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Friday, June 30, 2017 Volume 27, Issue 12

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Oh Canada!

June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


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¹ Allinprices are MSRP in Canadian MSRP is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Price and taxes, excludes taxes,and freight PDI ($1,725 the Passat/$1,795 for Atlas, the Atlas, Tiguan and Touareg/$1,645for for es are MSRP Canadian dollars. MSRP isdollars. the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail PriceRetail and excludes freight PDIand ($1,725 for thefor Passat/$1,795 for the Tiguan and Touareg/$1,645 otherfees, models), levies,equipment, fees, optional equipment, license,registration, insurance, registration, and any dealercharges, or other charges, where applicable. Environmental or related levies taxes may varybybyjurisdiction. jurisdiction. models),*all levies, optional insurance, and any dealer or other where applicable. Environmental or related levies andand taxes may vary ¹ less. All may prices MSRP inorlicense, Canadian dollars. MSRP is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price and excludes taxes, freight and Dealer sell forare less. Europeanmodels American models maySpecifications, be shown. Specifications, equipment, options andare prices are subject to change without notice. Although endeavour ensurethat that thePDI ($1,725 ay sell for European or American may be shown. equipment, options and prices subject to change without notice. Although we we endeavour totoensure the information onaccurate, thelevies, website accurate, as errorsfrom mayequipment, occurto from time to license, time, customers should their contact their local Volkswagen dealer fordealer details. Photos for illustration purposesonly. only.Some Someapplicable. all other models), fees, optional insurance, registration, and any or charges, where on contained on thecontained website is as iserrors may occur time time, customers should contact local Volkswagen dealer for details. Photos forother illustration purposes items, may such be as wheels, may be somewhen trim levels when vehicle is built may not be available in Canada. Fuel consumption ratings are estimates based Natural ResourcesCanada’s Canada’s ch as wheels, unavailable onunavailable some trimon levels vehicle is built or may notorbe available in Canada. Fuel consumption ratings are estimates based on on Natural Resources *

Dealer may sell for less. European or American models may be shown. Specifications, equipment, options and prices are subject to c information contained on the website is accurate, as errors may occur from time to time, customers should contact their local Volkswa items, such as wheels, may be unavailable on some trim levels when vehicle is built or may not be available in Canada. Fuel consum

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I am proud to be Canadian. No matter where I have travelled in the world, I have been met with smiles and hugs from total strangers, just because I am from this great country. I was born in France on an Armed Forces base. That’s just where Mom and Dad happened to be stationed at the time. But for many years, since I was born on a Canadian base, I thought I was a citizen. When I turned 18, it was brought to our attention that indeed I was French. So my parents were told I had a choice ... renounce my French citizenship and become a Canadian or not. There was no choice in my mind, Canada was my home. As I write this, I think about the thousands of others who have become Canadians of their own choice. The refugees from other countries who come here to start a new life in peace

and democracy; those who want to live their lives without fear of harm or judgment because they may look different or pray to their own deity. We welcome people from all walks of life, faiths, gender, physical and mental abilities. We are tolerant of our differences and celebrate that which makes us individuals, yet equals. That’s what makes our country one of the most respected in the world. I am proud to stand up for our anthem at sporting events and sing at the top of my lungs. And, I always cry (not because I sound so bad, but because I’m standing in a stadium with thousands of others honouring our country). I am also proud of our Canadian men and women who fight for freedom around the world. With all the negativity out there in the world, on social media and in the news, I think we need to take July 1 to concentrate on the positives. We are the true north, strong and free.


Why place the comfort of our hands? We know that b come from offering bargain promotions, or other fun a being there for you, friendly a

Happy Birthday

We’re British Empire Fue

Canada Weekend Summer HourS:

Canada day - LaBour day Saturday 9-3, Sunday 10-2

7 1 b Bobcaygeon 41 Country Rd. 36. 705-738-2121 • 1-888-472-6006

7 1 c

Lindsay 81 William St. N. 705-324-7500 • 1-855-324-7500 BRITISH EMPIRE FUELS. LOCALLY O

British Empire Fuels - locally owned and operated since 1964

June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


Village Voice

The Promoter reserves the right to edit Letters to the Editor for length and clarity. Please include your email or mailing address and daytime phone number (not for publication). All opinions expressed are those of the writer.


When I took on the responsibility of The Kawartha Promoter 14 years ago, the paper was mostly black-andwhite and had a limited distribution network of 11,000. On April 21, thanks to the hard work of a number of employees over the years, loyal advertisers and a grant from the Kawartha Lakes Community Futures Development Corporation, The Kawartha Promoter expanded its distribution to every household in the City of Kawartha Lakes through Canada Post. That’s an increase in our distribution to about 40,000! Our “little paper that could” has come a long way. We recently received the distinction of “community newspaper” from Canada Post! That means a lot to us, our readers and our advertisers. It will open even more doors and gives us a stronger commitment to our region. We are proud to join the ranks of community newspapers across this great country. Max Miller


I was walking my dog on a leash a few weeks ago when we came to the intersection of Queen and John Streets in Bobcaygeon. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a huge dog charging towards us. This dog was coming for us and meant business. This dog began circling us, trying to get at my dog, who at this point was cowering at my feet. There I was in the middle of the intersection trying to shoo this dog away to no avail. I tried to remove us from this danger by changing our direction but no matter which way I tried, the dog cut us off, being aggressive, growling and foaming at the mouth. Then, I’m assuming the owner of this dog came out of nowhere and tried to retrieve this dog, but was not able to. The owner did not have a leash with him. I was told that the owner went one way while the dog went the other.

Friday Night Pickerel Dinner

June 30th 4pm-7pm

Please call for reservations OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK 50 Main St., Bobcaygeon 4


June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

This put me in another dangerous situation as I then had to look for an oncoming vehicle to rescue us. I made eye contact with the driver and he told me to get in the car. I got in, took off my glasses and broke down in tears. It turns out, luckily for my safety, that I recognized the driver after I got in. Had I been a child, the outcome could have been much worse – an abduction-type situation. I called the police, believing that this was a serious issue – public safety from an aggressive animal. But I was wrong. The officer told me they do not handle this type of thing, that this was a bylaw issue. All I could think of was that dog running loose after I left the scene, creating havoc and terror. I asked the officer why the police could not do something to remove this threat to public safety, but was told again to contact bylaw control. So my next step was to call the bylaw office, but it was after-hours. I could not get out of my mind that this dog is still at large. When I did speak with the bylaw officer, I asked for, and expected, that this dog would be removed from the residence. But that wasn’t the case; the officer told me they cannot go in and remove an animal from a resident, that there are laws in place. I explained to the officer my concerns about others’ safety. In fact, there was another attack by the same animal on the same street recently. Again, luckily, it was not a physical attack, but the pedestrian was threatened by the aggressive, off-leash, large dog. This leaves one with some fear. I will not walk my dog alone on Head Street where this dog is kept, nor will I walk my dog alone on Queen, John or Front Streets where they connect to Head Street. I feel because the city is not doing anything that there should be signs on the corner of these streets warning pedestrians or cyclists not to be in this area. I will warn anyone with small children or animals to avoid these areas as a small child or animal could be a light lunch for this dog. The scary reality of this is my incident was not the first. I want to know at what point does a neglectful animal owner’s rights supersede the public’s safety? At what point should city staff be able to charge an animal owner with neglect or breaking the bylaws of leashed pets. If the city is allowing this particular dog to run at large and create terror with no consequences to the owner, then should the rest of the city’s law-abiding

citizens have the pleasure of letting our pets off leash whenever and wherever we wish, disregarding the bylaws? I realize that City bylaw staff have their hands tied at some point and have to follow the laws in place for them but this law must change. Kathleen D. Bobcaygeon


On Saturday, July 1st at 3pm, the largest ever Lindsay Canada Day celebration will get underway at Wilson Fields. We hope to see you there as we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. For the past 15 years, we have organized Lindsay Canada Day but the time has now come for us to turn it over to someone else. This will be the last year we will be coordinating Lindsay Canada Day. We have thoroughly enjoyed putting on this free family event and the smiles we see on July 1st each year make it worthwhile. It has grown steadily since we started it in 2002 and we hope to see it continue, whether in its current form or as something different. This event wouldn’t happen without the generous support of our local businesses and service clubs, the City of Kawartha Lakes and Heritage Canada. Every year the cheques start coming in without us even having to ask. When we’ve needed a sponsor in order to provide a new activity there has always been a local business or service club that has stepped up to cover the cost. Thank you, we couldn’t have done this without you. Events of this size don’t happen without volunteers

Join us on July 8th Free Samples of Local Strawberries and Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream

Bobcaygeon Fairgrounds



y and Swee c i u E


193 ST. 7

and we are fortunate to have outstanding people who show up year after year. They spend their holiday with us, doing everything from stage set up, to activity supervision, to garbage collection - all with a smile. Lindsay Canada Day is possible because of you, and we appreciate all the time and effort you have given us over the years. We would like to thank our families for all their support and encouragement for the past 15 years. We committed to running this event, you didn’t. And yet every year you show up and do what needs to be done…whether that’s running errands, cutting cake, hanging signs or picking up litter. Most of all, this event was possible because of your unwavering belief in us. From the bottom of hearts, thank you. To the community of Lindsay – this is your event. We do it for you. So we hope to see you at Wilson Fields on Saturday, July 1st for the biggest and best celebration yet!

Wally Nugent & Brenda Stonehouse Co-chairs, Lindsay Canada Day

Bobcaygeon & District Horticultural Society

Annual Garden Tour Tea and Market - July 8, 2017


EIGHT UNIQUE GARDENS Tour Passes $15 each Includes admission to Kawartha Settlers’ Village

Why place the comfort of your ho

Tour Highlights our hands? We know that building

• Master Gardenerscome • Plant Sales • Artists from offering bargain basem

promotions, other Tickets available throughout theorarea see:fun and game being there for you, friendly and prof

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Crazy Monkey Tree Service and Stump Grinding

705-324 1-855-32 climatec

BRITISH EMPIRE FUELS. LOCALLY OWNED AND 5 June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

City Hall Solar Power May Shine Again in COKL By Pat Warren

After a few years of not supporting solar projects and voting not to be a willing host to this type of development, City of Kawartha Lakes Council gave its support to a small-scale solar project just north of Fenelon Falls on Northline Rd. Local solar consultant and builder, Tim Burke of Evergreen Power Ltd. attended Council seeking a support letter to develop the solar project. He said he received buy-in from the neighbours abutting the development and he assured them that native vegetation buffers would be in place to hide the solar panels. As well, more stringent regulations are now in place to screen these types of developments. Burke also said the project would hire locally where possible and use local suppliers. He also committed to donating $10,000 to the municipality to use as they wished. Many Councillors felt that Burke had done what was asked by them, including obtaining neighbour approvals. Councillor James said that this project will be a template for further solar developments. However, Councillor Stauble spoke against the solar development because of the City’s historic stand against green energy projects and her concern the project would have a major negative impact on the land. Councillor Dunn was worried what would happen

to the concrete pads once the development ended in 20 years or so. Councillor Brian Junkin said he was not in support since there had been many deputations to Council speaking against these kinds of developments on agricultural land. In the end, there was a recorded vote 13 to 3 in favour, with all in support except for Councillors Stauble, Junkin and Dunn. After the meeting, Burke said he “was grateful to Council for having the opportunity to demonstrate that we will do what we said we will do.”


Trent Lakes voters will have the option to vote online or by telephone in the 2018 municipal elections. This new system, supplied by Simply Voting, is regarded as secure and efficient. In December 2016, Council resolved to pursue an Internet and Telephone Voting System for future elections. Led by Selwyn Township, seven other Peterborough County municipalities explored the possibility together. Simply Voting, which has offices in Canada, met all the criteria and came in with the lowest bid of just under $17,000 per municipality. Voters will still have the ‘old fashioned’ option of driving to a voting station to cast their ballots but for others, including seasonal residents, this new system should make it easier to exercise their democratic rights.

2017 Toyota Camry lease or finance from

0.0% or get

$3,000 off for cash purchase


2155 Little Britain Rd Lindsay 705-324-6771

June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter



By Pat Warren

Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton and Peterborough now have more reason to brag. The region has received a designation as a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) for Sustainability Education. The designation comes from the International United Nations University and is endorsed by UNESCO. An RCE is a network of people in classrooms and the community doing inspiring work that contributes to local and global sustainability goals. The centre will reach out to all educational levels to help spread sustainability. This diverse collaboration includes post-secondary institutions, governments and government agencies, local First Nations communities, educators, elders, private sector partners, and non-profit organizations. Indigenous Knowledge is paramount to the approach to learning and foundational to sustainability education. The RCE’s main approach includes recognition of Indigenous Knowledge and its applicability to the issue of sustainability, implementation of sustainability and stewardship education curricula, developing strong connections between Fleming College and Trent University, linking programs to employment opportunities in key areas and engaging the community locally and around the world for the exchange of ideas. Having an environmental college and university (Fleming College and Trent University) in the area made our region a natural choice for the designation. There are 155 RCEs in the world and eight in Canada. Trent University’s official news release stated, “This prestigious designation recognizes communities across the globe that are frontrunners in tackling the challenges of sustainability and places them among an international network for collaboration and continued innovation.” “On behalf of the Council of the City of Kawartha Lakes, I’d like to offer our congratulations and extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to all those who have made possible this new designation and who are actively trying to change the way we understand and treat our environment,” said Kawartha Lakes Mayor Andy Letham. “It gives me great hope to see all of you and to know that Kawartha Lakes is already taking a leading role.”











BOX OFFICE: 705-324-9111 OR ONLINE:

Area Resident for Over 30 Years

Area Resident for Over 30 Years

Area Area Resident for for Over 3030 Years Resident Over Years

Area Resident for Over 30 Years

The Kawartha Promoter

Supported entirely by our advertisers. We encourage you to choose the businesses that you see in these pages.


