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October 27, 2022

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Gov. Newsom signs bill to eliminate tuition Tuition for SMCCCD students will be cost free beginnning in Spring 2023 after Governor Newsom signs bill By Joshua D. Picazo Editor-In-Chief

Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill No. 893 into law on Sept. 30, allowing the San Mateo County Community College District to lower or eliminate student enrollment fees. SB 893 was introduced by State Sen. Josh Becker, D-Menlo Park, in January. It was a bill that tuition-free community college advocates had championed all year. The bill offers fee waivers and amended a previous law that had required community college students to pay $46 per unit per semester. California already had the lowest tuition rates for community colleges in the country, according to Education Data., and this bill will make access to higher education even more affordable. The bill passed the state senate by a unanimous vote of 40-0 on Aug. 24 in the final hurdle before reaching Gov. Newsom’s desk. It passed each previous vote unanimously. Gov. Newsom’s Office’s official Press release stated, “California continues to make

The bill will also address costs of textrbooks, travel expenses and others.

historic investments to transform our education systems! With new bills signed into law last week, more students will graduate from college faster – increasing student success and saving students money.” According to the bill, the funding for this will come from “local unrestricted general funds.” Students across college campuses, including at Canada

College, had been rallying to get support for this bill’s passage. SMCCCD Student Trustee Lesly Ta said this bill signifies a huge step forward for higher education accessibility. “Free community college is an effective step to help close equity gaps and bring families out of poverty,” Ta said. “I can’t see a better use of SMCCCD’s funds than to support San Mateo County residents by

Joshua Picazo/The Skyline View

providing access to higher education.” Attendance rates have steadily fallen since the 2010-11 school year, and

lawmakers, as well as educators, hope this bill will entice students to return. In that time, there has been a 31% decrease in enrollment. Even more shocking is that low-income student enrollment declined by 57% between Fall 2016 and Fall 2021. Some students at Skyline College welcomed the bill’s signage. “… I have a scholarship, but I do know it is expensive. Funding for transportation [is needed] with gas prices being expensive,” sophomore Skyline College student Mario Hernandez said. The California College Promise part of the bill is expected to cover expenses such as transportation. It is unclear if a future bill will expand the program to other districts in the state.

Decreasing numbers of low-income students have been applying to SMCCCD Courtesy of SMCCCD Board of Trustees

Public safety Skyline College aims to improve networking for Latinx students Skyline College hosted several events to bring together Hispanic staff members and students on campus officer struck by car on Skyline campus By Graham Breitbarth & Joshua Picazo Multiemedia Editor and Editor-in-chief

A public safety officer was struck by a vehicle shortly before noon on Wednesday at San Bruno’s Skyline Campus. The incident occurred in Lot C on the south side of the campus. The vehicle in question was moving approximately 20 miles per hour according to Skyline College’s official statement, causing the officer to sustain injury to their arm and wrist. The speed limit on the parking lot is 25 miles per hour. Two of The Skyline View staff members were on scene after first responders arrived. The officer is expected to make a full recovery.

ASSC hosted several events on campus during Hispanic Heritage Month Ryan Samm

By Joshua D. Picazo Editor-in-chief

Skyline College hosted several events to expand outreach to its Latinx students during Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs yearly from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. These events included a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration kickoff on Sept. 15, as well as “Dia De La Comunidad” and “Dia De La Mission,” put

together by the Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC). More than 30% of Skyline College’s enrolled students identified as Hispanic during the Fall 2021 semester, according to a fact sheet provided by Skyline College. “The main purpose of this event was to inform our Latino and Latina students that we, as Skyline employees… [are] coming together to build a network, to

build this community, to build this comunidad,” said Martin Marquez, the DREAM Center’s program services coordinator. “[These programs serve] to remind our people that our folks are here and there needs to be more visibility and more representation, but taking that further and saying how can we model this network of professionals so that we can model this for our own students and they can build their own community, and we can be that model that they look at and say ‘man there’s so many Latino and Latina professionals that get together… now it’s our turn’.” Marquez said he hopes

the Comunidad program will expand to become a district-wide chapter, including Cañada College and College of San Mateo as the program matures. During the closing event, which took place on Oct. 13, students spoke about what they felt the district and college could do to serve their community better. Students explained that they thought more advertising for these events, authentic Hispanic food “that felt like home” served on campus, and study abroad programs in Latin America could be expanded to embrace the Hispanic student population further. Giovanna Souza, a Skyline College freshman of Brazilian descent, also explained that she felt the school could better embrace Brazilian American students and be more inclusive of all Latin American cultures with regards to events. “Bring your own food events [or] events surrounding food would be well-attended,” Souza said.



