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For those who attended last weekend’s Pride celebration in Drake Park, what a blast, right? Thanks to the organizers for putting on a fun event. Pride Month continues through all of June, and with that, we’ve rounded up what other Pride-related events you can take part in this month in this week’s Feature. That’s paired with a conversation with Bend-based drag performer Pattie Gonia, who we’re thrilled to say spent some time with contributor Tiffany Neptune while juggling a full schedule of environmental and LGBTQ+ advocacy. It’s a fun read! Meanwhile, we chat with the owner of Foxtail Bakeshop about what deliciousness we can expect to see in downtown Bend very soon, we preview this month’s 4 Peaks music festival, and so much more. I that the warm weather has finally arrived during this month of June… so get your weekend planned with this edition, then go enjoy outside!


One of the many delicious pizzas featured in our Source Weekly Pizza Week, Strawberry Fields at Pizza Mondo, made with strawberries from Marquam Hill berries out of Silverton, Oregon. Thank you so much @pizzamondo for tagging us in this photo of your lovely featured pizza.

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Groundwater Allocation Rules

is Long Overdue

You’ve likely heard the doom-tales: aquifers depleted, rivers low, wells going dry. Over the past 20 years or so, the West has experienced a megadrought that hasn’t been matched in 500 years. And this time, unlike the 1500s, the problem is made worse by the advent of human-caused climate change. This year has been better than many, but the effects of years of drought are still among us in the form of habitat degradation and longtime farmers and ranchers’ loss of long-reliable water sources.

Against this backdrop comes news from the Oregon Water Resources Department, signaling a massive change in the way it will handle new groundwater permits in the future. As was reported in last week’s Source Weekly, OWRD plans to put new rules in place that could limit the number of new wells that get dug in the state. Under a pending rule change, OWRD would only grant a new permit or license for groundwater or surface water if the department can determine that there is enough water to support that new infrastructure. This is a major change to how things have been done in Oregon up to now. Previously, if there wasn’t enough data about a particular place and its water availability, the OWRD’s policy was to approve the application, in something of a goodfaith method. With this change, the data needs to show definitively that there is more water to be had. The rule change is aimed, at least in part, at mitigating problems currently seen in areas around the state, where the digging of new wells has caused other peoples’ established wells to decline.

Mitigation Program, “was developed to provide for new ground water uses while maintaining scenic waterway and instream water right flows in the Deschutes Basin.” It’s the program that has caused long, ongoing battles, like the one that continues over water access (and the fish and wildlife mitigation plan) at Thornburgh Resort.

Here in the Deschutes Basin, we’ve had a similar plan in place for quite some time. The Deschutes Groundwater

In an era of megadrought and ongoing climate change, it’s the right move on behalf of OWRD — albeit one that is long overdue. But if it sounds like something that could bump up against the state’s other big goals — namely, building adequate amounts of housing for the people who live here — it’s because it does. That’s not going to be easy. To that end, cities and those who live in them have a part to play in achieving more efficiency in their systems. In a description of the new groundwater allocation rulemaking, OWRD outlines steps cities can take to use less water overall. You may have heard of one of those water-saving measures recently, when the City of Bend began to issue rebates to homeowners for removing their lawns in favor of xeriscaping. That program filled quickly. Its indoor rebate program, meanwhile, offers, “money-saving opportunities on new high-efficiency indoor equipment, such as washing machines, toilets, and hot water recirculators,” while the outdoor rebate program, “features high-efficiency irrigation devices, like drip systems, nozzles, and controllers.” These programs can begin to make a dent in water usage at the residential level — though of course, looking out at seas of lush green grass at schools and parks in a high desert landscape reminds us there are many more opportunities for tightening up on water use overall.

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Change in



By now, we’ve all heard the news that Donald Trump was found guilty of all 34 felony counts of falsifying his company's business records to keep information from voters that he knew would harm his 2016 presidential campaign.

This isn’t just about “hush money” payments. It’s about breaking the law to hide the truth from the American people 11 days before a presidential election.

Trump has a clear pattern of lying to the American people and trying to undermine our elections in order to cling to power. He still faces three additional indictments and 54 criminal charges, including federal charges for inciting an insurrection to overturn the 2020 election. In spite of all of this, he’s still running for president.

Donald Trump is a convicted fraudster and criminal who still poses a massive threat to our fundamental freedoms. We can’t let him hold the highest office in our land in 2025. It’s up to all of us to hold him accountable and defeat him at the ballot box in November.



I don't attend rodeos because they’ve always seemed barbaric and cruel. The editorial [letter] in the Source prompted me to delve into the topic further. I visited and conducted my own research and found myself repeatedly asking, 'How is this legal?' and 'Isn't this obvious animal abuse?' It strikes me as peculiar that such events

HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY? Send your thoughts to Letters must be received by noon Friday for inclusion in the following week’s paper. Please limit letters to 250 words. Submission does not guarantee publication. Opinions printed here do not constitute an editorial endorsement of said opinions. Letter of the week receives $5 to Palate!

are sponsored by organizations like St. Charles and community banks and credit unions such as Umpqua Bank, Mid Oregon Credit Union and First Interstate, to name only a few. All these businesses claim to be committed to the community, and yet they sponsor this public event that exposes children in our community to animal abuse, downplaying the abuse as entertainment and family fun. Animal abuse should not be celebrated or condoned for any reason.


Steve Cook, Bend-La Pine Schools' superintendent, said that while he is disappointed the measure failed, he did feel it was a clear message from voters like Mackie. "To me, the community is saying that this ask at this time is not appropriate," Cook said, adding that the first thing to figure out for the district is if it was the ask, the amount or the timing that was specifically missed. It was the timing pure and simple. This measure failure in Bend-La Pine is all on the Bend City Council which provided a $10.5 million gift to a developer for a project that is overwhelmingly "market rate" housing, not affordable housing; along with the same City Council putting the transportation fees directly at current residents rather than tapping into the very lucrative and underpaying tourism industry by not putting added fees on the lodging that out of towners (who also extensively

use our roads) should be paying to support the infrastructure. The voters in the La Pine voted for fire department levies, so they value good service and the last few levies for Bend-La Pine have been approved which points out the ask is still valid. If there is anyone to point fingers at for the failure, simply look at the City Council of Bend.


Thank you for your recent Editorial on the Owyhee Monument proposal.

This extremely unique area in Oregon and Nevada is one of “the last best places” for fish, wildlife, and recreational users. As you note, the “strange bedfellows” of people and organizations who support the National Monument designation is also unique. The fact that over 40% of self-identified Republicans support this designation as well as 76% “unaffiliated” is simply amazing in this polarized country we now find ourselves living in. Ranchers, anglers, hunters, white water kayakers….it is a coalition of folks who value wide open spaces, cold, clear water and prime wildlife habitat.

With Congress in gridlock and threats to the landscape encroaching further into pristine habitat, now is the time for Senators Wyden and Merkley to work with the President to permanently protect this Oregon treasure.

As an avid fly angler and member of the Deschutes-Redband Trout Unlimited Board of Directors, thank you for your endorsement of this important proposal.

Letter of the Week:

Thanks for writing in to share your thoughts, Kim! Letter of the Week.

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Bend Race Adds Non-Binary Category

Bend’s beloved Pole Pedal Paddle race, put on by Mt Bachelor Sports Education Foundation, introduced a new category specifically for nonbinary individuals. According to Marieka Greene, the MBSEF event and financial development director, two nonbinary individuals took advantage of the new categories.

“Pole Pedal Paddle has a long-standing tradition of including all ages, abilities, and levels of athletic experience. It was only natural that, when given the opportunity to adjust our categories to be more gender inclusive, we would do so,” said Greene. “It is important for this event to continue being centered on its diverse community of participants, and we are happy to make adjustments in order to make our racers more welcome come race day.”

Filing Open for Bend City Council

The filing period is now open for Bend City Council elections. The City Council has four positions that will be placed on the ballot for the November election. Individuals interested in being elected can file through Aug. 27.

Individuals elected will begin serving in January 2025 and receive an annual $30,000 stipend, health benefits and an annual $3,000 health and wellness stipend. Candidates must reside within the city limits for at least one year prior to taking office and can expect to meet in the Council capacity at least four nights each month.

Local Newspapers Face Layoffs and Reductions

EO Media Group, which owns The Bulletin and The Redmond Spokesman, will eliminate several jobs and reduce publication frequency


- The vote count for the Redmond City Council’s vote on a proclamation supporting Pride in the town. From this week’s News story, “Redmond Recognizes Pride.”

“Do something that empowers you. You don't need anyone else.”

- Foxtail Bakeshop owner Nickol Hayden-Cady, from this week’s Chow, “A Look Ahead to Foxtail’s ‘Den.’”

Oregon lags most states in public higher education funding, report finds

Alex Baumhart, Oregon Capital Chronicle

Oregon is ranked 44th in the nation for public funding of higher education and 37th in the nation for per-pupil funding, according to the latest annual State Higher Education Finance report from the Colorado-based State Higher Education Executive Officers Association. Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission is a member of the association.

The report compared state-bystate funding data from the 2022-23

fiscal year. While higher education investment in Oregon has increased in recent years, it has not been enough to make up for more than a decade of underfunding and of relying heavily on student tuition to cover rising costs, said Ben Cannon, executive director of the commission.

Cannon and university presidents have repeatedly asked the Legislature for more higher education dollars and a model of funding that balances state investment with tuition revenue.

—This is an excerpt of a story that was originally published in the Oregon Capital Chronicle June 3.

EO Media Group, which owns local daily newspapers such as The Bulletin and the Redmond Spokesman announced on June 3 that it will experience changes across the company, including layoffs and reductions in print frequency at several newspapers.

EO Media Group, which operates 12 newspapers across Oregon and Washington, stated that advertising revenues have dropped while operating expenses have risen, forcing the company to make changes to stabilize its operations.

“As a family and owners of EO Media Group, we are committed to the continuity of our publications within the communities we have served for over a century,” Steve Forrester and Kathryn Brown, majority owners of EO Media Group, said in a statement.

According to Heidi Wright, the chief operating officer for EO Media Group, the company has been seeing higher production costs in the last few years. Recently, the company has experienced significantly increased health care costs.

“That’s been something that’s happened just in this last year, where our health care expenses are up 215%,” Wright told the Source Weekly. “No small company can absorb that very easily.”

According to the announcement, the company retained a firm to evaluate all options for the company and are also considering the nonprofit model of newspaper publishing. “Our aim is to ensure that these publications continue to thrive and reflect the voices and stories of the communities they represent.”

On June 3, 28 company employees were notified that they would be laid

off and their jobs eliminated. Another 19 employees will have their hours reduced starting in July.

The frequency of three print publications, including The Bulletin, will also decrease on July 1. The Bulletin will combine its Saturday and Sunday print edition, which will be delivered in the Saturday mail. Digital offerings will be reduced as well. The Bulletin will drop from seven to five e-editions per week.

“We did not do this lightly,” said Wright. “We did it in a way that we intend to protect as much of the effort that goes into producing the paper.”

EO Media’s unionized employees with the Central Oregon NewsGuild responded to the layoffs in a statement on social media platform X.

“The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s decisions to implement a hiring freeze and outsource design staff. This process of cutting staff to create profitability waters down our efforts to produce news that benefits the communities we live and work in,” read the statement.

“While the impact of these decisions are devastating, the reporters, photographers and news assistants who remain at The Bulletin and The Redmond Spokesman are more committed than ever to serving the Central Oregon community with fierce integrity and diligence.”

Wright told the Source Weekly that the local newspapers have received a lot of support from the community since the announcement.

Pamplin Media Group, which owns several Oregon publications including the Portland Tribune, announced in a press release the sale of its company on the same day. Owner Dr. Robert B Pamplin Jr. sold the company to the Carpenter Media Group.

Julianna LaFollette

Deschutes County Moves on Deflection Programs

In the wake of recriminalization legislation, the county is in the early stages of planning its drug addiction treatment program

Deschutes County is one step closer in its process of implementing drug addiction and behavioral health treatment programs, a state-funded diversion model that came out of the rollback of Measure 110.

The county, which just accepted the first portion of grant money to create its deflection program, announced that the Deschutes Coun ty Sheriff’s Office will lead the program. While the program is still in the planning process, the county will put this initial $300,00 toward hiring a new position to coordinate the system.

In March, law makers passed HB 4002, which aims to help Oregon’s drug crisis through recriminalizing drug possession and connecting people to treatment as an alternative to court and jail, through the creation of deflection programs.

entity leads the effort and is responsible for duties such as managing grant activities, facilitating meetings with community partners and making decisions on criminal charges.

Earlier this year, that position was appointed to the behavioral health department – a decision that Deschutes County Behavioral Health Director Holly Harris said they made quickly and early on in the process.

“We felt like it was a really good plan because [the program] did sort of lend itself more to a behavioral-healthy type of model,” said Harris.

the key coordination role from behavioral health to the sheriff’s office.

“I want to hear from the sheriff’s office that they are committed to the integration and coordination in pursuing this,” he said.

County entities and partners, who have been meeting for the last couple of months, will continue to meet over the next two months to finalize more details – what crimes are eligible for the program, what outcomes they are looking for and what data is doing to be collected.

According to District Attorney Steve Gunnells, the meetings have been productive.

“We in Deschutes County have a very positive collaborative approach to these things when they come up,” he said. “This is a new program for everybody. Everybody’s just trying to work out the best way to run this program so that it will be successful.”

Redmond Recognizes Pride Redmond

makes its first ever Pride Month


with mixed reviews from the community

Several community members attended a May 28 Redmond City Council meeting to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. After a lengthy public comment period, the Council voted 6-1 to approve a Proclamation recognizing June as Pride Month for the first time.

According to Mayor Ed Fitch, the recognition was something members of the community had requested. “We’re recognizing that they’re an important part of our community, as we would many others, so it’s a job well done,” he told the Source Weekly.

Deflection programs are intended to be a collaborative effort between law enforcement and behavioral health systems, diverting individuals with substance use disorders and/or behavioral health disorders to community-based treatment.

Peer navigators from local treatment facilities, including BestCare and Ideal Option, will respond to a scene after an individual has had contact with law enforcement and provide treatment options.

Before the passage of Measure 110, Oregon’s drug decriminalization citizen initiative, Deschutes County didn’t have adequate treatment capacity, according to County Commissioner Phil Chang. While funds from the measure were able to expand capacity, issues came with the lack of incentives to get people into treatment. Chang hopes this program will remedy those problems.

“I don’t know whether it’s going to work or not, but I’m hopeful that this is going to actually create the driver that we need to get people to go through treatment,” Chang said.

With HB 4002, counties were given the ability to create their respective deflection programs. While the program will be a collaborative effort, one

After some deliberation, community partners determined that following an already established and working model would allow for a quicker and easier implementation. Harris informed County Commissioners at a May 29 meeting that the county is now following Marion County’s model.

In 2018, Marion County created a Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program which follows the same system as deflection programs, allowing law enforcement to divert low-level offenders away from traditional criminal justice services and toward social services.

The only difference between this and Deschutes County’s originally planned model, Harris said, is that the Deschutes program is led by the Sheriff’s Office.

With this method, individuals going through the program can be directly connected to law enforcement versus going through behavioral health before being connected to law enforcement.

“That relationship between law enforcement and providers is really critical to make this work, so that’s a benefit of having it live in the Sheriff’s Office. . . there’s a more direct connection,” said Harris.

Having law enforcement embedded and connected with individuals in this way helps build a relationship and build trust, which Harris said is critical to these types of programs.

Chang, who has high hopes for the success of this program, was surprised to hear that the County was shifting

Program details will be fleshed out and then sent out to Oregon’s Criminal Justice Commission, which oversees the Behavioral Health Deflection Grant Program, in July. The commission will then be able to grant the county the remaining funds for implementing the program.

Harris expects the money will come in September, the same month that HB 4002 goes into effect, and that the program will begin rolling out shortly after.

“It’ll be trial and error a little bit to make sure that we get everything right,” said Gunnells. “We’re hoping to start small with the program and build it out, so that we’re not getting ahead of ourselves with the kinds of cases that can come in and so on.”

Commissioner Chang sees this collaboration between partnerships as a promising step in the right direction.

“We’ve learned from other prior experiences that it really does take good coordination among these entities to do something like this,” he said.

Chang pointed out the now-halted Adult Drug Treatment Court, which he said was very successful, but extremely resource intensive. While the program eventually shut down due to a lack of resources, he credits the partnership of entities such as the DA’s office, behavioral health, law enforcement and Adult Parole and Probation as the reason the program ran so well.

“My hope is that we see similar coordination and integration of efforts for the deflection program,” he said.

Pride month is celebrated each June, honoring the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan. The first Pride march was held in New York City on June 28, 1970. Before the decision in Redmond, many residents took part in the public comment. Most were in support of the proclamation. Many expressed their gratitude to the mayor and council.

Redmond Resident Stephanie Hunter weighed in, saying, “A challenge for our times is that individuals and families that have the right to celebrate Pride every day, not just in June, do not feel safe. I’ve heard from people that wish they could be here tonight but are fearful,” she said. “Moving forward to the future, more must be done to protect everyone in our community from the fear of physical violence.”

Anne Graham, a transgender woman, also spoke. Graham has lived in Redmond for 14 years and served on the Redmond City Council from 2015 to 2017.

“In my experience, Redmond has always been open to diversity in the daily activities of our social life. The Pride proclamation simply acknowledges the worth of a subset of our community and is, frankly, long overdue,” she said.

Some individuals urged the council not to make the proclamation, citing religious viewpoints against homosexuality. Before the vote, city councilors weighed in and responded to the negative comments.

“What we’re saying is we want everybody to be treated equally and with fairness, and that’s what I’m saying,” Councilor Clifford Evelyn said at the council meeting.

Redmond City Councilor Shannon Wedding was the lone “no” vote against the proclamation.


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Redmond realiza su primer proclamación de mes del Pride (Mes del Orgullo) con opiniones diversas por parte de la comunidad

El 28 de mayo, varios miembros de la comunidad asistieron a una reunión del ayuntamiento de Redmond para mostrar apoyo a la comunidad LGBTQ+. Después de un periodo de comentarios públicos extensos, el concejo votó 6 a 1 para aprobar una Proclamación que por primera vez reconoce a Junio como el mes del Pride.

Según el alcalde Ed Fitch, el reconocimiento era algo que habían pedido los miembros de la comunidad. “Estamos reconociendo que son una parte importante de nuestra comunidad, como lo haríamos con muchos otros, así que es un trabajo bien hecho”, dijo a the Source Weekly.

El mes del Pride se celebra cada año en el mes de junio, honoring the 1969 Stonewall Uprising/en honor a la revuelta de Stonewall de 1969 en Manhattan. La primer marcha del Orgullo fue celebrada en la ciudad de Nueva York el 28 de junio de 1970.

comentarios públicos para conversar sobre la proclamación. Muchos la apoyaron. Muchas personas expresaron su agradecimiento al alcalde y al ayuntamiento por considerar la proclamación.

Stephanie Hunter, habitante de Redmond, consideró la proc lamación en la reunión, expresando su apoyo y destacando la importancia de la proclamación.

“Un desafío hoy en día es que las personas y familias que tienen derecho a celebrar Pride a diario, no solo en junio, no se sienten a salvo. He escuchado por parte de la gente que desearían estar aquí esta noche pero tienen miedo,” dijo Hunter. Hunter siguió mencionando que momentos como este son parte de la solu-

del miedo a la violencia física”. Anne Graham, una mujer transgénero, también hablo durante la reunión. Graham ha vivido en Redmond por 14 años y sirvió en el Ayuntamiento de Redmond de 2015 a 2017. Ve que la comunidad en general es abierta y comprensiva e indica que nunca se ha enfrentado con ningún tipo de hostilidad de género.

“En mi experiencia, Redmond siempre ha estado abierto a la diversidad en las actividades diarias de la vida social. La proclamación del Pride simplemente reconoce el valor de un subconjunto de nuestra comunidad, y francamente, debería haberse hecho desde hace mucho tiempo, dijo Graham. Algunas personas que hablaron durante la reunión exhortaron al

consejo a no hacer la proclamación, citando puntos de vista religiosos en contra de la homosexualidad.

Antes de la votación, los concejales opinaron y respondieron a los comentarios negativos.

“No actúen como si esto fuera algo nuevo, esto no es nada nuevo. No tratamos de forzar nada, no estamos tratando de obligar a nadie. Lo que estamos diciendo es que queremos que todos sean tratados por igual y de manera justa, y eso es lo que digo,” dijo el concejal Clifford Evelyn en la reunión del consejo.

El concejal Tobias Colvin, dijo durante la reunión que es un orgulloso aliado de la comunidad LGBTQ+. “La oposición que hemos visto muestra que tenemos trabajar en la educación y en entender que esta comunidad son nuestros vecinos, familia, amigos y compañeros de trabajo”, dijo Colvin.

Shannon Wedding, Concejal del Ayuntamiento de Redmond, fue la única contra el voto a la proclamación.

Let’s celebrate Pride and community –you bring the smiles and The Pavilion will have the party rollin’!




AGES 18+

roller pride at the pavilion

with local brewery on site 7:30 – 10:00 p.m.

$10 incl. skate rental

Limited rental skates – bring your skates if available and wear dancing shoes in case skates are sold out.

Please bring your own helmet.

The Pavilion p. 541-389-7588

1001 SW Bradbury Way


dresses in drag not only for herself; she uses her platform as a tool to spur worldwide support for queer and environmental allyship.


Pattie Gonia Photo Evan Benally Atwood

Pattie Gonia’s Gay Voice for Change

Bend-based drag queen collaborates with artists, scientists and experts, environmental groups, politicians and other allies, using her platform to support queer and environmental allyship

Drag doesn’t change who you are, it just unlocks different sides of you,” said drag queen Pattie Gonia, who stands at the intersection of the queer rights movement and environmental activism, often sporting outfits employing only upcycled materials — like the one that graces this week’s Source Weekly cover.

With a slew of recognition under her belt, including being named Time Magazine’s 2023 Next Gen Leader, Pattie acknowledges, “I lived a lot of my life to make other people happy, and now I feel like I live life to make myself happy, and to make space for other people who really were never given a fair chance at love or community or acceptance.”

On a whim with no agenda, Wyn (his name, when out of drag) packed 6-inch heels alongside backpacking gear and set off on Colorado’s Continental Divide Trail in the fall of 2018. What came next was a personal music video boasting high heels and hiking gear, set to the tune of Fergie’s “London Bridge.” That was her first post to what she believed at the time was a joke Instagram account, under the alias Pattie Gonia. The video went viral.

Feeling confident and safe to be herself, especially outside, didn’t come easy, and it continues to come at a cost to queer individuals around the world.

Pattie’s first safe place to be queer was nature, she told the Source Weekly.

“Some of my first memories of my life were outdoors from my backyard performing ‘Cats’ the musical for an audience of nobody.” Middle and high school only lent adversity in spaces like sports and Boy Scouts, she said, “where my queerness wasn't accepted or celebrated or embraced at all,” only encouraging her to retreat back into herself and conform.

