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June 17th, 2014

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June 18th is 'Go Fishing Day'

Q: How do you communicate with a fish? A: Drop it a line!



by Kathy Wolfe What’s in your cupboard? This week, Tidbits takes a look at the culinary and medicinal uses of the herbs and spices found in nearly everyone’s home. • The Egyptians were studying the use of herbs as far back as 3500 B.C., using them for medicine and in their religious rituals. Today, about 7,000 compounds used in medicine originate from plants. About 200 million pounds of herbs and spices are consumed in the U.S. annually. The most common are black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic, paprika, chili powder, oregano, celery seed, and parsley. • There’s a difference between herbs and spices. Generally, herbs are the leaves of a plant, while spices are taken from the roots, bark, or seeds. This means rosemary, thyme, and mint are herbs, and cinnamon, paprika, coriander, and nutmeg are spices. • Botanically, peppermint is known as Mentha piperita. It not only freshens your breath, it’s been shown that inhaling peppermint oil can relieve motion sickness and an upset stomach. Some clinical trials indicate its effectiveness in relief of irritable bowel syndrome and tension headaches. Peppermint oil can even repel annoying bugs! turn the page for more!

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HERBS AND SPICES (continued):

If your non-profit organization has a fund-raising event you would like to have published in the Tidbits® paper, please contact us. Space is limited but we will make every effort to list special events such as fund-raisers for your organization. Use our online form at Marion Heritage Center Art by Your Friends & Neighbors 5/17/2014 thru 6/28/2014, 1 PM - 4 PM Wednesdays thru Sundays 590 10th Street, Marion, IA This exhibition will feature over 55 works of art by area residents. Included will be drawings, photography, watercolor, oil and pastel renderings. Many of the works will be offered for sale. Camp Courageous of Iowa Run or Dye Sat. June 21, 2014, 9am start time Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids Register for Run or Dye using coupon code COURAGE14 and get $5 off your registration and $5 will go to Camp Courageous of Iowa which serves over 6,500 people who have disabilities each year. St James United Methodist Church Flash Back On Ellis June 28, 2014, 3 to 8 pm 1430 Ellis Blvd. N.W., Cedar Rapids Come and enjoy 50's & 60's music and classic cars. Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, coney dogs and onions rings. All the Ellis Blvd favorites you might remember from years past. All proceeds will go to St James United Methodist Church. Hawkeye Area Grand Gaelic Isles Society All Things Scottish CelticFest and Highland Games June 29th, 10AM-6PM Squaw Creek Park, Marion This is our organizations annual event to promote and educate about Scottish culture. There will be Celtic music, demonstrations, childrens activities, and Highland games. Central City United Church of Christ Dad's Belgian Waffle Breakfast July 4, 2014, 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Falcon Center, 137 North 4th Street, Central City All you can eat Dad's Belgian Waffles. Serving Waffles, Sausages, Flavored Syrups and Beverages. Adults: $7.00 in advance/ $8.00 at the door. Children: 6-10 $4.00 in advance/$5.00 at the door. Children 5 and under FREE. Advance tickets available call Kat: 319/360-9585. Leave a message and Kat will call you back. ABSOLUTE cutoff for advance tickets is July 3 at 9 p.m. Carry-Outs available, Same as eating in. Come and join us for breakfast and stay for the parade.

• Nutmeg is harvested from the seeds of the fruit of the large evergreen nutmeg tree, native to the West Indies. This tree grows to a height of about 60 feet, and yields both nutmeg and mace. The seeds are grated to produce nutmeg, while mace comes from the lacy threads that surround the seed. Nutmeg may spice up your desserts, but its medicinal uses are many. Ancient Chinese medicine called for using its oil for digestive ailments, relieving inflammation, and reducing joint pain. Nutmeg is a good source of Vitamin C, many B-complex vitamins, copper, potassium, calcium, iron, and zinc. Some claim it promotes a restful night’s sleep when steamed and inhaled. Nutmeg contains the same essential oil as cloves, eugenol, that can be used for toothache relief. • Sweet aromatic cloves are used in baking and flavoring meats such as ham and lamb, as well as serving as an anesthetic for a toothache. Eugenol oil can also reduce blood sugar in diabetics and help relieve indigestion. Naturopaths claim that rubbing a mixture of oil of cloves and mustard into aching joints and muscles will reduce pain. Some people say that drinking water in which a few cloves have been boiled will help relieve a cough. • Cinnamon, one of the oldest known spices, comes from the bark of a cinnamon tree, bark that must be processed immediately after harvesting, while it is still wet. Cinnamon was a gift fit for a king in ancient times, and in Rome, a pound of the spice was worth ten months’ wages. It’s been shown to help with indigestion and upset stomach. Diabetics will be happy to know that cinnamon seems to contribute to reduced blood glucose levels and increased insulin production. Some studies indicate that it promotes lower cholesterol and relief of arthritis pain. New Veterans Free Food Pantry 9- noon Tuesday & Thursday 319-862-2010 50 2nd Ave Bridge Coliseum

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This is a great time of year if you like watching finals of sporting events. Whether it is the Triple Crown, NBA, NHL, MBA, NFL, and other sporting venues, there is always those who don’t win. The recent Belmont Stakes race captured the hearts of many as we wanted so badly to see a Triple Crown winner. Here is the most important lesson in life; “All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize. So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing. I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should.” 1 Corinthians 9:25-27 Everything we go through in this life is to mature us and complete us for a greater work. 2 The brother of Jesus captured some very encouraging words for all of us. “ Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. 3 For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. 4 So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.” James 1:2-4 Let it grow!!!! Doctor! I have a serious problem, I can never remember what i just said. When did you first notice this problem? What problem?

Linn County Veterans Affairs Contact us for Wilson Ave. SW Veterans benefits Community Services Bldg.

1240 26th Ave. Court SW Cedar Rapids,IA 52404 (319)892-5160 26th Ave. Ct. X

6th St. SW

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June 17th, 2014

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Of Linn County

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Want to hear a pizza joke…. nah, it’s too cheesy. What about a construction joke? Oh never mind, I’m still working on that one. Did you hear the one about the rope? Skip it


July 11th, Basket Night 5:30pm - 7:30pm July 12th, El Kahir Shrine Golf tournament at St. Andrews. Everyone welcome, registration at 11:00 am Shotgun Start at 12:00pm July 26th, IA Shrine Bowl! All-Star Football game. 1400 Blairs Ferry Rd NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

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Q: Who are the matriarch and patriarch of the spice family? A: The carde-mommy and the papa-prika!

   1. In the 17th century, some folks tied a bunch of what herb around their wrist as protection from the plague? 2. In Bram Stoker’s classic gothic novel Dracula, who uses garlic to protect a young woman from vampires? 3. Although this herb has medicinal value, its most popular use is in stuffing for turkey. What is it? 4. What’s the most successful record album

A man was cutting dried herbs and some of it went into his eye. It left him parsley sighted. Another man was doing the same when some got stuck on his arm. Now he can tell the thyme.

