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THE YORK SCHOOL (an independent school) 1320 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario M4T 1X2


This year has been vety exciting! One of the things that has really made us vety proud indeed is becoming an Authorized IB (Primaty Year's Programme) school. Evetyone from grade 1 to 6 knows just how much work it took to achieve this. . . teachers. . . sn1dents... and of course, Mrs. Galbraith!!! Congranllations evetyone! In this Yearbook we all enjoy seeing picnu路es of ourselves at all the special days: Exhibition, Spirit Days, Oochathon etc. etc. Thanks to all those who work vety hard to put the Yearbook together under the very able leadership of Ms. Almeida and her team of Ms. Hickman, Mrs. Royce, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. ]erred, Mr. Snow and Mrs. Bedbrook. Barbara Goodwin-Zeibots Head

As always, I am "down to the wire" in preparing my yearbook write up and am being reminded on a remarkably regular basis that I have only hours remaining. It's not that I have nothing to say, but evety day that I delay bring us closer and closer to spring. I know that there is a day right at the end of Febmaty when the light from the setting sun reflects off the windows of the building across the street and fills my office with a glorious yellow glow and then I am sure that, once again, we have all smvived yet another winter! That day has arrived, so I can now safely meet my deadline. June brings the end of another wonderful school year and a host of warm memories about evetything that happened here at York. So ... find a patch of sunshine, curl like a cat and enjoy yet another fabulous edition of the yearbook! Marilyn Andrews Admissions



Art Adams Maintenance

Katherine Almeida Primary French

Debbie Alvarez Reception

Tara Anchel Grade 6F

john Ander~on Building Manager

ChriMine Appadur.ti Accounting

Maria Barnden Glebe

Matthew Barry Grade 58

Ginny Bate~ York Shop

Leigh Bedbrook Grade 88

Anne Bell Grade 3RB

Anuradha Bhattacharya Reception and Attendance

Murray Calvin Security

Margaret Cathers Reception and Attendance

Andrea Charlton Grade 5C

Nancy Bunyard Music



Ken Cluley Geography and History

Vanessa Colabawalla Administrative Assistant

Sophie Doig Glebe

Moira Dossetor Director of Development

Dianne Dowman Academic Head of Technology

Gerald Feeney Director of Athletics

Melissa Freedman Grade 6F

Frank Gibbs Security

Liz Gilbert Senior Library

Lisa Graydon Music

Tosca Guardino Administrative Assistant

Shelagh Gublavison Grade 4G

Martha Hall Phys. Ed

Gordon Hefford Lunchroom & Maintenance

Gillian Hickman Phys. Ed

Patricia Indart Accounting

~ 5w

Pat ]erred Currintlum Coordinator Lower School

jacqueline Jesser Grade 7/ 8 Science

Bengt johan~son Maintenance

Katharine jurkovic Development Assist<lnt

Talei Kunkel Grade SK

Danielle Lemeiux Gracie 7L

Eric Maerov Grade 7M

juMin Medved Geography and Phys. Ed

julie Meskis Grade 1M

Sean Mitchell Phys. Ed

Mary Moffat Grade 2M

Shannon O'Neil Grade 7N

David Paris Grade 61'

