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Photo by: Elizabeth Ordu | Design by: Amber Chatham


Lakeside Love Story It wasn’t long before Virgil received word that Lake Lanier Islands Resort was up for sale. Not only was this 1200 acre lakeside destination in the rolling foothills of North Georgia a true diamond in the rough, but it was also set on the shores of the same lake where he and Sara had announced their engagement nearly 50 years earlier.

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Lieutenant Colonel J. Kevin Jarrard, USMCR

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and humanitarian

Lieutenant Colonel J. Kevin Jarrard, USMCR By Tracy Youngblood-Wingate

Gainesville, Georgia is the proud home to many soldiers and Lieutenant Colonel J. Kevin Jarrard, USMCR is one in the finest sense of the word. While he loves being a soldier, a profession that encompasses all aspects of his life, it is hard to imagine that in second grade, he realized what would be his first love, and future wife, Kelly. What began at Sardis Elementary School has flourished through many years and moves. Four children later, their love story continues to grow on a farm in Gainesville, across the street from his mother. From soldier to farmer, their land is filled with cows, laying hens, honey bees and horses and is a lifestyle they cannot imagine being any different. His father was in the Army and served in Vietnam. After the military he returned to Gainesville and became a lawyer. Kevin, the youngest of three brothers who all serve in the military, decided he would be the one to return home when his father fell ill. The move back home brought him to Riverside Military Academy where he is currently the Commandant of Cadets. Lt Col Jarrard and his father built the bulk of their farmhouse. The home is a perfect reflection of the military man with each room strategically placed and systematically built. A former teacher, Kelly home schools all four children in the perfect location, a classroom designed specifically for the house. Lt Col Jarrard graduated from the Citadel in 1995 as an Infantry Officer, continuing on to complete ranger and airborne school. He was reassigned every 2-3 years, bringing along with him Kelly and their children. As active duty, Lt Col Jarrard completed missions in almost every location on the 6

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map, often times leaving his family at his duty station. “I think I have been everywhere but South America,” Jarrard explained. Although he frequently changed location, he always remained connected with North Georgia. “When you are from this area and you serve in the military, the military is not just getting a marine they are getting the support of the entire Gainesville and Hall county community.” When he became a reserve officer in 2001, he continued to do tours in Iraq and Africa. One mission to Iraq in 2005 would prove to be a life changing experience for this Infantry Officer. As a company commander in Haditha, a city in western Iraq, he was responsible for 205 US Marines and Sailors. Their responsibility in this region was to ensure that the Iraqi population of 90,000 remained safe from the threat of Al Qaeda, who they aimed to defeat. Making their presence known, they visited schools, marketplaces, often times were invited to share dinner with local families. Their greater mission was to prove that America seeks a better future for the Iraqi people, putting their lives on the line each day to help build a strong country. A normal dinner with locals would have men sitting in one room eating, talking and enjoying companionship. During one rare dinner, a woman came into the room of men holding her daughter and sat next to her husband. Lt Col Jarrard knew this was a departure from the norm. “Women never joined us for dinner. They may be right outside the door listening but never in the same room,” he remembered. This mother was on a mission to save her daughter’s life. As the same with many soldiers, Lt Col Jarrard carried candy with him to share with the local kids. At the dinner he offered the


little girl a piece and as she left her mom to accept the candy she immediately turned blue in the face. While she regained her proper coloring and ate the candy, he held her. During that time her mother explained that she was very sick and would die soon without proper medical attention. The little girl had a hole in her heart requiring surgery, a common complication of the malnutrition that plagued the area. Lt Col Jarrard felt that he needed to try to do something. “I told the mother ‘I’ll do what I can, don’t get your hopes up but I will do what I can’,” His words led to obstacles that in turn became a miracle. The little girl was flown to Tennessee and returned to Iraq with a repaired heart. Her homecoming is a vivid memory in Lt Col Jarrard’s mind and in complete opposition to a flashback he has of 2005 when Al Qaeda decided to take over Haditha. Ayman al-Zawahiri brought the civic leadership to a gathering place in the town soccer field to use them as a symbol of what should happen in challenging Al Qaeda’s rule, death was the price that the leaders would pay that day. Lt Col Jarrard explains, “Just three years after the horrific killing of the civic leaders in the community in front of the citizens of Haditha, we landed a US helicopter and off came a mom and her baby with her new heart.” This homecoming was in stark opposition to the violent day back in 2005, showing the progress that had been made by US troops in that region.


Following that mission there have been many more. They may have not been in the same circumstances or following the same chain of events but many Iraqi children have received that same surgery by American Doctors since that day. HOME Living

In North Georgia

5/23/12 7:23 AM

home hometown hero Lieutenant Colonel Jarrard with all of his accomplishments is an extremely humble soldier. He speaks on occasion to raise awareness for the causes that are important to him, not to be in the spotlight. He is as genuine as they come and loves his role as a family man, Marine and mentor. North Georgia is blessed that Lt Col Jarrard calls the area HOME.

Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Georgia is an all boy’s college preparatory school for boarding and daytime students in grades 7th-12th. The mission of the academy is for their graduates to attain impressive college acceptance rates. The faculty is comprised of professionals, most with advanced degrees, showing that they teach with experience and understanding of the degree programs that await students as they graduate from Riverside. With an average class size of 14 students, teachers are able to devote more time to each student meeting the needs of each individual. The Academy’s campus is as impressive as the young men it creates. The majestic Blue Ridge Mountains are viewable in the distance

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and Lake Lanier is just around the corner. Their 206-acre campus is comprised of distinguished brick buildings with a perfect militaryordered landscape to follow suit. Within campus walls the Academy shapes young men to transfer their knowledge and experiences into successful lives after graduation. Walking the halls and speaking to the faculty, it is impossible to deny the commitment that the faculty and cadet’s have to each other. In tandem the faculty creates well-rounded men and the cadet’s use their opportunities at Riverside to create a future they can be proud of. By education and developing men of character, the values taught promote social responsibility, good citizenship, and personal integrity. 77

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Summmer the colors of

A seasonal symphony in north Georgia Story and Photos by Sarina Roth As Spring gently sings her farewell, the warmer air brings forth new fragrances and upbeat colors to our North Georgia landscape. Where pansies had uplifted us through the cooler seasons, the delightful red, white and pink blossoms of begonias and impatiens harmoniously fill annual flower beds. Hanging baskets of delicate petunias join the choir with their soft whites, pinks and light purples, while vibrant red, white and orange geraniums will accent porches and sun decks. Dogwood blooms disappear, making way for the magnolia to take its turn showing off its impressive and spectacular flowers. And the hearty loropetalum and nandina begin to perform their sonatas in the summer seasonal concert of color.


HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 8

The magnificent azalea can still be found trumpeting brightly as there are many newer cultivars that allow them to bloom all summer long. Hydrangeas will join in the melody with purple and blue blooms planted in acidic soils, and soft pinks in alkaline soils. And just wait for the awesome crescendo of the glorious gardenia, which gives fragrance like no other. Summer brings an exciting rhapsody of both dynamic and pale hues to our landscape in North Georgia. Take time to listen to its rhythm, and indulge yourself in its hymn of glory.

HOME Living

In North Georgia

5/23/12 7:23 AM

home home & garden

“Summer brings an exciting rhapsody of both dynamic and pale hues to our landscape in North Georgia. Take time to listen to its rhythm, and indulge yourself in its hymn of glory.�

The amazing Hibiscus is a celebration of summer. Brilliant colors attract pollinating insects and butterflies. This gorgeous specimen was found at Outdoor Environments, Inc. in Braselton.

The stunning Clematis exclaims its beauty with every variety. Its purple, lavender or white flowers always brighten a landscape. This vine is commonly found decorating mailboxes and garden arbors.

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 9


5/23/12 7:23 AM

home home & garden

The Begonia’s humble flower may be small, but it is mighty in color and sturdiness. These flowers are great for filling pots and annual beds as they keep vibrant in the landscape all summer long.

The exotic Columbine flower comes in a variety of colors from red to pink to purple. This distinctive flower adds texture and elegance to flower gardens and patios with its uniquely shaped petals.

The cheerful Daisy may be the happiest flower created. Often, it’s the first flower drawn by a child’s hands and it brings a smile to bouquets for any occasion.

Daylilies are a true blessing of summer. A plethora of varieties allow these flowers to give us joy all season long. This little Stella D’Oro grows a bit smaller than others and is considered a “re-bloomer” for its cycles of blooms all summer long.

Roses are an old fashioned favorite, but there’s nothing old fashioned about the new varieties that bloom all summer, such as the Knock-Out Rose in velvety bright red or this sweet Nearly Wild Rose blooming baby pink.


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about the


Award-winning photographer Sarina Roth has had a passion for nature since she was a child. Inspired by her grandfather and exposed to his travel photography from an early age, she has had the opportunity to develop her skills and creativity over many years. As the owner of Never the Rock Photography, Sarina enjoys serving her community and providing professional photography services and products nationwide. Her work is featured at The Birdhouse Studio and Gallery in Braselton, and products featuring her photography can be found in several retail stores in the Braselton and Hoschton area. For more information about Sarina Roth and her work, please visit her website at and her facebook page, Never the Rock Photography.

Background: The delicate Hydrangea has a soft but glorious bloom. They make bouquets extraordinary, whether displayed fresh or gently dried.