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Veterans of Foreign Wars

HERBS AND SPICES (continued):

Post 788 3240 Southgate Place SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

w w w. v f w p o s t 7 8 8 . o r g

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June 27th 5 pm - 7 pm Spaghetti Dinner $7 July 2nd

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5 pm - 7 pm Burgers & salad night $7 Games following the dinner

July 18th

Cheesesteak Sandwiches $5


5 pm - 7 pm Tenderloin Basket $7 Bingo following the dinner

Special events, corporate events, weddings, anniversary

Tuesday Nights

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These events are open to the public.

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Q: What is the difference between a fish and a piano? A: You can't tuna fish. 319-432-1534 "BMX: It's not just for boys. Cedar Rapids is home to some of the best female racers in the entire country! Are YOU next?"

• Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice and has been used in trade for more than 4,000 years. It comes from the dried threads of the saffron crocus plant, which grows to a height of 8 to 12 inches and bears only four flowers. One pound of dry saffron requires 50,000 to 75,000 flowers, with 40 hours of labor needed to pick 150,000 flowers. Retail prices for saffron can spike as high as $5,000 per pound. Some medical studies suggest that this spice has antioxidant and cancersuppressing properties and might also be helpful in treating depression. In the kitchen, it’s used in Indian and Pakistani sweet dishes and Italian risotto. It’s also used in religious rituals in India.

• Vanilla is second most expensive spice after saffron. It’s no wonder vanilla is an expensive commodity when you consider the labor required to process it. It comes from the pod of the only fruit-bearing orchid plant, with a waiting period of three years after being planted before the first flowers appear. The flower opens only one day a year, and each one is handpollinated in order to produce a pod. Those pods remain on the vine for another nine months and when harvested, have no flavor or fragrance. Those qualities develop during the extensive curing process, when the pods are treated with hot water before being placed in the sun for months. During this time, they shrink to about one-fifth of their original size. It’s another month or two of “resting” before the pods develop their distinctive aroma and taste. • Vanilla takes its name from the Spanish word Vaina, which translates “little pod.” Vanilla extract is made by finely chopping the beans and dripping alcohol on the pieces.

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HERBS AND SPICES (continued):

• The Scoville scale was developed by Wilbur Scoville in 1912 to measure the hotness of a food item. A food’s number is based on its concentration of the alkaloid ♦ Accounting ♦ Computer Consulting ♦ Auditing ♦ Tax services compound capsaicin, which is what gives ♦ Payroll & bookkeeping ♦ Small Business Services a strong pungent flavor. The hotness of ♦ Employee Benefits Services ♦ Management Advisory Service cayenne pepper measures about 50,000 ♦ Small Business Services Scoville Heat Units. (Compare this to the ♦ Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor Kevin L, Ballard, CPA Carolina Reaper pepper which averages 1,569,300 SHU’s!) Cayenne comes from a 366-8267 Ext. 13 small shrub about 39 inches tall, and is 2750 First Ave. NE, Suite 150 considered the best source of Vitamin A Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 of all spices, as well as being rich in antioxidants. Studies indicate that capsaicin Escalators don’t break down… they just turn into stairs has anti-carcinogenic and anti-diabetic properties. Cayenne has been successful in treating arthritis, sore muscles, and digestive ailments, as well as improving blood circulation. • We usually think of oregano as a herb to flavor our tomato sauces and Italian dishes. That is the Mediterranean species of oregano, which is a member of the mint family. It grows in Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco, and has a strong, robust flavor. However, there is another completely different variety, Mexican oregano, a relative of lemon verbena, which has more of a citrusy licorice taste. The USDA tells us that one tablespoon of fresh oregano has just as much antioxidant properties as an apple. • If you’re cooking Mexican food, coriander, cumin, and cilantro are essential. Coriander actually comes from the seeds of the cilantro plant. While fresh cilantro will offer a bolder flavor, coriander adds more of a subtle taste.

FULL REHABILITATION SERVICES Occupational, speech & physical therapy Alzheimer’s Dementia secured area. Long and short term private or semi-private accommodations Medicare & Medicaid Certified

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• When the dried fruit of the sweet red pepper Capsicum annuum is ground, the result is a red powder we know as paprika. We use it to season stews, soups, and sausages, particularly in Hungarian foods. It’s grown mainly in Spain, South America, California, and, of course, Hungary.

An Original Iowa Tradition Since 1927

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Look for puzzle answer on page 9.

• Why doesn’t our list include salt? Because salt is a mineral, not an herb or spice!

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• Peter Jennings was one of the most trusted and respected news anchors in the history of television news. As the son of a noted Canadian Broadcasting Company journalist, Peter got his start in broadcasting at age 9, hosting his own radio program, “Peter’s People,” on a Toronto station. • Although a gifted broadcaster, Jennings was not a gifted student. He admitted that his failure to pass 10th grade was due to “pure boredom.” In an interview he remarked, “I loved girls, I loved comic books. I was pretty lazy.” He dropped out at age 17, and although he tried to attend Carleton University a few years later, in his words, he “lasted about 10 minutes.” • Jennings was anxious to follow his father into broadcasting, but took a job as a bank teller at the Royal Bank of Canada. He got a break in his early 20s when he landed a job hosting a Canadian music program called “Club Thirteen,” followed by a teen dance show similar to “American Bandstand” called “Saturday Date.” • At age 24, Jennings was given the co-anchor position of a Canadian late-night national news broadcast, ironically, in competition with his father’s network. At 25, he was the first Canadian journalist to arrive in Dallas after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. After two years as anchor, he moved to the States for a position with ABC News. The following year, he was the anchor opposite the time slots of news greats, CBS’s Walter Cronkite and NBC’s David Brinkley. • Jennings took on a new challenge two years later when he shifted to a job as a foreign correspondent. He set up ABC’s news bureau in Beirut, the first TV news bureau in the Middle East, where he remained for 7 years. After similar positions in Rome and London, he came back to the U.S. to co-anchor World News Tonight, where we saw his face for the next 27 years. At one time, 14 million people watched Jennings every night. His awards included 16 Emmys and two George Foster Peabody awards. • Jennings was present at nearly every historic event during his tenure, including not only the building of the Berlin Wall in the 1960s, but also its fall in 1989. He was one of the first journalists to report from Vietnam, and was on hand at the 1972 Munich Olympics when terrorists attacked Israeli athletes. We heard about the space shuttle Challenger disaster and the Gulf War from Jennings. During the September 11th attacks in 2001, Jennings was at his anchor desk for 17 straight hours. After the tragedy, claiming a “deeper sense of connection to the United States,” he began studying for the citizenship test, and in 2003, he obtained dual citizenship, U.S. and Canadian. • In April, 2005, Jennings announced to viewers that he had lung cancer and would immediately begin chemotherapy. Just four months later, he succumbed to the disease. • Jennings was devoted to his family and was well-known as a loyal friend who enjoyed entertaining and listening to jazz with friends at his home in the Hamptons. He offered these words of wisdom: “Always have a sense of humor about life – you’ll need it – but always be courteous to boot.”