The circumstances can be horrific, she says.

“The realities are so real that people are being killed for being queer all the time in rural spaces, and especially in outdoor spaces.”

Pattie Gonia’s slogan, “Make Nature Gay Again” colors all of her outdoor

community-building efforts, including queer group hikes, sponsoring queer summer backpacking course scholarships and, five years in the making — after receiving hundreds of messages from queer Yosemite National Park staff from around the world — hosting Yosemite’s Pride last year, bringing together more than 1,000 queer park employees. Pattie, of course, was donning her park-ranger-inspired drag outfit.

frogs and trees, have the ability to transition between sexes. Partnering with fire experts, she also busts myths about forest fires. And she collaborates on projects like “Everything to Lose,” her upcoming docuseries with Bonnie Wright (yes, Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter) and the drag show “Save Her!” — all advocacy efforts supporting queer and environmental allyship.

“Drag is a queer art form that has

“This is not some magical Pattie thing. It’s the power of community and it’s the power of visibility and it’s the power of making space and how that inspires more space.”

This year, after the National Park Service released a memo that banned park employees from attending non-NPS Pride events in uniform, widespread backlash — including a statement by Pattie — garnered a reversal in favor of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

“Reversing this decision is the bare minimum,” Pattie said.

“This is not some magical Pattie thing. It’s the power of community and it’s the power of visibility and it’s the power of making space and how that inspires more space. So, there’s nothing that I’ve done that I’ve done alone, and it’s a very collaborative effort, a very collective effort,” she said of the colossal queer and environmental campaign she’s charging.

Queer Nature

The very gay nature of nature is backed by scientific research, and Pattie’s on a mission to share how more than 1,000 species, like clown fish,


always been rooted in activism and advocacy...born throughout the queer rights movement as an act of protest, and it still is,” declares the artist.

Dressed for the part in literal trash, she pushed the Global Plastics Treaty petition, advocating to stop worldwide plastic production. Made from oil byproducts — and profiting the big oil and gas industry behemoths — plastics rarely get recycled (only 9% worldwide), end up in our oceans and on our lands, harming wildlife. Microplastics have even been found in humans’ food and water, blood, lungs, placentas, breastmilk and semen.

When it comes to doing our part, Pattie proposes that advocacy and allyship are verbs, not titles, stating, “It’s one thing to say it, it’s a whole other thing to live it out.”

On the environmental front, she said, “I don’t need everyone to stop what they’re doing and start being an activist or advocate full time. What I need is for someone who’s a lawyer to say, 'oh, I

have a unique skill set as a lawyer, maybe I can take on some pro bono clients that are environmental nonprofits local to Bend and I can make a difference that way.' Or maybe, I own this space and I wanna give this certain percentage of [it] to different community things, or, you know what, I’m just a really great amateur baker and I’m gonna bring cookies to the next climate rally. Do that.” But most and first of all, she says, “get the hell outside and connect to nature so we know what we’re fighting for.”

A Nebraska transplant, Pattie feels pride in calling Bend home, describing it as “a really beautiful spot to be fertile soil for a lot of growth.” About how Bend could improve, she says more diversity is needed here.

Taking action as a queer ally can be as easy as eating at queer-owned restaurants, buying from queer artists, attending drag shows, hiring and helping queer staff, voting for laws and leaders supporting queer rights and affordable housing. Basically, eliminating barriers that queer people face daily.

In its most primal form, allyship is kindness and recognizing that, as Pattie knows firsthand, “conditional love is not love.”

When she’s not jamming to favorite Pride songs like Abba’s "Dancing Queen," Pattie’s dreaming up more music collaborations, complementing past projects with the likes of Yo-Yo Ma, her ambition only rising as she hopes to partner with artist Imogen Heap. After all, she says, “Drag’s a playground where anything is possible.”

Visit Pattie Gonia’s website and Instagram for details on her 2024 Pride Tour, free Queer Outdoor and Environmental Job Board, Outdoorist Oath nonprofit, original music and groundbreaking film projects.

Pattie Gonia



PRIDE for us is:

Experiencing Joy

Holding Hands in Public

The Choice to Marry

Wearing What We Feel Like

Sharing Stories and Laughter

Seeing Representation in the Media

Customers Shopping in Our Store

Rights being Enacted for Equity

The Freedom to Just Exist

Being Uplifted for Our Successes

Being Accepted for our Failures

Being Ourselves

Unconditional Love from Family

A Life Free From Trauma Around Love

Being A Part of any Community

Feeling Welcomed

A Sense of Belonging

To Sit in the Genuine Self

Celebrating Equality self

We are Bend, OR 1017 NE 2nd ST. Bend, Oregon Theatre and Plant shoppe
owned and operated.
Bend’s #1 Indoor Plant Store Open Wed-Mon, 10am-6pm
JC’s along with Stella Artois and Hot Ones is bringing the ultimate category to our Wednesday Trivia and Wing night. The wings get hotter, the questions get harder! Trivia and Wings (for the challenge) are FREE! Can you handle the heat?!

Pride Calendar 2024 – June 5 - 30








































Adobe Stock Adobe Stock Adobe Stock Adobe Stock
Courtesy Prineville Chamber
WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / JUNE 06, 2024 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE 14 GOVERNMENT WARNING: Do not operate a vehic e or machinery under the nfluence of this drug For use only by adults enty-o e years of age and olde Keep out of each of child en THANK YOU CENTRAL OREGON! FOR 10+ AMAZING YEARS! SAT & SUN ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS NEW CLIENTS $30 for 30 days (starts date of purchase) NEW & EXISTING CLIENTS $70 for 7 classes (2 month expiration) 541-322-6887 www tulamovementarts com info@tulamovementarts com AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE NOW THROUGH JUNE 23 YOGA | AERIAL | FITNESS | CHILDCARE | COMMUNITY Listener Supported Volunteer Powered





With the influence of country, rock ‘n’ roll and blues, Rob Leines’ unique Americana sound was born in the hills of Tennessee. His blue-collar lifestyle and Southern roots create a genuine representation of American songwriting. The Rob Leines Band brings a fresh sound, with the rowdy charisma and attitude that country rock needs. Wed., June 5, 8-11pm, at Volcanic Theatre Pub. 70 SW Century Dr., Bend. $10.



Enjoy four days of world-class yoga and guided outdoor adventures at the Bend Yoga Festival. The event includes yoga workshops, asana intensives, kirtan, paddle boarding, hiking, forest bathing, an introduction to rock climbing, curated vendors, live music, silent disco and more. Runs from Thu., June 6 through Sun., June 9 from 8am-10pm at Riverbend Park, 799 SW Columbia St., Bend. $29-$499.




Join author Glenn Voelz as he recounts the fascinating history of Oregon’s Skyline Trail, the foundation of America’s greatest long-distance hiking trail. Voelz is the author of two previous books on Oregon history, including “Mount Bachelor: A History” and “Oregon Search and Rescue: Answering the Call.” Thu., June 6, 6:30-7:30pm at Roundabout Books. 900 NW Mount Washington Dr., Bend. $5.



Bits N Skits presents June Jokesters, a unique blend of stand-up and sketch comedy, plus music! The event is hosted by Whitney Russell and Christine Keeper and features four comedians and music by Katie Sutton. “Sketch comedy” consists of performances that have been written, rehearsed and memorized in advance, but still filled with plenty of impromptu chaos and fun. Fri., June 7, 6:30pm at The Capitol. 190 NW Oregon Ave., Bend. $15.


Join Bend Brewing Company on First Friday, June 7 for classic cars, rock ‘n’ roll and award-winning beers. Enjoy live music from Silvertone Devils and see classic cars from the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s. The event runs from 4-10pm at Bend Brewing Company. 1019 NW Brooks St., Bend. Free.



A First Friday event with live music at the Ale Apothecary. Enjoy local one-man-band FY and his chill vocal-driven beats, DJ Tarekith with downtempo radness and Speedway Sleeper with multi-instrumental pop/funk — all in the one place for a night of catchy atmosphere grooves. Fri., June 7, 6-8:30pm at The Ale Apothecary Tasting Room. 30 SW Century Dr., Suite 140, Bend. Free.



Celebrate local arts and culture and enjoy free live music by local bands at the First Friday Art Walk block party. Come down for a night of fun and community with food, drinks, dancing and art, all in the heart of Bend, overlooking Mirror Pond. Fri., June 7, 6:30pm8:30pm at The Commons Café & Taproom. 875 NW Brooks St., Bend. Free.



Urban Craft Uprising is excited to debut the Bend Handmade Market in Downtown Bend this June! Discover 100 makers and artists selling handmade goods from independent designers. The market will feature a wide variety of hand-crafted items, including jewelry, housewares, clothing, toys, art, candles and much more! Sat., June 8, 10am-6pm in Downtown Bend. Free.



Stop by the third annual Second Sunday Market located at Gathered Wares in the Old Iron Works District, Bend’s premier vintage clothing and home goods market. Shop from various local vintage vendors and makers while dancing to live DJ music every second Sunday of the month. Sun., June 9, 11am-3pm at Gathered Wares. 50 SE Scott St., Bend. Free.

6/5 – 6/9
THURSDAY 06/06-06/09
FRIDAY 06/07
FRIDAY 06/07
FRIDAY 06/07
SUNDAY 06/09
??? ??? ??? ??? So Good: The Neil Diamond Experience JUNE 16 Don McLean JUNE 9 Todd Rundgren JULY 1
WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / JUNE 06, 2024 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE 16 5 4 1 - 3 1 2 - 9 6 9 0 2 9 2 0 N E Con n e r s Ave . B e n d, O R All your monthly living expenses included in your monthly rent - Cable, phone, internet, 3 meals daily, weekly housekeeping
linen change service, water/sewer, gas, electric, scheduled transportation,
Call Today to Schedule a Tour & Lunch! EXPERIENCE MATTERSCentral Oregon’s Original All Inclusive Retirement Community. BUY YOUR FAIR TICKETS NOW Mexican banda & Tribute Band Sunday, August 4 BANDA LOS RECODITOS with 512: The Selena Experience 104th Deschutes County Fair & Rodeo UNLEASH THE THRILLS JULY 31 -AUGUST 4 DRONE SHOW Prepare to be amazed! 300 drones paint the night sky. 400-foot-tall 3D moving images. A nationwideacclaimed experience. Deschutes County Fair & Rodeo 2024! World’s only traveling Sea Lion Attraction! Get up close to magnificent creatures. Educational and comedy shows. A unique, extraordinary experience. SEA LION SPECTACULAR Unforgettable fun awaits at the Bi-Mart Deschutes County Fair & Rodeo presented by Indian Head Casino. Live music, thrilling entertainment, stunning views. All included with paid admission. FREE SUMMER CONCERT SERIES ON THE BI-MART STAGE More concerts and more fun to be announced! Hip-Hop YUNG GRAVY Friday, August 2 Pop Rock/Alternative Rock THE FRAY Wednesday, July 31
programming. Studios, 1-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms and Cottages.

S SOUND A Truly Family-Friendly Festival

The community-minded vibe at 4 Peaks Music Festival offers something for the whole family, from Kidlandia to national touring acts, alongside local faves

Bend is a city practically built for families. Every day, there are tons of families taking advantage of Central Oregon’s parks, trails and breweries with kid-friendly outdoor spaces. It seems as though dogs may be the only family member that could possibly outnumber kids in Bend.

It only makes sense then that 4 Peaks Music Festival proudly touts itself as “Bend’s only multi-day music and family camping festival.” This year’s summer solstice brings with it the 16th edition of the eclectic, locally grown and curated fest from Thursday, June 20 through Sunday, June 23.

“When we say family friendly, it’s the kind of thing where literally every member of the family—from a 2-year-old to an 80-year-old—has something to do at 4 Peaks."


“From the start, it was always family friendly — basically because we all had kids,” laughs 4 Peaks’ publicist Gregg Morris. “We had to have it family friendly.”

“And lots of festivals claim it, but we really walk the walk with our Kidlandia,” adds festival founder and booker Stacy Koff.

Amongst all the normal festival trappings you’d expect (music, camping, silent disco, vendors, yoga, food and beer), 4 Peaks prides itself on its family-friendly ethos. Kidlandia, the fest’s dedicated kid zone, is conveniently located opposite the festival’s two music stages and boasts a full daily lineup of activities, from group games, fort building and storytelling, to family yoga and capoeira, to guitar and drumming workshops. Numerous craft hours allow time to accentuate your festival costumes while making your own masks, crowns, wands and streamers, plus, there’s a pottery wheel for clay creations. And it all culminates in a Saturday evening parade and a Sunday morning jam session followed by an afternoon art and talent show.

This all sounds pretty great for occupying your kids’ time — what’ll you do with yours? Here’s where the rest of those festival essentials come in handy: 4 Peaks’ communal vibe pairs oh so well with great music.

“That’s the main reason we’re all here: our love for music,” Morris says. “We use this phrase a lot: Discover your new favorite band.” Morris also helps provide stage management at 4 Peaks and is a local musician who you can catch playing guitar in TEB on the fest’s opening day. Yet, he says, “every year there’s always a band that I was, like, ‘Holy cow! These guys are great. How did I not know about them?’”

Koff prides herself on creating a family-friendly, hospitable environment, “as well as grabbing lots of national bands that are about to blow up,” she says. The first fest was held in 2007, and in the years since, rising artists like Billy Strings, Sierra Hull, Greensky Bluegrass and The Brothers Comatose have graced the 4 Peaks

stage—all of whom have gone onto greater success and are playing arguably larger stages (FairWell at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds, Hoodoo’s Bigstock and Sisters’ Big Ponderoo) in Central Oregon this summer.

If you “look at past artists [who have played 4 Peaks], people are blown away by the talent I’ve had on stage, and they don't necessarily know it while it’s happening,” Koff tells. “That’s something I love to do.”

This year’s highlights include psychedelic R&B rocker Neal Francis, the self-explanatory Daniel Donato's Cosmic Country, country singer Miko Marks, the soul blues of Southern Avenue, jam band ALO, banjo player Tray Wellington and up-and-comers Broken Compass Bluegrass. Portland soul godfather Ural Thomas & The Pain, regional stalwarts Garcia Birthday Band and Seattle’s Wolfchild will rep the PacNW, while Bendites Billy and the Box Kid, The Hasbens and Dead enthusiasts Call Down Thunder round out the local talent. In fact, the latter will play a late-night Saturday silent band set as part of the silent disco.

All of this goes down on approximately 200 acres of the Stevenson Ranch just outside of the Southeast Bend neighborhood. This is, “a festival with worldclass live music in your own backyard — it's literally 10 minutes from town. Some people ride their bikes,” Koff describes.

Affordability is also key, “because we understand the difference between one person buying a ticket to the festival and a family buying a ticket to a festival: It’s exponentially more expensive,” Morris says. “And that’s a big deal.” To this end, kids under 10 are free while prices for adult and teen passes remain reasonable.

Organizers look to improve the festival’s experience year over year, and this includes refining sustainability efforts and encouraging no single-use plastics and offering branded, reusable stainless steel cups for beverages. The first drink is free!

The homegrown nature of 4 Peaks means most staff, vendors and volunteers come from the area, and many financial benefits of the fest stay in the county’s economy, which supports the local community that organizers seek to create.

“When we say family friendly, it’s the kind of thing where literally every member of the family—from a 2-year-old to an 80-year-old—has something to do at 4 Peaks,” Morris says. “It’s the safety and security aspect, where your kid can be running around while you’re watching” incredible musicians.

“It’s intimate enough,” Koff adds, “so you’re not worried about: “Where’s my kid?”

As Koff concludes, “I hope that everybody who steps on the property gets to escape in whatever way they know how.”

4 Peaks

Music Festival Thu., June 20 to Sun., June 23 21091 SE Knott Rd., Bend Gates open June 20 at Noon $40.99 to $322
"Discover your new favorite band" while letting the kids run wild at the homegrown, community-focused 4 Peaks in southeast Bend on June 20-23. Photos courtesy of 4 Peaks Music Festival


In conversation with Greg Lemond


5 Wednesday

Bledsoe Family Winery Wine & Music at Bledsoe Family Winery Join Bledsoe Family Winery in the Box Factory for delicious wine and live music from the lovely Olivia Harms! 4-6pm. Free.

The Cellar-A Porter Brewing Company

Wednesday Jam Sessions Drink some fine cask or imported beers and try some amazing British pies while listening to some local musicians jam out. 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Craft Kitchen and Brewery Comedy Open Mic Sign-up 7:30pm. If you’ve ever wanted to try stand-up comedy, this is where you start! 8-10pm. Free.

Deschutes Brewery & Public House

Head Games Trivia Night Eat. Drink. Think. Win! Head Games multi-media trivia is at Deschutes Bend Public House every Wednesday. Win prizes. Teams up to six. 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Downtown Bend Library All Ages Game Night with Modern Games This program is for all ages! Children must be accompanied by a caregiver. Come learn some new board games with your friends from Modern Games! There will be a selection of favorites and staff ready to teach you how to dive into your next favorite game. Snacks too! 6-7:30pm. Free.

General Duffy’s Waterhole Wednesday Night Open Mic Join Central Oregon School of Modern Music and General Duffy’s for the Wednesday night Open Mic! Play 3 songs. Groups of up to 3. Sign-up begins at 5:30. Food trucks, 25+ taps, drink specials! 6-9pm. Free.

JC’s Bar & Grill TRIVIA + Wing Wednesday!

$.75 cent wing special all day and trivia kicking off at 7:30pm. Don’t forget the infamous “physical” challenge as one of the categories (think musical chairs, limbo, paper airplane throwing etc)! Get a free appetizer by winning that round and happy hour pricing all week for the winning team. 7:30-9:30pm. Free.

Juniper Preserve Music on the Patio at Juniper Preserve Join Juniper Reserve for “Music on the Patio,” a summer series of live music performances happening every Wednesday evening from 6 to 8pm on the patio by Grill on the Green at Juniper Preserve. Free.

M&J Tavern Open Mic Night Downtown living room welcomes musicians to bring their acoustic set or turn it up to eleven with the whole band. Bring your own instruments. Goes to last call or last musician, which ever comes first. 21+. 6:30pm. Free.

Northside Bar & Grill Mellow Wednesday Acoustic Open Mic and Jam hosted by Derek Michael Marc Sign up sheet is available at 6:30pm. 7-9pm. Free.

Oblivion Pour House Last Call Trivia Wednesday Last Call Trivia Wednesdays, bring your smartest friends and win free food and drink. 6:30-8:30pm.

Prost! Bend Trivia Prost! UKB Trivia is now at Prost! Bend on Wednesdays at 7pm! Genuine UKB Trivia is no average trivia night! Meet up with friends, win gift card prizes for top teams! Enjoy Prost’s authentic beer and food menu. Trivia is free to play, with no buy-ins! 7-9pm. Free.

Unity Community of Central Oregon An Evening with the Kristen Lee Duo An acoustic, unplugged style performance of uplifting and spiritually based music featuring artist and songwriter Kristen Lee and guitarist Jesse Godoy. $25 suggested love offering. More info contact Clare Kubota at Clare@ 541-280-5040 7-8pm. $25.

7 Friday

Bend Cider Co. Matt Gwinup & Travis Palladino Come on out and enjoy Matt Gwinup and Travis Palladino of Toothpick Shaker, who’ll be performing classic rock and modern covers. Delicious ciders, cold beers, and light appetizers on a lovely summer evening! Outside food welcome. Kid and dog friendly. 6-8pm. Free.

Bend Poker Room Friday Night Poker Tournament Come on in for the Friday night poker tournament! $80 entry with unlimited rebuys for the first hour and an optional add-on for $40 at the first break. Patrons pay a $10 entrance fee. No money bet in any game is collected by the Bend Poker Room. 6-11pm. $80.

Olivia Harms, a singer-songwriter from Texas, has found her niche playing music for western lifestyle and honky-tonk lovers. She has been recognized for her hard work and perseverance to stay true to herself and her authentic sound. Wed., June 5, 4-6pm at Bledsoe Family Winery.

The Vault Taphouse at Kobold Brewing Trivia Night Trivia Night at The Vault! Come test your knowledge and drink top notch local beer! 6:30-8pm. Free.

Volcanic Theatre Pub Rob Leines on the Pub Stage “It’s hard for me to sit still,” admits Rob Leines, the country-rock frontman and blue-collar road warrior who regularly spends more than 200 nights a year onstage, bashing out a mix of Telecaster twang, guitar-driven grit and southern storytelling. 8-11pm. $10.

Worthy Brewing Blü Egyptian at Worthy Brewing Blü Egyptian returns to Bend at Worthy Brewing Eastside. 6-8pm. Free.



The Ballybogs and Friends Grab a pint, relax and enjoy live music by an amazing group of artists that brings the best Irish trad music in Central Oregon. Every Thursday at The Cellar. 6-8pm. Free.

Austin Mercantile Live Music Every Thursday Join at Austin Mercantile for live music every Thursday. Offering a light happy hour menu — daily flatbread, chili, charcuterie, soft pretzels and more! 4:30-6:30pm. Free.

Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Bingo Bingo at the Elk’s Lodge. Win cash prizes. 6-9pm. $23.

Bridge 99 Brewery Trivia Thursday at Bridge 99 Brewery Trivia Thursdays at 6:30pm at Bridge 99 Brewery with Useless Knowledge Bowl. It’s no ordinary trivia night, Team up to win house gift cards! Great brews, cocktails, and more. In-house menu and food truck options available! It’s free to play. Indoor and outdoor seating available. 63063 Layton Ave, Bend. 6:30-8:30pm.

Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market Ghost of Brian Craig Original songwriting and authentic sounding covers this solo acoustic rock performer delivers Southwest vibes and the Pacific Northwest sunset dinner, drinks and music culture in bottle. 5:30-7:30pm. Free.

Crux Fermentation Project Live Music at Crux Fermentation Project Jeff Ibach: Transplant from Hawaii, Jeff brings a little bit of home to his folk music as he grooves on this guitar! 6-8pm. Free.

Dump City Dumplings Locals Thursday & Live Music Join Dump City Dumplings every Thursday for a locals discount and live music at the shop! $1 off classic dumplings and $1 off drafts & cocktails. Live music at 5:30 pm till 8 pm. Follow @dumpcitydumplings on Instagram to stay in the loop. 5:30-8pm. Free.

Elements Public House Trivia Night at Elements Public House with QuizHead Games Come be all you can be with Trivia Night every Thursday from 6-8pm! Featuring Trivia is every Thursday night! Located at the north end of Redmond. Full bar and great food! 6-8pm.Free .

Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards and Events Live at the Vineyard: Reno & Cindy Another great year of concerts at the Vineyard with Reno and Cindy’s live music! An amazing duo with great vocals. Reno comes from great music heritage and can play almost any song by ear. 5-8pm. $15.