HOME Living

In North Georgia

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Join us at for exclusive offers. Château Élan | 100 Tour De France, Braselton, Georgia 30517 Located I-85 North, Exit 126 - 30 Minutes North of Downtown Atlanta

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Hampton Style Get Away on


By Tracy Youngblood-Wingate | Photos by Sarina Roth


ake Lanier is known for many memorable moments, and this home, reminiscent of a property in the Hampton’s on Long Island, is a beauty to never be forgotten. Built in 1995, the home sits on 18 acres nestled right up to North Georgia’s own Lake Lanier. The exterior gives you a Hampton style feel as soon as you come down the long private drive—with the soft, grey tones found in the paint color to the stone work surrounding the entry to the rustic shingles, all framed with bright, white trim. The location provides the ultimate convenience—you do not have to travel farther than North Georgia to enjoy the luxurious feel, while still enjoying lake-living at its best.


HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 12

The main house has four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, perfectly decorated with no nook or opportunity missed. The guest quarters sits above the detached garage area, housing two bedrooms, one bathroom and a full kitchen. This large property sits on an impressive lake front lot with a double slip dock allowing easy access for boats and the perfect place to take a dip in the lake. The owner purchased the property in 2008 and splits its use between sharing it with elite vacation goers who are looking for a luxurious stay, while being steps away from everything the lake has to offer. The property can accommodate up to 20 overnight guests, allowing it to be used for events such as weddings or dinner parties. HOME Living

In North Georgia

5/23/12 7:23 AM

home home & garden

The view of Lake Lanier can be enjoyed by many rooms and areas of the property. With just a short walk, you can enjoy a day out on the lake.

As the doors open to the property, you quickly realize the designer used a bold pallet that works well with the architecture of the home. The blue on the detailed molding in the entry area, and throughout the first part of the house, was carefully selected and tastefully applied to highlight all of the details.

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 13


5/23/12 7:24 AM

home home & garden

As you travel into the main areas of the home, you begin to feel the mixture of the Hampton’s meets North Georgia. The perfect working kitchen sits at the end of the main living area. The expansive beams and stone fireplace tie the two rooms together, all while overlooking the large balcony that maximizes the lake view. The elegant spaciousness is reflected in the large accommodating dining room. The light from the large bay window at the end of the room highlights the impressive moldings, elegant chandelier and real wood floors throughout most of the home.

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 14

5/23/12 7:24 AM

home home & garden

The master suite provides a soothing classic feel. It is warm and inviting, with its soft pallet, yet functional with built in storage, large soaking tub and walk-in shower. The two vanities are set apart in a practical use of space.

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 15


5/23/12 7:24 AM

home home & garden

With a sprawling 18 acres, there is privacy and beauty in every moment of the grounds. The drive into the property is flanked by established trees and beautiful plants in bloom. You almost feel like you are taking a drive into the countryside just before you are greeted by the breath taking home. It’s always in the details. The craftsmanship is shown here at the lower level of the detached garage and guest quarters. The columns are set in stone, and the path is a nice transition from the driveway into the four-car garage. For more information about the property, please visit:


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HOME Living

In North Georgia

5/23/12 7:24 AM

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home sports & recreation

GetFit By John McGriff | Photos by Sarina Roth

Crossfit has become the “not-so-new” kid on the block template for fitness. Its training protocols and methodologies are popping up on popular TV shows like Biggest Loser, The Doctors, Losing it with Jillian, and many more. CrossFit was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000. As of 2012, there are approximately 3400 CrossFit-affiliated gyms worldwide. Crossfit is a core strength and conditioning program that utilizes “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement”. CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police, fire, military, martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide. Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. This unique approach to fitness is what sets Crossfit apart from others in the fitness industry.


HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 18

Workouts are typically short and intense—20 minutes or less— demanding all-out physical exertion. They combine movements such as sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, climbing rope, weightlifting, and carrying odd objects; they use barbells, dumbbells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, kettle bells, medicine balls, and many bodyweight exercises. A huge part of Crossfit’s popularity is the ability to “mix” these elements into numerous combinations to form "Workouts of the Day" or "WODs." There are several WODs that a client may not repeat for months or even years. Hour-long classes at affiliated gyms, typically include a warm-up, skill development segment, the high-intensity WOD, and a period of stretching or mobility improvement. Performance on each WOD is scored and recorded to encourage friendly competition and track individual progress.

HOME Living

In North Georgia

5/23/12 7:24 AM

From the outside looking in Crossfit may be intimidating. The true beauty of the Crossfit program is designed for “Universal Scalability” making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience, age, disease or injury. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals to cage fighters one month out from televised bouts or professional firefighters honing their trade. We scale each WOD to suite the athlete and needs.

home sports & recreation

CrossFit has also become a “social phenomenon” with a tightly knit community. A CrossFit gym is unlike any other gym. The camaraderie of the group class was the major aspect that made the difference in the quality of CrossFit training. Glassman loves to quote Special Forces Capt. Michael Perry, who defined the formula for CrossFit camaraderie as “agony coupled with laughter.” The group dynamic was something unlike that of any other gym, he says. “Performance and fun goes up immediately,” he says. “We all give more of ourselves in the presence of others—always, always.”

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police, fire, military, martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 19

5/23/12 7:24 AM

home business

Changing the perception... one mouth at a time By Tracy Youngblood-Wingate | Photos by Jessica Tanner

It is not uncommon that children are filled with excitement to visit Dr. Chris Halper at North Georgia Pediatric Dentistry. Kids often burst through the office door and head for one of the many video gaming stations or find a cozy spot in front of the television to take some time to pause from their busy young life. Dr. Chris explains the concept behind the office he has built, "I always envisioned opening a place that I would be comfortable taking my own children to."

The modern yet comfortable office allows kids to enjoy their visit without the stereotypical stuffy feeling of a doctor’s office. At the same time, parents know that the state of the art office and wonderful staff will provide the best care possible for the dental health of their child. The health of children’s teeth is vital to proper development. Not only is it crucial for their smile, but for eating, speech development, and to maintaining the proper eruption pattern for their adult teeth. Decay on children's teeth develops faster than on adults due to thinner enamel. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry children should begin seeing a dentist around the age of one. Early initial visits are a time for Dr. Chris to discuss dental matters with parents as well as an opportunity for an oral exam to evaluate eruption patterns and possibly any other dental concerns. Also professional topical fluoride treatments twice a year reduces the risk of and inhibits the progression of any decay. Because dental health plays such an important role in a child’s life Dr. Chris encourages families to bring their children by the office to meet the staff and to see the facility before their first dental visit. It is in those visits that the patients begin to feel comfortable. He enjoys seeing a child go from unsure and timid to hopping up in the chair ready for their cleaning. The staff is happy to take some extra time to ensure the experience at their office is a positive one and prove that the days of dreading the dentist’s office are long gone. The community involvement of North Georgia Pediatric Dentistry is extensive. In February they hosted Give Kids a Smile Day in which they donated their time and services as an office to those with dental needs, specifically to those who either do not have dental insurance or to families who couldn’t afford dental care for their children. During that event they were able to provide over ten thousand dollars worth of dentistry. The office is also involved with Flowery Branch High School’s work-based learning program which allows students to intern in the field of their choice. It is also common to see NGPD sponsor events in the local community. Dr. Chris enjoys being an active participant within the community and he truly wants to get to know his patients, caring not just about their dental health but about their lives as well.


HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 20

HOME Living

In North Georgia

5/23/12 7:24 AM

home business

Dr. Chris Halper’s education began at Georgia Southern University and he continued his studies at Penn State University where he received his Bachelor’s of Science degree. After a couple years working in research and development in the pharmaceuticals industry, he missed working with people deciding then to pursue the dental field. Dr. Chris received his dental education in the nation’s second oldest dental school, Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, PA. After completing the program, he remained in Philadelphia and finished a two year pediatric specialty residency at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. Staying current in all aspects of the pediatric dental field, Dr. Chris regularly participates in continuing education opportunities. He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Georgia Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Southeastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry, Georgia Dental Association and the American Dental Association. Dr. Chris explains the passion behind his work, “Since an early age I always knew that I wanted to work with children. I grew up in a family that assisted in finding foster children adopted homes. My love for sports led me to coaching multiple teams over the years. From these life experiences and my pediatric training, working with children and youth has always been comfortable and rewarding. Being able to positively influence a child in their perception of dentistry or life in general is something that I enjoy and treasure.” Outside of the practice, Dr. Chris has a beautiful wife, Amber, and two lovely daughters, Hayden and Brooklyn. They love being a part of the North Georgia community and enjoy spending time together exploring the area in which they call Home. Dr. Chris puts it simply, “The relationships that our office develops with our patients and their families, to us, are priceless. I look forward to getting to know my patients, hearing about all of their adventures in life, and listening to what is important to them at each and every appointment. I truly see our practice as an extension of the community family.”

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 21


5/23/12 7:24 AM

One stitch at a time

home business

By Ramona Evans | Photos by Sarina Roth

Overboard Designs has designated themselves as the go-to shop for marine upholstery, carpets, accessories and more. Originating on the shores of Lake Lanier, their reputation for excellence has blazed its way throughout the South Eastern United States, reaching across the waterways of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas. Cibele Ziobrowski, the woman behind the brand, was introduced to the easy-going marine lifestyle in 2005. “I loved every boat owner I met and wanted to be more like them,” she remembers. As she gained dockside contacts and her first boat, the Lake Lanier community began to take notice to the talent she had. A self starter, she began renovating and reselling watercrafts for triple the price. Following a successful Boat Show, the Overboard Designs brand was born. Now with nine licensed professionals on staff, the shop averages four complete boat interior renovations per week. Their custom, onsite work is supported by lake area dealers, boat shops and a large customer base stretching across the region. Amongst their most popular products are upholstery, snap-in carpets and boat covers, with no request being too small or too extensive. Perhaps what speaks loudest are their more-thansatisfied customer testimonials. “We have a real sense of pleasing people and doing the right thing,” Cibele explained. “We aim to be the upholstery business that people can count and depend on to do what we say we are going to do.” The faces of Overboard Designs are seen both on the shoreline and in the hustle and bustle of many area boat shows. By traveling to these Cibele and her team are able to keep abreast of the latest and greatest designs, gaining inspirations that transform customer watercrafts into the most cutting-edge vessels. “Consistent and reliable, we do anything we can to please our customers and provide for their needs,” she added. What started as a vision is now a successful business that has premiere design and customer satisfaction reflected on the surfaces of multiple sundrenched waters.


HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 22

HOME Living

In North Georgia

5/23/12 7:24 AM

Cibele Ziobrowski From the shores of Argentina, Cibele Ziobrowski has taken the boat renovation industry by storm. When at first she completed all of her upholstery projects self-taught and by herself, she now has a shop full of qualified professionals who strive to meet the needs of the surrounding marine community. As a boat owner, her personal overhauls have led her to owning her own house boat. Since being introduced to Lake Lanier in 2005 she has designated herself as a successful boat-enthusiast, the very same people that she formerly admired. An entrepreneur and business woman, her creativity has now stretched beyond vessels to lake-side apparel. The Overboard Bikini Line is to reach customers this summer, bringing South American style bikinis and a tasteful, sexy twist to the lake. There is no doubt that her success is a direct attribution to her face-toface, work-together outreach. When choosing Overboard Designs to renovate your watercraft, you not only receive quality work but personable service and friendship.

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 23


5/23/12 7:25 AM

home community impact

Ebb and Flow

The Impact of Lake Sidney Lanier on the North Georgia Community By Kasie Bolling like canoeing and kayaking, a wealth of natural splendor featuring osprey nesting sites and eagles on the wing, and time-honored pastimes like fly-fishing and good old-fashioned stoneskipping. All along its more than 700 miles of shoreline lie some of North Georgia’s most stunning lakeside homes– Atlanta’s answer to the Northeast’s famed Hamptons.

Stunning and majestic, Lake Sidney Lanier has been lapping at the North Georgia shoreline for more than half a century. Nestled at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this popular 38,000-acre, man-made lake stretches its willowy fingers to delicately touch the communities of Buford, Cumming, Dawson, Flowery Branch, Oakwood and Gainesville. In between, its broad swaths of open water are peppered with islands filled with towering pines and quiet coves promising hidden treasure.

History of Lake Sidney Lanier Rich in both beauty and history, Lake Lanier was born from very humble beginnings. Shortly following World War II, Congress sanctioned the construction of Buford Dam in Northeast Georgia as part of the overall plan to develop the nation’s waterways for power production, flood control, and water supplies. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on March 1, 1950 and the dam was completed six long years later. It would take another three years for the new Chattahoochee River-fed reservoir to reach full capacity. This reservoir was named in honor of the highly esteemed Georgia musician and poet, Sidney Lanier. 24

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 24

In 1957, The US Army Corps of Engineers leased Lake Lanier Islands to the Georgia Department of State Parks, which partnered with the newly created Lake Lanier Islands Development Authority (LLIDA) in 1962 to manage and develop a recreational venue for the citizens of Georgia. A far cry from the Islands of yesteryear, today’s Lake Lanier Islands Resort, located at the Southern end of the lake, offers its guests a treasure’s trove of exciting attractions, relaxing distractions, beach-inspired food and libations, and well-appointed accommodations (See “Lakeside Love Story” on pages 30-33 to learn more.)

A Most Pleasant Present Today, Lake Lanier draws more than 7 million visitors per year, making it the most visited Corps of Engineers’ lake in the country. With a fundamental “dual personality,” Lanier offers something for nearly every kind of visitor. Whereas the southern end of the lake dishes out a raucous celebratory atmosphere with its wealth of marinas, party barges, jet skis, beach girls in bikinis, and beach boys in board shorts; the northernmost corners boast a tranquil experience with passive recreational pursuits

“Tourism to Lake Lanier has helped contribute to the Northeast Georgia Mountains leading Georgia in tourist spending with a growth of 7.8 percent last year, compared to 5 percent growth statewide,” explained Stacey Dickson, president of Lake Lanier Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Our proximity to both the urban pulse of Atlanta and the laid back lifestyle of Appalachia has positioned Lake Lanier as a terrific home base for visitors who want to ‘hub and spoke’ on day trips to see everything from the Georgia Aquarium downtown to Brasstown Bald in the mountains.” A veritable fisherman’s paradise, the waters of Lake Lanier are teeming with a variety of Striped and Spotted Bass, Walleye and Yellow Perch, three species of Catfish and more. Thanks in part to former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue’s Go Fish initiative in 2007, the accessibility to the lake was increased ten-fold, courtesy of the tournament-style boat ramp that was completed at Laurel Park in Gainesville. This also made Lake Lanier a viable option to host large events such as the FLW Forest Wood Cup, touted as the “Super Bowl of Bass Fishing”. Competitors for the coveted Forest Wood Cup first hit Lake Lanier in 2010. The Cup returns to Georgia’s Great Lake August 9-12. For those who love boating, but haven’t made the leap into boat ownership, there are a number of options for boat rentals at Lake Lanier. Anything from jet skis and ski equipment to pontoon boats and party yachts can be found at a number of local marinas. For a full list of marinas and the 76 boat ramps along Lake Lanier’s shoreline, visit the US Army Corps of Engineers website. HOME Living

In North Georgia

5/23/12 7:25 AM

Marine fuel, food, boat rentals, lodging, camping and entertainment are the main revenue streams created by visitors to the lake. Of course, there are many other industries such as dock maintenance and repair, marinas, boat retailers and residential real estate that add a lot to the big catch when Lake Lanier casts its net on the economy.”

Choppy Waters off the Starboard Bow

Lake Lanier is surrounded by terrific parks where you can splash in the shoreline and picnic on the banks. Many of these parks also offer public boat ramps. Be sure to check out Bald Ridge Creek Park, Mary Alice Park,Young Deer Park and Long Hollow Park in Cumming; Keith’s Bridge Park, Little Hall Park and Bolding Mill Park in Gainesville; Van Pugh Park in Flowery Branch, Buford Dam Park in Buford and Toto Creek Park in Dawsonville. From family-friendly festivals, boat shows, triathlons, and a wide variety of charity affairs at the towns and parks that line the lake to regularly scheduled events, fireworks and entertainment at Lake Lanier Islands Resort, there’s something happening virtually every weekend on Lake Lanier (See our Calendar of Events on pages 43-45.) Healthy pursuits like hiking or biking along miles of meandering trails, horseback riding, zip lining, and golfing seem more rewarding somehow with a gentle lakeside breeze at your back and the crystal blue waters of the lake within view. The delighted squeals of children in inner tubes and the hum of the motors of dozens of speed boats add an air of excitement to an otherwise average day. In addition to the allure of its tourism and recreation offerings, Lake Lanier proves a major draw for big names in business and sports. Likely banking the accessibility to the lake and beauty of the area would be attractive to their employees and team members, both The Atlanta Falcons and, more recently, Kings Hawaiian have elected to set up bases of operations near Lake Lanier. “The water churning through the turbines at Buford Dam is an excellent metaphor for the millions of dollars churning in the local economy thanks to the Corps of Engineers construction of Lake Lanier back in the 1950’s,” Dickson said. “With over 7 million visitors annually, some of them are bound to spend money in the area.

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Naturally, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing on Lake Lanier. In 1990, a bitter water war began between Alabama, Florida and Georgia, with Lake Lanier at the heart of the battle. And in 2007, an extraordinary shortage of rain gave birth to one of the worst droughts in Georgia history, leaving Lake Lanier water levels at an all-time low of more than 20 feet below full pool. Not only is Lake Lanier one of the primary economic engines of North Georgia, it also supplies drinking water to more than 3 million residents. Despite the drought, the United States Army Corps of Engineers which is responsible for the operation and management of Lake Sidney Lanier, continued to execute regularly scheduled releases of water from Buford Dam to flow downstream to our neighbors in Alabama and Florida through the ApalachicolaChattahoochee-Flint (ACF) River Basin, equating to more than a billion gallons of water a day. With less inflow than outflow, this action depleted lake levels by a staggering 7 feet in two months. As lake levels fell, the water war took on a new ferocity. While the drought came to an end in 2009, the battle wages on. A group of concerned citizens formed the 1071* Coalition in 2008 in an attempt to reduce the number of excessive water releases from Buford Dam and preserve North Georgia’s quality of life.

Setting a Steady Course for the Future It’s important we all recognize what a treasure we have in our midst – not merely for the gifts of recreation and tourism it provides to the North Georgia community, but also for the rewards of drinking water and undeniable natural beauty. Groups like 1071 Coalition and Upper Chattahoochee RiverKeeper, an environmental advocacy organization with more than 5,000 members dedicated solely to protecting and restoring the Chattahoochee River Basin and Headwaters Region, are dedicated to seeing that Lake Lanier is here for the enjoyment of future generations. To learn how you can help, visit 1071 Coalition at and Upper Chattahoochee RiverKeeper at

There’s an app for that… Lake Lanier Conventions & Visitors Bureau will debut the “Best of Lake Lanier” Smartphone app – available through iTunes, beginning with the unofficial opening of the Lake Lanier season on Memorial Day 2012. This FREE must-have app will be continually updated, featuring great information such as: GPS coordinates for boaters to restaurants, venues, and scenic stopovers like Osprey Cove, Restaurants that deliver to the docks, Fishing Reports, Lake Levels, Dam Release Schedules, Weather Forecasts And More!