The Staff

October 27, 2022

Skyline wonders, can adults dress up for Halloween? Nishad Karulkar and Graham Breitbarth

Editor-In-Chief Joshua Picazo News Editor Joshua Picazo Graham Breitbarth Focal Point Editor Sean Siapno Opinions Editor Nishad Karulkar Gabriel Mendez Sports Editor Kathia Noriega Chief Copy Editor Joshua Picazo Digital Editor Graham Breitbarth

Alysa Orilaza 18 Major: Social Justice Costume: Medusa “I’m personally dressing up for Halloween this year…I think it’s cool. It’s a way to express yourself…It’s the only day of the year you can kind of get out of the norm.”

Social Media Editor Kassidy Corbin Faculty Adviser Nancy Kaplan-Biegel

Want more news? Or maybe you have news for us? (650)738-4302

Tiana Cruz 17 Major: Biology Costume: Piglet “It’s part of the fun. I don’t think I could through a halloween without dressing up. It’s part of being the kid in you. You’d be pushing out that, when you’re older you can’t dress up, it’d be immature. I mean we should all have a day to relax and do whatever, if it’s fun it’s fun.”

Connor Fitzpatrick 34 Communications Manager “Great!... There were a few years where I didn’t but most years I have dressed up…. It’s an opportunity to do something different, have a little fun and not take life too seriously.”

Rocio Guardado 39 Student Ambassador “It’s something I look forward to, it’s so awesome. It falls on a weekday but I don’t work on Mondays so I won’t be dressing up at work…Yes I will, with my children… I don’t know yet, I’ll put something together last minute. Last year I was a cat actually.”

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San Bruno CA 94066

5.1 earthquake hits Bay Area By Graham Breitbarth Copy Editor

According to the USGS, a 5.1 The Skyline View is a First Amendment Publication. The Skyline View is published bi-weekly during the spring and fall semesters by the journalism students at Skyline College. The Skyline View is a member of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges. Opinions expressed in the paper are those of the writers and should not be interpreted as the views of Skyline College, SMCCCD, the faculty, administrators or the newspaper adviser. Additionally, the paper does not endorse any of the products or services advertised. The Skyline View welcomes Letters to the Editors; letters must include full name, address, and phone number for verification. The Skyline View reserves the right to edit letters for length, libel, clarity, and taste.

Marco Salonga 19 Major: Alli Health Science Costume: Hawk from Cobra Kai “I love it. I’m planning on dressing up because I like being festive. I don’t think it’s only for kids. I think it’s for everyone.”

magnitude earthquake rocked the Bay Area Tuesday morning, centering just 12 miles east of San Jose. The quake occurred at 11:42 a.m. local time, followed by three aftershocks. A 2.9 earthquake struck just five minutes after the initial earthquake, and a 3.9 and a 2.9 occurred a few hours after. While no serious damage was initially reported, the shaking was widespread and felt by thousands of people. Reports came in from as far as Sacramento and Sonoma County, with 18,000 civilian reports within an hour of the quake. However, the SJFD did not receive any reports of damage or injury, according to the

LA Times. The 5.1 is the largest quake to hit the Bay Area since the Napa quake in 2014, which notched at a 6.0 on the Richter scale. The 5.1 occurred on the Calaveras fault, thankfully leaving the worst of the shaking to low-populated areas. The MyShake app, which is an early warning system for earthquakes, was thankfully able to provide a bit of warning for further away areas. The warning ranged from about 2 seconds, for those nearest to the epicenter, to about 18 seconds for residents as far as San Francisco. The quake also halted Bay Area travel administrations after the earthquake for hours while they inspected their tracks for damage.

Caitlin Collantes 20 Major: Kinesiology Costume: Freddie Kruger “I feel like a lot of people look down on it, like it’s cringey…but if you’re going to a party or something, I feel like you’d look worse if you didn’t dress up. You’d be the odd one out.”

