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In 2021 Your Mental Health Should Be A Priority




Just When You Thought You Knew Me By Author Victor Carrington

My journey does not identify any specific group of people, it reaches everyone. It is my hope that my readers will walk away with a clearer understanding of Victor L. Carrington

EXCERPTS: “As a little boy all I wanted was to be loved. Learning what I thought was love from my family, eventually revealed to be years of manipulation and lies. I grew up in the juvenile system, but I managed to find my way. Sadly, any time I thought I was on a path to greatness, my journey was disrupted. During my years in juvenile facilities, I faced loneliness and depression that led to multiple suicide attempts. Willing to do what it took to gain love and affection; I became a person that everyone wanted to be around while it benefited them.  

I hope by sharing my journey, it will encourage others to feel comfortable not being “the norm.” In “Just When You Thought You Knew Me” I take you on an emotional rollercoaster that made me the man I am today. But that’s not the stopping point! There is a message of hope for anyone striving to repair damage from their actions, anyone struggling with their sexuality, or anyone experiencing neglect from their family for being who they are.



Unable to recognize I was manipulated, I ended up in prison two times. It was the second prison sentence when the blinders were removed. At that “ah-ha” moment after the persuasion of another inmate, I was able to see people for who and what they truly were. Not only was it an eye-opening experience, but at that moment, I took control of my life for the very first time. I was 25-years old, and I felt like my life was just beginning.   Although angry, hurt and confused, I was able to successfully complete my sentence and come home to another life changing moment that would destroy any hopes of having a healthy relationship with my family.”

How do you define intimacy?



f the four kinds of intimacy, which one do you feel is most relevant to you and why? When was the last time you recall having an intimate experience that still gives you goose bumps? In Intimacy from His View-What Black Men Have to Say About Intimacy, debut author and certified life coach, Jeremy J. Johnson presents us with an insightful look at how black men perceive this big, little, eight-letter word. After resigning from fourteen years of service as a public educator, Jeremy takes us on a journey beyond the often-restricted classroom setting to explore in depth and in true no-holds barred fashion the subject of intimacy from the perspective of black men. Through research, interviews, commentary and his own brand of humor, he invites everyone interested in discovering what black men have to say about intimacy to pull up a chair, grab a cocktail and sit for a bit. In this book, you will: • Learn about the four different types of intimacy • Grasp the importance of intimacy • Discover what black men truly feel about intimacy. Each and every single one of us desires intimacy in our lives, believe it or not. Some of us just do not know that we do. If you’re holding this book and you just read the previous statement, this book is for you. With forward by Mimi Getachew, Ph.D. Jeremy J. Johnson is an American performing artist and author of the book Intimacy from His View: What Black Men Have to Say about Intimacy. Jeremy has entertained thousands as a multi-genre performing artist on nightclub stages, music festivals, and concerts in the U.S. and internationally. He also landed acting roles in the Atlanta musical presentation of Little Shop of Horrors in 2019, and the film Blood Done Sign My Name in 2010. The lead vocalist for

popular Greensboro bands SolcetFre Project and Soul Brothers Band, the Ultimate James Brown Tribute Band, Jeremy released his first solo album Open: The Release in 2008, which propelled Jeremy’s popularity as a singer and songwriter. Performing under the stage moniker J’Da Prynce, Jeremy landed a gig with El-live Productions as the lead vocalist for the International Band, Heat, which toured popular nightspot from Singapore to Beijing to “Bangkok from 2012 through 2015. Upon returning to the U.S., Jeremy relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, and resumed his work as a youth educator, while developing plans for his second music project, Heart Vs. Head, for American and new Asian fans. Jeremy has been exploring ideas about intimacy in his music for many decades. A graduate of South Carolina State University with a B.A. in English, Jeremy is the perfect man to author Intimacy from His View: What Black Men Have to Say about Intimacy. He is excited to share this book with his many loyal and new fans.

Jeremy lives in Atlanta where he enjoys providing Life Coaching services to members of the LGBTQ + Community and aspiring artists. To learn more about upcoming projects, please visit www.jeremyjjohnson.com



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Diandra Marie Protecting My Mental Health As a Queer Black Woman

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Where The Money Resides

LGBTQ Short Film Danny Boy

Diamond Wallace: Financial Freedom 2021 & Beyond

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23 | Trans News Defining The Alphabet People. LGBTQIA Renae Taylor

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” ARISTOTLE

CHOOSE YOUR HARD! can’t lie: 2020 was hard as hell for me! I survived #Covid19 but I’m still

dealing with the residual effects of the damage the virus did to my physical

and mental health. I watched the world around me change as if I was living in

The Matrix or some other sci-fi movie. I waited to hear, “Welcome to Round 4 of

Jumanji,” to see if I would survive the video game I was trapped in! 2020 was filled

Unicorn” Butler is my SHERO! Madison and I became

comrades on LinkedIn when

we were embroiled in a bitter battle with a group of white

men attacking us on a Black

your-face resurgence of White Supremacy being led by #45, our sitting president.

that Madison was the kind of

This brings me to the title of my article… “CHOOSE YOUR HARD!”

I chose to write about this topic because it was therapy to me. I could not keep the goodness

of this revelation to myself. As you journey through life, you will encounter many trials and

tribulations. The lessons of these trials set before you are to prepare you for your victory or good

rewards. I know this sounds cliché, but it is true. You see, everything in life is inextricably mingled

and overlapping. It’s a melancholy truth that just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t

exist. Life is hard in and of itself, and that is why it’s important to CHOOSE YOUR HARD! How do you “choose your hard”? I’m glad you asked!

In choosing your hard it should become apparent that in life all things are fair game. With every

situation you encounter there is a polar opposite option available for you. Marriage is hard, and yet getting a divorce is hard. Choose your hard. Obesity is hard, and yet being fit is hard. Choose your

hard. Being is debt is hard, and yet being financially disciplined is hard. Choose your hard. Getting to work on time is hard, and yet being fired is hard. Choose your hard. Being broke is hard, and

yet becoming wealthy is hard. Choose your hard. Denying yourself your favorite foods is hard, and yet becoming ill because of your poor food choices will be hard. Either way -- choose your hard! Neither I, nor anyone else, can choose for you!