Did you know…? There is a 1.7 mile paved path that stretches from Longwood Cove to the Gainesville Square called the Rock Creek Greenway. Featuring eight lighted tennis courts, picnic tables and pavilions, playgrounds, fishing pier and courtesy dock, boaters can dock at Longwood Cove, enjoy some fun at the park and then take a leisurely stroll to visit our friends at Scott’s on the Square, Two Dog Café or Mellow Mushroom for a great dinner in downtown Gainesville. Along the way, you can expect to pass the pond and amphitheatre at Rock Creek Park, the bridge and gazebo at Ivey Terrace Park, and the playground and covered bridge at Wilshire Trails Park.

Got a GPS and a Sense of Adventure? If so, then you’re ready to jump on the latest craze for emerging explorers – Geocaching! This world-wide treasure hunting game often features hidden bounty on the islands and shoreline of Lanier. To learn more, visit www. Planning a trip to Lake Lanier? The Lake Lanier CVB offers a terrific one-stop shop for your day, stay, or vacation! From places to stay, play, eat and shop to things to do and see, the Lake Lanier CVB website features easy-to-navigate pages, the latest news and a calendar of events. Visit them today at!


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home business

Award Winning Customer Sevice From a Family Owned and Operated Store serving you for over 50 Years.


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Finding it all at

home fashion

By Tracy Youngblood-Wingate Photos by Sarina Roth The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and Tanger Outlet Centers combined forces at the most recent Women in Business. The attendees enjoyed a trendy fashion show with all apparel provided by Tanger Outlet Centers. The variety of the latest styles and the truth behind the statement, “There’s something for everyone” was very apparent. Tanger Outlets in Commerce, Georgia provides us with the best selection of the latest fashion, while also providing us with prices that we can afford.

Samantha Rickman and Kathryn Krueger Meadows are ready to enjoy a day, or evening on the lake. They are both dressed in Tommy Hilfiger. The nautical theme is big this season and lucky for North Georgia, we have a lake to share it with. The ladies of the chamber, Kim Kyst (also shown above), Sharon Anderson (seated) and Linda Foster look perfectly polished in their dress selections. From a glowing sheen to sleeveless to a long-sleeved wrap style these selections are the perfect transition from day in the office to an evening out.

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home fashion

There’s Something for everyone! Accessories make the outfit. Just as layering garments is a big trend this season the layers of accessories are just as important. Selecting just the right accessories can take an outfit from a great choice to a look that is re-pinned on Pinterest many times over. It is important to take chances, have fun and you do not have to spend a fortune to make a statement.

Sarah Adams

Alexa Fleming Robertson (standing) and Elizabeth Anderson are ready for an evening under the stars. Elizabeth wears the flowing, animal print dress in perfect fashion. Animal print is in and whether it’s snakeskin, crocodile or leopard it’s sure to draw attention. Alexa’s look includes one of the colors of the season. The beautiful shade of blue can carry over from a fun-filled day to an unforgettable evening.

800 Steven B Tanger Blvd Commerce GA 30529 28

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(706) 335-3354

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Lake Lanier Islands Resort will make your special day perfectly unforgettable! Set upon the shores of stunning Lake Sidney Lanier, nestled in the foothills of North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Lake Lanier Islands Resort is the epitome of romance. With the magnificent lake views and luxurious accommodations, you will feel worlds away, while staying conveniently close to home. Legacy Weddings provides a breathtaking backdrop; your memorable marriage creates a lasting legacy. Make it a wedding weekend getaway: Learn more about our exclusive spa packages, world-class Legacy Golf Course, renowned lakeside restaurants... and so much more!

Visit our website at

7000 Lanier Islands Parkway 29 Buford, GA 30518 770.945.8787 •

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By Kasie Bolling | Photos by Elizabeth Ordu


Love story


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home cover story

“Everything I do is the most important thing I’ve ever done.” The news spread like wildfire throughout the halls of Georgia Baptist Hospital, finally making its way to the ears of the pretty young nursing student from Blue Ridge. Even though Sara didn’t work on the same floor, she found herself passing by the room several times just to try and catch a glimpse of the handsome patient who was rumored to be the spitting image of famed heartthrob Tab Hunter. Unfortunately, it was difficult for her to see him between the sea of flowers from well-wishers

down to Sara’s floor with the promise he would call. He kept his promise. Although in the days and weeks to follow, Sara would learn that she had been the unwitting victim of a little white lie. Virgil was not yet a student at Georgia Tech, but instead a senior at Druid Hills High School. Even though Virgil was still several months older than her, Sara was a part of the adult world of hospital corridors and dorm rooms and had liked the idea of dating a college man. Still, it was too late – she was quickly

their engagement. Little did they know then what a central role that same lake would once again play in their lives many years later.

and the throng of student nurses who’d somehow worked up the courage to find an excuse to enter his room. But as fate would have it, he could see her.

falling head over heels. He would pick her up from the nurses’ dormitory and escort her on dates to his high school fraternity parties. He even invited her to his senior prom. Sara remembers the cold reception she received from the girls at his school – they were apparently not happy that Virgil was suddenly so obviously off the market.

Williams Contracting, Inc. The fact that he’d built his first house, developed his first subdivision, and constructed his first Texaco station while he was still in college would only foreshadow the fearlessness and vision of the emerging entrepreneur. Not one to linger long on any one project or in any one industry, over the course of a career that has spanned more than 50 years, Virgil Williams has successfully forayed into the fields of building, contracting, engineering, banking, publishing, real estate, sports, air travel and hospitality.

He immediately sent his brother Jim out to the hallway to invite Sara in. As he escorted her into the room, Jim explained that the patient was not in fact a movie star, but a junior at Georgia Tech named Virgil. In the brief time she spent in that hospital room, Sara was not only introduced to Jim and Virgil’s family, but also to her destiny. (When extolling the tale years later, she recalls being struck by Virgil’s blue eyes, although he swears through a grin that she never took her eyes off of his legs.) Before he was released from the hospital the next day, Virgil sent a single long-stemmed red rose

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One early Spring day in 1959 – shortly after construction of Buford Dam had been completed and the levels of the new reservoir, Lake Sidney Lanier began rising to full pool – Sara and Virgil joined his father for an afternoon of water skiing. Mr. Williams would soon learn that skiing was only a small part of the days’ plans. As the boat rocked gently in the lake’s wake and a breeze foretold of a change in the air, the young couple announced

Behind Every Great Man… Virgil married Sara in June 1959. The young groom thrived on the campus at Georgia Tech and showed great promise in the family business,

“Everything I do is the most important thing I’ve ever done,” Virgil explained. “Once it’s up, running, and doing what I wanted it to do, I’m always moving on to the next project.”


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Leaving a Legacy “They say you can take an executive out of the boardroom, but you can never take the boardroom out of the executive.” It wasn’t long before Virgil received word that Lake Lanier Islands Resort was up for sale. Not only was this 1200 acre lakeside destination in the rolling foothills of North Georgia a true diamond in the rough, but it was also set on the shores of the same lake where he and Sara had announced their engagement nearly 50 years earlier. Since its inception, Lake Lanier Islands had been owned and managed by the Georgia Department of State Parks and Lake Lanier Islands Development Authority (LLIDA). Initially created as a recreational venue for the citizens of

Georgia to enjoy, the Islands grew over the years to include a water park, boat docks, stables, campgrounds, golf course and a hotel. The State of Georgia contracted with KSL Corporation to take over management of the Islands in the late 1980’s. Soon another hotel and lake houses were added, and the Resort debuted a holiday light extravaganza and driving tour called the Magical Nights of Lights. Unfortunately, the lakeside resort was suffering an identity crisis and after years of investing, KSL Corporation was prepared to cut their losses. Virgil felt the Islands would be a great retirement project and something the whole family could pursue together. Although they had careers of their own, all of their children were immediately on board with the idea. In 2005, Virgil Williams and his family purchased the lease rights to the hotels and businesses on the Islands through their new venture, Lake Lanier Islands Management Company. They soon began making plans to transform the Islands in entirely new ways. Mendy jumped in with both feet and spearheaded the interior design of a newly renovated hotel at the heart of the Resort, daughter-in-law Deanna handled merchandising and displays for the Resort’s retail stores, Mike served as an idea man and tackled many of the day-to-day operations, Virgil oversaw the big picture, and Sara, Virgil Jr. and Brad served on the Board of Directors. Unfortunately shortly following the purchase, the entire country was rocked by a recession and Georgia suffered a historic drought – leaving Lake Sidney Lanier at an all-time low of more than 20 feet below full pool. The family also received personal blows when Virgil was diagnosed with lung cancer, and Sara was diagnosed with breast cancer soon thereafter. “This retirement project exceeded all of my expectations of what would be required,” Virgil recalled. “We had overwhelming odds stacked against us, and yet we survived when many of the other ‘big guys’ in the industry didn’t. On top of all of that, we were trying to recreate the South’s vision of the Resort. It’s exceedingly difficult to change attitudes.”