Thankfully no damage was found, and normal operation resumed shortly after the inspection. Earthquakes are a natural part of living in the bay, with the 5.1 quakes being just the latest in an everlasting tectonic movement. It’s better to be prepared for them. Check stock on your earthquake kits and ensure you know what to do in the next quake.

Creative Commons

Areal photo of the San Andrea Fault over the Sierra Mountains



October 2022 Feb. 24,27,2021

Horror movie staff picks

Editorial Cartoon

Gabriel Mendez

Graham’s Pick: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) While not an overly horrifying film, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is an incredibly fun horror flick for a night in. The story doesn’t just leave you feeling for certain characters that go missing, it can bring some of your worst fears to light. Join the town of Mill Valley this Halloween and discover the history behind the scary stories we tell in the dark. Joshua’s Pick: Midsommar (2019) Not a lot of horror films offer anything frightening to me. Midsommar was an unexpectedly terrifying film, with some of the most grotesque makeup I’ve ever seen. But it isn’t just the blood that will have audiences shook. The story itself about a couple breaking up yet traveling together into the Swedish countryside is uncomfortable to watch for many reasons. The main character, Dani played by Florence Pugh, begins to question her own reality as the local

New policies will help reduce housing costs By Gabriel Mendez Opinions Editor

residents act in strange manners. It is reminiscent of the cult classic, The Wicker Man, (which I also recommend!). Grab some popcorn and enjoy this unsettling psychological thriller this Halloween! Gabriel’s Pick: Child’s Play (1988) At the end of the day a movie is supposed to entertain. That is what Child’s Play does perfectly. Be it the over the top killings or the goofy dialogue, you will be glued to your seat the entire time. The tale of a murderous doll is a timeless classic perfect for this time of year. Kathia’s Pick: The Conjuring (2013) The Conjuring is not like any other horror film. From old horror tales showcased in the storyline to frightening jump scares, the film will have you heading for the theater exits quickly. But the most horrifying element of the film is a strange supernatural presence that terrorizes the halls of the Perron’s home.

Performative activism is a threat to modern social justice

By Nishad Karulkar Opinions Editor

Gabriel Mendez/The Skyline View

Construction on Skyline College Campus, San Bruno, CA

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new housing policies are just what California needs. Ever since I can remember, residents of the Bay Area have raised one major complaint: Housing prices are too high. Truthfully who can blame them. For a while now affordable housing has been considered a rarity, and the way things are going, it might become a myth, which is why Gov. Newsom’s new policy is good news for everyone. For those unaware, here are the basics. According to PBS NewsHour, two policies have been passed. The fist being SB-6 Local Planning: Housing: Commercial Zones. The second is AB-2011 Affordable Housing and High Road Jobs Act of 2022. SB-6 will allow housing to be built in commercial areas without the local government’s approval, under the condition that a certain percentage is affordable. While AB2011 will allow certain commercial areas to have market-rate housing built. These actions will greatly increase the amount and speed of housing development This is great news for California residents, who across the state have been subject to ridiculous spikes in rent and housing costs. This is something to be celebrated. We as students of San Mateo County community colleges need affordable housing, especially for young undergraduates. This is a fact.

Some might argue against this, claiming that the commercial zoning is important. These areas are for businesses. It is improper for the state government to dust aside the opinions of local governments to do this. To that we question: how are shopping malls and stores going to help the over 160,000 homeless people the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reports live in California. That is the largest homeless population of any state in the union. Strip malls, restaurants, office complexes, and expensive boutiques will not help them. Housing on the other hand will. SB-6, as stated earlier, even encourages the building of affordable housing. This makes it that at least a certain number of these buildings will be available to those in need, not just the wealthy. PBS NewsHour reports that according to state officials, California needs to do more than double its current housing construction rate by consistently producing 310,000 houses a year for eight years. It appears the experts agree, we need more housing. For years, the Bay Area, along with most of California has wanted more housing at an affordable rate. With the recent policies Gov. Newsom has signed into law, maybe there’s finally some hope for California residents.

