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Skyline View The Voice of Skyline College, San Bruno, California

May 7, 2009

Volume XXIII - Issue 7

Locker thief at Skyline

Brenda Cancino/Skyline View

A Skyline Student empties her locker in responce to the recent string of theft.

Mitchell Martin News Editor

Paul Reyes/Skyline View

A donor waits for the nurse to attend to him at the American Red Cross Blood Drive on May 5. Each pint of blood provides enough for three transfusions.

Annual blood drive brings in waves of donors Nearly 150 volunteers donate blood to help save lives Paul Reyes Features Editor After first bringing the blood drive to Skyline over 30 years ago, this year’s event still showed strong enthusiasm from donors, bringing in crowds of people looking to help others by donating their most vital fluid. Nearly 150 volunteers attended the blood drive that began at 9am this past Tuesday, brought in part through the efforts of school nurse Jan Gersonde. Ten hours later, collection containers were nearly full as enthu-

siastic workers from the American Red Cross told of the importance of giving blood. “You never know if your family members need blood,” said Vickie, a worker for the American Red Cross who asked for her last name to remain anonymous. It is believed that only 3% of Americans donate blood, so helping get word out to others is extremely important to those at the American Red Cross. In fact, turnout at this event was so strong that many workers stayed until the final minutes of the event.

“[The event] seemed a lot busier this year,” Gersonde said. Almost half of the volunteers who donated blood were believed to have been all walk-in appointments, according to John Cook, who has been helping collect blood for the American Red Cross for almost two years. Potential donors are able to log onto, and prequalify themselves as well as set an appointment to make their visit a bit quicker. Normal time however for a drop in visit is approximately one hour.

A typical visit to a blood drive would first entail checking in at the registration booth and filling out the necessary forms – volunteers are asked simple questions to ensure they are both mentally and physically fit enough to give blood. Donors who have gotten tattoos within the past year or given blood within the past 8 weeks are not allowed to donate. They are also asked questions on their health and travel history. After being approved, donors give a small sample to be examined – blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and

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Barbara Daley wins Classified Employee of the Year Skyline faculty member recognized for her effort and commitment Derrick Smith Podcasting Editor Skyline College Library Support specialist Barbara Daley was honored to win state wide Classified Employee of the Year Award for contributing her timeless effort as well as her commitment. Each year a non-teaching staff is recognized and honored for their professionalism and commitment while in duty. Seventy plus community college districts are in the state. Daley was selected one out of five statewide to be selected at the May 4 Board of Governors Meeting held at Lake Tahoe Community College in Lake Tahoe on Monday May 4. “The experience to be honored was huge,” Daley said. Members of Skyline, Canada, College of San Mateo, and the District of Colleges also attended the event. San Mateo Board of Trustees nominated Daley to be the District

representative in which she was honored. “Skyline College is worth working for. Staff, faculty, and the administration is so supportive of the students,” said Daley. Skyline College staff and administrators makes Daley feels valued. She also won the Presidents of Innovation Funds several times, one of the founding members of Museum of Tolerance Alumni, and have been active in the Peninsula library system “One Book One Community” project, Daley continues to be a driving force while at Skyline College. Out of all the outstanding members who do a variety of jobs in the state, Daley says “it is great to be recognized for the contributions that the classified staff makes to the college.” Classified staffs who works for Skyline College are not

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Derrick Smith/Skyline View

Barbara daley poses with her brand-new award.

Recently there have been multiple reports of theft in both the men’s and women’s locker room. The perpetrators are cracking combination locks of students between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. They are not physically damaging the locks but rather they seems to be picking them, then relocking them afterwards. Some items reported stolen include: wallets, phones, iPods, and hundreds of dollars total in cash. A theft alert sent out by the Skyline’s Public Safety Department states that “District Public Safety and local law enforcement have been advised about the thefts and are working to apprehend the perpetrators.” A student who was stolen from, that spoke under the condition of remaining anonymous, said that “I don’t think it’s going to be pursued by the authorities.” When the student first realized that he didn’t have his belongings, he student didn’t assume it was theft, he just thought “did I lose it.” In an effort to prevent future thefts, Coach Dino Nomicos has put up security warning signs all around the locker rooms to let the students know that there have been multiple thefts. “It’s somebody who blends into the environment,” Nomicos said. Nomicos believes that since students are becoming more aware of the thefts that sooner or later “they’re going to get caught.” Nomicos recommends that students stop using combination locks and switch to a keyed Masterlock. He also encourages that students bring their bags to class, where the locker-room bandit will not be able to easily access their belongings. Another student, who is a member of The Skyline View staff, Kenny Martin, has been struck twice by the locker-room bandits. “It could’ve been worse,” Martin said. “But I’d like to have my fifty bucks back. I mean… that’s a video game.” *Note - If anybody has any information about or has been struck by the “locker room bandit” please contact the Skyline College Public Safety Department at 650-738-4199

Skyline View


May 7, 2009


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Blood Drive... continued from page one pulse are all closely watched to see if iron levels are well enough for the donation. Soon, the donor’s arm is cleaned off, and a sterile antibacterial needle is inserted. The actual collection of blood takes about ten minutes, where one pint of blood is the average amount taken in. Lastly, donors are taken to the “canteen,” an area where refreshments and snacks are given to help replenish and boost blood sugar levels. Cook told of the process as a donor nearby had his blood taken. “People are dying, giving blood saves lives,” he said. Flyers were plastered across campus in the weeks before promoting the annual event, looking to bring in new faces in addition to existing ones. Both the Cosmetology and Automotive departments have had a continuing friendly competition on who could donate the most blood. For two years, both the students and faculty of the Cosmetology department have out-volunteered their rivals. This year’s winner will become clear in the following days after the samples are fully collected. As the event wound down and the final donations were taken, a worker quickly mentioned the importance of their work. “One donation can help save three lives,” she said.

Qualifications for donating blood • You must be in a healthy state the day you donate. • You must weigh at least 110 pounds in order to donate. • The lower age limit to donate in 17 years. • You must not have had any tattoos done 12 months prior to donating. • For pregnant women, the waiting period is about 1.5 months after the day you give birth. • It is crucial that you must not have had any exposure to the HIV/Aids virus. This includes any sexual contact with any person who is HIV positive, and using any substance injected intravenously will put you at risk. • It’s important that you wait 12 months after your most recent contact with hepatitis, which includes any sexual contact and sharing or having shared a home with anyone with hepatitis. • If you have an infection, follow the necessary medical procedures prescribed by your physician in order to resolve your condition prior to donating blood.

DALEY - from Page 1

considered full-time staff. The staff is not teaching as full-time teachers but may teach part-time without a classified job. The Foundation for California Community Colleges awarded $500 and a plaque to each contestant who entered the Classified Employee of the Year Award contest. Each contestant must have a track record of outstanding professionalism along with participation on and off campus to be considered for the Awards. “Skyline values its classified staff and appreciates her administration for taking them seriously and working hard to bring the classified staff together with faculty and associated students” Daley said.

