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TABLE of CONTENTS editoR’S note .................................................... 1 oPinion Nothing but Remnants.................................. 2 The Aged and Experienced ........................... 3 Cinderella Did Not Google Prince Charming ......................... 4 What’s Old, Could be New ............................. 5 Popular Music ................................................. 6 neWS COPRE ‘12: Stepping stone for the Pharmakeia .................................. 7 thePharmakeia awarded Most Outstanding Publication ...............8 eventS CPMT emerges as U-Week 2013 3rd Overall Winner ..................................... 9 PMT Day 2013: “To Nurture, To Soar, Ablaze the Spirit of Unity” .................... 10 Casino Royale: A Night to Remember ....... 12 1st White Coat Ceremony ............................ 13 Pharmacy Day 2012 ..................................... 14 Oath Taking & White Coat Ceremony 2013 .................. 15 FeatuRe A Home Without a House ........................... 16 The New Faces of the PMT Academe ........ 18 To Write or Not To Write: Is that really the question? .................. 24 Board Licensure Exam Tips & Pointers .....26 ` The Queries ..................................................28 What’s In & What’s Out ................................30 FiliPino Siya Ba’y May Iba Na? .................................. 32 Ngaa Wala Pa Ako Migo Man? ..................... 33

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imes are changing faster than ever. You hold in your hands the latest gadget then six months later a new model hits the market and your gadget suddenly becomes second best. Something will always be newer, however newer doesn’t necessarily mean better. Material stuff aside, keeping traditions alive and maintaining the balance between what’s old and what’s new is what keeps us connected to the past. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it should be shunned and forgotten. In the last issue of The Pharmakeia under my editorship, we shed light on the beauty of the contrast between the past and the present. As I bid my farewell to the University of San Agustin and the CPMT, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people who stood by me every step of the way. Having been Editor-in-Chief of The Pharmakeia for two years changed me for the better. It became more than just a publication, it became truly part of who I am and the Keians became like family to me. I took on challenges I never knew I could conquer with the help and support of some very important people. To my fellow Keians, thank you for the cooperation and occasional paugtas for it made me more patient and understanding. You will be deeply missed, keep the spirit alive and may you all soar high!

EDITOR’S NOTE To my dear family and friends (you know who you are), you are the reason behind my perseverance and the reason I’m able to bend and not break whenever I’m faced with trials. To Malones Printing Press, thank you for the patient layout artists who have helped us ceaselessly in making our vision a reality. To my advisers, Ma’am Bambi, Sir RJ, Ma’am Remi, former Dean Vicky, Dean Lerma, thank you for believing in me and for entrusting me with the opportunity to lead such an organization that has the capacity to influence, inspire, and stay immortal. And to God Almighty, thank you for never letting me down and for the fiery strength You’ve enkindled in me. Everything I do is for Your greater glory. Every journey ends, but somehow the end feels like the beginning. In order to move forward, we must stop and take a look back. Flip through the pages and appreciate the past and the present, the old and the new, in just one glance.



This issue of The Pharmakeia depicts that what is old and new can co-exist. We can live in a monochrome world, but individually we can bring color to life and that is what makes us new as portrayed in the centerfold. Cover Model Myrbert Alba Photographer Mharvie Capundan Edited by Joshmer and Franz de Mesa

Rather than putting on weight from eating celery, you actually lose it. You burn more calories from the chewing than you put on from the food itself.



o p i n i o n

nostAlGiA Hannah Garmillos

Nothing but Remnants say.

We are our memories, they

We are honed from our experiences and emotions accumulated from our past. The people, things, and all that is present in our memory are part of who we are. And to remember our past, some of us keep remembrance of it, something to make us feel like we were there again on that particular moment in our life. Something to make us feel like it was just yesterday. I went home for a short vacation. I rode a bus and when we were near Hamtic, Antique, it began to rain hard. I looked out the window and the big trees, wild plants, and the scent of forest took me. I missed it and I wondered‌ Do people have any memory of how they used to live with this green and outdoorsy environment? The global warming we are experiencing is a topic taken for granted by many of us. We only clamor if it is too hot or too cold or there are sudden changes in the climate. But do we do anything about it? Everyday I 2


notice that even a simple trash cannot be properly disposed. How many of us throw their garbage after they eat at the cafeteria? If not always, there are times when we are not even responsible of our own trash. Do you have any memory left of what it used to be? What this world used to be? I remember that when I was younger we used to climb mountains and find clean streams where we could drink water and swim. How about you? Are you aware of the changes happening right now in our surroundings? Do you not miss the fresh air or the clean ambiance that makes you feel invigorated rather than stressed? If there is any of it left, why do you keeping on tearing it down? If we are our memories, then why are we destroying the things that make us remember of what we were as a child? The world is so beautiful, but the people make it ugly and unappreciated. We are too blinded of progress because we don’t know how to love the things we have. Basically, we are not contented. Maybe if we could learn and appreciate the past a little more we will be able to see the future clearly. We are dawning at the ages where catastrophe is frequent and we neglect responsibilities like this. What do you think will happen if we continue neglecting the home we live in? We will all become nothing. This world will become nothing but remnants.

Cranberries can be tested for ripeness by bouncing them; if they are ripe they should have a bouncing quality.

Reflections Leizl Joy Casumpang

The Aged and Experienced “Papunta pa lang kayo, pabalik na kami.” Many say that the olds are way better than the younger ones...that the knowledge of a 49 year old can’t be surpassed by a 19 year old. The adults are set to be superior over the children. They are but like trees that become sturdy when old... Like wines which taste better when aged... People are said to become better and wiser when they’ve celebrated more birthdays. But what really is the secret to this? Is it really one’s age?. Age is oftentimes considered to be the monument of wisdom. It is somehow set that when you age, you automatically become knowledgeable of things. The older you get, the more proficient you become. It is like a set of things is laid for you to be an expert at when you reach a certain age. For example, at 13 months, you should already learn how to walk, or at age 18, your way of thinking should be mature enough. It is not as simple as this.

Knowledge and strength does not come with age alone. It is not the thing that gives the old their character. For with age alone, only the time that you have been living is determined. It does not tell the things you have been through and the learnings you have acquired throughout the years. We’ve all heard the cliché that when you get older, you’ll be much wiser. However this isn’t always true. Some become more obtuse, others lose what they learned, and others don’t learn at all. An inexperienced old man might say something as impossible, but to a younger man who is well-equipped, it could be very possible. It isn’t age at all. I say it’s with your experience. It’s with your passion for things... The passion to learn. What makes an old man wise is not his age. Rather, it is the experiences he has learned from while he aged. Thornton Wilder said, “True influence over another comes not from a moment’s eloquence nor from any happily chosen word, but from the accumulation of a lifetime’s thoughts stored up in the eyes.” Experience doesn’t choose age. Learning doesn’t even specify age. But as we grow up, it is but proper to be experienced. So that when it’s already our turn to be looked up to, we can speak about a lot of things, be believed, and give good advices to those much younger.

The largest living structure on Earth is the Great Barrier Reef. Found in Australia, it is over 2000 kilometers long.



o p i n i o n

sentiMents Danica Jaranilla

Computers, smart phones, tablets, the Internet…and the list go on and on. Technology is growing more advanced these days. With just one click, we can access all sorts of information whenever or wherever we are. How fascinating, right? But have we ever thought of the disadvantages it can bring to humanity? In the past, when there were no advancements in technology like nowadays, people’s daily lives were simpler. Their lives involved a lot of physical and mental activities and people were more active. They did things manually, wrote letters and telegrams to communicate. They used the library to find information. However, the people of today are technologically oriented. We have started to rely on technology to make things easier. With just one click, information is readily available through the internet. As result, we become lazy and overly dependent on technology. We forget to exercise our mind and body in order to keep it active. Instead, we let the machines do the work for us. 4


As technology advances, our lifestyle also advances. Everything is becoming modern and superficial. What happened to the usual courtship in the past? Take for example, the use of love letters, getting to know each other slowly but surely, or requesting permission from the lady’s parents before going out on a date. Where has formality gone? It’s sad to say that text messages, dating sites, and the infamous Facebook have now replaced these traditions. Virtually, we can see and hear them but their presence is way too shallow to be felt. There is no personal touch, no substance. Somehow there is a barrier wherein we are restricted in conveying what we feel and the person on the other side can’t do the same. It is easy to be deceived too, since we can’t see the true self of a person. The only judge is their appearance and whom they make themselves out to be. This is truly one of the greatest disadvantages of technology. It made communication easier indeed, but it still cannot send out the feeling and the heart of the message. Yes, technology can benefit us. It might even be considered the best thing that has ever happened to our generation. Nevertheless, let us not be too dependent on it. Let us remember that technology is just a tool and we are its wielder. And as for communication, may we be encouraged to do things with personal touch. Keep in mind ladies and gents… Cinderella did not Google prince charming.

The QWERTY keyboard layout used on most computers was invented way back in the 1860’s.

INTROSPECTION Airelle Rose Cagatin

What’s Old, Could be New New things spring from the old ones. Things happen because of previous decisions and recent discoveries through research. One day when I was walking around the neighborhood, I noticed that a well was recently built. It was located where we used to play when we were kids. I then realized that the exact location where the well was built used to be a hollow ground intended for the dried leaves where they decayed and became part of the soil. The residents decided to make it even more useful through utilizing the hollow ground. Workers were able to dig deeper in order to turn it into a well. Upon seeing this, I realized how old things could be developed into newer ones. Things of the past give us ideas on how we could make better use of them. They could be turned into something more useful and it is through these that brilliant minds are able to come up with

newer innovations. Revisions and revivals are rampant these days. This is usually prominent in the entertainment industry. In the field of music, for instance, old songs are being revived. Another example is an old novel or fairytale being made into a movie and hit the big screen, and movie remakes are done. The pharmaceutical industry is not exempted, as well. Reformulations of the older products are made in order to develop a newer formulation with enhanced effectiveness, bioavailability, and even for the improvement of it’s physical aspects. Let us not forget that old things could be of great importance too. There must be a reason why antiques cost so much when they are sold in shops or boutiques. There are explanations why we show respect to our grandparents. There are motives why we treasure old photographs and why we continue to hold on to things that we have owned since we were younger. These are just some of the instances that make us comprehend how old things make a difference and how they affect the present. We can never look down on what is old because, in one way or another, it paves way for the discovery of what is new.