Abortion rights activists protest in San Jose, CA

Performative activism demeans and harms the values of socio-political movements and organizations for change. At its core, modern performative activism is when someone pretends to support a social cause because of its trend value on social media platforms. The public nature of going to a protest just to take a photo feels preachy and unnecessary, especially when it’s so often posted by those most privileged. The promotion of the individual on platforms like TikTok and Instagram specifically cater to the modern-day influencer turned social justice warrior’s needs of public activism, self-promotion, and sponsored advertising. When those with privilege utilize social media for self-promotion and public performances

of their wokeness rather than actually spreading public awareness of social development, they are being both lazy and counterproductive. The mediums are now so oversaturated with shallow and superfluous content that the promotion of causes for critical global issues, like the posting of black squares during the Black Lives Matter movement, can not only be pointless but can also harm the cause itself. The millions of black squares posted during the “Black Out Tuesday” movement actually made it harder for people on these social platforms to access information related to the Black Lives Matter movement. By using the “BLM” hashtag, the attention was detracted away from the organization to a bunch of sole black squares.

Gabriel Mendez/The Skyline View

Not to mention that many of the people who were posting black squares weren’t linking any resources, information related to police brutality, or other causes that support the black community. With the upcoming midterm elections this fall on the horizon, social media influence and performative activism will also be on the rise. It is important that all people are aware of their online presence, ensuring that their posts for activism and social progress actually increase awareness rather than overshadow the actual cause. After all, what is the purpose of performative activism? Is it to promote awareness of causes important to you? Or is it to let everyone know you’re not that racist on the gram?


SPORTS Trojans return with growing chemistry on their mind

ByKathia Noriega

wants to keep up their record strong start to the season.

staff writer

The Skyline women’s soccer team is back! With extended time off from the repercussions of Covid-19, their last season was in 2019. However, they are starting off strong with an outstanding record of 6-3 from a hard-working group of freshman girls.

“We’re still learning and growing”, Garcia said. “We still have a lot to learn. I think this season will be the time to practice more with each other.” Similar to Melanie, Emily Dubon has also been playing since she was a little girl. Her biggest motivation was her father who introduced her to the sport. She fell in love with soccer at a young age, and ever since has been playing even throughout college.

“Getting a group of players who otherwise did not know each other previously”, coach Sharabi said. “And kind of getting them to come together and become a team, and become a family, and really create friendships that will go beyond the field. It’s pretty cool that only a few of them really knew each other a month ago [and] now they’re becoming a pretty close knit team.” Michael Sharabi was hired back in May of this year but was previously a men’s soccer coach for 16 years. His passion for working with athletes has driven this team to become a successful group of girls right off the bat. “I think we’ve got a great group of girls and they were eager to learn and willing to be coached”, he said.

Dominique Garibay (13) fights for the ball against Las Positas on Oct. 14, 2022 at Skyline College. Nishad Karulkar/The Skyline View

“They work very hard. They are talented and I think because of their willingness to play for each other. I think that’s really led to us getting some good results.” Melanie Garcia, freshman goalkeeper, has been playing soccer

The undergrad from Chad:

Thifanie-Gracia N. Djimasbe has goals outside of soccer

Thifanie-Gracia N. Djimasbe dribbles against Las Positas on Oct 14,2022 at home.

Kathia Noriega/The Skyline View

Thifanie-Gracia N. Djimasbe is an international student from Chad. She grew up with brothers, and was inspired by her siblings to play soccer in her local neighborhood. She would frequently join them by playing the keeper position with the neighboring communities. It wasn’t long before she grew passionate about the sport. In fact, it was her love for the game which made her want to continue playing throughout her life. “It’s like an escape from life”, Djimasbe said. “When I’m playing, I’m really happy. Sports, it has my heart. When you score for the team, it warms my heart. That’s where the passion is.” Soccer wasn’t her only passion when she decided to go to school in another country. She is pursuing medicine, with goals of one day becoming an aerospace physician.

October 27, 2022

said. “You have your own lifestyle and culture that you have with you, and then there’s a whole different type of culture out there that you’re trying to get used to. I’m still trying to adjust everything and fit in comfortably with everybody around me.” This is a big step for her, it’s a completely different experience. She’s still trying to balance a stressful life between her social life, sports, and school. Head coach Micheal Sharabi, enjoys and even welcomes international students on his team. He likes having the different cultures come together and bond over the sport they love. “Gracia specifically, she has been wonderful to be around”, coach Sharabi said. “She is always smiling. Just a big part of our team.” Djimasbe’s biggest goal is to fulfill her career of being an aerospace physician. She wants to be a better Djimasbe has only been in the U.S player for the team, and help with for a couple months. Getting used to more wins. The biggest thing she learned as a new environment after leaving evan international student is having to erything she’s ever known behind in Chad has been difficult. Her biggest leave everything behind and learning challenge is getting comfortable with how to adapt to a new environment. Starting from zero, and knowing her new life here in the Bay Area. “It’s hard trying to fit in”, Djimasbe everyone here already has their group of friends is difficult.

