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We Don’t Breed Pigs; We Breed Cattle Friends for Life Do We Live Respect Behind the 20th Century?


USA, Top 10 MedTech School in the Philippines Watson’s Top Interns 2013 Andre Faculin on achieving success: “Never doubt in one’s self.” Miss Salvilla represents YPG to int’l seminar Villagracia, Gelle participate in “East Meets West” HK symposium CPMT serve Bombo Medico 2013 39 Pharmacy delegates participate in 1st ASEAN YPG confab

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CPMT alumni join USA Grand Alumni Homecoming 2013 Orientation Program 2013 USA Intramurals and Literary Musical Contest 2013 CPMT: Initiation Superstar


Coping with Cancer: The Story of Dorine


“Beggar” from Heaven Life without Limbs Bullycide The Dripping Point: How Blood Saves the Hero Within Did You Know? [Dripping Blood Facts] Surviving the PMT Way: The Secret on Getting Out of Life’s Low Points

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believe that there is niether bliss nor agony, rather the comparison of one state with another. At the end of the day, he who exerts effort in his tasks, though the ones that are ordinary, will eventually emerge from grief and will be best able to experience his utmost delight.


merging from the Depths and Anything but Ordinary are two separate themes that we are trying to link as we have this first issue of The Pharmakeia this academic year. Living in this world, we are only to choose what is best among choices as such--to be doomed in darkness or arise amidst darkness, to do things that few and far between or just do things that are anything but ordinary in order to cope with the demands of life. Emerging from the Depths aim to inspire the readers, students and teachers, to never lose hope and to have the courage to stand up and fight as they battle in having a life worth living. Heartfelt cover stories and news about the college that could really be full of regard are to be expected in this part of the issue. Anything but Ordinary, on the other hand, wishes to shed light to the readers that beyond their awful life at times, lies the things that can give them the will to carry on; anything but ordinary things that could make them feel good naturally inside. As the theme implies, anything that could lighten up your day are to be expected

Editor’s Note from this part of the magazine. On a personal note, my life has been in a complete misery as well. It has been in its time of despair as problems come now and then, but never had I let this consume myself. Instead, I overcome this with enough courage and hope so that I may stand over and over again, be in the epoch of happiness and best of time. This is how I live my life and through this issue, I wish to inspire you to be at your best even though you are in your utmost downfall. After all, we are living a constant struggle; hence, we can do conventional things just to cope with all that life brings. We must have great hope and courage that desolation will be left behind as we are eager to arise from the depths of life. Enjoy, be inspired and get ready to sink into the deepest midst of this first ever flipped flop, double themed issue we bring you. Nevertheless, this issue might just be anything but ordinary to some, hence, this marks the will of The Pharmakeia to emerge and rise above all.

That smell after it rains? It’s a mix of plant oil and bacteria!

Mharvie TH E PH ARM AK E I A


p e r s p e c t i v e



We Don’t Breed Pigs; We Breed Cattle

The Pork barrel scam exposes our modern political system--despicable and lacks character. Lawmakers establish “ghost projects” using their pork barrel, or Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), not to benefit but to claim. An estimated P10 billion was shared by participating public officials, senators, and Janet Lim Napoles, whose only participation is to “implement” these so-called projects, which in turn yields zero outputs. To simply put it, the loss of money did not happen overnight; it happened repeatedly, whenever the clockwork for plunder seems fit. Filipinos are not surprised; they are angry and frustrated. Paulit-ulit nalang ba tayo? Kailan pa ba tayo matututo? Investigations akin to Pork Barrel Scam usually ended up on cold shoulders. The scenario seems oddly familiar: first, money is lost or spent without prior notice. A case is later opened when the case is hot, and then leaves it when the case is cold. So, how do we expect different results from the Pork barrel investigation? Although the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee has litigated some “guilty” officials, how are we guaranteed that those proven guilty are convicted? The public outcry clamors for the abolishment of the pork barrel system. Now is the time for change. Is it possible? Technically speaking, abolishment of the pork barrel system is almost impossible, because it has become an intrinsic institution that facilitates the relationship between the Executive (President) and the Legislative (Senators). However, abolishment can only be possible if PNoy has the political courage to do so, since authorization of pork operation depends on him. Pork barrel operates this way: the President has the “power to release,” which means releasing public funds for projects and services when authorized by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM). So regardless of what is stated in the General Appropriations Act passed by the Congress, fund allocation is only effective upon the approval of the President. The President has the complete control over 2


pork barrel, while the Congress has the power to allocate funds, via the power of release from the President. Thus, pork barrel system strengthens the alliance between the President and the Congress. Since pork barrel is ultimately ‘flawed’, ‘unaccountable’ and ‘easily manipulated,’ it is safe to reason that pork barrel is not for development but for alliance building. It is one way by which the President (or any other President for this matter) generates majority legislative support. When election comes, many candidates win becauseof strong political alliance and power. Only a few exceptions are those who win because of their strong ideology and vision for progress. Only naive thinking believes pork barrel is for a good cause. Carmel Abao, a political science professor from Ateneo de Manila University, affirmed that the abolition of pork is not only necessary and desirable, but it is also feasible. She proposed that the way to abolish pork barrel is not to include pork in the national budget. “For 2014 budget proposal, this means scrapping the PDAF as a budget item and spreading the 25.2 million to the budgets of regular agencies or executive projects that are severely underfunded. By doing this, government will hit two birds with one stone: eliminate an intrinsically anomalous practice and retain badly needed funds for development. The budget process will now necessitate a debate on “what” rather than “who” should be funded,” she explained. Ergo, I conclude… If people don’t have the democratic will to abolish pork barrel system, then we will be continuing a scam that is pork barrel itself. The country has suffered enough, so why would we tolerate bad practice? Abolish pork barrel and we stop breeding more Napoles and corrupt officials in the latter years. To borrow the words of Ms. Precious Ramotswe, a fictional character, she said, referring to her country’s political system, “The problem with governments these days is that they want to do things all the time; they are always very busy thinking of what things they can do next. That is not what people want. People want to be left alone to look after their cattle.” Government officials must listen to their people, not each other.

Maryland has no natural lakes. They are all man-made.

scarlet cassidy


Friends for Life An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness. Time flies so fast! Remembering how far we have come is the least thing we ought to do. Moving forward has always been a part of our lives, but there’s nothing wrong in looking back and reminiscing the past. It’s never a crime to remember the persons you were with in good times and in bad times. Ever since we stepped inside the enormous gates of the University, everything changed. It said, WELCOME TO COLLEGE LIFE! College life means being independent in the sense that we need to stand on our own. We should face every problem squarely, and conquer all the trials with confidence. Yes, we may have taken responsibility when we were younger, but in college, everything is more serious and more challenging. Nothing is as easy as 1-2-3. Armed with what we feel as confidence, we march towards the excitement and perils of being a college student. College life is colorful and memorable. What makes it that way is the feeling of being great and being thankful at the end of every semester after realizing to have survived it. Memories later come to resurface after each success, until eventually you feel blessed – blessed to have gained knowledge, endured trials and tribulations, and shared collective memories with friends. Each day becomes a day to look forward to! After everything has settled, you look back at all the things that you just did, and there’s only one word to describe it – satisfaction. Based on experience, I realized that screaming alone in a roller coaster ride called college isn’t so much fun. A twist in the ride is to meet a bunch of weirdoes who surprise you along the way. Without them, college would be a total bore. Knowing strangers from different parts of the island (and even elsewhere) and sharing with

them countless memories feels refreshing every time. They are the witnesses in every struggle you make. They boost your confidence every time you feel like giving up. Their shoulders are the ones you cry on when you’re sad or troubled, and they become pillows for you to hug. They are always, if not most of the time, there through your ups and downs. They are like your life support when you think you are already on the verge of losing your sanity. Four years is not that long but it is a very good way to start a great foundation for friendship that will last for a lifetime. Our friends become our family away from our homes. Given that we have this new found independence with them, we start to explore things we haven’t done before. We share secrets together and laugh at each other’s ridiculous mistakes. We become partners in crime. Even if we have varied personalities, we seem to mesh with each other cohesively. You may be very different from your friend, but you share common thoughts and understanding. No matter who you are, as long as you are true to yourself and to your friends, they will accept you. Even if at times you burst with your crazy antics, they get crazy and laugh with you too. They are what I can describe as “your kind of weirdoes.” A friend of mine once told me, “I don’t need any of your advice, nor your whole litany. I don’t care if your response is positive or not. But I’ll listen because it’s my proof that you’re there for me.” This is how friends are. We have some misunderstandings. We have petty wars, but unlike couples, we never have BREAK UPS. A healthy life means having good friends around you. Friends that I have met in college are the ones I’ll keep for life, because, like precious stones, gold and diamonds, they are priceless treasures worth keeping.

70% of people lay in bed at night remembering past conversations, imagining what they should have said instead.



p e r s p e c t i v e



Do We Leave Respect Behind the 20th Century? Respect isn’t begged nor imposed. It is offered and earned. Nowadays, children are talking back to their parents and forgetting to say “po” and “opo”, people are not following rules inside and outside their households, and students are stabbing their teachers behind their backs. Is this how we really want things to be - living beyond what is proper and forgetting about values? Forgetting about the so called “respect”? Respect is the language that represents people and the society it belongs. It is communicated, and hence, it must be understood. Just like any language known to man, it is most often misinterpreted. Respect is universal, free, and a responsibility. Orientation is a responsibility, and respect comes afterwards. Unfortunately, some people tend to respect only those people whom they knew. For instance, a student sees his teacher at a distance. The student was left with no option but to greet his teacher. It’s a sad fact that most of us only greet those people who are close to us and at times, even if we knew a person, we still tend to neglect them. There are different kinds of people when it comes to showing respect: those persons, who are polite enough to greet the people they know

by name or even just by face, may it be someone older or someone younger; the people who tend to shy away when faced with a situation that they need to respond to a greeting; and those persons who just ignore the norms and act like they don’t care. Since respect should be given, those who get neglected would feel violated. And the worst thing of it all is most of us don’t even realize we have become disrespectful. Are the people of the 20th century illmannered? Will greeting our fellow students and other people around us consume a lot of our time and effort? Does being polite to others cost us a fortune? Definitely not. Respect doesn’t cost that much. We should give that out freely. However, some value their ego more and they end up being rude. They become selective. They choose who to respect, or when to be courteous. Their politeness seems to have a switch. My friends, being polite doesn’t work that way. Respect isn’t just a duty for a short period of time, but is a duty of a lifetime. All of us deserve respect, yet respect cannot be demanded. It must be earned. And the only way to earn it is by giving it.

A Christmas Message from the Dean

This Christmas season and always, may we find life’s meaning in everything that we do, embracing what is true, good and beautiful. As key persons, we hope to deliver the good message to all by living the example of Christ Jesus. Humans as we are, we are all imperfect. Hence, our perfect trust upon God who gave us everything: our talents, abilities, and skills will surely help us to deliver ourselves as blessings to others, especially to the less fortunate ones. May the Lord who is love, Himself, find us worthy of all that is entrusted to us. And as we celebrate this season of faith, hope and love, may we, in the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology, pray to God that He may always keep the University of San Agustin in His care. On behalf of my beloved CPMT family, I wish you all a joyful and meaningful Christmas and grace-filled New Year. May God continue to bless us all!

Lerma de la Llana-Paris 4


People who laugh more are better able to tolerate pain--both physical and emotional.

n ew s

USA, Top 10 MedTech School in the Philippines w r i t t e n b y B E AT R I C E G U Z M A N

(Right to Left) Andre Faculin, Rev. Fr. Roy Aspera, OSA and Dean Lerma de la Llana-Paris pose with their plaque as top 10 best performing MedTech school in the Philippines.

Last October 19, 2013, the Board of Medical Technology of the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) awarded the plaque of recognition to the University of San Agustin (USA) as the top 10 best performing MedTech school in the country. Certainly, USA never failed to stand out in the recent board examinations taking the number 10 spot as one of the top ten performing schools. With a passing percentage rate of 91.75% the school brought out its best and showed that Augustinian Medical Technologists never back down to show their knowledge and skill on what it takes to pass the board examinations. The dean of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology, Dean Lerma Paris

Plaque of Recognition for the University of San Agustin as top 10 Best Performing MedTech school in the Philippines.