Mendy, Virgil Jr., Mike, and Brad


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“We also get to leave a family legacy.”

home cover story Since assuming control, the family has stayed very busy making dramatic improvements to the Islands’ offerings, transforming the Lake Lanier Islands image, building a dedicated and friendly staff and securing the Resort’s foothold as a premier lakeside destination in the Southeast. The earliest years involved partnering with the State of Georgia and LLIDA to completely renovate the Islands infrastructure, including streetscapes, bridges and pedestrian walkways. A major overhaul of an existing hotel and golf course has paid off in spades with the well-received premieres of Legacy Lodge and Conference Center and Legacy on Lanier Golf Club. The addition of the lakeside Legacy Villas and launch of their custom publication, Legacy on Lanier, have served to redefine the Lake Lanier Islands brand. Virgil and Sara were inspired by their personal battles against cancer to create wellness initiatives throughout the Islands such as miles of walking trails, healthy menu options, and fitness classes. Additional well-planned moves like the expansion of the popular holiday Magical Nights of Lights, the development of stunning wedding venues throughout the Resort, the addition of exciting zip line canopy tours, and the debut of one of Atlanta’s hottest new beachside open-air eateries, Sunset Cove Beach Café & Club have all generated a buzz that continues to grow, drawing throngs of new guests to the Islands each year. Most recently, the family’s decision to transform the former beach and water park into LanierWorld – a sprawling boardwalk-themed entertainment district that is designed to appeal to every member of the family – has been met with rave reviews from fans of all ages. Comprised of more than a dozen water attractions, over half a mile of white sandy beach, family-friendly amusements, a slew of restaurants, a miniature golf course, pick-up games of beach volleyball, kayak and paddle board rentals, live entertainment, regularly scheduled events and more, LanierWorld brings a much-needed taste of the Florida Keys to landlocked North Georgia. “It’s been a pretty dogmatic challenge,” Virgil insisted. “While it’s been far more demanding than we ever would have imagined, we’ve taken the tough times and kept our heads up. We had the opportunity to sell a number of years ago and could have gotten all of our money back out of it. Through determination, stick-to-it-tiveness and creativity, we know we’re building something very special here – not just for our family, but for families throughout the Southeast. We also get to leave a family legacy. It’s a tangible representation of our unity, love, commitment and joint efforts – a place where families can enjoy one another and spend time together.”

“It’s a tangible representation of our unity, love, commitment and joint efforts – a place where families can enjoy one another and spend time together.”

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Symbols of the family can be found throughout the Resort, many venue monikers consist of the word “Legacy”, and every street name holds meaning (Camellia Lane is named after Sara’s favorite flower.) When visiting the Resort, guests shouldn’t be surprised to see Sara and Virgil Williams sitting at a table nearby in one of the Resort’s restaurants, one of their brood at the helm of a boat on the lake, or a group of the Williams grandchildren standing in line at a waterslide in LanierWorld. Far more lasting than footprints in the sand, Lake Lanier Islands Resort is a Southern treasure that serves as both an enduring legacy and a symbolic extension of this wonderful Georgia family. The Williams Family invites you and your family to come on over and play in their big backyard. As this lakeside love story continues to unfold, they can hardly wait for you to re-discover Lake Lanier Islands Resort.


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As the mercury starts to rise in the thermometer our thoughts change from warm and hearty dishes to light, cool and refreshing ones with local produce and bright fresh flavors. As a chef, this is the beginning of my favorite time of the year. Spring and Summer bring with them the largest bounty from the farm, especially here in the South.

Some of our most memorable moments involve sitting around a table enjoying a meal. We experience so much through dining. From romantic evenings to business lunches to family events, North Georgia’s restaurants have something perfect for everyone. The Taste of HOME section gives local establishments a chance to feature a menu item, while revealing what makes them unique. We hope to introduce our readers to a new dining option, or remind those familiar with the business why they enjoy visiting the establishment. The main objective is to let North Georgia know we have the perfect meal for any occasion in our own back yard. The dining options are never ending, and our local restaurants keep our area thriving.

It was not long ago in this country that we did not have fresh, summer produce available all year long. But now with refrigerated trucking and rail cars and the varied growing seasons in our hemisphere we can get just about any type of vegetable year round. With that said though, nothing beats fresh off the farm, locally grown produce. It just plain tastes better. I love walking through the farmer’s market and taking in the smells and colors of all of the great options. Often times I don’t have any idea what I am looking for and wait for that particular item that will inspire a new dish or the recollection of one created in the past. With these thoughts in mind for this Taste of Home article I have put together a couple of great recipes chock full of items that can be found at your local farmer’s markets. I have also included several of the Hall County farmer’s markets where our local growers sell their delicious crops. One of my favorite summer appetizers is Bruschetta. The plump, ripe tomatoes combined with the garlic rubbed, grilled crostinis just cannot be beat.

Tomato and Basil Bruschetta Ingredients 7 ripe plum or Roma tomatoes 1.5lbs 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar 8 fresh basil leaves, chopped. Sea Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste 1 French bread baguette 1/4 cup olive oil

“Bruschetta (Italian pronunciation: [brus’ketta] is a food whose origin dates to at least the 15th century from central Italy. It consists of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.Variations may include toppings of spicy red pepper, tomato, vegetables, beans, cured meat, and/or cheese; the most popular American recipe involves basil, fresh mozzarella, and tomato. Bruschetta is usually served as a snack or appetizer. In Italy, Bruschetta is often prepared using a brustolina grill. In Tuscany, bruschetta is called fettunta, meaning “oiled slice”.


Prepare the tomatoes first. Parboil/ blanch the tomatoes for one minute in boiling water that has just been removed from the burner. Drain. Using a sharp small knife, remove the skins of the tomatoes. Once the tomatoes are peeled, cut them in halves and remove the seeds and juice from their centers. Also cut out and discard the stem area. Make sure there is a top rack in place in your oven. Turn on the oven to 450°F to preheat. While the oven is heating, chop up the tomatoes finely. Put tomatoes, garlic, 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil, vinegar in a bowl and mix. Add the chopped basil. Add salt and pepper to taste. Slice the baguette on a bias about 1/2 inch thick slices. Coat one side of each slice with olive oil using a pastry brush. Place on a cooking sheet, olive oil side down. Toast for 5-6 minutes, until the bread just begins to turn golden brown.

Or Rub each piece with garlic and drizzle with olive oil and grill on an indoor grill like a George Forman™™ or a Panini grill or better yet over an open fire grill. Be careful not to burn the bread Place bread on a serving platter, olive oil side up and top with tomato basil mixture. Don’t do this too far ahead of serving as it will make your bread soggy. You can also have your guests top the crostinis themselves. Makes 24 small slices.


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home taste of home

Scott’s Citrus Grilled Tuna with Tomato and Haricot Vert Salad Ingredients 4 Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks 1 Lemon 1 Lime 1 Orange 1 Cup Salad Oil (canola) ½ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil ½ Cup Rice Wine Vinegar 2 Cloves garlic, Chopped 2 Cups Haricot Verts (French Green Beans), blanched 1.5 Cups Chopped Tomatoes 1 Shallot, Chopped ½ Cup chopped Kalamata Olives (or your favorite olive) 6 leaves fresh Basil, chopped Extra Virgin Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegar

Directions Marinade

Using a zester, scrape the zest off of the lemon, the lime and the orange. Keep the rest of the fruit for the sauce. Be careful not to get too much of the white flesh under the zest as this is bitter. Combine the zests with enough salad oil to cover the 4 Tuna steaks. Let marinate for at least 4 hours under refrigeration, but preferably overnight.

Dressing / Sauce

Squeeze the juice from the lemon, lime and orange that you zested and make sure to remove any seeds. Combine this juice with the extra virgin olive oil, and the rice wine vinegar. Taste and adjust the proportions as you prefer. Add Salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste. Refrigerate.


Combine chopped garlic, tomatoes, haricot verts, chopped shallots, olives and chopped basil in a bowl. Add oil and vinegar to your desired taste and consistency. Add salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate.

Grilling Fish

Over a medium hot grill (charcoal, gas, electric) place your marinated tuna steaks on the grate. Remember to let most of the marinade drain off before putting fish on the grill as it is oil and is flammable and will flare up. Grill tuna to desired doneness. I recommend rare to medium rare for best flavor.

Finishing the Dish

Place approximately 1 cup of the salad on the individual plate. Slice tuna into 4 triangles. Arrange the tuna on top of the salad mixture. Drizzle with the dressing and serve. The fish may be served hot or cold.

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 35

Scott Dixon is the Executive Chef and Owner of Scott’s on the Square and Scott’s Catering in Gainesville, GA. Find him and his restaurant at

I hope that you find these recipes a delicious addition to your next meal or party. Feel free to use them as is or as an inspiration to be creative and see what you come up with. So until next time remember, food and drink always taste better when shared with friends. Cheers! In Hall County there are numerous options for fresh produce. I have listed below several of the ones that I know of that are close to my restaurant. Remember, when it comes to shopping at a Farmer’s Market, the early bird definitely gets the worm…. And the best selection of produce. Gainesville Market on the Square Fridays starting June 1st 2:30pm – 6:30pm Hall County Farmer’s Market Starts May 8th Tuesday - 6:00am till sellout; Saturday - 7:00am till sellout Spout Springs Library Farmer’s Market Thursdays – 4:00pm – 7:00pm or sellout For more information check out


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room to grow home family

by Kasie Bolling

A Very Special Behind-the-Scenes Look at Two North Georgia Foster and Adoptive Families

At HOME Magazine, we don’t just love children. We LOVE children. These tiny treasures have a unique way of looking at the world; they can repair a horrible day at the office with a hug and an original work of macaroni art; and they can add an undeniable sense of purpose to your life just by flashing a goofy, toothless grin. We adore the way they mug for the camera, giggle under the bed covers and dream up scenarios like a vast ocean in place of the carpet and a great white shark in place of the family dog.

