genuine interest in your fellow man makes you the center of any hive of activity. In the week ahead, computers, technology and inventions are highlighted. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Walk on the sunny side of the street. You can see some good in everyone and something of value in every word of advice. In the week to come, be sure to spread your sunshine wherever you go. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Even a hardboiled egg has a heart of gold. Some acquaintances might seem bent on making every activity a competition this week, but you can see beneath their hard shell to the tenderness inside. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Go ahead and let the cat out of the bag. You often get into a complicated situation when you discuss matters that are not ready for disclosure, but this week you can say whatever you like. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Like a dog with a bone, you won’t let go of a good idea. In the week ahead, let your passions be the guide to what will bring financial and romantic bliss. Your judgment is a bit better than usual. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Gather all the facts from a vast array of sources before making a move. You have internet access at your fingertips or wise friends to call when you need answers to key questions in the week to come. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Country singer Dolly Parton said it best, “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” Minor mixups that occur in the week ahead might actually lead to better understanding.



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409-Thatcher Drive East 692-4440

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Game On THE ALL-NEW 2013 RAV4 Perfect for play in the prairies

With its adventure-ready performance, styling, and features, the allnew 2013 RAV4 makes the Prairies feel like a game. And now it’s your turn to play. RAV4. GAME ON. Start playing for as little as $25,859* *2013 RAV4 LE (ZFREVT A) vehicle price of $25,859 includes a maximum of $2,070 for freight and delivery, block heater charge, tire levy, and air conditioning tax, and excludes licence, insurance, registration fees, and all other taxes and levies. All offers and price subject to exclusions and may change without notice. AWD Limited model shown.


1743 Main Street N, Moose Jaw SK


Toll Free: 1.866.495.9787 -


Moose Jaw’s largest - Over $1 Million in stock to choose from 2009 Exiss XT314

2013 Sooner 724

Demo 2012 Gatormade 30ft

2011 Exiss ES400

2012 Cjay Combo Unit

2013 Gator 6x12

14ft LQ, slide out, breakfast nook, 3 horse angle haul, rear tack

24ft, 2 gates, 7ft tall and wide, matts, plexiglass

25ft deck, beavertail and ramps, powder coated, 10k dexter axles

4 horse angle haul, 4ft dressing room, all aluminum

6ft enclosure, 14ft flatdeck, slide in ramps, 2 7000lb axles

3500lb axle, 15” tires, 12ft deck, fold down ramp

$69,900 + taxes

$23,995 + taxes

$11,500+ taxes

$23,900 + taxes

306-694-1355 “just click” see entire inventory at

$7,995 + taxes

$1,795 + taxes

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News from the Shelter

Auto Detailing . & Window Tinting “Best Handwash In Town” ◆ Complete Interior & Exterior Cleaning ◆ Top Quality Cleaners and Waxes Call ◆ Window Tinting Today! ◆ Gift Certificates Available ◆ Locally Owned & Operated

Don’t Forget to Pack the Catnip

Moose Jaw Humane Society invites its supporters to take Fat Boy on “vacation” with them this summer.

909-High Street West

Maybe you already live in a faraway destination; perhaps an interesting roadside attraction or stopping by a famous landmark (like the attached photo of FB checking out Mac the Moose right here in Moose Jaw) might suit his fancy – the possibilities for Fat Boy’s journeys are endless. The shelter has chosen a reclining photo of FB from its archives for the promotion, making it ideal for visits to the beach, going for a ride on the boat, or even just living large by pool – just don’t forget the floppy hat and sunscreen! The Moose Jaw Humane Society is fortunate to enjoy such a relationship with its supporters, and the shelter is hopeful that by using their popular mascot for a bit of summer fun, it may also help to raise awareness about pets’ healthy weights. While attaining this balance of regular exercise, not overfeeding, and keeping pets happy isn’t always easy, the benefits are certainly worthwhile for the health, well-being, and life expectancy of beloved companion animals.


Auto Glass Specialists

This month marks the two-year anniversary of a diet that helped to make the Moose Jaw Humane Society’s rotund mascot cat “Fat Boy” famous around the world. To acknowledge this milestone in the popular flabby tabby’s life (and to celebrate his weight loss from 24lbs down to 17.6 lbs), the shelter has launched a fun, summertime activity for all friends of Fat Boy to take part in. The humane society would like its supporters to help send Fat Boy (or FB, as he likes to be referred to) on holiday; the shelter has prepared a photo of the big man, available on its Facebook page and website ( that can be printed off, cut out, and taken on summer travels. The MJHS hopes that Fat Boy’s friends will then take photos of his paper likeness in different spots of interest wherever they are vacationing this year, and then share the pictures on its Facebook page. Submissions are encouraged over July and August, and the most creative, unique, and adventurous photo will win a MJ Humane Society prize pack to be awarded at the end of August. Fat Boy also has his own Twitter account (@FatboyMJHS), and he will tweet his favourite photos as well throughout the summer.

Issue #27

» Winshield Replacements « » Rock Chip Repairs « » SGI Accredited « » 30 Years Experience «

Moose Jaw Glass «Locally Owned & Operated»

909-High Street West Bay #4 306.972.6909


We would love to share the rest of our lives with just “YOU”

Call 692-1517 for more information

Cuddles – 8 year old female Pomeranian Pepper – 9 year old female Pomeranian Sisters Cuddles and Pepper have lived together their whole lives. These ladies were surrendered to the humane society and are having a hard time adjusting to shelter life. Luckily they are able to spend their nights at home with a staff member getting some extra love and attention! Both girls, once in a home setting have shown that they are well behaved and enjoy nothing more than a nice lap to spend the evening in. They came from a house where they were only paper trained but are working hard at learning to use the great outdoors as their bathrooms. As we look for homes for these special souls, we are really hoping that we can find a home that will take them both. Relying on each other for confidence it would be hard on them to split them up right now. If you are interested in giving both these girl a fresh start in a loving home, please contact the shelter to talk about our special adoption fees. Sniper – 10 yr old neutered male DSH Sniper currently spends his time in the boss’s office; which really is very fitting for this cat, as he loves to think that he is the boss. Sniper is a full figure male looking for an understanding family who “gets” grumpy cats. They understand how he will let you know when he will be touched and loved. We do believe Sniper may have trained with Jackie Chan as he is very quick to swipe if you have pet him too much! Good news though… he has no claws, and is an all-talk no action kind of guy! Sniper’s adoption fee has been sponsored!