RMT, MSPH poured out her sentiments when she heard of the news saying “I feel very happy, proud and grateful because this recognition speaks of how well these young professionals have been molded and mentored in the university. This proves and adds value to our claim that we provide excellent Augustinian education that help students optimize their potential and enable them and their families to realize their dreams and I am grateful to all who have contributed to this achievement. This is not the first time that college has received this national recognition but feeling is always something special.” This gave the dean both an inspiration and a challenge

to keep moving forward and to aspire young PMT students into reaching their dreams. “We shall remain proactive and responsive to the current needs and demands for both our Pharmacy and Medical Laboratory Science programs. Our increase in number though has become both our strength and weakness as we try to maintain or even improve on our quality and standards. For as long as I am with people who are dedicated, dynamic and hardworking, I am sure we shall continue to harvest more fruits and send more efficient worker’s in God’s vineyard”, Dean Paris added. With 97 board takers and 89 passers, the college truly deserves a spot as the top ten with definite excellency.

22 Pharmacy Student-Interns Merit as Watson’s Top written by ABIGAIL MARIE PEREZ SUMMER of this year, the Philippine Watson’s Group, best known for selling affordable pharmaceutical and health care needs has recognized its top 50 Interns for this year. Thousands of students from different schools and provinces were very much qualified. And among them, the Pharmacy interns of the University of San Agustin didn’t failed to bag 29 slots of the said 50.

Indeed, the students of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology prove that knowledge isn’t just Rank Name 1 Fatima Santocildes 2 Nicole Manderico 4 Kurt Manuel Aninang 6 Marissa Orth 7 Karima Audrea Sevilla 8 Shiela Mae Pinat 10 Anne Lizette Celendro 12 Shemei Perez 16 Gil Arthur Clavejo 19 Shelly Eunice Clarito 21 Steffe Mariel Dela Cruz

Average 99.08 98.35 97.72 97.51 97.46 97.39 97.29 97.13 96.93 96.82 96.35

If you Google the word “askew” the page will tilt slightly clockwise.

studied overnight but applied in the real world. Truly, the CPMT department salutes you. Soar high Augustinian! Rank Name Average 22 Lomel Resolo 96.34 23 Roshene Marie Santillan 96.24 27 Alzza Angelica Herrera 95.83 28 Justine Mur Superal 95.76 29 Raymund Estaris 95.72 30 Nikki Marie Velasco 95.66 33 Kristine Sobredo 95.53 36 Anne Belaguas 95.39 39 Kim Sasa 95.21 40 Lenie Rose Camayra 95.01 44 Jermaine Abbie Aportadera 94.84



n ew s

Faculin places 3rd in 2013 MedTech Licensure Exam written by ANA CHRISTIANA JOY ARROYO


ANDRE KARL SEGOVIA Faculin of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology placed 3rd in the 2013 Medical Technology Licensure Examinations (MTLE) with a score of 90.90%. The examination was held in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Davao last August 31 and September 1. The results of the examination were released on September 4 by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). Faculin graduated at Colegio Del Sagrado Corazon De Jesus in 2009. He also

became the Associate Editor of the USA Publications and graduated from University of San Agustin CPMT as Cum laude last May 2013. He also talked about the preparations he had for the board exams and the experiences he had when he was away from home. “I must say that gearing up for the licensure exams is a multi-faceted undertaking. Preparation begins from day number one of college until the final ‘judgement’ day. It takes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual preparation to reach for the summit. In my case, being away from home for three months was not easy. It was a tough battle against all odds and I survived. Hence, my heart overflows with gratitude for the support of my family, friends and

mentors who had always believed in me. Ultimately to the Almighty who is the source of everything.” Consequently, PRC also awarded USA as one of the top performing schools for Medical Technology garnering 89 passers out of 91 examinees, with a total passing percentage of 91.75%. Furthermore, Faculin shares these words of encouragement to his fellow Pharmed, “There is no single formula towards success. Remember that with curiosity, courage and confidence, nothing is impossible. Never doubt in one’s self. Doubt creates holes that must be filled with truth. When in doubt, pray. The truth only and will always come from Above.”

Miss Salvilla represents YPG to international seminar written by LEIZL JOY CASUMPANG MISS REMI CHARLENE Salvilla, head of the Pharmacy department, represented the Young Pharmacists Group (YPG) to The Humanitarian Affairs 4th University Scholars Leadership Symposium last August 1-7, 2013. After being one of the two nominated by the YPG, the organization of Pharmacists 35 years old and below under the Philippine Pharmaceutical Association (PPhA), Miss Salvilla was accepted by the organizing committee to be the representative of the organization to the seminar. Humanitarian Affairs, according to their website, 6


is “an international nongovernmental organization based in London, United Kingdom that seeks to identify next generation leaders, and then encourage and nurture them to become world-class citizens with a global mind-set and an indepth understanding of the plight of the global issues”. The international 7-day leadership camp was held in Manila-the first and only time the Philippines hosted the event. The said event was a culmination of young people discussing issues pertaining to leadership and community building.

Ms. Salvilla (bottom right) and her foreign colleagues pose for a photo op during theseminar

Psychology says, someone who stays on your mind after months and years of no communication is the one who has your heart.

Villagracia (right) posed with his mentor Gelle (left) with their research poster entry in East Meets West Symposium, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center last October 1, 2013.

Villagracia, Gelle participate in “East Meets West” HK Symposium written by KIM JOHN VILLA

JOSHUA VILLAGRACIA, a BMLS Intern, and his mentor, Zesil Gay Gelle participated in the 15th Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Factors: East Meets West (EMW) Symposium. It was held last October 1, 2013 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong. The annual symposium’s aim is to update delegates, which include doctors, health care professionals, clinical and scientific researchers about advances in diabetes, obesity and atherosclerosis. It highlights topics about Metabolic Surgery and Diabetic Nephropathy. The meeting was jointly organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity (HKIDO), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong

Foundation for Research and Development in Diabetes (HKFRDD), the Hong Kong Association for the Study of Obesity (HKASO), the Hong Kong Atherosclerosis Society (HKAS), and MIMS (Hong Kong) Limited (MIMS). Villagracia’s research paper entitled “Turmeric (Curcuma longa Linn.) Rhizomes Ethanolic Extract: Potential Adverser on Alloxan-Induced Male White Mice (Mus musculus)” competed with more than 700 entries all over AsiaPacific for the research poster presentation, but unfortunately did not make the cut. The winners of the poster presentation were the participating team from the Chinese University of Hong Kong–Institute of Vascular Medicine and Li KaShing Institute of Health Sciences, headed by their

team leader Wai San Cheang. Their research paper is entitled “PPARd Mediates the Vascular Benefits of Metformin in Obese Mice.” “To be part of this prestigious event was indeed a self-fulfilling experience for me and to my research adviser. We feel privileged, because we were the only competing team that is neither doctors nor medical students. There is no better feeling than representing our country to an international event,” Villagracia remarked. “I’ve learned that all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. To the office of VPSA, Student Council, CPMT, Epsilon Council, thank you for the amazing support. This would not have happened without you, almighty God, who made all things possible,” he added.

Approximately 80% of a child’s intelligence is acquired from the mother.



n ew s

CPMT serves Bombo Medico 2013 written by PAUL RENZ JISON and MHARVIE CAPUNDAN JULY 14, 2013--The students and faculty from the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology (CPMT) of the University of San Agustin once again made a milestone in public service as they join in the Annual Bombo Medico Medical/Dental Mission held at the University of the Philippines-Iloilo. The Apothecarian Council of the Pharmacy Department and Bombo Radyo Philippines collaborated prior to the said activity to repack and label thousands of medications and vitamins for the annual event. Over 5,000 beneficiaries received free medical and dental services as well as free medicines in this year’s medical and dental mission. “I find it a very rewarding experience to help those in need,” says Marie Ariane Shayne Lao, council president. “This experience has taught us to become better in our field,” she added. It has been another success for Bombo Radyo to stage the annual event, another life-long learning experience that the CPMT student volunteers and faculty may cherish.

39 Pharmacy delegates participate in 1st ASEAN YPG confab written by VIVIENNE BERNARDIO P R O F E S S I O N A L Pharmacists and Pharmacy students all over Asia were all united during the 2nd Philippine Pharmacy Summit and the 1st AYPG Leadership Congress held at the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman last November 23, 2013. The innovations, changes and the future of the pharmacy profession were the main topic of the said event with the theme “Leadership in Pharmacy: Rising to the Challenge of Changing Asia.” Pharmacy experts from the different countries in Asia were the speakers of this year’s summit. The speakers discussed about the changes, ethical issues, pharmacy curriculum in pharmacy schools 8


and the continuing evolution of the Pharmacy practice. The speakers also gave the delegates an insight about the different perspectives in the Pharmacy practice in Asia during the panel discussion. After each talk, the delegates were encouraged to ask questions to the speakers. Queries about the pharmacy curriculum, internship trainings, ethical issues and the pharmacist as part of the medical health team were the frequently raised

question by the delegates of the pharmacy summit. The speakers and some fellow delegates on the other hand, gave opinions, ideas and suggestions to answer and enlighten everyone. The 2nd Philippine Pharmacy summit and the 1st AYPG Leadership Congress was indeed a fruitful learning experience to all professional pharmacists and future pharmacists who work hand in hand for the betterment of the Pharmacy Profession.

Emus and kangaroos cannot walk backwards.

e v e n t s

CPMT Alumni join

USA Grand Alumni Homecoming 2013 written by LEIZL JOY CASUMPANG and KENNY MAGBANUA


he alumni of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology once again revisited their Alma Mater during the USA Grand Alumni Homecoming last July 19-21, 2013 in line with the celebration of USA’s 60th year as a University, the said event was organized to bring together former students of the institution. Different activities were structured for the 3-day homecoming proper. On the first day, a mass was celebrated, which was followed by a motorcade around the city. One of the highlights was the grand ball sand awarding of alumni jubilarians on the second day. Finally, a city tour was set on the third day. A vying for the title of Lin-ay sang San Agustin was also conducted. Representing the CPMT was Ms. Jenny Marie Dalman, escorted by Mr. Eric Justin Blancaflor, both present members of the department’s teaching staff. Aside from the activities during the 3-day homecoming proper, other earlier events like fun run and community outreach were also organized and participated by the alumni. All in all, the event served as an avenue for former students to get together with their classmates and friends and at the same time, celebrate their alma mater’s 60th anniversary.


CPMT Family Gathers for Orientation Program

w r i t t e n b y K AT H L E E N J U N E B E R N A S tudents of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology, both old and new, once again gathered at the USA gym last June 21, 2013 for the departmental orientation. “I humbly welcome you all my dearest students with open arms. We are your family and together we will help each other to build a great team to produce high quality professionals...”, says Dean Lerma Paris, RMT, MSPH in her welcome address. Her words of welcome were so insightful that every student also welcomed her with open arms. Following the dean’s words of welcome was the introduction of the department’s entrance scholars coming from various vibrant schools. The program then proceeded with the awarding of certificates to the Dean’s listers. The different services and organizations of the University and the CPMT in specific were also introduced to the students. The different coordinators of each area gave their welcomes to the freshmen students and briefed them of their respective policies and guidelines. The program wouldn’t be complete without the presentation of the college’s respectable yet fun faculty and staff. Following this presentation, surprise dance numbers were given by both the male and female faculty group. All of the female faculty members performed Ryzza Mae Dizon’s dance craze “Cha Cha”, while the males danced and sang for the crowd. These performances made the students cheer and yell as they only get to see their teachers perform on special occasions. Afterwards, the three student organizations of the CPMT were introduced, namely the Epsilon Chapter as the mother organization, and the Junior Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (JAMLS) and the Apothecarian Council as the student organizations of the MLS and Pharmacy students, respectively. To end the program, the leadership was handed down by the past officers to the present ones as they pledged to be effective leaders of their own organizations in front of all the CPMT family.


Any friendship that exceeds the 7 year mark is more likely to last an entire lifetime.



e v e n t s


written by ABIGAIL MARIE PEREZ a n d B E AT R I C E G U Z M A N

eafening sounds of cheers and yells accompanied with colorful banners of the different departments crowded the whole University when the 2013 Intramurals was declared open last August 20, 2013. The opening ceremonies began with the cheerdance and street dance competition participated by each department. A very proud Augustinian himself, Mr. Emelio ‘Chieffy’ Caligdong of The Philippine Azkals served as the inspirational speaker. Finally, the 2013 Intramurals was declared open by VP for Academic Affairs Rev. Fr. Harold Ll. Rentoria, O.S.A and it was welcomed by loud cheers and yells from the students dictating their support and happiness for their players and contestants. The theme of this year’s Intramurals was “St. Augustine: Searcher of Truth”. The following days included the Sports games which were participated by the teams of various departments. The celebration then continued until August 27, 2013 at the Conference Room where the Literary Contests were held. CPMT contestants showed rigor and confidence while participating in the different categories of the contest. In the afternoon, several AYD activities including the Casiciacum were held and it was followed by a wondrous fireworks display. The most awaited Search for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals was held last August 29, 2013 at the USA Gym. A dazzling display of stylish outfits and a lot of confidence were shown by the contestants of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology showing intense beauty and intelligence as they exhibited their Augustinian spirits.



