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Divots August 1, 2017 From the Pro Kim Griggs, PGA Merchandising: Stop by the Golf Shop and check out our sale rack and our nice new selection of clothing. We also have skecher and foot joy shoes along with some new summer hats. Pass Holder Discount Just a reminder for our Pass Holders: You will receive 30% off on all purchases, except golf balls, sale items and golf clubs. I will work with you on golf club pricing to be competitive. Resident’s will receive 15% off their purchase with the same restrictions. Aerifying Greens We will be aerifying greens one last time this summer. Monday July 31st, the back 9 greens will be done, and on Tuesday Aug 1, the front 9 greens will be done. If you choose to play 18 holes, you will play the same side twice on those two days.

Sept 18 – Oct 8 – Course Closed (Over -seeding) If any members would like to play at another golf course during over-seeding. Please let me, Rick or Tim know and we can call and reserve a tee time for you. The course reopens on Mon Oct 9th Handicap Flags Please check your garages and see if you may have one of our handicap flags. We are getting very low on them. Thank you Checking in the Pro Shop We ask that everyone please check in the pro shop prior to playing. It is very important that we know who is on the golf course at all times. This is not only for our benefit, but in case there is an emergency and we need to contact you, we will know approx. what hole you will be on and we can notify you faster. Lost & Found Our lost & found is now located next to the ice machine. Eyeglasses and smaller items can be found in the golf shop. Lost Clubs & Ball Retrievers These items can be found down in the cart barn in the rubber basket. It is a very good idea to buy shaft labels for your clubs, so that they do

get returned to you. Please stop by the pro shop to purchase your labels. Pro Tip: Hybrid Putting: If you miss the green and your ball ends up in a closely mown area or a wet area, don’t forget about the hybrid putt: Approach the shot like you would a putt. Use your putting grip, stance, pre shot routine and stroke. With a little practice you could get really good at this shot. Heat Exhaustion With the triple digit temperatures we have been experiencing, I want everyone to be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion: Nausea, heavy Sweating, muscle cramps, dizziness, confusion, clammy moist skin, pale or flushed complexion, fast and shallow breathing, extreme weakness or fatigue, slightly elevated body temperature. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please do not push it. Get out of the sun and in a shady area, drink water (not alcohol) and if possible get a cool towel and put it on your head to get your body temperature back to normal. Lightning I recently received an email from Ted Sorich in regards to a lightning strike that resulted in a death. I am going to share it with you as I feel it is very important to take storms seriously. There was a thunderstorm a number of years ago in the Rincon Mountains (Skyline C.C.) and a lightning bolt

traveled about 15 miles horizontally striking and killing a golfer. It is not unusual for lightning to travel horizontally for up to 25 miles before striking. So, please be cautious during our monsoon season. Thank you for sharing with us Tedď Š Hole in One Congratulations to Michael Carr for his ace on July 4th, 2017. Michael used a 7 iron from 146 yards on hole # 17. His witnesses were Jerry McCarthy & Sam Jaffries.

Divots August 2017  

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