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CMYK Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Scarecrows are back in Hoschton. 3B

Municipal qualifying set for next week Municipal elections in Georgia will be held Nov. 5, and the last day to register to vote in the General Election is Oct. 7. Qualifying to seek election to the Jackson County municipal posts which will be on the Nov. 5 ballot will be held by the election superintendent of the respective cities even though Jackson County Elections & Registration Office will be assuming other election responsibilities for most of the cities. Voters of the City of Hoschton will have the mayoral post and two council seats on the Nov. 5 ballot with the Georgia General Assembly’s approval of the city charter revision. Qualifying, with the fee at $11, will be from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 26 through 28 for Post 1, currently held by Sandie Romer, and Post 2, currently held by Jim Higginbottom, and for the position of mayor. Theresa Kenerly is the current mayor and has announced

she intends to seek re-election. If there are no qualifiers for Post 1, that seat will dissolve. Braselton’s District 2 seat, currently held by Peggy Slappey, and the District 4, now held by Dudley Ray, will be on the Nov. 5 ballot along with the mayor’s seat, currently held by Bill Orr. Qualifying will be held Aug. 26-28 with the fee to seek the mayor’s seat at $156 and the council seat qualifying at $36. In the City of Jefferson, the mayoral seat and two council posts will be on the ballot. Jim Joiner currently serves as mayor. The District 2 seat, currently held by Kathy DuBose, and the District 4 seat, now held by Mark Mobley who intends to seek re-election, will be open for qualifying from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 26-30. Qualifying fee for mayor is $216. The council posts qualifying fee is $75. In Commerce, the Ward 1 and Ward 2 posts

will be held in the Nov. 5 general election. Archie Chaney is the current Ward 1 councilman and Darren Owensby currently serves as the Ward 2 councilman. Qualifying fees are $81. The Commerce Board of Education District 1 and 2 seats will also be filled during the election. To qualify, candidates would pay a $71 fee. Arcade’s Nov. 5 election will have a full ballot with the posts of Mayor Doug Haynie and council members Dean Bentley, Cindy Bone, Debbie Gammon, Tom Hayes and Ron Smith. Qualifying will be Aug. 26-28. In Maysville, two council posts will be on the ballot on Nov. 5. Ward 1, currently held by Kathleen Bush, and Ward 3, held by Charlie Howington, will be filled with the election. The qualifying fee of $30 will be paid during the Aug. 26-28 qualifying period. Nicholson voters will have the seats cur-

Traditions of Braselton one of 69 projects out of county compliance

Getting tourism clicking


Tourism Development Council focusing on Camera Ready By KATIE GRIFFIN

Georgia Tourism, a division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, announced that for the first time in state history, the Georgia tourism industry brought in more than $50 billion in revenue. Exactly $51.2 billion was generated in business sales including direct, indirect and induced impact in 2012. This number is up 4.6 percent, according to U.S. Travel Association and Tourism Economics. “Georgia Tourism had its best year ever,” said Kevin Langston, deputy com-

missioner for tourism for the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “With more than $405,000 jobs directly or indirectly sustained by tourism activities, our industry is responsible for 10.2 percent of all jobs in the state.” This is good news for the state and is also good news for taxpayers because the revenue allowed a $767 local tax savings for every Georgia household. Local tourism changes are also being improved by Jackson County’s designation as Camera Ready, an approval the county applied for and received that basically says if a film company decides it wants to make a movie or video here, Jackson County would be prepared to

rently held by Bobby Crawford and Howard Wilbanks on the Nov. 5 ballot. Qualifying will be from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Aug. 26-28 and the qualifying fee is $72. Qualifying for mayor and two council posts in Talmo will be from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Aug. 26-28. The mayor’s seat is currently held by Larry Wood. Council Post 3, now held by Jill Miller, and Post 4, held by Michael Brissey, will also be on the ballot. Qualifying fees are $10. Three of five council posts and the position of mayor in Flowery Branch, currently held by Mike Miller, will be on the ballot in that city. Qualifying for Posts 3, 4, 5 and for mayor will begin Aug. 26 . Qualifying fees are $144 for a council post in Flowery Branch, and $180 for the mayoral position.

host. This is very exciting for the tourism industry because it means local businesses and attractions will benefit from the money spent to film in the company as film crews require hotels, food for three meals and four snacks a day, waste disposal and more. The Tourism Development Council’s first priority with Camera Ready approval is to get local businesses in agreement to provide services to a filmmaker at a moment’s notice should they need it. The TDC has been working hard on getting the Camera Ready Resource Book together that will provide all the names,


Joel Logan Jackson County GIS Director

This panoramic picture of downtown Jefferson, top, is found on the Camera Ready site, and Braselton Downtown Director Amy Pinnell is assisting in getting that town’s photos. More images are being developed to put into the state database.

Traditions of Braselton was one of the 69 subdivisions out compliance with Jackson County’s Unified Development Code when the Board of Commissioners approved a Feb. 1, 2010 resolution to address the situation which was attributed largely to the economic downturn experienced in the previous few years. Foreclosures and bonding failures were cited. The resolution said, “The housing, real estate and financial markets have been devastated by the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression of 1929.” Where developers did not upgrade roadways to county standards to be accepted by the county when it was time to deed over the roadways or in cases where developers went out of business, the county was faced with a dilemma. In some cases, it was the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) which called the shots after banks were seized. According to Jackson County Public Development Director Gina Mitsdarffer, the resolution provided a policy that county staffers could utilize to help the community and its citizens start on the slow road to recovery. That road remains bumpy. The purpose of the resolution was to allow property owners to consent to a special tax district that would provide funds to address the infrastructure issues which keep the subdivision from being in compliance, thus allowing building permits to be issued for new construction. The thinking then – and now for many – is that taxpayers of the county should not be burdened by expenses which lie with the development. While a dozen subdivisions which had not been in compliance have ventured through the process of the special tax districts, the possibility that two pods within Traditions of Braselton may pursue the tax district option to get development restarted has sparked emotions. The first of what was to be several homeowners meetings has fueled a controversy. REO Funding Solutions, owner of a number of lots in the development, has retained legal counsel.


Hug the Courthouse: Show your support for the historic structure How would you like to hug the Courthouse? A kickoff event celebrating continued renovations to the Jackson County Historic Courthouse is set for 5 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 26, as the community is invited to gather to join hands and physically hug the historic courthouse. All are invited to join the courthouse restoration committee, State Rep. Tommy Benton and the Jackson County Board of Commissioners as they announce the timeline for interior renovations. At the Monday meeting of the Jack-

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son County Board of Commissioners, County Manager Kevin Poe read information announcing the Hug the Courthouse event. Bids will be opened and read Sept. 13 with October as a probable start date for the interior restoration. “The significance [of the Aug. 26 ‘Hug’] is to show community/countywide care for and interest in the ongoing preservation work,” said Charlotte Mealor, who chairs the Historic Courthouse Restoration Committee. “Secondly, we have recently received Georgia Department of Transportation

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authorization to begin the bid process for the first floor renovation work, and thirdly, we want to promote the Heritage Celebration.” Ongoing fundraising for the restoration continues with the third Heritage Celebration dinner taking place Oct. 19 at the Jefferson Civic Center. A silent auction begins at 6:30 p.m. with dinner at 7 p.m. The menu will consist of delicious dishes popular in 1908. LeAnne Akin The Paper Tickets are $35 each or $250 for a The Historic Jackson County Courthouse is being renovated table of eight.


Got a news tip? Call 706-658-2683 or e-mail Want to advertise? Call 706-658-2683 or e-mail Delivery questions? Call 770-532-2222 or e-mail

and the first interior phase is expected to get under way in October. Efforts are continuing to raise needed funds.

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The Paper   | Thursday, August 22, 2013

Town hall: Speed limits a concern for residents By FARAH BOHANNON

With the inevitable growth of Jackson County comes more traffic on the roads, which can lead to problems with speed limits, signage and more. “There have been several concerns about the intersection of 124 and 332. We’ve got a lot of development in the area along with people who are in a hurry, so there have been a few fender benders, wrecks and even fatalities in this area,” said District 3 Commissioner Bruce Yates at the Aug. 13 town hall meeting held at the Hoschton Depot. “This is where the concerns about speed limit have come up.” To help clarify the issues about the speed limit on Jackson County’s roads, Georgia Department of Transportation District Engineer Bayne Smith was an invited guest at Yates’ recent quarterly gathering. Smith began with an overview of his job and what the DOT does. “Our responsibility is to construct, maintain and operate all of the state highways in northeast Georgia,” Smith said. Smith agreed with Yates about the large number of concerns regarding the speed limit on Highway 124, so he shared with the group why the speed limit is set as posted. “In order to obtain an appropriate speed limit for a road, the DOT records everyone’s speed on that particular road with a laser. We recently did a study on Highway 124 from Elite Academy all the way up until Gum Springs Road. Generally we found that the 85th percentile of speed limits on this section of road is between 55 and 60 miles per hour. That will tell us, everything

else aside, that between 55 and 60 miles per hour is appropriate,” Smith said. There were thoughts of decreasing the speed limit to 50 miles per hour but Smith said he realized that the study was done while schools were not in session. It will also cause confusion if it is decreased to 50 now, then decreased again if needed after the study. Another reason that the speed limit should not decrease immediately is the ordinance that allows the law enforcement to write tickets. When a speed limit is agreed upon, it must be sent to the Department of Public Safety so it can be adopted and radar can be run. Radar cannot be run until this ordinance is updated. “One of the things I’ve talked to the commissioner about is to wait a few weeks after school has started because when more vehicles are on the road, we may see that prevailing speed drop back down again,” he said. The study will be conducted again during the academic school year because the roads during this time are what the community will usually see. Concerns about the speed limit Highway 124 in Hoschton included questions about why the speed limit was 45 miles per hour on one segment of the roadway but the speed limit was higher elsewhere along Highway 124. Smith clarified that the stretch of road with a curve north of Highway 53 where it parallels Interstate 85 near Elite Academy would be unsafe with a speed limit higher than 45. It will be very hard to recover while speeding on this type of road and there are more pedestrians on this road as well, Smith noted.

Elrod explains new tax on Georgia-titled vehicles By FARAH BOHANNON

fbohannon@clickthepaper. com

Jackson County Tax Commissioner Don Elrod discussed the new title ad valorem tax at the District 3 town hall meeting held Aug. 13 at the Hoschton Depot. The law has changed regarding the taxation of motor vehicles. House Bill 386 was passed by the 2012 Georgia General Assembly, and a new method of taxation for certain motor vehicles became effective March 1. Motor vehicles purchased on or after March 1 of this year and titled in Georgia are exempt from sales and use tax and annual ad valorem tax, also known as the “birthday tax.” These taxes are replaced by a one-time tax that is imposed on the fair market value of the vehicle called the title ad valorem tax fee (TAVT). The fair market value is the taxable base of the motor vehicle. The manner in which fair market value is determined depends on whether the motor vehicle is new or used. To calculate TAVT, the trade-in value is subtracted from the fair market value, which yields the taxable value. Multiply that by the rate, which in this case is 6.5 percent, which will equal the tax due. When a vehicle is purchased, the new owner will go to the county of registration to apply for the title and pay the state and local ad valorem title tax, title fee and registration fee. A used or new car dealer may accept such application for title and state and local title ad valorem tax fees on behalf of the purchaser of a new or used motor vehicle. There are a few exemptions which include death of an owner not subject to

“new” title ad valorem tax, deceased owner (vehicle was subject to “new” title ad valorem tax), transfer from one immediate family member to another and transfer to immediate family member on a vehicle that has paid the “new” title ad valorem tax. There must be an affidavit of the transferor and transferee that shows family relation. At the time of titling his or her vehicle and registering, new Georgia residents are required to pay the state and local ad valorem tax. The issues that could come up include compliance, moving or selling of the vehicle. The temporary solution is to put the titles on hold. The state and local ad valorem tax does not apply to corrected titles, replacement titles and titles issued to the same owner. The HB 386 affects the MVD Headquarters work flow by no longer processing titles that require the new title ad valorem tax to be collected and processing of salvage vehicles. They will continue to process title corrections and replacement titles as well. Motor vehicles subject to state and local new ad valorem must still obtain a title, license plate, revalidation decal, registration requirements and applicable fees. Motor vehicles owned or leased by state, county, city, school district or other governmental entity is exempt from the state and local title ad valorem tax as well as ones who are exempt from sales tax. Disabled veterans, former Prisoners of War, Purple Heart Recipients and Medal of Honor Recipients are exempt as well. Those who purchased vehicles between Jan. 1, 2012 and Feb. 28 or this

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year may “opt in” prior to Jan. 1, 2014 and after compliance with this equation: (1) calculate the amount of state and local new title ad valorem tax that would be due if purchased after March 1, 2013. (2) Then, add the amount of sales tax paid plus the amount of old ad valorem taxes paid in 2012 and, if applicable, old ad valorem taxes paid in 2013. If (1) is greater than (2), the owner will remit the difference to the tag agent. If (2) is greater than (1), no additional amount is due. Questions about the title ad valorem tax fee (TAVT) can be directed to the Jackson County Tax Commissioner’s office at 706-3676326. Hall County residents can call the Gainesville office of Tax Commissioner Darla Eden at 770-5316950. Barrow County residents can get their questions about the TAVT fielded at the office of Tax Commissioner Melinda Williams by calling 770-307-3107. Gwinnett County residents can contact the Lawrenceville office of Tax Commissioner Richard Steele at 770-822-8818.

Joel Logan Jackson County GIS Director

Downtown Commerce is one of the panoramic pictures found on the Camera Ready site and more images are being developed to put into the state database.


Continued from 1A addresses and phone numbers of all the local businesses. “We’ve been working on this for several months now and it is a very time consuming because of all the little details and explanation involved with each local business about how the filmmakers may need their products or services on a Friday at 7 p.m. or Saturday at 6 a.m.,” said committee chairman Beth Laughinghouse, executive director of Main Street Jefferson. Besides the Camera Ready Resource Book, there is also a very important need for pictures of each city in Jackson County. The TDC has been focusing on getting pictures of Jefferson and Commerce recently but will be reaching out to Braselton next and will need help from other Jackson County cities shortly. “We are looking for help with aerial photos, not necessarily from an airplane, but we are using a bucket truck to get pictures of alleyways, sidewalks, building fronts and building roofs… basically we want a filmmaker to have access to a 360 degree view of Jefferson so he can feel like he’s been here,” said Laughinghouse. She is encouraging councils of Jackson County cities to start preparing for such photos in their town. Any council person or a person involved in their community is more than welcome to contact Laughinghouse with questions or for information about how to get this project started in their city. “Right now, Jefferson is partnering with municipalities to get tourists and tourist dollars into Jackson County,” said Laughinghouse. “Our goal is to market the list of inventory locations that we already have and one way we are doing this is developing a ‘Tour-

COURTHOUSE Continued from 1A

For more information on the Heritage Celebration, or to order tickets, call 706-6210489 or e-mail historic.committee@jacksoncountygov. com. In 2007 the Board of Commissioners appointed the Jackson County Historic Courthouse Restoration Committee and set aside funding for restoration of the building exterior to its 1908 appearance. This Phase I work was completed in 2010. Because of a Transportation Enhancement (TE) grant (administered by the Georgia Department of Transportation) , an Appalachian Regional Commission grant and matching funds from the Jackson County Board of Commissioners, Phase II will allow work to continue with the renovation and partial restoration of the first floor. Plans and

ism’ tab on the Jackson County website.” Another way the Tourism Development Council is trying to market Jackson County’s attractions is by working with Vicki Starnes, manager at the Crawford Long Museum. The council and the museum are working to create events to try to attract in tourists to see the museum and to get them to stay a weekend in Jackson County, not just one day. The next TDC meeting will be at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 27, at the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce office in Jefferson. Any businesses or volunteers are welcome to attend and if interested in being listed on the “Tourism” tab on the website, you do not have to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce to do so. Any questions about Camera Ready or about volunteering for the Tourism Development Council or getting a business listed on the website (, contact Beth Laughinghouse by phone at 706-367-5714 or by email at blaughinghouse@

Aug. 31 casting call announced: Commerce Opry House is location for filming of reunion scene The Reunited TV Series has a casting call for 70 people ages 25 to 45, all ethnicities for a high school reunion scene being filmed at the Commerce Opera House on Saturday, Aug. 31, at 4p.m. The extras will not receive pay but will receive full credit and copy in the IMDB database for the series. Anyone interested should email a recent picture and contact information to reunitedtvseries@ . Those interested should have their photos and information sent in by Aug. 27. Links: &

documentation for Phase II have been approved so the Jackson County bid process can be initiated. “We expect the construction effort will be a valuable contribution to our local economy,” said Mealor. The JCHCRC’s plan for the first floor interior includes the historic records/ archive office, storage vaults, a welcome center, a museum, as well as county office space. The complete restoration of the second floor courtroom back to the 1908 period will be Phase III.

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“We want this historic building to be a living/ breathing part of the economic development of Jackson County - a county rich in cultural and heritage assetsa gateway to the county. The welcome center, along with the archive/ research area, will appeal to local people and also draw many from neighboring counties and states who wish to do historical and genealogical research in the county,” said Mealor. “We estimate this facility will attract over 4,000 visitors annually.”

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The Paper   | Thursday, August 22, 2013

LAW ENFORCEMENT REPORT Jackson County Sheriff’s Office ■■ John Patrick Wolfe, 43, of Maysville, was arrested Aug. 16 following an investigation involving the theft of tools and insulated copper wire valued at more than $10,000. The incident occurred at a commercial building site off of Wayne Poultry Road in Pendergrass. The Sheriff’s Office was able to recover approximately $8,000 worth of the stolen items and return them to the victims. Wolfe is charged with one count of burglary and one count of theft by taking and is currently incarcerated in the Jackson County Jail. ■■ The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office conducted an Aug. 15 search warrant at a Cabin Creek Drive residence in the Nicholson area following an investigation involving drug activity at the location. During the course of the investigation, the Sheriff’s office was able to establish probable cause for the warrant. During the course of the search, deputies were able to locate a quantity of methamphetamine, Schedule III and Schedule IV pills, packaging materials and a quantity of cash. Michael Todd Williamson, 48, of Nicholson, was arrested and charged with sale of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute, possession of methamphetamine, sale of a Schedule IV drug, possession of a Schedule IV drug with the intent to distribute and possession of a Schedule IV drug. At the time of his arrest, Michael Todd Williamson was already currently out of jail on bond from two other similar cases involving the sale of methamphetamine and a separate case of possession of methamphetamine. Two others were also charged. Jennifer Meeler Harris, 26, of Nicholson, was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of a Schedule III drug. Michael Terry Williamson, 24, of Nicholson, was arrested and charged for a probation violation with the original being possession of marijuana. All three are currently incarcerated in the Jackson County Jail.

Jefferson Police ■■ A man seen driving a moped on Sycamore Street on Aug. 14 was charged with possession of cocaine and driving while license is suspended after a traffic stop. The officer stopped the moped to see if it required insurance and registration as no tag was displayed. When the rider opened the helmet box, the officer observed a pill bottle and asked about the medication. The bottle contained white colored rocks which field-tested positive for cocaine. The moped was towed and the 43-year-old driver was taken to the Jackson

County Jail. ■■ A 39-year-old female who attempted to shoplift two bottles of wine at Racetrac on Highway 129 on Aug. 13 was taken into custody on public drunkenness charges. The female placed the bottles into the trash can when she knew she had been caught shoplifting and went into the restroom. When she was questioned by law enforcement, her speech was slurred, she smelled of alcoholic beverages and was unsteady on her feet. She said she was dropped off at the store by a relative. The woman, who was criminally trespassed from the store, was taken to the Jackson County Jail. ■■ An 18-year-old female involved in a disturbance related to the hot tub at the Comfort Inn on Aug. 13 was taken into custody on a probation violation. The suspect accused her mother of kidnapping her daughter and began acting strangely when the officer questioned her. The suspect confirmed her uncontrollable body movements were related to methamphetamine she had taken several hours earlier. The mother was given permission by the custodial father to take the child because of the suspect’s intoxication. When a warrant was found, the suspect was arrested. ■■ A Grandville Court resident reported the theft of 60 tablets of Adderall on Aug. 6. The bottle of the prescription medication was removed from a vehicle parked at the residence. ■■ A Washington Parkway resident reported damage to a window screen which had been cut while he was out of town between Aug. 1 and 13. ■■ A 12-year-old who has been harassing a Washington Parkway resident since March was told by police that he would be criminally prosecuted if he continued going onto the victim’s property. The suspect’s mother was also notified of the ongoing situation. ■■ A Jefferson resident reported his Community Bank & Trust debit card had been used without his permission at two Charlotte, N.C., locations. A purchase of $204.94 was made at a Walmart and a $105.83 purchase was made at a Walgreen’s. ■■ A battery incident was reported Aug. 17 on Peachtree Street at Oak Street in which an ongoing squabble between the parties involved grew into a fight with crowbars and broken bottles. One person sustained a cut to the finger and another person sustained a cut under the eye. Another man, who was seen throwing down a crow bar, told police he was hit in the face during the argument and reacted, was charged with battery and taken to the Jackson County Jail after statements were taken from several witnesses. ■■ A Jefferson Station Road resident reported his neighbor had egged his house on Aug. 17. He only wanted the mess cleaned up. ■■ A vendor at Pendergrass Flea Market

Early DEaDlinEs for labor Day Because of the upcoming Labor Day holiday, ‘The Paper’ will alter its ‘advertising’ deadline as follows:

Retail & Classified display Publication Thursday The Paper 9/5/13: Deadline will be Fri. 8/30/13 at 9:00 a.m.