In the end, both CPMT Mr. & Ms. Intramural candidates, Camille Rose Martinez won as the 3rd-runner-up & Kim Dominic Reyes won as the Mr. Intramurals 2013. The Search was followed by the Musical contest, where the different contestants showed their natural talent in singing and performing as each contestant belted out their desired tune & sang in harmony. The celebration came to an end, but the CPMT showed every bit of hard work and dedication whether it would be in supporting their college or in participating in every contest. The participants showcased their talents in different ways which only shows that CPMT is home to people with brilliant minds and passionate hearts. The College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology ranked 3rd place in the over-all intramural rankings as based on the set point system. Specific awards of the college were contributed by Lendel Dupo (1st place, DagliangTalumpatian), Ted Muriel Canonicato (2nd place, Binalaybay), Kim Dominic Reyes (Mr. Intramurals 2013, Mr. Glamorous, Best in Production Number for Male Category and Best in Sport’s Wear for Male Category), Camille Rose Martinez (Ms. Inramurals3rd Runner Up and Ms. Fine Fitness 2013), the CPMT Show Choir (2nd Place) and the CPMT Soccer team (Champion). Truly, the CPMT never fails to rise on top no matter what it takes. After all, it was neither about the plaque nor medal, not even the trophy that counts for the PharMedTech people- it’s was more of the passion and determination exemplified by the contestants and the coaches in doing their best to give glory to the college itself, win or lose.

August has the most birthdays, February has the least and most of the serial killers are born in November!



Initiation Superstar

w r i t t e n b y A LY S S A D Y N N I S E E O R a n d K I M N I C O L E C A B U N G C A L

he freshmen of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology (CPMT) sported their recycled outfits designed by the sophomores to jumpstart this year’s initiation last August 15, 2013 at the USA football field and covered court. With the theme “Initiation Superstar,” the initiates paraded as Pink, Katy Perry, Psy, Charice, April Boy and many other local and international artists. Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) 1-E bagged the Best in Arc Making Contest, while MLS 1-F and MLS 1-D won 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Pharmacy (PH) 1-B emerged victorious in the Street Dance Competition. MLS 1-A settled for thesecond spot and MLS 1-E ranked third to complete the winners of the said competition.

Furthermore, the freshmen had displayed their talents on stage with their class presentations. MLS 1-D achieved their Grand Slam title this CPMT Initiation 2013 upon being the 3rd batch of MLS-1D winning the said event. MLS 1-E placed as 1st runner up and PH 1-A for 2nd runner up. In addition, Fedelyn Joy Cawagas who impersonated as April Boy of MLS 1-H and Jonil Tan as Cha-cha of PH 1-B was crowned as the Mr. and Ms. Initiation Superstar 2013. The most coveted part of the Initiation was the Master and Apprentice hour, wherein the freshmen hangout with the sophomore who bought their self-designed shirts on an auction. This is the time where the neophytes of the college experience CPMT’s trademark rites, and sophomores welcome them for entering the College.

Eminem would spend hours every night studying the dictionary, so he could expand his vocabulary for his rhymes.



c o v e r s t o r y



T 12


wenty years old, Dorine Christa Juan, known a “Dors” to her friends and “Christa” to her family is a woman of great courage and hope. At the age of 17, she had the toughest challenge of her life- being diagnosed to have glioblastoma (GBM). GBM are tumors usually found in the cerebral hemisphere of the brain or spinal cord considered to be highly malignant (cancerous). This tumors were found in Dorine’s right temporo-parietal brain which developed into cancer. Being known to have cancer, Dorine was only left with two choices. It was either to stop schooling or to continue despite the risk it might take. Not considering what worst could happen to her situation, Dorine opted to continue going to school. From the very beginning, she wanted to finish her BS Pharmacy degree on time. Thus, nothing can hinder her from making it possible, not even her illness.


There’s always a reason why you were given this kind of challenge and it’s up to you on how you handle it. It’s either you fight and win or give up and lose.



c o v e r s t o r y The Pharmakeia: How does it feel to be in such situation? Dorine: At first, I felt awkward knowing I have cancer. I felt I was a burden to others, but as time goes by I got used to it and I can say that I got stronger. Being strong is the only choice I have. T: What are the troubles that you have been experiencing up to this point? D: Basically, it was that feeling of being a burden to others. I don’t like seeing my family to be worried of what things could happen. I have had to give up achieving higher grades just to avoid stressing myself too much, or else I would be grave danger. I always keep this in mind kahithindi Dean Lister (DL), at least makakapasa at makatapos. Hahaha. Moreover, one of the most difficult tasks is to manage my time for school, hospital visits, and chemotherapy. I have had to flight to Manila for a checkup, and then I’d flight back to the city for school when therapy is done. T: How did you manage the stress? D: I diverted stress by watching movies (comedy and inspirational), hanging out with some friends. Whenever I’m alone, I spend my time by listening to good music. I always convince myself everyday to think positive!



T: What is your greatest fear in life? D: That would be leaving my loved ones and wasting all the support in order to win this struggle. My doctors anticipated my survival rate to 3 years, at most 5 years. Worst, having anticipated the time I have left to 6 months as stated in the research statistics of my illness. Moreover, my doctors told me the possibility that the tumor might recur again and again even after surgery. Well, I almost died twice, and the same fear develops everytime I survive! T: Really? Could you please tell us more about it? D: This is it! I fixed in my mind that I can beat this; I still have something to hold on to. This “something” are my strengths and I won’t let myself lose and say goodbye to it. I can and I will do this no matter what it takes. These words kept running into my head since I started my chemo therapies and these were the words that somehow, made me really be strong enough to face every operation procedures I have had. It was actually in December 2010 when I should have had my first operation, but I chose not to. I opted to finish my first year here in college. I admit! I was not wise taking that decision, because my brain tumor grew up to 5 mm, which complicated my illness. (Because I waited 3 months to have my operation my neuro surgeons scolded me). It was on the 5th day of April, when I finally had my first operation. But before undergoing through all the procedures, I told my family that I have to take an exam for Pharmaceutical Calculations. So I took the exam, went for an operation and luckily it worked! First operation though was a success, has damaged my balance. I had have developed a blind spot at the upper left vision of my left eye. On the brighter side, those side effects of the procedure was just but temporary. However, a greater risk of being permanently blind in my left eye was anticipated by the time I will have my second operation in case. My tumor recurred and so I have had to undergo the second operation, left with great courage and faith that I will not be blind permanently as anticipated. I made myself ready for this second operation to happen but the fear I felt seemed to be at its peak in that very moment. What was left with me was the driving spirit to live no matter what. And that no matter how many times I will have the surgery, I will always wake up each time the procedure is over. It was on my third year when I have had my second operation. It was just before New Year, December 28, 2012 to be exact. And so I told all of my family and friends that I’ll be awake and greet them a happy New Year. During the operation I thought of my hospital and manufacturing internship duties and that I had to wake up because I was a year closer to graduation. Luckily my body followed my mind to wake up before New Year’s Eve.Fortunately,

The tree that bleeds when cut is known as Dragon’s blood.

the anticipated permanent blindness of my left eye did not happen (my surgeons were really good), but if it does, I’d still consider it as a blessing because I will still get to see the beauty of the world with my right eye. I mean, should never lose hope. I am just seeing things on the brighter side. T: How are you now? D:Now, I am good. I do not undergo any chemo at present and I’ll be 1 year seizure free in the short time. Like any other Pharmacy 4 A, I am a regular student even with the surgeries, chemo and radiation therapies I have had. Although I am currently overloading myself with the subjects I missed during the summer of my first operation (Yes, same load with my classmates this second semester no more coping up with missed subjects), it is actually fine for I am a man of my words. I did what I have to do. And now, I am just glad to be near to my goals. Well, I struggled hard just to be able to graduate this school year. Hopefully I can. I know I can. I will. T: What do you want to tell God in your prayers? D: I can say that God, indeed was with me all the time. He made me handle all the things that I thought I could not. And with this, I want to thank Him. I want to thank Him for all the blessings He gave me, for saving my life, and for giving me hope. I wanted also to thank Him for my family and friends and even my teachers who have

always been there to support me. Every day I continue to wish that He may give me strength that is strong enough to face this challenge of His. May He bless me for my complete healing and recovery. May He continue to guide and bless me. I promise to give back the blessings He gave to me! T: Did your condition change you? How? D: Yes. It made me stronger. It made me be more vocal about my feelings, more closer to God and my family. I am so sorry if I let them (my family and friends) to feel hurt in some way. I know it was hard for them to adjust for someone like me. T: What can you say to those people experiencing the same as yours? D: It goes something like this--Just because you have cancer, it doesn’t mean that you have to quit school or stop living normally. Just know your limitations, know when to stop and take a break. There’s always a reason why you were given this kind of challenge and it’s up to you on how you handle it. It’s either you fight and win or give up and lose. T: Any words of wisdom to share? D: “Never lose hope. Find something to live and fight for.” “Pull me down, I promise to rise back up like nothing ever happened. If you really want to reach something, you won’t let anything get in your way to achieve what you want.”

The longest known record for constipation was 102 days.



f e a t u r e

“Beggar” from heaven



alking through the yard in front of a majestic church in Sofia, one would not miss the sight of an old man with

a beard like of Father Christmas often standing with a metal cashbox in hand. Everyone around would not hesitate to hurry to drop in a donation, let him kiss their hand and receive his blessing. It is not because of his beard, homemade clothes and traditional shoes of raw skin that attracted them but it was kind eyes, pleasant smile, humble-look and the face that shines of heavenly light. The Bulgarians call him Good Old ‘Dyado’ Dobri Dobrev.



Dyado Dobri A 99 year-old man famed for his unconditional love and generosity, Dyado (Elder) Dobri, as he is popularly called by the people of Sofia, is a survivor from the World War II who lost his hearing along countless friends and family members. He spent the last decades collecting donations from the kind-hearted and giving everyone his unconditional kindness and charity in the metropolitan city of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Not a beggar at all Elder Dobri is not a beggar for he had already forgotten his needs and does not rely on strangers to save his life. He collects money and donates every single penny he earned from

The average woman smiles 62 times a day. The average man smiles only 8 times.

his collections to the decaying and crumbling churches and monasteries for their restoration and the unpaid utility bills of orphanages. He wants to save souls of all people and has lived a life of simplicity and poverty, earning him titles which other people call him–a saint, an angel, and a diving stranger. Bigtime donation Elder Dobri has donated 10,000 leva (302,292 Php) for the restoration of the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius in Baylovo and 25,000 leva (760,046 Php) to the Eleshnishkiya monastery and the church in Gorno Kamartsi. In the recent years, he often goes to the Church of St. Alexander Nevski and the Church of the Holy Seven Saints. His largest donation, however, was for the temple-monument of St. Alexander Nevski–an unbearable amount of 35,000 leva (1,064,065 Php) for the old man wat back in May 2009. According to Stefan Kalaidjiev, the secretary of the church board, the annual


on the floor instead. Surely, God is the shepherd and there is nothing we shall want. A living saint “This man who collects virtues, gathers and collects fruit for eternal life,” Kalaidjiev summarizes Elder Dobri. He can be called as a real-life Santa Claus who does not bring dolls, bears and candy but instead an example, hope, unconditional love, generosity, kindness and light to an honorable and spiritual life to everyone. Don’t fret over Santa Claus, Elder Dobri is the real deal. The time you go to church in Sofia, Bulgaria, keep your eyes and hearts open for the old man with a cashbox prostrating in front of the sacraments and relics. Some people say beggars don’t give, that doesn’t count Elder Dobri.

This man who collects virtues, gathers and collects fruit for eternal life.


