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TUESDAY, june 11, 2013

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PM claims opposition wants war Cheang Sokha and Kevin Ponniah

IN A fiery speech yesterday, Prime Minister Hun Sen likened the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party’s nationalist rhetoric on Vietnamese land encroachment ahead of next month’s election to a “silent war” that could spiral out of control should the party be elected. “They have announced a silent war and are preparing for war with Vietnam already … So I would like the PQRU [Press and Quick Reaction Unit] … to transcribe [the tapes] into English and French and send out to all embassies to understand why Hun Sen is talking about war if they actually won,” he said. Speaking at a pagoda in Kampong Chhnang province, Hun Sen referred to recent speeches made by key CNRP figures that he claimed announced the party’s intention to raise numerous disputes with Vietnam at the International Court of Justice if elected. The sites disputed by the CNRP include Koh Tral island, Prey Nokor – the current site of Ho Chi Minh City − and the area of Vietnam’s lower Mekong delta region known to some Cambodians as Kampuchea Krom, Hun Sen said. “They said they would not make war, [but] they take Koh Tral, Kampuchea Continues on page 4

Caged raid A police officer stands among caged animals during a raid on the outskirts of Bangkok yesterday. Thai police have confiscated more than a thousand wild animals, including 1,000 sugar gliders, 14 white lions, 12 peacocks, 17 marmosets and many others found in cages throughout Bangkok’s suburbs. REUTERS

Mind your own business Vong Sokheng and Shane Worrell


WO senior government officials yesterday issued a warning to the US and other countries critical of last week’s expulsion of opposition lawmakers from the National Assembly: stay out of it. Signalling that the topic was essentially off-limits to outsiders, Cambodian People’s Party lawmaker Chheang Vun described a US statement critical of the affair as “unac-

Foreign nations need not speak out: gov’t ceptable” and tantamount to political interference in the Kingdom’s internal affairs. “Cambodia is a sovereign state, so the US cannot order us to go left or go right or to make it rain or to bring a storm,” he said at a press conference. “Cambodia is . . . strengthening democracy through law enforcement,” Vun said. “We do everything based on law. So

the US’s statement is unacceptable.” Parliament was thrown into disarray last Wednesday when the National Assembly’s permanent council – made up wholly of CPP members – stripped 29 lawmakers of their parliamentary status and salaries. Cambodia National Rescue Party leader Sam Rainsy said on Saturday that the expulsion created the “preconditions for civil war”.

The US wasn’t as bold but said the same day that it was concerned about the effects of the expulsion on Cambodia’s democracy. “Stripping the salaries and parliamentary status of opposition party legislators deprives the Cambodian people of their voice and hurts the democratic process in Cambodia,” a statement released at the time says. But Vun added yesterday that it

was not acceptable for the US to “point fingers” at the government, because some of its own past actions in the Kingdom had left “Cambodia wounded until today” and, in any case, the US was not the Kingdom’s colonial ruler. “Does the US recognise Cambodia as a sovereign country or not?” he asked. Concurrently yesterday, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hor Namhong told Continues on page 6


THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013


Vun defends move to expel lawmakers Vong Sokheng


A vendor walks through a flooded street in Phnom Penh’s Meanchey district in 2011. hong menea

As temperatures rise, floods to increase in Cambodia: report Melissa McMorran and Mom Kunthear

RISING global temperatures could greatly exacerbate flooding in Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, as well as parts of Africa and South America, a new study by the University of Tokyo has found. The study, produced by the university’s Institute of Engineering and published in the British science journal Nature Climate Change yesterday, warns that the world’s 29 major rivers, including the Mekong, face escalating risks of mass flooding if climate change continues apace. Employing 11 different climate models, researchers found that with a mere rise of 3.5 degrees by the end of the century, 42 per cent of the earth’s land surface would face an increased risk

of flooding, affecting 100 million people. That could spell grim news for Cambodia, where some 85 per cent of land lies within the lower Mekong basin, according to the National Committee for Disaster Management. Keo Vy, chief of cabinet for NCDM, said he could not corroborate nor dispel the study’s findings, but noted that while in the past mass flooding had hit the Kingdom about once a decade, recently the phenomenon had become an almost annual scourge. “[In the past] there were about 10 or 20 people who would die due to small floods, but in flooding such as that which happened in 2011, when more than 200 people died,” Vy said. “As I know, there were 16,000 tonnes of paddy provided to the people who were affected by flooding,” Vy added.

While Cambodia was spared from mass flooding in 2012, 2011 downpours killed 250 people, destroyed thousands of homes and ruined or affected hundreds of thousands of hectares of rice paddy. In 2009, Cambodia was hit by Typhoon Ketsana, which killed 43, caused an estimate $140 million in damages and displaced tens of thousands of families. Tin Ponlok, deputy director general for the Ministry of Environment’s climate change office, said yesterday that his team was also conducting research with 14 climate change models, but that results were still inconclusive. “Depending on the projected climate conducted, you might observe more intense floods over the next decade,” he said. check the post website for breaking news

IRING back at mounting criticism, ruling party lawmaker Chheang Vun yesterday insisted the National Assembly had acted legally and correctly when it stripped all opposition lawmakers of their elected positions last week. “We worked in accordance with the law; we did not act as outlaws. It is wrong what they alleged,” said Vun, who is also a member of the 12-lawmaker Permanent Committee that issued the controversial decision last Wednesday. The decision by the Permanent Committee, which is composed solely of CPP members, has drawn heavy criticism from the opposition, rights groups, legal analysts and even the United States, which publicly condemned the decision. Speaking at a press conference at the National Assembly, Vun told reporters that ruling party lawmakers had not wanted to strip their opposition colleagues of their status, but were left with no choice when the MPs began using the National Assembly floor to campaign for their newly formed party. That act of campaigning “brought us to take legal action,” he said. According to the committee, the 27 lawmakers from the Human Rights Party and Sam Rainsy Party, as well as two from the Norodom Ranariddh Party, violated the law on political parties when they resigned from their parties. All had left earlier this year to join separate parties, following a merger by the opposition parties and a separate one by the royalists. Quoting from the Law on Political Parties and Law on Parliamentary Elections, Vun sought to allay concerns that his committee’s move was illegal. Cam-

CPP lawmaker Chheang Vun defends the decision to strip parliamentary posts at a press conference in Phnom Penh yesterday. heng chivoan

bodians may not hold membership in multiple parties, and a lawmaker who moves to a new party by default vacates his or her seat, he explained. While legal experts have pointed out that the latter requirement only relates to jumps made six months prior to an election, Vun insisted the committee’s interpretation perfectly hewed to the letter of the law. Though the parliamentarians will no longer receive salaries, be able to vote or enjoy the immunity afforded to elected lawmakers, Vun said they could retain the titles of “excellencies.” Vun’s commitment to enacting the rules was quickly made clear at the close of his press conference. Standing among attendees, SRP lawmaker Son Chhay attracted a group of journalists seeking comment. As he opened his mouth, Vun ran over and began shouting at the party whip to quit, even calling over security guards to escort him from the building. “Son Chhay is no longer a parliamentarian and has no right to hold press conferences in the National Assembly,” Vun said. Once outside the building,

Chhay said he was little swayed by Vun’s arguments. “We are considering taking legal action, but the court, the Constitutional Council and the NEC are all under the influence of CPP,” he said. “But for the sake of principle, we will file a complaint to the Constitutional Council.” The expulsion of the lawmakers came just two days before a vote on a controversial Khmer Rouge crimes denial law, which was drafted in response to alleged comments by opposition leader Kem Sokha. With no opposition input, the law – which many fear could be used to stifle free speech – passed in just over an hour Friday. In a joint statement, 16 NGOs yesterday condemned the mass expulsion and urged King Norodom Sihamoni not to sign it. “[C]itizens were left without any voice in the country’s governance last week. If the ruling party continues to abuse this mandated process, all laws passed must be considered null and void,” reads the statement from Licadho, CLEC, election watchdog NICFEC and others. Vun, however, denied the opposition had been targeted.

PM bodyguard, police officer tried Buth Reaksmey Kongkea

THE Phnom Penh Municipal Court yesterday tried a former member of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s bodyguard unit along with a former military police officer accused of shooting and injuring a 25-year-old man in the capital’s Chamkarmon district last year. Second Lieutenant Ouk Sopharith, then a member of the prime minister’s elite bodyguard unit, and former military police officer Sok Kong were arrested by Chamkarmon district military police for the alleged shooting of Koam Vitou, a 25-year-old student, in July of last year. “They had allegedly shot and seriously injured a man at about 1am on July 13, 2012,” presiding judge Kor Vandy said. “After the shooting, they had driven their motorbike to drink beer at a Starmart located nearby.” Alerted by the victim, the

police found the suspects drinking at the Starmart at about 4:30am and subsequently confiscated a pistol,

home with my friends, there were two men following who were members of the other group from the night club,”

One of them shot two bullets at me, and one bullet hit my right hip six bullets and the motorbike, Vandy added. The suspects were charged with attempted murder. In testimony, Vitou said he and three friends were drinking at the Luxury World Night Club in Chamkarmon’s Tuol Svay Prey I commune on the night of the shooting. While dancing, the men had argued with another group, who allegedly infringed on their dance floor turf. The club’s security guards then intervened and removed the men from the club. “When I left Luxury World Night Club and was driving

Vitou said. “They rammed their motorbike into my motorbike, knocking it over. Immediately, one of them shot two bullets at me, and one bullet hit my right hip. “After shooting me, they sped away from the scene.” Sopharith and Kong both denied the accusations in court. On the night of the shooting, they said, they had been

drinking at a friend’s house in Tuol Kork. “I did not know or have anything to do with his case,” Sopharith said. “I was only the victim of the accusation and arrest. I would like to ask the court to drop the charges and release me.” Deputy chief prosecutor Top Chhunlong appeared to agree. “According to the security guards of Luxury World Night Club, they did not see these two accused persons going to drink or dance at the nightclub,” he said. “Additionally, the shells of bullets that were collected by police . . . did not match those in the pistol of the suspect.” Verdicts will be handed down on July 4.


THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013


Samphan’s wife ‘remained in dark’ Justine Drennan

It took So Socheat a long time to get to know Khmer Rouge tribunal defendant Khieu Samphan, her husband. Attracted to the Khmer Rouge after the civil war put a halt to farming in her Preah Vihear home, Socheat was by late 1971 cooking for top leaders of the future regime, she told the tribunal yesterday. She knew Khieu Samphan only as Brother Hem. “At that time we did not get to know one another immediately.” After three or four months as a cook at the Khmer Rouge’s jungle base, Socheat learned from a female cadre that Brother Hem wanted to marry her and asked whether she would accept. “I asked her to give me some time to think about this, because I had just gotten to the place and just gotten to know him,” Socheat, 62, said. Over the next half year, “every now and then he would come to the kitchen, and sometimes he even offered to help me with the kitchen work. Sometimes I asked him to sort the bean sprouts,” she said, very faintly smiling. “I learned that he was an intellectual, educated person, and

gentle,” she said. “So I finally decided to tie the knot, and then we married.” At the time of the wedding – a low-key affair without traditional music or Buddhist prayers – Socheat still did not know Samphan’s name, nor his role in the resistance movement of which she was a part. “People joked at me because I did not even know my husband’s real name.” She learned his name – one she had never heard before – a few months later, when Samphan and others received Prince Norodom Sihanouk on his visit to the country. Life at that time was very hard because the leaders had to move locations every month to avoid discovery, Socheat said. Meanwhile, she gave birth to her first son and was happy that her busy husband took time to help care for the child. But she remained in the dark about his work, not only before but also after the Khmer Rouge’s victory in 1975. Under the regime, Socheat said, she continued as a cook for the administration, and the family lived in a poor quality house with no bed.

Hundreds are given sack for Sabrina clash Mom Kunthear


Khieu Samphan’s wife, So Socheat, speaks to the Post at the Khmer Rouge tribunal in Phnom Penh last year. vireak mai

Every day Samphan “would cuddle my little daughter, and after, he went down to his workplace, and that was his daily routine, and he never missed it.” “I did not go to his workplace, and at that time I did not know the nature of his work. But my daughter went with him frequently.” The daughter, a toddler at the time, would return from Samphan’s office mimicking her father speaking on the phone. “She said, ‘No, no, no,’ and I asked her what she was talking about.” A while later, Socheat learned

her daughter had been observing Samphan in his role as a key administrator of goods distribution. But Socheat stressed that her husband, with whom she has four children, led a very unprivileged life, and their threeyear-old son was sent to join the Khmer Rouge children’s unit. “We did not want our children to go there, but it was compulsory . . . We had no choice.” “Even while other leaders had good cars, nice houses, my husband never enjoyed that kind of life,” Socheat said. “He’s not a cruel person. He’s not a murderer. He’s not the person who went around making arrests.”

undreds of workers were sacked at the Sabrina Garment factory on Saturday following several violent protests at the Kampong Speu province premises and the arrest of unionists involved. Workers and union officials could not give a precise figure on the number of workers who had been sacked following violent clashes between rival unions and police. The firings came after workers continued to protest outside the provincial court on Friday and Saturday demanding the release on bail of three Free Trade Union leaders and five of their rank and file, who were arrested after a bruising demonstration on Monday. Phal Nat, 23, who has worked at Sabrina Garment factory for three years and is a member of The Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers

said on Saturday that management called her into the administrative office and told her to thumbprint a termination letter. “They told me that I was sacked. I asked them why and they said I had made a big mistake in the company,” she said. “I joined the protest but I did not destroy company property. The company has to provide me with benefits. They cannot sack me without paying at all.” Under Cambodian labour regulations an employee who is found to have committed serious misconduct, including committing violent acts during a strike, can be sacked without notice, provided the employer has evidence and acts within seven days. Sabrina Garment Factory, which is owned by Sabrina Garment Manufacturing and supplies sportswear giant Nike, could not be reached for comment yesterday.


THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013


New claim filed against Giant Ocean

CNRP denies claim Continued from page 1

Krom, Prey Nokor, where about 15 million people are currently living. [They] are so insolent. It could lead to war,” he said. Yim Sovann, spokesperson for the CNRP, told the Post yesterday that his party was focused on retrieving Koh Tral, also known as Phu Quoc, from the Vietnamese and removing border demarcation posts across Svay Rieng, Takeo, Mondulkiri, Ratanakkiri and Kampong Cham provinces. “It is not about war, it is about political will … [and] it is about the law … If we think that our land is violated we will complain to the international court. We do not create war with any country. We do not like the culture of war, we like the culture of full and mutual cooperation,” he said. Kampuchea Krom and Prey Nokor were not priorities, he added, saying he could only confirm that the CNRP believes that Koh Tral – Vietnam’s biggest island – rightfully belongs to Cambodia. “We [also] have to check [if] the demarcation posts … are located in the right places … but if they violate our land we have to negotiate based on maps and international law … we have to check with the UN,” he said. Opposition leader in-exile

Sam Rainsy’s October 2009 removal of border demarcation posts in Svay Rieng province set a good precedent for the future, he added, as Cambodian farmers were able to take back their land peacefully following that move. Rainsy was convicted in 2010 and sentenced on a series of related charges to more than a decade in prison, a term he escaped by fleeing the country. Villagers Meas Srey and Prom Chea were also convicted in the same case and setenced to a year in jail each, of which they served more than 9 months. Political analyst Chea Vannath said yesterday that despite the strong nationalistic sentiment in the CNRP, it was difficult to say whether they would actually act on aggressive promises. “It might not happen in the first mandate. But the nationalistic sense of the group itself is quite strong and genuine. But to say that it will happen or not, it depends on other factors,” she said. Recent speeches that have stepped up the rhetoric are unlikely to win the CNRP any new supporters, she added. “To play the lost territory card might be too sensitive and risky because some voters are traumatised by the Khmer

Sen David

A fishing boat sits on the shore of a beach on Koh Tral. The CNRP has said they wish to reclaim the island, also called Phu Quoc. photo supplied

Rouge regime so they do not want to face another military conflict … political instability would be enough to destroy a traumatised society already,” she said. “What Cambodia needs is trust. Trust is the cement of the society,” she added. The opposition’s political use of Vietnamese land encroachment has been a constant thorn in the side of Hun Sen, with the premier delivering a more than five-hour-long speech to the National Assembly last August to outline a border demarcation plan with Vietnam involving equal land swaps. The CNRP, which has used derogatory language to accuse CPP supporters of being Viet-

namese, Hun Sen added, were violating UN rights envoy Surya Subedi’s call for political parties to avoid exploiting racial sentiments in the electoral campaign. He also promised that the government would transcribe last year’s National Assembly speech into English and French, as well as broadcasting it in full before the election to educate voters and the international community. “It will air until the election non-stop…and if [the CNRP] continue to aggravate I’m going to air that forever. It is useless to explain to those people … that is why we will air it nationwide so many people can [listen],” he said.


