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MAY - JUNE 2022


Antoinette L. Beeks Embracing Being An Anomaly


Antoinette L. Beeks is the Season 3 winner of the Androgynous Model Contest. The show was filmed in Charlotte, NC and created, produced, and directed by Carolina native Nikki Eason.

Loving Our LGBTQIA+ CHILDREN A Show of Love & Force by Black Mothers for their LGBTQIA+ Children


Af ter The Pain COMES HEALING Dr. Umieca N. Hankton Simple Steps to Guide Your Healing Journey



How B. Chase & Shabach are helping spread love through music and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ Community




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"Things don’t go away because you don’t want to deal with it" Coach Gwen The Greek definition of trauma as “WOUND” which we will translate to emotional, physical, and or psychological.

Trauma is the result of a negative event (s). It occurs when you feel emotionally or mentally hurt by something that has happened, and it may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, which is commonly referred to as PTSD.

As we enter into TUV Magazine’s 7th year I can recall writing countless articles about trauma, pain, healing, relationships, selfcare, wellness, mental health, family, and transparently my own pain. Nevertheless, 2021 reignited a dire need

It’s Healing Time ON THE COVER: Meet Antoinette L. Beeks the Season

3 winner of The Androgynous Model

Contest. “The Androgynous Model” is

an intentional, non-scripted, modeling

competition show that encourages others

to be brave in their journey to authenticity.

Gwendolyn D. Clemons MBA, MSM, PRC

Editor in Chief of TUV Media @coachingwithgwen @coachgwenclem_



for me to take some of my own advice by dipping into

my trauma-informed care toolbox. The loss of family and friends has taken a mental toll on my coping skills which

made me realize the importance of healing from my grief. Marvin Gaye once sang that there are three things fo’ sho’:

taxes, death, and trouble. 2021 provided me with too much of all three, LOL! I have learned that sigma and shame live

in your hiding, and I refuse to give those two words power over me. The good thing about talking openly about your

challenges is that you take control over the narrative and

somehow in telling your story you’ll find someone dealing

with a situation like yours or similar. I have found my happy place in talking daily and having mental check-ins with my

spouse and close social circle. We’ve been through a lot in such a short time but guess what? We are Still here!

It's Healing Time ya’ll because we deserve to live out fully

from traumatic pain and memories. There is hope and there are options available to you as opposed to living in Chronic Trauma! It is my hope that mental wellness, self-care, and

self-awareness become your top 5 priorities going forward. This may look like a temporary priority or a lifelong way of living, either way you will benefit from doing the work.

In this issue we are giving a plethora of advice to guide

you toward healing. As you read each article, we know that something written will reach you. How do we know? We know because we are speaking it into existence!

What I want to share with you this

always trying to control what

Bible and without bragging, as one

to the end. What do you do in a state

May/June TUV edition begins in the who has matriculated twice from seminary, once with a Master of

Divinity degree and then secondly, with a Doctorate In Ministry, it is

imperative that I must give truth to the text, as I preach to you in

this edition. I want you to trust the process because trust is allowing what IS to be what it Is because if

you would learn to trust the process then you would discover that

process does have a happy ending. Trust can be defined as a means of letting go of control and

expectations. It means being relaxed enough at any moment to take

effective action when needed or do nothing when that is most helpful. Trust is an awareness that there’s

no need for anxiety about whatever happens because it’s all part of the journey of life. But in order to get to the end of the story one must

understand the between the dash

of your beginning and ending story because as Chris Bolgiano argues, “Unlike wolves, who seem in some

subtle way to choose their prey for pursuit, cougars wait in hiding to

make a short rush at any animal that happens by.” And so, this article is

for you to understand and consider this word called process.

Trust the Process Dr. Davin D. Clemons DMin

The process doesn’t mean it’s easy. Trusting the process will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you cuss. It will make you

fuss and sometimes it will make you act a damn fool! Excuse my tongue but trusting the process is hard ass HELL!

