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Welcome to THT’s newsletter, focusing on calorimetry for chemical process safety and optimization applications


The first China ARC™ User Group Meeting is to be held in the TsingHua University Beijing June 20-21

THT staff from China dn the UK will be pleased to welcome users from many application areas. With China being the No 1 market for ARC over the past 4 years THT considers support and help for the many users a key priority. After over 30 years of global dominance as the leading adiabatic safety calorimeter, THT continues to work with customers on new and novel applications. Whilst the ARC in the ‘standard form’ is so well used and understood, there is often need for a special application. A current application is development of a flow cell to mimic a fluidised bed. THT is developing this for a new client in China and we hope this may be used for safety assessment of such reactors maybe not just by them but by other people working in this field.

ARC ™ is a trade name of Thermal Hazard Technology and Netzsch and cannot LEGALLY be used by other makers of calorimeters (battery, chemical or other application)


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Sample chamber


Circulating fan

Most developments over the past 10 years with the ARC have focused on lithium battery applications – THT has a newsletter for this group. The chemical market is not forgotten and in addition to continuing to supply, keep updated and improving the ARC (options, kits and the standard hardware and software)… For the full list of chemical application options for the es ARC, see our online option note brochure. This brochure includes all applicable to chemical testing.



Rugged, robust, reliable…. the heart of the classic true ARC calorimeter – beware of imitations!.

THT also focuses on the two supporting products, the RSD and the µRC.

RSD Up to 6 samples tested simultaneously, options for stirring, dosing, cryogenics, The idea lower cost safety calorimeter and perfect partner for the ARC! Variety of sample holders… and uniquely working by a recirculating air flow principle – for exo and endothermic reactions.


Will RSD be suitable for your application? Contact THT and we can send relevant data from THT in house data collection. Ongoing developments for the THT RSD™ (Rapid Screening Device) include improved options, e.g. Gas collection and safe release. The RSD brochure can now be viewed online along with our RSD option notes

µRC Our most recent µRC installation took place in Abu Dhabi at the Masdar Research Institute. Masdar is a graduate level, researchoriented university which is focused on alternative energy, sustainability, and the environment. The new users will be using the Gas Flow Option for Carbon Capture related studies. Latest Analysis Software Version 2.5 is now available. New features include the ability to quickly and easily cut, smooth and ‘zero’ µRC data prior to further analysis.

With RSD units working around the globe for a large variety of chemical and explosive applications.


The uRC brochure can be viewed in full online

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Offices in ENGLAND, USA, CHINA, INDIA Representation Worldwide

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