Information courtesy of and Gui Oliveira

California Special Elections Want more news? Or maybe you have news for us? (650) 738-4377 Want to yell at us? Or use snail mail: The Skyline View c/o Language Arts Room 8-8110 Skyline College 3300 College Drive San Bruno CA 94066

The Skyline View is a First Amendment Publication. The Skyline View is published bi-weekly during the spring and fall semesters by the journalism students at Skyline College. The Skyline View is member of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges. Opinions expressed in the paper are those of the writers and should not be interpreted as the views of Skyline College, SMCCCD, the faculty, administrators or the newspaper adviser. Additionally, the paper does not endorse any of the products or services advertised. The Skyline View welcomes Letters to the Editors; letters must include full name, address, and phone number for verification. The Skyline View reserves the right to edit letters for length, libel, clarity, and taste.

Special elections give students a voice for change Jessica Belluomini Staff Writer California Statewide Special Elections are just a few weeks away, and California Community College students are interested. Since the presidential elections are over, the special elections are often ignored. Just as young voters did in November, Skyline students hope others will to go to the polls on Tuesday, May 19. There are six propositions that are to be voted on in this election, and all of them are related to the state budget, directly influencing state education funding and young adults programs. Students who are working their way through school need to take note, especially if their jobs are at risk, if they haven’t already been laid off. According to the Employment Department for the State Of California, the state unemployment rate is currently at 11.5 percent. San Mateo County is just under that at 8.3 percent. Last year the unemployment rate was half that amount. Californians are in trouble. With state money becoming a valuable resource for community college students, this election will determine where that money gets spent and if education spending will be sacrificed. Many Skyline students are registered to vote and do plan on voting in the Special Election. A few said they didn’t care, mostly because they didn’t have the necessary information. “Voting really does matter,” Skyline student Jan Salas said. He plans on voting and has done research online and talked to friends about the issues. “I want to make sure I’m voting for the right thing.”

Here is a breakdown of the propositions, taken off of The California’s Secretary of State Website; this will make it clear what a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote will mean. PROP 1A: Purpose- Increase state tax, Increase size of “Rainy Day” fund. • YES vote- means higher state taxes that will go into “Rainy Day” fund • NO vote- means that state taxes will decrease by 2010 PROP 1B: Purpose- State will make supplemental “pay backs” to local schools and community colleges in 2011-2012 if economy improves, will stop current funding for schools till deficit decreases. • YES vote- means state will make supplemental payments to schools by 2011 as economy improves. • NO vote- means state will continue to fund schools as it does currently despite change in economy. PROP 1C: Purpose- State maintains ownership of Lottery, Lottery stops funding education, state allowed $5 billion borrowing from future Lottery profits. • YES vote- means state can borrow $5 billion from future lottery profits, Lottery can increase rates, Lottery profits that go to education funding will stop. • NO vote- means state cannot borrow from Lottery and education funding will continue. PROP 1D: Purpose- Reduce state funding Early Childhood Development Programs • YES vote – means two-time state approved funding of child services is cut. • NO vote- means funding continues PROP 1E: Purpose- To stop state approved funding to Mental Health Services for children and young adults. • YES vote- means state will stop funding Mental Health Services. • NO vote – means state will continue to fund Mental Health Services. PROP 1F: Purpose- No pay increase for elected officials during economic deficit. • YES vote- means no pay increases allowed for elected members of the legislature and statewide constitutional officers, including the governor. • NO vote- means they could receive pay increases despite economic deficit.

Other students said they don’t vote because the media presents their own biased agenda to sway voters. Student Ashley Mudge said she would vote if the issues mattered to her and the subjects were clear. “With the media and propaganda you never have a clear idea about what each prop means,” Mudge said. “Education isn’t really a value, and some administrators get paid tons of money, and teachers don’t, and then they raise student tuition.” One of the most important issues

to students is education funding. Others were hoping Prop 8 would be back on the polls. “I was hoping to change the decision on Prop 8,” student Ben Rampley said. Nearly all students said they would vote if they had the proper information on the propositions. You can register to vote online at You can also go to most post offices, libraries, city and county government offices, and

the California Secretary of State’s Office. You can also have a registration form mailed to you by calling your county elections office or the Secretary of State’s toll-free Voter Hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683). Any way you do it, it’s free.

Skyline View


May 7, 2009


Transfer Fair promotes opportunities for students Colleges showcase their programs to entice transfer opportunities Andrew Lidwell Editor-in-Chief Skyline College hosted a Transfer Fair on Wednesday, May 06, starting at 4pm. A wide spread of colleges from all over the area sent representatives to pitch their college to potential transfers in a maze of booths set up in the cafeteria. Among those present were California State East Bay, International Union of Nursing, San Jose State, Academy of Art University, and DeVry University. Each had a different pitch about their strengths as a college and why students might chose them over the others present. There seemed to be a wide range of programs for students looking to transfer to pick from, ranging from business to nursing to video games to artistic design. “[Students] should never eliminate any option,” said Joe Tolod, with DeVry University. “We’re here to help you along.” Most of the colleges represented boasted promising career and enrollment opportunities. Abigail Rolland, who was with the Academy of Art University, mentioned a showcase that is coming up later this month. It is designed to show off all the best design and artwork the students have done throughout the year, and according to Rolland the showcase is designed for businesses to be able to see students’ work and interview them about potential job positions. DeVry and San Jose State also

mentioned career opportunities, and according to Emmannuel Melgarejo, the representative for San Jose State, Pixar even shows up every now and again to recruit students from their arts program. The International University of Nursing has something to offer above and beyond career opportunities. In what Leon Mattingly, Regional Director of Admissions for IUON, referred to as “studying abroad,” stu dents spend a year studying at St. Kitts – a colAndrew Lidwell/Skyline View lege located in Abigail Rolland, representing the Academy of Art University, sits at her desk giving information on programs the college offers to students looking to transfer the Caribbean. and who have an interest disign or arts. On the purely Their enrollment is also climbing. that can’t be found anywhere else. seemed genuinely interested in helpacademic side of “We’re becoming a destination “We offer a lot of unique pro- ing students advance both in their things, California State East Bay seemed to offer the best business college,” Strong said. “The other grams,” said Melgarejo, “We offer education and their careers. “UCs and CSUs are shrinking program. They have different levels schools are getting crowded, and we a lot of programs you can’t find have the room.” at other community colleges or their enrollments,” Joe Tolod said. of transfer into a business program It’s not all quality that counts, CSUs.” “So we’re trying to help you finally that accounts for roughly 30% of however. In the case of San Jose Despite the differences in coursfigure out that last step.” their enrollment, according to Marc State, they offer several programs es offered, all the representatives Strong, the school’s representative.

Skyline View


May 7, 2009


I vant to suck your bhlaaaaaaad Snacks. Cookies. Save a couple of lives. Why wouldn’t anyone want to donate blood? We at The Skyline View are in favor of donating blood, even if it is just once. Donating blood is not only easy, it is virtually painless with the exception of a quick pinching feeling. While donating, the doctors and nurses are welcoming, nice, and genuinely happy that you’re offering yourself for a potentially lifesaving cause. What we recommend in the effort to donate blood is that you donate once per year. Considering that your blood regenerates in full in about a month, donating every year shouldn’t be detrimental to our bodies and someone lying in a hospital awaiting a blood transfusion is sure going to appreciate it. Also, who can resist snacks? Not us. Whenever one donates blood, the organization holding the drive issues snacks and drinks to the donor. Another reason we believe everyone should donate blood is for insurance. If we all donate blood today, and then again in a year, and then again in another year, and so on, we are, in effect, not only saving others’ lives, but setting a blood donating trend that will ensure us that we too have an extra supply of blood when we need it most. At the end of the day, you’ll have a full stomach, a thankful person, and a nice sticker to remind you of the noble deed you just performed.