Darla – adult female DMH Believe it or not, but this pretty kitty was a stray that no one has come forward to claim. She was found in the middle of June and has been waiting patiently to find her forever home ever since. Darla has a beautiful tabby striped coat and remarkable eyes. She is still active and playful, and enjoys her time spent with the shelter’s volunteer cat cuddlers – Darla would like nothing more than a family to call her own!

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FIELD Plumbing & Heating

520 Fairford Street West Moose Jaw, SK



Bessie – adult female Mastiff It’s hard not to notice Bessie, the big dog with the enormous head lying resignedly in her kennel. It’s even tougher not to fall in love with her — this gentle giant has proven to be huge softie. Though Bessie came to us from an animal rescue situation, we see this as an opportunity to make sure Bessie gets the royal treatment for the noble dog she is. Bessie has lived with small dogs and cats and is gentle with everyone she meets.

Keely – adult female DSH Keely was abandoned in the shelter’s front porch back in midJune, so sadly we don’t know anything about this sweetheart’s history. We do know that she is an extremely friendly and affectionate cat who likes to stop and chat with passers-by, and her interesting orange on white markings make her a very attractive feline indeed. If you are looking for an outgoing and social feline to add to your family, Keely would be a perfect match.

Issue #27

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K E E W K N R WOOL DOLYW 0!! 2 N 8pm O , s r CO Coo from 45 f o et ay !!

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Daily Prizes!! Enter To Win a Coors Light Beer Fridge


Buck day - Frid TH LONG Mon ALL MON 28 - Manitoba St. E.

The only GRILL you need... It’s all about the wood Maximum Outdoor Versatility

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Life’s Like That.... Life is like an hourglass. Eventually everything hits the bottom. And all you have to do is wait until someone comes along and turns it around.

Come see our fantastic selection. 310 - 9th Ave NW


*Free offer on purchase of selected models, see PJS for details

A Unique Home I took a real estate client to a handyman special. The place was great, and we couldn’t understand why it was so cheap, until we turned on the water main and water gushed from the ceiling. Dripping wet, my client put a positive spin on the showing: “Nice house,” he said. “It’s even self-cleaning.”

Get R E S U L T S

Does The Job! Sold First Week! FOR SALE 10ft x 16ft Steel Storage Building

Wood frame with steel paneling and roof. 10ft walls, 8ft overhead door Wired with light and plug.

*Low Cost *Huge Coverage *City & Country

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- Sold $2800.00

Call Days: 306-631-0002 Evenings: 306-692-8146

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On Fridays Dine In Only

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PIRATE WAYS • In the late 1600s, when most of humanity was still illiterate, ships flew flags with pictures on them indicating their identity and intention. Flags might depict an hourglass (indicating time running out for surrender), or a sword (indicating willingness to fight), or a skull and crossbones, which was by far the most popular design. The color of a flag also sent messages: A black flag meant the pirates would give quarter, and would spare the lives of the captured crew if the treasure was handed over without a fight. If the victims refused to lay down their weapons, a red flag (preferably dipped in blood) would be run up. If a red flag was flying, it meant no quarter would be given and the crew could expect to die. Seeing the sight of a red flag with skull and crossbones was often all it took to convince the victims to give up and hand all their goods over. After all, the cargo on board usually didn’t even belong to them. A white flag indicated surrender. • The French phrase ‘joli rouge’ means ‘pretty red’ which is thought to be the reason the pirate flag is called the Jolly Roger. • Cannon shot was carefully aimed to destroy the sails and masts of the ships being captured without damaging the ship itself. Pirates needed to immobilize the ship but did not want to destroy it. Treasure didn’t do much good if it was sitting on the bottom of the ocean, and the boat itself was a prize worth keeping. Cannonballs were often made imperfectly on purpose because they would make more noise in flight if they were not perfectly round, and noisy cannonballs were more intimidating than silent cannonballs. • The fierce Gujarati pirates made captured merchants swallow an emetic called tamarindi mixed with salt sea water which would cause them to vomit, throwing up any gemstones they may have swallowed prior to being caught. TALK LIKE A PIRATE • The word ‘pirate’ comes from the Greek ‘peiran’ meaning ‘to attack.’ • The word ‘careen’ comes from the French word ‘carene’ meaning the keel of a ship. Boats that collected barnacles and seaweed moved sluggishly in the water so they needed to be cleaned regularly, especially if they were pirate ships that needed to outmaneuver their victims. The boat would be tilted on its side to be scraped, repaired, and re-caulked. ‘Careening’ has now come to mean lurching or swerving while in motion. • Coins could once be cut into pieces to make change. A dollar coin could be broken into eight bits. Two bits equaled a quarter of a dollar. That’s how pirates got pieces of eight and England got the halfpenny and the farthing, which was originally a ‘fourthings’ or a fourth of a penny. • After the discovery that vitamin C in lemons, oranges, and limes cures scurvy, sailors were supplied with citrus fruits during voyages, leading to their nickname of ‘limeys.’ • Booty comes from the German root ‘bute’ meaning ‘exchange.’ NANCY’S PAPERS • In the 1700s, an American ship called the Nancy was suspected of pirating and of running Britain’s blockade of France. Cornered in the Caribbean, the captain of the Nancy tossed incriminating logbooks and papers into the sea just before being captured. The captain and crew of the Nancy were taken to Britain to stand trial. However, without the ship’s papers, there was no evidence. Just then a second British ship sailed into port, bringing the Nancy’s papers. They had found the ship’s papers in the belly of a shark they caught off Haiti. The captain of the Nancy was convicted and hung. The papers were placed in a museum.