Light from the sun can reach a depth of 80 meters in the ocean.



o p i n i o n

eXPRession Elyn Grace Gallenero


Drum machines… Sound synthesizers… Music sequencers… These are just some of the instruments and applications that make pop music nowadays. A bombardment of drums, bass, electronic beats plus auto-tuned vocals and pronto! You’ll hit the number one spot on music charts in a jiffy. Adding to the parade of powerhouse music are their futuristic music videos, starkly immaculate and agreeing with the current standards, the singers of these songs selling their spirituality in exchange for popularity, and not to forget the designer clothes they wear that are almost semi-nude in appearance. This is how contemporary songs pop out now – explicit, expensive, and glamorous, yet lacking character, hedonistic and self-centered. According to Reuters, current pop songs “have become intrinsically louder and more bland in terms of chords, melodies, and types of sound used. “The note combinations have also consistently diminished over the years, and the same note is played at the same volume; that is, modern pop has a more limited variety of sounds,” Reuters reported. Pop music of the 21st century is somehow “artificially-made”, and the use of genuine instruments like the piano, guitar, violin, lyre, etc., are ignored little by little. When you try to play current pop music on piano or guitar, you’ll hit the same notes and chords over and over again. Music has reinvented itself over the decades, may it be for better or for worse; but in my honest opinion, in this generation, it’s for the worse. Going back down memory lane, the pop songs of the yesteryears weren’t as ridiculous and aggressive



as that of the songs now. Pop music back then was more vocally perfect and instrumentally rich. Back then they were more lyrically symbolic and moral. They were composed with austerity as to be considered music. During the 60’s, novelty songs, beach music, and rock ‘n roll were popular. Worthy of note is that the lyrics of these songs were humorous and revolved around surfing, cars, and puppy love. In the 70’s and 80’s, slow rock and disco music emerged. Hits like “YMCA”, “Staying Alive”, and “Sweet Child o’ Mine”, were popular among the youths, as well as slow-tempo songs like “We’ve Only Just Began” and “Close to you”. The 90’s music scene was primarily composed of boy bands, girl groups, and pop icons. Of course, mushy love songs like “My Love”, “Quit Playin’ Games”, and “My Heart Will Go On” were played on the radio. It was only during the recent years that pop music started to become less thoughtful, antisocial, and moody. While we are constantly attacked with songs that are less creative and inappropriate in terms of musical combination and lyrics, it isn’t all negative. There are still some popular songs that have more thought in them and are more subdued. In my opinion, they include songs sung by The Script, Coldplay, Lady Antebellum, and Carrie Underwood. It’s very sad to know that in this generation, composing songs isn’t taken seriously and that it now seems that pop songs are slowly losing their vintage charm and character. Pop music, as we all know, reflect the musical preference of a particular generation. Could it be that people now aren’t as creative as they were back then? Or is the high-tech and fast-paced lifestyle to blame? Pop music will always be around. It’s inevitable and here to stay. People will always listen to music and music mavens will always keep track of the songs that people are listening to. Pop songs today will tomorrow be forgotten, and be replaced with another batch of songs. I just hope though that in the years to come, composers and singers will come up with songs that are rich in tunes, genuine, imaginative, and more humane.

Rabbits and parrots can see behind themselves without even moving their heads!

n e w s

COPRE ’12 : Stepping stone for the

PHARMAKEIA by Trisha Marie Tarrazona Kenny Magbanua

AT LEAST 300 student-journalists from more than 50 publications throughout the region participated in the 2012 College Press Conference (COPRE) and Awards last December 6, 2012 at Bacolod Business Hotel in Bacolod City. The agency’s partnership with Smart Communications had opened contest categories for Best Blogs, Best Bloggers and Best Photo Bloggers, and is now on it’s 3rd year. The agency also partnered with the Canadian Urban Institute which supports e c o tourism through campus publications. The 89

publications were keynoted by Sec. Sonny Coloma of the Presidential Communications Operations Office. The Philippine Information Agency 6 (PIA-6) was mandated to evaluate the effectiveness of the PIA annual campus journalism program which promotes development-oriented information dissemination and reporting through the COPRE. The conference also included onthe-spot writing contests and talks focused on this year’s thrusts, including media

convergence and ecotourism. Dr. Janet Mesa, PIA Regional Director, said the program promotes responsible and development journalism as part of the campus journalism practice in the region. The most fun and entertaining part of the conference was the Mr. and Ms. COPRE wherein everyone rooted for their representatives. It was indeed a close fight of beauty and brains. Most of the awards were garnered by the representatives coming from the publications from Iloilo City. The University of San Agustin’s representative coming from the USA Publications and 2nd Year MLS student, Ric Martin Libo-on, won the title as Mr. COPRE ’12. After the whole day event, we Keians and the staff of the USA Pub bonded and ended the night with a big smile on our faces as we made new friends and shared ideas with each other. It was truly an experience to remember considering it was the first time for The Pharmakeia to join the said conference.



n e w s

thePharmakeia awarded Most Outstanding Publication by Clarissa Joyce Tiu

LAST FEBRUARY 23, 2012, the Official Publication of the University of San Agustin, The USA Publications, launched the 5th SanAg Campus Press awards at the Nursing Review Center, Urdaneta Hall. The event consisted of contests based on college publication entries and an interdepartmental writing contest which served to hone the college publications’ writing skills. It has been years since the San Ag Campus Press Awards had been organized once again, and we commend the USA Pub for their efforts in bringing it back. It was the first time The Pharmakeia had entered the said competition. Other publications present were the Junior Augustinian (Basic Education), The Artian (College of Arts and Sciences), The Ledger (College of Business Administration and Accountancy), The Augustinian Educator (The College of Education) and, Silabu (College of Nursing). The event started out with an enlightening invocation and was followed by the Philippine National Anthem. Opening



remarks were given by the moderator of the USA publications, Ms. Gladys Confesor. The house rules and system of scoring were announced by the USA Pub Editor-in-Chief, Ray Adrian Macalalag. On the spot writing contests were also included such as News writing, Editorial writing, Feature writing, Cartooning, and Photojournalism. It was truly a productive day and fun filled event. After the contest proper was held, morning snacks and lunch were given. While awaiting the results to be announced in the afternoon, Wilhelm Lizada of the USA Pub made the atmosphere lively with his mind games and jokes. Our very own The Pharmakeia Editor-in-

Chief, Breann Katrina Chaplin, also gave an impromptu number after much coaxing from the crowd. Other impromptu numbers were also given by other publications. The judges for the events were Hon. Jo Jan Paul Peñol, Mr. Jefferson Magbanua, Ray Adrian Macalalag, Josefa Maria Castro, Jerson Elmido, Febrielyn Tumines and Thongenn Lanz Patiam. The Pharmakeia had won minor awards such as the Best News Page, 1st Runner up for the Best Feature Page and Best page Design and 2nd Runner up for the Best Editorial Page. The said publication also bagged the 2nd Runner for Best Publication Entry and was awarded the Most Outstanding Publication. The Pharmakeia staff were also able to take home four gold medals out of five in the individual writing contests. Breann Katrina Chaplin won 1st place in News Writing and 3rd place in Editorial writing, Clarissa Joyce Tiu won 1st place in Editorial writing, Kim John Villa won 1st place in Feature writing, and Calvin John Espino won 1st place in Photojournalism.

Butterflies taste food by standing on top of it! Their taste receptors are in their feet unlike humans who have them on their tongue.

e v e n t s



U-WEEK 2013

3 rd Overall Winner by Leizl Joy Casumpang May Geriane Ma. Roma Ledesma


ast February 23 March 1, 2013, the University of San Agustin community gathered again to celebrate the University Week. With the theme “USA @ 60: A commemoration of the past, a celebration of the present, and a commitment to the future”, this year’s festivity was made even more special because of the celebration of USA’s 60th anniversary as a university. Just like every year, the different colleges of the university prepare for the various activities organized by the USA Student Council and the different department councils of the university.

The College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology, as a part of the university, once again actively participated in the said events. This year, the CPMT bore out its finest by emerging as the 3rd overall winner. The determination of ranking was based upon a point system giving certain amount of points to winners of the different contests. Despite the matches and wars between the different colleges, the commemoration of USA’s 6 decades reminds us that on top of all these competitions, we nevertheless also strive to race as one college, and eventually, as one University.

Although the Stegosaurus dinosaur was over 9 meters long, its brain was only the size of a walnut.



PMT DAY 2013:

e v e n t s

“To Nurture, To Soar, Ablaze the Spirit of Unity” by Clarissa Joyce Tiu Beatrice Guzman


espite the chilly weather last February, the cold gale was not enough to dampen the spirit of celebrating PMT day. This year’s theme was “To Nurture, To Soar, Ablaze the Spirit of Unity”. The opening of the said festivity was held at the outside gym court on February 20 whereas the rest of the events were scheduled for the following day. The opening program began with a prayer by Roanne Rose Villena. This was followed by the National Anthem. The MC for the night was the MLS fourth year, Dan Vincent Fuentes who introduced the faculty teachers present. The dean of the college, Dean Lerma Paris, RMT, MSPH and the head of the Pharmacy Department, Ma’am



Remi Charlene Salvilla, MSPharm, were present, along with other teachers who showed their support. In Dean Paris’ inspirational speech, she expressed her approval of this year’s theme since it complements the university’s theme on U-day which is “Unity in Diversity”. She likened the college to “birds in flight” wherein the foundation and purpose is the same. When she asked the crowd of students sitting around the basketball court the reason for her comparison, a student from MLS 1-A answered. He said that it was because the birds are supporting each other. The dean agreed and further explained. After the inspirational words and the official statement of opening the PMT day, the candle l i g h t i n g ceremony followed. The lights w e r e turned off and made everyone surprised at the sudden darkness that shrouded the venue. The teachers were first called to light their own candle and lit the already assembled few candles at the center of the court which in turn helped lit the candles of others until everyone held a tiny flame in their hands. Everyone proceeded to place their candle on the court following the outline until they had formed a burning letters of PMT. A poignant sight to see with a beautiful speech by the president of the Epsilon Chapter, Joey Zandrew Dela Cruz, heard over the speakers, “An ignition of something great always starts from a simple lighted

flame, and when something great comes along, realizations are soon to be made, giving way to clearer mind sets and a vision that is far way changed.” The next day, many of the PMT students huddled up to start the event with smiles and shouts as it started off with the usual procedures. The celebration began with a mass followed by an Orientation on Waste Management conducted by Ma’am Rose Visitacion. She gave a clear insight about the different environmental concerns and how the students and the faculty can do to help minimize the impact of waste, which after that was followed by a Q&A portion where she would ask students on how they could help minimize the uprising of waste through their own opinions and ideas. After the orientation, there came the ‘Are You Smarter than a Freshmen?’ were the different year levels competed. The contest started off pretty well with the easy and average categories each containing questions from various subjects which included English, Filipino, Chemistry, BioScience, and Math. Finally the freshmen prevailed and won the competition leaving the seniors at second place. The competition was followed by another contest entitled ‘PMT Numero Uno’, a singing contest where random students were given the chance to sing just to represent their year level. The contest started off from the freshmen up to the seniors where beautiful performances were given by the freshmen and sophomore contestants while a shocking performance from the juniors was witnessed and finally a soothing duet was made possible by the senior’s own representative partnered with one of the faculty members from the PMT department. The judges of the said contest were Ma’am Rosalie, Mr. Sunny Lasala, and Mr. Leo Mark Burgos. While the events in the morning were finished, the students took a break and returned back to the gym for the afternoon events where they had to notice a basketball game between the