June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


Safe and accessible transportation for all

By Kirk Winter

Re/Max All-Stars is pleased to announce Chris Schier as the latest addition to the Re/Max team. Chris has an unmatched passion for real estate and since joining the brokerage in mid-March has been selling real estate at a feverish pace, closing 5 deals in his first few months on the job. Chris graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Honours in Arts & Business in 2010, and prior to entering the real estate profession established a successful Painting business which ran in various locations across the province. He still owns the successful business, Advantage House Painters Inc. which is just one of the value added services available for his clients. Chris also has vast experience with rental properties. He had an early start in the landlord business obtaining his first rental at age 19 in Waterloo and has since parlayed that property into a 4 plex in Peterborough, along with 4 other multi-unit properties over the years. He is also a great resource in cottage country, and owns a cottage near Kinmount which he enjoys in the summer and also rents out as an income property. Chris prides himself in going the extra mile for his clients and helping prepare their home to get top dollar when it hits the market. He is flexible, well-versed, and dedicated to being your value added agent!

RE/MAX All Stars Realty Inc., Brokerage Independently Owned and Operated

73 Bolton St., Bobcaygeon 705-738-2378 8

June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

More than 60 citizens from across the City of Kawartha Lakes met at the Fenelon Falls Community Center on June 22 to discuss the dire need for a public transportation network available to all in the city, regardless of income. The meeting co-chair, community activist Mike Perry, made it clear to the people assembled that this meeting would be the last one scheduled on this important issue. After opinions are gathered, a report will be prepared for the City with the goal of being presented in the fall. Perry stated categorically that it was now time for action. The concerned citizens in attendance heard presentations from a number of groups including City of Kawartha Lakes Transit; First Student Transportation; Norfolk County, who has run a very successful publically funded rural bus service; Muskoka County, who is trying the same; and the Township of Innisfil, who are the first county in the world to satisfy their rural transit needs in a collaborative partnership with Uber, the leader in ride sharing. Other presentations included informative sessions calling for the expansion of bike and walking paths in areas like Lindsay, possibilities for bike sharing and the option of local residents gaining access to the Fleming College shuttle buses that ran from Lindsay to Omemee to Fowlers Corners to Peterborough on a daily basis. Speaker after speaker provided statistical evidence that safe, accessible, and affordable transportation reduces rural poverty, improves the health of the local citizenry, benefits businesses in the transit hub communities and minimizes social isolation. The committee is also operating in the County of Haliburton where their findings were well received by municipal politicians last fall. The hope of those involved is that a limited number of fully costed-out options will be presented to Council sometime in the early fall and adopted as part of the official city plan, with action taken sooner rather than later.

The 38th Woodville Community Festival

Celebrates Canada’s 150th Birthday Friday July 7th and Saturday July 8th 2017 JOIN US – FREE ADMISSION ALL WEEK-END

Fri July 7th – 6pm – 11:30pm



Woodville Festival 50/50 tickets available Friday and Saturday Gold Sponsors - With our thanks! • City of Kawartha Lakes 150th Grant • Andrew Veale Lindsay Kia/Lindsay Buick GMC • Stewart Morrison Insurance • Flex-N-Gate • Floor Trends • Woodville Fire Department • Bagshaw Excavating • Woodville Farms • Woodville and District Lions Club June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


What’s Happening

at Kawartha Art Gallery! Annual Juried Exhibit June 6 to July 29, 2017

The exhibit showcases the wealth of talent in the Kawartha Lakes region. Entry fee required for artists’ who participate. The Awards Reception will take place on Saturday July 15th at 7:00pm at Mackey Celebrations Inc. (formerly Queen Street United Church), 35 Lindsay Street North in Lindsay

“Emily Carr” Paint Night

For a “Emily Carr” Paint Instruction & Study Night with Artist, Roberta Ward Thursday, July 13th, 2017 at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Cost: $30.00 each includes art materials and refreshments Contact Roberta to reserve your seat

Tea Tyme

A tea and talk about Films on the Scugog, TIFF Film Movie # 5 (soon to be announced)

Tuesday, July 25th at 11:30 am to 1 pm at the Gallery Tickets: $20.00 each. Call or visit the Gallery for tickets.

Artist Network

A get together for artists to meet, network, and share July 26th at the Kawartha Gallery, 6:30 pm to 8 pm Facilitated by; RoseMarie Condon. Free admission and refreshments provided

Unique Gifts at the Gallery

Choose from the Gallery’s beautiful selection of handcrafted art work done by local artists. Everything from jewellery, pottery, stained glass, small paintings to wood carvings! Please contact the Kawartha Art Gallery at 705-324-1780 or for information. Kawartha Art Gallery is located at 190 Kent Street West, Lindsay, ON. OPEN: Tues - Fri, 10 – 4 pm

UNLOCK THE SUMMER was a resounding success!

Thousands of people came to Bobcaygeon to enjoy a weekend of music, history, store sales, restaurant specials and lots of other activities. The Bobcaygeon Arena was hopping as The Legendary Downchild Blues Band thrilled fans who danced the night away. Pictured here, officially “unlocking the summer” are (from left to right) Brian Junkin, Councillor for Ward 7; Kent Leckie, President of the Bobcaygeon & Area Chamber of Commerce; and Jamie Schmale, MP for HaliburtonKawartha Lakes-Brock.

Stewardship Summit Saturday, July 15 9am - Noon Cambray Community Centre - 2255 Elm Tree Road, Cambray

Connect with professionals who can provide support for your environmental project Learn about what’s happening in your community to protect water quality Take ac�on to keep your local lakes healthy and beau�ful For informa�on, and to take the online survey KawarthaConserva� Stewardship@KawarthaConserva� 10

June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

705.328.2271 x240

Here is Part III in our ongoing series about the Canada Post employees in our communities.

A Passion for People

By Kirk Winter

Andrea Edgson, the Post Master in Cameron, has spent her entire adult life in the customer service business, and loves every minute of it. Andrea began in a clerical position with the old Victoria County Board of Education, and then moved on to a similar position with the Dufferin-Peel School Board in Mississauga. When she and her young family moved back to the area, Andrea began her second career working at a local automobile dealership. As part of her daily routine, for almost 15 years, she was responsible for the dealership mail and during one of those trips to the post office in Lindsay, she noticed that Canada Post was hiring. Andrea was looking for a change and with an application began her third career with Canada Post in 2010. Andrea worked as a “term” filling in at the post offices in Omemee, Fenelon Falls, Coboconk, Haliburton, Cameron and Bobcaygeon. She then was assigned to the post office in Little Britain, and from there moved to her current position as Post Master in Cameron in August of 2013. The Cameron post office is responsible for a very large geographic area that goes to Balsam Lake in the north, Mclarens Creek Road in the south, Birch Point Road in the west and Sturgeon Lake in the east. This large area is split up into two rural routes with almost 960 families. Eric Mohr and Brenda Brodhagen are responsible for the two rural routes which, if driven as one, cover almost 150 kilometres. There are 70 families in the village proper who rely upon Andrea’s post office and the community mail boxes for their packages and letters. The post office is a busy, full-service operation open 40 hours a week. Business picks up even more when the cottagers arrive for the summer. Andrea has noticed a significant increase in parcel volume in her time at Cameron, as more and more local residents avoid the drive and do their shopping online. Andrea enjoys the close relationships she has with the two rural mail carriers, and thinks they make a fantastic team along with Doug Munday, who fills in at the Cameron office when required. She also values the close relationships she has developed with many of her customers. Her husband was raised in Cameron, she is from Fenelon. Andrea feels the post office in Cameron is very much her home, where customers both new and old are treated to efficient, courteous and respectful service on a daily basis.

Kawartha Promoter

Classifieds Work Circulation 40,000 • Reach over 80,000 readers Call 705-738-6188 or


Legion News “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.” For hall rentals or more information about ongoing activities, please call the individual Legion Branch. We welcome submissions to Due to space, please keep the submissions to a total of 60 words for your Branch. Next deadline: Wednesday, June 21.

Branch 67 Lindsay (705) 324-2613 • Pub Fare Lunch – Tuesdays, Thursdays, noon to 2 pm • Full Dinners – Fridays, 11:30am to 1:30pm • Meat Roll – Saturdays, 2 pm • Live Entertainment – Saturdays, 7:30 to 11:30 pm, free • Sir Sam Seniors progressive euchre every Tuesday - 1pm • Big Buck Bid euchre 4th Wednesday of every month -11am

Branch 184 Woodville & District (705) 439-2397 • Country Music Jam third Sunday of each month - Reg Benoit, Lester White & Ralph Cashen - $5 admission -Musicians & singers free admission. Bar will be open, food available, door prizes, 50/50 draw.

Branch 238 Fenelon Falls (705) 887-3041 • Ladies’ 8-Ball and Mixed Shuffleboard Leagues - Mondays, 6:30 pm • Dart League - Tuesdays, 7:30 pm • Men’s Snooker League - Wednesdays, 7 pm • Tai Chi - Thursdays, 10 am • Hot Lunches - Thursdays and Fridays, 11:30 am-1 pm • English Pub Night* - first Friday each month, 5-7 pm • Meat Roll* - third Saturday each month, 2:30 pm, • Drop-in Shuffleboard - Sundays, 1:30pm • Karate-jitsu - Sundays 4 pm

Branch 239 Bobcaygeon (705) 738-2710 • July 1 – Canada Day BBQ - 150 steaks for 150 years! $20/person - Dinner served from 5 to 7 pm - Live Music with The Lockjammers in the club room from 3 pm on. All are welcome • July 19 – Trip to Rama - 9 am departure - $20/person includes bus transportation, lunch buffet and a light meal on return to Bobcaygeon Legion at 5 pm. Sign up at the bar – no refunds • Pasta Night Mondays - 5 to 7pm - $10/plate • Hamburger Thursdays – 4:30 to 7pm • Karaoke Fridays with Merle – 8pm

Branch 441 Kinmount (705) 488-3462 • Bingo – Fridays, 6:45 pm • Meat Draw – Saturdays, 5 pm • Seniors Cards – Mondays, 1 pm • Drop-in Cards – Tuesdays, 7 pm • Big Buck Bid Euchre - Third Wednesday of month, 11 am Branch 497 Omemee (705) 799-5095 • Mixed drop-in Darts - Tuesdays - 7:30pm • Progressive Euchre – every second Saturday of month Branch 519 Coboconk (705) 454-8127 • July 1 - Annual Beef and Pig Roast - $10.00 per person including salads Meat Roll at 3:00pm - Dinner at 5:00pm - Come out and Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday with us. • July 28 - Progressive Euchre - 7pm start - $5 per person - Pot Luck Lunch

June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter



For many boaters visiting towns along the TrentSevern Waterway, getting around to some of the sights and even to the grocery store can be a challenge. Very often, the amenities and attractions are a bit of a hike from the Lock. What to do? For those coming to Bobcaygeon through Lock 32 there is a solution. You can share a bike! There are two Bike Share locations at the Locks, with a total of 10 bikes. Rental rates will be $5 for the first half hour and $2.50 for each half hour after that. This covers the cost of insurance and maintenance for the bikes. For safety, they offer lots of helmets in every size, and they are provided free of charge. And sharing the bike comes state-of-the-art. If you download the “MOVATIC” app on your phone, it will guide you through the rental process. You find the bikes, sign a waiver, pay through your phone and then the phone will unlock the bike. Once you’re done, the phone will lock the bike back into the station and calculate your payment. Impact 32 volunteers will be onsite by the Bike Share station nearest the Lock on Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays. They’re helping with the bikes as needed and offering maps and brochures to bikers and other tourists, to welcome people to town and answer their questions about where to find things, where to go for an hour’s bike ride, how to find a great beach, all the things they’d like visitors to know. The maps created by Impact 32 showing all the businesses and local attractions are small enough to fold neatly in your pocket. “We want to thank our funding partners for making this possible, and Environmental Action Bobcaygeon for bringing the need for active transportation to the forefront in Bobcaygeon,” says Impact 32’s official bike sharing ‘spokesperson’ Carly Poole. “We also want to thank Trent Severn Waterway for their continuing cooperation and support of our town. We appreciate their partnership in this project allowing the bike station to be perfectly situated in the heart of Bobcaygeon on Parks Canada property.” You can find out more at www.visitbobcaygeon. com.