But when you are hungry for an

expected end, you’ll gain a more

prosperous, fuller experience by allowing life to happen without

happens in between in order to get hunger and frustration, negativity, bad attitudes, inconsistencies, rumors, disruptive behaviors, sicknesses, poverty, eviction

notices, unforeseen pandemics,

police reform, race critical theories and don’t say gay tension that’s in the middle of your beginning and ending while you wait on God? While you are in the middle of

tension, at the spark of negativity,

God is trying to get you to shift your mindset, give you power to trust in knowing as that great theologian by the name of Paul once said in

Romans 8:28, “And we know that all

things work together for the good to

who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

In times of distress and trouble, the human side of you wants to

control the process. You want to

rush through everything. You want to push the process forward because

you’re angry and frustrated. You want to stop while being in it because of

indecision and inaction; have it your way, insisting that there is a better

way out or second guessing where and what God has you in.

Whether you believe in God, a

Higher Power, or something else

that gives you hope. You can lean

on Faith to move you through to the other side. For me, I believe God uses this life as a way to help us

draw ever closer to Her, whether if

she opens or shuts doors in our life, we owe our faith in Her. Even when you’re in a sticky situation with no

“process map,” you have to believe that God has a strategy and a plan

to handle every obstacle or detour. So, Trust the Process!



Meet Antoinette L. Beeks

THE WINNER OF THE ANDROGYNOUS MODEL CONTEST! Meet the Season 3 winner of The Androgynous Model Contest,

created, produced, and directed by Carolina native Nikki Eason. “The Androgynous Model” is an intentional, non-scripted,

modeling competition show that

encourages others to be brave in their journey to authenticity.



Q: Who are you? Tell us about yourself. A: My Mother would describe me as “Her

special child.” One who humbly stands out, is empathetic, creative, and an outgoing

introvert. I am a lover of God, strengthened

by the courage and energy He places on my

path. A native of Greenville SC, I was born into a close and loving family. My secret love is

playing the drums and composing beats. I’m a Biology graduate of Charleston Southern University. I’m also a nature enthusiast,

revitalized in the presence of any scenic beach, waterfall, pool or lake.

This love of nature and science fuels my passion to help others eat whole and mindfully. This led me to become a

Certified Health Coach at the Institute

of Integrative Nutrition. My book “After

the Nest: The Culinary Edition” is a tool

to help jumpstart your cooking journey,

while achieving health and financial goals. It is available at, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

My most recent accomplishment is becoming Season 3 winner of The Androgynous Model, a reality show that encourages others to be brave in their journey to true self.



Somebody somewhere needs to know your testimony for their own survival. Celebrate you as you stand out. Be a proud anomaly!

Q: Why did you want to be a contestant on The Androgynous Model? I love all things fashion! But it was something different about The Androgynous Model. I saw myself in the contestants. I began

to accept that I was an anomaly and that

there were women that looked and dressed like me, with both masculine and feminine energies. I was sold!

I am moved by the selfless love and tireless dedication Nikki Eason (Producer, Creator)

Model showed me how to celebrate me and appreciate my journey. In hindsight, it also

taught me how to not miss the lesson in the

challenges of life. To not go around or under a challenge, but through it because that’s where the victory awaits.

Q: As winner of The Androgynous Model what is next for you?

has in showing androgynous people that they

What isn’t next? I’m an open vessel, ready to

The show is the epitome of self-reflection

Model to complete what God has placed on

are unique, loved and belong in any industry. and the blueprint to empowering the

Androgynous individual to unapologetically stand out and be celebrated.

Q: What did you learn most about yourself during the competition? I learned how to WIN! My mindset was that it was okay to just be okay, and not make any ripples when I did win. The Androgynous

use what I’ve learned from The Androgynous my path. I am excited to use my platform

to bridge overall feel-good wellness with

modeling. Becoming the top Androgynous

model in the fashion industry and having my own cooking show is on the horizon.

Q: What advice would you give other androgynous women? I want them to know that we no longer

have to accept what people just hand us.

That we deserve excellence. That we can forge our own paths. Be courageous in STAY CONNECTED @wellcoachbeeks @theandromodeltv @wellcoachbeeks antoinette.beeks.7 Book: After the Nest:

The Culinary Edition

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble



sharing your journey. Somebody somewhere needs to know your testimony for their

own survival. Celebrate you as you stand out. Be a proud anomaly

After Pain Comes

HEALING By Dr. Umieca N. Hankton

and the pain my body felt each time my

knee or elbow hit the asphalt. For the life of me, I could not understand why my mother removed the training wheels from my

unicorn bike or why she would not put them

back on after witnessing my pain. Like many of you, I can remember my first heartbreak and believing I would never get over the

lost love. And sadly, I also recall the pain of giving the doctors permission to remove

my mother from life support. Each of these experiences reinforced my understanding that pain was inevitable. Asking for the

return of the training wheels so that I would stop falling (AVOIDANCE), petitioning for a second chance at a failed relationship (AVOIDANCE), and asking to sustain my mother on life support a little longer

(AVOIDANCE) were all instances in which I attempted to escape the coming of pain.

and flow of the ocean, we cannot control the

arrival of pain. Pain is certain. Accepting that pain will happen shapes how we respond

when it inevitably and inconveniently shows up. When we ready our minds to accept

changes and shifts, we prepare our minds to take ownership and initiation of our healing.