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Purely Pleasure Spa - Salon Fashion Boutique

www.purelypleasuresalon.c a


921-1st Avenue NW

Sc an Me

Answers on page 14 The Bebe Bump Maternity Boutique Your baby Harley-Davidson Supplier

We do custom maternity jeans! 305 Fairford ST. W (2 blocks west from safeway) 306-693-6632

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✴ General Accounting ✴ Income Tax Services

ng i t n u o cc A h

b Bo

rc u Ch

Call 306-691-6633 16-Lancaster Road Moose Jaw, Sask.

ADS FOR THE ATIDBITS@ MAGAZINE – NOV. 28/12: Issue #27 For Advertising Call (306) 693-1269 Say You Saw It In Tidbits

Real estate Page

R THE ATIDBITS@ MAGAZINE – NOV. 28/12: of moose jaw

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605A Main St. N., Moo

605A Main St. N., Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0W6

605A Main St. N., Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0W6


e-mail – landm 694-8082 e-mail – web – www.royalle


e-mail – web – web –

Large family home Looking for a home Livestock operation New construction! Location! Within a This is a unique with plenty of space? bungalow in the close to downtown. 35 miles South of Finished up and few minutes from This home has 3 town of Lafleche. Regina. 2350 sq ft. down! This great downtown and the This home is situatlarger bedrooms. It’s over 1100 square a corner lot on Great starter home ew construction! built” new Excellent family Very nice family home, 220 Located acres ofon a new mall! This home has ed on home is“Quality in Moose Original home feet with open ceilNew construction! Located new a quiet “Quality built” new Excellent family Very nic Triple attached South Hill Crescent, construction! homeon in aanew home Sunningdale! rental property inwas street. Just a or great features, hayland, 35 acres Jaw’s newest de- many built in 1911, and ings and dual stairrage”. This great this quality built Attention to detail South Hill 1300 sq ft 3 +2 Mossbank!! Lots of block away from a complete with a cultivated, balance “Triple attached South Hill Crescent, construction! home in acases newto the basehome Sun velopment and has all was added ome is in Moose 1,548 sq. ft. and stylish finishing development. This school bedroom home kitchen cabinets,on and parks treed yard and single is yard and native an idealmany great during the 80s. ment for ease of1300 sq This great Attention South Hill Jaw’s newest bungalow isgarage”. touches gives this this quality 1481 sq. built ft. loaded with manyto detail main floor laundry ideal for families. garage. Double garage. access pasture. features. evelopment has family home or for is in Moose home its great bungalow hasft. many features and finishing and shed for storage. home 1,548 sq. and stylish development. Thisand safety.bedroom

excellent value.


Jaw’s newestappeal. Women in History development has excellent value. ANNE BONNY & MARY


• Anne Bonny was born in Ireland in the late 1600s as a result of her father’s affair with a chambermaid. Her parents fled to America where her father became a wealthy merchant and plantation owner in South Carolina.

great features updates. bungalow is an ideal touches gives thisPaved drive. 1481 sq. ft. became best of friends and served side-by-side for home its great bungalow has many forfamily the nexthome severalor years. appeal. great features • In 1720,retirement the Vanity was anchored off Jamaica. The

Canadian Tid-bits

men were all quite drunk. Suddenly a British navy sloop hove into view, and the Vanity was under attack. The drunken soldiers cowered below, leaving Mary and Anne to fight the invaders on their own. The women yelled at their mates to “come up, you cowards, and fight like men,” to no avail. They were overtaken, and the entire crew was taken to Jamaica for trial.

• Anne married James Bonny, and they moved to a pirate’s hold-out in the Bahamas where Anne • Captain Jack and his crew were tried on November 16, 1720, and sentenced to hang. Anne was became involved in the lives of the pirates. When allowed to visit him before his execution, and her the Governor of the Bahamas offered money in scathing rebuke lives on in history: “Had you fought exchange for information about the pirates, James like a man, you need not have been hanged like a Bonny spilled the beans, much to the wrath of dog!” Anne, who subsequently divorced him. Not long afterwards, she fell in love with a dashing young • Anne and Mary were tried and found guilty. But at pirate named Captain Jack Rackham. their sentencing, when the judge asked if they had anything to say, they both revealed themselves • Anne wanted to travel with Captain Rackham as to be pregnant. Since British law forbade killing he plundered the seas, but having a woman on an unborn child, their sentences were stayed board a ship was problematical. She started to temporarily. disguise herself as a man, serving alongside the other sailors on board Rackham’s sloop called the • Mary is said to have died of a fever in prison in Vanity. 1721, before the birth of her child. Other reports say she feigned death and was sneaked out of the • In the meantime, Mary Read was born in England prison under a shroud. around 1690. When she was still an infant, her father left on a sea voyage never to return, leaving • No record of Anne’s execution has ever been her mother destitute. Her mother decided to travel found. Some say that her wealthy father bought her to London to beg for financial support from her release after the birth of her child and she settled mother-in-law. Knowing that the woman disliked down to a quiet family life on a small Caribbean little girls, she dressed Mary like a boy. The ploy island. worked, and Mary spent the rest of her childhood pretending to be a boy, even after her grandmother died.