since she was five years old. She started playing in smaller leagues with her siblings and has been playing ever since. Her passion for the sport has driven her to continue playing into college and start thinking about greater goals like playing

in the big leagues. She recognizes the integral role soccer plays in her life. As the captain of the team, improving the chemistry and skills of her teammates is important to her as she

She’s considered the playmaker of the team, leading her group to become as best as they can be. She has been playing a new position which has led to some challenges, but she has been able to overcome and improve. “I’ve had to adapt”, Dubon said. “I’ve had to learn how to adjust.” It is evident that transitioning from one culture to an entirely different one, especially one as diverse as the U.S. at a young age.

Upcoming schedule women’s soccer



October 27, 2022

What’s the hype with Enhypen? – The K-pop Concert Experience By Sean Siapno

Focal point editor

I have no doubt in my mind that you have probably heard about the global sensation that is K-pop! While we’ve had Korean music influences all the way back in 2012 with PSY’s Gangnam Style, it is now a genre enjoyed by many within America. From big names like BTS or Blackpink, a lot of people still enjoy a variety of K-pop beyond these artists. Personally, I did get into K-pop through BTS, however, I am currently a big fan of Day6, LE SSERAFIM, and Enhypen. Just recently, I’ve had the opportunity to watch Enhypen live and I’m here to tell you all about the magical experience that is attending a K-pop concert! First of all, who are Enhypen? Enhypen is another seven-member boy group under the same label as BTS. They were formed through a survival show called I-Land where their label took various trainees to compete against one another for a spot in the new group. After many challenges and performances, the chosen members were: Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki. With more training, the group officially debuted on Nov. 30, 2020, with their title track Given-Taken. Now, they’ve recently released their 3rd mini album, “Manifesto: Day 1” and embarked on their first world tour starting with Anaheim. Anaheim was lucky enough to host two days, and I got the chance to attend their first day, Oct. 2. with VIP tickets! While VIP seems like the dream, it came with a lot more issues than you would think. Since these tickets were general admission, VIP ticket holders still had to wait in line to get a good spot when entering the venue. In addition, because they were giving out numbered wristbands to determine who entered first, some fans waited from 1 am until 10 am to get early numbers. Unfortunately, as my group was flying on the same day, we arrived at 10:30. By that time, we were greeted with wristbands in the 400s. The downsides don’t end there as VIP check-in was scheduled at two even though the concert didn’t start until 7:30. While this process was to ensure VIP ticket holders got their lanyards and other benefits, it was highly disorganized. People weren’t honoring the numbered wristband system, some VIP holders were cutting in line, and the fans had to organize themselves as the staff did not know what was going on. It was a complete mess of standing for over five hours just to secure good spots within the venue. So far everything I’ve said doesn’t seem promising, but rest assured that I still had a wonderful night. As VIP holders, we got access to a sound check event that was scheduled for 4, but we didn’t actually get it until 6:30. Even if everyone waited a little longer, once Enhypen came out, the mood got better. I did end up being 453 in line, but my view was shockingly still close. It was a dream come true seeing one of my favorite groups perform in person, let alone watching them up close! I have nothing negative to say about their perfor-

K-pop group Enhypen takes a break to talk with fans at the Honda Center, Anaheim, Oct. 2, 2022.

