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“What” and “if” are two words that are weakly expressed, but when used together, it has the power to haunt us forever. Do you wish you could have lived differently? Have you ever regretted something and you wish you could have done it in a different way? What if? There are no ground rules for the best decisions, and sometimes, even the best decisions are not the right one. In one way or another, it seems that we have all have been there, and it leaves us to decide for ourselves. After all, each person is a master of his own life. What I am trying to say, my fellow readers, this second issue of The Pharmakeia for this academic year will take and let you experience our already “shared’ experience. This issue wishes to shed light to you, that life is full of possibilities. Maybe someday you meet and fall in love with a Bionic man, or maybe someday it will be common to buy marijuana on streets. What you thought as your best friend turned out to be your secret admirer, or perhaps you could be the next Dean of the College. Who knows, right? These possibilities are endless, and it necessitates us to put to an end to it by becoming brave enough to take risks. Because I will be departing the school for good, this will be the last issue that I will be the Editor-in-Chief. I started from a humble beginning. Back then I was a mere photojournalist, and since then everything became history. Honestly, I never thought of becoming an EIC. But it did, because there are those people who believed in my capabilities even though I admit, I still have doubts whether or not I will run the publication well. Given the last chance to write this note, I now dedicate this issue to those people who made me the kind of EIC I am now, to those who believed that I can continue the legacy of the publication, and to those who made me realize that I am never

alone. To our advisers, Ms. Jeremay Campos, RPh, MSPhar, Ms. Colleen Gomiega, RPh, and Mr. Raymund Joseph Sorgon, RMT, thank you for your enduring support, patience, and guidance. Thank you for always believing in me. To Sir RJ, thank you for coming into our “brainstorming dinner” even though you were not feeling well. Thank you Sir for being honest to say what is good and not so good about every issue. To Ma’am Colleen, thank you for the ideas you shared in every brainstorming activities and for keeping the atmosphere light every time. Finally, to Ma’am Bambi, I will never forget that moment when you called me saying that I will be this year’s EIC; it really turned my world to a new perspective. And with that, I thank you Ma’am. Thank you very much for strongly believing in me from the very beginning. To our former adviser, Ms. Remi Charlene Salvilla, RPh, MSPhar, thank you for your moral and financial support. Thanks also to you, Ma’am Remi for believing in me as well. Thank you for entrusting in me the publication you love so much and for giving me the chance to discover, appreciate and trust myself in this aspect. To our former Dean, Mrs. Lerma dela LlanaParis, RMT, MSPH, thank you for the unending support despite those errors we had in our articles. Thank you for believing that we could still pull off the “Most Outstanding Publication” this academic year despite those things. To our present Dean, Mrs. Zesil Gay Gelle, RMT, MSMT, thank you for allowing us to make this second issue happen. Thank you Ma’am Zes for your valued support. To my Pharmacy 4A, UN (United Nations), and TF’s (True Friends) families, thank you for the criticisms and acclaims you kindly say pertaining to our issue. In one way or another, those words coming from you made every issue a huge success. To our former Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Breann Katrina Chaplin, RPh, thank you for setting the standards. Nang Bree, know that you really challenged and inspired me a lot. Thank you for believing that with my leadership, we could defend the title of our beloved publication. To the most wonderful people behind the works, my Pharmakeia family, words are not enough to express my gratitude to all of you. Still, thank you for making each and every issue of ours a huge one. Thank you for giving me the chance to grow and learn from you. We could not have attained the award for “Most Outstanding Publication” if not everyone had shared their time, effort and talent. For that reason, I am thankful to be your EIC. I will miss all of you! To those who will remain as staff for the next school


year, I hope that you continue to inspire readers, express and deliver your ideas, and continue to support and love each other. That way, we will be able to continue the legacy that The Pharmakeia has already built, and it is time to pass it to you. Let your passion flow, my dear Keians! To our beloved readers, thank you for taking time and making it a habit to read our magazine. We will not be here if not for you and we will never be where we are now without your support. Seeing you smile and get touched by our issues is more than enough to pay all the hardships that everyone in the publication has done to make every issue possible. You are the life of the magazine! To my family, Mama, Papa, Macey, Mommy Ondit, Titas, Titos and cousins, I LOVE YOU. And above all, to God the Almighty Father, thank you for everything. Thank you for giving me the chance to meet these beautiful people

I have mentioned; thank you for putting me where I am exactly. Most importantly, thank you for giving me the skills to capture those important moments in my photographs, for giving me the gift of writing to inspire others and the leadership skills to make this publication stand above and remain strong. Hail to College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology! To God be the glory! After everything has been said and done, I now lay my pen to rest.

Mharvie May 2014



Marijuana: from Insanity to Remedy written by YVONNE MAE CAPATAYAN IN A WORLD THAT GLAMORIZES drug use, it is not difficult to see why some teens are drawn to using them. Cannabis or commonly known as Marijuana, has been the authoritative figure in the continuous rise of drug-usage of youth worldwide. It went from something that was just passed around the table to being a constant pastime to a mark of independence, rebellion and maturity. Between television, movies, internet and peers at school, teenagers are bombarded with the fantasy Marijuana seems to offer. Recent studies show that Marijuana has the potential to cause problems in daily life. A survey shows that 23% of teens have tried marijuana at least once. By eighteen, nearly 50% have marijuana intoxication in their systems and about 24% are current users. Everyday there is a frightening BETWEEN 500 adolescents who uses marijuana and countless other drugs. TELEVISION, MOVIES, One would think marijuana could never have a positive effect on the society, INTERNET AND but the advent of what many call as “medPEERS AT SCHOOL, ical marijuana� has tore down personal views and left hundreds wondering, what TEENAGERS ARE use does marijuana really have? This brings us the topic of perhaps BOMBARDED WITH the most controversial issue in the heart of political debate of today; will medical THE FANTASY marijuana finally be legalized in the PhilMARIJUANA SEEMS ippines? Over the past years, the emergence of TO OFFER. therapeutic cannabis has been the prime subject for international debate and has thrown the nations into chaos. The world was divided into those who agreed to consider the legalization of medical marijuana strictly for medicinal purposes and those that objected to it, regarding it as still a drug, no matter its health potential. In the Philippines, we find the same scenario. Isabela representative Rodolfo Albano III proposed on filing a bill that would permit the sale and purchase of medical pot. Although this proposition was met with sarcasm and hilarity, some of the members were obviously interested. Oil extracted from marijuana has been found to cure a number of grave ailments. It reportedly was shown to have remedial benefits in relieving nausea due to chemotherapy, some symptoms of AIDS and HIV, glaucoma and various chronic pains. It can also act as an effective substitute to painkillers and are profitable for mental health. Medical cannabis has also been proven to protect against the formation and termination of cancer cells. Recent study in Spain claims that several components found in Marijuana act as cancer killers, exterminating growing presence of cancerous cells in the body all the while disregarding the healthy ones.


May 2014

PERSPECTIVE Despite the potency of marijuana to health impacts, many are still unconvinced of its alleged medicinal purposes without proper empirical and scientific evidences to support its effectiveness. Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, a steadfast anti-illegal drug advocate had voiced his strong opposition of legalizing marijuana, pointing out that supporters are concealing their proposal by making use of the term ‘medical’ when it could only produce substance abuse. Furthermore, the approval of medical cannabis could cause the aggravation of the upsurge of jailbirds in the country’s packed prisons, not its alleviation and increase cannabis addiction amongst teenagers if it would be made accessible for the public. In spite of the promise that when medical marijuana should be approved in the near future, it would be cultivated and sold under close supervision, many still fear the possibility of it to be used for recreation. The Department of Health has remained neutral in their opinions of allowing public access to medical marijuana but said that efficient and further studies must be required before the treatment is approved. The argument has been done, the grounds had been enumerated. All that is left is to choose. Protocol bans the production and supply of narcotic drugs and deemed it as serious evil to an individual with drastic effects but the etiquette can be overlooked once productivity of its medical and research conditions has been confirmed. We have all the time in the world to decide. When the time comes, however, we should be confident in what we chose. Marijuana is like fire. And those who don’t know how to handle it well gets their fingers burned.


A Threat Like No Other written by KIM JOHN VILLA The country was alarmed when there was a positive case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infection for the first time. It was an OFW male nurse from UAE. He arrived in the Philippines on April 15th together with other 418 passengers of Etihad Airway Flight EY 0424. The Department of Health (DOH) has since contacted and tested the passengers, including the said nurse and his family. So far they were all confirmed negative. It was after all a false alarm. To conclude, the country remains to be MERS-CoV free. On the other hand, the government has only preventive, rather than curative approach to the virus. In fact, as part of the Department of Health’s (DOH’s) preventive measures, Health Secretary Ona announced on April 23rd that OFWs need to present a clearance to Philippine embassies in the Middle East, where the virus is said to have originated, showing that they are negative for the virus before they are allowed to travel back to the country. Surely, the relief of not having been infected may be attributable to the citizens confined within the country, but is it reasonable enough

May 2014


PERSPECTIVE to be at all complacent? Truth is, we do not know what the virus is capable of, but what we do know is that it is a close relative to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus, which caused an outbreak last 2003. They both produce flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, sneezing, and gastroenteritis; MERS-CoV, in addition, causes rapid kidney failure. Both are first detected from animal reservoirs–SARS originated from bats while MERS-CoV originated from camels. Since MERSCoV is ‘new’ and ‘emerging’ according to Health Secretary Ona, no vaccine for the virus is produced. Its mechanism, transmission and infectivity are yet to be studied. We may have a déjà vu of another epidemic through MERS-CoV. Of the four top Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) destinations, according to National Statistics Office study on 2013, three are in the Middle East–Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar, with Singapore being the only Asian country in the list. OFWs in the Middle East face the greatest risk. Unbeknownst to some, there have been emerging cases not only in the are we prepared Middle East, but also in France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, and United for the possibility States. Considering the over sizable OFW population in these countries and there of having an are no national identification system here outbreak? It in the Philippines to facilitate tracking down possibly infected ones, how do we might not be ensure that the Philippine government has taken a provocative stance and today, but it might prepare for the possibility of having an outbreak? One or two of millions of be soon. OFWs from these countries will not only come down with the disease but also unknowingly bring it home. Take the case of what happened to an attempt to track the “infected” male nurse and his co-passengers. It took over a week for the DOH to track down the nurse alone. Now that’s too long. To date, some of his co-passengers are yet to be contacted and tested. Now that’s an alarming thought, because if they are found to be infected (which is mostly unlikely), then the virus might be spreading without prior notice. The more important question to consider is, are we prepared for the possibility of having an outbreak? It might not be today, but it might be soon. MERS-CoV infection remains to be in a realm of possibility in the country. The government has to do more than just putting hospitals and testing centers on heightened alert. It has to reach out, and to continuously serve the needs of our fellow Filipinos abroad, outbreak or no outbreak. In the meantime, in the Philippines, it’s time for DOH to put in place contingency measures, and to officially alert the public about the deadly MERS-CoV. The public, however, must do their part by being extra-diligent with their personal health and hygiene, by going to hospitals and have themselves tested when they experience flu-like symptoms, and by keeping themselves– and their OFW loved ones–updated about public programs and precautions designed to prevent virus’ spread.


May 2014


No More ghost pharmacists! written by MHArVie CAPUndAn “The PeRcePTioN oF The coMMuNiTy is that the pharmacist is just a seller of the drug and you can’t blame them because that is what they see and this is how some pharmacists act,” said Leonila Ocampo, president of the Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPhA). For the majority of Filipinos, a pharmacist is simply the one who sells medicine–one who stands behind drugstore counters, busily taking the prescriptions from customers and giving them the medicines they need. There is more to a pharmacist. There is more to being just a seller of a drug. Pharmacists play a vital role in the effective delivery of health service. However, the aforementioned notion still prevails despite the steps taken by the Philippine Pharmacist Associations to uplift the profession in the country. Worse, the issue on “ghost” pharmacists still stands in the middle-of-the-road for those small- to medium-sized community pharmacists despite the actions taken by the FDA to implement the law governing such malpractice. When a pharmacist is out of work or abandoning such responsibility on his registered place of work, he is known to be a ghost pharmacist. Being a ghost pharmacist is a violation against the Pharthey (pharMaCists) macy Law. It is the delinquency of one’s work with rendezvous of other businesses should avoid that could be directly or indirectly related beCoMing too to his main function. For some, reasons may be because his career path is divertCoMfortably ed and not into pharmacy profession but other specific careers, so that his license Waiting for their is for leasing to make an additional income to him. But either way, to do such is Monthly pay CheCk a clear manifestation of going against the law governing their practice. and ending their The pharmacist plays a crucial role in effective health care. With the complexity responsibilities of medications and the advent of the different diseases evolving in the world now, there. pharmacists have to exert a little more time and effort to find ways to be truly patient-oriented. They should avoid becoming too comfortably waiting for their monthly pay check and ending their responsibilities there. The Pharmacy profession is very all-encompassing; there are a lot of opportunities that a Pharmacist can do. One can opt to be a community pharmacist, a hospital pharmacist, an industrial pharmacist, and nuclear pharmacist. Why opt to be a “ghost” pharmacist? All in all, one must be loyal to one work only. If ever sidelines would come, grab it provided that it should not compromise to his pharmacy profession. Pharmacists went through a lot in his 4 or 5 years of education, and being known to be just a sales clerk, worst, a “ghost” pharmacist, should never suffice as his grounds in his professional practice.

May 2014


CPMT launches “Bangka-Giving” project written by HAZEL TANGENTE and FHERRY MAE QUIDATO THE COLLEGE of Pharmacy and Medical Technology (CPMT) of the University of San Agustin launched its “Bangka-Giving Project” last February 22, 2014 at Sitio Magalumbi, Brgy. Tanao, Batad, Iloilo. The project aimed to reconnect the victims of the recent Typhoon Yolanda, especially the fishermen of Magalumbi Island back to the sea. The project intended to help provide long-term

livelihood opportunities to those affected by Typhoon Yolanda in Magalumbi Island by rehabilitating their Bangka through the help of various sponsors. For its first wave, the campaign planned to gave out four motor-mobiles with 6.5 engines which will consequently aid four affected families. The first two beneficiaries were chosen by the Barangay Chairman of Magalumbi Island, of which Rubina Alberio and Analyn Incronal were included. Whereas, Jasmine Hemoya and

Leo Banares won the bangka by a raffle draw. As of today, the engines given to each family were already being used by them for their livelihood. Consequently, the beneficiaries of the project, as well as the other inhabitants of Magalumbi Island extended their heartfelt gratitude to the college and the university for the support they gave to them. It was this project that the recipients of each engine were able to see the light of a new day after the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda.

