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NICOLE JOWETT Nicole Jowett is a yoga enthusiast and the Editor and Founder of Yoga Journal.



ZISSY LEWIN Zissy is the co-founder of She’s a writer, runner, and passionate about the 3 F’s - Food, Fashion, and Fitness.


HAYLEY ALEXANDER Pre and Post Natal exercise specialist, Yoga and Pilates teacher, and life coach. She also worked as a journalist at Living and Loving magazine, and as a features writer at Complete Yoga magazine.



Nicole Jowett


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I am honored to have yet another strong woman grace the cover of Yoga Journal. I loved interviewing Cape Town-based Yoga teacher, Ruqayya Bryce, who gave me an insight into her life on and off the Yoga mat. I also chatted to Yoga teachers who specialise in Pregnancy Yoga and got their top tips on doing yoga during and after pregnancy. For the green and gorgeous woman, I discovered and tried out Crueltyfree and eco beauty brands that are available at mainstream stores like Click’s and Dischem thanks to the increasing demand for free-from-harm and natural products. As the Yoga Journal journey grows so does the dynamic and enthusiastic team behind it. New to Yoga Journal this month is monthly contributor Hayley Alexander. Hayley is a Yoga and Pilates teacher, Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist, and Life Coach. To add to her impressive resume she also worked at Living and Loving magazine as a journalist, and at Complete Yoga magazine as a features writer.

Peace and Joy


VEGAN FOOD FAIR I spent the morning at Pretoria’s first Vegan Food Fair on 9 April at Klitsgras. This is not just your typical market, the event includes meditation, a Yoga class, live music, and spectacular vegan food! If you didnt make it don’t worry, the next one is on 21 May at Klitsgras in Pretoria!

CRUELTY-FREE BEAUTY With more and more people choosing natural ingredients both in what they eat and what they put onto thier skin, creutly-free and eco products for all your beauty needs are now more available than ever before.

FACEBOOK: @TheyogajournalSA INSTAGRAM: @theyogajournalsa EMAIL: WEBSITE:

From hair and body to makeup, and for every stage of life - big nights out, preventing ageing, and pregnancy - there’s a natural and cruelty-free option. See page 14 for more.


In issue 4 we get warmed up for winter with all things Hot Yoga. We find out about the benefits of Matcha and how to use it, and its’ the Yoga Journal Winter Yoga Challenge with a treat for every reader!

Disclaimer: All brands featured confirm that they do not test their products on animals or use ingredients tested on animals. Yoga Journal can not be held responsible for misinformation.

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The most natural and cruelty free beauty products are often

potassium and magnesium. It is said that when you add

not hiding in the cosmetic aisle but in your own pantry.

liquid to the powder, it gives the clay a negative electric

Coconut oil is not just for cooking, it can be used for

charge. The clay then works as a “magnet”, attracting

everything from body lotion, to make-up remover to lip

toxins to the bentonite and bonding to the chemicals in

balm. Tea bags aren’t just to flavour your afternoon cuppa,

the clay. These toxins are then carried out of the body in

but can de-puff eyes and reduce under eye bags too.

the small spaces created when the clay is wet.

Below are 3 natural and cruelty free facemasks which have the power to exfoliate, brighten and moisturize your skin.

The result is shrinking pores, reduced breakouts and soft

They are all made with one main ingredient, most of which

and smooth skin. It sounds almost too good to be true,

you probably already have in your pantry. The ingredients

but it is something I have been using for over 6 months

are natural, but if you have extremely sensitive skin or suffer

with great results. It got rid of bad hormonal breakouts and

from allergies, do a patch test on your arm first to ensure it

if you track when you most commonly breakout (for girls,

doesn’t react badly with your skin.

normally around your period), applying the mask in the days leading up to those breakouts, can prevent or reduce

1. Baking Soda Face Mask

Best for: Exfoliating

Baking soda is quite likely the most versatile baking ingredient. You can use it to make baked goods, as a household cleanser, toothpaste and yes as a facemask too. Baking soda contains pure sodium bicarbonate. This active ingredient helps control oil, reduce acne and blackheads and smooth skin rashes. The tiny grains in baking soda act as a gentle exfoliator which sloughs away dead skin cells and unclogs the oil and dirt which causes breakouts. To make a basic baking soda mask, combine 1 teaspoon of

them. To make it a bentonite clay face mask, mix a small amount of powder (about 1 teaspoon) with warm water. Do not mix it in a metal bowl as it breaks the charge. You can also just pour some powder in your hands, add water and mix it in your palms. Apply a thin layer over your face (it may be a bit lumpy). Leave it to dry, or until it becomes uncomfortable. Wash it off with warm water and moisturize well afterwards. This facemask does have a drying effect.