Kalaidjiev summarizes Elder Dobri.

amount donated by the people to the temple is 2000-2500 leva (60,804–76,007 Php). With Elder Dobri’s donation, the throne in the Church of St. Alexander Nevski is covered in gold once more. New vestments and curtains were brought and leaks were done. Not merely confined to donating, he also lends a hand in doing the manual work during repairs. Gratitude is found deep in most humans Due to the selfless deeds of Elder Dobri, some people led by the priest Tikhon braved their way to his humble home in a small room of a small outhouse in the yard of a rural Church of St. Cyril and Methodius in Baylovo to offer their assistance to purchase some furniture and household essentials. Elder Dobri, however vowed a life of simplicity and turned down their offer. With only a piece of bread and a slice of tomato on the table, Elder Dobri does not mind because people’s kindness provided him everything. He has a bed but he prefers sleeping

Some people are actually afraid of being too happy because they think something tragic is going to happen soon.This is known as Cherophobia.




f e a t u r e


written by JENNIFER NUFUAR source: and


e have eyes to see the world, arms to wrap our loved ones, and legs to walk, but have you ever imagined if we don’t have these things? How can these affect our entire lives? Let me tell you a story of an amazing man who lived a life without limbs. He is a Serbian -Australian Christian evangelist, an author, musician, actor, and motivator who speak about his belief that God can use any willing heart to do his work and that God is big enough to overcome any disability. Meet Nicholas Vujicic (pronounced VOO-yee-cheech). Nick was born in 1982 in


If you can’t get a miracle, become one.


Melbourne, Australia without arms and legs due to a rare congenital condition called tetraamelia syndrome. “The Not So Funny” Childhood The early days were difficult. Throughout his childhood, Nick not only dealt with the typical challenges of school and adolescence, but he also struggled with depression and loneliness. Nick



constantly wondered why he was different than all the other kids. He questioned the purpose of life, or if he even had a purpose. At age eight, Nick could not see a bright future ahead and he became depressed. When he was ten years old, he decided to end his life by drowning himself in a bathtub. After a couple attempts, he realized that he did not want to leave his loved ones with the burden and guilt that would result from his suicide. At age thirteen he hurt his foot; that injury made him realize that he needs to be more thankful for his abilities and less focused on his disabilities. When he was fifteen years old, he sealed his faith in God and since then his journey has become amazing. Cotton Whispers from HIM A janitor at his high school inspired Nick to start speaking about his faith and overcoming adversity when he was seventeen. Nick spoke only a dozen times to very small groups. Then he found himself in front of three hundred sophomore students. Within the first three minutes of his talk, half the girls were crying, and most of the boys were struggling to hold their emotions together. One of the girls was sobbing very hard. She said “I am sorry to interrupt, but can I come up and hug you?” She hugged Nick and whispered “Thank you, thank you.” No one has ever told Nick that they loved him and he was beautiful the way that he was. Her gratitude inspired Nick to go across 44 countries to preach

Laziness is in our DNA and can be passed down through generations.


It’s a lie to think you’re not good enough. It’s a lie to think you’re not worth anything.


the Word of God. Nick realized that we all need love and hope, and that he was in a unique position to share that with people around the world. FAITH: “Full Assurance in the Heart” He says that the victory over his struggles, as well as his strength and passion for life today, can be credited to his faith in God. His family, friends and the people he has encountered along the journey have inspired him to carry on. Last February 12, 2012, he married his fiancée, Kanae Miyahara, and the following year, their son Kiyoshi James Vujicic was born. Today, Nick has been traveling around the world and sharing his story with millions of people. Despite his disabilities, Pastor Nick has accomplished more than most people achieve in a lifetime. “Whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever you are dealing with, I hope that you will be inspired by my story and my message. Dream big my friend and never give up. We all make mistakes, but none of us are mistakes. Take one day at a time. Embrace the

‘‘ ‘‘

God’s love is so real that He created you to prove it.

positive attitudes, perspectives, principles and truths I share, and you too will overcome… If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart,” says Nick. Every one of us is a precious gift of God. No matter what your color is, what kind of disabilities you have, how strange you are, and even what you look like. The most important is that you know within yourself that you’re special the way that you are. Be yourself and be proud of being you. Don’t feel shame in telling the world ofwho you really are because like Nick, faith will enlighten your purpose. Hence, God made everything and everyone in this world for a reason.

The human mind has a habit of frequently recalling painful memories and events that lead to emotional sadness and stress.



f e a t u r e

e d i c y

l l BU

written by WILLIAM ALEXIS RUIZ illustration by PAUL MARTIN YONGQUE i n f o g r a p h i c b y C A LV I N J O H N E S P I N O


he term bullycide is a portmanteau word first used in 2001 by Neil Marr and Tim Field in their book Bullycide: Death at Playtime. It refers to suicide attributable to the victim having been bullied, either in person or via social media. Bullying is an act of violence that mostly happens in teens that are physically or mentally weak. Bullies are the term for the people committing the act. According to Wikipedia, suicide(which comes from the Latin word suicidium, from suicaedere, “to kill oneself”) is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Suicide is often committed out of despair, the cause of which is frequently attributed to mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism, or drug abuse. Stress factors such as financial difficulties or troubles with interpersonal relationships often play a role. Efforts to prevent suicide include limiting access to firearms, treating mental illness and drug misuse, and improving economic development.



Individuals with higher IQs are 3 times more likely to suffer from depression because of increased brain activity.

The Bullies As mentioned above, they are the ones who torment people via physical or mental abuse. Bullies do the bullying because envy and resentment are their common ulterior motives. Research about the self-esteem of bullies has produced equivocal results. While some bullies are arrogant and narcissistic, bullies can also use bullying as a tool to conceal shame or anxiety or to boost self-esteem. By demeaning others, the abuser feels empowered. Bullies may bully out of jealousy or because they themselves are bullied. Some have argued that a bully reflects the environment of his home, repeating the model he learned from his/her parents. Bullies are commonly present in a teenager’s life specifically in a school or university. The Victims A typical victim is likely to be aggressive, lacks social skills,thinks negative thoughts, experiences difficulties in solving social problems, comes from a negative family, school and community environments and can be noticeably rejected and isolated by peers, thus making him/her a suitable target for a bully. In most cases, the victim is in the same situation in life as the bully him/herself. The victims now cope with the continuous assault by the bully, tend to feel more depressed and is now more prone to accepting the negative thoughts in his/her head that may lead to ending his/her life just to end it all. But in rare cases, the victim finds a way to completely cope or annihilate the problem and continues on with his/her life now with more confidence on him/her as life goes on. Cyberbullying Cyberbullying is any bullying done through the use of technology. This form of bullying can


easily go undetected because of lack of parental or authoritative supervision. Because bullies can pose as someone else, it is the most anonymous form of bullying. Cyber bullying includes, but is not limited to, abuse using email, instant messaging, text messaging, websites, social networking sites, etc. Particular watch dog organizations have been designed to contain the spread of cyberbullying. Disability bullying It has been noted that disabled people are disproportionately affected by bullying and abuse, and such activity has been cited as a hate crime. The bullying is not limited to those who are visibly disabled such as wheelchair-users or physically deformed such as those with a cleft lip but also those with learning disabilities such as autismand developmental coordination disorder. In the latter case, this is linked to poor ability in physical education, and this behavior can be encouraged by the unthinking physical education teacher. Abuse of the disabled is not limited to schools. Parental bullying Parents who may displace their anger, insecurity, or a persistent need to dominate and control upon their children in excessive ways have been proven to increase the likelihood that their own children will in turn become overly aggressive or controlling towards their peers. The American Psychological Association suggests that parents who may suspect that their own children may be engaging in bullying activities amongst their peers should carefully consider the examples which they themselves may be setting for their own children, regarding how they typically interact with their own peers, colleagues, and children.

Your taste in music is something that develops through experience and is not something you are born with.




f e a t u r e



ilence sounded deafening in the room. *Ella, a BMLS 4 student, thought the class is over until she heard her Blood Banking teacher speaks about Voluntary Nonremunerated Blood Donation (VNBD) in clear, resonant tone. Her bony fingers glided across her pen and slowly wrote “Deferred” on her blank notes. “If only I were not underweight, I would be willing to donate blood regardless of how often it shall be,” she thought. Her unwavering frustration should have to come to a halt, because she has to embark on a journey, that is, to recruit a blood donor that will represent her in an upcoming mass blood donation. What IBCC Stands For The Iloilo Blood Coordinating Council, Inc. (IBCC) is the governing body for blood donation in Iloilo. It is a local counterpart of the Philippine Blood Coordinating Council (PBCC), a member of a tripartite group mandated to promote voluntary blood donation in the Philippines. PBCC, together with the Department of Health (DOH) and the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC), provides adequate supply of safe blood, regulates blood banks and provides violations thereof under the provisions of RA 7719, aka the National Blood Services Act of 1994.

“The status of blood donation in the Philippines is still below one percent of the population. It is already enough for regular blood donation, but there is a need for more donors to meet emergency needs, especially here in Iloilo,” stressed Dr. Judith S. Jimeno, President of IBCC.



IBCC has been successfully conducting blood donation within the province. For instance, it had officiated the annual Bombo Radyo Blood Donation and the mass blood donation in Robinson’s Place, Iloilo last July 13, 2013, which was participated by CPMT students and staff. “Our vision is to make available quality blood at all times. Hopefully, we can attain 100% blood donation in the latter years. Together, we can make a difference. Let’s start acting now,” added Dr. Jimeno. To The Few Chosen Ones Not all are qualified to donate blood but all of us are potential users. On top of all, blood need is always unpredictable. On the other hand, there is no denial that blood supply is limited despite laborious efforts to increase it. Essentially, becoming part of the supply is where your participation comes in. Donating blood could be an avenue for selfless giving, not taking. Besides, becoming a blood donor is already a medallion worth keeping. Because unlike hundreds of people, who wanted, tried and failed to donate blood just like Ella, you can be chosen as among the few ones who can save lives. To save lives is any man’s monumental possessions! Truth is, your blood is the hero in the story if you let it. Blood donation is indeed bringing out the hero within you. Don’t just live through others. Let others live through you. Well, as for Ella, she was indeed wise to call her boyfriend! *not the real name

Fitness is directly related to cognitive performance. Individuals who work out tend to do better on exams than those who do not.



f e a t u r e


THE SECRET ON GETTING OUT OF LIFE’S LOW POINTS written by MHARVIE CAPUNDAN “Why is this happening?” I’m a good person (I think, therefore I am). I work hard and study even harder (Well, I put effort in my tasks). I’m kind (I give alms to the poor, if I have enough). But lately, everything’s falling apart. My boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with me, my grade was downsized,—now I’ve got mono. Why does everything seem to go out of control? Why am I here in the first place? Am I not good enough to deserve these misfortunes?”


amiliar? Well, maybe in one or another some of these or all of these words came out of your mouth or at the least grazed your thoughts. We live in an up-and-down, flux universe, yet we’d much rather flow than fade. When we find ourselves in the channel between the peaks of life, some of us become resistant while the rest of us struggle. There are numerous ways to get away from the unbearable moments in our lives. Being well, physically, emotionally and mentally, could just be your best solution by far-



a very humble way of the PMT way!

surviving life’s scraps,

BSP: Be Bold. Be Smart. Be Patient. Have the courage to face the problem. Do not rush to get rid of the problem too soon. People tend to put things back together as soon as it falls apart because they felt like they are urged to do something immediately. Most often, they settle doing reckless actions thinking that it could be the solution. They do not look forward that situation could worsen. Things have their way of working out. Take time to know the reasons behind your problems and be intellectually curious enough to know the message or lesson that the situation is trying to relay, and then think of the BEST solution.

Farting can actually help reduce high blood pressure and is beneficial to your health.

Claim your victory. Life indeed is a vicious cycle. Sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down. What matters is our power to stand up over and over again each time we fall. We should NEVER GIVE UP. We should turn our low points into highs and let our obstacles be opportunities for us to get things through. So ditch that self-defeatist attitude, be the happier version of yourself and reclaim your victory NOW! PRAY.

Mind over Matter. Stay positive and control negative thoughts so that they can’t contribute to the outcome you are trying to work on. Try to find happiness despite the grief you feel. Try finding the humor in your life, and laugh all of your problems out saying, “I’m not going to let this thing get me down”. De-Stress. Getting stressed by your problems wouldn’t help at all. If the solutions you’re working on seem not to work, and that you feel as though you’re pushing forward towards the grain, do nothing. Relax. The nature is turning you inward, to gain power through peace, rather than outward to gain power through activity. Surely, you’ll figure things out after. Listen and obey the words from a song “Let it be.”

Sometimes we tend to ask God “Why these things happen?.” We insist the fact that we are strong yet not too strong to get through such problems. And sad to say, some fail to go on bended knees and pray. We must be grounded that God doesn’t give us problems we can’t handle and that He never abandon us. He always listens for He loves us so much. And so, instead of clamouring of how awful we think our life is at present, let us rather thank God for everything- that, despite our struggles, we still manage to wake up every morning delighted by his most precious gift--LIFE. Downfalls are here to teach us a significant lesson.Life is a blessing, every bit of it. Everything happens for a reason. It could not be good for now, but it will soon be more than the best that we expect. Let us learn to live life as it is, not overthinking of what negativities could happen. Leave the stress behind, and be the key of your life’s betterment!