Campos and Blancaflor join UP IP Course Training Program 2014 written by MS. JEREMAY CAMPOS Ms. Jacqueline Blancaflor, MSPharm and Ms. Jeremay Campos, MSPharm joined other academes from different universities for a short course training offered by the University of the Philippines, Industrial Pharmacy Department at University of the Philippines, Manila. It was held on May 5 to 17, 2014. The thirteen-day training was entitled “Short Course Training on Drug Product Manufacturing, Quality Control and Validation.” There were a total of 19 partici6

May 2014

pants in the said program. On the very first day, the participants were welcomed by the UP professors. They were oriented as to the extent of the education they would be immersed in. They were given tasks that challenged their knowledge in manufacturing, quality control, physical pharmacy, pharmacognosy and research. “It feels like we’re students again.” Blancaflor said. During the training, they were assigned to formulate their very own products, manufacture and

test its quality in different ways to ensure the products conformed to standards by pharmacopeias such as USP and BP. “It was one experience we will never forget,” Campos said, after receiving a certificate of recognition as one of the top 3 exemplary participants of the said training. The short course training might have been over, but one thing is for sure: the new knowledge that our two faculties have gained from their mentors from UP will be shared and benefited by both their co-teachers and students.

NEWS Jamandre places 1st in MedTech Licensure Exam 2014 written by ANA CHRISTIANA JOY ARROYO Erika Jiline M. Jamandre of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology placed 1st in the March 2014 Medical Technology Licensure Examinations (MTLE) with a score of 90.80%. In addition, the College was awarded as 2nd Top Performing School in the said March 2014 MTLE, garnering 43 passers out of 50 examinees. It gained a total passing percentage of 86%. The exams were held in the cities of Manila Baguio, Cebu and Davao. It was held last March 3031, 2014. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released the results on April 3rd after a thorough review by the Board of Medical Technology. According to PRC, there were 885 out of 1,252 who passed the exam. Subsequent-

ly, the PRC also announced that there were only two schools who made it to the Top Performing Schools in the recently concluded exam, namely the Far Eastern University–Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation and the University of San Agustin. Moreover, Jamandre shared these words of encouragement to his fellow PharMed. She said, “The message I have to those who will take up the board exams is encapsulated in Zechariah 4:6 which says, ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.’ God is our only true success factor. Ask for His guidance in every circumstance, and He is sure to supply more than enough wisdom and understanding to face whatever lies ahead. Remember that we

Jamandre serve a God of excellence who requires us to offer our best. Be obedient to God’s truth for He never fails to honor those who choose to honor Him. If you do stumble or if you meet with disappointments, look up to heaven and know that we serve a living God who has grand plans for all of us.”

MedTech seniors prevail in 10th Regional BIOTA Research competition written by KIM JOHN VILLA

Battling for technicality of the manuscript and soundness of the defense, selected BMLS 4 students prevailed in the 10th Regional Biology Teachers Association of the Philippines (BIOTA) Research Competition–Team Category, Tertiary Level. It was held at Iloilo Doctor’s College, Iloilo City last March 7, 2014. Genessa Buenafe and her team won 2nd place. Trailing behind them was Lennon Ponta-oy’s team and John Miedes’ team, who won 3rd and 5th place, respectively. Each team received a trophy and a certificate. Their research papers were entitled as follows: “Synergistic Antibacterial Activity of Amox-

icillin and Bakhaw (Rhizopora mucronata) Bark Crude Methanolic and Aqueous Extracts against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli” (Buenafe’s team, 2nd place); “Cytotoxic, Anti-oxidant, Anti-Hyperglycemic Activities of ‘Ponderosa’ Chico (Achraszapota Linn. var ponderosa) Leaves” (Ponta-oy’s team, 3rd place);and “Effect of Tanglad (Cympopogon citrates) Leaf and Stalk Decoction on Alloxan-Induced Hyperglycemic Male White Mice (Mus musculus)” (Miedes’ team, 5th place). Credits also goes to their research advisers, namely, Mr. Jose Perez, RMT, MSMT, as Buenafe’s team adviser, and Mrs. Zesil Gay Gelle, RMT, MSMT, as Ponta-oy and Miedes’ teams’ adviser.

FUTURE INNOVATORS. (From left to right) Team leaders Miedes, Buenafe, and Ponta-oy posed with their trophies and certificates after reaping awards for the 10th Regional Biota Research Competition last March 7, 2014 at Iloilo Doctor’s College, Iloilo City.

May 2014



CPMT honors newly registered pharmacists written by JENNIFER NUFUAR and PAUL renz jison ILOILO CITY, March 13, 2014– 70 New Augustinian Pharmacists held their white coat ceremony at Iloilo Grand Hotel, Iloilo City. It started with a mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Donato E. Ellezar, OSA at the University chapel, in which the white coats were blessed. After which, everyone made their way to the said hotel for their White Coat Ceremony. The program started with inspirational messages from Mrs. Lanie R. Capaque, RPh, Chief Pharmacist of Western Visayas Medical Center and Mrs. Ruth T. Jaranilla, RPh, President of Iloilo Pharmaceutical Association. “The pharmacists do not only sell medicines, but they also share ideas.” says Mrs. Capaque. Ms. Breann Katrina R. Chaplin, RPh, in behalf of their batch, delivered her words of gratitude

towards the people who made them who they are at present. Afterwhich, Ms. Julienne Adele O. Lao, RPh led the Pharmacist Code of Ethics and Mr. Chris Vincent S. Santillana, RPh for the prayer for Pharmacists. “Soar high Augustinian Pharmacists!” these were the words Ms. Jacqueline S. Blancaflor, RPh,

MSPhar stressed in her closing remarks. Indeed, these new set of Augustinian pharmacist are now ready to conquer the world, make known of their profession and bring glory to their beloved Alma Mater, as they embark in the journey of being young professional pharmacists of today and of the future.

CMPT Seniors participate in U-Week’s Research Fair and Exhibition 2014 written by Kim John Villa

Contributing to update medical science, selected CPMT Seniors participated in the 3rd University Grand Research Fair held at USA President’s Conference Room, February 26, and 5th Research Poster Exhibit, which was held at Alumni Lobby last February 24 to 28, 2014. The fair and the exhibit are part of the annual University Week Cel8

May 2014

ebration. During the fair, participating teams from BS Pharmacy 4 presented their research papers in the morning, while BMLS 4 teams presented in the afternoon. After which, awards were given to those individuals who had best presented their team’s research paper. Among the best presenters include Bridget Marie Louise Lucero, BS Pharmacy 4 student, and Genessa Buenafe, BMLS 4 Student. Their research papers were entitled as follows: “Combined Seed Extracts of Guyabano (Annona muricata) and Atis (Annona squamosa): A Pediculocidal Shampoo” (Lucero’s team) and “Synergistic Ac-

tivity of Amoxicillin and Bakhaw (t) Bark Crude Methanolic and Aqueous Extracts against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli” (Buenafe’s team) On the other hand, the poster for the research paper entitled “Isolation and Identification of Bacteria on Stethoscope Diaphragms Used in Different Ward Sections of Government Hospitals in Iloilo City,” won 2nd place for Natural Science Category. It was created by BMLS 4 students, namely, Jason Harl Hidrosillo, Ana Christiana Joy Arroyo, Sharmaine Kay Delgado, Glorybel Intoy, Angelica Nhoj Gemora, Gin Anilou Pillora, and Christine Rose Soriano.

The Pharmakeia wins “Most Outstanding Publication” twice in a row written by ABIGAIL MARIE PEREZ

February 28, 2014–The Pharmakeia was awarded as Most Outstanding Publication during the 6th SanAg Campus Press Awards held at the Administration Building Lobby, Herrera Hall, University of San Agustin. The publication won the same award since last year. The event was officiated by the USA Publications. Different publications coming from school’s department competed for the whole-day event last February 22, 2014. They battled for Best Publication Entry and overall Most Outstanding Publication. Points for Most Outstanding Publication were computed based from their combined performance from the entry they submitted for Best Publication

Entry award, and during the Onthe-Spot Writing Contests. The Pharmakeia garnered a total of 208 points; The Artian, a student publication of the College of Arts and Sciences, won 2nd place after earning 156 points. Pen and Ink, a student publication of the College of Engineering and Architecture, won 3rd place with 150 points. The Pharmakeia won 2nd place for Best Publication Entry. They also bagged the following minor awards: 1st place for Best Literary Page and News Page; 2nd place for Best Feature Page and Filipino Page. Keian journalists were also given individual awards for their works in the magazine. Francis Gerald Scott Gonzales from

BMLS 2 and Jessamine Faith Molate from BSPhar 2 won as Best Human Interest Writers for the writing entitled “Terror Teachers.” Ana Christiana Joy Arroyo, BMLS 4, won as Best News Writer for writing “Faculin ranks 3rd in 2013 MedTech Licensure Exam.” Best Photojournalist was given to Mharvie Capundan, BSPhar 4, for her photograph of Dorine Christa Juan used in the magazine’s cover and cover story. Finally, Jaslyn Kaye Solmeo, BSPhar 3. won as Best Filipino Writer for her literary work “Layag, Layag.” Fellow Keians also bagged awards during the On-the-Spot Writing Contests. Yvonne Mae Capatayan, BMLS 1, won 1st place in Editorial Writing and Feature Writing. Hazel Tangente, BMLS 1 ranked 1st place for Sports Writing; Calvin John Espino, BSPhar 4, and Mharvie Capundan ranked 1st place and 2nd place for Photojournalism, respectively. Credits also go to their advisers: Ms. Jeremay Campos, RPh, MSPhar, Ms. Mary Colleen Gomiega, RPh, and Mr. Raymund Joseph Sorgon, RMT. Soar high Pharmakeians!

Gelle, Jolito, Paris attend PASMETH Convention 2014 written by MHARVIE CAPUNDAN Mrs. Lerma dela Llana Paris, RMT, MSPH, Mrs. Deanna Jolito, RMT, MSMT and Mrs. Zesil Gay Gelle, RMT, MSMT attended the 44th Annual National Convention of The Philippine Association of Schools of Medical Technology/ Public Health (PASMETH). It was held at the Lyceum of the Philippines University, Batangas City last

May 5 to 7, 2014. This year’s theme is entitled “At the Frontiers of Internationalization through the Quality Medical Laboratory Science and Education and Linkages.” PASMETH conducted this year’s Research Competition wherein Mrs. Gelle presented her research entitled, “A Quali-

tative Study of BMLS Internship AY 2011-2012: Basis for Training Improvements” before her fellow registered medical technologists. Mrs. Gelle shares her learning during the convention. She said, “Philippine education system is keeping up with the demands of the time. Each institution or university must be open to changes in order to keep up with these demands.” May 2014



ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE THROUGH CAMARADERIE written by DAniCA JArAniLLA o MAinTAin The spiriT of unity and camaraderie, the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology celebrated events for students, faculty members and staff. It has committed itself in providing quality education to produce globally-competent professionals. Perhaps, a day or two of a celebration will keep the spirit alive!


pharmacy day The Pharmacy Department celebrated its annual Pharmacy day last December 6, 2013 at the Outside Courts of University of San Agustin with a theme of “The Filipino Pharmacists for better Health.” The whole afternoon was filled with all sorts of fun activities. The audience were able to relax and laugh with “Pharmacy-ne- mo to!”, “Singing Bee Contest” and “PharHenyo.” The main highlight of the said event was “Bet on your Teacher” which was participated by some Pharmacy teachers. After all the fun and games, the celebration ended with a solemn prayer led by Sibelle Almazora entitled “Love for You,” hoping to give inspiration to all Pharmacy graduates who will be taking the Board Exams. Mls day BMLS students and staff once again celebrated their BMLS Day last January 17, 2014 at the Outside Courts of University of San Agustin. “MLS: Beyond Beauty, Wisdom and Skills” was this year’s theme. The program included a Project Runway contest, a semi-interpretation from a popular fashion-oriented TV show from the United States but this 10

May 2014

time, dresses were made from recycled materials. It also included a dance contest showcasing their awesome dance moves, a singing contest ala The Voice and lastly, the “TMT: That’s My Teacher.” pMT day Students, faculty and staff of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology gathered once again to celebrate its CPMT day last February 14-15, 2014 held at University of San Agustin Gym. This year’s theme is entitled “CPMT: Achieving Excellence and Competence through Camaraderie and Unity.” The two-day celebration included series of fun-filled activities. On the first day, there were exhibition games in the afternoon followed by the candle lighting in the evening. The second day of activities included PMT Kalokalike, Minute to Win It, PMT Live Spoof, and PMT Henyo. The main highlight of the event was The PMT iScream, the search for Student Advocates. The contestants were not only beauty and brains but also student models of our profession. All in all, the night ended with a blast and achieved its theme of unity and love.