The Impact Issue is filled with articles to help you understand that by developing

healthy and beneficial habits you can move to Living Above Mediocrity. This topic is

speaking only to that which is within our realm of influence: the life circumstances that we can change, and not the things that are out of our control. Some of our contributing writers are speaking from a place of professional or personal experience. I am speaking from both!


Madison “The Blue-Haired

with death, illness, violence, spiritual warfare, religious warfare, bigotry, murder and

vile hatred toward the black transgender community, police genocide, and an in-



Lives Matter post. I knew then social media warrior I wanted to befriend because her

bravado was therapy in social justice language. Madison

notably dubs herself as being Queer AF and undoubtedly

has cemented herself as a Top

100 influential person to follow on LinkedIn. Who is Madison

Butler? Follow her on LinkedIn and you will find out!

As 2021 begins to take us on an unknown journey. It is my

hopes that your bounce back

muscles are strong to help you endure the trip. As always TUV Media will be standing in the gap to fill the void.

Be well. Be strong. Be wise.

Gwendolyn D Clemons, MBA, MSM, Editor-in-Chief

ME n this new year of 2021, with all of the White Privilege, White

Supremacy, Trumpism and Nasty Politics it is more imperative than ever

that you take time to discover “ME”. Do you know how smart ME is? Do you

know how powerful ME is? Do you know about the Gift that ME possesses? There

is surely a “me” you long to be. So ME should be the number one priority on your list of

New Year’s resolutions this year.

Life is not about any particular achievement or experience. The most important task of your life is not what you do, but who you become. In the words of Carter G. Woodson, “If you can

control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his action. When you determine what

a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior,

you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself. If you make a man think that he

is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door. He will go without being told; and if there is no back

door, his very nature will demand one.” In other words, if you don’t take the time to figure ME out for yourself, then the

world is going to figure it out for you. And the way things have been going all around us lately, that’s just not a safe bet at all. If you ever are going to become the ME that you want to be, then you will have to start by being honest about the ME you currently are. Each one of us has a ME that we think we should be, which is at odds with the ME that God made us to be. Sometimes letting go of that self may be a relief, or sometimes it will feel like death. But LET that ME GO! Let me bless you really quick… On the other side of death is freedom, and no one is freer than a dead man. Jesus had much to say

about death to self, and on the journey to the ME you want to be, you will have some dying to do. But that kind of death is always death to a lesser self, a false self, so that a better and nobler self can come to life.

In my opinion, God’s plan is not for you to obey her just because you should even though you don’t want to. God’s desire is for you to want her plan for you. God created you to flourish, to receive life from outside yourself, to create vitality within yourself, and to produce blessing beyond yourself. Flourishing is God’s gift and plan. Flourishing is not measured by outward signs such as income, possession, or attractiveness. It means becoming the person he had in mind in

creating you. Flourishing means moving toward God’s best version

of you. When you flourish, you are in harmony with God, creation, other people, and yourself.

ONE FINAL NOTE: Comparison kills

spiritual growth, so stop competing with

other people. Remember that everyone has a

spirit of their own, and everyone’s inner life is being formed, for better or worse.

We flourish when our spirits are rooted in and

shaped by the Spirit of God, and God wants to do that in a way that uniquely fits ME. Now go find “ME” and remember,

“The righteous will flourish like a palm tree and they will flourish in the courts of our Gods,” (Psalm 92:12-13).

Dr. Davin D. Clemons, DMin.



Find Us Where The Money Resides in 2021! 8

By Diamond Wallace

When determining your financial

communities within Memphis, TN. We

to plan and understand your goals. The

Beyonce when she said, “My great great

strategy for the new year, it is important pandemic and politics have taught us a few things: we have to be prepared financially for the unexpected, our

emergency funds should include six

grand-children already rich...”.

Here is a bit of guidance on what financial plays to consider.

to eight months of living expenses,

Majority of people only know about 3

of income. I’m Diamond Wallace,

them homes: Bank, Stock Market,

and we should have multiple streams owner and Co-Founder of The Fortune Partners, LLC. We started in 2018 and specialize in helping people

grow and save money. Our premier

program focuses on helping our clients understand banking/budgeting, credit, insurance, investments and taxes. We saw a need and an opportunity in the community for financial literacy as

the interest increased in ownership and generational wealth with no

familiar faces to teach the basics left out in our educational system. My

best friend Dae Brackett-Reeves and I created our company with goals of

being hope dealers to the underserved | FEATURED INTERVIEW

strive for our clients to feel just like

places to house their money. Let’s call Real Estate. We can all agree that

there’s a couple of things we would like these homes to provide our

money. Those things include growth, accessibility or liquidity, safety, and tax advantages. Each one of these

homes can provide a combination of

these things however, there’s only one place to house your money that will do all four. Let’s call that one the

fourth home. Many people are not familiar with the fourth place to

house your money. I’ll save that one

for last. We strive to help individuals

understand how to use each home of money to their advantage.

Appointments can be

scheduled virtually

thefortunepartners.com 901.463.9659

The bank which is normally the first

concept to remember with the stock

plan that can provide for present and

safe place and peace of mind to know

higher rate when you access your funds.

but the use of LIRP as a strategy to build

home of money for most people. It is a you can access whenever I please.

However, your checking and savings

only grows when you put money in it,

right? Also, it does not provide any tax

advantages from deposited funds. Great for safety and accessibility but not for growth and any tax breaks.