M&J Tavern Big Treble Birthday Bash We, at M&J Tavern, are inviting all our friends to celebrate Reegan’s day! Party goes till last call. So stop by and drop off a card or tip her band. It is going to be a good ol’ time! 8pm. Free.

Northside Bar & Grill Corrupted Kin Local trio performing rock, alternative and classic covers. 8-10pm. Free.

River’s Place The Quon Trio Songwriters Linda and Mark Quon accompanied by John Allen. Guitars, harmonium, bass, and vocal harmonies, their songs tell stories and speak of reflection, love, loss, and social issues. 6-8pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Trivia on the Moon Come down to Silver Moon Brewing for a night of trivia! Teams are welcome to show up in groups up to 8 people. Silver Moon also offers seating reservations for $20 donations that all go to F*Cancer! If you would like to reserve a table please contact the Trivia on the Moon Facebook page. 7pm. Free.

The Lot Live Music with Rick Smith at The Lot Rick Smith has performed live for over thirty years with Steppin Out, The Untouchables and The Coupe de Ville Band, opening up for The Average White Band, Elvin Bishop and Curtis Salgado to name a few. Rick is now a single entertainer playing country/rock, blues and funk. 6-8pm. Free.

Boneyard Pub Free Live Music! Desert Wheelhouse @ Boneyard Pub Central Oregon Cover Band playing classic rock, country, and pop. Join Desert Wheelhouse at Boneyard Pub for refreshments, food, and free live music! The wraparound outdoor patio has 4 fireplaces and outdoor heaters to relax by while you enjoy the music on the patio. See you there! 6-9pm. Free.

Bunk+Brew Bend Burlesque Presents: Taste Our Rainbow Head to Bunk + Brew after First Friday in June to celebrate Pride with Bend Burlesque! Talented performers will showcase their unique talents and celebrate love in all its forms. 8-10pm. $25-$35.

The Commons Cafe & Taproom

First Friday Block Party First Friday Downtown Bend! Celebrate local arts and culture by hosting free live music featuring local bands for First Friday Art Walk block party style. Sponsored by Immersions Brewing. Lineup on our website event calendar First Friday of every month, 6-9pm. Free.

Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards and Events Live at the Vineyard: Heller Highwater Band Heller Highwater’s full Band will rock out at the most beautiful venue in Central Oregon in the Vineyard. Lead vocalist, hythm guitar, percussion, Heather Drakulich, along with Tom Brouillette, Bob Akers and Lance Van Buren. Enjoy our summer weather and concert on our patio. Tables and chairs provided. 6-9pm. $20.

General Duffy’s Annex Friday Night Jazz With The Positive Side Trio Looking for a classy night out accompanied by some of the best jazz music in town? The Positive Side Trio presents a residency at General Duffys brand new Annex Kitchen and Cocktails. Serving top of the line dishes & cocktails accompanied by soothing sounds of jazz standards. Every Friday night! 6-8pm. Free.

Hardtails Bar & Grill Stage 28 Karaoke Come out for a night of Stage 28 Karaoke with your host Miss Min! What’s your go-to karaoke tune? Come to Hardtails for a fun Friday night and sing your heart out! 8pm-Midnight. Free.

High Desert Music Hall MaMuse Music and song to uplift the spirits and rejuvenate the soul. MaMuse (“Ma” as in Mamma; “Muse” as in the one who inspires) is coming to Bend on the Force of Nature tour with their band to share harmonic, uplifting, luscious, folk-soul: a musical tune-up for the heart. 7-9pm. $35 advance, $40 dos.

Big E’s Sports Bar Karaoke Night Central Oregon’s most fun karaoke venue! Karaoke is hosted by A Fine Note Karaoke Too and DJ Jackie J. Delicious food and drink and a friendly staff. Come join the show where you are the star! 8pm. Free.

> Tickets Available on Submitting an event is free and easy. Add your event to our calendar at
Courtesy Olivia Harms Facebook


M&J Tavern Blackflowers Blacksun and The Bangers Blackflowers Blacksun and The Bangers. Playing both kinds of music ‘Blues and Punk Rock’ loud and rowdy for dancing and drinking. 9pm-1am. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Superball @ Silver Moon Brewing Superball is back at Silver Moon with its bell bottom rock, originals, and more surprises. Come out and enjoy a beautiful Bend summer night! 7-10pm. $10.

Silver Moon Brewing So Much House: Fluffy Stuff & Luxo SoMuchHouse: Bend debut DJ set by Fluffy Stuff with support by Luxo. B2B set by Its Fine & MStarkDJ. Dance, community, house music. Join for this special night! First Friday of every month, 8pm-2am. $15.

The Ale Apothecary Tasting Room

FIRST FRIDAY Live Music & Art Exhibit Live music with Tarekith (chill beats) and Speedway Sleeper (catchy atmospheric vocal action) Local artist August Cary will have his visual artwork on display, this is his first showing. As always, the beer will be engaging and Cotto Italian street food will be on the patio. 5 and 6pm. Free.

The Barrel Room at Immersion Brewing LIVE SALSA MUSIC - LATIN DANCE PARTY Turn up the heat at a Latin dance party! The Barrel Room is thrilled to have live salsa music from Bendiciones Salsa Orchestra. Prepare for an evening filled with dancing, starting with a salsa dance lesson followed by live salsa music and DJ Solo. 7 pm: Salsa Dance Lesson 7pm-Midnight. $15.

The Capitol Bits N Skits Presents June Jokesters Bits N Skits presents June Jokesters A Unique Style of Stand Up & Sketch Comedy, plus music! Stand-up comedy and music. Friday, June 7, 2024 Sketch comedy and music: 6:30pm. $15 online/$20 at the door.

8 Saturday

Austin Mercantile Saturday Afternoon Live Music Austin Mercantile is now adding live music on Saturdays! Serving wine, beer, lite happy hour menu, gifts and home decor. Hope to see you soon! 4:30-6:30pm. Free.

Blacksmith Public House SHINE @ The Blacksmith Public House Shine makes its debut at The Blacksmith with acoustic sweetness from The Monkees to Collective Soul. Come sing and dance! 6:30-9:30pm. Free.

Canteen DJ Wicked at the Canteen bar (at Campfire hote). Portland’s own DJ Wicked spins a thoughtfully curated, all vinyl DJ set on Saturday, June 8 at the Canteen bar at the Campfire hotel. 7pm-10pm. 21 & up. Free. *Also, catch DJ Wicked spinning poolside at the Campfire hotel on Sun, June 9 from 3-7pm. (Contact Campfire hotel for deets). 7-10pm. Free.

Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards and Events Live at the Vineyard: Brian Hanson Band The Brian Hanson Band is an electrifying country music group that takes great country music (with a little rock here and there) and makes it their own. 6-9pm. $22.

Hayden Homes Amphitheater Daryl Hall and Elvis Costello and The Imposters with Charlie Sexton Pop legends Daryl Hall and Elvis Costello bring the party to Bend on Jun. 8! 6pm. $49.50-$225.

Northside Bar & Grill The Substitutes An amazing night of modern and classic rock. 8-11pm. Free.


Tap Live Music with the Sun Threaders at On Tap Amazing food trucks, 36 taps, and free live music from Sun Threaders. 6-8pm. Free. Open Space Event Studios Never Come Down Record Release Party with Skillethead at Open Space Event Studios Weaving together modern and traditional styles of American music, Never Come Down is a Portland-based 5-piece band. Their dedication to thoughtful songwriting and dynamic arrangements highlight polished technical skills and a commitment to listening to each other. 7-10pm. $15. Get your Subaru summer ready (541) 213-8549 20727 High Desert Ct Bend, Oregon 97701 Repair Suspension Motor Rebuilds lifts Maintenance Performance SOURCE AD JUNE 6 1/4 4.27 x 7.14 RIMROCK GALLERY Open: Tues-Sat 10-5:30 405A NW 3RD ST PRINEVILLE OR 541-903-5565 Off-street parking on west entry side! ZUGER THOMPSON HOMSHER NORMAN “PRECIOUS!” JUNE 8 RECEPTION 2-4 PM

River’s Place Saturday Jazz Sessions Brandon Campbell Trio will perform some gypsy jazz during River’s Place Saturday jazz sessions. 6-8pm. Free.

The Capitol Bits N Skits Presents June Jokesters Bits N Skits presents June Jokesters A Unique Style of Stand-Up & Sketch Comedy, plus music! Stand-up comedy and music: Saturday June 8, 2024 (repeat of Friday sketches) 6:30pm. $15 online/$20 at the door.

Volcanic Theatre Pub The White Buffalo

The White Buffalo, singer/songwriter/guitarist Jake Smith. It was time to take the less travelled path; to assemble notions for studio album “Number 8,” 8-11:59pm. $25.

9 Sunday

The Astro Lounge Local Artist Spotlight Sundays This is a chance to listen to Central Oregon’s newest and upcoming local artists. They have earned their spot to perform a two-hour show, changing weekly, every Sunday. Support local top notch talent! 7-9pm. Free.

Bend Cider Co. CJ Neary with Honey Don’t CJ Neary is back from Berklee School of Music and making a special appearance with Honey Don’t at Bend Cider! Come enjoy an appetizer, cider and beautiful music. $5 suggested donation. 5-7pm. Free.

Campfire Hotel Pool Club at the Campfire Hotel with DJ Wicked! A daytime pool party at the Campfire hotel in Bend, featuring an all vinyl DJ set by Portland’s own DJ Wicked! All Ages 3-5pm. 21 & up from 5-7pm. Poolside bar service provided by Canteen. Hotel Guests: Free. Non-Hotel Guests: $20. 3-7pm. $0-$20.

The Commons Cafe & Taproom Trivia Night Sunday Funday Trivia with Sean. Gather your team, or roll solo and find a spot early in the cafe, knowledge tests begin at 6pm. Prizes for 1st and 2nd place. Free. 6-8pm. Free.

River’s Place Trivia Sundays at Noon Trivia Sundays at Noon, with UKB Trivia, at River’s Place. This is no ordinary contest, this is a live trivia game show. Bring your bunch and win gift card prizes for top teams! Indoor and outdoor seating available. Great food and drink options available. Noon-2pm. Free.

River’s Place Fluffalove Music for the soul, consisting primarily of ‘70s folk-rock gems. Their “Laurel Canyon” vibe includes two acoustic guitars (and sometimes a smokin’ electric guitar) and tight harmonies. 5-7pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Open Mic at the Moon Get a taste of the big time! Sign-up is at 4pm! Come check out the biggest and baddest open mic night in Bend! 5-8pm. Free.

10 Monday

Bridge 99 Brewery Trivia Mondays at Bridge 99 Trivia Mondays at 6:30pm at Bridge 99 Brewery with Useless Knowledge Bowl. It’s no ordinary trivia night, Team up to win house gift cards! Great brews, cocktails, and more. In-house menu and food truck options available! It’s free to play. Indoor and outdoor seating available. 63063 Layton Ave, Bend. 6:30-8:30pm.

The Yard at Bunk + Brew Open Mic Monday Sign-up at 5:30pm. Time: 6 - 8pm. 3 song maximum/or 15-minute spots. Singles/duos/ trios (no bands) (Cajun OK). Food and Beverage Carts on-site. Originals or covers. Minors welcome. 6-8pm. Free.

Elements Public House Open Mic with DMM Music Come jam with some great local musicians and enjoy an evening of music, great food and full bar. Musician sign up at 6pm. Sound and PA provided by DMM Music LLC Located at the North end of Redmond. An award-winning full bar and great food! 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Elixir Wine Locals Music Night and Open Mic Bend’s friendliest open-mic! All genres welcome. Oregon and international wine, beer and tapas menu available all evening. 6-9pm. Free.

On Tap Live Music with Faisal & Aaron at On Tap Amazing food trucks, 36 taps, and free live music. Happy hour all day long on Mondays! 6-8pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Beertown Comedy Open Mic Join the #1 Open Mic at Silver Moon Brewing every Monday! Sign-ups at 6:30pm sharp. Perform or watch—maybe even witness a Roast Battle! Plus, opportunities for paid gigs. 6:30-9pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Comedy Open Mic Comedy open mic every Monday at Silver Moon Brewing in the Green Room. Sign-ups at 6:30pm. Presented by Tease Bang Boom Productions. 7-8:30pm. Free.

The Bend Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room Bottles and Boards - Game Night Grab your favorite board game or borrow one! Every Monday is Game Night! Pair a bottle of wine with a selection of charcuterie boards and get $5 off Whites or $10 off Reds. Fun times and great wines! Cheers! 2-9pm. Free.

Worthy Brewing Head Games Trivia Night Eat. Drink. Think. Win! Head Games multi-media trivia is at Worthy Brewing Co. in Bend every Monday. Win prizes. Teams up to six. 7-9pm. Free.

11 Tuesday

Bangers & Brews Redmond UKB Trivia Tuesdays UKB Trivia Tuesdays 6:30pm start time at Bangers and Brews in Redmond! Join this week for this unique “Live Trivia Game Show.” Meet up to compete for prizes! UKB Trivia is free to play, with no buy-ins. Great menu and beers! 6:30-8:30pm. FREE.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend Bend Ecstatic Dance An all-out, full-on, spectacular music and free-form movement journey happens every Tuesday on one of the biggest dance floors in Bend. A no-booze and no-shoes venue. No experience required, no dance instructions given. Just really excellent music curation and a big, clean floor to explore your unique movement across. 7:45-10pm. $15-$25 sliding scale.

The Cellar-A Porter Brewing Company Shine Your Light (Open Mic) Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at The Cellar. Sign-ups at 5:30pm. Hosted By: Mari. What better way to spend a Tuesday evening than to check out Bend’s local artist working on their passion or be one of those artist. All artists welcome! 6pm. Free.


The Commons Cafe & Taproom Storytellers Open Mic StoryTellers open mic nights are full of music, laughs and community. Mason James is the host. Poetry, comedy and spoken word are welcome, but this is mainly a musical open mic. Performance slots are a quick 10 minutes each, so being warmed up and ready is ideal. If you wish to perform sign-ups start at 5pm in the cafe. 6pm. Free.

Crosscut Warming Hut No 5 Head Games Trivia Night Live multi-media trivia every other Tuesday at Crosscut Warming Hut No. 5, Bend. Free to play, win prizes, teams up to 6. Please arrive early for best seats. Every other Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

High Desert Chamber Music Fly Through Time with Leapin’ Louie the Biodiversity Cowboy! at HDMH Leapin’ Louie uses circus, cowboy tricks, a six-foot unicycle, and lots of comedy to explore all of the wild critters who fly! This program is intended for and enjoyable for all ages. All children must be accompanied by a caregiver. Food and drinks available for purchase on site. 6-7pm. Free.

Northside Bar & Grill Karaoke with DJ Chris Ossig Karaoke with DJ Chris. 7-9pm. Free.

River’s Place Think Wild Bingo! Join Think Wild and River’s Place for bingo nights! Win cash prizes and support our organization and mission to inspire the high desert community to care for and protect native wildlife through education, conservation, rescue, and rehabilitation! Please bring cash for bingo cards! 6pm. Free.

Wild Ride Brewing The Uncharted Project Hear a delightful blend of indie folk and soulful jazz. You’ll hear John’s Caribbean roots come out in the rhythms of his finger-plucking style alongside Cassia’s raw vocals that have a touch of the blues. 5-6pm. Free.

Worthy Beers & Burgers Head Games Trivia Night Join for live multi-media trivia every Tuesday night. Win prizes. Teams up to 6 players. 7-9pm. Free.


Don McLean “As a songwriter your songs are like your children, and you are hopeful everyone loves them as much as you do, but rarely is that the case. I am so grateful that songs I have written have touched so many lives and have been recorded by so many great artists,” June 9, 7:309:30pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541 -317-0700. $61- $146 (plus $4 Historic Preservation fee).

Gospel Choir of the Cascades Summer Concert Come hear authentic gospel music with a 30+ voice choir and a full rock band. You will leave feeling better than you came in... guaranteed! The Gospel Choir of the Cascades is a community choir that seeks to lift spirits and spread joy. June 9, 6pm. Grace First Lutheran Church, 2265 NW Shevlin Park Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-390-2441. bendgospelchoir@gmail. com. Free, donations accepted.

Kids Inspired Do Succeed Live music, six food trucks, Raffle and silent auction items . All proceeds go to provide learning and sports activities for Underserved Youth in Central Oregon. Come enjoy the fun. Bring the family, friends and dogs. Donate here, June 7, 5-7:30pm. On Tap, 1424 NE Cushing Drive, Bend. Contact: 541-728-1224.

Summer Warehouse Sale Music enthusiasts, unleash your passion with unbeatable deals on Sat., June 8 from 9am to 2pm at the Breedlove Guitar Warehouse Sale. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring musician, there’s something for everyone, regardless of skill level or budget. Located at 61573 American Loop in Bend. June 8, 9am-2pm. Breedlove Facility, 61573 American Loop, Bend. Contact: 541-385-8339. Free. Sunday Brunch and Karaoke Wake up right with brunch and karaoke! Sundays, 10am3pm. General Duffy’s Waterhole, 404 SW Forest Avenue, Redmond. Free.

American rock, R&B and soul singer-songwriter and musician Daryl Hall will perform in Bend at Hayden Homes Amphitheater, along with Elvis Costello and The Imposters featuring Charlie Sexton. Hall is best known as the co-founder and principal lead vocalist of Hall & Oates, with guitarist and songwriter John Oates. Sat., June 8, at 6pm.
Courtesy Daryl Hall Facebook
JUNE 8 AT 6:30PM


Sunriver Music Festival Free Concert Young Artists Scholarship Recital - All are invited to attend this free community concert featuring some of Central Oregon’s most advanced young musicians. Come be inspired by the future of music! Friday June 7, 7pm, Community Bible Church at Sunriver. June 7, 7pm. Community Bible Church at Sunriver, 1 Theater Dr., Sunriver. Contact: 541-593-1084. Free.

Way Back Whensdays - Live vendors and vintage shopping Every first wednesday, head to Revival for a mood-lit live ‘Tiny Desk’ performance put on by a rotation of local musicians. Imbibe over free bites and locally-brewed bevs while perusing racks of vintage clothing and offerings by guest vendors. Ten percent of all sales go to the performers! First Wednesday of every month, 6-9pm. Through Dec. 4. Revival Vintage, 1824 NE Division St, Bend. Contact: 503702-3552. Free.


Argentine Tango Classes and Dance

Join every Wednesday for Tango classes and dancing! Your first class is free. Tango 101 Class from 6:30-7pm, no partner needed! All levels class from 7-8pm. Open dancing from 8-9:30pm. Wednesdays, 6:30-9:30pm. Sons of Norway Hall, 549 NW Harmon Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-7283234. $5-$10.

Bend Dance Project Adult Community Drop-in Class Join nonprofit Bend Dance Project for an adult intermediate level drop-in dance class. Styles include classic jazz, street jazz, modern and lyrical. Teachers and styles rotate monthly. Supportive and welcoming atmosphere! Suggested donation $10. Fridays, 12:15-1:45pm. Acadamie De Ballet Classique, 1900 NE 3rd St #104, Bend. Contact: 541-7281063. $10.

Indian Temple and Classical Dance Embody Your Yoga Super Powers: Excellent and supportive for any style of dance or athlete. Based on Indian Temple and Classical dances with a yogic approach. Includes “mudra” hand gestures, sensual bends, head and eye postures, feet positions and more! Awaken and optimize your entire being, from the inside to out. Thursdays, 9:15-10:30am. Bend, RSVP for address, Bend.

Nia Fusion of dance, martial arts and healing arts focusing on reconnecting to body sensations and the body’s natural way of movement through form, freedom and play. You will dance though deep intention and joyful expressions to connect to your true nature. Tuesdays, 5:15pm. Bend Hot Yoga, 1230 NE 3rd St. UnitA230, Bend. Contact: $20/drop-In.

Oula Oula merges high-intensity cardio with easy-to-follow choreography, mindfulness practices, and a culture of inclusivity — all to an energetic pop soundtrack. Each Oula class strives to empower participants to challenge their bodies and process their emotions through music, movement, and, most importantly, a community connection. Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30pm. Through Oct. 1. Riverbend Park, 799 SW Columbia St., Bend. Contact: Free.

Scottish Country Dance A chance to socialize and get a bit of exercise, too. Beginners are welcome. All footwork, figures and social graces will be taught and reviewed. Mondays, 7-9pm. Sons of Norway Hall, 549 NW Harmon Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-508-9110. allely@ $5.

Soul in Motion Movement & Dance

Come move with what is moving in you, in community, putting a little more life in your life!! No experience necessary... guided and facilitated to support you to sink down from the chatter of your mind and into your body... inviting it take the lead. Mindful movement and dance... drop in. Wednesdays, 6-7:15pm. Continuum, A School of Shadow Yoga, 155 SW Century Drive, Suite 112, Bend. Contact: 541-948-7015. $20.

Experience music and songs that uplift and rejuvenate the soul. MaMuse (“Ma” as in Mamma; “Muse” as in the one who inspires) brings its Force of Nature tour to Bend, sharing harmonic, uplifting, luscious, folksoul music. It’s a musical tune-up for the heart. Fri., June, 7, 7-9pm at High Desert Music Hall.

Soulful Sunday Community Dance

Sunday is a perfect time to step on to the dance floor. This will be a facilitated and supported Soul Motion® practice. $20 if registered online, $25 drop in. Pay what you can. Sundays, 10-11:30am. Through June 17. Continuum, A School of Shadow Yoga, 155 SW Century Drive, Suite 112, Bend. Contact: 541-948-7015. soulinmotionbend@

Temple Tribal Fusion Dance Yoga, fitness, dance drills, choreography to expand your movement language and build strength, grace, agility, confidence. full of belly dance, indian lassical accents, funky fantastic workout, beautiful community and much more! Wednesdays, 5-6:15pm. Includes Tribal Belly Dance, traditional sacred dances, yoga, fitness, dance drills, choreography to expand your movement language and build strength, grace, agility, confidence in a heart-centered, world-class learning environment. Join for fun, a great workout, or perform in the dance company. Mixed level classes give something for everyone, from newbies to advanced dancers. All levels warmly welcomed! Learn more at http://www.templetribalfusion. com/dance-bend Mondays, 5-6:15pm. Bend, RSVP for address, Bend. $20.


Big QUEER Movie Night: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Join The Maestro for the first Wednesday at the Capitol for a special edition Big QUEER Movie Night! Watch your favorite drag performers bring Vida, Chi-Chi, and Noxeema to life along with the rest of your favorite characters from this queer film classic. To really do this one up right, we are teaming up with your favorite drag troupe The Cult of Tuck and doing a full drag show alongside a complete screening of the movie! We will also invite a few queer creators from the community to display and sell their awesome stuff, so come early, grab a drink, buy some gay shit, and then get ready for the most fabulous road trip movie from the 90s! June 5, 6-9pm. The Capitol, 190 NW Oregon Ave., Bend. $25-$120.

