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Students and Faculty



The role of a school yearbook is to capture and hold memories. After the initial excitement of opening the book and of having your classmates autograph and record a message in it, most often, it finds a place on a shelf where it may reside for years and years. I want to congratulate and thank the editor, editorial support staff, the reporters and photographers and class representatives of the 2008 edition of our yearbook who spent countless hours capturing and producing an excellent record of student achievement at The York School. Of course, none of this would be possible without the direct effort of our staff advisor in overseeing and facilitating the efforts of the yearbook student staff. Ms Elliott has contributed her time and expertise in facilitating this wonderful achievement. Please do share the contents of the book with your family and do take the time to read it from cover to cover before it finds a home on the bookshelf in your room. I know that you will take down the book from time to time over the years to revisit an important and interesting time of your life. When you do, take the advice of songwriters Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger in their song Thanks For The Memory and remember: "Many's the time that we feasted, And many's the time that we fasted Oh, well, it was swell while it lasted We did have fun and no harm done."

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ... " So begins Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities. Sometimes The York School can feel like a busy hive in which our activities suggest nothing but the "best of times". From basketball championships to hilarious productions of the Pirates of Penzance,Jr., This is a Play, and Picasso at the Lapin Agile , from successes in the debating arena to the soaring notes of our various music ensembles, it all seems to come up roses. Meanwhile, all around us a shadow looms - the giant to the south stumbles through economic woes that threaten to engulf the entire world, India suffers another terrorist strike, and global warming slowly impinges upon the collective consciousness. Yet, when historians assess this year and measure it against Dickens' scale, they will have to take account of the evidence in the pages of this incredible yearbook. In it, they will find students who refused to tum their backs on the world, who debated the future of Afghanistan, tutored students in the inner city through the Horizons programme, ventured to Montreal and Harvard University to engage in Model UNs, spoke French in Martinique, played Ultimate in Winnipeg, and performed scientific experiments with the elements at Camp Oochigeas. If there was a world-wide recession, it certainly didn't stop The York School from doing what it does best - fully engaging with their studies and the world around them. Many thanks to the Yearbook staff for providir:~g such a vivid "best-of-times" view of this historic year.

The grads of 2009 and I have much in common: we are all taking a new direction in our lives, but with us go so many memories of people, events and of course, 18. I will treasure the years at York, as will they. Their journey through York has been rewarding, joyful, often stressful, but always memorable. Their achievements are a testament to their work ethic and their determination to succeed; they take with them the skills and the knowledge to be successful as they continue along the educational paths they have chosen. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with so many creative, caring and interesting young people, and for the support of my colleagues in the 18 Diploma Programme. It has been a journey together, and we've all survived! Congratulations to the Class of 2009, and best wishes for continued success! 5

UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY and STAFF Judy Amsterdam Marilyn Andrews Christine Appadurai Marie Aragona Lorraine Ashtiani

Effie Balomenos Ginny Bates Sarah Bauld Jesse Bazul Fabio Biaglarelll

Jill Blain Mark Bolivar Gina Boncore Kate Boynton Jim Brickell

Monica Cote Ezlo Crescenzi Christine Dionisio Dianne Dowman Susan Doyle

Jennifer Elliott Gerald Feeney Robin Fulford Megan Gardner Liz Gilbert

Helen Gin Sergly Golovan Shelley Gopal David Hamilton David Hanna

UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY and STAFF Alison Hunter Patricia lndart Bengt Johansson lan Johns ConorJones

Katharine Jurkovlc Jane Kerr Robin Kester Melissa Kolodzlechuck Talel Kunkel

VIrginia Kuypers Barclay Lelievre Barbara Lister Justin Medved Leslie Miller

Sean Mitchell Sandra Nelson Grace Nolan Sally O'Neill David Paris

Katleen Peak Christine Pouliot Karen Powell Keith Price Fatima Remtulla

Eric Robertson Cindylea Scott Afzal Shaikh Huda Siksek Julian Smerdon


JPPER SCHOOL FACULTY and STAFF Chris Steele Kevin Stewart Dan Taylor Heather Thompson Lora Verkouille

Sally Warren Bill Webster Jaime White Anette Whiteley Chuck Wiley

Trevor Woods Usa Yorke Isaac Youssef





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' 9

Maddie Aldelman Madeline Black Kathleen Bowman Max Brenzel Austin Broad Madeleine Cavanagh

Lauren Clarfleld Shaw Coneybeare Charlie Cornish Willis Daellenbach Andrew Flanagan Peter Frostad Alexandra Galperln Jake Golvln Gabriella Hammarstorm Riley Hanson Clare HarveyRaymond Stephanie He Meggle Hodgson Lauren Hoffman Prottoy Hossain Nicole Kay Isabelle Khalt Aaron Koch

Timothy Koclk Luka Kopunovlc Jonah Latsky Daniel Lazzam Maya Lester Alex MacDonald Campbell Macrae Hana Medeiros Patrick MeredlthKaram Sam Minden Brandon Mitchell Paula Murmann Maya Murmann Brendan Neal Hilary Notkin Allya Nowaczynskl William O'Dwyer Adam Pasternak