They call it “Swine Flu.” What do you call it?

Thumbs Up: Technology A hard drive capable of holding one song used to take up an entire room. Now we can carry around incomprehensible amounts of information in our pockets. I can’t wait to see what crazy technology will be around when I’m 50. -Andrew Lidwell

Skyline students don’t take Swine Flu seriously Derrick Smith Podcasting Editor With a total of 17 countries hit, 787 cases confirmed, 586 reported cases in Mexico and 160 right here in America, and a death toll of 20 so far, Swine Flu is at the very least a disease to be wary of. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says everyone should take caution by washing their hands and covering our mouths when coughing to reduce the spread of the Swine Flu. Everyone in the country and around the world has heard of the outbreak of swine flu that is plaguing the world and is becoming a pandemic. While first discovered on a farm of sick pigs in Canada, one of the farm workers flew to Mexico and returned to Canada sick, supposedly “affecting” the livestock which is now under quarantine. Although the swine flu cannot be transmitted by eating pork, people are still taking necessary precautions about eating pork. Even with HIV/AIDS cases still on the rise, we don’t hear about the disease as much as the Swine Flu.

Derrick Smith/Skyline View

Nurse Jan Gersonde (left) gives information to Lili Ding (right) on Swine Flu.

More than a half of million people have died of AIDS in the USA alone. A total of 28 children under the age of 13 have died in 2007 of AIDS. Paolo Concepion is a 24-year-old student, majoring in Biology, and anticipating graduating in the fall of 2010, says he thinks students do not take it as serious as the media has portrayed it to be. “The Swine Flu is another fad and that pharmaceutical companies are cashing in cows. Over the next few weeks or months the

Swine Flu is going to blow away.” Compared to the SARS disease, some people are scared but trust in a medical team who encourages the people to wash their hands and cover their mouths, which may help contain the spread of the disease, or “fad”, Concepcion says. Alexandra Sanders is an 18-yearold student from Pacifica, who called the Swine Flu a “big hype”. “People are treating it like a normal flu bug and if it had come from Canada

would America be as interested?” Sanders said. Compared to SARS which came and left quickly, the Swine Flu is a trend and people shouldn’t be harmed because it’s just a virus we can’t kill. “Washing our hands, not sharing drinks, and receiving good medical care would keep the virus dormant” Sanders said. So why is the so-called “Swine Flu” so serious? The numbers are nowhere near HIV/AIDS. Will this outbreak die away soon or continue to be the top story of today’s news? Only time will tell. I believe the Swine Flu is just like the normal flu and many people are telling themselves they are experiencing flu-like symptoms. Businesses, corporations, and organizations get the news and there goes the media right at your doorstep, looking for answers, clues, and gossip. American people live on gossip which makes headlines and breaking news stories a top priority for national and international businesses.


by Jesse Syse

Thumbs up: Breakfast

Sunny-side-up eggs and coke for breakfast is one hell of a way to start your day. Years ago, as a teenager, I spent a few days at my uncle Marcus’s place and he cooked sunny-side-up eggs along with a glass of coke for an early breakfast meal. It was good times. -Gui Oliveira

Thumbs Down: AT&T phone service If you are a Cingular/AT&T customer, you must know of the horrendous phone service here at Skyline. Often times, calls are missed and/or dropped because of the poor reception. Building 8, as well as a large portion of the Pacific Heights parking lot, constantly leave my phone with a “No Signal” plastered across the top. -Paul Reyes

So much for the sunshine. It was nice while it lasted. In other news, those of you who are regular readers have noticed that, as of our last issue, we’ve been back in our full 12-page glory. Deadlines (the staff hates that word now) still aren’t operating as smoothly as I’d like them to be, but there has been a significant improvement in the way things are getting done. Having articles in earlier helps enormously when we’re staring down those blank pages in InDesign, trying to figure out how in the world we’re not only going to make everything fit, but how we could possibly get it looking good. Having a four-page issue actually helped us with this in a number of ways. The week we put out the four-pager, we had an incredible amount of extra time to nitpick about details. We got to scour every inch of every page, looking for mistakes and things we could do better next

time. We weren’t happy putting out such a weak paper, but it did teach us a lot. Just one of the things learned, for example, was a way to put a sort of “shadow” behind text to make it easier to read against photos and gray boxes. Without the extra time, we never would have considered it, but now that we know how to do it we can start using it more often. Unfortunately, the news isn’t all fantastic. We ended up with almost zero new content for last week’s online edition, mostly because apparently there was a trip to SF State planned the day of production. That, plus myself being out sick Monday, meant that very little got done, and once everyone left there was basically no hope. But we’re doing our best to make up for the deficit with this issue. Hope you all enjoy it, and see you next week.

Thumbs Up: Sales

Nowadays, every time I visit a mall, I see many stores having huge sales. It can be exciting to see how many things you are able to get for a small amount of money. In today’s economy, shopping it away might not be the best idea. But with deals like this, it is very hard to say no. I give thumbs up to all of the different sales that stores are offering! -Brenda Cancino

Skyline View


May 7, 2009


Newspapers or Netnews? Mitchell Martin News Editor As long as I can remember the daily newspaper has been a source of consistency for me and my family. It arrived consistently; it consistently kept me informed, it consistently accompanied me in the bathroom; it consistently began fires on a chilly day. I’m confident that this is not just a case that is localized to my family alone, but to many families across this country. Currently in America newspaper production teams are facing the threat of shutdown. This is not just due to the current economic crisis, it is also due to the fact that the way we receive news is changing. Many Americans are finding it easier to obtain the latest news using the World Wide Web. This shift of receiving news from print to online has its advantages and disadvantages. With the current generation of the Internet, known as Web 2.0, online news production teams can break the latest news as it is happening. Reports can be streamed live on the Internet, articles can be accompanied by sound and video, errors can be easily fixed after an article has been published, and the audience that can view an online newspaper can be instantly viewed across the globe. All of these examples are beneficial in the shift from print to online.

Considering these fantastic additions that Web 2.0 can bring to a news story, what negative aspects could possibly deter a newsreader from changing mediums? For starters, a print newspaper isn’t as vast as its online competition. This is a plus to me because it keeps things simple. You don’t have to decide between thousands of articles, it’s just there in front of you. Another plus to print is portability. Print newspapers can be taken almost anywhere, Survival of the fittest: Will newspapers evolve to the net? are light, and can be read at anytime, whereas online newspapers require that is an enormous topic of debate is the vastly growing concept of access to the Internet and a CPU. Print newspapers can be multi- citizen journalism. An example purposeful too. As mentioned of citizen journalism is somebody earlier they need to only to be read, (non-professional journalist) that but they can be used to start a fire, uses their account to as decoration, for arts and crafts, or give updates of ballgame that they are in attendance of. Or somebody even as a book cover. An aspect of online journalism putting an accident they captured

Jay Johnson/Skyline View

footage of on their blog. This form of journalism opens the doors for anyone to skew news anyway that they want, making it hard to distinguish what is real news and what isn’t real news online. Because of all the positives associated with going to a trusted online news site, it is likely that I (and most

everyone else) will transition to using online newspapers. But as of now, I have to say that the classic way of receiving news is my favorite way of receiving news.