PROM ala PMT written by DAniCA JArAniLLA eAr BlACk And Be Bold! The College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology pulled it off last February 17, 2014 during their Junior-Senior Prom at Iloilo Grand Hotel, Iloilo City. The night was all glitz and glam. Almost all attendees wore their blackest and boldest ensemble. A traditional prom ala PMT-style was done. The junior class dance competition started the event. All groups had their own different styles and didn’t fail to entertain the judges, faculty, staff and the seniors. In addition to that, there was also a video competition for the juniors prom king 2014 regarding their view and Mr. siegefred enriquez pue preparation of prom. The two winning videos from prom Queen 2014 BMLS 3C and BSPhar 3B Ms. katrina ann Capalla were then featured that night. prom prince 2014 After all the music, fun Mr. ric Martin libo-on and laughter, the event moved to a deeper part. prom princess 2014 It began with the tradiMs. trimarose barrios tional “Pamana,” where Couple of the night the seniors shall impart Mr. Jose paolo soriano and share something to Ms. nikki Marie velasco their little brothers and sisters–the juniors. Ms. versace’s pride Genessa Buenafe and Mr. Mr. zem Carl t. salarda Paul Renz Jison gave the Ms. Mennen ace laude (faculty) last will and testament in behalf of all seniors. Then, darling of the Crowd The Key of Responsibility Mr. Carlo Mangaran was passed down by Mr. Ms. donna Christy oso Marcel Luigi Panes to Ms. Nikki Marie Velasco. head turner Ms. Katrina Ann Capalla Mr. peter gabriel delfin Ms. kristina apol barnuevo also shared the Book of Wisdom to Ms. Jessa Mae best dancer Bidiones. Lastly, Mr. Noel Mr. aldrin Jules galboso Christopher Belleza handMs.pearl Jam Jayme ed down the Torch of Unity


to Mr. Joram Dominic Batallones. Prom won’t be complete if there’s no Prom King and Queen. The nominees were called upon and each walked the runway for their final judgement. After which, the winners were announced and they were:

killer smile Ms. Maria Joliza agres Ms. sharmaine Joy tacurda early bird Mr. rogen tristan homena Mr. salvie valyn santuyo Class dance Champion bMls 3b

May 2014


written by Kenny MAGbAnUA LAyOUt DeSiGn by frAnCiS GerALD SCOtt GOnzALeS TTiTude is what separates the predator from the prey, and it only takes a revolutionary mind, from being small to being big enough to think that they can, to win obstacles. Now, witness a man who has been told to be dumb and hopeless, but has risen above societal mediocrity because of his mother’s love.


once At the Bottom A renowned man named Dr. Benjamin Carson hurdled dumbness on becoming a leading scholar and innovator in the field of medicine. At once, he believed that he is not smart enough to do the work because of being a consistent last placer of their batch. He became the subject of tease by his classmates, which resulted into lowering his self-esteem. Fortunately, his mother insisted he is the other way around, asserting that “Benny” is smart. Nearly everything was against Ben Carson except for his mother. Armed with her mother’s wits, he was able to fight his way through many battles. Tiptoe if You Must Being a mother of two sons, Benny’s mother was determined to turn the tides of his sons’ lives. She cut off the television set and refusing them to play outside until their homework is done. She required them to hit the books. He forced Ben and his brother to read books at the library and submit a book report to her–although she herself could barely read and admittedly, she went no further than the third grade. That deed made Ben catch up a lot to his peers and eventually surpassed them. For instance, when his teacher brought rock samples in their class, everybody was astonished that he was able to recognize them.

PolaR bEaRS CaN RuN aT 25 mIlES aN houR aNd JumP oVER 6 fEET IN ThE aIR. 12

May 2014

FEATURE He recalled reading about those rocks from the book that he previously read. “It was at that moment that I realized I wasn’t stupid,” Ben recalled. It only took a year for Carson, carrying with him knowledge and full blast confidence, to top the class. A miraculous success He attended Yale University, where he earned a degree in Psychology and then continued his schooling at Medical School of the University of Michigan. His hunger for knowledge was his driving force towards becoming a physician. He believed that his excellent hand-eye coordination and three-dimensional reasoning skills made him a gifted surgeon. After medical school, he became a neurosurgery resident at John Hopkins Hospital. In 1987, Ben Carson made a medical milestone after successfully separating a craniopagus twins (conjoined twins joined at the back of the head) for the first time. The 70-member surgical team, led by Carson, worked for 22 hours. At the end, the twins were successfully separated and can now survive independently. In details about how the surgery was made successful,Dr. Carson explained, “They (the twins) would always exsanguinate. They would bleed to death, and I said, ‘There’s got to be a way around that’. This time, I was talking to a friend of mine, who was a cardiothoracic surgeon, who was the chief of the division, and I said, ‘You guys operate on the heart in babies, how do you keep them from exsanguinating’ and he says, ‘Well, we put them in hypothermic arrest.’ I said, ‘Is there any reason that–if we were doing a set of Siamese twins that were joined at the head– that we couldn’t put them into hypothermic arrest, at the appropriate time, when we’re likely to lose a lot of blood?’ and he said, ‘No way.’...two months later, along came these doctors from Germany, presenting this case of Siamese twins. And, I was asked for my opinion, and I then began to explain the techniques that should be used, and how we would incorporate hypothermic arrest...and, my colleagues and I, a few of us went over to Germany. We looked at the twins. We actually put in scalp expanders, and five months later we brought them over and did the operation, and lo and behold, it

worked.” Think Big He authored an inspirational book “THINK BIG”, which stands for the following: Talent: Our Creator has endowed all of us not just with the ability to sing, dance or throw a ball, but with intellectual talent. Start getting in touch with that part of you that is intellectual, develop that, and think of careers that will allow you to use that. Honesty: If you lead a clean and honest life, then you won’t have to remember anything that will bother you. Insight: It comes from people who have already gone what you’re heading to go. They say the best teachers are from experience, so the best way to gain insights is to learn from their mistakes. Nice: If you’re genuinely nice to people, then they will be nice to you too. Karma comes with a price, so better make the most of it. Always attract good vibes; you owe it to yourself. Knowledge: It makes you into a more valuable person. The more knowledge you have, more opportunities will be open for you. Books: They are one of the sources for obtaining knowledge, as opposed to television. In-Depth Learning: Learn for the sake of knowledge and understanding, rather than for the sake of impressing people by aiming high scores. God: He is bigger than your dreams and failures. He is even bigger than you. There is no formula for success; you have to make it yourself. Imbibe it with a positive attitude, commitment and passion to work and faith to the Almighty Father, the search for contentment becomes narrower no matter how endless it seems to be. True happiness arises if we are crazy enough to think we are big enough to make an end to it.

There are 62,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body – laid end to end they would circle the earth 2.5 times. May 2014



MIND OVER MATTER written by RICHARD LAURENCE GABOY, SPENCER UMAH ONYEKACHI AND JUDITH CHIKA OKORJI Illustration from s it possible, without any physical intervention, to use only the mind to channel the body’s energy and remotely manipulate objects at will?


Nature of TK Telekinesis (TK) is an alleged ability that a person claims to possess to influence a physical system without physical interaction or the ability to levitate and teleport objects to different locations. It comes from the Greek word psyche that means breath and kinein which means move. Psycho Kinesis occurs spontaneously and deliberately, indicating that it is part of the both unconsciousness and consciousness part of the brain. Historical Claims Spiritualist mediums from as early as the 19th century claimed telekinetic abilities. Others include Uri Geller, an Israeli, who is famous for his spoon bending demonstrations; Nina Kulagina, a Russian woman, demonstrated her abilities by moving nonmagnetic objects like matches, bread, and large crystal bowls; James Hydick, an American martial arts expert, turned the pages of books and made a pencil spin around while placed on the edge of desk; and Stanislawa Tomczyk, a Polish, was able to do telekinetic feats when under hypnosis and took on an alter-ego that called itself “Little Stasia.” Other records include Eusapio Palladino, an Italian medium, who could allegedly cause objects to move during séances, or calling of spirits. However, she was caught levitating a table with her foot by the magician Joseph Rinn and using tricks to shift things by the psychologist Hugo Munsterberg. She got people into believing it was

real until she was exposed. Inconclusive Claims Yet Over the years, many people believe that the human brain has the capacity to do far more than what we can imagine. They say we only use 10 percent of our brains that’s why they claim that psychic powers, including telekinesis, are merely the result of psychics being able to use more of their brains than others. As tantalizing as the aforementioned idea sounds, this is only a myth. The fact is that we use all parts of our brain. Researchers have found that brain imaging research techniques such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) clearly show that the vast majority of the brain does not lie unused. Up until now, there is no known mechanism by which the human mind could move or bend material objects. Even if our brain waves could somehow influence objects, the laws of physics demonstrate that the waves don't extend beyond a few millimeters from the skull. Telekinesis today is featured in the entertainment industry ranging from superhuman characters in cartoons and movies to those in video games. Depending on age of the audience, it may have an effect on the viewer which can affect his lifestyle and beliefs. We should understand that those people claiming to have telekinesis are mostly a thing of the past. It is a myth that science freed us from. After all, why would people waste their time being tested and interviewed by the media when they can get rich by controlling dice in casinos or becoming sports stars in basketball and golf?

60-65 million years ago dolphins and humans shared a common ancestor. 14

May 2014



In April 2008, British psychologist and skeptic Richard Wiseman published the results of an online survey he conducted in which 400 magicians worldwide participated and were questioned, “Do you believe that psychokinesis exists?� 83.5% said yes, 9% said no, while the remaining 7.5% were uncertain

At over 2000 kilometers long, The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth. May 2014



I HEART YOU BIONIC MAN: loving someone who is not real Written by YVONNE MAE CAPATAYAN Illustrations by Grzesiek Wróblewski and Jeremiah Torrevillas o, what kind of guy do you like?” That was always the question. Tom sat across of me at our dinner table, both of us with a menu in hand. He, pretending to be interested in his carte du jour all the while giving me these ridiculously uncomfortable stares; I, on the other hand, was busy making myself look busy. “Suzy?” He called, which prompted my attention. “I don’t know what you expect to accomplish with this ‘date’ of ours, but I assure you one thing,” I put the menu down with a sigh, “The result would still be the same.” Tom chuckled. “They called you hard-toget-Suzy for nothing. So tell me,” he leaned forward, suddenly looking entranced “What is it in men that we lack for you to be this unsatisfied?” “It’s not that you lack a certain quality,” I replied bluntly, “I just can’t seem to find my preference of the ideal guy in any of you.” “I’m starting to think your idea of Mr. Right is nonexistent.” He answered. “Perhaps. Or you could prove me wrong.” I smiled. “Shall I elaborate?” “Please, do enlighten me.” Tom replied determinedly. I smiled inwardly, answering the challenge. I took out a pad and pen and began to scribble.


My man is on paper We love to read. It’s an unquestionable fact. A good book is predetermined by a good plot and pleasant set of characters. When a literature is well-written, it is not surprising to grow a certain attachment for one or two of the characters. They basically come to life with every turn of the page. Admiration for a fictional character is merely an extension of one’s love and respect for an author’s writing skills. Developing a fictional crush is a more profound level of displaying veneration. Let’s face it, the perfect man does not

exist in real life. But if we leap into the world of fantasy, these fictional characters can be whoever we want them to be. You cannot look at a blonde without seeing Jace Wayland or at a buff dark-haired and not see Jacob Black. You’d volunteer for a cancer charity and think of Augustus Waters or strike a conversation with someone with glasses and say, ‘are you Harry Potter?’ When you think ‘angels’, won’t Daniel Grigori or Patch Cipriano fly by in consideration? If you hear a twang from a bow, does that remind you of Legolas or the ranger Will? Your teacher would discuss about monarchy and you’d think Prince Maxon or Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark. a poster of soldiers and you’d stop to check if it’s Adam Kent. your father talking about business and your mind would drool over Christian Grey. a friend asking for the newest vampire flick and you’d say Edward Cullen. your younger sibling struggling to understand basic chemistry where you’d wish he would possess even half the brain cells of Artemis Fowl or the Hardy Boys, where you could buy cakes and Four would not cross your mind, or visit the bakery and not expecting to see Peeta or just seeing something Blue and blurt out Percy Jackson. Falling in love with fictional characters is actually quite common and there is nothing abnormal about it. Fantasy makes for a wonderful pastime. They represent the absolute ideal and are figments of imagination of writers, embodying traits that they wish for real persons to possess. It is more of an extension of what an ideal individual should likely have, qualities that one yearns to find but cannot. That is in no way a slight against what we have in the real word, simply that the man inside the covers of a book can never disappoint us and pretty much are ideals that suddenly, real-life counterparts seem incomparable. I saw you on TV When watching television, one would always find themselves absorbed in one or

The risk of being struck by a falling meteorite for a human is one occurrence every 9,300 years. May 2014



two of the channels. Most cases than not, you would wrestle your sibling for possession of the TV remote when Scott McCall starts to transform into a werewolf or would sit for hours with your eyes glued on the screen when an intimate moment is brewing between Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore. You’d throw a hissy fit when you miss an episode of the sarcastic wise-cracks from Dr. Gregory House and wail like a struck pig if you failed to see how Rick Grimes survived another day with zombies on the loose. If reading a book has lost its touch, people then find themselves drawn to television shows and coming to care about the characters as well. Watching has quite a different appeal than reading because it has a face, a visual representation of an individual that you could envision and follow. Unlike book characters that you have to produce your own image of the person based on the descriptions that the writer enumerates, a TV character can be easily venerated because they are more or less real, in the case that they are portrayed by live actors which brings them a tad closer to being authentic. It lets viewers know what they are feeling and being able to see the characters instead of only imagining what they look like. It makes them seem even more real to people, and more familiar. You could learn a thing or two in medicine with Dr. Derek Sheperd doing surgery, or delve into the gory cat and mouse chase of Detective Nick Burkhardt. Envision medieval times with Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, time-travel with our own alien adventurer in Doctor Who, follow the modern-day telling of DC comics’ Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen, hunt demons and save the world with Sam and Dean Winchester or fight amongst vampire slayers with Xander Harris and Rupert Giles. It seems that while watching, you are almost projected into their world. You live their lives and go on a journey with them all the while knowing these people don’t really

exist beyond the studio. Test your super sleuth skills alongside Sherlock Holmes as you help solve crime in Baker Street or flex that voice box with Will Schuester and save a musical club. Learn the basic do’s and don’ts on how to meet one’s mother with Ted or if you want to be a secret agent, then find Shield’s Agent Coulson. People are very interested in people and the reason they care about TV characters are akin to the reasons they care about other people, especially those whom we could never meet and probably never will but at the same time, know they exist through the portrayals from Television’s best. Silver Lining on the Silver screen Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like movies? Not all of us dig sports, or eat vegetables, or play computer and some people apparently aren’t even all that keen on studying. But everyone loves movies. They seem to be the only universal thing in the world that we all enjoy. Who could forget the movie adaptation of J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan, the boy who wished he would never grow up? Or the alluring yet woeful songs of the Phantom of the Opera? Anybody would remember innocent Edward Scissorhands who had razors for hands, the lonesome but brilliant thief Cassanova, the gallant Luke Skywalker who fought the galaxies with light sabers, the stuttering man-made-zombie-mademan R, the vengeful demon barber of fleet street Sweeney Todd, the indestructible Trojan warrior Achilles, the great Gatsby’s Nick Canaway, of the dashing Pevensies who ruled a land found inside a wardrobe, the legendary assemble of earth’s mightiest heroes and of a lightning-scarred wizard who was the boy who lived. Trying to get a handle on why people want to watch movies seem like a very obvious and fundamental question. It shaped the lives of everyone. By watching films, we get to relax from daily activities. They reflect