Reflecting on 2020, a historic year for the stock market with right record-

breaking lows and more people investing than ever. Thinking in reference to

IRA’s, 401k’s, TSP’s, 403b’s and other retirement accounts. When it comes to accessibility, your money is not

accessible until you’re 59 ½ years old without penalty. Investing here is the

most common way people think to grow money. We teach our clients about the diversity in strategies. You will always

have to be aware of any downturns as

well. Your funds will follow market trends which does not guarantee safety. Key

market is that you’ll pay taxes later at a The third home of money is Real Estate which had an amazing 2020. For many real estate investing has become an

extremely appealing career and side

hustle for many reasons. A few things

future benefits. Life insurance is not new wealth is not always considered when

discussing investments. With LIRP, you combine life insurance and investment

strategies to guarantee safety, growth, and tax-free distributions.

to know about real estate is that your

Individuals that are financially free and

since this is a physical dwelling. However,

basket but, have a diverse portfolio

money is not readily accessible and liquid the growth potential in owning a home by renting it out or flipping and selling properties is great. When discussing

real estate with clients we also discuss the tax advantages that come with

home ownership. Lastly, be prepared to

accommodate market trends, therefore, will not guarantee safety of your funds.

The fourth home of money mentioned

that provides accessibility, safety,

growth and tax advantages is called a

Life Insurance Retirement Plan or LIRP.

In the current climate, everyone should consider the advantages of having a

stable don’t put all their eggs in one

across these four homes and you can too. In a pandemic when some are

scrambling to gain a sense of comfort with their finances, create peace of

mind by reaching out to our team to

schedule a free consultation to structure a detailed financial plan to identify your

goals. The opportunity to financially win is now, and you don’t have to navigate

this space alone. You should be proud

of yourself, you survived 2020. Financial freedom can be different to everyone.

Let ’s conquer 2021!



Who is




adison Butler is a New Englander at heart but moved to Austin in 2017.

Her work is focused around creating

equitable spaces and creating scalable strategies to achieve psychological

safety. She is an outspoken advocate for mental health, destigmatizing trauma,

DEI and the ability to be “human at work”. She is passionate about facilitating hard

conversations through storytelling, data and tough empathy.

Madison is unapologetically Black

and Queer AF. Her goal is to ensure that everyone is given the space

to be unapologetic about their identity and feel like they belong in every room they walk into.

She is deeply committed to

deconstructing the status quo and

rebuilding corporate America, from the ground up, one organization at a time. Her mission is to ensure that no one

ever feels like corporate spaces were not made for them, and they can live, work, and exist out loud.

She is a start-up enthusiast and is

passionate about building inclusive teams from the ground up with

early-stage companies. Madison is


narrative around what it looks like to


committed to helping change the


be “human at work” and hoping to help


alleviate unconscious bias in Corporate

America to encourage radical inclusion.



Membership Form:


Q: You were labeled one of the most vociferous presences on Black LinkedIn because of your daily prescrips of #isaidwhatisaid, #thatsthetea, and #blackgirlmagic. What drives you to give such powerful and meaningful messages? It has definitely been a journey to become as loud as I am today. When I was in my

early twenties, I was in an incredibly violent and abusive relationship. This person had

convinced me to hate all of the things about me that make me who I am, my Blackness, my queerness, my intelligence. When

we broke up, our breakup made national

news because of how toxic it was. I quickly realized that no matter who I pretended to

be to fit in, the world was going to make up their own stories about me.

I was around 25 when I made the conscious decision to step into my power, and into

This was the day I decided I was henceforth

As a Black, queer woman, I realized how

needed companies to know that my identity

the rule when it came to basic human rights.

going to be the “Blue Haired Recruiter.” I was non-negotiable.

That is when I started writing about my

experiences as a Black queer woman in corporate America.

Our voices are magic, and they deserve to be heard.

Our struggles are shared, and we should be able to speak about them freely.

Change only comes when we can call out the problem.

Change comes from being uncomfortable. I am here to start the conversation. And “I said, what I said” because our

identities and our lived experiences are not up for debate.

my identity. I realized that the comfort of

Q: What was 2020 like for you in your

I did not want to be that watered down

2020 was a wild year. It was full of growth,

others was not my responsibility. I knew

personal & professional life?

version of myself again. I refused to

love and loss.

pretend to be someone I wasn’t in order to gain the respect of others.

We do not have to tone ourselves down in order to be palatable to society. I originally only thought to take this way of thinking into my personal life.

When I was 27, I went to a job

I took a VP title before 30, I bought my first home.

I co-founded a social impact movement, Rage2

Rainbows (www.

rage2rainbows.com). Rage2Rainbows is a collective

impact centered on making the

interview and

internet a safer

the organization

talked about how much they loved

me and wanted to

offer me a position.

However, they quickly

followed up with the fact

that they would need me to

straighten my hair, change my hair color,

cover my tattoos, take out my nose ring and wear a skirt. My head was spinning. In the

moment, I didn’t have the words because we are trained to think we should feel honored to work for organizations, to be wanted by

space. We believe


institutions are

unlikely to change

radically enough or

fast enough to make

everyone feel safe. What is

the best way to create safer, more

inclusive workplaces? Build them from the ground up. So, that is what we are doing. We are taking the energy from bullies

online and putting it into organizations that support the victims.

them. That is not the truth. Organizations

I also lost friends, family and people I cared

not have to change in order to “fit in.”

people liked the idea of me, but not me.

should feel honored to have us. We should

about because I finally realized how many

many people made me the exception not

Those who have never had their rights voted on showed their ignorance in 2020. It was

heartbreaking and freeing all at once to end these relationships.

I came out in 2020 as polyamorous and

introduced my parents to a new partner. I have two partners, Spencer (he/him) and Reese (they/them) and their

support has been life changing during this phase of my career.

I am going into 2021 fully aware of my worth, monetarily and otherwise surrounded by people (and dogs) who love me.

Q: What plans do you have for 2021 I will continue to be loud about Equity and

inclusion, speaking up for those who don’t have a voice and fighting to dismantle white supremacy.