Kathleen Peak I.T. Support

Jan johns Maintenance




Mark Persaud Network Administrator

Christine Pouliot Glebe

Daphne Radford Grade lR

Eric Robertson Middle Years Programme Coordinator

Sheila Royce Grade 3RB

Jeanette Seymour Glebe

Hugh Shankland Lunchroom and Maintenance

Harriet Simand Grade 3S

Karen Smith Junior French

Bart Snow Art

Chris Steele Maintenance

Janet Stefanyk Grade 2S

Sara Spencer Junior Library

Kevin Stewart Grade SS

Lesley Stewart Grade 4S

Janine Suboch Art

Mary Teolis Head ofEYP

Harry Timmermans lnMmmental Music

Wilma joy Veenstra Glebe

Annette Whiteley Director of Finance


David Eden

Bryn Harvey-Raymond

Nilufar Jalilvand

Louis Jarvis

Nathaniel Lee

Laura Osborne

Jonathan Shammas

Jack Simpson

Danielle Salish

Elias Volonakis

Sam Wortsman

Sophie Wortsman




Absent: Sydney Corbett


'ttl~ 10

M uw


Barrett Avey

Liam Avey

Roslyn Brenzel

Kai Brown

jacqueline Davidson

Benjamin DeBresser

jordan Gottlieb

jasper johnston

Absent: Farid Ghodes





Stefan Amsen

Edgar Brown

Alistair Carscadden

Chloe Conacher

Nicolas Corbett

Sabrina Dhalla

Nicholas Fortier

Thomas Freund

Connor Gallagher

Charlotte Grieve

David Grout

Quinn Halman

Sarah Hick

Kiana Karellas

Aaron Lengyel

Sabrina Leon-Landegger

Ian Lo

Trevor O'Leary

Gavin Spasojevic

Lauren Tom


15 w~

THE LOWER SCHOOL - GRADES ONE TO SIX At the time of writing this we are half way through our school year and look back on a variety of events: the new cafeteria, the gift of the beautiful mural in our playground, various special events and celebrations and the November authorization visit for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. On Thursday, January 30'11 , Barbara Goodwin-Zeibots received the official letter from the International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva informing us that The York School is now a recognized IBPYP school. This certificate, which will be duly framed and hung, represents planning, reflection and growth on the part of teachers and students, and support and encouragement from parents, the board and the administration. Btyan Nixon, one of our authorization visitors, commented that The York School has a great faculty and even better kids and expressed the wish that his school could experience the same highly supportive parents that he met at York. As you can imagine, this news was greatly celebrated, our certificate well earned and the Lower School Faculty are to be warmly congratulated for this achievement. Not that the work or the planning now stops. Becoming an IBPYP school is not an end in itself, but an incentive to continue to move forward in creating a learning environment that is engaging, challenging and relevant to the world outside the classroom so that our students, as outlined in the lBO mission statement, will become, critical and compassionate thinkers, lifelong learners and informed participants in local and world affairs. To this end we are well into developing the second, grade six PYP exhibition to be held on March 4'h . The central idea for the exhibition is, Migration From Other Countries Affects The Host Country. Groups of students are busy researching and developing information on immigration and planning a multi-media display representing a particular migrant community in Toronto and the st01y of their journey, culnu路e and integration into Canadian society. I am sure the exhibition will be as vibrant and exciting as our first one was last year. Barbara Galbraith Head of the Lower School