A thimbleful of a neutron star would weigh over 100 million tons. 18

May 2014

culture and are a powerful way to convey experiences. But for a film to be able to be a big hit as in Avengers-big, it does not necessarily mean having a cliché-written plot or stunning visual effects. sometimes all it takes is one massive fan base. And this is where your favorite movie characters come in. Who wouldn’t be charmed with the savvy swagger of Captain Jack Sparrow, the high-paced kickbutt action of Neo, the out-of-this-world battle of Jake Sully and the Nazi’s, the swinging and acrobats of your friendly neighborhood Spiderman and his geeky normal self Peter Parker, the animalistic energy of X-men’s best Wolverine, the electrifying pound of Thor’s mighty hammer, the impenetrable shield of Captain America or the never rusting Iron of Iron Man’s Tony Stark or, who could ever hate the estranged but magisterial God of Mischief Loki? These characters helped raise the banner of their movies through the eye-popping number of fans they garnered and the number of hearts they shot. It would be a lie to say you have not danced to the tune of High School Musical’s Troy Bolton, or groove with the perfectly-pitched Treblemakers, or test your singing abilities with Jean Valjean or Marius. Even movie adaptations of popular novels had their fair share of frowns from critics yet what made them instant faves? The characters, of course. Jace and his shadowhunter crew, Percy and his demigod pals, Harry and his wizardly friends, Katniss and Peeta with the other tributes, and recently, Four and the rest of the initiates managed to survive into the silver screen because of, that’s right, girls swooning over them.The list of millions of on-screen heartthrobs is endless, and so are the hopes of many to be able to see a person possessing traits as them. Whereas these characters are merely for audience satisfaction, they did a tremendously good job. For now, many are contented just watching them, no longer bothering to find them in real life. Anime-ziiiing Naruto Uzumaki, Son Goku, Natsu Dragneel, Ash Ketchum, Monkey D. Luffy, Ichigo Kurosaki, Edward Elric, Inuyasha, if those names ring a bell to you, then you’re deffo a legit anime fan. It is undeniable that teens today have fully embraced the label otakus (or anime fanatic) and had paved their own way to exhibit their support for their favorite anime characters. Anime holds a firm authority over the customs of teens and carved itself in their way of life. No one is a stranger to it, at least three or four series had somehow tickled your fancy. Accompanied by the immense number of anime’s that has been aired worldwide is the unceasing emergence of various anime heartthrobs that were the stuff of every teen girl’s dreams. A wide selection from the an-

ime kingdom involves the variety of different hair getup: the usual blondes such as Usui Takumi, Suoh Tamaki, Kurapika and Wolfram von Belefield, the over-bleached ones like Sakata Gintoki, Toushiro Hitsugaya, Soul Eater and Zero Kiryuu, the tree bark brownhaired such as Keima Katsuragi, Kira Yamato and pilot Suzaku Kururugi, black as night do’s like Hiei, Gray Fullbuster,Ciel Phantomhive and Recca Hanabishi and some diverse like blue-haired violinist Len Tsukimori, the fiery hothead Hanamichi Sakuragi, the lilac demon Chrno Crusade and the green-hairedsave-mother-earth Ueki. Some would settle with the usual brainiacs like Conan Edogawa, Light Yagami and Kei Takishima, while others favor the sporty and athletic like star tennis player Ryoma Echizen and basketball prodigies Kaeda Rukawa and Tetsuya Kuroko. If you dig loyal and trustworthy, Sebastian Michaelis, Tamahome and Li Syaoran could act as the perfect bodyguards. There is also a fair share of royal bloods like ex-prince Lelouch Lamperouge and demon king Yuri Shibuya. Wandering swordsman you say, meet Kenshin Himura and loner Kirito Kazuto. You want someone who can give you a run for your money with playing cards? Yuugi Mouto is your man. Or if you just wish for someone to build sandcastles with you, find Gaara. Although all these render remarkable number of fangirls, it is the typical cool, calm and collected characters who win the hearts of many. The silent EMO’S, the likes of Uchiha Sasuke, Kyoya Hibari, Satosi Hiwatari, Uryuu Ishida, Natsume Hyuuga, Tokiya Mikagami, Shi Seiran and Tomoya Okazaki never failed to string our hearts and turn our brains into jello every time we see them on screen. Add to that, the advent of Jack Frost only heightened one’s love for animation and animated crushes. All this to say, the reason these characters are made attractive is because they are built on dreams and out of the growing desire to visualize the perfect guy that cannot be found. “There is nobody like that in the real world,” Tom said after reading my list. He looked mildly discontented, “You should quit with these fantasies and focus on what’s real, Suzy.” “That’s about the whole point,” I smiled and stood up. I fished out some bills from my bag and placed them on the table. “My ideal guy is not real. He is bionic and too good to be true. So unless you’re imaginary, this conversation was pointless from the start.” I gave him a wink and turned my back. “Would you at least tell me if there is someone you even fancy?” Tom asked firmly. I faced him with a smile. “I’m in love with a lot of guys, yes,” I said. “They just don’t exist.”

Polar Bears are nearly undetectable by infrared cameras, due to their transparent fur. May 2014


Less written bY JESSAMINE FAITH MOLATE AND MS. MARY COLLEEN GOMIEGA illustration by justice ann pauline racelis

he knew she look downright stupid, but she didn’t care. Clara looked–stared, actually– at the person in front of her. Same brown eyes, same black hair, same facial features, same body built, same everything–right down to the heart shaped birthmark on her left thigh, the feature she thought that would only belong to her. Now, however, she has to share it with her “twin” that never existed in the first place. Her clone.


Photocopied Me Cloning is the creation of a certain being that is an exact replica of another. In short, everything and really everything, is exactly the same–right until the very small strands of the DNA. Yes, even the nucleotide sequence is a photocopy of the original. The award for bringing the possibility of having clones into the minds of the people would be given to Dolly, a famous cloned sheep. Dolly the Sheep showed up on the scene in 1996. Artificial cloning technologies have been around for much longer than Dolly, though. There are ways to make an exact genetic copy of an organism in a lab: artificial embryo twinning and somatic cell nuclear transfer. Cloning: The Twin’s Way Artificial Embryo Twinning is a relatively low-tech way to make clones. As the name suggests, this technique copies the natural process that creates identical twins. Naturally, twins form very early in development when the embryo splits in two. Twinning happens in the first days after egg and sperm join, while the

embryo is made of just a small number of unspecialized cells. Each half of the embryo continues dividing on its own, ultimately developing into separate, complete individuals. Artificial embryo twinning uses the same approach, but it is carried out in a Petri dish instead of inside the mother. A very early embryo is separated into individual cells, which are allowed to divide and develop for a short time in the Petri dish. The embryos are then placed into a surrogate mother, where they will finish developing. Since all the embryos came from the same fertilized egg, they become genetically identical. Make Your Own Dolly Dolly was created in another approach. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT), also called nuclear transfer, uses a different approach than the aforementioned, but still makes the same result: an exact genetic copy, or clone, of an individual. Concisely, it follows the following steps: (1) Researchers isolate a somatic cell,any cell in the body other than sperm and egg, from an adult female sheep; (2) Next they will remove the nucleus and all of its DNA from an egg cell; (3) Then they transfer the nucleus from the somatic cell to the egg cell; ( 4) After a couple of chemical tweaks, the egg cell, with its new nucleus, is behaving just like a freshly fertilized egg. It developed into an embryo, which was implanted into a surrogate mother and carried to term. An electrical current is mostly used to fuse the membranes of the egg and the somatic cell. (5) Meet Dolly! Although the steps may have to be repeated over and over again, since 276 attempts were made to achieve step 5.

The average person accidentally eats 430 bugs each year of their life. 20

May 2014


WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAVE A CLONE? Moral is still Cool God alone made us. We do not have the right to act like God and make humans. Remember the tower of Babel? They acted like God, and all they got is failure. You are no longer unique – this gotta hurt. All our lives we have been taught that we are one of a kind, and that there is no one who lived, still lives, and will live that will be like you. In a snap, that teaching will be eradicated. Clones may be awesome and all, but that would take our identity from being special to ordinary. We would be reduced from being creations of God into a mere object that can be created by human hands. After all, if you’re the best, you’re number one. If you’re unique, you’re the only one. A quote from Dr. Seuss tells us that we are indeed one-of-akind–“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You.” Don’t let a clone change that.

Out of 13 people surveyed, 8 favored to have a clone. This question was raised to the students of Ms. Colleen’s Bioethics class, and here are some of their responses:

If I have a clone, maybe she can give me harm. For every situation that she does wrong, I will be held to be responsible for it. Many people will confuse me to be her, so they might accuse me of my clone’s fault. I’m not selfish but I don’t want to have a similar face at all.

I hate having competition between people. They would fight proving that the one person is better than the other. To have an exact copy of me is unimaginable! I would rather choose to be away from her and would pretend that she doesn’t exist.

If I would have a clone, I would let her do the things that I am not able to do. For example, I will let her finish my assignments. I will let her do tasks that I am not able to finish. I will let her play pranks on my friend, and also let her enjoy. Maybe having a cloned sister is like having a slave.

She can be my comforter when I’m sad, like a pillow whom I can hug. She can be the person who will always lend me a hand. Although she is just my clone, I would still respect her. I would be willing to reciprocate the warmth, love and care. After all, she is someone tangible, visible and concrete being with a human heart.

a TyPICal huRRICaNE PRoduCES ThE ENERgy EquIValENT of 8,000 oNE mEgaToN bombS. May 2014


The Macabre Lover Written By Allysa Grace Daguro

arl and Oleya loved each other, but due to an incurable illness, Oleya died. Karl was devastated. He asked Oleya’s family that he will take care of Oleya’s body. He made a sanctuary exclusively for her body. He went to the place every day and talked to her as if she was alive. He even left his phone beside Oleya’s body just to talk to her at night. One night, Karl can’t handle the fact of not having Oleya near him. He went rushing to Oleya’s sanctuary and took Oleya’s body and brought her home. Karl did things to Oleya’s body as supposed lovers would do. He mummified Oleya’s body. He preserved her flesh with formalin,


used wires to her bones to prevent it from tearing apart and made dresses for her. He even made a wig out of her falling hair. This addiction continued for the past four years after the death of Oleya. It ended only when Oleya’s sister came to visit Karl’s house one day. She was shocked to find her sister’s dead body, with Karl being at the top of her sister. Karl was arrested. He was exiled in a land far away from Oleya. Oleya’s body was buried again in a place where Karl would not know. Ten years later, Karl was found dead in his apartment while he was holding a doll that wore the exact same dress that Oleya’s body was wearing the last time he saw her.

Nutella was invented during WWII, when an Italian pastry maker mixed hazelnuts into chocolate to extend his chocolate ration. 22

May 2014


Necro What? Karl’s unrequited love for Oleya was too much that he became a necrophile, and the condition he is dwelling in is called necrophilia. Necrophilia came from two Greek words: nekros and philia which means dead and love, respectively. In other words, it is the obsessive addiction to a corpse. There are 10 classifications of necrophilia. For Karl’s case, for example, he was diagnosed to have Class 2 - the romantic necrophiliacs. According to Aggrawal, a psychologist, this type of necrophile has very mild tendencies. It typically compromises people whose loved one have just died and they seem to have difficulty in accepting that the person they love is dead. Often times, contact with the dead person (i.g. sexually) is possible because a necrophile thinks that the body is still alive. This necrophilia tendency is short lived once the person had moved on and had reasonably accepted the fact that their beloved one is dead. During ancient times, necrophilia was common. It was practiced sporadically in Ancient Egypt. It was done by the embalmers that were mostly comprised by men. Egyptians left their deceased women to decay for 3 or 4 days before giving it to the embalmers. Undesirable desires “Eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer.” If you’re a Katy Perry fan you may have heard this line from the rap part of her song Dark Horse. Did you ever wonder why did he mention Jeffrey Dahmer? Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer and yes, he was a

IMPRISONED FOR GOOD. Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer (May 21, 1960 – November 28, 1994), also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, was an American serial killer and sex offender, who committed the rape, murder and dismemberment of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

self-proclaimed necrophile. He killed his victims then had sex with them to pleasure himself. About eating the heart part, he really did eat one of his victims heart along with their intestines. Necrophiles are labeled as psychopaths. Necrophilia is a mental illness that needs therapy. A necrophile should be well counseled and monitored for his behaviors. The next time you hear people eating hearts or loving a dead body, always think twice. Who knows? They might be telling the truth. Be careful to whom you love. Now go and eat your hearts out!

Before Stephen Hillenburg created SpongeBob SquarePants, he taught marine biology. May 2014


A Piece of Advice written by MHArVie CAPUnDAn

liTTle Bird flew and rested on the shoulder of the woman sitting by the seashore. The bird was crooning an exquisite melody. The woman fell in love with the bird’s melody and decided to bring the bird home. Tightly, she held the bird, grasping it until the bird can’t move. The bird tried to break free but the woman kept on holding the bird even tighter. Thinking that she could give a better home (nest) for the bird, that she can give all the food the bird might need and that she could provide it with everything, she strongly thought that it would be best for the bird to stay with her. She decided to keep the bird. While gently holding the bird between her palms, she went to her house. This time she felt the bird being comfortable in her hands, almost immobile. The woman finally reached her home and she immediately placed the bird to its cage, only then she found out that the bird was already dead. Every day, the girl never missed the opportunity to go to the seashore and let another bird to rest on her shoulder. Another bird came and sang an exquisite melody. This time, it was different. She happily sang along with the bird. She didn’t think of stopping the bird from flying away,


because this time, she realized that it would be best to set the bird free to chase its own happiness. “Maybe it would come back because we made a good melody. Maybe it won’t, I just don’t know. After all, whatever happens happen, right?,” the woman said to herself. Weeks passed; still, no contact was made between the girl and the bird. She went solicitously to the seashore, hoping that someday she will meet the lovely bird again. Suddenly, she heard a familiar croon. “I always know you would come back!,“ she thought. Sometimes it’s difficult to know when to keep working ahead and when to accept that it’s time to move on. While it’s important to treasure those people, places, and things around us, it’s equally as imperative to review items from our past and see as what they are now, rather than see what they were once before and get stuck with the idea of it. When to hold on and when to let go? This has been a question that I have been asking myself for once. I realized that letting go is a mean of holding on. Letting go is the best way of holding on.