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SAVE YOUR MONEY with the same treatment and results. My prices are economical and reasonable. Clients of all ages, including pregnancy and children are welcome. Reflexology sessions available. To schedule your massage, call Alison, Licensed Massage Therapist / Registered Certified Reflexologist at: 390-7820. Cash or checks only.


Stressed, Depressed, Lonely, Sadness, Trauma, Anxiety, Insomnia Veterans help PTSD. June 27th 11am -2pm or call 319-826-2010 50 2nd Ave. Bridge Coliseum

Big colors get big results!

1030 Mt. Vernon Rd SE


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♥Nails ♥Tanning ♥Massage ♥Hair ♥Skin Care

Kevin’s A-1 SERVICES Power Washing

Shopping at our store helps provide support to adults with disabilities. We take donations during regular business hours. Mon.-Fri. 10-6 Sat. 10-5 Sun. 12-5

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Knife Sharpest $3 per knife sharpened 319-393-8897


Thurs- Fri 11am-5pm Saturday 10am-3pm

WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI: Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, Z1R, Kawasaki Triples, GT380, GS400, CB750, (1969-75) Cash-Paid, Nationwide-Pickup, 1-800-7721142, 1-310-721-0726. usa@ (AC)

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DElivEry& FiNaNciNg availablE

1485 Grand Ave, Marion IA


.25 per word! $5.00 Minimum. 319-360-3936

twin $99 Full $119 Queen $129 King $189

New Veterans Free Food Pantry 9- noon Tuesday & Thursday 319-862-2010 50 2nd Ave Bridge Coliseum

Midwest regional CLASS A CDL Drivers needed. Great pay and benefits. Good home time. Experience needed. Call Scott 507437-9905 (MCN) You may qualify for Disability if you have a health condition that prevents you from working for a year or more. Call now! 855-5488161. (M-Th 9-7 & Fri 9-5 Eastern) (MCN)

June 17th, 2014

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APARTMENTS AD#024 Clean and cozy NE side one bedroom, keyed entrance, easy access to I-380, close to park, central air, extra storage, and laundry. Starting at $335 Must Qualify. Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets. AD#201 1 & 2 bedroom very spacious,SW wooded area close to I-380 & Kirkwood, two bath, newer carpet, central air, large walk in closet, keyed entrance, dishwasher and garage available. Starting at $345 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets. AD#043 1 bedroom close to Hwy 151 and Lindale Mall with laundry and central air. Starting at $295.00. Must Qualify AD#078 SW location close to Kirkwood and I-380, newer carpet, dishwasher, keyed entrance, air, laundry, garages available Starting at $295 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets

AFFORDABLE HOUSING for those 55 and Older

1 Bedroom $567 2 bedroom $695 Smoke free facility Many amenities.

Call today for an appointment Income restrictions apply 877-220-6530



AD#080 Three bedroom ranch with spacious yard, patio, garage, and laundry hook ups. $635 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets

All drywall needs. Hanging,finishing, patch work on up to large jobs

AD#0602 Nice three bedroom ranch with wood floors, basement, and 1 ½ stall garage near Elmcrest country club. $795 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets DUPLEX FOR RENT AD#034 Newer side by side duplex with finished basement, garage, deck, and central air in a quiet residential area. $645 Must qualify. Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets 2 bedroom upper duplex, totally remodeled new, large yard, tenant pays electric only, SW C/R. $625 Month. 319-362-0116 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE

2342 49TH St Ct, Marion

Gently lived in 2006 Morris Wood built 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo, 3 stall attached garage. HOA Fees $100. Close to schools, shopping and the highway. This is a must see!! Contact Jill Hartke Skogman Realty 319-310-8101

Shane Hanson 319-450-3160

D&J Construction Handyman jobs wanted.

No job too small. Decks, Doors, Windows & Remodeling

40 Years Experience Licensed & Insured No Electrical or Plumbing

Call after 5pm 319-938-2283

Whitetail ConstruCtion ♦Roofing ♦Siding ♦Snow Removal ♦Lawn care

Licensed & Insured

Free Estimates



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Small jobs welcome! Carpentry, Painting, Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures, Drywall Repairs, Sinks & Faucets, Power Washing.

319-654-1022 HANDYMAN

TOP SERVICE COMPANY screens and hires local home repair contractors for you. Call us for hassle-free home repairs and qualified, insured contractors for EVERY project. 319-377-7559



Community Open Air Market -June 28th & July 12th 9-3 Hawkeye Downs Wide variety of vendors-Visit us at

Outdoor Garage Sale Hawkeye Downs Rescheduled for Aug. 2nd 9-3. Earlybird rate specials. 319-623-7631

for market updates New vendor info 319-623-7631 Youngville Cafe & Museum Hwy 30 West & Hwy 218 Farmers / Flea Market June 6th - Sept. 19th Every Friday 4:00-6:00 Vendors Welcome Call 319-573-0720 Beginning of moving sale, 3 households. Eastern IA Flea Market Kirkwood Bldg. at Armar Plaza June 28-29 319-573-7373 Lasso In Antiques

We buy gold & silver


D. R. Hall


Exterior Painting

Place your ads online Or Call 319-360-3936 for more information about ad placements. CUSTOM HEADINGS AND CUSTOM ADS AVAILABLE CALL RUSS 319-360-3936

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Coins , Jewelry, US & Foreign Paper Money & Dental Gold

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Want to buy large & small coin collections,Silver Dollars, $500 & $1,000 Bills & Casino Strikes. I Buy Collectables. What do you have for sale? Paying top cash since 1971. Will pick up at your home, office or bank. Call Max Hagen

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ADOPT: FROM your heart into a secure, loving home, your baby will be cherished. Please call Daria at (888) 788-5624. Expenses Paid.

THE OCEAN Corp. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099. Train for a New Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Diver. *NDT/Weld Inspector. Job Placement Assistance. Financial Aid available for those who qualify. 1-800-321-0298.

UNPLANNED PREGNANCY? THINKING OF ADOPTION? Open or closed adoption. YOU choose the family. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Abbys One True Gift Adoptions. Call 24/7. 866-413-6294.

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MODULAR HOME SALE - Save $10,000 on three very nice modular display homes. 1,620 to 2,106 square feet delivered and set anywhere in Iowa. CENTURY HOMES OF OSKALOOSA 641-672-2344 (MCN)

GET CASH NOW for your Annuity or Structured Settlement. Top Dollars Paid. Fast, No Hassle Service! Call: 1-877-740-0888 (Mon-Fri - 9am-6pm CT) (MCN)


Residential and Light Commercial Painting Great References Free Estimates Call Jeff at 319-329-6747

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J.B. Painting, Inc.