June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


Submitted by Linda Friend

What a spring! Runaway docks, flooded basements, cancelled soccer games…. But eh! We’re Canadian so we look on the bright side. When the clouds part, the landscape is an Irish emerald green. The lilacs have been splendid and the tulips nearly ever blooming. On Saturday, July 8th, it’s the Bobcaygeon Horticultural Society’s annual Garden Tour, Tea and Market. Visitors will appreciate eight lovely gardens made even more dazzling with this ample rainfall and, hopefully, much-appreciated sunshine. Each property illustrates the ingenuity of committed gardeners. You won’t want to miss the bee/honey display or the dried flower wreath making demonstration. Learn how essential oils can enhance the beauty of the garden and the comfort of the gardener. Pose questions to our team of Master Gardeners and to a tree care professional joining us for the day. Interested in culinary and ornamental herbs? Discover practical uses for these hardy plants. Still in a culinary mood? Get all the tips on raising the BEST garlic! Each year, a number of local artists offer their creations for display and sale. What a variety we have for this year: chainsaw carving, glass art, Muskoka chairs, metal work, wood turning, sculptures, and paintings. Our little community inspires all manner of creativity! The tour includes admission to Kawartha Settlers’ Village where you will enjoy home-made treats and refreshments, music and an opportunity to shop from local vendors offering plants and other items of special interest to gardeners. Finally, be sure to take a break at one of the eateries offering lunch discounts to tour participants. Still hungry? You may be one of the lucky 50 to win a 2-4-1 ice cream cone coupon from Kawartha Dairy! Hope to see you in the garden, rain or shine, on Saturday, July 8th from 10am to 4pm. Your $15 pass includes admission to KSV; kids under 16, free. Tickets are available throughout the area and, on tour day, at each garden and at KSV. You can find out more at


Keep your eyes on the sky over Lindsay on Monday, July 3 and you might see a blast from the past. As part of their Birth of a Nation Tour, Vimy Flight will be visiting the city. The four replica Nieuport 11 biplanes are celebrating Canada’s 150 years and honouring veterans of all ages with a tour across Canada. From 4 to 7pm on the 3rd, these very rare replica aircraft of the First World War (1914-1918) will be on display at the Kawartha Lakes Municipal Airport. You can meet the ex-military pilots who now fly these aircraft and talk about the battles of the First World War. Admission is free. The event is weather-dependent, with a possible rain date of Tuesday, July 4. For more information, visit

Saturday, July 8 7PM until Midnight th

All Night


Strawberry Shortcake

Live Music From

Black Fly Band & Harry Peterson Band & The Remnants Band

Fenelon Falls

Maryboro’s Magical Midnight Madness



Midnight MADNESS Popcorn



for a full list of sponsors, go to:

Fenelon Falls Events

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Maryboro’s Magical Midnight Madness

Submitted by Glenn Walker

“A lot of people have told me that there are ghosts at Fenelon’s museum,” says Kawartha Heritage president Jenny Crawford. “At Midnight Madness, I guess we will find out.” Maryboro Lodge: the Fenelon Museum is planning an all-new event for all ages on July 8 embracing a mysterious take on Fenelon Falls. “You might say Fenelon Falls was built with magic,” recounts Museum Manager Bev Jeeves. “For so many years, Garnet Graham and his dog Bobby Bo performed their tricks keeping everyone entertained. In the process they raised the money that funded so many community projects and organizations. That is why the village’s beach park bears his name.” It is said that Bobby Bo could do math. Garnet would ask what is two plus three and his sidekick would bark five times. The pair were particularly remembered for their Yip Sticks, Fenelon’s famous magic toy. Garnet always had a yip stick on hand, was always happy to demonstrate, and on an annual basis distributed more yip sticks than there were people living in Fenelon. For many years it was the souvenir of visiting town. Jim Taggart, who worked with Garnet to make them says, “The secret was to find a Yip Tree growing on the north side of the Burnt River.” On July 8, the Fenelon Museum will give a free Yip Stick to the first 200 families who visit. There will be magic events for all ages, including a free shadow-puppet-making workshop for kids, and a puppet theatre projected on the building. The Museum will be premiering its new Little Cinema, with the showing of a classic film. There will be live music and ice cream floats served on the verandah and patio overlooking Cameron Lake. Festivities begin with an open mic at 4pm and will last until midnight. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to see the Museum by candlelight, which Jeeves says is when it’s really mysterious. For many years, the largest employer in Fenelon Falls was Allen Wood Products, who manufactured a wide range of children’s toys, including bowling sets, croquet, ring toss and the Tinkertoy. “This is a really neat part of the village’s history that brought a lot of joy to a lot of children. Everyone would order Tinkertoys for their kids from the Eaton’s catalogue, when the factory was just next door,” says Jim Taggart. Taggart, who worked at Allen Wood, recalls, “We were working there for next to nothing, 35 cents an

Fenelon Real Estate Estate Ltd. Ltd. Fenelon Falls Falls Real Brokerage


“Serving the City of Kawartha Lakes” 20 May St., Fenelon Falls • 888-736-8509 • 705-887-4242 •

Sponsors of the Harry Peterson Band 14

June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

hour. And if you got in there your family got in there, too. It was pretty well the only thing in town then. The special thing was there was all the equipment they brought in.” Fenelon’s famous Tinkertoys were just a wooden dowel with special birch hubs made on a machine designed by electrician Eric Leach and built by machinist John Demerling. “It was paraffin wax that made them all nice and shiny. I can still see Murray Robinson pushing around carts filled with the beads.” Taggart fondly remembers the pounding benches or ‘bingo beds’ as they were called locally. “They made such a racket that it would drive the parents nuts.” This year, Maryboro Lodge has a new feature exhibit on the toys that Allen Wood brought to the world. Another special feature at the Museum this year is the intriguing RetroSpectacle photographs. Maryboro has transformed notable historic photographs by combining them with modern digital photographs. In each image you can see how our landscape, culture and community have changed over the years. “It really is a unique view of the Kawarthas,” Jeeves observes. “There is something magical about Fenelon Falls,” remarks volunteer Glenys Kerr. “That’s why when I came here with my family, we fell in love with the area. With the Yip Stick, Allen Wood and the area’s natural beauty, it has made many lives wonderful.” On July 8, Maryboro Lodge presents a mystical take on the region’s history. And you never know, something mystical might happen at Maryboro’s Magical Midnight Madness.


By Lynn Ascott

The Fenelon Theatre building may be gone, but the iconic marquee sign will be back! A landmark since 1948, it will return to the village, as it has been adopted by a group of dedicated community members, together with Maryboro Lodge - The Fenelon Museum. This committee (Fenelon Theatre Marquee Group) has been diligently working to gather information on the restoration and future placement. While this process will take time, it will also require money. Being nearly 70 years old, the sign needs to be rewired, requires substantial repairs to its steel carcass and an engineered masonry base to support the structure. Some funding has been secured through the Legacy Chest Fund, however more funds are required. Through your donations we can make this happen! Donations can be accepted at Maryboro Lodge - The Fenelon Museum and at Stokes on Trent in Fenelon Falls. A Facebook page is also being created to allow everyone to follow along on this journey. At Midnight Madness on July 8, t-shirts with the Marquee logo will be available. We will also have the marquee itself onsite so everyone can see the work that will be required to restore this piece of our heritage.

Midnite Madness July 8

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By Glenna Burns

About 12,000 years ago First People’s migrated into the Kawarthas, soon after the retreat of the great ice sheet. The presence of these people has been documented by archaeologists on Rice Lake and Stony Lake near Burleigh Falls. These sites are some of the earliest human habitations found in Ontario. As the ice sheets and water continued to diminish, about 10,000 years ago, the Kawarthas began to look more like it does today. Forests were abundant with many types of deciduous and coniferous species. These changes, in turn, increased the animal and fish populations and encouraged Indigenous people to stay longer in one spot and build small communities. The evidence archaeologists find at these sites is called ‘habitation debris’ - manufacturing stone tools and cooked animal bones. Scientists have also found technological innovations like fish weirs (Lovesick Lake). The Kawarthas landscape held great spiritual and cultural meaning for the Indigenous populations (as it still does today). Ceremonial and burial sites were used for many hundreds of years. Jacob Island in Pigeon Lake is one of these ‘special’ places and according to Dr. James Conolly, Professor of Archaeology at Trent University, had been used from about 4,500 to 1,000 years ago. Another important site, available to visitors is the Teaching Rocks, or Petroglyphs. Petroglyphs Provincial Park protects one of the largest concentrations of Native rock carvings in North America. Early evidence from about 2,500 years ago has been uncovered on Chiminis (Big/Boyd) Island in Pigeon Lake. These sites emphasized the importance of hunting, trapping, fishing and making use of the

wetland resources like Manomin (wild rice). A more complex ceremonial centre from about 2,000 years ago can be found at Serpent Mounds on Rice Lake. There are also many more places in the Kawartha Lakes where archaeologists have uncovered marine shells, silver jewelry and musical instruments used in ritual and ceremony. The world of Indigenous people changed dramatically when settlers and traders from Europe began to populate North America. Samuel de Champlain came through the Kawarthas in 1615 when he, along with others over time, contributed to escalating regional warfare between Indigenous groups. Battles were fought along the Otonabee River and in the Rice Lake region. Fox Island on Buckhorn Lake was also an important skirmish site. A musket ball has been found on Jacob Island. By the late seventeenth century the Michi Saagiig (Ojibwa) had successfully pushed back the Iroquois and colonial powers (French, British). They controlled much of southern Ontario and the Kawarthas for the next 100 years. The pressures of increased European and post American Revolution migrations pushed the Indigenous populations into unwanted land treaty negotiations. Treaty Number 20, 1818, was signed between the Crown and the ‘Principal Men of the Chippewa (Ojibwa) Nation of Indians’. Treaty Number 20 meant the surrender of Indigenous land but not the loss of hunting, harvesting and propagation rights to crops like Manomin. As the lumber industry increased, the first dam in the Kawarthas was built between Lower Buckhorn and Buckhorn Lakes. The first lock to improve settler navigation was constructed between Sturgeon and Pigeon LakesEQUIPMENT in 1835 at Bobcaygeon. As the eighteenth YORK REGION Keswick 905-478-1553 century rolled out more locks and dams were built to helpMarkham move905-604-1797 out timber.

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All of this infrastructure work and lumbering meant increased settler and tourist populations, soil erosion and pronounced changes in the natural features of the water regions. Pressures from this increase in settlement forced the Indigenous people to move together in small family groups. You can find evidence of this period of Kawarthas history in many local museums and pioneer villages around the region. You should also visit the Curve Lake First Nation Cultural Centre and immerse yourself in the diverse culture of Curve Lake First Nation.

Borrowed, Appropriated or Stolen?

Submitted by Brenda Wall

I grew up in rural Australia in the 1950s and now find myself living in the Kawartha Lakes area (Ontario). During the past month, much has been written and debated in the press and in conversations among friends about these two words, “cultural appropriation”. Here are my thoughts: The Cambridge Dictionary defines Cultural Appropriation as “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture”. Andray Domise puts forth a stronger definition in a Macleans’ article dated May 22, 2017: “Cultural appropriation amounts to theft … the lifting of cultural aspects from underrepresented groups of people, and not only offering nothing in return, but expecting their gratitude for the promotion.” I am personally stating that I abhor blatant acts of cultural appropriation. In saying that, however, I am also aware that as a member of the Settler community, I know that I have myself been guilty of cultural appropriation during my lifetime. My main point is that we have to constantly question ourselves and our upbringing, especially those of us who grew up in my generation (baby boomer) and in my case because I grew up in a country steeped in racism (the White Australia policy, the treatment of Indigenous Australians, etc.) and still recovering. What thought did we give to Aboriginal Australians as we carved out boomerangs in our woodworking classes in high school? (Actually, only the boys carved them as we girls were probably sewing our names on our cooking class aprons!). Boomerangs, didgeridoos, dream catchers, ceremonial headdresses – we’ve stolen these and many more “cultural artifacts” without a second thought as to their meaning in Indigenous cultures. This current debate began with a recent issue of Write magazine, the publication of The Writers Union of Canada (TWUC).

Indigenous writers had been invited to contribute pieces but were soon upset to find that the magazine’s editor declared that he did not believe in cultural appropriation. This was in an opinion piece that ran at the front of the issue (Hal Niedzviecki’s column, “Winning the Appropriation Prize”!). Niedzviecki resigned shortly afterwards and recently TWUC has hired a full-time Equity staff person, a small victory for those opposed to cultural appropriation. Just days before the TWUC incident, a Toronto art gallery cancelled a show by non-Indigenous artist, Amanda PL because she had been accused of appropriating Indigenous culture and art. It was argued that PL blatantly copied the work of acclaimed Indigenous artist, Norval Morrisseau. During this debacle, Chippewa artist Jay Soule pointed to the fact that the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples affirms full protection over Indigenous Peoples’ intellectual property – ranging from oral stories to artwork. Interestingly, Canada only officially removed its objector status to the UN Declaration in August, 2016 – almost a decade after it had been adopted by the UN General Assembly. Now comes the challenge of adopting and implementing the Declaration in accordance with the Canadian Constitution. In my view, it is time we put these recent incidents behind us – not to ignore or forget the pain that they caused, but to move forward in a positive direction. It is a good reminder that we always need to be questioning ourselves about our attitudes and opinions. How to move forward? Let’s begin by celebrating Canada’s Indigenous writers.


By Glenna Burns

Truth and Reconciliation Bobcaygeon presents four community outreach opportunities at Kawartha Settlers’ Village this summer. On Monday, July 3 at 7pm, there will be a showing of the film “Secret Path”, created by Gord Downie and Jeff Lemire. It’s the story of Chanie Wenjack, a young boy who, on October 22, 1966, escaped from Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School to walk home. Like so many children, he never made it home. Chanie died alone. Thousands of children, beginning in the late 1800’s and moving into the present were taken from their parents and moved far away by churches and governments. This is a story of Canada that needs to be told and understood. More information can be found at trcbob.

Did You Know ?

