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MEET THE TEAM CHIEF EDITOR NICOLE JOWETT Nicole Jowett is a Yoga lover, mom to fur children, roller skater, and the Chief Editor and Founder of Yoga Journal. IG: @NikkiJowett


Zissy is the co-founder of Nutreats. She is a writer, fitness enthusiast and recipe developer with a love for fashion. IG: @nutreats | FB: @Nutreats.co.za

HAYLEY ALEXANDER Pre and Post Natal exercise specialist, Yoga and Pilates teacher, and life coach. She also worked as a journalist at Living and Loving magazine, and as a features writer at Complete Yoga magazine.

LARISSA GOVENDER Larissa embraces the holistic concept of yoga-teaching. Always drawn towards the arts and movement, she danced classical ballet for 10 years.  She's also a keen enthusiast of travel, food and fishing. IG: @yogawithlari

ELIZA ROZA Eliza Roza is a Hot-26 Yoga teacher with a Psychology degree, a trained Demartini Facilitator, and has maintained her own yoga practice for over 10 years. Her approach is holistic, dynamic, and layered. IG: yogaplus.co.za | FB: YogaPlusZA | Twitter: yogaplus_za


EDITOR’S NOTE Bend & Balance My new favorite prop is the Bend Balance Yoga Wheel, and even more so after I got to attend The Bend Balance Wheel Workshop at New Beginnings Pilates in Bryanston, which left me feeling more inspired than ever to use my wheel. Not only is it a fantastic prop for your Yoga practice, but it can also be used for overall strength and flexibility exercises. From legs, to arms, core, and even back, some of your favorite exercises can be adapted on the Bend Balance Wheel. I use the wheel through my entire Yoga practice, but I also use it after running for stretching and rolling out muscles, and on days when I want to do an overall body workout. The Bend Balance Wheel workshops with Lillian Beales, are fun, interactive and designed for Yoga and Pilates teachers looking to include the versatile prop in their studio or classes. Lillian will be hosting more workshops in Johannesburg, so visit www.bendbalancewheel.co.za for more information, or contact Lillian on bendbalancewheel@gmail.com.

Fangirling I had a major Fangirl moment when I got to meet up with this month’s covergirl and Teacher Of The Month, Tarin. She shared her Yoga journey with Yoga Journal contributor, Eliza Roza and you can see her full interview on page 18. I joined Tarin for a Yoga class at Wellness In Motion Sandton, and being the adventurers we are, we tried out this partner pose which looks far more impressive than it really is! Catch a Yoga class with Tarin at Wellness in Motion Sandton on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Search for ‘Wellness in Motion SA’ in the app store and download the app for a full schedule, or visit www.wellnessinmotion.co.za for more information.

Nicole www.theyogajournal.co.za


Locally-made Sport Luxe and Athleisure brand, YogaFunk brings dance aesthetic and function to your Yoga and everyday wardrobe. Each



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GET THE 1. Diamond Crop - R 445.00 2. Jet Pant - R 699.00 3. Calypso Legs - R 640.00 4. Crystal Top - R 490.00

by Nicole Jowett


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& Lovely


piece is lovingly crafted in the Peace Street studio situated in the Malay Quarter in the heart of Cape Town’s Mother City. A small team produce every garment with love and pride, this love can be felt in each piece. Lisa Fisher, who is the heart and soul of YogaFunk, is a trained tailor and couture designer who is highly skilled in garment technology. She is also an ex-dancer and now a Yogi who has always been moving in some form or another, be it dancing from a young age, or doing Yoga. “YogaFunk is versatile and allows one to stretch on the Mat and in ones wardrobe as I believe that today our clothing needs to be versatile and this is what I bring into my product. It is a feminine range, soft and strong and  allows one to morph into their own personality and wardrobe. each person that wears it wears it differently, I myself am very eclectic how I put it together, and some are more classic in the way they wear it and that is the beauty of these garments made with Love and consciousness,” said Lisa. The YogaFunk Peace Street Studio is open to the public every Tuesday and Thursday, and customers outside Cape Town can buy online at www.yogafunk.co.za. YogaFunk keeps wastage to a minimum by turning all off-cuts into accessories, headbands, armbands, arm warmers and conscious carrier bags. All customers who spend over R1000.00 at the YogaFunk studio will get a free carrier bag.

1st Floor Amalgamated House Cnr. Peace Street & Carisbrook Rd Bo Kaap, Cape Town Website: www.yogafunk.co.za Facebook: yogafunkSA Instagram: @yogafunkster


Words & Images by Zissy Lewin


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Coconuts are no longer confined to tropical holidays; they’ve now taken over the food and beauty aisles. The simple coconut is packed with nutrients that can help everything from preventing heart diseases, helping your metabolism and digestion, hydration to healing dry skin. The meat, where the oil comes from is packed with saturated fats (the good ones) and fibre; it’s also nature’s moisturizer. While coconut water contains potassium, magnesium and antioxidants, making it nature’s super drink. We’ve rounded up 4 of our favourite coconut products from Wellness Warehouse to celebrate the simple yet powerful coconut and help you incorporate it into every area of your life.

The primal pantry coconut and macadamia raw paleo bar, R39 at Wellness Warehouse I love a good snack bar, and the Primal Pantry coconut and Macadamia bar doesn’t disappoint in the coconut flavour department. Primal Pantry is known for their raw, paleo bars that are made from ingredients you recognise. This bar has just 4 ingredients; dates, cashews, coconut and macadamia making it vegan and gluten free as well. It’s a soft bar which huge coconut flakes that add a chewiness and strong coconut flavour. Each bar has 2.6g of protein, making it a great post workout snack – I love it after an afternoon yoga class.


N’eat Healthy Cacao, coconuts and chia seed Bar These N’eat Healthy Cacao, Coconut and Chia Seed Bars are a sturdy bar with a dark chocolatey flavour. I loved the crunch from the chia seeds and the sweetness of the sultanas. They’re also vegan and gluten free with 3.9g protein per bar and are perfect for when you get peckish between meals.