3. Avocado Face Mask

baking soda with 2 teaspoons of water and mix it into a paste. Make sure to use a larger bowl / glass to mix it in, as baking soda will bubble with the introduction of liquid. Apply the mixture over your face; let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse. Other variations of the baking soda mask include adding a tablespoon of baking soda to 2 tablespoons of honey for an exfoliating and moisturizing combination. If you are adding honey, use the purest honey you can find.

2. Bentonite Clay Face Mask Chances are you don’t have a jar of Bentonite Clay lying around at home, but

Avocadoes are known for being

Best for:

Moisturizing & anti-aging

great at revitalising and nourishing (hair masks anyone?). The green fruit is packed with minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, etc., vitamins A, E, B and K and unsaturated fats. They help clean and moisturize the skin and may even help with anti-aging. To make an avocado facemask combine half an avocado,

Best for: Acne

at under R40 for a 200g Jar (I use the Nature’s Choice brand) it’s well worth it. A grey powder, Bentonite Clay is formed from volcanic ash and contains minerals such as iron, sodium, calcium,

pitted and scooped out, with either a tablespoon of honey or a tablespoon of olive oil. Mash it until a nice paste forms. Apply a thin layer on clean skin and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse off. Sources:,,,

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GETTING TO KNOW KAYA ON AND OFF THE MAT By Nicole Jowett Ruqayya Bryce is a yoga teacher based in Cape Town. She completed her BA in History and International Relations and had intended on continuing to graduate school and spending her life in universities until yoga revealed itself to be the way she wanted to connect to people. Her other love is music, particularly bass and grime and finds that dancing on a regular basis is a must. She completed her 200 hour training with Jim Harrington of Reunion Yoga in 2014 and is staring her 300 hour with Catherine Wilkinson of The Wellness Connection. We chatted to her about how she got into yoga, her yoga goals, and life off the mat.

How did you first get into yoga? I first got into yoga while at university in the States. It was offered as a course for a semester and I thought it might be a good way to ease my stress and find a little bit of quiet time in a very busy schedule. I only went once a week to start, but I was instantly hooked. I had not experienced that level of quiet in my mind before and that was what really got me. The physical benefits of yoga came as a surprise because I hadn't known what to expect and suddenly I was sleeping better, emotionally more stable and just generally feeling really good.

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Where is your favorite outdoor spot to do yoga? My favorite outdoor spot to date was at my mother’s house in the mountains of North Carolina. It was one of my best self practice sessions and even just thinking about it makes me feel happy! In general I am not really into outdoor yoga, to be honest, as I find it distracting. It has been fun in some very specific situations, but I can’t say it is something I pursue.

What is the most important thing that yoga has taught you? The most important and enduring thing yoga has taught me is how to locate that place of peace within myself. Whenever I am feeling stressed or anxious I can sit, take a few breaths and go to that place. It has been so incredibly useful in such a fast-paced world, and it is something I always try and guide my clients to. I guess it’s also perspective and that is what helps to ground me in those moments.

“The most important and enduring thing yoga has taught me is how to locate that place of peace within myself” Tell us a bit about how you decided to become a teacher I used to teach history and politics at a small non-profit college here in Cape Town, and one day I was talking to a friend about some stress or other and finished it off by saying, “Oh well, I am going to yoga now and that’ll make everything ok.” He looked at me and said “Why don't you teach yoga? You love teaching and you love yoga. It makes perfect sense!” It hadn't occurred to me before then and it just clicked.

QUICKFIRE WITH KAYA Pressed Juice or smoothie?

“Pressed Juice” Hiking or running?


What would we find you doing on your day off? On a free day you're most likely to find me stretched out on the beach or up the mountain. I LOVE being outdoors and try to be in nature as often as possible. If the weather does not permit that I would probably be at home cooking and binge watching series.

What are your 2017 yoga goals? My personal yoga goal for this year is to take my selfpractice to a higher level and be more committed to it as

Backbends or balance poses?

“Backbends” Your ideal post-yoga snack?

“Peanut butter and banana sandwich”

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opposed to going to the studio for the bulk of my regular practice. I definitely get different things from both experiences and find them both necessary, but the balance has fallen too heavily in favor of studio time and I would like to adjust that this year. My more public goal is that I am aiming to create a small space where I can host private clients and small groups of people, which is in the works and hopefully will be becoming a reality within the year.

What types of yoga do you specialize in, and what types of yoga would you like to learn more about? I started my teaching with a variation on the Ashtanga primary series (as I am not Ashtanga certified), which I really loved as that was where my practice was at the time, but it was quite challenging to find a steady group of people who wanted the rigor of Ashtanga and so I moved to a Vinyasa Flow style. I really like the latter because it allows me to cater to the needs of the people in front of me on any given day and I can also play with sequencing a lot more, which is a lot of fun. I would really love to do more aerial yoga! I started going to a class regularly and I love the freedom it gives you when you don't have to carry your weight and the different muscles you have to use in that practice. Also, Savasana in the swings is utterly divine!