Classified line ads Publication of Thursday The Paper 9/5/13: Deadline will be Fri. 8/30/13 at 9:00 a.m.

notified police that someone had sold him two iPhones between July 29 and Aug. 3 which had been stolen. The vendor learned from Sprint that the phones had been deactivated after they were reported stolen so the customers to whom the vendor stole the phones were unable to activate them and complained to him. ■■ Police responded to a suspicious activity call at a Danielsville Street residence where a truck had been left with a sign saying the truck was out of gas and the driver would return. A gas can was left in the truck and the driver and passenger walked in the opposite direction of gas stations so the caller was suspicious. A man later returned with a gas can and was questioned. He was allowed to fill the truck’s tank and leave. ■■ A message that someone had been kidnapped was found written on a gas pump at Curry Creek Shell on Aug. 18. Additional information was also written. A month earlier, a similar message was left at a gas pump On the Run on Winder Highway. ■■ A Waste Pro truck driver pulled down power lines Aug. 12 while entering the cul de sac on Peachtree Road in Jefferson. A witness notified police who contacted Waste Pro to have the driver return to the scene. The driver said he contacted his supervisor who told him to leave the scene which he did. A Georgia Power representative advised damage to the lines and poles totaled $5,000. ■■ A driver backed into the front of a Jefferson Police cruiser at Sycamore Street and Gordon Street on Aug. 12. No damage occurred. Another officer was involved in a minor accident in the parking lot of On the Run on Aug. 16. Only slight damage occurred to both vehicles in the backing accident. ■■ An officer reported suspicious activity outside Fuel Mart and Pine Street Apartments on Aug. 7. The following

day, information was received that the vehicle, a burgundy Chevy Impala, was the transportation for a man selling marijuana. ■■ The Jefferson Post Office reports the recent theft of gasoline from delivery vehicles in recent weeks. Drivers have been reporting fuel levels are dropping between shifts. It is suspected that someone is coming onto the property during the night and stealing gas. ■■ Ten DVDs have been provided to police of a female suspect stealing inside Kroger. The female has already been criminally trespassed from the store but continues to return and steal. The most recent incident was reported Aug. 5. ■■ The same suspect in the Kroger shopliftings was accused by a Jefferson woman of selling her a $300 EBT card for $120. The victim complained about the theft by deception when she learned there was no balance on the card. ■■ A man has been calling Waffle House in Jefferson with threats that he would come and blow everyone’s head of with an AK. ■■ Police received a report that a mother who was informed Aug. 5 that the process would begin to take custody of her children threatened to blow up the office of the Department of Family and Children’s Services. See more crime news at

■■ A shoplifting


Arrests made after underage drinking party COMMERCE – The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office arrested Kenneth Dale Maney, 45, of Commerce, and Mitchell Lee Maney, 19, also of Commerce, on Aug. 16 for their participation in the underage drinking party on Waterworks Road lon Aug. 9 at which 20 arrests were made. Kenneth Maney is charged with maintaining a disorderly house, and the younger Maney is charged with maintaining a disorderly house and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Deputies responded to a Waterworks Road address after receiving an anonymous call that advised there were several underage persons at the party drinking. Upon arrival, deputies encountered several people in an open field and deputies were able to detain most of the participants. While on scene a juvenile attempted to leave the scene, the juvenile struck a patrol car that was blocking the driveway nearly running over a deputy sheriff. The juvenile was detained and transported to the regional youth detention center. Charges include aggravated assault, fleeing and attempting to elude, damage to government property and obstruction. After testing, all subjects detained including 18 adults and one juvenile were charged with underage possession of alcohol. The juvenile was turned over to a

guardian. Those arrested were Kyle Fraser-Wright Kashuba, 18, of Jefferson, Joseph Tyler Black, 18, of Commerce, Cody Michael Streetman, 19, of Commerce, Jeremy Deshard Varner, 18, of Commerce, Jonathan William Alexander, 18, of Commerce, Hannah Olivia Smith, 19, of Athens, Melanie Marie Breedlove, 19, of Commerce, Samantha Jo Crawford, 17, of Jefferson, Courtney Lyn Hubbard, 18, of Bogart, Samantha Jo Sutherland, 19, of Jefferson, Sidney Marie Shipman, 17, of Danielsville, Hannah Elizabeth Seagriff, 18, of Lawrenceville, Kendall Elizabeth Jonseof, 18, of Birmingham, Ala., Kacy Breanna Morgan, 17, of Jefferson, Olivia Paige Jones, 18, of Jefferson, Rikki Hannah Smith, 18, of Commerce, Austin William Pankevich, 18, of Jefferson, and Olivia Blake Brasher, 18, of Gainesville. Citizens are encouraged to notify their local law enforcement agencies of any suspicious persons, crimes or other relevant information by calling 911 or the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at 706-367-8718. Also please remember that you can provide information without being involved or identified by contacting the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office’s anonymous tip line at 706-367-3784 to report any criminal or suspicious activity.



The Paper   | Thursday, August 22, 2013


Died Aug. 17, 2013 Pio Alvarez, 91, passed away peacefully on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, at his Winder home in the caring hands of his wife of 63 years, Juana Duran Suarez Alvarez, 81, and his family. Born on July 11, 1922, in Lajas, Cuba, he was a son of the late Teodoro and Lugarda Alvarez, one of 11 siblings, with four brothers and six sisters. He was the last living member of his immediate family. He and Juana had two precious daughters, who died while the family was still in Cuba, and four sons. In 1968, the family immigrated to the United States, beginning a new journey in Atlanta. He retired in 1994 after working 41 years in Cuba and working double shifts for 26 years at Owens-Illinois in East Point. Following retirement, he and his wife then moved to Winder to be closer to their sons and grandchildren. In his later years, he began to seek God through his local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He was an incredibly loving, generous and social being with a great sense of humor and no stranger to hard work. Aside from enjoying his well-deserved daily naps, he lived a long healthy life, never neglecting moments of laughter and love, enjoying great food, watching wrestling events, dancing, gardening and visiting family and friends. He will be dearly missed but resides in God’s mind and is awaiting his name to be called on the day of resurrection. Survivors, in addition to his wife, include sons and daughters-in-law, Pio E. and Marlene Alvarez, Luisito Alvarez, Rolando E. and Ramona Alvarez and Esteban and Tina Alvarez; 13 grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral services are scheduled for 2 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013, in the chapel of Smith Funeral with burial to follow in Barrow Memorial Garden. Smith Funeral Home, Winder The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Wayne Anglin

Died Aug. 18, 2013 Wayne Anglin, 62, of Jefferson, died Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013. Born in Athens, he was a son of Mrs. Virginia Sue Couch Anglin Aultman of Jefferson and the late Mr. Dewey Crawford Anglin. He was employed by the Kroger Company, and was a huge Georgia Bulldog football fan. He was a retail manager for many years and enjoyed his interaction with the public. He loved and enjoyed his children and grandchildren and working in the yard. Survivors include his daughter and son-in-law, Katie and Randy Warwick of Colorado Springs, Colo.; son and daughter-in-law, Brandon and Karyn Anglin of Loganville; daughter, Kerralyne Anglin; mother and stepfather, Virginia Sue and Jerry Aultman of Jefferson, sister and brother-inlaw, Martha and Ed Burns of Jefferson; brother and sister-in-law, Charles and Marilyn Anglin of Pendergrass; stepbrother and wife, Keith and Caroline Aultman of Marietta; and seven grandchildren. The funeral service was held Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013, in the chapel of Evans Funeral Home with the Rev. Eric Shelton and Minister Robin Self officiating. The burial followed in the Jackson Memorial Park with Kyle Hubbard, David Little, Chuck Anglin, Keith Aultman, Mike Lynn, Joe Couch and Jimmy Lovett honored as pallbearers. Evans Funeral Home, Jefferson The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Sara Gaskins Bass

Died Aug. 16, 2013 Sara Gaskins Bass, 75, of Flowery Branch, died Fri-

day, Aug. 16, 2013, at Willowwood Nursing Center, surrounded by her family. Memorial services were held Monday, Aug. 19, 2013, in the chapel of Memorial Park South Funeral Home. Born in New Bern, N.C., she graduated from East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C., and taught primary education. Survivors include her husband of 55 years, Jim; sons Jim Bass and wife Deidra and Bill Bass wife Kim; daughter Tonya Kitterman; and grandchildren, Madison, Jase, Will, Luke, Cory, Matthew, Andrew, Olivia and Katherine. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Crossroads Hospice, LLC, 1975 Lakeside Parkway, Suite 500, Tucker, GA 30084. Memorial Park South Funeral Home, Flowery Branch The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Lillian McNeal Bennett

Died Aug. 15, 2013 Lillian McNeal Bennett, 87, of Jefferson, died Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013. Born in Winder, she was a daughter of the late Nettie Baird McNeal and the late Rev. James Otis McNeal. Mrs. Bennett was a retired bookkeeper and a member of Preakness Baptist Church in Wayne, N.J. She was also preceded in death by her husband, Jackson James Bennett; and brothers, Harold McNeal and Donald McNeal; and daughter-in-law Dottie Bennett. Survivors include her son, Jim Bennett of Pequannock, N.J.: sister, Carolyn McNeal Baldwin of Jefferson; granddaughter, Lori Bennett; and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held in New Jersey with burial alongside her husband in Laurel Grove Cemetery. Evans Funeral Home, Jefferson The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

David Andrew Bentley

Died Aug. 19, 2013 David Andrew Bentley, 66, of Winder, died Monday, Aug. 19, 2013. He was a member of Hebron Baptist Church and attended church at Union Baptist Church in Winder. He was preceded in death by his parents, L.E. and Johnnie Lou Gilbert Bentley. Survivors include his brothers, Howard Bentley of Loganville and Henry (Nancy) Bentley of Winder; sister, Shirley Hamrick of Dalton; and four nephews. The funeral service was held Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013, in the chapel of Smith Funeral Home with the Rev. Anthony Powers officiating. Interment followed in the Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery in Dacula. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Union Baptist Church, P.O. Drawer 1660, Winder, GA 30680. Smith Funeral Home, Winder The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Doug Carter

Died Aug. 13, 2013 Doug Carter, 58, of Danielsville, died Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013. During his life, he enjoyed riding motorcycles and spending time with his family and friends. He was preceded in death by his father, Fletcher Hewell Carter. Survivors include his wife, Denise E. Carter; mother, Martha Carter of Statham; and several cousins and aunts. The funeral service was held Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013, in the chapel of Smith Funeral Home with the Rev. Billy Driskell officiating. Interment followed in the Bostwick Cemetery in Bostwick. Smith Funeral Home, Winder The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Darin Lee Dyer Jr.

Died Aug.15, 2013 Darin Lee Dyer Jr., 26, of Jefferson, died Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013. Born in Decatur, he was a

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son of Shannon Peebles Dyer and Darin Lee Dyer Sr. He was preceded in death by his sister, Morgan Claire Dyer; and grandmother, Allene Peebles. Survivors are his mother, Shannon Dyer of Pensacola, Fla.; father and stepmother, Darin Sr., and Susan Dyer of, Jefferson;, sisters, Nikki Dyer of Columbia, S.C., Emma Dyer of Jefferson and Lila Owens of Pensacola, Fla.; brothers, Noah Dye of, Jefferson, Luke Owens of Pensacola, Fla., and Geoffery Benedetto of California; grandparents, Richard and Venus Dyer of Columbia, S.C., Jeff and Betty Marshall of Buford, Steve and Linda Stonecypher of Eastanollee and Bob and Mary Peebles of DeKalb County; and greataunt, Lila White of Centerville, Tenn. A visitation was held at the funeral home on Saturday, Aug. 17. Evans Funeral Home, Jefferson The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Diana Louise Freeman

Died July 29, 2013 Diana Louise Freeman, 65, of Bethlehem, died Monday, July 29, 2013. Born Nov. 26, 1947, in Glendale, Calif., she was a daughter of the late Raymond Christopher and Mildred Eloise Williams. She was a beloved daughter, sister, wife, mom, grandma and soon-to-be great-grandma. She was a faithful and devoted Christian with a heart of golf who loved chocolate. Her nickname was Dcandygal. Survivors include daughters, Laurel “Laurie” Anne Galal and Jennifer “Jenny” Christine Muriu; son, Joshua “Josh” Ray Freeman; sisters, Sharon, Cari and Ginny; brothers, Chris, Willard and David; grandchildren, Eddie, Cameron, Chase, Kyle, Brandon and Peyton; and many other family members and friends. Family and friends will gather at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 30, 2013, at Forest Lawn in Acacia Garden in Glendale, Calif. Smith Funeral Home, Winder The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Richard Watson Frontera Jr.

Died Aug. 17, 2013 Richard Watson Frontera Jr., 55, of Jefferson, died Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013. Born in Tripoli, Africa, he was a son of the late Richard Watson Frontera Sr., and the late Barbara Ann Bryan Frontera. He was co-owner of Salvador’s Italian Grill in Jefferson for many years and along with his wife, started Sweet Pea’s Country Cuisine. He loved food and the relationships that he built by serving the community of Jefferson and surrounding areas. He loved his family and working closely with them in the business that he was so passionate about. He was of the Catholic faith. He was also preceded in death by his sister, Ronna Anderson. Survivors include his wife, JoAnn J. Frontera; daughter and son-in-law, Elexis and Joshua Brewer of Gainesville; son, Richard Joseph Frontera of Jefferson; granddaughter, Madison Grace Frontera of Alpharetta; brother and sister-in-law, Charles Douglas and Angelika Frontera of Valdosta; and a number of other relatives. A memorial service will be held from 5-8 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013, at Evans Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in memory of Richard “Papa” Frontera, P.O. Box 1071, Jefferson, GA 30549 Evans Funeral Home, Jefferson The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Lee Van Hayes

Died Aug. 14, 2013 Lee Van Hayes, 81, of Winder, died Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013, at home, surrounded by love, after a long illness. Funeral services were held Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, in the chapel of Carter Funeral Home. Burial followed in Barrow Memorial Gardens. His grandson, the Rev. Daniel LeRoy Walters, officiated. Born July 6, 1932 in Maxeys, he was a son of the late Harrison Lee and Susan Elizabeth Davis Hayes of Stephens. He was a gifted athlete, excelling in baseball and basketball, and had a beautiful tenor voice. He served in the U. S. Army from 1953 to 1955 and drove for Roadway Express Inc., until his retirement in 1993. He enjoyed spending time with family and friends, flea markets and bowling. He was preceded in death by a sister, Geraldine Hayes Kirby Stevens (Pope) of Elberton; and brothers, Jarrell Hayes of Stephens, Chester Robert Hayes (Polly) of Conyers, Davis Hayes (Loretta) of Loganville, and Harmon Hayes (Dolly) of Dallas. Survivors include his daughters, Sandy Hayes Walters (Dennis) of Madison, Jill Hayes Baynes (Barry) of Loganville and Kristie Hayes Matousek (Libor) of Winder; grandchildren, Derrek Walters of Smyrna, Daniel Walters (Kayla) of Franklinton, N.C., Julia Walters Gurley (Luke) of Smyrna and Jonathon and Marek Matousek of Winder; great-grandchildren, Carrigan and Josiah Gurley of Smyrna; sister, Dot Kinney of Atlanta; brothers, Charlie (Erna) Hayes of Stephens and DeWitt (Kay) Hayes of Austell; a multitude of cousins, nephews and nieces; former wife, Betty Fountain Day of Loganville; and long-time companion, Charlene Davis of Monroe. Carter Funeral Home, Winder The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Anthony DeWayne Holt

Died Aug. 18, 2013 Anthony DeWayne Holt, 57, of Hoschton, died Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013. Survivors include his sons, Shawn Young (Melanie) and Anthony S. Holt; daughter, Lydia Holt; brother, Donald Holt; sister Cynthia Pucket (Chester); a grandchild; and ex-wife Mary Holt. He was preceded in death by his father, Donald Holt; mother, Mildred Bennett; and sister Angie Matthews. Memorial services were held Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013, at Braselton Tabernacle of Praise, located at 2260 Davenport Road in Braselton. Pastor Scott Bagwell officiated. Lawson Funeral Home, Hoschton TThe Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Lin Krarup

Died July 29, 2013 Mrs. Melinda (Lin) Rose Krarup, 65, of Flowery Branch, died from complications due to brain cancer on Monday, July 29, 2013, at Bell Minor Nursing Home. She was surrounded by her family. Survivors include her husband of 30 years, Deacon Paul Krarup of Flowery Branch; son, David of Asheville, N.C.; and sisters, Robin (the late Milton) RoseDudeck of San Diego, Calif, Monica (Jake) Starnes of Las Vegas, Nev., and Lori Rose of Las Vegas. Born in Galesburg, Ill., on Jan. 27, 1948, she was a daughter of the late Colin and Ann Rose. After growing up in Galesburg, Lin moved to Peoria, Ill., to work for a couple of years and then moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, where she lived and worked for the next five years. She

never lost her great love for our 50th state. In 1976, Lin moved to San Diego, Calif., where she met her future husband, Paul. Lin and Paul married on July 30, 1983, in San Diego, and had one beloved son, David, on Oct. 30, 1985. In 1990, the family moved to Suwanee, where she lived until moving to Flowery Branch in 2012. She worked for Stockholder Systems, Inc., CheckFree Corp., London Bridge Group, Fair Isaac Software Inc., and ISGN, retiring in 2011. Shortly after arriving in Suwanee, Lin got involved in church ministries at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Flowery Branch. She was active in the Stephen Ministry, St. Vincent de Paul Society and Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, as well as participating in and supporting Paul in his five years of study and formation for the Diaconate program. She was always so willing to give of her time and energy, and everybody who was lucky to benefit from her loving grace and spirit will miss her deeply. A funeral mass will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 23, 2013, at Prince of Peace Catholic Church, located at 6439 Spout Springs Road, with interment following at Memorial Park South Cemetery. Father Eric Hill will officiate. The family will receive friends at the funeral home from 6-7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 22, with a vigil service from 7:30-8 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, c/o Prince of Peace Catholic Church, 6439 Spout Springs Road, Flowery Branch, GA 30542. Memorial Park South Funeral Home, Flowery Branch The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Ellen Mae Lawson

Died Aug. 12, 2013 Ellen Mae Lawson, 73, of Braselton, died Monday, Aug. 12, 2013. Memorial services were held Friday, Aug. 16, 2013, at The Church of Hoschton with the Rev. Cory Sexton officiating. Lawson Funeral Home, Hoschton The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Jo Phillips

Died Aug. 14, 2013 Josie “Jo” Phillips, 76, of Auburn, died Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013. During her life, she loved riding in the mountains, family gatherings and her church, Grace Pointe Community Church. She was preceded in death by her parents, Waymon and Martha Bell. Survivors include her husband, Mitchell S. Phillips; stepson, Mitchell L. Phillips of Atlanta; daughter, Teresa Warren of Woodstock; brother, Joel Bell of Conyers, sisters, Lena Maloy of Covington and Mildred Hammon of Conyers; seven grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. The funeral service was held Monday, Aug, 19, 2013, at Grace Pointe Community Church in Dacula with Pastor Mike Kofahi officiating. Burial followed in Green Lawn Cemetery in Roswell. Smith Funeral Home, Winder The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Carmen Solorio Rodriguez

Died Aug. 19, 2013 Carmen Solorio Rodriguez, 86, of Winder, died Monday, Aug. 19, 2013. Arrangements will be announced by Lawson Funeral Home, 4532 Highway 53, Hoschton, GA 30548, 706-6540966, The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Geoffrey Peter Sarazen

Died Aug. 13, 2013 Geoffrey Peter Sarazen, 40, of Dacula, died Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013, at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Funeral services were held Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, at Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church with Dr. David L. Davis and the Rev. Jonathan Andersen officiating. Interment followed in Memorial Park South Cemetery in Flowery Branch. Born Dec. 8, 1972, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., he was married for 18 years and was the father of three. He was the grandson of Golf Legend Gene Sarazen. He graduated from Spanish River High School in 1990, and attended Palm Beach Community College. He earned his membership and certification in the PGA in 1992. He was the Golf Pro and Director of Golf at Chateau Elan Golf Club from 1993-2004 and most recently the owner of SPP Concrete Company. Survivors include his wife, Chalise Sarazen of Dacula; sons, Britt and Bryce; daughter, Mary Landis; father, Gene Sarazen Jr., and wife June Sarazen of Delray Beach, Fla.; mother, Nancy Sarazen and her life partner Carl Massi of Boca Raton, Fla.; brother and sister-inlaw, Gene and Heather Sarazen III of Naples, Fla.; sister and brother-in-law, Susan and David Bamdas of Boca Raton, Fla.; father-in-law and mother-in-law; Frank and Royciene Stankunas of Lake Worth, Fla.; brotherin-law and sister-in-law, Frank and Sharon Stankunas; brother-in-law, Braxton Stankunas; sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Kyra and Jason Sullivan; six nephews; and three nieces. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Fund of Mary Chalise Sarazen – Sarazen’s Children Account at Bank of North Georgia, 3507 Braselton Hwy., Dacula, GA 30019, 678-7143802. Memorial Park South Funeral Home, Flowery Branch The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

Homer Williamson

Died Aug. 28, 2013 Homer Williamson, 78, of Dahlonega, died Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013, at Chestatee Regional Hospital following an extended illness. Graveside services are scheduled for 1 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013, in Memorial Park Cemetery. The Rev. Steve Williamson will officiate. Born Jan. 25, 1935, in Dahlonega, he was a son of the late Robert Williamson and Letha Lowe Williamson. He was retired from Georgia Boot, and was also preceded in death by his wife, Mary Grace Wilson Williamson; and his sons, Bobby Williamson and Tommy Williamson. Survivors include his sons and daughters-in-law, Jimmy and Peri Williamson of Hoschton and Henry and Patsy Williamson of, Gainesville; daughters and son-inlaw, Dell and Clay Beck of Gainesville and Margie Williamson of, Blue Ridge; number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews. Memorial Park Funeral Home, Gainesville The Paper, Aug. 22, 2013

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Thursday, August 22, 2013



Elvis is gone, but legacy swivels on

During the past week or so, thousands of people made a pilgrimage to Memphis to remember the city’s best-known son, Elvis Aron Presley. It has been 36 years since the King died at his Graceland mansion. The truth is, Elvis is as big a star in death as he was in life. Each year, more than 700,000 people plunk down $30 or more, to visit Graceland. Visitors get to see how Elvis lived. They also have the chance to walk out back and see his final resting spot, between his mama and daddy. I love to talk with those who were in their teens when Elvis first appeared on the national stage. The censors at the CBS television network insisted Elvis only be shown from the waist up. Those gyrating hips were considered vulgar in some circles. One friend told me his mother rather liked when Elvis was the balladeer of such songs as “Love Me Tender,” but bristled at his swiveling hips. “Anyone who moves like that didn’t come from a good upbringing,” she told him. If you went for swim in the late 1950s at the Green Street pool, you were likely to hear an Elvis tune blaring from the speakers. Besides pretty girls in bathing suits, he was the star attraction. Elvis was born in a little shotgun house at 306 Old Satillo Road in Tupelo, Miss., to Gladys Love Presley, 22, and her husband Vernon, 18. A twin, named Jesse Garon Presley, was stillborn 35 minutes before Elvis appeared on earth. Few people knew the name of Gladys and Vernon’s little boy when they left Tupelo for Memphis. The street, Old Satillo Road, is now Elvis Presley Drive. Death is the one thing that stops the clock for us all. El-

Harris Blackwood vis was 42 when he died. He would be 78 now. Our frozen memory of Elvis is in the jumpsuit with that mane of jet-black hair. If he had lived, would his hips still be working? Senior Elvis might be the spokesman for hip replacement. Many performers do not make it on the senior stage. Frank Sinatra died at age 82, but his performing schedule ended years before. Andy Williams remained active until about a year before his death at 84. The champion of senior performers has to be Tony Bennett, who still maintains an active tour and recording schedule. But there is something ageless and timeless about Bennett, making it hard to realize you are listening to a man who is 87 and still sounds great. The truth is, Bennett has always sung the standards with great flare. Elvis’ style evolved from the young swivel hips to the black leather look to the jumpsuit look. Each change in style also brought changes in his music. He went from early rock ’n’ roll to a high-energy big production in a span of less than 20 years. I know people who have created shrines to Elvis in their home with everything from whiskey decanters to clocks that have a swivel hips with each tick. What’s amazing is the legion of Elvis devotees continues to grow, especially among those whose only knowledge of him is from history. Harris Blackwood is a Gainesville resident whose columns appear weekly.