No portr;alt a\路;abl~

Jamie Perlmutter Tareef Rahman Clarissa Ratjen Carter Richmond Courtney Rider Jared Rothblott

Tyler Salter Allee Schoffel Daniel Shade Silver MaxSollsh Alexander Steinberg Johann Von Tlesenhausen Max Warren Mitchell Worstman


Jason Atkins Sydney Bridle UamCaven Alexis CharestDescomme Zachary DeVIta Stephen Dodge Andrew Easto Sylvia Eayrs John Feather Ross Freeman Glta Goolsarran Michael Gosnell

Patrick Graham Joseph Granata Shlonne Hitchman Rachel Hung Andie KaUfer Hannah Kalman

Leandra Keren Talia Klein Jonathan Klip Nurlsha Ladak Yashna Lakhani Theo Landegger

Dillon Lawrence Georgia Markakls Tara Massicotte Brooke McBurney Paige McBurney Felipe Moretzsohn

Stuart Morgan Fahlm Mosharraf Amanda Moss Rlna Plotkin Vasily Podrez John Roddey

Randy Rosenblat Henry Rowswell Hope Ruby Dylan Salter Olivia Segsworth Matthew Silverberg



Andrew Steep Evan Stein Jake Stoddart Michael Stramaglla Rory Tassonyl Alexander Taylor

Gwyneth Thorlakson Andrew Tureskl Rachel Tymlanskl Sage Usher Shawn Vlckar Meghan Waltzer

Allie Wass



John Acker Nauman Ahmad Ellen Aiello Ally Baldlssera Domenlc Bltondo Spencer Blaiklock

Jonah BurkeKielnman Macaulee Cassaday David Cherney Matt Clarfleld Erin Conway Patrick Cowdrey Charles Creery Roberto De Pasquale Rachel Dlnoff James Duncan Camilla Faragalll Madeline Goldberg

Benjamin Grossman Hanna Grover Kathryn Haas Russell Hanson Natalia Hartog Jake Haskins

Milton He Harriet Hlx Daniel Kahn Samantha Kay Elizabeth Kondo Natasha Kopunovic

Andrew Kulldjian Jackie Lichtenstein Alistair Moss Adam Nowaczynski Michaela Pataflo Jake Perlmutter

Gillian Piltz Emma Reedijk Stephanie Rider Zoe Rosen VIctor Rozen Aya Schachner

Julia Schneider VIctoria Schwartz Megan Skinner Adrian Smith Robert Snlderman Haley Steinberg

Gabriel Sutherland Alexander Tong JoeiVaz Alanna Weisberg Eddy Wilson Jordy Winkler

Benjamin Wiseman



Corbin Broad Blalre Cameron Malcolm Cameron James Campbell Kascha Cassaday Llna Contreras

Jake Dancyger Cassandra Dl Matteo Shahnaz Fard Joey Flelshmann Kathryn Fotlnos Caroline Garand

Serena Goel John Gosnell Nicholas HalamAndres Fraser Harrs Aleksa Hartog

Anthea HarveyCheetham Samuel Hlx Alexa Kady Daniela Keren Julia Kirby Dmitri Kralik

Ryan Kucan Brandon Lamson Harrison Lands Austin Lee Caroline Leps Aldan Mallovy

Shea Mandolesl Mathew Marrone Dylan McBurney lan McCallum Leila McCluskey Gabriella McCullough-Murray Jack Menkes Douglas Neal Michael O'Dwyer Adaku Oti Johnathon Peat Julia Pizzolato


Brigitte Pope Anina Ratjen Anisa Rawhani Rebecca Rosa Shaun Rosenthal Mike Schad

AlexShieck Mitchell Stein Allie Surchln Emma ThompsonMurphy Caley Savage Tori Weinstein

Taylor Williams Oliver Wolfond Anastasia Zarikos Amanzhol Zhangeldin



Mark Aiello Leah Bandler Kristina Bareslc Thomas Bevans Jamie Boland Adina Bresge

Lauren Bridle Daniel Carter Alex Cassels Madeline Cherney Peter Clarkson Jullanna Csopak

Anindya Dey Adam Dlnoff Teresa Dzavik Melissa Florence Tall Farlne Emily Goldberg

Matty Goldman Spencer Green Molly Hanson Gazalla Hlrji Amanda Hu Joseph Huband

Lllianna Jdanovitch Tessa Keller Joshua Kimsa Sarah Klzell Joshua Klein Daniel Kozlowski

Hanna Larman Shayna LechcierKimel Rebecca Lester Adam Litman Gillian Love Nicole Lund Brooke Matheson David Mclntrye Leah Mersky Robbie Mlngay Catherine Moor Shannon O'Dwyer



ll.o portr~it ow.11lablt'

Kyle Oliver Emily Peckham Meghan Piercey Max Piltz Veronica Pires Undsay Romoff

Luc Rublnger Laura Sabia Laura Schaffel Louisa Schwarz Andrew Shllon Ryan Siess

Zak Tabatznlk Will Thorlakson Brando Usher Joshua Wahler Brendan Wass Jeremy Winkler

Adam Wiseman JoreyWorb





>avid Arevalo !Jost likely to be deported

us are tiny matters compared to what within us. " - Ralph Waldo Emerson Hey everyone! It has been great to come to York for the past three years with you I have had great memories and m a lot of people here that I will not forget. hope the best for everyone In the future and that we will continue to be good friends in the future.

loanna Berman /lost likely to totes make some hcore legit abbrevs.