Embracing the reality that we cannot control when or how physical, psychological, or

spiritual pain makes its presence known in

our lives allows us to focus on what we can

control, which is how we respond. Avoidance of pain leads to suffering and suffering is a choice. However, just as suffering is a

choice, so is healing. Viewing life from a

drain you of your emotional,

how do we begin to heal?

especially the “if I were you” folks.

experiencing life from the lens of hurt. So, Start with these simple tips: 1. DO NOT deny the presence of pain.

Pretending things are okay or that you are okay when you are not will not make the pain disappear. Avoidance of pain does not lead to growth and healing.

2. DO NOT hurt in silence, isolation, or dark spaces because shame, hopelessness, and apathy grow in those conditions.

3. DO NOT stay in distressing environments. Get out of spaces and away from people who flourish due to your pain. Misery

loves miserable company and narcissists need someone to gaslight.

4. DO acknowledge your wounds to yourself and others. We cannot heal that which we

spiritual, and financial resources, 8. DO prioritize your health and

needs over the needs of others. Ensuring your needs are met is

not a selfish action. Putting YOU

first is an invaluable gift you offer to yourself that will also benefit others. A vehicle without fuel

cannot travel, nor can you pour into others from an empty cup.

9. DO extend grace and forgiveness to yourself for the ways you had

to survive that may not have been most helpful. You are human,

deserving of forgiveness, kindness, and compassion. May you offer these gifts to yourself first.

do not acknowledge.

5. DO seek support as soon as you can. There’s no need to wait until the pain

N ieca . Han m

on kt

Just as the shore cannot control the ebb

healing lens looks and feels better than

Dr. U


vividly recall learning how to ride a bike

becomes suffering or interferes with quality of life. We would not wait to seek medical attention for a broken bone. Therefore,

we should not wait to seek mental health treatment for an emotional injury.

6. DO connect with a mental health provider, which permits healing to occur sooner

Dr. Hankton is a licensed clinical psychologist and the executive director of UNH Counseling

Services. UNH Counseling Services

than later. Early intervention is vital.

is a private behavioral health agency

7. DO strengthen your boundaries. After

wellness of Black women, LGBTQ+,

an emotional or physical injury, the body needs time and space to rest and regain

strength. Limit the access of people who

that focuses on the health and

clergy, and college students. Dr.

Hankton provides clinical services to those located in TN, LA, TX, GA, WI, AL, D.C., IL, MN, & KY.




Mother’s Day Message of Love & Support By Gwendolyn D. Clemons, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief


n his new HBO comedy special,

Rothaniel, Jerrod Carmichael comes

out as gay and talks about how the

news has caused a riff within his family

especially his mother. Carmichael further explains that he and his mother has a

“God Size Wall” between them because

of her deeply held religious views about

homosexuality. Furthermore, Carmichael shared about living in the closet for

years and how much self-hate he held because he has denied himself from

living authentically for so long. This is the importance of publishing stories about mothers who take a different stance

for loving their children irrespective of who they love or how they identify. *At

the time of this publishing, 14 year old

Giovanni Melton's father was sentenced



to life in prison for his senseless murder

the world about what acceptance and

because he found out he was GAY! Rest in

irrespective of being LGBTQIA+. It is

in 2018. This monster killed this baby

peace Giovanni. You didn't deserve this! We all know that on Mother’s Day, the

media gives considerable attention to mothers, our sisters, our daughters,

and our grandmothers, by highlighting the contributions these women make

love should look like for one’s children widely known how harrowing the stories

from the opposite side are, from parents

rejecting their kids, to kicking them out of their homes, to even resorting to murder, all because of their children’s sexual

orientation or how they self- identity.

to their families and communities.