Vita Coco Coconut Water, R25 at Wellness Warehouse Coconut Water is known as natures energy drink. It’s made up of 95% water and is low in calories making it a tasty and healthy way to hydrate. It also contains potassium and magnesium – this makes it a very popular sport drink as it replaces those essential minerals you lose through sweat. Coconut water also contains cytokines and antioxidants – which both help slow down the aging process. I love the plain Vita Coco Coconut water after runs, but I especially love adding it to smoothies and smoothie bowls. It’s lighter than milk, making the smoothies more refreshing. If I want a sweet drink, the Vita Coco Coconut Water in Lemon is a go-to.

Crede Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Wellness Warehouse

R75 at

Coconut oil is made from the white meat of coconuts. It’s great for baking and cooking as it remains stable

at high temperatures. Coconut oil is full of saturated fats, but you’ll be happy to know that the saturated fat in coconut oil is the good kind. It’s known as medium-chain triglyceride oil or MCTs which are a great energy source and can be stored and used as fuel – making coconut oil great for those following a Ketogenic or High Fat, Low Carb Diet. MCTs also help boost your metabolism, balance your appetite controlling hormones as well as support your immune system. Coconut oil is not just great as a food item it can be used as a beauty item as well. It makes a great moisturizer as well as lip balm. You can also use it as a hair treatment if you suffer from a dry scalp, or just to help retain your natural moisture and make your locks stronger. I love using this Crede Organic Virgin Coconut oil for cooking and baking. I use it instead of butter in a lot of my baking recipes and I’ll use it in savoury dishes when I want them to have a bit of coconut flavour. I always add a teaspoon of coconut oil to melted chocolate to coat truffles or drizzle over bars – it creates a crackly chocolate shell. You can also combine melted coconut oil, cacao and maple syrup for an easy raw chocolate – just freeze on a baking sheet and break up into pieces. As it’s a virgin coconut oil, processed in the most natural way, it retains that sweet taste and smell of coconuts. If you want to use coconut oil in dishes but don’t want a coconut flavour, rather use a regular or odourless coconut oil (Crede does make one) which doesn’t have that coconut taste.

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MAGICAL KIDS YOGA Kids Yoga teaches balance and coordination, proper breathing, and compassion towards others. Magic Mat is a magical tool for developing happy, relaxed, loving and healthy children. Each Magic Mat set contains fun physical stretching and relaxation techniques, the book and animation set, and optional mat. Hop on board the Magic Mat and cover yourself completely with magic.

Discover your higher self; learn to feel love, compassion and gratitude. Its time to share in an incredible secret and to find ultimate happiness for the rest of your life. Learn confidence from a growling leopard, dive head first into creativity by flying to freedom with a butterfly and you too can be as happy as a jumping monkey. For more information visit magicmatsecret.com or email hello@magnificent-kids.com

BRANDED APP The new MINDBODY offering, a Branded App is an innovation in customer service for Yoga studios. The App, which features realtime scheduling, notifications to the user’s phone, membership management, and performance metrics, is easily setup and affordable through MINDBODY SA. Getting the app tailored to your studio is simple and quick. First, the MINDBODY team incorporates your logos, colors, and feel into your app. Next, you review and approve the design. Finally, your app is

ready to download from app stores. “A custom mobile app not

only boosts your branding, but also improves your sales and client retention. Plus, with branded apps you can give your customers powerful booking and scheduling tools, providing them with access to your business directly from their phones.” CONTACT MINDBODY SALES AND SUPPORT SA FOR MORE INFO: gavin.cohn@mindbodyonline.com ryan.gunningham@mindbodyonline.com


Image: Vale De Moses, www.valedemoses.com

Need a break away from South Africa? Planning a holiday abroad? Why not consider an international yoga retreat? Anyone who has travelled to a foreign country will tell you that travel opens your mind. International yoga retreats introduce you to new places, people, teachers and styles of yoga. After having soaked up all the goodness a retreat has to offer, you will return home feeling mindful, relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired. Now, while you may be tempted to jump on the next flight to yogic paradise, bear in mind that some of these retreats can come at a pretty penny…


Image: Vale De Moses, www.valedemoses.com

Liese van Dam (Netherlands based) who originally trained as a hatha yoga teacher in India, is now an Ayurvedic practitioner. With a passion for nutrition and yoga, Liese teaches these subjects from an Ayurvedic viewpoint and focusses on integrating these wisdom teachings in modern day living.  She will be hosting a week long retreat in Portugal, surrounded by the beautiful serenity of the Portuguese mountains, using the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda.  Those who lead busy lives, have difficulty sleeping and experience a frazzled nervous system can recharge and enjoy a week in nature.  You can retreat into yourself during daily yoga and pranayama sessions, gain knowledge on Ayurveda and learn to take care of yourself in simple ways.  You will be pampered by massage, benefit from acupuncture treatments and enjoy delicious and freshly prepared meals.  Prices start from €800.  Retreats at Vale de Moses run every week, Sunday to Saturday, from March until October.  Everyone is welcome.  Visit valedemoses.com for further information. 

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Image: Blue Caves Villas, www.bluecavesvillas.gr

SPAIN - SHANTI-SOM WELLBEING RETREAT (ALL YEAR ROUND) Shanti-Som is a spa with the luxury of a boutique hotel in Spain. Constructed, following the guidelines of Feng-Shui, Shanti-Som has elements of Balinese Architecture and Oriental gardens, creating eastern style, within travelling distance from Europe’s major cities. Surrounded by natural beauty in the mountains above Marbella, there is no better place for a yoga holiday. Whether a yoga beginner or expert, the yoga at Shanti-Som is created for those wanting a short break from the stresses of the world to reconnect with their inner self. Teachers offer a variety of practices including Hatha, Vinyasa flow and Pranayama breathing meditation. Throughout the year, Shanti-Som plays host to a range of specialist guest yoga teachers. The 7 day Yoga Retreat (priced from €1927) includes a week of physical release, spiritual engagement and inspiration.