"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold." Bob Marley "Let's blast the jams and ride." Brothers Johnson

Vlichael Berman Vlost likely to make you laugh

I've been really tryin', baby Tryin' to hold back this feeling for so long And if you feel like I feel, baby Then, c'mon, oh, c'mon Let's get it on Marvin Gaye It's time to get it on. Thanks York!

Mathieu Bliss Most known for being a suave European with an English accent

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Albert Einstein

Nathan Boersma Most likely to take a different girl out every weekend

Despite all the complaining, all the freaking out and all the work, everything worked out for the best. My hands a mped from typing, my head hurts thinking too much, and the 18 has left social life ditched at the side of the road, but after it is all said and done, I wouldn have it any other way. There's nothing than the arduous torture that is th 18 to make you understand and love the people who help you through it.

Ben Boggs Most likely to be late It would take far more than this space to properly describe the events of this year. So, instead I am going to keep it short and sweet. This year has been amazing, and I will always remember the people who I have spent so much time with. Thank you to everyone in the grade who has gone through this whole ordeal with me and survived, and especially to those who have suffered and celebrated with me when I first came to York all those years ago. Back then it seemed like graduating from this school would never happen, but we're here now. Now that it's all over I guess all I can do is throw in a famous quote and say to everyone, remember: effort- not strength or intelligence the key to unlocking our potential. n - Sir Winston Churchill

lackson Byrne 4ost likely to befriend anyone

"It'll all work out."

lessica Chen 4ost likely to evolve into a bunny

in the end, after all this pain and m I have suffered, I have learned the secret trick in completing this torturous 18 program: "18, therefore I 85."

.oren Cohen rest girl to bring home to your parents

Congrats Grads of 2009! I don't think I could've gotten through the r without all of your support so thanks for being there! I'm so proud of our grade and I'm really excited to see where we all end up in 20 years:) Love, Loren

Katie Connell Best rapper that destroyed Ken in a rap battle

I wish I knew how to quit you.

Thomas Conway Most likely to "catch 'em all" Hey! Listen! You reading this book, I've got news for you. We all know that York is obviously an awesome school but if there's anyone we should we thanking, it's the teachers. The teachers who somehow manage to teach, mark, grade, make tests/assignments, drive students around Toronto in search of fieldwork data, go salsa dancing and still have time to look cool. I think of words beautiful enough to than you, so at the very least, thank you for absolutely everything. "It'll be okay, just put on your cool face." Anonymous

Cayla Copeland Most likely to work at Manitou and start her own camp I have been at York for 10 years and every year that goes by I gain new memories, experiences and knowledge that I will never forget! I would like to thank all my supportive teachers and amazing friends who have made my time at York unforgettable. However, going to York and being an IB dent can be a pretty expensive Avr,AriiAn•r.A-1 1000 Starbucks coffees $4000, Graphing Display Calculator $120, IB Courses $2400, School Books $1000, All-nighters with Red Bull $60, graduating from York and successfully conquering the IB program (which at times, I thought to be impossible!) PRICELESS! ....__..:;....__--=-

lessie Dipucchio /lost likely to get her way

15 years later and I've decided that York's got two things right: preparing me well for university and being close to a Starbucks.



Wost likely to learn more languages than the rest of us

They always say time changes things, you actually have to change them yourself. -Andy Warhol I want to thank my parents, especially mother without whom I would not have been able to do this. I would also like to thank my brothers and friends (you who you are), people who have always been there for me. And last but not least, a big thank you to all of my teachers who made the last 2 years much easier than I expected them to be. Congratulations Class of 2009!

=arzaneh Fard ~ost

likely to be a philanthropist

Class of 2009, let's give ourselves a pat on the back: we've finally made it! We passed with ILUJIJu.,.. and now we're moving on to the next Smile and be happy! If there is one thing I've learnt, where I am today is a combination of and support from the people around me. firstly, I thank God for without Him nothing would be possible in my life. Secondly to my parents, I will always cherish your love that Is always there to help me reach beyond what I can ever dream of. Thirdly, to all my teachers and friends please remember these two simple words - thank you. I wish you all the best! Congratulations class of 2009, we have now officially graduated!