Immigrants march to share the nation Brenda Cancino News Editor For the past three years, immigrants and immigrant-supporters have been meeting in a yearly march to support an immigration reform. It started in the year 2006, when many immigrants from all over the world decided to boycott for a day in order to make their voices heard. Since its beginning, I have supported this march. I believe it is the best way to make our voices heard. Coming from an immigrant family, I know some of the challenges that many of us face, from education, to well- paying jobs, and even health. Many students are basically forced to leave school, not because they are bad students, but because they are not able to get any financial aid due to their status.

There are thousands of students that have the desire to attend college, but without any help, it is just impossible. The few of them that do decide to stick with school have to work two to three jobs to pay for their tuition, but without a legal status, upon graduation, it will be pointless. Even if they have a degree in hand, it is impossible for them to get a job without a social security number. The health of many immigrants seems to be affected, because without good jobs that offer health insurance, they cannot afford to see a doctor. It seems like it is all a cycle, everything going back to the fact that people are dehumanized by considering them “illegal aliens”. Boycotting is a good way to make our voices heard. Throughout

history, we have seen this occur over and over. Residing people in the United Sates have been able to voice their want and needs. It is only fair that we do so as well. The majority of the population of this country is made up of immigrants. In fact, this country was built from immigration. Just like today, our founding fathers had to stand up for what they believe in and had to overrule their rulers, Great Britain. The so called “American Dream” is to be able to work, live comfortably, and most importantly, be free. If it takes thousands of people to march and miss work for a day, I completely support it, because it is the only way we can represent ourselves and actually make a difference to better our society as a whole.

Californians fight for immigration reform.

“The Future” - JJ Valdez

Courtesy of

Skyline View


May 7, 2009


Pilipino Cultural Night: Brownout

Brownout: A Pilipino play for the students, by the students Mitchell A. Martin News Editor On April 30 and May 1, PCN held their 5th Annual Pilipino Cultural Night in Skyline’s Main Theatre. The students of the program wrote, produced, directed, staged, advertised, acted, and danced their way into a successful production of their creation: Brownout. Walking into this play I did not know what to expect. PCN is a night to celebrate Pilipino culture, which is annually put on by students of the PCN class. Considering that Skyline College does not have a single Performing Arts class available for the semester, I was shocked to find out they were performing a play comprised of seventeen scenes. The May 1 production was filled with current and former students, friends, family, and also students from other community colleges, state colleges, and universities in the Bay Area. As soon as the lights dimmed the crowd roared, setting the mood of an exciting and fun play. The play started off with the actors sounding a little faint, but that could be credited to the still cheering crowd. Brownout is a story, based in 1939, of two Filipino-American sisters, Reina (Geraldine Veras) and Mila (Karisa Plurad), who inherit their father’s house in the Philippines, along with its mysteries. Right off the bat the performance of Veras and Plurad was moving. Their emotion felt so real that one couldn’t help but to feel for what was occurring in the play. The emotion that the performers brought out to the audience had a vast range -- bringing forth suspense, laughter, and even chills of terror. Pinsan Junior (Alex Deguzman) was the comic relief of the story, consistently drawing out the most laughs from the crowd.

Reina (Geraldine Veras), left, and Mila (Karisa Plurad), right, performing on stage at Pilipino Culture Night: Brownout, during the first act.

An interesting part of the production was the incorporation of dance. Pilipino culture dancing was highlighted in between specific scenes of the play, which effectively told pieces of the story without the use of words. The dances were very entertaining; they provided a lively change of pace. All of the Pilipino dance outfits were decorative, especially the dresses that the ladies wore in the Jota Moncadeña dance; they were gorgeous. The performers were great, the dancers were marvelous, and the

stage crew, headed by Jazzie De La Cruz, also did a superior job. Scene changes were fluid and the stage layout worked well. What makes this play great is not just a fantastic performance and a sellout crowd, the greatness lies in the fact that Brownout is a play for the students, by the students. As mentioned before, every aspect of the production was through the efforts of the students. Head Writer Jonathan Tioseco crafted an incredible story that showcased Pilipino culture spanning across multiple generations.

De La Cruz commented that “nothing comes easy when you take a role in PCN.” She believes that the key ingredient to PCN’s success is “everyone’s dedication, passion, and love for one another, and most importantly, love for this production.” The director, Lloyd Bautista, and the producer, Allan Gargaritano, are both students who attend Skyline College. Bautista summed up his thoughts of PCN by saying “the complete turn out for both shows, seeing everyone’s hard work pay off, feeling that ultimate feeling that no one

Controlling your kids constructively A beneficial experience for all parents

Kenny Martin/Skyline View

Sunshine Wu, left, and Vicky Feng, below, answer some last minute questions from a woman who attended the workshop.

Kenny Martin Copy Editor How parents should deal with their kids when the two of them are locked in a power struggle was the main topic that was discussed in the discipline workshop that was held on Tuesday afternoon. Sunshine Wu and Vicky Feng were the two people in charge of the discussion. Wu is a mental health consultant and Feng is a teacher at the Skyline Development Center. The meeting opened with the three people who attended sharing memories of when during their childhood they resisted their parents. A majority of the people attending discussed that, when they were growing up, whatever their parents said was the final word. There was no discussion or chance for them to explain their position. They have noticed, watching their children, that children are more inquisitive of their parents. They feel that this allows for more twoway communication. Another thing that last genera-

tion’s parents had in common was that they were afraid to admit that they were wrong or made a mistake, so they never said ‘sorry’. But saying ‘sorry’ quickens the healing process and permanently removes the scar of an argument. Kids will pick up on their parents’ willingness to admit their faults and will, in the future, consciously ponder their situation and admit it if they made a mistake. One of the attendees mentioned that it is difficult to get her preschool age daughter to get dressed in the morning. Several solutions were discussed, such as being dressed yourself when asking your kid to get dressed, creating a consequence for not getting dressed, and going over with your child the night before, so that it is already in the child’s mind when they wake up in the morning. But a good technique is to always ask the child why they are resisting, and then a solution may become obvious. A common theme of the discussions was that it is important to make a child think that they are in control, that they have power, but to lead

Paul Reyes/Skyline View

can take away is beautiful.” After seeing Brownout my skepticism (of how a group of students who don’t have access to performing arts instructors at their college can pull off a full-fledged play) diminished completely. My only complaint about the play is that they will not be performing this play anymore at Skyline, it is very unfortunate. Brownout is an impressive play that I am happy to have been able to experience.

them into doing what needs to be done. The easiest way is to provide them with two options, which appear to them to be different but in reality will result in the same outcome. Because they made the choice, however, they feel that they are in control and it is what they wanted. Sometimes, parents just have to pick their battles. The ones that you should stick with are about choices that involve self-restraint. An example that was given was eating chocolate. You cannot let kids get away with eating however much they want, otherwise they won’t have what it takes later in life to say ‘no’, whether it be drugs, stealing or chocolate. Lastly, positive reinforcement is essential because it makes a child feel good inside, rewarding them for their good behavior without showering them with material gifts. While giving them a prize for doing what they are told might work at first, the child will come to expect a gift every time they do something they are told to do. This concluded the four part discipline workshop. The directors of the meeting have plans to return next year to do it again.