mances as they performed their songs exactly how I originally saw them through my phone. While their dancing and vocals felt unreal, I especially enjoyed the intimate moments they shared with the crowd. In between songs, they took some time to talk with the fans, and in their performance of “Polaroid Love,” they actually went into the crowd and interacted with a lot of people. While I didn’t get any interaction there, I was already content as during sound check, my favorite member noticed my sign and waved to me! All in all, this night will be one that I will forever cherish. Iwill admit that being a VIP ticket holder is a big part of what made the night so special, and unfortunately, not everyone has access to such an experience. However, any seat in the house should prove to be an enjoyable night regardless. Franklin Suguitan, a second-year computer science major, also attended the concert but had seats that were basically nosebleed. He says, “It’s a different experience hearing it live with the added bass. This was my first k-pop concert and I’m glad I went with friends. It was just a night of everyone coming together to appreciate the music and Enhypen.” Everything he says is very true! Even if your seats aren’t the best, there are usually big monitors in which you can see everything that’s happening on stage. On top of that, their vocals live are an experience everyone should have once. With everything that’s been said, there’s a clear difference between K-pop and the western music that we are used to. I think the biggest difference probably has to be quality and effort. Dance. To me, the coolest thing about K-pop is the choreography involved. Personally, I don’t see a lot of artists within the states who have a dance designated for most of their discography. This isn’t just a cool appeal as these dances are widely enjoyed and learned by the fans.

Physical albums. Korea heavily capitalizes on physical albums. Nowadays, most people enjoy music through streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music, however, K-pop makes people want to buy actual albums. Besides the cd, these albums have so many inclusions: posters, a photo book of the group, and photocards of a random member. K-pop adds value to their albums on shelves. Concerts. Everything comes full circle when it comes to their concerts. As said by Suguitan, it’s a night of fans coming together to watch their favorite idols. The fandom treats it as a night of luxury as everyone dresses up in the most flashy way possible. People even dedicate time to creating special gifts to hand out to people at the concert. Finally, this is your sign to attend a K-pop concert yourself! While Enhypen didn’t go to San Francisco this time around, I’m sure they’ll eventually have a show in the Bay Area. It’s not uncommon for Korean artists to perform in the Bay as various artists actually held concerts this year: Twice, Seventeen, Tomorrow x Together, Dreamcatcher, Loona, etc. You’re just in luck as another group, ATEEZ, will be here next month for their world tour. So, here’s my shout-out to go ahead and enjoy a K-pop concert.

Sean Siapno/The Skyline View

Sean Siapno/The Skyline View

Screens placed within the Honda Center display great views of the artist for any seat in the house to enjoy.



Yeezus is not Jesus

By Nishad Karulkar Opinions Editor

Creative Commons

Original and uncensored album art for Ye’s critically acclaimed 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Lyrics from “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”

“You might think you’ve peeped the scene. You haven’t; the real one’s far too mean. The watered down one, the one you know, was made up centuries ago. They made it sound all wack and corny. Yes, it’s awful, blasted boring. Twisted fictions. Sick addiction. Well, gather ’round, children, zip it, listen.” – Kanye West In the last few weeks, the producer turned rapper, formerly known as Kanye West, seems to have been… well let’s just say giving Twitter fodder, and gleefully pissing everyone off in the process. Antisemitism. “Slavery was a choice.” You know the deal. In other words, Ye is doing Ye things. But while the Chicago rapper descends deeper into the manic episode he is clearly going through, there may be some value in understanding the beauty behind the madness. Although it’s been more than a decade since its release, Ye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy does just that. Perhaps it’s an explanation, or more likely in hindsight, a warning of self to the public. From maniacal precision in production and composition to melodious percussion instruments, Ye accomplishes the goal

No one man should have all that power The clock’s ticking, I just count the hours Stop tripping, I’m tripping off the power - “Power”

he evidently set out to do, compose a masterpiece that yet again transcends the genre. Forget the star studded features, ranging from R&B artists like John Legend, to staples of hip-hop Jay-Z and the Wu-Tang Clan’s very own RZA, Ye throws music’s adherence to the restrictive boxes of genre conventions out the window. On the album, Ye covers everything. Anthems. Rock. Soul. Even kindly bridging the gap between Hip-hop and Indie genres with his Bon Iver collaboration on “Lost In the World.” But the crescendo of the album lies on track nine. The coarse, self-aware, and perfect “Runaway” explores the depths of Ye’s lust, love, and his split personality that often fluctuates greatly between genius and insanity. On “Runaway” he raps, “Let’s have a toast to the scumbags… Every one of them that I know… Let’s have toast for the jerk offs… That’ll never take work off…Baby I got a plan. Runaway as fast as you can.” In a vacuum, Ye both plays the villain and the hero. In the initial verses, Ye is self-deprecating and introspective. As he takes a subtle jab at himself because he “is one of the jerk