FRESH complaint has been filed against a company already before the courts for allegedly running a human-trafficking racket that sent more than 150 Cambodians onto fishing boats as virtual slaves. More than 20 men who claim they were forced to work almost without sleep and without pay for years filed a complaint yesterday to the rights group Adhoc demanding compensation from Ocean International Fishery Co Ltd. Lai Im, a Kampong Chhnang province program officer with Adhoc said the complaint from the men who were just recently repatriated would be submitted to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court. “Because the owner of the company was arrested in Phnom Penh and is awaiting trial, that’s why the victims

filed the complaint to Phnom Penh court demanding their salary and compensation,” she said. Lin Yu Shin, 53, the owner of the Giant Ocean International Fishery, was charged last month with the “unlawful removal [of persons] with purpose” after police received more than 169 complaints that her company was trafficking Cambodians abroad. Var Kim Hong, 22, who was repatriated from Fiji last month, said he was promised a salary of $200 month but never received a cent for more than three years. Like the other signatories to the complaint, Kim Hong is demanding $10,000 in compensation from the firm. “I tried to work at sea, fishing every day,” Kim Hong said. “I could sleep only three or four hours per day. I did not get a single dollar of my salary.”


THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013


Phnom Penh pair pinched for pimping Kim Sarom


Student volunteers from Prime Minister Hun Sen’s land-titling program prepare to ship off from Koh Pich earlier this year. heng chivoan

wo managers of a massage shop in the Phnom Penh’s Paris Hotel have been arrested for allegedly pimping 35 Cambodian and Vietnamese women and will be sent to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court today for charges, anti-trafficking police said yesterday. Police and a court prosecu-

tor arrested the managers and rescued the 35 women on Sunday afternoon during a raid on the shop, which is located on Kampuchea Krom Boulevard in the capital’s Prampi Makara district, Keo Thea, director of Phnom Penh’s Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Office, said. The raid also turned up recently used condoms and a notebook of expenses and cli-

ent fees, Thea said. “We have already questioned [the managers] and charged them with offering a location for sex and with pimping,” he said. Meanwhile, he added, the 35 rescued women had been sent to the Social Affairs Office. The two arrested managers are brothers of the Paris Hotel’s owner, who lives in the United States, Thea said.

Student volunteers called home New Siem Reap health centre to be a boon for mothers, babies May Titthara

STUDENT land measurement volunteers will make their way back to Phnom Penh as next month’s national elections approach, Prime Minister Hun Sen said yesterday. Speaking at a pagoda inauguration in Kampong Chhnang province, Hun Sen announced the second class of the youth volunteers will temporarily halt their duties on June 20. “We cannot continue the program during the campaign,

please understand,” the premier said. “If it would not violate campaign law, I would not suspend the program.” More than 2,000 students are participating in the Prime Minister’s wide-reaching program, in which they measure land for villagers in the provinces, which can help them gain land titles. The second wave of the volunteers met the goal set for them when they began work in February, to measure one million hectares – half the total area

of land – by the time campaigning begins June 27. The 1,100 founding volunteers measured 580,000 hectares of land. All political parties must respect campaign laws, National Election Committee member Som Chhandyna explained yesterday. “Civil servants and local authorities of all levels… are not allowed to participate in any political party [activities] but they can after working hours or out of working time,” Chhandyna said.

Thik Kaliyann Siem Reap

WITH the promise of better care for both mother and baby during labour, the Maternal Child Medical Centre was inaugurated yesterday at the Siem Reap Provincial Hospital. The inauguration was presided over by Deputy Prime Minister Tea Banh, who said the centre was the first of

its kind. “We would like to guarantee that every child and pregnant woman is safe during and after childbirth,” Banh said. According to UNICEF, the infant mortality rate in Cambodia was 3.6 per cent in 2011 while maternal mortality was 0.21 per cent. In Siem Reap, hospital chairman Kros Sarath said that figure would likely drop thanks

to the new centre. “I expect that the maternal death rate will surely decrease after having this maternal centre installed here” he said. The centre was funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency, at a cost of more than $3 million, while doctors and nurses employed in the centre were all specially trained in South Korea prior to its opening.


THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013


governments Parties told to see life Foreign told off for statements at the grassroots level Continued from page 1

May Titthara and Sean Teehan


COLLECTIVE of citizens who say the government ignores their concerns has invited the Kingdom’s three largest parties to participate in public assemblies in three different provinces this month. Members of the Cambodian Grassroots People’s Assembly made the announcement to about 40 people at a press conference yesterday at Meta House in Phnom Penh’s Chamkarmon district. “Should these peaceful events be prevented from occurring or the politicians choose not to attend, then Cambodians will once again have demonstrable proof that their representatives are anything but,� a statement from the group said. At the conference, Grassroots members called on politicians from the Cambodian People’s Party, Cambodia National Rescue Party and Funcinpec to attend the assemblies scheduled to take place in Kampong Ch­hnang on Thursday, Preah Sihanouk on June 16 and Siem Reap on June 24. The Cambodian constitution states that the government will hold a forum once a year to hear citizens’ grievances and seek solutions, said Chan Soveth, a senior investigator at rights group Adhoc. However, this is something that has not been adhered to. Several members of the Grassroots People’s Assembly – which formed in 2010 and represents causes from fishery protection to LGBT rights – expressed dis-

Members of the Cambodian Grassroots People’s Assembly invited the country’s biggest political parties to participate in assemblies in three provinces at a press conference in Phnom Penh yesterday. heng chivoan

illusionment with the government yesterday, noting that a petition they filed seven months ago remains unanswered. The petition demanded the National Assembly place more protections for citizens in the land, foreign security, trade, human rights and labour sectors. “We stopped believing in the government,� said Chea Spoherk, a board member for the Farmer Nature Network. “We’ve lost our confidence in the government.� Citizens continue to struggle with issues on which the government has already acted, said Koem Rady of the Workers Information Center. For instance, workers in Cambodia’s booming garment industry saw their minimum monthly wage rise from $61 to $75 last month, but they still struggle to pay their bills, Rady said. “Even though our pay in-

creased, our rent and utilities also increased.� Yem Pech, a forestry advocate representing the Phnom Kuk Network in Kampong Chhnang, said the government promised to return 500 hectares of forest land set aside for development back to villagers, but had not made good on their promise yet. Grassroots members are expecting a hefty turnout to each of the assemblies, with a predicted 800 coming out to Kampong Chhnang, and more than 1,000 expected at the other two events, said Ly Pisey, of Social Action for Change. The Grassroots group does not support any one particular party, Pisey said. But if officials do not show up at the assemblies, the group will send another petition listing their demands to the government.

Australia’s new ambassador, Alison Burrows, that Cambodia did not appreciate interference from foreign embassies, ministry spokesman Koy Kuong told reporters after a closed-door meeting. “[Namhong] informed [Burrows] that there were a number of foreign embassies in Phnom Penh who had made comments relating to the forthcoming election,� Kuong said. “[Namhong] stressed that this activity was interference into Cambodia’s internal affairs.� Kuong then appealed to all foreign embassies based in the country to stay out of issues that Cambodia could deal with itself. “This is democracy, and Cambodia will do its best to ensure a transparent and democratic election on July 28 and urge foreign observers to monitor the election.� The US and Australia have been generous donors to Cambodia in the past two decades. Sean McIntosh, a spokesman for the US embassy in Phnom Penh, declined to comment directly on Vun’s words yesterday, instead choosing to focus on the extent to which the Cambodian government remained committed to a fair and democratic election. “The upcoming National Assembly elections will be a critical test of the [government’s] commitment to strengthening the nation’s democracy,� he said. “The full and unfettered participation of all political parties and their leaders on a level playing field allows for a more democratic electoral process.�

McIntosh added that the government should implement recommendations from “credible, independent observers� such as UN Special Rapporteur Surya Subedi, the National Democratic Institute, and the Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia “without further delay�. Two spokesmen from the Australian embassy, which was closed yesterday due to a public holiday in Australia, did not respond to emailed questions. A spokeswoman from the European Union’s Delegation to Cambodia – another major financial supporter of democracy in the Kingdom – said she could not provide comments before deadline. Political analyst Lao Mong Hay said it was up to embassies to continue shining light on actions that potentially compromised democracy or electoral processes in the lead-up to July 28. “Embassies should be highlighting these things. Serious things that would not make elections free and fair,� he said, adding that issues ranged from voter list abnormalities to political coverage in mass media. Events of the past week, during which the government has turned its focus away from policy to heap pressure on CNRP acting leader Kem Sokha and the rest of the opposition, demonstrated the need for more measured responses from the ruling party in general, Mong Hay said. “An observer used the term ‘child responses’,� he said. “I think our government officials should find ways to make their responses much better.�

Coming up on Friday, June 28, The Phnom Penh Post proudly presents

INSURANCE CAMBODIA A special report that reviews what’s available and what’s new in Cambodia for:

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police blotter Pointedly, all good love triangles too must end THOUGH the angles of a love triangle may not add up to 180 degrees like its geometrical counterpart, we know the final sum of such an emotional construction is usually violence. A Phnom Penh trio proved that on Sunday when a furious wife attacked her husband and his mistress as they left a hotel. The hair-pulling and slapping had stopped by the time police arrived, and the embarrassed mistress escaped. The couple was hauled in for questioning and a spot of marriage counselling by the cops, who made them promise to resolve the issue peacefully. KOH SANTEPHEAP

Damsel in distress proves wolf in sheepâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clothing A GOOD Samaritan was almost fleeced in Russey Keo district on Sunday when a conniving woman attempted to scheme him. Police said the military policeman spotted a woman shouting for help on a dark and quiet road; when he pulled over, she asked him for a lift. He obliged and was escorting her home on his bike when her hands tried to slip into his pockets and pinch 50 dollars. Fortunately the man realised what was happening and complained to police who have since sent her to court. Karma might not be as kind as the chivalrous cop. koh santepheap

SIM card shenanigans land pair in hot water A PAKISTANI woman trying to call home got into a nasty spat with a local shop owner on Saturday after the phone credit she supposedly bought turned out to be a dud. Police said the woman bought a SIM card and $5 worth of credit, but when she tried to call overseas, the phone failed. She accused the seller of fraud â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a claim which she strenuously denied â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and the pairâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s verbal theatrics drew a crowd of onlookers that eventually included the police, who told the pair to solve it themselves. Deum Ampil

Where gangsters fear to tread: their mamas WANNABE gangsters might have more bark than bite, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a certainty that fists will fly if someoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mother is mentioned. Five men proved that on Wednesday when they were arrested in Phnom Penhâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Prampi Makara district after a brawl was sparked by a â&#x20AC;&#x153;yo mamaâ&#x20AC;?-style joke outside a nightclub. The insult clearly didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t sit well with one of the gangsters, whose group used knives and rocks to attack the offending posse. Four men managed to escape the scene, one is recovering in hospital and the arrested five have been sent to court. kampuchea thmey

Rather than cash for yama stash, court date A 26-YEAR-OLD was arrested in Phnom Penhâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Por Sen Chey district on Sunday after he was accused of drug trafficking. Acting on a tip-off from a neighbour, police raided his room, finding 13 packages of yama that he admitted had been packaged for sale. Deum Ampil Translated by Sen David


THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013

Business Indicative Exchange Rates as of 10/06/2013. Please contact ANZ Royal Global Markets on 023 999 910 for real time rates.





















Tax revenue surges once again amid investment May Kunmakara

Workers at a rubber plantation in Kampong Cham province transfer raw latex to buckets after collecting a day’s worth of sap in 2012. heng chivoan

Cambodia explores carbon Daniel de Carteret


RICES in the global carbon market are too low to provide an incentive for Cambodian businesses to engage in carbon offset schemes, but there are other options for businesses to gain funds for emission reduction, industry experts say. Speaking on the sidelines of a two-day educational workshop on carbon markets at the Sunway Hotel in Phnom Penh yesterday, Dr Paul Dargucsh of the International Energy Centre said carbon trading was not economically viable in the cur-

rent market climate. Dargusch says said carbon offsets – where companies sell their carbon savings to buyers whose emissions are capped – would be challenging in the current business climate, given prices are a mere $5 per tonne. “So under the current market conditions, it’s a tough business, the numbers don’t quite stack up.” Dargusch says the slowdown in Europe, an oversupply of offsets from emerging markets at a time when prices were high and international disparities on the politics of climate change had seen

prices fall from as high as $30. Still, local industries are hopeful. Members of Cambodia’s rubber sector were keen to learn of possible benefits for off-setting emissions in the production process. Yin Song, director of the Rubber Research Institute of Cambodia, said members want to know “how to calculate carbon in rubber . . . and to know how we can sell the carbon.” Dargusch says initiatives such as the UN-backed Green Climate Fund, whose funding options are not restricted

to carbon reduction, provide alternative incentives while waiting for prices to return to viable levels. “If you look at the broad climate policy frameworks, we have the market based ones in one place, and the green climate fund is deliberately positioned outside of that” Sarah Sitts of international NGO PACT, which works closely with community forest groups ìn Cambodia’s Oddar Meanchey province as part of a UN-backed carbon trading scheme, insists that there is a market for the purchase of carbon credits, albeit a volun-

tary market. Buyers on the voluntary market work through the government as the credit seller, but Sitts said that often entails slow sales turnaround. “One key issue for sales is a need for the Royal Government of Cambodia decisionmaking structures that allow the Forestry Administration [credit seller] to move quickly to confirm sales to buyers who want to purchase credits, as offers are only valid for fixed periods of time, and this has been a challenge to date.” Sitts said. ADDITIONAL REPORTING RANN REUY

TAX revenue increased more than 20 per cent in the first five months of 2013 when compared with the same period last year, a rise that officials once again attributed to a surge in new business and investment. According to data from the General Department of Taxation (GDT), the total tax revenue from January through May amounted to $394 million, a rise of nearly 24 per cent. The five months in 2012 saw $318.25 million. Kong Vibol, director-general of the GDT, echoed previous government statements by saying that the revenue increase is a reflection of more rigorous efforts on behalf of tax collection officers. He said the process could benefit from a more streamlined system in which payments are convenient and quick. Critics of the tax collection process, however, have said the government is missing out on hundreds of millions of dollars because of corruption and inefficiency. In April, Son Chhay, the acting president of the Cambodia National Rescue Party, said the increase should be more than 100 per cent. Chandararot said yesterday that tax losses could also occur because of a less developed collection system, accuracy of business reports and capacity of tax officers. “However, this cannot serve to estimate the exact loss in terms of money.” A GDT statement said revenues had been collected on income tax, value added tax, a special excise on merchandise and services, turnover, vehicle and patent taxes.