▶ Point Pelee, a peninsula that extends into Lake Erie in Ontario, is the southernmost tip of Canada’s mainland. It’s on the same latitude as northern California and Rome, Italy. ▶ During World War II, the Netherlands sent Queen Juliana over to Canada for safekeeping. To say thank you for sheltering her, the Netherlands sent over a gift of 10,000 tulip bulbs. They continue to send more bulbs every year, resulting in the Tulip Festival in Ottawa every May. ▶ The word ‘Quebec’ comes from the Algonquin word ‘quebecq’ which means ‘the river narrows here.’ Quebec City is located at a bottleneck in the St. Lawrence River. ▶ A statue of Samuel de Champlain in Ottawa depicts the explorer holding an astrolabe, which is a kind of compass to the stars used for navigation on the ocean. Unfortunately, the astrolabe in the statue’s hand is being held upside-down. ▶ Canada is almost 30% larger than Australia.

Bend in the River u-pick Berries orchard

Cherries, Raspberries, Saskatoons, Plums, Haskap, Rhubarb & Gooseberries

• Mary Read found that life was easier for a man than it was for a woman, so she continued to masquerade as a man even as an adult. She became a professional soldier, and fell in love with another soldier. When she revealed her secret to him, they were married and settled down to a normal husband-and-wife existence as innkeepers.

Urban Escape Dessert Café To Buy

•Beverages, Cold & Hot •Baskets of Jam •Ground Lamb •Fresh/Frozen Fruit •Cookbooks


•Pies •Fruit Milkshakes •Jams •Weekly Desserts



Open from 8am - 8pm EVERYDAY

Scout Camp

• When her husband died, Mary found herself destitute. She disguised herself as a man, and got a job as a sailor aboard a ship headed to the Caribbean. When the ship was overtaken by Captain Jack Rackham, she joined Rackham’s crew aboard the Vanity. • It wasn’t long before Mary Read and Anne Bonny— both serving on the same ship, both disguised as men— discovered each other’s secret. They

loaded w feature upda






Valley View Dept. Highway

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Safety Bits Bike Safety!

• The first and most important piece of equipment for bicycle safety is the helmet. • It is very important when buying a bike helmet that it meets the standards of one of the following: CSA, ASTM, CPSC, Snell, ANSI. • There are three different types of approved cycling helmets: Thin Shell, Hard Shell and Multipurpose, it is important to choose which will best suit the rider. • When looking to buy a bike helmet you should try and purchase from a knowledgeable sales staff that knows how to fit helmets properly, choose a bright colored helmet to make it easier for motorists to see, choose a helmet with a good foam lining and it is important to remember NOT TO TRADE SAFTEY FOR STYLE. • The most important thing in regards to helmets is that they fit properly, the helmet should be worn squarely on top of the head covering the tip of the forehead and about 1-2 cm above the eyebrows. (See photo below right). • Prior to getting out and riding it is important to perform a Bicycle inspection. • Begin by dropping your bike from about 10 cm off the ground, any rattles or loose parts should be tightened. • Brakes is the next step. Check that the rubber brake blocks are at a minimum of 5 cm thick and that they contact the rim squarely. Brake levers should not touch the handlebars when they are pulled. • Wheels should be securely fastened, and should spin without rubbing or wobbling. Tires should be completely inflated to the recommended PSI which is stamped on the sidewall, and should have good tread with no cuts or bulges. • The chain should be well oiled and be under some tension, but with single speed chain it should have about 1 cm of play. • Keep handle bars and saddle tightly fastened and make sure ALL reflectors and bells are working properly.

Maintenance Tips Weekly Tips • Oil Chain, clean your bike • Check tire pressure • Check and tighten loose parts.

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PRESSURE WASHERS 4930707/033011

“THE HOST”: Stephenie Meyer struck gold in both books and films with her “Twilight” series, but not so much movie-wise with her futuristic story of a young woman (Saoirse Ronan, doing commendable work as two characters in one) who fights for control with an alien parasite placed in her body. Each of them has a love interest (Jake Able, Max Irons), complicating matters even more. Director-screenwriter Andrew Niccol (“Gattaca”) also draws solid performances from Diane Kruger and the too-little-seen William Hurt. DVD extras: “making-of” documentary; deleted scenes. ** (PG-13: AS, V) (Also on Bluray and On Demand)

Video View

DVD Reviews

“SPRING BREAKERS”: Screenwriter-director Harmony Korine attracted controversy for casting several actresses popular with young people - namely, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson - in this offbeat tale that’s not for that trio’s typical target audience. Along with Rachel Korine, the filmmaker’s wife, they play coeds who run into trouble during spring break in Florida ... then run into even more trouble when they fall under the influence of a drug dealer (James Franco). DVD extras: theatrical trailer; “making-of” documentary; audio commentary by Harmony Korine; deleted scenes; outtakes; music-score featurette; television spots. *** (R: AS, N, P, V) (Also on DVD and On Demand) “TEMPTATION: CONFESSIONS OF A MARRIAGE COUNSELOR”: Tyler Perry goes serious as writer, producer and director of this version of his play, which pretty much tells its story in its title. Jurnee Smollett-Bell plays said counselor, who wants to leave her job but waits on her husband’s (Lance Gross) advice. That turns out to be unfortunate when she meets and falls for an Internet tycoon (Robbie Jones). Perry doesn’t appear, but Vanessa Williams, Brandy Norwood and Kim Kardashian - yes, that Kim Kardashian - have co-starring roles. *** (PG-13: AS, V) (Also on DVD and On Demand) “DEAD MAN DOWN”: An underworld operative, played by Colin Farrell, finds himself in a tough spot in this melodrama. A command from his boss results in a couple of unfortunate deaths, prompting him to seek the person truly responsible. The film also reunites director Niels Arden Oplev with Noomi Rapace, who played “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” for him in that tale’s original screen version ... and who is cast here as a woman who blackmails the Farrell character to get his assistance. *** (R: AS, P, V) (Also on DVD and On Demand) “HOW THE WEST WAS WON: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON”: James Arness had just completed a two-decade run as Marshal Matt Dillon on “Gunsmoke” when he jumped back into television Westerns in this late-1970s ABC series loosely inspired by the same-named 1962 movie. He plays Zeb Macahan, patriarch of a family of Western settlers facing all the perils of that then-untamed territory. Also notable in the cast are Eva Marie Saint, Richard Kiley, Bruce Boxleitner and Fionnula Flanagan. *** (Not rated: AS, V) FAMILY-VIEWING GUIDE KEY: AS, adult situations; N, nudity; P, profanity; V, violence; GV, particularly graphic violence.