Alumni and Juniors for the girls and between the Faculty and Juniors for the boys. Finally, the highlight of the celebration had arrived. The iScream was held at the Gym and started with an invocation followed by the singing of the Philippine national anthem. Then the most awaited part of the program started with a production number from the contestants themselves dressed in their beautifully designed Brazilian outfits perfect for the theme of the contest. Each of the contestants introduced themselves in their dazzling outfits. After which, they took over the stage wearing their school uniforms with each of them still looking gorgeous. A video presentation from each of the contestants that spoke of the different issues our world is trying to solve was s h o w n . Then after that the contestants strutted off into their formal attire and from there the top 8 were chosen for the question and answer portion. Each of the contestants were shown pictures from which they would describe the pictures from their point of view and give their respected answers. Finally, the judges gave their verdict and the winners were Noel Belleza of Pharmacy 3-A and Jan Marie Del Rosario of MLS 1-C, for the titles Mr. and Ms. Pharmacy and Medical Technology 2013.

Because of the unusual shape of their legs, kangaroos and emus struggle to walk backwards.



e v e n t s

Casino Royale: A Night to Remember

by Ana Christiana Joy Arroyo Kim John Villa


olling dimes and gambling for royal flushes may connote Vegas’ lavish rituals, but the CPMT Juniors and Seniors dared to attend the Sin City’s inspired glam for their JS Promenade held at Iloilo Grand Hotel last February 22, 2013. ‘Casino Royale’ was the theme for the said event. Mr. Dann Vincent Fuentes and Ms. Marie Ariane Shayne Lao were the masters of the ceremony and the program began when Ms. Jezhel Ramos sang “The Prayer” for the Doxology. It was followed by Mr. Marcel Luigi Panes, the Junior Council President welcoming everyone to the celebration. A ‘Candle Lighting Ceremony’ carried on right after and the attendees joyously sang their prom song entitled “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas. Ms. Grethel Jane Bañes lead the prayer before meals and dinner was then served. It was right after the sumptuous meal that the Juniors then offered a special video presentation to everyone, followed by a tango-Viennese waltz danced by the selected members of 2DMax Dance Crew. The much anticipated ‘’Class Dance Competition’’ for all competing Juniors shortly began afterwards. In between each set of competing sections, some lucky gentlemen and ladies won prizes from the raffle draw. After all sections of both Pharmacy and MLS juniors have



performed, surprised nominees for prom kings and queens were then called to parade their beauty and gracefulness in front of the crowd. The parade of handsome young men and gorgeous women was then followed by Ms. Mary Leslie Eregia and Mr. Humprey Kent Munion delivering the ‘Batch Will and Testament’ for the juniors and a special tribute was then performed by the Seniors. After which, the exchange of symbols represented by a watch (symbol of Seniors) and a compass (a symbol of Ju-

niors) was participated by Ms. Ana Lourdes Regalado and Mr. Marcel Luigi Panes. Later, four of the male teachers oozing with charm, namely Mr. Matthew Tubola, Mr. Michael Medes, Mr. Eric Blancaflor, and Mr. Ramon Salanio, offered song-and-dance performances inspired by boy bands such as Backstreet Boys, Westlife, etc. Finally as the night was drawing to a close, the winners for the “Class Dance Competition,” prom king and queen awards and other special awards were announced. “Overall, for me, prom was a success, “affirmed Mr. Panes. “Although it was not perfect, all our hard work and hours of meeting were paid off. Seeing the happy faces and hearing positive feedbacks from those who attended just did it. On behalf of the Junior Council and the entire Prom 2013 team, thank you so much for making this prom a memorable and successful one.” Full of rave response came also from Ms. Remi Charlene Salvilla, Head of the Pharmacy Department. She said, “Prom 2013 was a night of elegance. It was amazing to see the students transform from their everyday looks into the glamorous ladies and dashing gentlemen that they are. It was a night of fun despite the pressures of student life. It was a night of fun too for us faculty and staff who certainly enjoyed and danced the night away. I would like to congratulate the Junior Council for organizing a wonderful Prom. Kudos, also, goes to the Senior Council for helping out and actively participating in the event.”

Resin which has been fossilized is known as amber, it sometimes contains plant material or small animals that were trapped inside.




by Jennifer Nufuar Mharvie Capundan

he College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology (CPMT) of the University of San Agustin (USA) held the First white coat Ceremony at the University of San Agustin gymnasium last November 9,2012. The ceremony started with a Mass given by Father Donato Elezar and Followed by the Formal programmed prepared by the Junior Council of the CPMT. It was hosted by Mr. Ramon Sinco, RPh and Miss Colleen Gomiega, RPh. Mrs. Jesusima Monserate, RPh addressed the opening remarks followed by a message from the Dean Mrs. Lerma Paris, RMT, MSPH. The ceremony Keynote speaker was Miss Ma. Corazon Eden Po, RPh and a Hospital Pharmacist in Makati Medical Center. According to Miss Po, “I know pharmacy is a tough program. What do they say, the bigger the challenges we endure, the greater our strength of character! And these challenges are preparing us for bigger and better days. Believe in yourself. Believe in possibilities. Always believe in your value on this planet. Don’t be d i s c o u ra g e d by the number of pages you have to read”.

After the inspirational message, 3rd year students underwent the Investiture of White Coats by section. The pledges of Professionalism lead by Mr. Paul Renz Jison, Vice President of Junior Council and Watson’s National top intern, summer 2012. And followed by a message given by Miss Gilda Rivero, Pharmacy Board exam Topnotcher and former Dean of CPMT.

Ms.Mary Anne Corpus, RPh addressed the closing remarks. And the program ended by singing the Pharmacy Hymn.

Poison ivy produces a skin irritant called urushiol. Touching poison ivy will cause an allergic reaction, usually in the form of an itchy rash on the skin.



e v e n t s


DAY 2012

by Mary Jo Anne Balasa


t’s not all about the number of days, it’s the memories…” said Julie Anne Bernales, President of the Apothecarian Council, during the Pharmacy Day celebration with the theme “Strength through Unity, Advancing the Value of Pharmacy” held last December 7, 2012 at the USA Gymnasium. The said event began with a Eucharistic Celebration. The Apothecarian council prepared a series of games to entertain the students. A new way of cracking the brain nerves was the Clash of the Genius as they had their own version of Pharmacy Henyo. The Pharmacy community grooved with the modern hip-hop moves as the Dance battle begun. Pharmacy students also got to showcase their acting skills as they had their advertisements seen live. Students transformed

plain white tee’s into shirts with so much personality filled with thoughts inspired by the event’s theme as they had their on-the-spot shirt design contest. The faculty and students showed their support for both teams during the Basketball exhibition game. The event was not yet over as the gymnasium was filled with crowd and cheers as the Pharmacy Icon candidates projected their best poses and get ups as they catwalked around the stage. Mariz Tanny Alvarez once again proved that she would never let down the Juniors as she was crowned as the 1st Female Pharmacy Icon. The crowd went wild as the first year representative, Kristian de los Reyes hit the mark for being the 1st Male Pharmacy Icon. At the end of the day, it really proved that Pharmacy had lived up to their theme, as it was indeed a very fruitful event!

Pharmacy Icon

Kristian De Los Reyes Mariz Tanny Alvarez

Production Number

Jun Paulo Napulan Jim Jaralene Porquez

Master Pharmacist

Sunrise Love Salvador Rhoumel Yadao and members 1st Place - Freshmen 2nd Place - Seniors 3rd Place- Juniors Shane Ismael Richard Laurence Gaboy Mary Clecette Abordo

1st Runner-Up

Fred Dale De La Peña Mary Louise Ortigas

Sports Wear

Jun Paulo Napulan Mary Louise Ortigas

Live Spoof

1st Place - Juniors 2nd Place - Freshmen

2nd Runner-Up

Jun Paulo Napulan Jim Jaralene Porquez

Candy Cocktail

Kristian De Los Reyes Mariz Tanny Alvarez

On-The-Spot Shirt Making Contest

1st Place - Pharmacy 3B 2nd Place - 1st Year 3rd Place - Pharmacy 3A

Internet Icon

Jun Paulo Napulan Maribert Alcazaren

Formal Wear

Fred Dale De La Peña Mary Louise Ortigas


Kristian De Los Reyes Maribert Alcazaren


Kristian De Los Reyes Mariz Tanny Alvarez

Clash of The Genius Dance Battle

Faculty Boys vs. Students Basket Ball Exhibition Game Winner - Faculty



Pharmacy Icon

Your nose and ears continue growing throughout your entire life.