Business Long-haul carrier for AirAsia to triple fleet MALAYSIAN long-haul budget carrier AirAsia X said yesterday it plans to use proceeds from a public listing worth up to $418 million to more than triple its fleet in the next four years to meet demand in Asia-Pacific. Aviation tycoon Tony Fernandes said the long-haul arm of AirAsia hopes to raise the funds in an initial public offering ahead of its July 10 debut on the Malaysian bourse. “Complete with our extensive network and passenger base, we have one of the lowest-unit cost base of any airline in the world,” the AirAsia founder said at the prospectus launch. AirAsia X serves 14 routes across the region, including destinations in Australia, China, and Japan. It scrapped London flights because of the European debt crisis. The International Air Transport Association has described Asia-Pacific as the world’s fastest growing market, with passenger traffic more than doubling since 1998, despite fuel costs surging 55 per cent since 2006. AFP

THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013

Indonesia coffee outlook cloudy Yoga Rusmama and James Poole


offee bean shipments from Indonesia, the third-largest robusta grower, are set to slump to the lowest level in two years as domestic processors boost purchases and the harvest drops because of rains. Exports may fall 14 per cent to 385,000 tonnes (6.42 million bags) from a year earlier, according to the median of estimates from seven exporters and a processor compiled by Bloomberg. That’s the smallest since 2011, according to data from the Central Statistics Agency. The crop may slide 10 per cent to 595,000 tonnes (9.92 million bags), the survey showed. Fewer cargoes from Indonesia may slow the decline in prices of the variety used in instant drinks by Nestle SA and Kraft Foods Group Inc. Futures fell 17 per cent from a fivemonth high in March amid a surge in supply from Vietnam and Brazil, the top growers. The crop in Vietnam may jump 13 per cent as global coffee output outpaces demand for a second year in 2013-

Labourers work with robusta coffee berries at a coffee plantation in Tanggamus, Indonesia, in May. Indonesia is the third-biggest grower of robusta coffee in the world. bloomberg

2014, says Volcafe, the Winterthur, Switzerland-based unit of commodities trader ED&F Man Holdings Ltd. “Production will drop because of the weather and after we had such a big harvest last year,” said Sumita, head of Lampung chapter at the Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters and Indus-

try. “Local consumption is increasing and everyone is competing for beans,” Sumita, who only uses one name, said in an interview in Bandar Lampung on May 28. Robusta futures fell 10 per cent in the past year and last traded at $1,848 a tonne on NYSE Liffe in London on June 7. Prices of the milder-tasting

arabica coffee used by Starbucks Corp dropped 19 per cent to $1.2695 a pound in New York. In the higher areas of Indonesia’s southern Sumatra, the crop will decline by as much as 50 per cent to average 1.5 tonnes per hectare because of heavy rains, said 63-year-old Sunyoto, who

heads a group of 37 farmers. The main harvesting will start in mid-June, one month behind schedule, said Sunyoto, who migrated from Java in 1977 and started planting coffee 30 years ago. A bumper harvest last year weakened trees, he said. “Big production is not always a good story for us.” Production in Indonesia will drop 10 per cent to 10.5 million bags in 2013-2014, according to Volcafe. The crop will decline 5.5 per cent to 9.165 million bags in 2013-2014, the US Department of Agriculture said in a report dated May 15. International Coffee Organization data showing higher shipments may mean output is more than estimated, said Andrea Thompson, the Belfast, Northern Ireland-based head of research and analysis at CoffeeNetwork, a unit of broker INTL FCStone Inc. Shipments in April were 600,000 bags, up from 561,448 bags a year earlier, according to the ICO. “There are still some bullish reports about Indonesia,” said Thompson. “If you look at the ICO exports, the flow from Indonesia is strong. The signals are there that output has been underestimated.” BLOOMBERG

Bangkok urged to tighten net Suchit Leesa-nguansuk

THAILAND is in urgent need of a data protection law to prevent misuse of personal information, says two non-profit online data protection organisations. in the US and the Thai Netizen Network maintain that breaches of data privacy, particularly among students, continue to pose a major threat to the country’s online industries. Microsoft and Google are gearing up to promote their education cloud services to Thai students in the areas of free email and space for online documents. At least 60 institutes of higher education in Thailand are using these free services. Jeff Gould, the president of, said the power of computing and analytics has enabled the integration of data mining into computer systems, particularly through cloud computing. Currently, cloud service providers offering

free public email could sell users’ data to other companies for advertising or sales purposes, he said. Governments in Europe and Australia have already introduced regulations protecting children’s data, while the US is in the process of amending its data protection regulations. A survey showed up to 90 per cent of parents strongly disagree with data mining in education cloud services. “We do not oppose the use of education cloud services. But there is a need for the Thai government to help protect children’s data in the cloud,” Gould said. Nakorn Serirak, a policy adviser to Thai Netizen, said the network will propose guidelines regarding online data protection in the area of education to the Information and Communication Technology Ministry this year in order to close existing loopholes. He urged the government to accelerate enacting a data protection law after almost a decade’s delay. BANGKOK POST

Expanding Thai tourism Chadamas Chinmaneevong

THAILAND’s tourism industry should not overlook unexplored potential in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East if it hopes to meet its revenue target of two trillion baht ($65 billion) by 2015. Besides Russia, whose citizens have become big travellers to Thailand, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are rising stars listed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). It said these countries could help to offset declining tourism from European states. Thailand has been successful in attracting tourists from Russia in recent years, with the number of tourist arrivals from that country rising by 24 per

cent to 1.31 million in 2012. Sergey Jetpyspayev, a project manager at Travellab in Kazakhstan, said tourism services of Thailand are known among Kazakh travellers. Transport between the two countries is also convenient thanks to daily flights from

They like Thailand because of the shopping and they can have a meal around the clock Almaty to Bangkok and charter flights during the winter season. From Kazakhstan alone, the number of tourist arrivals was 52,000 last year and is seen rising to 60,000 this year.

In the Middle East, the TAT is looking for new markets among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Chalermsak Suranant, director of the TAT’s Dubai and Middle East office, sees potential in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. “We highlight medical tourism as a key product for GCC markets, as they are confident in Thailand’s treatment standards and prices are attractive,” said Chalermsak. The TAT also plans to boost the number of visitors from Lebanon and Egypt, where Thailand’s tourism image is positive. “They like Thailand because of the shopping and they can have a meal around the clock,” said the TAT official. BANGKOK POST


THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013

Markets Business

UK minister talks investment Thai company eyes Anne Renzenbrink


S Cambodia’s economy, driven by the garment industry, develops, more diversified investment opportunities in infrastructure and sectors such as financial services will emerge, Britain’s minister for trade and Investment said in Phnom Penh yesterday. Visiting Cambodia for the first time on his two-week trip through Southeast Asia, where he is drumming up support for British companies, Minister Stephen Green said the garment industry is an important source of supply for markets in England, but that “as time goes by, I would assume that the Cambodian economy will get more diversified, will move up the value chain, and as that happens, that will open up other opportunities”. Speaking at the InterContinental Hotel. he said that as Cambodia’s economy continues to grow, smaller sectors like insurance and banking will grow rapidly. “And that’s just one example. [There are] big needs for infrastructure investment in the energy sector, in transportation, airports, roads and so

Stephen Green, Britain’s Minister for Trade and Investment speaks to local media during a press conference in Phnom Penh yesterday. pha lina

forth, but again, that will create opportunities for British businesses to participate.” Trade between the United Kingdom and Cambodia reached about $750 million last year, a 27 per cent increase compared with 2011, data from the British embassy in Phnom Penh show. Last year, Cambodia mainly exported garment, footwear, sugar and cereal grains to UK, while the UK sent over vehicles, textile yarn, fabric, machinery, medical and

pharmaceutical products, the data show. In January, the UK opened a Trade & Investment Office at the British embassy in Phnom Penh. Figures from the Council for the Development of Cambodia show that British companies invested $2.4 billion in Cambodia between 1995 and 2011. Earlier this year, the Post reported that South Korea nudged out England as the largest investor in Cambodia during 2012, with a total in-

jection of about $287 million Cambodia’s garment industry has traditionally attracted the biggest share of the country’s investment, with Quantum Clothing as the largest British garment manufacturer in the country. In January, British-basedPrudential launched operations in Cambodia’s nascent life insurance market. A month later, the largest coffee brand in the UK, Costa Coffee, opened in Phnom Penh. Other UK firms are involved in engineering and design consultancy. Green brushed off concerns yesterday when asked whether British companies would hesitate to invest in Cambodia in light of garment factory strikes and a lawsuit by Cambodian villagers against British company Tate&Lyle, which bought sugar from companies in Koh Kong province accused of rights abuses. “I don’t think it’s so much that they are not investing because they are worrying about things, they are not investing because they haven’t thought enough about what the opportunities are,” he said. Green was also expected to meet with Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday.

regional expansion Darana Chudasri

BERLI Jucker Plc, the SETlisted trading firm, plans to expand its retail businesses by launching drug and health stores, convenience stores and premium warehouses this year. Senior vice president Sujittra Vichayasuek said it will open drug and health stores in Bangkok by next month. The stores will be located in high-end shopping malls and office buildings, offering unique services such as health checks to serve affluent customers. Eight stores are due to open this year. “We are still looking for opportunities to open convenience stores in Vietnam and Laos, and we are in talks with potential partners there,” Sujittra said. BJC plans to open a premium warehouse in Thailand this year, and others could follow in Vietnam and Laos. “Retail and international business, especially in Asean, is a focused area for us to grow. We have increased investment in Asean, where consumption is increasing rapidly, through partner-

ships with strong local firms or global specialists to reduce risks,” Sujittra said. The company’s board recently approved a budget of 513 million baht (about $16 million) to implement a vision merchandise system and enterprise resource planning to build up its retail backbone. Revenue from BJC’s international business contributed 15.2 per cent or 1.57 billion baht of its revenue of 10.36 billion baht in the first quarter. Vietnam accounts for 64 per cent of its international sales, followed by Malaysia at 16 per cent and Myanmar at 4 per cent, while Laos, the Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia generate three per cent each. Cambodia’s BJC spokesman said plans for local expansion had yet to be determined, and that chain stores could come “in the near future.” International business should generate 50 per cent of revenue in the next five years, depending on acquisition deals. BANGKOK POST/ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY MAK LAWRENCE LI


THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013


In brief Google in talks to buy Israeli GPS mobile app

GOOGLE is in talks on a deal worth at least $1 billion to buy the Israel-based GPS mobile navigation app Waze, Israeli media reported on Sunday. Haaretz newspaper said on its website that the two companies had agreed terms and were about to sign for a price “exceeding $1 billion”. Business daily Globes said the purchase price was $1.3 billion. Neither report identified its sources. “We don’t comment on rumour and speculation,” a Google spokesman told AFP about the Israeli media reports. AFP

China car sales rise more slowly in May

CHINA’S passenger-vehicle sales rose at a slower pace in May as consumer confidence waned amid signs that momentum for economic growth is slowing. Wholesale deliveries of cars, multipurpose and sport utility vehicles increased 9 per cent to 1.4 million units in May, according to the state-backed China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. That compares with growth of 13 per cent in April and 13.3 per cent in March. The slowing auto-sales growth follows data showing average inventory levels at dealerships rose in April. BLOOMBERG

Italian economy down in first three months

ITALY’S economy shrank more than initially reported in the first quarter and French industrial confidence stalled in May, as the euro area struggled to emerge from a record-long recession. Italian gross domestic product fell 0.6 per cent from the previous three months, the Romebased National Statistics Institute, said yesterday, after a May 15 estimate of a 0.5 per cent drop. A French index of sentiment among factory managers was unchanged at 94, while an index of service companies fell to 88 from 89, according to the Bank of France. “We don’t expect recovery this year in Italy or at the European level,” said Silvio Peruzzo, an economist at Nomura Holdings Inc in London. BLOOMBERG

Abe gets yellow card for growth strategy

FINANCIAL markets may put more pressure on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to revive Japan’s economy, after his disappointing growth plan pushed stocks to a twomonth low and the yen higher, a former Bank of Japan official said. “For now it’s just a yellow card but it’s possible there will be a red card and stocks will decline more,” Hideo Hayakawa, 58, a former BOJ executive director who oversaw the financial system until March. “His failure to announce a solid growth strategy triggered these market reactions and the question is whether he will properly acknowledge this fact,” Hayakawa, now a senior executive fellow at Fujitsu Research Institute, said on June 7. BLOOMBERG

Merkel addresses euro crisis Patrick Donahue


HANCELLOR Angela Merkel said euro nations must follow Germany’s lead in tightening budgets and reshaping labour markets to return to growth as she seeks to stave off any crisis eruptions before elections in September. As European leaders struggle to stanch recession and unemployment, Merkel lauded Germany’s efforts to keep its economy stable through the crisis and said the euro area’s 17 member states must stick to a recipe of budget discipline and improving competitiveness so that growth can take hold. “It’s greatly in Germany’s interest to do everything so that structural reforms and budget discipline can take place in other countries,” Merkel said in her weekly podcast. Even as French President Francois Hollande restated his declaration that the three-yearold crisis is over, a looming risk of Greek debt writedowns and a scourge of joblessness among Europe’s youth could compound the turmoil as EU leaders prepare for a June 27 summit. Merkel is easing into an election campaign to seek a third term as chancellor in a September 22 vote. Hollande, on a two-day trip

Graffiti depicting European Central Bank president Mario Draghi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel sits on boards outside the construction site of the ECB’s new headquarters in Frankfurt in May. bloomberg

to Japan, reiterated that the acute phase of the crisis is over and that the euro leaders’ primary task consists of growth and employment. “Europe has become more stable, but it must now be more oriented toward growth,” Hollande told a conference June 8 in Tokyo. “What’s important for you here in Japan is to fully understand that the crisis of the

Saudi prince says he’s worth way, way more Estelle Shirbon

SAUDI billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has sued Forbes magazine for libel in a British court, alleging its valuation of his wealth at $20 billion was short of the mark by $9.6 billion, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported on Fridayg. The prince, a grandson of Saudi Arabia’s founder and nephew of King Abdullah, had attacked the US magazine’s ranking of world billionaires as flawed and biased against Middle Eastern businesses after he was ranked number 26 in this year’s list. An official at the High Court in London confirmed that Prince Alwaleed had filed a defamation suit against Forbes, its editor Randall Lane, and two of its journalists on April 30. Details of the claim were not immediately available. Through his Kingdom Holding Company, Prince Alwaleed owns large stakes in Citigroup, News Corp and Apple Inc, among other companies. He is also owner or part-owner of luxury hotels including the Plaza in New York, the Savoy in London and the George V in Paris. This year’s Forbes World Billionaires list was published on March 4, and the following day Kingdom Holding said the valuation process used “incorrect data” and “seemed designed to disadvantage Middle Eastern investors and institutions”. The public spat attracted a lot

of comment, but Forbes stuck by its estimate of Prince Alwaleed’s wealth and published an in-depth article in its March 25 issue. The article gave details about how Forbes had arrived at the figure of $20 billion and criticised what it described as a lack of transparency by Kingdom Holding in detailing its assets. It also described Prince Alwaleed’s marble-filled, 420-room Riyadh palace, his private Boeing 747 equipped with a throne, and his 120-acre resort on the edge of the Saudi capital with five homes, five artificial lakes and a mini-Grand Canyon. The High Court official in London said the two journalists named in the defamation claim were Kerry Dolan, the author of the article, and Francine McKenna, who was credited with additional reporting. No date has been set for a hearing. The law firm Kobre & Kim, which the Guardian said was acting for Prince Alwaleed in the suit, declined to comment. New York-based Forbes could not immediately be reached for comment. The Guardian article quoted the magazine as saying: “We’re very surprised at claims that Prince Alwaleed has decided to sue Forbes, particularly if he has done so in the United Kingdom, a jurisdiction that has nothing whatsoever to do with our recent story which raised questions about his claims about his wealth.” REUTERS

euro zone is over.” Finance and labour ministers from Spain, Germany, Italy and France are scheduled to meet on June 14 in Rome to hammer out a European plan to directly address the 24 per cent youthunemployment rate. Merkel and Hollande met at the end of last month to discuss the issue, announcing an initial six billion euros ($7.9 billion) to fight

joblessness. European leaders won more potential reprieve after European Central Bank president Mario Draghi last week said the euro economy will return to growth by the end of the year. The single currency climbed 1.7 per cent last week against the dollar, rising to its highest level since February. Still, prospects for growth

could be offset by new concern over Greek debt. The International Monetary Fund is pressuring Europe to agree on an additional debt writedown this year to address a 4.6 billioneuro debt shortfall for 2014, Der Spiegel reported. Managing Director Christine Lagarde has said the IMF won’t participate in funding unless it’s secured for the next 12 months, the German magazine reported. Merkel told members of her Christian Democratic Union last month that she would oppose any further Greek writedowns, which she called a “perfidious form of expropriation.” The chancellor in December had signaled she might be open to such a scenario only when Greece generates abudget surplus. The IMF last week said that public debt in Greece, where the crisis began in October 2009, remains a risk to recovery and could require further relief. European bailout policy will come under scrutiny this week as Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court holds a hearing from tomorrow on the country’s participation in Europe’s main rescue fund as well as the ECB’s bond-purchasing program, whose establishment last year was credited with easing market turmoil. BLOOMBERG