Elmo IS ThE oNly NoN-humaN To TESTIfy bEfoRE CoNgRESS. 24

May 2014


let go of what Consumes You. The woman did not intend to kill the first bird. In fact, she loved it and wanted to keep it safe. However, her intent to keep, take care, feed and love killed the bird. People always try to control things, but too much control is not good. They agonize too much, and it ends them feeling powerless. To relieve stress, anxiety and worry, you need to focus your attention by doing the things that you love to do, surround yourself with people that could help you ease the pain, and be guided with faith to God. With this, you are giving yourself a chance to stay and leave a room for better things to happen. The pain will always be there, but getting used to the pain is what makes it less hurtful. hold onto providence. The second bird came back because it does not felt threatened. It came back in its own free will, knowing that at any time, he can fly because it can. It takes time to love. You owe yourself some space to clearly breathe and think. You should never be afraid of letting go

of someone you dearly love. If somebody is meant for you, eventually he will come back. If he does not, then you should consider that maybe, he is not meant for you. You deserve someone who loves you completely. God has its helping hands for the broken hearts; learn to trust Him. Now, if you feel conflicted about whether you should hold on or let go, ask yourself: when everything has already been said and done, what will be left of you? What will be left for the both of you? Don’t give up on someone you love if you know there is still a fighting chance. Being hurt is the risk you are willing to take. Love yourself in as much as you wanted to be loved. If the other person doesn’t want you back, then that’s the time you have to let go.


is the name of the game Written By Marielle Bayobay and Mharvie Capundan Illustration from google images

ad you not written your name on the paper? Did you write answers in lower case instead of upper case? Didn’t you indicate which set of test on your answer sheet? Had any of these questions mentioned above caused you to have a below average score? These tend to happen when we fail to follow instructions.


Follow the instructions. Isn’t that simple? But why would we always overlook at the simplest statements whenever for an example, taking exams. Most often, we end up regretting and thinking too much “What ifs?” Frankly, we shouldn’t be complaining about this because there is no one to blame but only ourselves. To avoid dwelling on blaming

A single rye plant can spread up to 400 miles of roots underground. 26

May 2014

Society one’s self, why won’t we take time to read AND understand the instructions given. It will not be that hard, wouldn’t it? Like what they say, “For best results, obedience is the name of the game.” Following directions takes a few simple steps: 1. Awareness: You should realize that there is a specific plan for the process in question. Go easy on yourself. Stay calm. Be aware that in every exam there would always be instructions even though it may seem ‘invisible’. Well in case of ‘invisible’ instructions, just follow the CORRECT LETTER FORM of the choices provided. Trust us, we’ve been there. 2. Realize its Relevance: The understanding that the directions matter. They will point you towards a specific objective designed by the examiner and if you are not careful enough, your work will be invalidated. 3. Take Time to Read: Okay, this might seem like a no-brainer, especially if you have been aware that directions always exist and realized that they are intended to be followed by you. However, this step is not to be taken lightly. No skimming for the main idea here, please. Read carefully enough to answer the question. If you are hesitant or you have difficulty in understanding directions, go and ask your proctor! 4. Just Do It! Again, this isn’t the time for creative process to bloom (unless the directions tell you to think creatively). Don’t answer the question you wish

you were asked; just answer what you’re asked. 5. Take Time to Read (again): Yeah, this is #3 again. This is the most crucial step. Check whether or not you had answered the questions being asked. It’s a bold step, because if you followed your wishes instead of the directions (or if you really didn’t read them at all), you’re opt to find you’ve wasted time and need to return to the top of the list. 6. Ask questions: Teachers say that all the time. They want you to ask them questions. Granted, they may reply with every student’s least favorite response, “Did you read the directions?” If you didn’t, return to step #1 with a succinct acknowledgment of your inattention to that detail and get to work. If you did, ask away. On the other hand, other instructions are given orally, instead of what is usually written on the test paper. This requires your listening skills. Pay attention and again if you are in doubt, ask questions. Wise men that do not follow are no wise men at all. While it may seem logical and even straightforward to follow directions–may it be navigational directions, productusage directions, or procedural directions, reading, understanding, and re-reading directions can take time, no matter how ‘simple’ it may seem to be. Do not skip it. Do not assume. It wouldn’t cost us if we follow, wouldn’t it? Let’s not dwell in regrets and what ifs anymore. Follow the instructions whatever it takes.

Blood sucking hookworms inhabit 700 million people worldwide. May 2014


From classroom to the wild:

Jungle During Exams written by JOAnA CArLA zArAnDin AnD SHeenA Lyn briLLAnteS iLLUStrAtiOn by JUStiCe Ann PAULine rACeLiS “It’s a Jungle out there.” – Mr. Monk his QuoTe can be related to real life in so many cases. Life is a jungle. People are put in harsh circumstances wherein people struggle for survival or success. If students have to put life in a marginal scale, it can be likened to two words: jungle classroom. During exams, students morph into a kind of an animal, each having their own survival instincts that often times distinguishes one from the rest of the clan. Every pact has a head, and in every jungle there is Supreme being that is being followed, respected, and often feared. It’s the king–The Mighty lion. They are known to be predacious. They live in pride and people get the idea that lions rule the jungle. This animal represents the teacher in the classroom. Within his kingdom lived other riveting animals, such as: The giraffe. This kind of animal is rampant among students during exam. They tend to sit at the back of the classroom, not because of their height, but because they have some hidden agendas under their sleeves. Real-life giraffe stretches their neck high to reach leaves that serve as their food from the tall trees. Likewise, the giraffe during exams stretches also its neck, but it is not after the leaves for food, but it is after the answers from its neighbor. The giraffe tends to stretch its neck with all their might to see the answers from his right, left, and even from the person on his front. That’s how the giraffe works. The owl. Owls have big eyes that it used to eye its food from the dark surroundings. They are nocturnal–they are asleep in the morning and become fully awake during the evening. It’s the same for the owls that wander during exam. They use their big eyes, or make their eyes larger than normal to clearly see the answers of


their seatmates, whether they are seated at the back, front or side. They usually sleep in the morning and wide awake in the evening, not to study, but to do other things. Things go smoothly for the owl, especially if they are friends with their seatmates. The only problem for them is the small handwriting of their source. The leopard. The leopard is known to be covered with spots. Well, it’s the same for the leopards in the classroom during exams, such that it is covered with tiny scribbles in different parts of the body that serves as their way to cheat in the exam. Leopards tend to write small writings in their body parts where it is not obvious to look or peek at during exams. For male leopards, they have this “spots” in their ankles and it only takes a pull of their pants when they want to peek at them. The females, on the other hand, have their “spots” on the side of their fingers, at their knees or even at their ankles too. Their weakness, though, is the probing eyes of their teachers because they have the difficulty in acting as if everything is normal. The sloth. Sloths are known to be lazy and do nothing all day. In contrast to sloths in the real jungle, sloths in the classroom pretend to be lazy. They just make ‘ub-ob’ on their seats and lie on their arms and wait for the time the class will end. They sometimes yawn loudly to assure their teachers that they are too tired or lazy to do something. When the teacher is convinced, that’s the time sloths will move into action. Their action means cheating, of course. They will lean on their left or right arm to see the answers of their seatmates. They would also lie on their arms that will make them look sleeping, but actually, they have still something under their sleeve that you may call “kodigs”. Only a selfish yet righteous classmate could be a match for the sloth. The goat. Goats are always seen chewing their heads off. It seems to be that

ThE EVaPoRaTIoN fRom a laRgE oak oR bEECh TREE IS fRom TEN To TWENTy-fIVE galloNS IN TWENTy-fouR houRS. 28

May 2014


chewing becomes their hobby, but for the goats in the classroom, chewing is just a part of their strategy. It’s not the gums that they actually use for cheating, but it’s the gum’s wrapper. Goats bring gums with writings on the wrapper. When the exam starts, they simply took the gum and keep the wrapper, and then they will just cautiously peek at it when needed. They may hide it on their pockets, or even at the desk so that the teacher may think that it’s just a piece of junk. It would be lucky if they could get away from this, knowing that chewing gums are not allowed during exams. The Wolf. The wolf wanders through the night and howl, especially when it is full moon. Well, wolves also wander during exams, but they don’t howl. They make some scratching or weird noises. They do that to attract their seatmate’s attention and when they caught it, they’ll ask for some answers. Some wolves will fake a cough or even growl just to get some classmate’s attention and ask them when their teacher is not looking. Well wolves are too fast to be caught, but sometimes, they are caught before they act because their teacher may be annoyed of the noise they’ve been making. The Monkey. Monkeys are known to be grabby due to their long limbs and long

prehensile tails. Not all human beings have long limbs but that does not hinder them from using this strategy during exams. They would wait for the time when the smart ones would finish answering their test papers. When students would start passing their test papers and the teacher does not look at their direction, monkeys will get the opportunity to grab the paper of others and quickly copies the answers. They are intelligent creatures but they are not smart enough because they cheat at the last minutes. The Turtle. No matter how slow the turtle is, he is still the most industrious of all the animals in the jungle. He is often underestimated because he finishes last because of his large baggage on his back, but he is able to push harder and still makes it. There are only a few turtles in the classroom. Often times, they are the only sole survivors in the kingdom, because in the end they are being rewarded for their hard work, perseverance, patience and passion towards success. Now that you have met the different species in this little jungle in our classrooms, don’t deny the fact that only one of these creatures represents you. Maybe you had unconsciously become one or two. So, which animal are you?

The highest speed ever achieved on a bicycle is 166.94 mph, by Fred Rompelberg. May 2014


FRIENDZONE Men’s Berlin Wall in Relationships written by WILLIAM ALEXIS RUIZ, ALLYSA GRACE DAGURO and MARY JO ANNE BALASA illustration from

Have you ever been so in love that you can’t keep it locked up inside and then decided to tell her? Have you ever dated your crush and made the date successful? Did everything worked out good with her? Did she actually return your confession of love with love as well? But seriously, the real question would be, have you ever been friendzoned? Well, boys (as well as girls), if these sentences were uttered by your divine creature that you love, "I love you (insert the poor name here), but I don’t want to ruin a great friendship by dating you." "You’re really great; you're just such a good friend. " “Sorry friend lang talaga ang tingin ko sayo.” Well, I am really sorry to tell you this --You have been FRIEND ZONED!

hat is friendzone?, you might ask. In popular culture, the “friendzone” refers to a platonic relationship wherein one person wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship, while the other does not. It is generally considered to be an undesirable situation by the lovelorn person. Once the friendzone is established, it is said to be difficult to move beyond that point in a relationship. This term is also heavily debated, especially by feminists; its implications are thought to


be sexist and objectifying. Some men who claim to be in the friendzone believed that they are entitled to a relationship by being kind or caring, thereby putting the blame on the recipient of these actions for not wanting a relationship. This behavior has made the concept of the friendzone charged with negative connotations. In a world where the girls have been given the honor of stating final decision, and all the guys beg the magical word “YES”, then you’re definitely on earth. For guys,

A baby can cost new parents 750 hours of sleep in the first year. 30

May 2014

Society have you been dumped by a girl and didn’t know why? Here are the reasons you might want to consider. Bounds and Ties This is somewhat related to family set-up. There are some girls that are tightly bonded by ties. What they do will greatly reflect the image of the family. So before committing, a background check must be made. No approval of the parents, literally means NO! No Spark You are definitely not her type. Girls are very much choosy. They always have this checklist. You’re like this. You’re not like that. It’s like a set of standard. Somehow girls are looking for a near-to-perfect guy. These are the idealist. They are looking for a walking checklist. True Color Playboys or the heartbreakers, they belong here. With HIM being her friend means she knows the true HIM. If you’re the

girl, why would you commit yourself if you know in the first place that you’ll be played? Martyrs The guy is being eyed by her closest friend. Girls are very much open to their girl friends. They tend to share secrets and talk about certain persons around. So if you happen to be admired by your girlfriend’s long time crush, GIVE WAY. It’s better to end it rather than to end your friendship. (But of course, that’s just half of the story) Forever Best friends forever. Your partner in crime, confidante, long lost brother and more. This is a very not-so-new tandem of all. Never misinterpret the sweetness of a bestfriend, because for a girl, BESTFRIENDS means being there always. BORDERLINE: KEEP OFF FALLING IN LOVE. If you jump off the line, the risk is for the both of you to take. If the relationship fails, the bond you had before will never be the same again. Bestfriends turned lovers now strangers, that’s awkward!

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I will be more faithful and loyal. I’ll have the perfect abs. KaynemSai

I don’t need to wear cosmetics just to feel beautiful. ArteHans



What if you’re a male (for female) or female (for male)?

Being a girl? Never. stingers


May 2014

Life would be much easier, no more pretending. I won’t need to face the criticisms of being a bisexual.

I’ll be more considerate and understanding about men’s attitudes. DjSimps

Society Use that as a ticket to better opportunities in life.

If ever I receive any amount of money, I’ll give it to the more deserving people.


good samaritan babe

I’ll go back to the college and share what i’ve learned. To be part of the faculty would be good. bahalanasibatman

What if you’ll be the board topnotcher?

Mapapista ko sa San Ag then fly to Canada, work hard para maging mayaman. Mrs. Dixon

I’d thank God more everyday for He never fails in giving me bountiful blessings. MP008

Increase quality, not quantity.

Implement 1 week of PMT celebration, not half day. aChu001


What if you’re the Dean?

I’ll be the coolest and hottest one. Haha. kaynemSai

I’d implement that MedTech and Pharmacy become quota courses to solve our seemingly uncontrollable population.

Mapatindog ko sang amon building para di mabudlayan akon students saylo-saylo.