What makes your yoga classes unique? Unless you are pioneering a brand new type of yoga, I think

it is difficult to call any class unique, but my yoga classes are special in that they are infused with my particular way of combining sequences and music to keep the class dynamic, interesting and accessible to any level of yogi. I do also intend on having a small space at some point, keeping it intimate and targeting very particular groups of people. I have worked with a number of people who are not your usual yogis and who often don't want to go to a big studio, so it would be cool to create something for them alongside the studio experience. I am also aiming to reach out to people of color who do yoga or go to studios in much smaller numbers. I do love teaching in studios because I enjoy the camaraderie with other yoga teachers, and its a good way to stay connected to my local yoga world as well as new things that other teachers are doing. My overall long-term approach is one of opening up the yoga arena and inviting people in who have felt that yoga isn’t for them, either because of their lack of exposure to it, their inability to relate to yoga culture, or the color of their skin. I also really like using different kinds of music than are usually paired with yoga, because its what I like and it creates a different kind of energy in the class. This is popping up more and more in the States and I was particularly inspired by a yogi called Brandon Copeland, who pioneered Trap Yoga where he plays trap music and hip hop to create a very different environment and attract a different kind of yogi - I really like that.

“My overall long-term approach is one of opening up the yoga arena and inviting people in who have felt that yoga isn’t for them” KAYA’S INSTA PICKS I like those accounts that are really human and not just perfect postures in pristine settings. When I want that @aminahtaha is the one, but more often I check out @chocolako. She is American and Nigerian and her account is so vibrant and diverse and I just love her vibe. She is inspiring in a very down to earth and human way. Follow Ruqayya on Instagram at @KayaYogaCT, and on her website at 12 of 32

Images: The Seppis @the_seppis

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By Nicole Jowett


BEAUTY CRUELTY-FREE & ECO BEAUTY MUST-HAVES REVIVE YOUR HAIR ON-THE-GO Colab Dry Shampoo (R99,95) is enriched with Moringa Seed Extract to revive hair and protect against sun and pollution. Perfect for after gym or on the beach. Available at Click’s.

NOT-SO-NAUGHTY HAIRCARE Newly-launched in South Africa, Noughty Haircare is not as naughty as it sounds, it’s 97% natural, vegan, and free from petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, and silicones. The Noughty Intensive Care Leave-in Conditioner (R149,95) is ideal for ethnic, frizzy, and brittle hair. Argan oil, Sunflower Seed Extract, and Wheat Amino Acids protect and strengthen brittle hair, leaving it soft and silky. For stressed hair, the Noughty Detox Dynamo 2 in 1 Shampoo (R149,95) combats pollution and product build-up. Peppermint and Sorrel Leaf Extract gently gently remove build-up for hair that feels light, fresh, and moisturised. Noughty Haircare is available at Click’s.

REVIVE AND RESTORE WITH ARGAN OIL Revive and restore the look of your hair with the HASK Argan Oil collection featuring a range of products derived from the nourishing “miracle oil,” a timeless beauty secret of Morocco. Infused with high-absorbing, moisturizing and split-end repairing qualities, argan oil penetrates the hair shaft to leave even the most rebellious locks frizz-free, silky-soft and super glossy. HASK Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (R139,95) contain powerful ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and keratin amino acids which gently cleanse and soften hair. 14 of 32

#YOGAJOURNALLOVES HASK Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner (R54,95) is packed with silk amino acids, keratin and hydrolyzed collagen to nourish and soften hair. For blondes, the HASK Chamomile range nourishes dry hair, and neutralizes unwanted yellow and orange tones, aiding in the reduction of brassiness. HASK is cruelty-free and natural, and contains no sulfates, phthalates, parabens, gluten and drying alcohol. Get HASK at selected Click’s stores.

THE ECO WARRIOR OGX Strength & Body Fibre-Full Shampoo (R169,95) is a formulation of Bamboo Fibres and Soy Protein. Fibres from the Bamboo plant creates the appearance of thicker hair, while the rainforest scent invigorates the senses. OGX is not tested on animals, and is packaged in eco-friendly recycled bottles. Available at Click’s.

MASSAGE LOTION AND TUMMY BUTTER FOR STRETCH MARKS Nourish preggy bellies and help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy by incorporating a lotion with Vitamin E oil into your daily routine. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks (R66.95) with added Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and Collagen is ideal, we suggest using it with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks  (R66.95) - an intensive treatment for stretch marks before and after birth with a hint of lavender that aids in sleep and relaxation. This combination is the perfect daily unwinding routine for mums-to-be and new mums alike. Get Palmer’s at Click’s, Dischem, and Baby City.