The pictures of the love captured within

transgender parents and their families

shared between these parents and their

The lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and are often absent in Mother’s Day

coverage since print and electronic press reports often focus solely on heteronormative parenting.

This is our 7th year highlighting Black Momma’s with loving messages to

these pages illustrate the authentic bond children. To all the mothers out there

who give their LGBTQIA+ children the

unconditional love they deserve, we all say:

THANK YOU & Happy Mother’s Day!

The pictures of the love captured within these pages illustrate the authentic bond shared between these parents and their children.


When I was pregnant with Andre’ I wanted

a girl, but GOD blessed me with a boy. GOD knew what I needed when he gave me

Andre’. When I found out that he was gay I was initially shocked, hurt, confused, and

depressed. One day I was talking to GOD, and I asked why my son was gay and why was this happening to me. Then I heard

a little voice in my head saying, “Why not

you?” From that point on I accepted my son and everything about him. This taught me

unconditional love! My husband and I have a lot of health problems and Andre’ takes

very good care of us. He is at every doctor’s appointment, cleans, cooks, and handles all our business affairs. GOD gave me exactly

what I needed: a loving, beautiful, fantastic, nurturing and brilliant son! My advice is

to step back and let GOD be your guide always. I love my son very very much!!!"

−Janice Wilson

Kimberly Branch & Mother Althea Burks


I am honored to share a few words about my daughter Kimberly Vernice Branch. She was born March 16, 1982, at 7:12pm, weighing 7lbs and 12 ounces. Such an astounding

coincidence for an astounding human being.

She is a true testament to what unconditional love, happiness, joy, and peace, along with success looks like. She is the owner of

Pamper Me Nails and First Impressions. Truly walking in her purpose and passion.

As a soldier on the front-line of her life, with

experience as her weapon. She is surrounded and protected by elevating energy that drives her, all the while, making fruitful relationships

Virginia Hannah & Mother Vivian Jones

with family, friends, and clients. Loyalty is


huge for her. “You are the average sum of

at least five individuals you associate with,”

her circle is small so that she can support all

Most people say if their child come out

those who may need her too and vice versa.

to be gay, they wouldn’t be upset. Well,

when Virginia told me she was gay I was

As her mother I have had the greatest

I was disappointed the life I dreamed for

her. I’m “Mama Peaches” to all her LGBTQ

overwhelmed with emotions but mostly

pleasure of experiencing her journey with

her wasn’t going to come true. I admit I

friends. I love them and they love me. This

was being selfish and didn’t realize my

planet earth is just a little bit brighter with

child was about to embark on a journey

Kimberly being here. Continue to let your

that would change her life dramatically.

light shine Kim and always remember dearest

Of course, I eventually realized no matter

daughter, “A mother is your first friend, your

what, I loved my child and I raised her to be

best friend, and your forever friend.” I love

herself no matter the price. The love you

you and pray for God's blessings on your

have for your child is unconditional".

−Vivian Jones

life’s journey on this planet". Andrew & Mother Janice Wilson



new release climbing the charts

entitled, ‘Grace of God’ that can be downloaded and streamed on all digital platforms.

Photographer: Dru Phillips

“We’re called to all people… Especially the LGBTQIA+ community.”

− B. Chase Williams

B. Chase & Shabach also has a


B. Chase & Shabach has been known for their incredible voices and powerful messages

and are no strangers to philanthropy work.

“This story drives home for me

Jill Scott, Bobby Brown, and more! Also,

‘B. Chase & Shabach’ I was homeless here

major headlines as one of the most soulful

personally because before there was a

in Atlanta. I know the struggle, I’ve slept in shelters and on park benches, and I never forgot that. I remember that being one of

the most difficult periods of my life, and if

I can help someone who is currently there, then it will have all been worth it…” -B. Chase Williams


illiams has worked with some of the

music industry’s biggest names who

include Tasha Cobbs-Leonard (Billboard’s Top Gospel Artist of the Decade), Chrissy Collins (toured with Beyoncé as one of three background singers for several years) and band members who have

gone on to play for Justin Timberlake,



last year, the choir went VIRAL and made renditions of the “Happy Birthday Song” ever with OVER 2 MILLION VIEWS on

TikTok. However, in spite of the success of

his choir members, Williams is committed to making a direct impact on one of the city’s

most marginalized communities and provide resources to people who need it most.