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May 7, 2009


Finding the next Picasso

Skyline students show off their art work at a yearly gallery Brenda Cancino News Editor

As the semester comes to an end, many students get the opportunity to show off their skills acquired throughout the semester at a month long gallery on campus. “It is a great opportunity for students to show their work and also enhance their skills,” said Marilyn Moran, Gallery organizer. “Not to mention that it also looks great on their resume.” Over sixty entries were judged and selected by professionals to be exposed at Skyline’s very own gallery. The art show ranges from photography, sculptures, paintings, drawings and even videos. This is a yearly event used to support and recognize Skyline students for all of their hard work. After being judged and selected by prestigious art professionals, they get recognized at a yearly ceremony. Although this is a great opportunity for Skyline students, the gallery is not limited to enrolled students; people from the community and students from other schools are welcome to appreciate and might even be able to compete. “It has been delightfully busy, with people visiting from different schools creating community awareness,” Moran said.

Most of the art work selected from the show is made by Skyline students, according to Moran; Skyline is the lead college in San Mateo County. Janny Rodriguez, a Skyline student, was honored to know that two different pieces of her work got chosen. It is important for students to have the opportunity to show their work because it becomes part of their learning process. “It is a learning experience for all of us, we get good critiques from professionals,” Rodriguez said. “Every one has the chance to see different types of talent that students might have.” The show has had a great outcome so far, according to Moran. The show has been visited by many people. She expects to have even more people from the community to show some appreciation. At the show they have great variety of work, from a sculpture of former president Bush to various abstract paintings. “I love the variety, we have all types and shapes of art, everybody can submit their own special work,” Rodriguez said. Brenda Cancino/Skyline View

Somebody’s piece of artwork

Skyline cares about the kids too Child Development Center can take care of your kids while you learn

Andrew Lidwell News Editor It can be tough for a parent to get back into college – especially if your children are still young and need your constant attention and care. But if you need a way to get back into school while still ensuring that your children can be taken care of, something you might consider is the child care center right here at Skyline. Any member of faculty, staff, or any student enrolled at Skyline is eligible to have their children attend. There is, of course, a registration process. Before they enroll their children, parents are given a tour of the center. After that, there is an “Enrollment Interview,” as well as forms to fill out. After this is done, there is a Parent/Teacher meeting to determine the final steps. All of this is in place to ensure that the programs offered are going to be the best possible fit for your children, and to ensure that the option of child care is right for the parents. Depending on the amount of room available, a waiting list may be maintained, and families will be told as soon as there is an open spot. Based on their class schedule,

parents can leave their children at the center either part-time (less than five hours a day) or full-time (five hours and up). Located between Loma Chica and Pacific Heights, the development center consists of two main rooms, each geared towards a certain age group. The “Caterpillar Room” is geared towards younger children, allowing in ages two through three and a half. Once they’re over the hill to their fourth birthday, they graduate to the “Butterfly Room,” for children from three and a half all the way to six – then they’ve got schooling of their own to think about. Each room is staffed by three teachers – one head and two support teachers – as well as parent participants and volunteers from the college who are enrolled in the Early Childhood Education classes. Those responsible for the children lead them in various activities geared towards helping them develop, as well as keeping them entertained while they’re there. Children can play with blocks, clay, playdough, they can cut, paste, paint, make collages… they can even start to explore science and music, and that’s just a portion of everything that’s available to them. The goal is to get children to

explore their surroundings, learn how things work and the concepts of cause and effect, to satisfy their curiosity and release energy, and ultimately to have fun. More than just the children, however, the child care center understands the importance of offering such a service to the parents. It sounds cliché, but what they’re ulti-

mately doing is promoting education among adults as well as children. To a parent who can’t find a job without a college education, but who can’t afford to leave their children alone a few hours a day either, the child care center offers the perfect solution. It gives you the time you need to get your education, while ensur-

ing that your children are taken care of. And with its location right here on campus, you know that you’ll never be too far away – which, for a parent, is always the most important thing.

Skyline View


May 7, 2009


Fighting: A simple title hides an excellent movie You’ll see much more than just fighting in this movie Joe Fogel Staff Writer

With the title of this movie being “Fighting,” you have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this movie. However, this movie offers much more than just good fight scenes. The movie kicks off on the streets of New York. We are immediately introduced to Shawn MacArthur, a homeless youth played by Channing Tatum, doing whatever he can to make ends meet. After Terrance Howard’s character, a street hustler named Harvey Boarden, sees Shawn’s fighting abilities he recruits him into a world of underground fighting where high paid executives bet top dollar to see good match ups. This movie really offers a great cast. Personally, I believe Tatum is a great actor. He has so many different skills and all his roles are so diverse that he’s never really type cast. In this movie he does a great job portraying a humble confidence. Through his acting technique his character shows that he doesn’t really look for trouble, yet when it finds him he will not back down. Throwing Howard into the mix only makes this movie that much better. As I said before, Howard

plays a street hustler but makes it very obvious that his character lacks confidence. Looked down upon by all his peers, played by Luis Guzman and Roger Smith, Harvey tends to doubt himself but always goes with his gut feeling. Howard even softens his characters voice to show this lack of confidence. The fight scenes in the movie are awesome. I really liked that they weren’t over the top at all. That’s not to say you don’t see cool moves, they are just realistic. When watching the fight scenes you just know some of their attacks would hurt bad. Besides the fighting this movie also has a really great plot. I’ll admit I was a little thrown off by the drama in the movie at first, especially when the movie is titled “Fighting.” However, by the middle of the movie I couldn’t help but really like the plot. There is a lot of character development and it really works well. Once we are introduced to Shawn’s rival, Evan Hailey, Shawn really starts to unfold. We begin to learn about his past and why he is where he is. It’s also really cool to learn about Harvey’s history. With both characters, the director does a really great job revealing their past and things about them while still

moving the plot forward. Another big part of the movie involves Shawn’s love interest, Zulay Valez, and the relationship they begin to develop. Her character is introduced at the beginning of the movie and makes her way back in towards the middle. She really becomes Shawn’s anchor and an essential part of the movies resolve. This movie is great for a lot of reasons. Still, there is one reason in particular that I really like this movie. Everything about this movie is believable. The excellent acting really brings the characters to life. Also, as I said before, the fight scenes are all realistic. If you haven’t seen “Fighting” yet, I suggest you make your way to the movie theatre and catch this flick while it’s still in theatres.

courtesy of

The Rocky Horror Picture Show graces Skyline’s theater Janitors resigned to cleaning up rice and breadcrumbs for months

and Janet got stripped down to their underwear, that’s what they did. If Frank N. Furter ran a tantalizing finger down Rocky’s torso in the movie, you could bet that’s what the actors were doing. Clearly, not everyone is going to enjoy being a part of a show like “Rocky Horror.” But if you can put your reservations aside for a night and enjoy throwing toast at a movie screen, this show is for you.