Max Brenzel

Kevin Clifford

Michael Cole

Elisabeth Feldstein

Zoe Grieve

Connor Guy

Riley Hanson

Christina Jewell

Nicole Kay

Lianne Menkes

Maya Murmann

Jamie Perlmutter

Benjamin Pitfield

Courtney Rider

Evan Sambasivam

Ciara Stevenson



Jack Brown

Madeleine Cavanagh

Annabel Colterjohn

Charles Cornish

Willis Daellenbach

jenna Fletcher

Robert Freund

Ana Leigh Graham

Clare Harvey-Raymond

Lauren Hoffman

Patrick Meredith-Karam

Paula Murmann

james Osborne

Aaron Shafton

Max Salish

Alexander Steinberg

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Annie Boright

Liam Caven

Clara Chang

Vanice Cheung

Savannah Coffey

Chas Conacher

Benjamin Fickling

Rowan Galbraith

Samantha Kronick

Dillon Lawrence

Anne Meagan Mariano

Olivia Segsworth

Anne Sophie Shogimen

Evan Stein

Andrew Tureski

Charlie Walker


ffi:@ 23 -


~ 24

Daniel Banh

Lorraine Capone

Matthew Eden

John Feather

Helen Huband

Rachel Hung

Alexa Jarvis

Nurisha Ladak

Thea Landegger

Allison McLurg-Lovas

Sarah Evelyn Moor

Shaelyn Newmarch

Dominic Shogimen

Ryan Stevenson

John James (Jake) Stoddart

Kirsten Sullivan

Absent: Jack Kamin, Michelle Sprackman







Nauman Ahmad

Patrick Cowdrey

Rachel Dinoff

Sam Frankel

Madeline Goldberg

Rebecca Guy

Natalia Hartog

Devin Henderson

Ross Hinds

jay McConnell

jake Perlmutter

Graham Pitfield

Dillon Sambasivam

Alys Shee

Alex Tong



27 '{fJijj





John Acker

Dylan Amsen

Spencer Blaiklock

Emma Carscadden

Robe1to De Pasquale

James Duncan

Luke Farewell

Nicholas Freund

Ca1ter Grieve

Kathryn Haas

Russell Hanson

Samantha Kay

Stephanie Rider

Victoria Schwartz

Haley Steinberg

James Turk

Zachary Willis



29 ~1~





Corbin Broad

Lucas Burns

Charlie Connell

Cassandra Di Matteo

Francesca Dill

Serena Goel

Alexa Kady

Harrison Lands

Brandon Linds

Philippa McDougall

Virginia McKinnell

Genny Miller

Paighton Newmarch

James Ratcliffe

Alex Shieck

Geoffrey Sugar

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jenna Tabatznik

Elijah Teitelbaum

Ms. Gustavison and Class

Graham Vehovec

Spencer Watson






Harry Ainley

Aleksa Hartog

Mary Howard

Ryan Kady

Dmitri Kralik

Jesse Kronick

Ryan Kucan

James Madell

Shea Mandolesi

Jack Menkes

Savannah O'Leary

Anisa Rawhani

Matteo Scaglione

Stella Speigel

Mitchell Stein

Allie Surchin

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MS. STEWART AND CLASS, Absent: Ms. Stewart