Williams, along with a staff inclusive of

choir members, has created Mellie’s Pride, a 501(c)3 to provide housing to Atlanta’s LGBT youth. The foundation’s motto,

H.O.P.E. (Helping Our People Elevate)

was birthed to encourage anyone that encounters the organization and find

“HOPE” in often “hope-less” situations.

“We’ve sang in prisons, nursing homes,

shelters, retirement communities, you name it, we’ve been there because it’s important

that we reach people where they are and not the other way around…”

B. Chase & Shabach will be hosting a free

event, entitled “Choirs Rock” on May 29 in Atlanta where attendees are encouraged to bring supplies to help the youth of

Mellie’s Pride. They are seeking donations of clothes, non-perishable food, toiletries, new underwear and more in order to give the community’s youth the items they need but may not have access to.

They are seeking donations of clothes, non-perishable food, toiletries, new

underwear and more in order to give

the community’s youth the items they need but may not have access to.


Ellie, Age 57 Her partner, Karen Florida

Ellie’s severe asthma attacks were triggered by secondhand smoke at work. She and her partner have to live with its effects forever. If you or someone you know wants free help to quit smoking, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #CDCTips



Healing Wounds with Proper Care By Beth Trouy


work in a hospital. As a clinical

in acknowledging another’s

wound specialist, I see wounds

suffering. The soul receives

every day. I’ve had my hands

healing when we invest in one

inside the deepest of wounds

another – all the time. It’s a

and I’ve been amazed at how the

100% guarantee that when

body can heal itself over time. I

love for another is freely given,

consider myself a gardener of

healing will be achieved. We just

sorts, of skin and tissue. Like

may never “see” the healing,

soil, a wound needs a moist,

but it’s there. We sometimes

fertile environment, free of

need to let go of our agenda

weedy contaminants. If you

and just be present.

can figure out what the wound

Jesus said, “Go and do as I have

lacks, you can usually nurture it

done.” We are all commanded

back to health. One of my most

to go out and be healers for one

satisfying rewards is seeing a

another. We don’t have to be

patient for the last time with

experts; we just have to be willing.

newly restored skin and a closed

We also don’t need to be well or

wound. We’ve often been seeing

even whole ourselves. In fact,

each other for months, 2-3 days a week and to finally reach that

sometimes it’s more effective

final goal together, is gratifying.

(physically, mentally or

with the potential to be made well

song and give them a hug as they

be our first question too. You

more frustrating to be unable

I sometimes hum the graduation

leave. Sometimes there are tears

too. When they try to give me the credit, I remind them there were many involved in the process

and I was just one team member. It takes collaboration of the

patient, family, caregivers and

certainly some prayer too. Mostly though, it takes compliance on

the part of the patient. They need to believe they can heal.

Jesus asked, “Do you wish to be healed?” I’ve seen many

wounds fail to heal because

spiritually), this should always see, we can’t help those who

do not wish to be helped. It may seem strange that a person

would choose to stay wounded but we all know people who have wounds, visible and

invisible ones, they choose to

keep. I don’t ask why anymore. It’s too complicated of an

answer and I respect their

wishes, however baffling to

me. I pray they have a change

of heart and then I move on to

someone who desires my help.

of the non-compliance of the

In my 31 years as a wound

someone who is wounded

wounds that did not heal. It’s a

patient. When trying to help



therapist, I remember most of the helpless feeling seeing someone

but lacking the desire. It’s even to help those who do follow

every recommendation and

still do not get well. Sometimes, regardless of our efforts, some wounds will never heal. I’m

speaking also of the unseen

ones: the psychological, spiritual and emotional wounds that,

in spite of our efforts, remain

raw and painful. I used to think the whole investment of time,

resources and labor was a waste

when we allow others to see

our own wounds we carry. This

communion of shared suffering can provide a space for shared

healing. What one cannot do for oneself, together, the power to

be made well is multiplied. What I have not expected in my years

of caring for others is the healing I have received in return. Some of the most afflicted patients have humbled me with their

serenity and acceptance of their circumstances. Their positivity was palpable and contagious.

but now I feel very differently.

The unexpected gift of helping

the walking with someone in

The ministry of healing can be as

You see, the journey together, their suffering is healing in itself even if the outcome we seek

is not achieved. There is value

others is that we too are helped.

rewarding for the minister as it is for the ministered. The hands of healing belong to all of us.

