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Official Newsletter of the MAST Key Club/New Jersey District/Division 8


Volume 1 Issue 7

February 2013 Issue March For Babies By Leor Golan March For Babies is a project run by the March of Dimes. It was created in order to raise money to help fund research in an attempt to identify and create treatments for diseases that cause premature birth. When babies are born early, each newborn is at risk for diseases such as cystic fibrosis in addition to deafness and blindness. Half a million babies are born too soon each year. These premature births have the potential to stop, if research continues and is successful. A large fundraiser will be held on April 28, 2013, at Six Flags Great Adventure. Participants raise money from sponsors and donate the money received towards the cause. In addition, Adam Rubin will be selling March For Babies Squares from February 25th to March 15th that each cost $1. Over $2 billion has been raised since 1970; please

contribute to help make that amount even greater. Also, don’t hesitate to contact Adam Rubin if you have any questions.

In this issue!

Stall Day By Alyssa van Doorn

Kiwanis Fish Fry....................2

Stall day occurred on Tuesday February 12th. The event was a huge success thanks to all who participated. As most of you know, on Stall Day, students brought in coins in the hopes of stalling their third period class. However, some may not be aware of where the money goes. The answer to that question is the ELIMINATE Project and a family effected by super storm Sandy. $860 is going towards helping the family and $861 is going to ELIMINATE, all together we raised $1681. SeĂąorita's and Mr. Meyers' third period classes deserve a shout out for raising the first and second highest amounts of money.

March For Babies................1 Stall Day...............................1

Interview With Incoming LTG: Adam Rubin.............2-3 Spaghetti Dinner.................4 DCON FAQ.......................4-5

Above: One of the numerous Stall Day posters that were hanging up around the school

MORE INFO! Check out, the New Jersey District Key Club website.

February 2013 Issue


Kiwanis Fish Fry By Alyssa van Doorn



On Wednesday, February the 13th Keyport Kiwanis hosted their annual fish fry. The Keyport Kiwanis held this event to raise money that will go to their Service Budget's various donations; supporting our Key Club and others like ours is part of this Service Budget. Numerous volunteers from Key Clubs that are sponsored by the Keyport Kiwanis were in attendance. Students from MAST represented our club, as well as students from both Keyport and Keansburg represented their respective clubs. All the volunteers and people who attended dinner helped make the night a success. In total the fish fry raised about $3000. Eliminate hands were sold throughout the night as well; $54 was raised. The Keyport Kiwanis has raised a total $401.66 for the ELIMINATE Project Since the beginning of their service year in October.

caring character building

Above and Bottom Left: Photos of volunteers during Fish Fry (courtesy of Jessie Cassamassima)

Interview With Incoming LTG: Adam Rubin! By Ali Pham Recently, one of our very own Key Club members, Adam Rubin, was elected as Lieutenant Governor of Division 8. Here, we talk to Adam about some of his goals and insights: Q: How has Key Club impacted your life? A: Key Club has taught me about the importance of service in everyday life. Prior to joining Key Club, I didn’t really do much service, but


February 2013 Issue

through Key Club I realized the importance of service. Also, Key Club has helped me step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. If Key Club hadn’t impacted my life in the way it had, I never would have led the service projects I had, nor would I have ended up running for Lieutenant Governor. Q: What inspired you to run for the position of LTG? A: Well, it was at District Convention last year, the 2011-2012 service year, and it was during the opening session when I fell in love with Key Club. I realized the difference we were actually making as an organization, and I knew that I wanted to take on a bigger role in the organization. For me, that position happened to be Lieutenant Governor. Q: What has been your favorite service project? A: I think my favorite service project has been the visits to the Children’s Specialized Hospital. For me, it provided the most rewarding experience. You can visibly see how much the kids enjoy us visiting them. It’s a really moving experience that can be a little overwhelming, but at the end of the day you leave knowing

that your efforts in service really did make a difference. Q: As LTG, what are some of your goals for your upcoming term? A: As Lieutenant Governor I want to achieve several things. I want to have all the club officers in the division trained before Fall Rally 2013, I want to hold several divisional events to help build relations between clubs in the division, I want to hold several interdivisional events to help build relations between the divisions, and I want to establish a new Key Club in the division if I can. Q: What are you most excited about for this term? A: I think that for this upcoming service year I am most excited for the opportunities to lead that will exist for me, as well as the new friends I am going to make on the board.

Shoutout!! We feel a particular shout-out is in order, so we would all like to congratulate Adam Rubin on becoming our incoming LTG and congratulating Tracy Vollbrecht on a job well done this past service year.

Once again, congratulations to Adam. Be sure to attend District Convention to watch Adam be inducted onto the District Board!



