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What a wonderful few weeks we have just had, fingers crossed the lovely weather is here to stay for a little while. We just love seeing the beautiful bluebells out and all of the buzzing activity starting to bless us in the trees and amazing woodlands in the Wealden area. A few things to mention this issue is the great work the Hailsham Town Council have done so far in getting a Post Office back in the High St, word has it that construction of the fit-out will finish sometime in June and it will be in No.14 High Street (next to Chapter 12 Bar & Kitchen). We will let all our readers know the exact opening date closer to the time as this may be extended by various factors. Maybug’s of Hailsham have been nominated as a finalist in The Greats Gift Retailer Awards 2019 being presented on the 15th of May. This award is chosen by industry experts and suppliers so all of us here at TWE hope they like what Maybug’s has to offer as much as we do, good luck. Lastly we want to congratulate Phil and Steve of Hook & Son’s Farm for a great day at the annual ‘Turn Out Day’ on Longley’s Farm, seeing the cows hit the grass for the first time after winter was a wonderful thing, you can read more about the successful event on page 28/29. As always, we hope you enjoy reading and have a great couple of months. The Wealden Eye Team

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Enjoy me, then pass me on so others can enjoy me and then recycle me! I am 100% recyclable


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Supp lier Top S s of & Rec oil Aggre ycled gates

01323 441396

Wide range of skip and rolonof sizes available Grab and tipper lorries for hire Weekly cardboard collection service Credit cards accepted

- Friendly service - Attention to detail - Free - no obligation quote - Quote tailored individually - Established 1987 - Excellent value for money


01825 840390


Travel Health By Chandni Yadav, Pharmacist Manager at Kamsons Pharmacy, Hawkswood Rd, Hailsham If you are travelling outside of Europe this summer then you should look and see what health precautions you need to take. A good place to start is the Fit 4 Travel website available at: It is actually produced by the NHS in Scotland but the advice is equally valid for travellers from Hailsham!

Chandni Yadav

If you need malaria prophylaxis or any travel vaccinations then we can arrange nearly all of them for you. Some of my Kamsons pharmacist colleagues are prescribers and we can arrange for a prescription through them.

Vaccinations may be administered in another of our nearby pharmacies. Please pop in and ask me for advice or send a message via our website at

Don’t forget that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office also offers up to date general travel advice which covers general safety for each country at:



‘’Whatever your needs, we can provide a tailored service to meet them.’’ Need a Hailsham accountant? Then look no further than our Hailsham office.

• Business Start-ups • Business Planning • Business and Personal Tax Planning

• Xero, Sage and QuickBooks • Payroll •

5 North Street, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1DQ T:01323 846622

• TREE SURGERY • ARBORICULTURE • CONSULTANCY • Fully qualified and knowledgeable arborists • £10m public liability insurance • All waste recycled • Free estimates and advice • East Sussex County Council B.W.C approved trader For further information please contact Sam Spiers

T: 01323 441038 M: 07812 910957 E: W:


St u re m m p und ova l e rt a ken

T R AV E L Experience Holidays

New Zealand

6 Cortlandt, 18 George Street, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1AE

01323 446550

boots and take one of New Zealand’s Great Walks – five of which are located within the South Island. Take to one of the many cycle trails, or simply enjoy the scenery from the road as you drive this stunning island. A cruise in Fjordland is a ‘must’, and for bird watchers a trip will not be complete without a visit to Stewart Island – one of the few places where the kiwi can

Milford Sound – Rob Suisted – NZ Tourism

On the North Island, Auckland is the main gateway city. From here, collect a hire car and explore the rolling

farmland, vineyards, sandy beaches and geothermal landscapes and volcanoes. Throw into the mix the vibrant city of Auckland, the capital city of Wellington and Art Deco architecture of Napier, and you have a great combination of sights to explore. The North Island is the heart of Maori culture, from the Waitangi Treaty Grounds in the Bay of Islands to the traditional villages in the Rotorua and Taupo areas – don’t miss a chance to learn about this fascinating culture and enjoy a Hangi (a traditional meal cooked in the ground).

Nugget Point – Graeme Murray – NZ Tourism

The South Island offers the more dramatic scenery with the Southern Alps, the glaciers of Fox and Franz Josef, the fjords of Milford, Doubtful and Dusky, and a plethora of beautiful lakes providing a stunning backdrop for the many attractions here. Kayak in the Abel Tasman National Park with its crescent shaped beaches backed by lush greenery. Put on your hiking

New Zealand is as popular as ever with record numbers of British visitors flocking there to explore this diverse and beautiful country. With so much to see and do, the trick is to plan your time well, however long you plan to spend there. We generally suggest spending at least four weeks in the country but if you’re limited on time, then choose one or two regions (or one island) and explore it thoroughly.

Penguin – NZ Tourism be found in the wild. The Catlins and Otago Peninsula are great for little blue penguins, rare yellow eyed penguins, royal albatross as well as seals and sea lions. On the east coast spot hector’s dolphins, dusky dolphins, southern right, blue, and humpback whales. New Zealand is rightly famous for its warm welcome and generous hospitality, and this side of the Kiwi nature shines through virtually everywhere you’ll visit. Call us on 01323 446550 or email info@experienceholidays. for fuller details.