Reroute. Your problem isn’t the only thing that deserves your attention. There are still other things that you are to think of. Try to divert your attention to other stuff that could help you loosen up and forget the pain that the situation brings. Realize that it’s okay to make mistakes. We make our own problems. Our mistakes are the ones accountable of our low points at times. But, we are humans after all, doomed to commit mistakes. All we got to do is to accept, learn from it, and move on. Live life without regrets!

Atelophobia is the fear of not being good enough or having imperfections.

















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M S I T I R O V A F sp o e c r si p e e t c y







illustration by SUZANNE JACOMILLE


G.O .R


ccording to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a teacher is the one who teaches or imparts the knowledge of something, a concept, or an idea. When children begin to go to school at ages as early as 4 years old, parents entrust teachers to care for them and teach them what is right from wrong.

We already cultivated the culture that our teachers are treated as our second parents. Being second parents, it means to educate not only in subjects like English or Mathematics, but also to educate in all aspects of life such as gentle courtesy and manners. Teachers may vary in the manner of their teachings, attitude towards their students and outlooks on their respective subject. It is inevitable that in your school years, you will encounter some good, bad, and terrifying teachers.

TERROR TEACHERS. That terrifying aura, those eyes that are piercing your very soul, that resounding scary voice, that very rigid posture, overwhelming lectures, and renowned all over... Ah yes, these words surely scream the marks of a terror teacher. They may teach minor or major subjects, may look like any other teacher, but what sets them apart is that students find them scary--intentionally or not. A terror teacher may say: “Get one whole piece of paper! Let’s have a quiz (on the spot).” Or say: “Study chapters one to three (60 pages) for tomorrow.”, which to us students think as a living hell.




In a student’s point of view, he/she would define a terror teacher as a person who is strict, who would have a straight glare at you with their gloomy eyes, and would diminish your soul into the edge of the unknown because of the heart-pounding, low grades and terrifying habit they possess. Terror teachers would often not be included in the wish list of students because of the qualities they have. Thus, they may be considered today to be a hindrance of a student’s life. But the question is, why do they have to be terrifying? Would they die if they would be nice? When you open your minds, the reason may be this: they have to. Admit it or not, once we know that our teacher’s nice, we tend to abuse this said kindness. If the teacher tolerates our actions, we do anything we want. We would talk even if the teacher’s right in front talking as well. We would not listen and instead do the assignments, projects, and study for the next class. We would put on our earphones, volume up, and ignore the world. You are not motivated to learn. And so what is a good remedy? It’s either the students will get serious or the teacher will. Since not every student can do it, the teacher has to do the job.

When you see someone you’re interested in, what feels like butterflies in your stomach is actually a stress response caused by adrenaline.





How to handle these kinds of teachers? Here’s the SUPER STAR way to your terror teacher’s heart: Smile – No, not the plastic and forced one. Something good will happen if you smile. Who knows, your teacher may get infected with it. Understand – They are still human and thus they are capable of having a bad day. Every action and word has a reason. If they can’t understand you, then you should understand them. It’s hard, but it won’t hurt if you try. Pray – Instead of asking God to curse the teacher, pray to Him that He will guide him/her. A prayer can move mountains, and also your teacher’s heart. Emit a Good Aura – It works like diffusion. If the concentration level of good aura is high, it will diffuse to those whose concentration level of good aura is low. Tada! Application of science in real life. Responsibility – Be responsible of your actions. Everyone loves a responsible person. Your terror teacher does, too. Study – Show your teacher that even if he/ she’s difficult to deal with, it won’t hinder your academic success. He/She will acknowledge you for that. Teamwork – In unity there is strength, cliché but true. The misconduct of one can affect everyone, and it can waste the other’s effort. And so, everyone must cooperate to make the classroom a good learning environment. Active – Recite when he/she asks a question. Participate actively in activities. When you and

everyone is having fun in a good way, the teacher can join in with the fun. Respect – This may be the strongest way to the terror teacher’s heart. If he/she is talking, shut up and listen. If you respect your terror teacher, he/she will respect you in return. You can’t expect them to respect you if you don’t do it to them. Think of your terror teacher as a mirror. If you smile, he/she will smile. If you frown, he/he will do the same. If you learn to respect him/her, he/she will return the favor, sometimes more than you expected. The strongest steel is sent through the hottest furnace. Life is not easy. School is definitely not easier. Terror teachers are a part of every student’s life in school. And so, instead of labeling them as hindrances, spawns from hell, and reincarnations of the devil, they should serve as a challenge for us. They are one of the flames that we must go through in order to be men and women of steel – people who are prepared for the battles of real life. Wouldn’t it be great to say and proclaim to everyone that you survived a terror teacher? We must learn to adapt and handle these kinds of teachers. It is good for our growth, not only academically, but also in the social aspect. We would learn how to interact with different types of people both angels and demons. The type of teachers aforementioned may be difficult, but we have to deal with it. After all, the education system may change to K-12, school buildings may crumble and fall, but terror teachers are here to stay. You have been warned.

Psychology says, “It’s sad when the people who gave you the best memories, become a memory.”



p s e o c r si p e e t c y



images from

ave you and your friends known each other for quite some time? Have you ever fought? Do you ever treat each other like Brothas’ and Sistahs’ from ‘anotha’ Motha? How close are you? Find out through this Friendship Formula.

CATEGORIES: WEIRDNESS 1 - You and your ever quirky friends talk about things that “NORMAL” people will never talk about. 2 - Doing out of this world stuff like trying to reach your nose with your tongue or mixing leftover foods and making something new out of it. 3 - You and your friends come up with crazy ideas, do it and pretend like its normal.

SERIOUSNESS 1 - Casual talk is an everyday “must do.” 2 - You and your friends share information or ideas about current events and other school related topics. 3 - Goal-oriented people. You and your friends plan out your recent and future plans.

CHEMISTRY 1 - You are only friends because you have a lot of common friends. 2 - You are friends with each other because you share common interests. 3 - BOOM Baby!! Sparks everywhere! Differences schmiferences, even though you may not have the same interests, you accept each other and it’s a BLAST when you are all together.

DIFFERENCES 1 - You have different tastes. They like horror movies, you like comedy. They wear short skirts, you wear t-shirt. They’re Cheer leaders and you’re on the bleachers. 2 - Diverse opinions, point of views and beliefs. You ask “WHY?” and they answer “WHY NOT?”



Domestic cats stop meowing to communicate with each other. Once they reach adulthood, and only meow to communicate with humans.

Weirdness + Trip Mo, Trip Ko X (Chemistry + Differences) (Share Share X Tambay Moments) + Seriousness + Bangayan +15

X 100 = Result

TAMBAY MOMENTS 1 - SELFIE. Yes, you have friends but when vacant period comes you would rather be alone than be with them. 2 - U TURN- “ Makadto ka?” “Huo eh, wouldn’t miss it” and yes, YOU MISS IT. You and your friends plan to hang out, you promised to be there but backed out on the last minute and thus the famous quote, “NAKAPLANO NA, BARKADAHAY TA, U TURN KA IMO YA?” 3 - GROUPIE. One for all and all for one, need we say more?

SHARE SHARE DIN PAG MAY TIME 1 - You talk about the weather, how heavy the traffic is to the simple “What’s up?—Not much” conversation. 2 - SCHOOL TALK. Sa Chemistry: “Kamusta quiz mo?” “Ayun, ok lang” “Ilan score mo?” “Konti lang” 3 - ALL OUT. From what you did when you woke up to what you ate for breakfast to school stuff to your life dramas. You guys are so close that it’s very comfortable to share or make “pautwas” to each other.

WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP: TRIP MO, TRIP KO NA RIN! 1 - COMMON GOOD. Trip ng friends mo at dahil ayaw mo mambasag ng trip at mapagsabihang “KJ” nakikisabay ka na lang din sa trip nila. No Choice ang peg mo. 2 - MAGKABILANG MUNDO. Gusto mo ng gatas na choco, gusto nila ng choco na gatas? Hindi pareho ang trip niyo at para hindi magulo, “WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP” ang usapan niyo. 3 - KUNG SAAN KA MASAYA, SUSUPORTAHAN KITA. Kahit di mo gusto ang trip niya at di niya gusto ang trip mo, sinusuportahan niyo ang isa’t isa as long as hindi masama ang ginagawa.

BANGAYAN KAG “LIBAKANAY” 1 - HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. Secrets are a “no-no” in your friendship. Whether it’s bad or good, if you have something to say about it, you tell each other. 2 - CHECK ATTENDANCE. Aminin, kung sino ang wala sa barkada, sya ang pinag-uusapan. Trending topic kumbaga. Malas mo pag ikaw ang wala. 3 - SUPPORT OR DEPORT. This is the all or nothing, nerve-racking decision making. You have two options: Help out or Move out.

Follow the General Formula. Use the numbers given in each category in order to attain your score in the Friendship Formula. Technically, laughter is considered a form of exercise. 15 minutes of laughter = 30 minutes of sit ups.



o c ss o p e r sii p e e tt c yy





y t i r b e l e C


k Kalokali









p s e o c r si p e e t c y


akit di ka crush ng crush mo?

w r i t t e n b y T H A L I A J H O Y B AY O N A

kin-tight jeans, hot pink sneakers and a neon-colored shirt, you’re ready to rock your day and do the same staring game with your crush the whole day. Because of my neon colored shirt or perhaps… Walking in the hallways with your classy outfit, you bump in with this cute guy. From the first encounter, the butterflies that are once settled in their slumber were awakened by those unknown feelings that crept down your spin with that mere shoulder grazing. You look at him and see his long lashes twinkling sunshine to you and as his lips curved up and down, you can feel you heart thumping wildly upon hearing his angelic voice. “Sorry” he said. As he retreat away from you, looking at his back with your eyes full of magic like on fairytales. There shining with a different glint of emotions. It’s full of admiration as you found you’re “in crush”. Teenagers nowadays would always squeal by the mention of the word “crush”. They will never find it boring when you talk about that certain topic. Crushes give color to once life, they say. It stands as your inspiration in anything you do. When mentioning your crushes’ name, you’ll shiver from head to toe and your cheeks will surely grow a bright color of pink. You look at him as if he is a living statue made by a certain master in art and praise him like he’s the most amazing person on earth but whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you try to let him notice you, the feeling is just not mutual. “Bakit di ka crush ng crush mo?” There are two kinds of crushes the fortunate and the u n fo r t u n a te .




The fortunate is when your crush also has a crush on you and the unfortunate is the opposite. Crushes don’t always have a mutual feeling. It’s more of one having a crush on the other and the latter doesn’t really care about it. You always ask this question “Bakit di ako crush ng crush ko?” but still fail to get a proper answer. Crushes are more stressful as it looks like. People may feel happy having a crush but surely, they’ll feel twice depressed knowing that all their efforts to be noticed failed. You check your outfit every day. You make sure you look your best or even average so that when you pass by him, he’ll surely turn his head by looking at you but unfortunately with all your attempts he only turned his head once and that’s when a certain tall girl passed by and mouthed “hi” to him. You can feel your heart breaking deep inside you. He smiled at her like the way you smiled at him. His eyes brighten as he looks at her retreating back like those on fairytales. He blush just because of that certain action, surely your crush is not in to you. As you stride your way again down the hallway of your school building, you see your crush walking your way but this time his not alone. His happily chatting with the same girl he turned his head unto. They look so perfect that you yourself can’t deny. You’ll look at them with your eyes gazing with sadness and you keep your head low, not wanting to be noticed anymore. Electricity running through your spines and bones, they seemed turned off at the very moment you realized that you and your crush are indeed impossible to be put in the same sentence together. You started caring less about your look since it doesn’t make you even half noticeable than you thought you’ll be. You tell yourself to let go of the admiration that you thought might bloom into something bigger. But in the end, you’ll find yourself doing the same old staring game that you enjoy-- looking at your crush from a far even though there is no chance of him looking back. “Bakit di ka crush ng crush mo?” The whole story will still end up with that same old question. Why in the world would you’re crush fall for others when your there, patiently and intently admiring him from the very beginning? Maybe because of your neon colored shirt, or perhaps there are things that aren’t supposed to be and meant to be from the very beginning.

“Never odd or even” spelled backwards is still “Never odd or even”.

#selfie LIKE?