ITALY - YOGA UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN RETREAT HOSTED BY YOGA JEANNIE (JULY 31 - AUGUST 10, 2017) Jean Hall (UK based) is a life-long lover of movement and creativity and has spent much of her life exploring bodywork disciplines, traveling and practicing yoga. She is offering 10 days of inspiring yoga in Tuscany, Italy. The location is a historic country estate, situated in a picturesque landscape. Amidst vineyards and surrounded by olive groves and idyllic hills, it is an ideal environment for a yoga holiday retreat. Meals are freshly prepared daily using the best local produce and will be delicious, nutritious and balanced vegetarian cuisine. Yoga is twice daily (under shade alfresco or in a cool yoga shala). It consists of a morning dynamic flow, to enliven and energise, and a soft evening practice with pranayama, meditation and relaxation to calm and soothe. Besides yoga classes there are many other activities and facilities available. This retreat is priced from 12 of 32

€1465 per person sharing.

INDIA - ANANDA IN THE HIMALAYAS (ALL YEAR ROUND) Situated at the Himalayan foothills of Northern India, Ananda is an award-winning luxury destination spa resort. Overlooking Rishikesh (the birthplace of yoga) and the Ganges river valley, Ananda is the ideal getaway for a yoga and meditation retreat. The yoga here is pure and traditional in form, stemming from the roots of Hatha yoga. During your stay, experienced yoga teachers design an individual program tailored to your objectives and goals. Integrating Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta with international wellness experiences, fitness and healthy organic cuisine, people from across the globe visit Ananda. Enjoy the healing powers of yoga at one of the most traditional yoga retreats in India with a yoga package (available for 5, 7 or 14 nights) from $710 per night.


SRI LANKA - SEN WELLNESS SANCTUARY (ALL YEAR ROUND) Dubbed “One of the 20 best yoga retreats in the world” by The Times (2016) Sen Wellness Sanctuary has been said to be simply magical. Programs at the Sanctuary are an integrated system of healing that blends advanced scientific principles of the West and ancient wisdom of the East. They offer personalized retreat experiences (1 to 14 days of wellness) as well as signature retreats during the year, which resonate with each and every individual. In keeping with their philosophy that nature is the best healer, the Sen Wellness Sanctuary is designed to function in harmony with its surroundings. The Yoga Shala is an expansive space overlooking the lush treetops with the sea breeze naturally keeping the space refreshingly cool. “The ultimate goal of Sen Wellness is for the individuals to self-realise and make the necessary transformation to reach their inner potential. It is this pursuit that fulfills the purpose of the human form bringing wellness and happiness to all.” – Dr Sam Kankanamge (Founder). Enjoy a 5 day package from $473 per person to get the best benefits of the treatments.

Image: Blue Caves Villas, www.bluecavesvillas.gr

GREECE - BLUE CAVES VILLAS, HOSTED BY ANASTASIA DELLIS (SEPTEMBER 2017) Anastasia Dellis started her yoga journey in Cape Town in 2011. She experienced the powerful healing benefits of yoga by integrating mindful movement, deep breathing and meditation. The transformation she experienced left her inspired to share the gift of yoga with others. “I believe and encourage a mindful practice, the mind-body connection teaches us how to live a full, healthy, and happy life on AND off the yoga mat. I would like to encourage students to play with their edge while providing a safe, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment where each individual can find their bliss.” When she is not teaching yoga locally, Anastasia is a resident yoga teacher at Blue Caves Villas, Zakynthos, Greece. Blue Caves Villas is a private, peaceful and romantic villa complex comprising of six traditional Zakythian stone houses. Surrounded by nature and offering breathtaking panoramic Ionian Sea views, Blue Caves Villas is perfect for a relaxing holiday. Anastasia custom designs yoga retreats to suit individual needs. A typical day includes a sunrise yoga class followed by either hiking, a mindful walk, mountain biking, snorkeling or kayaking and ends with a sunset guided mindfulness/ meditation session. For those wanting to experience this piece of paradise with Anastasia, she is taking bookings for September 2017. Solo travelers and small groups are welcome. Contact tasia.dellis@gmail.com for more information on how she can design your very own yoga retreat in Greece.


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Give your body and mind a total workout with a Ladies Restorative Weekend Retreat in the picturesque Kommatjie, Cape Town. Escape to a weekend of gourmet food, Yoga, and pampering with a ladies retreat tailored to you. A weekend of gourmet food, yoga, mountain and beach walks, and pampering awaits you at the annual Ladies Restorative Retreat hosted by The Body & Mind Space. During your luxurious weekend in Kommatjie, Cape Town, you will enjoy beautiful morning vinyasa flow yoga led by Natalie Botha, who will also be offering Thai massage. For those needing a little extra TLC, additional pampering will be on offer in 14 of 32

the form of Thai Massage and detoxifying coffee scrubs. Staying active on the retreat is easy, with activities like mountain and beach walks, morning and sunset Yoga, and swimming. The luxury doesn’t end there, gourmet dishes prepared by chef Su-Yen Thornhill will nourish and nurture your body. You will also receive the recipes to try yourself at home, and seasonal cooking tips to help you take care of your body when you return home.


MARK YOUR DIARY The Restorative Women’s Retreat takes place on 17 - 20 August and costs R4 500/pp sharing. A 50% deposit secures your spot. Bookings can be made with Su-Yen on 074 361 9079 or su-yent@me.com

EXAMPLE WEEKEND ITENERARY THURSDAY Guests arrive around 1pm Welcoming drink and room allocation Brisk walk along the beach Dinner Story telling FRIDAY Morning walk and yoga Breakfast Lunch Massages and relaxation Beach or mountain walks Sunset yoga Dinner Be the hero of your story and breath work SATURDAY Morning walk and yoga Breakfast An interactive lunch demo of several courses with wine Massages and relaxation Evening stretch and beach walk Dinner Gratitude and breath work SUNDAY Morning walk and yoga coffee scrub and sea dip Breakfast Farewells - weekends end at 11.30am

Bring balance into your life with yoga and breath work on the deck; take a walk on the beach or run a trail, and then restore with a coffee scrub, sea dip and a muscle soothing massage.