If you went for swim in the late 1950s at the Green Street pool, you were likely to hear an Elvis tune blaring from the speakers. Letters policy Send letters to; fax, 706-658-0177; or P.O. Box 430, Hoschton, GA 30548. Please include name, hometown and phone number. Letters should be limited to 300 words on one topic and may be edited.

The First Amendment Congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

P.O. Box 430 Hoschton, GA 30548

Publisher Dennis L. Stockton General Manager Norman Baggs Editor LeAnne Akin

Steve Kelley Creators Syndicate

Gen. Grant’s link to a TV icon (This is the second of a three-part series on the discoveries made after a visit to Charlie Tinker’s grave.) Upon discovering Charles Almerin Tinker’s leaf-strewn grave in GreenWood cemetery in Brooklyn, N.Y., we — one of us more than the other — began to study the names and dates engraved on the towering monument. Three of his children, all born after the Civil War ended, were named in honor of men that Charlie had apparently held in great esteem: Lincoln, Stanton (secretary of war, Charlie’s immediate boss) and Grant. That answered a question I had been pondering for some time. My father-in-law carries the family name of Grant. “Aha!” I exclaimed. “Your father’s name does come from Gen. Grant! I thought it might.” I stopped and smiled. “I still love him, though,” I said matter-of-factly. “It does not sway my adoration of him.” In an ironic twist of history, I quickly noted that my father-in-law is the link that unites the Civil War general with one of television’s most iconic characters, Lou Grant. My

Ronda Rich father-in-law was named after Gen. Grant, while Mr. Grant was named after my father-in-law. It should be a Jeopardy question. The things you can learn in a graveyard. I studied the names of the seven people buried in that plot. Charlie outlived two wives and four children, with only Tink’s great-grandfather, Arthur Lincoln, living longer than Charlie. Two sons and one daughter had not lived to the age of 3. I cannot think of anything much sadder than outliving all those you love, not just for the pain it engraves on your heart but also for the suffocating loneliness it must impart. “What a sad life,” I commented. “Look! One of his children — Stanton — died on Charlie’s birthday, Jan. 8. How terrible.” When we returned home, we brought out the diaries and began to read, beginning on Jan. 5, 1875. “Little Stanton taken with diarrhea and vomiting. Called

Dr. Clark. Says he has cholera infantum. Grant ailing also but not serious.” Charlie, usually one to chronicle his days precisely, continued to record nightly but his words were brief. Heavy-hearted, he feared his baby was dying. He was a praying man. We know that about Charlie Tinker so, without question, he prayed. But he was also pragmatic and I suspect that his faith, though diligently practiced, could not outweigh a doctor’s knowledge. On Jan. 6, Charlie wrote, “Stanton continued about the same — up and down all day and very fretful but eats a little and tries to play.” I wonder if there was hope on that day for a child who could eat a bit and play. If so, he never revealed it and quietly held the hope. The child grew sicker. Mama would say from time to time, “I’m so sick that I’d have to get better to die” for it’s true, death often follows a rally. “Stanton worse. Remained in bed all day. Called in doctor again this evening and watched with him through the night. Very restless till 11 a.m. Quieted down.”

There was no celebration on Jan. 8. “My 37th birthday but spent in sadness — a weary watch over our little darling whose disease changed for the worst around 11 a.m. and he continued to fail, passing away quietly at 8:30 p.m.” My heart sniffled. I’m surprised that Charlie wrote the next day but he was a man who wanted his history recorded. “Very cold. Spent the day preparing for the funeral set for 2 p.m. tomorrow at the house. Many friends called to express sympathy.” Jan. 10: “Clear and very cold. A day of sadness. We laid the remains of little Stanton away in the vault at the cemetery to await our final selection of a resting place. Funeral largely attended. Rev. Johnson officiated.” He was no stranger to death. Ten years earlier, Charlie watched an execution that would haunt him until his final days. To be continued ... Ronda Rich is the bestselling author of several books, including “There’s A Better Day A-Comin’.” Sign up for her newsletter at Her column appears weekly.

Why we Georgians do love our parades I first noticed it about a decade ago. It was mid-morning on a crisp autumn day. A man pulled in front of our newspaper office, got out of his truck, jumped into the bed and set up a lawn chair with a cooler next to it. He then sat down in the lawn chair facing the main drag in front of our office and popped open a cold one. “What in the heck is that guy doing?” I said to myself and to anyone without earshot. He just sat there and sat there and sat there. Finally, my journalistic curiosity kicked in and I went outside to find out what was up. “Excuse me, sir,” I said to the man as he surveyed the passing traffic. “What are you doing?” “I’m waiting on the parade,” he said between swills. “The parade? You mean the homecoming parade?” “Yep,” he muttered, or perhaps it was a burp. I paused, looking down at my watch, baffled. “It’s 11 o’clock,” I said. “The parade doesn’t start until 2.” “Yep,” the early bird replied. “Wanted to get a good seat.”

Len Robbins He wasn’t the only one. By the noon hour, the highway in front of my office was lined with people in lawn chairs and on tailgates – waiting on the parade. It was then I realized that folks in my community love parades. Our county only has 7,000 residents, and I would estimate every one of them, and then some more, line our streets annually for our homecoming parade. A couple of years ago, I saw more of my classmates from my graduating class along the homecoming parade route than I did at our reunion, which was held that night. I often wondered what travelers going down our main highway on a fall day at noon thought as they saw people just sitting on the side of the road, watching cars passing by. “Look, Margaret, these people down here in South Georgia must not have cable yet. They have to watch

cars pass by for entertainment.” For years, I have thought that this was a phenomenon of my community only, a rich tradition of loading up the extended family and waiting on the roadside for four hours to watch a 40-minute autocade. Not so, I learned a number of years ago. I had a book signing in Blackshear at Country Bumpkins Gift Shop. The signing (for my book, “The Greatest Book Ever Written About Cheese,” available in fine bookstores online everywhere, most probably, at a substantial discount) was slated to begin after their annual Christmas parade. I had to park three blocks away. Their Christmas parade consisted of every beauty queen and business and church and fancy truck in the tri-county area, just like ours. And I bet the streets were lined with folks for hours, wanting “to get a good seat.” Why are parades so beloved in small towns? I live in one and don’t really know. My best guesses are as follows: 1. Free candy. Most parades I’ve been to involve the throwing of free hard

candy from the procession’s participants to onlookers on the side of the road, which has to violate some type of ordinance or safety code. Being hit in the head by a Jolly Rancher thrown from a moving vehicle, even one going 5 mph, can smart. But it is free. 2. People like funny trucks. Parades often involve trucks dressed up in some fashion, which some folks apparently find amusing. 3. In addition to free candy, parades are also free. Unlike cable, which should be free, they don’t charge you anything to watch the parade. That said, PTA meetings and public hearings on civic matters are free too, and nobody seems to go to those. Maybe if we called them “parades,” more people would show up. Hmmm.  So, please make plans now to attend my next Book Signing Parade – coming soon to a tailgate or lawn chair near you. Len Robbins is editor and publisher of the Clinch County News in Homerville. His column appears weekly.



The Paper   | Thursday, August 22, 2013


A letter from Martina G. Palatto of the law firm of Andersen / Tate / Carr had sent a letter to commissioners in advance of the meeting providing notice that a lawsuit would be pursued if the county moved forward with establishing a special tax district which the letter called a “‘double tax’ tax increase.” No application for creation of a special tax district has been submitted for Pods C and H at Traditions of Braselton, although a July 30 meeting of homeowners , the first of several, was called to consider the option, said Tom Bessemer, property

manager for Traditions of Braselton. Bessemer questioned the county’s handling of surety bonds before the developer went out of business and “left the community holding the bag.” He noted that the county could stimulate the local economy and put people back to work if the commission would “lift the moratorium.” An effort was made to address a number of inaccuracies which had been circulating prior to and after that July session which was attended by County Manager Kevin Poe, Senior Planner

Toni Smith and District 3 Commissioner Bruce Yates. The county does not have a moratorium but has the policy to govern how staff works with those who own property within non-compliant subdivisions like some of the sections of Traditions of Braselton. Not all the development is non-compliant, notes Mitsdarffer. At the request of Yates made at a previous meeting, research was conducted into the circumstances of Pods C and H, and Smith reported on those findings. She discussed the timeline, at right, which lays out when the subdivision was platted, when the LLCs involved when out of business and when county staff reviewed all non-compliant

Options To Move Forward: Per Jackson County staff

1. Bring Into Compliance - Provide deed to Jackson County for the right-of-way - Bring roadways into compliance - Provide an approved surety for the roadways until 75% of the lots are COed (Certificate of Occupancy) - Fix all erosion and sedimentation issues 2. Special Tax District - Submit application with a minimum of 66% of lot/home owners - County will assess cost of repairs to the right-of-way

- If approved by lot/home owners and Board of Commissioners; the roadway will be upgraded and expenses will be divided among the owners - All conditions of the Special Tax District must be followed prior to building permits being issued 3. Take No Action - Development will stay out of compliance - No building permits will be issued - Sediment threatening state waters or neighboring property must be addressed

subdivisions and their sureties. Smith went over the three options (at left) which are available to those in noncompliant subdivisions and fielded questions from commissioners and speakers. At Monday’s commission meeting, Matt Reeves represented the law firm. He suggested a fourth option – that the district attorney conduct an investigation into what he calls “the shocking failure of the county to tap the letter of credit when it was alive.” He

also questioned the shredding of expired letters of credits at the direction of the county’s accountant and auditor. He said there were a number of “county screwups” related to his clients’ lots on which taxes have been paid since they were purchased. Mitsdarffer explained there were changes from the original adoption of the UDC in 2003 when new developments were permitted to provide surety in the form of either 100 percent bond, 100

percent letter of credit or 100 percent cash. The majority of the surety was provided as letters of credit from banks. Michael Trees also spoke at the meeting and said he was not prepared to talk about Pod Q since more research is needed after hearing some information which was counter to what he had previously been told. Charles Mackey and Keith Cheek also spoke. Reeves said he hoped the subject of a special tax district was dead.

Jackson County taps Jarrard & Davis as new attorney The Jackson County Board of Commissioners Monday approved a resolution appointing Jarrard & Davis as county attorney for a year effective Aug. 19. The firm will be responsible for the general legal representation of Jackson County and all of its agencies, employees, constitutional officers, elected officials and departments except for the Industrial Development Authority which already has legal representation and bond counsel. In addition, it was noted there may be a potential conflict as Jarrard & Davis already represents Barrow County, a party in the Upper Oconee Basin Water Authority litigation Jackson County has filed. Judge Joseph Booth will hear from parties in that case on Aug. 28. Jarrard & Davis will be billing Jackson County $150 an hour for partner attorney service, $150 per hour for associate attorney services and $75 per hour for paralegal services. The original resolution provided to commissioners showed a higher hourly billing but Chairman Tom Crow said Ken Jarrard agreed to honor the amounts he quoted to commissioners this summer for a year. County manager Kevin Poe said surrounding counties pay between $150 and $175 an hour for legal services.

The total amount paid by Jackson County for legal fees to the firm of Hulsey, Oliver and Mahar of Gainesville for Fiscal Year 2012 was $170,277. Julius Hulsey had submitted a letter of resignation and agreed to provide assistance during the transition to a new county attorney. After representing Jackson County in the challenge to the new EMS station in West Jackson, it was unlikely Hulsey’s firm would be retained as Commissioner Tom Crow, now chairman, spoke on behalf of the men who filed a lawsuit against the county. While the case went nowhere, the potential litigation put the law firm in a no-win situation when Crow took office as chairman. In other new business, the commission: ■■ Approved a resolution authorizing the participation of Barrow County in the Joint Development Authority of Northeast Georgia (JDANEG). Oconee County was approved in July to join the authority which had included Athens-Clarke, Elbert, Jackson, Madison and Oglethorpe. Chairman Crow asked Poe about the purpose of the authority. The county manager said marketing the region and attracting new business and industry which would benefit the entire region was its purpose. Crow noted the $1 billion Baxter

is investing in the Newton County area was the work of a four-county joint effort. The high-paying jobs which are coming are an example of what can happen when counties come together, said Crow. ■■ Tabled the application for the creation of a special tax district for “Laurel Trails on the Oconee” Subdivision. The application is being submitted by Rick Johnson on behalf of the property owners as a representative of Laurel Trails on the Oconee Subdivision. However, some residents were in attendance to oppose the new tax district so a request was made to table the matter until the Sept. 16 meeting. ■■ Authorized the creation of a special tax district for “Olde Trail” Subdivision after a public hearing. An application was submitted by Rick Luedecke on behalf of the property owners as a representative of Olde Trail Subdivision with 67 percent of signatures for the lots to be included. There are a total of 38 lots in Olde Trail and all lots will be included in this tax district. Conditions of the approval require a one-year tax of $408.21 per lot to be collected to pay for the total expenses of $15,920 needed to cover sidewalk installation, asphalt repair, cleaning and sealing cracks, cleaning storm drain inlets, an administrative fee and a 20 percent

Jones gets administrative position in Norristown Crandall Jones of Hoschton was appointed Aug. 20 as the new municipal administrator of Norristown, Pa. He was offered the “at will” contract with a $130,000 annual salary in late June, according to council President Gary Simpson and Vice President William Caldwell, according to the Times Herald, serving Montgomery County, Pa. Jones was one of five finalists narrowed from the field of 33 applicants to be interviewed by an ad hoc council search committee that included Simpson and other council members. Jones passed a background check in mid-July. The council held a closed, executive session on Aug. 8 to discuss the new hire. Lawrence predicted that Jones’ hiring would “most likely” be a unanimous vote of council. A resolution appointing Crandall as municipal administrator and various minor titles, including Right-to-Know officer, was drafted to the council’s consideration. “Based on his interview, his qualifications and his background, he was the best candidate,” Simpson said. “What we are faced with in Norristown is the need to regenerate our business districts and economy. What we found in Mr. Jones was a person who understood how to manage between government and business. He will

be able to forge additional relationships between the county and state, as well as private business.” Jones served as county manager of Jackson County from April 2005 to February 2007, and was the city manager of East Point from

August 2007 to January 2012. He had previously worked as county manager of Chester County, S.C., from October 2002 to September 2004. He has also operated ENOSHA Management Services LLC, a management development firm, since June 2007.

Dr. Melina Johnson & Staff

WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING SERVICES: Dentistry for Children and Adults Crowns and Bridges Complete and Partial Dentures Implant Supported Crowns Extractions Dental Hygiene and much more

Dr. Melina Johnson looks forward to serving her patient family every day. Her clinical philosophy is to practice dentistry with honesty and compassion. Dentistry should not equate to a bad experience. Please come get to know us to see how surprisingly pleasant your experience can be! 5122 Highway 53 Braselton, GA 30517 Email: Phone: 706-654-2492 • Fax: 706-654- 0073 Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (lunch from 12-1) Wednesday by Appointment Only We are in network with the following insurance companies: Delta Dental, MetLife, United Concordia, Cigna & Guardian

contingency. In addition, all erosion and sedimentation control and nuisance issues must be resolved prior to issuance of any building permits and roadways must be deeded to Jackson County prior to any work commencing. Luedecke expressed appreciation for the “tremendous help” he received from Senior Planner Toni Smith. He said the special tax district will be a win-win situation for the owners who will get their roads and sidewalks up to code while the county will get additional tax revenues and the homeowners association will get additional revenues when new homes are built. A title search is to be conducted to determine if the roadways have already been deeded to the county. On its consent agenda, the commission: ■■ Approved and authorized Chairman Crow to execute a Memorandum of Understanding and a resolution allowing the Madison Athens-Clarke Oconee Regional Transportation Study (MACORTS) to be the local Metropolitan Planning Organization for the portion of the urbanized area that is adjacent to Athens-Clarke County in accordance with 23 U.S.C. 134 (b). Only a small portion of Jackson County is

included in that MPO area but population growth now finds that the county has three urbanized areas: Athens, Gainesville-Hall and Atlanta Regional Commission. The county is currently talking with Gainesville-Hall Metropolitan Planning Organization (GHMPO) and ARC to work on the required “continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process” as required by law. ■■ Authorized the closing of various unused or obsolete but active accounts. Only one account had any funds remaining. The request was made as the finance department, directed by Logan H. Propes, is undertaking some financial housekeeping. Accounts to be closed include an old payroll account at Community Bank & Trust and the following accounts with Wells Fargo Bank: the Hoschton SPLOST Roads & Bridges Account, the Nicholson SPLOST Water & Sewer Account, the Jackson County SPLOST Libraries Account and the Jackson County Fire Department SPLOST (Fire Training Facility). ■■ Approved and authorized Chairman Crow to execute the resolution for the updated Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan as required by Georgia Emergency

Management Agency with the State of Georgia and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The plan is required to be updated every five years and is a state and federal requirement. ■■ Authorized the bid award to E.R. Snell for the 2013 Paving Contract in the amount of $1,027,978.86 and authorize Chairman Crow to execute the contract. The capital improvements to the roadways will be financed by Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax and Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (LMIG) from the state. Bids were also received from Pittman Construction, Allied Paving Contractors, C.W. Matthews Contracting and Stewart Brothers. Municipalities will also be able to partner with the county on paving contracts to obtain unit cost savings. ■■ Amended and adopted the proposed revision to Sec. 2-E02 and Sec. 2-E03 of the Recruitment and Selection policy in the Jackson County Government Policies and Procedures Manual to allow for internal posting of job vacancies within a department or the county government offices. It was noted at the work session that the revision could help improve employee morale. – LeAnne Akin

CMYK health

The Paper   | Thursday, August 22, 2013


Barrow Regional’s parent company merging with Tennessee-based CHA By Zac Taylor

Regional staff

Barrow Regional Medical Center will likely soon be under new ownership, but CEO Todd Dixon isn’t expecting much to change if the merger does indeed take place. Community Health Systems announced earlier this month a merger agreement with Barrow Regional’s parent company, Health Management Associates, by which CHS would acquire HMA for approximately $7.6 billion. When completed, CHS would own or operate approximately 206 hospitals in 29 states with a total bed count of more than 31,000. Three of those new hospitals are in Georgia, including Barrow Regional, Clearview Regional Medical Center in Monroe and East Georgia Regional Medical Center in Statesboro. Tennessee-based CHS already owns two other hospitals in the state: Fannin Regional Hospital in Blue Ridge and Trinity Hospital of Augusta. Dixon isn’t expecting the news to have anything but a positive effect. “It is not expected that the operations of Barrow Regional will be affected in any way for the foreseeable future. If anything,

should the combination of our parent company with CHS occur, it will be very beneficial to all the hospitals involved – including Barrow Regional Medical Center and Barrow County,” he said. “Together, I believe we will be part of an even stronger company which certainly benefits our community, our physicians, our associates, and most importantly our patients. “We look forward to the combination and the opportunities it will present for all involved.” Dixon also explained some of the reasoning behind the merger. “CHS desires to buy our parent company because it believes Health Management’s 71 facilities across the country, including Barrow Regional, are excellent hospitals,” he added in a statement. HMA is based out of Florida and has owned the Winder hospital since January of 2006, when it bought the hospital, then known as Ty-Cobb Barrow Community Hospital, from Ty Cobb Healthcare systems. The first Barrow County hospital opened in 1951, according to the hospital’s own history, and was located on East Broad Street until 1983 and was owned by the county until 1980. The current facility on North Broad Street opened in September of 1983, with the Medical Office Building being added in January 1995.

Heather Futral provides local counseling services By FARAH BOHANNON

Dr. Heather Futral has been warmly welcomed into Braselton and surrounding community. Futral is a licensed psychologist who is passionate about helping others. “Clients will receive thoughtful and comprehensive treatment for the most sensitive of issues,” she says. Futral’s goal is to avoid a onesize fits all counseling practice and will strive to provide services that are unique to the individuals she will serve. She looks at each client’s specific therapeutic needs Futral with utmost importance — she puts her patients first and handles each situation in the best way possible. Futral has been practicing in the mental health field for approximately a decade after graduating at the top of her class from an Ivy League institution. She is a member of the American Psychological Association

and is a part of Phi Beta Kappa, an academic honor society in the United States. She is very experienced in this area. Athens was the home of Futral’s first practice. She enjoyed working there but decided to relocate to Braselton because she saw a need for a psychologist in the area. “I am the only licensed psychologist practicing in the area to my knowledge. Now, individuals in the area seeking mental health services will not have to travel long distances in order to receive treatment,” she said. This will hopefully be more convenient for people in Jackson County and the surrounding areas. Futral’s office, located at 5435 Highway 53 in Braselton, is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. She takes most major insurance companies as well as Medicaid and its subsidiaries. Contact her office by calling 770-882-5884.

Jackson County earns wellness incentive grant Jackson County has been selected by the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) to receive one of 49 Employee Health Promotion & Wellness Incentive Grants awarded statewide to promote worksite programs designed to enhance the health and wellness of county employees and family members. Awards are made to members of the ACCG Group Health Benefits Program (GHBP), underwritten by BlueCross and BlueShield of Georgia, based on a county’s commitment to employee health and demonstrated collaboration with other community groups and organizations engaged in health promotion. As part of the grant process, the county designated a Health Promotion Leader to develop a workplace

health promotion action plan and to attend the High Impact Health Promotion & WeIlness training class offered by Local Government Risk Management Services. Wellness programs have a demonstrated track record of improving employee health and quality of life while reducing medical claims and improving workplace morale. The ACCG offers wellness services to all member counties through LGRMS, a not-for-profit agency operated jointly with the Georgia Municipal Association. Employees will be offered a confidential health assessment program using a Health Risk Appraisal, with blood pressure screening and health improvement feedback. According to the Honorable Michael Mulcare, Douglas County Commissioner and president of

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6323 Grand Hickory Dr, Braselton, GA 30517 770-967-2055

the ACCG - GHBP Board of Directors, “A successful wellness program is designed to encourage healthy lifestyles, which helps to control health care costs and contribute to a happier, more productive workforce. Wellness programs greatly benefit employees, their families and the employer - everyone benefits.” The ACCG - Group Health Benefit Program is available to all Association County Commissioners of Georgia members. Currently, 104 counties and authorities participate in the health plan, and all are eligible to apply.

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Work is under way on the geothermal field being installed on the site of the future Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) Braselton.