Oath Taking


White Coat Ceremony 2013


by Mharvie Capundan

arch 1, 2013. 47 New Augustinian Pharmacists took their oath of professionalism and had their white coat ceremony at EON Centennial Hotel, Iloilo City. The affair was attended by college faculty along with the past and present college deans, visitors, and the family and friends of the new Pharmacists. The event started with a mass held at the University chapel. After which, everyone led their way to the said hotel to have the oath taking and white coat ceremonies. T h e ceremony started with an opening prayer lead by Ms. Jeremay Campos, RPh, MSPharmm. Afterwards, Ms. Jennifer Flores, Member of the Board of Pharmacy and representative from the Philippine Regulation Commission lead the oath of professionalism. A sumptuous dinner buffet then followed, where everyone was entertained by the soulful song number of Ms. Shiemee Joenim Schilieske, RPh. Mrs. Marilyn Young-Tiu, Chairman of the Board of Pharmacy, then gave her inspirational message which definitely sparked the hearts of the people inside in the room. After which, the white coats were finally vested upon the new Augustinian pharmacists by the faculty of the college. Former Dean Gilda Rivero gave her kind words of motivation to the new pharmacists which greatly struck the hearts of all who listen

to her words. Ms. YeLhen Grace Dumali, RPh then followed as she sincerely addressed her thanks to all the people who made her as she is now, thus representing their whole batch. Afterwhich, Ms. Ranee Joy Bunda, RPh and Ms. Stephanie Fernandez, RPh lead the Pharmacist Code of Ethics and Prayer for Pharmacists, respectively. Finally, the guests were given their certificates of recognition followed by a batch panorama shot to end the event that started the new phase of the 47 lives. Mrs. Lerma dela Llana-Paris, RMT, MSPH, Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology gave the closing remarks. All in all, the event was of great success. Indeed, the college once again proved its worth in molding competitive, world class Pharmacists ever ready to extend their service no matter what, thus carrying with them the value of a true Augustinian.

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f e a t u r e


aving a home without a house may be compared to different kinds of things. It may be described as water without a glass to contain it; a dress with holes; or a candy without a wrapper. We can compare our family, the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology (CPMT) to these things. Like water, we always go together, we are there for each other and we are always needed. Yet, without the glass to mold us into a structure, we may go our separate ways without any chance to bond again. Same with the dress, we are beautiful and easy to the eyes, but as people would look




Relocation Due to the renovations of Urdaneta Hall and the growing number o f aranilla ica J Dan arie Perez by a il M g Abi ohn Espino vin J Ca l


The Urdaneta Hall The Urdaneta Hall is considered to be one of the first buildings of the university. Years ago, it was the home of

CPMT. But due to its old age, renovations were made. Now, the newly improved building has a multifunctional use. The auditorium on its second floor was improved and developed into a more concert halllike facility. The ground floor houses the Cultural Arts Center, Little Theater office, and the Nursing Review Center. While in the front of the building, we can still see the medical Clinic and Laboratories and some additional classrooms for the Medical Laboratory Science students.



closely, they will see holes. We are not perfect. Lastly, like the candy, we are whole and oozing with sweetness, but without the wrapper, we are exposed to the different elements of the world having no protection. We are a family, a home, a beautiful one. However we lack an essential thing. We don’t have a house to call our own.

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population of the college, the students and faculty of CPMT moved and occupied different buildings. The faculty and staff relocated to Lana Hall, a small building in between Rada and Aguirre Halls. The ground floor is the CPMT office, while the second floor serves as the faculty room, and the third floor is a multipurpose room which may serve as a classroom or conference room. As for the students, their rooms were scattered according to their subjects. Most lecture classes are held in Aguirre Hall, Gamboa Hall, Dolce Garcia Hall, Alumni Building, and Mendel Hall. For the laboratory classes, students conduct their experiments in the Pharmacy Laboratory and Medical Technology

Laboratory located in Mendel Hall and Urdaneta Hall, respectively. No Permanent Address We, the CPMT students have experienced what it is to be like nomads, travelling in tribes and moving from one place to another. Early morning we are seen bracing the stairs of Mendel Hall to have our laboratory classes. By mid-morning, we travel to the halls of Gamboa and Alumni to have our lecture classes. And by the afternoon, we transfer to Aguirre or Dolce Garcia Halls for further classes. Truly, this is a daily routine in our school lives, the never-ending joyrides throughout the campus. But instead of joys in travelling, we experience exhaustion.

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Silver Linings Just like the Philippines, having 7,107 islands, we remain solid and united even though we are scattered, and that to us is our silver lining. After all, what matters more is the essence of a home and not a house. If we continue to be united as one family, then we will still have a home. A house cannot be called a home if the family who lives in it are not harmonious. So dear PMT family, let us be strong! Together with optimism, let us embrace this flaw of ours and continue to work harder. Plus, we could all definitely use the extra exercise, somehow. We should avoid complaining and instead we should be more patient. Who knows, maybe in the near future we will have a new building. So, let’s keep the faith!



f e a t u r e


PMTAcademe by Allysa Grace Daguro Calvin John Espino Kim John Villa

KRISTINE JOY ANINANG, RPh “Currently, I am grateful for what I am today, having a fulfilling job, evolving love life, supportive family, and cheerful friends made me even happier.” Self-confessed sweet tooth and simply natural Ms. Kristine Joy Aninang loves to watch TV, read magazines, eat and sing. She graduated from the University of San Agustin last 2002 and passed the Pharmacy Licensure Examination in June of the same year. She teaches Pharm 1 (Introduction to Pharmacy: History & Orientation), Pharm 5 (Hospital Pharmacy), and PharAd & Mgt 2 (Marketing & Entrepreneurship). She believes that teaching in the academe is a field of pharmacy where she can practice her profession and where she can easily relate to the subjects she currently handles. Having the urge of becoming a newscaster during her high school days, she would have preferred to take Mass Communications instead of Pharmacy, if given the chance. Her words of advice: “Enjoy studying to make learning easy. This is the point in time of your life, where you feed yourself with knowledge, and develop your true character. This is not about the grades that you’re after, but how you have learned from your mistakes and in applying it in the real world.”

MARIAN FETIZA-BACANI, RPh “Study hard, for all the hardships and sleepless nights we spent studying will be worth it.” When you see her on the hallways of San Agustin you might end up misinterpreting and thinking of her as a snob. This is because she is one of those persons who possess serious looks. But she is exactly the opposite of what you may think she is. Mrs. Marian Fetiza-Bacani is one of the new faces of the PMT faculty who graduated from Centro Escolar University in Manila last 2006 and passed the Pharmacist Licensure Examination in January 2007. She considers herself a happily married woman and is expecting to soon have a baby. She chose to teach at the University of San Agustin because it is one of the best universities that offer the Pharmacy course. She wants to share her knowledge and her own experiences of being a Pharmacist to her students. If she ever had the chance of practicing another profession, she would choose to be a doctor. She currently teaches Hospital Pharmacy Internship, Pharmaceutical Chemistry 3 (Drug Quality Control) and Pharmaceutical Biochemistry. She always gives her best in teaching her students through making them understand the things they need to know.



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JENNY MARIE DALMAN, RPh “17 years old–I’m a diehard Pharmacy student. USA is the only school offering such. So here I am.” Those were the words of Ms. Jenny Marie Dalman who gives the best of her abilities in teaching students. She recently passed the board examinations last July 2012, joined the PMT faculty, and is now teaching Pharm 2 (Pharmaceutical Calculations) and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2 (Pharmacy & Chemistry of Medicinals II). Having high affinity for heels and pencil skirts, she ambitiously thinks of becoming a fashion designer or taking Accountancy instead of Pharmacy, if given the chance. She graduated from University of San Agustin last 2011 and earned two honors in the Dean’s List for two successive academic years namely 1st Honor in A.Y. 2007-2008 and 2nd Honor in A.Y. 2008-2009. Her advice to her students is to give your best in everything you do and she expects the students to value Pharmacy for what it really is.

KLINT JUN GANANCIAL, RPh “The best way to learn is when you’re having fun.” This is the greatest advice Mr. Klint Jun Ganancial can give to the students. According to them, he is corny and he describes himself as plain simple. His pastimes are listening to music, sketching, and sometimes, even painting. He graduated BS Pharmacy from the University of San Agustin last 2011 and recently passed the board examinations in July 2012. If given the chance, he would have become a Marine Biologist or an Architectural Engineer instead of a Pharmacist. As an alumnus, he chose to teach in this University as his way of expressing his deepest gratitude to our dear Alma Mater and to Saint Augustine. Teaching Pharmaceutical Chemistry 3 (Quality Control I – Drug Testings and Assay), he expects his students to be dedicated toward their studies and be passionate in the Pharmacy profession.

MENNEN ACE LAUDE, RMT “If ever I retire, I want to be remembered as one of my students’ inspirations.” Notorious to be called as “Ma’am Bulilit” by her students, Ms. Laude is a lady that should never be underestimated. Prior to being an Off-Campus Clinical Coordinator for BMLS Interns, she was a former student of the College. In fact, she was the top graduate of Batch 2011, and had earned PAMET Awards, PASMETH Awards, and the Leadership Awards. In 2012, she worked as a registered Medical Technologist at St. Paul’s Hospital, Iloilo City. At present, aside from being a member of the faculty of the College, she is also finishing her Master’s degree in the Science of Medical Technology, Graduate School of the University of San Agustin. This whole teaching experience is the first of all firsts for Ms. Laude, although she admits that she had once dreamt of becoming a teacher when she was in grade school. As far as she can recall, on the first day of class, she admits that she didn’t have much preparation because she was adjusting. During her first encounter with the students, Ms. Laude describes most of them as ‘restless, curious beings’. “I think they were interested in the lessons I presented, and I think they saw me as a gentle, soft-spoken and serious-type of person,” she confessed. Effective teacher-student interaction, with self-assessment at the culmination of the class best describes her teaching strategy. According to her, in order to engage students to actively participate and perform excellently, she has to “help them realize how important it is to have a degree so that later on, they may be able to work and be of service to others” and “help them realize the consequences of their actions.” She firmly believes that by taking a step-by-step approach coupled with imparting self-discipline, students will be able to improve. At the end of stressful activities, Ms. Laude relaxes by doing things at random. Occasionally, she spends a day by going to the malls, strolling in the parks, chitchatting with friends at coffee shops, enjoying intense outdoor sports, watching movies, and sleeping. “To my students, just keep on going with whatever circumstances. Reach those goals with good intentions not just for oneself but also for the community. Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it,” she added.