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FreshWater Summit Festival

Every community in the Kawartha Lakes has something they like to brag about, but Coboconk’s uniqueness is something they like to share. At 256.5 meters above sea level, one can circumnavigate the world by water from Coboconk, yes, Coboconk. As the highest navigable freshwater port in Canada, Coby impresses both locals and tourists alike. On Friday night, June 30, the Festival kicks off at the Wharf with live music from 7pm to 11pm. It’s a licensed event and tickets are available at the door for $7.50 per person. Saturday, July 1 at 9am, there’s a Pancake Breakfast at the Lions Hall. It continues with free activities for all - including a professional water ski and flyboard show at 11am, Kids’ Zone activities including a reptile show, bouncy castle, face painting, craft table and more! There will be fantastic community displays and booths, and a Buttertart & Tea Cafe. At 3pm, settle in for some live music by Gary Peters sponsored by the Coboconk Lions, and at 9pm at the Pattie House are The Fabulous Tone Masters! Join us in Norland at Ward Park for live band Loose Connections beginning at 7:30, followed by the annual Fireworks show organized by Norland Firefighters! Sunday, July 2 features an Outdoor Worship Service and Picnic at 11am in Lions Park celebrating the role water plays in our lives. Find out more at


Submitted by Jane Lowe

With the increase in our seasonal population, summer is typically a better time to get donations to the Coboconk & Area Food Bank. However, the number of Food Bank clients usually increases in the fall and winter because they lose their part-time/ seasonal employment and are unable to find work. The Food Bank will have a presence at the Summit/Canada Day Celebrations in Coboconk on July 1st.  We will be providing popcorn to all visitors and requesting a donation of any amount to support our work. Local summer events like the Shadow

Lake Cottage Association Cottagers’ Meeting and the Shadow Lake Fishing Derby often ask participants to bring a non-perishable food item for the Food Bank. We would be thrilled to have any other groups (family reunions, sports clubs, etc.) make similar requests and we would happily arrange to pick up any donations after the event. There are always food bins for donations placed in Coboconk Foodland, the Service Centre in Coboconk and the Libraries in Norland and Burnt River. This summer we are encouraging any gardeners in our community to “plant a row, share a row” - i.e., share a portion of their garden’s harvest with the Food Bank. Monetary donations can be made at any time to the Food Bank or The Chamber of Commerce.  Tax receipts are issued for any donations over $40.  (One of the ways we use monetary donations is to purchase Foodland gift cards so users can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables.)  The Coboconk & Area Food Bank, serving individuals and families from the town and surrounding areas of Norland, Kinmount, Kirkfield, and Burnt River, is a registered charity, operated solely by volunteers. We are grateful for the ongoing support of our local and seasonal residents, businesses, service clubs, churches and schools. The Food Bank currently operates out of the Civitan Building in Coboconk and is open two Thursdays each month. We always welcome new volunteers. Find out more at




Traditional Country Music Tradidional Country Music Saturday July 1st

SATURDAY JULYCanada 1st Day Party Part of the Coboconk


All Concerts are FREE

All concerts are FREE, Starting at 3:00 pm

Located at •Lions Amphitheatre - Coboconk Starting at 3pm LionsPark Park AmpitheatreCoboconk

June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


Coboconk Celebrates 150 Years & More

By Hayley Phoenix-Winterburn

This July long weekend marks a special anniversary and commemorates 150 years of Canadian history and identity. But did you know that Coboconk predates Canada by 16 years? Founded in 1851, the small village of Coboconk is one of the oldest settlements in the north of Kawartha Lakes. Derived from the First Nations phrase “Quashqua-be-conk”, meaning “where the gulls nest”, Coboconk is rich with history. The town was developed in a very successful era of lumbering, Coboconk’s primary industry. As early as 1851, the year that Coboconk was founded, the lake and river system acted as a major highway for the booming lumber industry. From the small village, thousands of saw logs would make the journey to neighbouring towns such as Bobcaygeon and Fenelon Falls via the river systems, even travelling as far as Peterborough. The fresh water of Balsam Lake and Gull River has always played a major role in the community, and is still recognized for its importance today. It is now recognized that Coboconk is home to the highest body of fresh water from which one is able to circumnavigate the world. This means you are able to reach all four oceans from Coby without ever needing to touch land! In addition to the fresh water systems, Coboconk was also home to another natural element that proved to be incredibly beneficial to the village and surrounding areas: limestone.

Local Businesses & Community Working Together. We Invite You To Be A Part Of It!

Join Today!

Contact: Jennifer Wilson Email: Phone: (705) 454-1110 6666 Hwy 35, P.O. Box 177, Coboconk


June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

The large lime kilns at Coboconk were built for converting limestone into agricultural and building materials. It was also crushed for gravel for the purpose of road building. As a soft stone, it was often carved into building blocks - some of which are still part of original buildings within the village today including the old Coboconk Jail House built in 1884. The kilns were also used to provide bricks for organizations such as The Toronto Brick Company and the Canada Lime Company. The limestone business was such a crucial part of Coboconk history that the community developed a nickname over time “the Limestone Village”. While many of the mills in the Kawartha Lakes have been demolished, the remains of the limestone kilns in Coboconk serve as a testament to the booming industry that once served the area. Remnants of the kilns can still be seen and have been in place for over 130 years overlooking the village of Coboconk. This Canada Day, we celebrate 150 years of Canadian history. And we also celebrate the many years of First Nations history that pre-date the birth of Canada.


For those who usually attend the Norland Summer Festival, you’ll have to find something else to do that weekend (July 8-10). According to organizers, the event has been cancelled for this year, but should return next season.

Andrew & Anne Hodgson, Owners of Century 21 Granite Realty Group Ltd. are pleased to announce that it is expanding its professional team to include Jennifer Bacon & Dean Michel Sales Representatives

Lifestyle matters. This is the reason husband and wife real estate team, Jennifer Bacon and Dean Michel, have traded 20 years of city life for the opportunity to raise their children on the shores of Balsam Lake. Dean is returning home to the Kawarthas, bringing with him 20 years of media industry experience focusing specifically on sales, marketing and advertising. Jennifer has an extensive knowledge of promotions, marketing and client service. The Century 21 system is a real estate organization with superior training programs, some of the most up-to-date technology in the industry and strong marketing support. These resources, combined with Jennifer & Dean’s talent, will ensure our customers of a professional real estate experience. Contact Jennifer & Dean!

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Each office is independently owned and operated ® and ™ trademarks owned by Century 21 Real Estate LLC used under license or authorized sub-license. ©2014 Century 21 Canada Limited Partnership.

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By Pamela VanMeer, Kawartha411

a deposition in that case Cosby admitted to using drugs prior to sex on at least one other occasion. That was in 2002 and he was not charged at the time. What is it going to take for the courts and investigators to do their job? If a man with 60 accusers, who admitted to using drugs on women to get his way, cannot be found guilty there is something terribly wrong with the system. The good news is that at least in Canada some small steps are being taken to change the system. Peterborough-Kawartha MP Maryam Monsef, the Minister of Status of Women, recently announced that the Federal government would fund six projects that are meant to advance gender equality. Fifty projects in total will be carried out across Canada and have been approved for $18 million. That’s the most money the federal government has ever approved through a Status of Women call for proposals. Money alone, though, will not fix this problem. Women need to be taken seriously when coming forward with allegations, but more importantly we need to be valued as people, not objects.

Let 60 be the Magic Number

You know the saying “lock him up and throw away the key”? That’s exactly what they should do with actor/comedian, Bill Cosby. Last week a mistrial was declared in Cosby’s sexual assault trial. A jury of 12 supposedly intelligent men and women could not come up with a verdict and so, again, Cosby goes free. So far 60 women have come forward with eerily similar stories of being drugged and sexually assaulted by this man. He admitted in a deposition years ago that he used Quaaludes to drug women and then have his way with them. Why is he still roaming the streets, hunting for prey? In that deposition, Cosby was asked, “Was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?” He replied, “Yes.” He should have immediately been thrown in jail. Of the more than 60 women who have come forward only one case could be tried in a court of law because of the statute of limitations.   In late 2015, Cosby was charged with three felony charges of second-degree aggravated indecent assault for the alleged attack on Andrea Constand, who was  a Temple University employee at the time. It was during

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HAPPY 150th CANADA! Happy Canada Day! Celebrations are taking place all over the country to mark 150 years of Confederation. Here in the Kawarthas, every community will host a party of some sort ... whether it’s an event open to anyone and everyone or a block party for neighbours or just a few friends hanging out on the dock at the lake. Here’s a list of just some of those community activities: Bobcaygeon From the Opening Ceremony at 10am at Tommy Anderson Park (94 Dunn Street) to the fireworks at dusk, there will be lots of activities for the whole family throughout the village of Bobcaygeon. Canada’s birthday cake will be cut at 12:30 at Lock 32, followed by a parade at 2:30 down Bolton Street. Live music kicks off at 3:30 with fireworks at dusk. For more visit

Laurie Scott, M.P.P.

Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock

Happy 150th Canada!

14 Lindsay Street North, Lindsay ON. K9V 1T4 Tele: 705-324-6654 | Fax: 705-324-6938 |

Buckhorn From 10am to 4pm and 8pm until fireworks (approximately 10pm) this free event at the Buckhorn Community Centre features activities for the kids and adults, as well as a marketplace in the park from 10am to 4pm. These vendors are all under cover and include garage sale items, crafts and more. Visit for more information. Fenelon Falls As Fenelon Falls celebrates its 150th birthday as well, activities throughout the day include live music, free ice cream, a strawberry event at the museum, heritage display, children’s entertainment and much more. The action at Garnet Graham Park begins at 11:30 with activities at the Lock at 1pm. At 2pm, it’s the official ribbon cutting at the Splash Pad, then the birthday cake and other fun activities at Garnet Graham Park at 3:30. Fireworks will be at dusk. For more information visit canadas-150th-celebration. Kinmount At the Kinmount Fair Grounds from 5:30 until dusk, enjoy live music, bbq, horse drawn wagon rides, children’s games and activities and much more. There will be a fireworks display at dusk. Don’t forget your lawn chair! Kirkfield The Kirkfield & District Historical Society invites you to join them at their Open House on July


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1 and 2. They’ll be reminiscing with the original St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church congregation at the Museum. As well, from 10am to 4pm, there will be special displays, light refreshments and a presentation by Tom Mohr from the Peterborough Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society. Lindsay From 3pm to 11pm, the Lindsay Canada Day at Wilson Fields is a FREE Family Event with live entertainment, petting zoo, pony rides, horse and wagon rides, bouncy castles, rock climbing wall, old fashioned children’s games, bbq, fantastic fireworks display and much, much more. A concert takes place at 9pm featuring local indie-pop band The Kents, as well as Lindsay band The Anchors, the Kawartha Kavaliers and the Pipes & Drums of Lindsay. A fireworks display will close out the day. Norland/Coboconk Beginning at 10am, daytime activities take place at Lions Park in Coboconk and fireworks at dusk at Ward Park in Norland. The celebrations are presented by Coboconk, Norland and Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Norland Firefighters Association.

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Oakwood Fireworks take place at dusk at the Oakwood Community Centre, presented by the Oakwood Firefighters Association. Omemee Enjoy a day full of fun, including the pancake breakfast at Coronation Hall from 8am to 11am for only $8 for adults and $1.50 for children 10 years old or younger. Ducktona, a rubber duck race, starts at 1pm at the Mary Street Bridge. We’ll drop 650 rubber ducks from the bridge and the winner will receive $650 in cash. Revenues from the race go back to the community through the Omemee Lions Legacy Project. The Black Fly Band plays at the Beach Park stage starting at 6pm. Fireworks start at 9:30 at Omemee Beach Park.

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This concludes our series written by Peter Howard. We have had our challenging times here in Canada. The FLQ crisis of 1970, numerous referendums on unity, and the rise of separatism tendencies every few years have been some of the forces working against Confederation. Nonetheless, as a nation we remain intact. This, in itself, is a major achievement given the sheer geographical size and cultural diversity of our nation. As chief Dan George pointed out in that address back in ‘67, Canada has not always acted in a fair democratic fashion. Many of our First Nations People still struggle to overcome poverty and a sense of alienation. Terrorist attacks, natural disasters, political scandals, violence, drug abuse, and environmental concerns are just a few of the many problems that have plagued us as a nation over the last 50 years. Even so, if we haven’t conquered all of our problems or lived up to our full potential, we have


ChiCkEN Have a safe and happy Canada day Closed Mondays. Open: Sun. Tue. Wed. Thurs. 11-7:30, Fri. & Sat. 11-8:30 36 King Street East

Across from the LCBO


persevered and even triumphed over adversity upon occasion. In fact, when times get tough Canadians are often at their best. The fires in Fort McMurray and most recently, the spring flooding in so many areas of Canada, certainly brought out the best in us. We excel at lending a helping hand and we don’t just do it for our own. When the U.S. faced the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we were there. Operating under the banner of, “Operation Yellow Ribbon”, small Canadian airports took in hundreds of aircraft and thousands of passengers after America’s air space was closed. The citizens of Gander in Labrador accommodated 6,700 passengers until the crisis passed - quite an accomplishment for a town of 10,000. Many of our paramedics, fire fighters, police officers and a host of other agencies and individuals rushed to the scene of carnage to offer assistance. 9/11 was a turning point and the War on Terror officially began. Our military personnel were up to the challenge. Since then, thousands of Canadians have been, and continue to be, part of this ongoing struggle in foreign lands. Many have been wounded or paid with their lives for this commitment to overcome terrorism. We have also paid the price on a domestic front as was the case during the October 2014 attack at the Canadian War Memorial and Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. More recent was this year’s January 29 attack on a Quebec mosque in which six innocent people were killed.


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There are so many reasons why 1967 was not, as Pierre Burton once said, Canada’s, “Last Great Year”. It would take volumes to cover them all. In my ramblings I have only highlighted the tip of a huge iceberg. In closing, I leave you with a final image. Remember that photograph that appeared on the front cover of the Kawartha Promoter Vol. 26, Issue 16. Yes, I still have a copy. Saturday, August 20 -- now that was a special time when so many of us came together to celebrate. That the Tragically Hip has a special connection to our own little piece of Canada right here in Bobcaygeon cannot be denied. Why the Hip is as Canadian as maple syrup, poutine, the Group of Seven and hockey. Regrettably, the band gave their final performance that night but its spirit lives on in all of us. On this very special Canada Day, Number 150, when the fireworks end and you make your way back home from the beach park, take time to let “the constellations reveal themselves one star at a time”. Now that’s Canadian, eh!



Bond St. & John St. (old arena) May 19 - Oct. 6

Check us out on facebook (Fenelon Falls Farmers’ Market)

1873 to 2017

The Bobcaygeon Inn & waterfront patio has been happily serving this community and welcomed guests.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada! 31 Main St. Bobcaygeon (705) 738-5433 June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


Canada Day messages Maryam Monsef

Member of Parliament, Peterborough-Kawartha

The 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada is an important time – a time to reflect on what it means to be Canadian, to acknowledge the strength of our diversity from coast to coast to coast, and to come together in pursuit of a better future for our children and our grandchildren. In particular, as we collectively move towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, it is more important than ever to learn about the history of this land before 1867, and our shared history since then. We all need to work together to ensure that the next 150 years is an era of true equality across all peoples, cultures, generations, and genders. As we take some time to reflect, there is also a lot to celebrate. There is no end to the ways you can spend your summer celebrating all that makes us

Happy Canada Day from our family to yours

The Junkin Family

‘Canadian’ in Peterborough-Kawartha. From a relaxing trip down the Trent-Severn Waterway, to learning about local Indigenous culture at the 60th annual Curve Lake Pow Wow, and of course, digging into a great locally-produced dinner at the annual Peterborough Cattleman’s BBQ, our region offers endless sights and sounds all season long. The list goes on and on, and I encourage everyone to experience a little taste of it all. Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Canada Day.