October 27, 2022 offs…That would never take work off,” he quickly switches from a toxic lover to the savior he wants to be. “Baby I got a plan…Runaway as fast as you can” he repeats and begs his lover before he ushers in the chorus, noting the looming catastrophe of crazy that soon follows the rapper everywhere. “Lost In The World” of his twisted fantasies of sex, addiction, and piercing love, Ye lets you into his strange yet sonically beautiful realm over the course of 12 distinct but synchronous songs. And that is the true remarkability of this project. It is a risk. I mean the man’s cover depicts an albeit censored, naked sphinx straddling Ye himself as he alcoholically holds what can only be assumed to be a bottle of Heineken. Lately, it increasingly feels that maybe Ye is the “Monster” he claims to be on track six as the album’s thematic element of the feedback from an electric guitar rings subtly over the snare beat. Maybe he’s just Yeezus the artist, but no matter what his god complex tells you in the brief stints he has on Twitter, before he’s quickly banned, he is definitely not Jesus.

Text message, break-ups, the casualty of tour How she gon’ wake up and not love me No more? - “All of the Lights”

Ballads 1: Sad. Sad. And more sad. By Nishad Karulkar Opinions Editor

With the release of Joji’s third studio album Smithereens just around the corner, today, he celebrates the four year anniversary of the project that shot him to music stardom. Ballads 1. On the former YouTube star’s debut studio album, George Miller (Joji) depressively unpacks taboo subjects of sexual desire, insecurity in masculinity, addiction, and obsession. The project is almost entirely written and produced by Miller himself with the employment of a host of varied producers. Ranging from the hip-hop influenced Thundercat to the subtle Shlohmoinduced-electronic-dance-vibes embedded in tracks like “Why am I still in LA?” Joji accomplishes the feat of a cohesive collection of frighteningly intimate ballads. However, it is “Slow Dancing in the Dark,” stylized in all capital letters, a consistent choice throughout the album, that may be the most candid Miller gets about the discomfort he feels in his own skin. Joji introduces a unique perspective and concept of male depreciation of masculinity and sexual desirability. Over the elegant solo piano backings of co-producer Carol Kuswanto, Joji attempts to create boundaries, severing ties with a lost love while drowning in a pool of self-loathing. “Give me reasons we should be complete. You should be with him. I can’t compete. You looked at me like I was someone else. Can’t you see?

Everyone is loaded…in the dark. Dark.” At times, Joji reduces his own value to the accompanying mania of unrequited love and failed relationships. On “Attention,” Joji drowsily sings “Now, I thought I’d vocalized my traumas. But I wonder how it sound, hmm. I know I’m cryptic and worthless” as he performs the self-pity that distinguishes this 88rising production from just any other romantically depressed alternative-R&B album. But the heartbreaking highlight of the album is “Yeah Right,” where Joji raspily moans “I’ma f*** up my life. We gon party all night. She don’t care if I die. Yeah, right yeah, right.” Consistent with the album’s descent into the depression of fame, sex, and insecurity, Miller rejects hyper-masculinity, offering depth and emotion to the male ego, sounding as if on the brink of tears throughout the ballad. Joji seems to have lost the ability to feel pleasure. This is captured perfectly in the album art for the hit single “Yeah Right” as he lies passed out surrounded by all the pleasures he seems to desire most. Sex. Money. Women. Joji has it all. Shame he isn’t awake to see it. Miller doesn’t just mope. Over the course of 12 tracks, he grows to lack love and compassion for himself. Instead, he replaces gratitude for life and success with the painful pettiness of love and desire, slowly letting it kill him as he slow-dances in the dark.

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Original album art for Joji’s lead single “YEAH RIGHT” on his 2018 debut studio album BALLADS 1.