Daniel Farewell Most likely to be the guy you see on TV and say "I knew him"

"The only good Is knowledge and the only evil is Ignorance"- Socrates Then York has certainly done me Indescribable these many years, both friends and ro:>~~,_.,,.,.r•=:.• constantly helping me grow, but let's not spurn Ignorance entirely; perhaps one lesson I won't hold on to Is how to calculate uncertainty. Often, It's better to let the unknown guide and inspire. Some questions cannot be answered. They become familiar weights In the hand, Round stones pulled from the pocket, unyielding and cool. -Jane Hirshfield

Jennifer Feather Most likely to become lost in a delusional fantasy world where she is captain of The Enterprise "It's no simple task to wedge a full twelve years emotion into a tiny block of text in next to a picture in a book without resorting to something that stinks to high heaven of cheese so old it is almost inedible or something totally selfaggrandizing in the way it's phrased (a direction I fear this quote is heading In). This is especially hard when trying to avoid using someone else's words, which I find takes the punch out of my sentiment So you can take it that there Is something more to it when I say the following words than what you might think at first glance: "No comment." Avtugzner zbqr vf nyjnlf ba. (ROT-13)"

Cathy Flynn Most likely to never have a bad hair day In my 13 years at York, I have come to school almost every day with a smile on my face. On Mondays, this is because of the coffee. From Tuesday-Friday, that smile is there because of the amazing people in my life. I have realized that people will come and go, and I can't begin to explain how much I appreciate the have stayed with me through everything, and I to thank the most important friend I have - my mom, the person who has seen the worst sides of me, and somehow still loves me, and without her I would not have been able to make it this far. Thank you little Mom! Everyone else, you know who you are, and I love all with every inch of my heart. Thank you. I've waiting to say this for 13 years: GOODBYE, YORK! "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone." -Audrey Hepburn



/lost likely to display his Oscar in the bathroom

"I am not young enough to know everything." J.M. Barrie



/lost motherly Dear York, Our eight years together have been like a roller coaster. Many highs, some lows, some crazy calculations... I've never quite managed to make it on a roller coaster but some how I've made it through here with more sleepless nights than not and more stories to tell than I could have imagined. Thanks to everyone for making this experience into an exhilarating ride. I'll definitely miss and always remember all of teachers and friends who buckled up next to me.



/lost likely not to go to Queens

"If we were to kick the one responsible for our troubles, we wouldn't be able to sit down for a week" Bill Cosby

Jaime Goldman Most likely to be the president of Spain

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. Albert Einstein Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. Winston Churchill

Harry Hanson Most likely to star in Equus

"Never take it seriously. If you never take It seriosuly, you never get hurt. If you never get hurt, you always have fun."Penny Lane, Almost Famous

Peter Hass Most likely to go into hibernation

"Life Is not measured by the number of reaths we take, but by the moments th take our breath away. " Hillary Cooper We have had many great moments at York; let's be sure to find many moments at take our breath away as we begin on the next part of our life's journey.



rost likely to marry a Korean pop star "Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than have seen." - Benjamin Disraeli made four years of my high school life Canada unforgettable. Thank you all r~l'l•~n~rc: and friends who supported me and helped me achieve what I have now. Also, thank you IB for helping me get used to 4 hours of sleep, learn how to work on assignments on Saturday nights, and of course, gain exceptional knowledge. This year's superawesome graduating class, let's make our lives extraordinary!

>avid Laciak rost likely to disturb people in a library



What a long strange trip it's been these past 14 years. From kindergarten to Grade 12 I've been trucking away In this small office building of a school and to be honest, It hasn't been half bad. Sure IB turns your average good hearted student Into flaming Bill O'Reilly historians, arguing the success of Stalin's collectivization policies, but In the end I think we truly have learned something, we hope. Some could say, "David, how did you survive these 14 years at the York School and go bonkers," and I would reply with a slight shrug and a grunt, and then Ignore them as I continue to study for a physics test. In the end I feel grateful for what the York School has given to me and the friends I have made over the years and In the famous words of Bill and Ted, I leave with, excellent to each other."

fost easy going "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." -Babe Ruth Congrats Grads of 09! Wow. I can't believe that after all of these years, we're finally graduating! To the friends that were always ere for me and the teachers that believed i me, I will be forever grateful. Thanks for making my experience at York the incredible journey that it has been. I wish you all the best of luck In the future :) "Our lives are made in these small hours, these little wonders, these twists & turns of fate. Time falls away, but these small hours still remain." -Rob Thomas

James Lampe Most likely to wear something unconventional

"There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die." Raoul Duke

Katherine Le Best Bro

"What lies behind us and what lies befo us are small matters compared to what lies within us." -Ralph Waldo Emerson Congratulations Grads, we've finally made it! Today is just the tomorrow you worried about yesterday, so enjoy life a live it up. Good luck to you all, and a remember to live well, love much and laugh often!

Bryan Lee Toughest shell to crack As a member of our grade's "clique", leaving The York School will likely mark the end of Its physical presence. But I hope that this will not be the end of all friendships formed during my time here. When I left my previous school, I made little to no effort to keep in touch with ers-now that I'm about to leave York, I .,.."+""nd fully to keep in touch with as many my peers as possible. I wish I could with a memorable statement, but all I have to remember are my Final Thoughts ...



rest gentlemen

In the words of Jimi Hendrix "I didn't mean to take up all your sweet time ... I'll give it right back to you, one of these . I will use the ample time and given by the York School to accomplish my goals, as I'm sure all the other graduates will too. Thank you.

Vlatthew Mayers Vlost likely to fall deathly ill, but be forced to come into work by his evil boss to give a presentation.