Pratyahara A WAY OF BEING by Su-Yen Thornhill

Pratyahara – a way of being that is often the most neglected of the 8 limbs of Ashtanga yoga. It goes completely hand in hand with life coaching philosophy and if practiced can lead to enlightenment and true inner peace. How delicious, yet seemingly impossible to achieve – why? How often have we taken the time to look within ourselves? Most people stick with the asanas and dabble in some form of pranayama breathing, usually only when lead during class. They might well live by some of the moral codes of niyama and yama. They may well meditate, but for the most part they treat yoga as if it were another form of exercise and continue to live their lives separate from the philosophy of yoga. Life has a way of interfering with most of our good and best intentions. I was one of these people. I went to yoga in New York because it was the thing to do. The badge of a yogi, wandering through the village with my mat and coconut water (yes coconut water was around quite a while ago) gave me a sense of belonging, yet at the time I had no idea quite what I belonged to. It was easy then to move on to the next thing, and in my case new country, yoga forgotten until I got into Bikram, lasting for about 9 months and back to forgotten. I didn’t change any other aspect of my life. Returning to yoga two years ago was life changing for me. Since qualifying as a life coach and 200hr yoga teacher, I have found myself a great deal more emotional than I have ever been before. I have felt more than I have ever before. I have become aware of my thoughts and the power I assign to them and how the mind is a torture chamber. It took me a long time to accept that my thoughts aren’t facts and that I can simply be an observer of my thoughts, thus freeing myself from that negative power. I have found stillness in my practice that most of my friends would have laughed at if it were even suggested to them that I could be still for more than thirty seconds. And I have experienced wisdom from the depths my by being that quite frankly I didn’t realise existed. 16 of 32


When asked to consider what pratyahara means for me as a teacher and for my students, I intuitively understood it, but in researching it deeper I found myself in conflict. Pratyahara demands a lot of sacrifice and dedication, it stems from two Sanskrit words, prati and ahara. The former means against and the later means food. So the literal translation is ‘against food’. Food not being limited to meals, but also your five senses and the people you associate with. According to the fundamentalists, to practice pratyahara, you have to change your diet, you have to withdraw from the senses and the outer world in order to access your inner self. To practice pratyahara is to become unattached to the sensory overload we experience in our everyday lives. To not react and give our attention to those negative and toxic stimulants, that our senses are bludgeoned with on a daily basis. How as a yoga teacher do I bring that to my class? I can as most teachers do invite the class to leave behind their issues or I can invite them to simply become observers of these stimulants. If you can be aware of something, it isn’t you, and if it isn’t you, you can become detached from it, put it into the box so to speak. What is left? I read the other day such a thought provoking sentence. What you are looking for is the thing that is doing the looking. If everything you can be aware of is put into the box, what is left is ‘no’ thing. That’s the true self. The part of you that isn’t touched by age, or the body, or mind, it existed long before you were even born and will continue to exist long after you are buried. It is what connects you to the universe. The very thing we seek was inside of us all along. It is the removing of one self from the doing quest and returning to a state of being. As a yoga teacher, it is my duty to hold a sacred and safe space

“To practice Pratyahara is to become unattached to the sensory overload we experience in our everyday lives. To not react and give our attention to those negative and toxic stimulants”

for my students. By remaining detached from the stimulants and focusing my attention on the practice, the breath work and the asanas, I invite you to access your own inner peace. As a teacher, I believe that each person is whole and complete, whatever their life experience and whatever choices they have made to get them where they are now. They may have experienced pain beyond imagination or suffering, but they are still whole and complete. I believe this fully and that energy invites the shift in others. By remaining detached, it’s not saying you have no feelings or compassion or empathy, no, you can have all of that, but you give no power to any thoughts or judgements that arise, you simply observe and invite your students to observe and in so doing just as movie can be projected on the screen, the screen remains untouched by it. Finally, the last invitation is to rid yourself, detach yourself from those people who are toxic to you. You are whole and complete just the way you are and you are the perfect version of you, and let nobody ever take that from you. Do not let the opinions of others define you. If thoughts are just thoughts and are not you, then why assign them the power to define you. As a yoga teacher, I cannot bring my opinions of others on to the mat. Those judgements even positive are my story. They play no role in the lives of others and in so saying, by remaining grounded in my own body, focusing my attention on my breath and the intention I set for the practice, staying in the room and remaining centered I hold the space for my students. And if I hear or receive negative feedback, it isn’t personal. We are all motivated by gaining mastery and if feedback isn’t loaded with personal emotions and isn’t a direct attack on personality, we can receive it as a gift towards achieving mastery. As a yoga teacher and yoga student, each time I step onto the mat is an opportunity to gain greater mastery at pratyahara and while it may take a life time to achieve complete inner peace, making the small choices day after day, to choose healthy foods, and healthy thoughts and filter out the toxins can only improve one’s quality of life and a positive shift in you will have a powerful effect on those around you. If we were all kinder than is necessary, the world would be a much more peaceful place and it starts with you. Join us at thebody&mindspace for yoga classes, yoga of thinking workshops and retreat weekends. Call Su-yen 074 3619079 for more details.


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Yoga is a personal journey, and for the last eleven years of mine, I’ve met many teachers and mentors along the way. The first time I attended one of Tarin’s classes, I was hooked. It isn’t always easy finding the right teacher in the right time slot on the right day for the style that you’re seeking, but Tarin blew my mind. Her Hot Power Flow class had the simplicity, elegance, and gentle strength that my body was craving. What I find unique about Tarin is that her uncomplicated honesty and dynamic teaching style is warm and inviting. What I’m growing to love about Tarin is that she is accessible and open – there are

no airs and graces about her. What you see is what you get. I remember her saying in the first class I attended, “… don’t worry, the heat can be quite confrontational…” and I had never thought of heat as being this way. Her unique perspective was refreshing and exactly what I needed to get my head out my butt and try something new. Tarin is a Yoga teacher and Osteopath. She has been teaching Yoga for 5 years, locally and internationally. She completed her Yoga teacher training in Australia and recently returned to South Africa. I sat down with her before class and asked her a few questions.