Jamie Schmale

Member of Parliament, Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock

The 150th anniversary of Confederation is a pivotal milestone for our nation. Indeed, knowing and appreciating our history provides the best way for all Canadians to come together and take pride in our national identity. I’m thrilled to join all Canadians in celebrating the best country in the world on its 150th birthday! The Fathers of Confederation like Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir George-Étienne Cartier, and others may be credited as the architects of Canada. But over the years, it’s been the hard-working everyday folks like you that give our great country its true heart and soul. While we reflect on a rich and proud 150 years of history, let’s think of those who are working so hard to uphold the very values and freedoms we hold dear. Many of our brave men and women of the



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Happy Canada Day

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Canadian Armed Forces stationed around the world are exemplifying what it means to be Canadian, and we couldn’t be more proud. I encourage everyone to please join me at one of the many celebrations going on in our communities to commemorate this very special birthday for Canada. As Member Parliament for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock, Happy Canada Day!

Falls and Bobcaygeon, as well as at the mooring docks in Coboconk. Whether residents or visitors, I’d like to extend greetings and say thanks to all of you for choosing Kawartha Lakes as the backdrop for your Canada Day celebrations. PS: Please remember to stay safe – don’t drink and drive – whether you’re on the roads or on the water.

Andy Letham Mayor, City of Kawartha Lakes

Happy Canada Day to all residents and visitors of Kawartha Lakes! It’s a very exciting year for Canadians as we mark 150 years as a nation and there is nowhere else I’d rather celebrate this special occasion than right here in beautiful Kawartha Lakes. With Canada 150 activities scheduled across our many communities, most of which can be viewed through our tourism website (www., this Canada Day offers an especially warm welcome back to our many seasonal residents. From Omemee to Manilla, Coboconk to Pontypool and everywhere in between, family-friendly events are taking place all across our municipality. Even after the birthday bash is over, residents and visitors to Kawartha Lakes can continue to take advantage of free lockage on the Trent Severn Waterway all season. Also, thanks to Cable Cable, you can enjoy free wireless internet at the locks in Fenelon

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Saturday July 1st • 10am-3pm • Bobcaygeon Lion’s Hall • 55 Main St. Local Vendors • Bake Table • Tarot Cards • Crafts • Country Auction


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12 My S, Fl Fll

Welcome to Canada Day 150 in Fenelon Falls! Water Street events starting at noon. Splash Pad ribbon cutting at Garnet Graham at 2:00 Official Ceremonies at Garnet Graham starting at 3:30 Doug Elmslie, Councillor, Ward 6

1998-2002 & 2007

Happy Canada Day 1867 ~ 2017 Donated to Commemorate Canada’s 150th

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Submitted by Line Picard, BARC

The Al Awad family wishes to invite the community to join them in a get-together on July 1 from 4 to 5pm in The Hayloft (at the Gamiing Nature Centre). This is an opportunity for the family to say “thank you” to the community for the enormous support they have received (and are still receiving) during their settlement in Bobcaygeon. Yousef says, “You have all made us feel so welcome.” As a token of their appreciation, Yousef will sing some Syrian songs and the girls will dance. They are hoping you will stop in.


We are a nation of readers and writers. So, on Canada’s 150th, I wanted to find out what we should be reading. Stephanie McPherson, Head Librarian at the

Trent Lakes Public Library, provided a list of her top 5 Canadian authors and books published in the last 5 years. Five must-read Canadian authors Margaret Atwood Alice Munro Linwood Barclay Lawrence Hill Joseph Boyden Five must-read Canadian books •R  esidential Schools: With the Words and Images of Survivors by Constance Brissenden, Larry Loyie, and Wayne K. Spear. •1  50 Years of Stats Canada!: A Guide to Canada’s Greatest Country by Stats Canada •C  ommon Ground by Justin Trudeau • An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield • Blood and Daring: How Canada Fought the American Civil War and Forged a Nation by John Boyko We also reached out to Diane Lansdell, South Area Coordinator for the Kawartha Lakes Public Library. She and her staff have come up with these suggestions: Great Canadian Authors Stephen Leacock L. M. Montgomery Robertson Davies Margaret Laurence Timothy Findley Five Favourite Novels by Canadian Authors • A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry • Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood • Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis • Forty Words for Sorrow by Giles Blunt • Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden

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NeaborS Family Restaurant & Bar

Happy 150th Birthday from

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Joanne, Bill & Staff 401 Kent Street West Lindsay 705-324-1862


Many activities have been planned at Kawartha Lakes Public Library branches to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Go way back to Canada’s pioneer days with Scott Gardner & Walter the Guitar through songs, stories and games. Make an amazing thaumatrope and learn how to play cat’s cradle. Join us Wednesday, July 5 at 2pm at the Lindsay Library. Workshops presented by Live History Theatre Company will be of interest to aspiring actors, history buffs and anyone wanting to learn more about local history.  Register now for this unique experience on Tuesday, July 11, 11am at the Bobcaygeon Library and 2pm at the Lindsay Library. Ages from 8 to 108

are welcome. Learn hand drumming techniques on djembe drums with Rhythmic by Nature. This is fun for the whole family from 5 years and older.  Drums will be beating at 3pm on Monday, July 17 at the Woodville Library and at 2pm on Wednesday, August 9 at the Fenelon Falls Library. Space is limited so contact the library to save your spot.  Meet the baby animals from the farm when Woolley Wonderland Farm comes to the library.  These ‘critter visits’ are very popular.  On Wednesday, July 19 the critters will be in Dunsford at 11am and Fenelon Falls at 2pm. On Thursday, August 10 they’ll be in Coboconk at 2pm and Little Britain at 4:30pm. Comedy, ventriloquism, juggling, unicycling and on the spot improvisation – Tim the Puppet Tamer must be in town.  Tim returns for another fast-paced show

301 County Road 8, Fenelon Falls (705) 887-4022 1-800-876-3134

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TELUS WATERCRAFT RIDE FOR DAD Join the fight against prostate cancer. Join us Sunday July 23 for an on water scavenger hunt followed by a BBQ dinner and a chance to win great prizes. For more info contact Boats and PWCs welcome


June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


sure to be enjoyed by the whole family. On Tuesday, July 6 don’t miss the performance at Kinmount Library at 2pm and the Omemee Library at 4:30pm. On Thursday, July 13, Tim the Puppet Tamer will be at the Coboconk Library at 2pm and the Bethany Library at 4:30pm. Scales Nature Park is on the road again this summer stopping by the Dalton Library on Saturday, July 22 at 10am, the Kinmount Library on Thursday, August 3 at 2pm, the Norland Library on Saturday, August 12 at 10am and the Kirkfield Library on Saturday, September 2 at 10am.  Learn all about native Canadian reptiles, amphibians, and fish. Don’t forget to join the TD Summer Reading Club – you can pick up your summer reading kit at all Kawartha Lakes Library branches.  Check out all the activities taking place at your local library by visiting the library’s website at www. and viewing the Calendar of Events. Calendars are available at all library locations. 

At the ceremony honouring Downie and others, the Governor General said, “These individuals are working in myriad ways to strengthen urban and rural Indigenous communities, to raise awareness of Indigenous histories, cultures, achievements and concerns, and to create an environment in which reconciliation is possible. This ceremony represents one more step toward a more fair, just and dynamic country.” According to his citation, Downie is “devoted to promoting dialogue, raising awareness of the history of residential schools and moving the country along the path to reconciliation.”


Gord Downie isn’t just the front man for The Tragically Hip. He was recognized earlier this month for his leadership in Indigenous issues. Downie was invested as a Member of the Order of Canada by the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada.

CANADA 150 YEARS SINCE CONFEDERATION This year, let us celebrate the best of Canada — our natural heritage, the diversity of our people, and the generosity of our spirit. Happy Canada Day!

Maryam Monsef MP  Peterborough-Kawartha 705.745.2108  @MonsefMaryam 32

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Promoter The Kawartha

Locally Owned and Operated

What’s In Our Next Issue

time to fiddle & step Support the 48th annual event as steppers and their families come from across Ontario. Call Laura at 705-738-6188 to book your ad space today. Deadline is Wednesday, July 5. 83 Main St. Bobcaygeon "Just North of the Swing Bridge" Fax 705-738-9007 Office 705-738-1709 or 1-800-434-5157

True North Strong.


Happy 150th Birthday Canada. Canada Proud. Canada Strong.

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Central Realty Inc.

Allison Mahoney Direct Line 705-731-7046 cell/text e-mail

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Happy 150th

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Canada 150 For all your boating needs.

Leo Groenendyk

Rob Owen


Located at the Moorings Marina, 327 Snug Harbour Road, Lindsay

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1921 – Agnes Macphail becomes the first woman elected to Parliament.

Far be it from me to be a historian, but here are some of what I consider key dates in Canada’s 150-year history. Did you know that in 1867 there were almost 3.5 million immigrants in our country – and that from the census of 2016, there were more than 35 million. Wow!

1923 – Frederick Banting and J.J.R. Macleod are first Canadians to win a Nobel prize, for their work that led to discovery of insulin.

1867 – Confederation!

1944 – Allied troops storm the beaches at Normandy – Canadians take Juno Beach – in the largest amphibious operation in history.

By Deb Crossen

1876 – The first telephone call between separate buildings is made by inventor Alexander Graham Bell, in Mount Pleasant, Ont. 1893 - Lord Stanley, the governor general, donates the Stanley Cup as a hockey trophy.

1934 - The birth of the Dionne quintuplets attracts international media attention.

1954 - Marilyn Bell, age 16, is the first person to swim Lake Ontario. 1959 - The St. Lawrence Seaway opens.

1904 – Canada competes in the Olympics, in St. Louis, for the first time.

1960 - Native people win the right to vote in federal elections.

1908 – The first coin is struck at the new Royal Mint building in Ottawa, ending years of importing Canadian currency from England.

1965 - Maple Leaf Flag adopted as Canada’s official flag.

1909 - The first Grey Cup is played. 1918 – Canadian women win the right to vote in federal elections.

1968 – Trudeaumania (Part I) sweeps the nation as Pierre Elliott Trudeau becomes prime minister and leader of the Liberal Party. 1972 - Canada wins the first hockey challenge against the Soviets. 1975 - Canadian weather measurements officially switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius 1976 – Montreal hosts the Summer Olympics. 1980 – Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope begins in St. John’s, Nfld. 1980 - O Canada is officially adopted as Canada’s national anthem. 1982 – Legislation changes the name of the annual Dominion Day holiday to Canada Day. 1984 - Marc Garneau becomes the first Canadian in space. 1987 – The $1 coin, which quickly earns the nickname “loonie,” is introduced 1992 - Toronto’s Blue Jays became the first Canadian team to win baseball’s World Series.

1-68 McLaughlin Road, Lindsay, Ontario K9V 6B5 • PH: 705-324-2400 or 866-688-9881 • FX: 705-324-0880

1992 - Roberta Bondar is Canada’s first female astronaut in orbit. 1996 – Canada’s new $2 coin, dubbed the “toonie,” is introduced.

PLASTERING REPAIRS & RENOVATIONS Drywall • Ceramic Tiles Plastering • Painting Laminate Flooring Roofing • Carpentry

Since 1974


One Job at a Time! Dante (705) 341-2073 Cell: (416) 318-3170 Email:

PLASTERING REPAIRS & RENOVATIONS 34 June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter Dante

2001 – Canadians come to the aid of thousands of travellers stranded during aftermath of 9/11.

Give us a call for your tune-ups and repairs and we will get you back on the water quickly.

2005 – Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Canada. 2011 – Popular NDP Leader, Jack Layton dies.

Little to no wait time!

2014 – Canada’s operations in Afghanistan come to a formal end.


2015 – Justin Trudeau, son of the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau, becomes Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister.

s ’ y k Wil ina r a M rage o t S &

2016 – Fort McMurray residents evacuate to escape wildfires. 2017 - ?


In this little game, match the famous Canadian with what they are known for. Michael J. Fox Mary Pickford Wayne Gretzky James Cameron Steve Nash Marc Garneau David Suzuki Tom Thomson Norman Bethune

Artist Pro Basketball Player Physicist Astronaut Actor Environmental Activist Actress Director Pro Hockey Player

705-878-9154 Gas, Mechanical Services and Year Round Storage 110 Hazel St. Thurstonia


Living and working in Buckhorn It’s SERVICE that sells homes

Country living in luxury. NG I T Enjoy this wonderfully updated home with two plus IS

two bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, walnut floors, formal dining room with walkout. Beautiful kitchen with granite counters and lovely cork flooring. Indoor lap pool - room with pine ceilings and two garden doors and skylights. Partially finished lower level with games room, walkout with three patio doors, rec room bath and utility. 2 private acres for walking the trails, 10 minutes to Buckhorn, 5 minutes to Kawartha Highlands park, snowmobile trails, public launch at Mississagua Lake. Oversized double garage with loft above for overflow family. $549,000

Jo Pillon

Sales Representative

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Back in 2015, Ipsos Reid conducted a poll on behalf of Historica Canada. For this survey, a sample of 1,005 Canadians from Ipsos’ online panel was interviewed online. Historica Canada polled Canadians with a number of questions to determine if the cliches about Canadians are true. Here are some of those results: Most Canadians (81%) admit to using “eh,” including a quarter of Canadians who confess they say it daily. And we are certainly home to hockey lovers – two in ten Canadians (18%) call it the greatest sport on Earth, and another 40% consider themselves casual fans (which leaves close to half of Canadians that are just as happy to change the channel from Hockey Night in Canada).    When it comes to Canadian symbols, the beaver ranks up with the maple leaf, and a majority of Canadians (64%) have seen a beaver in the wild. Of course, beavers aren’t the only wildlife associated with Canada. The data reveals that most Canadians have also seen a moose (60%), a loon (59%) or a bear (55%) in the wild. Meanwhile 16% of Canadians have never seen any of these animals. In the spirit of Canada Day, respondents were asked which musician they are proudest to call Canadian. Four in ten (38%) chose Celine Dion from a list which also included The Tragically Hip (14%), Nickelback (11%), Blue Rodeo (9%), Drake (6%), Justin Bieber (2%), or some other musician or group (20%). To the surprise of almost no Canadians however, most of us do not live in igloos. Only 16% of Canadians have even been inside an igloo, while most (73%) have been in a canoe Here are some of their other findings from 2015: • A third of Canadians (35%) named back bacon as the national food, beating poutine (30%) for the top spot • Half of Canadians (50%) say the toque is the “most Canadian” item of clothing • Seven in ten Canadians (71%) plan to celebrate

Canada Day, with 40% planning to watch a fireworks show – here’s hoping the weather holds Historica Canada is the country’s largest organization dedicated to enhancing awareness of Canadian history and citizenship.