Quick Crossword Across 1. Noise a frog makes (5) 4. Devoted, obedient (7) 8. Left on a plate (food) (7) 9. More timid (5) 10. Trust, have faith in (7) 12. Momentary slip (5) 14. Beset, over-burdened (4-7) 18. Artist’s stand (5) 19. _______ Crowe, actor (7) 21. Android, cyborg (5) 23. Vacation (7) 24. Defamation, smear (7) 25. Amendment, clause (5)


Down 1. Plump, porky (6) 2. Inundates, floods (9) 3. _____ Hopkins, right-wing columnist (5) 4. Burrow, hideaway (3) 5. Brawls, skirmishes (7) 6. Take wing (3) 7. Pantry, food cupboard (6) 11. Mistake (5) 13. Imagined, made-up (9) 15. Watered down (7) 16. Detritus, rubble (6) 17. Actor, performer (6) Answers on p38 accelerando adagio allegretto allegro

andante animato arpeggio coda

con brio da capo dolce espressivo

10 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k

fine forte grandioso grave

largo legato lento libretto

marcato moderato molto piano

presto rubato semplice sempre

tenuto vivace

om n fr at e p O -S Mon - 4pm 8am

THE DELI Browse-Buy-Enjoy Bucklers in St Mary’s Walk brings you The Deli, Hailsham’s one and only Deli. Offering freshly prepared sandwiches, cakes, bread, take away coffee and lots of other tasty treats. So come along and browse, buy then enjoy!

01323 844251 2B | St. Mary’s Walk | Hailsham | BN27 1AF

P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 11


Naughty Dogs! With over 25 years of working with dog behaviours Lesley offers a little help for you and ‘man’s best friend’

and offer a sit, but if it lies down that is usually enough to appease its owner. What happens then when you ask the dog to sit, the dog offers a down and the owner praises the dog? How confusing must that be!

What if I told you there are no ‘naughty’ dogs? Bear with me here and let me explain. It is my belief that high percentage of perceived naughty behaviours are down to the simple fact that the human doesn’t realise how to communicate effectively with their dog. A lot of canine communication is done through non-verbal signals – i.e. body language. People often think that their dog knows when it has been naughty because he has that ‘guilty’ look.  It only takes a second for a dog to pick up on a change in your body language; he might know you are becoming cross even before you do and certainly before you have uttered those common words “What have you done!” Your scent will change when you are angry or stressed. Dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, versus our about 6 million. The part of a dog’s brain dedicated to interpreting these is about 40 times larger than ours.   A dog learns by forming a series of associations between an action and a consequence.  If the consequence is rewarding the dog is more likely to repeat the behaviour and if it is

12 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k

negative the dog is less likely to repeat the behaviour. Here is an example: Most people successfully teach a dog to sit by raising a food treat over its eyeline; as the head goes up the bottom automatically goes down and the treat is released.  Usually when the bottom hits the floor the person will say ‘sit’.  The association is between the raising of the hand and the saying of the ‘command’ – the consequence is a treat.  Because this is rewarding the dog will want to repeat the experience and will begin to offer ‘sits’.  The same applies for the ‘down’ command; the treat is pulled from the dogs nose down to the floor just in front of his feet, when the dog lies down the food is released and the command ‘down’ is given.  Just as with the sit an association has been formed between a hand signal, a word and a reward.  Take into consideration then how confusing it is for a dog to be told to ‘sit down’.  The dog will look its human with pleading eyes - ‘which one do you want me to do?’  It is only when the human shouts the command that the dog thinks ‘oh dear that doesn’t sound good I’d better offer a behaviour and see if it calms them down’.  The dog may offer a paw, this is usually met with a smile, if it is lucky it will get it right first time

Using the dog’s name is another thing where we not only expect our companion to speak English, but to be psychic as well! Here are some of the things that the dog’s name often gets used for – remember this is just one word.  ‘Rover’ can mean:  Come here!  Stop doing that, pay attention to me, heel, be quiet and many more. Of course dogs need to be taught, but next time you try and teach your dog something take a step back and see it from their perspective. If pushing and forcing your dog into position are used it will not wish to repeat the behaviour, if it is a submissive dog it will comply to avoid the negative sensation, if it is confident or over confident you are highly likely to have teeth placed on your hand or arm as a warning that the dog is uncomfortable, this may lead to you feeling the need for discipline and before you know it you have a total relationship breakdown with ‘man’s best friend’.

Transform how you feel…

…come visit the Dental Barn “Going to see Ali and her team has literally transformed how I feel about going to the dentist. I've gone from being terrified to actually looking forward to going. I never thought I'd say that!” – Julie Stretton, Bexhill

• Kind and patient • non judgemental • understanding

• Sedation available • comfortable and relaxed • easy access and parking

Book a free coffee and a chat to see how we can transform how you feel. Ring Karen on 01323 360233

Go to our website now and download a half price voucher, for a new patient examination.

Clifton Farm, Camberlot Road, Upper Dicker, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 3QG Email: makingsmiles@thedentalbarn

P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 13

FIRST TIME BUYER CRAIG PARKINSON CERT CII (MP & ER) Mortgage & Protection Consultant

You don’t need me to tell you how complicated the whole process of buying a house can be, or what a major commitment buying your first home is. I am here to help make the whole process a little easier for you and your family. The reality is, your ability to buy is based on your ability to repay what you borrow. Your first steps are to make yourself as financially attractive as you can do to lenders. The more lenders that you appeal to, the more likely you are to get the best deals. Your credit score You’re going to need a good credit score to get the best deals available. This is based on all sorts of criteria, but most importantly, how you handle money. Now this may sound counterintuitive, but proving you are a regular saver does not help when you are applying for a mortgage. Lenders have computerised credit scoring systems to review your application. Make it easy for them by using your credit card and settling the balance every month. It shows you can handle your debt, and everything is under control your end. Start this now, even if you’re not ready to start looking or buying. Your affordability Once you’re ready to start looking, be absolutely sure what you can afford and not just what you think you can afford. How lenders assess your affordability varies across each provider and what you can borrow could be less than what you have in mind.