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f e a t u r e

JOSEPH EDWARD PILARTA, MSPharm “I can hit the ground running and come up to a speed faster than anyone I know—I learn and adapt quickly. I am a person who can bring chaos into order.” These are the words Sir Joseph Edward Pilarta said when asked to describe himself. Mr. Joseph Edward Pilarta who entered the school as an Iloilo City government scholar in 1997, graduated last March 22, 2001 and managed to finish his Masters in Pharmacy last 2004. He is currently teaching Pharmaceutical Calculations (Year 1), Pharmaceutical Marketing and Entrepreneurship (Year 4), and Pharmacy Internship (Year 4). He brags himself of never missing a deadline. He builds relationship with people, connects in different industries, for he knows that wisdom is something that you cannot buy. He adapts to the conceptual level of his students that he is energized by challenges and problems. Creating an atmosphere of continuous learning is what he expects during classes. Students under him can understand the correct and applied concept of the subjects for learning is applying the talents and skills, it is not only in memory retention but in their respective and applied concept. Mr. Pilarta’s final words to his students are, ”Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do work of superior people. Life is more than just books; everything is all about concepts. By faith, learn to apply them.”

FRANCIS VINCENT PO, RMT “I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to teach in my student days.” Mr. Po’s innate desire to teach propelled him to where he is today. He added, “Being an alumnus of the school, I believe that teaching in USA is a natural and instinctive choice.” His teaching career began after 6 months of practice as a registered MedTech at Iloilo Doctor’s Nuclear Medicine Department. He is currently a Lab Instructor in Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Parasitology. The first day of classes gave Mr. Po a mixture of thoughts. Although prepared as he had been, he confessed, “I was nervous, of course! Nothing could truly prepare for that moment when you actually do the ‘teaching.’’ At a tender age of 22, he considered the reactions of his students as ‘surprised to see someone that young to teach.’ His teaching strategy is described as ‘comprehensive’, because he values understanding more than mere memorization. To effectively do so, he presents his lab discussions via PowerPoint presentations, putting more visuals and less words. “PowerPoints enable the student to visualize the subject matter. Also, I’d prefer to put keywords and phrases. It is a supplemental tool, thus it should not take the place of the instructor who actually gives the lecture,” he affirmed. He will then assess student performance by giving rudimentary quizzes, either in essays or in any objective forms. Occasionally, he gives practical exams (since he handles only lab classes.) In his spare time, Mr. Po would spend most of it reading. His personal favorites are the works of Terry Brooks, J.R.R. Tolkien, Khaled Hosseini, Mitch Albom, and Liari Hearn. He also likes to watch movies, catch up on his favorite TV series, and engage in outdoor activities. “I think it’s quite premature to think or even conceive the thought of retiring. However, if such distinct occurrence should take place, then I would like to be remembered as a teacher who made the difference. If I could inspire just one person to be the best person that he/she can be, then I can truly call myself a teacher,” he remarked.

JAN VINCENT SOLLESTA, RPh “Expect the unexpected!” He describes himself as a goal oriented person and wants to do things and finishes it as scheduled with excellent results. He is creative in his own ways and tends to do things differently but enjoys it. Mr. Jan Vincent Sollesta graduated Salutatorian of his high school batch and managed to grab the Cum Laude title among the March 2007 graduates. He passed the board exam last July 2007. He loves to watch movies, read self-help books, and spend some time for exercise. This pharmacist who dreams of being an aircraft pilot came to the University of San Agustin to teach out of professional growth. Aside from being a graduate of the USA high school department, he chose this University because of its reputable tracks of producing quality graduates and board topnotchers. He now teaches Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Parasitology and Clinical Toxicology. He wants his students to be better than him and expects them to expect the unexpected. Words of advice from Mr. Sollesta, “Prepare for your exams sooooo hard that you don’t want to take it again.”



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MELVIN SUMPIO, RMT “I want to be remembered not only as a teacher who imparts, shares, and educates his students, but also as their friend,” Experience, knowledge and desire are factors to be aced in the teaching arena. Sir Melvin believes he’s got what it takes. He currently teaches Biochemistry, Parasitology, Microbiology, and Serology subjects. “As a MedTech, I can teach any professional courses. I have known the principles by heart, and I feel confident about teaching them. I’m just happy to be back at my Alma Mater,” he said. Although he’s got confidence in teaching, Sir Melvin avoids sharing or talking about the details of his personal achievements and professional career. Just to give us a glimpse, he admits that lately he has been engaging in sales and business. Expectations are tough to meet, especially expectations involving the College. However, he is very positive about it, saying, “I expect that my students will perform well and pass my subjects. I also hope that the College will still hold its name as one of the best MedTech schools in the Philippines. I believe that all potentials can be delivered.” Excellent performance of the student, for him, is always subjective. “I actively involve my students in discussions by giving them back questions about the subject matter. Excellence in class performance depends solely on how the student will involve himself.” It is also interesting to note that he believes in this so-called ‘teacher factor.’ He said, “Sometimes teachers could be subjective depending on the situation.” Sir Melvin strategizes his teachings by teaching the principles first, and then bringing updates about the development in MedTech world. Interestingly, he relaxes by playing arcade games at the end of work. His motivation to work is his family. Indeed, he is a family guy.

HESHYNEE MAE AIKO TABATA-TAGARO, RPh “This is my Pride and Calling” She describes herself as a happy person who loves to eat but rather hates being fat. She seldom gets mad but if she does, she gets so angry that you would not make her angry again but she easily forgets it. A service-oriented person who feels sorry beggars on the street and helps them through her generosity. She loves the quote “I believe in love and marriage,” from the movie No Other Woman. Mrs. Heshynee Mae Aiko Tabata-Tagaro is one of the fresh graduates of batch 2010, passed her Licensure Examination last 2011, and was awarded with litmus and co-curricular certificates. She is now a mother and also a teacher of this university. Like any other child, she also dreamed of being a teacher. In order for that in order for that dream to come true she woke up from that dream and made it happen. She never wanted to be a Pharmacist but rather she wanted to be anything, but never dreamed of being a nurse or engineer. So she took the challenge and managed to walk through the difficult world of a Pharmacy student here in San Agustin as it is the only university that offers the Pharmacy program. She currently teaches Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1 and Pharmaceutical Care 1. She expects a lot from her students because she knows that before entering college the secondary education of this generation has prepared them well for college. Mrs. Tagaro challenges her students to be the best and expects them to be the best. She wants to teach the students everything that they need to know so that when they face the future, they will be ready. Words of advice: “Always study. For when you study, you will surely achieve you goals. Studying long topics and hard subjects are a bit challenging, but that is what makes your journey worth it and at the end of the day, you will realize that what you are doing is for your future. Never lose hope for without effort and determination, hope is just a word. ACT! Don’t just say it, you have to DO it! As the saying goes, actions speaks louder than words. If you don’t walk your talk, then you will never achieve anything. I may get disappointed at times it is because you are wasting your own potential. You can do this! God is with you.

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centerfold model Photographer edited by

Jan marie del Rosario mharvie capundan Joshmer and Franz de mesa

f e a t u r e

To Not To



WRITE: Is that really the question?

by Beatrice Guzman


etters give meaning to one’s own personal view in life. A simple letter can make you feel happy, sad, anxious, depressed, angry, or confused. But what is it that makes these letters special? Is it the content? The encrypted meaning? Or is it the uniqueness that is sealed within an envelope? Whether it be telegrams, bills, or snail mails, every letter speaks for itself. During the olden days, letters were a means of communication. But it’s not only for one’s personal purpose. Letters are a creative expression of saying something deeply forgotten. But now that we are living in a world where technology has made its way into our everyday lives, we seem to forget that writing these crafted tokens we call letters has been overshadowed by a new and efficient way, and it goes by the name of “e-mail or electronic mail”. This new outcome of communication has been acknowledged by many including the past generation because of its efficiency in sending messages in just a split second. But some



people still have doubts about this so-called e-mail. Even though it is very fast and easy, e-mails also show negative effects to society. In Shannon Webster’s article about the positive and negative effects of using technology in communication, she stated that although email reduces paper costs and is fast, it still brings about a negative vibe towards people especially through workers because it distracts them from their work and it interferes with their responsibilities. Emails can consume one’s time being on the Internet rather than enjoying the beauty of life which may lead to laziness, procrastination, or certain serious situations that may threaten one’s own life. The Internet has its perks and emails can contain some serious cases that may shock most of its users. One of which is privacy, even though there are passwords that may secure your emails, some people are also engaged in even more advancements in technology like ‘hacking’. Hackers can open any account and can also create viruses which

may destroy your saved emails and therefore can no longer give you privacy and satisfaction. But the uprising of advancements in technology gives people a different side of business, communication, and entertainment. According to Timothy Gomez’s article about The Importance of Writing Letters Today, he said that emails are far easier and faster, and that the use of letters have now been widely diminished as to what other people have thought but courier companies around the world still provide mailing services for people willing to send letters from one country to another. Sending letters is fun and even though it may cost you, the money you’ve spent is worth it because each letter you send means so much more than a thousand emails. In an article by Pamela Wright about The Art of Writing Letters she stated that people write letters to request information, request action, provide information or describe an event, decline a request, and express appreciation. Letters give a bold meaning to one’s own personal decision in life and

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each letter shares a different expression whether it may be for business, pleasure, entertainment, fun, or for communication, one has his/ her ways in making a letter memorable for both the receiver and the sender. In Kathleen Hogg’s blog about Letters vs. Emails she explained the different effects of how letters can be a greater source of communication rather than email. She said that letters are stored in a beautiful envelope, creatively wrapped box or tied with a special ribbon while emails are just sent and opened without any unique case. Letters can be reread and kept forever while emails can be placed in a junk, or thrown away in cyberspace. Lastly, she added that letters are made with love and passion because of the handwriting, creativity, and because of the effort the sender brings just to give enlightenment to the reader while emails can be carbon copied to other email addresses that of which some you are not familiar with. Every letter says it all and letters can make an impact in one’s own life. There are different reasons why we write letters and each reason gives a wholesome idea to people on why they should write letters. Sarah Winfrey’s article gives 22 Reasons to Write Letters but there are 5 among the 22 that can really persuade people to write letters. First off is ‘Express Yourself’, this reason speaks for itself because who doesn’t love

to express their selves and one way of which is through writing letters. Second, ‘Add That Personal Touch’, we all know that each letter has something to say but each letter also contains a value, one of which is your own unique touch to give it that special essence which can send a spark to the receiver saying that this letter was truly made for him/her. Next is ‘Preserve Memories’ although the internet can preserve timeless memories, letters can still bring joy to a person and give more meaning to each memory shared. And within each letter a special souvenir is kept and sealed that may remind the person of the forgotten memory. Fourth is ‘Speak to the Future’, this tells about how letters can be sealed in a special box and kept for so many years that even your great grandchildren can read it and how you can get in touch with them even if you’re not with them anymore. Lastly, ‘Leave a Legacy’ although right now there are many of us who enjoy posting our own powerful opinions and greetings online or through emails but these cannot b e

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preserved for all eternity unlike letters that can be stored in one’s own home safe and sound. And maybe, some of these letters can make a huge difference to one’s self even after they die. Leaving a legacy means making a difference to others and maybe letters can someday make an average person be a hero. So why not at least try to catch up on creative writing because letters can make great relationships within the receiver and the sender. You’ll never know that the once shy and sweet pen pal you had is the very best friend or lover you’ll ever know. We all know that relationships may start with email or through social networks but letters can still be an awesome way to spark up a friendship and pen pals can send you incredible and spectacular gifts while receiving a letter. With letters you now have two or even four tokens to keep for the rest of your life. So why don’t you start now, just grab a pen, a paper, and let’s get those creative juices flowing. You’ll never know, your letter may make its mark throughout the succeeding years.



f e a t u r e






by John Ernest Tolentino


he following were gathered through interviewing board passers. Gather a lot of information, review materials, books related to your course. Ask a lot, especially about what transpired in the recent examination, like what certain problems in a particular field appeared in the examination, the techniques they used to handle the examination, and ask anything that involves the boarding exam. It is a also a good thing to have numerous review materials at hand. There is no harm in doing this because you are in an all-out effort to be a licensed professional. What’s at stake is so great and this is what matters most.