~; 34

Oliver Carscadden

Alex Cassels

Dora Julianna Csopak

Adam Dinoff

Cara Fletcher

Emily Goldberg

Joseph Huband

Stuatt Layland

Shayna Lechcier-Kimel

Amanda Leibow

Adam Litman

Gillian Love

Madeleine Oswald

Olivia Parry

Zoe Radden

Melissa Serpe

Absent: Zak Tabatznik



35 -


Leah Bandler

Mary Claire Bass

Chas Beatty

Alessandra Calleya-Cortis

Samuel Daviau

Austen Eagleson

Nicholas Fabro

Molly Hanson

Samuel Hirsch

Lilianna Jdanovitch

Varhini Kanishkan

Clare Kordyback

Leah Mersky

Robbie Mingay

Catherine Mary Moor

Emily Peckham

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37 "'I~



Katherine Connell

Cayla Copeland

Kelly Damp

Daniel Farewell

Jennifer Feather

Catherine Flynn

Harrison Goad

Geoffrey Handley

Harry Hanson

Rebecca Hinds

David Laciak

Jacob Levy

Michael McConnell

Olivia Meikle

Jordan Ross

Jessie Stewart

Madeleine Sugar

Carly Surchin

Petra Szirmak


Stacey Wilson


Vanessa Battista

Ben Boggs

Katrina D'Urzo

Erin Gelgoot

Kimberley Hamilton

Peter Hass

Jaclyn Kanitz

Jennifer Kern

Nurfiza Ladak

Elspeth Malcolm

Cara Ma1tin

Lucie Pivnick

Kaya Sabag

Rohan Shah

Madeleine Stoddart

Max Teitelbaum

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Darrien Tu

Julian Uzielli

Andreas Von Tiesenhausen


Louis Winston

THE MIDDLE SCHOOL As you look through the Middle School pages of the yearbook, you will see the three grade seven and the three grade eight classes involved in many interesting activities. It was a busy and exciting fall term starting with the three day leadership and team building experience at Camp Kandalore, United Way Week and the art and music afternoons. Januaty was the first anniversary of the new gymnasium, the grade seven ski day and the girls basketball tournament in Montreal. The grade eight trip to Quebec City, the boys basketball tournament, the Chinese New Year celebrations and the second annual Shakespeare Day all took place before March break. April brought our annual Oochathon, student-led conferences and Eatth Day celebrations. The spring term was filled with attistic and athletic activities including the production of The Music Man, Att and Music Night, the grade seven Cannes Film Festival, the Athletic Banquet, outing day, and sports day. The eight grade eight House Captains (Elisabeth Hass, Jordan Simon, Lauren Damp, Harrison Notkin, Lauren Davies, lssy Miller, Chris DiMatteo and Eve Kordyback) were vety enthusiastic and extremely responsible in fulfilling their duties this year and have raised the spirit level at York by organizing special events, having House assemblies and spotting activities. They also designed and put up the new House Points Board located in the south link just outside the gym offices. This enabled all students to keep a close eye on how their House was faring against the other Houses. This year we initiated a Sports and Social Council, headed by Maty Ratcliffe and Myles Kaufman, to organize an intra-mural league in the gym at lunch as well as dances and other social events for the Middle School students. As always, the Middle School faculty has been extremely innovative and dedicated in providing the students with a curriculum that is both stimulating and challenging. The teachers were involved in two new initiatives this year, a school-wide Global Ethics programme and the beginning of the implementation process for the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. As you can see, the teachers have definitely been busy and enormously successful in their endeavours! I want to thank the Middle School faculty and students for a wonderful 2002/ 2003 school year. Sincerely Susan Charron





Yasmin Alabed

Robert Bedbrook

Elisabeth (Lissy) Brown

Simon Burns

Max Daviau

Giampiero De Pasquale

Ally Florence

Kyle Grover

Betsy Heller

Julia Kozlowski

Tara Lengyel

Alyssa Louis

Zoe McKinnell

Zane Alexander Mersky

Max Miller

Graydon Moore

Ryan Persaud

Justine Reisler

Areez Remtulla


Genevieve Westrope





Christopher Beatty

Christian Daellenbach

Filip Edehali-Cvetkovic

Lily Enchin

Talya Feldman-Lloyd

Katie Gosnell

Arielle Kaplan

Clare Karasik

Sarah Latowsky

Emily MacLennan

Matthew Menkes

Becky Organ

Jonathan Palmer

Patrick Smith

Michael Sniderman

Jake Wagman



47 ~j


Samantha Boggs

Karim Boucher

Andrew Cooper

Jaclyn Ederman

Sally Engelhart

Anthony Fabro

Scott Fletcher

Devon Howard

Victor Jdanovitch

Benjamin Kates

Caroline MacLennan

Jessica Moldaver

Michael Neirinck

Maggy Rinaldo

Pradeep Sukumar

Hannah Talkin

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Bedbrook ,md dass. Absent: Andrew Irwin.

Ms. Kunkel and


Absent: Ali Babul, Jordan Simon, Evan Silver.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! '\l !~ ~~ii!ii '


1,.1 -


.. â&#x20AC;˘


Mr. Stewart and class. Absent: Natania Marcus.


GRADE 8B Taryn Beber

Katie Bishop

have been at York for 7 years. Thanks to my friends, especially "Spac", and all the rest who made York a great experience. My beM trips were Mansfield and Quebec. I enjoyed playing on the volleyball and basketball teams. Thanks to all my teachers, especially to Mrs. Bedbrook. I won't be returning to York but I will keep the memories forever. Thanks York.

My favourite memory was when Mr. Paris galloped around the class room like the White Pony. I'm not coming back next year, bye York!

Gareth Cecll-Cockwell

Thomas Chilton

I came to the York School in grade two and h:tve made lots of friends over the years. I'll ~till be here next year, again, and the year after, maybe. Good luck to next year's grade eights. Hemember to study for exam~! Allnighters work for tests, exams, and project~! Procrastination b fun and can work, ~orne足 times.

This year at York has been a fantastic experience. When I arrived, e veryone in the da~s made me feel welcome. I am really grateful that Mrs. Bedbrook, Ms. Charron, the Maff and the grade eight classes supported me after my father pa~sed away. I am looking forward to another wonderful year in high school at York!

Laurel Clayton

Lauren Davies

I've only been here for two year~. There are !>orne things I'll never forget, like how freezing it was in Quebec thb year (-'13) and go ing to all the "fun" overnight trip~. I'm definitely glad that grade eight's over and I'm looking forward to a brand new year. "Let's nt i~e a gl,tss of milk to the end of another day."