Healing A Broken Heart

After a Break-Up By Brodderick D. Roary


reak up, saying goodbye to the person you were once

close with and deeply in love with. We have all been there and we all know how that feels.

We have all had our hearts

broken. When it happens to you personally, it’s devastating and while people can relate, they

aren’t in that moment. The pain is there and it’s real for you.

Sometimes it feels like you’re

completely helpless and you’ll never get past the suffering. The important things to

remember are that there are

people there for you and that there is always a light at the

end of the tunnel and ways to help you get there. You must

understand that getting over a breakup seems unachievable but it’s just about a matter

of time. Here are a few ways

to assist you on your road to peace and happiness again. CUT ALL THE CONTACT. This honestly is rule #1 in a

breakup. Keep your distance and don’t text, email, meet

in person or call. You should probably take them off your

Facebook or any other social

Healing from a broken heart is as much a physical process as it is an emotional one. networks while you’re at

it. This doesn’t have to be

permanent but while you’re

vulnerable to any mean or, in contrast – loving words, it’s

best not to have their voice in your head. The risk of getting back into a relationship when it wasn’t working is high. You

will naturally feel some negative

intentionally look at pictures

or hard your breakup was.

from him or her. It’s now about

emotions no matter how easy

Honor your feelings and know that they will get less intense

the more that you let them out. It helps you move past them!

Cry, sob your eyes out, scream

grateful to them for that, but


Now is your chance to


can be fun. This is one of the

Don’t bounce into another

embrace it! Maybe you let go

that you’re okay. It is probably

of yourself in the relationship.


find yourself again and this


positives to your breakup, so

relationship too quickly, thinking

of a hobby you used to love to do or stopped taking time out for yourself. There are a lot of

personal things that made you

special, you just must find them again and get the feeling back. Alternatively, you may have

grown in the relationship which means you can discover new things about yourself.

don’t even have time to just sit


you are today, and you can be

Chances are, you lost a piece

anxiety. Cutting the ties for a faster path to healing.

Your ex is a part of the person

the chapter with them is gone.

The journey to finding yourself

good when it’s over puts you on

you and your present moments.


may also end up in a war of

words causing further hurt and

or look at old texts you got

is hard because most of us

down and think about what we want. It can be a long journey, but you can take your time to

do so because it’s so worth it!

and yell. If it doesn’t hurt you


the best quick fix out there but at the same time, you never

really get over your ex. In the long run, you haven’t gotten

over your ex and when your next relationship ends, you’ll have

two exes to get over. You’re just prolonging the inevitable pain. A breakup is an ending, not

a rejection. It might not feel like that initially, but it’s an

important thing to remember. When your heart has been

broken, it can take a while to find your way back to being

whole, but you will get there.

Healing from a broken heart is

as much a physical process as

or anybody else, find ways to


it is an emotional one.

release and let go of the pain you may be feeling. When

As you look to move forward in

Above all else, remember that

people kindly and humorously

your life, don’t deny or grasp on to your ex’s memory. They may

were beautiful, strong, vibrant,

tell you all breakups are hard,

it’s because they are. Don’t take this part of the healing process away from yourself or it will

grow and fester within you. You

pop into your mind as a memory of a moment when you were

happy (or not). Acknowledge it,

smile, or cry. Let the memory go instead of clinging to it. Don’t

there were things about you that and extraordinary before

the relationship. Nothing has

changed. You’re not ALONE…

Let your tribe love and support you on your healing journey.




Healing Justice The Power of Personal Autonomy By Rodnisha Ford talent, or passion that when fully

expressed, creates space to thrive and encourages that life be lived fully and authentically. It is truly


a disservice to the world to keep

n a world where access to health and wellness is often presented

as a luxury, it can be a challenge to find and connect with spaces of

rejuvenation and healing. Though the distress of such obstacles are

real, it still remains that everyone deserves a right to heal. I invite you to consider these 5 ways to focus on healing by taking back your power in your health. While the healthcare system will fight to keep your money by keeping you sick and generally unwell, let me remind you that the

power to reclaim personal autonomy of your health, life, and overall well being is yours. May these words provide a sacred reminder that true

healing starts from within and can be cultivated by choosing to play an active role in facilitating personal healing, growth, and wholeness.

