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Divots Oct 1, 2017 From the Pro Kim Griggs, PGA Looks like more and more snowbirds are making their way back to Sun City. We had a pretty hot and humid summer this year and some pretty good monsoon action, but no golf course damage. Just to get you up to speed a little; we have decided to continue to have our clubs (9 hole & 18 hole) sign up for weekly play in the books provided in the back of the golf shop. When you are finished with the books, please return them back in the holders for the next person. Cart Path Restrictions Carts shall remain on the paths until Oct 27. If you use a handicap flag, you will be able to drive in the rough on the cart path side only. Nobody will be permitted to drive on the fairway to reach the other side. This includes no driving behind the greens or tee boxes to get to the other side. Golf Course Care It is that time again to change our sand to sand and seed when the course opens. Please use up what you have left in your containers – Do NOT dump the sand on the ground please. The golf course needs your help! During this time when we are keeping our golf carts on the cart paths, please help keep your course in the best of shape by carrying your sand and seed bottle with you when walking out to your ball. Also, please fix your ball

mark and one more on each and every green you play. Fixing Divots Just a reminder from Mike Kropf. Please DO NOT fix your divots in the rough. Please put sand and seed in your divots in the fairway ONLY! Golf Cars In an effort to keep our grass growing, we ask that everyone please keep all four tires of their golf cars on the cart path around tee boxes and greens at all times. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Pro Shop Hours of Operation The Pro Shop hours are as follows in October during over seeding. The Golf Shop will be OPEN Sun Oct 1, 6, 7 & 8 from 9 am – 2 pm. The shop will be closed on Mon, Oct 2 – Thurs, Oct 5 .We will be resume our regular hours on Mon, Oct 9 when the golf course is reopened. Mon Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun: 6 am – 5 pm Wed, Thurs: 7 am – 5 pm Club Events Men’s 18 Hole Club: Oct 4 – Closed for overseeding Oct 11 – Coyote Scramble Oct 18 – Heartless Scramble Oct 25 – Oh Crap Scramble Women’s 18 Hole Club Oct 3 – Closed for overseed Nov 7 – Fairways minus putts Nov 14 – Criss Cross Nov 21 - Nassau Nov 28 – State Medallion #1 Low Gross & Low Net Women’s 9 Hole Club Oct 6 – Closed for overseed. No Schedule currently available Men’s 9 Hole Club Oct 5 – Closed for overseed. Oct 12 - Progressive Better Ball 1 Oct 19 – Lone Ranger Oct 26 – Mediocre Golf

New Schedule of Events Mon, Oct 9 – Tee Times will begin @ 7 am. Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon & Tue – Tee Times begin @ 7 am. Wed – 8 am shotgun (Men’s Club & Limited Open Play), 12:30 pm Open Play Shotgun Thurs – 8 am (9 Hole Clubs shotgun), 11 am Open Play shotgun Special Orders If we do not have your size and or color, we will place a special order for you. Also, if there is something you have seen at other shops and you feel we may be able to sell it here, just let one of us know and we will do our best to get it! Outside Groups Throughout the season we will be having some time changes (two Shotguns), this will be indicated on the Divots calendar. One Shotgun will be for Open play and the other Shotgun will be for an outside group, with some possible limited Open play. Golf Pro Tip Every golf course has pace of play issues, however most of the time this can be avoided by using some simple golf course etiquette and common sense. Here are a couple of suggestions to speed up play: Be aware of the group in front of you. Look ahead and not behind. Think about your next shot as you go to your ball. There are many other tips for improving “pace of play”. Please stop by and see Tim, Rick or myself for other ideas. Annual Pass Holders Hey annual pass holders, your pass holder appreciation incentive for this month is halfoff a bottle of wine. Great Shots heard around The Views Golf Club: Jack Poppe recorded a Hole in One on Sept 12, 2017. Jack used a 9 iron from 128 yards on hole #17 for his ace. Witnesses were Bryan Smith, Walt Knych, and Ted Sorich.

Divots October 2017  
Divots October 2017  

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