Film Screening and Panel Discussion: Resisting the GTN Xpress pipeline in Central Oregon Watch the award winning documentary: “LN3: Seven Teachings of the Ashinaabe Resistance,” chronicling their resistance to the Line 3 Pipeline near Lake Superior. Following the screening, we’ll engage in a panel discussion focusing on the impacts of of the GTN Xpress pipeline project on Central Oregon communities and the environment. June 5, 6-8pm. Brooks Hall at Trinity Episcopal Church, 469 Wall St., Bend. Contact: Free.

Intermediate Wood Lathe Turning - Bowls

This 3-part course is offered for the purpose of expanding your lathe skill set with the specific focus on the tools and techniques required to create creating hollow forms such as bowls and platters. Two hours of lathe time between each class session (6 hours total) is included. Wed, May 29, 6-8pm, Wed, June 5, 6-8pm and Wed, June 12, 6-8pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 5413882283. $379.

June First Friday Gallery Hop! Presenting local photographer Pete Alport on Friday, June 7! Enjoy margarita and mocktail tastings and light appetizers as you tour the art gallery. Food and beverages sponsored by Elev8 Mortgage. Hosted by Erin Shinn & Matt D’annunzio **Enter for a chance to win a weekend with mobile sauna SaultSaunNW! June 7, 5-8pm. RE/MAX Key Properties, 42 NW Greenwood Avenue, Bend. Contact: 541728-0033. Free.

Paint and Sip at Bevel Craft Brewing

Looking for a laid-back night out? Come join your friendly local artist, for some painting and sipping fun! No pressure, just good vibes and a relaxed atmosphere. This event is two hours, and a 11”x14” canvas, supplies and a guided tutorial will be provided. Sun, June 9, 2pm and Wed, July 10, 6:30pm. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour St., Bend. $52.

The Greenlight Guild Get to know the fellow filmmakers in the community with a cocktail/ snack hour, icebreaker games, and more activities will be announcing soon. June 6, 6-9pm. Open Space Event Studios, 220 NE Lafayette Ave, Bend. Free.


Art Viewing Visit Sagebrushers Art Society in beautiful Bend to see lovely work, paintings and greeting cards by local artists. New exhibit every 8 weeks. Visit for information on current shows. Wednesdays, 1-4pm, Fridays, 1-4pm and Saturdays, 1-4pm. Sagebrushers Art Society, 117 SW Roosevelt Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-617-0900. Free.

Blacksmithing 101 - Forge a Metal Wall Hook *2 Session Series Come have fun and try your hand at the time-honored DIY craft of shaping, tapering, splitting, twisting, and punching steel to create art, jewelry, and functional items. You will create a useful custom wall hook during the two 2-hour class series focusing on proper hammer strokes, stance, and anvil techniques. June 4, 5:30-7:30pm and June 5, 5:30-7:30pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 5413882283. $279.

Bladesmith Forging a Knife with a Wood Handle *3 Session Workshop Forge your own knife using high-carbon steel and finish with a custom wood handle. You’ll forge both blade and tang to shape, finish-grind, harden and draw the temper, and rivet hardwood panels for the handle. You’ll go home with a knife of your own design suitable for camp or kitchen! Tue, June 11, 5:30-8pm, Wed, June 12, 5:30-8pm and Sat, June 15, 10am-Noon. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-3882283. $489.

Correspondence Club A letter writing, thank you card making, love noting, scratching gathering to remind you of the importance of correspondence. Free- open to all. What to bring, pens, paper, envelopes, stamps, wax seals,, typewriters, anything to use individually or share! During Apèro Hours at Lone Pine. Second Saturday of every month, 5-8pm. Lone Pine Coffee Roasters, 910 NW Harriman, Bend. Free.

Crochet Corner: Fancywork Yarn Shop

Gather with fellow crocheters for an afternoon of crafting, learning and inspiration! Founder and lead educator of the American Crochet Association, Salena Baca, hosts this 2-hour hook session held at Fancywork Yarn Shop. All skill levels are welcome in this weekly drop-in event. Thursdays, 1-3pm. Fancywork Yarn Shop, 200 NE Greenwood Avenue, Bend. Contact: 541-3238686. Free.

Redmond First Friday Art Walk Meet with local artist while walking downtown Redmond. First Friday of every month. Downtown Redmond, Sixth Street. Free.

Second Saturday at the Gallery Enjoy free food and libations at the Artists Gallery Sunriver Village the 2nd Saturday of each month. Work of 30 local artists is on display and here’s your chance to meet some of those artists. Second Saturday of every month, 4-6pm. The Village at Sunriver, 57100 Beaver Dr., Sunriver. Contact: 541-593-8704. Free.

Seeks 2D artist Award-winning downtown art gallery seeks 2D artist whose work embodies abstract, contemporary or modern art. Mediums may include mixed media, acrylic, oil, cold wax or printmaking. Stop by the gallery to pick up an application. Mondays-Sundays, 10am-6pm. Through June 7. Red Chair Gallery, 103 NW Oregon Ave., Bend. Contact: 541 306 3176. Free.

Stained Glass 101 - Copper Foil Technique (ages 14+) *2 Session Series Learn the exciting art of stained glass by crafting your very own flat glass panel from start to finish. This skill-based class provides a strong foundation for stained glass using the copper foil technique over two class sessions. You will have your choice of predetermined patterns and various glass colors. Mon, June 10, 6-8pm and Mon, June 17, 6-8pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 5413882283. $259.

Welding 101 - Structural Foundations - Make a Table Base *Three Session Series This course is all about the skills you need to design and make items with steel. Each student will fabricate a table base from 1.5” square steel tubing. We will concentrate on honing fabrication skills including table design, layout, jigs, weld prep, welding technique, minimizing distortion, and weld finishing. Wed, June 5, 6-8pm, Sat, June 8, 10am-Noon and Wed, June 12, 6-8pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 5413882283. classes@diycave. com. $289.



Bend Ghost Tours Join for Ghosts and Legends of Downtown Bend Tour and hear all about Bend’s permanent residents! Your spirit guide will lead you through the haunted streets and alleyways of Historic Downtown Bend where you’ll learn about the city’s many macabre tales, long-buried secrets and famous ghosts. Wednesdays-Sundays, 7:30-9pm. Downtown Bend, Downtown Bend, Bend. Contact: 541-3500732. $25.

Photo by Julia Maryanska FIND EVENT DETAILS & TICKETS ONLINE Say HELLO! to NAPA JULY 18-20 Join us for Central Oregon’s biggest food and wine event! Presented by Sip presented by AVION WATER COMPANY


Napa is known for its historic vineyards and its magical climate, which produces some of the world's most delicious wines. Napa wineries fueled America's love affair with Cabernet Sauvignon, but the region produces several other swoon-worthy varietals. You'll have plenty to taste and explore at this year's Cork & Barrel! Even better, you can say hello to the owners and winemakers who pour their passion into every glass!


in love with Napa at these Cork & Barrel


Sample beer, cider and cocktails. Non-alcoholic beverages too!

You can fill your glass with more than just wine at this year’s Cork & Barrel! Sample locally-crafted beer, cider and canned cocktails. You'll also find non-alcoholic options! There's something for everyone!






W INEM AK ER DINNERS Get to know a Napa winery at an intimate dinner prepared by a local
at special venues around Bend.
biggest wine tasting party, with food and live music under the tent at COCC!
all of our Napa wineries at this summer’s
Visit with
wineries, enjoy an epic dinner under the tent at COCC,
Event details at
our Napa
and give
children and families. HELLO,

Say hello to hope.

When you come to Cork & Barrel, you give hope and healing to local children and families impacted by abuse.

At Cork & Barrel, every dollar you spend or donate helps fund life-changing services for hundreds of Central Oregon children and families this year.

Because of you, families will receive vital services from KIDS Center— services like child abuse evaluations, ongoing therapy, and the support of a family advocate—at no cost. Join us at Cork & Barrel, and you'll help children and families feel hope, start healing, and find a brighter future.

Come wine, dine and make a difference at this year's Cork & Barrel. Get your tickets or donate online at

GET TICKETS & DONATE AT CORKANDBARREL.ORG Presenting Sponsor AVION WATER COMPANY Sip Presenting Sponsor Hope & Healing Sponsors Media Sponsors Community Builder Sponsors A benefit for

Building Your Author Platform In today’s publishing world, authors are often responsible for their own promotion. The event will explore how video content can help authors promote themselves and their work by diving into TikTok. Attendees will practice creating video content for use across platforms and learn how to set up a TikTok account. June 11, 5:30-7:30pm. Deschutes Public Library-Downtown, 601 NW Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541-312-1063. beccar@ Free.

Defense of the U.S. in the Cold War

Author John Bronson discusses how US Cold War defenses evolved. During the Cold War, while building defenses to protect from attack by the Soviet Union, the U.S. established means of massive long-range attacks in response to Soviet advancements in weaponry as a means of deterrence. These defenses detected and tracked manned bomber aircraft, hostile submarines and missiles launched from the other side of the world. Author John Bronson discusses how these defenses evolved from fledgling stop-gap measures into a complex fabric of interconnected combinations of high-tech equipment over 40 years. Using maps and charts John illustrates the extent of the geographic coverage required for these warning and response systems and display the time frames and vast numbers of both people and equipment that made up these forces. June 9, 3-4pm. Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-312-1032. lizg@ Free.

Free Home Energy Assessment Community Info Session Find out if you qualify for discounts that may cover the full cost of energy efficiency home upgrades! Homeowners and renters are welcome. June 5, 5:30-6:30pm. The Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas Ave., Bend. Contact: Free.

Master Artist David Kreitzer Open Gallery and Studio Join Contemporary Realist Painter David Kreitzer, celebrating his 58th Year as a professional artist, in an open studio & gallery exhibit of new oils and watercolors of Central Oregon Landscape splendor, California “Nishigoi” koi images, Ring Fantasy, Florals, & Figures. Kreitzer began his career at Maxwell Galleries in San Francisco. Fridays-Sundays, 1-6pm. David Kreitzer Fine Art Gallery and Studio, 20214 Archie Briggs Rd, Bend. Contact: 805-234-2048. Free.


Current Fiction Book Club Join Current Fiction Book Club for the discussion of Birnam Wood by Eleanor Catton. June 5, 6-7pm. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Dr., #110, Bend. Contact: 541-306-6564. julie@ Free. An evening with author of “Rooted” Lyanda Haupt Join Lyanda Haupt as she discusses her book Rooted - an invitation to invoke rootedness as a way of being in concert with the wilderness that sustains all life. She reminds us that it at the crossroads of science, nature and spirit where we can find hope for the future. June 7, 7-8:30pm. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon, 61980 Skyline Ranch Rd, Bend 97703,. Contact: 541-385-3908. $10. From Chicken to Eagle: Seven Women Paddling Whitewater and Navigating Life This presentation will describe the story of seven women who took a wilderness adventure at a time - 1979 - when women were starting to test their mettle in society and the wilderness. At their 40th reunion, they decided to write a book about how this adventure affected them. June 5, 12:30-1:30pm. Deschutes Public Library-Downtown, 601 NW Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541312-1063. Free.


Bend Adult Volleyball Bend Hoops adult open gym volleyball sessions offer players a chance to get together and enjoy some competition. To sign up, go to and RSVP. Bring exact change. Sundays, 7-9pm and Saturdays, 7:30pm. Bend Hoops, 1307 NE 1st St, Bend. $10.

Bend Elks vs. Corvallis Knights Come watch The Bend Elks - a collegiate summer baseball team located in Bend. The Elks are founding members of the West Coast League and play their home games at Vince Genna Stadium. Wed, June 5, 6:35pm, Thu, June 6, 6:35pm, Sat, July 20, 6:35pm, Sun, July 21, 6:35pm and Fri, Aug. 2, 6:35pm. Vince Genna Stadium, Fourth & Wilson Street, Bend. $12-$22.

Bend Elks vs. Springfield Drifters Come watch The Bend Elks - a collegiate summer baseball team located in Bend. The Elks are founding members of the West Coast League and play their home games at Vince Genna Stadium. Tue, June 11, 6:35pm, Wed, June 12, 6:35pm and Thu, June 13, 6:35pm. Vince Genna Stadium, Fourth & Wilson Street, Bend. $12-$22.

Monthly Artist Showcase: “Existing in Nature” - Fine pottery by Kara Frampton of KF Stoneware An artist showcase at Makin’ It Local at 281 W Cascade Avenue in Downtown Sisters, featuring the work of Kara Frampton of KF Stoneware starts May 24, 2024, and continues through June 26, 2024. Wed, June 5, 10am, Thu, June 6, 10am, Fri, June 7, 10am, Sat, June 8, 10am, Sun, June 9, 10am, Mon, June 10, 10am, Tue, June 11, 10am, Wed, June 12, 10am, Thu, June 13, 10am, Fri, June 14, 10am, Sat, June 15, 10am, Sun, June 16, 10am, Mon, June 17, 10am, Tue, June 18, 10am, Wed, June 19, 10am, Thu, June 20, 10am, Fri, June 21, 10am, Sat, June 22, 10am, Sun, June 23, 10am, Mon, June 24, 10am and Tue, June 25, 10am. Makin’ It Local, 281 W Cascade Avenue, Sisters. Contact: 541-904-4722.

Sawmill Demonstration Full steam ahead!

See the 1904 Lazinka Sawmill in action and how lumber was processed on-the-go at the turn of the century. Thu, June 6, 1-4pm, Sat, July 27, 1-4pm and Thu, Aug. 15, 1-4pm. High Desert Museum, 59800 S. Highway 97, Bend. Contact: 5413824754. Free with paid museum admission.

Sleep Under The Stars Hosted Observatory Experience A Hosted experience at The Spot At Smith Rock’s Asterisk Observatory will include a short educational presentation, night sky observing through our 17-inch telescope, a guided constellation tour, stargazing, and a Q & A period with hot beverages. Hosted experiences are offered nightly in March, April, May, June, September, and October between the 3rd quarter and 1st quarter lunar phases when the sky is darkest. Your group’s visit to the observatory includes an overnight stay at The Spot At Smith Rock for up to 6 people. Group sizes of 8 or 10 can be accommodated for an additional cost. Mondays. Asterisk Observatory, 10136 NE Crooked River Dr., Terrebone.


Readers Theater Is there a play that you’ve always wanted to read but you don’t have enough friends (or voices in your head) for all the characters? Join us one Saturday morning a month as we explore new, original and classical plays, drink coffee and get to know others in the local theatre community. Second Saturday of every month, 10am-Noon. Cascade Theatrical Company, 148 NW Greenwood, Bend. Contact: 541-389-0803. Free.

In-Store Event: Oregon Skyline Trail by Glenn Voelz Join author Glenn Voelz as he recounts the fascinating history of Oregon’s Skyline Trail, the foundation of America’s greatest long-distance hiking trail. June 6, 6:30-7:30pm. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Dr., #110, Bend. Contact: 5413066564. julie@ $5.

Mystery Book Club Please join in-store or on zoom for Mystery Book Club. The group will discuss The Ladies of the Secret Circus by Constance Sayers. Join zoom link here: https:// Wednesdays, 10:30am. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Dr., #110, Bend. Contact: 541-3066564. Free.

Raging Writers Writing Workshop & Open Mic Raging Writers is a free, inclusive and respectful creative writing opportunity and open mic. No food or beverage available, but plenty of inspiration and energy on tap. Located every 2nd Sunday at Spork. Second Sunday of every month, 3:30-5:30pm. Spork, 937 NW Newport Ave., Bend. Contact: icooper435@gmail. com. Free.

Rooted by Lyanda Haupt @ Roundabout Books Lyanda Haupt will speak at Roundabout Books at 5pm. Ticketed Event. Deepen your connection to the natural world with this inspiring meditation, “a path to the place where science and spirit meet” (Robin Wall Kimmerer). June 8, 5-6pm. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Dr., #110, Bend. Contact: 5413066564. $5.


“Cats on Mats” Meditation & Stretching Join Playful Paws Cafe for a “Cats on Mats” stretching and meditation class! One of our favorite yogis, Ulla Lundgren or Renee Hamilton, will lead the way as you attempt to achieve feline-like flexibility while surrounded by adorable, adoptable cats. Wed, June 5, 6-7pm and Sun, June 23, 5-6pm. Playful Paws Cat Cafe, 1465 SW Knoll Ave, Bend. Contact: 541-728-3871. $30. Deschutes Historical Museum Heritage Walking Tours Travel back in time with the Deschutes Historical Museum’s summer Heritage Walking Tours. Discover what early Bend was like through its architecture and the people who lived here. Tours alternate each week. For tour information or to reserve your tour space contact the museum today. Saturdays, 10:30amNoon Through Aug. 31. Deschutes Historical Museum, 129 NW Idaho Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-389-1813. $15.

Bend Rock Gym BIPOC Climb Night Join Vamonos Outside and the BRG for its monthly BIPOC climbing night. Second Tuesday of every month. Bend Rock Gym, 1182 SE Centennial Ct., Bend. $15. Grit Clinics: INTRO TO JUMPING3-WEEK SERIES - Session 2 Learn how to jump on a mountain bike! Start by practicing fundamental skills that lead to jumping, (body position, wheel lifts...) then take it to small jumps to dial your air-time. Slow, basic progression. Participants will move through progression depending on their readiness. For strong intermediate riders, Men/Women, 18+ Mondays, 5-7pm. Through June 17. Phil’s Trailhead, Skyliner Rd, Bend. Contact: 541-728-7878. info@gritclinics. com. $235 for 3-week series.

Mountain Biking 201 with Grit Clinics Do you have some mountain biking experience and are ready to refine your skills? This 3-week series will empower your riding! Some of the skills include advanced braking, cornering and switchbacks, wheel lifts, getting over logs and rocks. Suitable for riders with some experience, men and women, 18 and up. Wed, May 22, 5-7pm, Wed, May 29, 5-7pm and Wed, June 5, 5-7pm. Seventh Mountain Resort, 18575 SW Century Dr., Bend. Contact: 541728-7878. $235.

New Moon Climbing Afternoons Let’s go climbing! These afternoon cragging sessions are an opportunity to be outside, take in the beauty of Smith Rock, share a moment of mindfulness and have fun! Chockstone Climbing Guides is an AMGA accredited guide service. New Moon Afternoons 4-8pm, basic climbing skills required. Thu, June 6, 4-8pm, Fri, July 5, 4-8pm, Sun, Aug. 4, 4-8pm and Mon, Sept. 2, 4-8pm. Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne OR, Smith Rock SP, Terrebonne. Contact: 541-318-7170. $100.

Ochoco Preserve Tour Join the Deschutes Land Trust and Michelle McSwain for an early summer tour of Ochoco Preserve. The Land Trust started a major project in 2022 to shape the future of Ochoco Preserve! Phase II of the restoration will begin in 2024. June 8, 1-3pm. Crooked River Wetland Complex, 4035 NW Rimrock Acres Loop, Prineville. Contact: 541-330-0017. event@ Free.

Predators of Central Oregon Want to learn more about the many predators found in Central Oregon? Join the Deschutes Land Trust and Gary “Gus” Gustafson to explore the world of predators—bobcat, cougar, fox, coyote, wolf, black bear, and more. Gus will help you learn more about their habitat, feeding preferences and techniques, and more. June 8, 10am-12:30pm. Metolius Preserve, near Camp Sherman, Sisters. Contact: 5413300017. event@ Free.

Redmond Running Group Run All levels welcome. Find the Redmond Oregon Running Klub on Facebook for weekly run details. Thursdays, 6:15pm. City of Redmond., Redmond. Contact: Free.

Rob Gregerson, a one-man band of the modern age, uses acoustic instruments and electric looping to create captivating soundscapes. His masterful style blends original and familar sounds from rock, folk, funk, bluegrass and more.Thu., June 13, 6-8pm at The Lot. Courtesy Rob Gregerson Facebook
WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / JUNE 06, 2024 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE 28 ART · DESIGN · CRAFTS CERAMICS · FIBER · GLASS JEWELRY · METAL · MIXED MEDIA PAINTING · DRAWING · PHOTOGRAPHY PRINT · SCULPTURE · WOOD LIVE MUSIC · FOOD LOCAL BUSINESSES CRAFTS · FAMILY FUN 541-550-3570 ◆ 215 NW Hill St, Bend For information and menus: Introducing our Panuozzo Napolitano Pizza Open 7 Days a Week 11am – 10pm Chicken Caesar, Meatball, or Prosciutto - $12 Beers on Tap - $3 Available everyday only during Lunch 11am - 4pm 5 41 - 3 83 - 3 72 2 6 1 7 8 0 S E 2 7 th, B e n d OR SPRING IS HERE STOP IN TODAY! SPRING IS HERE STOP IN TODAY!

Weekly Yoga at Drake Park Catch Emily teaching an hour of restorative flow at Drake Park every Tuesday from 5-6 pm. Bring a mat that can get dirty, a water bottle and come move your body! This is a slow moving, free yoga class! You’ll see Emily toward the boat ramp! Donations are appreciated! Tuesdays, 5-6pm. Through July 30. Drake Park, 777 NW Riverside Blvd., Bend. Contact: 5416686132. Free.

Women’s Foundational Mountain

Biking Skills Clinic Calling all ladies new to mountain biking! In just two hours, you’ll feel more confident going up and downhill, shifting, braking, cornering and going over small trail obstacles after instruction from Grit Clinics. This is the perfect, no pressure, no judgement setting to feel more comfortable on your mountain bike! $79 per session Thu, June 6, 5-7pm, Sat, June 8, 9-11am, Thu, July 11, 5-7pm, Sat, July 13, 9-11am, Thu, Aug. 1, 5-7pm and Sat, Aug. 3, 9-11am. Seventh Mountain Resort, 18575 SW Century Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-728-7878.

Women’s Intermediate Mountain Biking Skills Clinic Begin by dialing in your body position, then work on enhancing your skills. Work on skills like braking, shifting, cornering, switchbacks, wheel lifts, line choice, technical descending, getting up and over logs and rocks and line choice. Suitable for riders with some experience, women 18 and up. $79 per 2-hour, June 6, 5-7pm, Sat, June 8, Noon-2pm, Thu, July 11, 5-7pm, Sat, July 13, Noon-2pm, Thu, Aug. 1, 5-7pm and Sat, Aug. 3, Noon-2pm. Seventh Mountain Resort, 18575 SW Century Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-728-7878. info@


BeaverHOOD Planting at Collier Memorial State Park This is two-day project to plant beaver habitat along the Williamson River in Collier Memorial State Park. Collier Memorial State Park is a gorgeous, less-frequented state park with significant wildlife viewing opportunities. While camping, discuss beaver natural history, their outsized impact on wildlife habitat and riparian restoration. June 7, 9am-5pm and June 8, 9am-5pm. Collier Memorial State Park, 46000 US-97, Chiloquin. Contact: 541-699-1606.

Bunny Rescue Needs Volunteers

Looking for more volunteers to help with tidying bunny enclosures, feeding, watering, giving treats, head scratches, play time and fostering. All ages welcome and time commitments are flexible — weekly, monthly or fill-in. Located at the south end of Redmond. Email Lindsey with your interests and availability: Ongoing.