Your deposit Generally, you are going to need at least 5% to 20% of the cost of the home as a deposit. For a home of £150,000, you’ll need to save at least £7,500 for the deposit. Larger deposits will qualify you for a wider range of mortgage products. How long it will take you to save your deposit depends on how much you can afford to set aside each month. Take our word for it, regular saving is more effective than relying on irregular one-off sums. Your Help To Buy ISA Saving your deposit through a Help To Buy ISA has both its good and bad points. Let’s look at the advantages first, like, it’s free cash from the government. The Government adds 25% to your savings, up to a maximum of £3,000. So, where’s the catch? Your savings are capped at £200 a month, plus a maximum £1,200 initial deposit. That means it will take over four years to reach a £12,000 that unlocks the maximum £3,000 of government contribution. If you need a sizeable deposit before that, you will need to save elsewhere too. If you are a parent or grandparent that would like to know how you can help your children, or, a first time buyer that needs help to get onto the property ladder, please get in touch with me today.

Lenders will normally ask for your bank statements to review, they will find anything that you should have made them aware of. Your basic employed salary is included in your allowable income, but how much overtime / bonuses / commission / allowances they will consider varies by lender and they’ll ask for previous payslips to support your application. They will assess your income, outgoings, how long you wish for the mortgage term to be over and your deposit before they make a decision.

The information contained in this article is based on the opinion of Continuum and does not constitute financial advice or a recommendation to suitable investment strategy, you should seek independent financial advice before embarking on any course of action. Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up with the repayments for a loan or mortgage secured on your property. INVESTMENTS







CRAIG PARKINSON Mortgage & Protection Consultant T: 0208 462 0022 M: 07841 829 101 E:

5 Stephenson Close, Hailsham, BN27 3GQ

Continuum (Financial Services) LLP, Falcon House, Eagle Road, Langage, Plymouth, PL7 5JY T: +44 (0)345 643 0770 E: Continuum is a trading name of Continuum (Financial Services) LLP Falcon House, Eagle Road, Langage, Plymouth, PL7 5JY which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

14 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k

Winners of The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service


We have operated regular bus services in East Sussex since 1976 connecting communities not served by commercial operators We link to the towns of Seaford, Hailsham, Eastbourne, Lewes, Heathfield and Brighton We run town services in Seaford & Hailsham and weekend leisure services in the eastern South Downs National Park Our mini-buses are driven by trained friendly volunteers and operate 363 days a year Find more information about our services & volunteering opportunities by visiting our website: or call 01323 870920 or talk to a volunteer at Hailsham Farmers Market on the second Saturday morning of each month

is the trading name of Cuckmere Community Bus Ltd

P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 15

FREE Local Delivery

Shopping local has never been so easy

16 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k



We’ve taken a giant leap this time from the fifties to the late seventies, so grab your bell bottoms, mini skirts and platform shoes, as we take a peek at the singles charts. Written by Mike Batt (the man behind The Wombles) for the soundtrack of the 1979 animated film “Watership Down”, Art Garfunkel’s ”Bright Eyes” dominated the chart in May, a position it held for six weeks. The song, like several sequences in the film, was melancholic in the extreme, and hearing it when the rabbit Hazel almost dies from gunshot wounds, was upsetting for all animal lovers. In fact, as I recall, I cried through most of the film which meant I bypassed the televised version just recently. Below Art Garfunkel was Racey with the Chinnichap composition “Some Girls”, which was the British group’s third single. It failed to soar to the top but grew legs and a title change to “Good News, Bad News” when it was featured in episode 21 of the American sitcom “Happy Days” featuring Henry Winkler as the trail-blazing “Fonz”. A new wave, synthpop project by UK musician Robin Scott, whose aim was to fuse musical styles that summarized the (then) past twenty-five years in pop music, was released in album form “New York-London-Paris-Munich”. Robin used the pseudonym M for the lifted single “Pop Muzik” (which failed

M AY / J U N E

1979 to make the top) and a further three singles including “Moonlight And Muzak”. I’m sorry to say, his passion for fusion passed me by which, after listening to the single now, might have been a blessing! Meanwhile, Boney M’s “Hooray Hooray It’s A Holiday”, Wings’ “Goodnight Tonight” and The Jacksons’ “Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)” waited patiently. Behind them were others with crossed fingers, like, Amii Stewart with “Knock On Wood”, “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” from Kandidate, “Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet”, and “Wow” from Gonzalez and Kate Bush respectively. As an aside, also in these two months Margaret Thatcher became our first female prime minister; Elton John was the first western pop act to perform in the Soviet Union; McDonalds introduced the Happy Meal; Donna Summer dominated the disco/dance charts; Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison performed together on the same stage at Eric Clapton’s wedding reception, and Pope John Paul II visited his native Poland for his first official visit. Anyway, back to the June chart now.