My partners and I are also launching a

community for queer folx by queer folx. The community will be called the Triple B Community, and will include Slack,

Facebook, Patreon and live events. Events will be virtual until it is safe to gather. So

many of us didn’t receive acceptance from our friends, family and coworkers and we

wanted to create spaces online dedicated to acceptance, dialogue and connection.

My goal is for Black, queer and POC folx to know they belong in every room they walk into, and that includes corporate spaces.

We will also have a job board for companies to post roles. All organizations will be

thoroughly vetted to ensure that they value radical inclusivity, authenticity and safety. We are also starting a podcast called

ByeByeBinary (which is where the Triple B came from) launching in January!

Reese and I will be the voices and face,

while Spencer will be the human behind

the camera. Our podcast will be centered

around deconstructing heteronormativity in societal structures and corporate America.

We will talk about Queer love, pain, pleasure and everything in between. There is so

much stigma around gender identity and

queerness, and we are determined to create a safe space and community for queer folx. COVER STORY |



This is only a brief summary of important information about BIKTARVY and does not replace talking to your healthcare provider about your condition and your treatment.



BIKTARVY may cause serious side effects, including:

BIKTARVY may cause serious side effects, including: � Those in the “Most Important Information About BIKTARVY” section. � Changes in your immune system. Your immune system may get stronger and begin to fight infections. Tell your healthcare provider if you have any new symptoms after you start taking BIKTARVY. � Kidney problems, including kidney failure. Your healthcare provider should do blood and urine tests to check your kidneys. If you develop new or worse kidney problems, they may tell you to stop taking BIKTARVY. � Too much lactic acid in your blood (lactic acidosis), which is a serious but rare medical emergency that can lead to death. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you get these symptoms: weakness or being more tired than usual, unusual muscle pain, being short of breath or fast breathing, stomach pain with nausea and vomiting, cold or blue hands and feet, feel dizzy or lightheaded, or a fast or abnormal heartbeat. � Severe liver problems, which in rare cases can lead to death. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you get these symptoms: skin or the white part of your eyes turns yellow, dark “tea-colored” urine, light-colored stools, loss of appetite for several days or longer, nausea, or stomach-area pain. � The most common side effects of BIKTARVY in clinical studies were diarrhea (6%), nausea (6%), and headache (5%).

� Worsening of hepatitis B (HBV) infection. If you

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BEFORE TAKING BIKTARVY Tell your healthcare provider if you:

These are not all the possible side effects of BIKTARVY. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you have any new symptoms while taking BIKTARVY.

� Have or have had any kidney or liver problems,

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� Have any other health problems.

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� Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. It is not

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Because HIV doesn’t change who you are.

BIKTARVY® is a complete, 1-pill, once-a-day prescription medicine used to treat HIV-1 in certain adults. BIKTARVY does not cure HIV-1 or AIDS.

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Please see Important Facts about BIKTARVY, including important warnings, on the previous page and visit BIKTARVY.com. THE UNLEASHED VOICE |


The Impact of Rising Above Mediocrity

Shannon Whittington is a clinical nurse

educator and certified speaker. She is the author of the forthcoming book LGBTQ+:

ABC’s for Grownups. Shannon

speaks virtually encouraging LGBTQ+

inclusion and Servant Leadership. For bookings contact:

hello@WhittingtonConsulting.com Follow Shannon:



By Shannon Whittington


uman beings are interesting creatures. On the one hand, we are bubbling with

intellectual curiosity and we want to explore the unknown. We venture into places no

human has ever stepped foot before and we dare ourselves to reach for the stars. That

is the metaphorical “angel” on our shoulder, spurring us to walk forward on the neverending treadmill towards perfection.

But on the other shoulder sits the voice of

complacency, singing the same song, “you’ve done enough. You’re comfortable. Why want

Inspiration can come from watching people crush their goals. Our actions (or inactions)

can have an emotional impact on the people around us, whether we intend it or not.

My academic endeavor of going for my

doctorate has inspired two of my friends to pursue higher education. One is pursuing

her master’s degree and the other one will be a fellow Doctor of Nursing scholar in

the near future. My friends’ successs may

undoubtedly inspire other friends as well, and on and on it goes, like a ripple effect.

more?” The temptation to heed these words

The quest for self-betterment may include

it is much easier to settle for mediocrity,

profession. For example, I have written two

has never been greater. In our modern world, especially if moderate success has been

achieved. If we have a decent job and money in the bank, why bother? The question,

“what more do you want?” temptingly whispers in our heads. The answer to that could be,

“I want to be better tomorrow than I am today.” And there is no reason why you can’t be. All it takes is drive and belief.

The best thing about inspiration is that it can come from anywhere. I’m sure many of us, at

some point in our lives, have given ourselves a pep talk and pushed ourselves to go for

something that we believed was out of reach. Many of these times, our daring endeavors have ended successfully. We might look

around and think that we have done enough

to make ourselves stand out from the crowd but comparing ourselves is not the best

mindset. In the quest for self-improvement, we are competing against the previous

version of ourselves; and if the iPhone has

taught us anything, it’s that there can always be a newerand better version.



things that are not related to your job or

books. This is something I never thought I

would be capable of doing, let alone getting

published! Many of us may have stories and ideas bouncing around in our heads. Ideas that are begging to be immortalized.

So, go ahead! Fire up your idea and move forward! The main thing is to get started no matter what the goal is.

If it turns out that you are good at trying

something new, and this might very well be the case, you may discover a new passion.

Who knows? Maybe you will turn it into a

full-time job. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Getting paid for doing the thing you love,

being your own boss! In fact, that’s exactly what my best friend did. She started her

own business and now she spends her days

working hard to build her own dream instead of building someone else’s.