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October 27, 2022


Skip the drama. Why Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t Worry Darling” is a thrilling film to add to your Halloween movie watchlist


By Danielle Cosino


Harry Styles and Florence Pugh as Jack and Alice Chambers in “Don’t Worry Darling”

There has been a lot of attention surrounding the horror/thriller movie “Don’t Worry Darling” ever since its announcement in 2020. With the success of her first directorial film, “Booksmart,” everyone was excited to see the turnout of Olivia Wilde’s second film. Likewise, excitement arose around the film’s cast, which includes big names like Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, and Gemma Chan. Florence Pugh even expressed her enthusiasm for working with Wilde in a now-deleted Instagram post. But between the film’s announcement in 2020 to its debut in Sept. 2022, it is clear that the attention around the film has shifted. If you keep track of all things pop culture, then you may have heard about the drama circling “Don’t Worry, Darling.” Unfortunately, from the feud between Shia LaBeouf, Florence Pugh, and Olivia Wilde, to Harry Styles and Chris Pine’s Spitgate, it may discourage many people from seeing the film itself. Actor and director of the film, Olivia Wilde, discusses with latenight talk show host Stephen Colbert the challenges and obstacles along with the passion that went into creating the film, which was produced during the pandemic. “After working for three years on something like this, it must be particularly frustrating to have people talking about a lot of things that aren’t the film itself,” says Colbert to Wilde. If you are a fan of psychological horror/thrillers or are looking for a thriller film to watch this Halloween, then I have concluded that you shouldn’t let the drama get in the way of watching “Don’t Worry, Darling.” Be mindful when continuing to read, as this review contains some spoilers. The film takes place during the 1950s in an experimental utopian community called Victory. It follows the life of a young married couple, Jack and Alice Chambers. Jack and the other men of Victory work for a company that is in charge of a classified project called the Victory Project. As the

husbands go to work, the wives stay at home and live a worry-free life: they take care of the house, go on trolley-joyrides, take ballet lessons, gossip and shop. In return for this ideal life, the one thing that is asked of the wives is to not ask any questions about the project. While the wives of Victory carry out their domestic roles and live out their perfect lives, Alice becomes suspicious of her husband and the company’s intentions for Victory, realizing that there may be some dark and disturbing secrets to their idyllic life. The visuals of the film immediately suck you into this almost-too-perfect community. The environment of Victory is very crisp and clean, which can be seen based on how the characters dress and their lack-of-a-mess homes. As we follow Alice through her daily routine, it is evident that there is a strong theme of symmetry and uniformity. Additionally, the heavy emphasis on routine makes it clear that order and control are elements that Victory functions around. Florence Pugh’s amazing performance keeps the audience engaged and helps us follow her character’s journey as she experiences visions and hallucinations that slowly unveil the truth. Additionally, Harry Styles’ performance in the film will take you by surprise, given that an early-released clip of the singer had the internet mocking his acting, especially his accent. However, after witnessing the film’s mind-blowing plot twist, the accent makes perfect sense in addition to how Styles’ portrays his character overall. There are multiple instances where humor is incorporated via a character’s quick-wit comments. The film’s occasional use of humor reminds the audience that Victory is a secure and loving neighborhood, even though our protagonist, Alice, is spiraling down a dark rabbit hole of secrets. The soundtrack and score have a great balance between bliss and chaos that immerses the audience into the cinematic world of

Victory and further depicts the sharp contrast between Victory’s idyllic lifestyle and its dark reality. The soundtrack is composed of songs inspired by the sounds of the 1950s, which show the contentedness of Jack, Alice, and the rest of the residents of Victory, while the score builds onto the suspense and tension of Alice’s internal and external battles. One sound that stood out to me was the rapid and panicked breathing of multiple women during certain scenes which gets louder and more intense as the plot progresses. It helps the viewers empathize with Alice as she goes on a suspenseful emotional rollercoaster since the unstable breathing allows the audience to experience that unsettling and anxious emotion themselves. The film also does a great job of making you feel uneasy and on edge through its unusual pacing. It doesn’t take long for the film to hint that everything is not what it seems; however, the revealing of those hints is quite unpredictable, which makes it very compelling. When you think we have reached the film’s climax, a new detail is introduced, which makes you realize that the plot is still thickening. The outcome of this pacing is displayed at the end as the film rushes to uncover more secrets about Victory. While you may think you understood every detail about Victory and pieced everything together by the end of the film, you realize that you are left with so many questions about Victory and its other residents that it will have you begging for more. “Don’t Worry Darling” is a stark contrast from her first film, the coming-of-age comedy “Booksmart”; however, Olivia Wilde did a fantastic job taking on the horror/thriller genre. This visually-pleasing psychological thriller will definitely keep you on your toes and is a spooky season must-watch.

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Official’ “Don’t Worry Darling” poster displayed at the Century Daly City 20 XD and IMAX movie theater