Most of us will celebrate Canada Day with friends and family. And that also means food! Here are our top picks using ingredients from across the country and here in our own backyard to mark Canada’s 150th. • Strawberry shortcake • Strawberry parfait with vanilla or greek yogurt • Canadian beef or bison burgers • Fish cakes featuring salmon, halibut or cod • Poutine of any kind • Goat cheese mac-and-cheese • Butter tarts • Nanaimo bars • PEI potato salad • Montreal smoked meat sandwiches • French Canadian pea soup • Ice cream with maple syrup Try to visit one of the area’s Farmers’ Markets to get your local fruits, veggies and meat.

Mackenzie is sporting a festive Canada Day Bandanna just in time for Canada Day. Bring your pet by Hunt 4 Dreams to get them festive too!

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Business and Services

Crazy Monkey Tree Service is a tree care and removal business serving Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, Fenelon Falls, Cameron, Coboconk, Norland, Buckhorn, and Dunsford areas. We offer a variety of services from lot clearing, tree pruning, tree cabling, and stump grinding, to hazardous tree removal and insurance work. We also offer free estimates and consultations.

Why Hire Us

Tasks such as tree removals can be extremely dangerous for individuals that are not trained to do so safely. Hiring professionals to do such jobs is a great way to prevent any possible injuries/damages that may occur if these tasks are completed improperly. We offer advice regarding the removal as well as tree care. Crazy Monkey is also fully licensed, liability insured and covered through WSIB for workplace safety. This reassures customers that any injuries and/or damages that could occur on the job site are completely covered.

Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer is a small insect that damages and kills trees within one to four years of infestation. The ash borer has just recently become more prevalent in central Ontario. The fact that it has very few natural enemies, combined with the fact that native ash trees have limited resistance to attack, these insects have become a major problem very quickly. Typically, within six years of a woodlot infestation, more than 99% of the ash trees will have been attacked and killed. The prevalence and area infested by ash borer is expected to continue to expand, mostly through the movement of infested material such as firewood. Trees affected by the ash borer become a hazard as they become weak, and because of this, it is recommended you get your ash trees inspected. If your trees have been infested, they may need to be removed to prevent further spread of disease. However, trees can also be injected with insecticides to protect them from being attacked by the ash borer. Our company supervisors are more than happy to take a look at any questionable trees and make suggestions to mitigate the infestation.


To the community and the Bobcaygeon and Area Chamber of Commerce for the Business Achievement, Tourism, and Citizen of the Year Awards. It is a great honour to serve one’s community, and I have always believed in giving back. It’s a family tradition! Aaron Shaw

Crazy Monkey Tree Service and Stump Grinding You Call - We Make it Fall 705-344-4459

Aaron Shaw - Fully Insured & Licenced

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Roots & Ramblings Submitted by Ruth McIsaac President of Bobcaygeon and District Horticultural Society

Progress and beautification should work hand-inhand. This has not happened with the Main Street construction, especially pertaining to Rokeby/Market Square. On May 29th, it was spring clean up for the gardens at Rokeby Square by a BDHS team (volunteers). As they moved from the north end garden to the south end, a construction worker approached them stating, “don’t waste time on this garden it will be dismantled”. This was news to us - annuals, manure and soil had already been purchased. After frantic phone calls to the CoKL and speaking with Site Engineer Anthony, “It Was True!” Orange stakes are in place. Apparently, the rocks, interlocking stones and plants on the south, east and north end will be removed. The rocks and interlocking stones will be back. The plants (some are heritage) and bulbs MUST be removed if they are to be saved. Our members volunteers will be removing them. Update on June 8 from Sr. Engineer Tech John, it will probably only be the south end that will be the most affected. All of CoKL staff have been most helpful and pleasant. Rokeby/Market Square is steeped in Bobcaygeon history. It was a meeting place – a market, a place where horses were hitched and watered at the fountain, also







359-1602 328-7197




June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

townspeople went there for their water. Over the years its uses have changed - now it has three beautiful gardens with hitching posts; the old fountain is still at the centre; a huge blue spruce tree (Christmas lights are placed on it); and an in-ground sprinkler system. In 2007 BDHS did a $40,000 major revamp with help of grants from the CoKL (a plaque is posted stating this). Over years of maintaining the Square, hundreds of volunteers hours and dollars have been spent on plants and soil. Will the BDHS be contacted and ask to be involved when the rocks, interlocking stones and soil are returned or will it be done without our input again? Remember: Progress and beautification must work hand and hand, so that historical sites/places will not disappear but be there for future generations to enjoy.


By John Crossen

Today’s “cottage” is a lot more sophisticated than the one in the movie On Golden Pond. WiFi, big screen TVs and video games are all part of today’s cottage. Let’s not forget to party - the more the merrier and the louder the better. But what if your neighbours are seeking a quiet retreat where they can go down to the beach or the end of the dock to look up at a pristine starlit sky? That may no longer be possible. Not with your outdoor lights blasting across their property late into the night. At the cottage you should respect your neighbours. Don’t leave your outdoor lights on all night long. You’re wasting money, polluting the dark sky and chances are you’re annoying the poor bloke next door. If you must have outdoor lighting make sure the lights are aimed down to illuminate only your property. Better yet, have them on a motion sensor that allows people to safely tread your pathway and automatically shuts off when no longer needed. Dock lights are another blinding source of annoyance. I’ve had numerous letters from people who are upset about “that bozo” across the lake who insists leaving what are nearly as bright as an aircraft landing light, on all night long. I’m sure that’s not environmentally- and ecologically-minded you. Should you need a bright light in case of an emergency, that’s one thing. But the Creature From the Black Lagoon doesn’t live in your lake, so when everyone is home and the boats are tied up, the dock lights should go off, too.

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Louise Pollard and Kim Dawson 121 Sanderling Crescent, Lindsay 705-344-2471 /

We C a r e A b o u t O u r C l i e n t s


pluMbing Service

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Ardron Roofing We now offer vinyl decking Roof with the Best, or Leak like the Rest!!!


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WINDOWS AND DOORS Vinyl Windows ~ Vinyl Siding ~ Aluminum Soffits Fascia ~ Trough ~ Sliding Patio Doors Entrance Door Systems ~ Garden Doors Glass Thermal Panes


ELECTRIC Owner: Kirk Kimble ECRA/ESA Lic. 7009784



For all your electrical needs


ECRA/ESA: 7011273

ElEctric Residential • Commercial

Mike Jackson ~ Master Electrician 705 927 2336


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95 MAIN ST BOBCAYGEON ON 705 738 9779

253 KENT ST W LINDSAY ON 705 878 4074


6666 HWY 35 COBOCONK ON 705 454 2014



‘Good Management’ is what makes the Kinette Club of Bobcaygeon so successful and, of course, a commitment by members to help others. Their collective goal is to bring a better community spirit to everyone. Their donations cover the arts, health care, veterans, families, children and Canada! Kinette Marion Gartner welcomed representatives of various organizations at Pinecrest on Thursday, June 15. This reporter counted some 18 recipients of bank cheques, courtesy of the Club. Certificates of ‘thanks’ were also distributed to the countless Kinette helpers. Santa Claus is a particularly good friend of the Kinettes. The Club motto is ‘Serving the Community’s Greatest Need’ and has its history rooted in the ‘30s as a companion club to the all male Kinsmen. The original Ottawa club later expanded across Canada. This all-female club puts on parades, feeds countless people and organizes events like the Santa Claus Parade and Friendship Dinner. The reward is the knowledge that their hard work benefits so many others. The community owes the Kinettes and all people who work in community service a very big thank you. If you would like to help with or join this club, contact 705-793-2837 for information.

5 Ways To Put Your Health First After Trauma

By Glenna Burns


The spring dinner theatre at the Buckhorn Community Centre was a great success ... so it’s time for a return engagement! The Hall’s Bridge Players will perform Buying the Moose by Michael Wilmot for four nights in July. Tickets are $22 and include the show as well as coffee/ sweets during intermission. There will be a discount for groups of 10 or more. Performances will start at 7pm on Wednesday, July 19; Thursday, July 20; Wednesday, July 26 and Thursday, July 27. Tickets are now on sale by visiting


Weed Cutting Cleaner Shorelines COADY GRANT (289) 600-6660 Increase Property Values Chemical Free

sponsored by Stewart Morrison Insurance Have you been in an accident? We are sorry you have had to go through the trauma of being in an auto collision. It can be terrifying and trying time for both your body and mind. An accident can place your life on hold while you deal with all that comes with it. Stewart Morrison Insurance can take a huge brunt of this stress from your shoulders and advocate on your behalf to your insurance company. This way you can focus on what is most important: healing. Dr. Jacquelyn Nicholls is a local Chiropractor who frequently treats injuries from car accidents. Here are her 5 ways to put your health first after trauma: 1. If you think you have a fracture, dislocation or concussion, report to your local emergency room (ER) immediately. Don't wait, and get it documented. 2. Rest; an accident is a traumatic event to your body and mind. Often the pain of an accident doesn't present itself until a few days after. Resting is a great way heal even if you are not experiencing immediate pain. 3. Ice any areas of pain; 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off for one hour each day. Make sure you put a towel or cloth between you and the ice to avoid irritation to your skin. 4. Drink plenty of water; our bodies are made up of 70% water and when we are dehydrated pain from muscles and joints can be amplified. Remaining hydrated can decrease your overall pain experience. 5. Call your local chiropractor to be assessed for any injuries you are experiencing pain from. Chiropractic works by helping to restore your own ability to be healthy. It can open doors for better sensory perception, less pain, a clear mind, and better mobility. Often, treatments can be covered under your auto insurance policy. If you are dealing with old injuries, old or new, Dr. Jacquelyn can help you heal. Remember, there is no reason to live with pain.

Parks Canada Permits Available Parks Canada Permits Available.

Coady Grant (289) 600-6660

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By Glenna Burns

Water Soldier (Stratiotes aloides) is a new plant species, prohibited under the Invasive Species Act, digging its roots into Ontario’s lakes and rivers. The Water Soldier plant, once established, will outcompete everything else growing in the water. It is a threat to all native plants and animals. It can be fully submerged in up to five metres of water or have large portions growing above the surface. Water Soldier plants are similar in appearance to aloe plants or spider plants but have a distinctive serrated leaf edge. In late summer it may have a three petal white flower with a yellow centre. The plant, which is native to Europe and Asia, was likely introduced into Ontario by people using it in water gardens or aquariums. This is why you should never, never toss plants into local water bodies. Water Soldier was first found in North America in the Trent River in 2008 but has now made its way to the Black River near Sutton which connects to Lake Simcoe. It is important to learn how to identify this plant, especially if you are a fisher or boater. Try to avoid areas infested with the invasive plant, reduce boat speed if travelling near infested areas and inspect your boat, trailer and equipment after use. If you spot the plant growing wild call 1-800-2228477 or know of someone selling or importing it report it to MNRF TIPS line at 1-877-847-7667.


Ocean & River Cruise Specialists, Motor Coach Tours, All-Inclusive Resorts, Travel Insurance and more!

Contact us for a free WE HAVEdesign MOVED - visit us in our GUARANTEE - 10 YEAR WARRANTY Brighten in-home new location downtown Lindsay consultation Tel: 705-324-3110 / 1-866-963-1010 your home Contact us with natural light. 152William South (across from Bank of Montreal), Lindsay hourStreet installation for a free No structural modifications to your home Brighten in-home design Contact us WhatCall aretoday your insurance needs? your home consultation for a free 705-559-7083 Life, Disability & Travel Insurance with natural light. 2 hour installation TICO #50014864

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It’s Easy Being Green The Next 150

By Julia Taylor

How far we have come in the last 150 years! From hunting and gathering to raising and growing - from outhouses to indoor plumbing - from horse and buggy to self-driving cars - from snail mail to video calling. We have learned how to manipulate resources to live comfortably with everything a human needs food, shelter, water, clothing, and warmth. We now have much more than we need, we desire more, bigger, better. But at what cost? We have disconnected from our food, our environment, and each other. Disease, mental health issues, and man-made environmental disasters are all on the rise. At the start of the next 150, yes we are learning that having more has not improved our lives. We are learning that time is more important than money, and that resources can run out. We are learning that in order to live a comfortable, healthy, and happy life we need to preserve and replenish the environment, reduce our foot print, spend time (not money) with each other and live in harmony with the planet’s natural systems. Hopefully, the next 150 years will reconnect us with our communities, our food, and our environment. Happy 150 Canada, I can’t wait to see what the next 150 holds!