Northeast Georgia Medical installing geothermal field at Braselton hospital site BRASELTON — Work is under way on the geothermal field being installed on the site of the future Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) Braselton. The geothermal well boring subcontractor mobilized on site the first week of June and drilling for more than 150 wells began in early July. These 500-foot wells will circulate water to create renewable energy to heat and cool the future hospital. This innovative sustainability practice is one of many being implemented at the future hospital, enabling the Medical Center to apply for Gold Level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Healthcare Certification. LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), providing third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using environmentally conscious processes and materials. In 2011, USGBC unveiled the LEED for Healthcare Certification (LEED-HC) guidelines, recognizing the regulatory, operational and programmatic demands unique to health care. Depending on timing, the new NGMC Braselton, set to open in the spring of 2015, could be the first hospital in the country to achieve LEED Gold-HC certification. “Sustainability is an important area of focus for the new Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton,” says Anthony Williamson, vice president of Greater Braselton Development. “We are developing what’s called a ‘greenfield’ hospital on a beautiful piece of previously undisturbed property, so we want to protect the integrity of that landscape as much as possible.” Some question if green practices are always the most cost effective, and that’s something Williamson said Northeast Georgia Health System investigated thoroughly. “During the planning stages of the geothermal fields, we conducted a lifecycle analysis that encompassed the initial cost of the system and the operating costs,” said Williamson. “ The results showed that the geothermal fields will allow $14 million savings over the next 30 years, and it will only take five to seven years to pay back the investment.” “We’ve done a lot of things with energy efficiency that you just don’t normally see in buildings,” says Rudy Lonergan, director of facilities management at NGMC. “We’re targeting a 60 percent total energy reduction in what is consumed by a typical hospital and a 35 percent reduction in water consumption.” Other sustainability practices include using “purple pipe” non-potable, reclaimed water for irrigation from the Town of Braselton and “dark sky” lighting, which creates an umbrella effect and keeps the glow of the hospital lighting confined to the boundaries of the site, reducing light pollution. Also, many of the materials selected for NGMC Braselton were manufactured within 500 miles of the site and have high recycled content. “We have also had a keen focus on using qualified, local contractors, vendors and

workmen whenever possible to help stimulate the economy in the surrounding area,” adds Lonergan. The sustainability practices extend beyond just the NGMC Braselton structure and are being applied throughout the building process. In fact, out of 210 active Turner Construction sites, NGMC Braselton earned the title of a Turner Green Zone project and under that title, ranked seventh in the country for sustainability. Turner Green Zone projects, like NGMC Braselton, reduce the environmental impact of building operations, minimize operating costs through energy and water efficiency and reduced material consumption, and provide a healthier and more productive workplace environment for Turner staff. “We know being a good steward of the environment is important to our neighbors and community residents as well,” says Williamson. “This was a message we heard clearly through the information-gathering sessions and surveys we conducted last year as we started the planning process for the new hospital.” Those involved in the NGMC Braselton planning process wanted to be energy efficient while also being innovative. In doing so, close to $3.5 million was budgeted toward implementing sustainability advancements. Some procedures being put into operation contribute to LEED-HC certification and others are simply best practices. In addition to using geothermal wells, reclaimed water for irrigation and “dark sky” lighting, other best practices being implemented at NGMC Braselton include: • Using interior LED lighting in select areas to provide greater illumination through a more energy efficient technology than traditional lighting. LED lighting gives off more lumens than a typical incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, and the LED bulbs tend to last several times longer than typical bulbs. • Using insulated window glazing to resist heat conduction to the building, keeping the building cooler in an energy efficient way. • Installing exterior sun screens that project horizontally above the windows on the building to help mitigate heat conduction. • Creating small green roof awnings that will be located over the exterior doors from the cafeteria to the courtyard dining area. These green roofs will act as a type of sun shade that will keep the sun’s rays from directly hitting the area below, keeping the glass on the doorways cooler. Highly drought resistant vegetation will be planted on top of the green roofs that will require little maintenance, while adding to the beauty of the building’s landscaping. “Northeast Georgia Medical Center is a leader in healthcare delivery in our state,” Williamson says, “and we want to lead the way for other healthcare facilities in lessening our impact on the surrounding environment as we build this state-of-the-art hospital.” To learn more, visit or call 770-219-3840.

New Evening Hours for your convenience 1240 Jesse Jewel Parkway, Ste 200 Gainesville, GA 30501


Board certified doctors: Lawrence E. Lykins, MD, FACS Thomas M. Fassuliotis, MD, FACS David S. Woo, MD Ryan N, Fogg, MD

River Place Medical Plaza 1 5875 Thompson Mill Road, Ste 140 Hoschton, GA 30548


#1 in Robotics Painless Vasectomy State of the Art Surgery Center


The Paper   | Thursday, August 22, 2013

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FALL TERM REGISTRATION, BRASELTON DATE : Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013 TIME : 6:00 p.m. PLACE : Courtroom, Braselton Police and Municipal Court Bldg. Courses include such topics as: Shoot Your Camera Like a Pro Yoga for Every Body The World’s Hot Spots Captivating Concertos Astronomy and Space Exploration Contemporary Issues in a Changing World Tai Chi America’s Wars 1796 – 1848 Researching and Writing Your Family History Beer – A History of Region and Style

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CMYK Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sports Black gets first win as head coach

MCHS escapes Parkview 21-13


After starting the season 0-2, Jefferson High School head coach Zach Black saw his first two wins at the helm of the Lady Dragons softball team. Jefferson competed in the Hawk/Bulldog tournament and saw wins over Lanier and Mountain View High school. “It feels good to get the first win as a head coach. Getting the first one out of the way is nice. I can’t take any of the credit though. It was all the girls,” said Black. “They competed and played well the whole game and we were fortunate enough to get the victory. I was extremely proud for them,” said Black. Against Mountain View, starting pitcher Savannah Snapp punished every batter in sight as she went a full seven innings and didn’t allow any runs. Snapp said she she’d be going full throttle in her final season as a Lady Dragon and it showed in her emphatic day on the mound. Caitlin Cantrell also pitched a no-run game against the Lady Longhorns. Ashley Boyd saw two RBIs in the first inning. “In both the shutouts, our [pitchers] and defense did really well. I think between the two games, we may have walked one to two batters and did not make any errors. Anytime we can limit those mistakes we give ourselves a chance to win the ballgame,” Black stated. The tournament was held at Mill Creek High School and North Gwinnett High School as well as West Jackson Park. Black says he is all for getting a good dose of heavyweight softball teams. The exposure the Lady Dragons get now could pay off dividends when their region schedule heats up. “Playing in tournaments like this is good. It gives us games to fill the non-region schedule and allows us the opportunity to play a variety of teams. Roger Parham at Mill Creek and Randy Black at North Gwinnett do a great job hosting the Hawk/Bulldog Classic,” Black said. Permanent positions haven’t been named yet as the Dragons coaching staff is being patient in naming players to certain roles. Black says he believes the right pieces to the puzzle will come together at the right time. “I think we as a coaching staff are starting to get more of an idea of who can do what for us,” Black said. “We are still looking at some things but the girls are really starting to compete well and show us different things they can do,” Black said.

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Fans got their first glimpse of the 2013 Jackson County Comprehensive High School football team on Friday night in their pre-season scrimmage against the Athens Academy Spartans. After a shaky start that saw the Panthers losing at halftime 14-13, they got it together by scoring the last 20 points of the ball game to win 27-14. Jackson County is coming off a 6-5 season in which they ended their 20-year postseason drought in Benji Harrison’s first year as head coach. The Panthers are attempting to make back to back postseason appearances for the first time since the 1986 and 1987 seasons. Starting quarterback Jacob Lewis started the scrimmage rough, throwing interceptions on the Panthers’ first two drives, the first of which was caught in the end zone. However, he bounced back and threw two touchdowns and ran for another. The first touchdown was

high school scoreboard FOOTBALL Jackson Co. 27, Athens Academy 13 Jefferson 40, Morgan County 10 Mill Creek 21, Parkview 13

SOFTBALL Jackson County 3, North Oconee 2 Jefferson 2, Lanier 0 Mill Creek 1, Buford 5

VOLLEYBALL Jackson County 0, West Forsyth 2 Jefferson 0, Hebron Christian 2 Mill Creek 0, Blessed Trinity 2 Please note volleyball game scores are noted by games won, not the actual score of the game itself.

Panthers dream big


Doug Chellew The Paper

Junior running threat Johnathan Hawkins attempts to escape Parkview’s Spencer Walker. BY LATRICE WILLIAMS

Two 9-4 teams from a year ago headlined one of the more attractive scrimmage matches in the state. Mill Creek High School and Parkview High School squared off at Markham Field. Although there wasn’t much tailgating going on, it felt just like a good old-fashioned Friday night as fans tossed the football around in the parking lot as they waited for the game to start. Everyone had their eyes fixed on Parkview’s Bryce Lewis, who is committed to Vanderbilt University, and Johnathan Hawkins of Mill Creek who is rated on as one of the top 40

Panthers respond big under pressure BY KYLE FUNDERBURK


a 33-yard pass to junior Adrian Parsons and the second was to senior 2012 All-Region receiver Xavier Harper. Lewis finished the game 13-21 with 140 yards and 10 carries for 48 yards. Lewis and his center struggled with a ball on snaps a few times through the night, but Lewis recovered from one snap over his head and ended up with a big completion. He also showed an ability to spread the ball to different receivers. “I thought [Jacob] played good,” Harrison said. “I thought he made really good decisions and I thought he managed our offense well.” Fans were anxious to see who could replace Dustin Scott at running back after Scott had nearly 2,000 rushing yards in his last two seasons at Jackson County. Malik Tuck answered the call. The sophomore showed he could be every bit as physical and explosive as Scott as he compiled 62 yards on 10 carries and three receptions for 18 yards.


local racing

players in the state. DeVozea Felton is the other half of the one-two punch running attack for the Hawks and proved to be very explosive. “Believe it or not, DeVozea is faster this year than he was last year. Even though he didn’t get as many touches, we tried to get him into some bubble screens and he had a couple of nice blocks. He played well but he didn’t get to run the ball a lot. That will change once the season starts,” said head coach Shannon Jarvis. The Hawks won the coin toss and elected to receive but probably wish they would have started on defense as they fumbled three plays later. On Parkview’s first carry, Lewis ran through a gaping hole for a nice gain to get the

drive started. The Hawks defense put up two consecutive goal line stands but Justis Rosser of Parkview pushed his way through the pile, putting the Panthers on the board first. The Hawks responded with an interception by Andrew Sciara. The 6-foot, 230-pound linebacker wasn’t easy to bring down and he put Mill Creek in good position to score at the 30-yard line. “We had a team scrimmage game Aug. 9 and we as coaches talked about how well he played. He’s much faster; he’s been injured and we wanted to keep quiet about that. He didn’t do a lot of 7 on 7’s this summer because of his injury,” said Jarvis.

Many high school athletes are entering into their final season in their respective sport. It’s not something many like to think about, as they know the season will be the last time they suit up and represent their school. Zack Sears and JT Wood of the Jackson County Comprehensive High School cross country team aren’t running away from that; they are running toward it.



Dragons shine in 40-10 win BY LATRICE WILLIAMS

Junior Evan Shirreffs says his transition into the starting quarterback position hasn’t been the easiest. With so much pressure to duplicate what his older brother Bryant did, Shirreffs felt the need to air out his emotions and, he did just that with four touchdown passes in a scrimmage game against Morgan County. Shirreffs went two and a half quarters and threw for 260 yards and had five touchdown passes. “I am very proud of our offense, especially our offensive line. They played great,” said defensive lineman Tyler Bowen. “I’m proud of our quarterback Evan Shirreffs. It was his first varsity game and he played very well.”


Doug Chellew The Paper

Top: Evan Shirreffs gets in on the action last year during a varsity game where JHS had a comfortable lead. Right: Tyler Bowen (#47) assists a fellow teammates on a tackle.

NASA returns to Road Atlanta


Gwinnett Braves return to Coolray


The National Auto Sports Association will make its second appearance at Road Atlanta Sept. 13-14. NASA is made up of a host of divisions including the ever so popular Spec E30. Eric Palacio went home as the victor when NASA recently held an event in Braselton earlier this month. For more information, including ticket prices, call 770-9676143. For more information, including NASA’s schedule, go to

The Gwinnett Braves are on the road and will take on the Columbus Clippers tonight in a four-game stand. The first pitch is set for 7:05 p.m. The Clippers are in the International League West where they are fighting to get above .500. Gwinnett will return to Coolray Field Aug. 26 for a two-game showdown against the Durham Bulls. Kids 12 and under will eat free on Aug. 26 and the first 500 fans will receive a free poster in honor of Gwinnett’s fifth anniversary. For more information on tickets and promotions, visit or call them at 678-277-0300.

Jefferson Parks and Recreation will open its football season this Saturday. The 6U team will kick the day off at 9 a.m. against Johnson. The 7U team will get under way at 10:30 a.m. against Winder-Barrow. The 10U team will compete against Chestatee at noon. For more information on the Jefferson Parks and Rec football teams’ schedule, visit or call them at 706367-5116.

Youngsters hit the gridiron



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Peery becomes major role player for Hawks BY LATRICE WILLIAMS

other contender. She says she believes this is the Lady Hawks’ time and they have a group of young athletes that can In her final go around as a Lady Hawk, help them get the job done. Sarah Peery has her sights set on going “I want to make it back to state and out with a big bang. That will consist of win it all. I think we have a good chance making saves and punishing batters at to do that. We have some freshmen on second base. She has a determined look the team that really play a big role. They in her eye about becoming a weapon in deserve the spot they have. They can 6A softball and it’s going to start by never help us reach our goals,” Perry said. taking a play off. Peery is committed to Brenau Univer“I want to make every play and do ev- sity in Gainesville. The Golden Tigers erything I can at the plate,” said Peery. compete in the National Association of Peery has turned into a very valuable Intercollegiate Athletics, and finished athlete, as she has experience at first and way above .500 at 34-16 last year. The second base, as well as middle infield on squad was two games shy of winning her travel team. After the Hawks lost a the NAIA national championship in the couple of players to graduation and one 2011-2012 season. to an injury, Peery switched positions “I really like the coaching staff. [Head knowing her skill of the game would be coach Devon Thomas] is a great guy; needed to fill a role on her team. everyone seems to like him. It’s not too “Playing first base was a great experi- laid back. I think it’s a nice program and ence. I was happy to be playing,” Peery they have really good academics,” said said. “I’m a team player, so [I am OK] Peery. with playing second base,” Peery said. Like many, Peery’s recruiting trail The Lady Hawks have built a tradition consisted of her getting her name in the of making appearances in the state play- softball realm as much as possible. A offs but Peery doesn’t want to be just anminor injury caused a setback but, once she got back on her feet, coaches began to take notice of her athleticism. For Peery, continuing her softball career is not a want, it’s a necessity. She says her world would be incomplete without it. “I did a lot of showcases with travel ball. We went to places such as Chattanooga, Tenn., and Spartanburg, S.C. I broke my ankle two years and that slowed me down a little bit, [but] prior to that I had a couple of colleges looking at me. My travel and high school coaches did a great job of helping me through it all. It was a stressful time when I was trying to figure out which college I wanted to play at,” Peery said. “I’ve played softball my whole life. I love softball. If I were stop now, it’d all be for nothing. I feel like I’ve put in all this work and I need to get someLatrice Williams The Paper thing out of it,” said Peery. Sarah Peery is committed to Brenau University.



Continued from 1B “I thought Malik had a nice night; there’s no doubt Malik has the ability,” said Harrison. “He’s just a sophomore, too, [and] he hadn’t been in the fire on a Friday night. I was pleased with him.” The Panthers trailed 14-13 at the half; yet, they stepped up in the second half, pitching a shutout. “Defensively, we’ve got to learn how to get off the field consistently on third down,” said Harrison on his defense which gave up a few third and fourth down conversions on route to two Athens Academy touchdowns.

Evan Breakspear and Chandler Todd assumed leadership roles on defense as two of the most experienced varsity players. They both shined in their roles as leaders as Breakspear led the team with 4.5 tackles while Chandler Todd had a big fumble recovery in the backfield that set up a Panther scoring drive. Other players with big games on defense included sophomores Jace Latty, who had four tackles, and Jorge Monzon, who had a sack in the second quarter. The last nine minutes of the

ball game were played by each team’s JV squads. Sophomore Kyle Clark came in to play quarterback while Luke Gonzalez stepped into the running back spot. Gonzalez impressed many with two long and physical runs early in the fourth quarter. Clark showed his prowess at quarterback with a couple nice throws and even scored the game’s final touchdown with his legs. The regular season begins on the road at Winder-Barrow High School on Aug. 30. Jackson County beat the Bulldogs 21-10 at home a year ago.


Continued from 1B The Jefferson High School football team defeated Morgan County High School 40-10 behind the strength of two touchdown catches by TJ Skelton, a newcomer to the Dragons after his transfer from Madison County High School. One of the other obvious feats was the Jefferson defense, which held the Bulldogs to just ten points in the first three quarters. Last season, the Dragons held opponents to 13.3 points per game. “I feel like one of our biggest strengths on defense is that everybody flies around to the football. Against Morgan County, we played together as one and didn’t care who got all the credit; that’s what made our defense strong,” said Bowen. “It felt great hold-

Doug Chellew The Paper

Jorge Monzon (#48) and company get a hold of one of the Eagles.

Continued from 1B ing Morgan County’s offense to just one touchdown. But as a defense, we have to stay humble and work harder each and every day.” While there are so many positive things to harp on, Bowen and head coach Ben Hall agreed there is room for improvement. “As a staff, we were pleased with the effort; however, our execution needs improvement across the board,” said Hall. “Special teams and overall depth development is going to be a focus following the scrimmage.” Bowen said, “I believe we need to improve in all areas. It’s the little things we have to correct but we’ll correct them in the next few weeks of practice.”

In the top of the second, quarterback Daniel David connected with Felton for a first down. Felton continued to be the workhorse, gaining two first downs. Then Hawkins finished the drive with a 1-yard scamper. There were plenty of highs and lows for each team; turnovers galore plagued each team, keeping them from reaching pay dirt as many times as they should have. Jarvis wasn’t necessarily rattled by the mistakes. David didn’t have his best showing but Jarvis didn’t Doug Chellew The Paper press the panic button. Oustide linebacker Michael Leonard stops wide receiver He noted it came down

James Houston of Parkview High School in his tracks.

to David trying to be the hero and sometimes it’s going to take all 11 players on the field to save the day instead of one. “When we took the series, we had a fumble. Then, we had a busted play on the interception. It had more to do with lack of execution. He’s got to throw the ball away and not try to make something out of nothing,” Jarvis said. The JV team took the field in the fourth quarter and added a touchdown to pull ahead 21-13. The Hawks open the championship campaign on Aug. 30 at Dacula High School.

Mill Creek Hawks fall late to Lady Wolves of BHS BY LATRICE WILLIAMS

The game of softball certainly knows how to draw a large crowd in this state and, when two powerhouses collide, there is standing room only. The Lady Wolves of Buford High School, with six consecutive national championships, opened this season at Mill Creek for the Hawk/Bulldog tournament. A host of teams from multiple classifications including Archer, Jackson County, Jefferson and Mountain View and others competed at various sites in the area. The Lady Hawks jumped on the board first.

Sarah Peery said she wanted to step up her game at the second base position and she did just that with a big grab that ended Buford’s run. Leadoff batter Hannah Adams nailed a line drive to first. Then McKenzie Fagioli hit a nice bunt and although she was put out at first, it allowed Adams to get to second. Then, starting pitcher Heather Felt blasted a single, giving way for Adams to score the first run of the game. In the top of the fourth, the Wolves pulled ahead by one off a single by Noah Sudderth, scoring Remington Hasty to tie the game at one apiece. Both teams fell silent until the top of the

seventh where the Lady Wolves posted three runs. The drive started with a run by Sydney Stavro. Then, a single by Baylee Sexton put Niki Cook in position to score. Shortly after, Tessa Daniels belted a single, giving way for Sexton to run home. That led to a 5-1 win for the Lady Wolves. Visit ClickThePaper. com for the full story.

CROSS COUNTRY Continued from 1B

“I’m going to try my best to give it my all. In the past, I didn’t always do that. I’m going to push as hard as I can,” Sears said. “I’ve been on varsity for four years and I know what it takes to do well in a race. I’m ready to step up and take it to the next level. I

want to leave everything I have out there and try to do my best,” said Wood. Jackson County always seems to be in the middle of some sort of rivalry. It’s very rare that there’s one in cross country but Sears and Wood assure us that extreme competitiveness goes far beyond the gridiron. “There is some East and West controversy. We’re usually neck and neck. ***Team wise, we’ll need more runners to step up and put more effort in practice and not give up because they are tired or their legs hurt,” said Wood. Sears said he wants to run under 18 minutes this season. He said it may not sound like a big number but last season’s state championship team posted three runners under 17; it’s definitely a significant number that could change the landscape of their chances of making it to state and having a shot at winning it all. “I definitely want to finish a

race in less than 18 minutes. That’s a big goal of mine,” said Sears. Both athletes noted they are also running to put their names in the record books. Woods is just one minute away from breaking the school record which is set at 16 minutes and 36 seconds. Sears is trying to make his mark in a similar sport at Jackson County. “I run the 800 meters and I’m about 16 seconds away from breaking the school record,” Sears said. Wood has been turning heads since he joined the team four years ago. The most obvious thing about Wood is he doesn’t have a lot of height; he uses that to his advantage during wrestling season but, in a sport where long legs cover more ground, Wood has proven that if your skill level is high, you can surprise a lot of people. “The best moment for me was when I was a freshman. I beat everyone on the team in a race and I continued to do so. Then I

became the fastest person on the team. Everyone was so surprised that I beat them in our first race because I’m so short,” Wood said. Head coach Joseph Brubaker has spoken highly of his team and their work ethic. Both Sears and Wood agreed that this is the first time in a while the majority of the team has bought into the idea of doing something great for JCCHS cross country. Even if they don’t make it to state this year, Wood says he believes the foundation that is being laid now could change the face of the program in the near future. “This can be a good year for a lot of people. Many of them are stepping up,” said Sears. “Our girls have gone to state; their doing really good and they have banners in the old gym. The guys as a team haven’t really done anything. We have individuals that are rising up. We have a couple of freshmen on the team that have a chance to get to state

Latrice Williams The Paper

From left to right: Zack Sears and JT Wood want to leave a strong running tradition behind for future Panthers to follow. in the next couple of years,” Wood said.