and cool sexuality. Oh, and she could sing as well! If Debbie attracted male attention, then Bryan Ferry sent many a young lady into heaven seventeen! A seductive crooner with an elegant manner, slick appearance and fashionable clothes, Bryan was lead singer with Roxy Music. Their “Dance Away” stalled at number two but due to its lengthy chart residency was actually the 9th top selling single of the year. Of the American contingent in June’s listing (that included Earth Wind & Fire’s “Boogie Wonderland”, “Hot Stuff” from Donna Summer, McFadden & Whitehead’s “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now”, and Sister Sledge with “We Are Family”) the highest placed act was the duo Peaches & Herb. With the sequel to their 1968 hit “(We’ll Be) United” - itself a reworking of the 1966 Intruders’ song - their “Reunited” stayed at number three, marking their last UK hit. A pity really, but that’s the way it goes. Sharon Davis “Soul and Motown Show”: 6pm – 8pm every Saturday on Hailsham 95.9 FM

Blondie’s “Sunday Girl”, with its double backbeat rhythm, was the fourth single from their “Parallel Lines” album, and a number one seller for three weeks. Despite what people thought, Blondie was the name of the group and not its lead singer, Debbie Harry, with her two-toned bleached hair, photogenic features, streetwise style

P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 17


Dear Constituent Thank you for your correspondence, which outlined your concerns regarding Brexit. In the referendum campaign I voted to leave, as did a majority of Wealden residents. More importantly so did a majority of the country. I accept that people had many different reasons for their vote. For me it was about changing the outlook of the country so that we no longer rely on laws passed by bodies over which most people don’t feel they have a say; and in looking beyond just the EU to opportunities created by global trade and, yes, more skilled non-Europeans who we could benefit from coming to work here. But I never wanted to cut us off from Europe and I respect those that feel a deep affinity with our European neighbours and our shared values, as I do. The negotiations to leave were always going to result in a compromise. As a pragmatist I recognize that the EU has its own priorities and that we would need to find a deal that delivered on our decision to leave while providing a platform for us to start talking about how we see our future relationship with the EU, focusing on trade and opportunities for our country - which we desperately need to do. The road we have travelled so far has been challenging. We have seen Parliament attempt to take control of the Brexit process, with Sir Oliver Letwin MP and Hillary Benn MP running a series of indicative votes on the way forward. These votes did not result in a breakthrough.

18 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k

We have seen the Prime Minister reach across the aisle, to Labour, to attempt to broker a Brexit deal that has a chance of passing the House of Commons. Whilst talks are ongoing, they have not yet resulted in a breakthrough. We have seen the House of Commons vote on the Withdrawal Agreement alone, without the accompanying Political Declaration, which contains the controversial Irish backstop. This too, disappointingly, did not result in a breakthrough. Therefore, more than ever, it becomes important to vote according to my guiding principles, principles which I have made publicly available on my Website for some time now. I will countenance alternatives to the Withdrawal Agreement so long as they have a realistic chance of delivering Brexit. Whilst the indicative votes did not lead to the breakthrough that their proponents wished for, they have made two important facts clear: whilst there is no majority for NoDeal, equally there is no majority for No-Brexit at all. We must find a way through this impasse, something that I, and all of my colleagues, must be committed to doing. When we come back from the Easter recess, it must be with a spirit of collaboration and compromise, to ensure that we can deliver on the Brexit mandate that we received in 2016. The Prime Minister has negotiated a so-called ‘Flextension’ with the EU. This means that we have up until October 31st to find and agree a deal. Once that is done, we can leave immediately, and leave we must.

Nus Ghani, MP

Those Parliamentarians who wish to honour the result of the referendum must take this as a challenge, to come together, and to find a solution quickly, before any further damage is done to the Public’s trust in our institutions, and way of life. I sincerely hope that this can be done without the need for the UK to contest European Parliamentary Elections. If we do find a solution quickly, we risk being tied into further extensions, further delay, and perhaps even noBrexit at all. Every week my mail-bag contains letters from constituents asking me to vote for No-Deal and against No-Deal, for long Extensions and against any Extension at all, for the Prime Minister’s Deal and against it, for a second referendum and against a second referendum. Some even ask me to explain the position of the Labour Party on Brexit!  I am afraid I can’t please everyone. You  elect MPs to exercise their judgement to deliver what the voters have asked for. This is my judgement for my constituency and my country and I stand by it. We live in a democracy which I cherish and you will have the chance to deliver your verdict on my judgement in due course. That is as it should be. Thank you for reaching out to me. With best wishes, NUSRAT GHANI MP

Ian Padget MSc offers Massage, Acupuncture & Rehabilitation Support, which can help remedy:

*Tight Muscles *Posture Correction

*Aches and Pains

* Back Pain

*Increase Flexibility

*Sporting Injuries

Find me at GL Fitness or book a home visit to suit your schedule.

Contact Information T: 07929348912 E: W:

P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 19


Sat 8th & Sun 9th June Sat 15th & Sun 16th June

Longleys Studio Barns Harebeating Lane Hailsham BN27 1ER 077 4010 4501

11.00am – 5.00pm Now in their 12th year and with over £10,000 being raised so far, Longleys Studio Barns’ art show has gathered momentum and this year’s event in June will be an exciting exhibition of fabulous and affordable art by fourteen established professional artists in a lovely country setting. We can offer you a very large, varied and exciting selection of art including high quality paintings, original prints, glass art, indoor and garden

sculptures, ceramics and stunning silver jewellery. You will be able to see all the amazing pieces exhibited whilst you walk through our farmhouse, barns and beautiful, tranquil country gardens. Homemade cakes and refreshments will be served in one of the barns and in the garden and all proceeds of the sales going to the St. Wilfrid’s Hospice Charity.