May 2014


Confessions of a grade conscious


Written By Leizl JOY Casumpang and jUDITH Chika Okorji

ou cannot judge a person by what you do know about me, because I do know myself well enough. I have been hearing things from people around me. They seem to be bored lately, because I became their source of topic. Only average minded people talk about people. Maybe then, I should be pleased with myself. They said I never get contented with my grades. Some concluded that I am too selfish to share what I have learned. Truth is, I don’t give a crap! I know what I am capable of. When everything has been all said and done, still, truth depends on its source. Perhaps, this time, you don’t want to be hearing versions of truth from other people. Here’s my confession: I am *Penelope, and I am a “Grade Conscious” Student. Is that a big deal? Since when was doing your best to get and maintain a high grade considered a mistake? With this declaration of guilt, comes a hope that somehow, people may start to understand not only me but all other GC students. Here is what I need you to understand: First, I make sure I get high scores in quizzes, exams, etc. I always set a standard for myself, and most of the time, it pushed me to be best of my abilities. It is inevitable for me to compare my scores to my classmates. I have keen eyes to


follow my track, so that I will not be left behind. Grades are based on figures anyway, so it is better to gain higher than what is expected of you. Grades reflect how much you work for something; I work my butt off to get what I want. Having high grades is my guilty pleasure. I make sure that I maintain a minimum grade of 2.0 in all subjects. When I am not satisfied with my grades, I do everything to pull them up by the semester ends. I go church to pray while kneeling for at least 2 hours. I review my notes at most 4x a day. Sometimes, I make a mini-video of myself and act as if I am teaching and then watch it repeatedly. I observe. I calculate. I get busy. Sometimes, I became religious too. Secondly, sometimes, I cheat. But I swear that I do not make it as a habit. I have friends that tolerate cheating, why not take advantage of it? Third, I sleep a lot. Enough sleep (sometimes a little bit too much of it) is my strength during the exams. On regular school days, I make sure that I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep; I would only limit my sleeping hours for at least 3 hours if exam days are near. Sometimes, though, no matter how hard I try to read my lessons I would just find it hard to absorb and retain everything. Kanugon lang sang gintun-an ko dayon, kay kung tani

Butterflies taste with their hind feet, and their taste sensation works on touch–this allows them to determine whether a leaf is edible. 36

May 2014


inugtuon ko pa, itulog ko na lang. It’s not how long you studied; it’s about how much you’ve learned despite the little time that you have, right? Fourth, I love going to parties! I usually go to parties if there are no exams or quizzes the following week. In fact, I even went skinny dipping with my friends last month. There’s nothing wrong with partying all night, however the act calls for a sense of responsibility. This is why I always condition myself not to get drunk during parties. Fifth, I have failed my prelim exams in Pharmacology! Yes, you read it right! In my 19 years of existence, this was my first failure in any exams. I almost died thinking that this thing happened. I didn’t eat for 3 days; I didn’t talk with my boyfriend for a week. I almost destroyed everything in my room. But in the end, I realized that I needed to get up and compose myself again. It was a wake-up call! From there, I started to accept defeat and failure, realizing that failures

are meant to make me stronger and bolder. GC is only a label, and a misnomer for those people that are misunderstood for being too determined to get high grades. Grades are my ticket for a better future. It is a living proof of how much I have worked and sacrificed. Having high grades brings self-fulfilment, but I have to say that my true happiness is seeing my parents smile because of me. I guess I am always going to be a student to my parents, who only aspires to have high grades to see my parents smile, knowing that I would be able to pay all the sacrifices they made. Seeing them delighted every time they come up the stage and pin my award inspire me to be better and to strive for more. I am not a perfect student but I try to do my best to be one for my family and for the people who believes in me. I am proud to be a GC student, because by then, I become my parent’s pride! *not her real name

We can produce laser light a million times brighter than sunshine. May 2014


Why is there a YOU and ME but never an US? Written By FG Anthony dela Cruz

was amazed of how you made me feel this way. It was unexplainable. The feeling was beyond words. It was crossing over the limits of how I should feel. You were different from the others. You had your own special way of just being yourself. You were like my happy drug. Every time I get a dose of you or whenever I'm with you, I feel like worries don't exist, like sadness is another dimension away. You're the only one who could put me to high. I felt completely perfect just being with you. But when you started to go away, everything turned vague. The happiness I felt turned into confusion. I was unsure about everything. I felt like I was at the caress of the world when I'm with you. I felt secure. I felt special. Even just for a few minutes, it was almost like forever. It really mattered. Well, it did to me. People said I haven't been myself for some quite time now. Well, I haven't really been feeling like myself. I know I'm not, because of the dilemma of knowing that we'll always be a heartbeat apart. There will never be an US. It's just me here and you there. No more, no less. That was the part that hurts the most. There will always be an unbridgeable gap between us. What made it worse is that there's nothing I can do. I was being tortured by the idea that I was falling in love with you. There's nothing I can do to stop it. Every second, my brain told me to stop but my heart said to go on. I was ready to take on the pain. I saw each passing day as a constant battle between keeping all these in secrecy or taking the risk and just tell you everything I feel. It wasn't really easy. It wasn’t entirely easy at all. Every time I see your face, I’d have to tell myself that I should be aware of my 38

May 2014

limitations, of what the possibilities may be and even the consequences if ever I tell you how I feel. Everything ends, and usually for me, things don't end happily. It amazes me how you manage to paint me a blue sky and turn it into gray or even how you seem to give me your love and take it away. I was too stupid to think that I'd have a happy ending. I guess you'll never know how much I care about you, how much you mean to me, how often you come to my mind or how long you stay in there. These are the things I'd like you to know. Sometimes, I wonder if these things also cross your mind. I'm starting to accept the fact that we're a mistake from being together. You have your own life and I have mine. I'll try to put you out of my mind for good. Forget those times when you smiled at me, those times when we had the ‘banat conversations’ that gave me sleepless nights thinking if it even meant something for you as much as it did to me. These memories are what I hold on to. These are also the memories that feed the hurt I'm feeling every day. It will never ever happen again. I'll be trying to forget, even if it sounded impossible. You proved to be special. No one has ever got me acting and feeling this way. The way–I act so stupid every time I get a text message from you, when you call my name from the crowd and suddenly I feel so good, the way you make me feel like it was more than enough, the way you make me feel loved. I'd just be here, waiting for what the future may bring for the both of us. I'd be the same, dying on what I have for you, that's more than infatuation and almost near to love. I'd always... Just be here.


l e s m a D e

Th on h t a e D ar


written by Jaslyn kaye solmeo

t was raining cats and dogs. The wide blue sky abruptly turned to a gloomy grey sheath and eventually changed its mood like an angry wolf in a silent twilight. Roaring thunders were produced. The streets were like unending rivers with an aggressive flow of water, streaming so hastily. Upside down vehicles were everywhere. Miserable voices of the little beggars screeching for help were slowly yet effectively echoing on your ears over and over again. Sum these all up and you’ll get a drastic scenario forming in your mind and a dreary sensation melting down through your veins—messy, cluttered, higgledy-piggledy, huggermugger and jumbled. Everything is in great turmoil. Now, think deeply and heartily. What more could you ever imagine? This is not just a typical story. This is about a young damsel with a life as incorrigible as the image defined above—confused and


May 2014

tumbled, a life on near death. Monique, also known as Nikki,’ is a 16 year old child who believes in the saying, “Education is the best trip ticket to success.” She is very eager to finish her studies. That’s why after she graduated her secondary level with flying colors, she excitedly inquired and applied an academic scholarship in a well-known and prestigious university in Iloilo City. Because of her exceptional grades and appreciative morals, she was affirmed and qualified as a scholar. She bagged a sure seat to college. She was very happy and overwhelmed. This is her gift to her parents, who are both street laborers–her father, as a balut vendor and her mother, as a street sweeper. Nikki went home with a huge smile in her lips and brilliant glow in her eyes, carrying with her the good news. She knocked on their door once… twice… thrice… After a while, she called her mother… then her father… but a single response was never heard. She felt a little


bit nervous. She calmed herself as she tried to remember where her mother had put the keys to their house. She scampered on a small basket placed beneath the huge mango tree beside their house and got the keys. She hurriedly opened the door and she was surprised to see a room of muteness. There were patches of blood on the floor, she noticed. She started to panic and began to cry. “May! Pay! Diin kamo man! Ari na ko di sa balay! May manami ako nga balita! Sigurado guid ako, malipay guid kamo!,” she shouted with quivering fear. She went to the kitchen to check if her parents were there. Indeed, her parents were there—lying on the floor, bathed with blood. Tears of agony began rushing down from her eyes. Her parents were as lifeless as the rocks on the ground and as cold as the breeze of the night’s air. They’re dead. At a very young age, Nikki was abandoned. She had no idea of how she will handle this huge storm in her life. Now,

she felt deserted, lost and alone. Nikki doesn’t have someone to lean on. Their relatives are situated in other regions and they are too far to reach out, considering she has no contacts with them. She again looked at the heartbreaking situation of her parents on the floor. She knows no one to be blamed because she knew herself that her parents are not the type of persons to make enemies. She hardily closed her eyes, fighting the tears coming out from them. She wanted to scream out loud, but only produced a restless sigh. She decided to run away, distant from the dreadful scenario in their house. She left her parents untouched. She kept on running away from their home. Days passed. Weeks proceeded. Months came along. The miserable lass had nowhere to go. She lived her life on the streets, striving to survive the deadly curse of hunger. Eventually, she had lost her mind. She began counting the leaves on the trees she’s encountering on her way. She started dancing and singing for no reason, like a little child. She liked turning and circling all around. She cried and giggled at the same time. She was in fulll mess, nasty and smelly. She was full of life, and now a total wretched missy. Her world now is truly raining cats and dogs, hard and complicated. Her wide blue sky that is full of hope turned to a sad grey sheath and filled with grief. There are roaring thunders—unruly and noisy. Her streets are like unending rivers with an aggressive flow of water just like her eyes crying endlessly. There are upside down vehicles everywhere just like her mind full of confusion. Miserable voices of her parents screeching for help were slowly yet effectively echoing on her ears over and over again. For everything that had taken place, she blamed herself badly. She cursed the life she has and she condemned all the people in the world. Worse, she had forgotten God. She may not be dead literally but on the inside, she is lifeless. She’s one true epitome of a girl on near death.

May 2014


Love Letters: tHe diLemma Written By BluesCriBBler “What” and “If” are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life.” – Sophie’s Letter as Juliet to Claire in Letter’s to Juliet

“Ted!” I caught myself screaming. I then felt my head ached. I looked around and realized I was on my bed. How long have I been asleep? I thought. I looked at my clock and saw it was 10am, Saturday. Did I just dream about my childhood crush Ted? Was it all just a dream? My head was pounding, and I thought I had to take some medicine. I had just risen from my bed, when someone rang the doorbell. I remembered to grab my robe and put it on, looked at myself at the mirror, before I went to open the front door. I hope this is Ted. I wished as I opened the door. “John!” I gasped as I realized it was the day John, my boyfriend, would come back from his trip. He and I had a misunderstanding before he left. “Hi… can I come in?” John said sheepishly as he handed me the bouquet of flowers in his hand. I nodded receiving it and letting him in. “You look pale.” He noticed. “Come on, take a seat.” He motioned me to sit on the sofa. “I’ll cook soup for you.” “Okay.” And so I did. Before he went to the kitchen, he squatted in front of me saying, “We have things to talk about and to straighten, but first I have to feed you.” He smiled gently then kissed me on the forehead and went to the kitchen. I sighed. I’m confused. I knew I was seeing Ted for a few days now, and he was nice to me. We had the chance to get to know each other. But I have John too. He is my


May 2014

boyfriend. He has been my friend since high school and we’ve been seeing each other for two years now. “Oh my head hurts.” I mumbled. I couldn’t think straight. The doorbell rang again. As I opened the door, there he was. “Ted!” I gasped. And then my head felt light and all went black.

When I opened my eyes, my vision was still hazy, but when I tried opening it wider, I realized John was sitting next to my bed. “Hey” He said gently, stroking my forehead. I smiled weakly. “Hey.” Then it registered to me that Ted was also in the house, so I looked around and found no one else with us. “You’re looking for him aren’t you?” John’s face was serious. He wasn’t looking at me this time. His eyebrows were furrowed and he jaw was tight. Then he turned towards me. “He went home. We agreed that having the two of us here with you might give you more stress. He decided to go. I decided to stay.” I knew it was hard for him, but he stayed. “Just like what I told you, there are things we have to talk about, but first you should eat. You look really pale. I think you have been worrying a lot. You are like that when you worry too much.” The last statement John said was what hit me. He knew me. He knew that it was exactly


the reason why I didn’t feel well: I didn’t know what to do with him and Ted and that was what I was so worried about. I nodded, and silently ate the soup and bread John prepared for me. When I finished, he gave me a medicine for my headache and fever. “You better sleep again. I’ll just go out now.” John said standing up. “No–“ I said. He stopped in his tracks. “Please stay. We need to talk. I know you want to ask me many questions.” He sat back again. “You’re right Mary. I have so many questions, but I honestly don’t know how to ask them now. You are in that state and I don’t know if you are ready for us to talk.” I reached for his hand. “You could try asking me first who he is, and who he is to me.” I said bravely. He took a deep breath. “So, who is he Mary? Who is he to you?” I swallowed hard and started telling John about Ted. I told him how Ted and I met, how we became close, the letters Ted gave me, how we met again, and how Ted and I were getting to know each other. I had to be honest with John. Even before we were in a serious relationship, we started as friends. We were best of friends. I had to give him that. After I told John everything, he was silent, his fist clinched. He buried his face in his hands for a moment, and then looked up at me. “Mary… I went away for a month. I know we had a bad argument before I left, but I didn’t realize you would be like this; that you would do this!” He stood abruptly, his back turned towards me. After a few moments, he took a deep breath and faced me again. I knew he was trying to control himself. “Mary, I love you.” I could hear desperation and sadness in his voice. He sat next to my bed. “Do you still believe I love you?” “Yes.” I said weakly. Tears were forming in my eyes. John held my hand. Both of us were trembling. “I will leave you now, but Mary, you have to decide. You have to choose. You have to be fair to the two of us.” John’s eyes were red. He had been controlling himself not to cry. “I love you Mary.” John hugged me tightly

and left. I just sat on my bed crying.