Opportunity for lifelong learning available with BULLI offerings Braselton warmly welcomes BULLI – Brenau University Learning and Leisure Institute -- where intellectual curiosity meets friendship and fun. Citizens of Braselton and Gainesville are advised to keep an eye out for a newly updated and designed newsletter that is guaranteed to be more interesting and chock full of information and news. Please look for the new BULLI-tin which celebrates the two decades of lifelong learning experiences which Brenau has been providing. Signing up for BULLI programming is much easier and more convenient because there are no more membership and registration forms to worry about. There is only one simple, easy-touse form to fill out and mail in – that’s it. Extra copies of the BULLI-tin will be available at Braselton Town Hall for friends, family members or anyone else who is interested in signing up. Fall registration meetings for upcoming BULLI course offerings have been set for today at 4 p.m. at Hosch Theatre at the John S. Burd Center in Gainesville and for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 27, in Braselton in the Police & Municipal court building’s courtroom. Instructors will provide additional information about the new BULLI offerings. (See below) Registration in Gainesville will allow attendees to view the night sky through a telescope, weather permitting. Frank Lock, who plans to instruct the Thursday astronomy and space exploration course in Gainesville, is the owner of the telescope and is excited to share the won-

Farah Bohannon Columnist ders of the night skies with the community. The telescope will be set up outside the Burd Center on Academy Street. There is even more fun planned for this evening. Immediately following registration and the telescope viewing, Brenau Gallery director Melissa Morgan will host a reception with light hors d’ oeuvres at the Sellars Gallery in the Simmons Visual Arts Center which is adjacent to Pearce Auditorium. Morgan will offer information about a special docent program that will start soon and attendees will see the exhibit, Bowden: A Collector’s Legacy. It will also be the perfect opportunity to mix and mingle as well as meet new people. Braselton’s fall registration meeting next Tuesday at 6 p.m. will highlight the offerings available through BULLI in Braselton. Among the topics will be Barbershop Harmony, Moore Drawing with instructor Martha Moore, Tai Chi with Buck and Pat Barnes, an updated Contemporary Issues in a Changing World facilitated by Jim Smith, Ph.D., and the third session of Put Up Resistance, Safe Escape, or P.U.R.S.E.: Safety vs. Loss of Liberty with Assistant


Scaring up some scarecrows Scarecrows are returning to Hoschton for the Hoschton Fall Festival, set for Sept. 27-29, and volunteers got into the scarecrow-making mood at a workshop held Aug. 15 at the Hoschton Depot. See more scenes from the workshop at and be on the lookout for the announcement of another workshop in early September. You can begin creating your designs now in anticipation of contests and displays. See more information on Page 4B. LeAnne Akin The Paper

Brazilian Jujitsu in Braselton: A rare art in our small community For The Paper

For decades people have known that martial arts are a great way to build confidence, self-defense and stay physically fit. In almost every community around the country, including small towns like our own, one can usually find a Karate or Tae Kwon Do school. Rarely one may find some of the more esoteric arts such as Tai Chi or Kali Silat, rarer still is the presence of a Brazilian Jujitsu school (BJJ). What is BJJ? Most people have heard of jujitsu, and rightly connect the term to the island nation of Japan. Fewer may know that the art was exported from Japan to Brazil in the early 20th century where it was refined further, becoming one of the most effective means of one-on-one self-defense, so effective it has since been integrated into the training regimens of the U.S. Army, Marines, FBI and police forces world-wide. In recent years, BJJ has increased in popularity due to its integration in mixed-martial arts competitions such as the UFC, but also for its use in antibullying campaigns such as California’s “Bully-proof” run by the Gracie family, BJJ’s preeminent family of practitioners. Yet one need not go to California to find BJJ, we have it right here in Braselton, at the Alliance Martial Arts Center. Due to its traditionally low profile, BJJ tends to thrive only in large ur-

ban areas. This makes the program at Alliance Martial Arts Center of Braselton even more special for the local community. At the Alliance Center, old and young alike may sign up for a variety of martial arts classes, including Women’s Self Defense and Tang Soo Do, but it is the BJJ program that many find the most intriguing. Dr. Steven Shirley, a professor who recently moved to the area after many years overseas, began looking for gyms and was surprised to find BJJ right here in his new hometown. He explains what drove him to search out BJJ, “I’ve been doing martial arts for 25 years, primarily Philippine

martial arts and Karate, but I always wanted to try BJJ, because it is one of the best full-body workouts one can get, the moves are intricate enough to keep the mind active, and the sporting aspect makes it exciting, like a game of physical chess,” said Shirley. Dr. Shirley thought he would have to travel to Atlanta to find a school, but was excited when he saw the large “Jujitsu” sign in front of the Alliance center. “When I walked in for the first time the atmosphere was very welcoming,” he stated, “Many times you have to deal with egos in martial


For The Paper

Brazilian Jujitsu is being offered at Alliance Martial Arts Center in Braselton.

Benefits of breastfeeding for mother as well as baby On July 16, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is, an advocate for breastfeeding. She had signed a proclamation that the month of breastfed all three of her sons successfully August be recognized as Breastfeeding with the support of the La Leche League and Awareness Month. His encouragement to found it to be a very fulfilling experience. the citizens of our state in this proclamation My conversation with her that day would be is to learn more about the benefits of breast- exactly what I needed to hear so I could both feeding. Not only is the state of Georgia conquer and enjoy breastfeeding also. recognizing August as Breastfeeding AwareI’m sure she shared many benefits with ness Month, but the entire me at the time we spoke, but nation is as well. what I recall most of all was I was excited to research what she warned me against. this topic for this month’s She told me that I might come “All Eyes On Deck” article. up against roadblocks of frusYears ago I was a young tration if things weren’t going mother that had not been smoothly in the early stages of CC educated on the facts and breastfeeding. Her advice to benefits of breastfeeding. me was to remain dedicated. All Eyes On Deck Due to my lack of educaShe went on to tell me that tion and understanding the benefits to both whatever temporary setbacks I might exmyself and my first born baby, I made perience that I could get through them with just one attempt to breastfeed and quickly support. And when those times came, as she handed my baby back to the nurse and said had warned me they might, it was her words it wasn’t for me. of encouragement that kept resounding in It was eight years later when I became my mind, “Don’t say I’ll try breastfeeding, pregnant with my second child before I say I’m going to do it!” And I did just that, I would fully understand just how beneficial did it…and with joy I might add. breastfeeding would be. I recall a conversaThe proclamation Gov. Deal signed tion I had with my husband’s aunt prior to shares some of the most significant the birth of this next child. She was, and still advantages for choosing to breastfeed.

The following four are listed on his proclamation: Breastfeeding is one of the most • highly effective ways to protect the health of an infant, including the child’s risk of becoming overweight or obese. • Breastfeeding lays a foundation for health later in life. • Breast milk is easily digested and contains antibodies that pass from the mother to the infant. These antibodies help to protect against illness, including diabetes, ear infections and allergies. Breast milk has also been shown • to reduce SIDS. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Something that may surprise you is this: According to an article in the Huffington Post on Aug. 6, a small but provocative new study suggests that breastfeeding a baby may significantly reduce a woman’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease decades later. Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that women who breastfed for at least one week had a 64 percent reduction in Alzheimer’s risk compared to women who did not breastfeed at all. The study accounted for other possible lifestyle and so-

cioeconomic factors, like smoking, drinking and education. The study, published online in the “Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease” on July 23, looked at the cumulative breastfeeding histories of 81 British women over age 70. Researchers interviewed family members as well, to ensure they were getting accurate recall of the past. According to the study, the longer a woman breastfed, the greater the benefits. Based on the findings, if one were to compare two hypothetical women who were identical in every way, but one breastfed for 12 months of her life, while the other breastfed for four and a half months, the woman who breastfed for a year would have a 22 percent lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s than the other. But the findings, while intriguing, are highly preliminary. To read more on the article in the Huffington Post, go to For more information and support on the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and infant, contact The La Leche League foundation online at Contact CC at



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Jump Right In for some competitive fun with Hoschton’s Fall Festival

Hero’s Ball is Friday Jeffrey S. Cairns, Colonel (Retired), United States Army, Special Forces, will be the special guest at Friday’s third annual Hero’s Ball at the Braselton-Stover House. The ball recognizes the West Jackson Fire Department, Braselton Police Department and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and serves as a fundraiser for Operation One Voice, an organization that benefits families of wounded and fallen soldiers. “All proceeds from the Hero’s Ball are donated to the families of our often forgotten heroes, the wives and children of our wounded and deceased Special Operations Forces Soldiers,” says Amber Chatham, founder of The Exchange, an organization that seeks to honor the sacrifices of U.S. soldiers by making their struggles tangible to the people of the community. The Exchange began in 2011 as a way for Chatham to honor and support the families of deployed and returning military personnel. Friday’s ball will feature hors d’oevres and dinner courtesy of Cornbread and Caviar. Guests will also enjoy live entertainment by Nelson Brownstone, a bar, gun raffle and a silent auction. Col. Cairns was commissioned through ROTC from Norwich University as a Distinguished Military Graduate. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Norwich University, a Master of Arts in Management from Webster University and a Masters in Strategic Studies from the Air War College. He had the privilege to serve 30 years in the US Army retiring in 2010 as a U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier. Duty over this period included leadership and operations assignments in the 3rd, 5th, and 10th Special Forces Groups (Airborne), 1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne), several Theater Special Operations Command positions, and US Special Operations Command. He had the honor to serve as the Battalion Commander of 2nd Battalion, 1st Special Warfare Training Group, Executive Officer for the Commanding General 1st US Army;

Photos sought for calendar, participants needed for singing, scarecrow making, more The Hoschton Jump Right In Fest is heating up with competitive events including a Sweet Tea Shootout, Mason Jar Free for All, Why I Call Hoschton Home…Photo Contest, Jump Right In and Run 5K, Scarecrow Competition, Scarecrow Team Competition and Christian Singing Competition. Entry forms and info on all events can be found on

Jeff Cairns, a retired United States Army colonel who served in the Special Forces, will be the guest of honor at the Hero’s Ball. Garrison Commander for the Presidio of Monterey, California, and Faculty at the National Defense University. His military schools include Airborne, Static Line Jump Master, Special Forces Qualification Course (Commandant’s List), Infantry Officer Advanced Course (Commandant’s List); Survival-Evasion-Resistance-Escape course, Military Free-fall, Command and General Staff course, Joint Professional Education Phase 2, and the Air War College. His military awards include the Legion of Merit (2 awards), Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (5 awards), Army Commendation Medal (6 awards), Joint Service Achievement Medal, Army Achievement Medal (4 awards), Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Special Forces Combat Diver Badge, Jumpmaster wings, Military Free-fall Badge, Special Forces Tab and several foreign jump wings. For ticket information, contact Amber Chatham at 706-224-5493 or

COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS The Mayor and Council of Braselton will host a ceremonial groundbreaking for its new Streetscape project on Thursday, Aug. 22. A reception at 2:30 p.m. in Town Hall will precede the groundbreaking at 3 p.m. Congressman Doug Collins is the guest of honor, and state/district officials with the Georgia Department of Transportation will take part. sss Beef O’ Brady’s in Jefferson is having a percentage day/night to benefit the Jackson County 4-H Club. This event will be in effect all day and evening from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 22. If you get anything to eat from Beef O’ Brady’s that day, let them know at the checkout counter that you are supporting Jackson County 4-H, and they will put your receipt in the jar. sss The Jackson County 4-H Love of Llamas is hosting their new member orientation from 4-7 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 23. This is an opportunity for those youth ages 9 to 19 years of age to tour the farm and learn more about Llama Club. Parents must attend with youth. RSVP


Continued from 3B arts, but I found none of that at Alliance. The classes are fun and challenging. What is more we have all ages and genders, and respect abounds in everyone.” Classes in BJJ are mixed, and it is not uncommon to find parents training with their children, and couples working out together. BJJ teaches solid, real-life self-defense, applicable for any size or gender. Caleb Holland, chief instructor at Alliance, explains, “Brazilian Jujitsu can make


Continued from 3B Braselton Police Chief Lou Solis. If you are interested in learning more about researching and writing about your ancestors, Jackie White is instructing a Thursday course which will feature day trip to the National Archives and the Georgia Archives. The purpose of these registration meetings is to inform citizens about the courses the teachers will host. BULLI also hosts several fun interest groups, such as a hiking club, Dinner Together and BULLI Bards, a poetry group. For more information about these groups, check the new BULLI-tin. If none of these groups are of interest, new ones can be started. BULLI hosts several group outings as well – enjoy baseball games, The Atlanta Botanical Gardens and The High Museum to name a few. Be sure to check the back of the

to Kim Kyst at Llama Club space is limited to 25 members. Directions and address will be given when you RSVP for the event. sss The ninth annual fireman’s dance will be held from 7-11 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 24, at the Jefferson Civic Center. Featuring The Highballs, the semiformal fall dance is sponsored by the Jefferson Fire Department Auxiliary. Tickets are $30 each and include heavy hors d-oeuvres with door prizes all night. Bring your own beverage and you must be 21 or older to attend. Tickets will be sold at the door or call 706-387-7400 or 705-372-6575. sss The Jackson County 4-H Robotics Team is currently recruiting new members. This is the team’s third year in existence, and the Robotics team offers many things to the youth such as learning additional social skills, team building, how to run a business, graphic design techniques and how to build a robot. A kickoff and ice cream social will be held from 6:30-8 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 27, at the Jackson County See HAPPENINGS, 5B a person better than they are by overcoming fear, self-doubt and develops a high respect for other people. Though my students and I are proud of each other’s accomplishments we never allow an ego to remain in the dojo. Respect and teamwork should be obvious to everyone in all martial arts instructed at Alliance Braselton, but especially in BJJ.” Alliance Martial Arts Center offers classes six days per week, and is located at 55 Freedom Parkway, near the Publix Supermarket in Hoschton, above Laguna Mexican Grill. Call 706-658-4608, visit or check out their page on Facebook.

new BULLI-tin to see information about a special trip to France next April. Farah Bohannon has

joined the staff of The Paper, and she will continue to write her weekly column. Reach her at fbohannon@

Labor Day Holiday Schedule Jackson County Transfer Station hours of operation during Labor Day are: Saturday.......08/31/13.......7:30 am – 2:00 pm Monday.......09/2/13.......7:30 am – 12:00 noon

Compactor sites at New Kings Bridge/Jefferson River Road and Yarborough Crossing hours of operation during the Labor Day are: Saturday.......08/31/13.......7:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday.......09/02/13.......Closed The Jackson County Transfer Station is located at: 100 Landfill Drive in Jefferson, GA 30549 Phone: 706-367-5253

Sweet Tea Shootout Participants in the Sweet Tea Shootout must bring 5 gallons of any flavor or variety of tea in closed containers to the Hoschton Depot between 11a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on Sept. 28. The tea will be poured into dispensers for the people’s choice selection. Sampling will be 2-4 p.m. Winners will be announced on Saturday evening. Mason Jar Free For All Anything preserved or presented in Mason Jars can be entered in the Mason Jar Free for All. If the entry should be sampled with other food items such as crackers, chips, etc., the food items must be provided by the contestant in sandwich sized bags. Entries can be turned in to Hoschton City Hall with an entry form between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 23-26. Judges’ decisions will be based on personal preferences and will be final. Judging will be Sept. 27 and winners will be announced at the 6 p.m. concert. Love Hoschton photo competition The Photo Competition is for anyone who loves Hoschton. Photos must be submitted digitally via email to info@cityofhoschton. com. The subject line should read “Photo Contest.” Name, address, phone number as well as where photo was taken and any personal description of why photo was chosen should be included. All photos are due by 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 30. Winning photos may be used on the 2014 Calendar and placed on city’s website. Additional prizes may be awarded. Scarecrow Competitions The Scarecrow and Team Scarecrow Competition involve making scarecrows, the unofficial symbol of the Hoschton Fall

Festival. To enter the scarecrow competition, an entry form, fee and a scarecrow must be brought to the Hoschton Heritage Arts Center between 1-3 p.m. on Sept. 14 or 15. Winners in categories will receive monetary awards and the winners will be announced at the Fall Festival. The Team Competition will be held on the Hoschton Square at 1 p.m. and all teams must compete in making a scarecrow vignette. Monetary awards and a trophy will be awarded by a team of judges for each division – business, nonprofit or family/individual. Jump Right In fun run and 5K Runners are encouraged to enter the Jump Right In and Run 5K on Sept. 28 at 8 a.m. Race-day registration begins at 6:30 a.m. at New Community Church. There is a $20 pre-registration fee if received by Sept. 25. The fee is $25 on race day. Each participant receives a goody bag and a race T-shirt. Awards will be given to the overall male and female as well as top three runners in age groups beginning with 10 and under to 70 and older. Proceeds from the 5K will go to Weekend Kids Backpack Program. Heart for Hoschton On Sunday afternoon, Sept. 29, soloist and groups (no choirs please) will compete on the stage in downtown Hoschton. The Church of Hoschton and the Hoschton Jubilee will sponsor this event. Judges will determine who receives monetary prizes for the top three finalists. The winners will also perform at the Hoschton Jubilee on Oct.19. The on-line registration deadline is Sept. 15 and is $25 (includes T-shirt). The onsite registration ends at 2:30 p.m. on the day of the event - $25 with no T-shirt. All questions should be directed to Pastor E. Cory Sexton at 678-234-9408 or706-654-8415 or email Vendor and parade applications are also available online on the City of Hoschton website. The annual American Streetrodders Car Show and motorcycle and tractor show will be held on property near The Church of Hoschton and Lawson Funeral Home.

Habitat sets orientation for potential partners Many low-income families think the dream of home ownership is just that – a dream. But Jackson County Habitat for Humanity makes that dream come true for their partner families. Habitat builds safe, energy efficient and affordable homes – and the house payments are interest free. Habitat for Humanity is a Christian-based, non- profit organization that works with families in need in Jackson County. Work on house #11 is under way, and Jackson Habitat now taking applications for partner families. If you are interested, attend one of the upcoming orientations to get details and an application. To qualify for a Habitat home, applicants must: • Have a housing need (overcrowded, unsafe, plumbing or structural issues, etc.) • Have the ability to make a $350-$500 monthly mortgage payment (includes taxes and insurance) • Be willing to partner (help Habitat help others) • Live or work in Jackson County For those who want to apply for a Habitat home, now is the perfect time because Jackson County. Habitat is looking for its next

family. To apply, applicants must attend one of the following meetings. There, they will receive their application, instructions on how to apply, plus an overview of Habitat for Humanity and its housing ministry. Homes are built with donations and volunteer labor provided by church groups, businesses, community service organizations, school groups, individuals and the Habitat families. For more information, go to the website at, or call 706-336-0061. “Like” Jackson County Habitat on facebook –jacksoncountyhabitatfor humanity. Orientations will beheld: Saturday, Aug. 24, at 10 a.m. – Commerce Community Church, located at 310 B. Wilson Road in Commerce, just off of Highway 98 Near Commerce Hardware Thursday, Aug. 29, at 7 p.m. – Living Word Church, located at 267 Mahaffey St., in Jefferson, near the Jefferson Police Dept. Saturday, Aug. 31, at 10 a.m. – New location of the Habitat ReStore, located at 611 S. Elm St., in Commerce, near Lanier Tech and Badcock Furniture An overview of Habitat for Humanity will be given, and all questions will be answered at the meetings.

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The Paper   | Thursday, August 22, 2013

Collins connects with constituents on jobs, IRS, veterans benefits


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Participants in Saturday’s Primal Rush Obstacle Course Race and Kids’ Festival at Crow’s Lake in Jefferson will be climbing, swimming and walking through knee-deep muddy water in addition to carrying and crawling for the fundraiser for The Tree House, the children’s advocacy center serving families of Jackson, Barrow and Banks counties. Todd McCain, one of the course designers, says, “There will be some obstacles that will test your physical stamina and some to test you mentally. That is the neat part about obstacle races — always thinking about what is next, but never knowing what to expect.” There is still time to register for Primal Rush, so visit In addition to the obstacle course competition, there will also be a family-friendly festival with primal “war” face painting, a cave man spear and bone necklace craft station, an archeological dig, a survival scavenger hunt, inflatables, candy art, crazy hair and airbrush tattoos. A number of kids’ activities will be free. Activities get under way at 8 a.m. at Crow’s Lake.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) will spend part of the August District Work Period touring Ninth District technical colleges and hosting roundtable discussions on job creation and workforce development with school leadership, students and industries those schools are serving. On Aug. 28, he will be taking part in tours and roundtables on three technical college campuses. As a former member of the Board of Trustees at Lanier Technical College, Collins places high priority on these schools, which help fuel the economic engine of Northeast Georgia. Collins will heed input from students, school administrators and local employers concerning the needs of Georgia’s technical college programs, in addition to reforms they would like to see enacted on the federal level. “As the husband of a school teacher and the father of three beautiful children, education is one of the greatest values our family celebrates,” said Collins. “I am thrilled to be touring each of these facilities and hearing first-hand from the individuals our technical schools are impacting how we can make the system better for everyone. Our technical colleges are helping put Northeast Georgia’s economy back on track, and we need to do whatever necessary to make sure that continues.” On Aug. 28, Collins will be on the Lanier Technical College’s Oakwood campus from 8:30-10 a.m. and on the Athens Technical College campus from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. From 2:30-4 p.m., Collins will be on the North Georgia Technical College campus in Clarkesville.

Deaton Creek Republicans meet with Rep. Collins on Aug. 26 Congressman Collins has invited conservative group leaders from throughout Georgia’s Ninth District to join him to discuss specific instances when groups were targeted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) due to their political beliefs.

HAPPENINGS Continued from 4B

Extension Office in Jefferson. This will be a time to meet the current club members, the adult mentors, socialize and get information about the team. Youth in 9th-12th grades and their parents are invited to attend. sss Chateau Elan’s Vineyard Fest, one of the most popular wine events in the north Atlanta area, will be from 1-5 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 25. This is the 17th annual event with a variety of national and international wines to be tasted, live music, wine seminars, grape stomping, culinary demonstrations, food and more. Tickets for the 17th annual Vineyard Fest are $75 per ticket, including tax and shipping. Guests must be 21 or older to participate. “League of Decency” will provide live music throughout the event, so dancing and singing along is highly encouraged at Vineyard Fest. Visit www.chateauelan. com/exclusives/vineyardfest-2013 or call 1-800233-WINE (9463). sss The Reunited TV Series has a casting call for 70 people ages 25 to 45, all ethnicities for a high school reunion scene being filmed at the Commerce Opera House on Saturday, Aug. 31, at 4p.m. The extras will not receive pay but will receive full credit and copy in the IMDB database for the series. Anyone interested should email a recent picture and contact information to reunitedtvseries@yahoo. com . Those interested should have their photos and information sent in by Aug. 27. Links: www. & www. ASouthernTouch sss The “Don’t Let the Zombies Catch You – Living Dead Dash” on Sept. 21 will have proceeds benefiting the

Flowery Branch High School Band. It’s a 5K and 2-mile fun run/walk at Flowery Branch High School. $30 if you register by Sept. 3 $35 after the deadline. Register online at com Registration includes race event, T-shirt and admission to the Taste of Flowery Branch being held from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Check in at 8 a.m. with the race at 9. Prizes will be awarded. sss Leftover Pets offers low cost spay/neuter surgeries at the clinic located at 610 Barrow Park Drive in Winder. August clinic days are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays but the clinic will be closed Aug. 22-23. Prices are $85 for a female dog over 25 pounds, $65 for a female dog up to 25 pounds, $55 for a male dog, $50 for a female cat and $35 for a male cat. All surgery prices include a free rabies vaccination. No additional fees are charged for in heat or pregnant animals. For more information on clinic services, visit http://www.leftoverpets. org. Appointments are required and must be made by calling 800-9785226. sss Friends of the BraseltonWest Jackson Library will host a Sept. 11 lunch and learn featuring Sally and the Sunroom Gang. The event gets under way at 11:30 a.m. in the Community Room of the Braselton Municipal Building on Highway 53. The cost is $6 forthe

homemade soups, salad, breads, dessert and tea. Make reservations be calling Debbie at 678-9635423. sss The Downtown Development Authority of Braselton invites business to join in for Breakfast in Braselton from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 23, in the Community Room Braselton Police & Municipal Court Building, located at 5040 Highway 53. Come and meet other business owners and operators, network and share ideas. A special program presented by Dennis Stockton on advertising. For more information and to RSVP, contact Amy Pinnell, Downtown Director of Town of Braselton, at 706-6840369 or email apinnell@ sss A pageant benefiting Emery Todd Evans, a Jefferson child who suffers from seizures and will be going to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital for evaluation, will be held Oct. 5 at the Galilee Church Family Life Center in Jefferson. The ages will be from 1-17. It is open to all boys and girls. At the pageant, children and adults will be honored that is living with and or has passed away form epilepsy or any other brain related illnesses. Emery can be found on FaceBook at Find a Cure for Little Emery or on his website at Emerytoddevans.weebly. com

Donations can be made through PayPal at emerytevans@yahoo. com or at Community Bank and Trust: Fund Emery Evans, P.O. Box 495, Jefferson, GA 30549. sss Darrell Huckaby will be the featured speaker at the March 8, 2014, Jefferson Mill Reunion. People bring memorabilia including old photos to share with others. The reunion will be held in the fellowship hall of Living Word Worship Center on Mahaffey Street in Jefferson. People gather on between 10-11 a.m. with the covered dish lunch at noon. Contact Sandra Howington at 706255-0358. sss The Crawford Long Museum will be offering for the first time a Victorian Tea program, “Naughty Women, Lovely Tea” from 4-6 p.m. on Sept. 28. Wear your best hat and enjoy tea time while learning about Mary Mallon (aka Typhoid Mary) and Madame Bovary. The program is being presented by Sloane Thompson Meyer of Literature to Life. Tickets are $15 for Museum members and $20 for non-members. Enjoy scones with lemon curd, tea sandwiches, fruit and a choice of blended teas. Each guest will receive a small favor to commemorate the museum’s first Victorian tea. For more information and to make reservations, contact the Museum at 706-367-5307. Space is limited to 24 attendees.