Andrew Lidwell Editor-in-Chief On Saturday, May 2, at the stroke of midnight, Skyline College’s own Drama Club dimmed the lights and fired up the big screen for a showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” They clearly knew what they were doing when they selected the movie, and they knew how to live up to the expectations people would show up with. They had greeters at each door dressed in drag and outrageous costumes, testing people as they entered with questions about the movie to see if they were “virgins”. Once the show started, it was done in true form – “gift baskets” sold before the show were stuffed with rice, squirt guns, confetti, toast, playing cards, party hats, and more. I had the particular amusement of sitting in front of a group of people who had never seen the picture before, and had no idea how to watch it. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is intended to be a parody on science fiction and horror films. It is narrated by a criminologist. He tells the story of Brad and Janet who get a wet tire on a rainy night and go to a house they see on the road to use the phone. Instead they find a bizarre

The movie is barely worth watching...

courtesy of

convention going on, hosted by Dr. Frank N. Furter, a self-proclaimed “sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania.” Furter takes Brad and Janet to witness his creation of Rocky Horror, in a clear mockery of Frankenstein lab scenes. He gives life to Rocky Horror, at which point a man in a denim jacket rides out of a deep freeze on a motorcycle and starts singing. It gets crazier from there, with a tangled web of seduction and something like a love

octagon involving everyone in the mansion. It’s terrible, it’s a classic, and audiences love it. “Rocky Horror” is viewed with, shall we say, a measure of audience participation. The audience is expected to shout things at the movie screen and at the actors on stage in front of it. The audience is expected to snap, squirt, and hurl things during the show. The audience is even expected to get up and dance. And so, throughout the show, I

was treated to indignant whispers and even a shocked gasp or two from the crowd behind me, who had clearly come thinking they would be seeing a show and nothing else. Me, I was busy enjoying the show. Aside from the audience participation – and it’s great fun to be sitting in such a rowdy crowd, let me tell you – the actors had clearly adopted a no-holds-barred approach to acting out the film. If a scene was in the movie, they did it. If Brad

...but the picture show is an experience you won’t soon forget!

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May 7, 2009


Killzone just got better This time they take the fight to the Helghast home planet Joe Fogel Staff Writer

assault riffles, light machine guns, rocket launchers, snipers and of Guns. Turrets. Squad based course, the always trusty pistol. team play. Yup, it’s official, Kill- However, you have to learn the shot zone 2 is by far the best first-person timing, rate of fire, and of course reload times of Killzone. Once you shooter available on the PS 3. Sure there are plenty of first familiarize yourself with the guns person shooters on the market. In you will be ready for the online fact, there are so many out there play. Killzone’s online play is what that it’s almost impossible to decide which one to pick up. Well, we’re really make this game stand out. about to answer that question for For starters, you don‘t just play one you. Killzone 2 is a must have for game type as you would with other shooters. For example, slayer mode PS 3 owners. The campaign mode serves in Halo. Rather, each match consists as a continuation to the events of of a variety of game types that is Killzone, originally released on the constantly changing. In Body Count, both teams try to PS 2. In retaliation to the Helghast attack from the original game, rack up as many points as possible the Interplanetary Strategic Alli- by killing the other team. Then ance (I.S.A.) launches an attack on there’s Assassination. One character is selected as Helghan, the Helghast home planet. “Killzone 2 is a must- the target, then the This is where you have for PS 3 owners.” teammates of that character must decome in. Playing through the story as Sergeant fend them while the other team is Thomas “Sev” Sevchenko it is your hunting them down. In Capture and job to infiltrate the enemy planet and Hold, both teams fight over specific areas and try to maintain the tercapture their leader, Scolar Visari. Playing through the story mode ritories as long as possible. With has many advantages. For starters, Search and Destroy, one team must you learn what the game is about. As defend two targets while the other I said before, there are plenty of first- team attempts to plant and detonate person shooters in the world, but it’s C4. Lastly, there is Search and Rehard to come across one with a cool trieve. Both teams must track and story line. Still, probably the most retrieve an item known as the propaimportant reason to play through the ganda speaker and bring it back to a campaign mode is that it will help specific location. However, in this you familiarize yourself with all the mode, both teams are after the same item so it’s easier said then done. games weapons. Killzone 2 also has a role playOf course you’ll find see plenty of guns you are familiar with from ing style leveling system. At the other shooters including; shotguns, beginning of each match you choose

your team, Helghast or I.S.A. Upon completion of each match you receive experience points for your individual kills and goals, as well as a team bonus of an extra 50 percent experience modifier if your team emerged victorious. As you rank up you unlock the ability to create a squad. Creating a squad is cool because it allows players to spawn with their squad leader, supposing they are not dead. Ranking up will also allow you access to more guns and different job classes. The job class system is by far the coolest thing about the online play. When you first begin your career in the online realm of Killzone 2 you

courtesy of

start off as a Riffleman. With no specific abilities, the Riffleman is advantageous because he can use every weapon. However you still have to achieve the weapons by leveling up your character. The Medic is the first class you’ll unlock and has the ability to revive downed teammates. There is also an Engineer that can create sentry turrets. The Scout job is able to cloak itself near enemies and believe me, this is a pain. Probably the most essential job is the Tactician. They have the ability to throw a smoke grenade which acts as a spawn point. There’s also the Assault character who comes equipped with double body armor. The final

job class is the sneaky Saboteur who has the ability to make themselves appear as one of your own teammates. The trick to defeating them is looking for the red in their name. If that wasn’t enough each job class can be upgraded by obtaining class specific badges. After obtaining eight of the same job specific badges you earn yourself a medal which unlocks more features for each specific job class. For example, after obtaining the medic badge the Medic can throw an energy pack on the floor which will heal a teammate. Or the Tactician would be able to summon an aerial bot that could rain bullets down on enemies. But remember, you have to earn these secondary abilities by playing the job classes to which the abilities are specifically for. However, there is a limit to how much and what you can have on the field at once. For example, you can only have four sentry turrets at a time so it would be pointless for everyone on the team to be Engineers. If too many people on the same time use the same job the team becomes hindered and limited to its special abilities. With that in mind a good team will consist of a well balance of all classes. Killzone 2 is a must have for PS 3 owners. It has a great story and even better online play. If you’ve been looking for a new game to play then I believe you just found what you are looking for.

EndWar: You have to do better than that A decent story doesn’t even begin to carry the degrading gameplay Andrew Lidwell Editor-in-Chief Tom Clancy has quite the lineup of creative works, doesn’t he? Books, games… it’s a wonder the man can keep cranking out story ideas. But it doesn’t seem like that well has run dry yet. Tom Clancy’s EndWar has an excellent premise, even if it a bit done-to-death these days. The gist of it is that there are three major superpowers in the world: America, which seems to control most of the Western Hemisphere, Russia, which controls much of Asia in addition to the Motherland, and some coalition of European nations with territories throughout the Middle East. The planet’s oil supply is running low, and relations are tense between the three powers. They all realize there will have to be war eventually, but none of them wish to start it. Instead, they resort to building up arms, cold war style.