FLIP BLAM Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Flip Balm Ripe Mango (R69.95) is made with all-natural ingredients like cocoa butter, Vitamin E, and Raw Mango Extract, all packed into an ergonomic capsule that easily flips open and smooths over lips for an instant and delectable moisture boost. Palmer’s products are available at Click’s, Dischem, and Baby City Stores.

SKIN THERAPY OIL The latest trend in skincare is a reincarnation of the Ancient Egyptian beauty secret of using natural oils to keep skin vibrant and beautiful. The old-school beauty secret is now reinvented with modern advances and knowledge of the role of antioxidants in anti-ageing. The power of natural oil’s is harnessed in Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil FACE (R115.95), a naturally potent combination of Cocoa Butter, Vitamin C, and Retinol, moisturise the skin and prevent early signs of ageing.

RECYCLED RAZORS Made from 99% recycled plastic, vegan and cruelty-free. The 5 ceramic blades are coated with Cocoa Butter and Aloe for a softer shave for men and women. Available at

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#YOGAJOURNALLOVES 1 STEP WONDER GEL Wet n Wild has launched it’s first onestep gel nail polish. The innovative formula delivers extra brightness, smoothness, and up to two weeks of color and shine. Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder (R79,95) is available at Click’s.


GREEN GODDESS MAKEUP The Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette (R99,95) features five shades that can be mixed to create unique looks. From matte to shimmer, the highpigmented formula is long lasting and crease-resistant. Not only are the shades long-wearing but are also enriched with Macadamia Oil to continuously moisturise the eye area. Wet n Wild ultimate Brow Highlighter (R89,95) brightens and illuminates eyes, and defines brows. The creamy texture makes application smooth and easy to blend.

Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus Waterproof Mascara (R129,95) creates a long-lasting false lash effect with up to 10 times the volume of your natural lashes, all while macadamia, Jojoba, and Olive Oils strengthen lashes. Wet n Wild Mega Glow Contouring Palette (R129,95) sculpts, defines, and highlights your best features in two creamy blendable shades. Wet n Wild makeup is available at Click’s.

Real Techniques makeup brushes are made from cruelty-free synthetic bristles that are smoother than you would ever imagine. The precise brush heads create a precise, delicate finish for every makeup need. The Real Techniques Bold Metals luxury collection of high performance brushes elevates makeup artistry. Real Techniques Bold Metals collection is available at Selected Foschini, Click’s and

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Yoga and breathing exercises during pregnancy can help reduce stress and postpartum depression, aid sleep, and assist in an easier birth.

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In this article, Yoga teacher’s who you may be used to chest breathing. specialise in pregnancy Yoga share This type of breathing is shallow and comes from your upper chest. By their top tips for moms-to-be and learning deep breathing techniques, new moms practicing Yoga. you can boost the amount of air you’re taking in and provide more oxygen to your baby.


Geraldine is a Yoga teacher based in Johannesburg and has been teaching for more than 20 years. Geraldine shares her top tips for breathing exercises and doing Yoga during pregnancy. While you’re pregnant, you can perform breathing exercises to lower your stress and anxiety levels, increase your body awareness and strengthen your abdominals. If you worked in an office before your pregnancy,

“I remember that yoga is not about the asana and all about the attitude. I realise this is the reason why I practice” Izelle Nair

breathing -- one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest. Practice deep breathing for eight to 10 breathing cycles. Add another stage to exercise by taking in air first into your lower lungs and then continuing the inhalation into your upper chest. Your abdomen will rise and then

Abdominal or deep breathing techniques provide the foundation for yoga. By using your diaphragm to suck in your lower abdomen, you can push your chest up and out. This movement allows your lungs to expand and take in more air. Deep breathing not only conditions your abdomen but also makes your respiration more efficient. For example, lie in a supine position with knees bent. You can also lie on your side with a cushion between your knees. Put one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest. Inhale through your nose and allow your abdomen to push your hand up, keeping your chest still. Purse your lips and exhale, feeling your belly deflate and your hand go down. Perform this breathing cycle three to 10 times. By counting your breaths, you can use deep breathing for relaxation. For example, perform the 4-7-8 breathing exercise in which you begin in the supine position with one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest. Inhale deeply on a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven and then exhale on a count of eight. Aim to push all of the air out of your lungs on a long exhalation. Try and feel your body sink into the floor and relax. Repeat the breathing cycle three to seven times. Roll Breathing is a technique in which you utilize your lungs to the fullest and become aware of your breathing rhythm is called roll breathing. Lie supine with knees bent. Position your hands in the same way that you did for deep

lower as your chest rises. It’s as if your trunk is moving like a rolling wave. On the exhalation, make a soft whooshing sound, allowing both hands to go down. Practice the roll breathing exercise for three to five minutes.


