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Divots June 1, 2017 From the Pro Kim Griggs, PGA June is here and with it comes the triple digit temperatures. With the oncoming extreme heat it is very important for all players to take precaution while out on the course. Here are a few simple tips to help you stay healthy and safe when playing golf this summer: 1. Stay hydrated. Always make sure you have plenty of water or a sports drink with you at all times. 2. Bring along some type of fruit with you, preferably an apple or a banana to help keep your potassium level high. When you sweat you lose not only water but salt as well. 3. Wear a hat with a brim on it, not just a standard visor or ball cap. And of course use plenty of sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher. 4. Carry along a towel with you to cover your neck when you are not swinging, and wet it down periodically to keep it cool and moist. 5. When feeling light headed or weak, head for home or the clubhouse. It

is simply not worth taking the chance. 6. Finally, if you have your own cart, think about installing a little fan. Nothing fancy, just enough to keep the air moving around your body. These tips are pretty obvious to most of you that are used to playing in the desert heat, but if you are new to the game or new to the area, following these guidelines is essential. Tee Time Change Most of you are already aware that this summer Tuesday’s are tee time days, starting @ 6:30 am. The 18 hole ladies will tee off at 7:30 unless otherwise stated. The Driving Range will close @ 3:00 pm on Wednesdays. Golf Shop will remain open until 5:00 pm. Starting times for Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will remain at 6:30 am. Shotgun starts will remain at 7:30 am on Thursdays, with tee times starting at 8:45. On Wednesday’s the 18 hole men will tee off @ 7:00 am. (Summer Only), we will be running tee times in behind them at 8:00 (this is known as a reverse shotgun) This will get players out on the course earlier and therefore avoiding the hot temperatures. Lesson Rates: ½ hour- $45.00. 45 min$55.00.Series of lessons. Lessons are given by Kim Griggs PGA and Tim Lochner (Assistant Golf Professional).

June Pass holder Appreciation In June, during league play show your annual golf pass on Tues, Wed or Thurs and a $3.00 hot dog lunch. Lunch will include hot dog, chips, soda, tea or water.

Great Shots Heard Round The Views GC On 5/21/17 Buster Labrie recorded an ace on hole # 3 using an pitching wedge from 127 yards. Witnesses were Pam Labrie, Peg Bushong and Jerry Bushong.

New Handicap (Medical Flag) Rules Before picking up a flag, please get a copy of the rules from the pro shop staff. These rules will be helpful for you to know where your golf carts may or may not go. For example, carts are not allowed on par 3’s. The golf club may suspend the privilege to use a medical flag by any member or guest who disregards the rules.

Sprigging & Aerification As most of you are aware, June is the month when we will be sprigging and aerifying the course. We will be posting signs on the pro shop counter to notify you of any hole closures throughout the month.

Snakes Please be very cautious now on the golf course as the snakes are out. If you see a snake and you think it is a potential risk for other golfers, please call the golf shop and we will have our staff relocate the snake. Do not play with or agitate the snake. Snakes do not want to harm us any more than we want to harm them. Pro Tip: Finish High and Balanced I have always been a firm believer in a nice high and balanced finish in the golf swing. We load the weight up on our back leg to then transfer it to our front leg in order to get maximum power. If we fail to get our weight on the front leg when we finish and the weight remains on our back leg, we will more than likely hit the ball out to the right with loss of power. So remember…finish high like you are posing for the cameras


The Views Golf Club Divots June 2017  

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