Tell us about the moment you realised you’d become a Yoga teacher. I don’t think there really was a moment, because when I did my training I didn’t want to teach. I did training because I had fallen in love with Yoga and I wanted to know everything I could about Yoga. I was so enraptured with the practice, getting into my body and doing things I never imagined I could do. When I graduated, my instructors told me: “You’re teaching tomorrow evening,” and I taught the next day to 100 students in Melbourne at Power Living Yoga.

“Yoga is so much more than physical postures. Yoga is accepting your body for where it is today, accepting yourself for where you are today. It’s about being good and kind to yourself today.”

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“I don’t want yoga to be a regimented privilege for only a select few.” You’ve lived in Australia and America, how did you come to South Africa? I was born in South Africa. When I was thirteen years old I moved to America and finished high school there. I wasn’t happy studying Law after school, so I moved to Australia and I somehow joined a Circus. Being a Contortionist meant I had to keep my body strong and flexible, so that’s how I found Yoga. I came back to South Africa to take care of my father who was ill. When I returned to Australia afterwards, things had changed, things weren’t flowing and I was fighting so hard to stay there; it didn’t feel right anymore. That’s when I knew that I had to come back because South Africa was on my mind and in my heart. I fell in love with the country all over again and now here I am. In your opinion, what makes a brilliant Yoga teacher, if there is such a thing? Someone who allows themselves to break open and be real. Yoga is all about authenticity and allowing your own personal stuff to shine through to help your students. It’s not necessarily that I’m a Yoga expert at all, because there is always something to learn – whether it’s a posture or learning how to sit still and breathe – you always have somewhere to grow in Yoga practice. Tell us about your style of Yoga? Why does this style work for you? My style of Yoga, I’d say is Vinyasa mixed with dance and movement. I want to make Yoga accessible to everyone, so I keep it fun by incorporating my Contortion and Calisthenics training. I don’t

want yoga to be a regimented privilege for only a select few. Where can students catch your classes? You can catch my classes at The Yoga Republic in Randburg and HotPod Yoga in Linden. I also teach private classes and I’ll be offering online video classes soon as well. For the newbies out there, what is Yoga in a nutshell? Yoga is so much more than physical postures. Yoga is accepting your body for where it is today, accepting yourself for where you are today. It’s about being good and kind to yourself today. It is such a hard question to answer and people ask this question all the time. It’s like saying what is Life? Yoga means so many different things to so many different people. What is the most profound insight you’ve had personally in your practice? That everything changes. Your body changes day to day. It sounds simple but it is so true. Just because I can do crazy splits and back bends one day, it doesn’t mean I can do that every day. My body can say no. It’s about accepting that journey and being kind to myself, and not just pushing myself into the things that I want, when I want. I sometimes need to give myself the rest that I need. And lastly, is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers? Just try. Just allow yourself to show up and suck, you know. Sometimes you have to show up


and suck before you can show up and shine. So, if you are the worst person in class and you’re feeling really downtrodden because you’re seeing all these people doing these amazing things or you’re looking on Instagram and seeing all these amazing people doing handstands and you just don’t know how you’re going to get to that point and it seems impossible to you, it’s okay. It really is okay. It’s not about the end results. It’s all about the process, so just trust the process and see where it takes you. Follow Tarin on Facebook @Tarin.Calmeyer and Instagram @the_chocolate_pretzel. 19 of 32

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YOGA THAI MASSAGE Yoga Thai Massage incorporates Hatha Yoga, Reflexology, Acupressure, and breathing techniques for an overall relaxation experience like no other. I tried out the Yoga Thai Massage experience for myself with Gabrielle from Shen Mantra, and it was everything my body needed both for tired muscles, and tired mind. So what can you expect from a Yoga Thai Massage? Your Yoga Thai Massage will be tailored to you, your therapist will intuitively feel areas of tension in your body, and release the tension and stress by applying pressure and stretching techniques. It’s the best of a Yoga class, meditation techniques, and a traditional Thai Massage all in one. Shen Mantra offers Internationally Accredited Yoga Thai Massage training courses in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and London, which consist of ten lessons. If you are a Yoga teacher or fitness professional, Yoga Thai Massage might be just the right thing for you to add to your skillset. Yoga teachers and fitness professionals can add Yoga Thai Massage to the end of every session, or offer it as separate therapy. Cape Town and Durban courses run from August through to October so check www.shenmantra.com for the next course in your city.

by Nicole Jowett

“Thai Yoga Massage is a unique and powerful healing art that

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combines passive yoga stretches and the connection between stillness and movement, where the body engages in deep and rhythmically applied stretches while the mind benefits from stillness in a a dancing meditation between giver and receiver” Shen Mantra Founder, Francesca Canzano-Franklin.

www.shenmantra.com | zen-desk@shenmantra.com

REVIVE BODY & MIND with our new favorite obsession, Yoga Thai Massage. Then make time for a daily ritual like lighting your favorite scented candle and having a cup of tea to rewind and restore after a long day. We love the Vintage Vista signature Vanilla, Fig, Plum, and Honey Luxe Scented Candle. R120,00 Vintage Vista, 012 991 5455


WELLNESS IN MOTION SANDTON A Yoga and Wellness space to rewind and recharge in the heart of Sandton. Wellness In Motion opens it’s door’s in the centrally-located Green Park Corner, Sandton. The luxurious new Yoga studio is flooded with natural light pouring in from the glass ceiling and walls as pristine views of Sandton welcome you to your Yoga practice. The lifestyle space offers immaculate and generous shower and dressing facilities, as well as work and relaxation spaces. The retail space offers all your favorite Yoga brands and apparel, you can stock up on Yoga mats, a new gym outfit, healthy snacks, and more. Booking your class at Wellness In Motion is beyond easy! Simply search for

‘Wellness In Motion SA’ in the app store, download the app, and get a complimentary class. Within the app you can buy class bundles, book classes, view your attendance, and more.