One week had passed since the incident at home, I finally had my decision. So, I called Ted and we agreed to meet each other at the park. When we met, I was surprised he brought a blanket for us to sit on. While we were seated, I was having jitters. He was special to me. He knew that, but I have to tell him more. So I finally cleared my throat and started talking. “Ted, I like you.” “I like you too Mary. And you know I feel more than that. You know I love you.” Ted smiled. “Yes. I do know that.” I smiled back weakly. “You are special to me, but…” “You don’t love me back.” Ted finished my sentence. He then sighed. He looked at me with his sad eyes. “I thought if we would get to meet each other again, we would just pick up where we left off. But I guess not.” “Yes. I thought so too, but it doesn’t work that way. I’m sorry” I replied. Ted smiled at me weakly. “Don’t worry Mary. I’ll be okay.” A few moments later, we parted ways. We promised to stay friends, and I was glad he understood the whole situation.

The next thing I knew, I was in front of John’s house. I knocked on his door. When it opened, I saw John standing in front of me. I hugged him and said. “I love you!” He hugged me back tightly. We then stood facing each other, holding each other’s hands. “I thought I’d never hear that from you again.” John’s voice was trembling. “I wanted to ask you that last week, but I was too scared you might answer differently.” “I love you and you don’t have to ask anymore. You will always hear it from me, and I will always make sure you would feel it.” I told him just before we hugged again. END

May 2014


Up for LOVE Written By Marie Ariane Shayne Lao

Past is past, they say. I never knew you’d still come by, And surprisingly wanted to stay. The efforts you’ve shown were great, remarkably. I feel so lucky and happy, You are the answers to my prayers, truly. Exchange of text messages, short voice calls, and late night Skype are our routine daily. Oh, isn’t it every girl’s fantasy? But as the months pass by, Things started to change undeniably. I didn’t know what I’ve done erroneously, You only vanished suddenly. Are you now just a memory? Or is this only a chapter of our story? After all, we don’t have to worry, I’m up for it! Love is a game of destiny.


May 2014


The Nine Great Metallions

A hundred years or more ago, When the scince gods were fresh and hoar, There lived nine metallions of renown, Whose names are still well known: Lithium the Diureticus, from wild moor Sodium the Catharticus, form valley broad Potassium the Diuresis, from the glens Ammonium the Diourien from synthetinal Cesium, the Catalysta, from Electricon de Phos Hydrogen the Levis, from the Torching Aer Copper the Praecipitatus, from Cuprum Silver the Germicidus, from Argentum And Gold the Purifien, from Aurum. Written BY P. Alisasis, H.M. Arcos, United by a common goal, J.K. Balsomo, K.M. Bayobay, and I.K. Belo They had a selfsame yearning, To be the world’s best metallions. Thus, the first among the elements were born. The metallions cried, A battlecry heard Across the periodic line, “Together we shall rise as the best among the metallions!” Thus they decided. And never did they dream that they, Might someday be divided. A discord crept among them, Feeding on their faults and fears. The metallions that like pillars nine, Had once held a common goal, How turned upon each other and, Divided, sought to rule. The first sic metallions were the most Reactive and Unstable Never wanting to be free without the other But ‘ol copper, silver and gold Never wanted such For Copper said, “We shall be free!” And silver cried, “We shall give color to lives!” What with duelling and with fighting And the clash of friend on friend, And at last there came a morning, When ‘ol Gold, Silver and Copper left. And though the fighting then died out, they left the six quite downhearted. And never since the metallions nine Were whittled down to six Have they been united As they once were meant to be As hundred years had passed, The six remained compact, While the other three were free— Painting colors on their fleet.

May 2014



Dieting Written By Mary Jo Anne Balasa

Layout design by Jose Benedict Brotarlo

A conversation between Tara and her Friend: “Tara!kaun tah!... “ “Cge lang. Diri lang ko. May ara pa man ko di ‘Skyflakes’.” “Girl, makaun ta lunch, hindi snacks.” “Ok na ni. Mabakal lang ko sang isa ka mineral water. Solve na ko. Bal-an nyo man nga nagbakal ko sang bag-o nga bayo sa Penshoppe. Kanugun ang 600 ko kung hindi ko man lang magamit.” “Pano kay balan mu man nga Medium ang size mo pero Small man gnbakal mu?”

The Anorexic Diet People go to extreme dieting when they want to look fit. People who want to lose weight in a short period of time resort to this kind of practice. Dieting has often been misconstrued as having to avoid intake of food. However, eating less and eating nothing at all are two different things. Imagine what it can do to the body! Given the circumstances, such as the case presented above, dieting has become a poorly defined behavior. It has undoubtedly various misinterpretations to patients and professionals alike, but to most, it suggests an intentional, often temporary, change in eating to achieve weight loss.


May 2014

Going BEY




The Jeopardy Societal


Many teenagers equate beauty with thinness. The standard may have been formulated by the kind of society they dwell in. Media often times add up to the misconception. Perhaps, you have been seeing models to walk the runway, or pose in fashion magazines, and what do they have in common is that they are slim and slender. The rule of the game is to look fit to be beautiful. The sad fact is that level of acceptance of it in the society has becoming close to “common.” Without proper guidance and motivation, discrimination has becoming a norm in the society.

The consequences brought about by this kind of diet affects the body, both physically and mentally. On the physical side, consequences of extreme dieting include continuous hunger pangs, sinus problems like post-nasal drip; bloodshot eyes, atrophy of muscles, seizures, acidosis, constipation, malnutrition. On the mental side, consequences are irritability, depression, lower sex drive, low self-esteem, and the risk of being vulnerable to more eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. Trying every possibility of losing weight takes desperate measures just to achieve it. To achieve that goal, what it takes is to have a mind-bending perspective of how important it is to be fit without necessarily compromising one’s health. You don’t have to go to extremes to do it. You don’t have to fight desperation all by yourself; seek guidance if you must. After all, when you have achieved what it takes to be fit, the more important thing is to regard yourself that finally you can say “I am contented, because I made it!”

May 2014


Food for Strange Tummies

written by Jennifer Nufuar

here are many stories in this world about the strange and disgusting eating habits of other cultures. It is obviously true that what one culture finds delicious, another might find disgusting. It is also impossible to say anything accurate about the eating habits of a billion people. We can only say how strange other people are in other cultures. Essentially, what we are is what we eat. In the meantime, let us explore strange cultures through exotic cuisines! Looks can be very deceiving. You can never tell how good a food tastes by just looking at it.


Lizard - Thai farm employee Somsak Inta, puts two house lizards in his mouth prior to eating them in Nakorn Nayok province. He has since been eating lizards for over 20 years, believing, among other things, it increases his s*x drive.

Uromastyx lizard - A man eats a part of an Uromastyx lizard, also known as a dabb lizard, in a desert near Tabuk .The lizards, which are considered a delicacy in some parts of the Middle East, are caught in the spring season using hooks and sniffer dogs as well as bare hands.

Cobra Heart – Vietnam - In Vietnam one can serve a live cobra’s heart: some eat it raw, along with a cobra blood chaser while others prefer to have it with some rice wine.

Baby Mice Wine - Traditional in China and Korea, baby mice wine is considered to be a “health tonic”. The confessed taste: raw gasoline. While still alive, newborn mice are thrown into bottles full of rice wine and left there to ferment.


May 2014

Snake and Scorpion Wine - This unusual type of liquor can be found in Asia mostly and it is made out of a dipping Cobra or scorpion into a rice wine bottle. After a few months of fermentation, the venom is dissolved and the drink is good to serve!

Gaebul –Live spoon worms - Spoon worms are marine animals . When consumed they are cut into bite sized pieces which continue to move (like sannakji) on the plate. gaebul is meant to be very delicious and certainly safer to eat than the raw octopus if you are a lazy chewer.

China - deep-fried Scorpion - Scorpions skewered on kebabs after being deep-fried in oil are sold in Beijing.

Ox Penis - Cooked by steaming, deep frying or simply consumed raw, the ox penis is commonly eaten by humans in the Oriental countries. In the Western countries, ox penises are usually dried out and served as dog food.

Adobong kamaru - Pampanga Kamaru, or mole crickets, which are plentiful in Pampanga, are considered a Kapampangan delicacy.

Mealworm - Mealworm quiches are seen at the Rijn IJssel school for chefs in Wageningen.


Maguey worm - A woman holds a tray of maguey worms at the San Juan food market in Mexico City. Mexico's taste for eating creepy crawlies, originating from the Pre-Columbian era, could be the answer to ending hunger.

Thailand’s deep-fried grasshoppers Deep-fried bugs – from ants to hornets, caterpillars to grasshoppers. Anything that hops and bites is fair game for the palate. Add some chili powder, and you’re in for a sizzling, jumpy ride.

Casu Marzu, Sardinia - This is a type of cheese that few people would try, as it is stuffed with insect larva. Often referred to as “maggot cheese”. It is consumed while the living beings inside it are still alive, otherwise it is said to be toxic.

Mongolain Boodog - This one is prepared by cooking the animal – usually a goat or a marmot from inside out. Yes, the WHOLE animal. Mongolians are the best cooks for this: the animalis cooked in its own skin, with the help of hot rocks.

Creamy Corny with creamy crickets- France - A starter dish “Cremeux de mais, fois gras et croustillant de grillons au sarrasin” – creamy corn with crickets' prepared by French chef David Faure in his restaurant “Aphrodite”.

Bat Soup - Even though bats are considered to be notorious disease carriers, they are still served in soups cooked mainly in Thailand and Guam, some parts of China even.

Cambodia -Fried tarantulas - In Cambodia the habit of eating fried tarantulas began during a period of starvation in history, but nowadays they are considered to be quite a delicacy.

Human Placenta - People who dare it this believe that it prevents postpartum depression and other pregnancy complications. There are various recipes to prepare it, even cocktails and it is found mostly in America and Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, China, and the Pacific Islands.

Ants named “Culonas” - A typical dish in ant sauce is seen in the restaurant Color de Hormiga in Barichara. Colombian farmers and inhabitants of Santander province collect ants culonas (Atta Laevigata) as part of a traditional ritual in the region.

Tuna Eye ball - Usually served in Japan and China, the tuna eyeball is another weird dish that might not be for everyone’s taste. They say it tastes much better than it looks.

Kumis - This is a rather gross drink, consisting in fermented mare milk. Because a female horse’s milk contains more sugars than the fermented cow’s or goat’s milk, kumis has a higher, though still mild, alcohol content. It also has a strong laxative effect.

Bird Nest soup –China - The saliva of the birds give this soup its unicity. It is one of the most expensive products consumed by humans, because of the difficulty in getting it. May 2014


Coping Up the

Zo m b i e Dis eas e written by Kim Nicole Cabungcal and Alyssa Dynnise Eor


hristine has been awake for more than 24 hours! Her cragged face, and those dark lines under her eyes proved that she has been very busy. She always anticipated that her teachers will give a quiz, announced or unannounced. It felt a pang on her chest! She walked into the room; her bloodshot eyes wandered for sources of food, because that is the only way to satisfy herself. “I need a break! I’m overloaded with too many responsibilities. It’s too tiring to do this every day,” she wailed.

The Giant Burrowing Frog doesn’t croak. It hoots like an owl. 50

May 2014

HEALTH/LIFESTYLE Stress is Your Company Anything that potentially threatens you is called stress, and the sad fact about it is that we deal with it every day. Unknowingly, we are feeding our body with stress, starting from our mere exposure to sun’s radiation to eating inorganic substances from food and drinks that we eat. In contrast to popular belief, stress is actually good for the body; it becomes threatening if we allow stress to control us. The immune system, for example, is designed to protect the body against foreign materials. For as long as the body is well-regulated, it can help de-stress the body by fighting these foreigners. You can also be like the immune system. You can fight against the stressors in school, such as the increasing demands for quizzes the next day, increasing pressure to finish outputs on time, etc. What I am trying to say is, be in control. The Fight or Flight Your response to stress is mostly physiological, which later affects what you think and how you behave. When faced with a challenge or a threat, your body activates either flight or fight responses. According to University of Maryland Medical Center, a part of the brain called the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) system is activated in response to stress. The system involves interplay of hormones – substances responsible for regulation. This includes steroid hormones and cortisol, which are considered to be the primary stress hormones. Others include the release of certain neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) called catecholamines. Catecholamines suppress activity in areas at the front of the brain concerned with short-term memory, concentration, inhibition, and rational thought. This sequence of mental events allows a person to react quickly, either to fight the bear, for example, or to flee from it. It also interferes with the ability to handle difficult social or intellectual tasks and behaviors during that time. Research also finds that during times of stress, nerve cells in the brain interpret chemical signals incorrectly. Instead of switching "off," these nerve cells perceive the signals as telling them to switch "on." It's as though the brain's "brakes" fail in response to stress.

De-Stress Yourself Amanda Woerner, a health columnist, describes zombies to be awkward, has unbalanced gaits, lack of problem-solving skills, insatiable hunger and high levels of aggression. Although it seems unlikely to have a zombie apocalypse, there is a condition called ‘zombie disease’ which may have afflicted students who stress over school works. It is a repeated attack of stress almost every day, until such time, the victims begin to lose sense of what they do. If you feel you have had experienced being a ‘zombie’, here are the ways to remedy yourself: Decompress. A very practical tip Jennifer Moringer, a lifestyle blogger, is to place a warm heat wrap around your neck and shoulders for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and relax your face, neck, upper chest, and back muscles. Remove the wrap, and use a tennis ball or foam roller to massage away tension. It’s worth a try. Get Active. Virtually any form of physical activity can act as a stress reliever. Even if you're not an athlete or you're out of shape, exercise is still a good stress reliever. Sweat all your stress out. Laugh More. A good sense of humor can’t heal any ailment, but it surely makes one feel lighter, brighter and better. According to research, laughter fires up and then cools down your stress response. So read some jokes, tell some jokes, watch a comedy or hang out with your friends. You deserve a good time. Connect. When you're stressed, your drive may be to hide yourself in a cocoon. Why not reach out to family and friends and make social connections? I am not talking about reconnecting only to social media sites. What you need is actual conversations with people that you are comfortable with. Retreat. Take time to assess yourself. Is this really what I am passionate to do? If yes, then ask yourself- what’s stopping you? If no, you have to decide what to do about it.