I h,tve been at York for two years and it's been great. I just want to thank all my friends for being so awesome. I'll see most of you next year!

David Godri

Andrew Irwin

I arrived at the York School in gr.tde ~even and am now currently in grade eight. These long years could be ~ u mmarize d with the following quotes: "All that is needed to pass your difficulties, b gut~ and the .tbility to go fa~t" and "The spoon is nor real, your mind make~ it real." (The Matrix)

During my years I've been on basketball, soccer, track and baseball teams. My greateM accomplishment was when our basketb,tll team pulled together to lose by only 2 points in the final. I've made some excellent friends during my tie here. I wish them luck. Goodbye to those who are leaving and I look forward to seeing those friends who are returning to York.

Sven Jurshevski

Mikaela Kofman

When I came to York from overseas I had difficulty fitting in and adju~ting to the expectations of the school. After a couple of month~ I felt more <.omfortable about what wa ~ expected of me and I made three good friend~ : Blythe, Laurel and Gareth. I hope next year b easier adjusting and ma king new friend~!

have been at The York Sd10ol for grade seven and eight. It has ben a great experience for the past two years but I have to leave for grade nine. Thank you for all the wonde rful support from the teachers, and mo;t of all from my friend;. I will miss you all next year. xoxo.

Kristen Laciak

Thomas Lee

have spent ten interesting years at York, from Glebe to Sheldrake then to Yonge where we are currently. We've grown a lot over the years. In that time I've made many friends and had great times. The Quebec trip was amazing. I may be seeing you in September but I don't know. Thank you everyone for a funny year.

Hello York! This school has been wonderful and I have enjoyed my time here. This wa!> my sixth year at York but I'm not sure if I'm coming back next year. I may be going to Northern next year, so for now, goodbye.

Ian Love

Keon Maleki

I have had many great memories at York. The reachers are nice and helpful and I have made many new friends here. I will leave York next year for new experiences and opportunities. I have loved my rime here. It has been challenging at times bur it has also been fun. The Quebec trip was great I loved it

Hi everyone! 1bi.s is my second year at York and

it's been fun. The highlights of my year were the Quebec trip, the boys under fourteen ba&kedxill tournament and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night production. I'm looking forward ro new adventures in grade nine in the high &ehool. See you!

Taylor McEwan

Alex Mcintyre

I've only been at York for two years, bur in that time I have made many friends and many memories. Grade eight was my favorite year at York. I know I will keep in touch with all my friends here even though we're all going our separate ways. I've had great reachers, but I would really like to thank Mrs. Bedbrook and wish her good luck when she moves. Thank you York.

I thought York was a great school and it was a lor of fun. I have had some great experiences ar York &uch as the Quebec and Kandalore trip. I have made lots of friends and I am going to stay at York next year.

Marta Montero-Diez

Rhyan Ranger

Greetings mortals, I am Marra, and my mommy thinks I'm cool. I've been at York since grade seven. I've made great friends! You are all my heroes!

I came to this school in grade seven. Over the past two year&, I made many friends and I have many memorie&. My favourite parr of school wa& going on &chool trips. My favourite trip was the Quebec trip. I will be staying ar York and I hope that I will have many more memories when I finally leave.

Mary Ratcliffe

Preena Tanna

I've been ar York since grade one. I love all my friends.

The past three years ar York have been great and there have been many memorable moments. The badminton ream wa& bO much fun, even though we lost moM of our games. Mlle. and Mrs. B. were great teachers! just want ro say hi to all my friendb! See you next year.

Peter Valerio This was my first year at York. I made some good friends. I'd like to name them but then I might leave someone our and they'd be mad. David and I were the biggest contributors to the championship game. POP. POP. POP.

GRADE 8K Daniel Applebaum

Danielle Aronovich

I have been at this school since grade five. I have had a lot of fun and a lot of great experiences. I have met ~orne great teachers and made many friends. I am staying at York for grade nine but I'm not sure what I am going to be doing for the years to come.