Pile up your stock knowledge. My reviewer once said that many honor students even from reputable schools have flunked the examination due to relying on their IQ alone. The culprit could be over rationalization, over confidence and lack of preparation. The licensure examination is not a quiz bee where the most intelligent individuals are most likely to prevail. This is test that the ones blessed with immense patience and good study habits are favored. Yes, stock knowledge is the key in passing any given licensure examination, and it takes a lot of perseverance to do it. So keep on reading as many as you can and if necessary, practice solving a lot.

Choose the right review center. Choosing the right review center gives you the instant edge in the examination. For you to choose which would be the best review center for you, you may ask from your schoolmates from batches ahead of you, since they have already gone through the programs. Board passers say that getting ample help from the best available review center around was indeed



very helpful. In a review center you’ll be able to gain access to the past problems that were given. You will get to learn survival techniques in an examination and, you will learn about the current trend. However, it is quite expensive to get enrolled in a good one. Plus, my fellow aspirants, even if you are enrolled in

the best review center there is, if you don’t help yourself, you are still in a deep pit of uncertainty of getting a license. Do not rely on luck. Extreme luck comes once in a blue moon when trying to pass the examination, but many believe that we create our own luck based on experience. Why? Simple. The

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more you review the more you are exposed to a lot of knowledge and when the time calls for you to make a guess, you are actually making an educated guess. So when you are better prepared and indeed battleready, your answer in every question has strong chance of extracting the coveted right answers.

Know the trend. Immerse yourself with questions and problems that were previously given. This activity will help you a lot in your review. It eases out the tension and pressure in you, plus you become accustomed to the real examination. Solving past board problems also helps in boosting your confidence. Unwind once in a while. You are not a machine and neither a robot. Get real, if you are already burned out from all the equations, formulas and structures, find time to go to the beach with your friends or family. If you don’t have that much time, you can go to the mall and watch movies or do some activities that will help you regain your

energy. Reviewing is a very strenuous activity. You need to relax, stop for a while and breathe. Remember, even batteries need to recharged, and the greatest chess grandmasters around the world play sports or find time to unwind. Don’t rely on prayers alone. It is highly recommended to ask for divine assistance all the time, but God only helps those who help themselves. While you pray, you have to do your job as well. Review as hard as you can and for sure God’s blessings will be with you when you take the examination. Motivate yourself. Always say to yourself that you will pass the examination. With your capabilities and hard work plus a handful of prayers, you will surely become a licensed professional. Do not pressure yourself with the expectations of other people. Be true to yourself. You know deep inside you that you are determined to pass the examination. That is already one pressure you have to yourself. There’s no need to add more pressure by thinking of what other people will say about you. A board passer once said, he was so nervous of taking the exam because he might disappoint his parents and teachers, but he became calm when one of his mentors told him that you don’t need to pressure yourself by passing the board exam. You have already proven yourself worthy by graduating. The license is

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just a plus. Rest, Eat Well, and Exercise. These are three simple yet very helpful things so you can regain the lost energy you have from the sleepless nights studying.

Before the Examination

Most examinees usually relax themselves three days before the examination. One day before the Examination, make sure that you have the necessary materials that you will need in the examination and know your room assignment. Complete all of this in the morning so by night time you can get a good night sleep. And of course, do not be late!

During the Examination

Alas, this is your day! Relax, and take deep breaths often. Answer the easy ones first but be sure that you have answers for every question with a few minutes to spare. Don’t get carried away with the examinees that pass their papers at an earlier time. Utilize and make the most of your time reviewing your answers.



f e a t u r e


Q UERI ES Compiled by Breann Katrina Chaplin May Geriane Ma. Roma Ledesma

The following are answers to questions we asked from random students... What invention would you like to offer to the world today?

donna mae tambong, mlS ii A special memory card for human beings.

dann vincent Fu entes, mlS iv I'd like to invent something that could minim ize heat in the environment . It's more of a centralized air conditioner everywhere but ve ry earth friendly and it do es not use electricity. It's rea lly hot these days and it will be a relief to everyone if th is will be invented.

r, Ph iii Sunrise love Salvado that ng thi a t en inv to re If I we to the would be of benefit g for dru world, it would be a imer's he the treatment of Alz those nt disease because I wa the people to remember e hav memories that they the with their loved ones, ow eh som t tha s rie mo me rson made them as the pe . be to t gh ou y the

How do you know you’re already a grown up?

Stephanie villanueva, mlS iii You know you’re a grown up if you make decisions not just for your own sake, but also for the sake of others.

If you had to be a lifeless object for a day, what would you be? Why?

Joyce Gem cañete, Ph ii A pen because I think it’s a powerful tool to influence and to cause.



Ph iv Pauline Joy lequillo, ady You know you’re alre are you if up wn a gro mentally mature in the sense that you can nce determine the differe d and between what you nee you’re what you want and if s and pro the igh able to we ng. cons in decision-maki

thresia clavel, ml S iv A storybook. I wa nt everyone to continue to be lieve in happy endings despite failures along the way. I want to inspire them to pull themselve s together and continue the journey because life does not end there. Better oppo rtunities lie ahead.

Grecia may cabr You know you’re ejas, Ph i alr up if you know ho eady grown w on your own with to decide out asking the opinion of ot he to manage yourse rs on how lf. to be considerat You learn e to the differences of wards people around you and yo accept them as so u learn to meone who deserves respect.

mlS iii Stephanie villanueva, I could I would be a shirt so mful har m fro protect people teria bac viruses, parasites, and ir skin. I that could attack the fort to also want to give com se I tho to ally people, especi love.

More people are allergic to cow’s milk than any other food.

If at the snap of your fingers, any one of the world’s problems could be solved, which problem would you choose to rid the world of?

dorenne Galvan, Ph iv Poverty. I believe it is the root of most crimes happening around us. By solving this problem, unfortunate people will be able to provide themselves with whatever resources they need without resorting to theft or the like. If you had to do research on one thing for the rest of your life, what would you research on?

mindy Perez, mlS iv research uld I wo hu on man behavior.

, Ph ii lorenzo dominick cid many Racism. Racism and forms of discrimination erful have been used as pow fear ng agi our enc in s weapon times or hatred of others in down of conflict and war and ic to the point of econom nch out turndowns. It can bra world into countless other problems.

diane danica dy, mlS ii I’d research on th e determination of the psychological eff ects of eating comfort foods whenever people are sad.

Janine lua, mlS iii Crab mentality. If someone becom es successful, inste ad of bringing them do wn, you should make them your motivation to wo rk harder and to bring out the best in yourself.

, Ph i Gezelle mari Joie Go nce cha the en If I would be giv ng for thi e on on ch ear res to would the rest of my life, I for research about cures like es eas dis ble ata tre un se I pity polio or cancer becau se kinds the ch cat o wh le op pe like to uld wo I and es of diseas give them hope.

If you could go back in time to any period in history, what point in time would it be?

anne napulan, mlS iii I’d like to go back to Jesus’ time for me to experience the Bible in reality.

Si Harice caballero, ml s day the to k bac go I would hip rts cou when love and ed were still old-fashion in se cau Be al. ion dit or tra the today’s time, gone are meos days when young Ro give and de ena ser would iets. love letters to their Jul

Juan carlos maga llanes, Ph iv I would go back to the time when nature was at its full bloom, where th e skies are blue as ever and the air as fresh as it can be. Where the river flows freely witho ut a plastic bag flowing with it. I want to see nature at its best, where everything is cons idered truly clean and green.

For you, what is the perfect “woman” or “man”?

leandro miguel legaspi, mlS i The perfect woman has the power to break my heart and put it back together again.

, Jenine anne trivilegio Ph ii The perfect man is ept someone who can acc bilities or face the responsi to that have been given ts ep acc o wh ne him, someo oletheir imperfections wh open heartedly, and has an rstand. mind willing to unde

The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It’s like a human jumping the length of a football field.

Julienne adele la o, Ph iv Beauty and brain s! The perfect man help s you grow as a person without interfering with yo ur dreams and aspi rations in life.




f e a t u r e


HAT’S OUT by Danica Jaranilla Kim John Villa

vamPiReS out

zombieS in

Our blood sucking idols have declined public interest this year especially when the Twilight Saga ends.

Yes, there is a Zombie Apocalypse! From shows like The Walking Dead and Warm Bodies, Zombies are becoming more alive than ever!

FRaPPe out

milk tea in

No more to much caffeine in the system. Frappes are becoming a bore.

This drink adds a twist to our usual beverage and it has less caffeine.

Facebook out It seems to be that more people are losing “likes” on Facebook this 2013.



PRoceduRal tv SHoWS out

CSI, Law & Order, and House have now become old and dragging.

FantaSieS in

Once Upon A Time and Arrow are some of the anticipated new TV series.

inStaGRam, tWitteR in Photo-sharing and updating are elevated.

The chemical name for caffeine is 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine.

Eclectic Invasion out

Pop Culture has evolved since the past decades. That’s why we won’t be expecting American duo rappers LMFAO, Canadian pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen, Latino “Mr. Worldwide” Pitbull and “California girl” represent Katy Perry to be hitting the charts for 2013.