Smartphone maker HTC to unveil smaller handset Tim Culpan

HTC Corp, the Taiwanese smartphone maker that posted record-low profits last quarter, is preparing to release a smaller version of its flagship One handset this summer, according to two people familiar with the matter. The new model features a 4.3inch screen, compared with 4.7 inches for the original version, and will go on sale by August, according to two people briefed on the plans who asked not to be identified because details aren’t public. The device will probably have a less powerful Qualcomm Inc processor and lower-resolution screen than the flagship, said one of the people. HTC One, which was released in the US in April, helped the Taoyuan, Taiwan-based company post sales in May that were its strongest monthly result in almost a year. The smaller version seeks to reclaim market share from Samsung Electronics Co, the world’s largest smartphone maker which last month unveiled the Galaxy S4 mini, a less-powerful version of the flagship handset released in April. HTC declined to comment. Made with a thin aluminum case, the original HTC One includes an UltraPixel camera, full high-definition screen and front-facing speakers. At least six brokers upgraded

An employee demonstrates a retouch function on the HTC J One HTL22 smartphone during its unveiling event in Tokyo last month. bloomberg

their recommendation on HTC since the One was unveiled in February. Offering a smaller version may help the company keep its momentum and compete with Samsung’s slimmed-down device and ahead of a low-cost iPhone expected to be unveiled by Apple Inc next quarter. Product delays, marketing failures and management changes marked a 68 per cent drop in HTC’s sales in six quarters, culminating in a 98 per cent decline in first-quarter net income. The stock is down 9 per cent in Taipei this year after annual declines of at least 39 percent in each of the past two years. HTC’s global smartphone share dropped to 2.4 per cent in

the first quarter, from 6.4 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2011, according to data compiled by Bloomberg Industries. The company last week reported May sales of NT$29 billion, the highest since June 2012. The company today said Lorain Wong would become global head of public relations with responsibility for media and analyst communications, according to an e-mailed statement. Wong, who joins from Hong Kong-based submarine cable operator Pacnet Ltd, will report to Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho, the company said. HTC is rated sell by 15 of the 33 analysts tracked by Bloomberg, while nine have a buy recommendation. BLOOMBERG


the phnom penh post june 11, 2013

Markets Business

Putin decries slowdown in Russia’s economic growth

US, Japan lead global recovery Leigh Thomas




Thai Set 50 Index, Jun 7 1100

Ho Chi Minh Stock Index, Jun 7 550










Dmitry Zaks

The major developed economies are gradually gaining momentum led by faster growth in Japan and the United States, the OECD said yesterday. The Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said its latest monthly leading indicator as a whole rose to 100.6 in April from 100.5 in March. The slight improvement brought the measure, which covers 33 OECD members and is designed to indicate turning points in economic activity, further above the long-term average of 100. In its twice-yearly Economic Outlook last month, the OECD forecast that the recession-hit euro zone would fall further behind a generally improving United States and a rebounding Japan this year, cutting its global growth estimates. The monthly leading indicator underlined this, suggesting that the United States and Japan were the only countries among major economies where growth is firming. But the euro area did not miss out on the improving outlook with its reading rising to 100.1 from 100.0. The indicator for Germany, the region’s biggest economy, suggested that growth was returning to trend.


South Korea


RESIDENT Vladimir Putin warned yesterday that Russia’s economic growth would slow down this year to less than the world average and ordered his government to reverse the trend. The Kremlin chief’s comments came moments after the central bank was forced to hold its main interest rate unchanged at 8.25 per cent for the ninth month running in the face of inflation that has jumped to the highest rate for 21 months. Putin confirmed at a cabinet meeting that Russia’s growth would slow to 2.4 per cent this year from its downwardly revised forecast of 3.6 per cent. The government had initially pencilled in 2013 growth of 5.0 per cent. “This is lower than the range necessary for sustainable development, for resolving social and other problems,” Putin said. Russia’s economy has suffered from lower domestic consumption and declining industrial production rates. Investment has also lagged as a partial consequence of Europe’s economic troubles and concern about corruption along with the state’s dominant economic role. Russia’s economy expanded 4.3 per cent in 2011 and 3.4 per cent last year – a radical cut from rates that approached 9 per cent prior to the 2008-2009 global financial crisis. The government’s inability to stimulate growth to earlier levels has frustrat-

KOSPI Index, Jun 7 2100



PSEI - Philippine Se Idx, Jun 7 7500













FTSE Straits Times Index, Jun 7 4000

FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI, Jun 7 1800










Hong Kong


Hang Seng Index, Jun 7 25000

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) enters the Kremlin for a meeting on social and economic issues in Moscow last week. Reuters

ed Putin at a time when Russia is preparing to present its advances to the world at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The Russian leader suggested on Monday that investments could be stimulated by reaching into the pension fund and using those assets to lay the groundwork for select state projects. The central bank has also been under intense pressure from ministers to lower rates in order to stimulate growth in a practice broadly adopted by the

world’s developed nations. But the bank has been stymied by unexpectedly high inflation that in annualised terms reached 7.4 per cent in May – well ahead of the government’s target of 5.0 to 6.0 per cent. The bank decided to leave the discount rate at which it repurchases government securities from the commercial institution steady at 5.5 per cent while lowering some medium- and long-term borrowing rates. AFP

1,787.80 CSI 300 Index, Jun 7 3000











Nikkei 225, Jun 7 16000



Taiwan Taiex Index, Jun 7 8500












Laos Composite Index, Jun 7 1500


Jakarta Composite Index, Jun 7 6000










International commodities

Cambodian commodities


(Base rate taken on January 1, 2012)




Crude Oil (WTI)



Crude Oil (Brent)



NYMEX Natural Gas USD/MMBtu


Change % Change Time(ET)

-0.28 -0.28

-0.29% -0.27%

4:56:21 4:56:47





RBOB Gasoline






NYMEX Heating Oil






ICE Gasoil






Agriculture Commodity




% Change


CBOT Rough Rice






CME Lumber






Item Rice 1 Rice 2 Paddy Peanuts Maize 2 Cashew nut Pepper Beef Pork Mud Fish Chicken Duck



























BSE Sensex 30 Index, Jun 7 21000

Karachi 100 Index, Jun 7 23000









Construction equipment

Food -Cereals -Vegetables - Fruits Average 2760 2280 1860 8100 2000 4220 24000 33600 18200 12200 20800 13000

(%) -1.43 % 3.64 % 3.33 % 1.25 % 0.00 % 5.50 % -40.00 % 1.82 % 7.06 % 1.67 % 15.56 % 0.00 %






Steel 12




0.00 %





0.00 %

Energy Item









0.95 %





-0.98 %





0.00 %




-10.47 %




8.33 %

Gas Charcoal






New Zealand

S&P/ASX 200 Index, Jun 7 5500

NZX 50 Index, Jun 7 5000












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World Source of leaks revealed A

29-YEAR-OLD government contractor revealed himself on Sunday as the source who leaked details of a vast, secret US program to monitor internet users, as the US spy chief pressed for a criminal probe. Edward Snowden, who has been working at the National Security Agency for the past four years, admitted his role in a video interview posted on the website of The Guardian, the first newspaper to publish the leaked information. “My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them,” Snowden said, speaking in Hong Kong. He said he had gone public because he could not “allow the US government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building”. The Washington Post, the second newspaper to publish leaked information, also revealed details from its correspondence with Snowden, including his bleak assessment of his future, once the information was out. “I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions, and that the return of this information to the public marks my end,” he wrote in early May, warning the Post reporter he was in danger too. A former technical assistant for the CIA, Snowden worked for the NSA as an employee of various outside contractors, including Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton. In a statement, Booz Allen Hamilton confirmed Snowden had been an employee for “less than three months” and promised to help US authorities investigate the “shocking” claim that he had leaked classified information. Snowden flew to Hong Kong on May 20 after copying the last set of documents he intended

US National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, an analyst with a US defence contractor, is pictured during an interview with The Guardian in his hotel room in Hong Kong on Sunday. REUTERS

to disclose at the NSA’s office in Hawaii, The Guardian said, adding he has remained there ever since, holed up in a hotel room. The US Consulate in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Security bureau each refused to comment on Snowden for now, as did the consulate of Iceland, where Snowden has said he may seek asylum. A senior pro-Beijing lawmaker in Hong Kong told reporters Snowden should probably leave the city. The city’s administration was “obliged to comply with the terms of agreements” with the US government, Regina Ip said. Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China with its own legal rules, has an extradition treaty with the United States. The British-based Guardian said it had revealed Snowden’s identity at his own request. In a statement responding

to Snowden’s decision to go public on Sunday, the office of the Director of National Intelligence said the matter had now been “referred to the Department of Justice”. “The intelligence community is currently reviewing the damage that has been done by these recent disclosures,” it said. The Justice Department confirmed it had launched an investigation into the disclosures but declined further comment. The leaks published in The Guardian and The Washington Post have set off a furor, with President Barack Obama and the chief of US intelligence defending the secret programs as vital to keeping Americans safe. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper confirmed on Saturday that the NSA uses a program called PRISM to gather data trails left by targeted foreign citizens us-

ing the internet outside the United States. A separate program, also disclosed by The Guardian, has been used to scoop up the telephone records of millions of Americans. In an interview with NBC News aired on Sunday, Clapper called the disclosures “literally gutwrenching” and said they had caused “huge, grave damage” to US intelligence capabilities. Clapper insisted two plots have been foiled thanks to information obtained through the programs, both in 2009 – one, a bomb attack on New York subways, and another linked to David Headley, a conspirator in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The intelligence chief has declassified some details of the PRISM program in the face of a storm of controversy over suggestions the government had backdoor access to the servers of internet giants like

Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Internet service providers denied they had given the government unfettered access to customer data, insisting they did so only when compelled by law. Under PRISM, which has been running for six years, the US National Security Agency can issue directives to internet firms demanding access to emails, online chats, pictures, files, videos and more, uploaded by foreign users. But Clapper said the government must apply to a secret court for permission to target individuals or entities and then issue a request to the service provider. Obama has defended the data trawls, saying America was “going to have to make some choices between balancing privacy and security to protect against terror”. There was no immediate White House reaction to Snowden’s declaration. AFP

Germany’s rivers rise to unprecedented levels GERMANY battled yesterday against historic floods wreaking death and destruction across central Europe as a dyke burst forcing hundreds from their homes, but the Hungarian capital averted devastation. Parts of northern Germany continued to be threatened by the swollen River Elbe where a dyke was breached overnight in Saxony-Anhalt state, adding hundreds to the already thousands of German residents to have been evacuated. Downstream in Magdeburg, more than 23,000 residents of the city and its surrounding areas had still not been given the green light to return to their homes after the Elbe rose to

nearly four times its normal level. Levels had dropped to 7.30 metres yesterday after reaching 7.48 metres, but authorities remained on edge. The normal level is around two metres. “The situation in Magdeburg is under control for the moment . . . but there is still not cause yet to breathe a sigh of relief or to lift the alert,” a spokeswoman for the region’s emergency task force. The water level in Magdeburg exceeded that of previous record floods of 2002, local authorities said. Magdeburg lies downriver from where the River Saale spills into the Elbe, creating a water surge, a record 40 kilometres long. Further downstream, towns including Lauenburg and the village of Hitzacker

in Lower Saxony were preparing for the peak to hit in coming days, while in Wittenberge, in Brandenburg state that surrounds the capital Berlin, officials were bracing for the Elbe to reach record highs yesterday. Overnight near the village of Fischbeck, the torrent of water forced a 10-metre breach in the dyke which quickly grew to 50 metres, sparking the order for the village’s 400-500 residents to leave, as well as those of three neighbouring villages. The rupture also closed a railway bridge forcing a diversion in train services between Berlin and Cologne or Frankfurt. The torrent of flood waters in Ger-

many has turned vast areas into a brown water world, sparked a mass mobilisation of emergency workers and caused billions of euros in damage in what one lawmaker termed a “national catastrophe”. After fearing the worst, Hungary breathed a sigh of relief yesterday after flood defences held firm in its capital Budapest, averting disaster and the mighty River Danube started to recede after reaching an historic high. As the situation in Budapest began to normalise, the focus of Hungary’s defence efforts moved to high-risk locations in the south of the country, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said yesterday. AFP

Conference calls for less harsh laws on drugs FORMER Polish president Aleksander Kwasniewski on Sunday called for drug decriminalisation at the opening of a global conference to curb the spread of HIV, with backing from the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The four-day conference in Vilnius focuses on “harm reduction” or programs that seek to help intravenous drug users, one of the highest-risk population groups for the AIDS virus. “During my presidency, on the advice of various groups, I signed a law to criminalise the personal possession of drugs. I know it was a mistake,” said Kwasniewski, now a member of a global commission for drug decriminalisation. “Decriminalisation is the way to proceed: people who use drugs receive the support they need and the police can keep attention on major crime,” he added, to applause. The ex-president, a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, gave the example of Portugal, which decriminalised drug use in 2001. Health experts credit the move for contributing to a decline in drug addiction, as users are now forced to appear in front of special addiction panels rather than a criminal court. In an interview, British musician and AIDS campaigner Elton John spoke of government’s role in fighting the HIV epidemic. “In the 1980s and 1990s, we saw HIV cut down hundreds of thousands of people while governments did nothing,” he told AFP in an email exchange ahead of the conference. “It was clear then, and is still clear, that many governments don’t value the lives of their own citizens because of needless stigma and criminalisation of drugs and sex,” added John, who has in the past admitted to narcotics use. The International Harm Reduction Conference is taking place in the Lithuanian capital to shine light on an HIV hotspot: central and eastern Europe and central Asia, where there are more than 3.7 million injecting drug users, almost a quarter of the worldwide tally. Thirty-three per cent of HIV diagnoses in Eastern Europe between 2006-2010 were linked to injecting drug use, according to a report by the World Bank, World Health Organisation and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The WHO’s Martin Donoghoe said stigma was driving the HIV epidemic in Europe. “It is a vicious circle: social marginalisation increases the risk of being affected by HIV, and HIV exacerbates social marginalisation, adding another layer of stigma,” he said at the conference. AFP


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Strike paralyses Bangladesh P

ROTESTERS clashed with police in several towns across Bangladesh yesterday as the latest strike declared by the nation’s largest Islamic party paralysed much of the country. Shops and schools were closed in the capital Dhaka and major roads were largely deserted after the Jamaate-Islami party called for a nationwide strike to denounce the jailing on Sunday of Islamist leaders by a war crimes tribunal. Two police officers were injured in the northern town of Ullapara after protesters threw a homemade bomb into their vehicle, police said. “They have been hospitalised,” Ullapara police chief Habibul Islam said, adding that no one was arrested over the attack. Violence also erupted in the eastern town of Laksam where police fired rubber bullets at about 300 gathered protesters, district police chief Tutul Chakrabarty said. Throughout the country, inter-district bus and lorry services were also suspended in anticipation of the strike. Jamaat called the strike to protest against the jailing on Sunday of two Islamists, including a member of parliament, for three months for

A garment worker shouts while participating in a strike in front of a factory in Dhaka yesterday.

contempt of court, a decision likely to further fuel tensions between the secular government and religious parties. Jamaat lawmaker Hamidur Rahman Azad and the party’s acting deputy Rafiqul Islam Khan were sentenced in absentia by the controversial International Crimes Tribu-

nal, which is trying Islamists and others for war crimes. More than 150 people have been killed in protests to denounce verdicts by the tribunal over atrocities committed during the nation’s bloody war for independence in 1971. The opposition parties, including Jamaat, have called

Three suicide vests were found at the scene where the insurgents used rocketpropelled grenades (RPGs) and machine guns to fend off Afghan forces and attack the airport on the northeast side of Kabul. No damage was reported inside the heavily-guarded airport, which has both a civilian and military terminal and contains a large base for the US-led NATO coalition. The militants did not manage to breach the airport complex but all flights were cancelled or re-routed for several hours. A Taliban spokesman said the insurgent group was responsible for the attack, adding that a large number of foreign and Afghan soldiers had been killed – a claim dismissed by Afghanistan and NATO. Kabul last came under attack on May 24, when Taliban militants launched a coordinated suicide and gun attack on a compound of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). One insurgent detonated himself outside the compound in fighting that left several buildings in the city centre destroyed or badly damaged. A policeman, two civilians and all four militants died in that attack – which was also widely lauded as a victory for Afghan’s security forces due to the limited casualty numbers.