I have been at York for eleven years. Over the years I have had great experiences and have made ~o many terrific friends . 8pace'!ever! Thanks for the memories York. Ciao!

Ali Babul

Elizabeth Clifford

I am ;I new Muclent to The York School and huve enjoyed thi~ year very much. It w.1~ great to play on the ba~ketba ll tea m and participate in the tournament~. I made many new friends thb year. I am look ing forward to being part of the Upper School.

I've been at The York School for two years. I'm not sure if I'm going to stay here or not. I made lots of friends the~e laM two year~ : Katie, Blythe, Molly, Mary, Marta, Lauren, Lauren D, Petra, Laurel and Carly. I laugh at you. Ha ha!

Molly Friedman Iii. I've been at York


grade two, and each year I h;JVe gained more knowledge, and more memo rie~ . I think thi~ year is my favourite year, thank~ to all my amazing friends (Blythy-o). I don't think I'll be Maying next year but I'd like to wish all my cia~~ mates good lmk in high ~thool. Bye!

Emily Grant I've been at York since grade ~even. I've had &ome wonderful memories and I've met some great friend& even though thb is only my second ye.1r here. I'll never forget Dani, Tay, Tare, Tanz, Shani, Fudge or l&&y 8pac'lever! Thanks York for the fabulou~ times. I won't forget them!

Matt Kaplan

Myles Kaufman

I've been here ~ince grade fou r and it'~ all over. I've h.1tl ~ome good times and ~ome bad one~ . I enjoyed going to M u n~fielcl in grade ~ix , getting my laptop h1 ~t year and finally going to Quebec City in Febnwry. I'll miss .1ll of my friends when I leave.

I have been at York ~ince grade four and all the good times h.1ve flown by. My favourite year& were grade ~ i x and seven becau~e they had the be~t field trip&. I will definitely miss the York Lower and Middle School , but I .un re.1lly looking forward to High School. Goodbye for now York!

Daniel Koenka

Thomas McCay

I have been at The York School ~ince grade ~even and thi~ is my ~etoncl ye.1r. I h.1ve enjoyed my experience here, with good time~. b.1cl times and ~ome very exciting time~. I have had many different teachers, and I am ~ure that twenty years from now, I will remember something valuable that they t.1ught me. I'm not coming back next year so thank~ for everything.

I came to thb ~chool in grade ~even and I have never regretted the change. The teacher& have been supportive and helpful during and after school and we have done lot& of fun events, the beM being the Quebec trip. The sports team& have also been fun and I really enjoyed the ba~ketball finals.

Lina McDonald

Issy (Isanne) Miller

my firM year at York. I had some good clays and bad, but most of them were good. I made a lot of new friends and enjoyed every minute I ~pent with them. The teachers were terrific a nd I look forward to having a great next year. See you in high ~chool York! "Succe~s only comes before work in the dictionary".

My four years at York have been quite memorable. I came in grade five and I've made ~ome fantastic friend&. I loved the field trips. especially basketball in Montreal and Kandelore. I am not sure if I will be coming back next year but I'm &ure if I did I would have a great time.

Thi~ wa~

(i9jCJ\ ~1 54

Ben Nilsson

Scott Reynolds

I've been at York since grade seven and I've had some great times here and made lots of friends . I've had really good teachers and have enjoyed working with a laptop. I'll miss my friends who are leaving York but I am looking forward to having a fun year and making new friends.

I've had many great experiences at the York School since grade sLx. I've had great teachers and made lots of friends. One of my major achievements was receiving the An Award in grade seven. I'm planning to come back to the school next year for grade nine.

Carly Rosenblat

Lauren Shields

I have been at York ~ince grade five. I have shared many great memories here whether it's gong to Mansfield, hanging out at Dorset, or visiting Quebec this year. Over the years I have made many new friend~: Molly, Blythe, Mary, Lauren, lssy, Taryn, Petra, Lizzy, Tahira, Elisabeth, Lauren.

Thank you to my friends Lizzy, Mary, Katie, Lauren, Blythe, Carly, Molly, Petra and Marta for being there when I needed you. The Quebec trip was great. I love Orlando Bloom and Lord of the Rings, rocks!