Time Capsule - Simone Riley

Julian Warrender-Sardine Bangle

20 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k

Donkey - Paul Jordan

First Light - Dawn Stacey

Join the Dance Pot - Yolande Beer

Have you tried our sussex focused menu Local wines, beers and cocktails!

hapter 12

12 High StreeT, Hailsham, BN27 1BJ

01323 351898 | | P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 21

A Crematorium for Wealden Opening this Spring

* A modern crematorium for all with seating for over 120 mourners * Generous service times and parking for over 150 cars * Cutting edge audiovisual technology Environmentally sensitive design and operation * * Landscaped gardens set within 30 acres of grounds

Wealden Crematorium, Horam Road, Horam, East Sussex TN21 0FX


22 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k

01323 443400

A DESTINATION AT EVERY STATION! Royal Tunbridge Wells, High Rocks, Groombridge & Eridge A fun packed day out with steam, heritage diesel, exploration, excitement & enjoyment in the glorious High Weald!

The Spa Valley Railway operates wonderfully restored steam and heritage diesel trains every weekend from the beginning of February to the end of October. We also operate on Thursdays from June to the beginning of September with additional Tuesday & Wednesday services in August.

At Groombridge why not alight and pay a visit to the famous Groombridge Place Gardens & Enchanted Forest as well as the historic village too. Joint tickets for the Spa Valley Railway and Groombridge Place can be purchased from our stations. Alternatively stay on board to enjoy the glorious views and alight at

countryside, is lucky to have a destination at every station.You can board our classic and beautifully restored 1960’s heritage trains from the National Rail network at Eridge, some even include our award winning bar car, ‘Kate’. The station itself is also the location of a wonderful public house, The Huntsman! From Eridge you can take a journey to Royal Tunbridge Wells stopping off on route at Groombridge or High Rocks.

access the High Weald countryside and its vast network of woodland footpaths. Arriving at Royal Tunbridge Wells you can disembark from the train and visit the Victorian engine shed, gift shop and buffet car. Furthermore, you can take a relaxed walk into the Spa town and visit the world famous Pantiles and High Street.

Photography David Staines, Jon Nye & Charlie Ralph

A wonderful day out for everyone!

Full details available at or by ringing 01892 537715 P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 23

16/01/2019 17:03

Larrita Plants and Shrubs at Amberstone

Lunch Ticket

Any two courses £9 Monday to Friday 12:00–3:00 01323 842400

Growing and selling for 40 years! Affordable Prices!

Shrubs, Perennials

& Seasonal Bedding Definitely Worth a Visit!

Open Daily

9.00am to Dark Opposite Pats Flowers and Hail a Cab on A271 just 1 mile from Hailsham. BN27 1PE

Five Times Winner

24 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k

Tel: 01323 847675


At Coco we pride ourselves on our one to one care to create the perfect salon experience. Our salon provides a unique style of hairdressing where each client can expect the highest level of haircare. We personalise your cut and colour to perfectly suit your skin tone, hair texture, lifestyle and most importantly YOU. We are confident in all areas of hairdressing and take genuine pleasure in making people feel great about themselves. Our team has a wealth of experience and we always aim to give you beautiful surroundings, excellent refreshments and professional haircare products that you can use at home to make sure your hair looks and feels great all of the time

We base our opening hours around our clients and their availability. This means we can offer a variety of appointment days and times.

If you feel you would benefit from a complimentary consultation then please call us on: 01435 866824 or message our page on Facebook so you can book in with one of our team to see what we can do for you.


P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 25

R W Green Limited Tree Surgeons & Landscapers

Since 1982 R W Green Limited has consistently delivered a high quality, affordable and professional services to a wide range of clients.

Our range of services includes: Tree Pruning

Tree Removal


Tree Supply

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Casa Pecchenino Attilio was the most generous of hosts, driving us to his various vineyards, accompanying us on his own eBike, and orchestrating action sequences for the filmmaker who had joined us to create some publicity material for me. In the evenings we enjoyed classic Langhe dishes of ravioli “plin”, carne

It may sound obvious but one of the great pleasures of selling wine is getting to known the winemakers. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that their passion and dedication to their craft (“It’s in your blood”, declares Osvaldo Cabutto, a maker of fine Barolo) is one of the main reasons I got into this trade in the first place.

So it was with excitement and delight that I was able to introduce a pair of my customers to Attilio Pecchenino, whose eponymous estate is between Dogliani and Monforte d’Alba in Southern Piemonte. The customers were enjoying the trip as part of my

new cycling tour (using eBikes) of Torino - Turin - and the Langhe, the region of Barolo and Barbaresco, of hazelnuts and fine cheeses. Casa Pecchenino is a magnificent restored farmhouse in the Piemontese style, situated in utter splendour in one of the highest parts of the Alta Langhe. We enjoyed a tasting of Attilio’s wines, which included his superb Barolo, a delicious, fairly new Spumante Brut from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and, of course, his three trademark (red) Dogliani DOCG’s, all made from Dolcetto, a grape which shows black cherry backed with almond, a dry, lightly tannic feel, and well-balanced, juicy acidity. Cuculo stocks Attilio’s Dogliani DOCG “San Luigi” at £17.45 - show this article for a 10% discount.

cruda, truffles, and one of my favourite desserts, Bunet, which is a chocolate and milk pudding, made with Amaretto liqueur and Amaretti biscuits, topped with a home-made caramel. If you’d like to learn more about the Turin and Barolo cycling trip (by eBike or traditional bicycle), or if you’d just like to try a bottle or two of Attilio’s Dogliani DOCG, come to Cuculo on Heathfield High Street.

