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February 2014

Thrive Event Planner

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Thrive Event Planner

February 2014

Photo credit: Matthew Foster Photography

Pictured above: Courtney Glaser/Andy Fuselier bridal party.

head-to-toe matching outfits. Most likely, your attendants are various sizes and body types and finding one style that will flatter all is often difficult, if not impossible. A popular trend that solves this dilemma is mismatched bridesmaid dresses. The secret to making mismatched bridesmaid dresses work is to keep some element of consistency among the dresses. Provide some direction for your bridesmaids whether it is color, neckline, hemlines or fabric.

Mismatched dresses can offer your attendants something much

more than a place in your wedding. They now have an opportunity to look and feel confident in the spotlight all with the flair of their personal style.

February 2014

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Being a bridesmaid no longer means wearing

Keep these tips in mind when you are having mismatched bridesmaid dresses:

Thrive Event Planner

Try selecting a manufacturer, color, or fabric and let each bridesmaid choose the dress style. Select a specific style of dress and provide a range of color selections for your attendants to choose from. Shades of one color can be stunning when mixed and matched. Allow your attendants to choose their own footwear and accessories. But be sure to provide any direction they might need to find the right look to match your vision. Separates can be mixed and matched to provide the best fit for different body shapes.

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What are the latest wedding trends? What are the go-to colors this year? What can I do with my wedding that will make me stand out but still stay on trend? These are common questions for Beth Dawdy with Treasures of Marilyn’s.

“After being a wedding planner for over 20 years, these are still the most popular questions,” Dawdy says. “The answer is not as simple as 20 years ago, when we would talk favorite colors, thumb through wedding magazines and maybe come up with a few modern twists. The biggest trend going on in the wedding industry is choices!” Dawdy explains that today’s bride has a world of choices. “A Pinterest board full of any wedding idea large or small is a must-have for today’s bride as they are searching the Internet for the most elegant flowers and the perfect wedding dress. They have seen every episode of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and ‘My Fair Wedding.’ Let us not forget that all of their friends’ wedding pictures are posted online. It’s not about trends, it is about what is trending.” It’s easy to see how profound of an impact technology is having on the business of planning a wedding. “When a bride walks in for a consultation, she has an iPhone full of pictures,” Dawdy adds. “She has a specific map drawn out in her head and she has a good idea of what she wants.” This could easily lead to the misconception that the wedding planner’s job is as simple as pointing, clicking and executing. Not so fast, Dawdy says. “What I see most are brides suffering from overload—too many ideas swimming around in their heads. It’s our job to her consolidate the ideas and fall within her budget whether it’s large or small.” 4


Thrive Event Planner

February 2014

With all of this being said, there are specific trends going on in the wedding industry today.

“Lace is back and vintage is a must for our Southern brides,” Dawdy says. “Pink and blush are the color trends and crystal never goes out of style.” No matter what size wedding or what time of year it’s being held, Dawdy says that wedding planners are there to hold the bride’s hand through the process to help her make the best choices for her special day. “I truly believe that among all of the multimedia, a bride needs that one-on-one interaction. As a wedding planner our job has shifted but still remains the same: to make wedding dreams come true!”

Pictured l-r: Russell Dawdy, Marilyn Dawdy, Beth Dawdy, Mechelle White, Ed Dawdy, Regina Vincent and Robert Roger.

February 2014

Thrive Event Planner

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Proactive Post-Party Clean-Up The worst part of a party is the after-party—those post-celebratory hours when you’re scrubbing pans and filling trash bags. Good guests typically offer to lend a helping hand, but either way, the process leaves much to be desired. Never fear, however. There are steps you can take to ease the burden. S TART CLEAN. First, make sure every dish in your house is clean before the party. Make sure the dishwasher is empty and all dishes (with the exception of those used during the party, of course) are tucked in their rightful place. Wash, dry and put away all the dishes you used during party prep. This saves you steps when the party’s over.  ET CLEVER WITH DECORATIONS. Keep décor to a G minimum. If you really want to save yourself some steps, turn the décor into party favors so guests will bring them home. KEEP BOXES AND BAGS. When you buy plastic cups or plates, don’t toss the bags they came in. They’ll come in handy afterward. LINE YOUR PANS. If you’re putting a plate of appetizers in the oven, consider lining your pans so you don’t have to do any scrubbing afterward. No Ev ent is To

-PASA 337-310

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CasaPasa Catering

Specializing in: • corporate events

• industrial site catering

• luncheons • rehearsal dinners • holiday and office parties

Steve Janca, Catering Manager

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Thrive Event Planner

February 2014

• • • • • • • • • • • but feel comfy When we’re invited to a party or event, we want to dress to impress. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always bode well for personal comfort, especially for women. High heels, purses, dresses and dangling earrings aren’t quite as comfortable as T-shirts and jeans. But you don’t have to sacrifice good looks for comfort. You can still turn heads at the party without putting yourself through misery. Wear comfortable shoes. This is the most obvious first step toward being comfortable. I know, I know—you think high heels are the formal way to go. But lucky for you, flats and low heels are in style, and more and more women are ditching the pumps for the flats, which means there are many flat-heeled shoes out there for all occasions. You aren’t limited to Keds, loafers or moccasins. There are snazzy flats for snazzy occasions. Go out and find them. Think of your purse. Your everyday purse is probably a heavy bag that you lug around to work and the grocery store, packed with your wallet, lipstick, and other essentials, right? Well, it’s time to do some selective reasoning. Take only the items you need and put them in a small, lightweight, convenient bag that won’t hamper you as you mingle. Don’t bedazzle yourself. No need to over-accessorize. Those heavy bracelets and dangling earrings don’t make for comfort. Choose small, versatile pieces that look great but don’t sacrifice your level of comfort.