Fashion Magazines out Most girls today would ask “where is the demo?”

Youtube Beauty Gurus in What’s more convenient for most girls today is that they can learn through demos for beauty tips and updates in front of their PCs, lap tops, tablets, and mobile phones in just a jiffy.

British Invasion in

The British are hungry to conquer the music scene. For instance, One Direction captivates the hearts of the masses with their inescapable #1 hits. Also, garnering attention to the music scene is pop-acoustic singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, whose soulful lyrics and distinct organic sound will trail his way to becoming a sensational artist. Electronic singer Ellie Goulding, who impressed the public with her hit singles “Lights” and “Anything Could Happen,” will also be expected to release more hit records. Although in her maternity leave, Adele keeps on setting the fire, and there is no stopping her.

Rebond out

Curls in

Rebond is outdated! Curly and wavy hair with a lot Those super straight and of volume. volumeless locks are now a bore.

Gangnam Style out

Harlem Shake in

People moved on. They don’t want to be PSY’s little ponies anymore.

Call this “seizure” or whatever, but ‘Harlem Shake’ is becoming popular worldwide, thanks to YouTube.

The Simpsons is the longest running primetime animated series on television history.



f i l i p i n o




ni Renelyn Joan Belonio


ollege life. Ito ang isa sa pinakamahirap na bahagi ng buhay natin bilang mga estudyante. Ito din ang pinaka-exciting. Ito ang masasabi mong pinakamasaya, sapagkat dito mo mararanasan ang walang kapantay na kaligayahan na naidudulot kapag nakapasa ka sa isang exam o pagsubok. Sa haba ba naman ng oras na iginugol mo katumbas ng ilang gabing puyatan para makapasa ka sa nasabing pagsubok, talagang sasaya ka kapag ika’y makapasa at bonus pa kung makakuha ka ng mataas na marka. Sa madaling salita, makapasa ka lamang, sulit na sulit na. Ito ang panahon kung saan hindi ka lamang makikisaya kasama ng iyong mga kaklase. Ito din ang panahon upang gumawa ng assignments, reports at proyekto sa loob ng apat na sulok ng silid aralan. Ang mag-aral ng mag-aral: Ito ay ating nakaugalian na. Sa katunayan, ito din ang mga panahon kung saan mararanasan mo ang iba’t ibang bagay na naiiba kumpara sa panahon ng elementarya at hayskul. Dito ay makakahalubilo mo ang iba’t ibang klase ng tao na may iba’t ibang ugali at personalidad. Maaaring mong makilala o makuha ang iyong atensyon ng taong magbibigay sa iyo ng inspirasyon at saya. Ika nga, “crush”, “loved one”, “boyfriend” o “girlfriend”. Karamihan sa mga dalaga at binata ay nahuhumaling sa mga taong kanilang napupusuan at hinahangaan ng lubos. Ang karamihan sa kanila ay nagdadalawang isip na pumasok sa isang relasyon, ngunit ang iba naman ay handa ng sumubok “mainlove.” Masasabi nating normal lamang maranasan ng isang dalaga o binata ang umibig sa ganitong parte ng kanilang buhay.



May ibang babae na talaga namang masuwerte sa taong kanilang napupusuan o masasabing “the right man”. Ngunit sa iba naman ay kabalikataran. Karamihan sa kanila ay naiiwang luhaan at sawi. Ang madalas na dahilan ay iniwan sila at ipinagpalit sa ibang babae. Hindi na surpresa na ang ganitong trahedya sa mga kolehiyala ay kalimitang nangyayari sa mga babaeng aktibo, matalino at bihasa sa klase. Totoo nga ang kasabihan na “Ang matalino sa klase at pag-aaral ay mahina sa relasyon at buhay pag-ibig.” Ang tanong ko ngayon sa bawat babaeng makakabasa nito: May mga paghihinala bang umuusig sa’yo na ang iyong katipan ay merong other woman? Ito ang konting tips kung paano mo malalaman na your man ay may iba ng babaeng napupusuan. 1. Pagpapatentero Ito’y gawain ng lalaki na kung saan siya ay umiiwas sa’yo. Ibig sabihin ay kawalan niya ng interes di lamang sa’yo kundi sa inyong relasyon. Ito ay “obvious” sa lahat ng tao. Ikaw na lang ang hindi nakakapuna. Ang pagdalang ng mga text o tawag mula sa kanya ay isa ring simtoma ng pagpapatentero. 2. alzheimer’s disease Wala namang amnesia o Alzheimer’s Disease ang iyong boyfriend, ngunit madalas na ang kanyang pagsasawalang bahala o pagiging makalimutin, lalo na sa mga espesyal na araw ng inyong relasyon. Kung ikaw ay mahalaga sa kanya, binibigyang importansya niya ang mga araw na ito. Kung tutuusin, kahit isang simpleng pagbati lamang ay okay na para sa ating mga kababaihan. Karamihan sa mga lalaki kapag ikaw ay importante para sa kanila, ika’y susuyuin at matatandaan nila ang mga mahahalagang araw tulad ng iyong kaarawan, inyong monthsary at anniversary. Subalit, tapatin na natin ang katotohanan. Maaalala lang nila ito kung hindi sila naglalaro ng dota o nasa inuman at sa kung saang gimikan.

Black pepper is the most popular spice in the world.

3. unlimited calls and text Siya ba’y lumalayo kapag may katext o tawag? Sinasagot lamang ba niya ang tawag kapag ika’y malayo na, at hindi mo na maririnig ang kanilang pag uusap? Ito ba’y kalimitan mong napupuna? Senyales na ito na siya ay may tinatagong ayaw ipaalam sa iyo. Gawan mo na ng paraan para ito’y iyong malaman. 4. angry birds ang tema Sadya ka ba nyang iniinis palagi na halos uminit na ang ulo mo sa galit na kulang na lang ay lumabas na ang usok sa mga butas ng iyong ilong at tenga? Galit na parang kukulot na ang iyong buhok? Ito ay isang paraan ng kalalakihan para ikaw ang kusang makipaghiwalay sa kanya. Ito’y isa sa pinakamadaling paraan na mawala ka sa kanyang buhay… Hmm… Angry Birds?! 5. excuse me Nangyari na bang imbitahin mo ang iyong katipan na sumama sa inyo ng iyong mga kaibigan at tanging mga excuses lamang ang kanyang masabi? O kaya naman ay bigyan ka ng excuse na halos hindi katanggap-tanggap dahil pawang kathang-isip o gawa-gawa lamang niya ito? Babala: Malamang hindi na siya interesado sa’yo o kaya naman ay naka-schedule na ang date niya sa iba. 6. Gut feeling Ang pinakahuli, kapag pinagsamasama ang lahat ng nabanggit kong tips at lahat ay positibong nangyari na or nangyayari ngayon sa’yo. Malamang sa malamang, tama ang kutob mo: May iba na siya. Itong munting tips na aking nabanggit ay iilan lamang, ngunit sana’y makatulong din sa mga makakabasa ng Pharmakeia. Para sa ating lahat: kailangang maging mapagmatyag lalo na kung ang iyong pakiramdam ay hindi mo pangkaraniwang nararanasan sa inyong relasyon. Subalit masasabi ko rin na ang bawat relasyon ay may kanya-kanyang katangian. Maaaring totoo nga ang iyong mga hinala, o maaaring paranoid ka lang. Ang payo ko ay magkaroon tayo ng bukas na pag-iisip at malalim na pag-unawa sa mga nangyayari sa atin. Kung siya ay totoong nagmamahal sa’yo, hayaan mo siyang ipakita at iparamdam sa iyo na ikaw ay espesyal. Subalit, kung napatunayan mong siya ay salawahan, mag-isip isip ka na kung paano mo siya hihiwalayan. Dahil palagi nating tandaan, walang saysay na ipagpatuloy ang isang relasyon kung ito’y may bahid na ng kasinungalingan.


WALA pa ako

MIGO MAN? ni Iris Jane Luces

Siguro, bigu lang gid ako. Siguro, hindi pa puede hambal ni Lord. Siguro, hopeless romantic lang ako. Kag siguro, taas lang gid standard ko sa relationship nga natawag. Pero! May tsura man ko… May dating kag tindig man. May alam kag taghigugma nga mahatag. Kag! Indi kabalo manunto… Tyakto gid hambal sang amay kag iloy ko, “Unaha pageskwela mo, Kay ini makahatag sa imo buasdamlag nga masanag. Buasdamlang nga makapabag-o sang tanan-tanan sa imo kabuhi.”

The palms of your hands and the soles of your feet cannot tan or grow hair.



s c i e n c e & i n n o v a t i o n




CTERIA by Kim John Villa


lchemists may have failed to transform base metals into gold, but the researchers from the University of Edinburgh have discovered that a bacterium which has been the primordial cause of a Biblical plague turns out to be a “Fountain of Youth” wonder. Mycobacterium leprae, the bacterium known to cause leprosy, spreads to transform supporting cells within the nervous system, called Schwann cells, into migratory stem cells, research shows. The surprising modus operandi of this bacterium could lead to new stem cell therapy. Because stem cells can develop into any of the different cell types in the body–including liver and brain cells– mimicking this process could aid research into a range of degenerative conditions. The Biological Alchemist M. leprae is an aerobic bacillus mostly found in tropical areas. It is an obligate pathogen, which means that it can only survive when it parasitize a host cell. It can evade the host’s immune system by infecting the Schwann cells or glial cells that will form a fatty myelin tissue, which in turn insulates peripheral nerves for better 34


conduction of impulses. The infected cells show no significant damages during the early stages of infection. Soon enough, myelin begins to degenerate, leading to nerve damage, loss of sensation and blistering skin sores. Once the infection was fully established, the bacteria will be able to convert the Schwann cells to become like stem cells. Master Manipulation Researchers at the University of Edinburgh isolated Schwann cells from mice, grown them in Petri dishes, and infected them with M. leprae. Then over a period of a few weeks the bacteria appeared to trigger Schwann cells’ plasticity, the ability to revert to an immature state and turn into new types of cells. Triggering the cell’s plasticity is an example of a process known as genetic reprogramming. To steer clearly about this process, the researchers found that the bacterium gradually turns off the genes that give Schwann cells their characteristic properties, and then activates another set of genes that transforms them into something resembling neural crest stem cells, which are known to be only present

A baseball will go farther in hot temperature than in cold temperature.

a ner ge Re or


olewa-Waclaw, M RC a Ch n y t Ce Ju s ntr : t i ef d e



in the embryo. Like any typical stem cells, these cells could then become other cell types, such as cells of the muscles, bones, liver, and brain. The bacteria-generated stem cells also have another unexpected characteristic. They can secrete specialized proteins– called chemokines–that attract immune cells called macrophages, which in turn pick up the bacteria, migrate and spread the infection. Professor Anura Rambukkana of the Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh, who headed the research team, said “this is a stem cell that is generated by the body’s own tissue so the immune system does not recognize it and they can get any place they want without being attacked.” “We realized, ‘Wow, this is something very, very striking’. It’s the first time a bacterial infection has been shown to make stem cells, that’s the big thing here,” added Prof. Rambukkana.

h ap

lic d Pub C/ D :C


P ho tog r

edicine, Univer tive M sity o fE din b

Infected stem cells (green) transfer M. leprae to a macrophage (red with green bacteria).