In the end, Henry Ford said it best “whether

you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” So if the choice is yours, then choose

the “I can!” and don’t worry about the amount of time it will take to get there. Time will pass anyway, so it’s best to spend it going in the

right direction by doing that thing that brings us joy. Wouldn’t you agree?


for the success of his company from a

concept he read about in a book (Good to Great by Jim Collins). It was “the

fly-wheel concept” of growth through

momentum. A fly wheel gains speed with each revolution that moves it faster and

smoother. By building his company on the

concept of growth through the momentum of customer buying obsession, he has mastered a fly wheel of revenue that grows with each on-line purchase.

Lastly, be enthusiastic with change and be

By Beth Trouy

open to doubt and making mistakes. It’s


our human nature to resist error and the

here’s a familiar reflection some preachers

older we get, the more we crave comfort,

like to remind us at funerals about the writing

predictability and stability. These things

on headstones. You see the name, their birth date,

are good, but they can also keep us from

the little dash in the middle and their date of death.

growth and development when it’s time

The real question they say is not about the birth

to move forward. We have to dream more

or the death, because neither did they really have

and fear less. We have to be willing to dare

much control of, but the question is about the dash

tapping into the greatness that dwells

in the middle. That dash. Your life right now. How do

within us and be accepting of the miss

we make that dash count for something?

We’ve all turned the page of 2020 (thankful that

steps along the way. It’s our mistakes

year is in the books) and are looking ahead and

Secondly, listen to your voice and find your

What are we going to do differently with our yearly

love most, you will naturally excel. When

probably making our New Year’s resolutions list. list so we can succeed? Henry Ford once said, “Mediocrity is the worst enemy of prosperity.” How do we rise above the mundane and get

ourselves on a path to more prosperous living? First, decide what stays and what needs to go.

What values and tenets most define and move

you and what obstacles need to be confronted

passion. If you focus on doing what you

you do what you love and love what you

do, your passion shows and your innate joy in your work propels you to excellence.

You will never be great at something you

don’t enjoy doing. You might never be rich doing what you love, but you will most certainly be happy.

and eliminated? Cling tightly to the things that

If you are a person that struggles with

community or social justice issues. Maybe it’s your

environment. Namely, be around people

matter most to you: maybe it’s your faith, family, sense of discipline, of preparedness or healthy

living. Nurture these things that give you the most

energy and enthusiasm for living. Make time each day. As for the obstacles, write them down and

develop a plan for confronting them one at a time. One of the biggest obstacles is attitude. In all

things, framing a positive attitude and repelling negativity is paramount to success. You can’t change history, but you can change what

happens tomorrow. Successful people aren’t

necessarily more talented, gifted or privileged.

motivation, surround yourself in a positive who lift you up, challenge you in good

ways and act as role models to help you think differently. Choose your friends wisely and your teachers even more

better and wiser. Don’t fear error.

Living above mediocrity requires risk,

failure and an enthusiasm for change. It

demands that we listen to both our own

voice and choose wisely with listening to the voices around us. We must embody

a positive attitude in making the most of

our current situations with what we have now. We must pursue those things we

are most passionate about for these are

the things that move us to greatness and true happiness. We can’t change what’s already been, but we can change where

we are going. Someday, you too will have a headstone. What will you do with your dash? On your marks, get set...

carefully. Listen to positive podcasts

that open your mind and stimulate new

ways of thinking. Join groups online that share your passion and learn from them. Sometimes, the best way to find your own voice starts with being a good listener to others.

What they all have in common however is a

Pick one thing. Focus on it and master it

you’ve got, where you are now.

CEO of Amazon says he got his idea

positive attitude. Do what you can, with what

that have the most potential in making us

before you move to another. Jeff Bezos, THE UNLEASHED VOICE |



How has being featured on Hell’s Kitchen changed your life?

Being on television have

changed my life for the better. This isn’t my first time on

television. I had my first tv news segment on a local television station Fox 29 Good Day

Philadelphia a couple of years ago. Being on local television

numerous times I have become a household name through

the Tri-State area (Philly, New

Jersey and Delaware). Landing

the spot on this season of Hell’s Kitchen have opened many

more doors and opportunities. The show is aired all over the world and just from social

media I have gained over 1K

followers, increased business

opportunities and gained new clients. It is truly a blessing. Honestly, I didn’t think I was

going to get picked. Six years ago, I applied for two other

seasons of Hell’s Kitchen and I didn’t get picked or even a

call back. I thought I was ready for national tv, but all things

happen in God’s timing. I was

coached by a few friends and they encouraged me to apply for season 19. The casting

was in 2019, I was dealing with

depression, suicidal tendencies and in the process of being



evicted out of my apartment.

I was heading into a downward

spiral and my life was spinning

out of control, and I didn’t know

what else to do. I Thank God for

family, friends and being cast on

the show because Hell’s Kitchen saved my life and my career.

When I was going through all the auditions I was open about my

struggles. I credit this mindset

to my great grandmother Esther A. Smith who is my inspiration. In the words of Mary J Blige

“What’s the 411?” Well, I’m in

the process of expanding my catering business “Young &

Hungry Catering” to the South, YES, this Philly boy is going

to South Carolina where the

expansion will be my first full service restaurant, offering

cooking classes, job training

for prospective future chefs,

more television shows and also finishing the last few pages of my first cookbook “From My

Kitchen To Hell’s Kitchen.” 2021 is going to be even greater

definitely for men and women with a dream and a vision. I

encourage everyone to keep

pushing keep grinding and invest in your dreams and use social

media as a platform to promote yourself and your business.

My motto to the readers is “It

started with a knife and a potato and the rest is history.”

experience losses of our cis- and transgender brothers, sisters, and siblings to racist police & hate crimes while also watching

justice being half served, if at all. Simultaneously, some of us had

to face losing income and housing, causing further socioeconomic disparity. The saddest part is, the list of losses goes on, with the majority of us being affected. 2020 proved to break any idea or

notion that it is our divine right as human beings to have control

over anything. To say that our odds are low in having to mentally

survive the prolonged grief of 2020 while also having to physically

survive a pandemic is an under-understatement. Since being Black

& LGBTQAI only increases our likelihood of developing mental health conditions, I’m not surprised that a lot of us lost hope altogether. There were days where I could barely get out of bed.