AUSTRALIAN authorities yesterday said they had called off their search for a boat carrying at least 55 asylum-seekers which disappeared suddenly off a remote Indian Ocean territory, adding they were unable to recover any bodies due to separate ongoing operations. Officials suspended the search for a vessel off Christmas Island – which was seen before it went down carrying men, women and children – late on Sunday after failing to find any survivors. Up to 13 bodies were spotted in the water during the extensive air and sea search. But customs said staff were occupied with a number of “high priority operations” in Australian waters and would not be able to recover the bodies yesterday. “Our priority in those operations remains the protection of life, responding to other vessels which may require assistance and preventing further loss of life,” a spokeswoman told Australian Associated Press. “When those operations have been concluded and there is no further risk to life, Border Protection Command will endeavour to recover, where possible, any bodies.” The stricken vessel was initially spotted by a Customs plane off Christmas Island on Wednesday, but when a boat attempted to intercept it the following day it had vanished. Thirteen bodies and an upturned hull along with other debris were subsequently spotted during an extensive air and sea search which failed to find any survivors. “The search has concluded,” a spokeswoman for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), which had coordinated the search and rescue operation, said yesterday. The latest tragedy comes as the number of boat people attempting to reach Australia by boat has hit record levels with numbers expected to top 25,000 in the 12 months to June 30 despite punitive “no advantage” policies banishing refugees to remote Pacific detention camps. There was no immediate information about the nationality of the passengers on the capsized boat, but Myanmar, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka are common source countries for asylum-seekers arriving in Australia via people-smuggling boats, mostly from Indonesia. Hundreds of refugees have died in asylum-seeker boat accidents in recent years, including a vessel which disappeared without a trace in the Sunda Strait in April with 72 on board. Last month 28 life jackets washed up on the Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean, prompting fears of more drownings. The latest tragedy has prompted calls for an investigation into the timing of the search, which came as other boats were arriving, including one carrying 78 people which sought help from authorities.




more than 30 strikes this year, protesting at what they say are “show trials” of leading Islamists and demanding elections under a caretaker government. The tribunal has convicted four other top Islamists including a vice-president of Jamaat who was sentenced

to death for war crimes. Two officials from the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the main opposition, and eight other Jamaat officials including its top leader are still on trial. A verdict against Ghulam Azam, the wartime head of Jamaat, is expected later this month. AFP

North and South Korea strike patchy agreement

Taliban attack airport in Kabul, seven killed

NORTH and South Korea yesterday struck a patchy agreement to hold a high-level meeting in Seoul, following marathon talks aimed at rebuilding trust after months of soaring tension and threats of nuclear war. Sunday’s preparatory talks, held in the border truce village of Panmunjom where the armistice ending the 1950-53 Korean War was signed, were the first between the two rivals for more than two years. In a sign of the trust deficit that remains six decades after the armistice agreement, they dragged on into yesterday morning as the two sides struggled to agree a framework for a more substantive dialogue. They concluded by settling for a two-day meeting in the South Korean capital beginning on Wednesday, but with some confusion over precisely who would attend and what topics would be discussed. “Both sides issued separate statements on the outcome after failing to narrow differences over the level of chief delegate and agenda,” the South’s Unification Ministry said. Agreed topics for discussion in Seoul include the future of the Kaesong joint industrial complex which the North effectively shut down as the recent military tensions between the historic rivals peaked. The resumption of South Korean civilian tours to the North’s Mount Kumgang resort and reunions between families

TALIBAN militants yesterday launched a grenade and gun attack on Kabul airport, seizing two nearby buildings and firing on military facilities before being overwhelmed by Afghan security forces. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up and all five other attackers were killed in fighting as elite Afghan troops stormed the half-built properties where the militants had holed up. Loud explosions and sporadic bursts of small-arms fire erupted for at least four hours after the attack woke up residents of the Afghan capital at about 4:30am (1200 GMT). “There were seven assailants – two (suicide bombers) died detonating themselves and five others were killed in fighting,” Kabul police chief Mohammad Ayoub Salangi told reporters. “There have not been any casualties to the security forces, and we have not received any report of civilian casualties so far.” Officials immediately hailed the security forces’ response, with Adela Raz, a spokeswomen for President Hamid Karzai, praising their “bravery and courage” on her Twitter feed. The NATO coalition said that some international forces were involved in the operation against the militants, but that Kabul’s increasingly professional quick-response units were in the lead.

divided since the Korean War will also figure, the separate statements said. Sunday’s talks came about after an unexpected reversal from North Korea, which suddenly dropped its default tone of high-decibel belligerence and proposed opening a dialogue. South Korea responded swiftly by offering a meeting in Seoul between its Unification Minister and his North Korean counterpart, which Sunday’s talks in Panmunjom were meant to set up. The two Koreas have not held ministerial talks since 2007. In the end, it was unclear who exactly would attend, with the North and South statements vaguely alluding to “authorities” with ministerial-level responsibilities. “Inter-Korean talks have always been like this – pretty opaque with lots of ups and downs, and ins and outs,” said Yang Moo-Jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul. The move towards dialogue has been broadly welcomed – given the threats of nuclear war that were being flung around in April and May – but there is still scepticism about Pyongyang’s intentions. Some analysts have suggested the North was paying lip-service to the idea of talks to coincide with the weekend summit between US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

China, the North’s sole major ally and economic benefactor, has been under US pressure to restrain its neighbour and has pushed Pyongyang to engage in dialogue rather than seek confrontation. The commercial nature of the Kaesong and Mount Kumgang projects, which both sides have agreed to address in Seoul, offers some scope for relatively pragmatic discussion. Kaesong and Mount Kumgang were both significant sources of scarce foreign currency for North Korea, which is squeezed by UN sanctions imposed over its nuclear weapons program. Operations at Kaesong were suspended after the North withdrew its 53,000 workers from the South Korean plants there in early April. Seoul suspended tours to Mount Kumgang after a North Korean soldier shot dead a South Korean tourist there in July 2008. “Compared to previous meetings, the agenda is tight,” said Chun Hae-Sung, the Unification Ministry’s policy bureau head who led the talks in Panmunjom. “But if we focus on practical issues, we can have full discussions in a constructive way,” Chun told reporters. South Korean President Park Geun-Hye took office in February with a promise of greater engagement with Pyongyang. AFP

Australia calls off search for survivors


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Modi’s election exposes party rifts Anurag Kotoky Analysis


CRIMONY over the selection on Sunday of Narendra Modi to head the opposition’s campaign in India’s coming election exposed rifts within his Hindu nationalist party. Several senior leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stayed away from the meeting at which Modi was appointed as standard-bearer for elections due by next May, a position that

of Washington-based thinktank the American Enterprise Institute, said. “This doesn’t mean that critics in his own party disappear, but it does mean that Modi’s political fate will now be in the hands of voters rather than party political bosses.” Despite the endorsement of his party, Modi’s ambition of becoming prime minister will be hard to realise. This is partly because he is such a polarising figure. Modi is popular among voters who

Modi’s political fate will now be in the hands of voters rather than party political bosses could make him the party’s candidate for prime minister. Under India’s parliamentary system, parties do not always formally announce a candidate before a general election but usually project one figure as the likely person to form the government should the party win. “It’s broadly analogous to a primary in a US political party. It will clearly establish Modi as first among equals in the BJP,” Sadanand Dhume,

are tired of what they consider to be incompetent and corrupt governments and see him as a no-nonsense administrator who can deliver growth and development, but he is viewed with deep suspicion by others, particularly the large Muslim minority. Many within the BJP, including party veterans whose absence from the Goa meeting became a media sensation, fear that he is too divisive to lead the

Narendra Modi speaks during a press conference on forthcoming state assembly elections in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in December. AFP

party back to power after nearly a decade in opposition. His biggest hurdle, however, will be winning enough parliamentary seats for the BJP to lead a coalition government. The party has little support in

many key states. Modi, 63, has struggled to shake off criticism that he did not do enough to prevent religious rioting in 2002 that killed at least 1,000 people – most of them Muslims – in the western state of

Gujarat, where he is chief minister. Modi denies any role in the killings or any negligence during the unrest. However,industrialistsopenly praise him for making Gujarat a business-friendly state. Oil and

gas major Reliance Industries and carmakers Ford and Tata Motors have invested billions of dollars in the region. Western nations, which snubbed Modi for years after the 2002 violence, have also begun to engage with a man whose state offers lucrative business opportunities. If Modi does make a tilt at the premiership, he could come up against Rahul Gandhi, the heir of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty who was recently made vice president of the ruling Congress party. The Congress party, which has led a coalition government since 2004, is mired in corruption scandals and is widely blamed for the country’s slowest economic growth in a decade. However, even if the Congress party lands enough seats to lead the next government, Gandhi may stand aside for someone else to become Prime Minister, preferring to wield power from behind the scenes, as his mother Sonia Gandhi does now. But success for the Congress party is by no means certain. “We will leave no stone unturned for an India free of the Congress party,” Modi wrote on Twitter after his selection to lead the BJP campaign. REUTERS

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World Heritage Cambodia A proud moment in Cambodian history

From June 16 and running through to June 27, for the first time and as second nation in Asia ever, Cambodia has the honour to be chairman of the 37th yearly convention of the World Heritage Committee. In the eight to 16 pages strong reports published in Khmer and English version of the Post, our newspaper will give insights into how Cambodia's UNESCO chairmanship will contribute to a robust future of the national tourism industry and the conversation of our World Heritage Sites such as Angkor Wat and Preah Vihear During the convention the Kingdom will host more than 1400 delegates of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee coming from 190 different countries and more than 200 members of the international press. The Post will publish messages of welcome from the Royal Government as well as a schedule of events and highlights of what's on the agenda. In the June 28 report two weeks later, we will publish what happened during the important series of meetings, including the Siem Reap closing ceremony on June 27. This is not only a chance for travel agencies, airlines, hotels, restaurants, banks, telecoms and all kinds of providers to highlight their companies in the special reports but all companies that are proud of Cambodia. For the special occasion the Post will increase its production by several thousands and distribute the papers to the international guests. Advertisers will be offered special discount rates for inclusion in both publications on June 14 and 28.

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Vietnam holds leadership poll Cat Barton


IETNAM’S leaders faced a first-ever confidence vote in the communist-controlled parliament yesterday as the authoritarian regime seeks to defuse growing public anger over corruption and a lack of political accountability. The vote – to be held every year – was approved by the one-party state’s rubber stamp legislature in November and requires most senior politicians, including the prime minister and the president, to win support from lawmakers. The process has been hailed in the official press as part of a new commitment to transparency and accountability, but observers saw little threat to the communist hierarchy and expected the results to be decided in advance behind closed doors. It will not be “a proper vote”, said Nguyen Minh Thuyet, an outspoken former deputy who called for a confidence vote on Dung in 2010. Even so, coupled with a recent government call for pub-

lic consultation over proposed constitutional amendments, the vote indicates that the party is attempting to respond to rising public dissatisfaction, experts said. “This does represent an effort by the party and state to shore up its faltering legitimacy,” said Professor Jonathan London at Hong Kong’s City University. While it is highly unlikely that the vote will result in any change to the status quo, “even symbolically it is an important event, in Vietnam’s evolution and in the evolution of the National Assembly in particular”, he added. The results of the voting – which covers 47 top officials who yesterday submitted reports to lawmakers of their work performance – are expected to be announced today. According to state media, officials who win support from less than half of lawmakers for two consecutive years may be forced to resign – but this is a “complicated”, slow and effectively meaningless process, Thuyet said. “Everyone will win the vote,”

Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in Singapore on May 31.

he said describing widespread concerns that top officials would close ranks behind the scenes to support each other regardless of performance. The most closely watched vote will be for Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, who was handed a second five-


year term by the party in 2011 despite his widespread unpopularity among the Vietnamese public. Dung has faced down repeated threats to his premiership including rare public criticism from senior party figures and even an unprec-

edented call from one lawmaker to resign. After months of internal political wrangling, it seems “the balance of power is clearly in favour of the prime minister”, Nguyen Van Hieu, 76, a former top party member turned political commentator said.

Dung is now “untouchable”, he said. Critics blame the 63-year-old premier’s policies and governing style for Vietnam’s economic malaise, endemic corruption and banking system riddled with toxic debt, mostly held by state-run enterprises. AFP

Airplane crash lands in Indonesia AN Indonesian passenger plane carrying 52 people crash-landed at an eastern airport yesterday, injuring two, officials said, the latest accident to hit the country’s fast-growing aviation sector. The MA-60 aircraft, operated by stateowned Merpati Nusantara airlines, was coming in to land at an airport in East Nusa Tenggara province when the accident happened, said transport ministry spokesman Bambang Ervan. Pictures showed the Chinese-made turboprop plane lying on its belly on the runway with its engines jammed facedown into the tarmac and its wings bent forward. An increasing number of planes are taking to Indonesia’s skies to feed growing demand from a booming middle class, but the vast archipelago has one of Asia’s worst aviation safety records. In April a Lion Air passenger jet carrying 108 people missed the runway as it came into land on the resort island of Bali, crashing into the sea and splitting in two. Dozens of people were injured but no one died.

Yesterday’s accident happened as the plane, which was on a domestic flight from the central island of Flores, came into land at El Tari airport in Kupang city at 9:40 am, Ervan said. There were 52 people on board, 46 passengers and six crew, said Merpati spokesman Herry Saptanto. “Two passengers sustained minor injuries from pieces of glass but they have left hospital and are now fine,” he said. “The plane is badly damaged, I don’t think it can be used anymore.” In May 2011 an MA-60 operated by Merpati crashed in West Papua province, killing 25 people. Following that accident, authorities banned the plane – manufactured by Xi’an Aircraft Industrial Corporation – from landing at three airports with difficult approaches. However, Saptanto said Monday the ban had been lifted six months earlier. El Tari was not one of the airports affected by the ban. Merpati has been banned from flying in European Union airspace since 2007. AFP

Foreigner dies in Saudi protest AN Indonesian woman died on Sunday in a fire lit by workers outside her country’s consulate in western Saudi Arabia, where thousands converged seeking to resolve their immigration status, a consular source said. Some 8,000 Indonesians gathered outside the consulate in Jeddah trying to sort out their papers as illegal foreign workers in the kingdom face a deadline to regularise their position or leave. “Some of them lit a fire near the walls of the consulate seeking to enter by force, but leading to the death of a woman,” the source said. Before the fire, rocks and stones were thrown at the consulate by the Indonesian work-

ers frustrated by long waits to get their cases dealt with. The action was “limited to the walls of the compound and did not touch the offices,” said the consular source. Police confirmed only that a fire had left some people injured, without mentioning any fatality. “The fire has been brought under control,” a police source said. Some 180,000 illegal foreign workers have left Saudi Arabia since April 1 under an amnesty that allows them to try to sort out their papers or leave without paying a penalty, a newspaper report said on Sunday. This wave brings to 380,000 the number of foreign workers who have left Saudi Arabia

since the beginning of the year. Workers without proper papers are becoming increasingly concerned as violators of the immigration rules in the oilrich kingdom will face penalties when the amnesty period ends on July 3, with punishment including imprisonment up to two years, and fines up to 100,000 riyals ($27,000). According to official statistics, eight million expatriates work in the kingdom. Economists say there are another two million unregistered foreign workers. Saudi Arabia is aiming to create job opportunities for its own unemployed by cutting the number of foreign workers, although many of those are in low-paid jobs that Saudis would not accept. AFP

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T seems “trauma” was on trial last week (June 5-6, 2013) when the prosecuting and civil party teams at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) conducted their two half-day examinations of Cambodian psychiatrist, Sotheara Chimm MD, an expert witness whose research on “baksbat” tempers the cultural supremacy of PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), globally. If only the defence team could have refrained from challenging research markers on the percentage of the Cambodian population traumatised today, they could have gathered evidence on the spread of trauma found in baksbat. In turn, they might have opened a forum for discussion by clarifying further the atrocities Khmer Rouge leaders instigated and those that they did not. Overall, baksbat was devised via qualitative and quantitative methods, with sampling from a population that never left the country. To date, much research on the Khmer Rouge period is cross-sectional with an

over-emphasis on taking testimonies for the purpose of building evidence solely for the prosecution of key leaders. Most noteworthy, Dr Sotheara’s research leads us away from being PTSD-bound as these norms were based on a US Vietnam veterans’ population sample (officially entered by the American Psychiatric Association in 1980 and snowballing from there). Those survivors did not return to a land and waterscape filled with moaning, deceased ancestors, or to places contaminated by UXO landmines, poverty, starvation and disease. Americans have had the privilege all these years post war of having a trauma system that emerged from their own cultural, religious, medical and socio political milieu, and one that represents their interests in court. These past few days have been historical for the fields of genocide and traumatic studies. Most significantly, the formal emergence of baksbat makes more transparent the cultural assumptions that restrict our terms of justice, democracy, trauma, recovery, forced truth and reconciliation that have run right through this tribunal, and genocide proceedings elsewhere.