Sadly, not all grown-ups are able to see the true gifts that children are to the world. Whether it be a financial crush, drug addiction, new relationship, illness, criminal behavior, bad decision or something as simple as irrefutable selfishness, thousands of Georgia parents each year either willingly or unwittingly forfeit the rights to their own children. It’s heartbreaking to consider that countless children may not have ever giggled under covers and were likely never encouraged to dream. Many fall victim to physical, sexual or mental abuse, and some don’t know where they will sleep or if they will eat on any given night. Fortunately, there is a group of very special people out there in the North Georgia community – folks who may actually give our own love of children a run for the money. As we commemorate National Foster Care Month throughout the month of May, HOME Magazine would like to shine a light on two amazing foster and adoptive families living in our midst. We hope you will join us in applauding them and other foster families all over the country, who open their hearts and homes to children in need, giving them what they crave most – love, encouragement and room to grow.

The Boswell Family

Buford, Georgia

With four biological children of their own, Wendy and Lee Boswell had no designs on adopting, but they felt an irrefutable stirring in both of their hearts, believing they were being called to become foster parents. Because two of their own children had major health issues – one born with a congenital heart defect requiring a pacemaker and another requiring major skull surgery at a very young age, the Boswells felt compelled to take in foster kids with special needs. After a rigorous approval process that included classes, certifications, a slew of paperwork, physicals, drug tests, and in-home evaluations, the Boswells officially became a foster family in May 2002. No amount of tests or paperwork could have prepared them for the emotional rollercoaster ride that goes along with being a foster family. One of their earliest foster children was a baby girl whose mother was a drug addict, who had numerous children taken away by the state. With only one biological girl of her own, who was well past the baby stage, Wendy immediately fell in love with this child. She stayed with the Boswells for more than a year, and while they originally never intended to adopt, they began to seriously consider adding her to their family. Even the caseworker at the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) believed the adoption would be possible. Instead, through hard work and determination, the mother was reunited with her child. While she was happy for the mother and her baby, Wendy’s heart broke the day that baby left. Wendy learned a difficult lesson that day – she had crossed a line that she would try desperately to never cross again. That was until another little boy stayed with the Boswells for nearly two years. When his family came to pick him up, the toddler refused to be strapped into his car seat. Crying, he reached for Wendy and called, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!” Through tears, she helped buckle him in, tucked his favorite blanket and toy into his arms, put her forehead against his and promised him that everything would be okay. When she went into her house, she could hear the sobs of her other family members, as everyone contended with the truly hard side of foster care. “When a foster child comes into this house, I am their mom and Lee is their dad,” Wendy explained. “When they leave, we have to let them go. We want all of these kids to have a happily ever after, even if it’s not with us. There’s great joy to be found in seeing a family put back together.”

The Boswell Family HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 36

5/23/12 7:26 AM

The Satterfield Family Wendy swears that the rewards far exceed the heartbreak. Through the years, Wendy has learned to start “treasure boxes” for each of the children who pass through their home. She fills them with pieces of their history: special mementos like lost teeth, first Christmas outfits, movie ticket stubs and – most importantly – photographs. On a wall in their home, the Boswells have a collage that holds the smiling faces of just about every foster child who has been in their care. Wendy remembers each one of them and smiles every time she looks at it. “There’s never a good reason a child is in foster care,” Wendy said. “It’s tragic what some people do to their kids. I find it amazing to see the transformation from when these children arrive on our front doorstep to just a few weeks later. It’s like watching a flower open. We show them what it’s like to be part of a happy family. And the biological kids in a foster family are the unsung heroes. They give up so much– they have to share their parents’ time, toys, bedrooms and bathrooms. We could never do what we do without our kids’ commitment. I can’t praise them enough for their selflessness and sacrifice.” To date, the Boswells have served as a safe haven for 40 children. Some have stayed as little as 72 hours while the court finds a family member to take them in or allows them to return home, while others have stayed as long as 22 months. Three very special boys have become their “forever children”. With a 15-passenger van at the ready, Wendy insisted they would have kept the majority of the children if they could. “Being a foster parent is the best thing I’ve ever done,” Wendy said. “But it’s also the hardest thing. I hate goodbyes, and there are an awful lot of goodbyes when you are a foster parent.

they’re not yours and protect yourself.’ There is great reward in providing a safe haven in the storm. So many of these children are abused, drug-addicted and have nowhere to turn. In the end, it isn’t about you - it’s about them.” As well as providing refuge, the Satterfields have had a hand in bridging the gap between their home and the foster child’s true home. They once took in a brother combination that consisted of 3-yearold and 5-month-old boys. The 3-year-old had been thrown across a room by his stepfather, who was soon jailed. To their mother’s dismay, the court removed the boys from their home. Recognizing that the mother had not had a hand in the abuse, the Satterfields invited her to come to their home for daily visits with the boys. They supported her by testifying on the stand that she was a good mother to her boys. She was awarded custody, and the boys are once again thriving in her care.

Gainesville, Georgia

The Satterfield family has also helped other couples achieve the dream of becoming a “mommy and daddy” by helping them to foster to adopt or pairing them with a foster child who would prove a good fit for their home. In addition to fostering 31 children, the Satterfields have realized their own dream of growing their family by adopting a daughter and son.

Shortly after they were married in 2001, Lynn and Tim Satterfield learned they could have no biological children of their own. Together they shared a love of Maggie, Lynn’s daughter from a previous marriage, but they wished to grow their family further and began looking into adoption. After years of waiting, praying and wading through red tape, the Satterfields began tossing around the idea of becoming a foster family while waiting to adopt. In 2004, Lynn, Tim and Maggie proudly opened their home to Hall County children in need.

While new big sister Maggie had been excited about adding a baby brother and sister to her family, over the years she struggled with being a foster sister. Even though her parents made sure she was a part of the decision every time DFCS called about a child who needed to be placed, she couldn’t help but feel threatened by it all. The younger children would become attached to her, and it was always so hard to say goodbye. Still, the Satterfields learned to work through the sad and happy times together.

One of the first foster children to enter their home was a bright and sweet 2-year-old boy. In the 18 months that he lived with the family, Lynn felt a particular connection to the boy. She never realized how hard it would be for him to go home, and quickly learned to guard her heart.

“I can’t tell you how many times people have told me ‘Being a foster parent must be so hard, it would break my heart, I could never do that,’” Lynn said. “There’s a real need out there, and it’s overwhelming. If you’re truly considering becoming a foster family, think of what these children may be going through now, not what you may go through later.”

“I never wanted to hurt like that again,” recalled Lynn, a fifth grade teacher at Myers Elementary School. “I try to warn new foster parents by telling them ‘The first one’s going to get you. Know that

“Children make your life important.”

The Satterfield Family

~Emma Bombeck, American author and syndicated columnist

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5/23/12 7:26 AM

home family The Adoptive and Foster Parent Association of Hall County, Inc.

Established in 2010, The Adoptive and Foster Parent Association of Hall County (AFPAHC) is comprised of both foster and adoptive families dedicated to caring for children in need in the Hall County area. While not an official part of the Georgia Department of Human Services’ Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS), each member of the AFPAHC has been thoroughly screened and approved by DFCS to take in and care for children entering the foster system. AFPAHC also provides training classes to families who wish to provide foster care in their own homes. These classes have also been approved by DFCS, equal two hours class credit and take place on the third Thursday of every month at “The Little House” in downtown Gainesville. AFPAHC Mission Statement: “Our goal is to provide a child in need with a home that shows LOVE and gives them a safe environment that will instill HOPE so they can begin the process of HEALING in their lives.” AFPAHC is always in need of your generous donations to help provide foster children with clothing, toys, diapers, activities and more. If you are interested in donating to the AFPAHC, contact them at

Foster Children’s Foundation The Foster Children’s Foundation, Inc. (FCF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit support organization established to help local foster and at risk children. Geared toward meeting the emotional and material needs of these special children, FCF provides much-needed personal items, as well as mentoring and activities designed to help raise their self-esteem and affirm the fact that they are a vital and valuable part of society. Through projects and programs designed to improve their quality of life, FCF is able to provide these children with many of the opportunities that non-fostered youth enjoy. Goals of the Foster Children’s Foundation include, but are not limited to: • Raising public awareness to the needs of foster children, as well as the situations they face. •Partnering with the Private and Business sectors to provide solutions for these needs. •Assist in finding more foster and adoptive parents and help expedite the training process. •Establishing programs and projects to improve the self-esteem and quality of life for foster children. •Providing a Resource Center, a safe and clean facility where children can go to get clothing, hygiene products, book bags and other desperately needed items. •Mentoring and tutoring children with specific/special needs •Introducing foster children and families to positive functions they may not otherwise get to experience, such as performing arts and sporting events. •Providing scholarships for the children to do things they could not do before, such as attend summer camp or take music lessons. In order to provide these wonderful services to children in need, FCF continually seeks volunteers, corporate sponsors, monetary contributions, and donations of items. If you have questions, would like to volunteer, or would like more information, call (770) 623-6135 or send an e-mail to For your convenience, tax-deductible monetary contributions are graciously accepted online.

LOVE, HOPE, HEALING In 2010, a handful of foster parents in North Georgia founded The Adoptive and Foster Parent Association of Hall County, Inc. (see inset). Feeling that one of the best weapons in any foster parent’s arsenal is a strong network of other foster parents, the organization’s new President Lynn Satterfield and Vice-President Wendy Boswell sought to create an environment of support for foster and adoptive families and their children. When she first began her training to become a foster parent a decade ago, Wendy recalls attending class with 80 other people. Of her classmates, 90 percent dropped out of the foster parent program within the first year. “I’m not going to lie. It’s hard – and people quit,” Wendy said. “Foster parenting is not for everyone. Still you can gain a great deal of wisdom and encouragement from people who’ve been there – from getting the number of a good pediatrician to how to contend with a difficult transition following a foster child’s departure.” Lynn added, “There are a vast number of children out there who need a loving family, whether it’s for a short time or forever. There are over 100 kids in foster care in Hall County alone. If they don’t have a home to go to, they are often farmed out to other counties or sent to group homes. As long as you have a big heart, a wealth of patience, and the desire to play this vital role in the lives of children in need, you’re well equipped to take on one of the most important things you could ever do in your life, providing a place of love, hope and healing.”