NAP! Holding a phone with a built-in camera feature at arm’s length with the lens towards her, the girl tilted her face at an angle and... SNAP...SNAP... and another SNAP! With a smile, she gleefully examines it. You guys also practice this right? You may know the word Selfie but I bet you didn’t know what’s behind it. Since the rise of photo sharing social media sites (ex. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, you know it all), self-portraits or popularly known as “selfies” have dominated. People felt the need to document themselves to share something when others are not available to document them, essentially for pleasure, for art’s sake, or for popularity. The term “selfie”, popularized in 2005 by photographer Jim Kraus, technically means an act of turning the lens of the camera to oneself or to a mirror to capture an image of you or with somebody else as in the case of “group selfies.” The self-portrait has been long practiced by many artists like Vincent van Gogh, Henry Matisse and FridaKhalo, although the general public deliberately viewed them as a sign of vanity and rain criticisms on them. When Henry Hanks won the Archibald prize with a selfportrait in 1934, he had to wipe offthe marks of criticisms not only from the face of his portrait but also on his own face. Such public treatment did not discourage artists from creating selfportraits. Some of these artists made them ugly or even indistinguishable to avoid issues of vanity and in order create a self-portrait. (Take for example the 1996 Archibald Prize winner Wendy Shape. You can google it if you want) In this age where personal image matters, who is in the right mind would make themselves ugly or indistinguishable in a photo and show it to this judgmental world? People wanted to look their best with the hope of receiving positive feedbacks, in the form of likes and favorites, from the viewers whom they expect to be supportive. In Facebook, there would be times when a chat box with a stranger’s name would suddenly popout with a message “Pa-like bi prof picko, friend.

Salamat, friend! *insert smiley*,” and you would be left with one eyebrow raised. Selfies are the youth’s escape from their insecurities and obvious imperfections. It’s even made better by the most effective make-up of our generation- the Photoshop, or any editing apparatus. It enables any person to “enhance” the beauty behind their warts and pimples. You can even turn your oh-so-simple look into a celebrity look-alike. Have you ever heard of the term Kalokalike? Rings a bell, right? It is one of the segments in the noon time show, Showtime. Famous for its unique way of showcasing talents and looks, kalokalike became a hit in just a short span of time. The segment even gained extra popularity points because of the witty and funny contestants which proved they can have their idol’s look but also with a touch of their own unique style. Let me take you to a place full of loud applause, spotlight, and camera shots everywhere. “Kalokalikes” never lost a spot in trending topics, may it be local or worldwide, and always receive positive feedbacks in other social media. It’s quite obvious that the performers do not only join the competition for popularity but also for self fulfillment. It’s the satisfaction for oneself that every person thirsts for. Besides, it’s a plus credit to look, in one way or another, to be like the person that you idolize. The bad thing is over-idolizing, and that’s a different story! Judy Garland once said, “Always be a firstrate version of yourself, instead of being a second-rate of somebody else”. We may be somebody’s shadow for a moment in our life, but for sure there will always be a light that will fade away that uncertainty. In the end, we may choose to pose for a selfie picture or be a celebrity look-alike, but it’s always better to be in a group picture which really shows the real essence of our personality.

85% of people say “I’m tired” when they’re really just upset.



l i t e r a r y

w r i t t e n b y H A Z E L TA N G E N T E , F H E R RY M A E Q U I D AT O a n d Y V O N N E M A E C A PATAYA N layout design by CHESTER ALAN RICARDO


hen I was still in pigtails, my parents used to tell me every time they tuck me at night to not be afraid of the dark. They said whatever frightful imagery that my wee little mind would conjure: boogey man, whispering entities, moving shadows, and silhouettes behind the curtains, monsters in the closet and such were all figments of my imagination. For awhile, I still clung intensely on my blanket at every sound and movement during nighttime, but eventually as I grew older, my childhood fears subsided. Ghostly apparitions?Restless spirits? Give me a break. I became skeptical to unearthly or supernatural tales and would just laugh at campfire stories. Until that day… 2:43 A.M.-My eyelids are still protesting. Drained tremendously with my intensive training as a cadet officer, I had less than four hours for a real nap. All that can be heard was the sound of my breathing which was not a good pill for sleeping. My eyes were drooping when suddenlyRing! Ring! Ring! My cellphone rang for the first time. Huh? I thought I put this in silent mode? Confused, I picked up the phone. Dear Fe, it read, and then, I felt as if I had been smacked on the face! I woke up instantly. Surprise paving way for anger, I threw the phone away. “What was that?” my roommate asked, startled. I didn’t answer. Instead, I ran out of the dormitory I was currently residing for training. This is too much! I needed air. Without a specific place to go to, I let my feet drag me as I wandered aimlessly in the halls of the university. “I can’t believe he’s breaking up with me. I did everything for him,” I thought bitterly. It was still dark in the campus, with a few minutes before 3:00 in the morning, but I didn’t care. I was broken hearted. I climbed up the stairs to the third floor of the building, deciding that the fresh air could help ease up my mind. I had to clear my thoughts. And so, I sat down on the bridge and leaned on the railings, contemplating what to do. Then I heard footsteps. Tap…tap…tap...I turned but saw no one. Obviously, I ignored it. Then, there it went again;tap…tap…tap… but this time closer. “Who’s there?!”Silence. Even the steps diminished. Then, tap…tap…tap… Annoyed, I yelled into the emptiness, “Who’s there?!” Still no answer. I assumed it was my co-cadets playing tricks with me, so I stood to leave but then I froze. Ever had that feeling of someone watching you from behind?That’s what I felt at that moment. A jolt of electricity ran through my body as I twisted around to see who was behind me. But still,I saw no one…



Suddenly, I grew anxious. I should not be in this place. I said to myself. Then I heard it: slow, muffled sobbing at the far-end of the corridor. I shivered instinctively as if spiders crawled on my back. I turned to the other direction and left. But the dread I was feeling did not die down since the voice seemed to follow me. Spooked by the sob, I decided to go look for it. My curiosity took over me. I was trying to convince myself, thinking that maybe my brain was playing games on me. I decided, I was just being paranoid, or perhaps that aching voice came from someone who has been through a lot and needs comfort. I passed three classrooms, still hearing the voice, but did not found the source. Finally, I gave up and decided to return to my dorm. As I was making my way down the stairs, I heard the voice again: this time it was laughing! It was a downright, hair-raising fit of laughter. The hair on my arms and my nape rose up. I ran down the stairs, trying to move as fast as I can. “I need to get out of here!” I gasped as I reached the second floor of the building. There, the sound became more audible. I was forced to stop when I saw a girl wearing our uniform sitting just below the stairs. I relaxed, thinking she might be one of the overnight students. “Excuse me miga, what are you doing here?” As I was to approach her, I noticed her hands and I halted instantaneously. Is that…blood on her hands? Even with my lack of sleep, I can’t be mistaken! That is blood on her hands! “Miga, what happened to you?” I reached out, thinking the worst. As a cadet officer, you get that sense of protectiveness. But then she laughed. I felt sweat trickling down my face. Then she stood and her shoulders were shaking in rhythm with her laughter. She hopped down the stairs as I remained rooted on spot. Then she started to jiggle in an unsightly manner and slowly turned to me. What I saw was a face right out of my childhood nightmares. I cannot find a way to shout nor cry because of horror. The girl in uniform was grinning at me, blood flowing from her lifeless eyes. Her hands joined together as if in prayer and they too were bloody. I ran almost immediately, not daring to look back, eyes shut and screaming like a lunatic. Her laughter echoed in the tranquil hallway. I ran and ran until I bumped into a few of my colleagues taking a morning walk. They were alarmed at my panic as if I had seen a ghost! They have no idea how right they were…. Almost a year has passed but neither my brain nor my heart can ever forget that day. Up until this very moment, I try not to be alone especially in the dark because you may never know if someone’s still there… lurking, waiting for you.



d n e i r F a written by JENNIFER NUFUAR


to ay kwento ng hango sa totoong pangyayari na naganap sa boarding house ng pinsan ko. Hindi lamang siya ang nakaranas, nakasaksi at nakakaramdam, dahil kahit ako din ay minsan nang nanindig ang balahibo. Ika-8 ng Enero 2013, alas singko ng hapon nang nangyari ang hindi inaasahang kaganapan. Kararating lang ng pinsan ko mula sa eskwela nang Makita niya ang kanilang katulong na nagngangalang “Tingting” na namimilipit sa sakit. Dalidali niya itong binilhan ng gamut sa botika. Sa kasawiang palad, naabutan na niya’ng nakahandusay sa sahig ang walang malay na si Tingting. Nahirapan sila sa pagbuhat dahil para daw itong bato sa tigas at bigat. Mayamaya’y nagising si Tingting na parang wala sa sarili. Nataranta silang lahat kaya dinala nila ito sa ospital. Sabi ng doktor ay okay naman daw siya. Agad na pumilaot silang lahat upang bumalik na lang sa kanilang bahay. Agad na tinawagan nila ang aming tiyahin na may kakilalang albularyu. Makalipas ang ilang oras, dumating si Aling Eba, ang albularyu. Sinuri niyang mabuti si Tingting, na ngayo’y nakahimlay sa higaan sa may sala. Kapuna-puna ng nanginginig siya habang si Tingting naman ay may ikinakanta ng kakaibang lenggwaheng hindi naming lubos na maintindihan. Sunod ay pinuntahan ni Aling Eba ang bawat kwarto hanggang sa nakarating siya sa kwarto ng nilinisan ni Tingting. Sumunod na rin sila kay Aling Eba upang makisaksi sa kanyang susunod na gagawin. Sabi niya ay may naramdaman siya’ng kakaibang vibration na nagpapahiwatig ng kakaibang presensya sa loob ng kwarto. Biglang nanlumo ang kanyang mga mata nang nakita niya ang

anino ng isang bata. Kinumbinse ni Aling Eba ang mga naroon nasa bayan siya ng magdasal s i l a n g lahat. Para sa ikapayapa ng bata, humingi nang patawad si Aling Eba, at nangakong hindi na niya ito gagambalain. Kinaumagahan ay naging maayos na ang pakiramdam ni Tingting. Tinanung siya nang pinsan ko kung naaalala nito ang nangyari. Hindi raw niya matandaan. Ang huli niyang naaalala ay noong naglilinis siya ng kwarto at may nakita siyang bata na akala niya ay anak ng kaibigan ng amo niya. Upang malinawan sa mga nangyari, nagbakasakali kami ng aking pinsan na magtanong sa landlord ng kanyang boarding house. Ayon sa kanya, may magnobyo raw na umupa sa kanila ngunit nakunan daw ang babae habang nagdadalangtao. Ang espiritung bata ay bumabalik at nagpaparamdam. Hinahanaphanap pa rin diumano ng bata ang kanyang mga magulang. Nagpasya silang benditahan ang bahay, ngunit patuloy pa rin ang pagpaparamdam ng batang multo. Hinahanap-hanap ng batang multo ang aruga ng magulang na kahit minsan ay hindi niya naranasan. Ipinapanalangin na lang nila na sana ay matahimik na ang kaluluwa nito. TH E PH ARM AK E I A


Layag! Layag!

l i t e r a r y

w r i t t e n b y J A S LY N K A Y E S O L M E O

i l l u s t r a t i o n b y A L LY S A G R A C E D A G U R O

Nagasikungkong siya sa may higad, sa amu sadto nga mga tinion,—nagahulat, nagalaum, kag nagapamati sa mga maisog nga balod. Sa atubang ya, amo ang wala katapusan kag tama ka lapad nga kadagatan. Sa idalom sini, nakatambak ang minilyon kag sari-sari nga mga manggad. Antis magpahuway ang adlaw sa katundan, nagapanglakaton na ang iya gamay nga baroto. Preparado na guid ang adlaw sa iya pagsulong sa k a h i l waya n . Pagkatapos

sang ulihi nga sidlak sang adlaw, ginhabulan na sang kadulom ang bug-os nga palibot. Madulom kag tama na ka linong. Wala labot sa masanag kag bilog nga bulan nga gabanaag kaupod ang bituon. Ang matugnaw nga dapya sang hangin ang naghatag sa iya sang masubo nga kasingkasing. Ginpagwa niya 14


kag ginhaboy ang iya lambat sa dagat nga may paghimakas. Naghulat siya sang madugay, nagalaum nga madamo nga isda ang iya masikop. Sa tunga-tunga sang indi mapunggan nga kadulom kag sa pag-giyo sang iya baroto, wala guid sang makadaog sa iya pagtuo kag determinasyon, kay sa iya hanggod kag busilak nga tagipusuon gapalanglapaw ang paglaum. Paglaum nga kung ano man guid ang makuha niya, isa na adto ka bag-o nga ginhawa. Isa ka promisa sang masunod naman nga adlaw sa iya pagpangabuhi. Ginbutong niya pabalik ang iya lambat nga may pagtuo kag paglaum sa iya mga butkon. Puno guid siya sang pagsalig sa Ginoo! Gintipon niya ang mga nahulik nga isda kag nabuta ang iya pagkatawo sang kalipay. Makabalik na siya sa may hunasan, sa iya kaugalingon nga pamilya, bitbit ang premyo sang iya wala pahuway nga kagab-ihon. Sa iya paglayag pakadto sa indi mahibaluan nga kabuhi, ang iya enggrande nga kanta amo ang: Layag! Layag! Pakadto sa kadulom kag kasubo, ginpatinir niya ang iya pagtuo: Layag! Layag! Pakadto sa dalagko nga mga balod, gin-uyaptan niya ang iya pagtuo: Layag! Layag! Bisan sa mga mabug-at nga sitwasyon, nagtindog siya nga may pagtuo:, “Indi ako magpapirdi! Indi ako mag-untat! Layag! Layag!� Kung ano man ang ara pa guid sa iya pagpanglakaton, nahibaluan niya nga ang grasya sang Ginoo magatuytuy sa paglutaw sang iya layag sang kabuhi kag magasindi sa madulom niya nga dalan.