P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 27


Down on the farm this Spring government vets to discuss our case and the current UK TB controls. It looks as though whilst ours is an unusual situation, there is nothing that can be done. It does seem ridiculous to us that instead of helping develop and use modern science that detects the presence of TB, the government wishes to persist in using a 70-year old skin test that detects an immune response to TB. I doubt APHA vets drive 70-year old cars and use 70year old computers! Dad and I were shocked and angry when the senior government vet even told us we are ’privileged’ to be able to sell raw milk! There may be some developments, we’ll have to wait and see!

Meeting with Secretary of State

The farm still feels very much in limbo with highs and lows. The recent big downer was our herd’s TB test in March. We needed to go clear in order to be able to sell raw milk again. One hundred and eighty animals were tested, and they were all clear……except for one that was ‘in-conclusive’ (she was neither clear, nor a TB reactor). Although this one animal is a dry cow and not being milked, we cannot sell raw milk until she alone is tested again 60 days after the March test, which takes us to the 23rd May. Hugely frustrating to say the least! The support we have received from customers and the general public has been amazing. Donations to our crowdfunding campaign (www. and all the messages of support we have received have kept us going.

28 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k

Our MP, Nus Ghani, is also doing her best to help us. She managed to organise a meeting with the Minister of State for Agriculture and senior

The high point since the last issue, was Turn Out Day, the day our milking herd go back out onto a green grassy field after having been kept indoors for the winter. These days cows are kept indoors all year round on some farms, and never experience the freedom of grazing in a field. You can see how much it means to our cows, that first day back outside is fantastic, they run, butt each other, even the older ones!

a milk crate and twenty milk bottles in under two minutes. This will hugely help us to take on new customers wishing to go on our milk round and have their local, organic, grass fed pasteurised or raw milk delivered in reusable, environment friendly glass bottles. To go on our milk round, please email sales@

April is here, our cows are so pleased to be back out on green fields full of lovely spring grass.

This year’s Turn Out Day on Easter Bank Holiday Monday was fantastic, with at least six hundred people coming along to see our dancing cows. They didn’t disappoint! Especially Big Billy, our one tonne British Blue cross steer. You can see a little bit of our Turn Out Day including Big Billy at: hookandson?lang=en

of doorstep delivery when dairy farms bottled their own milk, back in the 1930s to the 1960s before the big corporate dairies took over. These old milk bottle washers are great, built to last, making one of our most labour intensive jobs one of the most enjoyable jobs, washing

We’re just preparing for our first ever Mad Marsh on Sunday 28th April. Just under 200 runners have bought tickets to take part. The 10k course has 28 ditch jumps from two and a half feet to five feet deep, fallen trees, bog, straw bale walls and open field running with wonderful long views across the Pevensey Levels. P.S. Come and see us at the Heathfield Show on the 25th May. A great day out. Come along and see what’s happening in The Weald’s countryside!

It was a great day, with our dairy beef burgers, milkshakes, and tractor and trailer rides down onto the wonderful Pevensey Levels. Brilliant weather too. The field was bathed in sunshine. As a dairy farmer, there is nothing more beautiful than black and white cows grazing lush, dark green grass, and a blue sunny sky. There were farmers market stalls, tea and cakes, and straw bales and fallen tree trunks which children loved playing on. Smiles all round! The other high is a new, well, refurbished, bespoke milk bottle washer. These used to be made back in the heyday

P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 29


Daniel White & Son - Part Two In the last issue we looked at the first three generations of the White family who, from 1816, ran a grocers and drapery shop in the Market Square. John Josiah White, the third member of the dynasty, was followed by two of his five sons, Harry (born 1878) and Reginald (born 1883). Harry entered the business in 1893 and together with Reginald came into partnership with their father after the First World War. This continued until Josiah’s death in 1923. The brothers remained in partnership until 1931 when the arrangement was dissolved. Harry retained the grocery side of the business in Sherriff’s House and Reg ran the drapery business in a newly created shop with smaller premises next door at the top of George Street. These new premises were on the site of what had been until then, a stable and large warehouse known as Wool-loft from its earlier use as a store for fleeces from Sussex sheep. Harry White continued to develop the grocery business and local publicity stated, “Since George the Third was King.” It went on to declare, “Hailsham’s happy housewives have bought their Provisions & Groceries at Whites.” In “My memories of Hailsham,” written in 1991, Arthur Pettigrew said of Whites,” in that shop one could buy treacle loose

Hardwycke House, North Street

(take your own jar), vinegar loose and dates cut from a box of 10 or 12lbs. Bacon was hung up in sides, a lovely golden brown rind and a wonderful smell of cheese pervaded through the shop. Very little was pre-packed in those days.” For over a century, regular weekly or fortnightly journeys were made to surrounding villages. On alternate Tuesdays a representative would set out with a horse and cart to collect orders from households in Arlington, Wilmington, Berwick, Alfriston and Litlington. The goods were then delivered on Friday. The man with the horse and cart would set out at about