DID YOU KNOW? According to the Division of Family and Children Services’ Foster Parenting and Adoption Fact Sheet, at any given time there are more than 7,000 children in foster care in the state of Georgia. To inquire about becoming a foster parent, call 1-877-210-KIDS or visit

Foster Kid Hall of Fame Did you know each of these famous people spent some time in the foster care system? Cher James Dean Eddie Murphy Willie Nelson John Lennon Steve Jobs Marilyn Monroe Source:

C 38

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 38

5/23/12 7:26 AM

Helping Children.

home cover story

Rebuilding Families.

Northeast Georgia’s Largest Children’s Home. Eagle Ranch provides a Christ-centered home for boys and girls in crisis and in need of hope and healing. Partnering with their families, Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, Georgia 30502 p: 770.967.8500 • f: 770.967.3757

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 39

we pursue family restoration and reunification. We seek to influence and equip others who share a similar calling to impact children, families, and future generations.

5/23/12 7:26 AM

home charity

by Elissa McCrary

Empowers The Community to Fight Back Against Cancer On June 1st 2012, 150 teams consisting of over 2,500 and more than l5,000 people are expected to spend the night walking around the race track at Road Atlanta as part of the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life to raise funds and awareness to fight cancer. They will not only be taking steps to battle cancer in their community, they will be part of a movement to find a cure for this terrible disease and stamp out cancer for good. “Relay For Life is a great event that brings every part of the community together for 24 hours for one common cause – fighting cancer,” said Senior Community Manager, Andrea Shoemaker. “Cancer affects everyone of every age, socio-economic status and ethnic background. No one is immne to cancer. So it’s important to unite as a community to fight cancer, to honor those who have survived it and to remember those who have lost their battles. Relay reminds us that we CAN do something to change the future of cancer and to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays for everyone.” Last year’s Relay For Life at Road Atlanta attracted between 15,00020,000 people and raised 467,290.00. This year’s goal is 150 teams consisting of over 2,500 participants, more than l5,000 in attendance and $484,100.00 raised. 40

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 40

Relay For Life began in 1985 when one man decided to take action against cancer. Dr. Gordy Klatt put his love for running marathons to work to start the first Relay” in Tacoma, Washington, with a 24-hour run against cancer. Dr. Klatt spent a grueling 24 hours circling the track at Baker Stadium at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma for more than 83 miles. Throughout the night, friends paid $25 to run or walk 30 minutes with him. He raised $27,000 to fight cancer. That first year, nearly 300 of Dr. Klatt’s friends, family, and patients watched as he ran and walked the course. While he circled the track those 24 hours, he thought about how others could take part. He envisioned a 24-hour team relay event that could raise more money to fight cancer. Months later he pulled together a small committee to plan the first team relay event known as the City of Destiny Classic 24-Hour Run Against Cancer. In 1986, 19 teams took part in the first team relay event and raised $33,000. Today, Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s Signature Event, with more than 5,000 Relays taking place in communities Nationwide and several foreign countries. In Georgia alone, there more than 150 Relay events in communities statewide, including the Road Atlanta Relay. HOME Living

In North Georgia

5/23/12 7:26 AM

“Relay For Life is a great event that brings every part of the community together for 24 hours for one common cause – fighting cancer.” What makes Relay special to so many people is that it’s a lifechanging event that gives everyone a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. At Relay, teams of people camp out at a local high school, park, fairground, and in this case, race tracks, and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Because cancer never sleeps, Relays are overnight events that last 12-24 hours in length; the Road Atlanta Relay is from 7pm-7am. Although every Relay For Life is different, there are certain traditions at all Relays, no matter where they are held. These traditions help participants celebrate, remember, and fight back. Each Relay begins with a celebration of cancer survivorship with a Survivors Lap – an time when survivors are invited to take the first lap around the track as other participants circle the track and cheer on the survivors. The Survivors Lap is an emotional example of how Relay participants are ensuring that more lives are saved each year – like those of each individual on the track. It also recognizes and celebrates caregivers at Relay. These individuals give their time, love, and support to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers who face cancer. After the first lap, all Relay participants join survivors in walking the track. After dark, people who have been touched by cancer are remembered and honored during a reverent luminary ceremony. Hundreds of candles light the night in bags filled with sand, with each bag bearing the name of a person who has survived cancer or who has lost their battle with the disease. Participants often take the opportunity to walk a lap in silence.

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 41

After team members walk the track all night, they close out the Relay event with an inspirational ceremony the next morning. Relay For Life is more than just a fundraiser: It’s a life-changing experience. At Relay, every person in the community has a chance to celebrate, remember, and fight back. And every person who participates joins others around the globe as part of this worldwide movement to end cancer. “We invite everyone in Hall County to come join us at Relay For Life at Road Atlanta,” said Gail Schneider, Relay Co-Chair/ Volunteer. “Take action against a disease that steals too many lives of loved ones and friends every year. Come out and make a difference in the fight against cancer and help save lives in our community.”

For more information on Relay For Life at the Road Atlanta, visit Or go to for more information on Relay For Life.

Event Information June 1-2, 2012, 7pm-7am

Road Atlanta, 5300 Winder Hwy., Braselton, Ga 30517 (We suggest arriving early in order to be on time for opening ceremonies.)


5/23/12 7:26 AM

home get to know

Turning the Tables Former Lawman and local resident Andy garrison teaches north georgia citizens how to avoid becoming a victim

By Kasie Bolling


itting across the table from that mustachied grin perfectly framed by two deeply carved dimples, it’s hard for this writer to believe that Andy Garrison could seriously maim someone with his bare hands. Not that it’s anything this Southern gentleman has ever aspired to do; it’s merely the natural result of nearly 40 years of law enforcement, many of those spent training everyone from SWAT members to sorority sisters to protect themselves from harm. As he embarks on a new journey as the co-founder of Personal Safety Concepts, HOME Magazine felt this was the ideal opportunity for our readers to “get to know” Andy Garrison. Rural Jefferson, Ga. born-and-bred, there were three major influences in the life of the young Garrison: his parents, his pastor, and his love of animals. The son of a WWII vet and pioneering newspaper woman, Garrison’s parents were perhaps best known locally as the owners of Jackson Memorial Cemetery and Dot’s & Dee’s Flowers and Gifts on the Square. It’s no wonder that a powerful blend of entrepreneurial spirit, staunch bravery, and an overwhelming desire to help others runs in Garrison’s blood. As a teen, he was so inspired by his pastor, Bill Treadwill that he seriously considered a career in the ministry. However, when it came time to decide on college, Garrison was led to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton thanks in large part to his membership in the Future Farmers of America and his fondness for raising and showing livestock throughout Georgia. While pursuing a veterinary degree, Garrison had no idea that an elective course would forever alter his path in life. One criminal justice course led to another, and finally to an Associate’s Degree in Sociology, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia Southern, and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Brenau College. During this time, as part of a Federal Student Loan Program, Garrison agreed to work four years in law enforcement to finance four years of college. Those four years seamlessly rolled into a career that spanned 38 years. After getting his start with the Jefferson Police Department and Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, Garrison was asked to join the Clarke County Police Department in nearby Athens, Ga. It was there that he served as a major case investigator,

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 42

crime scene technician, crime scene photographer, SWAT team commander and commanding officer of the bomb squad. He was soon offered the role of Director of the Northeast Georgia Police Academy. He trained more than 7,000 law enforcement officers over the course of 28 years before retiring in 2011 with the distinction of being the longest serving police academy director in Georgia history. Throughout much of his career, Garrison has also offered personal safety consulting and training to organizations, corporations, and individuals in his spare time. He has even filmed a video series titled Personal Safety for Women that aired on Georgia Public Broadcasting. Those experiences have served as inspiration for his latest venture, Personal Safety Concepts, a three-part training program that focuses on personal safety lectures, hands-on defensive tactics training and firearms training. “I have served many years as a street officer, witnessing the horror that people do to others,” Garrison explained. “Many of the crises I have seen during my tenure were preventable if the victims would have had the training to avoid or react to the situation. If one life could be saved as a result of my training, then it would have all been worth the effort.” Among other helpful personal safety tools and tactics, participants in the Personal Safety Concepts program can expect to learn things like how to avoid becoming a victim, how to react if attacked, and the use of both conventional and unconventional weapons like hair spray, a comb or a set of keys to ward off an attacker. To inquire about the Personal Safety Concepts course, interested parties are invited to call Andy Garrison at (706) 369-1830 or e-mail him at

Personal Safety Concepts Summer Training Program Comfort Suites on Highway 441 in Commerce June 7- 9, 2012 Spaces still available, open to all! Call Andy Garrison at (706) 369-1830 to reserve your spot. * Additional classes will be added later this summer at Snap Fitness in Jefferson Personal Safety Tip from Andy Garrison For one week, play the role of aggressor in your mind. When you go out shopping, jogging, dining, etc., keep an eye out for potential victims. Make notes in a journal as to what you observed that makes them a good candidate for a possible attack. At the end of the week, read through your journal and remember what you saw. Now ask yourself, “Who’s looking at me?” This exercise is designed to make you aware of your surroundings and your actions, as well as the fact that someone could always be watching and making notes about you. Ultimately, it could help you avoid becoming a future victim yourself.