Like many, I had to watch the world fall into a pit of despair while

navigating my own personal trauma and hardships. I couldn’t shake the feelings of fear and anxiety, which is where the depressive

episodes and suicidal thoughts started to form. There was a point

where I was forced to dig deeper within myself. I had to consistently practice gratitude. With a gratitude journal, I was reminded of my

privilege in having my health, my loved ones, and a steady income while so many others could not say the same. Gratefulness also

Protecting My Mental Health as A Black Queer Woman During A Pandemic


eset. This word heavily resonated with me as we collectively

entered 2021. There’s something special and refreshing about

revealed the key in coping during prolonged difficult periods:

perspective. Finding and being guided by a new perspective helped me let go of some of my capitalistic ideas of success. Instead

of being hard on myself for taking mental breaks and resting, I

developed more grace toward myself. Instead of cursing myself for

not having achievements compared to others on my Instagram feed, I started honoring that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I am

successful because I am surviving a pandemic while preserving and

developing my authentic self. I am special, not because of how many things I check off my to-do list, but because I’m simply existing. Does this new-found perspective fix all of my mental health

struggles? Absolutely not. While perspective opens our eyes to

turning the page on the old and moving into the future. A future of

a new way of thinking, believing, and living, I still have to do the

as a Black queer woman who is hella creative, I have to cultivate

ways of healing, like journaling, asking for help, and taking herbal

false sense, of liberation has been essential to my survival, being

for me like therapy, creating content, and interacting with my

more than starting anew - it’s knowing that we can manage the

survival. Let’s not forget, mental survival is what our Black and

necessary to stare our burdens in the face without fear. This is what

mental survival is how we’re able to preserve who we are so that

to be constantly at work to take us all out.

mental health was never a priority to us before, 2020 has made it

possibilities, optimism, and hope. Call me a “woo-woo” shorty, but

work to prevent a depressive spiral. I’ve had to be open to different

a sense of liberation at all times. This constant, and sometimes

supplements. I also had to lean into existing practices that work

diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder in 2014. Resetting is

support system. For me, these things are necessary for my mental

burdens placed on us. We can gain the confidence and courage

LGBTQAI ancestors had to cultivate during very dire times. Our

protecting my mental health looked like during a year that seemed

we can continue to harness our power through tumultuous eras. If

Early into the pandemic, I struggled with my mental health bad.

There were so many times where I felt like I was going to snap at any moment. It was hard to adjust to the loss of in-person interactions

with my closest friends and girlfriend, but we were globally tasked to radically adjust to a new normal. We had to cope with the grief

of 300,000+ deaths due to coronavirus complications. We had to

crystal clear that it needs to be one now. The journey isn’t always

easy, as healing and doing the mental work comes with forgiveness and sacrificing our bad habits. At the very least, we can be clear in knowing that we have the resilience to endure and conquer

detrimental times. That perspective can be exactly where our mental liberation begins, which can hopefully lead us to taking better care of our mental health well beyond the end of the pandemic.




when I would find out they were straight actors. I was adamant when casting that I wanted LGBTQ

actors as I wanted this to be genuine, realistic and

not the stereotypical characters that we see on TV today” said, Payne.

Film Director & Co Writer Veronica Fearon was born to Jamaican parents in the East End of London.

Fearon has a degree in psychology and has worked as a criminal lawyer for most of her adult life. Her extensive work on criminal law brought her in

contact with some of the most dangerous and


anny Boy dives into identity and the social pressures that are profoundly affecting

young LGBTQ people today.

This coming-of-age comedy drama follows

Danny who after one bad decision finds herself in community service with a group of young LGBTQ

offenders. Danny’s life is turned upside down once more when she falls for Lola and whilst Danny is

trying to get her life back on track, she has a battle on her hands with the homophobic abuse she receives in both her work and personal life.

Film Writer & Producer Rochelle Payne decided to write Danny Boy because of her frustration

with the lack of current LGBTQ films and shows

that focused on QPOC that are based in London. “Growing up I always felt different and I could never relate to characters on television.

When I did watch shows that had characters that were gay, I would always feel a bit disheartened

vulnerable people in London. Echoes of this can be seen in characters penned in Veronica’s published books The Girl With The Treasured Chest and The

Thirsty Stranger. Her huge success of both books and attracting multiple literary prize nominations

created a power team to collaborate on Danny Boy. Veronica was brought on as a co-writer and work behind the scenes and on the set.







with Elle’s Elixirs LAUREN WILLIAMS-BATISTE LAUREN’S BACKSTORY. I live by the motto, “Here for others. True to self.” During the past few

months’ family, community and entrepreneurship have been the driving

force of my focus. Me and my husband, Donald Batiste Jr., are first-time parents to our daughter, Ada Elle. Ada Elle is named after my great-

grandmother who rose from sharecropping to a career as civic leader and entrepreneur in the North Memphis neighborhood in Tennessee. Based in my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, I’m following in my great-grandmother’s footsteps with my own business Elle’s Elixirs. Named after Ada Elle to bring everything full circle, my business

offers CBD and CBD-free herbal blends that can be sipped, soaked and smoked. I earned her B.A. in History from the historically Black

institution, Tennessee State University, after focusing on Africana and Women’s studies. I went on to earn her M.S. in Educational Theory

and Practice from Arkansas State University. I have devoted most of

my professional career to working with advocacy, policy and political

organizations that champion reproductive justice, health and rights and educational equity. In the community, I’m engaged with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., The Junior League of Memphis, Memphis Tilth, CHOICES, and a proud dance mom with Collage Dance Collective. ELLE’S ELIXIRS BACKSTORY. The same year I was pregnant with my daughter I also developed a Lauren Williams-Batiste 901.233.8505




wellness concept that helped bring balance and vitality back into my life postpartum. Elle’s Elixirs was created because life

postpartum came at me fast. I spent about 6 months on research and development before I was ready to go full steam ahead.