Monthly Tips • Check cables for rust • Oil brake levers • Check brake shoes and tires for wear Yearly Tips • Annual overhaul of bike

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Issue #27

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Hou Happy ri from Mon-F -6pm 2pm

SK w nin an e Ja tpl os en | Mo ev ain W w.m h St ww



t Sof

is a light and interesting weekly publication based primarily on entertainment. Our content is light, informative, and often humorous. We want our readers to say, “I didnt know that!!”



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Say You Saw It In Tidbits

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Issue #27




You Know You’re Getting Old When .....

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Per Burger

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•You keep more food than beer in the fridge. •6:00 AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed. •You hear your favorite song on an elevator. •You watch the Weather Channel. •Your friends marry and divorce instead of hook up and break up. •You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14. •Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as “dressed up.” •You’re the one calling the police because those d--- kids next door won’t turn down the stereo. •Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you.

Answers on page 14

Answers on page 14

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What did the pirate say when he got his leg stuck in the freezer? Shiver Me Timbers

Issue #27

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Say You Saw It In Tidbits

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Cleavers, wild buckwheat and kochia don’t stand a chance when Enforcer M is in the game. Hempnettle, chickweed and volunteer canola... better keep your head up! Wide application window.


Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd.

Spring & Winter Wheat (inc. Durum), Barley

Position: Defence Spring wheat (inc. Durum), Barley

Enforcer D puts the feat into kochia, cleavers and wild buckwheat.

40 - 5th Ave N.W. Moose Jaw, SK

Once he gets his mitts on Russian thistle, stinkweed, narrow leaved hawk`s beard and volunteer canola... it`s lights out!

1.866.330.5744 — 306.693.2977

Look sharp this Spring & Summer with... Performance Tires Custom Rims Expert Tune-Ups & Inspections

Talk to Kal Open: Mon - Fri 7:30am-6:00pm Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm

465 Fairford St. West 306-692-4745

“Award Winning Water” We have everything you need...

◆ Natural Spring Water ◆ Endless Bulk Ice ◆ Purified Water ◆ Distilled Water ◆ Home & Office Delivery ◆ Moose Jaw’s Only

Drive-Thru Pick Up Service 550-Fairford St W ◆ 306-693-3399 ◆ 1-877-693-3399

Ominica West Storage

Soap Review

Over 180 Bays - All Sizes

Convenient ALL MY CHILDREN: In her hour of greatest Downtown need, Angie Location. found herself alone. Zach learned that Jesse Call was involved in him being framed for Uri’s 306-693-9949 murder, placing the future of their friendship in doubt. Meanwhile, the suppressed passion 306-631-4074 between Zach andAll LeaWeather grew more intense. Colby’s “Clean Access” scheme to raise money for the Miranda center came with personal consequences. Coming: Jesse realizes what his future will be like.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bill was stunned when Katie and Karen fired him as CEO of Spencer Publications, and Katie revealed she’s now running the company. Knowing Wyatt and Quinn better raised questions for Hope about their past. Playing on Rick’s concern about Maya and Carter’s

Answers on page 14

A 3rd of your life is spent in bed! Why not enjoy it? See Dennis Today. 451-Main St. N


Mattresses R Us

working relationship, Caroline gave Rick an even drastic measures to keep her away from Jesus, she bigger reason to fear that Maya will leave him. made a desperate decision that could have major Coming: Quinn wants Hope out of her son’s life. consequences. Reluctantly participating in Lena’s group therapy session, Callie confided in Brandon, DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After lashing out at who offered support as she faced a painful memory Kristen for continuing to manipulate him, Brady from her past. Jude wanted to impress his new asked John for the truth about what happened friend Connor when he came over to work on a with Kristen the night of the attempted seduction. school project. Coming: Brandon edges closer to Kristen set out to destroy Eric in a very public Callie. way by showing the sex video. Sami exploded at Adrienne, unintentionally making things worse GENERAL HOSPITAL: Patrick discovered that for herself. When Jennifer decided to reunite with Franco is suffering from a brain tumor. When Daniel, JJ intended to make sure it never happens. Morgan overheard Ava deny to Silas that Kiki is Coming: Sami could be the casualty of EJ and his daughter, he demanded the truth from Ava Stefano’s war. and got it. Michael tried to reconcile with Morgan and admitted his love for Kiki. Lesley found out THE FOSTERS: Jesus and Mariana fought over the truth about Luke’s terminal medical condition. each other’s betrayals. When Lexi’s parents took Continued on pg 14