Happy Ending w r i t t e n b y E lyn G race G allenero

Once upon a time I used to be the criticized Used to be someone they just pass by But it’s all a memory now And the world has known The days that I’ve been the unknown In the fairytale world I’ve been through But I’m in the real one now They say I’m better down low I’d never rise in this invincible world I’m still the outcast, the pariah Whose never gonna reach sky Then they go marching up Like toy soldiers, they move up Soldiers that fire bullets aggravatingly But I am the titanium, you see? And look at them now They all came to me and bowed I’m in the tallest peak of the mountain That they all fight for to attain Once upon a time I used to be someone they just pass by But now they know that I’m alive And they all love to abide Cause ever after was now mine.



l i t e r a r y

Love Letters

HER NAME IS MELISSA w r i t t e n b y J E R E M AY C A M P O S ( B l u e S c r i b b l e r )

“Oh my God! Ted!” I stood up. Clutching the blue handkerchief and note in my hand, I ran towards the coffee shop’s door and went outside. I was hoping I could run after Ted, to see him. Maybe even ask him of how he was. But as I stood there, feeling the cold air rushing, grazing my skin, I sighed. He was gone. That night, as I sat on my bed, I read the two letters Ted wrote for me: the one he gave me when I was 9, and the other he gave just earlier that day. I smiled, realizing he still knows me; and how he kept his promise of us seeing each other again. For all these years, 18 years had passed to be exact; he still remembers what he wrote. I told you we will meet again. I couldn’t help but replay the scenes that had happened at Krinkle’s Café – my favorite coffee shop – that day. I couldn’t take away my eyes from the piece of paper Ted gave me. I even couldn’t wipe away the smile on my face as I smelled my long lost hanky. Then this came into my mind. I hope I’m not doing anything wrong. I just wish that if this thing is true, it will progress to something better. But if not, I’ll be sad and… “Wait a minute!” I stopped. “Get a grip Mary. You’ve only seen the guy once since you last saw him almost two decades ago, and you’re already thinking of progress? Stop obsessing!” I told myself. With that, I placed both letters and the hanky inside my treasure box, where I usually place small mementos from the past. I closed the lid tightly, hoping that it would stop me from thinking of Ted. But of course, it didn’t. ◊◊◊◊◊ It was a Saturday, when I decided to go to the mall, and do some shopping. Well, window shopping mostly, but I was planning on buying the red dress I had been eyeing for quite some time. As I rode the escalator to the third floor of the mall, I saw a couple rode the one going 12


downwards, opposite of my direction. The woman was smiling at the guy she was with, and they were absorbed in a conversation. I wish I was in that kind of relationship too, a happy one. I thought as I secretly looked at them. I sighed. Stop staring Mary. Yet again, I gave another sigh. The couple was near me when I noticed something familiar about the guy. He was close to my side, but his back was turned towards me so I couldn’t figure out what was so familiar with him. I was trying to figure things out, when they passed me. The woman made a joke and the two of them started laughing. I strained my hearing and tried to look at the guy hoping what I was doing wasn’t too obvious. My eyes grew wide as realization dawned at me. “Ted,” I gasped. Too late, I was already at the 3rd floor, and they got off the escalator on the 2nd. Was that really Ted? Who was the woman he was with? Is she his girlfriend? I hope not! These are the thoughts that were running through my mind as I absent-mindedly bought the new garb I planned to buy for weeks. Instead of enjoying my window shopping, I finally stopped at the 4th store I went in. It was useless. Ted was on my mind, again. And this time he was with a woman. I have not told any of my friends about Ted, so it was awkward for me to call any of them up during this time. He was a figure of my past, which I would sometimes imagine and recall. He was this cute boy I played with for almost one whole summer. I didn’t want to divulge with anyone the feelings I had felt, or the special moments Ted and I shared. Maybe because I’m not sure what it really was that I felt during that time or maybe because he was too special for me. Either way, I just didn’t want to share him. In short, I was alone on this situation. ◊◊◊◊◊ Sunday morning came, and I went to the grocery store nearby my house. 30 minutes

later, I was still strolling around despite the fact that all I had to buy was a bag of dog food for my mom’s pets. The reality that I still kept recalling what had happened yesterday made me anxious. So I kept on walking along the long isles of the store. It helped me wore off some of the anxieties I had because of the encounter. I looked at my cart which already contained a pack of dog food along with some new chips I decided on bringing at my mom’s house. I found a short line for the cashier and was getting ready to pay. A woman stood next to me, as I was paying for the items I bought. Our eyes met and she smiled. She then started unloading her cart. I froze and gulped. This was the same woman Ted was with. Where was he? Just as that question popped into my mind, Ted appeared carrying a box of milk, smiling at her. Yes, only at her. “I almost forgot to buy your favorite.” He said motioning the box of milk he was carrying. He didn’t notice me until he was right beside her. He looked surprised and said, “Mary.” I couldn’t bear the thought of spending another moment seeing them together. I grabbed the items I paid for and dashed out of there. I ran and ran, until I was beside my car at the parking lot. I opened it and tossed whatever I was carrying at the back and entered the driver’s seat. I closed the door and there, I breathe heavily. I felt choked, wretched. I couldn’t understand what I was feeling, until a tear rolled down my cheek. How stupid was I to believe that he would feel something for me? How naïve was I to think my life would end just like it ended in fairy tales? I was so ashamed of myself. A fool, that’s what I was. A silly woman, who thought she was going to end up with her childhood crush. I couldn’t breathe. As I was trying to calm myself, someone knocked on the window of my car.

I glanced and was surprised to see Ted. What do you want? I wanted to shout at him. My ego was already bruised, what more could he possibly do to create more damage. I took a deep breath and bravely opened my window. “Mary, are you okay?” He said. “You grabbed your grocery bag, but you left this other one containing packs of chips.” He continued, raising the bag he was holding. “Uh…” I answered, unintelligently. “Hey, are you okay? I think you better get out of your car first. You look flustered. I think you need some air.” Ted looked at me with care. Why does he have to look at me that way? “Y-yeah,” I said as I obediently opened my car and stepped out of it. “You really should, coz’ you ran away as if you’ve seen a ghost.” He chuckled. “Am I that scary? Do I scare you?” This is too much. I think talking to him was a wrong thing to do. I had to get away. “Look Ted –” I started saying, but we were interrupted by a woman who said “Hey Ted.” When I looked to see who it was, I again saw the woman he was with. Blood drained from my face as she approached us. “Hey Mel.” Ted replied to her. As she stood beside us, Ted put his arms around her shoulder. I felt my heart was crushed into pieces. “Mel, this is Mary. She’s the one I was telling you about.” Ted smiled. Wait! What’s happening? Why did he tell her about me? Mel, the woman, offered her hand to me. “Hi Mary,” she smiled at me. I smiled back weakly, as I shook her hand. “Hello.” There was a moment of silence that passed. And then Ted turned at me. He smiled at me as if he knew something that I didn’t. I even could have sworn he was grinning. “Mary, haven’t I told you about Melissa?” Ted’s eyes were twinkling. “She is my sister.” END

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h ea l t h &we l l n e s s

Partying with

Molly written by DANICA JARANILLA


hat’s an ideal way to party? Well, you need some great electronic house music to chill your bones, a venue with a great vibe, some cool people on the dance floor and great drinks.All these and you’ll be a happy party goer, right? But to some, these things are insufficient. A party can’t be great without Molly. So what’s Molly? Molly is the same with the club drug, ecstasy but only in powder form. They are derived from MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-Nmethylamhetamine), anempathogenic drug of the phenethylamine and amphetamine classes of drugs which gives you euphoria, diminished anxiety and mild psychedelia. Recently, Molly has been the new “it drug” in parties. Some celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, are familiar with the drug. In fact, she even used it as a reference to her song“We Can’t Stop” and mentioned Molly in the lyrics. In addition, Molly was secretly circulated at music festivals and concerts in the US to give the party goers some kick. Molly gets you high. It pairs well with hypnotic, bass-driven music. However, Molly can also be dangerous. It can mess with your body temperature in ways that can be dangerous or even fatal. Excessive doses may irreversibly alter the brain’s balance and cause permanent damage. When taken with other drugs and alcohol, it may cause drug interactions or worse, death. Its overdose symptoms include rapid heartbeat, overheating, excessive sweating, shivering and involuntary twitching. The awful potential for something to go wrong appears to come true. Four deaths this year was reported due to Molly. Two young people at an electronic music festival last September on Randahl’s Island in New York Citydied after taking the drug at the music Zoo festival. Some overdoses from different parties were also reported due to this drug. So do you still want to party with Molly?



Johnny Depp doesn’t watch his own movies.





source: Jack Giddingson. Chicago Medical Marijuana American Weed: Weed Facts. National Geographic Channel

or many seriously ill people, medical marijuana is the only medicine that relieves their pain and suffering, or treats symptoms of their medical condition, without debilitating side effects.

–Drug Policy Alliance Over the last decade, the number of medical marijuana dispensaries has exploded- especially in the US. However, marijuana prohibition has also saddened research within the country to uncover the best and most effective uses for marijuana as a medicine, making efforts to reform medical marijuana laws particularly difficult. As for now, here are the five things about marijuana you might have not known: 1. THC and CBD, marijuana’s primary cannabinoids, are both CANCER KILLERS. Guillermo Velasco, co-author in the recent study out of Spain, claims that when THC was applied to cancerous brain tissue, the cancer cells were killed while healthy cells were left alone. CBD seemingly does the same; a pair of scientists from California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco demonstrated the cannabinoid’s ability to stop metastasis in many kinds of aggressive cancer. 2. Marijuana triggers neurogenesis. In layman’s terms: It leads to brain cell growth. In 2005, a study showed cannabinoids’ ability to promote neurogenesis in the adult hippocampus, the brain region responsible for many important brain functions including mood and memory. The authors also cited anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects that accompany the neurogenesis. It also supports research that marijuana helps improve cognitive function in bipolar disorder patients. It does not cause significant lung damage at all. While vaporization is always touted as the safest method of marijuana ingestion, the largest study of its kind suggested marijuanaonly smoking is harmless as well. UCLA Medical

Doctor Donald Tashkin, author of the study and marijuana researcher of more than 30 years, stressed that there was no association between marijuana use and lung cancer. 3. Not just for CANCER. Marijuana has been shown to alleviate symptoms of a huge variety of medical conditions including AIDS, and glaucoma, and is often an effective alternative to synthetic painkillers. Possible medicinal effects likewise incudes, blockage of cell growth, the prevention of blood vessel growth that supplies tumors, and anti-viral activity. 4. SATIVA vs. INDICA There are two completely different types of marijuana, both with different effects on the user. Sativas are usually d a y - t i m e strains, used to enhance the experience of social events, time in nature or listening to new music. Indica, on the contrary, are often smoked at night due to their narcotic effect on the user. This variety is popular for meditation or yoga due to its mind-calming qualities.

Dreams often reveal feelings that we’ve hidden or repressed, because dreams are a reflection of our unconscious mind, our emotional truth.



e n t e r t a i n me n t

Have You Been Brain Banged? compiled by KIM JOHN VILLA source:


ow well do you know how your brain works? Well, here are some tests, simplified by experts, to give you clues on how it really works. While looking at the following images and answering the questions with it, batter try reflecting from the inside. Maybe there’s more to you than what meets the eye. NO CHEATING please.