WELLNESS IN MOTION Green Park Corner, West Road South, Sandton www.wellnessinmotion.co.za 011 784 1151



The Urban Room Yoga studio opens its doors in Pretoria at the spectacular lifestyle living hub, Vintage Vista. The Urban Room Yoga studio Urban Room is simple using the opens it’s doors at the premium myappointment.co.za website. lifestyle and wellness space, Vintage Vista in Pretoria East. Vintage Vista is a luxury-lover’s heaven, with bespoke interior pieces, an intimate and exclusive Yoga studio space, Tammy Taylor THE URBAN ROOM nail salon, and the Namasté Cafe 799 Old Farm Road, Pretoria which is a perfect tranquil space www.vintagevista.co.za to enjoy a coffee after your Yoga 012 991 5455 class. The Urban Room Yoga studio offers Hatha Yoga with The Urban Elichia Truter, who specialises in Editor’s Tip: t e a c h i n g b e g i n n e r t o Room space is also available intermediate classes. She offers a to rent for small workshops, 60-minute Hatha Yoga class with boutique events and pop-up a refreshing balance of strengthshop events. And we think its building poses and restorative poses, finished off with Yoga the perfect space to host your next event! Nidra. Booking a class at The


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Spring Forward YOGA BEACHFRONT VACATION Join Spirals Yoga and African Perfection Guesthouse for a 6-night beachfront Yoga getaway on 9 - 15 October 2017.  R760 per person per night gets you Bed, Breakfast, and Yoga for 6 nights.  Optional activities include surf lessons, horse riding, and sand boarding - please bring your own gear, otherwise rental gear is available. African Perfection is a classically styled guesthouse with eight en-suite rooms, individually decorated with a distinct and celebrated African sentiment. Featuring private balconies, with epic views of the right hand surf point, Supertubes. African Perfection is ideal for guests who prefer a quiet, exclusive getaway. For more information call 042 293 1401 or email info@africanperfection.co.za



Standing Head to Knee Posture:

DANDAYAMANA JANUSHIRASANA HOT-26 YOGA POSTURE OF THE MONTH by Eliza Roza – Hot-26 Yoga Teacher If you’re feeling chaotic, try this posture for discipline This is not an easy posture, although it does start off easy enough, as it progresses through five stages. Like most things in life, don’t rush this. IT. TAKES. TIME. I cannot emphasize this enough. I see it in classes all the time: people kick out before they are ready to. You need strength, you need stamina, you need endurance and you have to move slowly. In the Bikram series, this posture is a full minute in the first set and thirty seconds in the second set. If you listen to the teacher’s instructions carefully step by step, you’ll be able to stay in this posture for the entire length of time. Rushing a head or lagging behind is not ideal. Listening is an important part of discipline, and discipline has a very calming effect on chaos.

How to move into this posture Bend your knee and lift your leg up. Your knee is slightly higher than your hip, your ankle is in line with your knee. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale round down with interlaced fingers and hold your foot with all ten of your fingers interlaced. Make sure your thumbs are underneath your foot. Extend through your heel and flex your toes back towards your face. Your standing leg is rooted down, weight evenly distributed. Your knee is locked by contracting your quadricep muscle. Your standing leg needs to be STRONG with the muscles engaged before you can kick your other leg straight and parallel to the floor, again extending through your heel. Both knees are locked, both quads are engaged, arms are straight. Then bend your elbows down below your calf muscles and continue flexing your toes back towards your face. When the elbows go below the calf muscles, then you touch your forehead on your knee, sucking your stomach in and rounding your spine. Keep breathing and stay as still as possible. To change, reverse out the posture slowly and with control.


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Pro tip The hips need to be aligned in this posture. One hip must not move more forward or higher than the other hip. Extension through the heel of the kicking leg is essential: don’t grind your femur bone back into your hip joint. The leg must lengthen forward. Don’t hold hold the foot, hold the grip.

Emotional and psychological benefits You cannot rush this posture; you have to move slowly and this takes discipline. Each stage of the posture will give you a deeper understanding of why discipline is essential to bringing order to chaos. Letting go of deep behavioral patterns will become more graceful as you master this posture, stage by stage. This posture will bring discipline to your mind. Surrender and allow your mind to listen to your body, not the other way, which is what we tend to be most accustomed to doing.

Biological and physical benefits This posture builds strength throughout the body. It improves the flexibility of the sciatic nerve. It strengthens the tendons. It strengthens and stretches

the lower back where we tend to hold a lot of tension. It tones the abdominal muscles and thighs. It helps to maintain sugar levels through compression of the pancreas. This posture teaches concentration and if you can concentrate, you’ll be able to balance on one leg.

Eliza Roza is a Hot-26 Yoga teacher with a Psychology degree. She merges Hot-Yoga and Psychology together using online videos, private yoga classes, public yoga classes, workshops and retreats. She has maintained her own Bikram Yoga practice for over 10 years. Her approach is holistic, dynamic, and layered.  Her career background is in professional broadcast media, so you can expect a lot of creativity in her yoga routines. She teaches regularly at Zen Hot Yoga World in Bryanston, Yoga Experience in Illovo and The Yoga Republic in Randburg. She also loves to travel and teach at HotYoga studios across the country. For more info visit: www.yogaplus.co.za.


THE EXPERT IN ANYTHING WAS ONCE A BEGINNER At Wellness In Motion Yoga there are no expectations and no prerequisites. You don’t need to able to touch your toes or balance on one leg. We welcome beginners with open arms and will guide you through the practice step by step. We’ll encourage you to rest when needed and teach you to listen to your body. Each day is a new day and a new opportunity on the mat for each yogi.