CONTRACTORS AND ROOFERS. Increase Income, Have More Free Time. Seeking Self-Motivated Individuals to Apply Our Quality Warranty-Backed Roof Coatings. Highly Profitable, Company Training. Be Your Own Boss! 1-888-372-0594 ext402 (MCN)

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Framing - Siding - Roofing - Drywall Decks - Garages - Remodeling - Cabinets


MOVE IN SPECIAL Move your mobile home into “our park” & receive The “Move in special” $100 OFF Monthly Lot Rent for 1 YEAR & $2,50000 CASH ADVERTISE IN TIDBITS

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Decks, Barns, Siding, Doors, Windows 30 Years of Experience References available


Kirkwood Estates 319-365-6896 Tower Terrace 319-393-1312


We BUY used Manufactured Homes, Single and Double Wides. Call 641-672-2344 (MCN) INJURED? IN A LAWSUIT? Need Cash Now? We Can Help! No Monthly Payments to Make. No Credit Check. Fast Service and Low Rates. Call Now 888-2710463 (MCN) CASH FOR CARS: All Cars/Trucks Wanted. Running or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Any Make/Model. Call For Instant Offer: 1-888-417-1382 (MCN)

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June 17th, 2014 For Advertising E-mail: Climate or Call (319) 360-3936 controlled and traditional self-storage units Cedar Rapids 364-7400 • Resident manager 5315 J Street SW, • Residential and commercial Just off I-380 &•Hwy 30 will sign for deliveries Office


David Pitts


319-981-DAVE (3283)

Funky-Smelling Porch

By Samantha Mazzotta

Broker/Owner, Listing Specialist, HUD Specialist




4BD/4.5BA Lake Front 2 Story over 5100 sq. ft. huge deck, lots of GLASS, patio, docks, CONTRACT, 369k 4bed/2ba 1.75 story, CONTRACT TERMS, 2 car, vinyl siding, new windows, Lowered 5k to $95k



4BD/3.5BA Condo, spacious master suite & bath, many upgrades throughout, deck, 2 car, $150k 2bed/1.5BA, Wildlife views, neutral décor, energy star certified, 2 car, deck, cul-de-sac, $129,500.

STRANGE BUT TRUE by Samantha Weaver

● It was famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright who made the following sage observation: “Many wealthy people are little more than janitors of their possessions.” ● According to statisticians, about 200 people a year die while watching -- not playing -- football. ● Collective nouns are fascinating, especially when one kind of animal has multiple ones that can be used. Take ducks, for instance: A group of them can be called a flock, a badelynge, a brace, a plump, a sord or a waddling. If you see them on water you can call them a bunch, a paddling or a raft; and a group of ducks flying together is known variously as a skein, a string or a team. ● Noted industrialist John D. Rockefeller was the son of a notorious con man, William Avery Rockefeller. ● It takes about one minute for blood to make a complete circuit of your body. ● The 1950s TV show “The Adventures of Superman” starred George Reeves, and for the rest of his short life he was best known for that title role. After his untimely death at the age of 45, he was buried in the same suit he wore as Clark Kent on the show. ● Those who study such things say that more babies are born after the new moon and the full moon than at any other time of the month. Interestingly, more girls are born after the new moon, and more boys after the full moon. ● For one week in April of 1964, the top five songs on the Billboard chart were all by The Beatles. That also was the year that the band had a whopping 31 songs on the charts. c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

FOR ALL YOUR COMMERCIAL OR INDUSTRIAL PAINTING & COATING NEEDS 4003 J Street SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 E-mail: 319-399-1735


Q: I have an enclosed front porch that has a moisture and mildew problem. Even on days that are just humid, not rainy, the porch smells musty and mildewy. There also is a carpet across the porch floor that stays damp. If I take up the carpet, will that cure the problem? -- Doreen in Cleveland A: Carpets retain moisture, so it could be a major contributor to the mildew smell, even if it’s an “indoor/outdoor” type carpet that dries quickly. But another important question is why so much moisture is getting into the enclosed porch area, and why it isn’t drying out quickly enough to prevent mildew. Unseen damage and deterioration are usually the biggest culprits in moisture problems anywhere within a home. You need to look from top to bottom for possible trouble spots. If the porch has an overhanging roof, look for damaged shingles or whether the overhang has pulled slightly away from the walls. Check windows for cracks and the frames for damaged or warping. Look for water stains below window frames and at any potential entry points, such as doors, roof eaves and wall corners. Outside, check the gutter system. Make sure rain gutters are in good repair and note where downspouts are placed and how far from the house they extend. Downspouts that drain next to the foundation can cause all sorts of moisture problems. Extending them is an inexpensive solution. Now it’s time to look underneath that carpet. Wear a filter mask to protect yourself from mold spores, and carefully pull back a corner of the carpet. Underneath, you may find plastic sheeting, an inexpensive moisture prevention method for front porches. The sheeting keeps water from damaging the porch floor, and weather-resistant carpet provides traction. It’s not an optimal solution, but the alternative involves replacing the flooring and improving the underlayment, and that can be expensive. Lift up that plastic sheeting as well, drawing both carpet and plastic back a foot or so, and check the floorboards. If they appear to be in good condition, that’s a good start. You also need to check underneath the porch to see what the flooring looks like from there. This may be tricky, depending on how your house is built. If the porch extends separately from the foundation, you (or a contractor) can likely shimmy into or shine a flashlight into the crawlspace to check the underside of the floorboards and the joists, and look and smell for mold. If the foundation extends under the porch, access the crawlspace or basement and check under the porch for potential water entry spots. Once you’ve located potential moisture trouble spots, work with a contractor to resolve these problems. Be sure to get estimates from more than one contractor before agreeing to any work. The faster you address the problem, the less expensive it may be to fix Send your questions or home tips to (c) 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.

• Fenced facility with computermonitored entrance gate • Video monitoring • Individual unit alarms • On-site Penske truck rental and packing supplies • Month-to-month or long-term rentals

Cedar Rapids 364-74 5315 J Street SW Just off I-380 and Hwy 30 NEW LOCATION

Marion 377-80 550 Lindale Drive

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED AND Just off Blairs Ferry Road TRADITIONAL SELF-STORAGE UNITS 2 LOCATIONS • manager • On-site Penske truck rental & packing supplies • Individual unit alarms • Fenced facility with computer-monitored • Month-to-month or entrance gate long-term rentals

Marion 377-8000

550 Lindale Drive Just off Blairs Ferry Road



NEW Technology no!no! PRO FASTER than Ever Up to 35% More Powerful Up to FIVE Treatment Levels

P R O Over 5 Million Sold!

Say No to Waxing and Shaving... The Hottest Concept in Hair Removal! 60-Day MONEY-BACK Guarantee!