PREGNANCY TIPS FOR PRACTICING YOGA DURING PREGNANCY - Get the okay from your Doctor or Midwife - Avoid overstretching due to increased Relaxin - Chat to your teacher before class - Avoid excess twisting poses - Approach inversions carefully - Focus on strength

POSTPARTUM YOGA POSTURES TO TRY 6-8 weeks after having your baby or once your doctor has given you the go ahead, it is safe to practice yoga again. Ease into your practise with the following asanas: - Kegel exercises - Rabbit pose - Modified boat pose (elbows prop you up) - Bridge pose - Cobra pose 18 of 32

Izelle Nair, Yoga teacher and co-owner of Earth Yoga studio, talks about the typical day in the life of a mum practicing yoga.

IZELLE NAIR Izelle Nair is a yoga teacher and coowner of Earth Yoga Studio. She is also the mother of an active toddler and has first-hand experience in practicing yoga as a young mother.

I teach early mornings and evenings and practice at home during the day. Kaylem, the 3 year old, insists on playing Peppa Pig loudly on the TV.  Hina, the cat, thinks its a game and scratches me as she tries to catch my feet.  Lucy, the dog, is jealous and barking at the cat.  Kaylem loves to climb on top of me and hangs off my back.  I want to give up and scream for everyone to leave me alone.  I take a deep breath. I remember that yoga is not about the asana and all about the attitude.  I realize that this is the reason why I practice.  I want to be calm and stay kind no matter the circumstances.  What better teacher than my toddler and my pets!  

LARISSA GOVENDER Larissa Govender is a Yoga teacher and former classical ballet dancer based in Ladysmith, she specialises in private and pregnancy Yoga classes. Unlike conventional forms of exercise, yoga eases you into pregnancy and out of it holistically. Here are some Yoga postures to practice through each trimester.

Trimester 1: If you are new to yoga, starting during the first trimester is a good idea (unless you have had trouble conceiving, in which case you are advised to seek the go-ahead of your medical practitioner first). Most yoga postures are safe to practice during this trimester, but you should observe your body and allow for gradual changes to happen. - 1 legged prayer pose (balancing) - Prayer squat pose/ garland pose (standing) - Tiger pose (kneeling)

“Unlike conventional forms of exercise, yoga eases you into pregnancy and out of it holistically” - Larissa Govender

Trimester 2: During the second trimester you begin to gain weight more rapidly and your baby shifts your centre of gravity affecting your balance. You should take your time moving through your yoga practice, don’t push and challenge yourself too much and hold poses for as long as it is comfortable for you. - Modified extended side angle pose (elbow rests on the thigh) - Modified forward bend (hold on to the back of a chair) - Modified pigeon pose (make use of a yoga strap and yoga block) Trimester 3: Make use of plenty of props during the third trimester. Focus on meditation more than asanas. - Bound angle/ butterfly pose - Cat/ cow pose - Child’s pose While you may be tempted to attempt headstands you saw your favourite yogi on Instagram do, first time yoga students should never attempt these during pregnancy! Pregnancy yoga should be practiced under the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor. Communication is the key. And always let your teacher know if

something doesn’t feel comfortable.

TRY A PREGNANCY YOGA CLASS Earth Yoga, Kyalami Yogi Bali, Bedfordview 064 755 8561 Larissa Govender, Ladysmith Izelle Nair, Kyalami 071 361 8656 Geraldine Anderson 082 441 6952 19 of 32



By Hayley Alexander

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YOGA THROUGH YOUR PREGNANCY Over the years countless women have deepened their inner knowing through yoga and learnt to embrace the benefits of specific prenatal exercises for maintaining healthy pregnancies and having empowered births. While any form of safely practiced exercise during pregnancy is good for building on endurance and physical strength, prenatal yoga classes focus on meditation, breathing exercises and yoga postures that will help you to adapt both in the physical sense as well as emotionally for the changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth. Practicing yoga on a regular basis will teach you to influence your body and mind in a positive way. That said it is important to stick to the guidelines and work with modifications as you move from one trimester to the next, in order to get the most out of these exercises for both you and your baby.

TAKING IT SLOW IN THE FIRST TRIMESTER Whether or not you have practiced yoga before, keep it very easy and simple for the first 14 weeks of your pregnancy. Focus on breathing and relaxation rather than movement.

the floor. Then take the elbow of the opposite arm to rest on the inner knee of the bent leg. Pushing gently with the elbow, slowly rotate the neck around to look over the shoulder of the straight leg. Hold the posture, breathing all the while. Then change to do the same on the other side.

Prenatal yoga classes focus on meditation, breathing exercises and yoga postures that will help you to adapt both in the physical sense as well as emotionally for the changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth.

The bridge pose – This pose strengthens the leg muscles, especially the inner thighs, which helps you to support the extra weight of your baby as the pregnancy progresses. The bridge pose also stretches the muscles around the groin area, opens the chest and frees the diaphragm for deeper breathing. To practice, place your feet flat on the floor near your buttocks, about hip-width apart. Stretch your arms alongside your body, palms down, for support. Breathe in and raise your pelvis off the floor. Continue to breathe deeply a few times in this position and then slowly lower your buttocks to the floor on a long breath out. Repeat several times. Open twist – Twisting promotes flexibility and strength of the spinal column and improves circulation, thereby nourishing the spine.