Cultivate the Spirit. Although it is a vital component of healing, spiritual health is often overlooked and

neglected. Many have only known

spirit to exist within the context of of cultivating spirit, it is not the only way. It is ok to cultivate a personal

path to connection with the Divine in ways that best serve and are in

What lights you up and brings you Nourish the Body. The body is

Rest the Mind. Mental stimulation

joy? Whose presence refills your

has an incredible ability to heal

attempt to stake claims on

mind in such reflection, try going

distractions grow exponentially

way to remind the individual spirit

intentional stillness into your

far larger than self.

and restore itself. This natural

phenomena is facilitated through receiving proper nourishment, adequate hydration, ample

movement, and plenty of rest. These foundational principles of health are more than mere

guidelines to follow, rather a way of life that centers vitality and physical well-being. Consider

what foods rejuvenate your body? How can you add more movement

into your day? Remember that you are in control and can have fun

abounds as numerous distractions

energy? If nothing comes to

your attention. Although these

outside to connect with Earth as a

by the day, choose to incorporate

of an existence within something

mind. Practice various forms of meditation, take thinking and

Express Creativity. As the

just be. Give yourself permission

creativity is often the first to be

to release stress and calm mental tension by redirecting mental

energy to a space of rest. You, and your mind, deserve it.

when you invite these special and creative parts out into the world?

Invite Play. Playfulness is easily lost in the hustle and bustle of adult life. Oppressive systems

have convinced us that fun and

play are things of the past, mere

childhood fantasies that now only exist as nostalgia. This simply is

not true. Humans are curious by

nature, and this curiosity is best explored in spaces of freedom

and fun. Since play is actualized

differently for everyone, make a

list of activities that bring you light excitement and joy, and then get out and do them. Give yourself permission to have a little fun.

abandoned and cast aside. In

Although these 5 reminders may

remember that self expression

work comes in sustaining them

these moments, it's important to and personal creation of any

kind are tremendously helpful in Inside everyone is a unique gift,

to sustain the body.

Rodnisha Ford

demands of life fight for attention,

fostering health and wholeness.

trying and exploring new ways

suppressing? What does it look like

and fill you with a sense of childlike

content breaks, or even carve out 5 minutes a day to simply sit and

What unique gifts have you been

religion, and while this is one way

alignment with personal values.

a powerful force of nature that

such awesomeness hidden inside.

Freelance Writer | | She/Her/They/Them

seem simple to understand, the

as practices in your daily life. It is

passive work to read these words and agree with the sentiment, however, the challenge is in

being an active participant by

doing the work. How will you do

the work of cultivating health and wellness in your life today?



who is stee moglie? By Monick Monell, TUV New York Correspondent


id you know music can

be used and looked upon

in many ways? Music can be

used as a way to lower anxiety,

depression, trauma, psychosis, and stress. It’s expressive,

emotional nature can help you become more self-aware and

bring about emotions you might be suppressing. It can help with memory, lower blood pressure, improve coping, reduce stress,

improve self-esteem and more. So, with all the meaning of what

music can do we introduce “STEE MOGLIE” from LONDON, UK.

Because of her unique range of

sound and lyrics are so distinctive

she is TUV Magazine 2022 “One to Watch” artist for May-June 2022. I came across Stee Moglie video on an Instagram page which is

owned by King Julestee who also is an amazing person to behold. Stee Moglie is virtuoso in many musical instruments such as

the guitar, bass, and drums. In

addition, she writes her own lyrics along with her live band. You can find her name in so many links

such as TED Talks London, Black Music Movement, Brixton Black

Lives Matter music and the list can go on. I describe her as being an



architect who proves you can have many gifts to fulfill your passions. During our interview, she shared how she engages in inner power

meditation and exercise of calming the mind for a few minutes to

connect with the present moment. She spoke about her love for

sports, art, anime and competition, especially if you want to play a

game of chess with her and table tennis. Traveling is important to her because she loves finding

hidden places to travel to, that

excites her visual outlook in life. Despite the Coronavirus pausing life as we know it, Stee Moglie

spoke about working on a music

video for the future. However, you don’t have to wait too long. Stee Moglie is currently performing

live at all your favorite places in

London. I know she is at the studio right now putting her pen to paper all the while giving us that raw

emotion she expresses through

her music and lyrics. Make sure you grab a seat and have her

sign an autograph for you, if you

happen to meet her because she is the “One to Watch.”

A New Healing Dr. Liz L. West, Ph.D.


e have all come to the conclusion

that we, as a society, need healing.