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Wa n t t h i s p a p e r e v e r y w e e k ? C h e c k o n - l i n e f o r o t h e r g re a t d i s t r i b u t i o n l o c a t i o n s .

June 17th, 2014

Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C. For Advertising E-mail: or Call (319) 360-3936

JEFF’S RV INC. We service all makes & models of Motorhomes & trailers.

Complete RV Parts & Accessory Store

Unicover Truck Toppers Made in Iowa for 35yrs Many styles & options to choose from Check with us about weekly PARTS and SERVICE SPECIALS

6115 7th Street SW ● Cedar Rapids

(319) 377-7933

FREE sink with the purchase of a laminate counter top. Call for details.

240 Classic Car Ct. SW Cedar Rapids, 319.866.9816

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Pet’s Playhouse 151 Jacolyn Dr. NW Cedar Rapids 396-0635

There’s something fishy going on around here...

• Largest Selection of Fresh & Marine Fish

Find Local Multiple Window


Get Matched in Minutes to Pre-Screened, Guaranteed Pros!

NOW HERE’S A TIP By JoAnn Derson

● Going to the beach for your vacation? Here’s a handy hint to take great care of your swimsuit. (They get more expensive all the time!) Pack at least two suits and bring a box of baking soda. Soak suit for 15 minutes in a baking soda and water solution, then lay flat on a towel. Roll the towel up and wring lightly. Unroll and hang to dry. Rotate suits. -- JoAnn

competitive, no obligation estimates from prescreened & certified home pros in your area.

FLOOR SHOP Carpet • Vinyl • Ceramic Hardwood Floors

● “This should be a life tip: Feel comfortable in your party clothes. You will be more confident and be a better conversationalist than if you are uncomfortable in very high heels or a tootight dress. Let your inner light shine! It took me 60 years of uncomfortable clothes for this grandma to figure it out.” -- F.L. in Oregon ● Use your Christmas light timers to set different lights to go on or off at certain times of the day while you are away on vacation. You can even use a timer on a radio, so it comes on sometimes too. The variation will make people think you are home. ● “If you read lots of online reviews before cementing your travel plans, make sure you read them with a critical eye. Some read like an advertisement -- for or against. Try to see if you can get recommendations from your friends and family too. Most of all, enjoy your time.” -- N.F. in Maryland ● Always keep a couple bottles of water and a roll of duct tape in your trunk. You never know when you will need these items, and they seem to be pretty handy when traveling.


GO HAWKS! 3909 Center Point Rd NE Cedar Rapids

(319) 832-1937

● Fill a 2-liter soda bottle with water, then plunge the top into a potted plant for selfwatering while you are on vacation. Use smaller bottles for smaller pots.

Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 or e-mail JoAnn at

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Steven Vogt Owner

“We Gotcha Covered”


Change or upgrade your existing fuse box or small CirCuit panel New Construction Remodels-Additions Trouble Shooting - Repairs- Upgrades Improvements Licensed & Insured Contractor

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds


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Available In All Mattress Types Including Our New Cool Gel Memory Foam

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50Less %

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(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc

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● On June 22, 1611, after spending a winter trapped by ice in present-day Hudson Bay in Canada, the starving crew of the Discovery mutinies against its captain, English navigator Henry Hudson, and sets him, his teenage son, and seven supporters adrift in a small, open boat. Hudson and the others were never seen again.

✔ FREE! There are no charges for this service and you are under no obligation to hire. YOUR JOB


1.800.991.8670 Mon-Sat 9am–9pm EST. Closed Su.

* There is no cost for DoneRight to match you with a local contractor. You are responsible for any costs associated with services rendered.

New Veterans Free Food Pantry 9- noon Tuesday & Thursday 319-862-2010 50 2nd Ave Bridge Coliseum

Discover the AFFORDABLE solution for your stairs.

● On June 20, 1782, Congress adopts the Great Seal of the United States. The front of the seal depicts a bald eagle clutching an olive branch in its right talon and arrows in its left. The eagle’s beak clutches a banner inscribed, E pluribus unum, a Latin phrase meaning “Out of Many One.” ● On June 17, 1885, The Statue of Liberty, a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States, arrives in New York City in more than 200 packing cases. The last rivet of the disassembled monument was fitted on Oct. 28, 1886.


$250 OFF*

PURCHASE OF A NEW STAIRLIFT! EXPIRES May 31, 2014 *Certain restrictions apply.

The WORLD LEADER in stairlifts The MOST TRUSTED name in the industry BUY DIRECT from the manufacturer



● On June 19, 1917, during World War I, Britain’s King George V orders the British royal family to dispense with the use of German titles and surnames due to strong anti-German feeling within Britain. He changed the surname of his own family from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, to Windsor. ● On June 21, 1947, after an interim of seven years during World War II, the first post-war Mille Miglia (“Thousand Miles”) auto race is held in Brescia, Italy with 155 starters. The race on public roads had been delayed two years as Italy’s infrastructure had to be rebuilt. ● On June 16, 1961, President John F. Kennedy agrees to send 900 U.S. troops to train and supervise Vietnamese troops in combat. The number of U.S. personnel rose to 3,200 by the end of 1962 and 16,000 by the time of President Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963. ● On June 18, 1983, the space shuttle Challenger is launched on its second mission. Aboard the shuttle was Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman to travel into space. During the sixday mission, Ride, an astrophysicist from Stanford University, operated the shuttle’s robot arm, which she had helped design.

“Standing Together”

Another great print by Greg Bordignon

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601 7th Ave. Marion (319) 377-5739

that go into the making of Kentucky Fried Neil Patrick Harris 6/15/73 Chicken really are a secret! There is only one complete, handwritten copy of the Phil Mickelson 6/16/70 recipe in existence, signed by Colonel Barry Manilow 6/17/43 PageHarland 12 Sanders, lockedFin ia rcomputerized s t p e r s o n t o c a l l R u s sPaula tMcCartney 8 a m F6/18/42 riday June 20th wins a t shirt and candle 319-360-3936 June 17th, 2014 1. Lavender vault at company headquarters in Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C. For Distribution E-mail: or Call (319) 360-3936 Paula Abdul 6/19/62 Louisville. Only two KFC officials have 2. Van Helsing Lionel Ritchie 6/20/49 access to the recipe, and even the names of 3. Sage Prince William 6/21/82 those two are kept secret. 4. Simon and Garfunkel’s “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme” The Amana Colonies are located 5 miles north of Interstate 80 5. Bay leaf




220th Trail



To protect your fabrics, use cedar shavings and


220th Trail

Av e



nu Ave


45th Avenue

44th Avenue



Amana Businesses


on Iowa Highways 151, 6 and 220. The Colonies are 20 miles southwest of Cedar Rapids, and 17 miles west of Iowa City.