Answers on page 14

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Say You Saw It In Tidbits

For Advertising Call (306) 693-1269

Issue #27

$100.00 per tee time on Mondays! 18 Holes of Golf 2 for $50 each $33 each $100.00 per3 teefor time on Mondays! 18 Holes of Golf 4 for2 for $50 each $25 each 3 for $33 each includes cart rental! (excluding holidays)

MONDAY SPECIAL! 4 for $25 each

includes cart rental! (exluding holidays)

CALLto TObook BOOKyour YOURtime TIMEtoday! TODAY!(306) (306-693-1921) call 693-1921

A Simple System Step 1: Plug in and turn toggle switch on

Step 2: Place Scentsy wax in dish



R.M. of Terrell No. 101 August 3-4, 2013

Saturday - parade, beer gardens, cowboy poetry, small airshow, clown, supper, dance with live band and fireworks! Sunday - pancake breakfast & church service. All are Please pre-register by July 15th R.M. of Terrell No. 101 Box 60, Spring Valley, SK S0H 3X0 email:


Cement Patio Table & 3 Benches

Solid cement patio table and 3 benches complete with beautiful Sun Umbrella. Ideal for home or commercial patio. Retail value for the set is over $1600.

Call Days: 306-631-0002 Evenings: 306-692-8146



Unique Scentsy warmers use a low-watt bulb to slowly melt specially formulated wax. With no flame, smoke, or soot, the Scentsy wickless candle system is a safe way to enjoy more than 80 fragrances. Answers on page 14

Call Tiffany Today! 306.631.2271


Issue #27

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Say You Saw It In Tidbits

It’s YOUR Home!



Protecting You and Your Family Since 1976

• We Manufacture PVC Windows & Doors • Siding, Stone, Insulation, Soffit & Fascia • Factory Trained Sales, Service & Installation • Blinds & Shades • Commercial Doors & Hardware • Licensed & Insured Showroom located at: 1121 Ominica Street East


To Help With It.


Serving Moose Jaw & Surrounding Area For Over 25 Yrs.

(306) 684-9909


For Our Complete Product Lists - Visit Us Online

• Home • Auto • Agro • •Motor Licence Issuer • • Commercial • Health & Travel • “Come talk to our experienced and professional staff about your insurance needs today.” Free Customer Parking! 29-High Street West P 306-692-1812 TF 888-692-1812

“When you shop local, everyone wins.”

The ONLY BASEMENT INSULATION you want! 2” Wall Insulation


Introductory $ 24 sq ft offer starting at

H.B.T Enterprises Ltd.

11/16” Under Slab Insulation R5.2. Energy Only  code recognized .81sq ft

769-Ominica Street West Moose Jaw, Sask

The Doctors Are In! Dr.


& Construction Ltd.

“Guaranteed Workmanship”


- 3 Tab/Laminates -Interlocks - Metal Roofing - City & Country - Insurance Claims

to us...dogs are family.

For All Your Trash Needs


- Residential/Commercial Rates - Daily/Weekly/Monthly - Roofing, Yard Waste -Concrete Rubble, Construction Debris

Call Rob or Terry

461-Athabasca East


Dr. Roof

Dr. D

x Do Not Repeat Signature: “Locally Owned & Operated” Repeat

Office 306-694-4328 Fax 306-694-4329 Toll Free 1-866-494-4328

bone White Drywall Professionally installed, and finished.

Dr. Dumpster

We have flooring that understands puppy love.

Contact: Glen, Vic or Brian

Mold & Moisture Resistant

• Insulation and Vapour Barrier • Boarding & Taping • No Job Too Big Or Small • Guaranteed Workmanship



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Issue #27

~ Community Events ~ MONDAY, JULY 8 •Lawn Bowling At Crescent Park Fun for the whole family, from 8 yrs and up! At 7pm. Come 15 – 20 minutes early so teams can be drawn. There are free lessons to get you started. Please call 306-6933388, 306-691-5045 or 306-691-5959 for more information. •Men’s Adult Floor Hockey Located at the 15 Wing base gym. The cost is 3 dollars, and you must use a plastic bladed stick. You can either bring your own stick or they are available at the gym. •Teen Wellness Clinic Located at Public Health Services (107-110 Ominica Street West) Monday 2:005:00pm and Tuesday-Friday 2:00-4:00pm. •Basketball & Cheerleading Camp Ages 8-13. Lunch and swimming provided. Cost $75. Contact Kyleigh at 306-6818653 for more information. •Go! Read and Create Sculptures! Family Services Editon Read with us, and then experiment with clay! Join Moose Jaw Public Library at the Family Services Bureau for reading, games, snacks and crafts at 4pm. Ages 0-5 Registration is required. Register by phoning 306-692-2787. TUESDAY, JULY 9 •Cosmo Jam Sessions Come to the Cosmo Centre and join in the fun! Dance with your favourite partner or just listen to the great music from 9:30-11. Cost is $2. •Teen Wellness Clinic Located at Public Health Services (107-110 Ominica Street West) Monday 2:005:00pm and Tuesday-Friday 2:00-4:00pm. •Basketball & Cheerleading Camp Continued •Go Storytime: How do you go? Blast off into space with us…and explore the galaxies! Come and join us from 1011am for an hour of stories, rhymes and a take-home craft. Ages 2-5. Registration is required. To register call 306-692-2787. •Le-Go! Mania Join us for an hour, and build whatever you can imagine with Lego! In August, your creations will be put on display! For ages 2-10 Registration is not required, admission is free. At the Moose Jaw Public Library from July 2nd to August 20th - 2 – 3pm. •Moose Jaw Youth String Orchestra Registration is from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. @ 436 Langdon Crescent. No experience is necessary, ages 5 to 18 years. Instruments are available to rent. •Synchronized Swimming Our Synchro team swims every Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm. We offer beginners classes as well as masters programs and are always welcoming new swimmers. Please contact Amanda at 306-694-5658 for more information. WEDNESDAY, JULY 10 •Basketball & Cheerleading Camp Continued •Lawn Bowling At Crescent Park