We have also come to the conclusion that the healing that we once knew is

not working for us. So, how and where

do we start? We start by seeking a new type of healing first (since the old one

isn’t serving us well), and given the fact that emotions are at the seat of the

soul, let’s start there. There are many emotional issues, but I will discuss

society’s number one emotional issue— uncontrolled anger. Yes, uncontrolled

anger has become society’s number one emotional issue. Allow me to point out

that “anger” is not society’s number one emotional issue, “uncontrolled anger” is society’s number one emotional issue.

Anger is not number one because anger is not a bad emotion. The negative

response to anger is what is unfavorable for everyone involved. It is at this point where crime usually comes into play.

We have been unwilling to accept the

fact that violence, as a result of anger,

is everyone’s individual responsibility.

Instead of taking on the responsibility,

we have sought scapegoats in minority cultures, racial groups, the mentally ill,

as well as subcultures. Look at the crime we see in the news. Instead of taking

responsibility, we result to committing crimes. Crime is at an all-time high

and is, unfortunately, becoming more

and more bazaar. People are dropping babies off bridges, adults are abusing children, filming it and putting it

on social media, as well as parents

“Anger” is not society’s number one emotional issue, “uncontrolled anger” is society’s number one emotional issue.

beating children to their deaths. We’re

are abusing women, children, and animals,

Pay attention the next time you go to a game

molestation, bombings, and suicide/

shootings, mall shootings, drive-by

game, I’m always intrigued by the action

becoming more aware of rape, child

homicide attempts and commitments. Not to mention sports figures who

mass shootings, school shootings, theater shootings, and even church shootings. The

underlying issue here is uncontrolled anger.

or any crowded stadium. When at a football of the fans. Observe the next time you’re

in the stands, and you will notice irrational



We have been unwilling to accept the fact that violence, as a result of anger,is everyone’s individual responsibility. fits of anger, uncontrolled frustration

oozing from people that masquerade

under the facade of excitement or “team drunkenness, fights in the stands, and

begin the healing journey). I can’t tell you

“team loyalty”. These people are trying

you how to begin the healing journey, then

unrestrained selfishness in the name of desperately to release tension from

within because these are not people who are at peace with themselves, they are

secretly angry. I’ve long stopped looking at the news, but if you still do so, watch and observe the amount of anger and rage that is exhibited by people who

are featured in the news. Listen to the lyrics of the most popular songs that

are playing today. People also exhibit

anger, rage, frustration, discontent, and to accept that the problem is within

ourselves and when we are willing to

I will share five tips to recognize that healing

would be beneficial. I will also share 5 tips that

will guide you in beginning the healing journey.

requires honest communication to that

someone has offended you.

Tip 3: When it is difficult to let go of past trauma.

activities, gestures, etc.

Tip 5: When there is no sense of fulfillment. How to begin your healing journey? Tip 1: Realize, admit, and determine that you

A New Healing” is the name of an

Tip 2: Connect with a mental health

intervention that I often use to

approach healing from a psychological and spiritual aspect. Healing is not

an event; it is a journey, an evolution.

Just as we are always learning, we are

also always healing (once we decide to


z L. We i L r.

emotionally to stimuli such as words, images,

mental health professional, as well as a commitment to the healing journey.

judgment, and I wish you well.

Tip 2: When you want to get revenge after

music, videos, smells, memories, thoughts,

mental health professional, it also

“A New Healing” with honor instead of

or someone else.

cycle of anger, end the suffering, and

begins with the connection to a licensed

or destination. So, begin your journey to

Tip 1: When it is difficult to forgive yourself

Tip 4: If you become triggered and respond

begin the healing process. This process

Remember, this is a journey, not an event

How do I know I need healing?

heal both psychologically and spiritually, then and only then can we approach the


you take it from there.

the journey and do the self-work.


stress in inequalities. When we are ready

how to get healed, I can only share with

Tip 5: Make the commitment to begin


spirit”. Notice the booing, catcalls,

will begin your healing journey. professional

Tip 3: Connect with a spiritual advisor, mentor, or guide

Tip 4: Communicate openly and honestly with mental health professionals.

Dr. Liz L. West, Ph.D., LPC, NCC,

CCBT, CART. Dr Liz West is a clinical

psychotherapist and founder of A New Healing Inc “Healing For The Culture”.

Dr West can be found on all social media platforms @anewhealinginc



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