Dog Adoption Event Hosted by Amazing Dogs Rescue Dog adoption event at PetSmart hosted by amazing dogs rescue. Check out adoptable dogs online at Every 2 weeks at PetSmart 11-1pm. Every other Sunday, 11am-1pm. PetSmart, 63455 N. Highway 97, Bend. Host a Student from France or Spain this summer! Are you looking for an amazing cultural experience? Interested in creating a connection with a student from France or Spain? Want the experience of hosting a foreign exchange student without the longer-term commitment? If so, this may be the program for you! We are looking for families for both our Spanish and French groups for this upcoming season. Contact for more information. April 27-July 27. Contact: katie@ Price Varies.

Remond Family Kitchen Dinner Family Kitchen is continuing to provide nutritious meals to anyone in need now in Redmond! They need volunteers to prepare dinners and clean up afterward on Mondays - Fridays, from 2-4:30pm. Email Tori (see below) with any questions, or sign up here: https://www.signupgenius. com/go/RedmondDinner Mondays-Fridays, 2-4:30pm. Mountain View Fellowship, 1475 SW 35th St, Redmond. Contact: 631-942-3528. tori@ Free.

Seeking Volunteers Volunteers needed to assist with cage cleaning and socializing birds to prepare for adoption, bring a friend! Please call first, mornings preferred. Mondays-Sundays, 10am-12:30pm. Second Chance Bird Rescue, 19084 Dayton Rd, Bend. Contact: 916-956-2153.

Think Wild Volunteer Orientation Join a Think Wild Volunteer Orientation to learn about opportunities to volunteer in the wildlife hospital, education programs, habitat projects, and more. Orientations are in person and over Zoom. Please fill out a volunteer application to get more information. Wed, May 15, Noon-1pm and Sat, June 8, 10-11am. Contact: 541 316-8294.

Thrive Moving Volunteers Support your neighbors by helping them move to their new home. If interested, fill out the volunteer form or reach out! Ongoing. Contact: 541-728-1022.

Volunteer Opportunity Can you lift a bale of hay? Are you able to follow detailed instructions? Are you dependable? Searching for assistance with daily feeding for equines at Mustangs To The Rescue (MTTR). After all, food is a language of love. Leave a message at 541-330-8943 email: volunteer@mustangstotherescue Ongoing, 9am-5pm. Mustangs to the Rescue, 21670 McGilvray Road, Bend. Contact: 541-330-8943. volunteer@mustangstotherescue.

Volunteer with Mustangs To The Rescue Get a great workout, feel useful doing something meaningful and experience the healing energy of horses all at the same time! Mustangs to the Rescue (MTTR) is a local horse rescue seeking responsible, hard-working souls to assist with all aspects of horse care. No experience necessary. Call and leave a message or email: 541-330-8943 volunteer@mustangstotherescue Ongoing. Mustangs To The Rescue, 21670 SE McGilvray Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-3308943.

Volunteer with Salvation Army The Salvation Army has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for almost every age. Salvation Army has an emergency food pantry, the groups visit residents of assisted living centers and make up gifts for veterans and the homeless. Ongoing. Contact: 541-389-8888.

Volunteer, Feed the Masses! At Family Kitchen, the mission is to serve anyone who needs nutritious meals in a safe and caring environment. They have tons of volunteer needs - servers, cooks, shoppers, and more. Groups and teams wanted! Monthly or quarterly opportunities! Visit to fill out a volunteer interest form. Mondays-Sundays. Family Kitchen, 231 NW Idaho, Bend. Contact: Free.

Volunteer: Help Businesses Prosper!

Share your professional and business expertise. Become a volunteer mentor with SCORE in Central Oregon. The chapter is growing. Your experience and knowledge will be valued by both new and existing businesses in the community. To apply, call 541-3160662 or visit Fri, Aug. 26 and Ongoing. Contact: 541-316-0662.

Volunteering in Oregon’s High Desert with ONDA Oregon Natural Desert Association is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting, defending and restoring Oregon’s high desert for current and future generations. ONDA opened registration for its spring 2023 stewardship trips. For more info, visit its website. Ongoing.

Volunteers Needed for Humane Society Thrift Store Do you love animals and discovering “new” treasures? Then volunteering at the HSCO Thrift Store is a great way to combine your passions while helping raise funds to provide animal welfare services for the local community. For more information visit the website at www. Ongoing. Humane Society Thrift Shop, 61220 S. Highway 97, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3840.


Autocross Club of Central Oregon Meetings ACCO meets monthly, March through October either at Bend or Redmond Black Bear Diners. See our website. At these meetings, events and club policies etc. are discussed and members vote on things to guide the direction of the club. Autocross Club of Central Oregon is a nonprofit social club. Thu, June 6, 6-8pm, Thu, July 11, 6-8pm, Thu, Aug. 1, 6-8pm, Thu, Aug. 29, 6-8pm and Thu, Sept. 19, 6-8pm. Black Bear Diner Redmond, 429 NW Cedar Ave, Redmond. Contact: 541-593-7383. publicity@autoxclub. org.

BBB Meet and Greet! Let’s network Babes! Pump-up time 3pm. Launch right after Bend Babes will paddle and plan over lunch to take over the world together and make our dreams come true together! June 9, 3pm. Bend Boarding Babes Launch, 266 sw shevlin hixon dr, bend. Contact: Free. Bend 1595 - sword-fighting classes Join Bend 1595 for historical sword-fighting practice at the Masonic Hall of Bend. Instructors will show you the basics and get you movingbasic cuts, blocks, and thrusts, and fun partner exercises that help us all get better. Tuesdays, 5:15-7:30pm. Through July 2. Bend Masonic Center, 1036 NE Eighth St., Bend. Contact: 541-2416742. First practice free, then $40/month.

Bend Butte Babes Where you Butte babes at? All ages, all activity levels. Meet at Pilot Butte Trailhead 10 AM Sundays for a group morning hike! Sundays, 10am. Through July 28. Pilot Butte State Park, Pilot Butte State Park, Bend. Contact: Free.

Bend Pinochle Club Come join this group for Single Deck Pinochle in the afternoon. $5 for non-members. If you have any questions or wish for more information please call 541-389-1752. Thursdays, 11:30am and Fridays, 11:30am. Golden Age Card Club, 40 SE 5th St, Bend. Contact: 541-389-1752. Free.

Bend Ukelele Group (BUGs) Do you play Uke? Like to learn to play? Beginners and experienced players all welcome to join the fun every Tuesday at 6:30-8pm at Big E’s just off 3rd street near Reed Market. Go play with the group! Tue, Dec. 6, 6:30pm and Tuesdays, 6:30pm. Big E’s Sports Bar, 1012 SE Cleveland Ave., Bend. Contact: 206-707-6337. Free.

Central OR. Webinar!- Is it a good time to buy a home? Learn all about the homebuying process, financing options, contingencies and most importantly, whether or not now is the right time to buy or sell! Free weekly webinars, every other Thursday at 1pm. All are welcome: sellers, first time buyers, trading up, investors, relocating, etc. Visit to register today! Thursdays, 1-2pm. Online Event, Webinar Link Inside Confirmation Email, Bend. Contact: 503-810-2723. Free.

Central Oregon Homebuyer Webinar Learn all about the homebuying process, financing options, contingencies and most importantly, whether or not now is the right time to buy or sell. Free weekly webinars, every Thursday at 5:30pm. All are welcome: sellers, first time buyers, trading up, investors or relocating. Visit to register today! Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm. Online Event, Webinar Link Inside Confirmation Email, Bend. Contact: 503-810-2723. Free.

Central Oregon Poly Meetup-Picnic A gathering for individuals practicing polyamory to chat about all thing poly and build community in Bend, more info: centraloregonpolyamory@ June 10, 6-8:30pm. Drake Park, 777 NW Riverside Blvd., Bend. Free.

Competitive Cribbage Play nine games of cribbage versus nine different opponents. Cash prizes awarded based on number of wins. Mondays, 5-8pm. Abby’s Legendary Pizza, 1115 Northeast Third St., Bend. Contact: 541-5301112. $2-$18.

ConnectW - Munch and Mingle in Redmond ConnectW is connecting professional women over a limited-seating, monthly noon meal every first Thursday of the month. Business sharing, social networking and friendship. Attendance is capped at 12 and registration is required to save your seat at the table. Price is cost of meal. First Thursday of every month, 11:45am1pm. Madaline’s Grill & Steak House, 2414 Highway 97, Redmond. Contact:

Correspondence Club A letter writing, thank-you card making, love note scratching, gathering to remind everyone of the importance of written correspondence. What to bring (optional) pens, paper, envelopes, typewriters, stamps, anything to use individually or to share with the group. All are welcome, free, drop-in anytime. Second Saturday of every month, 5-7pm. Through June 8. Lone Pine Coffee Roasters, 910 NW Harriman, Bend. Contact: info@ Free.

Devotion ~ 21 Day Immersion to your deepest YES Each session is designed for you to open, allow and move toward becoming an energetic match to your deepest yes your dharma. By making this commitment over 21 days beginning on June 1, may you allow yourself the grace to access deep clarity, creativity and purpose in your life. Saturdays, 9-10am. Through June 22. Contact: 505-385-6943. hello@kellyniewellness. com. $98.

With warm guitar chords and personal lyrics, singer-songwriter Jordan Davis brings his own distinct brand of country pop to Hayden Homes Amphitheater. Known for his top hits, “Buy Dirt” and “Next Thing You Know,” Davis will perform on Thu., June 20, at 7pm. Courtesy Jordan Davis Facebook


Fiddle Masterclass with National Champion Aarun Carter In this exclusive masterclass (highly sought after by Aarun’s students), Aarun provides personalized guidance to improving your skills. Each participant will share a snippet of their favorite song to perform. This class encourages mutual learning among participants, a highly effective method! Your instrument is required. June 8, 5:307pm. Central Oregon School of Modern Music, 515 sw cascade ave #3, Redmond. Contact: 541-6396636. $30. Free Mom and Baby Group Bring your babies and come connect with other parents about the joys and challenges of being a mother. Each week, a guest specialist will speak about helpful points related to postpartum health and wellness, baby care and mindful parenting. There will also be time for open circle discussions each session. First Friday of every month, 10:45-11:45am. Through June 7. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. info@ Free.

Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Seminar Seminar Series Tinnitus is defined as the perception of an external sound when no sound is present. Tinnitus can be characterized by ringing, buzzing, whooshing, clicking, or other sound in the ears. Tinnitus can be affected by many different factors. Learn more about tinnitus facts, causes, intervention and management techniques June 10, Noon. Pacific Northwest Audiology, 2205 NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend. Contact: 541-678-5698. Free.

Homebuyer Webinar: Learn how to get up to $21k in closing cost assistance! Learn how to get below market rates and closing cost credits up to $21k using the Oregon Bond Residential Loan Program when you purchase a home. Free weekly webinars, every other Thursday at 1pm. All are welcome, sellers, first time buyers, trading up, investors, relocating. Register at Thursdays, 1-2pm. Online Event, Webinar Link Inside Confirmation Email, Bend. Contact: 503-8102723. SCASS@KW.COM. Free.

Marijuana Anonymous Marijuana Anonymous is a fellowship of people who share the experience, strength and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem and help others to recover from marijuana addiction. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using marijuana. Entrance on Staats St. Mondays, 5:30-6:30pm. Bend Church, 680 NW Bond Street, Bend. Contact: 541-633-6025. Free.

Mom and Baby Yoga Flow from pose-topose toning, stretching, and strengthening your body while releasing tension. Plus, work to properly strengthen abdominal and back muscles to reduce postpartum back pain, while including movements and songs with babies. 6-week series, moms and babies age 6 weeks - pre crawlers. Thursdays, 10:30-11:45am. Through June 20. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $125.

Notice Your Nudge: Invite Growth Mini-Retreat Series Life is too short for stagnation and the universe keeps asking you to become your inspired self. Weekly two-hour sessions will awaken your intuition, clarify your vision and chart steps in the direction that has nudged you all along. Groups limited to eight. Visit site for price. 9-11am or 7-9pm. Wednesdays beginning on May 1. Wednesdays, 9-11am and 7-9pm. Through June 12. Riverwest Neighborhood, Bend, OR, United States, 97703, Bend. Contact:

Paws & Pints Come talk dogs and make friends with other like minded folks! Join us for a hosted beverage and there may even be an adorable puppy or two looking to meet their perfect person! First Wednesday of every month, 5-7pm. Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend.Free.

PFLAG Central Oregon Monthly Meeting Each meeting discusses connection, education and support for our LGBTQIAA friends and family. A night of educational speakers and networking opportunities. Tue, Sept. 12, 6:308pm, Tue, Oct. 10, 6:30-8pm and Second Tuesday of every month, 6:30-8pm. Through June 11. Nativity Lutheran Church, 60850 Brosterhous Road, Bend. Contact: pflagcentraloregon@ Free.

Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour and Golden Lure meetup Come play Pokémon Go with the crew! Meet in front of Bellatazza every Tuesday at 6 Ppmthen walk, raid, and catch (‘em all) together until 7pm. New and old players alike are welcomed. More info available in the Niantic Campfire channel. Every 7 days, 6-7pm. Downtown Bend, Downtown Bend, Bend. Contact: 541-279-5726. Free.

Prenatal Yoga Rejuvenate, relax and recharge as you move, breathe and build community with other expectant moms! You’ll reduce common pregnancy discomforts and tensions, prepare your body for birth, improve your postpartum recovery and bring mindfulness to your daily life. All levels and stages of pregnancy are welcome. 6-week series. Saturdays, 10:30-11:45am. Through June 22. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-2413919. $125.

Redmond Chess Club Redmond Chess Club meets Tuesday evenings at the High Desert Music Hall in Redmond. Come join for an evening of chess! Everyone is welcome. Sets provided or bring your own. Contact Gilbert at 503-490-9596. Tuesdays, 6-9pm. High Desert Music Hall, 818 SW Forest Ave, Redmond. Contact: 503-4909596. Free.

Ribbon Cutting for Central Willamette Credit Union Join Bend Chamber in a ribbon cutting ceremony for Central Willamette Credit Union’s new Bend location! Come celebrate Central Willamette’s first Central Oregon branch and learn more about how we are building better lives through our nonprofit cooperative has been serving members in Oregon since 1955. June 5, 1-2pm. Central Willamette Credit Union, 61535 S. HWY 97, Ste 10, Bend. Free.

Seasonal Singles Meet and Greet Seasoned Singles Meetup Group. Meet 60+ singles at Pioneer Park under the trees where the balloons are, to discuss possible fun events in the Bend area. Bring chair/drink. Have a say in events of interest in a fun, safe environment. More info contact: Gayle Zeigler 925-366-3091 June 5, 1-1:30pm. Pioneer Park, corner of Wall Street and Portland, Bend. Contact: 925-366-3091. Free.

Singles Mingle and Speed Dating Looking to meet new people? Make a special connection? Want to try something different? This is a singles community event every first Friday! Give speed dating a try! Enjoy some fun times and great wines and who knows maybe you will meet that special someone! CHEERS! First Friday of every month, 6-8pm. The Bend Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room, 550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 194, Bend. Contact: $5 at door.

Toastmasters of Redmond Become a confident public speaker. Do you want to become a member of an organization that provides a safe and supportive environment to improve your public speaking skills? A place that fosters community, socialization and builds your self confidence. A place to have fun. Newcomers are supportively welcomed. Tuesdays, Noon-1pm. Church of Christ, 925 NW 7th St., Redmond. Contact: 541292-6177. $60 for 6 months.

Total Core Yoga This invigorating series focuses on developing your total core. Come and improve your posture and balance as well as enhance your yoga standing and inverted poses. Each week will strengthen, stretch and stabilize a different area of your core. Moms three months and up postpartum are welcome to attend. Mondays, 5:30-6:30pm. Through June 17. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $125.


Volunteers needed for VegNet Bend Volunteer opportunities for VegNet Bend include - Event coordinators, Executive board service, Potluck themes, potluck and event set up and tear down, marketing, website maintenance, help with fundraising, cooking demos, film screenings, speaker presentations and more. Nonprofit 501 c3. Free, donations welcome. Ongoing. Bend, RSVP for address, Bend. Contact: 541-480-3017.

Yoga Mama Classes Develop a yoga and mindful practice that builds strength and flexibility and helps balance out emotions. Reduce common “mom” tensions especially in the low back, neck and shoulders, while increasing core strength and rebalancing your hips and pelvis. Learn Ayurvedic Yoga methods to reduce fatigue in this 6-week series. Wednesdays, 5:30-6:45pm. Through June 19. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. info@freespiritbend. com. $126.

Yoga Wall A unique opportunity to experience the Yoga Wall, it will improve alignment, take you deeper into poses, elongate the spine, re-aligns the pelvis and release the hips. Increase your strength and flexibility while connecting your mind, body and spirit. All levels are welcome. 6-week series. Tuesdays, 5:30-6:45pm. Through June 18. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $125.


Battle of the Bats Annual fundraising softball tournament featuring local law enforcement agencies within Central Oregon. There will be a presentation by honor guard, emergency vehicles, BBQ food/drinks and 50/50 raffle. All funds raised go directly to J Bar J, an essential program for Central Oregon youth. June 9, 9am-5pm. Skyline Sports Complex, 19600 Mountaineer Way, Bend. Free.

K.I.D.S. Celebration and Fundraiser

Grants help local youth who are under served in the community attend summer camp and participate in after school activities. Since 2008 Trinity Episcopal Church Members and the Bend Community have donated to help these kids enjoy meaningful experiences that build self-esteem and bring happiness to their young lives. June 7, 5-7:30pm. On Tap, 1424 NE Cushing Drive, Bend. Not’cho Grandma’s Bingo Silver Moon partners with The YOUNI Movement to guarantee the best bingo experience in all of Central Oregon! Not’Cho Grandma’s Bingo is the OG of bingo, high energy bingo that promises to entertain from start to finish! Bingo cards are $25 per person. Family friendly fundraising! Free general admission, $10 early entry. Sundays, 10amNoon. Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-639-1730. hello@ $10-$200.


Apero Hours at L

BBC Cruz! Classic cars, rock & roll & award winning beers! Join Bend Brewing Company on First Friday, June 7 for classic cars, rock ‘n’ roll and award winning beers! Silvertone Devils are playing from 6-8pm and we’ve got classic cars from the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s! June 7, 4-10pm. Bend Brewing Company, 1019 NW Brooks St., Bend. Free.

Bend Handmade Market Debuting the Bend Handmade Market in Downtown Bend this June! Find 100 makers and artists selling handmade goods. For those of you who have never been to an Urban Craft Uprising show, our events feature handcrafted goods including jewelry, housewares, clothing, toys, art. June 8, 10am-6pm. Downtown Bend, Downtown Bend, Bend. Contact: 206-210-7132. Free.

Northwest Crossing Farmers Market

Opening Day Discover a bounty of seasonal produce, locally-raised meats, fresh eggs and cheese, handmade items, beautiful flowers, tasty morsels, and so much more! Support our local farmers and artisans. Open every Saturday during summer season from 10am to 2pm. Northwest Crossing Drive. Saturdays, 10am2pm. Through Sept. 28. NorthWest Crossing, NorthWest Crossing, Bend. Free.

Saturday Market at Duffy’s General Duffy’s very first Saturday market! There are almost 40 vendors signed up for our spring and summer vendor markets. The market will run May 4 through July 20 this year and have candle vendors, a florist, leather goods and so much more. Saturdays, 10am-2pm.. General Duffy’s Waterhole, 404 SW Forest Avenue, Redmond. Free.

Second Sunday Vintage Market

Third annual Second Sunday Market located at Gathered Wares in the Old Iron Works District. Bend’s premiere vintage clothing and home goods market. Shop from various local vintage vendors and makers while you dance to live DJ every second Sunday of the month Apr. to Oct. 11-3pm. Family friendly. Second Sunday of every month, 11am-3pm. Through Oct. 13. Gathered Wares, 50 SE Scott St., Bend. Free.

Sip & Shop Market Join Bledsoe Family Winery in the box factory to shop local vendors, sip wine and enjoy live music! June 9, 1-3pm. Bledsoe Family Winery, 550 SW Industrial Way Suite 198, Bend. Contact: 541-797-6502. Free.

Sisters Farmers Market Visit Sisters Farmers Market to experience the bounty of Central Oregon! Browse fresh produce, locally raised meats, seafood, artisanal food products, and find the perfect handcrafted gift from local makers. Enjoy live music and be sure to visit our website to see each Sunday’s community activity schedule! Sundays, 10am-2pm. Through Oct. 27. Fir Street Park, Sisters, Sisters. Contact: 541-904-0134. Free.

Summertime in the City A summer marketplace in downtown Redmond. Come find crafts, food, vendors, ice cream and a splash pad. Family friendly. Second Saturday-Sunday of every month, 9am-4pm. Through Sept. 15. Centennial Park, Evergreen, Between 7th and 8th St., Redmond. Contact: 541 903-5849. Free.

Sunriver Music Festival Tickets on Sale Now Tickets for the Sunriver Music Festival are now available! Find tickets at or call 541-593-1084. Ongoing. Online Event, Webinar Link Inside Confirmation Email, Bend. Contact: 541-593-1084.


Adult Ballet Come learn or rediscover the art of ballet on Thursday nights! Adult Ballet is an open-level class for adult learners and dancers. All levels of previous experience are welcome, and no previous experience is required. Trial classes are available, for more information visit our website! Tuesdays, 6:45-7:45pm. Through June 15. Academia De Ballet Classique, 1900 NE 3rd St #104, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4055. Price Varies. Baby Ninja Classes Classes include exploration through soft-obstacle Ninja Warrior courses to develop coordination and balance skills. Plus yoga fun, songs, parachute play and bubbles! Mondays-Wednesdays. Through June 19. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $125. Children’s Book Drive Donate your new or gently-used children’s books for central Oregon kids in need. There will be a drop-off spot in front of The Grove eatery, adjacent to the Northwest Crossing Farmer’s Market. Drop off from 9am to 2 pm. June 8, 9am-2pm. The Grove, 921 NW Mt. Washington Drive, Bend. Contact: dweber1000@ Free.

Chocolate Making Tour of Bend Special discount through the holiday season! Normally $89, now $79. Participants will enjoy a behind the scenes look at how this local award-winning dark chocolate roaster creates its incredibly savory product. Learn about the origins of the cacao seeds from different regions of the world and how the entire roasting process works. Make your own chocolate bar from liquid chocolate that will be packaged for you to take home. Enjoy some red wine or hot cocoa along with a variety of samples. If you choose to purchase some additional chocolate bars, ask about special wholesale pricing. Be sure to act quickly as tours are limited in size. Kids welcome. Please call 541-901-3188 with any questions. Mondays-Saturdays, 3pm. Seahorse Chocolate, 1849 NE 2nd Street, Bend. Contact: 541-901-3188.