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted." John Lennon

Olivia Meikle Wost likely to disguise herself as a pretzel

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have lastminute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill." -Mohammed Ali


Farhan Mosharraf Most likely to become the next God of Metal

There Is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present." The old turtle from Kungfu Panda

Teddy Moss Most likely to make a joke, not get credit for it, and then search for credit

"Dream as If you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."- James Dean "Get thee to a nunnery."- Shakespeare "It's not whether you get knocked down, whether you get up."- Vince Lombardi "I call 'em April babies 'cause they foos" Lll Wayne


Farialle Pacha Wost riveting MSN status updates

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. Judy Garland



fost likely to sing through life "How I laugh at men of substance, shedders of blood, heroes, princes! For I am happy with a small house, while they are unsatisfied even with provinces. How they rage among themselves, those godlike lords of the earth! But need they more than I when they are buried?" Christian Felix Weisse Remember, appreciate and share with the world what is yours. Congratulations Graduates of 2009! I wish you all the best!


lonathan Rand t1ost likely to be a rock star, grow a beard, quit rock, become a rapper and appear on David Letterman wearing sunglasses, mder an unknown Influence. So now I'm goin' back again, I got to get to her somehow. All the people we used to know They're an illusion to me now. Some are mathematicians Some are carpenter's wives. Don't know how it all got started, I don't know what they're doin' with their lives. But me, I'm still on the road Headin' for another joint We always did feel the same, We just saw It from a different point of view, Tangled up In blue. - Bob Dylan

Max Reedijk Most likely to ask how his hair looks

"Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried n~t,nr.:o you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation." George Washington

Andie Rosenthal Most likely to walk Into a screen door

"Congratulations Class of 2009 ... We did it!" - Legally Blonde (I've always wanted to say that) Love you guys!!!

Daniel Ross Most likely to defeat Chuck Norris

I came from a real tough neighborhood. put my hand in some cement and felt another hand." Rodney Dangerfield

Kaya Sabag ~est smile

Kindness is timeless.

:oby Savage ~ost

likely to fall asleep during the apocalypse

"I'm sick of following my dreams, I'm going to ask them where they're going and meet up with them later."- Mitch Hedberg

Rohan Shah Wost likely to become a Bol/ywood dancing sensation

"We don't stop playing because we grow we grow old because we stop playl Remember to always look at the bright side of life and enjoy each new day In whatever way you can! Thanks York for letting me grow in a myriad of ways for the past six years."

Ivana Strajin Most likely to start a Serbian nationalist group

"Rest satisfied with doing well, and og::;o路ug u others to talk of you as they please." Pythagoras

~arly ~ost


likely to be everyone's shrink

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." Anthony J. D'Angelo

lakob Thadani ~ost

likely to shoot from the 3-point line The best part about coming to York is how quickly I found the Asians. Usually it takes a day or two, but at York I found them within a day. But in all seriousness, York has been great and generous to me. The people in my grade have (generally) been nice to me and after five years I can say York feels like home (but no xbox). I don't know what else to say, but to thank everyone for making my experience at York one that I can cherish for the rest of my life. Oh and thanks to the teachers for, you know, not killing me, because I kind of deserve(d) it. Ha ha. Anyways, York's been fun.

lulian Uzielli ~ost

likely to correct his professors on their grammar As much as I may enjoy griping and groaning about York School and the IB, I cannot deny that they have been an essential part in making me the person I am today. I first darkened York's doorstep in 1998-before there were digital cameras, iPods or high-speed internet-and it is now 2009. A lot has changed in the Real World during my time at York, but the most essential piece of knowledge required to survive in it has stayed constant since the following words were penned in 1965: "Hello, babies. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It's round and wet and crowded. At the outside, babies, you've got about a hundred years here. There's only one rule that I know of, babies: God damn it, you've got to be kind."- Kurt Vonnegut

Andres Von Tiesenhausen Most likely to order plzza... ln class

"Life is a journey, not a destiny'' "Every time that you put effort into work, and you're going to make a little more money, you better have a good plan to use that money because you're using up your life."

Louis Winston Most likely to coach a basketball team while creating a cure for some obscure disease

"If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven't done much today." Coack K

MatthewWu Most likely to have his last name cheered by a roaring crowd

I first came to The York School who did I se by my side? A group of friends with whom I could confide My interests, my culture and my similarities Year after year, tuition fee after fee They stuck together right by me My clique, my friends, almost like my brothers If I could do it all again I would choose no others I'm sad to leave them I don't know what I'll do I hope to rise to the challenge and start anew I'll miss my friends and all the rest Though I may be an IB student Leaving everyone behind will be the ultimate test


Joshua Wynn Wost likely to start a successful business, go too far and die

a Scarface like death

"I may be going to hell in a bucket, but at least I'm enjoying the ride." Jerry Garcia

KenYu Wost likely to release National Security secrets

When I saw Ms. Lister in my dreams, I knew it was time to graduate. After four years and a lot of memories, I only have good feelings towards my fellow graduates and teachers. I'm glad I finished this statement without being hilariously offensive.

Paul Yu Best groove

It Is clear that there are cliques In our grade. I've always disliked that. It simply Is awkward to chat to some people even If we have nothing against each other. 18 didn't help much by piling us with work continuously, but on the bright side, thanks my 18 physics, chem, and math classes, I new friends. I'll make an effort to keep in touch all of you (my friends) and I hope we can some sweet York reunions In the future. To those of you whom I don't consider to be my friends (because we haven't talked at all), If we meet In the future I hope we can put the awkwardness aside, start fresh, and pretend we didn't Ignore each other In high school.