February 2013 Issue

The Spaghetti Dinner By Shannon Cassaro

DCON FAQ By Danielle Ciaurro

As some of you may know, on Wednesday, January 23rd, Key Club and the Kiwanis of Keyport hosted our annual Spaghetti Dinner. As in years past, every cent of our profit went to fund Glory’s school tuition for one year. Glory is an orphan that attends Tumaini School (Tumaini means “hope” in Swahili) in Tanzania. This school gives these children a chance to receive a good education. The tuition cost pays for Glory’s uniform, food, board, and school supplies (a lot of which she may not have access to outside of this school). The Pasta Dinner was a great success! The night of we had over twenty Key Clubbers serving our attendees and several Kiwanians doing the cooking in the kitchen.

What is DCON?

We sold well over two hundred tickets (which is higher than our original goal!) and were able to fully fund Glory’s tuition for this upcoming school year. This was the first year that we were able to raise the full funds with only one fundraiser! Not only that but as we awaited our first customers, all of the volunteers gathered together and made cards for Glory and her classmates. I would like to personally thank all of you that helped make this event possible! We would not have been able to pull it off or raise nearly as much money without the fantastic help of all the volunteers and the generous donations of many.

DCON is short for District Convention. For those who don’t know, all the Key Clubs in New Jersey make up one district. (Nicole Ventrone is the Governor of this district FYI.) The New Jersey District is broken down into about 21 divisions, each made up of several high school key clubs (MAST is a part of Division 8). DCON is when everyone in the New Jersey District comes together for a weekend at the end of the service year to meet other Key Clubbers, participate in District Office elections, learn about different unique service opportunities, and kick off the new service year! When and where? April 5-7, 2013, at the Ocean Place in Long Branch. We go after school on Friday and leave Sunday afternoon. Who’s going? Everyone in the District! MAST has a HUGE rep at DCON for having the most spirit and a lot of people who

Photos: Spaghetti dinner courtesy of Alyssa van Doorn


February 2013 Issue

come because we have one of the largest clubs. What do you do at DCON?

more formal (there’s a dance with the LTGs) so guys should look nice and girls might want to wear a February 2013 Issue dress.

passion, both your age and older (you’ll get to meet Kiwanians there too). You’ll get to see the impact you’re making because of your actions through Key Club. You’ll learn how you can do more in the club. You’ll get to support Tracy as the current Division 8 LTG, Adam as the next LTG, and Nicole as the District Governor. You’ll get some knowledge and gain some wisdom of the world and meet people from all around New Jersey in an amazing location.

Friday night is the Opening Ceremony and caucuses for candidates running for positions on the District Board. You listen to their speeches and ask them questions. Saturday, Key Clubbers go to various workshops to learn about positions in their clubs, the K-Family, service projects, ideas for fundraising, etc. On Saturday, we hear from our Keynote Speaker and learn about this year’s District Project, the ELIMINATE Project. Sunday is the induction of the new District Board, where you’ll get to support Adam Rubin, the next LTG of Division 8. Friday and Saturday night there are two dances and Saturday there is also a talent show.

What about food?

How much does going to DCON cost?

Danielle Ciaurro Co-Editor

What should I bring?

$235 and the deposit is $75. The cost can go down too if you sell more than one box of candy. If you can’t afford it and want to go, you can talk to Mr. E. or Señorita about it. They understand and will find a way to make sure you can go.

Leor Golan Co-Editor

Regarding clothes, business casual. You’re going to be wearing them every day. Bring extra clothes that are comfy and casual too because we get some free time on Saturday. Bring the essentials. Bring a sweatshirt or something similar in case you get cold. Bring a stuffed animal if you really want. Bring clothes for the dances on Friday and Saturday. The dance on Friday is more casual so wear whatever you’re most comfortable in, and the dance on Saturday is slightly

The hotel provides breakfast, dinner, and lunch. No worries. Should I bring extra money? If you can, I would suggest it. You can get Key Club paraphernalia/merchandise, donate to the ELIMINATE Project, and buy a raffle ticket on Saturday to dance with an LTG (or more than one). Also, we may be able to go Pier Village next to the hotel and you can bring money to go to one of the stores there too.

Why should I go? Well why did you join Key Club? For service, to help others less fortunate than you, to make a difference. Going to DCON helps you meet others who share that

MAST Key Club Officers Ashley Hann President Jackie Lowenstein Vice President Dan McCormack Treasurer Katie Henry Secretary

Becky D’Albero Co-Editor

Alison Pham Co-Editor Alyssa van Doorn Co-Editor and Co-Webmaster Joe Nardone Co-Webmaster Tracy Vollbrecht LTG Division 8 Señorita Mancini Advisor Mr. Ellithorpe Advisor


February 2013 Issue  

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