It relaxes and stretches muscles

which support breasts and the intercostals muscles between the ribs. To practice sitting upright, keep one leg straight and the other knee bent, foot to the floor. Place the hand on the side of the straight leg behind the sacrum on



While you should be feeling stronger and energy levels pick up as you move from the first into the second trimester, it is important to bear in mind that ligaments need to be stretched gradually and naturally without hurry or forcing. This is especially true in pregnancy, when special hormones gradually soften your ligaments so that they will stretch naturally to allow your baby to be born.

The Butterfly – This seated position assists the urinary tract

Dog pose – This pose lengthens the spine and increases spinal awareness, as well as strengthening the muscles in the upper back, arms and hands. It also improves circulation and releases tension across the shoulders, and in the neck and face. To practice, make a right angle by walking your hands forward (shoulder-width apart) with bent knees. If you feel that you cannot bring your hands all the way to the floor you can use a stool for support. Straighten your legs (feet hip-width apart) on a breath out, bringing your heels toward the floor. As you breathe in, stretch through the spine and arms, holding the pose for a few more breaths.

and helps prevent infections which are common during pregnancy, while improving circulation to the groin area. It also increases flexibility of the hip joints, widening the pelvic inlet and helps to correct the tilt and position of the pelvis. Practise sitting on the floor instead of lounging in an easy chair whenever you can. You may wish to place cushions under your knees to begin with, until the groin ligaments stretch and relax naturally. Gently placing the hands, or elbows on the knees, press down gently and hold for a number of breaths, then relax and bounce the knees gently a few times to prevent cramping, repeating if desired. Squatting – Squatting regularly helps to increase the mobility of your hip joints and bring your pelvis into the right postural position in relation to the spine. Not only will squatting support your baby in a good position for birthing, regular practice will help you to feel at ease in this position so you can use it comfortably when you are in

Tree Pose – While there are many balancing positions one

labour supported to give birth. While there are many

can try, it must be remembered that in pregnancy one’s

variations of squats one can practice, as a rule of thumb,

centre of gravity is constantly shifting, so be patient with

keep feet parallel or slightly turned out in the same

yourself as you’ll find that there will be better days and

direction as the knees. Then slowly drop your weight into

sides depending on where you are at. Practicing balancing

the heels, attempting to keep your feet flat on the floor

assists with being grounded and feeling centred and works

while the spine is kept lengthened. To make it fun you can

with concentration thus helping with inner focus in labour,

try practicing in partners, building on the number of

by detaching from the pain and working positively with the

repetitions as your body gets stronger and ready to birth

body to birth the baby.

in due course.

To practice the tree pose, make sure you keep your base foot straight and resist swaying to the side of your swaying leg. You may need the assistance of a wall at first as you pick up your opposite leg to place it against the inner leg where the foot feels comfortable to rest. The hands then move into a prayer position, which you can then play with by lifting the arms up and opening the hands out as well as the fingers to create the image of a tree. Hold in this position, continuing to breathe deeply while imagining you’re a tree growing toward the sun. Then come down

FOR YOGA TEACHERS Further your knowledge of Pregnancy Yoga with a free ‘Training Through The Trimesters’ course. through Mind Body Professionals. Scan to start the course now or visit

gently and try the same on the opposite side.

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Tegan Burger shares daily Yoga inspiration in beautiful locations around South Africa, she also hosts stunning Women’s Retreats. Follow her at @teganbyoga. Image: Yoga Flow Festival

YOGA STUDIOS - JOHANNESBURG EARTH YOGA STUDIO Friendly and intimate studio located in the heart of Kyalami; close to Sunninghill, Waterfall, Morningside, Sandton, Woodmead and Pretoria. The Suite Life Center, 3 Forssman Close, Kyalami 1684 | AERIAL YOGA STUDIO Aerial Yoga® is a fun, challenging workout routine combining aspects of Yoga, Pilates, Aerial Arts and Strength Training designed to increase strength, mobility, balance and flexibility. Vertical Vixen Studio, Lower Level, Northriding Square Cnr Bellairs Drive & Blandford Road, Northriding | INDIE YOGA A tranquil retreat offering Hatha, Budokon, Vinyasa, Forrest, Jivamukti, Indie, Iyengar, Synergy, and more. Indie Yoga offers a 1 week “taster” special to try out a few yoga styles and help find the one that fits you. 3 Quartz Road, Witkoppen X3, Fourways, Johannesburg | BALANCE YOGA Balance yoga is a small, intimate and beautiful yoga studio offering Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yoga 101 Back to Basics workshop aimed at absolute beginners and those recovering from injury. 73 Linksfield Road, Edenvale Johannesburg | 082 318 4251