50 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


PREFECTS Jackson Byrne

Jessie Dipucchio

Head Boy

Head Girl

Ben Boggs & Teddy Moss Farzaneh Fard & Matt Mayers Directors of Atheletics

Directors of Community Service

Daniel Farewell Louis Winston Director of Finance

Director of Lower School Leadership

Harry Hanson Director of Social Events

Katie Connell Director of Arts

KenYu Director of Environment




Head: Cathy Flynn

Head: Coby Savage

Assistant: Adam Litman

Assistant: Josh Klein

Champlain~ Head: Andie Rosenthal Assistant: Zak Tabatznik

~Johnson Head: Jessica Chen Assistant: Gillian Love

S t u路 d e n t . L i f e


Mentors ~ Grade 11: Leah Bandler Lauren Bridle Daniel Carter Maddie Cherney Peter Clarkson Teresa Dzavik Amanda Hu Josh Kimsa Josh Klein Leah Mersky Max Piltz Jeremy Winkler

Mentors This group of students form relationships with their younger peers to discuss a variety of personal, social and educational issues.

Grade 12: David Arevalo Michael Berman Nathan Boersma Jackson Byrne Loren Cohen Cayla Copeland Erin Gelgoot Harry Hanson Peter Hass Alean Kim Nurfiza Ladak Katherine Le Matthew Mayers Olivia Meikle Farialle Pacha Andie Rosenthal Kaya Sabag Coby Savage Carly Surchin Louis Winston Josh Wynn

Student . Life

Stude nt .~ife




On September 19 the York community came together, with spirit and enthusiasm to raise awareness and support for the Terry Fox Foundation. The school was successful in raising an impressive amount of money to go toward this cause.


Community. Service



UNITED York's 1Oth annual United Way Week. It was filled with events and activities including fake marriages, sabotages, bake sales, a student council auction, jelly bean counts, penny drops and many more. Outside of school, York participated in the CN tower stair climb, which was very successful. Altogether, over $4000 was raised for this charity!

Community. Service


OOCH-athon Every year at York, students in the Upper School do various activities to help raise money for Camp Oochigeas. At night, students from grade seven to twelve stay at the school until 10 pm playing sports in the gym; 3-on-3 basketball, staff versus student volleyball, full court ultimate frisbee and more! FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCER




Y4+~ RK-INDIA A select group of students ventured to the Families for Children orphanage in India. Supporting York's passion for global outreach, the students developed connections with children at FFC. They participated in manual labour, games with the kids, and teaching while representing The York School overseas. This was an excellent and extremely beneficial opportunity.

Y ~ RK-INDIA Mark Aiello Leah Bandler Alex Cassels Maddie Cherney Peter Clarkson Tali Farine Rebecca Lester Leah Mersky Catherine Moor Spencer Green Zak Tabatznlk Jim Brickell Barb Prevedello

C om m un ity.Se rvic e


ATHLETIC BANQUET Junior Female Athlete of the Year: Lauren Clarfield Junior Male Athlete of the Year: John William Roddey Senior Female Athlete of the Year: Leah Sandler Senior Male Athlete of the Year: Peter Hass

PREFECTS AT OOCH A small group of grade 12 students spent a weekend brainstorming and preparing for a year of school leadership and spirit as the leaders of the school.



Special . Events



For 4 days in September, students took part in an ecology field study and were put into groups where they spent their time training, planning, conducting a lab, and analyzing the data. The trip included a campfire, swimming in the lake, and spending time in the newly constructed barn at camp.

GROUP IV PROJECT From October 6th to 8th, the Gr.12 students completed their Group IV 18 project up at Camp Oochigeas. These projects explored all the different sciences in group interdisciplinary studies which were then tied to a global scale.

S pe c iaI.Eve nts


OUTER'S CLUB TRIP Canoe Trip, Sept. 25-27 -Algonquin Park

OUTER'S CLUB TRIP Dogsledding, Feb. 13-15



"Hold Back the Snow" Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

October 17-19

VERMONT TRIP Smuggler's Notch - Feb. 12 to Feb. 16

Sp eciaI.Eve nt s


Picasso at the Lapin AgiQe Cast List: Thomas 8evans mathieu 8!?iss Jacbson 8~me Hacha Cassada~ Cath~ PQ~nn Harr~ Hanson mattma~ers

Ad"abu Oti Zoe Rosen Rob Sniderman Ju!?ian Uziei?Qi

This Is A Play Enter Stage Left. Male Actor: I enter with conviction.