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He will be at the Deaton Creek Republican Meeting set for 7-8 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 26, at 6008 Sharp Top Circle in Hoschton. As a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Collins has been a vocal leader on this topic since news first broke that this taxpayer-funded agency violated the trust of the American people and then lied to Congress about it. This event will give Collins the opportunity to gather detailed information from his constituents, which he will outline and make public in upcoming hearings this fall. “We have a Commander-in-Chief who wants to use his authority to execute his political agenda,” said Collins. “It’s unbelievable that this is happening in America — it’s the behavior of a third-world country, not the global leader in freedom and democracy. We must get to the bottom of this, and bring those responsible to justice. ... This is Northeast Georgians’ opportunity to sit down with me and tell me their stories. It’s time we get this thing fixed once and for all.”

Veterans’ Benefits Fair is Aug. 27 Congressman Collins has announced the first-ever Northeast Georgia Veterans’ Benefits Fair, taking place Tuesday, Aug. 27. Rep. Collins and staff, alongside representatives from the Department of Veterans Affairs and Atlanta VA Medical Center, will be on hand to help Georgia’s Ninth District veterans with questions relating to specific claims, vocational rehabilitation and educational assistance programs. The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Aug. 27 at the American Legion Paul E. Bolding Post 7, located at 2343 Riverside Drive in Gainesvile. If you are a veteran, or know of a veteran who would be interested in attending this event, call Collins’ District Office at 770297-3388, and speak with Cindy Dyer or Lisa Simmons.

sss The 2013-14 BraseltonHoschton Relay For Life year will begin with a Sept. 13 Masquerade Ball being held at the Braselton-Stover House. The dress code for this event will be semi formal with masks encouraged. Tickets are $50 each and include dinner, dancing, a live DJ, silent auction and more. Checks should be made payable to American Cancer Society Masquerade Ball. Contact Jennifer Kidd at jenniferdkidd62@gmail. com or Jessica Worley at sss Registration applications for the fall Junior Master Gardener class are now available at the Braselton-West Jackson Library. Students ages 7-14 are eligible for the program. The classes will be held on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. until noon at the library, beginning Sept. 14. Other class dates are Sept. 28, Oct. 12, Oct. 26, and Nov. 9. The application fee for first-time students is $15, with checks made payable to the Braselton Junior Master Gardeners. Class size is limited, so register prior to Sept. 6. For questions, contact Dave Rusk at 678-3165560. sss Be the Voice for a child

as a Court Appointed Special Advocate. A training class begins on Sept. 26, meeting one evening a week for seven weeks, 6-9 p.m. and one Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call 706-387-6385 for details. sss New mentoring training for Lindsay’s Legacy mentors will be held from 3:30-4:45 p.m. on Aug. 21 at the Jackson County Chamber office and 9-10:15 a.m. on Aug. 29 at Jackson EMC. RSVP for training at www. lindsayslegacymentoring. org. Contact Lisa at lisa@ linsdayslegacymentoring. org or 706-410-5525. sss The sixth annual Jackson County Paramedic Relief Fund Golf Classic will be held at Double Oaks Golf Club in Commerce on Friday, Aug. 30. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners with $1,000 going to the first-place team in the four-player scramble. The hole-in-one prize is $10,000. Entry is $320 per team. Entry fee and team information can be sent to Jackson County Paramedic Relief Fund, P.O. Box 609, Jefferson, GA 30549. Call Chris Hensley at 706-658-5177, Phillip Mabry at 706-215-2703, Randall Reed at 706-6547221 or Steve Shelton at 706-248-1284.

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The Paper   | Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tri-County ARC marks Braselton anniversary


The Tri-County Amateur Radio Club conducted a special on-air event Aug. 10 to commemorate the anniversary for the Town of Braselton, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2016. The club is conducting an event each year, with the 100th anniversary being the final year. At right, Ron Harris make contacts during the event using Morse Code. Below, Mike Gee and Chuck Johnson were the first on the air for the event. As the day progressed, many club members were on hand to operate the special event station. The club has prepared a special certificate to be given to each amateur radio operator contacted during the special event period. This year’s certificate features the John Oliver Braselton home at the corner of Highway 53 and Brassie Lane. See more scenes at

Living Word Worship Center is presenting NOW 2013 on Saturday, Aug. 24. The Night of Worship will start at 7 p.m. Admission is free and the event is open to everyone. This contemporary Christian music worship service is for the community. The music is being presented by representatives from area youth ministries. There will be a short message by Jeremy Clark, youth pastor at Living Word. The church is located at 267 Mahaffey St., in Jefferson. sss White Plains Baptist Church offers, AWANA clubs are for all ages. AWANA will be held from 5-7 p.m. on Sundays with individual classes for ages 2 through high school seniors and a special needs class with an adult class held in the sanctuary. If you have any questions or need transportation, contact the church at 706-367-5650. White Plains Baptist Church is located at 3650 Highway 124 West in Jefferson. sss The Primetimers will have monthly Lunch Bingo at 11 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 30, at Hoschton United Methodist, located at 12 Mulberry St., and Bell Avebue in Hoschton, three blocks behind City Square. Call 706-654-1422 or email Hoschtonumc@windstream. net. sss

Communicating the Truth, just one person at a time From the desk of Pastor E. Cory Sexton, The Church of Hoschton

Lately I have been spending a lot of time in the Gospel of John, plowing over some well worn ground and picking up a few rocks along the way to add to my foundation! (It never ceases to amaze me that we can read the same passage again and again and still pick up new truths upon which we can stand.) I have begun to see some aspects of Christ ministry life that previously had slipped my attention and only now have they made an impression upon me. For as long as I can remember I have known, comprehended and taught that our faith and relationship with Christ is personal, but I have also often thought about the mass conversions we see in Pentecost (Acts 2) where over three thousand were added to the church in one day, and of the great awakenings and revivals of the past that involve mass conversions. Then when we consider most ministry models of today, including the ones I am involved with, we see that things are oriented to mass communication and subsequently hopes of mass conversions. And I must ask myself is this how Jesus would have modeled his ministry? Or more appropriately, did Jesus do it this way? I am reminded of the scene from a popular movie wherein a gubernatorial candidate, The Honorable Pappy O’Daniell, says “We ain’t one at a timin’ it here; we are mass communicatin!” And I believe we all have similar thoughts and aspirations! How can I reach the most people, in the quickest manner, with the largest result? But is this what God wants from His church and His children? We notice in John chapter 2, 3 and chapter 4 there are

three separate instances where people are directly impacted with the message and miracles of the Messiah: One is a mass following; the other two are personal.

Cory Sexton

The Pastor’s Pen

Of the first incident the Bible says “Now when he was in Jerusalem at the passover, in the feast day, many believed in his name, when they saw the miracles which he did. But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men.” There were many impacted that day by Christ but He did not commit himself to any of them because He knew that they were insincere! We read a very similar circumstance and result in the story concerning the feeding of the five thousand. But as we continue reading in John chapter 3 we find out that from the mass hysteria of chapter 2 there is one man, a religious man, a leader named Nicodemus who was personally interested and, as a result, personally impacted, see John 19:39. Again in John chapter 4 there is a woman, unaware of the occurrences previously mentioned, this woman is considerably different from Nicodemus. She is not well respected, she is not wealthy, she is not very religious, she is, for all intents and purposes, an outcast of society. Yet, once again, we see Jesus personally engage her, not with condemnation but with candor and charity (you may prefer Honesty and Love). And through this per-

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sonal interaction she also is impacted and curiously enough she brings a crowd back to meet the Messiah! This tells me that Christ was more interested in the one at a time than He was in the mass communicating! Likewise, if I want to be like Christ I must be more concerned with the individual and less captivated by the crowd! Likewise, if the church would be more like Christ she must be attuned to the individual and their spiritual needs and less appeasing to the audience and their social desires. A pop song from the 1960s used to say “Slow down, you move too fast.” I believe that this is great advice to our churches and Christians in general today. Slow down and engage those around you, and not just with politics and sports that entertain but with the power of the scriptures that evangelize! Let’s do more one at a time relationship building and less mass communicating. Let’s be more like Christ! Seeking his Path, keeping my eyes upon Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, – Rev. C. The Rev. Cory Sexton is pastor of the Church of Hoschton, which meets at 99 E. Jefferson St., in Hoschton. Dean of Gwinnett Hall Baptist College, he also has Cory Sexton Ministries, a Christian growth and leadership ministry. Contact him at 678234-9408 or revcsexton@

The annual Men’s Day at Paradise Church will be held Sunday, Aug. 25, with the Rev. Stephen Smith speaking during the 11 a.m. service. Dinner will be served in the J.B. Lester Fellowship Hall from 1L30-2:45 p.m.. The Rev. J.T. Hughey will be the 3 p.m. service’s guest speaker. The theme for Men’s Day is “Men on the Battlefield for God.” Paradise Church is located at 421 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive in Jefferson. sss Hoschton United Methodist Church is offering a Wednesday night Bible study for adults with a meal at 6:15 p.m. and Bible Study at 7 p.m. The Rev. Mason will be leading the study on The Book of Daniel, which will subsequently lead into Revelation. This will be a different perspective than the last program on the subject, so please join us. The Bible study will be held in the fellowship hall, located at 12 Mulberry St. and Bell Avenue in Hoschton, three blocks behind City Square. Call the church office at 706654-1422 or email Hoschtonumc@ sss The Church of Hoschton would like to invite you to come worship with them. Sunday School/Bible Study starts at 9:30 on Sunday mornings with worship starting at 10:30. Sunday evening worship is at 6 p.m. Wednesday night services start at 7 p.m. with prayer service and Bible

2 Convenient Locations to Serve You:

3740 Village Way Braselton, GA 30517 770-867-2340 4300 Buford Dr. [Hwy 20] Buford, GA 30518 770-932-1458

Arbor Pointe Church invites you to come and worship at West Jackson Middle School at 10:30 each Sunday morning. A new message series began in August called “Amazing Grace” and will explore the nature of God’s love and grace, along with what it means for us to live gracefully. In September, worship will center around the theme of “GET REAL: Authentic Relationships in a Facebook Culture.” A nursery is provided along with age-specific teaching for children and youth through 12th grade. Visit the website at sss Yoga is available at 7 p.m. on Mondays at Hoschton United Methodist Church. The class is free but please bring a food donation for “Back-pack” ministry. Email jah1996@ HUMC is located at 12 Mulberry St., in Hoschton. sss Feeding Jackson County Mobile Food Pantry will be at the Pendergrass Flea Market on Tuesday, Aug. 20. Gates open at 7 a.m. and volunteers begin handing out food at 8 a.m. First come, first serve. Anyone interested in volunteering or sponsoring a food truck should contact Sherry Grant at 706-367-3704. sss “Back to Church Sunday,” part of a national movement of churches across America, will be held at Ebenezer United Methodist Church in Jefferson at 11 a.m. on Sept. 15. Everyone is welcome to attend. “Back to Church Sunday” has an interactive Facebook page (www. and a roster of participating churches on the Back to Church website at Ebenezer is a United Methodist Church located at 1368 Ebenezer Church Road in Jefferson.Go to www. or call 706367-4269. sss During August, Braselton Tabernacle of Praise is focusing on missions – foreign as well as home missionaries – during August. Everyone is invited to come and learn more about missions. At 11 a.m. on Sundays and at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays, Braselton Tabernacle of Praise is hosting a number of individuals who are involved in mission work. Aaron Clemons of Set Free is scheduled for Aug. 25. Braselton Tabernacle of Praise is located at 2260 Davenport Road in Braselton off Highway 53. For more information, contact Helen Jackson at 678-898-0130.

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No time for you? Try asking husband to go out for a date Dear John: My husband “Louis” and I have been married 18 years. For many years now we have been drifting further apart, and he does not seem to care. Louis doesn’t want to make time for me, yet he has time to go to our son’s baseball games and our daughter’s soccer games. Of course I am thankful for that, but as far as us spending time as a couple he claims he’s always tired! How can I communicate with someone who has no time for me? — Stumped in St. Louis, Mo. Dear Stumped: If the goal is to spend time with him doing the things you both enjoy, try at least once a week to ask him out on a “date.” For example, if there is a movie you know he wants to see, suggest a night that you can go together. If his days are so busy that he lacks the energy at night, suggest going to a weekend matinee. If he’d rather get tickets to a pro game or go bowling, suggest you join him.

John Gray In other words, don’t wait for him to ask but take charge of doing the things that brought you together in the first place. If you do this often enough, he will follow suit. At the same time, do things for yourself either alone or with other friends. The woman he married was interesting and vital in her own right. You are still that person and your independence will remind him of that. Dear John: I recently ended a three-year relationship with a man. This was his choice, not mine. It didn’t end badly. He said he just feels he needs to be single for a while longer. My 6-year-old daughter called him Daddy because

he was the only father she had ever known. I am having a hard time dealing with this. So is my daughter. I find it very hard to be strong for her when inside I feel like I’m falling apart. I love this man very much, and so does she. — Breaking Up is Hard in Nashua, N.H. Dear Breaking Up is Hard: Children are more adaptable than you think. The message you should give your daughter is that he still loves her and will be friends to both of you, but he won’t be living with you and that’s OK. Please know that children are indeed sensitive to their parent’s emotions. The sooner you get on with the rest of your life, the better it will be for both of you. To heal your pain, don’t try to fall in love. Go out with groups of friends, and as soon as you can start dating again. Don’t pin your hopes on just one person. When attraction turns into mutual interest, truly assess your needs and whether

this new individual can meet them before becoming exclusive with him. The process should take some time. After all, your hope is that your next partner will be your best and your last. Dear John: My husband, “Jeff,” and I have been married for five years. We have two beautiful babies who are 14 months apart. Jeff has lied to me about our financial status, and he keeps a secret account with our money. I am the only one with good credit, and I am afraid he will put me in the poor house. However, he is a good dad and I can’t leave him or ask him to leave because my daughter and son love him so much. We have talked about this several times, but Jeff continues to lie to me. I want to talk to a lawyer, but I don’t want the kids to be without their daddy. — Conflicted in Naperville, Ill. Dear Conflicted: For both financial and emotional reasons, many partners choose


to keep separate bank accounts. Your real issue is that you want to know the bills are being paid, that you have enough money to live on; some funds are going into savings and that your credit and tax considerations are in good standing. I agree with you that you should seek financial counseling to review your issues of credit and debt. Ask your husband to go with you to this meeting. If he refuses, go alone. After all, the knowledge you gain will allow you to make financial decisions objectively and without fear. After financial counseling, you and your husband should set a time to meet on the specific financial issues that concern you.

I have yet to this day told my parents and don’t know how they would react since I did not turn him into the police. I was too embarrassed. I couldn’t remember the details about what happened that night. After all of this time, do you think I should tell my parents? If so, how do I broach the topic? —Time To Speak Out in Augusta, Ga. Dear Speak Out: I agree with you that you need closure on this as soon as possible. If you now feel that your parents can give you the support you seek, by all means talk to them as soon as possible. Supportive parents will not judge your actions or blame you for what happened. They will acknowledge your pain and the wrong that was done to you, and they will reassure you that they love you and will support you.

Dear John: Back in 2008 when I was in college, my girlfriends and I went drinking and ended up in another college town. To make a long story short, I met a guy who ended up raping me after I’d passed out.

John Gray is the author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.”Visit www.

Tell us what you think We want to know what you like about your paper. Send an email to editor@, call 706-658-2683, or send a letter to The Paper, P.O. Box 430, Hoschton, GA 30548, or drop it off at The Paper office located at 169 Towne Center Parkway in Hoschton Towne Center.



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Handyman Handyman Yard YardWork Work professional professional trimming, trimming, pressure pressure washing, washing, whatever whatever you you need need done. done. References References 678678630-4816 630-4816

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Learn LearnTax Tax Preparation Preparation From FromThe The Best Best Take Take the the H&R H&R Block Block Income IncomeTax Tax Course Course to to learn how to prepare learn how to prepare taxes like a pro. Class taxes like a pro. Class times times and and locations locations are are flexible flexible to to fit fit your your current current job, job, school school and family schedules. and family schedules. Bilingual Bilingual courses courses are are available. available. Not Not only only will will you you learn learn aa new new skill, skill, you you could could earn earn extra extra income income as as aa tax tax professional.* professional.* Enroll Enroll now! now! For For class class times times and and locations, locations, visit visit hrblock. hrblock. com/class com/class or or call call 800-HRBLOCK 800-HRBLOCK (800-472-5625) (800-472-5625) Legal Legal Disclaimer Disclaimer Bilingual Bilingual classes classes are are taught taught in in English English and and the the instructor instructor or or assistant assistant will will be be able able to answer questions to answer questions in in Spanish Spanish as as needed. needed. Textbooks Textbooks will will be be provided provided in in both both English and Spanish English and Spanish and and course course exams exams will will be be offered offered in in aa bilingual bilingual format. format. *Enrollment *Enrollment in, in, or or completion completion of, of, the the H&R H&R Block Block Income IncomeTax Tax Course Course isis neither neither an an offer offer nor nor aa guarantee guarantee of of employment. employment. Additional Additional qualifications qualifications may may be be required. required. Enrollment Enrollment restrictions apply. State restrictions apply. State restrictions restrictions may may apply. apply. Additional Additional training training may may be be required required in in MD MD and and other other states. states.Valid Valid at at participating participating locations locations only. only.Void Void where where prohibited. prohibited. H&R H&R Block Block isis an an equal equal opportunity opportunity employer. employer.This This course course isis not not intended intended for, for, nor nor open open to to any any persons persons who who are are either either currently currently employed employed by by or or seeking seeking employment employment with with any professional any professional tax tax preparation preparation company company or or organization organization other other than than H&R H&R Block. Block. OBTP#B13696@2013 OBTP#B13696@2013 HRB Tax Group, HRB Tax Group, Inc. Inc. ATTENTION ATTENTION CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS The TheTimes Times Classified Classified Department Department asks asks that you verify that you verify and and proof proof your your classified classified ad(s) ad(s) the the first first day day that that itit isis scheduled scheduled to to print. print. IfIf any corrections any corrections need need to to be be made, made, please please contact contact our our department, department, Monday Monday through through Friday, Friday, before before 3pm. 3pm. The TheTimes Times will will not not be be held held responsible responsible for for any any issues issues that that may may arise arise after after the the first first day of publication. day of publication. classifieds@ classifieds@ 770-535-1199 770-535-1199

Jobs Jobs Accounting Accounting Buford Buford company company isis seeking seeking aa part-time part-time accountant. accountant. This This isis aa permanent permanent position position up up to to 25 25 hours hours per per week. week. Please Please email email resume resume and and salary salary requirement requirement to: to: HumanResource2@ HumanResource2@

Construction Construction CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION & & WELDERS WELDERS wanted wanted Experience Experience required. required. Browns Browns Bridge Bridge Dock. Dock. 770-887-9760 770-887-9760 Expd. Expd. OPERATORS OPERATORS & & CDL CDL DRIVERS. DRIVERS. needed for busy needed for busy grading/roll-off grading/roll-off co. co. Send Send resume resume to: to: wmorris1142 wmorris1142 @ @

Dental Dental At At Home Home Or Or Office Office PT/FT, PT/FT, 20/30 20/30 hrs hrs wkly. wkly. $200-600 $200-600 wkly wkly Phone skills & C/S Phone skills & C/S Exp Exp Required. Required. Paid PaidTrainingTrainingBuford Buford Office. Office. Dental Dental Care Care Rx Rx 770-271-1115 770-271-1115

DENTAL DENTAL ASSISTANT. ASSISTANT. Flowery Flowery Branch Branch office office of of Dr. Dr. Edward Edward Kelly Kelly and and Dr. Dr. Jayne Jayne Kelly. Kelly. Entry Entry level position. level position. Experience Experience preferred, preferred, but but will will train train the the right right person. person. Must Must be be personable personable and and self-directed. self-directed. Please Please do do not not call call the the office. office. Send Send resume resume to to EKellyDDS@ EKellyDDS@ gmail. gmail. com com or or fax fax 770-967-1858 770-967-1858