ZEN HOT YOGA WORLD A beautiful studio with talented instructors. Offering a variety of styles including Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Forrest, hot flow and even kiddies yoga! Hobart Grove Shopping Centre, Hobart Road and Grosvenor Road, Bryanston | YOGI BALI Yogi Bali offers private/group yoga classes in the comfort of your home or our yoga shala situated in the suburbs, Bedfordview.  Yoga Bali offers Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, gentle flow yoga, Hatha yoga, Parental yoga, Pranayama, meditation, and barre. 76 Kloof Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg |

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YOGA STUDIOS - JOHANNESBURG LUNULA YOGA Lunula Yoga Studio covers all generations and skill levels with beginners to intermediate yoga classes, as well as senior and children's yoga. “We do yoga, have fun, drink tea, and discuss philosophy and life; it's about yoga, our bodies, our spirits, our journeys”. Suite #1 Retire @ Midstream, 1 Madeleine Street, Midstream Estates, Midrand

YOGA STUDIOS - PRETORIA YOGA HARMONY Set in the beautiful surroundings of Cape Connection, in the heart of Menlyn. The little Cape style business and shopping village lends itself to the harmony of Yoga, offering classes from beginners to advanced and wellness therapies. 59 Garsfontein Road, Ashley Gardens, Pretoria East |

YOGA STUDIOS - CAPE TOWN AIR YOGA STUDIO AIR Yoga is an affiliate Jivamukti yoga studio that offers Jivamukti yoga classes, and traditional Ashtanga Mysore style classes as well as workshops hosted by local and international teachers. THE WOODSTOCK EXCHANGE, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town | | 076 908 2898

iNMOTION YOGA One on one and small yoga classes, yoga for athletes, and yoga for rehabilitation and back pain. Yoga and Hiking events for outdoor enthusiasts to take in the beauty of Cape Town. 16 Riverside Terrace, Hout Bay, Cape Town, 7806 |

LORNA JANE ACTIVE LIVING ROOM The Lorna Jane Active Living Room in Cape Town offers free yoga classes. The unique and intimate space brings the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe to life. Get your sweat on in the Move studio and refuel post workout at the Nourish bar. Lorna Jane Active Living Room, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

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YOGA TEACHERS - JOHANNESBURG IZELLE NAIR I love practicing with props such as the yoga wheel and silk hammocks. I believe that yoga is for everybody and every body and the only limitation is our mind. I teach a wide variety of different styles and custom make each class according to the individual that I am working with. | DAVE GARDNER Dave Gardner is a Budokon instructor who through Muay Thai discovered Budokon Yoga, a synthesis of Martial Arts, Yoga, Calisthenics and Animal Locomotion. Dave specialises in small group classes, one on one Budokon classes, Budokon workshops and teacher training. | TEGAN BURGER Tegan teaches Yoga privately and group classes at Living Yoga in Johannesburg. Private classes can be held in the comfort of your own home or at her home studio in Morningside.  She also hosts ladies day retreats and yoga teacher training. | ELIZA ROSA Eliza is a Hot-Yoga Teacher with a Psychology degree and over ten years’ experience in practicing Hot-yoga.  Her approach is holistic, dynamic and layered. Her background is in professional broadcast media so you can expect a lot of creativity in her programs, workshops and classes. | STEVEN HEYMAN Steven loves the Vinyasa flow style of yoga with a good amount of action and intensity in the classes and its always changing sequences depending on his focus and inspiration. Steven specialises in Vinyasa flow, corporate yoga, SUP yoga, Park yoga, and yoga events. |

YOGA TEACHERS - KWA-ZULU NATAL HELEN GARNER Helen Garner trained and studied Ashtanga yoga in India, and specialises in private yoga classes and Saturday morning workshops in her farmhouse garden. She also teaches group classes at various studios and centres in Ballito. |

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YOGA TEACHERS - KWA-ZULU NATAL ANASTASIA DELLIS I believe and encourage a mindful practice, the mind-body connection teaches us how to live a full, healthy, and happy life on AND off the yoga mat. I would like to encourage students to play with their edge while providing a safe, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment. | @tash_yoga on Instagram LARISSA GOVENDER Yoga with Lari aims to teach yoga that stays true to the yoga discipline/ practice which originated in India. It's about executing simple yet attainable asanas / postures for the benefit of mind, body and soul. More than physical exercise, it has a meditative and spiritual core. |  

YOGA TEACHERS - CAPE TOWN LAUREN MENSIKOVAS Yoga Instructor in Cape Town, providing group classes, private tuition & workshops, mainly in and around the Milnerton, Tableview, and Blouberg areas. Lauren also offers yoga & meditation in the workplace. @yogini.lauren on Instagram |