Fun for the whole family, from 8 yrs and up! At 7pm. Come 15 – 20 minutes early so teams can be drawn. There are free lessons to get you started. Please call 306-6933388, 306-691-5045 or 306-691-5959 for more information. •Just DIY! Fly-By Tie Dye Moose Jaw Public Library invites youths ages 10 -18 to Just DIY! Fly-By Tie Dye. The program will take place at 6:30pm at the public library. Come get crazy as we dye ourselves some one-of-a-kind t-shirts, tank-tops, and anything else you can think of. All Materials will be provided. Admission is free. Refreshments will be served. For further information please contact Hanna or Laura at 306-692-2787. •Stories in Crescent Park Slap on some sunscreen and hang out with us in Crescent Park for an hour of stories, rhymes and games. This story time is ideal for larger group visits. In the event of rain or other weather situations, story time would happen inside the Library and seating would be limited. For ages 3-10 Registration is not required, admission is free. Located at the Moose Jaw Public Library on Wednesdays: (From July 3 to July 31) from 10 – 11am. •Go! To The Movies! Go! To The Movies! Join us for some great family films on the theme of Go! TD Summer Reading Club. Featured movie “Up!”. Movies subject to change without notice. Registration is not required, admission is free. Moose Jaw Public Library Theatre at 2pm. Ages 2-10 Welcome. THURSDAY, JULY 11 •Basketball & Cheerleading Camp Continued •Space Camp At the WDM What’s beyond the sky? Space Camp for children ages 5 to 8. From 10am to 4pm, bring a brown bag lunch. Enjoy a variety of fun and educational activities. For more information or to register call 306-693-5989. Register early, space is limited. •What EMS is? Moose Jaw Public Library invites everyone to attend What EMS Is with speaker Ray Francis, EMS Paramedic. The program will be at 2:30pm. Join us for a look into the fascinating world of Emergency Medical Services. Admission is free. •Go Storytime: How do you Go? Blast off into space with us…and explore the galaxies! Come and join us at 10am for an hour of stories, rhymes and a take-home craft. Registration is required, admission is free. Ages 2-5. Registration for this session starts July 3, 9:30 am. Register by phoning 306-692-2787. •Wakamow Valley Kids Day A day of FREE events for Moose Jaw and area families to kick off the summer in style. •1856 Moose Jaw Schools Cadet Corps (Royal Canadian Army Cadets) Every Thursday Evening at the Armories at 18:30 (6:30pm) in Moose Jaw. Are you a youth or a parent of a youth looking for a new activity for them, for age 12-18 female and male. Come check us out. For any question contact the office on Thursday evening at 692-0551. FRIDAY, JULY 12

Do You Have A Local Event? Soaps Continued from pg 11 When Scott begged Laura to drop her concerns for Luke, it led to a huge argument. Coming: Michael intends to get back at Brad. MISTRESSES: Hurt by Savi’s decision to conceal her pregnancy and her affair from her, Joss moved in with April. A social event brought Harry and Dominic together, and into a huge clash. When Karen again met up with Detective Newsome, this time it was personal. April struggled to put memories of her dead husband

•Basketball & Cheerleading Camp Continued •Motif Back for a 39th year is this 3 day, outdoor multicultural festival that celebrates the rich cultural diversity in the Moose Jaw area! 3 Day Advance Pass: $12 1 Day Pass (at the gate): $8 Parking: $2/day or $3/weekend on site Tickets sold at: 60 Athabasca St E. •Pancake Breakfast Pancake Breakfast from 8–10am. $5.00 per person. Everyone Welcome. •Go! Out of this World (Star Wars Style) Prepare for an intergalactic battle! Become your own Jedi, and make your own light saber! We will also practice speaking Wookiee! Ages 6-10. Registration is required, register by phoning 306-692-2787. 11am at the Moose Jaw Public Library. SATURDAY, JULY 13 •Spirits Of The Trail Spirits of the Trail -- Relive the North West Battle the Never Happened! This powerful outdoor drama re-lives one of the most significant episodes in Canadian (and American) history: the meeting and alliance of Major James Walsh of the NWMP and Sitting Bull, War Chief of the Lakota Sioux. About 5,000 Sioux crossed “the medicine line” at Fort Walsh in 1877, seeking refuge from the U.S. Army. The year before, the army had declared war on the Sioux Nation, following General Custer’s defeat at the Little Bighorn River. Gates Open - 3 p.m. (Heritage Festival) Show Starts - 5 p.m. Concession. •Motif Continued •Youth Writer’s Circle Calling all burgeoning writers! Come for a night of reading, writing, and critique. Also, feel free to bring a piece of your own writing. Ages 10-18. No registration required, admission is free. Moose Jaw Public Library at 3pm. SUNDAY, JULY 14 •Salvation Army Church Service Everyone is welcome! Join us for a morning of music, worship, and learning! Transportation to and from the church may be available; please email or call prior to Sunday. The Salvation Army church is wheelchair accessible. Service from 10:3012pm. •Motif Continued •5th Annual Family BBQ You Are Invited to MP Ray Boughen’s 5th Annual Family BBQ. Come Meet Your Member of Parliament! Everyone invited! Refreshments and BBQ food are provided! FREE! Oval, Kiwanis Park from 12-3pm. •CVMG Moose Jaw Motorcycle Show and Shine The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group, South Sask. Section, along with the Western Development Museum in Moose Jaw, is hosting a Motorcycle Show and Shine at the Western Development Museum parking lot, 50 Diefenbaker Drive from 11am to 4pm. No entry fee, no judging, no prizes. All motorcycles welcome. Food concession on site for your convenience. or 693-1269