Evan Silver

Jordan Simon

I have been at York since grade seven and it's been fun. It's been a great experience being on the soccer team for two years and playing basketball this year. I really loved going to Dorset, Kandalore and Quebec. All my teachers and friends really made York a fun two years, and I hope my fumre years at York will be just as good.

have been at York since I was in grade ~even. I have had some awesome experience~ here. I had a great time on our trip to Kandalore and an amazing basketball tournament in Vancouver. I have had some good teacher~ and made some great friends. I will not be coming back next year and I will miss everyone.

Blythe Winters

Josh Wortsman

I've been at York since grade seven. I didn't like it much last year but this year has definitely been awesome! Thanks to all my friends, you're amazing. Also thanks to Mummy, Daddy, Kegan, Holt and Chase. "A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself".

Thb is my first year at the York school and I've had a fun time. I really like my class, 8K, and all my teachers. I made lots of new friends and have some special memories. I enjoyed playing on the soccer team and all the field trips, especially Kandalore and Quebec.


SS ~t



Daniel Bayefsky

Lauren Damp

Over the past four ye.1rs I have had a great time at The York School. I have made lots of good friends and have had many good teachers. Sadly, I will probably be leaving next year. I just want to give a props to the ba~ketball team. Peace out and keep on rocking in the free world!

My past 10 years at York have been great! I have had many amazing teachers and made many friends. I have participated in lot~ of sports and trips with York. Shout out to Eve and Ella, I will miss you guys next year. I will miss everyone! BYE!

Tahira Daya

Christopher DiMatteo

My past two years at York have been amazing. York has taught me a lot. I've made many friend~ and I have had many great teachers. Next year I will be staying at York, and I hope the wonderful experience will continue. See ya next year!

What to ~ay? I've been at The York School for 8 year~ and have many memories .. . musiL classes in the church at Sheldrdke, moving to the new building in fourth grade, two years of Mudent council, and many more. York ha~ been amazing for me and I :1m looking forwa rd to making more memories in High School.

Ella Finkler

Elisabeth Hass

My past two years at The York School have been memorable but I have to say, l can't wait untill next year. York has prepared me for the challenges of high school life Š. Lauren and Eve, I know that whatever school we end up going to we will keep in touch.

Iv'e had tons of fun at The York School Champlain house is pretty wol. The past 8 years have gone by fast. Great friend~hips will always last. I will remember every class, As long as you don't forget, Elisabeth !-lass!


Thevishka Kanishkan

I've only been here for only two years and I'm not leaving ~o see you all next ye;tr! I had fun thi~ (even though I broke my ;trm). Thanb ~o much Katie, Lauren Davies, Mary, Marta, Blythe, Molly, T-Bird, Liz I lass, Tahira ... etc. for alway~ being there and for being great friend~! Love you all!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say what a great year this was! Hellos all around to Petra, Elisabeth, Tahira, and Lina. I've only been here for two years and already I have made some amazing friends. Thank you for being there when I needed you. See you next year. Byebye Luvvyluvvy

Eve Kordyback

William Lampe

I have spent eight years m York, and had a lot of fun. I've had ~orne great teal her~ .mel made a lot of friend~. Hi to Lauren, ella, and M.tggie! I'm leaving next year, but will always remember the great times here at York. I'll mb~ everyone. Thanb for everything York, BYE!

Over the paM two years, I have had a great time at York. I would like to thank all of my teacher&, especially Mr. Maerov and Mr. Stewart. I've made a lot of good friend&, and I've had a lot of fun with everyone. I hope to see you all next year.

Robert Lee

Cameron Lilly

The York School hJs been my re;"on for w.tking up .11 7:00AM for 8 yeJr>. I remember the >Lhool Jt Sht!ldrake (no Jir-wndilioning) We hJd .1 <huÂŤh sJnouary for mu>iL and a pJrking lot for a pl.tyground. MJny thing' I1Jve dlJnged sim e. now we I1Jve J b'YmnJsium, two dJ"'" for eJ<h grade, four floors, .md sepJrJte air and for eJth room. This school h.t> bewme my >etond home. "I hank you for the greJt memories!