Cosmic Jump Night A Cosmic Party turns the bright lights off and the party lights on! It’s time to glow! Wear white or bright clothing for the full effect, ages 12 and up recommended. Saturdays, 7-9pm. Mountain Air Trampoline Park, 20495 Murray Road, Bend. Contact: 541647-1409. $23.

Family Trivia Join Craft Kitchen and Brewery for Family Trivia night. Form teams as a family and put your knowledge to the test. Everyone leaves a winner. First Friday of every month, 6-8pm. Through June 7. Craft Kitchen & Brewery, 62988 Layton Ave #103, Bend. Contact: 541-668-1766. Free.

Family Yoga at Sisters Farmers Market Family Yoga at the Market every Sunday 10:15-11am on the shaded stage. Move and breathe in community Bring your yoga mat, your littles and grandma! Pre-registration encouraged but not necessary. Sundays, 10:15-11am. Through Oct. 28. Fir Street Park, Sisters, Sisters. Contact: 541-588-3633. Donation-based.

Family Yoga Classes Partner-up with your kid-yogis to practice yoga and mindfulness together! We teach kid-friendly yoga sequences, partner poses, acro-yoga while introducing breathing techniques and mindfulness practices. 6-week series, age 5 - 8 plus parent / caregiver. Thursdays, 4:15-5:15pm. Through June 20. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $135.

Fantasy Ballet Children are delighted to dance through all of the magical places while using their newly learned ballet steps. This fantasy-themed ballet class is designed to cultivate your child’s creativity, individuality and artistry while discovering ballet terminology and culture of discipline. We have 2 classes listed, sign up on our page! Thursdays, 5:30-6:15pm and Saturdays, 11:05-11:50am. Through June 15. Academia De Ballet Classique, 1900 NE 3rd St #104, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4055. Price Varies.

For the Health of It! Health & Wellness Fair Join Bend Park and Recreation District and over 40 health and wellness providers for a free, fun-filled afternoon focused on your health including free health screenings and giveaways. Bring your appetite with you, as PacificSource Health Plans is hosting a free community barbecue - always a healthy highlight! June 11, Noon3pm. Larkspur Community Center, 1600 SE Reed Market Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-388-1133. Free. Get Them Outside Early: Babies & Kids on Trails Learn about the many benefits of getting your little ones outside sooner rather than later and hear stories from one mother who hiked 1,200 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail with her young son. Join OutGrown’s Executive Director Jessica Carrillo Alatorre and thru-hiker and Purple Rain Adventure Skirts founder Mandy June 5, 10-11:30am. Contact: 541-638-0671. Free.

Happy Hip-Hop Nothing but fun in this high energy class! Come learn the latest dance style of today’s top choreographers. Utilizing moves from street dance, breaking, popping, locking and freestyle you will incorporate them into a vibrant dance combination that expresses your individuality. Call 541-382-4055 for class rates. Learn more at! Fridays, 3:50-4:35pm. Through June 15. Academia De Ballet Classique, 1900 NE 3rd St #104, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4055. Call for Rates.

Kid’s Night Out Drop off the kids ages 4-12 for a fun time at Kids Night Out! Pizza, games and jumping from 6-9pm. Purchase tickets online ahead of time as space is limited. Adult staff does roll-call 4 times per night, Kids remain on-site until pickup. Fridays, 7-9pm. Mountain Air Trampoline Park, 20495 Murray Road, Bend. Contact: 541-647-1409. $30.

Kids Ninja Warrior Classes Challenging Ninja Warrior circuits will keep your kids developing new skills. They will feel empowered as they greatly improve speed, increase strength, become more coordinated and enhance athletic abilities. 6-week series, multiple days / times of the week to choose from, age 6 - 9. Mondays-Thursdays. Through June 20. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-2413919. $135.

Kids Ninja Warrior: After School Camp

Drop off the kids for the fun-filled Ninja Warrior Camp. They’ll get their energy out and get their exercise in! 6-week series, age 6 - 10, drop-off. Wednesdays, 1:30-4pm. Through June 19. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $199.

Hailing from Australia, guitarist Tommy Emmanuel returns to Bend to perform at theTower Theatre. Throughout his music career, he has released many award-winning recordings as a solo artist. Mon., June 17, at 7:30pm. Courtesy Tommy Emmanuel Facebook

Lego Robotics Course for Homeschoolers 3rd-6th grade In collaboration with Campfire Central Oregon, Samara Learning Center is offering a five-week course in Lego Robotics for beginners. Homeschoolers in grades 3rd-6th are encouraged to apply for the scholarships. Space is limited. 10 hours of participation are required. Mondays, 10am. Through June 10. Samara Learning Center, 230 NE Ninth St., Bend. Contact: 541419-3324. Free.

LEGO® Robotics With SPIKE App In this one-day intro workshop students will build and program robots using LEGO’s® educational SPIKE app kits. By workshop’s end, students will have a solid foundation in LEGO robotics and be able to create, modify and control their own robotic creations. No prior robotics or programming experience required. Wed, June 5, 4-5:30pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-388-2283. $76.

Line and Swing Lessons Free lessons each Thursday and Family nights every other Wednesday. See calendar for event dates, times and lesson taught! Thursdays, 7-10pm. Cross-Eyed Cricket, 20565 NE Brinson Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-382-4270. Free.

Mini-Ninja Classes Your children will develop important coordination skills, improve balance, and build confidence as they tackle Ninja Warrior obstacle courses designed around a weekly theme. 6-week series, age 2 - 3 plus parent / caregiver. Mondays-Wednesdays. Through June 19. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $125.

Moms + Groms Meetup Moms + Groms is officially back @ Boss Rambler 3-6pm every Wednesday! Moms, it’s simple: show up with your grom(s) to socialize and drink beer (or whatever you want) with other moms while the kiddos make new friends! All moms get $1 off drinks! Wednesdays, 3-6pm. Boss Rambler Beer Club, 1009 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Free.

Primary in Dance Dancers go on a journey of imaginative and fanciful stories, ballet manners, inclusiveness and skill building. Children work toward learning the fundamentals of ballet for a safe transition to successive levels of dance. Our programs follow the safe teaching practices of the RAD & ISTD. Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30pm. Through June 15. Academia De Ballet Classique, 1900 NE 3rd St #104, Bend. Contact: 541-3824055. Price Varies.

R.A.D. Camps Presents: Summer Day Camps! R.A.D. Camps presents Summer Day Camps for children ages 7-17. Programs for ages 7-12 and R.A.D. Sprouts run 8-4, Monday - Friday. Teen programs operate every Wednesday from 8am-5pm. Visit or call 541-204-0440 for more information. Registration now open! Mondays-Fridays, 8am-4pm. Through Sept. 1. Miller Elementary School, 19100 Skyliners Rd., Bend. Contact: 541 -204-0440. info@ $99.

Storm Water Polo Informational Meeting Greetings incoming Summit freshman. As the school year wraps up now is a great time to start thinking about fall sports. Join an important informational meeting where you can meet other water polo players and parents, meet the head boys and girls coaches and ask any questions. June 5, 6:15pm. Juniper Swim & Fitness Center, 800 NE Sixth St., Bend. Contact: 5417287970. Free.

Teen Girls Workshop Series Promote positive self image, mental health, relaxation and clarity through various practices to manage teen stress and anxiety. Learn mindfulness including meditation, journaling, breath work and ignite energy with high-vibe music and drumstick fitness. Connect with bodies to understand energy centers, wellbeing and balance. Release worry and tension with meditative sound baths. More info at Wednesdays, 2:30-4pm. Through June 5. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon, 61980 Skyline Ranch Road, Bend. Contact: 312-2139834. $280.

Formed in San Francisco in 1993, Third Eye Blind is a household name in the grunge rock world, continuing to deliver electrifying live performances. Known for its top hits, “How’s It Going to Be” and “Semi-Charmed Life,” the band is making a comeback and performing at Hayden Homes Amphitheater on Fri., June 14 at 6:30pm.


Fried Chicken Thursdays Fried Chicken Thursdays at Flights Wine Bar! Dine in with a 2-piece plate with sides and a biscuit for $21 or take an 8-piece bucket and a bottle to-go! Upgrade to the “Balla Bucket” to get a selected bottle of champagne. Thursdays, 3-9pm. Flights Wine Bar, 1444 NW College Way Suite 1, Bend. Contact: 541-728-0753. $21. Herbs and Spices: Creating Flavor in Your Cooking Learn how to incorporate herbs and spices for maximum flavor with author and celebrity chef Suzanne Landry. Registration required. This primer will cover flavor families from different cuisines, practical tips on how to store items and ways to utilize herbs and spices to elevate your cooking. June 7, 5:30-7pm. East Bend Public Library, 62080 Dean Swift Road, Bend. Contact: 54-312-1029.


$10 Wing Wednesdays A new weekly special: $10 Wing Wednesdays at Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market. Choose from one of the housemade sauces like Char Sui, This IPA BBQ and Spicy Staycay Pineapple or go naked! Wednesdays, 11am-9pm. Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market, 21175 SE Reed Market Road Lot #2, Bend.

$12 Burger and Beer Thursdays with Blue Eyes Burgers and Fries Come on out to Boss Rambler Beer Club for $12 Burger and Beer Night with Blue Eyes Burgers and Fries every Thursday!. Boss Rambler Beer Club, 1009 NW Galveston Ave., Bend.

$16 Fish Taco and House Margarita Fridays Join for 3 fish tacos and a house margarita for only $16 every Friday at Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market. Fridays, 11am-9pm. Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market, 21175 SE Reed Market Road Lot #2, Bend.

Abundancia Wine Tasting Enjoy a tasting of Willamette Valley wines from Abundancia Vineyards. Tasting fee of $15 | Free for Wine Club Members June 7, 5-7pm. Good Drop Wine Shoppe, 141 NW Minnesota Avenue, Bend. Contact: 541410-1470. $15. Boozy Brunch Trivia Boozy Brunch Trivia every Sunday with Head Games Trivia! This interactive trivia features: The Beer Round, The Movie Round, The First Line Movie Challenge, The Lightning Round, The Bonus Sing-Along, The Bonus Dance-Off, The Hella Wicked-Smaht Round, and more! Grab your friends for boozy brunch, coffee, Bend Breakfast Burrito and trivia! Sundays, 10am-Noon. Boss Rambler Beer Club, 1009 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Free.

Locals’ Day Come on down to Bevel Craft Brewing for $4 beers and cider and $1 off wine all day. There are also food specials from the food carts located out back at The Patio! Tuesdays. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour St., Bend. Contact: Free.

Locals’ Night at WaypointBBC Locals’ Night at WaypointBBC! $5 draft beer, $8 house red and white wine and $8 specialty cocktail. Tuesdays, Noon-10pm. Waypoint, 921 NW Mt Washington Drive, Bend. Contact: 458-206-0826. Free.

Mixed Case Tuesdays Shop Viaggio Wine Merchant on Tuesdays and receive 15% off your purchase of any mixed case of wine (12 bottles), and 20% off special order cases we order for you. Tuesdays, 3-9pm. Viaggio Wine Merchant, 210 SW Century Drive, Suite 160, Bend. Contact: 541299-5060. Free.

Paint & Sip Night Local artist Debbie Irwin will guide you through a paint night and provide the canvas and supplies needed to create your wine-inspired masterpiece. Grab some friends and make it a fun night out. Your ticket includes a $10 wine credit to be spent on your favorite bottle of the evening. June 5, 5-7pm. Willamette Valley Vineyards, 916 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541306-6000. $45.

Cortell Collection: Regenerative Agriculture “Wine Workshop Series” of wine educational classes/tastings. Join Jessica Cortell, vineyard manager and owner/winemaker of Cortell Collections and Explore the concepts of regenerative agriculture, the process of implementation and lessons learned along the way. Discuss how it compares to organic and dynamic farming practices. $25 refunded with 2 bottle purchase. June 5, 6-7pm. Flights Wine Bar, 1444 NW College Way Suite 1, Bend. Contact: 541728-0753.

Cross Cut Warming Hut: Locals’ Day! Tuesdays are Locals’ Day. Every Tuesday enjoy $1 off regular size draft beverages. Come by the Warming Hut and hang out by the fire. See you soon, Bend! Tuesdays. Crosscut Warming Hut No 5, 566 SW Mill View Way, Bend.

Growler Discount Night! Enjoy $2 off growler fills every Wednesday at Bevel! Wednesdays. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour St., Bend. Contact: 831-245-1922. holla@ Free.

Happy Hour At the Bend Wine Bar, come in to take advantage of special pricing during weekly happy hour. Featuring $5 off artisanal cheese and charcuterie boards, $2 off of wines by the glass and $1 off pint draft beers. Mondays-Thursdays, 2-4pm. The Bend Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room, 550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 194, Bend. Contact: Free.

Industry Day Mondays! Relax and let us serve you for a change. $5 well drinks, $5 beers, food specials and raffles. Show OLCC permit or Food Handler card to be entered in our weekly raffles for gift cards, knife sets and other great prizes! Mondays, 11am-9pm. Sunriver Brewing Co. Galveston Pub, 1005 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-408-9377. Free.

Learn From the Best: Mixology Lessons Don’t know your Old Fashioned from your Moscow Mule? Would you like to learn how to craft a great cocktail like a pro? Taught by renowned mixologist Cody Kennedy, these classes will help you master the art of cocktail-making! Wednesdays, 1-2pm. Juniper Preserve, 65600 Pronghorn Club Dr., Bend. $25.

Locals’ Night with The Bluegrass Collective Monday is the day to be at Silver Moon Brewing! Come on down and join the local family all day every Monday! Silver Moon offers $3 pints of the core lineup beers and $4 pours of the barrel-aged beers all day. Come down and sample what’s new while also enjoying the brand new food menu! Mondays. Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend.Free.

Whiskey Tuesdays The Cross-eyed Cricket Watering Hole is offering exclusive access to a library of top shelf whiskeys every Tue. Oneounce pours for reasonable prices. Come by and try something new, or sip on your favorites! Tuesdays, 11am-11pm. Cross-Eyed Cricket, 20565 NEBrinson Blvd., Bend. Free


April Showers Bring May Flowers

Crystal Sound Bath A rejuvenating crystal sound bath event to welcome spring's energy, and the blooming of May flowers! Immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of 7 chakra colored quartz crystal singing bowls and experience deep relaxation and healing. First Wednesday of every month, 7-8:30pm. Through June 7. Red Chair Real Estate, 56805 Venture Ln Suite A, Sunriver, Sunriver. Contact: 541-668-1716. Free.

Arm Balancing and Inversions Workshop Take a comprehensive look at inversions and arm balancing in your yoga practice by breaking down each pose into approachable first steps, create healthy foundations for each pose and move forward from their step by step. No experience necessary. Hands-on assists, and props will be available to assist you! June 9, 11am1pm. Bend Hot Yoga, 1230 NE 3rd St. UnitA230, Bend. Contact: $30. Bend Yoga Festival 2024 Yoga Journal’s #1 yoga festival you need to know about. Enjoy 4-days of world-class yoga and guided outdoor adventure. Yoga workshops, asana intensives, kirtan, paddle boarding, hiking, forest bathing, intro to rock climbing, curated vendors, live music, silent disco and much more. Thu, June 6, 8am-10pm, Fri, June 7, 8am-10pm, Sat, June 8, 8am-10pm and Sun, June 9, 8am-2pm. Riverbend Park, 799 SW Columbia St., Bend. Contact: 541-480-8224. $29-$499.

Community Grief Circle - 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month It takes courage to step forward to share your story. Yet, there is tremendous transformation to be experienced is sharing your grief or in simply listening to others. This bi-monthly circle is ongoing drop in and open to anyone in the community. All griefs welcome. First and Third Thursday of every month, 6-7:30pm. Good Grief Guidance, 33 NW Louisiana Ave, Bend. Contact: 541-223-9955. $ 25.

Courtesy Third Eye Blind Facebook

GUNG HO Bend Burlesque Debuts Inaugural Pride Event, 'Taste Our Rainbow'

An evening of celebrating Pride and burlesque entertainment

“We are so excited to share our message of love, self-acceptance and body positivity during our performances.”

Bend Burlesque is set to dazzle audiences with “Taste Our Rainbow,” a vibrant and sexy performance night in celebration of Pride Month. The event takes place at Bunk + Brew on First Friday, June 7, promising an unforgettable evening of burlesque entertainment. Talented performers will showcase their unique talents and celebrate love in all forms.

Ashley Shrader, known by the stage name Cat Clementine in the burlesque community, has been performing for the past three years. Shrader, now the producer of the upcoming Pride show, became the new owner of Bend Burlesque last year following the departure of co-founders Mehama Kaupp and Leah Rutz. Striving to honor their legacy, Shrader is dedicated to sustaining the vibrant spirit of Bend Burlesque. “Bend Burlesque is a place where I found family and a community, and I am so grateful for it,” shares Shrader.

“We are so excited to share our message of love, self-acceptance and body positivity during our performances,” Shrader explains.

Doors open at 7pm, with the host introducing the show at 8pm. Accompanied by the beats of DJ Disco Dino, the performance will feature a series of burlesque acts and audience participation, offering attendees the chance to become part of the show. Shrader describes the performances as, “super-high energy and a really fun time.”

The event marks the first Pride celebration organized by Bend Burlesque, with a troupe filled with many LGBTQ+ members and allies. As they gear up for “Taste Our Rainbow,” performers are elated to showcase acts they have been practicing for a month that highlight LGBTQ+ Pride and advocate self-love and body celebration. Attendees can indulge in food and drinks while watching a variety of performances, including a runway show, hula and belly dancing and traditional burlesque routines.

Shrader emphasized the importance of creating a welcoming and comfortable community, encouraging attendees to have fun and enjoy the show. Bend Burlesque will continue its tradition of monthly performances at Bunk + Brew on First Fridays through September.

Bend Burlesque Presents: Taste Our Rainbow

7 at 8-10pm Bunk + Brew 42 NW Hawthorne Ave., Bend, OR 97703 $25-$175
Tur ning Your
Fantasies into Reality
Courtesy Bend Burlesque Instagram

Couples Massage Classes Learn to connect and relax with your partner through nurturing touch. Taproot Bodywork offers 2- or 4- hour couples massage classes in Tumalo. One couple per session. Additional days/times are available, prices vary. Visit for more info. Ongoing. Explore a nurturing way to connect with your sweetheart in a couples massage class with Taproot Bodywork. Learn to relax your partner without hurting your hands! 2 or 4 hour classes, one couple per session. Prices vary. Additional days/times are available. Visit for details. Every other Saturday-Sunday. Taproot Bodywork studio, Tumalo, Tumalo. Contact: 503-481-0595.

EcoNIDRA: Where Yoga Nidra Meets Nature Connection EcoNIDRA is a deeply relaxing and restorative practice that enables you to reconnect with yourself and with the earth. It is a blend of yoga nidra and forest therapy that helps you sleep better, restores profound peace and rejuvenation to the body and cultivates a deeper level of nature connectedness. Thursdays, 7-8pm. Through July 11. Namaspa Yoga Studio, 1135 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. $22. Free Beginner’s Yoga Free beginner’s yoga in the Bend Community Center with instructors from Namaspa of Bend. Sponsored by the Salvation Army of Bend and Namaspa. Great for stretching and relaxation. Wednesdays, Noon1pm. Bend Community Center, 541 NE Dekalb Ave., Bend. Contact: 844-647-2730. Free. Gear Embroidery and Yoga Step into a world of movement and creativity with Emily! Join her for two and a half hours of movement and creative exploration. Bring a piece of gear you’d like to embroider and Emily will give you tips, tricks and provide all materials! June 10, 5-7:30pm. Tumalo State Park, 64120 O. B. Riley Rd, Bend. Contact: 541-668-6132. $30.

Healing Body Trust ® Workshop, Synergy Health & Wellness Journey from Hunger to Satisfaction and Pleasure. Many of us are disconnected from our bodies and are not hearing, listening, or able to honor our body’s cues. But we can get it back! Come discuss and explore hunger cues and the differences between fullness, satisfaction, and how pleasure heals us. June 8, 9am-Noon. Contact: 541-323-3488. $100.

Herbal Medicine Making Spring Series

with Dr. Ashley This series offers an introduction to the multiple ways to utilize plant medicines in your home, among family and within your communities. Discuss the various applications of plants used topically and internally as oils, salves, tinctures and teas. See the Eventbright page to choose a single workshop. Sat, June 8, 1:30-3pm. The Peoples Apothecary, 1841 NE Division Street, Bend. Contact: 541-728-2368. $65-$240. Introductory Aikido class Free introductory Aikido class on Mondays and Wednesdays in June. The introductory class focuses on etiquette, history, and rudimentary technique. Ongoing classes develop the basic principles, movements, and arts of Aikido. Learn to calm the mind, defend yourself proactively, handle conflict peacefully, and grow in confidence. Mondays-Wednesdays, 5:30-6:45pm. Through June 30. Oregon Ki Society, 20685 Carmen Loop, Suite 110, Bend. Contact: 541-350-7887. Free.

Ladies AllRide Mountain Bike Skills

Camp Ladies AllRide mountain bike skills camps are all about bringing women together to learn skills on their bikes and share the joys of mountain biking in a fun and welcoming environment. From fresh-out-of-the-box newbie to seasoned rider, group ride lover or solo shredder, you belong here. Tue, June 11, 9am-5pm and Sat, June 15, 9am-5pm. Seventh Mountain Resort, 18575 SW Century Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-647-0935. $525.

Mental Health Support Group - In Person NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group is a free, peer-led support group for adults living with mental health challenges. You will gain insight from hearing the challenges and successes of others, and the groups are led by NAMI-trained facilitators who’ve been there. This support group meets in person. Every other Sunday, Noon-4:30pm. The Taylor Center (Best Care), 358 NE Marshall Ave, Bend. Contact: 541316-0167. Free.

Mom and Baby Yoga Classes Flow from pose-to-pose toning, stretching, and strengthening your body while releasing tension. Plus, we will work to properly strengthen abdominal and back muscles to reduce postpartum back pain, while including movements and songs with babies. 6-week series, moms and babies age 6 weeks - pre crawlers. Thursdays, 10:45am-Noon Through June 20. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541241-3919. $125.


Connection Peer Support Group

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group is a free, peer-led support group for any adult who has experienced symptoms of a mental health condition. You will gain insight from hearing the challenges and successes of others, and the groups are led by trained leaders who’ve been there. Mondays, 7-9pm. Contact: 503-230-8009. Free. New Skater Orientation The Pavilion is looking for skaters, referees and volunteers! Come try out roller derby and get your questions answered. Must be 18 years old. All genders welcome. No experience necessary. Bring skates and gear if you have it, loaner gear available. June 7, 6-7:30pm. The Pavilion, 1001 SW Bradbury Way, Bend. Contact:

Om Together: a pride yoga and live music event This yoga class offers a sacred space for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and allies to cultivate joy with movement and music. Through gentle asana and meditation alongside live violin, let’s honor in the gift of our individuality and the radiance of the collective, our chosen family. Email for sliding scale. June 5, 6-7pm. Hanai Center, 62430 Eagle Road, Bend. Contact: 760-846-4891. alyssa@soultrip. co. $30 - sliding scale available.