65% of those with autism are left handed. May 2014



IN STEM CELL USE written by beAtriCe GUzMAn

iVe while we’re young! Many teenagers dream big to stay young, while adults dream to become young again. Aging is inevitable, because many different cells have to adapt and renew their mechanisms in every millisecond of our lifetime. These cells become worn out and dysfunctional as time goes by. To delay this process, scientists and physicians have come up of a way to restore beauty back into our system.


becoming a therapy In stem cell therapy, stem cells are introduced into the damaged


May 2014

tissue to treat the disorder or the injury. Stem cells have the ability to self-renew and also give rise to further generation of cells that can multiply. While many cells in the body die fast, these cells regenerate them faster. Many famous celebrities and socialites have used this kind of therapy to make them look young again. In addition, it can also be used to treat certain types of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes and many more so as to slow down the attack of foreign cells. pros and Cons Many benefits have risen through stem cell therapy because of its fast paced advantage on humans. It gives a brighter insight on how the cells

hEalTh/lIfESTylE in the body work, and it helps bring back what was lost. Moreover, researchers have discovered early stages of abnormalities in embryos through stem cell therapy and hence, the therapy can be used to treat it. Thus, stem cell therapy has given a great advantage on lifestyle and science. The therapy has its limitations. For instance, the cells to be used must be specific. So if the cells used in the process are cells of the liver or Kupffer cells then they would only generate cells of their own kind. If however they were to be used in the regeneration of brain cells, then obviously a reaction would occur. Another limitation is that when using stem cell therapy, a person should use their own cells derived only from his body to ensure complete safety. The use of another person’s cells increases the chances of incompatibility, so the cells will unlikely regenerate and the procedure would be a failure. Long term side effects of these cells are still unknown; however recent studies have concluded that the therapy would often result to impaired reproduction due to loss of blastocytes

that are formed from the fertilization of the human egg. in viewpoint Stem cell therapy is not at all a perfect procedure. You should outweigh the possibilities, and decide on what best suits you. Beauty always comes with a price. There is nothing wrong with tasting something for what you pay for. You may feel beautiful at once, but it is a guarantee that it will not last forever. True beauty comes from the inside out.

May 2014


Written By lEIZL jOY cASUMPANG, kENNY mAGBANUA AND sPENCER uMAH oNYEKACH Layout design by jose benedict brotarlo

“The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in the game." his was the game plan of the CPMT Football Team as they championed the 2013 USA Intramurals.


Presently composed of 16 members, the team was formed only four years ago. During their first time to join the Intrams, they placed last among the teams. Now, on their fourth year, their latest goal of championing the series of football games is most probably their greatest achievement yet. In post-celebration of this victory, The Pharmakeia had a quick chat wth Mr. Ramon Salanio, Jr., the present coach of the team: The Pharmakeia: How does it feel that from the bottom, you now emerged as Champions? Mr. Salanio: Of course, I am very proud that I am the coach of the team. For the past 3 years, I guess I have already molded a "Team". TP: Do you have star players, or it’s more of like, teamwork?

Mr. S.: It is teamwork. Cooperation of each player - that is the key to our success. It is not about the individual skills but the "teamwork" that made us Champions in football. TP: How did you feel during your losing days? What did you do to get back? Mr. S.: Three years ago when I started as the coach, that was the time when we lost games. I didn’t lose hope for the department that one day, we will become champions. So I started looking for freshmen students who were playing football. We want raw, talented people for the team. TP: How did you basically prepare for a game? Mr. S.: We spent time, money and effort in practice. We even contributed from our own pockets in renting the sports complex football field just for us to have a good practice space. The least thing to say is that we sacrificed a lot. TP: According to Mr. Uy (a member of the team), food is a very important thing. How true is that? Mr. S.: Haha. Okay, I think food is

The term Googol (10100, ie, 10 followed by 100 zeros) was invented by a 9-year old boy Milton Sirotta. 54

May 2014


more of a reward for them. I started asking for sponsorship of the snacks and one of the sponsors is Mr. Steven Uy himself. After playing football, the players are tired and hungry. In order to be re-energized, they need to have snacks. TP: What values, do you think, have been formed in the team? Mr. S.: Football is a sports diversion that develops a sense of camaraderie and friendship with other college. Camaraderie, I think, is the most important value. TP: Okay, sir. Last question, how do you see the CPMT Football Team in the future? Mr.S.: I guess, we will still be Champions. Maybe, I will still be the adviser for the team but I will delegate

the supervision to Mr. Causing, a pharmacy student, especially the practice. With just the right amount of determination (not to mention, food), more Football Championships is not impossible. They had been underdogs, but because they had the sheer determination, patience and discipline as one team, it was not surprising that they emerged as true champions. This team will surely score the goal for the College, and hopefully for the years to come.

The combined length of the roots of a Finnish pine tree is over 30 miles. May 2014


The people who have stood by you through it all are the ones worth living for.



hen music is your life, when you have no one to turn to, your choices aren’t your own, why even wake up? Mia’s life and dreams of becoming a famous cellist are shattered by one car ride gone wrong. The impact of a four-ton pickup truck going sixty miles an hour is enough to throw Mia out of her body. Standing scared and confused at the side of the road, she hears sirens that later brought her broken and bloody body to the hospital. Knowing that her parents are dead, she awaits for further news about her brother Teddy who was brought to another hospital. Her boyfriend and best friend arrive to be followed by Willow. Willow is one of Mia’s family’s closest friends whom they were supposed to visit during the drive. Mia realizes that Teddy is also dead and starts to rethink about life. As the machines keep her body alive, her spirit walks the halls of the hospital seeing the people she loves, reminiscing about the days gone past. With her family gone she asks herself if there was anything else worth living for which leads her to make one of the most important decisions of her life: to stay or die.


“If I stay” is a book that will make you stop and look at life in a whole new perspective. It tells you to be thankful for all the blessings that you have especially the gift of family for without them you have no one to turn to but yourself. It’s when the toughest decisions come up, that we start to value our life and the people whom we hold dear to our hearts. This novel is about love for family and yourself. It is about passion for music and the strength to make the hardest decisions. Life decisions are not easy. We would usually leave it all to God to make the decision for us but what would you do if you had to choose? When all things seem to give up on us and you feel that if you choose to live, life would just be full of regrets with no escape but death, then as early as now you would choose death. But if you compared the past and the present knowing that you could change it all if you choose to live, then choose life and make every second of it count. Make new memories. The people who have stood by you through it all are the ones worth living for. The story continues on its Book 2, Where She Went. May 2014



May 2014


MIRACLE IN CELL #7 A fiLM reView written by JUStiCe Ann PAULine rACeLiS

LAyOUt DeSiGn by frAnCiS GerALD SCOtt GOnzALeS

Ever have tolerance for Korean drama? This movie is probably for you. Apparently, it showed the judicial issue - of unparalleled justice among the oppressed, that can’t only be seen in Korea but in other countries too, just like here in the Philippines.

his filM was about a mentally challenged father named Lee YongGu (Ryu Seung Ryong) who treasures his 6 year old daughter Ye Seung (Kal SoWon). The conflict started on a snowy day when his daughter wanted to have a Sailor Moon printed bag which the father had promised her to buy. Feeling happy after receiving his salary, YongGu met a young girl and told him where he could buy the promised bag for his daughter. He followed her instead. Due to some unlikely events he was trapped in a serious case which charged him with kidnapping, sexual abuse and murder of the girl that he followed.


YongGu and YeSeung was then separated. Ye Seung was sent to a children care institute while YongGu was imprisoned in Cell No. 7, high security jail. When Ye Seung(Park Shin Hye) grew up, she studied hard and strived to become a law student, she worked extra hard just to prove that her father was innocent. Despite the

lack of evidence, can YeSeung prove her father’s innocence? Can they be reunited once again?

The movie is a serious themed one, but what is surprising was the comedic twist put into it. The actors carried their roles quite well, making the viewer laugh despite the tears. The graphics, setting, and plotline of the movie were convincing. The music used was enough to put the viewer into the right mood as the movie unfolds from beginning to end. The Director really outdid himself because he made scenes flawlessly made. At first you may seem to be uninterested in the movie but as it progresses you will somehow find yourself absorbed in watching it. This movie is a must see for those who want to watch a tear-jerking movie that can make you laugh your guts out or just even spend your extra time. Watch it with somebody; let’s say your family, friends or even your partner, because you will definitely enjoy it.

May 2014


Can You Follow DIRECTIONS? 1.

Read everything carefully before doing anything.


Put your nickname in the upper right-hand corner of this paper.


Loudly call out your first name.


Circle the word NAME in sentence two.


If you have followed directions carefully to this point, call out "I have.”


Draw five small squares in the upper left-hand corner.


Put an "X" in each square.


In your normal speaking voice, count from ten to one backwards.


Put a circle around each square.


Sign your name under the title of this paper.


After the title write, "Yes, yes, yes.”


Put a circle completely around the sentence number seven.


When you reach this point, LOUDLY call out, “I AM THE LEADER IN FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS."


Put an "X" in the lower left-hand corner of this paper.


Draw a triangle around the "X" you just put down.


On the back of this paper, multiply 703 by 66.




Draw a rectangle around the word “corner” in sentence six.


On the reverse side of this paper, add 8950 and 9805.


Put a circle around your answer, and put a square around the circle.


Punch three small holes in the top of this paper with your pencil point.


Underline all even numbers on the left side of this paper.


Now that you have finished reading everything carefully, do only sentences one and two!


May 2014



Instructions? Please read all of the instructions before doing anything. Find a pen and paper.


Write your name at the top of the paper.


Write the numbers 1 to 5, one per line.


Draw five small circles beside #1.


Put an “X” in the second and fourth circles next to #1.


Write the word ‘encyclopedia’ beside #3.


On the back of the paper multiply 7 x 9.


Put an X in the lower right-hand corner of the paper.


Draw a circle around the X you just made.


Underline your name.


Say your name out loud.


Draw a circle around #4.


Count the number of words in this sentence and write the answer beside #2 on your paper.


Put a square around #1 and #5.


Punch 3 small holes anywhere in the paper.


Write your first name beside #4.


Write today’s date beside #5 on your paper.


Circle every letter ‘E’ you have written.


Stand up and say ‘I HAVE FINISHED FIRST’ if you were first, else say ‘I HAVE FINISHED’ out loud, then sit down.


Now that you read all of the instructions, skip all of them except the first two! If you have followed the instructions correctly, you should only have your name on the paper. Source: May 2014




Art by Richard Laurence Gaboy

May 2014


color me red Art by Allysa Grace Daguro

Time In Art by Allysa Grace Daguro

May 2014




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May 2014

Arroyo, Ma. Evangelina Dorothy Ba単as, Katrina Blanco, Nikki Marie Buenasflores, Karleen Celis, Cristy Clavel, Ma. Thresia De Asis, Josani Gay De la cruz, Heda Rose Vida De la Llana, Frances Danielle De Vera, Gilcel Gail Fabronero, Ana Marie Fajardo, Angelique Fernando, Carl Angelo Jamandre, Erika Jiline Lagos, Dennis Ceasar Lara, Joelen Limpiado, Karen Grace Lorilla, Michael Ian Paul Losaria, Ichy Faith Madrid, Myko Magno, Mariechelle Mallorca, Faith Mana-ay, Maite Caryl Merallosa, Ramy Rose Miag-ao, Jenevieve Nonato, April Joy Paala, Mary Roselyn Padilla, Kristian Pio Palec, Jebbee Haze Palma, RJ Pelobello, Den Justin Puro, Shane Iris Quema, Crist John Recio, Katherine May Rivera, Kennet Jade Roga, Jeflaine Samillano, Stephanie Secugal, Fame Suzette Sumbang, Valerie Tornalejo, Jayrold Trima単ez, Pearl Marie Valencia, Joseph Villanueva, Kathleen


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May 2014


pharmakeia The

VOLUMe 37, iSSUe 2 | MAy 2014 the ofďŹ cial student Magazine of the College of pharmacy and Medical technology of the university of san agustin Iloilo City, Philippines eDitOr-in-CHief Mharvie Capundan ASSOCiAte eDitOr Danica Jaranilla LAyOUt DeSiGn eDitOr Calvin John Espino MAnAGinG eDitOrS Kim John Villa, Allysa Grace Daguro, Ana Christiana Joy Arroyo LiterAry eDitOr Beatrice Guzman newS & SPOrtS eDitOrS Leizl Joy Casumpang, Kenny Magbanua fiLiPinO feAtUre eDitOr Mary Jo Anne Balasa feAtUre eDitOrS Jennifer Nufuar, Abigail Marie Perez writerS Yvonne Mae Capatayan, Hazel Tangente, Jessamine Faith Molate, William Alexis Ruiz, Fherry Mae Quidato, Marielle Bayobay, Thea Patrice Palabrica, Joana Carla Zarandin, Sheena Lyn Brillantes, Jaslyn Kaye Solmeo, Alyssa Denise Eor, Kim Nicole Cabungcal, Spencer Umah Onyekachi, Thalia Joy Bayona, Aljane Mae Flores, Judith Chika Okorji PHOtOJOUrnALiStS Vivienne Bernardio, Shaira Alcaraz, Stevenson Santiago CArtOOniStS Richard Laurence Gaboy, Paul Renz Jison, Suzane Jacomille, Justice Ann Pauline Racelis, Paul Martin Yongque COntribUtOrS FG Anthony De la Cruz, Johana Rose Palmares, Marie Ariane Shayne Lao, Gil Arthur Clavejo LAyOUt DeSiGn trAineeS/APPrentiCeS Naser Martin Valenzuela, Francis Gerald Scott Gonzales, Jose Benedict Brotarlo MODerAtOrS Ms. Jeremay Campos, RPh, MSPhar, Mr. Raymund Joseph Sorgon, RMT, Ms. Mary Colleen Gomiega, RPh the pharmakeia is the official student magazine and press corps of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology of the University of San Agustin. It is published twice per academic year by The Pharmakeia. Comments, contributions, and suggestions may be sent to the editors. No part of this magazine may be reproduced by any means without prior written permission and approval from The Pharmakeia and the authors of the articles. 66

May 2014

ABouT The CoVer

We wake up everyday not knowing what is in store for us. We live in this world with a question of what really lies ahead of us. The question mark is a direct picture of how mysterious life could be. There could be possibilities and risks that will define how we are to live our lives despite the uncertainties within us.

CAlVin John espino Overall Magazine Layout Designer

Jennifer nufuAr

Facts and Trivia Researcher and Compiler from 2010 to 2014

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What If...  

The Pharmakeia Volume 37, Issue 2 May 2014