The Unleashed Voice Magazine 2022 Media Kit

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Vision Statement


2. The Unleashed Voice Radio Show for the LGBTQ Community airs on KWAM 990 Talk Radio every Saturday at 5:00 PM CST. The Unleashed Voice Radio Show is a brand of the Unleashed Family. The Unleashed Voice Maga zine will be promoted on a platform with an established diverse, affluent and educated audience of 40,000 weekly listeners.

We can help you Reach the right people with the right information to help save lives.

“We’re more than a magazine, we’re a Synergized Movement.”

Mission Statement

The Unleashed Voice Magazine (TUV Magazine) will cultivate the stories of LGBTQ people with engaging and empowering conversation to people of the world about the multicultural LGBTQ Community.

ccording to a recent estimate by the Center for Disease Control, the South is the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS epi demic. The Unleashed Voice Magazine will provide direct circulation in three of those southern states; Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and communities alike. We will intentionally promote prescription drug ads that inform patients about broad support for people living with HIV/AIDS, full access to medical services to attract widespread HIV testing and linkage to care. The facts are plain; advertising with The Unleashed Voice Magazine will aid in in creasing public awareness to eradicate HIV/AIDS.

Airs on Facebook Live @ TUV Magazine and our Youtube Channel @theunleashedvoice every Thursday at 7:00 PM CST


The Unleashed Voice Magazine will aid the LGBTQ Community and its allies in redefining how the diverse LGBTQ person wishes to be viewed or spoken about. TUV Magazine is the optimal print and media hub for the affluent LGBTQ consumer and those who want to be included in the “Unleashing” movement.



1. Our community involvement is es tablished with The Unleashed Family brand. The Relationships Unleashed is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization founded in November 2014 to fight inequality and empower the LGBTQ Community with 3E Core principles of Education, Empowerment, and En richment. Proceeds of The Unleashed Voice Magazine will be used to give back to various nonprofit entities in the Memphis community.


Listen to the First Black LGBTQ Talk Radio Program


The LGBTQ consumers purchase from companies/brands that advertise in gay media, deliver product messages in gay-specific advertising, and support gay and lesbian community causes.

The Unleashed Voice Magazine brand will stand alone in its abili ty to connect with and influence the LGBTQ Community and supporters. To capitalize on the power, The Unleashed Voice Magazine will work with you to create a customized, engaging, and highly effective marketing program designed to extend the reach and reinforce the connection of your brand among our deeply invested readers. For more information on The Unleashed Voice Magazine’s marketing program and advertising opportunities, contact

Source Growth&SpiritualityPersonal Politics Love Career & Business Hot &FashionTopicsBeautyLGBT Culture 10 299 9 12 18 13 DID YOU KNOW? The LGBTQ Community has over $3.7 Trillion DOLLARS In buying power... OUR BUYERS TRUST US! Dr.BernardDr.INTERVIEW!EXCLUSIVEMarye&MarsheTurner Charting a new way to care for patients Meet “The New Doctors On The Block” who are creating paradigm shift patient care Memphis, TN. Spirit Health Center delivers Primary Health Care individuals living with and without HIV diverse and respectable atmosphere. + + + My Mother Died FROM COVID-19 THEANOMALYNORMAL The ProjectCommunityLGBTQLiberation Doing the work of liberation and reimagining better, more equitable future Why One Woman Refuses to Normalize Church Hurt Story to Hopefully Encourage How We Need To Better Protect Our Elderly How To Become Involved and Why It Important To Show Up For The Transgender Community VISIT TUVMAG.COM The World AIDS Day Issue “We Are Bigger Than HIV” TRANSGENDER DAY of Remembrance & THECHURCHBLACK NOV DEC 2021 We mercilessly hold ourselves and our locale accountable for seeking out and hearing out the traditionally suppressed and overlooked interests, concerns, notions, demands, and perspectives of individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups including youth, ethnic, and LGBTQ communities. Know Your Readers Age Range 18 -Adult Average Income $72,000 College Education 77% Master’s Degree 32% Owns a Home 64% Travels 2x/ year 71% Dines out 6x/ month 84% Travels Domestically 76% Travels abroad 36% Uses Internet Sevices 93% Owns one or more pets 68% Owns one or more vehicles 86%

They THIS KIND OF PUBLICATIONthewholeobservation

Gay men and women go out more, buy more, have more disposable income and are extremely loyal customers.



“OurSUPPORTERSTUVsupPortersARETHEBEST!Youguyskeepusmotivated.Wecan’tthankeachofyouenoughforallthesupportyou’veshownusalongourjourney”—TeamTUV We Business.mean

We invite you to read, share, celebrate, and advertise with us as we work each day to educate, empower, and enrich the community across all of our brands and platforms.

• The circulation is 20,000 published.