LIN MORRIS Lin Morris is an experienced Ashtanga Yoga teacher and Cape Town's first Budokon Yoga teacher, she also specialises in yoga for sports conditioning. She specialises in Yoga for athletes, nutrition, wellbeing, Ashtanga yoga, and Budokon Yoga. |   STEFANIE DORHMANN Stefanie has been teaching group classes for more than 20 years. Next to her power classes, she is specialised in Yoga and Pilates. Her classes are tailor-made, playful and allow the students to develop strength and flexibility. |

ANDRE KUNKEL With many years of experience in practice and teaching, their classes are influenced by a myriad of styles such as Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Intensive, and Synergy Yoga.|

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YOGA APPAREL & ACCESORIES BEND BALANCE WHEEL The Bend Balance wheel is lightweight & heavy duty, ready to travel with you on your adventures through your active lifestyle. Ideal for Pilates or Yoga Methods alike. Delivery throughout South Africa. | |  079 879 7117 YOGA EVERYWEAR YOGA TANKS Quirky inspirational slogan yoga tank tops created by Helen Garner, a free diving Champion, Yogi, and mother.  Yoga Everywhere tanks are made from superior quality fabric with a feminine silhouette.  Brighten up your day and your yoga practice with an inspirational Yoga Everywhere tank. | MOVEPRETTY MOVEPRETTY is a proudly South Africa, Stellenbosch-based athleisure brand, founded by two friends, Olympic South Africa Triathlete Mari Rabie and fashion designer Annelize Kotze. MOVEPRETTY understands that women want to feel appreciated and beautiful – even more so while being active | | 064 373 3773





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UPCOMING YOGA EVENTS AND RETREATS YOGA @GROOT CONSTANTIA 23 APRIL 2017 Groot Constantia Wine Estate Come disconnect and reconnect with an outdoor yoga class at Groot Constancia, a historic and beautiful wine estate in the Constantia valley. Book your space and bring your yoga mat. Do some Yoga on the lawns of this magnificent wine estate overlooking the False bay and surrounded by their award- winning vineyards. Our early morning practice is open to all levels of Yoga. The open-air class will be led by international yoga instructor Andre Kunkel. Included in your ticket price is a R50 voucher to enjoy in your own time anywhere on the estate. Tickets via - Yoga@Groot Constanta R175/pp

FREE YOUR SPINE WORKSHOP 5 MAY 2017 Earth Yoga Studio Kyalami Back bends are the perfect antidote to our modern lifestyle. If done correctly back bends heal and correct bad posture, improve breathing and heal the spine. This workshop will focus not only on the spine but all the muscles around it which might restrict it’s movement. We will use the breath to find bandhas, deep core activation, so you may feel supported and confident during your heart opener. The spine houses the Central Nervous System. Free your spine, free your body, and deepen your practice. For bookings email


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UPCOMING YOGA EVENTS AND RETREATS AERIAL FOUNDATIONS TEACHER TRAINING 9 - 11 & 16 - 18 JUNE 2017 Aerial Yoga Studio (Vertical Vixen), Northriding The Aerial Yoga Foundations is a 6-day course that will give you over 100 poses to create new and challenging classes for your students. The training will take part over a 6 day period. It will include lectures covering both the theory behind, and practical application of the Aerial Yoga Foundation poses. The lectures will be followed by a theory and practical teaching assessment. What you will receive: - A full colour Aerial Yoga Foundations manual - A set of prescribed class plans & mini sequences - Discounts on the purchase of your own Aerial Yoga hammock and equipment - Web listing on the Aerial Yoga website. For bookings email

TURTLE COVE YOGA RETREAT 17 - 27 DECEMBER 2017 Turtle Cove Tofinho, Mozambique Includes accommodation for 10 nights, 10 days full breakfast, daily return

R11 750/pp single R8 500/pp sharing

beach shuttle, 8 x 1-course dinners, and 2 Yoga classes daily. Yoga classes led by Geraldine Anderson, qualified Yoga teacher who specialises in Hatha Yoga but includes influences of all styles of Yoga in her classes. For bookings email

GO WITH THE FLOW YOGA RETREAT ZANZIBAR 3 - 8 JUNE 2017 Michamvi Sunset Bay, Chakwa Bay, Zanzibar island Includes: 5 Nights Accommodation (sharing or single), 3 Vegetarian meals per day (Vegan option also available), 2 Yoga Classes per day, Meditation, Bonfire Ceremony, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Dinner on the beach Excludes: Flight ticket, Airport transfers, Optional: excursions, Massages/Spa For bookings email From $925/pp sharing See all listings at






Yoga journal issue 3  

Green and Gorgeous beauty, Pregnancy Yoga tips, and more.

Yoga journal issue 3  

Green and Gorgeous beauty, Pregnancy Yoga tips, and more.