Cast List: Leah Bandler Teddy Moss Zoe Rosen Jorey Worb





Ttfaddie Jliddman Jlmanda )\loss Ttfaddine Black "asily Podrez Jaek Brown Clarissa Ratjm David Casb Jlridle Rosm Sttpbm Dodge Dope Ruby Randy Rosmblat Da"id francis Sopbie frastr Carta Kicbmond Gita Goolsarran Jlndrew Steep Sabrina Grdl-Jlird r.fattbew Sil"abug lsab¢Ue Kbait Oli"ia Segswortb Jlndie Kalifer Dylan Salta Oannab Kalman Orli Sil"abag :Nurisba tadah e"an Stdn Vasbna tahbani Gwynetb t:.borlahson Grant tillie Zander 'Caylor r.fattbew Cloyd Sage Osbu t:.ara )\lassicotte Sbawn "ichar Brooke r.fcBumey Paige r.fcBumey Sam r.findm

S pec iaI.Eve nt s


ASSEMBLIES Remembrance Day

Terry Fox

ASSEMBLIES House Council Auction




INTEGRATED CANADIAN EXPERIENCE Integrated Canadian Experience (ICE) is a program that integrates three key Grade 9 subjects: English, Canadian history and geography. Founded on the school motto: Experientia Docet, or Experience Teaches, ICE becomes an experiential program like no other. Students will visit cultural neighbourhoods, tour cemeteries, and explore the ravines that define and reveal Toronto's geography and history. On the Island...

In Chinatown ...

In the classroom ...

In Little Italy. ..


In Little India ...

S peciaI.Eve nts


EXCHANGE Corbin Broad - New Zealand David Cherney - New Zealand Rachel Dinoff- Melbourne, Australia Anthea Harvey-Cheetham - South Africa Harriet Hix - New Zealand Sam Hix- Penrith, Australia Dmitri Kralik - South Africa Gillian Piltz- Melbourne, Australia Brigitte Pope- Penrith, Australia Shaun Rosenthal- Penrith, Australia


SpeciaI.Eve nts


MARTINIQUE TRIP A group of students traveled on a community service trip to establish relationships with children at the Maison d'Espoir orphanage, to immerse oneself in the French language and to experience the culture and environment of the island.

MODEL UN Groups of students traveled to Montreal, Boston, or San Francisco to participate in a mock Model United Nations conference. Each participant was assigned a country to represent as a delegate, addressing current global issues.



GRADE 8 SCIENCE FAIR Life Science Winners:

Physical Science Winners:

1. Talia Klein- Drive now... talk later 2. Meghan Waitzer - Can't Touch This 3. Andrew Tureski - Plant Competition

1. Stephen Dodge - Gliders: Flight or Failure 2. Joseph Granata - Stop, Drop, and Roller Coaster 3. Michael Gosnell - Spinning for Data



LET'S GET PHYSICAL "Let's Get Physical" participants were involved in a number of exciting, physical activities that took place mostly outdoors. Students challenged themselves both physically and mentally in a rock climbing gym and spent a day discovering the Humber River in Toronto, hiking, biking and paddling the river valley near Lake Ontario. Students were also involved with a service project around Toronto where they will learn about a natural site in the city and help with its regeneration.

EAT TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT Students learned about healthy food choices, food science, etiquette and the basics of preparing cuisine from different countries from around the world. A small team of professional Chefs led hands-on cooking sessions as students prepared easy-to-make, nutritious and delicious meals. From Monday to Friday, Loblaws Empress Walk Market located at 5095 Yonge Street was home to the cooking workshops. Students also visited local markets and participated in guided tours of restaurants.

AND SEW ON AND SEW ON Students spent the week under the tutelage of Denise Wild, owner of "The Sewing Studio", learning different sewing techniques to create their own "musthave" pieces for spring/summer 2009. Students used old clothing, unwanted ties, scarves, dress shirts, t-shirts and fabric scraps, to make fun, hip, and unique fashion pieces. They also visited a number of different fashion stores and studios in the city.

Speciai . Events


WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAYS? Students practiced fundamental improvisation techniques while studying downtown at the Second City training facility. The programme helped students develop such skills as listening, team building, physical and verbal communication, idea generation, positive vocabulary, sequencing, self confidence, social integration and empathy. The workshops focused on teen-related social issues and positive solutions to help deal with them. The goal was to perform a prepared act for other audiences. Students also got to watch a Second City professional show.

RUN AWAY WITH THE CIRCUS The Toronto School of Circus Arts is the venue where a student's mind, body and spirit come together and personal goals can become a reality. This fun environment allows students to push their boundaries a little closer to the edge than their day-to-day lives might take them. Students focused on improving their strength, agility, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Students used such mediums as trampoline, juggling, acrobatics and aerial arts, in addition to other circus arts forms.


Students spent mornings and many afternoons at The Clay Design Studio. While at the studio, students worked primarily on wheel work and hand-building. Three afternoons were dedicated to sketching in Toronto's galleries and outdoors. Students sketched at the AGO, the ROM, the Bata Shoe Museum, the University of Toronto College Gallery, and outdoors around the studio. At the pottery studio, located at 170 Brunswick Avenue, our group of 12 students were split into two groups of six. Each group spent half the morning on wheel work, then switch to hand building.

S pe cia I.Ev e nt s


GUITAR HERO Students spent five days learning about everything guitar in many genres of music. Time was spent playing guitar, visiting with guitar players at a number of venues, and learning about the history of guitars and the musicians who have mastered it. At the end of Challenge Week, each student had intimate knowledge of guitars, having spent time each day building their own electric guitars that was theirs to keep forever.