WELLNESS IN MOTION YOGA STUDIO Green Park Corner, West Road South, Sandton www.wellnessinmotion.co.za 011 784 1151

Photography: Georgia Court, www.georgiacourt.co.za

by Nicole Jowett

Flow Everywhere

The Flowing Nomads are Lauren, Hunter, and Craig, group of yoga teachers who specialise in Yoga encounters. Flowing Nomad encounters range from private and group Yoga classes, Yoga events, corporate wellness, workshops, community projects, and luxury experiences at boutique hotels and safari spas. The Flowing Nomads specialise in a number of disciplines, including Power Vinyasa, Acro Yoga, Meditation, and ‘ParvAha’ - a moving meditation technique designed by Lauren and Hunter. Prav-Aha is the merging of Thai-Chi and Yoga movements to create a moving meditation that almost anyone can do. We chatted to The Flowing Nomads about their upcoming and past encounter’s What has been one of your most memorable encounters? Almost all of our encounters have come about with such ease from the most random of ideas, conversations or connections and that’s what makes each one of them so memorable and special. It is incredibly challenging to narrow it down, but I think if we had to, it would be a tie between our flow with the elephants at the Knysna elephant park and our Flash

mob for World Yoga Day ’16. The flow at the Knysna Elephant Park (KEP) evolved from a coincidental conversation. The team at KEP were amazing, it was incredible to be surrounded with mammoth animals and all it took was a friendly reminder from the ranger and all was okay. Such power, such grace. Moving amongst these gentle giants was one of the most humbling experiences. We were very much reminded as to how insignificant we are compared to nature and how we need to respect, with awe, the Earth and all its creatures. The V&A Yoga flash mob began with a randomly light hearted conversation which again effortlessly grew into something extremely beautiful. We had no idea of the work that would go into this – the organizing of yogis, sequences, practices, permissions, lay outs just to name a few of the logistics we needed to work around. On the day, we had to let go of control and again ‘go with it’ and what happened was pure joy – a large group of yogis, flowing in sync, fully connected by the energy between us. It was quite something to see the smiles shared amongst those flowing and those watching and to do this for World Yoga Day was extra special. How lovely it was to connect with so many different people and share a couple seconds in time.


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If there was one place in the world where you could host a flow encounter, where would it be? We’ve had some amazing opportunities to flow in some gorgeous settings – amongst wild animals, on misty mountain tops, to spectacular sunsets and sunrises and sure, location makes a huge difference, but we’ve also flowed in our own back gardens as well as next to a rubbish dump and as clichéd as it may sound – it’s about the intention behind it and the energy created. Being connected and synchronized through love, connected through life and connected through breath has created some of our favourite memories. So as much as we hope to and would love to flow to a Hawaiian sunset or on board a super yacht in the Mediterranean and we could go on and on – it isn’t so much as to where, rather than the reason and intention behind it and the energy created by the people we’re moving with. Saying this – we are summer souls, so somewhere with an island feel, warm even when it rains and humble – not too built up. Tell us about your upcoming encounters We are always scheduling workshops, events and retreats of many natures. Some of our more regular encounters are our Blouberg Full Moon Gatherings and Grapevine Yoga. Our gatherings take place every full moon at Kleinbaai Beach in Blouberg where we have a gentle Yoga flow as the sun sets;

and then finish off with a short meditation as the sun dips below the horizon. We encourage people to bring their musical instruments along – music very much nourishes the soul too and creates a wonderful energy. This is always a beautiful, informal, family friendly event, no matter the number of participants – people can arrive and leave at any point. A really great opportunity to encourage the West Coast community to connect. This is a no cost event, although if people wish to, they can make a donation that goes towards our community project in Du Noon. Grapevine Yoga is expressing a love for the Cape Winelands in all its splendor, we explore the Cape as much as possible and we have some of the world’s best wine producers, so we thought it would be wonderful to take yoga to some of the wine farms for Grapevine Yoga. We have a yoga session in the exquisite grounds of the estates, followed by a wine tasting. So far, we have been hosted by Morgenhof Wine Estate and Glenelly Wine Estate and we have a few more locations lined up for our next installments. Our guests always leave with a gift of one of the estate’s wines.

Website: www.flowingnomads.com Email: lauren@flowingnomads.com Instagram: @flowindnomads

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Model: Anastasia Dellis @themindful_movement Photography: Drew Wright @drewwrightt


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AIR Yoga is an affiliate Jivamukti yoga studio that offers Jivamukti yoga classes, and traditional Ashtanga Mysore style classes as well as workshops hosted by local and international teachers. THE WOODSTOCK EXCHANGE, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town www.airyoga.co.za | info@airyoga.co.za | 076 908 2898


Set in the beautiful surroundings of Cape Connection, in the heart of Menlyn, offering classes from beginners to advanced and wellness therapies. 59 Garsfontein Road, Ashley Gardens, Pretoria East www.yogaharmony.co.za | helen@yogaharmony.co.za



Yoga Bali offers Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, gentle flow yoga, Hatha yoga, Parental Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, and barre, private and group classes. 76 Kloof Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg www.yogibali.co.za | shala@yogibali.co.za


An intimate studio located in Linksfield, Balance Yoga offers Yin, Hatha, Prenatal Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga classes. We also offer a Yoga workshop called Yoga 101 Back to Basics. 73 Linkfield Road, Edenvale, Johannesburg balanceyoga01@gmail.com |  082 318 4251


Aerial Yoga® is a fun, challenging workout routine combining aspects of Yoga, Pilates, Aerial Arts and Strength Training designed to increase strength, mobility, balance and flexibility. Vertical Vixen Studio, Lower Level, Northriding Square Cnr Bellairs Drive & Blandford Road, Northriding www.aerialyoga.co.za | aerial@aerialyoga.co.za

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Friendly and intimate studio located in the heart of Kyalami; close to Sunninghill, Waterfall, Morningside, Sandton, Woodmead and Pretoria. The Suite Life Center, 3 Forssman Close, Kyalami 1684 earthyogastudio.co.za | izelle@earthyogastudio.co.za

Luxury Yoga studio in the heart of Sandton, Yoga classes are suited for all levels, especially beginners. Facilities include spacious showers, hairdryers, lockers, as well as work and relaxation spaces. Green Park Corner, West Road South, Sandton www.wellnessinmotion.co.za | 011 784 1151