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A Place Called Home is pleased present the A Place Called Home is pleased to to present the th

45 Annual 47th Annual

AntiqueShow Show & & SaleSale Antique 31 Dealers Dealers from across Ontario

from across Ontario

Friday July 14thth2017 - 5pm to 9pm Saturday July 11 2015 - 10am - 5pm Sunday July 12th 2015 - 10am - 3pm Saturday July 15th 2017 - 10am to 5pm ADMISSION Victoria Park $5.00 Armoury

210 Kent St.210 West Lindsay ONLindsay K9B 2Y8 Victoria Park Armoury Kent St. West ON K9B 2Y8 Featuring a Victorian Tea Room


FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 705-328-0905 EXT 221 or 1-866-520-2689 Featuringwebsite: a Victoria Tea Room email:

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By Glenna Burns

It’s cottaging season and humans are invading the domain of the Black Bear. If you want to attract bears to your cottage, there are many things you can do to be successful. Number One is ignorance about keeping your site clean. Remember, a bear is hugely curious about anything it might be able to eat and that could include you. Educate yourself on what’s lying around outside before you bed down at night or leave for any amount of time. Smells are the biggest bear lure so barbecues, recycling and garbage containers should all be clean, disinfected and stored away. Food waste kept inside and taken with you when you leave is a way to deter bear activity around the cottage. It can also be frozen so it smells less. People will leave scented products like sun screen, bug spray, soap and candles outside ‘for convenience’. This too is a bad idea. Bears love anything they can examine as possibly edible. Cottagers will sometimes want to throw food waste ‘into the woods’ to feed animals like deer and chipmunks. This is a very bad idea unless you’d like a bear looking in your window. Black bears are wonderful creatures who live

Kim’s Salon

Kim, Becky & Valorie look forward to serving you at our new location 47 William Street Bobcaygeon 705-738-3223

happily without human contact. If we lure them to us often it can end badly for the bear and sometimes for the person too. So don’t be ignorant. Be Bear Aware. More information is available at bearwise or by calling 705-945-7641.


The Kirkfield & District Historical Society is pleased to welcome former resident, Nonnie Griffen, appearing to put on her award-winning play, “MarilynAfter” on Sunday, July 9. Nonnie wrote the play herself and has performed in Toronto, Hamilton and other communities to rave reviews. The reason Nonnie is coming to Kirkfield is that she is the great-granddaughter of William Lyon Mackenzie, whose house is almost directly across from the Museum in Kirkfield. She was also raised in Kirkfield and some members of the Society attended school with her. The performance on July 9 begins at 2pm and tickets are $20 each. It takes place at the Kirkfield Historical Society, 992 Portage Road in Kirkfield. You can get tickets by calling 705-438-5454.


Submitted by Sandra Countryman

The Friends of the Library group have a monthly book sale at the Kinmount Library the 3rd Saturday of every month. But there’s so much more than books. On July 15th, along with our regular book sale event, we are hosting an Open House at the Kinmount library to raise awareness to the community about all the extra services available there. There’s a Library website; free programs for; legal documents; a lovely meeting room available for rent or free to a group interested in meeting for crafts, etc., a restful reading garden, Brownies, Girl Guides, Lions meetings, etc. The Open House will be from 9am to 1pm on Saturday, July 15. We hope to have coffee, ice tea refreshments, and extra library staff to acquaint our visitors with all the perks of utilizing our library!


Citizens for Direct Democracy Presentations - Discussions - Questions

Bobcaygeon Municipal Centre: July 13, 2017: 7:30 pm

Corner of King & Hwy 36 - upstairs


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Classifieds SERVICES

ORIGINAL MAN WITH TRUCK 15 yrs experience Lowest prices. Grass cutting, Painting, Garbage removal, property maintenance, long or short distance moves. No job too small! Bruce 705-738-6321 ____________________ GOPHER CONSTRUCTION SERVICES Dump runs Eavestrough cleaning Moving assistance Private security Monica Stanley 705-738-6364 ____________________ GREGG MACNEIL LANDSCAPING 705-793-9437 Interlocking brick, armour stone, retaining walls, decks, driveways, walkways, patios, stairs & repairs to all. www.greggmacneil ____________________ CERAMIC TILE Quality installations. Very reliable. Call Ted for an estimate 705-454-9826 _____________________ DOUGLAS CANOES Recanvassing, fibreglassing, Restored canoes for sale. Original canoe bookcases 25 yrs experience PH 705-738-5648 Em:

Deadline for next issue: July 5, 2017 Call 705-738-6188 20 words or less for $28 + H.S.T. E-Mail: TLC GARDEN DESIGN/ LANDSCAPING INC. Lindsay, On 17 years in business Spring/Fall Cleanup, garden reno, planting, maintenance programs, container gardens Call Kay C: 416-568-1228 NO JOB TOO BIG NONE TOO SMALL ______________ QUEEN OF CLEAN Home & Cottage Services After Party Clean Ups Monthly & Bi Weekly Cleans Gardening & Window Cleaning Contact Beck at 905-259-8790 289-927-6120

____________________ EMBROIDERY WOES? Do you have an embroidery machine but don’t have the faintest idea on how it works? You have this wonderful machine, but now what? Marjorie can help! Call 416-275-7157 705-300-2171


LAKEWOOD CONDOMINIUMS 1152 sqft 1 Bedrm / 2 Bath+ Den in Secure Building / Covered parking / Laundry / Appliances Incl. $2000/ month Available July 1. Call 705-731-6117 for details. ____________________ COMMERCIAL SPACE available approx. 400 sq ft plus storage Bolton St. location, on-site parking Ideal for hair salon Avail June Call 416-906-7058/ 647-519-4658 _____________________ OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT Central Bobcaygeon location. 2 rooms 400 sq ft Private entrance. Private washroom. $750 per month.705-738-6188.


Furniture,Glass, China, Military Medals etc. Duck Decoys, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Dollars, Gold, Coins, Pocket Watches etc. Anything old. R. Carruth. 705-887-1672.


WANTED: POP CULTURE ITEMS Vinyl records (rock, jazz, blues), rock memorabilia, pre-1990 comic books, toys, vintage costume jewelry, sterling & gold jewelry. All types of retro / mid-century items. House calls made at your convenience. Robert or Penny 705-324-2699

REACH 80,000

people with The Kawartha Promoter Classifieds


ARTICLES FOR SALE Woodworking tools, large and small, electric and hand, complete list with asking prices, contact Bob at

Strawberry Supper Saturday, July 1st • 4:30-7pm Galway Hall (5 minutes south of Kinmount) Adults $15; Children (6-12) $7; Children 5& Under free

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WANTED Canada & USA coins Silver dollar coins 1967 and earlier Silver & gold jewellery broken or not Sterling items eg. Birks Sterling flatware Jurgen 705-340-1504 _____________________ WANTED Batteries, electronics, steel, copper, aluminum, cars. Anything metal. FREE pick-up. Call Andy 705-793-2145 ____________________ A1 JOHNNY JUNKERS Top cash paid for good used or scrap vehicles Environmentally friendly, green disposal Free pick-up 905-424-1232 ____________________ WANTED TO RENT 2 bedroom home in Bobcaygeon area on one floor. Bathroom with shower, kitchen with electric range and refrigerator. Living and dining rooms Please call Marjorie at 705-738-2573. ____________________ WANTED Christ Church Anglican Bobcaygeon vendors wanted for Tailgate Sale July 15 8:30-2:30 $10 a spot Call Wendy 705-731-7786


Lost on Pigeon Lake from Rocky Point on the NW shore Green, flat-bottom ‘OT’ canoe Two aluminum paddles Pls call 705-738-3556


ADVERTISING SALES REPRESENTATIVES Orillia • Port Perry • Oshawa • Peterborough areas. Resumes only kawarthasalesmanager@ 46


Kawartha Mediums 2nd Annual Summer Psychic Fair Saturday July 29, 2017 11:00 to 5:00 PM Kawartha Settler’s Village Admission $5 (kids 12 & under are free) Pre-Book Your Psychic Reading Today!

Be sure to visit Bobcaygeon’s biggest psychic event!


GARAGE SALE Bobcageyon Pirates Glen & Alpine Village Annual Street Sale Saturday, July 8 8am - 1pm Pirates Glen BBQ In Park Hwy 36 to Tates Bay Rd. Turn Right ____________________ LARGE GARAGE SALE Saturday, July 1 195 Louisa Street Fenelon Falls 8am - 3pm Wooden furniture (old/ new), cupboards, tables, desks, chairs, lamps, glassware, Barber’s Chair, building materials, metal machine lathe, bikes, skates and much more! ____________________ YARD/TENT SALE Saturday, July 1 8am - 3pm Contents - 2 storage units plus Barn Finds, tools 169 Cosh’s Road Bobcaygeon

The Kawartha Promoter Supported entirely by our advertisers. We encourage you to choose the businesses that you see in these pages.

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Local Events This section is only for Local Charitable Events. We do provide Not-for-profit rates for more in-depth advertising Adult Day Programs - Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls , Little Britain, Lindsay & Omemee. Community Care - Call 705324-7323

JUL6 - Healthy Beginnings Pre-natal Class - runs weekly until August 3 - 6:30-8:30 pm, HKPR District Health Unit office (108 Angeline St. S.) in Lindsay. Join this free class to help expectant parents prepare for baby’s arrival. Pre-register (705) 324-3569 or toll-free at 1-866-888-4577, ext. 2310 JUL 7 - Mini Bucks Euchre, Bobcaygeon Seniors Centre, $5 per person. Starts 7pm - Non-Members Welcome for more information call Roger at 705-738-6627 JUL 12 - Confederaton Tea/Luncheon & fashion show, Royal Canadian Legion, Bobcaygeon 2pm. Tickets $15. Proceeds to Bobcaygeon Chamber of Commerce & the Boyd Heritage Museum. For info: 705-738-9482 JUL 12 - Big Bucks Euchre at Bobcaygeon Seniors Centre. $10 per person. Starts at 12 noon. Non-members welcome. For more information call Carol 705-793-1096 JUL 15 - Friends of the Library Open House, Kinmount Library 9am-1pm JUL 16 & 30 - Progressive Sunday afternoon Euchre, 1pm Delta Bingo an Gaming Lounge. Funds support Peterborough Hospice Paediatric Room. $10 entry fee plus $2 for Lone Hands. Cash prizes, 50/50. For info call 705750-8137 JUL 18 - Friends of the Library book sale downstairs in the Lindsay Library 10 am – 6pm MON - Bobcaygeon Senior Centre Mahjong 1 p.m. $3 1st TUES - Dunsford Seniors Club Pot Luck, noon; 1:30 pm for Euchre. 2nd MON - Lindsay Creative Quilters’ Guild Meetings 35 Lindsay Street N, Lindsay 1–3:30pm TUES - “Expanding the World of Literacy After School Program” Kinmount library 4:30 pm. Call 705 488-3199 TUES - Amateur photography club that meets alternate Tuesdays, 10 am, Bobcaygeon Library. $2 each for the use of the room. TUES - Omemee Legion Doubles darts @ 8pm. TUES - Bobcaygeon Pickelball at Bobcaygeon Curling Club 7-9 pm Drop-in fee $3 TUES - Bobcaygeon Cruisers meet at the Beach Park in Bobcaygeon jus south of the Lock. Cruise night starts at about 6 pm till dusk unless it is raining. All Classic Cars, sports cars, trucks & and any other interesting vehicles are welcome. If you don’t have a car come, talk and look. Information contact Joe 705 738 5319 2nd TUES - The Kawartha Settlers’ Village Quilters meet at Wray House, Bobcaygeon. New members & guests welcomed. Contact: 1st WED - Crime Fiction Book Club in the Carnegie Room, Lindsay Library to discuss works by certain authors. 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm. Call the Library for more info. WED- Scrapbooking and paper crafters meet from 9:30noon at the Salvation army church in Fenelon Falls. Beginners welcome, call church for details. WED - Bobcaygeon Senior Centre Carpet Bowling $3 7 p.m. Contact: Al 705-738-1749 WED - Dunsford Seniors Club 1pm for Bid-Euchre. THURS-TOPS-Take off pounds sensibly at the Bobcaygeon Legion 6:30 p.m. All welcome. THURS - Omemee Legion mixed darts @ 8pm. THURS - Bobcaygeon Seniors Centre Cribbage 1pm $3 THURS - Bobcaygeon Pickelball at Bobcaygeon Curling Club - 9-11am. Drop-in fee $3.


With submissions from Dave Harrison

Human lives weren’t the only lost during the Battle of Vimy Ridge in northern France in April, 1917. During the First World War, mighty oak trees at Vimy Ridge were also destroyed. After the battle, though, a Lieutenant from Scarborough serving with the Canadian Expeditionary Force gathered up a handful of acorns from a partially buried English Oak on the Ridge. He sent those home to his family with instructions to plant them. In 1919 he returned, was given a 25 acre section of his father’s Scarborough farm and transplanted the oaks along the borders of his woodlot. In January 2014, a group of volunteers, the “Vimy Oaks Legacy Corporation” decided to repatriate offspring of these descendant oaks back to Vimy Ridge. The saplings will be planted in the Vimy Foundation Centennial Park, adjacent to the Canadian National Vimy Memorial site, as part of centennial commemorations in France in 2017 and 2018. In addition, the corporation is selling some of these saplings to organizations in Canada meeting certain criteria. Victoria Place Woodlands Inc. applied for and was approved to purchase a sapling. The tree was planted in front of the Victoria Place Clubhouse on June 17 by WWII veterans. Don Shain, whose close friend, Margaret Holmes and her daughter, Ann Johnson, stepped in to represent Don, who passed away one hour after the ceremony. Ed Van Buskirk and George Schnurr also took part, in memory of past and present veterans of Victoria Place. George’s son, Martin and daughter, Sharon Cabrera also attended the ceremony. A Vimy Ridge pin was presented to each veteran as part of the service in front of approximately 80 Victoria Place residents. A memorial plaque was also erected beside the sapling commemorating the veterans. Hopes are, once the tree has matured and producing acorns, the acorns would be planted on Woodlands property throughout the years creating Victoria Place Woodlands Inc. own “Vimy Oak Forest”

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On July 29, Community Care Buckhorn presents an evening of dinner and comedy. Whole roasted Pig will be carved for dinner. “The Citiots”, an improv troupe will entertain with hilarious comedy. Tickets are available for $40 in advance only. You can pick yours up at the Buckhorn Community Centre, Community Care office in Buckhorn or call 705-657-2171. We accept cash or cheque. We hope you’ll come out to support this worthwhile organization.