General General Sales Sales Agents Agents

JOIN JOINTHE THETIMES TIMESTEAM! TEAM! Professional? Professional? Prepared? Prepared? Producer? Producer? We We are are looking looking for for individuals individuals who who will will impact our bottom impact our bottom line line and and provide provide solid solid customer customer satisfaction satisfaction experience. experience.You You will will work with work with aa seasoned seasoned and award winning and award winning staff staff of of dedicated dedicated and and dependable dependable team team builders builders and and team team players. players. Primary Primary duties duties include include developing developing new new business business while while working working to meet and exceed to meet and exceed monthly monthly sales sales quotas. quotas. AA working working knowledge knowledge of of Excel Excel software, software, advertising advertising layout layout and and design design isis helpful, helpful, but more important but more important isis your your desire desire to to help help our our clients clients succeed. succeed. Reliable Reliable transportation transportation and and aa valid valid driver’s driver’s license license with good driving with good driving record record are are required. required. Must Must have have good good written written and and verbal verbal communication communication skills skills with with external external and and internal internal customers, customers, with with aa strong strong customer customer service/satisfaction service/satisfaction drive. Need drive. Need these these skill skill sets sets to to succeed: succeed: commitment, commitment, attention attention to to detail, detail, organization, organization, teamwork, teamwork, and and ability ability to to multi-task multi-task in in fast-paced fast-paced environment. environment. Applicants Applicants should should be be experienced experienced in in online online advertising, familiar advertising, familiar with with interpreting interpreting and and explaining explaining metric metric data, data, comfortable comfortable with with softwares softwares and and technology, technology, capable capable of of sharing sharing their their knowledge knowledge with with others others and and excited excited about about selling selling one one of of the the best best news newsWeb Web sites sites in in the state. the state. We We offer offer aa competitive competitive salary salary && bonus bonus plan plan as as well as comprehensive well as comprehensive benefits package. benefits package. Email Email your your resume resume and and letter letter of of interest interest including salary including salary requirements requirements to: to: hr@ hr@ gainesville gainesville No No phone phone calls calls please. please. EOE/M/H EOE/M/H Dynamic Dynamic company company –– great great entry entry level level sales sales position position Forsyth Forsyth County County News News and and are the market leaders are the market leaders in in print print and and online online advertising advertising for for Forsyth Forsyth County County businesses. businesses. For For over over 100 100 years, years, we we have have served served aa growing growing network network of of local local retail retail and and service service oriented oriented businesses businesses representing representing aa range range of of industries. industries. Due Due to to our our growth growth plan plan for for 2013, 2013, an an outstanding outstanding sales sales opportunity opportunity exists exists within within our our sales sales team. team. This This position position reports reports to to our advertising director our advertising director and and will will operate operate within within aa small small but but dynamic dynamic sales sales team team environment. environment. Initially, Initially, the the position position will will be be aa trainee trainee role, role, with with progression progression to to full full sales sales consultant consultant expected expected within within aa three three month month period. period. So So what what do do we we require? require? The The successful successful candidate candidate will will have have outside outside sales sales or or retail retail experience – although experience – although other other backgrounds backgrounds will will be be considered. considered. The The candidate candidate will will require require aa high high level level of of drive drive and determination and determination to to succeed, succeed, and and must must be be open open to to the the learning learning opportunities opportunities we we will will provide. provide. AA high high level level of of communication skills, communication skills, aa friendly friendly manner manner and and the the ability ability to to develop develop strong strong relationships relationships are are key key personal personal attributes attributes needed needed to to be be considered considered for for the the position. position. Forsyth Forsyth County County News News offers offers an an excellent excellent development development opportunity opportunity for for the the right right candidate candidate who who can can demonstrate demonstrate aa strong strong desire to pursue a career desire to pursue a career in in sales. sales. Compensation Compensation package package isis competitive competitive and and includes includes commission commission and and bonus bonus components. components. Benefits Benefits include include paid paid vacation, vacation, medical, medical, dental, dental, and and 401K. 401K. E-mail E-mail resume resume to to classifieds@ classifieds@ with with the the words words “FCN “FCN Sales Sales Position” Position”in in the subject the subject line. line. Experienced Experienced Phone Phone Sales Sales Person Person Evenings, Evenings, 4-8:30. 4-8:30. Wages, Wages, Commission, Commission, Bonuses. Bonuses. Leave Leave info info @ @ 678-677-2317 678-677-2317 Inside Inside Sales Sales Rep/ Rep/ Cornelia Cornelia area. area.

Building Building materials materials product. product. Salary Salary plus plus commission commission after after training. training. Benefits. Benefits. Knowledge Knowledge of of Quick Quick Books, Books, Excel, Excel, Outlook, Outlook, and and Word Word are are required. required. Must Must have have proven proven professional professional sales sales experience, experience, SelfSelf- motivated motivated with with outgoing outgoing personality. personality. Seeking Seeking individual individual with with professional professional telephone telephone etiquette. etiquette. Job Job description: description: Assist Assist with with walk walk in in clientele, clientele, make make outgoing outgoing sales sales calls, calls, Stay Stay in in contact contact with with existing existing customers, Keep customers, Keep up up with with ongoing ongoing projects, projects, Handle Handle invoicing invoicing and and scheduling, scheduling,Track Track inventory, inventory, Purchasing Purchasing and receiving. and receiving. Please Please send send resume resume to: to: sales@ sales@ countrywood countrywood or or fax fax to: to: 706-776-1452 706-776-1452 JOIN JOINTHE THE POULTRY POULTRY TIMES TIMESTEAM! TEAM! Professional? Professional? Prepared? Prepared? Producer? Producer? We We are are looking looking for for individuals individuals who who will will impact impact our our bottom bottom line line and and provide provide solid solid customer customer satisfaction satisfaction experience. experience.You You will will work with work with aa seasoned seasoned and and award award winning winning staff staff of of dedicated dedicated and and dependable dependable team team builders builders and and team team players. players. Primary Primary duties duties include include developing developing new new business business while while working working to meet and exceed to meet and exceed monthly monthly sales sales quotas. quotas. AA working working knowledge knowledge of of Excel Excel software, software, advertising advertising layout layout and design and design isis helpful, helpful, but but more more important important isis your your desire desire to to help help our our clients clients succeed. succeed. Reliable Reliable transportation transportation and and aa valid valid driver’s driver’s license license with with good good driving driving record record are are required. required. Must Must have have good good written written and and verbal verbal communication communication skills skills with with external external and and internal internal customers, customers, with with aa strong strong customer customer service/satisfaction service/satisfaction drive. drive. Need Need these these skill skill sets sets to to succeed: succeed: commitment, commitment, attention attention to to detail, detail, organization, organization, teamwork, and teamwork, and ability ability to to multi-task multi-task in in fast-paced fast-paced environment. environment. Applicants Applicants should should be be experienced experienced in in both both online online and and telephone telephone sales. sales. Ability Ability to to develop develop long-term long-term relationships relationships with with advertisers. advertisers. We We offer offer aa competitive competitive salary salary && bonus bonus plan plan as as well well as as comprehensive comprehensive benefits benefits package. package. Email Email your your resume resume and and letter letter of of interest interest including including salary salary requirements requirements to: to: hr@ hr@ gainesville gainesville No No phone phone calls calls please. please. EOE/M/H EOE/M/H

Maintenance Maintenance Landscape Landscape Maintenance Maintenance Foreman Foreman & & Labor Labor Needed Needed 2yrs 2yrs experience experience necessary. necessary. 770-534-0041 770-534-0041 770-534-1344 770-534-1344

Management Management Circulation Circulation District District Manager Manager We’re We’re looking looking for for aa highhighenergy, energy, self-motivated self-motivated individual individual to to work work with with us us in in the the distribution distribution of of our our newspapers. newspapers. The The ideal candidate will ideal candidate will have have prior prior newspaper newspaper delivery delivery experience. experience. The The position position entails entails working working both both inside inside and and outside outside the the office. office. As As aa circulation circulation district district manager, manager, you you will will work work with with newspaper newspaper carriers and oversee carriers and oversee the the delivery delivery of of our our newspaper newspaper products. products. Some Some computer computer skills skills are are necessary necessary in in this this position. position. This This position position also also requires requires aa commitment commitment to to be be“on “on call” call”to to resolve resolve delivery delivery issues issues with with routes. routes. Occasionally Occasionally this this entails entails delivery delivery of of open open routes. routes. This This isis aa full-time full-time position position which which requires requires both both evening evening and and weekend weekend work. work. Candidates Candidates must must have dependable have dependable transportation transportation and and aa good good driving driving record. record. Our Our compensation compensation package package includes includes salary salary and and mileage mileage reimbursement. reimbursement. Benefits Benefits include include medical, medical, dental, dental, and and life. life. Send Send resume resume to: to: Circulation Circulation District District Manager Manager Forsyth Forsyth County County News News 302 302 Veterans Veterans Memorial Memorial Blvd Blvd Cumming, Cumming, GA GA 30040 30040 Fax: (770) Fax: (770) 889-6017 889-6017 E-mail: E-mail: classifieds@ classifieds@

Medical Medical DELTA DELTA HOME HOME CARE CARE isis Hiring Hiring for for Home Home Care Care Aides in Gainesville Aides in Gainesville and and surrounding surrounding areas. areas. Fax Fax resume resume to to 1-8661-866502-7709 502-7709 or or apply apply on-line on-line at at www.deltahomecare www.deltahomecare .com .com Employment Employment opportunities opportunities for for The The Longstreet Longstreet Clinic, Clinic, P.C. P.C. are are listed listed on on our our website website at at www. www. All All candidates candidates for for employment employment should should submit submit information information via via the the link link posted posted on on our our website. website.Thank Thank you you for for your your interest interest in in employment employment opportunities opportunities with with The Longstreet The Longstreet Clinic, Clinic, P.C. P.C.


Misc. Misc. Help Help Wanted Wanted

Truck Truck Drivers Drivers

Pets Pets && Supplies Supplies DACHSHUND DACHSHUND puppies, puppies, miniature, miniature, CKC. CKC. 44 females, females, 7wks. 7wks. $250 $250 each. each. 706-265-3091 706-265-3091

Axiom Axiom Staffing Staffing JOB JOB FAIR FAIR Thursday Thursday 8/22/13 8/22/13

Carolina Carolina Pride Pride Foods, Foods, Inc. Inc. isis currently currently seeking seeking an an experienced experienced LIVE LIVE HAUL HAUL CDL CDL DRIVER DRIVER The The position position would would be be based based in inTalmo, Talmo, GA. GA. Please Please send send resume resume to: to: P.O. P.O. Box Box 188, 188, Greenwood, Greenwood, SC. SC. 29648 29648 Carolina Carolina Pride Pride Foods Foods isis an Equal Opportunity an Equal Opportunity Employer Employer

-20+ -20+Welders Welders -Assemblers -Assemblers -Warehouse -Warehouse -Machinist -Machinist -Maintenance -Maintenance Location: Location: Department Department of of Labor Labor 2756 2756 Atlanta Atlanta Hwy Hwy Gainesville, Gainesville, GA GA 30504 30504 678-866-8800 678-866-8800 DO DOYA! YA! DO DOYA! YA! DO DOYA! YA! Wanna Wanna Dance Dance No Experience Needed No Experience Needed Call Call Sunny Sunny or or Hazel Hazel 770-536-3759 770-536-3759 Top Top of of Gainesville Gainesville Exp’d Exp’d Commercial Commercial Landscapers Landscapers English English or or Spanish Spanish speaking. speaking. 678-873-0311 678-873-0311 GENERAL GENERAL CLEANER CLEANER Alto Alto area/Fulltime area/Fulltime 1st 1st Shift, Shift, 6am 6am to to 2pm. 2pm. Temp Temp up up to to 12 12 weeks, weeks, No No Exp. Exp. 706-778-2141 706-778-2141 ext ext 4046. 4046. Leave Leave name name && number number ROUTE ROUTE DELIVERY DELIVERY DRIVERS DRIVERS /HELPERS /HELPERS Make Make up up to to $500 $500 weekly. weekly. Must Must be be 21 21 w/valid w/valid D/L. D/L. Company vehicle Company vehicle and and training training provided. provided. Call Call for for interview interview 678678456-9190/ 456-9190/ Gainesville/Cumming Gainesville/Cumming or or call call 404-763-2271 404-763-2271 for for Atlanta Atlanta airport airport area. area. TRUCK TRUCKWASHERS WASHERS Background Background check check req’d. req’d. Call Call Scott Scott between between 8a-6p, Southern Pride 8a-6p, Southern Pride Detailing. Detailing. 770-533-2806 770-533-2806

Office/Clerical Office/Clerical Entry Entry Level Level Customer Customer Service Service Position. Position. Job Job includes includes answering answering the the phone, phone, taking taking orders, orders, assisting assisting customers, customers, and and general general office office work. work. Representative Representative will will need need to to be be aa team team player, player, speak speak well well on on the the phone, phone, and and willing willing to to learn learn about our products. about our products. Full Full time time position, position, M-F M-F 8:30-5:30. 8:30-5:30. Call Call Maria Maria at at 770-368-8453 770-368-8453 Lawson LawsonTrucking Trucking isis accepting accepting applications applications for for F/T F/T DISPATCHER DISPATCHER Gainesville. Gainesville. Must Must have have trucking trucking exp, exp, know know Microsoft Microsoft Office, Office, able able to to learn learn computerized computerized dispatch dispatch sys, sys, good good commun. commun. skills, skills, able able to to multi-task multi-task && work work well well with with others. others. Call Call Billy Billy @ @ 800-239-3877 800-239-3877 Seeking Seeking Executive Executive Assistant Assistant Must have experience, Must have experience, professional, professional, detaildetailoriented oriented and and very very organized. organized. Must Must be be proficient proficient in in Word, Word, Outlook and Excel. Outlook and Excel. FT FT with with benefits. benefits. Email Email resume resume to: to:

Part-Time Part-Time Help Help Wanted Wanted Apply ApplyToday. Today. Start StartTomorrow. Tomorrow. No exp. necessary. No exp. necessary. Cash Cash daily, daily, $60-100. $60-100. Paid Paid Training Training Call Call for for appt. appt. Mr. Mr. Clark, Clark, 678-971-5302 678-971-5302 Part PartTime TimeThrift Thrift Store Store Associate Associate -- 328 Oak Street, 328 Oak Street, Gainesville. Gainesville. 20-25 20-25 hours hours week. week. Apply Apply on-line on-line www. www. atlantamission. atlantamission. org org or or in in person person at at store. store.

Production Production

CDL CDL DRIVERS DRIVERS Needed Needed Tuition Tuition paid paid by by Federal Federal Grants Grants or or VA Benefits VA Benefits 770-614-6022 770-614-6022 or or 1-877-GET-A-CDL 1-877-GET-A-CDL Call Call and and see see ifif you you Qualify Qualify in in 55 minutes! minutes! Class Class A A CDL CDL Over Over The The Road Road Drivers Drivers needed. needed. Starting Starting pay pay isis 38 cents per mile 38 cents per mile ++ $25 $25 per drop after the per drop after the 1st. 1st. Please Please call call Peach Peach State State Truck Truck Lines Lines at at 770-534770-5340521 0521 CLASS CLASS A A CDL CDL Drivers-Local Drivers-Local & & OTR OTR needed. Must needed. Must have have clean clean MVR, MVR, 22 yrs. yrs. exp. exp. Must Must comply comply with with all all DOT DOT reg. reg. Apply: Apply: 4880 4880 Leland Leland Dr. Cumming, Dr. Cumming, GA GA or or Call Call 770-887-6117 770-887-6117 DEDICATED DEDICATED DRIVERS DRIVERS FLATBED FLATBED •$1500 •$1500 SIGN-ON SIGN-ON BONUS! BONUS! •Dedicated •Dedicated AccountAccountGet Get Paid Paid for for the the Miles Miles you you DRIVE DRIVE *HOME WEEKENDS! *HOME WEEKENDS! *Home *Home Multiple Multiple Evenings Evenings *Medical *Medical As As Low Low as as $1862 $1862 •CDL-A Experience •CDL-A Experience Required Required Call Call and and Compare Compare at at 888-995-8207 888-995-8207 AIM AIM Integrated Integrated Logistics Logistics Exp’d Exp’d CLASS CLASS A A CDL CDL DRIVER DRIVER S&S S&STrucking Trucking &&Truck Truck Repair. Repair. Call Call Mickey Mickey Self Self 678-997-3386 678-997-3386 Hiring: Hiring: OTR OTR DRIVERS DRIVERS 2yrs 2yrs Experience. Experience. Weekend work Weekend work req’d. req’d. Call Call 678-989-0506 678-989-0506

Warehouse Warehouse SALES SALES ASSOC. ASSOC. and and DISTRIBUTION DISTRIBUTION STAFF STAFF NEEDED. NEEDED. Sales Sales assoc. assoc. needs needs customer customer service service skills. skills. Distribution Distribution staff staff must be able to lift must be able to lift 70 70 lbs. lbs. Both Both positions positions require require computer/Excel computer/Excel skills. skills. Send Send resumes resumes to to careers@ careers@

Stuff Stuff Appliances Appliances Washer/Dryers Washer/Dryers Stoves Stoves& & Refrig. Refrig. Mattresses. Mattresses. Also Also Appliance Appliance Repairs. Repairs.We We Do Do Service Service Calls! Calls! 678-714-0493 678-714-0493

Furniture Furniture BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL Inner Inner springs springs Sunroom SunroomWicker Wicker Settee Settee with with 22 Chairs, Chairs, Ottoman Ottoman && End EndTable. Table. Sacrifice! Sacrifice! $575. $575. 770-654770-6543309 3309 CURIO CURIO CABINET, CABINET, $300 $300 Cherry Cherry Dining DiningTable Table w/2leaves, w/2leaves, 44 Straight Straight Back Back Chairs Chairs & & 22 Arm Arm Chairs. Chairs. $250; $250; Like Like New! New! Sofa & Love Seat,$150; Sofa & Love Seat,$150; DryerDryer- Frigidaire, Frigidaire, with with draw draw at at bottom$100 bottom$100 678-971-4211 678-971-4211

Guns Guns GUN GUN COLLECTION COLLECTION Starting Starting at at $150. $150. Email Email for for listing listing

Lawn Lawn Equipment Equipment The TheTimes Times has has an an entry entry level level opening opening in in the the pressroom pressroom production production department department on on the the night night shift. shift. Duties Duties include, include, but but are are not not limited to: cleaning, limited to: cleaning, preparing preparing paper paper rolls rolls for for printing, printing, plating plating the the printing printing press press along along with with plate plate removal, removal, filling ink fountains filling ink fountains and and learning learning how how to to print print as as skill skill sets sets develop. develop.This This isis aa great great opportunity opportunity for for the the right right individual individual aspiring to learn how aspiring to learn how to to run run aa printing printing press press with with plans plans of of aa long long term term future future in in the the printing printing business. business. This opening pays This opening pays $10 $10 per per hour. hour. ItIt isis aa full full time time position position that that qualifies qualifies for for health, health, dental dental and and optical optical benefits, benefits, along along with paid vacations. with paid vacations.This This position position works works various various days days and and includes includes weekends. weekends. E-mail E-mail resumes resumes to to hr@ hr@ gainesville gainesville,, or or fill fill out out an an application application in in person person at atThe TheTimes, Times, 345 345 Green Green St, St, Gainesville. Gainesville.

Restaurant Restaurant Help Help Cross Cross Roads Roads Grill Grill Now Now Hiring: Hiring: F/T F/T Line Line Cooks Cooks for for high high volume volume restaurant restaurant in in Flowery Flowery Branch. Branch. Must Must have have min. min. 22 yrs yrs exp. exp. 770-967-3375 770-967-3375 KITCHEN, KITCHEN,WAITRESS, WAITRESS, COOK COOK Big Big Bear Bear Cafe, Cafe, M-F, M-F, 8-2pm. 8-2pm. 893 893 Main Main St., St., Gainesville Gainesville

Trades Trades STS STS hiring hiring Utility Utility Line Line Locators Locators Paid PaidTraining Training HS/GED; HS/GED; Comp Skills. www.stsus. Comp Skills. www.stsus. net. net. STS STS isis an an EOE. EOE.

GARDEN GARDENTRACTOR, TRACTOR, w/ w/ 48” 48”mower mower deck, deck, grass grass catcher catcher system system w/ w/ 33 bins, bins, runs runs great, great, cuts cuts smooth, smooth, $900. $900. 706-693-0099 706-693-0099

Livestock Livestock GOATSGOATS- 11 Billy, Billy, 22 Nannys; Nannys; 11 Doe; Doe; 11Whether. Whether. $825/obo. $825/obo. 706-693-0099 706-693-0099

Misc. Misc. For For Sale Sale Carpet Carpet Cleaner Cleaner -- Eureka Eureka all all attachmts. attachmts. Like Like New! New! $100; $100; Swim Swim Pool Pool Pump Pump 1hp 1hp w/filter w/filter basket. Asking $100; basket. Asking $100; HP HP LaptopLaptop- needs needs monitor. monitor. $45; $45; GARDEN GARDENTRACTOR TRACTOR w/ w/ 48” 48”mower mower deck, deck, grass grass catcher catcher system system w/ w/ 33 bins, runs great, bins, runs great, cuts cuts smooth, smooth, $900. $900. 706-693-4520 706-693-4520 For For Sale Sale Electronic Electronic Air Air Hockey/ Hockey/ Ping Ping Pong PongTable Table 66 months old. months old. Asking Asking $150/obo $150/obo 706706776-8098 776-8098

DSH DSH Kittens Kittens -- 44 mos mos old. old. Fixed. Fixed. shots, shots, FeLuk FeLuk neg. neg. Adoption Adoption fee fee applies. applies. Call Call Jeff, Jeff, 770-654-5554 770-654-5554 FERRETS, FERRETS, 22 female, female, 11 sable, sable, 11 white, white, 11 large large ferret ferret nation nation cage, cage, includes includes litter litter box box && food, food, all all for for $150. $150. 678-997-1298 678-997-1298 FREE FREE KITTENS KITTENS to to good good home. home. 770-292-8228 770-292-8228 678-622-0030 678-622-0030 PRECIOUS PRECIOUS MALTI MALTI POO POO Pups. Pups. Shots Shots && wormed. wormed. Both Both parents parents on on premises. premises. $300 $300 each. each. 706-892-6153 706-892-6153 or or 54 54 WEIMARANER WEIMARANER Puppies, Puppies, mother mother && father father are are registered, registered,Vet Vet ck, ck, dew dew claws claws removed, removed, tails tails docked. docked. 1st 1st shots/ shots/ wormed. wormed. Both Both parents parents on on premises. premises. Only Only 33 females females left. left. Discounted Discounted price. price. Call Call for for more more info info 678-897-7332 678-897-7332 770-530-0799 770-530-0799

Homes-Rentals Homes-Rentals ApartmentsApartmentsFurnished Furnished Upscale Upscale 1BR, 1BR, Liv Liv rm, rm, dining dining area, area, lrg lrg kitch, kitch, wshr/dryr, wshr/dryr, cable, cable, water, water, alarm alarm w/deck w/deck over over looking looking lake lake $795/mo $795/mo 404-202-0248 404-202-0248

ApartmentsApartmentsUnfurnished Unfurnished $$ BEST BESTVALUE VALUE $$ Spring SpringValley Valley Apt Apt 2BR/2BA 2BR/2BA Ready To Move Ready To Move in in $725-$775 $725-$775 Gated Gated -- Pool Pool Great Great Location Location Close CloseTo To town town 1858 Thompson 1858 Thompson Bridge Bridge Road Road Call Call Jacky Jacky 678-779-2687 678-779-2687