8.00 am and did not return to Hailsham until 10.00 pm or even later. In later years errand boys delivered the goods in baskets and in hand carts for heavier loads. Throughout his life Harry White was involved in many local groups and organisations. As early as the 1890’s, when he was in his early 20’s he was giving lectures to the Mutual Improvement Society. Some of these are recorded in his notebook where the lectures are all hand written on plain paper with no lines, in beautiful copperplate writing. The lectures covered such varied subjects as “Alfred Lord Tennyson.” An overview of “Our Parish by a former resident of the town, Thomas Geering. (This book is still available and is well worth reading for anyone interested in life in Hailsham in the 19th century). Another lecture entitled “Sussex and its People” was a wide ranging overview of Sussex, both East and West, and covered the geography and history of the county plus bird life and fauna. He also commented on many of the towns and villages. In addition to these lectures Harry White was at various times Chairman of the

30 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k

by Paul Endersby

Photographs Hailsham Historical and Natural History

Hailsham Water Co; Hon. Treasurer of the Hailsham Brass Band; Hon. Treasurer of the Hailsham Nursing Association, and the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer of the Hailsham Orchestra. Minutes of the first meeting of the orchestra were recorded in another of Harry White’s notebooks. The meeting was held on Monday 20 February 1899 in Miss Bray’s schoolroom in Victoria Road. Nine people attended the meeting when officers were appointed and amongst other things it was agreed that practices would be held every Monday. A meeting on the following Monday agreed that entrance to the orchestra would be 1/- (5p) and subscriptions would be 6d (2½p) a month. It was later reported that the orchestra had 30 members plus 5 Hon. members namely Mr & Mrs J White (Harry White’s parents), Mr & Mrs J Green (James Green was the owner of Green Bros., rope makers and one of the leading firms in the town), and Mr William Strickland of Strickland the Corn Merchants. These honorary memberships doubtless reflected the due deference that was paid to the leading businessmen in the town, whether or not they were at all interested in the orchestra we will never know!

Despite this encouraging start this seems not to have continued. Harry White records a meeting held on 16 February 1903 when it was agreed that failure to attend practices would incur a fine of 2d and arriving late for practices a fine of 1d! A further meeting was held on 2 November 1903 when it was decided to make, “another attempt to carry on the Orchestra,” and it was agreed that the Secretary should make arrangements to hold the next practice on the following Monday, 9 November at Miss Kennett’s School whose premises were at Wellington House, London Road. Harry White served in the First World War. He was aboard the “Transylvania” a passenger liner being used as a troop ship when it was torpedoed and sunk on May 4, 1917 by the German U-boat, with the loss of 412 lives. Harry White was unhurt and, like many of the survivors, landed safely at Savona, Italy. In 1920 Harry White became the Registrar for Marriages for Hailsham, a role he took over from his father. He continued in this role until his retirement in June 1948. During his 28 years of service he conducted hundreds of marriages both in the Registrar’s office in

Harry White conducting his last wedding as Registrar, 26 June 1948

Harry White 1917

North Street and in certified places of religious worship. Harry White continued running the grocery shop until 1946 when it was sold although the business continued under the new owners retaining the title of Daniel White & Son. Harry White continued to play a leading part in the life of the town. Thomas White, Harry’s great- grandfather lived and died at Hardwycke, a large house in North Street. In subsequent years this property had various occupiers. However by the 1950’s (and maybe sooner), it was owned by Harry White. Harry was concerned about the state and overcrowding in the village school at the top of North Street and the proposal to move the children to Grovelands with the extra distance this would involve for those children living in the south of the town. At a meeting of the County Council’s Education Committee in 1955 it was reported that Harry White had offered to give the Hardwycke site, comprising about 1.5 acres, to the County Council for the erection of a school. At that meeting it was proposed and agreed that the new school should be called White House School. The new school was subsequently opened on 3 March 1965. It was rebuilt and relocated to Marshfoot Lane in 2010 as part of the development of the Tesco’s site. Harry White lived in Summerfields Avenue. He died on 5 December 1969 aged 91. His funeral service was held at Hailsham Parish Church on 11 December 1969.

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Our top quality products come from the leading suppliers both in uk, and across europe • 120 working displays • Up to 95% efficient fires • Contemporary or traditional • Wood, Stone or marble • Full installation service • Free home survey in local area • On site parking • Extensive 3000sq ft showroom Units B2 & B3 Chaucer Business Park Dittons Road Polegate BN26 6JF 32 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k

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Friends of Hailsham FM Voluntary Trustee

Hailsham - East Sussex

95.9 Hailsham FM is a community radio station founded in 2012, broadcasting to Hailsham and the surrounding area. This community project is managed solely by local volunteers and members. The Station was granted its OFCOM FM license, early in 2018 and now broadcasts 24 hours a day, featuring a diverse range of programming including: music, specialist programmes, community interest interviews, local information and News. We are now looking for Trustees to help grow and support this exciting new community project. We are seeking to recruit voluntary Trustees to our board, and are particularly keen to recruit members of the local community, who would be expected to play a role in the governance of the new formed Charity “Friends of Hailsham FM” and to attend our quarterly meetings.

against these targets •To safeguard the good name of the Friends of Hailsham FM •Ensure the effective and efficient administration of the organisation

Statutory duties of a trustee would be to:

•Ensure the financial stability of the organisation

•Ensure the organisation complies with its governing document and mission statement

•Protect and manage funds raised by Friends of Hailsham FM

•Ensure that the organisation pursue the objectives defined in the governing document, •To contribute actively to the board of trustee role giving firm and strategic direction to the organisation •Helping set policy, define goals, set targets and evaluating performance

•Ensure compliance to ensure funds raised will be invested correctly through a set bidding process to support the growth of the station, operated by the non-profit Hailsham FM Ltd. We are looking to recruit three Trustee board members.

background in either, business, finance, law, or have had some involvement in charity or community projects. A mix of skills or a specialist in one of the areas would be desirable. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, and would like to be involved in this exciting new project please contact: Wayne Spicer: info@hailshamfm. uk for more information and our application pack.