I've had &ome great time~ at The York School and I will be continuing here just for grade nine. I also have a lot of good memories from my time on the basketball teams. my experience has been <I plea~ant one. I really enjoyed all of my funny teachers and I learned a lot.

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Peter Malcolm

Natania Marcus

I have been at York for 6 years plus senior kindergarten. This is a great school and I plan to stay here through High School. The teachers and the entire program have been great! I'll be seeing you guys next year when I'm in Grade 9!

I have had an amazing 6 years at The York School. I have so many memories of good times with my friends, classes and my teachers. I will probably not be going to York next year, so I will miss everyone--all the guys and especially my great friends!! I love you all xoxo.

Shannon Miller

Harrison Notkin

My time here at York has been an absolute blast! I've had so many memorable experiences with my amazing friends and my teachers (Mr. Stewart). Being here for 2 years has really made me think about going to high school and how much I'm going to miss everyone here at York. Love you all! Bye York! XOXOX

Hey! I have been at The York School for six years now and I have really enjoyed it. I have made some great friends and I have a lot of great memories. I've really enjoyed my time as a House Captain. Thank you to all my teachers. See you next year! Go johnson!

David Owen Cord

William Peckham

I have been at The York School for two years. There were some great basketball memories as Peter and I were the best fans on the court for the championship gamePOP POP POP! I have made many good friends, but unfortUnately I won't be returning to the Upper School.

Oh great! My eighth year of school zipped by. School has been a blast this year! When I look back at Grade One I remember dreading Grade Eight and graduation. But now I find that the experience was all worth it. I would like to thank my friends, parents, and Mr. Stewart for making it all worth while.

Lani Stern

Duncan Thompson

03 baby!!! We were within 2 points in the championship game. Birthday in Quebec was sick! thanks for the cake. To bad it was so cold! This year was awesome! Finally, I finish with L'chaim (to life).

I have been at The York School since Grade One. Back then I thought that I would never make it this far, but what can I say? I finally made it through Grade Eight and have taken another step in the journey of life. A famous man once said "life is a journey not a destination." I have certainly enjoyed my journey at The York School.









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Grade 2: Family Portraits "Like Picasso" Grade 4: Colour Mandala

Grade 1: Fish Drawings


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The York School was honoured that Darrell Fox, Terry Fox's brother, assisted us with the 20'" annual Teny Fox run. Running, jogging, plodding and walking we went. Rain turned into sunshine so we didn't have to wear boots. We raised approximately $32,000 for cancer research. Way to go York! By Elijah Teitelbaum

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We had an assembly to celebrate Chinese New Year. February 1, 2003 was the Chinese New Year. Evety year has a different symbol. This is the year of the goat. To celebrate, lettuce or cabbage hangs from the front of stores and the dragon jumps up and grabs the vegetables and moves on to another store. Sometimes Chinese people set off firecrackers to scare off the dragons! By Alys Shee and Alex Tong Grade 3 ~ 87 ~/




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Junior Cross Country team with coaches Ms. Gustavison, Ms. Smith.

Fall Junior Development League with coaches Mrs. )erred, Ms. Hickman, Mr. Snow.

Winter Junior Development League with coaches Ms. Gustavison, Mr. Mitchell.

Under 13 Soccer team with coaches Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Paris.

Under 13/ 14 Girls Badminton team with coaches Ms. Charron, Ms. Hickman

Under 14 Boys Volleyball team with coaches Ms. Jesser, Mr. Vance.

95 ~


Under 13 Boys Basketball team with coach Mr. Maerov.

Under 14 Girls Basketball team with coach Mr. Barry.


~ 96

Under 14 Boys Basketball team with coach Mr. Stewart.


Student Council with advisors Mr. Mitchell, Ms. Spencer.


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Many thanks to all who helped with the 2002-2003

"Per~pective" ,

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2002- 2003 Perspective  

The 2002-2003 York School Lower and Middle Division yearbook includes grades JK to 8 and Casa classes --

2002- 2003 Perspective  

The 2002-2003 York School Lower and Middle Division yearbook includes grades JK to 8 and Casa classes --