2BD 2BD 1BA 1BA $500 $500 ++ Dep. Dep. Brwns Brwns Brdg Brdg Rd. Rd. Nice! Nice! Call Call 404-643-8302 404-643-8302 AVAILABLE AVAILABLE NOW! NOW! 2BR 2BR Apt. Apt. No No stairs. stairs. Nice Nice && Clean! $595mo; Clean! $595mo; $300 $300 dep. 770-648-4123 dep. 770-648-4123 Furnished Furnished & & Unfurnished Unfurnished Apts. Apts. Independent Independent senior senior living. living. All All inclusive inclusive with with meals. meals. No No lease. lease. Smoky Smoky Springs, 770-535-8390 Springs, 770-535-8390 NEWLY NEWLY RENOVATED RENOVATED Townhomes Townhomes for for RENT. RENT. $875/mo, $875/mo, 4BR/3BA. 4BR/3BA. Call Call 404-812-8918 404-812-8918 Oakwood Oakwood -- 2/1.5, 2/1.5, yard yard very very safe, safe, H/A H/A $645$645$725. 678-357-5044 $725. 678-357-5044

Business Business Property Property For For Rent Rent Flowery Flowery Branch/ Branch/ BufordBuford- 1250 1250 sq sq ft ft Office/Warehouse Office/Warehouse $1000/mo $1000/mo 770-614-8804 770-614-8804

Condominiums Condominiums For For Rent Rent 2/2 2/2 w/Garage, w/Garage, Quiet, Quiet, 11 story, story, Sardis. Sardis. $775mo. $775mo. 770-967-6599 770-967-6599

Houses Houses For For RentRentUnfurnished Unfurnished 3br, 3br, 2-1/2ba 2-1/2ba brick brick house house in in Gainesville, Gainesville, nice nice den, den, dr, dr, woods woods and and lake lake access. Year lease. access. Year lease. $860+dep. $860+dep. must must have have references. references. 678-230678-2301647 1647 4BR/1.5BA4BR/1.5BA- C/H/A. C/H/A. $775/mo $775/mo ++ dep dep 678-316-6721 678-316-6721 4BR/2.5BA, 4BR/2.5BA, in in City, City, $1,200/mo. $1,200/mo. 770-534770-5347596 7596 Apts/Homes. Apts/Homes. General General Property Property Mgmt. Mgmt. 770-287-1456 770-287-1456 www. www. Charming Charming 3BR/2BA 3BR/2BA Great Great Location. Location. Lake Lake view. view. $975/mo. $975/mo. 770770539-4400 539-4400

Lake Lake Home Home For For Rent Rent LAKE LAKE APTAPT- Large Large 2BR 2BR $250/wk. $250/wk. cable/utilities cable/utilities included. included. 770-539-2938 770-539-2938 Secluded Secluded 3BR/2BA 3BR/2BA DW DW On On Lake Lake Lanier. Lanier. N. N. Hall schools. Hall schools. $750. $750. Deposit Deposit && Credit Credit check. check. 770-241-1283 770-241-1283

Mobile Mobile Homes Homes For For Rent Rent

House House For For Sale-Hall Sale-Hall County County $1000 $1000 down. down. First FirstTime Time Buyers. Buyers. Let’s Let’s find find your your dream dream home! home! Ron RonYates, Yates, 678-943-0106 678-943-0106 Keller Williams Realty Keller Williams Realty 770-503-7070 770-503-7070 DON’T DON’T MISS MISS OUT! OUT! Large Large house, house, 3/2 3/2 w/ w/ added added Apt. Apt. Great Great terms! terms! Owner Owner financing. financing. 22 acres acres w/2 w/2 rental rental cabins. cabins. White White cnty. cnty. 706-878-2428 706-878-2428 GILLSVILLE GILLSVILLE 4BR/2BA 4BR/2BA Brick, Brick, split split level, level, dbl dbl carport, carport, well well water, water, 6+ 6+ acres w/workshop acres w/workshop && shed. shed. Paved Paved road, road, creek. creek. $149,000 $149,000 ASIS. ASIS. For For info info 706-745-7141 706-745-7141 NEW NEW 3BR/3BA. 3BR/3BA. ++ Bonus Bonus Rm. Rm. $166,900. $166,900. Ron Ron Yates, Yates, 678-943-0106 678-943-0106 Keller Williams Realty Keller Williams Realty 770-503-7070 770-503-7070

Lots Lots For For Sale Sale 1.58 1.58 ACRES ACRES in in Hiawassee. Hiawassee. Cleared, Cleared, mountain mountain view view w/creek w/creek in in back. back. $19k. $19k. 706-654706-6549219 or 770-639-1597 9219 or 770-639-1597

Recreation Recreation Boats Boats && Marine Marine

Rayson Rayson Craft Craft 1964 1964 speedboat. speedboat. Wood Wood deck, deck, 18’, 18’, orig orig prts/ prts/ ownr. ownr. No No mtr, mtr, inclds inclds marine con version marine con version for for Ford Ford 427. 427. $5500. $5500. 770-540-2335 770-540-2335 MAXUM MAXUM SR SR 19951995- 17’ 17’.. Bow Bow rider. rider. 135hp, 135hp, stern stern drv, Bimini, Great Cond. drv, Bimini, Great Cond. Always Always garaged. garaged. $3500. $3500. 706-265-1870 706-265-1870 NORTHWOOD NORTHWOOD 1996 1996 15’ 15’Fishing Fishing Boat. Boat. 40hp 40hp Mercury Mercury outboard outboard motor with Northland motor with Northland Trailer. Trailer. 44 Capt Capt pedestal pedestal Chairs, Chairs, live live well, well, Min Min Kota Kota power power drive drive electric electric trolling trolling motor, motor, automatic automatic electric electric bilge bilge pump. pump. Good Good Cond. Cond. $3800. $3800. 770-965-2556 770-965-2556

FLEETWOOD FLEETWOOD 1998 1998 Avion. Avion. 5th 5th whl, whl, 39ft, 39ft, 33 slides, slides, fuly fuly loaded, loaded, 11 owner, owner, non non smokers, smokers, Pristine Pristine Cond. Cond.Very Very Little Little Use. Use. $14,950. $14,950. Details Details call call 706-839-7106 706-839-7106 FLEETWOOD FLEETWOOD 2005 2005 Expedition. Expedition. 38ft. 38ft. ,, sleeps sleeps 66 comfortably. comfortably. Slides, Slides, kitch, kitch, dining, dining, liv liv rm rm && master master BR, BR, dbl dbl door door frig, frig, micro-wave, oven, micro-wave, oven, stove, stove, 22TV’s TV’s ,, full full size size corner corner shower, shower, separate separate toilet toilet area, area, wshr/dryr, wshr/dryr, dual dual heat heat && A/C, A/C, 7500 7500 watt watt diesel diesel gen, gen, 300hp 300hp diesel diesel engine. engine. Satellite Satellite equipt equipt sun sun awning, awning, all all leath leath int, int, carpet carpet && vinyl vinyl flooring. flooring. 39,644 39,644 miles. miles. Like Like New! New! $87,500. $87,500. 706-677-3824; 706-677-3824; 706-318-0520 706-318-0520 HURRICANE HURRICANE 20042004MH. MH. 33ft, 33ft, gas gas Ford Ford V-10, V-10, 22 slides, slides, new new tires tires and and awning, awning, sleep number sleep number queen queen bed, bed, low low mileage, mileage, in in excellent excellent condition, condition, inside inside and out. and out. $37,900. $37,900. Call Call 770-539-4301 770-539-4301

MEN-BE$T MEN-BE$T Pvt Pvt home, home, Fur Fur Br, Br, All All Priv Priv ++ Xtras, Xtras, Oakwd Oakwd 770-530-1110 770-530-1110

Rooms Rooms For For Rent Rent $110wk. $110wk. Furnished, Furnished, all all utils utils && cable. cable. W/D. W/D. kitch. 770-561-0781 kitch. 770-561-0781

CHRYSLER CHRYSLER 2006 2006 300 300 AWD AWD Sedan, Sedan, 3.5L, 3.5L, V6. V6. $12,899 $12,899 MOSS ROBERTSON MOSS ROBERTSON Call CallToday Today 770-535-2200 770-535-2200 CHEVY CHEVY 2003 2003 Corvette Corvette convt, convt, Anniversary. Anniversary. Red, Red, local local 11 owner. owner. Has Has won won many awards. $19,900. many awards. $19,900. Jim Jim waters waters Motors Motors 770-530-1140 770-530-1140 CHRYSLER CHRYSLER 2008 2008 Sebring. Sebring. Hard Hard top top convt. convt. Nav., Nav., leather, leather, loaded. loaded. $10,950. Call Kevin $10,950. Call Kevin Jim Jim Waters Waters Motors Motors 770-530-1140 770-530-1140 KIA KIA 2003 2003 Optima Optima SE. SE. Auto, Auto, air, air, 113k. 113k. Good Good Cond. Cond. $2700; $2700; DODGE DODGE 1987 1987 Dakota Dakota Pickup. Pickup. Auto, Auto, air, air, 101k. 101k. Exc Exc Cond. Cond. $2200. $2200. 770770967-6884; 967-6884; 678-346-6106 678-346-6106 MERCURY MERCURY 2004 2004 Grand Grand Marquis. Marquis. $7987. $7987. Call Call Carriage Carriage Nissan Nissan 770-532-6335 770-532-6335

PONTIAC PONTIAC 2005 2005 Grand Grand AM AM .. 4dr, 4dr, auto. auto. Fin. Fin. Available Available w/$799 w/$799 down down Call Call Kevin Kevin Jim Jim Water Water Motors Motors 770-530-1140 770-530-1140 PONTIAC PONTIAC 2008 2008 Grand Grand Prix. Prix. Silver Silver over over gray. gray. Perfect Family Car. Perfect Family Car. Fin. Fin. Available Available w/$995 w/$995 down. down. Jim Jim Waters Waters Motors Motors 770-530-1140 770-530-1140

Import Import Cars Cars

BMW BMW 2006. 2006. 325i 325i Gray, Gray, 3.0L, 3.0L, 6cyl, 6cyl, RWD RWD Sedan. Sedan. $13,455 $13,455 MOSS MOSS ROBERTSON ROBERTSON Call CallToday Today 770-535-2200 770-535-2200

HYUNDAI HYUNDAI 2011 2011 Sonata Sonata GLS, GLS, 2.3L, 2.3L, 44 cyl., cyl., 37K, 37K, $13,899 $13,899 MOSS MOSS ROBERTSON ROBERTSON Call CallToday Today 770-535-2200 770-535-2200

LEXUS LEXUS 2005 2005 LS430, LS430, 4.3L, 4.3L, V8, V8, 95K, 95K, $17,455 $17,455 MOSS MOSS ROBERTSON ROBERTSON Call CallToday Today 770-535-2200 770-535-2200

MAZDA MAZDA 20062006- 3. 3. Silver, Silver, blk blk int, int, 2.3L, 2.3L, 4cyls, 4cyls, 4dr 4dr Hatchback. Hatchback. $7455. $7455. MOSS MOSS ROBERTSON ROBERTSON Call CallToday Today 770-535-2200 770-535-2200

MAZDA MAZDA 2007 2007 CX-7 CX-7 Platinum Platinum Metallic, Metallic, blk blk int, int, 2.3L, 2.3L, 4cyl 4cyl $10,899 $10,899 MOSS MOSS ROBERTSON ROBERTSON Call CallToday Today 770-535-2200 770-535-2200

SUBARU SUBARU 2012 2012 Outback Outback Gray Gray metallic, metallic, 2.5L, 2.5L, 4cyls, 4cyls, 4WD 4WD wagon. wagon. $26,891 $26,891 MOSS MOSS ROBERTSON ROBERTSON Call CallToday Today 770-535-2200 770-535-2200

PONTIAC PONTIAC 1980 1980TRANS TRANS AM AM 70K 70K miles miles 2nd 2nd owner owner $3500 $3500 Firm. Firm. Call Call 706-778-4978 706-778-4978

CADILLAC CADILLAC 2009 2009 DTS DTS Performance Performance Edition Edition (>50,000 (>50,000 Miles) Miles) 292 292 HP HP V8 V8 NHP NHP Engine. Engine. In In pristine condition. pristine condition. ONLY ONLY $22,000!!!! $22,000!!!! Call Call 770-595-0318 770-595-0318

BUICK BUICK 2011 2011 LaCrosse LaCrosse 3.6L, 3.6L, V6, V6, FWD FWD Sedan. Sedan. $23,677 $23,677 MOSS MOSS ROBERTSON ROBERTSON Call CallToday Today 770-535-2200 770-535-2200

KIA KIA 2012 2012 Optima. Optima. 16k 16k miles. miles. $17,987 $17,987 Call Call CARRIAGE CARRIAGE NISSAN NISSAN 770-532-6335 770-532-6335 LEXUS LEXUS 2000 2000 ES300 ES300 White/tan, White/tan, Mint Mint Cond. Cond. Leather, roof, new Leather, roof, new tires. tires. Call Call Kevin Kevin Jim Jim Waters Waters Motors Motors 770-530-1140 770-530-1140 MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI 2009 2009 Galant. Galant. $9,987. $9,987. Call Call CARRIAGE CARRIAGE NISSAN NISSAN 770-532-6335 770-532-6335

NISSAN NISSAN 2012 2012 Altima Altima 66 in in stock. stock. $14,987 $14,987 .. Call Call Carriage Carriage Nissan Nissan 770-532-6335 770-532-6335 PORSCHE PORSCHE 19861986- 944 944 72,000 72,000 miles. miles. Guards Guards Red, Red, Black Black leather, leather, original original books books and and window window sticker. sticker. $11,400 $11,400 770-530-0330 770-530-0330 SAAB SAAB 2003. 2003. Blue/black, Blue/black, leather, leather, 50k, 50k, auto. auto. Car’s Car’s Perfect! Perfect! Fin. Fin. Avail. Avail. Call Call Kevin Kevin Jim JimWaters Waters Motors Motors 770-530-1140 770-530-1140

Motorcycles Motorcycles Harley Harley Davidson Davidson 2008 2008 105th 105th Anniv. Anniv. Ed. Ed. Electra Electra Glide Glide Ultra Ultra Classic. Classic. Metallic Metallic copper copper && black. black. Dual Dual Screamin’ Screamin’Eagle Eagle pipes, AM/FM, intercom, pipes, AM/FM, intercom, CB, CB, Cruise, Cruise, ABS, ABS, luggage luggage rack, rack, liner liner bags. bags. $15,900 $15,900 678-936-1563 678-936-1563 HARLEY HARLEY DAVIDSON DAVIDSON 2002. 2002. Factory Factory red, red, Dana Dana Wide Wide Glide. Glide. Loaded Loaded w/ w/ extras, extras, chrome. chrome. $6950 $6950 Call Call Kevin, Kevin, Jim JimWaters Waters Motors, Motors, 770-530-1140 770-530-1140 HONDA HONDA 2007 2007 Shadow Shadow 600, 600, burgundy, burgundy, 9K 9K miles, miles, good good cond., cond., $3,000. $3,000. 678-630-6062 678-630-6062 MOTORCYCLE MOTORCYCLE -SHADOW SHADOW 600600- 2006 2006 (Honda). (Honda). Silver, Silver, low low miles, miles, Good Good Cond. Cond. $3500. 706-491-9964 $3500. 706-491-9964

Sport Sport Utility Utility Vehicles Vehicles HONDA HONDA 2000 2000 CR-B. CR-B. ,, 4cyl, 4cyl, auto, auto, all all power. power. leather, leather, alloys, alloys, AWD. AWD. Exc Exc Cond. Cond. $5250. $5250. 770770540-1215 540-1215 MERCURY 2008 Mariner Mariner MERCURY 2008 Good Good miles. miles. $10,298 $10,298 Call Call CARRIAGE CARRIAGE NISSAN NISSAN 770-532-6335 770-532-6335 NISSAN NISSAN 2002 2002 Path Path finder. finder. 4X4. 4X4. $6987 $6987 Call Call CARRIAGE CARRIAGE NISSAN NISSAN 770-532-6335 770-532-6335 NISSAN NISSAN 2008 2008 Path Path finder finder .. $12,987 $12,987 CALL CALL CARRIAGE CARRIAGE NISSAN NISSAN 770-532-6335 770-532-6335 TOYOTA TOYOTA 2003 2003 Sequoia. Sequoia. $10,298. $10,298. Call Call Carriage Carriage Nissan Nissan 770-532-6335 770-532-6335

Trucks Trucks

All All Terrain Terrain Vehicles Vehicles

Autos Autos For For Sale Sale

KIA KIA 2011 2011 Rio. Rio. $11,978 $11,978 Call Call Carriage Carriage Nissan Nissan 770-532-6335 770-532-6335

NISSAN NISSAN 2004 2004 350z 350z Touring. Touring. Convertible, Convertible, low low miles. miles. $16,987 $16,987 Call Call Carriage Nissan Carriage Nissan 770-532-6335 770-532-6335

Wheels Wheels

Antique Antique Cars/Trucks Cars/Trucks

Roommates Roommates Wanted Wanted

CADILLAC CADILLAC 2008 2008 SRX SRX SUV SUV 3.6L, 3.6L, V6 V6 $16,891 $16,891 MOSS MOSS ROBERTSON ROBERTSON Call CallToday Today 770-535-2200 770-535-2200

RV’s/Travel RV’s/Travel Trailers Trailers Concord Concord CamperCamper- 1972 1972 20’ 20’Hunting Hunting Camp Camp Hilton Hilton Good Good Shape! Shape! New New dbl dbl axle axle tires, tires, cool cool sealed sealed on on top, 4 burner gas stove/ top, 4 burner gas stove/ oven, oven, 33 beds, beds, dbl dbl sink, sink, full full bath, bath, frig frig && micromicrowave. wave. 2” 2”ball ball to to tow, lots of storage. tow, lots of storage. Comfortable, cozy Comfortable, cozy refuge refuge from from the the elements. elements. Cash Cash Only. Only. $2150. $2150. 706-864-6216; 706-864-6216; 706-429-5108 706-429-5108

3BR/1BA 3BR/1BA $135/wk. $135/wk. We We pay pay $100/utils. $100/utils. No No pets. pets. 770-289-9142 770-289-9142 3BR/2BA 3BR/2BA Dbl Dbl Wide. Wide. $675/mo; $675/mo; $400 $400 dep. dep. 678-776-2422 678-776-2422

CADILLAC CADILLAC 2008 2008 STS. STS. REDUCED REDUCED $19,700/OBO $19,700/OBO V6, V6, 23,800mi, 23,800mi, Very Very Good Good Cond. Cond. 678-316-8580 678-316-8580

PONTIAC PONTIAC 2000 2000 Grand Grand Prix. Prix. GT. GT. 4dr, 4dr, Great Great Cond. Cond. $2500. $2500. 850-686-1267 850-686-1267

SUZUKI SUZUKI 1996 1996 LT250 LT250 Quad Quad Boss, Boss, runs runs good, good, new new tires, tires, $1,550. $1,550. 770-364-0366 770-364-0366

RIDING RIDING MOWER MOWER Murray, Murray, 46” 46”cut, cut, 17.5hp, 17.5hp, Good Cond. Good Cond. $500. $500. Misc Patio/Pool Misc Patio/Pool Furn. Furn. All All $75. $75. 770-983-7384 770-983-7384

GUITARS GUITARS 33 acoustic acoustic Starting Starting at at $150. $150. email email for for list list kfd1969@ kfd1969@

FOR FOR SALE SALE BY BY OWNER OWNER 2BR/2.5BA 2BR/2.5BA ,, full full bsmt, bsmt, freplc, freplc, deck, deck, completely completely renovated renovated thru-out, thru-out, new new appls. appls. Close Close in. in. Lake Lake access. $62k. access. $62k. For For appt appt 706-865-6565 706-865-6565

“MOVE-IN “MOVE-IN SPECIAL” SPECIAL” 22 && 33 bdrms bdrms with with C/H/A C/H/A on 1/2 acre. on 1/2 acre. 706-839706-8395684 5684 or or 706-968-1022 706-968-1022

ALTO, ALTO, GA GA 3BR/ 3BR/ 2BA 2BA $550mo; $550mo; $350 $350 dep. dep. No No pets. pets. 678-316-8584 678-316-8584

Musical Musical Instruments Instruments

Condominiums Condominiums For For Sale Sale

1BR1BR- Quiet, Quiet, energy energy efficient, efficient, Sardis Sardis Rd. Rd. 678-776-6432 678-776-6432

Island Island CabinetCabinet- 40” 40” wide, wide, 76” 76”long, long, 36” 36”high. high. granite granite counter counter top, top, painted cream color painted cream color with with brown brown glaze. glaze. Doors Doors && drawers drawers on on both both sides. sides. $500. $500. 770-318-9553 770-318-9553

STACKER STACKER WASHER/ WASHER/ DRYERDRYER- Whirlpool. Whirlpool. Good Good Cond. Cond. $300; $300; Steel Steel Util Util Dump Dump Cart Cart -Precise Fit. New! Precise Fit. New! $100 $100 706-968-2071 706-968-2071

Homes Homes && Real Real Estate Estate

ACURA ACURA 2006 2006 RL. RL. 3.5L, 3.5L, V6, V6, carbon carbon gray gray pearl, pearl, leath leath seats. seats. $15,899 $15,899 MOSS MOSS ROBERTSON ROBERTSON Call CallToday Today 770-535-2200 770-535-2200 BMW BMW 1987 1987 CSI CSI Blk/blood Blk/blood red red leather. leather. Outstanding Outstanding Cond. Cond. $5875 $5875 Jim Jim Water Water Motors Motors 770-530-1140 770-530-1140 BMW BMW 20042004- 24. 24. Convt. Convt. Power Power top. top. Leather, Leather, Auto, Auto, Excellent Excellent Cond. Cond. $9475. $9475. Call Call Kevin, Kevin, Jim Jim Waters Waters Motors Motors 770-530-1140 770-530-1140 HONDA HONDA 2010 2010 Accord Accord EX. EX. 30k 30k miles. miles. $16,987 $16,987 Call Call Carriage Carriage Nissan Nissan 770-532-6335 770-532-6335

CHEVROLET CHEVROLET 2005 2005 Colorado Colorado $9567 $9567 Call Call Carriage Carriage Nissan Nissan 770-532-6335 770-532-6335 CHEVY CHEVY 1988 1988 Silverado. Silverado. 4x4 4x4 Long Long bed. bed. $1595 $1595 Call Call Kevin Kevin Jim Jim Waters Waters Motors Motors 770-530-1140 770-530-1140 FORD FORD 1988-F-250. 1988-F-250. 7.3 7.3 diesel, diesel, 5spd, 5spd, Ext Ext Cab. Cab. VGC. VGC.Trade Trade possible. possible. $5500/obo. $5500/obo. 770-967770-9670751 0751 TOYOTA TOYOTA 2002 2002Tacoma Tacoma Crew Crew Cab. Cab. $9,987 $9,987 Call Call Carriage Carriage Nissan Nissan 770-532-6335 770-532-6335

The Paper August 22, 2013 Edition  

The Paper August 22, 2013 Edition

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