It is fair to note that baksbat entered the literature formally in 2000 when Cambodian psychiatrist Dr Lina Huot studied trauma in the Cambodian former refugee community in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Sotheara developed the reliability and validity standards for the Khmer instrument inside Cambodia. With the arrival of this long awaited measure, trauma recovery programs can account better for protective factors embedded in ritual and Buddhist practices, some of which counteract retribution as part of community health. More and more, truth and reconciliation proceedings overlap with the growing Western trauma industry that sets up camps in post-war regions where foreign academics seek funding and ethics clearance in their home countries. They bring PTSD criteria into the field, “prove” its existence and seek further funding for curative purposes – sometimes with resources for creating trauma institutes. The defence lawyers in fact, quoted such studies. PTSD is event bound, plain and simple, while genocidal trauma is seamless. Torture is never one act; it is down-

right premeditated and progressive. The April 17, 1975, shock wave of mass confused exodus out of cities was followed by calculated displacement, which assisted the regime to insert its agenda more vehemently. In all of this, it seems to me that it could be productive to put trauma itself on trial. The Khmer Rouge agenda was ambitious to be sure, with a fanatical attempt at deconstructing a whole society to form a pure communal and agricultural state – and disengage a nation totally from Western capitalism. But now Cambodian survivors are expected to adopt the most widespread Western capitalist measure of trauma – PTSD. After all, this system counts traumatic “events” just as we count bodies in determining the depth of genocide. It’s just that the criteria for baksbat invite us to reconsider the origins of our standards, and direction of scrutiny in this tribunal. Peg LeVine, EdD, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist/Medical Anthropologist and author of Love and Dread in Cambodia: Weddings, Births, and Ritual Harm Under the Khmer Rouge.


THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013

Lifestyle Leash on Iran’s pet trade In brief

Scottish author Iain Banks dies aged 59


RAN is again cracking down on people with pet dogs, viewed as unclean in Islam, but Soroush Mobaraki says sales are booming despite fears the pooches might be arrested and their owners fined. This veterinary pharmacologist, sitting in the small Tehran pet shop he owns, said there has been a sharp increase in demand for dogs in recent years. “We sell 15 to 20 dogs a month, but I know some other traders who sell many more,” said Mobaraki, aged 34. For decades, keeping dogs as pets was a rarity and thus tolerated in Iran, where the Islamic beliefs cherished by the vast majority of traditional Iranians consider dogs as najis, or unclean. Guard dogs, sheep dogs and hounds have always been acceptable, but the soaring number of pets acquired by a middle class keen to imitate Western culture has alarmed the authorities in recent years. They have now criminalised walking dogs in public, or driving them around the city. “You see, for me, she is not only a pet but a family member,” 28-year-old Nahal, who declined to give her full name, said of her two-year-old Pomeranian. Mobaraki says many Iranians today boast about their pets, and some even show off in style.

A Tehran resident talks to a vet about her Pomeranian dog Maggie, at Tehran Pet Hospital.

They want to have a dog (to brag), like they want to have an expensive luxury car. Reports of lap dogs dressed in Western designer clothes and accessories being driven in fancy cars, or walked in parks in affluent Tehran neighbourhoods has drawn the ire of hardline clerics. In June 2010 Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirzi labelled dog companionship as a blind

imitation of Western culture, warning that such behaviour would lead to family corruption and damage societal values. Many people in the West love their dogs more than their wives and children, the ayatollah was quoted in the media as saying. Those remarks, and a decree issued by Shirzi, gave ground to the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance forbidding all


media from publishing any advertisements about pets. The restrictions, implemented in 2010, forced many breeders to keep their dogs out of sight. We are not allowed to keep them in pet shops, said Mobaraki, who spoke of his safe haven in a garden outside Tehran. I only bring them here when I have struck a deal in advance with the buyer.

The popularity of this un-Islamic trend has also forced the police to reinforce its sporadic crackdown on dogs. Police will confront those who walk their dogs in the streets. Cars carrying dogs will also be impounded, deputy police chief Ahmad Reza Radan said in April, according to the Fars news agency. “There are no laws that forbid dog ownership, or their transportation,” said the Iranian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in an open letter to Radan’s boss, police chief Esmail Ahmadi Moqadam. Previous crackdowns had seen dogs returned home after their owners paid a fine and signed a pledge to observe the moral code. But some say that is no longer the case. “Owners are being told that their dogs will be killed, and no paper [confirming the confiscation] is given to them,” a Tehran pet hospital chief, Payam Mohebi, was quoted as saying by Bahar. For now, the police warning seems to have effectively scared off dog lovers, forcing some to walk their dogs in secluded areas and ask for home calls by vets. “I don’t dare to take my dog out with me anymore,” said a middle-aged woman, who asked not to be named.” AFP

Duck tops the bill in Hong Kong farewell THOUSANDS said farewell Sunday to a giant inflatable yellow rubber duck that has captivated Hong Kong on its final day in the city’s harbour before it heads to the United States. The southern Chinese city has taken the 16.5-metre-tall duck, conceived by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, to its heart since it arrived under tow on May 2 to cheering crowds. Duck mania has gripped the city – and parts of the Chinese mainland – since its arrival, with hundreds of thousands of

locals and tourists in Hong Kong flooding the streets near where the giant replica bath toy is moored to catch a glimpse. Stalls and shops sold replicas and merchandise ranging from T-shirts to threedimensional duck tote bags. Restaurants created special duck dishes. In mainland China, copies of the duck made an appearance in several cities – prompting a rebuke from the Communist Party newspaper the People’s Daily for what it called unoriginal copycat

behaviour. The duck was even embroiled in mainland politics, in the run-up to the 24th anniversary on June 4 of the Tiananmen suppression of pro-democracy activists by the army. Internet searches on the mainland for “yellow duck” were banned after users circulated a mocked-up image of a famous 1989 photo, with tanks replaced by plastic ducks. In Hong Kong thousands were seen taking their last look Sunday at the genuine duck, wishing it well for the journey

ahead and thanking it for bringing joy to the Asian financial hub. “I hope that it can bring happiness to the people in the different countries it visits,” 30 year-old Sam Tsang told AFP. “The rubber duck has brought us a lot of happiness ... I hope it will come back,” said 34 year-old teacher Tina Yip. Shopping mall Harbour City, organisers of the exhibit, said in a statement the duck has “spread joy and positive energy.” afp

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SCOTTISH author Iain Banks, best known for his novels The Wasp Factory and The Crow Road, has died aged 59, two months after revealing that he had terminal cancer, his publisher said. Banks died less than a fortnight before the scheduled publication of his final book, The Quarry, which focuses on the final weeks in the life of its cancerridden protagonist. He was one of Britain’s most prolific writers and unusual in his talent for both mainstream novels and science fiction, which he wrote under the name Iain M. Banks. afp

Probe after Jackson teen suicide bid: report

A JUDGE has ordered a probe into the welfare of late pop icon Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, after she tried to kill herself last week, US media reported. A probate court judge has ordered an investigation into Paris Jackson’s “health, education and welfare”, People magazine reported.” The teenager, whose father died in 2009, was put on a 72-hour psychiatric hold in hospital, a family source said, adding that Paris suffered from depression and had previously reported suicidal thoughts. AFP

Enter the Diplomat: UN’s Ban gets black belt

REPRESENTATIVES at the United Nations may think twice about crossing Ban Ki-moon in future after the secretary-general was awarded an honorary 10th degree black belt in the Korean martial art of taekwondo. While is unclear whether the 68-year-old Ban can break bricks with his bare hands, World Taekwondo Federation president Choue Chung-won said the awarding of the black belt reflected the common goals and values shared by the UN and federation. “I am delighted to have presented UN SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon with our prestigious black belt,” Choue said. reuters


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Travel PREAH SIHANOUK - SIEM REAP Flighs Days Dep Arrival K6 130 1-3-5 12:55 13:55








K6 721







PG 931




PG 932




TG 580




TG 581




PG 933




PG 934




FD 3616




FD 3617




PG 935




PG 936




TG 584




TG 585




PG 937















QR 604




QR 603




QR 602







CZ 6059




CZ 6060




CZ 323









VN 841



VN 841




VN 920




VN 3856




VN 3857







KA 208 08:50


KA 207




KA 206




KA 209




KA 206




KA 209




KA 206




KA 205







KE 689




OZ 740




OZ 739





5J - CEBU Airways.

MH - Malaysia Airlines

2 Tuesday

AK - Air Asia

MI - SilkAir

3 Wednesday

BR - EVA Airways

OZ - Asiana Airlines

4 Thursday

CI - China Airlines

PG - Bangkok Airways

5 Friday

CZ - China Southern

QR - Qatar Airways

6 Saturday

FD - Thai Air Asia

QV - Lao Airlines

7 Sunday

FM - Shanghai Air

SQ - Singapore Airlines

K6- Cambodia Angkor Air

TG - Thai Airways | VN - Vietnam Airlines

This flight schedule information is updated about once a month. Further information, please contact direct to airline or a travel agent for flight schedule information.



AK 1473




AK 1474




MH 755




MH 754




MH 763




MH 762










1 Monday


KE 690

FM 833

KA - Dragon Air


KA 207



2817 - 16 Tigerairways



AF 273



CZ 324

VN 840


CZ 323

QR 605


chronic shortages under communism, when even toilet paper and bread were scarce. “So we learnt to cook very simple dishes like pierogi and breaded pork chops, which ironically are not part of traditional Polish cuisine,” he said. “After the fall of communism, Poles grew richer and adopted a Western lifestyle, fast food included, and it’s only recently that they’ve begun to respect local products.” Amaro is determined to revolutionise the national cuisine by reaching out to small farms that operate the traditional way: no pesticides or preservatives. Poland is “rich in natural food: we are the world’s fifth producer of wild herbs and flowers, we’re the land of mushrooms and game thanks to our forests,” Amaro said, pointing to the country’s mountains and lakes, as well as its Baltic Sea shore. Before opening his restaurant, Amaro clocked 60,000 kilometres (37,000 miles) driving around the country seeking out farmers like Piotr and Maryla Rutkowski in the central village of Maciejowice. They started out selling a few kinds of lettuce 15 years ago, and now the 40-somethings also grow herbs, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, cauliflower, squash and zucchini on their six acres (2.5 hectares) of land. In the hip Warsaw neighbourhood Saska Kepa, one enthusiast of the Slow Food movement – which promotes natural ingredients in contrast to fast food – started the Le Targ farmer’s market, one of six in the city. Stocked with produce from all over Poland, the market is one of four to crop up in Warsaw in the last year, reflecting “a niche that keeps on growing”, founder Zuzana Groniowska said. Sylwia Kolbug, a retiree in her 70s, said the taste of the fare evokes her childhood, “a time when food wasn’t chockfull of chemicals”. afp


PG 938


FTER years of communist-era shortages, then a craze for Western fast food, Polish cuisine is undergoing a revival thanks to quality local ingredients and a modern twist on traditional fare. Leading the renaissance is Atelier Amaro, a Warsaw eatery that won Poland’s first Michelin star in March for using “local produce to create innovative cuisine and original combinations”. Tucked away in a wooded area by the capital’s modern art centre, the 32-seater began serving up modern takes on Polish specialities in September 2011. With no fixed menu, the dishes change with the season and feature such inspired ingredients as bison grass, burnt oak oil, wild rose petals, and nettle – a stinging plant common to Poland. Sample recipes include “pearmain in nettle syrup, cotton candy with ginger and cinnamon, nettle sorbet” and “chilled mirabelle plum soup with vanilla, hazelnut emulsion, lemon verbena leaves”. The emphasis according to owner-chef Wojciech Modest Amaro is on natural ingredients, preferably Polish. The 41-year-old electronics expert and political scientist learnt to cook while living in England. He then honed his skills at elBulli, Spain’s now closed Michelin three-star restaurant, before opening up his own place. “We want to put Poland on the culinary map of the world,” his wife Agnieszka Amaro said. Polish cuisine was once rich with Italian, German, Jewish, even Armenian influences, but communism stripped it of its variety, leaving it with a reputation of being simple and bland. “For 50 years, really only around a dozen staple ingredients were available,” Amaro told AFP, referring to the


K6 720

CZ 324

Polish food sheds Soviet blandness




Chef Wojciech Modest Amaro prepares a dish in his restaurant Atelier Amaro in Warsaw. afp


SIEM REAP - PREAH SIHANOUK Flighs Days Dep Arrival K6 131 1-3-5 11:20 12:20


AF 273




FM 833 19:30



Air Asia (AK) Room T6, PP International Airport. Tel: 023 6666 555 Fax: 023 890 071

Cambodia Angkor Air (K6) PP Office, #90+92+94Eo, St.217, Sk.Orussey4, Kh.7Makara, PP, Cambodia. Tel: 023 881 178/77-718-333 Fax: (+855)-23-886-677 E:

Jetstar Asia (3K) PP: No. 333B Monivong Blvd. Myanmar Airways International Tel: 023 220909.Siem Reap: No. 50,Sivatha Blvd.Tel: 063 964388 #90+92+94Eo, St. 217, Sk. Orussey4, Kh. 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. T:023 881 178 | F:023 886 677

Dragon Air (KA) #168, Monireth, PP Tel: 023 424 300 Fax: 023 424 304

Cebu Pacific (5J) Phnom Penh: No. 333B Monivong Blvd. Tel: 023 219161 Siem Reap: No. 50,Sivatha Blvd. Tel: 063 965487 E-mail:

Tiger airways G. floor, Regency square, Suare, Suite #68/79, St.205, Sk Chamkarmorn, PP Tel: (855) 95 969 888 (855) 23 5515 888/5525888 E:

SilkAir (MI) Regency C,Unit 2-4,Tumnorb Teuk, Chamkarmorn Phnom Penh Tel:023 988 629

MI 601

09:30 12:30

MI 602 07:40


MI 622




MI 622




3K 594




3K 593




3K 599




3K 591




3K 592




3K 591




MI 607




MI 608













































BR 265



Qatar Airways No. 296 Blvd. Mao Tse Toung (St. 245), Ground floor, Intercontinental Hotel PP Tel: +23 42 40 12/13/14

VN 840




VN 841






QV 920




QV 921




6:45, 8:30, 11:45

6:45, 8:00,11:30










3. 6



8M 403

3. 6




SIEM REAP - BANGKOK Flighs Days Dep Arrival K6 700 Daily 12:50 2:00 PG 924 Daily 09:45 11:10 PG 906 Daily 13:15 14:40 PG 914 Daily 15:20 16:45 PG 908 Daily 18:50 20:15 PG 910 Daily 20:30 21:55 SIEM REAP - GUANGZHOU CZ 3054 2.4.6 11:25 15:35 CZ 3054 19:25 23:20 SIEM REAP -HANOI K6 850 Daily 06:50 08:30 VN 868 12:40 15:35 VN 842 Daily 18:05 19:45 VN 844 Daily 19:45 21:25 VN 800 Daily 21:00 22:40 SIEM REAP - HO CHI MINH CITY VN 3818 Daily 11:10 12:30 VN 826 Daily 13:30 14:40 VN 3820 Daily 17:45 18:45 VN 828 Daily 18:20 19:20 VN 3822 Daily 21:35 22:35 SIEM REAP - INCHEON KE 688 Daily 23:15 06:10 OZ 738 Daily 23:40 07:10 SIEM REAP - KUALA LUMPUR AK 281 Daily 08:35 11:35 MH 765 3.5.7 14:15 17:25 SIEM REAP - MANILA 5J 258 2.4.7 22:30 02:11 SIEM REAP - SINGAPORE MI 633 1, 6, 7 16:35 22:15 MI 622 2.4 10:40 15:20 MI 630 5 12:25 15:40 MI 615 7 12:45 16:05 MI 636 3, 2 18:30 21:35 MI 617 5 18:35 21:55 3K 599 2.4.7 15:50 20:25 SIEM REAP - VIENTIANE QV 522 10:05 13:00 SIEM REAP - YANGON 8M 402 1. 5 20:15 21:25