Outdoor Yoga Classes Step into the fresh air for an all-levels Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class! Classes offering sun salutations and creative yoga sequences to spark heat, amp up your endurance and build strength and flexibility. Leave class feeling utterly rejuvenated! Let’s flow, breathe and have some yoga fun under the sun! Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays-Saturdays, 9:15-10:15am. Through Sept. 7. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. info@ $20.

Prenatal Yoga Prepares the body and mind for labor, birth and new motherhood. Emphasis is placed on building strength, channeling the power of the breath, and connecting to intuition. Suitable for women in any stage of pregnancy, as long as you feel good practicing and your care provider approves. Please pre-register. Tuesdays, 9-10am. Bend Hot Yoga, 1230 NE 3rd St. UnitA230, Bend. Contact: $20.

Queer In Nature: Sit Spot Community Meditation Series Find solace in nature and recharge, rest, and reconnect with fellow queer folx. This mini forest bathing experience includes a guided sensory meditation, a nature connection invitation to reduce stress and anxiety, for sharing and listening in a non-judgmental space. RSVP at Ages 16+. Limited space, registration required. Tuesdays, 6:307:30pm. Through June 25. Shevlin Park, 18920 Shevlin Rd., Bend. Contact: Free.

Queer Meditation Group A group of queer folks get together to meditate for an hour and discuss our experience. This happens at the same time and place every week. Info : heretolinger@ @heretolinger. Mondays, 6-7pm. Through Oct. 28. 354 NE Greenwood Ave Suite 202, 354 NE Greenwood Ave. Suite 202, Bend. Free.

Shadow Yoga Basics, Donation Based Introduces principles and practices of Shadow Yoga, with an emphasis on the lower structure and building the pathway of power. Pay what you can. Mondays, 6-7pm. Continuum, A School of Shadow Yoga, 155 SW Century Drive, Suite 112, Bend. Contact: 541-588-2480. $1-$19.

Shala Breathwork Shake off the weekend and let go of the expectations for the upcoming week with breathwork at Yoga Shala Bend! Join Whitney as she guides participants through a beautiful breathing meditation with music! Sundays, 6:15-7:15pm. Yoga Shala Bend, 806 NW Brooks St. Suite 200, Bend. Contact: 208-4096028. $20.

Sister Circle Gathering-Spring Virtual Come together with a circle of incredible women to honor and uplift each other while embracing the beauty of the changing seasons. This gathering is a haven where you can nourish your soul. Donation suggested $25. Second Tuesday of every month, 4-6pm. Online Event, Webinar Link Inside Confirmation Email, Bend. Contact: 650-862-9336.

Spiritual Rewilding and Shamanic Practice A 3-Day Initiation into Shamanism, Earth Medicine, and Spiritual Healing, June 7-9, 2024 at the Hanai Foundation. Deepen your connection with spirit and nature, learn shamanic skills for healing self and other and gain greater self trust through spiritual rewilding. All levels and diverse backgrounds welcome! Visit for more. $450 before Apr. 4, $550 after. Fri, June 7, 10am-5pm, Sat, June 8, 10am-5pm and Sun, June 9, 10am-5pm. Hanai Foundation, 62430 Eagle Road, Bend. Contact:

Start Again Stronger Are you an insecure overachiever? Energetic patterns are at play. Join Nicole Nelson, certified executive coach and energy practitioner, as she guides you to heal from the hustle! Discover how to reset, recenter and re-enter life confidently using energy medicine and Human Design. 1-hr private sessions Tuesday or Friday between 2-7pm 1011 SW Emkay Dr, Unit 101, Bend, OR 97702 Contact: 518-3016-1190. nicole@startagainstronger. com. $175 Tuesdays-Fridays, 2-7pm. Start Again Stronger, 1011 SW Emkay Dr UNIT 101, Bend. Contact: 518-306-1190. $175.

Tai Chi Unlock the Secrets of Serenity with Grandmaster Franklin’s Tai Chi Class! Embark on a transformative journey toward inner balance, harmony and a healthier you! Grandmaster Franklin invites you to join his exclusive Tai Chi Class, where ancient wisdom meets modern well-being. Tuesdays-Thursdays, 9:45-10:45am. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon, 61980 Skyline Ranch Rd, Bend. Contact: 541-797-9620. $100.

Taize Meditation Service The Taize Choir of Central Oregon invites you to participate in an hour of contemplative Taize music, prayer and silence at the monthly ecumenical service of healing and reconciliation. First Thursday of every month, 7-8pm. Through June 6. Trinity Episcopal Church - St. Helens Hall, 231 NW Idaho St., Bend. Contact: 541-815-5574. taizebend@ Free.

The Healing Circle The Healing Circle is a space where the heart, body, mind, and soul are seen as self-healing. Honor each individual’s capacity to heal, to break free from self-defeating patterns, and to recover from past traumas. Vulnerability is courage here, hold your truths in confidence and reverence. Thursdays, 5:156:30pm. Online Event, Webinar Link Inside Confirmation Email, Bend. Contact: 541-4080968. First Month is free, $11/month.

Tween Yoga Classes Connect with other like-minded yogis as you learn yoga flow sequences, strengthening and balancing yoga poses, as well as stress-reducing mindfulness techniques. We also incorporate journaling and fun mindful art and craft projects. 6-week series, age 8 - 12, drop-off. Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm. Through June 20. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. info@freespiritbend. com. $135.

Vedic Meditation Society of Bend: Yoga of the Supreme Divine Mother Sunset silent meditation of relaxed self-surrender to the Supreme Reality as the Divine Mother. Vedic meditation opens the ecstatic vibrations of the Goddess (“divine intoxication”) in the body spontaneously and without self effort. Email first to join! Fridays-Sundays, 7-8pm. Riley Ranch Nature Preserve, 19975 Glen Vista Road, Bend. Contact: Donation/No One Turned Away.

American rock band from New York City, Vampire Weekend, comes to Bend on its "Only God Was Above Us" Tour. The band was formed in 2006 by lead vocalist and guitarist Ezra Koenig, multi-instrumentalist Rostram Batmangliij, drummer Christ Tomson and bassist Chris Baio. Wed., June 19, 6pm at Hayden Homes Amphitheater. Courtesy Vampire Weekend Facebook

A Look Ahead to Foxtail’s “Den”

Nickol Hayden-Cady of Foxtail Bakeshop plans a new, late-night teahouse in downtown Bend

Fans of Nickol Hayden-Cady’s pastry magic will soon have a place to bask in the goodness. The chef, who closed down Foxtail Bakeshop at the end of the pandemic, is currently fundraising for her new space, in a soon-to-be disclosed location in downtown Bend. We caught up with Hayden-Cady to talk about the new venture, her recently released book and empowering yourself to try something new.

Source Weekly: Give us an update about what you’ve been up to since you closed the Foxtail Bakeshop in the Box Factory.

Nickol Hayden-Cady: I've had a two-year breakish. I've still been working quite a lot with catering and stuff. And then I finished the cookbook. And then I have a lot of business ideas. I didn't know what direction I wanted to go, and I was in New York, and it was so apparent that I'm ready now. So yeah, tea house, dessert bar and weekly cooking classes.

SW: Why do you think Bend is ready for this type of concept now?

NHC: I feel like people, I think after COVID, are demanding — I'm hoping they're demanding — more of an upscale, local thing, to not make things just at home. Like wow, why am I going out? I don't want to go out to get a grilled cheese. I want to go out to get something special that I can't make it home. And I think this year, they're finally demanding it.

SW: What is making you feel like that?

NHC: Dear Irene. I mean, Bos Taurus and Ariana, were just like, solo for years. And they've always been packed. But I don't feel like there was a demand to have more of those restaurants. And now because they've set a bar, I do feel like people are coming in and wanting more and more. So I feel like with the new chef Brian [Malarkey] place [Hawkeye and Huckleberry Lounge], Rancher Butcher Chef — all that. They're all doing well. So it's showing me that OK, there's a space for me.

I feel like people want dessert, but, you know, maybe aren't getting it at like a steakhouse. So maybe it's a place that like, OK, we're just gonna get small bites or dinner and then we can just finish with the dessert and tea here in a calmer environment.

SW: What will the desserts be like at The Den Teahouse?

NHC: We want to have cake slices and pie slices — so pleasing everyone off the board. If a kid wants to come and have a slice of cake, that’s available, right? And then I want to have really fancy plated desserts as well.

SW: You talked about you want it to be chill and casual. So that makes me, of course, think about like your last place, Foxtail Bakeshop, which was not chill.

NHC: I just didn't ever want to be that big — never wanted, like a bunch of locations or anything like that. I just wanted a place to like pop into, have brunch, and then I could do my pop-ups whenever I wanted to. But it kind of became mayhem. Which, I appreciate it, it's just that the line out the door always stressed me out every day. Because I felt, like, oh my god, people aren't getting served fast enough. And we make coffee so intentional, and they want their coffee fast. And that's not what we are. And they want their brunch fast. But literally making everything from scratch — nothing was bought or premade. Every time you got soup, we heated it up fresh.

So, it was just a lot. It was a bigger beast than I think I actually ever thought it would be.

SW: Let’s talk about your book, “Treats from the Den.”

NHC: The book came out in November; it took two years to write. I had a lot of great help from artists; Cali Clement helped me put the whole book together. And then Benjamin Edwards photographed it.

When I first decided to write the book — when we closed — I was like, Oh, here's like, a love letter to the community. And here's all my top recipes. Here's what were the top sellers of Foxtail, I give them all to you. Goodbye, it's been great, and I love you all. And I appreciate everything. But I'm done. I want to buy some land, and live off some land and share my own butter and milk my cows and process my own meats and then put a cooking school out there. And then it turned into like, oh, wow, this is more. I think also, the book was like, ‘empower yourself to make the stuff,’ like, yeah, it can't just be me. And then it became, like, ‘oh, my god, I can't believe I put my whole story in a book.’

Then it morphed into kind of like this talisman into self-discovery and finding your own power within. So, I do have a lot of symbols in there. I have a lot of empowerment — of like, hey, not just the cookbook, but in life, do something that empowers you. You don't need anyone else.

—Follow Foxtail Bakeshop on Instagram @foxtailbakeshop for updates on the GoFundMe for The Den Teahouse and to find locations to get the book, “Treats from the Den.”

Foxtail Cake Popup Sat., Jun 8, 10am-til sold out Cakes by the slice as a fundraiser for The Den Teahouse At Palate Coffee 643 NW Colorado Ave., Bend

Cookbook photos by Benjamin Edwards Portrait photo by Tambi Lane


Hop on the High Desert Food Trail

Local farms, ranches, restaurants, farmers markets and food and beverage makers have one more week to join the High Desert Food Trail. The trail is a self-guided tour of up to 50 businesses, helping “connect trail visitors to the high desert’s stunning landscapes, artisanal offerings and resilient agriculture,” explained a press release from the High Desert Food and Farm Alliance, which runs the program.

Participants in the program can download a map of the trail and even go on bike rides on High Desert Food Trail bike routes, designed in partnership with Bend Electric Bikes. Start and finish wherever you like on the trail. The High Desert Food Trail also maintains a business directory to let people browse each of the businesses on the trail.

Businesses interested in joining the trail can sign up at

Hibachi and Sushi in the Former Rockin’ Dave’s

Anew, fast-casual Asian spot is now open in the former location of Rockin’ Dave’s in Bend. Kobe Sushi & Hibachi Grill opened this week along Greenwood Ave., serving up a range of sushi items as well as grilled dinner entrées and yakisoba noodles. While things like the Hibachi Shrimp, Hibachi Steak and Hibachi Chicken are cooked on a flat-top grill, that magic

takes place in the kitchen rather than at your table, as is the case in some other hibachi or teppanaki restaurants. On the sushi menu, expect classic nigiri and sashimi plates featuring salmon, tuna, yellowtail, white tuna and other favorites. On the rolls menu, special rolls include a Pilot Butte Roll with spicy tuna and snow crab, along with a Birthday Roll featuring tempura shrimp, cream cheese, crab stick and eel sauce. Kobe is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

Kobe Sushi & Hibachi Grill

Sun-Thu 11:30am-8:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-9pm 661 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend

Asian Style Breakfast Sandwiches in The Grove

Diners in Northwest Crossing have a new place to grab breakfast. Good Egg, owned by the people who brought us Dear Mom Café, opened in The Grove Market Hall this week. The menu features Asian-style breakfast sandwiches on French-style brioche, along with lunch and afterschool snacks. Get your egg sandwiches stuffed with yummy ingredients, but also check out the garlic fries, egg salad and daily specials, as well as “wellness slushy” drinks that combine healthful ingredients and classic smoothie fixin’s.

Good Egg 921 NW Mount Washington Dr., Suite 110, Bend
Courtesy Grove Market Hall Courtesy Kobe Sushi and Hibachi Courtesy High Desert Food and Farm Alliance
WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / JUNE 06, 2024 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE 38 june 8, 2024 redmond, or Get registered and learn more REDMOND WELLNESS & CHIROPRACTIC Presented by NEW

SC SCREEN May the Source Be With You: June Edition

A case for


a podcast about words and more to tune into

this month

Is it summer yet? I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be, but it’s windy and raining as I type this, so I guess maybe we’re just taking a mulligan and calling this Fall 2.0. 1.5? I don’t know. Regardless, there are plenty of things to watch when you’re done with the sun for the day, or to listen to while you’re out adventuring. I’m not trying to tell you what to do or anything, but here are a few podcasts and shows I’m enjoying the hell out of as we speak.

Pod Save Us All

I’ve managed to discover a few new podcasts over the last month that I’m pretty excited about. I mean, they’re new to me and that’s what really matters.

I spend a lot of time online, whether it’s streaming movies, researching those movies I’m streaming or then writing about the research/screening of the movies that I just did. Since I obviously love deep-diving my own insecurities, I discovered a podcast called, “Your Undivided Attention,” which focuses on how emerging technologies fit into or possibly redefine our modern lives. The episodes focused on the current teen mental health crisis, open-sourced AI and the dangers of living your life online have all really changed my way of thinking.

Since a large portion of my life revolves around words and the best ways to use the right ones, I was excited to discover “The Allusionist,” a podcast focused on great words, where they come from and how to use them. If you’re like me and 52 minutes focused on misophonia, or an entire episode on the history of self-help jargon sounds exciting to you (like it does me), then you’ve got 250 episodes of this show to fall in love with.

Now Streaming

I’ve noticed most people subscribe to streaming services based on what is simple, easy and they’re used to having. Most everyone still has a Netflix account, even though Netflix has been shedding content for years at this point. They still have a few good shows, but they’re far from the only game in town anymore.

I think the strongest streaming service for your dollar right now has to be AppleTV+. They have tons less content than Netflix, Hulu, Peacock or Prime, but they do one thing that no other streamer has the guts to do: they only show their own original content. You can rent most everything on there, but the shows that come free with their service are all ones they produced themselves, and a great majority of them are fantastic.

While a lot of people got AppleTV+ for “Ted Lasso” and then got rid of it once it ended, that show isn’t even the high-water mark of their programming. Right now, I’m really in love with a few shows that are still airing their current seasons, so I guess they might fall apart, but I’d be shocked if they did.

“The Big Door Prize” is hands down the best show that no one is watching right now. Set in the tiny fictional town of Deerfield, the show follows a group of people whose futures change immediately after the appearance of a machine that tells them all their individual life potential. It sounds like a sci-fi concept, but the real focus is on people trying to really come

to terms with their lives and how they want to be living. It’s warmhearted and humanist in a way I’ve been missing since “Ted Lasso” ended, and the ensemble cast (led by the always wonderful Chris O’Dowd) have created a dozen characters I’ve become emotionally invested in. If this show gets canceled before it has a real ending, I’m blaming you.

Another great AppleTV+ show that’s still currently airing is “Dark Matter,” based on the great sci-fi mindf*ck novel by Blake Crouch. Joel Edgerton grounds this deeply fascinating and twisty alternate reality mystery and keeps you invested even if some of the science goes over your (my) head.

With those two shows, along with the Colin Farrell detective mystery, “Sugar,” the alternate history powerhouse, “For All Mankind,” the Isaac Asimov classic, “Foundation,” the insanely popular, “The Morning Show,” the masterclass in acting and writing, “Slow

Horses,” the super entertaining, “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” plus the absolutely mind blowing “Severance,” AppleTV+ already has a strong base of shows.

But if that’s not enough, check out some of the shows it has coming up: A re-imagining of the Terry Gilliam classic, “Time Bandits” from Taika Waititi, David E. Kelly taking on Turow’s, “Presumed Innocent,” a dramatic series called “Before” starring freaking Billy Crystal, a psychological thriller mini-series called “Disclaimer” starring Cate Blanchett and Kevin Kline, written and directed by Alfonso Cuaron, plus an adaptation of Martha Wells’ awesome book series, “The Murderbot Diaries.”

Seriously, this service is totally worth your time. Heck, if you can only watch one, pick “Severance” and be amazed by one of the top 10 TV shows of the century. I feel like Apple owes me a MacBook now.

Photos courtesy of APPLE “The Big Door Prize" is the best show you’re not watching. Gary Oldman is an international treasure in “Slow Horses.”

Research: NW Indigenous people have long history of carefully managing camas crop

Aprized plant for regional Native Americans has been carefully cultivated for more than 3,500 years, according to an Oregon State University study.

Camas is a First Foods staple for Native Americans, who traditionally baked the bulbs in earthen ovens.

Molly Carney is an assistant professor of anthropology at OSU, and lead author on the study. She looked at bulbs from around 3,500 years ago, and saw Native gatherers were harvesting them selectively.

“We found by looking at the archaeological bulbs, that people were only harvesting these sexually-mature plants,” said Carney. “And we infer that they are replanting the immature plants that are popped out with those bulbs.”

Camas becomes harvest-ready in three to five years, so Carney says this selective gathering shows careful stewardship of the plant. The study is published in the journal, Holocene.

In a release, OSU says these findings add to a growing body of research around what’s commonly called Traditional Ecological Knowledge, sustainable practices carried out by Indigenous people across North America for millennia.

“Camas is an ecological and cultural keystone, meaning it is a species that many other organisms depend on and that features prominently within many cultural practices,” the release said.

“If you think about salmon as being a charismatic species that people are very familiar with, camas is kind of the plant equivalent,” Carney added. “It is one of those species that really holds up greater ecosystems, a fundamental species which everything is related to.”

It takes two to three days of baking for camas bulbs to become softer and edible. The taste has been compared to something close to a sweet potato or other starchy root plants.

Camas baking ovens from 4,400 years ago were recorded at a Long Tom River archaeological site near Veneta, but the OSU release said for several thousand years, the bulbs appeared to have been harvested somewhat indiscriminately.

“This timing in the Late Holocene period lines up with broader climatic shifts in the region, the researchers noted, coming around the same time as low-magnitude fires became more commonplace in the landscape,” according to OSU.

Carney also studied evidence from the floor of Beaver Lake, collected by Central Washington University researcher Megan Walsh, that supported the theory that controlled burns were used to create optimal conditions for camas and other plants starting 3,000 to 4,000 years ago.

“The shift from haphazard harvesting to selective stewardship among tribal communities appears to have occurred at approximately the same time throughout the Pacific Northwest,” Carney said.

Researchers say for the practice to be successful, it would have required community-wide agreement to leave camas bulbs in the soil until the optimal harvest point, as well as conducting cultural burns to maintain healthy growing spaces.

The study’s co-author was Thomas Connolly from the Museum of Natural and Cultural History at the University of Oregon. The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Historic Preservation Office approved the project.

—Reprinted through a content sharing agreement with Oregon Public Broadcasting.

W W W . C E N T E R F O U N D A T I O N . O R G F O U N D A T I O N T H E C E N T E R C a r i n g f o r t h e p h y s i c a l a n d m e n t a l h e a l t h o f C e n t r a l O r e g o n y o u t h s i n c e 2 0 0 0 .
A group of people led by Joe Scott, a Siletz tribal member, dig for camas in a field outside of Eugene on June 21, 2023. A camas with its flower intact is shown in the inset. KLCC/OSU

A Welcoming Gathering for the Queer Community

Sisters in Sisters at The Barn fosters connection and inclusivity

“We wanted to create an event for the entire community in Sisters and to bring the queer community together.”

Sisters in Sisters is a casual get-together held at The Barn in Sisters aiming to bring the queer community together and provide a comfortable, family-friendly environment. The founders - Stefanie Siebold, Teresa Laursen and Mukti Silberfein - started the gathering two years ago during Pride Month, with the intention of creating a space filled with inclusivity and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

“We wanted to create an event for the entire community in Sisters and to bring the queer community together,” explains Siebold, vice president and diversity equity and inclusion (DEI ) board member of Sisters in Sisters.

The event has been consistently held every second Thursday of the month from 4-7pm at The Barn in Sisters. The owner, Danny St. Lawrence, and his staff have been incredibly welcoming and supportive, creating an environment for the community to gather and connect, according to Siebold. Since last year, the Sisters Gay Student Alliance has been attending and participating as well.

“Having the Sisters Gay Student Alliance show up was just an amazing experience for the younger generation to be able to chat and talk to the older generation — people who have paved the way for the queer community. It was just such a special situation for some of the high school individuals who were queer or questioning, providing them with a safe space,” noted Siebold.

Pride-related events have been few and far between in Sisters. Siebold and the other organizers had not heard of another public Pride event ever being held in Sisters before Sisters in Sisters began.

Meanwhile, a similar event is held monthly in Bend. “LezBend,” was founded by Andrea Wickberg, Jo Wells and Bri Slusser. The location rotates each month, but the event is held every fourth Thursday from 4-7pm.

Sisters in Sisters June 13, 4-7pm, and second Thursdays of the month

The Barn in Sisters 171 E Main Ave., Sisters[URL] Free



Saturday, June 15, 2024 at 5:30pm Riverhouse on the Deschutes Convention Center Presented by:

Enjoy elevated dinner, live & silent auctions, dessert dash, golden ticket & dancing to live music to benefit animals in need. Tickets & info at

The Sisters in Sisters event is held every second Thursday of the month from 4-7pm at The Barn in Sisters.
Courtesy Stefanie Siebold. 70’s Gala


Will Delta-8 Be Outlawed? With

the reauthorization of the Farm Bill, a possible change to the legality of

With all the attention paid recently to the seemingly inevitable rescheduling of cannabis, it’s easy to have missed a less well covered legislative move regarding hemp.

This relates to the Farm Bill, which is important even for non-farmers. It’s the bill that effectively legalized CBD, as it “authorized the production of hemp and removed hemp and hemp seeds from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s schedule of Controlled Substances.” Suddenly, CBD infused everything was everywhere, promising all manner of relief from numerous ailments and issues.

Then came the reveal that CBD wasn’t the only cannabinoid you could extract from hemp.

synthetic hemp products

to be recertified, and as it moved through the U.S. House last month, an amendment was added which could mean huge changes for all hemp- derived cannabinoids, potentially including CBD.