For more information about Hailsham FM visit www. or e-mail

Ideal candidates would have a

P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 33


Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Natural Remedies Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a highly individual condition and gives rise to a variety of symptoms. 2 in 10 people in the UK are affected. Symptoms can range from digestive discomfort, constipation (IBS-C), diarrhea (IBS-D) or a combination of both constipation and diarrhea (IBS-M). Other symptoms include pain and cramping, bloating, difficulty sleeping and fatigue. Symptoms are triggered due to poor eating habits such as eating on the run, not chewing properly, eating when stressed and digestive weakness such as poor fat metabolism. Medication can also trigger symptoms such as constipation as well as pregnancy triggers heartburn and indigestion. Dietary triggers can be wheat/dairy/ gluten/yeast intolerances, alcohol, raw fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits and spicy foods. Other triggers include chronic stress, intestinal infection (bacteria imbalance/ yeast/parasite infestations), leaky gut, imbalanced gut flora, nutrient deficiencies, low digestive enzymes or low stomach acid.

What can you do to prevent IBS? Eating – It’s important to ensure that you don’t over eat as this will over burden your gut. Chew your food properly, your gut doesn’t have teeth! Undigested food over burdens your gut and triggers over fermentation. Over fermentation will cause excess burping, bloating and flatulence.

34 w w w . t h e w e a l d e n e y e . c o . u k

If you are stressed when you eat the excess adrenaline being produced will switch off your digestive system. Try to ensure you sit down at every meal and slow down when you eat.

Triggers – Coffee and Tea - It is best to moderate or remove

this if you suffer from IBS as it impacts stress levels as well as over burdens gut transit time. If you suspect you are lactose or gluten intolerant it is best to avoid these foods. Opt for non-dairy food options such as Alternative Milk – Oats, Almond or Coconut Milk. Gluten free flours are available to bake cookies and cakes. You can use cornflour to thicken sauces. Almond meal and Polenta grain can be used to make delicious gluten free cakes.

FODMAPs - are classes of short-chain carbohydrates and include Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disacchardies, Monosaccharides and Polyols. These categories of carbohydrate are indigestible and instead undergo fermentation in your large intestine. Those with a sensitive gut seem to be more sensitive to this process of fermentation and can experience symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, stomach, pain, constipation or diarrhoea. FODMAPs are commonly found in many varieties of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, legumes and artificial sweeteners. If you suspect that FODMAP’s are Triggering your IBS contact me to gain more insight and support.

Annie Gill

Support – Gut Bacteria – Your gut contains billions of good bacteria which helps support digestion. However, if bad bacteria overrun the good bacteria, symptoms of IBS can worsen. Your good gut bacteria play a large role in keeping your IBS symptoms at bay. Unfortunately your gut bacteria can be disrupted due to many lifestyle and dietary choices. Stress, Sleep deprivation, Excess Alcohol, Medications and Antibiotics can all disrupt and deplete your levels of friendly gut bacteria. This can lead to IBS symptoms being triggered and becoming more extreme. Dietary Intolerances can also affect the balance of friendly or commensal bacteria. Highly processed foods and High sugar foods such as white pasta, breads, sweets, commercial fruit juices and fizzy drinks can also lead to an imbalance of gut bacteria. Dietary Support– Fermented Foods – Traditionally fermented foods such as Kimchi (Fermented Cabbage), Kombucha (Fermented Tea), Kefir as well as live yogurt are delicious ways to increase friendly gut bacteria. A good Multi-Strain probiotic is another way to increase your abundance of friendly bacteria. Probiotics are safe to use and should be taken for at least 4 weeks to begin to see the benefits. If you suffer from IBS in all its different guises, drop me a mail or give me a call. I offer a FREE 15 minute consultation.





15 minutes or until the egg mixture is just set.

•420g sweet potato

Preheat the oven to 175°C/350°F/ gas 4.

Sprinkle Basil and serve.

•1 red pepper

Peel the vegetables and cut them into cubes. Coat the vegetables with oil and S & P and roast for about 15-20 minutes.

•1 courgette •1 parsnip •1-2tbsp olive oil •75g goat’s cheese, cubed

Whisk the eggs and season. Set on one side.

•8 free-range eggs

Line the muffin tin.


Divide the vegetables and goat’s cheese between the muffin cases.

•Salt and pepper

Annie Gill BA Hons, dip NT CNM, BANT, CNHC

07787 533202

Pour the egg mixture over the vegetables and bake in the oven for

P L E A S E M E N T I O N T H E W E A L D E N E Y E W H E N R E S P O N D I N G T O A D V E R T S 35


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Quick Crossword



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Inis Energy of the Sea A sparkling, clean unisex fragrance

Exclusively at Maybugs in Hailsham

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