Elle’s Elixirs officially launched at the Mid-

alternatives by sip, soaking or smoking

have been able to put my products in front

eccentric glam aesthetic, and unique

South Hemp Festival in 2019. Since then, I of my target market. This helped me to

capture key demographics about my target

customer. Since then, I’ve spent hundreds of

our products. My wellness model, tagline, product offerings help to set me apart from my competition.

Q: What are the Highlight of some Elle’s Elixirs products?

There has been a great deal of myths that

unwind, find relief from aches and pains,

I have a lot of customers who are just

years relating to hemp. One myth that I

and stop smoking tobacco, which are all key

and hemp products. I offer non-CBD

hours talking with mostly women ages 21-

45 years old that were seeking ways to relax, increase their nutrient and vitamin intake benefits of Elixir No. 1 and Elixir No. 2.

We are a wellness brand that knows self-

care and wellness look different for different women. We provide creative solutions

making self-care simple and attainable.

We offer our customers three innovative approaches, “sip, soak, smoke,” that

promote relaxation, creativity and fulfillment through sip, soaking or smoking our herbal elixirs. Our elixirs consist of hibiscus,

peppermint, raspberry leaf, rose petals, blue cornflowers and industrial hemp. Hemp is a plant that has a rich nutrition profile and helps relieve pain and anxiety.

Our eccentric glam style gives our brand a signature looks and feel that always

invokes curiosity with potential customers. I know exactly who my customers are and what they are seeking. They are in search of a product that doesn’t take up a lot of

time in their day, allows them to incorporate wellness into their regular activities and

helps them live life with natural wellness

beginning to explore the benefits of CBD products for individuals seeking hemp

free options. Elixir No. 1 is blended with

hibiscus, peppermint, raspberry leaf and roses. Studies have shown Cannabidiol

or better known as CBD to provide relief from anxiety, depression and post-

traumatic stress disorder. Research also supports that it promotes sleep as well. CBD is non-psychoactive which is an

added benefit for many consumers. For

consumers looking to gain health benefits from the plant without the high, CBD or

CBG might be of interest. Elixir No. 2 has

hibiscus, peppermint, raspberry leaf, blue cornflower and hemp, which has 143mg of CBD per serving sizes. Finally, our

Elixir Boxes give our customers a true sip, soak, and smoke experience by providing them with all the tools and accessories to elevate their experience.

Q: Debunk some myths about CBD & CBG products and educate our readers about the benefits of using them.

have been floating around in the last few want to debunk is that no research has

been done on the compound. That is simply not true, there are credible, double-blind

and randomized research studies available for review. Another myth concerning CBD

products is that all CBD products are made equally. This is not true, you should know

exactly where and how the hemp you are consuming is being grown, from seed to

sale. A legal gray area exists right now as

new FDA guidelines are being drawn. Make

sure the hemp you are consuming has been tested and the company can provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Cannabidiol and Cannabigerol are two of more than 100 cannabinoids found

in the hemp. Studies have shown CBD or Cannabidiol as providing relief for

anxiety, depression and post-traumatic

stress disorder. Research supports that it

promotes sleep as well. If you take any kind of medication, it is best to check with your healthcare provider before trying CBG or

CBD. Studies show that cannabinoids work best when they’re all consumed together. THE UNLEASHED VOICE |



If you are anything like me, your first response to Trump leaving office

will be one of profound

relief. I, for one, was not

sure democracy would

survive the Trump years. Actually, I am

still not sure we are safe from his lies and

conspiracy theories, but I will breathe a sigh

of relief when Trump boards that presidential helicopter, hopefully for the last time.

There is nothing wrong with taking time to celebrate the hard work of environmental and human rights activists who will have made that day possible.

But I am also aware, that Trump was not

so much the problem as a symptom of the problem. Trump never would have gotten

close to the presidency were not our nation susceptible to his racism, sexism and

nationalistic narcissism. So, after our sigh

of relief at seeing Trump go, we must then

be honest about the work progressives will need to do under Biden.

The sad history of post-election

disappointments has not been carved by

some external hand of providence. It crawls

like a reptile out of the discrepancy between

who Americans say we are and what we have actually become. But here is the good news: Democracy is not founded on personalities; it is founded on principles. We save the



For many of the world’s most vulnerable people, the situation does not change

much when the two parties change power. Many People of Color have languished in prison under Democratic as well as Republican administrations.

Many undocumented people were

detained or incarcerated under Obama

as well as Trump. And for many places in the world like Yemen and Palestine

they may be betrayed by Democrats as surely as Republicans. republic, not by changing captains, but by

I had a professor in seminary who used to

matter who sits in the captain’s chair if

Justice, she is always found fleeing the

corrupt system cannot be prophetic,

to mean that people tend to be prophetic

The key will be, when Joe Biden turns out

when they are out of power, but apologists

it drives us to despair, or lifts us to

when in power. So, after resisting the

changing course. In the end it does not

say, “If you are looking for the Goddess of

the ship has lost its rudder. Leaders in a

camp of the victors.” I took those words

but We the People can and must be.

about the injustices of their political foes

to be just another mortal, whether

for the abuses done by their political party

our own duty as citizens.

hateful rhetoric of Donald Trump, we must

So, we can celebrate the defeat of

Trumpism, yet also realize the need to

find the courage to resist the kinder and gentler oppression of Joe Biden.

pressure the new administration to include

We elected Joe Biden, but we weren’t

privilege. Lifelong activists do not vote

Democratic name tags, we were voting for

know there is no such thing as “happy

most. Regardless of who is in office, we

also realize the difference between a

of who is in office, we want a living wage

call us to be world citizens, a politician

is in office, we want LGBTQ equality.

prophet would call us to be a voice for the

women to be treated as persons under

unpopular minority populations in the

have inalienable rights over their own

right wings of vested privilege. A prophet

want wars based on benefiting American

property rights, a president is expected

who is in office we want the votes and the

earth in the invisible and pitiless hand of

used as bargaining chips.