Note: This is a test for a “dirty mind.” If you needed more than 3 seconds to see the dolphins, then there is a kind of problem.

Look at the image below. What do you see?

Studies have shown that children cannot see the couple because they don’t have such images in the primary memory and instead see nine dolphins.

INTERPRETATION: Focus on the following question and give a quick answer. Which stairs will you use to go up and which to go down?

Most people who see this image tend to go up the left stairs and go down the right stairs. This reaction is likely influenced by the Western way of reading from left to right. While those who read from right to left, like the Arabs, tend to give the opposite answer. INTERPRETATION:



Women who have more male friends than female friends are less likely to experience anxiety and become depressed.

36 million years ago, penguins were about 5 feet tall.



INTERPRETATION: It seems normal but now, look at it upright: Lincoln’s eyes do not look quite right!

Some neurons in the brain seem specialized in processing faces. Faces are usually seen upright. When presented upside down, the brain no longer recognizes a picture of a face as a face but rather as an object. Neurons processing objects are different from those processing faces and not as specialized. Consequently, these neurons do not respond to face distortions as well. This explains why we miss the weird eyes when the face was inverted.

Does Lincoln’s face look normal?

INTERPRETATION: What you had experienced is called The Mueller-Lyer Illusion. The two horizontal lines are of the same length, even though the one at the bottom seems longer. As you know, the visual angle gets smaller with distance, so the brain automatically perceives objects at farther distances to be bigger. In general, lines that have inward flaps, such as corner of a building, are relatively the nearest points of the overall object. Similarly, lines with outward flaps are found at the longer distance, as the farthest corner of a room.

Are the two horizontal lines of the same length?

So in the Mueller-Lyer illusion, the brain perceives the line with outward flaps to be at a farther point as compared to the line with inward flaps. Consequently, the brain perceives the line with outward flaps to be longer.


If you managed to find the man in 3 seconds, then the right part of your brain is more developed than in average person. If you found him in about 1 minute, the right part of your brain is of the average person. If you needed more than 1 minute to find him, the right part of your brain is so slow.

There is a MAN somewhere in the picture. Find him!

e n t e r t a i n me n t


w r i t t e n b y M A R I E L L E B AY O B AY a n d T H E A PAT R I C E PA L A B R I C A



People who only get about 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night have a longer life expectancy than those who sleep for 8 or more hours a night.


It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like gravity moves. When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does. And nothing matters more than her. You would do anything for her, be anything for her… -Adam


hat if love is stronger than gravity? This is the exploit question of Upside Down, a visually, stunning love story with a mix of adventure, science, beauty, friendship, violence, hope and extraordinary imagination. Upside Down offers a vision of a flip-flopped world or we can say twin worlds whirling together around one sun, each having its own gravities that pull in opposite directions. Now, this is where the story begins; the universe with its most mysterious secrets and unwavering uniqueness. Adam used to tell the story of his planet as unique from other planets as it is the only one that has double gravity and where it is possible to fall up and rise down. Thus, the gravity of the planets has 3 rules: 1. All matter is pulled by the gravity of the world that it comes from, and not the other. 2. An object’s weight can be offset by matter from the opposite world (inverse matter). 3. After some time in contact, matter in contact with inverse matter burns. These laws are said to be unchangeable and there is no exception. But in the end, the film had spent its 107 minutes in changing the first two rules and


breaking the third rule completely. They are twin planets, mirror images of one another however they are completely different in every aspect. The film has adopted the concept of the caste system separating the rich and the poor. Down below is a poverty-stricken planet where Adam lives and Up top is the wealthy, exploitive world where Eden lives. These two attractive youngsters from the opposing planets fell instantly in love as they spot each other from their respective mountain peaks. The bond that they possess has faced a lot of challenges starting with Eden’s fatal fall when Adam tries to return her to her own world after being discovered by interplanetaryborder patrol agents. And it seems like life was so unfair but love was never lost. This is a story of how love knows no boundaries. True love is the love that is worth fighting for even if it means getting yourself burnt. Adam and Eden proved that their love was stronger than the gravity that kept them apart. Some may be lucky, some may be not. If you’re a person who believes in fate and destiny, this film is for you as some people say, “True lovers are one soul separated when it is born, and those two halves will always yearn to find their way back together in whatever upside downs they may face.“

By the time you finish saying “I Love You,” about 20,000 cells in your body will have died and been replaced with new ones.



e n t e r t a i n me n t










(from page 32) 1-35 “SO CLOSE YET SO FAR” at ganun ka rin sa kanya, akala niyo kilalang kilala niyo na You know each other, talk about some things but never ang isa’t isa, akala niyo lang pala. got to the point wherein you invite each other to have sleepovers or “tambays.” You have the same circle of 76-100 SEPARATED AT BIRTH friends but there’s just something between you guys that Yes, CONFIRMED! You are siblings from another mother. just doesn’t “CLICK.” You guys have differences but you know how to work things out. Sobrang close kayo, at dahil diyan ay halos magkapalitan na kayo ng mga mukha. Hinding hindi din kayo mapaghihiwalay unless alphabetical order ang seating arrangement niyo. Through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, magkakaramay kayo habang buhay. 36-75 ALMOST BESTIES This is the kind of friendship wherein you proclaim that you are besties yet there are some things that you don’t know about each other. May mga bagay siya na di sinasabi sa iyo

Watching T.V. and reading books on her spare time, she lives with the virtue, ‘We study not for school but for Life’.

MARVIE SEMACIO PANO Although a professional pharmacist now, the blooming USA graduate once envisioned herself as a chef.


‘I want to be remembered not because of what I achieved but because of what I’ve touched in your lives.’ The former chief medtech at St. Paul’s hospital for 20 years’ true calling was to teach in her alma mater.


Living with ‘Anything is possible with God’, the budding alumna was thrilled to be a part of the PMT academe.


Her lifelong ambition was to teach but Medical Technology fascinated her and now she does both. The bubbly clinical lab adviser believes in ‘Whatever in the past has gone, the best is still yet to come.”


NEW Faces of the CPMT Faculty s p o t l i g h t

NEW AUGUSTINIAN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGISTS August 31 & September 1, 2013 Board Examinations Released September 4, 2013 National Passing = 2276 / 2716 = 83.80% USA Passing = 89 / 97 = 91.75% #10 with 50 or more examinees and with at least 80% passing

ANDRE KARL S. FACULIN – 3rd place – 90.90%

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

Carmela L. Alayon Kyle L. Alcala Kyle Cedric G. Ang Esra Grace S. Artieda Faisaliah B. Arumpac Jerome C. Bagares Ma. Joselle L. Balasa Rochelle Faith M. Bermejo Santia Louise Y. Bernasol Jasmer May D. Blando Rogienne Therese C. Bolina Aris V. Caigoy Jirah Lyn P. Canong Jonnalene L. Catigan Irene Frances V. Corros Harrold Glenn C. De Asis Lumier Jose D. De Juan Jean Nicole F. De la Cruz Joey Zandrew V. De la Cruz Jr. John Christian G. DeLa Cruz Diodel D. Delfin Ruben Joseph D. Delmo Genine J. Divinagracia Shella Mae G. Docto Angelica B. Edang Jancel Ann T. Elgario Christine Joy S. Enarsao May Grace L. Entredicho Mary Leslie S. Eregia Michelle F. Esblaca

31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60.

Alden Q. Espinosa Leicel Ace G. Espinosa Genevive Perl B. Esportono Myke Vincent A. Estrellanes Andre Karl S. Faculin Stephanie D. Flores Mary Dwayne B. Fresco Anna Marie O. Fuentes Dann Vincent R. Fuentes Stephanie Gay C. Fuscablo Shawn Marri N. Gallego Leonnie Mae G. Gallo Doreen G. Galon Kevin Nomer Wilfred P. Ganzon Jessie James B. Grecia Kristen Kaye D. Gulanes Sheena Kristy C. Haro Lovelyn E. Hermano Mary Lianne T. Hiponia Jessa Krista Riina F. Jalandoni Alyssa Anne G. Lagon Karlo Jay S. Laud Larra Mae T. Ledesma Ma. Consolacion L. Legarda Rhona Angela A. Maceachen Michael Anthony E. Magalona Dinah P. Mahilum Jess Rose C. Mallorca Kristine Ann G. Matutina Humprey Kent U. Munion

61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89.

Erlando Fredrik N. Octaviano Lovely Mary S. Ong Paula Kristina Marie P. Ong Mary Rose Anne A. Oredina Ellaine Rose B. Ortizo Royah Lei V. Ostique Russel S. Pagayon Jayrous C. Palabrica Romagne John P. Palmos Mae Therese P. Palu-ay Ma. Karmina A. Perez Sharmaine A. Poblacion Eleeza Marie G. Quilop Ana Lourdes S. Regalado Harrah Mae P. Rivera Princess Mae E. Rivera Debbie Ann B. Salido Jannilyn S. Sandig Christine Marie T. Sia Danna Jane B. Sia Laarni B. Sobreguil Jacqueline G. Suarez Kristine A. Tiangson Garly Mae S. Tuando Sheena Marie R. Tubiano Lady Ariane F. Tulio Khryss Camilla L. Villanueva Faith A. Villaseñor Ma. Kathrina P. Yuro


1. Gilcy Reloj

2. Nealena Ras

3. Hymnny Chavez

APOTHECARIAN COUNCIL 2013-2014 President | Marie Ariane Shayne Lao Vice President 1 | Lorenzo Dominick Cid Vice President 2 | Cyruschad Tutor Secretary | Shecaniah Bersaba Asst. Secretary | Roshenie Marie Santillan Treasurer | Sibelle Almazora Asst. Treasurer | Alyzza Angelica Herrera Auditor | Reycelle Alpasan Asst. Auditor | Ma. JoeryDeligth Berja

Bus. Manager | JarneyDyenn Bito-onon Asst. Bus. Manager | Jermaine Abbie Aportadera PRO 1 | Mharvie Capundan PRO 2 | Faith Algebra De la Cruz PCO 1 | Karl GP Del Castillo PCO 2 | Bernadette Cataluña 1st Yr. Level Rep. | Mariah Gabrielle Paulene Dadivas 2nd Yr. Level Rep. | Kristina Ysabel Belarmino 3rd Yr. Level Rep. | Steffe Mariel De la Cruz 4th Yr. Level Rep. | Paul Renz Jison

JAMLS 2013-2014 President | Christille Lindy Joyce Caluyo Vice President 1 | Ma. Leonily Alolong Vice President 2 | Ace Ashley Baron Secretary | Adrienne Krizty Batino Treasurer | Ayro Carl Jiro Asst. Treasurer | Dan Paul Amiscua Auditor | Nicole Gaylo Asst. Auditor | Jazzmin Marie Blasurca Bus. Manager | Doreen Degones Asst. Bus. Manager | Sharlene Mae Quiliquili PRO 1 | Alexander Suplico PRO 2 | Lovely Therese Coronel PCO 1 | Jazon Harl Hidrosillo PCO 2 | Julie Marie Solas

EPSILON CHAPTER 2013-2014 President | Katrina Ann Capalla Vice President 1 | Joshua Villagracia Vice President 2 | Kristine Ann Sobredo Secretary | Joyce Cañete Asst. Secretary | Rey Tabay Treasurer | John Miedes Asst. Treasurer | Jefferson Sompia Auditor | NM Señoron Asst. Auditor | Johanna Palmares Bus. Manager | Kristine Marie Asis Asst. Bus. Manager | Alera Maristel Lapascua PRO 1 | Justine MJR Superal PRO 2 | Louie Lim PCO 1 | KrizianorBayobay PCO 2 | Tosca Golez TH E PH ARM AK E I A



P harmakeiA







ABOUT THE COVERS Life is a vicious cycle, sometimes we are up, but sometimes we are down. In the end, with us lies the choice of standing up every time we fall. With hope comes the courage that we may emerge from the depths that life brings and with the will of doing anything though ordinary makes us stand the tests of time. OVERALL MAGAZINE LAYOUT & DESIGN Calvin John Espino ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY Illustration | Paul Renz Jison Photoshop | Calvin John Espino

LAYOUT APPRENTICE Naser Martin Valenzuela

EMERGING FROM THE DEPTHS Photograph |Mharvie Capundan Model | Dorine Christa Juan

FRIENDZONE Just Around the Corner

Men’s Berlin Wall in Relationships

Partying with Molly

Bakit di ka Crush ng Crush mo?

Have you been Brain Banged?

New Faces of the CPMT Facutly



The Medical Marijuana

Emerging from the Depths/Anything but Ordinary  

The Pharmakeia Volume 37, Issue 1 December 2013

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