America is leader of the pack, planning to launch a military space station and weapons platform soon. Russia, not wanting this to happen, orchestrates a terrorist attack on the launch pad and plants evidence linking a European government official to the attacks. In what could be construed as a critique on America’s current foreign policy, they send a small army to Europe, guns blazing, to arrest the official. Europe defends themselves, Russia gets involved, and before you can say “foreign relations” the world is at war. Unfortunately, the story pretty much ends there, which was disappointing, because it had been interesting to play through in the first handful of missions. Worse, the story was what kept me playing the game after I’d sampled the gameplay. Rather than your traditional RTS style, your armies consist of a handful of unit squads – Company of Heroes, anyone?

But don’t do CoH the dishonor of comparing it to this game. In EndWar, all the unit types essentially come down to a glorified version of rock-paper-scissors. Tanks beat transports beat helicopters beat tanks, with two types of infantry and an artillery unit thrown in to mix things up. Seriously. That’s it. Now, when I started playing RTS games, the whole thrill and challenge was that you were supposed to have more brainpower than your average six-year-old child. You were supposed to have to think about more than “well they’re using tanks and the game told me helicopters beat those so that’s what I’ll use.” In EndWar, none of that matters. They literally show you a screen that tells you which of the three main unit types beats what. And as if that weren’t enough of a slap to the face, the game will tell you in the middle of fights if a unit is outmatched or not.

I know games are being “dumbed down,” and it’s something I’ve grown to expect, sadly enough. But EndWar seems as though it expects everyone who plays it to be mindnumbingly stupid. The frustration of being treated like an infant, plus the repetitive, uninteresting gameplay - thanks to the appallingly narrow unit selection - makes it so that I can’t play through more than two or three missions before I get so bored I have to quit and do something more interesting. That being said, I did find the voice command system to be innovative and interesting. Once I learned the commands and started speaking in full sentences without waiting for the menus to pop up, I really did find that I had a lot more control over what happened on the battlefield. Voice recognition technology being what it is, you’d think that more games would support something similar to this, if only as a gimmick for when you’re tired of

scrolling all the way across the map to tell one unit to come back. But even this aspect of the game wasn’t without its flaws. Again, voice recognition being what it is, you’d think that the feature would work a little better once it’s released as a major function of the game – but for some reason it kept thinking “UNIT 2 MOVE TO…” was “WMD ZULU.” Hilarity ensued. There are more or less regular point-and-click controls, but the game is clearly designed for voice control. All in all, EndWar showed great promise with the storyline, but ultimately fell on its face due to the gameplay and, by proxy of the voice system, the controls. It seems like a good idea that could have done well with another year or two in development – or maybe they just think that cheap gimmicks and big explosions are still impressive enough to market a game on.


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May 7, 2009


ARTIST: Ronald Jenkees TITLE: Super-Fun SOUNDS LIKE: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Professional If you drift around on YouTube at all, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of this guy’s videos. And I’ll say this – the guy is eccentric. In fact, just listening to him talk, you get the distinct impression he has a mild case of the crazies. But none of that changes that fact that this guy is a monster with a keyboard. He composes beats – by ear – that sound like something a professional mixer could come up with using top-of the line equipment. But he doesn’t have top-ofthe-line; he’s got his keyboard and his passion for music. And man, does it sound good.

-Andrew Lidwell

Artist: NOFX Title: The Decline Sounds like: loud, fast, political punk Fat Mike, lead singer and bassist for NOFX, fist got the idea of an 18 minute political punk song from the 16 minute Subhuman’s song “from the cradle to the grave,” recorded years ago. From beginning to end this epic song fluctuates on different melodic, rhythmic, and harmony ideas that makes the song interesting to listen to. But the core of The Decline lies in the lyrics, which are totally biased towards right wing politics, but that’s what gives it the extra controversial edge needed. I hope they play The Decline at Warped Tour this year.

-Gui Oliveira

Video: “Boom Boom Pow” Artist: Black Eyed Peas Album: THE E.N.D The video to the song “Boom Boom Pow” is the perfect element for this song. The song and the video are very well synchronized. The song sounds very futuristic, and so does the video. The video has great visuals ranging from special effects all the way to futuristic outfits that blend with the backgrounds. The choreography of this dance is very futuristic not only because of what they are wearing but also because of the effects incorporated.

-Brenda Cancion

Song: Tennessee Flat Top Box Artist: Johnny Cash Album: Legendary Country Singers Sounds Like: A Southern Folk Tale This song has a very catchy rhythm to it that draws you into the song the second it starts playing. It also has a very good story to it, and Johnny’s steady and deep voice makes it seem as though someone is telling you a tale from a long time ago. Once you hear it for the first time, you will want to listen to it again and again. In my opinion, this is one of Cash’s best recordings, but it is also one of the least well-known.

-Kenny Martin

Video: David After Dentist Author: booba1234 Is Like: Kids on drugs It’s almost wrong to laugh so much at this video. David is a little boy doped up after going to the dentist. Still, you can’t help but laugh as he questions reality and realizes how many fingers he has. If you’ve ever been curious as to what a little kid on drugs would look like then this video is your answer. “Why’s this happening to me?” asks David.

-Joe Fogel


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May 7, 2009


Should Poker Be Considered A Sport?

Kenny Martin/Skyline View

There sure is alot that goes into poker, but does that make it a sport?

Kenny Martin Copy Editor Poker has certainly increased in popularity over the years, and now there are national tournaments in which players compete for several millions of dollars. Despite the fact

that the World Series of Poker is shown on channels such as ESPN, I do not personally feel that poker is a sport, but rather a game and hobby instead. To me, the definition of a sport is a game in which one person is pitted against one or several op-

ponents, and they compete in a test of physical ability to determine who is better. A sport can be anything from football to running, but there has to be some sort of an extended period of time in which all of the participants are physically exerting themselves.

Poker definitely has some aspects that are common in all sports, such as competition, strategy, and prize money. However, for me, the single most defining factor of a sport is physical activity. Basketball, football, baseball, hockey, tennis, badminton, bowling, wrestling,

boxing and golf all require physical exercise, whereas poker does not. One could say that, while other sports exercise the body, poker exercises the mind. I do agree that poker does work the brain. It is very difficult to have to be constantly trying to “read” or figure out what your opponents have, while at the same time putting together what you have. You also have to be weary of showing emotion. However, if this is criteria for a sport, how come game shows such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Jeopardy aren’t sports, both of which also exercise a person’s mind? I believe that poker has more in common with people’s hobbies. For example, I play Magic: The Gathering trading card game. There are countless strategies involved in putting together a competent deck, and there are national tournaments with big prizes going to the winner. But, ultimately, I do not view Magic: The Gathering as a sport, but instead as a game. Another thing is when someone plays a sport, there isn’t anything to lose, and you are only playing for the fun of it and the chance to win glory. But, with poker, every hand carries with it the weight of potential ruin. To say that poker is a sport would be similar to saying gambling is a sport, although poker is more of a sport than, say, roulette, because there is much more strategy and a lot less luck involved. The bottom line is that, while poker takes years of practice and immense skills to master, it shouldn’t be considered a sport because of its lack of physical activity and risky nature.