46th Avenue


Ama ← to Middle

Hwy 151 / 42nd Avenue

38th Avenue

Rapids → To Cedar

So much blocks or cheesecloth bags filled with cloves, 6/15 Fathers. Dayto see, shop, eat, and enjoy in Amana. Shop locally includes the 6/16 Bloomsday rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, cinnamon sticks, Amana’s and all they have to offer! 6/17 Eat Your Vegetables Day bay leaves or other herbs. Your favorite sweaters, Red Wagon See this page 1 Little 4417 220th Trail 319-622-3822 6/18 International Sushi Day not to mention your drawers and closets, will See Quarter this page2014 56/19 Juneteenth 2 Amana General Store 2nd smell fresh and clean. You’ll avoid mothballs, Trail 319-622-7650 6/20 Take Your Dog to Work Day Week 25 which contain a pesticide the3 EPA4423 links220th to Coffee Amana & Tea Co. See this page 6/21 Summer Solstice 4423 220th Trail 622-6598 cataracts, liver and neurological damage. Ronneburg Restaurant Artistic Barn Quilts 4 The 4408 220th Trail 319-622-3641 See page 9 sizes 16” X 16” up to 8’ X 8’ Customized with family initials. Books & Gifts See this page 5 Lehm 319-622-6447 4536 220th Trail • Amana, IA 52203 4536 220th Trail • 800-840-2387

Amana Business Directory

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1. Madagascar 2. Mint leaves3


Try this! Some people claim that if you crush a clove of garlic and rub it on the sole of your foot, after about 30 minutes, you will experience the taste of garlic on your tongue.

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A Policeman stops a speeding car and tells the woman driver; When I saw you driving down the road, I thought to myself, “sixty-five at least.” The woman replied: I don’t think that is quite fair. I think this hat makes me look younger.

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Senior News Line by Matilda Charles

New Gadgets Designed With Seniors in Mind Finally, manufacturers and retailers are paying attention to seniors! More and more of them are creating gadgets that will help us with small tasks every day. Here are a few I found online: ● Is it getting harder to put the key in your front door lock because the key is just too small to hold? AgingCare. com has a gizmo that makes using keys so much easier. The Easy Key Turner is a plastic key holder that more than doubles the size of the end of the key. ● The same thought has gone into the Lamp Switch Turner, available on the site above. Instead of a small round switch, this little device is in the shape of a bigger triangle, much easier to grip when you want to turn on a lamp. ● Wish your cane didn’t look so blah, so like everyone else’s? Cane Expressions has a beautiful variety of removable, decorative cane covers. Choose from shimmery or beaded fabrics. Coordinate outfits with denim, red hearts, camo, purple, polka dots, zebra or any number of other prints and colors. Go online to to see its selection, or call 310-387-4909. All are made in the USA. ● If the letters on your caller ID are getting smaller all the time, consider a talking caller ID. No more squinting at tiny letters. The machine will announce the number that’s calling. Consider this option the next time you shop for a phone. ● If you’re still driving, look for a steering-wheel knob. It clamps on the steering wheel and gives a larger surface to hold. To find more gadgets, go online and search for “seniors daily living aids.” Look for doorknob levers, jar and bottle openers, Neo Bird writing pens (easy to grip) and talking watches.

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Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Send email to

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June 17th, 2014

Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C.

P l e a s e h e l p o u r c o m m u n i t y, s u p p o r t t h e b u s i n e s s e s i n o u r p a p e r.

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Did you know that he did not vote 54% of the time. In fact he was not even around most of the time as he was in court arguing about big oil deals. He manage to get oil contracts that will make those oil rich countries more powerful then they already are. And did you know that when he did vote, he was in favor of taxing your first born child with big oil credits that will cost this country for the next million years. He also manage to get with his own initiatives the right to have pipelines go right under day-care centers and casinos. That other guy is against casinos. Vote for me as that is where all my backing is from. I will get casinos into every business, every home. In fact I have already created a bill that would allow for interstate gambling so that you can have slot machines in the trunk of your car. Just think about the tailgating fun you can have at Kinnick stadium!

Richie the “AX” Gambino Vote November 4th!

Politicians, please note that we would be glad to accept your marketing message which can be place in our paper for as few as one week. Your content can change weekly with no additional cost. Our guidelines is that you promote your own platform for what you have accomplished and what you may plan to do when elected. We are not the typical newspaper that will allow the badgering of other people or affiliates. We do like to add humor to our paper, but your ads should be of the more serious nature that can best represent yourself. Give Russ a call to discuss any questions you may have at 319-360-3936 Tidbits of Linn and Johnson County are audited by Circulation Verification Council and they have determined our readership level per paper. If you would like to get your message across in Linn County to over 48,000 weekly readers, you will find that our readership is the highest per edition for printed materials.

Paid for by mob funds that you have help provide!


Circulation Verification Council (CVC) conducted a recent 2014 Political Survey. Here are results from their findings. 63% of respondents were female. 94.3% of respondents were registered to vote. 74% of respondents said they would prefer to receive voter information by free community papers rather then TV, Radio, Direct Mail and the least favorable was to be email. 42.1% said they were Independent 25.7% said they were Democrat 32.2% said they were Republican 68.5% of the respondents said their highest priority now is to cut spending and balance the budget. 95.3% of the respondents said that they vote in all local, county, state and national elections. 4% of respondents said that they trust the existing elected officials very much. It was a close split with: 35.9% saying that they somewhat trust them. 34.3% said that they somewhat distrust them. This is why it is more important to promote your own values than to run negative campaigns against the other politicians. If your in favor of a positive message, get into

Did you know that the other guy has served more time in San Quentin than any other living person has. In fact they named the prison cemetery after him as that is where most of his previous work has been sent to. He does not even have any political experience as I have been writing laws since I was first elected sixty two years ago. The only thing he is good at is to nod at his campaign strategist as to what gets done. Your best hope in life is that your name was not mentioned prior to his nod. He continues to run his campaign in favor or more casinos, why I’m in favor of them too. In fact I just ran another initiative through the chambers last week to increase taxing of casinos. He’s also in favor of unlimited gun rights. He actually has his lobbyists pushing for the right to carry concealed weapons in diapers as he wants all US citizens with a social security number to automatically be allowed to carry and conceal. He is not even an attorney, how can he ever claim to be able to decipher all the pork filler in the bills we write. He claims that with all his past legal problems, he knows the laws like the back of his hand. I challenge him to provide us with his tax return to prove that he is even a tax payer. We all know that I am since all my claimed earnings come from the Government since law school.

Famous Fabe Suey ”Vote November 4th!

Paid for by Trial Lawyers for new laws good for us!

To l i k e t h i s p a p e r i s g re a t , b u t t o h e l p t h i s p a p e r g ro w, d o b u s i n e s s w i t h o u r a d v e r t i s e r s !

Page 14

Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C.

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P&N Flight & Charter & the Freedom Festival Invites Everyone To: June 17th 2014

December 22– January 19

June 22– July 22

Finances are the topic of the week, Capri-corn. Lucky for you, a family friend lends you their expertise. Perfection comes at a price. Be careful.