BANGKOK - SIEM REAP Flighs Days Dep K6 701 Daily 02:55 PG 903 Daily 08:00 PG 905 Daily 11:35 PG 913 Daily 13:35 PG 907 Daily 17:00 PG 909 Daily 18:45 GUANGZHOU - SIEM REAP CZ 3053 2.4.6 08:45 CZ 3053 16:35 HANOI - SIEM REAP K6 851 Daily 19:30 VN 843 Daily 15:25 VN 845 Daily 17:05 VN 845 Daily 17:45 VN 801 Daily 18:20 HO CHI MINH CITY - SIEM REAP VN 3809 Daily 09:15 VN 827 Daily 11:35 VN 3821 Daily 15:55 VN 829 Daily 16:20 VN 3823 Daily 19:45 INCHEON - SIEM REAP KE 687 Daily 18:30 OZ 737 Daily 19:20 KUALA LUMPUR - SIEM REAP AK 280 Daily 06:50 MH 764 3.5.7 12:10 MANILA - SIEM REAP 5J 257 2.4.7 19:45 SINGAPORE - SIEM REAP MI 633 1, 6, 7 14:35 MI 622 2.4 08:40 MI 616 7 10:40 MI 636 3, 2 13:55 MI 630 5 07:55 MI 618 5 16:35 3K599 2.4.7 13:50 VIENTIANE - SIEM REAP QV 512 06:30 YANGON - SIEM REAP 8M 401 1. 5 17:05


Arrival 04:05 09:00 12:45 14:35 18:10 19:55 10:30 18:30 21:15 17:10 18:50 19:30 20:00

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DOMESTIC ROUTES PP-SIEM REAP SIEM REAP-PP 6:15, 7:00- 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 5:30, 6:30, 7:00, 9:30, 10:30,12:30, 13:30 PP -SIHANOUK SIHANOUK-PP 7:00 To 12:00, 13:00, 14:30, 16:30 7:10, 8:00, 10:30,12:15, 14:00,15:30,17:30 PP-BATTAMBANG BATTAMBANG-PP 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 5:30, 6:45, 7:45, 8:30, 9:30,10:30 PP-MONDULKIRI MONDULKIRI-PP 8:30 8:30 Further information, please contact: Tel: 023 210 359,




1 Wed, 08:00 - Thu 16:00

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RCL (12calls/moth) MEARSK (MCC) (4 calls/moth)



2 calls/month BBK-SHV-BKK-(LZP)

34 call/month BUS= Busan, Korea HKG= HongKong kao=Kaoshiung, Taiwan ROC Kob= Kebe, Japan KUN= Kuantan, Malaysia LZP= Leam Chabang, Thailand NBO= Ningbo, China OSA= Osaka, Japan SGN= Saigon, Vietnam

SGZ= Songkhla, Thailand SHV= Sihanoukville Port Cambodia SIN= Singapore TPP= TanjungPelapas, Malaysia TYO= Tokyo, Japan TXG= Taichung, Taiwan YAT= Yantian, China YOK= Yokohama, Japan



the phnom penh post june 11, 2013

Entertainment NOW SHOWING

Adult beginner ballet @ Central Ballet School

Legend Cinema

Explore your inner swan with Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh’s Beginner Ballet Class, specifically designed for the adult student who has had no former dance training. Today marks the beginning of a new term.

EPIC A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. She bands together with a rag-tag group characters in order to save their world – and ours. 1pm, 5:30pm

#10 Street 183, entrance on 406, 7pm

FAST AND FURIOUS 6 Hobbs has Dom and Brian reassemble their crew in order to take down a mastermind who commands an organisation of mercenary drivers across 12 countries. Payment? Full pardons for them all. 11:50am, 3pm, 6:50pm, 9pm

Stretch @ lunch yoga Limber up and take a break from the workday heat at Slow Flow Yoga, a class for all abilities.

NOW YOU SEE ME An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money. 10:45am, 9:45pm STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organisation, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch. 9:30pm

Phnom Penh Yoga, #172 z2, Norodom Boulevard, 12:15 to 1:30pm

Film @ Institut Français Tip-top show: Become an amateur ballet dancer this evening with Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh’s beginner classes, from 7pm. BLOOMBERG


Cineplex cinema

9am - THE BIG YEAR: Two bird enthusiasts try to defeat the cocky, cutthroat world record holder in a year-long bird-spotting competition. With Jack Black. FOX MOVIES 10:40am - THE GREY: After their plane crashes in Alaska, six oil workers are led by a skilled huntsman to survival, but a pack of merciless wolves haunts their every step. FOX MOVIES

EPIC (See above.) 9:15am, 1pm FAST AND FURIOUS 6 (See above.) 9:15am, 11:35am, 2pm, 6:20pm, 8:40pm BULLET TO THE HEAD After watching their respective partners die, a New Orleans hitman and a Washington, DC, detective form an alliance in order to bring down their common enemy. 7:15pm

12:40pm - BRAVE: Determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom. Granted one wish, Merida must rely on her bravery and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse. FOX MOVIES

Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black star in bird-watching flick The Big Year. BLOOMBERG

11:15pm - SHALLOW HAL: A shallow man falls in love with a 300 pound woman because of her “inner beauty”. With Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow in the starring roles. FOX MOVIES

Thinking caps “IN THE CLOSET”

Monday’s solution

Monday’s solution



  1 Fabled birds   5 Clerical title   9 Animal followed by a tickbird 14 ___ vera 15 Embarrassing loss 16 Checked out (the joint) 17 Protein, say 18 Preserved clothes? 20 Spud 22 ___ kwon do 23 Government agents, informally 24 Listened 27 Sheep bleat 29 Opie’s aunt 30 Acting legend Borgnine 34 Shaved like a monk 37 Greek poet born on Lesbos 39 Egg on 40 Woman with a habit 42 Make at work 43 Cooks, as broccoli 46 Cookout 49 Sleeve band 51 It may be black-eyed 52 Swimming center? 53 Backbones (var.) 56 Angelic circle 60 Jack of “Barney Miller” 61 Ludicrous 64 Brit’s blazer? 67 “___! Manhattan” (Sedgwick film) 68 Something pushed by a trailer? 69 Rabbit 70 “Beetle Bailey” dog 71 Tired 72 Bug-___ (agog) 73 Peter I, for one

  1 Thruway exit   2 Stick on the table?   3 Apparel holder   4 Plant bristles   5 Weapons maker   6 Fan noise?   7 Montana city   8 Component of natural gas   9 Shakira’s label 10 An equal share, say 11 Emerald ___ 12 Requirement 13 Vegas line 19 Pub pints 21 Cologne not to use? 25 “Peachy ___” 26 Genetic letters 27 A.C. units 28 The way to one’s heart? 31 Olympic sword 32 Apollo gear 33 Play the guitar, say 35 Petticoat junction? 36 Confer knighthood on 38 Eleven’s numerals 41 Mane area 44 1,055 in Rome 45 ___ a ghost (gets scared) 47 Kicked back 48 Pointed remark 50 Cough drop 54 Table wine 55 Sporty scarf 56 Certain bottom lines 57 On the summit 58 It’s nothing to Federer 59 Getting ___ years 62 ___-tat-tat 63 Portal 65 “Jumbo” flier 66 Before, before

In The Married Couple of the Year Two Nicolas goes to America after killing a French aristocrat. On his return he tries to divorce his wife, but when he sees others trying to woo her his own interest is rekindled.

Institut Français du Cambodge, 8:30pm

Touch Rugby @ 3G Fields Social touch rugby twice a week. Tuesday nights at 3G Field across the street from the Australian Embassy, and Saturday afternoons at 2:30 at Northbridge International School. All abilities are welcome.

3G Field, National Assembly Road, 8pm


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NewArt Gallery for rent

Contemporary Southeast Asia Art paintings, Posters & Photographs Expert Matting & Framing Paintings by khmer, Chiness, Viethamese and Thai artists No 20 St.9,next to phsar kapko,Phnom Penh Tel: 012 824 570

E-mail: newart_gallery007@ Facbook:Tep Toma(new art)



Ang Khmer Group

SELL Personal Cinema The first personal cinema in siem reap 11 theater rooms for 2D&3D big screen 5.1 Channel surround First 3D Movie in Siem reap Near pub street,T : 078 952-970 Angkor Trade center, Siem reap

11 c, street 396 Beung Keng Kang III, Chamkar Mon district, Phnom Penh (Behind Vietnam Shopping mall and BokorCinema), Kingdom of Cambodia H/P: (855)-15 29 97 96,



The only provider of integrated Market & Social Research solutions in Indochina #37ABC, Street 271, Phnom Penh. Tel: 023 215 184; Fax: 023 215 190, Email: Vietnam – Cambodia - Laos Swimming Pool Apartment for Rent: Located BKK1 Area Free Internet, Swim-Pool, Gym $900/Month, Western Style 1Living room, 1Bedroom, 1Bath Tel: 077 777 697/ 012 939 958 1Bedroom Apartment 4 Rent $450/Month near Royal Palace 1Bedroom 1Bath, Roof Terrace Western Style, Fully Furnished Tel: 077 777 697/ 012 939 958

FOR SALE Suzuki sidekick 1992 for sale Price: 3000 Tel: 077 718 965

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THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013


Zebo the latest addition to injury-hit Lions squad

Simon Zebo has become the latest call-up to the injury-hit British & Irish Lions squad in Australia as the touring team count the cost of their hardearned 22-12 weekend victory over Queensland Reds. The Ireland wing has been summoned as cover for his compatriot Tommy Bowe, who has had surgery to stabilise a broken bone in his hand. Despite the operation on Bowe’s right hand, the Lions management insist the player could yet resurface on tour but he is a non-starter for the first Test against Australia on Saturday. Gethin Jenkins and Cian Healy have already flown home and Zebo is not scheduled to meet up with the rest of the squad until they reach Sydney on Wednesday. There is slightly better news regarding Jonathan Sexton, with a scan on his sore hamstring revealing no tear. But Owen Farrell has a dead leg and Stuart Hogg, normally a full-back or a centre, has been picked at fly-half for the midweek game against the Combined Country XV in Newcastle. With Manu Tuilagi nursing a knock to his shoulder, the Country team will be confronted by the formidable midfield combination of Brian O’Driscoll and Jamie Roberts, the Lions’ Test pairing in South Africa in 2009. NSWQueensland Country v British & Irish Lions kicks off today at 4:30pm Cambodian time. tHE GUARDIAN

Kiwis snatch one wicket victory over Sri Lanka

New Zealand grabbed a dramatic one-wicket win over Sri Lanka in their opening Champions Trophy Group A match in Cardiff on Sunday after Lasith Malinga had threatened to turn the match on its head. Malinga captured four for 34 with a potent cocktail of slinging yorkers, short-pitched fliers and wickedly deceptive slower balls after New Zealand had set off in pursuit of a modest victory target of 139. New Zealand still needed five to win with their last pair at the wicket when Malinga began his 10th and final over to Tim Southee. After an opening wide, Southee somehow negotiated the remaining six balls. Number 11 Mitchell McClenaghan and Southee both took a single off Tillakaratne Dilshan’s next over and the match was won when the batsmen ran two on a ball that was called wide. India face the West Indies at the Kennington Oval from 4:30pm Cambodian time today. REUtERS

Deal to fight Haye is 99 per cent done, Fury says

Tyson Fury has claimed that a deal for a heavyweight contest with David Haye is “99 per cent done”, with negotiations between the two fighters’ promoters set to take place next week. Fury met Haye’s trainer and manager, Adam Booth, at ringside during James DeGale’s win over Stjepan Bozic in Kent on Saturday and expressed his confidence that the fight will take place. Fury said: “It is from the horse’s mouth. Adam Booth says he wants the fight.” THE GUARDIAN

Death mars Vettle’s Canada win


he swaggering ease of the world champion Sebastian Vettel’s victory in the Canadian Grand Prix – Red Bull’s first success on the North American continent – disguised the fact that this was a highly entertaining race, unfortunately marred by a fatal accident to a track marshal. The marshal was helping to move Esteban Gutierrez’s stricken car in the closing stages of the race when, while trying to retrieve his dropped radio, he fell under the wheels of a mobile crane. He was transferred by helicopter to the Sacre-Coeur hospital in Montreal for treatment in its traumatology department, but the FIA announced on Sunday night that he had died from his injuries. He is the third marshal to have been killed since 2000. At the Italian Grand Prix that year Paolo Ghislimberti died after being struck by a wheel that flew over the barriers after a first-lap crash. The following season at the 2001 Australian GP Graham Beveridge was killed when he was struck by a wheel that had flown through a gap in the safety fencing in a collision between Jacques Villeneuve and Ralf Schumacher. Vettel, whose third win of the season and the 29th of his career extended his lead in the championship from 21 to 36 points, took complete control of events from the moment he sprinted away from his pole position. And by the time he made his second pit stop for fresh rubber, with 20 laps left, he was already the out-of-sight winner barring an unlikely breakdown. But behind him there was enough compelling racing to keep one of Formula One’s most sophisticated audiences entertained. Fernando Alonso jumped from sixth on the grid to take

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel (centre) celebrates victory with second-placed Fernando Alonso of Ferrari (left) and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, who was third. REUTERS

second place, overtaking Lewis Hamilton seven laps from the end, and there was also an aggressive drive to eighth place from Felipe Massa as Ferrari put their difficult weekend in Monaco two weeks ago firmly behind them. Alonso’s effort promoted him to second in the championship, overtaking Kimi Raikkonen, now eight points behind the Spaniard. Hamilton tried and failed to get back at Alonso, but he at least maintained his weekend supremacy over Nico Rosberg, his team-mate, after being second best in the previous two races. There was an interesting drive from Force India’s Paul di Resta, who unlike most of the other drivers spurned the super-softs at the start of the race and made his harder tyres last to the 56th lap, finishing seventh. His teammate, Adrian Sutil, also picked up a point in 10th place. And there was a career best sixth for Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric​​​​​​​​​​Vergne. But there was keen disappointment for Raikkonen, who lost ground with ninth place, one ahead of his grid position. A difficult race was further ham-

pered by a messy pit stop when there was a problem with the rear jack. There were also long faces at McLaren, who failed to win a solitary point as they fell further behind fifth-placed Force India in the constructors’ championship. Sergio Perez was 11th, one place ahead of Jenson Button. “This must be rock bottom for McLaren,” said the team’s former driver and BBC commentator David Coulthard after the race. There was anti-climax for the Williams driver Valtteri Bottas, too. He started the race a giddy third on the grid but finished 14th, two places ahead of his teammate, Pastor Maldonado. The day undoubtedly belonged to Red Bull and it would have been an even happier tale if Mark Webber had not bumped into Caterham’s Giedo van der Garde. The damage to Webber’s front wing possibly denied him a podium position. It made it a lot easier for Alonso to overtake him. Alonso said it was nice to compete with “intelligent drivers”, a reference to some of the difficulties he had at Monaco. “It was nice to have these battles, a

big race with some talented drivers,” he said. “Intelligent drivers that you fight wheel-to-wheel with at 320kph and you feel safe. This is real racing so I am very happy to see this back after Monaco, which was a little bit different. This second place has a victory taste because we scored some good points after a difficult weekend.” Hamilton had the look of a man who thought he might have done better. “It has just been a work in progress,” he said. “We haven’t cured anything. It has been a long period of time since Barcelona where there was big trouble. We still need to improve [the braking] and that is where Fernando was catching me everywhere. He was difficult to keep behind. I tried my best but he was too quick.” At least Hamilton finished well ahead of his former team-mate Button, who said with a shrug: “It was quite painful out there today. We’ve got a long way to go. I think we proved it didn’t matter what we did in terms of strategy. We got easily lapped and it was like we were in a different category. We tried to settle into a pace on the prime tyre in the second stint that was way too slow. We’ve got to look into why we thought that lap-time was quick enough.We’ve just got to get our act together and improve.” Meanwhile the teams are expecting next season to begin in Bahrain, possibly as early as March 2. Besides the introduction of new engines, testing is likely to be moved forward from the start of February to mid-January, with further testing due to take place in the Middle East. With Russia and New Jersey due to come on board as new venues next year, there could be a record 21 races in 2014. THE GUARDIAN

Taekwondo sisters get Korean scholarship Yeun Ponlok

Cambodia’s top female taekwondo pair Sorn Davin and her younger sister Sorn Sivmey have received six-month scholarships to South Korea that will see the sisters train in the sport’s country of origin all the way up to the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar in December. The deal, brokered by the Korea Taekwondo Association and the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, gives the Kingdom a huge boost in its quest for medals this year. Sorn Davin, a towering 21-year-old who competes in the over-67kg women’s category, captured silver at the previous edition in Indonesia and bronze at the 2009 SEA Games in Vientiane. She also received a Tripartite Commission Invi-

tation place last summer to appear at the London Olympics, where she narrowly lost in the opening round to defending champion Maria Espinoza of Mexico. In a news conference held on Friday, NOCC secretary-general Vath Chamroeun revealed the girls would train at the world-famous taekwondo club in YeongCheon-si under the supervision of Lee Jong Woo. “During training, food, accommodation, flight tickets and technical training, as well as other living costs have all been guaranteed by Lee Jong Woo,” Vath Chamroeun said. According to the NOCC official, the potential in both Cambodians had been recognised by the KTA, who hope to guide them to podium places in Myanmar.