There’s going to be music in the air this summer in both Lindsay and Bobcaygeon. Kawartha Lakes Concerts in the Park series at the Frank Banks Gazebo in Victoria Park, downtown Lindsay kicks off July 2nd. This is the 26th annual City of Kawartha Lakes Parks, Recreation and Culture division music series, with a lineup of some favourite performers from the past as well as some new faces. The concerts take place Wednesdays from 7pm

Have you heard BOB lately? BOB listened to you!

to 9pm and Sunday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm. All concerts are weather permitting or at the discretion of the band. You can find out more at Meanwhile, in Bobcaygeon, the 2017 free concert series hosted by the BobcaygeonMusicCouncil kicks off on Thursday, July 6 at the Lock. Children’s concerts throughout the summer are at 5:30pm with the adult concerts starting at 6:30pm. Donations are gratefully accepted. You can pick up a program here at The Kawartha Promoter or by visiting www.


Lindsay will celebrate it’s annual Pride Week from July 10 to 15. The third annual Kawartha Lakes Pride Picnic takes place on Saturday, July 15 from 11am to 2pm in Victoria Park. The picnic is a fun-filled family affair with food, a children’s area, vendors, service providers and local musical talent. It is an amazing event where the City of Kawartha Lakes is able to show how inclusive and welcoming it is to the LGBTQ members of the community and beyond. There are also limited vendor spots available for $25 per table, if your company/organization wishes to have a presence at the event. On Wednesday, July 11, there’s the Paint With Pride event at the Days Inn. Celebrate Pride Week in the Kawartha Lakes with a paint night! Kawartha Lakes Pride hosts this colourful event to get everyone into the spirit of celebrating our LGBTQ+ Community! Days Inn and Suites Lindsay has donated the space, and a cash bar will be available. Should be a great night! A portion of the proceeds go back to Kawartha Lakes Pride. Tickets are $40 each and available at For a list of all the events and more information, follow them on facebook at KawarthaLakesPride.

James A. Goodliff James A. Goodliff 48

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June 30 to July 13 Melodie McCullough

Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) The coming weeks offer particularly good times for you, dear Aquarius. So celebrate and enjoy your good fortune, and be thankful. Pisces (Feb. 20 to March 20) “He who cannot put his thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of dispute,” Friedrich Nietzsch. Discussion and debate should be treated like an art, Pisces, not a competition. Calm discourse -- and definitely not resorting to insults -- should be the order of the day. Please keep this in mind! Aries (April 21 to May 21) Some deep relaxation time is a necessity for you, Aries! You are close to burning out -- but you may not even know this! Make yourself, your health, and your desires a priority for the next little while. Please!

outside your comfort zone and take a chance -- on yourself!! Virgo (Aug 24 to Sept. 23) Remember what your mother told you, Virgo, and practise your manners! In this day and age of instant communication and, often, instant gratification, simple manners will make you stand out in the crowd and be noticed. Trust us! Libra (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Learn to handle your words carefully, and speak wisely, Libra. Words, which may seem inconsequential at the time they are spoken, have the ability to cause a lot of trouble and heartache down the road. Scorpio (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Scorpio, your love life needs advice! You have a tendency to ‘blow hot and cold’ in a relationship, and your partner, understandably, finds this confusing. Please make sure he/she knows your commitment is real and lasting, and then prove it!

Sagittarius (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Beware the pull to slip back Taurus (May 22 to June 22) Are you a good sport, Taurus? into old habits -- bad habits, in fact. We sense there is a IN CUSTOMER Are you involved in a team activity of someWHO’S sort? Or doTHE you BEST tendency, dear Sag, now thatSATISFACTION? you have reached certain goals, prefer to cheer on your team from the couch? Being active to relax a bit. This is not good if it involves returning to old doesn’t have to involve competitive undertakings. It can be and harmful ways. as simple as taking a walk with your partner or child. But it IS important, so try. Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Congratulate yourself,

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Health & Wellness Giving to Ross Memorial Hospital Memorial Gift

Just like the pattern of a quilt, Adele Hopkins connected to those around her. Both as a long service employee at the Ross Memorial, and as a dedicated member of the St. Mary’s Catholic Women’s League, Adele’s service was heartfelt. After she passed on March 27th, her friends in the Catholic Women’s League wanted to do something special to recognize her warmth. Together, they handmade a quilt and named it ‘Remembering Adele’. On June 13th, Anne McKinnon and Helena Lessard of the Catholic Women’s League visited the RMH Palliative/Complex Care Unit to present the quilt to Ruth Hopkins, Adele’s daughter, Rosemary Wright, Clinical Resources Nurse, and Erin Coons, Executive Director of the RMH Foundation. The quilt will be given to a patient whose complex care needs requires a long stay at the Hospital. The St. Mary’s Catholic Women’s League is participating in a 100th anniversary project which will see 100 quilts crafted and contributed to community groups by 2020.


A $7,500 grant from the Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Provincial Command Branches and Ladies’ Auxiliaries Charitable Foundation will help Ross Memorial Hospital purchase a cystoscope, used in surgical procedures for the urinary tract. “The ongoing support of the Ontario Command has impacted patients throughout the Ross Memorial,” said Erin Coons, Executive Director of the RMH Foundation. “Their support for important equipment such as the blood bank microscope, an instrument rinsing system and infrared scope and IV pumps has

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helped the Hospital to deliver the best care to local patients. We’re extremely grateful.” The Ontario Command Branches and Ladies’ Auxiliaries Charitable Foundation is a partnership of the branches of the Royal Canadian Legion and their Auxiliaries in Ontario Command. Branches and Auxiliaries fund the Foundation through activities such as poppy tagging, bingos and raffles. These funds support veterans programs, as well as not-for-profit organizations associated with hospitals and healthcare initiatives


RMH Auxiliary present their 2016/17 gift of $150,000 to the RMH Foundation. The funds will help the Hospital acquire seven defibrillators, an opthalmoscope to help doctors detect problems in patients’ eyes, and a cystoscope, used to examine the interior of the urinary bladder.


Anyone who regularly swims in cold ocean water or other chilly natural bodies of water may be surprised to learn about “external auditory exotosis” (otherwise known as “surfer’s ear”). This condition, which is essentially a buildup of bone in the ear caused by repeated exposure to cold water and wind, can be induced by any cold water activity. The closure of the ear canal associated with surfer’s ear is six times more likely to be found among people who surf in cold water. The problem develops because the ear is the only place in the body where skin is directly on top of bone. Without insulation, cold water stimulates bone growth, increasing the likelihood of ear infections and hearing loss. Some exostoses do not require surgical treatment, but once these have been diagnosed, it may be wise to protect the ears from cold water exposure using ear plugs or a neoprene headband or hood. To schedule hearing test or to learn more about this condition, please give us a call. We are committed to patient satisfaction, continuing education, and the application of current technologies. P.S. Surfer’s ear can occur in any activity with cold, wet, windy conditions, including windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, jet skiing, kitesurfing, and diving.


86 Russell St. W. Lindsay • 705-324-0767 June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


outside such as long-sleeved shirts, jackets, long pants, hats and socks - choose light-coloured clothing as mosquitoes tend to be attracted to darker colours.


Fight the Bite

Submitted by HKPR District Health Unit

This spring’s cool, wet weather will eventually give way to warmer days and that means the return of mosquitoes. While some people consider mosquitoes a harmless part of summer, the bite of an infected mosquito can potentially lead to a variety of serious illnesses. That’s why the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit is encouraging people to “Fight the Bite” and reduce their risk of illness by removing mosquito breeding areas on their property, and taking steps to protect themselves from mosquito bites when outside.   “More than just a summertime nuisance, infected mosquitoes can carry and spread a variety of diseases that can potentially make people ill,” says Dr. Lynn Noseworthy, Medical Officer of Health for the HKPR District Health Unit. “That’s why it’s important to do what you can to protect yourself from being bitten by mosquitoes.”   The best way to protect yourself from mosquito bites: • Clean up and remove  potential mosquito breeding areas around your property. • Get rid of standing water that mosquitoes need to lay their eggs. This includes pool covers, flower pots, wheelbarrows, recycling boxes, garbage cans, old tires, and wading pools. • Fill in low depressions in your lawn. • Cover rain barrels with a fine screen mesh. Change water in bird baths at least once a week. • Clean out dense bush and shrubbery where mosquitoes can rest. • Turn over your compost pile on a regular basis. • Ensure window and door screens fit tightly and do not have holes. • Use federally-registered personal insect repellents on exposed skin, such as products containing DEET.  • When the weather permits, wear protective clothing

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Another sign that summer is officially here is the return of the Health Unit’s beach testing program in 2017. The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit has officially launched its beach water testing program for summer 2017. Between now and the end of August, Health Unit staff will take weekly water samples at the following 15 public beaches in the City of Kawartha Lakes: Bexley Township Area: Blanchard’s Road Beach      Bobcaygeon Area: Beach Park and Riverview Beach Park                Eldon Township Area: Centennial Park West Emily/Omemee Area: Omemee Beach Fenelon Falls Area: Birch Point, Bond Street, and Sturgeon Point Beach     Laxton Township Area: Head Lake and Norland Bathing Area         Mariposa Township Area: Valentia (Sandbar) Beach           Somerville Township Area: Burnt River Beach (Somerville) and Burnt River Four Mile Lake Verulam Township Area: Centennial Beach (Verulam) and Verulam Recreational Park Water samples from each of these beaches will be sent to the public health lab in Peterborough to test for E.coli and other bacteria. Based on test results, the Health Unit will determine if the water quality at a beach is safe for swimming. If bacterial levels in the water are higher than those considered acceptable by the Ontario government, the Health Unit will post ‘WARNING’ signs along the beach to indicate it’s unsafe for swimming and public use. Signs will be removed once bacterial counts return to safe levels. Area residents are encouraged to be ‘beach smart’ by checking with the Health Unit on a regular basis to see if local beaches are safe for public use. Beach test results will be available by late Thursday or early Friday each week throughout the summer months. People can access the results by calling the Health Unit toll-free at 1-866-888-4577 or visiting The Health Unit will also post the latest beach water test results on Facebook ( and Twitter ( However, people going to a beach should also look out for other factors that could affect how safe it is for swimming. Bacterial counts in the water can increase due to heavy rain, high winds or wave activity, and a large number of birds such as geese or seagulls nesting near the beach. Other warning signs, like floating debris, oil, discoloured water, bad odours and excessive weed growth, can also suggest the beach is unsafe to use.

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Caring for the Communities of Kawartha LakesTM

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By Deb Crossen

When grocery shopping, many of us are more conscious of the labelling to determine if the food we’re buying is good for us. We look at the nutrition labels for sure. But how many times have you purchased something at the grocery store and looked at the “best before” date. I finally decided to find out what that means, as opposed to an “expiration” date. Here’s what I found on Health Canada’s website. The two terms are not interchangeable. Expiration dates are only required on certain foods that have strict compositional and nutritional specifications that might not be met after the expiration date. BEST-BEFORE Best-before dates are not indicators of food safety, neither before nor after the date. You can buy and eat foods after the best-before date has passed. However, when this date has passed, the food may lose some of its freshness and flavour, or its texture may have changed. Some of its nutritional value may be lost - for example, vitamin C content in juice. Best-before dates apply to unopened products only. Once opened, the food’s shelf life may change. The best-before date must be identified using the words “best before” and “meilleur avant” grouped together with the date, unless a clear explanation of the significance of the best-before date appears elsewhere on the label. The best-before date may appear anywhere on the package. If it is placed on the bottom, this has to be indicated elsewhere on the label. The year is optional, unless it is needed for the sake of clarity (for example, if the shelf life extends into a new calendar year). If included, the year must appear first, followed by the month, then the day - e.g., Best before 17 JA 30 Meilleur avant

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EXPIRATION According to Health Canada, expiration dates must be used on the following products: • formulated liquid diets (nutritionally complete diets for people using oral or tube feeding methods) • foods represented for use in a very low-energy diet (foods sold only by a pharmacist and only with a written order from a physician) •m  eal replacements (formulated food that, by itself, can replace one or more daily meals) •n  utritional supplements (food sold or represented as a supplement to a diet that may be inadequate in energy and essential nutrients) •h  uman milk substitutes (infant formula) After the expiration date, the food may not have the same nutrient content declared as on the label. Food should not be bought, sold or eaten if the expiration date has passed. It should be discarded.


From Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Unit

Developing a taste for food safety should be part of the routine whenever you use the barbecue. To reduce the risk of illness, follow this step-bystep approach to safe barbecuing: • Buy only food that comes from an approved source. Never buy uninspected meat, and examine food and its packaging at the store before you purchase it. • Travel with care. When shopping, buy your meat last and keep raw meats separate from other foods. If possible, transport meat home in a cooler bag with ice packs during hot weather. • Store food right. Keep the fridge at 4ºC (40ºF) or less, and keep the freezer at -18ºC (0ºF) or less. • Get off to a clean start. Wash hands, utensils and surfaces with hot soapy water before, during and after preparing foods. Wash all produce thoroughly before preparing, eating or cooking. • Make sure it is thawed right. Thaw food in the refrigerator. Thawing food by running it under cold running water or in a microwave oven is also acceptable. • Properly cook meat on the barbecue. Raw and undercooked meats, especially poultry, are major sources of foodborne illness, so be extra careful. When barbecuing meat, use a meat thermometer to ensure the meat has reached a safe internal temperature. • Remember the two-hour rule. Foods that are at risk of spoiling should not be left out at room temperature for more than two hours. For more information, visit


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June 30, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

The Kawartha Promoter - June 30, 2017.  

The Kawartha Promoter - June 30, 2017.

The Kawartha Promoter - June 30, 2017.  

The Kawartha Promoter - June 30, 2017.