our part in the unending cycle of post-

one of joy in knowing we are living out

those who live outside the bubbles of

voting for candidates because of their

for heroes, but for leverage. Activists

a better world for the people who need It

ever after” when it comes to politics. They

want universal healthcare. Regardless

politician and a prophet. A prophet would

for the working poor. Regardless of who

must put America first to get re-elected. A

Regardless of who is in office, we want

voiceless, a politician is expected to betray

the constitution, which means that they

name of consensus between the left and

bodies. Regardless of who is in office we

would call us to choose human rights over

corporations to cease. Regardless of

to leave the fate of the wretched of the

safety of People of Color to never again be

the market. Somehow, we must recognize

Fortunately, the life of an activist can be

election disappointment. We will not vote

of our highest values. There is a saying

for anyone who does not inspire us to our highest ideals, but after they are elected,

we will not support anyone who does not pander to our basest appetites.

that the life of activism only gives us two things: loving friends and living

dreams. But what life path could be more meaningful than that?




nce upon a time we only had a binary

system to define people’s experiences.

People were forced to only exist within a rigid

construct of Gender (Male or Female). Now we

are finally beginning to understand that Gender expression is simply a matter of how a person

expresses their gender identity, typically through dress, appearance, or mannerisms. Masculinity and femininity don’t belong to a gender! We all know a vagina doesn’t make a woman, and a

penis doesn’t make a man either. If you say you are a woman, then you are as you say. And vice versa: If you say you are a Man, you are a Man. As more people begin to embrace their

true identities, we should be able to define

ourselves to our friends, family, and society.

Doing this makes our society accepting and

open to different people making their way in the world. We often forget that we don’t get

to define other people’s experiences as they

navigate the world. As I myself have changed and evolved, the terms I use to describe

myself, and my politics, and my knowledge

have also changed and evolved. As we define

ourselves, we must also try hard to not imitate oppressive systems and structures: White Supremacy (Racism), Cis-Supremacy (Cis-

HeteroPatriarchy), Heternormativity, Gender Based Bigotry (Sexism), for example.

I have been on panels where we were so

divided on who deserves to be at the table

presumption all over again that the table would be right to exclude either one of us. How could she say such a thing after I’m sure cisgender

people have invalidated her own experience as

a woman? Isn’t that the indignity we’re all trying to take a seat and discuss? How could either one of us turn around and then assert that

the other has no business pulling up a chair?

Should the Binary Trans Folks be the only ones at the table, or is there room for more than one type of Trans person?

Then we have the (Cisgender) Gays who

sometimes say that Non Binary Trans folks

aren’t Trans because they aren’t transitioning to a new Gender. Even with this newfound

freedom of Identities, even within marginalized groups, we can find ourselves in a tendency

to marginalize other groups. Remember how

white people used race as a way to marginalize black folks for hundreds of years? Sometimes I think people forget about intersectionality

and how these identities intersect with each

other, making a whole ass person. If you know movement history, Sylvia and Marsha used varying terms to describe themselves, and

today they would be considered Gender Non Conforming or Non Binary Trans. I wonder who would dare tell them how to describe

themselves and where they belonged, after they were at Stonewall Inn and started the Modern Gay Rights Movement.

representing trans folks. First, I must point out

I say each to his, or her, or their own. We don’t

the table denotes ownership of the table. For

enemy. Let’s make this world a better place for

that talking about who should be invited to

example, the (Binary Trans Woman) said she felt like (Non Binary) Trans folks aren’t Trans -- and that within itself is oppressive, suggesting the

need to be fighting among ourselves. I ain’t your those who are coming up behind us. Let’s not

forget that LGBTQIA youth are the future. And let’s not forget that the future is only moments away.





SEARCH FOR GUIDANCE To find a new direction, you need to search for proper guidance and gain support for new learning for it is only through this that you will get to discover the authenticity of your life. GO FOR CLARITY

lives is not really in sync with living their

Living on purpose requires you to be clear about your own personality. You need to know what values you uphold and identify your passions, strengths and weaknesses, all of which should be aligned as you claim your life’s purpose together with the intention of serving the greater good and meeting humanity’s needs.

living on purpose? How will you be able to


authentic and put your purpose into action

The highest form of life fulfillment stems

steps to Unleashing Your Vision for a

your desire to express your purpose after

Most people today are struggling with

the concern that how they are doing their life’s purpose. But what are the basics of live a life that is aligned with your calling,

every single day? We can start with baby purpose filled life!

from serving those around you, driven by you have finally known your inner self. TAKE A STEP FORWARD Commit yourself to your brand new path of living on purpose today and step forward as you create a plan on how to further develop yourself to become better tomorrow.






a g a z i n




The Unleashed Voice Magazine will cultivate the stories of LGBTQ people with engaging and empowering conversation to people of the world about the multicultural LGBTQ Community.

The Unleashed Voice Magazine (TUV Magazine) will aid the LGBTQ Community and its allies in redefining how the diverse LGBTQ person wishes to be viewed or spoken about. TUV Magazine will be the optimal print and media hub for the affluent LGBTQ consumer and those who want to be included in the “Unleashing” movement.

First, you have to be aware that “what is” is not necessarily the genuine expression of your creative, powerful and true self. You have to begin acknowledging the difference of being mindful of how you live in today, the present moment, and how you constantly project your personal desires in the future which have chances of not turning out real. BE COMMITTED Show your commitment to working on this present path, made more interesting by the unconscious impulses and discover what it really takes to conquer reactivity. Learn to live intentionally and start expressing the real you.

BE THANKFUL At the end of the day, living your life’s purpose boils down on saying thank you and being grateful for being alive, with all the chances of experiencing energy, breath and all of the basic goodness of life.

Profile for The Unleashed Voice Magazine

2021 January February TUV Magazine | The Impact Issue featuring the Madison Butler on the cover!