to rest so she can move ahead with David must deal with the results of Richard. Coming: The future of Savi’s his choice. marriage is very uncertain. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Trying to ONE LIFE TO LIVE: David had to protect her mother, Hanna was found make a choice between keeping his with something incriminating and life with Dorian or hanging on to his had to explain herself to her parents reality show. An accident occurred - and the police. When Emily tried to at Dani and Jeffrey’s fitness class. help Hanna, “A” made sure that the Destiny confronted Dani about her results were just the opposite. Mona relationship with Matthew. Cutter caused hurt feelings by spilling one surprised Natalie at her apartment. of Spencer’s secrets to the other girls. Viki took advice from an unexpected Aria helped out a friend of Mike’s, source. Todd and Blair waited out who got the wrong impression of their plan at his hotel room. Coming: her. Spencer’s investigation of Ali’s

mysterious phone number led her and Toby to Ravenswood. Coming: First impressions of a place with dark secrets. SWITCHED AT BIRTH: Following his collapse from a medical emergency, John was forced to face the reality of his situation, and had to make some difficult decisions on a professional and personal level. Daphne was torn between family obligations and her desire to be with Jace. Bay was intimidated when she met an Army medic who served with

Issue #27

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Keep Supporting Our Local Metal Recycling Depot Save your money folks…no need to pay a drop off charge at the City of Moose Jaw Landfill when recycling your appliances or any other scrap metal. Silver Star Salvage offers 24/7 convenient accessibility with easy to unload bin.

Say You Saw It In Tidbits



Cal Anderson of Silver Star Salvage wants everyone to know that previous statements made on his behalf were incorrect. Silver Star Salvage is registered and can recycle Freon products as well as stoves, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers and any other major appliance. Mr. Anderson stated that he has employees on staff, that have taken the appropriate courses and he has the equipment necessary to handle Freon related products. Cal further noted that he will continue with his previous program of sharing 10% all recycled metal dropped in our bin with the numerous charities in Moose Jaw. The more weight the more Moose Jaw charities benefit. Tidbits of Moose Jaw suggests that this is definitely a win-winwin situation. You save drop off charges, Silver Star Salvage continues as a major recycling depot and the best of all our many charities will get the much need financial help as in the past. And by the way it all stays here in Moose Jaw. Now that’s how you turn a negative into a positive. Soaps Continued from pg 14 Ty in Afghanistan. Angelo offered to help Regina bring in business. Coming: The Kennish household undergoes major changes. TWISTED: With new evidence in Regina’s murder case pointing to Connecticut, Danny, Jo and Lacey hit the road without informing their parents. Danny, who by crossing state lines had violated his parole, tried to play peacemaker between a squabbling Jo and Lacey. Kyle pulled out all the stops to locate his daughter and had dark plans in mind for whoever led her astray. Karen and Tess bonded over an impromptu pottery lesson, a growing friendship that could put Tess in conflict with her husband. Coming: Tess is torn between her friend’s fragility and her husband’s determination. VAMPIRE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, when Rebekah turned down Klaus’ plan to stop Kol and protect Jeremy, Klaus sought help from Stefan. Elena put Stefan in a difficult spot when she told him about her dangerous plan for Jeremy. Bonnie’s argument with her father about his approach to ending the violence in Mystic Falls was followed by a run-in with Kol, and an unexpected visitor. Coming: Stefan and Damon disagree over how to help Elena. YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Nick finally told Sharon that Summer is not his daughter. Devastated to learn that Jack is her biological father, a tearful Summer told Kyle that they can never date. Jack lashed out at Nick for depriving him of raising his daughter. Carmine hired Leslie to defend him against giving Fen drugs, and Paul was forced to let Carmine go. Jeff blackmailed Chelsea into a payoff to keep him quiet about the baby being Adam’s. Coming: Billy tries to win another chance from Victoria.

“Your Recycling Headquarters for ALL your scrap metal”


8 & High St. W. TH

•Easy Unloading Bin •Open 24/7 •Clean & Convenient Access •No Drop Off Charge •Conveniently Located In The Centre Of The City

“Recycle Today For A Better Tomorrow!” WE ACCEPT: •Bikes •Brass •Radiators •Appliances •Barbeques •Pots & Pans •Machinery •Batteries •Vehicles •Taps & Sinks •Aluminum •Eavestroughing •Lawn Mowers •Copper Pipe ALL METAL PRODUCTS

Supporting Our Community

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Prices so


they can’t be touched





STK# P5926


Bi-weekly Tax Paid

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2003 FORD F150 XLT

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11,998 $ 10,998


Ominica St. W MacDonald Sales & Leasing

Each vehicle complete with a 156 point plus mechanical inspection


380 9th Avenue

STK# 12700B


Bi-weekly Tax Paid

Jason Sather

Dealer #913642

Without $1000 Coupon With $1000 Coupon

Fairford St. W.

Fehrin Green Sales Associate

Gabriel Justason Sales Associate

1-800-606-9111 or 306-692-9111

Clip & Save

Bring in this coupon to recieve Coupon Valid Until July 31st, 2013

Bi-weekly Tax Paid

72 Months Fianancing OAC With $1000 Coupon

48 Months Fianancing OAC With $1000 Coupon



STK# 13345A

9th Ave N.W.

Most Vehicles Priced


Bi-weekly Tax Paid


STK# 13205AC

19,869 $ 18,869

STK# P5925

72 Months Fianancing OAC With $1000 Coupon

2005 HUMMER H2




1000 OFF

*Coupon Must Be Presented Before Sale Is Finalized

Vol 2 issue 27  
Vol 2 issue 27