A full-service wellness facility offering Yoga, Pilates, Sports Massage, Life Coaching, Meditation and Mindfulness, health cafe and more. 340 Main Road, Bryanston, Sandton 0861 340 MAIN (6246) | www.340onmain.co.za


The Urban Room Yoga studio offers Hatha Yoga classes in an exclusive studio at the Vintage Vista Lifestyle Centre. The space is also available to rent for small workshops, boutique events, and pop-up shops. 1st Floor, Vintage Vista Lifestyle Centre, 799 Old Farm Road, Pretoria East claudine@vintagevista.co.za | 012 991 5455




Elichia teaches beginners to intermediate Yoga and offers a 60 min Hatha Yoga workout, that consists of breath control, warm up, strong movement and a conclusion of the practice with Yoga Nidra. www.rootd.co.za | rootdyoga@gmail.com


Kaya Bryce teaches Yoga at myUTOPIA and also offers private and group tuition. She specializes in dynamic vinyasa flow paired with music that will inspire, energize and invigorate your practice. info@kayayogact.com | 074 352 4294


Your one-stop Yoga destination for Bikram Yoga, Hot Flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, and more. Oxford Road Level, Thrupps Illovo Shopping Centre, Johannesburg manager@bikramyoga.co.za | www.bikramyoga.co.za


I believe and encourage a mindful practice, I would like to encourage students to play with their edge while providing a safe, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment. tasia.dellis@gmail.com | @tash_yoga on Instagram


Eliza Roza is a Hot-26 Yoga teacher with a Psychology degree. She merges Hot-Yoga and Psychology together using online videos, private yoga classes, public yoga classes, workshops and retreats. www.yogaplus.co.za | eliza@yogaplus.co.za


I love practicing with props such as the yoga wheel and silk hammocks. I teach a wide variety of different styles and custom make each class according to the individual that I am working with. izelleyogi@gmail.com | izelleyoga.co.za

LARISSA GOVENDER Yoga with Lari aims to teach yoga that stays true to the yoga discipline/ practise which originated in India. It's about executing simple yet attainable asanas / postures for the benefit of mind, body and soul. www.yogawithlari.co.za | info@yogawithlari.co.za  


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YOGA STUDIOS - JHB INDIE YOGA 3 Quartz Road, Witkoppen X3, Fourways, Johannesburg www.indieyoga.co.za info@indieyoga.co.za ZEN HOT YOGA WORLD Hobart Grove Shopping Centre, Hobart Road and Grosvenor Road, Bryanston zenhotyogaworld.co.za info@zenhotyogaworld.co.za FITNESS FUSION STUDIO 36 Meyer street, Oaklands, Johannesburg info@fitnessfusionstudio.co.za www.fitnessfusionstudio.co.za LUNULA YOGA Suite #1 Retire @ Midstream, 1 Madeleine Street, Midstream Estates, Midrand info@lunula-yoga.com  MANTRA YOGA STUDIO 219 Brown Street, Wigespruit (Honeydew area) pureyoga@telkomsa.net 083 458 2098 SUSPENSION YOGA 81b Schooner Road, Lazer Park pureyoga@telkomsa.net 082 441 6952 NAMASTE YOGA STUDIO Shop F10, Ferndale Village Shopping Centre, cnr Main Ave & Oxford Rd Ferndale, Randburg namasteyogastudio.co.za  natasia@namasteyogastudio.co.za  ZEN DEN 7 Allen Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg 081 043 9731 YOGA STUDIOS - PTA LORNA JANE ACTIVE LIVING ROOM Lorna Jane Active Living Room, Menlyn Maine, Pretoria

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IZELLE NAIR izelleyogi@gmail.com izelleyoga.co.za

YOGA HARMONY 59 Garsfontein Road, Ashley Gardens, Pretoria East www.yogaharmony.co.za helen@yogaharmony.co.za

STEVEN HEYMAN www.yogaworks.co.za info@yogaworks.co.za

YOGA STUDIOS - CT INMOTION YOGA 16 Riverside Terrace, Hout Bay, Cape Town, 7806 www.inmotion-sd.com stephanie@inmotion-sd.com LORNA JANE ACTIVE LIVING ROOM Lorna Jane Active Living Room, V&A Waterfront YOGA TEACHERS - KZN HELEN GARNER www.helengarner.com info@helengarner.com TARYN COETZEE tarryncoetzee9@gmail.com 079 868 9694 or  081 490 9191 YOGA TEACHERS - CT LIN MORRIS www.linmorris.com lynette@yogaforsports.co.za  

TEGAN BURGER tegan.burger@gmail.com www.teganbyoga.com DAVE GARDNER dfg606@gmail.com davegardneryoga.com CASEY CHIANG chiangcasey@yahoo.com www.zenhotyogaworld.co.za SU-YEN THORNHILL suyent@me.com www.thebodyandmindspace.co.za SHANNA PETERSON www.340onmain.co.za shanna@340onmain.co.za ALANNAH JONES apj2603@hotmail.com  074 707 0550 GERALDINE ANDERSON pureyoga@telkomsa.net 082 441 6952  

LAUREN MENSIKOVAS @yogini.lauren on Instagram lauren@flowingnomads.com LAURA NORTON lauranortonyoga@gmail.com 073 423 5555 LEILA BHOOLA leila.bhoola@vodamail.co.za SARAH BROCK info@suryayoga.co.za www.suryayoga.co.za

HOT YOGA HOTPOD YOGA 442 Atterbury Road, Menlopark, Pretoria pretoria@hotpodyoga.com www.hotpodyoga.com C/O 3rd Ave & 6th Street, Linden, Randburg daniela.debruyn@hotpodyoga.com www.hotpodyoga.com


Profile for The Yoga Journal

Yoga journal Issue 5  

Travel and Leisure Edition: 7 bucket list retreats, why we love Yoga Thai Massage, the best coconut products to try + more!

Yoga journal Issue 5  

Travel and Leisure Edition: 7 bucket list retreats, why we love Yoga Thai Massage, the best coconut products to try + more!