Pound-for-pound king proves his worth

Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao leaves Ricky Hatton stunned after a crushing left hook Paul Reyes Features Editor

Cementing his legacy as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, Manny Pacquiao ended the reign of Ricky Hatton and took home The Ring Magazine’s Welterweight Championship this past weekend at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In a fight widely promoted as The Battle of East and West, boxing’s rising star from the Philippines sent Hatton down to the canvas with devastating blows that had “The Hitman” knocked out twice in the first round. It was mere minutes later in the following round that had Pacquiao throwing a strong left hook that sent Hatton down for good. With eyes rolled back into his head and his body sprawled across the center of the ring, referee Kenny Bayless immediately called off the fight. The win made Pacquiao only the second fighter in history to win a belt in six different weight classes, the only other being Oscar de la Hoya whom Pacquiao also defeated in December of last year.  There is much speculation now that the next fighter for the lightning fast Filipino would be Floyd Mayweather Jr., who only hours before the fight announced he was coming out of retirement.

The next Pay Per View bout of great importance would be Mayweather fighting Juan Marquez, whom Pacquiao also put down in the past year. Assuming Mayweather wins the bout, the stage becomes set for a truly epic battle of two boxing greats possibly towards the end of this year. For now, Pacquiao will take time off from his intensive training at the now popular Wildcards Gym in Los Angeles to focus on his blossoming music and acting career back home in the Philippines. In an interview with CNN Asia, Pacquiao enthusiastically said he also was still looking to expand his political career in his native country.   After the fight, both trainer Freddy Roach and Pacquiao saw an emerging new tactic to his Southpaw fighting style, with “Pac Man” telling of his right hook as his new technique.   “The right hook is gonna be dangerous for him,” Pacquiao said. The weeks leading to the fight were filled with promotional tours and guest appearances, with Pacquiao traveling to Hatton’s home turf, The United Kingdom. There, the two competed in a game of darts at a packed pub, and also had numerous photo opportu-

Courtesy of Getty Images

Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao (right) stands above Ricky “Hit-Man” Hatton (bottom) after a devestating left hook that ended the match in the second round and earned him the Welterweight Championship.”

nities. Pacquiao also took time out of his schedule to show up at the San Francisco Giants’ Filipino Cultural Night, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch to an ecstatic crowd.

Specators were thrilled to see their homeland legend waving to the crowd He and Hatton also starred in HBO’s series, 24/7, chronicling the training weeks before the match.

With the match over and Championship belt already on his waist, Pacquiao said in his normally charismatic nature: “I’m just doing my job.”

Skyline Sports

Upcoming Games Badminton 4/28

@ Fresno City


vs. San Francisco City

Baseball 3 p.m. 4/23 11 a.m. 4/25 4/28 4/30

vs. Canada

2 p.m.

vs. San Jose City vs. Monterey Peninsula @ Ohlone College

12 p.m. 2 p.m. 2 p.m.

Badminton State Conference Finals

Two from Skyline moving onto State Finals Kenny Martin Editor The Badminton State Conference finals were held at Skyline last Saturday to determine who would earn the right to participate in the state finals in Irvine this coming Friday and Saturday. Skyline has one doubles pair and two singles players moving on to the state finals. The two singles players are also the doubles partners that made it, so there is a total of two girls from Skyline going to Irvine next weekend. Nour Abudamous and Rachell Berania both qualified for state. In singles, Abudamous qualified as the fourth seed and Berania for the eighth. In her previous match, Berania mildly hurt her arm, and so she forfeited her final game to decide who would be in the seventh and eighth seeded positions. As doubles partners, the duo wound up as the third seed. The advantage to being a higher seed is that, at the state finals, you get to skip the first round of play all together, and also, during the second round, you face the lower seeded players. The conference finals began at 10:00a.m., with 12 rounds of singles matches. It then switched to six doubles matches, and then alternated later singles and doubles rounds. Both singles and doubles require separate strategies. In singles, you have to worry about covering your entire side of the court, and so it is more demanding physically. In doubles, however, you have to work well with your partner, which can sometimes be a challenge.

Match Box Badminton 3/31 Skyline Vs. Mission College Win 20-1 3/19

The Skyline Badminton team poses for a shot upon completion of the conference finals.

Many of the players from the undefeated City College team dominated in the conference finals, with the top three singles and top two doubles spots going to City College players. Coach Jan Fosberg feels that the Trojans did pretty well at the conference finals, considering who their opponents were. “This year, it was difficult to qualify because of players from City College”, Fosberg said. “The coach did a good job recruiting.” Fosberg said that she was proud

Feel the rhythm A closer look at Skyline’s dance program

of the entire team’s effort all season, and she is also really proud of Abudamous because she was the only person to defeat the girl ranked number one in the entire north conference. This didn’t happen on Saturday, but it is still an accomplishment. Marijoy Angeles, a Skyline player, lost in the first round. She said that she came because she wanted to experience it, but she wasn’t expecting a lot out of herself. She did learn from this experience, saying that “you have to be hungry coming in,

Kenny Martin/Skyline View

play smart, and during practice test your opponents’ weaknesses.” During your match, Angeles says that it is important to keep attacking your opponents’ weaknesses that you revealed during practice. In other news, Howard Bach, who was badminton champion for two consecutive Olympics, spoke during a break in the action. He announced that he is trying to start a badminton league, with the ultimate goal of getting the teams that already exist more opponents; to basically extend the season.

Skyline Vs. DeAnza Win 11-10

Baseball 3/31 Skyline Vs. West Valley Win

Joe Fogel Staff Writer Skyline’s dance program offers a variety of different dance classes. Depending on your preferred dance style, Skyline has a class for everyone. “I love dancing,” says Carmen Castro. Though it’s too late to take a dance class this semester, it’s definitely not too late to register for a dance class for next semester. Right now, Skyline’s fall semester catalog offers over ten different dance classes including Ballet, Tango, Swing Dance, Chinese Dance Workout, Creative Dance, Cardio Dance, Salsa, Afro/Brazilian Dance Workout and Ballroom Dancing. If you want to learn something a little more traditional, you can register for Ballroom Dancing, or you can take Creative Dance for a more contemporary style. To receive an Associates Degree with a major in dance there are a few requirements. The required dance courses are DANC 110, 130, 140, 330, 390 and 400. You’re also required to take human anatomy

and fundamentals of music. Then you are to complete at least six units from a separate list of classes, for a total of 22 units toward your dance major. “Dance is definitely something I am interested in,” Shafeen Saheed said. Even if you aren’t a dance major, there are plenty of other reasons to take a dance class. “I’m taking them just for fun,” Castro said. “I enjoy them.” Others take them to fulfill their physical education requirement, or just to exercise on a day to day basis. Even though Skyline offers plenty of dance classes, there are still some that we are missing. “I think we’re missing hip hop,” said Lauren Moon, referring to one class she would like to see added to the catalog. In any case, Skyline’s dance program is here. It’s something that more students should take advantage of. If nothing else, dance class is a good place to have fun and fulfill your physical education requirement at the same time.

5-0 3/28 Skyline Vs. City College Win 12-2 3/26 Skyline Vs. Ohlone Loss 10-3

The Skyline View - Volume 23, Issue 7  

The seventh issue of this semester's Skyline View.

The Skyline View - Volume 23, Issue 7  

The seventh issue of this semester's Skyline View.