Tourism Minister and NOCC president Thong Khon said: “Our main strategy is to seek good cooperation [with South Korea] in order to send our players to train there .​​ .​​​​​ . As taekwondo improves in standard here, [we can look to it] to help achieve our target of 10 gold medals.” Cambodian national team coach Choi Yong Sok of South Korea, who accompanied Sorn Davin during the London Games, said that both sisters were physically fit. “I believe we will get the gold medals,” he said. Vath Chamroeun noted that rich rewards were on offer for successful athletes at the SEA Games, something the NOCC hoped would motivate them sufficiently. TRANSLATED BY CHENG SERYRITH

Sorn Davin kicks out during a practice session at the Taekwondo Hall of the National Sports Complex last year. SRENG MENG SRUN

Heat smash Spurs in Game Two to square Finals The Miami Heat rebounded from their NBA Finals opening game loss in style on Sunday, crushing the San Antonio Spurs 103-84 in Game Two to square the best-of-seven series. It was a total team effort from Miami, and they needed it with LeBron James (17 points) not at his explosive best. Four other Heat players stepped up to reach double figures – Mario Chalmers top scoring with 19. San Antonio’s “Big Three” of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan combined were just 10 for 33, with Duncan’s 3-13 shooting

his worst in an NBA Finals game. “They outplayed us,” said Duncan, “We didn’t play well, we didn’t shoot well and I know I played awfully.” After a first half that mirrored the tight nature of Game One, with San Antonio’s Danny Green scoring four of four three-pointers, Miami broke away in the third and headed into the final quarter with a 75-65 lead. League MVP James was strangely ineffective on offensive, however, managing just eight points on three of 13 shooting through three quarters and missing a couple of routine lay-ups.

However, he came alive late in the third and carried a more aggressive approach through the fourth as Miami finally produced the offensive power that was the hallmark of their form until the Finals. “When I was struggling offensively, my teammates continued to keep it in range and we even had the lead,” said James. “I think Rio [Chalmers] more than anybody kept us aggressive . . . it allowed me to sit back and wait for my time,” he added. Miami’s devastating 33-5 run put the game well beyond San Antonio,

whose coach Gregg Popovich opted to play the final portion of the fourth quarter with reserves on the court. Spurs head coach Popovich said there was no question of fatigue and no excuses for his team’s performance. “Miami did a hell of a job. Nobody is tired, we had two days off, there’s no excuse. The season does get long for both teams but they would both rather be here than at home. Game Three is tonight in San Antonio, the first of three games in Texas before the series returns, if needed, to Miami for the final two games. REUTERS


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Tension building for Australia Talek Harris


zbekistan have a chance to become the first Central Asian team to reach the World Cup when they take on South Korea today, while Australia are up against it as Asian qualifying heads for a tight finish. Three-time Asian champions Iran also have work to do to make progress to next year’s tournament in Brazil, with three automatic spots and two play-off positions still up for grabs in the last two rounds of games. Uzbekistan, a former Soviet Republic, placed fourth at the 2011 Asian Cup and have reached the final round of World Cup qualifying five times. They are now tantalisingly close to appearing on football’s biggest stage. If bottom side Lebanon can manage a shock win over third-placed Iran, either Uzbekistan or South Korea will go through with victory in Seoul, joining Japan who secured top spot in Group B and their ticket to Brazil last week. Uzbekistan also round off qualifying next week at home to Qatar, raising their chances of progressing at the expense of three-time World Cup contestants Iran, whose final game is a tough trip to South Korea. South Korea and Uzbekistan are level on 11 points,

Australia’s Tim Cahill (centre) and Japan’s Maya Yoshida fight for the ball during their 2014 World Cup qualifying soccer match in Saitama, north of Tokyo, on June 4, 2013. REUTErS

with Iran just one behind in a Group A which threatens to be decided by goal difference or head-to-head records. The top two teams qualify and the third goes into a play-off. Uzbekistan warmed up for South Korea with a 2-1 friendly victory over China last week, with two-time Asian player of the year Server Djeparov netting the winner. But South Korean coach Choi Kang-hee, who will pick from a fully fit squad as he targets a ninth World Cup ap-

pearance for the team – by far the best record in Asia – appeared confident. “I think Uzbekistan are a very beatable team. I don’t think they’re that strong an opponent. But they have plenty of experience against us and we have to be prepared for what they may have up in their sleeve,” said Choi. Meanwhile in Group B, tension is building for Australia who are third, two points behind Oman and level with Jordan, their op-

ponents in Melbourne today. The Socceroos’ final game is against Iraq in Sydney next week. One win from six games has put Australia in danger of missing Brazil, seven years after they switched from Oceania to the Asian Football Confederation – partly motivated by the greater number of World Cup spots on offer. “In football, you should never look back – the only thing that you get is a sore neck,” said their

German coach Holger Osieck. “I look ahead. Jordan is a different game. Everyone in our squad is ready to play, so it’s a good situation but a tough one for me as well to make the decisions.” Much of Australia’s hopes will rest on New York Red Bulls striker Tim Cahill. He played in a lone striking role in last week’s 1-1 draw with Japan, but is expected to have more support at home against Jordan. Jordan coach Adnan Hamad said his detention by authorities at Melbourne Airport for several hours before being allowed into the country was forgotten. Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr has apologised for the incident. Japan, who last week became the world’s first team to qualify and join hosts Brazil, travel to Doha to play Iraq, who remain in the running for a fairytale World Cup spot. Ten years after the USled invasion, Iraq, who play their “home” games abroad due to continuing security problems, can still reach the World Cup with two points to make up on Jordan and Australia, their final opponents next week. While the top two teams in each group go through automatically, the two thirdplaced teams will play each other – with the winner contesting an intercontinental play-off for a World Cup berth. AFP

Lewandowski not going anywhere, says Watzke

Robert Lewandowski will not sign for Bayern Munich this year, Borussia Dortmund chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke said in an interview published yesterday, amid speculation the Poland striker was eyeing a move. “Robert Lewandowski will definitely not be transferred to Bayern in 2013,” Watzke was quoted as saying by the tabloid Bild. “That’s final. We’ve told Robert and his agent.” Should Lewandowski leave Dortmund next year, the club would take a financial hit, given that he would no longer be under contract, allowing a club to acquire his services for free. Currently, he is thought to be worth an estimated €25 million ($33 million). aFp

Perez says Ronaldo is commited to Real Madrid

Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid president, has insisted that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to commit his future to the club – despite growing speculation over a possible return to English football. Ronaldo, 28, has previously hinted that he plans to leave Madrid when his existing deal expires in 2015, and has been reluctant to enter into talks over new terms. Perez, though, said the Portugal forward is ready to talk. “I am going to be as clear as possible,” he told Marca. “My aim, Cristiano’s aim, and the aim of all Real Madrid fans is that he carries on here for many years to come. And when so many people want the same thing then it usually happens. I want it, Real Madrid want it, the player wants it. The future of our project revolves around him.” THE GUARDIAN

Refs jailed in Singapore’s sex to fix match scandal Three Lebanese football referees pleaded guilty yesterday to accepting free sex from a gambling-linked global syndicate in return for rigging a match in Singapore, with two jailed and sentencing deferred for the third. A district court judge jailed assistant referees Ali Eid, 33, and Abdallah Taleb, 37, for three months, but deferred sentencing until today for referee Ali Sabbagh, who state prosecutors said was the most culpable. The assistant referees broke down into sobs and repeatedly looked up as if to thank God after Judge Low Wee Ping said they could be freed by ltoday, after remission for good behaviour and due to time already served awaiting sentence. Turning to Ali Sabbagh, 34, the judge said: “I need time to consider your sentence. I don’t, for the moment, accept that you should be sentenced to six months.” Deputy public prosecutor Asoka Markandu described Ali Sabbagh as “the most culpable” among the three as he was the one approached by the syndicate and the one who persuaded the two linesmen to accept the sexual bribe. The three men were arrested for accepting sexual favours in exchange for agreeing to fix an Asian Football Confederation Cup match on April 3 between Singapore-based club Tampines Rovers and India’s East Bengal.They were abruptly pulled out before the match began. The three were denied bail and have been detained at Singapore’s Changi prison since April 4. Eric Ding Si Yang, 31, a Singaporean businessman who allegedly supplied the prostitutes, has also been charged with corruption and granted bail. The judge lashed out at the FIFA-accredited referees for bringing disrepute to the sport,

saying they were probably the first international football match officials to be charged with corruption in Singapore. “That alone, the fact that you are international officials, in my view, is already an aggravating factor,” he said. “The Singapore public has an interest in preserving football as a professional sport in Singapore. This is because it has social, recreational and economic value,” he added. State prosecutors have said Ali Sabbagh was approached by Ding in “mid-2012” in Beirut, indicating a “clear international dimension” to the offences. Ding, described in Singaporean media as a nightclub owner who drives an Aston Martin sports car, is facing three counts of corruption charges but was freed after posting bail of S$150,000 ($121,000). Singapore has a long history of match-fixing, and syndicates from the wealthy Southeast Asian island have been blamed by European police for orchestrating a network responsible for rigging hundreds of games worldwide. AFP

Gary Low, the lawyer of three Lebanese referees accused of accepting a bribe, leaves the Subordinate courts yesterday in Singapore. Afp

Salah hat-trick keeps Egypt on Brazil trail Mohamed Salah scored a hat trick on Sunday as Egypt won 4-2 in Zimbabwe to keep up their 100 per cent run in the World Cup qualifiers for next year’s finals in Brazil. Their hopes of ensuring top place in Group G and advancing to the last phase of the African preliminaries were put on hold, however, when Guinea beat Mozambique 6-1 in the group’s other game. The goals from the 20-yearold Salah, who plays for Swiss champions FC Basle, confirmed his emergence as a new hero for Egyptian football. Mohamed Aboutrika opened the scoring after six minutes and proved the perfect foil for Salah to add another three. Egypt, the only African side with a 100 per cent record, advanced onto 12 points with two games to play, five ahead of Guinea. Islam Slimani scored twice as Algeria came from behind to score a significant 3-1 away win over Benin in Porto Novo, taking over top place in Group H after Mali were held to a surprise home draw by lowly Rwanda in Bamako. Rudy Gestede, who won recent promotion to the top flight in England with Cardiff, scored in his second international to put Benin ahead. Slimani then scored twice in four minutes before the

break to turn around the tie. Togo, again without Emmanuel Adebayor, got their first win of the campaign by beating Cameroon 2-0. The win put Togo suddenly in contention in Group I, albeit two points behind the co-leaders Libya and Cameroon. There was also a first win in Group E for Burkina Faso, runners-up at the African Nations Cup finals at the start of the year. Jonathan Pitroipa, voted player of the tournament in South Africa, scored nine minutes from time away against Niger. But the Burkinabe are still four points behind leaders Congo with two to play. The next round of fixtures are scheduled for Wednesday and the coming weekend with the last group matches played in September. The 10 group winners play off in October and November to determine the five qualifiers for Brazil. AFP

Sunday’s Results 2014 World Cup qualifiers ​​​​​Mali 1 Rwanda 1 ​​Guinea 6 Mozambique 1 ​​​​Niger 0 Burkina Faso 1 ​​​​​Benin 1 Algeria 3 Togo 2 Cameroon 0 Zimbabwe 2 Egypt 4 International friendly ​​Brazil 3 France 0

Neville hangs up boots to move into coaching

Phil Neville has confirmed he has retired from playing, signalling the end of a distinguished career and opening the door to a full-time coaching or management role once he has finished working with the England Under-21 squad at the European Championship. Neville, who is finishing his Uefa A coaching licence, made 505 top-flight appearances for Manchester United and Everton, winning six Premier League titles, three FA Cups, a Champions League and 59 England caps. The 36-yearold has been linked with a coaching position at United, where he would be reunited with David Moyes. THE GUARDIAN

Tonight’s fixtures 2014 World Cup qualifiers Australia v Jordan – 4pm Korea Republic v Uzbekistan 6pm Iraq v Japan – 9:30pm Iran v Lebanon – 10:30pm Belarus v Finland – 12am Sweden v Faroe Islands 12:15am Denmark v Armenia – 1:15am Colombia v Peru – 3:30am Ecuador v Argentina – 4am Mexico v Costa Rica – 7am Venezuela v Uruguay – 7am Chile v Bolivia – 7:30am Honduras v Jamaica – 8am USA v Panama – 8:30am International friendlies China v Netherlands – 7pm Estonia v Kyrgyzstan – 12am Norway v Macedonia – 12am Italy v Haiti – 1:45am


THE PHNOM PENH POST june 11, 2013

Sport Nadal craves peace after Paris feat R By Julien Pretot

afael Nadal’s comeback from a career-threatening knee injury was crowned at the French Open on Sunday when he won the Roland Garros title for a record eighth time to move into joint third place in the all-time list of Grand Slam winners on 12. But the 27-year-old Spaniard admitted that the injury woes that sidelined him for seven months last year are far from being a thing of the past. On the contrary, they are ever present on his mind. Nadal had pointedly refused to answer questions about his knees during the French Open fortnight, but he opened up after his impressive 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 win over David Ferrer. “My knee, not knees. I am luck that it is not both. It’s only one,” Nadal said with a wry smile when questioned again on his troublesome joints. “But the knee, some weeks I didn’t feel well, but the last couple of weeks I start to feel my knee better. So that’s positive. And it is resisting

Rafael Nadal celebrates as he wins the 2013 French Open final against David Ferrer at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris on Sunday. aFp

tough matches like I had in Rome against [Ernest] Gulbis, David Ferrer – two days straight. “The knee resisted a very tough battle against [Novak Djokovic] the other day [in the semi-final]. Yesterday I didn’t have a terrible feeling, so that’s very positive news.

“Today I was able to compete at 100 per cent another time, so that’s fantastic. It’s true that in Barcelona my feeling was very negative about my knee. So I am still going week by week, day by day. I will take a look after here.” After here means first of all pulling

out of next week’s grass-court tournament in Halle, Germany, where he had been scheduled to begin his preparations for Wimbledon, which starts on June 24. Not the ideal manner, he agrees, to prepare for a tournament where he does not enjoy the huge advantage he has over his main rivals on the clay of Roland Garros, where he has a staggering record of 59 wins against one loss. But, after his first Grand Slam event in almost a year, it is time to take stock and see what his body and knees are telling him. “I will check everything after here,” he said. “I will check all my body, and I really hope to be ready for Wimbledon. I won’t play a tournament before Wimbledon, so that’s not the ideal situation before a Grand Slam like Wimbledon that is on grass and the conditions are very different. “It’s a tournament that is more unpredictable for that. But I am going to try to arrive in good shape to Wimbledon. And if not, I am going to look at the rest of the season. “Because even if I don’t play a good Wimbledon, that doesn’t mean I am

not going to try, because I am going to try my 100 per cent to be ready for there and to play good tennis there.” So instead of Halle, reluctant superstar Nadal will head to his beloved home-base on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. And there he basically hopes to be left alone with his friends and family to heal his aching joints and recharge his mental and physical batteries ahead of the two remaining Grand Slam events of the year in London and New York. Asked if he expected a big welcoming party when he flies home, Nadal said: “No, honestly, I don’t think so. Maybe some of my friends, some of your friends from the press, but people down there are not doing that. “I mean, they wouldn’t meet me at the airport. It’s true I like feeling people love me. It’s a very special feeling. But I don’t need them to come to the airport to know that they like me. “In Mallorca, the best present they can give me is to leave me alone, to give me peace, to let me get back to my real, normal life. Being left alone, this is priceless.” AFP

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