5/23/12 7:26 AM

home calendar

May/June 2012 May 15 South Hall Business Coalition at Spout Springs Library May 15 Masterworks concert in Duluth May 15 Hoschton Business Alliance at the Oaks May 16 Win for Wyn Wednesdays at Dooley's Dacula May 17 Business After Hours Gwinnett Chamber at Parc at Duluth May 17 Yappy Hour at Laguna Mexican Grill Hoschton May 17 Spout Springs Library Farmers Market spoutspringslibrarymarket.html May 18 Meadows Surgical Arts at Currahee Country Club May 18 WOAMTEC at Hamilton Mill Country Club WOAMTECChateauElan May 19 Braselton Beach Bash Festival at Braselton Park

May 19 Flowery Branch 3rd Annual Spring 5K Fun Run/Wlk May 23 Win for Wyn Wednesdays at Dooley's Dacula May 24 Spout Springs Library Farmers Market spoutspringslibrarymarket.html May 30 Win for Wyn Wednesdays at Dooley's Dacula May 31 Jackson County Chamber Bash at Key West Bar and Grill May 31 Spout Springs Library Farmers Market spoutspringslibrarymarket.html 43

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5/23/12 7:26 AM

Lakeshore_Mall_Layout 1 4/30/12 10:24 AM Page 1

John Hemmer, W. David Weiss, Daniel Rhoads, Robert Marascalco, John Vachtsevanos, Gary Davis, III, Ben Puckett,


770-532-7202 | Guilford Clinics South Entrance | 1240 Jesse Jewell Parkway Suite 300 | Gainesville, GA 30501

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home calendar June 1 WOAMTEC at Hamilton Mill Country Club WOAMTECChateauElan June 1 An Opening Art Gala Event “A Snapshot of the Arts” at Hoschton Towne Center June 1 Market on the Square Downtown Gainesville June 2 Hoschton Heritage Arts Festival at Hoschton, Towne Center

June 14 The Arts Council movie on the gree June 14 Spout Springs Library Farmers Market spoutspringslibrarymarket.html June 15 WOAMTEC at Hamilton Mill Country Club WOAMTECChateauElan June 15 Market on the Square Downtown Gainesville

June 6 Win for Wyn Wednesdays

June 16 Braselton Movie in the Park at Braselton Park

June 7 Business After Hours Greater Hall Chamber at The Gardens

June 16 Mitch Farmer June Jam at Chicopee Agricultural Center

June 7 Atlanta Corporate Fight Night at The Foundary

June 16 Art Frolic! at Honest Alley Shops Lawrenceville

June 7 Spout Springs Library Farmers Market spoutspringslibrarymarket.html

June 19 Hoschton Business Alliance at Hoschton City Hall

June 8 Painting Party with Masterpiece Mixers

June 20 Win for Wyn Wednesdays

June 8 Market on the Square Downtown Gainesville

June 21 Yappy Hour at Wing Slingers Hoschton

June 13 Win for Wyn Wednesdays


“Striving to build lasting relationships with children and families while promoting optimal oral health.”

Discover what is different about us on Facebook

Check Out Our Smiling Specials! Free Initial Exam for all Children under 24 months

• Childrens Sealants 1/2 off *Primary Molars Only

Protective coating on molars that reduces the risk of decay.

Mitch Farmer June Jam

at Chicopee Agricultural Center June Jam was founded by Mitch Farmer who selflessly gave back to the community that he loved so much. We intend to carry on his legacy of helping others in need through the Mitch Farmer June Jam concert. Proceeds from the Mitch Famer June Jam 2012 will benefit CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for children.

• Initial Exam and X-rays $59 Initial comprehensive dental exam and digital x-rays

• Initial Cleaning and Fluoride Treatment $49 *Dental Exam is Required Initial cleaning and fluoride treatment along with oral hygiene instructions.

• Teeth Whitening $99

Professional Whitening for Parents/Teens

2695 Old Winder Hwy. Ste 100 . Braselton GA 30517 770.965.2340 HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 45

5/23/12 7:26 AM

WELCOMING NEW PATIENTS Providing Quality Dental Care in a Comfortable Atmosphere with a Friendly Staff

7380 Spout Springs Road Suite 120 Flowery Branch, Ga 30542 Office: (770) 965-5548



Tuesday and Thursday Evening: Live Music by Paul Noga Wednesday: All You Can Eat Crab Legs!

The eXchange cordially invites you to support our West Jackson Fire Department, Braselton police Department, & Jackson county sheriFF’s oFFice on 31 August 2012 from 6:30pm to 10:30 pm at the

at The Braselton-Stover House 5257 Highway 53, Braselton, GA 30517 The eXchange is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the support of the wives and children of wounded and deceased Special Operations Forces Soldiers. All of the proceeds raised from the Hero’s Ball will be donated in the attempt to relieve the basic needs of our often overlooked hero’s, the extended families of our military.

A TASTE OF THE ISLANDS; NO BOAT REQUIRED 6750 HWY 53 Suite 112, Braselton, Georgia 30517 706.824.0008

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 46

Details: hors d ‘oeuvres & dinner will be served complimentary cigar bar, cash bar, live entertainment Black tie/Dress Blues optional For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit us online at or contact Amber Chatham at 706.224.5493.

5/23/12 7:26 AM

home around town

The 5th Annual Springspirational Luncheon April 18, 2012 Eagle Ranch

The event brings together women from North Georgia and Metro Atlanta to share an afternoon of inspiration at the Ranch. This year’s event featured Former First Lady of the State of Georgia Elizabeth Harris. The host committee for this year’s event included: Courtney Amos, Dianne Robinson, Mary Hart Wilheit and Kayanne Staub.

Elizabeth Harris, former First Lady of Georgia and guest speaker

Tiffany Fessler & Tina Carlson of Morton, Vardeman and Carlson

Marka Ormsby, Robin Daniel, and Lori Stephens

Photographer: Tracy YoungbloodWingate & Shannon Jackson

Seated: Jean Amos, Courtney Amos, Margie Wynne Standing: Dianne Robinson, Kayanne Staub, Mary Hart Wilheit

The Cody Marlowe Band

Mark Sosebee, Jud Davis, Sheila Davis, Stephanie Gillespie

North Hall Community Education Foundation 2nd Annual Spring Shrimp Boil

Dawn Justus, Bambi Riley, Christine Allen, Maggie Bennett

April 21, 2012 The Cooley Farm

The Foundation provides financial support for North Hall Schools to maintain and improve the education quality afforded its students. Mark Powell, Kim Powell, Amy Britt, Dr. Todd Britt

Photographer: Tracy Youngblood-Wingate

Dr. Ron Wilson, Bonnie-Lynne Wilson, Ellison Croft, Jason Croft

. 47

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 47

HOME Living

In North Georgia


5/23/12 7:26 AM

home around town

Executive Director of the Edmondson-Telford Center for Children, Heather Hayes, with former Falcons linebacker Dewey McClain,

West Hall High School Soccer teammates with Dewey McClain & Phil Niekro

UGA Cheerleaders with Emily White, singer/songwriter & NHHS student

EdmondsonTelford Celebrity Server Night April 12, 2012 Mellow Mushroom-Gainesville

The Edmondson-Telford Center teamed up with Mellow Mushroom for Celebrity Server night.

Phil Niekro

Mellow Mushroom

Photographer: Tracy Youngblood-

UGA Cheerleaders with Dewey McClain, Meg & Sally Callahan


Humane Society of Jackson County FurBall April 13, 2012 Braselton-Stover House

A black-tie fundraiser for the Humane Society of Jackson County. Cheryl Iski with fiance’ Tommy Zilahi

The FlyCats


HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 48

Photographer: Sarina Roth

Tony Funari with Jim Osterbold

Bartenders: Candice Boyd and Marsha Smith

Martha Nesbitt and Glenna Maney

Erma Denney dances with Tracy Brandeburg

The FlyCats

HOME Living

In North Georgia

5/23/12 7:26 AM

home around town

Braselton-Hoschton Relay for Life May 5, 2012 West Jackson Elementary School Hoschton Park

Through Relay For Life, the American Cancer Society mobilizes the world’s largest movement to defeat cancer once and for all. They are fighting for every birthday, threatened by every cancer, in every community. Photographer: Tracy Youngblood-Wingate

Gainesville Spring Chicken Festival

April 28, 2012 Downtown Gainesville

This annual fundraising event is organized by Keep Hall Beautiful. Keep Hall Beautiful is a 501c3 organization dedicated to educating citizens about environmental stewardship. Photographer: Tracy Youngblood-Wingate

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 49


5/23/12 7:27 AM


home around town

Fallen Heroes of Georgia 5k/10k Lake Lanier Islands March 17, 2012 Honoring and remembering Georiga’s Fallen Soldiers from all wars, but focusing on the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Photographer: Elizabeth Ordu

Jackson County Chamber Derby May 5, 2012 Bouchard Farms

The Jackson Derby is a virtual horse race with all the excitement of derby day hosted by the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.

I t

Photographer: Tracy Youngblood-Wingate


HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 50

HOME Living

M i B

In North Georgia

5/23/12 7:27 AM

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home around town

6323 Grand Hickory Drive 100G • Braselton, GA 30517


Contact a Funari Realty Agent Today!

Office Located Across from Chateau Elan.

In Print & Online...Working to Get Your Home Sold

Marketing your home or commercial property in print in over a thousand locations in J ackson, Barrow, Hall & G winnett C ounties.

Incredible online E xposure for your listings in over 40+ Websites

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5/23/12 7:27 AM

HOME NGeorgia may-june.indd 52

5/23/12 7:27 AM

Home Magazine: North Georgia May-June Edition  

Home Magazine: North Georgia May-June Edition

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