Marijuana Moment has a great deep dive piece breaking down the amendment, which does not have guaranteed passage. But it does have a fascinating collection of supporters and critics, many of whom are rarely on the same side of such issues.

Meet Delta-8, the hemp-derived Fredo Corleone to Michael’s cannabis-derived Delta-9. Unlike CBD, it is intoxicating, like Delta-9. But unlike Delta-9, as it is hemp-derived, it’s legal. Users report a milder high with a noticed absence of the negative effects some people experience with Delta-9 — namely paranoia and anxiety.

Of the 50 U.S. states, there only remain four in which cannabis remains fully illegal, with no medical or adult use programs: Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina and Wyoming. Seven only allow CBD, and the rest have established medical or adult use cannabis programs.

One thing that all these states have in common are people who like to get high, and so Delta-8 became the next CBD, showing up in vape carts and concentrate forms in places like Tennessee. Last year I wrote about visiting an East Nashville storefront offering a flight of dabs produced using Delta-8, Delta-10 and HHC.

Producers have extracted, refined and concentrated a number of intoxicating cannabinoids from hemp that are being sold in growing numbers and locations. And some states have moved to ban the production and sale of Delta-8, including Oregon in 2022.

Critics point out that there are no testing requirements for Delta-8 products, for purity or potency. So that Delta-8 vape cart may contain nasty heavy metals, pesticides and banned or dangerous chemicals used in its extraction. And that 100 mg Delta-8 gummy may actually be 1,000 mg. Which, you know, could result in some bad experiences for consumers.

Every five years, the Farm Bill needs

As Marijuana Moment writes: “If enacted into law, cannabinoids that are ‘synthesized or manufactured outside of the plant’ would no longer meet the definition of legal hemp.”

The bill’s author, Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) and her supporters say this will eliminate the “loophole” in the 2018 Farm Bill which led to the production and widespread sale of Delta-8 and other intoxicating cannabinoids. They cite the aforementioned concerns, as well as easy access for those 21 and under. That isn’t prohibitionist hysteria, as 11% of senior high school students report using Delta-8 products.

The trade group U.S. Cannabis Council is a supporter of the amendment, representing a number of large cannabis and non-cannabis brands such as Pax, Dutchie, ScottsMiracle-Gro and CuraLeaf, among others. They asked representatives for hemp-derived cannabinoids containing any amount of THC to revert to the definition of federally illegal cannabis.

This doesn’t sit well with opponents, such as the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, which supports the concept of reform that involves regulating Delta-8 and other hemp-derived cannabinoids, as well as tightening restrictions to reduce access to minors.

As their general counsel points out, there are some cannabis brands that “view adult hemp products as competition and are upset that there’s less regulation of the hemp products than there are the marijuana products, and so they’ve come to the conclusion that we need to federally ban all these hemp products.”

Other opponents include Republican representatives from farming states such as Virginia and Indiana, cognizant that a ban on ingestibles containing the current limit of .3% THC would devastate hundreds of farmers dependent upon their hemp farming.

We’ll follow the Farm Bill here.

Open Tuesday–Sunday Noon–9pm Serving both NY Style & Chicago Deep Dish Lunch Specials Starting at $9.50 Serving Slices until 4pm DEEP DISH THURSDAYS All Deep Dish Pizzas $25.99

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Add sugar

Underwater shockers

Face cards 7. See 43-Down

Maker of HPV and chicken pox vaccines

Sings like Michael Bublé

Little man

Buddhist leader

Beautify 13. Emergency supplies' carrier 18. Yankees owner Steinbrenner 22. Preciously cute 24. Representative Schiff 25. "Wow! That's cool"

27. "Maybe, maybe not"

29. Break in the action

30. Letters on a Waterpik box

31. Lod resident

32. Do a thorough background check

33. "Stop, ___ will make you stop"

34. Free (of)

36. Shingle holder

37. Choose (to)

40. Serve beers

43. With 7-Down, knot in the forest

45. "Stop bickering"

47. Yoga retreat building

49. Bracelet decoration

50. [Yaaaaaaaaaawn]

51. Kinda sorta

52. Beneath

53. Vintage

55. Weigh in

56. It sailed with the Santa Maria

57. Ready to get going

60. Knight's titles

62. Night before the big event

63. It has a list of the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

Puzzle for the week of June 3, 2024

Pearl’s Puzzle Difficulty

Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters T R Y P E C A N S exactly once.


The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom will “A child thinks 20 shillings and 20 _____ ever be .” - Benjamin Franklin

Answer for the week of May 27, 2024 “Light travels faster than sound. This

Crossword “Laundry”
Level Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters exactly once. TRY PECANS The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom will complete the quote: “A child thinks 20 shillings and 20 _____ ever be _____.” — Benjamin Franklin We’re Local! Questions, comments or suggestions for our local puzzle guru? Email Pearl Stark at © Pearl Stark ★ ★ ★ ©2021 Brendan Emmett Quigley ( ACROSS 1. Teacher who awards belts 7. Sierra and Yukon, e.g. 11. "___ nabbit!" 14. Boasted 15. Claudius's adopted son 16. Buzzing activity 17. Prime minister who founded the Likud party 19. Company softball pitch 20. Valentine's Day purchase 21. Gas station with a red diamond in its logo 22. "Gone With The Wind" setting 23. Worry about 24. Omniscient 26. Islamic festival 28. Cartoonist/poet Silverstein 29. Become widely approved 35. "That's swell" 38. Streaming interruptions 39. Retired professors 41. See 46-Across 42. "The Empire Strikes Back," chronologically 44. Table for tracking oceanic movements 46. With 41-Across, drawing of blocks? 48. Maiden name preceder 49. Groups that make pyramids 54. Clue weapon 58. Whac-A-Mole feature 59. Like some juries 60. Old photo tone 61. Tuna in some maki 62. Causing an important change in history 64. Boring
68. Middle East prince 69.
spot to be in
Bouquet holder
"Wuthering Heights" author
Mrs., in Metz
"Not fooling"
Winter warmer
Diamond mistake
travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright before you hear them speak.”
Steven Wright
Difficulty Level: ●●●○
is why some people appear them speak.”
Steven Wright © Pearl Stark C S R P T E P S A Y E Y T C P T A N N R T A R Y P S P O K L H R A S E S E A K O P H L R L H R S E A P O K O K P E S L R H A R S L P A H K E O E A H R K O S P L A R S H L E O K P H P E O R K L A S K L O A P S E R H Puzzle for the week of June 3, 2024 Difficulty Level: ●●●○ Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters T R Y P E C A N S exactly once. The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom will complete the quote: “A child thinks 20 shillings and 20 _____ ever be .” - Benjamin Franklin Answer for the week of May 27, 2024
travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright before you hear them speak.” - Steven Wright © Pearl Stark


Holistic therapy for the


Scott Forrester GCFP

Specializing in:

• Grief - loss and suffering to purpose and gratitude

• More fulfilling relationships - find and keep the right one

• Somatic education for - inner strength, guidance, and peace

Call for free phone consultation:


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Off the coast of West Africa is an imaginary place called Null Island. A weather buoy is permanently moored there. Geographers have nicknamed it “Soul Buoy.” It’s the one location on Earth where zero degrees latitude intersects with zero degrees longitude. Since it’s at sea level, its elevation is zero, too. I regard this spot as a fun metaphor for the current state of your destiny, Gemini. You are at a triple zero point, with your innocence almost fully restored. The horizons are wide, the potentials are expansive, and you are as open and free as it’s possible for you to be.

Accepting Patients!

Services include: preventative health, chronic disease management, suboxone based medication assisted treatment, uncomplicated outpatient alcohol use disorder treatment, and gender affirming care.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): When I worked as a janitor at India Joze restaurant in Santa Cruz, California, I did the best I could. But I was unskilled in the janitorial arts. I couldn’t fix broken machines and I lacked expertise about effective cleaning agents. Plus, I was lazy. Who could blame me? I wasn’t doing my life’s work. I had no love for my job. Is there an even remotely comparable situation in your life, Cancerian? Are you involved with tasks that neither thrill you nor provide you with useful education? The coming months will be an excellent time to wean yourself from these activities.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): I foresee two possible approaches for you in the coming months. Either will probably work, so it’s up to you to decide which feels most fun and interesting. In the first option, you will pursue the rewards you treasure by creating your own rules as you outfox the system’s standard way of doing things. In the second alternative, you will aim for success by mostly playing within the rules of the system except for some ethical scheming and maneuvering that outflank the system’s rules. My advice is to choose one or the other, and not try to do both.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): If you simply let the natural flow take you where it will in the coming weeks, you would become a magnet for both degenerative and creative influences. Fortunately, you are reading this oracle, which will help ensure the natural flow won’t lead you toward degenerative influences. With this timely oracle, I am advising you to monitor and suppress any unconscious attractions you might have for bewildering risks and seemingly interesting possibilities that are actually dead ends. Don't flirt with decadent glamour or fake beauty, dear Sagittarius! Instead, make yourself fully available for only the best resources that will uplift and inspire you.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Capricorn politician Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is campaigning to be US President. But oops: He recently confessed that a parasitic worm once ate a portion of his brain, damaging his memory and cognitive skills. "The worm is dead now," he assured us, as if that were a good reason to vote for him. Why am I bringing this up? Like most of us, you have secrets that if revealed might wreak at least a bit of mayhem. As tempting as it might be to share them with the world—perhaps in an effort to feel free of their burden—it's best to keep them hidden for now. Kennedy's brain worm is in that category. Don't be like him in the coming weeks. Keep your reputation and public image strong. Show your best facets to the world.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Please note that during the next 12 months, I may seem a bit pushy in my dealings with you. I will encourage you to redefine and enhance your ambitions. I will exhort you to dream bigger. There may come times when you wish I wouldn’t dare you to be so bold. I will understand, then, if you refrain from regularly reading my horoscopes. Maybe you are comfortable with your current type of success and don’t want my cheerleading. But if you would welcome an ally like me—an amiable motivator and sympathetic booster—I will be glad to help you strive for new heights of accomplishment.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Three months after Rachel Denning bore her fourth child, she and her husband sold everything they owned and embarked on a nomadic life. They have been roaming ever since, adding three more kids along the way. She says they have become addicted to "the personal transformation that travel extracts." She loves how wandering free "causes you to be uncomfortable, to step out of the familiar and into the unknown. It compels you to see with new eyes and to consider things you had never been aware of. It removes preconceptions, biases, and small-mindedness." If you were ever going to flirt with Rachel Denning's approach, Libra, the next 12 months would be a favorable time. Could you approximate the same healing growth without globetrotting journeys? Probably. Homework: Ask your imagination to show you appealing ways to expand.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Among the Europeans who first settled in South America were Jews who had been forcibly converted to Christianity by Portuguese and Spanish persecutions. Centuries later, some families resolved to reclaim their Jewish heritage. They led a movement called la sangre llama—a Spanish phrase meaning "the blood is calling." I invite you to be inspired by this retrieval, Scorpio. The coming months will be an excellent time to commune with aspects of your past that have been neglected or forgotten. Your ancestors may have messages for you. Go in search of missing information about your origins.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): The English and French word "amateur" comes from amatus, the past participle of the Latin word amare, which means “to love.” According to one definition, an amateur is “someone who pursues sports, studies, or other activities purely for pleasure instead of for financial gain or professional advancement.” In accordance with astrological omens, I encourage you to make this a featured theme in the coming months. On a regular basis, seek out experiences simply because they make you feel good. Engage in lots of playtime. At least part-time, specialize in fun and games.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Good news, Pisces: In the coming weeks, one of your flaws will mysteriously become less flawed. It will lose some of its power to undermine you. If you engage in focused meditation about it, you could rob it of even more of its obstructive force. More good news: You will have an enhanced capacity to distinguish between skillful pretending and earthy authenticity. No one can trick you or fool you. Can you handle even more good news? You will have a skillful knack for finding imperfect but effective solutions to problems that have no perfect solution.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): What potentials should you strive to ripen as the expansive planet Jupiter glides through your astrological House of Connection, Communication, and Education in the coming months? I’ll offer my intuitions. On the downside, there may be risks of talking carelessly, forging superficial links, and learning inessential lessons. On the plus side, you will generate good luck and abundant vitality if you use language artfully, seek out the finest teachings, and connect with quality people and institutions. In the most favorable prognosis I can imagine, you will become smarter and wiser. Your knack for avoiding boredom and finding fascination will be at a peak.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Since 1969, Taurus singer-songwriter Willie Nelson has played his favorite guitar in over 10,000 shows. His name for it is Trigger. Willie doesn't hold onto it simply for nostalgic reasons. He says it has the greatest tone he has ever heard in a guitar. Though bruised and scratched, it gets a yearly check-up and repair. Nelson regards it as an extension of himself, like a part of his body. Is there anything like Trigger in your life, Taurus? Now is a good time to give it extra care and attention. The same is true for all your valuable belongings and accessories. Give them big doses of love.

Shanti O'Connor MS, NCC, Counselor, Intuitive Energy Healer, Pranic Healer & more!
mind, body and spirit
postpartum mental health
Specialized training in trauma
Somatic and mindfulness
Intuitive healing sessions
Homework: What mediocre pleasure could you give up to better pursue a sublime




are making the world a better place

I’ve never met you, but I know a thing or two after nearly seven decades of bouncing around here on earth. Now, for sure, I don’t know even a billionth of what there is to know. No one does, but I’m darn sure of this one: You, yes you, are making our world a better place to live. Of course, some are doing it better than others.

beehive. Every bee is busy-busy either taking care of the queen, making honey, building or repairing the hive, collecting nectar from flowers, warming or cooling each other as needed or sharing information about nectar locations with their fellow bees. In the big picture, bees help produce one-third of our food supply, help provide one-half of the world’s

Each one of us is helping make our little part of the world a better place to live, from carpenters and house cleaners to brain surgeons and police.

Another thing I know is that there are also times when each one of us has not made this world a better place by our words or actions. This is the reality of our human condition — imperfection. We make mistakes, sometimes without even knowing it. Other times we consciously choose to do what we know is not right. Some mistakes are bigger than others.

We should all grow, learn and have the courage and humility to admit our hurtful words and actions. But none of us ever knows all of them. Our task of self-betterment is never fully completed.

Back to the reality that YOU ARE MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, which is a very cool realization. It doesn’t need to swell your head, but it does need to travel into your heart and mind so you can continue doing better every day.

Let me give you a glimpse into this lens of seeing and acknowledging the goodness in you and every person. To be accurate, as I alluded to above, the ratio of good to not good is different for each one of us, but there is always a ratio.

When I drive anywhere and there are cars in front of me, next to me, behind me, passing me…I have a mantra that goes like this: the person driving in that car is coming from somewhere and going to somewhere. That somewhere could be home, work, shopping, picking up their child or to the gym to work out.

Think of all these folks we see when we’re going somewhere as if every single one is an essential part of a huge global

fibers, oils and other raw materials, help create many healing medicines and provide us with heavenly honey. Each and every bee has a key role.

Back to every person we see, either in a car or otherwise. Each one is providing many roles in our huge global beehive. The list is too long to even imagine, but it’s all the way from giving birth to providing end of life support in hospice care…and every single role in between.

Each one of us is helping make our little part of the world a better place to live, from carpenters and house cleaners to brain surgeons and police. And each one of us, at least most of us, have done some damage to our world as we make our way through life’s journey.

This is the whole point of my message today. We do both. We add to and subtract from the betterment of the world. Both the people and our planet. We can be grumpy or we can be cheerful. Humble or pompous. Wasteful or careful. Generous or stingy. Patient or impatient. The list goes on. …

Let’s keep making our world a better place and let’s keep learning from our mistakes.

These are our two most important assignments.

- Burt Gershater is a counselor, leadership trainer, speaker and writer. He can be reached at

VOLUME 28 ISSUE 23 / JUNE 06, 2024 45 COLUMN
42 NW Hawthorne Ave. (located in the backyard of Bunk & Brew Historic Lucas House) 541-749-7592 AUTHENTIC FOOD WITH HOMEMADE AND TRADITIONAL FLAVORS FROM THE STATE OF OAXACA MEXICO JUNE 20 How Wildfire Decisions are Made In partnership with: Location: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon More information and registration:
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Kitchen upgrades include brand dishwasher and stove with granite counter tops, hot water heater & fixtures have been upgraded as well. This home features great views of Pilot Butte, a large deck & large fenced back yard. Gravel front and side yard allows for plenty of room for RV and toys. Right next to Cascade Lakes Brewery. This property has development potential. www SkjersaaGroup com 5 41.3 83 14 26 1 033 NW Newpor t Ave. Bend, OR 97703 Skjersaa Group | Duke Warner Realty Terry Skjersaa Principal Broker, CRS Jason Boone Principal Broker, CRIS Greg Millikan Principal Broker Natasha Smith Broker/Transaction Manager MODERN FARMHOUSE IN SHEVLIN WEST 3430 NW JACKWOOD PL Shevlin West lot 4 is only a few steps away from the large neighborhood park, with a design from the award-winning Muddy River Designs and built by Greg Welch Construction. A modern farmhouse inspired home with an open layout, expansive great room, dining room and main level resident suite and office. Upstairs features two additional guest bedrooms, bathroom along with a generous bonus space. OFFERED AT $1,539,500 MAIN LEVEL PRIMARY 3178 NW CELILO LN Abundant light and vaulted ceilings welcome you to this new construction home in Discovery West. Main level primary bedroom and office, as well as two additional guest bedrooms upstairs, and a generous flex/bonus space. Massive 2+ car garage with a third bay to accommodate toys or a compact vehicle. OFFERED AT $1,675,000 MODERN CRAFTSMAN IN DISCOVERY WEST 3110 NW CROSSING DR Vaulted entry leads to an open great room, dining area & kitchen featuring custom cabinetry, slab quartz counters, premier appliance package & large pantry. Primary suite on the main floor with radiant floor heat in the bathroom, tiled shower, soaking tub & walk-in closet, as well as a main level office. Upstairs includes two bedrooms, bathroom & flex/ bonus space. Massive three car garage with third bay to accommodate all your toys or van/recreational vehicle. Call your Realtor to find out more about the special pre-sale incentive. OFFERED AT $2,100,000 ONE-OF-A-KIND 60925 BACHELOR VIEW RD With breathtaking views spanning more than a mile of the Deschutes river, this mountain modern home has a one-of-a-kind westside location with deeded river/ forest service access. Every detail exudes exceptional craftsmanship. Slide-and-stack floor-to-ceiling glass doors expand indoor spaces to multiple paver patios and elevated decks for relaxing views of the mountains and river. A breezeway rec room has a rock fireplace, and a lower-level entertainment room has natural light and a wet bar. The 2,920sf garage has 21’ ceilings, 4 bays—including one 39’ deep, 220a outlets, tesla charger, built-ins, wood stove, full bath/laundry and guest quarters. This sanctuary has a 17.8kw grid-tie solar system, built-in sound, gated entry and private fenced park. OFFERED AT $6,800,000 541ROOFING.COM Roof Replacement Custom Heat Coil Systems Insurance Claim Specialists Contact for Free Appraisal “Where quality meets value” Veteran owned - Family operated 541 ROOFING & HEAT COIL 541 ROOFING & HEAT COIL REAL ESTATE ADVERTISE IN OUR REAL ESTATE SECTION ADVERTISE@BENDSOURCE.COM Kelly Johnson Broker Bend Premier Real Estate 541-610-5144 “Love where you live!” Licensed in the State of Oregon FIND YOUR PLACE IN BEND & 541.771.4824 ) Otis Craig Broker, CRS


What I Wish I Knew About Solar Before Installation

Installing a solar energy system is a significant investment with longterm benefits. Here are five important points I wish I had known before installing solar panels.

1. Interview Multiple Solar Companies

Before committing to a solar energy system, interview at least two solar companies to compare prod ucts and offers. Each com pany may have unique promotions, pricing and system sizes. We met with three companies and all had different pricing structures and system sizes. Comparing these options ensures you get the best deal and the most suitable system for your needs.

contact within the solar company to keep you informed about the project’s progress and address any concerns promptly.

4. Multiple Lines of Communication

2. Consult with Your Accountant Before Installation

Given the complexity of tax credits and individual tax situations, consulting with an accountant before installing a solar system is crucial. An accountant can help you understand how much of the credit you can use in the installation year and how much will need to be carried forward, optimizing your tax situation to maximize the benefit of the solar credit.

3. The Role of Solar Companies as Project Managers

Most solar companies act as project managers, handling the entire process from start to finish. They typically hire out most of the work via subcontractors for design, installation and electrical work. Establish a primary point of

We found that the solar company we hired communicated via multiple emails and texts from various team members. This fragmented communication made it challenging to keep track of important information. To avoid this, request a single, clear communication channel or ensure all communications are consistently documented and easily accessible. Having one primary point of contact can help streamline information flow and reduce confusion.

5. Check with Your Power Provider About Buyback Rates

Understanding how your power provider handles the energy your system generates is crucial. Different power providers have varying policies on buying back excess solar energy, which can significantly impact the financial viability of your system. For example, in Central Oregon, Pacific Power and Central Electric Cooperative may buy back your solar energy at different wholesale rates. The buyback rates offered by your power provider will influence your solar system size, impacting the overall price.

Just like any major purchase, doing your own due diligence and speaking with others about their experience will help you navigate the complexities of installing solar.

VOLUME 28 ISSUE 23 / JUNE 06, 2024 47 Get Noticed in our Real Estate Section contact PETE ALPORT RE/MAX KEY PROPERTIES PRESENTS First Friday 6.7.24 • 5-8pm 42 NW Greenwood Avenue with cocktail tastings and light appetizers! HOSTED BY: ERIN SHINN, RE/MAX KEY PROPERTIES MATT D'ANNUNZIO, DCR NORTHWEST 2 nights use of a MOBILE SAUNA courtesy of SaltSaunNW ENTER TO WIN! We will help you make informed decisions in today’s complicated real estate market. Rhonda Garrison & Brittany Barton Brokers, Licensed in Oregon 541.279.1768 Lifetime locals providing top-tier service in Central Oregon for over 20 years. REAL ESTATE Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. All Brokers Licensed in the State of Oregon. Scan Here to Learn More Geoff Groener Licensed Broker 541.390.4488 Have you considered owning a property along the Oregon Coast? Your Costal Connection
HOME PRICE ROUNDUP << LOW 148848 Snuffy Dr., La Pine 2 beds, 1 bath, 874 square feet; 1.04 acres lot Built in 2022 $428,000 Listed by Ann Willis & Veronica Theriot, RE/MAX Key Properties MID >> 20895 King Hezekiah Way, Bend 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,340 square feet; .71 acres lot Built in 1977 $799,900 Listed by Melissa Carson & Brent Landels, RE/MAX Key Properties << HIGH 20630 Harper Rd., Bend 4 beds, 4 baths, 3,451 square feet; 40 acres lot Built in 1996 $3,600,000 Listed by Jake Moorhead, RE/MAX Key Properties

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