PICK A CARD While studying with a team of professional magicians, students learnt how to generate ideas for stories and plot lines, find out how to tap into their own creativity and learn how to work together to create a show. They received professional coaching on sleight-of-hand moves, performing magic, practicing effectively and acting. They also learnt the "backstage" secrets of a technical rehearsal and a dress rehearsal. By the end of five days, the group learned some top-secret magic, written its own script, designed costumes, performed and starred in its own magic show!

s p e c i a I . Even



REACHING THE SUMMIT Summit Outdoor Education Centre, located in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia, provided a home base for discovery. Student activities focused on the environments that set BC apart the mountains and oceans. While exploring the biodiversity and history of these unique aspects of BC, students gained a true appreciation for the land. Students also learned about First Nations Culture first-hand through a visit to the new Squamish Lii'Wat Cultural Centre in Whistler.

PADDLE & PAINT Students embarked on this five-day trip retracing some of the significant areas covered by Tom Thomson and members of the Group of Seven while canoe tripping in Algonquin Provincial Park. Students had access to Algonquin Park's beautiful landscape and interesting history. Daytime excursions included hikes and paddles to certain locations where students sketched the land. A professional artist helped ~~ guide these excursions, relating the historical and artistic significance of the trips.

PRAIRIES TO MOUNTAINS Students spent half of Challenge Week exploring the prairies and badlands east of Calgary, and then explored the contrasting mountains found west of the city. In both regions students studied and compared the respective histories, geographies and literature, visiting sites of interest and interviewing residents. Students flew to Calgary and traveled by van east to Drumheller where they were based for half of the week. In the prairie badlands, some of the students' activities included hiking the scenic parks, visiting the Royal Tyrell Museum, exploring an old coal mine and investigating First Nations history in the area. Mid-week, students traveled by van into the mountains near Banff where they investigated historical, cultural and recreational attractions similar to those seen on the prairies, which provided an interesting contrast between the two regions.

QUEBEC PAR BICYCLETTE Students toured a portion of La Belle Province on bicycle, speaking French as they went. They helped to maintain the trails along Le P'tit Train du Nord in the Laurentians, one of Quebec's well-groomed bicycle routes that follows an old rail bed. They stayed in B&Bs for four days as they follow Le P'tit Train du Nord and enjoyed the rolling countryside. En route, they litter-picked to help preserve the trail's beautiful surroundings.

S p e c i a I . Eve n t s


ROCK MUSIC Students explored historic St John's, Newfoundland through the city's folk music and storytelling traditions. Students flew to St John's and were based out of Memorial University for five days. Each day they ventured out into the city and interviewed musicians and storytellers for the Integrated Canadian Experience documentary film on Canada. By apprenticing with local musicians, students learned to play Newfoundland folk music and the art of telling a story through song. Students explored the Avalon Peninsula beyond the city, discovering coastal ghost towns and historic villages, including Cupids, Canada's first fishing colony.

Q-SCHOOL Students were engaged in an intense fiveday "from tee to green" golf programme at Nottawasaga Inn Golf Centre. Both on and off the course, students learned the skills necessary to make this sport part of their healthy active lifestyle. While studying under professional golf pros, students studied the biomechanics, rules, etiquette, training techniques and playing strategies. Through a series of clinics and practice time, students started to put the pieces of "their game" together. Students also concentrated on golf course design, landscaping, maintenance and environmental impacts.

CULINARY BOOT CAMP Students rolled up their sleeves and took a hands-on approach to the art of cuisine at the Strewn Cooking School in the heart of Niagara-OnThe-Lake. Each day, students enjoyed a three-hour cooking demonstration and hands-on classes. They learned about food science, etiquette and basic cooking skills used in a variety of places around the world. The trip included visits to a four-star kitchen, cheese factory, wineries and pepper farm. Students also participated in three formal fitness sessions to promote a balanced lifestyle.

S pe c ia I.Ev ents


WHALE OF A TIME Travelling by kayak and led by professional guides, students paddled the area's sheltered waters exploring and camping on the stunning islands and beaches. Students flew to Victoria where they set off for the Gulf Islands. Led by three professional guides, students were instructed in kayak paddling and safety, and learned camping skills by fully involving themselves with camp and food preparation. Issues surrounding the multiple uses and users of the islands were also explored, and students were involved in a service project to help maintain the pristine environment. There were plenty of opportunities for skill development, beachcombing, hiking, nature interpretation, soaking in the scenery and reflection.

RAWHIDE! Rawhide Adventures has access to over a thousand acres of land and trails in this region, where students learned the workings of the ranch, learned to ride horses, and explored the area. Students went by bus where they were immersed in the cowboy/cowgirl lifestyle. The week began with introductory lessons in horseback riding and photography workshops to prepare students for the rest of the week. As the week progressed, students learned about horses, cattle, the ranch, and the ranching industry, while sharing the responsibility of running a ranch. Students helped care for the animals, prepared meals, mended fences, cleared trails, and took advantage of plenty of photographic opportunities while exploring the area on foot and horseback.

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~'"' ~"'!/: Michael Berman ~n-1 See1"' :Joanna Berman









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2008- 2009 A Higher Perspective  

The 2008-2009 Upper School yearbook includes grades 7 through 12