Whispers run rampant at the office. Pay them no heed, Cancer. A tryst ends, and a friend looks to you for com-fort. Be there for them.

January 20– February 18

July 23– August 22

Fun is on tap, Aquarius, and it begins with a trip someplace new. A report receives rave reviews. Take out that special someone to celebrate.

Call it quits? Never, Leo. Keep plugging along, and you will come out smiling. A tickle of the ivories gets the party started. Get ready for a rip-roaring time.

Fly In - Drive In

BREAKFAST Marion Airport

June 29th, 2014 6:00 am - 11:30 am Come have breakfast! Airport Volunteers will be serving: Pancakes, Eggs, Sausages $6.00 Adults, $4.00 Kids (10 & under) ($1 off with Freedom Festival Button)

Airplane Rides $10

DISPLAYS: Antique & New Aircraft, Helicopters, Homebuilts, Experimentals, AIAA Iowa Pilots in command eat for free! This annual event is a part of the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival

February 19– March 20

August 23– September 22

Careful, Pisces. What you want isn’t necessarily what everyone else wants. Be prepared to compromise. A youngster’s story is music to your ears.

The chase begins. Go, Virgo, go! Communi-cation ceases at home, resulting in a mishap. Take steps to ensure the issue never happens again.

March 21– April 19

September 23– October 22

A minor windfall allows for a major purchase. Be savvy, Aries, to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. The tide changes at work.

April 20– May 20

An investment of time means more than an investment of money. Volunteer, Taurus. A crash diet is not the answer. Fitness goals must improve.

May 21– June 21 Flexibility is to be admired. Give a little, Gemini. A wonderful sight over the weekend gets the creative juices flowing. Time to finish some projects..

A tragedy remembered provides impetus for real change. Take the initiative, Libra. A crass remark at the end of a meeting hits home. Act on it.

October 23– November 21

Soon, Scorpio, soon. Soon the spotlight will be on you, and you will not disappoint. A journey of self-discovery begins for a friend. Be there for them.

November 22– December 21

The to-do list grows, and help is in short supply. Keep at it, Sagittarius, and don’t worry about deadlines. Missing one might not be such a bad thing.


In keeping with our theme of spices, Tidbits now zeroes in on the culinary and medicinal benefits of garlic. • Garlic, or Allium sativum, is a member of the onion genus, along with shallots, leeks, and chives. A full-grown garlic plant is about 24 inches (60 cm) tall and yields between 8 and 20 bulbs. It’s one of the oldest cultivated food plants, and its use dates back over 7,000 years. Pictures of garlic have been found on ancient Egyptian tombs and the Greek physician Hippocrates promoted its therapeutic benefits for respiratory and digestion problems, low energy, and eliminating parasites. Olympic athletes in ancient Greece were fed garlic, probably to enhance their performance. • The list of the health benefits of garlic goes on and on. Research has shown the cardiovascular benefits of garlic, as well as a reduction in cholesterol levels. It seems to help regulate blood sugar levels and prevent complications of diabetes. It has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, and was used as an antiseptic to prevent gangrene during World Wars I and II. In a study conducted by China’s Center for Disease Control, people who ate raw garlic twice a week had a 44% lower risk of developing lung cancer. Some naturopaths advocate its use for the prevention of prostate, breast, stomach, and colon cancers. • Of course, the downside of ingesting large quantities of garlic is halitosis – bad breath! – as well as sweat that has a pungent smell. This is cause by Allyl Methyl Sulfide, a sulfur-containing gas that is released when you eat garlic.

• Helsinki, Finland is home to Kynsilaukka, a restaurant that caters to garlic lovers. Even its name translates to “clove leek.” They serve all things garlic, including beer, ice cream, and cheesecake. In the U.S., San Francisco boasts “The Stinking Rose,” a restaurant where every menu item features garlic. No wonder their marketing slogan is “Follow your nose to the Stinking Rose.” • Garlic isn’t just for seasoning and medicinal benefits. Even the sticky juice found within the bulb cloves is useful as an adhesive in mending glass and porcelain. • If you don’t have fresh garlic for your recipes, garlic powder can be used, although it does have a different taste. If you do substitute the powder for the fresh, 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder is the equivalent of one clove of fresh garlic. • Much of the U.S.’s garlic supply is produced in and around Gilroy, California, which has been dubbed “Garlic Capital of the world.” A single farm in the area produces nearly 25 million pounds (11,340,000 kg) annually. Every July, this community of 50,000 hosts the Gilroy Garlic Festival, a celebration that has raised almost $9 million for assorted local charities since its founding in 1979. • Although Gilroy calls itself the garlic capital, it’s nowhere near the world’s top producer. Over 77% of the world’s garlic is grown in China, about 23 billion pounds (10.4 billion kg) worth. India is a distant second with 4.1%, followed by South Korea at 2%. The U.S. produces just 1.6% of the world’s garlic, with some grown in every state except Alaska.

STEAMBOATS (continued): Page 15 June 17th, 2014 W i t h o u t o u r a d v e r t i s e r s , y o u w o u l d n o t b e r e a d i n g t h i s p a e p r . T h a n• k Int h1802, e m f at o rthe c hurging o o s i n of g Robert T i d b i t Livingston, s. U.S. Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C. For Advertising E-mail: Call (319) minister to France,orFulton turned 360-3936 his attention to steamboats. After two steamboat trials in France, one a failure and one a success, Fulton returned to America in 1806 and proceeded to build his famed steamboat the Clermont that successfully plied the Hudson River in New York. The Clermont’s first significant trip Click on this starburst on our homepage. was from New York to Albany, a distance of approximately 150 miles. The Clermont left New York on August 17, 1807, and completed the voyage in 30 hours, including an overnight stop.

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Lindale Mall lower level 365-4265 1RWYDOLGZLWKDQ\RWKHURIIHURUVSHFLDOV‡1RSXUFKDVHQHFHVVDU\‡1RFDVKYDOXH Cranky Hank’s owner, Keith Hazen, isn’t really cranky at all. In fact, he’s a jovial guy who prides himself on running a family-friendly restaurant. Cranky Hank’s is actually named for Hazen’s dad, a former Marine who liked yelling — and pizza. The restaurant’s slogan, “Stop your Belly Achin’,” is exactly the sort of thing the elder Hazen would say, he says, and the grumpylooking man on Cranky Hank’s signs is a caricature of the real-life Hank, who died in 1992. The restaurant, in the lower level of the Lindale Mall, is clean and bright, with an open kitchen so customers can watch pizza makers — including Hazen — toss dough and pull pies out of a large, vintage pizza oven. He even had the ceiling raised so he could toss the dough.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, pizza-makers offer dough-throwing lessons to their younger patrons. There is also kids-only karaoke on Sundays from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. The pizza is “Quad Cities style,” meaning it’s the style of pizza you’ll find at Harris Pizza, Frank’s Pizzeria, Sluggers Pizza and other local spots in the Quad Cities area, says Hazen, who grew up in East Moline. It’s a little sweeter crust, a little spicier sauce and it’s also cut in strips, not wedges. The dough and sauce are both made in-house. Staff members also shred their own cheese and make their own sausage.