• The

Annual All Black Affair

NC Primary Cities January / February 2021 The Impact Issue “Living Above Mediocrity” March / April 2021 The Transformation Issue “Own Your Powers” May / June 2021 The Pride Issue “What Is Your Why?” July / August 2021 The Pivot Issue “Living Beyond Limits” November / December 2021 World AIDS Day Issue “Better Than HIV” January / February 2022 The Rise Up Issue “Finding You” 2220CALENDAR

Art & Photography 5 p.m. the 10th of the preceding month


Space Reservation

The TUV Awards

The Unleashed Voice Magazine will be distributed as a low cost publication de livered to you by mail upon subscription. Publication will be available throughout the primary cities listed via nightclubs, restaurants, coffee shops, athletic clubs, health centers, corporate and business of fices, hotels, bookstores as well as special events and LGBTQ organizations. have a question to ask tuv @tuvmagazine |


World AIDS Day

5th of the publication month

TriState Pride

• The readership is 46,000 (2.3 readers per magazine)


annual events

5 p.m. the 5th of the preceding month

• OF Memphis, TN Atlanta, WestNashville,GATNMemphis, AR Little Rock, AR Horn Lake, MS Southaven, MS Jackson, Washington,MS Birmingham, AL Oxford, Hattiesburg,MS Los Angeles, CA Clarksdale, MS Dallas, TX Camp Springs, MD Indianapolis, IN Baltimore, MD Bronx, BeverlyNYHills, CA Panama City Beach, Gulfport,Florida Philadelphia,MS PA Denver, CO Detroit, WiltonColumbia,NewCleveland,Chicago,Brooklyn,MINYILOHYork,NYMOManors, Charlotte,



Street Date




• The

NEW YEAR, NU YOU, NU MONEY, NUTHEPRIDEHEALTHINPEWS The Toxic Relationship between the LGBTQIA Community and the Black Church Articles inside improve your physical wellness, finances, mental health AJComingTotten-ReynoldsOutStoryLivingPositivelyOutLoud BlackNationalHIV/AIDS HYPOCRISY HOMOPHOBIA:& JAN FEB2022 THE RISE UP ISSUE FINDING YOU Dr.FosterLakara shiftingUnapologeticallytheperspectivearoundhergift Dr. Foster sought-after psychic after her appearance on VH1 Couple Retreat went viral. series entitled “The Gift.” CHRISTIANAUTHORMINISTER INTERVIEW!EXCLUSIVE Dr.BernardDr.INTERVIEW!Marye&MarsheTurner Charting new way to care for patients whoarecreating paradigmshift patientcare Memphis,TN.SpiritHealth individualslivingwithandwithoutHIV diverseandrespectableatmosphere. + + + My Mother Died FROM COVID-19 THEANOMALYNORMAL The ProjectCommunityLGBTQLiberation Story Hopefully EncourageHowWeNeed BetterProtectOurElderly HowToBecomeInvolvedand Why ImportantToShow ForTheTransgenderCommunity The World AIDS Day Issue “We Are Bigger Than HIV” TRANSGENDER DAY of Remembrance THECHURCHBLACK NOV DEC2021


1.75” (w) x 0.2125” (h) (safe/type area)


national advertising - rivendell media company 1248 us - 22 mountainside, nj 07092, 908-232-2021

Reserves the right to reject any advertisement submitted, as well as the right to print the word “advertisement” on any ad that, in our opinion, resembles editorial copy. We assume no responsibility for artwork or photographs left with us 30 days or longer after the last contract insertion date. The advertiser and/or advertising agency agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from and against any loss or expenses resulting from any disputes or legal claims.

Web Banners


2. This contract covers only bona fide advertising relating to the regular business of the advertiser, and may not be transferred or assigned, in whole or in part, to another advertiser.

1 x 3

Eight Page (H) 2.688 x 4.063

Width x Height

Half Page (vertical)

Eight Page (V) 4.063 x 2.688

Bottom: 1014 pixels (w) x 138 pixels (h) (actual size)

4. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS: The Unleashed Voice Magazine will not be responsible for errors or omissions except to the extent of the cost of the first insertion and then only to the extent of a makegood publication for that portion of the advertisement rendered valueless by such error. Such allowance or adjustment shall not be made if the error is not material or was the fault of the advertiser. Any claim for adjustment must be presented in writing to TUV Magazine publisher within ten days of ad publication. The Unleashed Voice Magazine will not be responsible for errors overlooked by the advertiser after an ad has been proofed and approved.

3. The Unleashed Voice Magazine reserves the right to reject or edit any advertising copy submitted for publication. At TUV Magazine’s option, the word “Advertisement” may be inserted above or below any advertisement. All instructions to TUV Magazine relative to advertisements must be given in writing. In the case of contracts requiring a stated frequency of insertion, the copy last furnished shall continue to be inserted until new copy is submitted. The Unleashed Voice Magazine shall have the right to determine the classification of any advertising copy submitted.

Side bar: 470 pixels (w) x 470 pixels (h) (actual size)

Format: PDF (300 DPI) - Bleed only on full pages, NO printer marks advertisement rates

Half Page (V) No Bleed 4.063 x 10.625

The Unleashed Voice Magazine, LLC.