Bridal Beauty Begins With

Flawless Skin It’s the day you dreamed of your entire life.

The Aesthetic Center can help you face your day with beautiful, glowing skin. Our facial treatments and skin care products will give you the perfect look on your perfect day. The

time to start is now. Call us today for a skin care consultation.

Dr. Mark Crawford, Medical Director

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There’s more to hosting a get-together than cleaning your house, hiring caterers and opening the door. If you want your event to truly be a success, you want people to mingle. Awkward silences and obligatory small talk are not what make an event memorable. IF YOU WANT TO ENCOURAGE LAUGHTER INSTEAD OF YAWNS, CONSIDER THESE TIPS: INTRODUCE PEOPLE. Don’t just say hello individually to your guests and then spend the rest of your time with a select group. You have to mingle, too. When you introduce people, give the introductions some context.

CONSIDER THE LIGHTING. Harsh, bright florescent lights aren’t the best ambiance for mingling and fun. Think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create and let the overhead lights reflect that atmosphere.

OFFER THE RIGHT FOOD. If this is a stand-around-and-mingle atmosphere, serve food that can be eaten easily without utensils. One of the biggest hindrances to comfortable party-going is forcing your guests to balance their glass, fork and plate in two hands in the middle of a crowded room.

CHECK IN ON YOUR GUESTS. Make sure everyone’s having a good time throughout the event..

PLAY MUSIC. You don’t need to turn your bridesmaids’ brunch into a nightclub, but you should play some appropriate music in the background to provide atmosphere. Keep it low enough that people can have normal conversations, but just loud enough to fill in the noise.



PLAY A GAME, OR HAVE GAMES AVAILABLE. Playing a game isn’t always a favorite past-time of guests, so if you don’t want to herd everyone into a round of Jenga, put up a dartboard or have a deck of cards laying around. Guests may take it upon themselves to take advantage.

Thrive Event Planner

February 2014

with a Handwritten Note In these busy and hectic times, when social niceties seem forgotten, there’s nothing appreciated more than a hand-written note. The most important things to remember in writing a thank-you note are promptness and sincerity, according to Sara Smith of PaperSmith, a local stationery and invitation shop. Notes should be written in your own voice, using words and phrases that come naturally, as though you were speaking to the recipient. Commercial cards, such as those that have “Thank You” written on the front, are fine to use. Some of these include a message of thanks on the inside, but a personal note mentioning the gift or occasion is a must. Thank-you notes may also be written on personalized stationery, something that is on hand and suitable for any occasion. Being prepared really makes writing easy, Smith says. Have what you need at the ready: notes or cards, pen, and stamps.

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Special Occasion

Make Any Day a

We offer a wide selection of unique gifts and party favors for all the special events in your life: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, showers and more. We can also create a custom basket for any gift-giving occasion. Stop by and sample our more than 40 on-tap olive oils and balsamics, and browse our selection of specialty foods, gourmet cheeses and fine wines. Satisfy every taste, with Crave.

Gift Certificates Available

2801 Ryan Street, Suite 100 l 421-0040 l crave-foods.com l February 2014

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Long gone are the days of merely picking up the phone and calling your friends and family to reveal the gender of your baby. Parentsto-be are opting to celebrate this pregnancy milestone with gender reveal parties. These parties are allowing family and friends to take part in the baby’s life before it’s even born, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a reason to have a party and eat cake?

Thanks to social media outlets like Pinterest, it’s simple to plan

a gender reveal party. Have someone you trust to keep the secret get the inside scoop from your doctor. Put them in charge of ordering your pink or blue cake. One of the most common ways to reveal baby’s gender is to fill a box full or either pink or blue

Photos by Gina Shaw

balloons for the couple to open up.

Check out these other creative ways to reveal the gender of

your newest addition. 10


Jennifer and Jeremy Istre slice into baby boy blue cake. Baby Christian will soon join twin big brothers, Jacob and Conner. Thrive Event Planner

February 2014

The Willis brothers, Ty and Fischer, get some uplifting news that their new sister Molly is on her way.

For all your wedding

& grooms cakes needs!

Dr. Gladys Miller

Pronia’s Deli and Bakery

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3101 Kirkman St. Lake Charles, LA lly O



February 2014

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Planning Decorating CATERING Parties Don’t let just anyone handle your special event. Put over 36 years of experience to work for you! Treasures of Marilyns • 3510 5th Ave. • Lake Charles, LA www.marilynscatering.com • 337-477-3553



Thrive Event Planner

February 2014

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