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• The steamboat era in the United States continued until the 1870s, when railroads started supplanting the steamboat as the preferred transporter of passengers and goods.

w w w. r o n n e b u r g r e s t a u r a n t . c o m

1317 First Ave. SE


• Following Fulton’s success, steamboats became a prime transporter of passengers and goods across the country. For example, in the steamboat port of New Orleans, 20 steamboat arrivals in 1814 increased to a whopping 1,200 arrivals by 1834. Answer for Tidbits Word Power Puzzle below:

“You will not find a scale in my kitchen,” explains Hazen. “Each pizza is an individual craft.”

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• The first voyage by the Clermont was met by the public with suspicion. Many referred to the boat as “Fulton’s Folly” due to its unusually long length and the smoke and fire associated with the vessel’s newfangled steam engine. Many thought it would blow up or sink on its first voyage; they were wrong! In fact, because Fulton wisely paid attention to passenger comfort, the Clermont became a very profitable vessel for transporting passengers to destinations on the Hudson River. Fulton subsequently formed and led a company offering services on six major rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.

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T a k e t h i s i s s u e o f Tidbits® h o m e w i t h y o u t o s h a r e w i t h y o u r f a m i l y !

June 17th, 2014

Hawkeye Publishing, L.L.C.

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A man was cutting dried herbs and some of it went into his eye. It left him parsley sighted. Another man was doing the same when some got stuck on his arm. Now he can tell the thyme.


Fresh Red or White Seedless Grapes

s medicinal value, stuffing for turkey.

sful record album after herbs? tly referred to as


Fresh Seedless Watermelon


matriarch and patriarch of the spice family?

ty i l a

3. Sage Simon and Garfunkel’s “Parsley, Sage, This is 4. just the type of crunchy b used in the making of a mojito Rosemary, and Thyme” 5. Bay guys love toleaf munch on.

snack that

3 full cups honey graham cereal 1 cup miniature marshmallows 1/2 cup dry-roasted “Sage ispeanuts singularly good for the head and brain, it quickeneth the senses and memory, 1 cup raisins cedar shavings and strengtheneth the sinews, restoreth health to 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips filled with cloves, those that have the palsy, and taketh away

r, cinnamon sticks, r favorite sweaters, and closets, will l avoid mothballs, the links and to secret”EPA 11 herbs al damage.

shaky trembling of the members.” -- John Gerard (1545-1611)


spices he making of Kentucky Fried ly are a secret! There is only e, handwritten copy of the xistence, signed by Colonel ders, locked in a computerized company headquarters in Only two KFC officials have recipe, and even the names of e kept secret.

airtight container. Mix well before serving. Makes 8 (3/4 cup) servings.

● Each serving equals: 201 calories, 5g fat, 3g protein, 36g carb., 150mg sodium, 2g fiber; Diabetic Exchanges: 1 Starch/Carb., 1 Fruit, 1 Fat.


(c) 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.

This word means: A compound found in many plants that has beneficial effects in the human diet

1. Madagascar 2. Mint leaves


Differences: 1. Belt is shorter. 2. Card is missing. 3. Rug is different. 4. Picture is missing. 5. Skirt is different. 6. Boy is turned.




Fresh Hot House Tomatoes

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2nd Quarter 2014 Week 25

Neil Patrick Harris 6/15/73 Phil Mickelson 6/16/70 Barry Manilow 6/17/43 Paul McCartney 6/18/42 Paula Abdul 6/19/62 Lionel Ritchie 6/20/49 Prince William 6/21/82




Your choice. Mix & match.

S’more Gorp


Fresh Idaho Potatoes

produce & more

1. In the 17th century, some folks tied a e-mommy and the papa-prika! bunch of what herb around their wrist as A man was cutting dried herbs and some of it d for the head and went into his eye. It left him parsley sighted. protection from the plague? D O L A F O V I N enses and memory, 2. In Bram Stoker’s classic gothic novel Another man was doing the same when restoreth health to word means: A reserved. compound inthe right to limit quantities. Ad valid only at stores listed on back. Not all items available in all stores. Not responsible for typographical errors. © JUNE 2014 MoranThis Foods, LLC. All rights Wefound reserve y, and taketh away Dracula, uses garlic many plants that haswho benefi cial effects into protect a young some got stuck on his arm. Now he can tell he members.” the human diet woman from vampires? 1545-1611) 3. Although this herb hasMADE medicinal value, the thyme. COMFORT FOODS its most popular use is in stuffing for turkey. FAST AND HEALTHY! In a large zip-type storage bag, combine What is it? ck Harris 6/15/73 By Healthy Exchanges cereal, marshmallows, peanuts, raisins 4. What’s the most successful record album elson 6/16/70 nilow 6/17/43 ever to be named entirely after herbs? and chocolate chips. Seal bag and shake artney 6/18/42 5. Which herb is frequently referred to as produces two-thirds of the world’s 1. Lavender well to combine. Store mixture in an dul 6/19/62 laurel? 2. Van Helsing chie 6/20/49

lliam 6/21/82


99 meat ea


some folks tied a nd their wrist as e? ssic gothic novel o protect a young




Fresh Strawberries




Fresh Peaches, Plums or Nectarines


1. Lavender 2. Van Helsing 3. Sage 4. Simon and Garfunkel’s “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme” 5. Bay leaf

he sole of your foot, after about 30 minutes, you will experience the taste

To protect fabrics,owned use cedar and shavingsoperated. and Five Seasons Tire is your locally 1641 Edgewood 2804 1st Ave blocks NE or cheesecloth bags filled with cloves, RD SW rs. Day Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 msday rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, cinnamon sticks, 319-396-7463 319-366-7683 our Vegetables Day bay leaves or other herbs. Your favorite sweaters, HOURS Both Locations: Mon.-Fri. 8-6; Sat. 9-3 national Sushi Day not to mention your drawers and closets, will eenth smell fresh and clean. You’ll avoid mothballs, Your Dog to Work Day which contain a pesticide the EPA links to mer Solstice cataracts, liver and neurological damage.

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Our Services include:

• Computerized Wheel Alignment • Brakes, • Front End Component Replacement • Coil Springs • Shocks and Struts • CV Joints and Boots, • Oil Changes

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2nd Quarter 2014 Week 25

No hidden charges! No Surprises! √ INCLUDES Mounting √ INCLUDES Computer Balancing √ INCLUDES Road Hazard Warranty √ INCLUDES Lifetime Rotation √ INCLUDES Free Tire Disposal √ INCLUDES Lifetime Pressure Check √ INCLUDES Free Rubber Valve Stem

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