Half Page (H) Bleed 8.625 x 5.563

File Format & AD RATES

Half Page (H) No Bleed 8.125 x 5.313

Artwork must be emailed to:


5. TERMINATION AND CANCELLATION: Advertising contracts will be effective the date signed by advertiser. No rebates will be issued for additional contract space or term used. If during the period covered by this contract, the full amount of space contracted for is not used, or if this contract is terminated because of a breach thereof by the advertiser, then the advertiser shall be “short rated” and shall pay for the space actually used at the rates set forth on the rate card of TUV Magazine. Cancellations are not accepted after space closing date and must be in writing. Loss of credit due to account delinquency may affect frequency rates.

x month 6 x month


Live Area 8.125 x 10.625

Eight Banner

Digital advertisement rates

ALL ADS ARE COLOR. These ads must use the CMYK color space (never RGB) for newsprint. Avoid the use of process black for color ads. Plate shifting may pro duce undesirable results. Build blacks as 0% cyan, 0% magenta, 0% yellow, and 100% black. Artwork is consid ered camera-ready if it is designed to size and does not require any enlargement, reduction or layout. Please in clude all fonts and images.

FULL PAGE $2000 $1750 $1500 HALF PAGE $1500 $1000 $850 QUARTER PAGE $625 $525 $425 EIGHTH PAGE $475 $400 $300 EIGHTH BANNER $350 $300 $275 TWO PG SPREAD $3500 $3200 $2800 INSIDE FRONT $2000 $1700 $1500 INSIDE BACK $2000 $1700 $1500 BACK COVER $2100 $1900 $1600 2” X 8” (Print) 144x 576px (Web) $250 4” X 8” 288 x 576px $400 WEB BANNER SIDE PLACEMENT 470(W) x 470(H)px $850 WEB BANNER SIDE PLACEMENT 1014(W) x 138(H)px $1000 BUSINESS CARDS $200 Full Page Quarter Page Vertical Half Page Eight Size Banner Eight Page Half Page HorizontalHalfPage

Full Page


1. Payment must be included when the ad is placed for first-time advertisers. Billable accounts after the first run will be billed monthly with payment due upon receipt of the invoice. If payment is not made as herein provided, The Unleashed Voice Magazine may, at its option, terminate this contract forthwith. In the event of non-payment of any invoice, the company, firm or person execut ing this contract agrees to pay interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum (or at the maximum permissible rate, if less than 10%) on the unpaid balance, beginning 30 days after the date of the invoice, and further agrees to pay all costs of collection in cluding reasonable attorney fees. All billings are gross. Credit may be established with prepayment of the first two advertisements placed. Advertisers will then be billed per issue for each insertion covered by this contract with payment due upon receipt of invoice.

Full Bleed Ad 8.625 x 11.125

Half Page (horizontal)

Final Trim Size 8.375 x 10.875

Half Page (V) Bleed 4.313 x 11.125

Quarter Page 4.063 x 5.313

2.25” (w) x 10.75” (h) (actual size) No Bleed


Top: 1014 pixels (w) x 138 pixels (h) (actual size)


Credit may be established with prepayment of the first two advertisements placed. Advertisers will then be billed per issue for each insertion covered by this contract with payment due upon receipt of invoice. This contract reflects the full interest of 10% per annum on any unpaid balance over 30 days plus all legal and/or collection fees incurred in the collection of any unpaid balance. Cancellations are not accepted after space closing date and must be in writing. Loss of credit due to account delinquen cy may affect frequency rates. guaranteed and noted on this Advertiser Contract, the placement and location of all adver tising are at the exclusive discretion of The Unleashed Voice, LLC. All advertising copy and its classification is subject to the approval of The Unleashed Voice, LLC, its exclusive discretion and without recourse of liability. in ad vance is required for all new to


An advertiser who does not complete a committed schedule will be subject to a short rate back to the rate that was actually earned. Advertising rates are subject to change. Publisher will notify the con tracted advertiser 60 days prior to a rate change. Publisher reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time for any reason solely by giving advertiser fifteen (15) days written notice of such cancellation.

advertisers, subject

credit approval. advertisingagreement AdDateType: Display Ad Online Ad Add’l Info: New AdRenewalAdRevision Advertiser Information: Adver tiser/Company Name Contact Name Billing Address StateCity Zip Telephone Fax URL/WebsiteEmail Bill to AgencyAdvertiserInformation: Business Name Contact Name StateCityAddress Zip Telephone Fax Email Advertisement Information: The undersigned agrees to place advertising as specified below. Print Advertising # of Issues First Issue # Last Issue # Ad Size H V – All ads are 4-Color. Placement: Guaranteed Online Advertising # of Issues First Month Last Month Ad Size Location Artwork: Email – Camera-Ready $ Print Price $ Discount (if applicable) $ Internet Price $ Total Price AdvertisementSignature Information: Business Name Contact Name StateCityAddress Zip Telephone Fax I authorize TUV Magazine to: charge the amount below AND enroll me in auto-payment: I will be automatically charged my account balance monthly. receive a one-time payment for the balance listed below. Please invoice me monthly for any additional charges. Visa Mastercard Discover Credit Card Number 3-digit CVV # Expiration Date (Month/Year) Total Charged Signature of Cardholder Date MAILING ADDRESS: 1840 PYRAMID PLACE SUITE 238, MEMPHIS, TN 38132 (901) 300-9279C