What Now? Scientists believe these mechanisms, used by leprosy bacteria, could exist in other infectious diseases. There could be tons out there who could exhibit such mechanisms similar to M. leprae. Still, further researches need to be done. In the meantime, Rambukkana and his colleagues are now investigating exactly how M. leprae hijacks the Schwann cell genome to initiate genetic reprogramming. Professor Chris Mason, a specialist in stem cell research at University College London, praises the newly acclaimed discovery. He said, “The ability of bacteria to convert one mammalian cell type to another is ‘alchemy’ by nature on a grand scale. The next essential step is to translate this valuable piece of knowledge into tangible benefits for patients–a process that may take a decade before its relevance to clinical medicine is fully understood.”

Micrograph of Mycobacterium leprae (red) taken from a leprosy skin lesion.

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal and can reach speeds up to 72mph.




s c i e n c e & i n n o v a t i o n



by Francis Gerald Scott Gonzales

Starting from the primitive battlefield of stone, tools, and spears up to the battlefield of quills and ink geared with the laurel crown on our heads, humans have evolved from time to time and so has technology. As the clock produces every tick and tock, so do our great minds give out great ideas for the betterment of mankind. Indeed in this modern world today, almost nothing is impossible as long as we have technology within our reach. Whoever knew that our own stool is actually an effective treatment for a certain illness today? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, stool is a discharge fecal matter. In the past, it is merely known as a bodily waste that results from the excretion of our body. Our common understanding is that stool is nothing more than a bodily waste we cannot use, apart from being a commonly employed fertilizer. But now with the help of technology, new ideas and discoveries have enlightened us about other uses of human stool, those which we have never expected. A new study presented at the annual Infectious Disease Society of America Meeting in San Diego claimed that an unconventional therapy that uses donated human stool to treat the highly contagious potentially fatal Clostridium difficile or C. diff is safe and beneficial. C. diff is a bacterium that produces diarrhea and other severe



intestinal problems and also the causes the death of almost 14,000 individuals annually. The treatment was given through nasograstic tube or colonoscopy. It favored the interests of the researchers that it is effective to cure C. diff. The patient quickly recovered and exhibited no noticeable side effects. It uses donated stool from a healthy family member, which is termed as the Intestinal Microbiata Transplantation (IMT). They mixed the healthy stool with warm tap water and used it to re-establish the intestinal flora into the patient's gastrointestinal tract. The intestinal flora is a healthy bacterium that triggers the immune system and helps the digestion and absorption of food. Indeed, medical techniques have changed over time and in effect, it changes our lives and leads us much closer to preventing disease. In the past, stool may have seemed insignificant and not beneficial, and was believed to be more of a cause than a cure of disease. Yet today, this new medical feat has made us realize that it has the potential of being of help to those who suffer disease and is specifically beneficial for those who suffer from Clostridium difficile infections. Who knows? Maybe someday it would help us prevent severe diseases of our present day such as cancer, diabetes, and the like. It might just be the missing piece of the medical puzzle. From a piece of trash from our antiquity, it is Man’s treasure of today.

Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body.


L QUID by Hannah Garmillos

We all thought that breathing through a liquid medium for human is impossible but that is not true anymore. Liquid Ventilation started to evolve during 1960’s however a publish journal by Leland C. Clark, Jr. and Frank Gollan about fluorocarbons on 1966 marked the success of the researches. The journal is about discovering that oxygen and carbon dioxide are very soluble in silicon oils and fluorocarbon liquids. They used these two solvent to render liquid ventilation to the mice and cats. Those who breathed through silicon oils died shortly after returning to normal air but those with fluorocarbon liquid survived for weeks. In this period, the potential use of perfluorocarbon liquids was discovered. Perflourocarbon or PFC liquids are clear, colorless, odorless, nonconducting, and nonflammable. They are approximately twice as dense as water, and are capable of dissolving large amounts of physiologically important gases, mainly, oxygen and carbon dioxide. They are generally very chemically stable compounds and are not metabolized in body tissues. PFCs require a high FIO2 to maintain high oxygen concentrations within the fluid. It is only the carrier of oxygen and carbon dioxide. They do not produce the gases. Today, the LiquiVent® by Alliance Pharmaceutical Corporation, a perfluorocarbon preparation, is used by FDA on clinical trials of liquid ventilation therapy. PFC’s discovery was mainly for supporting injured lungs however they were also used for treatments of several premature babies on 1989. It is also used for improvement of breathing for divers in deep waters, for space travelers and pilots to decrease pressures that cause physical stress. It is also speculated to use it in improvement of comatose patient’s condition, improvement of meditation and facilitation in interrogation processes.

According to Alliance Pharmaceutical Corporation, PFC has the following unique characteristics that make it very efficient in ventilation and oxygenation. 1. Perflubron is an excellent medium to carry respiratory gases. PFC at one atmosphere of pressure can carry 20 times as much oxygen than saline. 2. It can be used as a surfactant product in premature infants, or in patients with ARDS or lung injury. In an ARDS patient, surface tension in the lung is noted to be 67 to 75 dynes/cm. In a lung with perflubron, the surface tension is only 18 dynes/cm which helps prevent alveolar collapse and reduces alveolar opening pressures. 3. It will spread uniformly and quickly throughout the lungs when being used for treatment of ARDS or as a surfactant. It does this because of its chemical makeup. 4. PFCs are almost twice as dense as water. It will tend to circulate in dependant areas and those areas where gas exchange is most diminished. This characteristic is useful in the removal of foreign bodies or pulmonary edema. 5. The components of PFCs are not taken up by the body but evaporated by the lungs. Continuous administration may be necessary to maintain an adequate dosage. This is allowable because it does not break down into toxic metabolites like high concentrations of gaseous oxygen. PFC can therefore improve gas exchange, wash out debris, open atelectatic areas by recruitment, increasing total lung capacity, act as a surfactant, reduce injury to the lung caused by excessive ventilator pressures, decrease chance of oxygen toxicity, decrease inflammation in the lung and decrease pulmonary blood flow to injured lung areas creating better oxygenation.

The word checkmate in chess comes from the Persian phrase ‘Shah-Mat’ which means, “The king is dead.”



l i f e s t y l e

WAYS to a

HAPPY LIFE by Trisha Marie Tarrazona

1. Change your routine Sometimes we need to change something in our daily routines that isn’t working anymore. We tell ourselves it would be hard and it may require some resources which we don’t always primarily have. 2. Eat better We are what we eat. I’m not saying to deprive yourself once in a while from eating fast food or junk food; justo make try to make healthier decisions when it comes on the food you choose. 3. Conversation It’s always good to share your dilemmas or success with someone. It can boost your mood and it makes life more meaningful. 4. De-litter Nearly everyone has a clutter problem. Most of us seem to have manageable clutter levels but there are some that are usually good in de-cluttering things from their lives. For example, the scattered things in your bedrooms or that overflowing emails in your inbox, most of us tend to forget checking them due to hectic schedules, but sparing a little time can make a difference and it also makes you feel pleased about yourself.

your first notion: “Something wonderful is going to happen today.” 7. End each day with gratitude Just before you hit the sheets, write a few things that made your day. These things just happens once and it will never come again. Take time to talk to the Big man up there and be grateful to the wonderful things that happened to you the whole day. 8. Good Reads Reading books to others may sound dull but little they know it can result to good payoffs. It improves your capability to comprehend well. It also improves our imagination and creativity. Some consider books as their friend. They find comfort, entertainment and even relaxation through reading.

5. Exercise Yeah, we all know we should exercise more. We don’t need to go to the gym like five times a week. A simple 30 minutes jog can make an impact improving your health and it also uplifts your mood. 6. Enjoy the journey Whatever life throws you, be strong and stay calm. The big enemy of happiness is worry so enjoy every bit of your lives and worry less. When you rise from bed every morning, think of positive things and make



One million cloud droplets are needed to make enough water to produce one raindrop.


ccording to an article published in the website of Colorado State University, Sodium is a part of everyone’s diet. But do we actually know how much should be taken by our body? Ideally, the minimum recommended amount of sodium intake is about 1,500 milligrams (mg) each day. This is less than 1 teaspoon of table salt. The maximum recommended level of sodium intake however, is 2,300 mg per day. Sodium has several uses such as maintaining the water balance within cells and in the function of both nerve impulses and muscles. Sodium in processed food is added to preserve or flavor them. Salt is the major source of sodium, but we must understand that salt and sodium are not exactly the same thing. Salt is made up of 40% sodium and 60% chloride. Sodium is also found in many other ingredients used in food processing.

Unfortunately, it could also cause some health problems. Sodium intake is one factor involved in the development of high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension. It is then wise to minimize our sodium consumption according to the recommended amount. Here are some tips on how to control our salt intake: • Consume more fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat. The more processed the food is, the more sodium it may contain. • Check food labels for the words “salt” or “sodium” and its corresponding amount. Take note of the following terms; Sodium free: Less than 5 mg per serving. Very low sodium: 35 mg or less per serving Low sodium: 140 mg or less per serving Reduced or Less sodium: At least 25 percent less than the usual amount per serving • Try products with low or reduced sodium to curb sodium intake. • Plan meals that contain less sodium. • Rehydrate!

Na Na Na Na 10 TIPS FOR A by Airelle Rose Cagatin

DO I T YOURSELF DETOX by Ana Christiana Joy Arroyo

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a multivitamin tablet daily. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily and cut back on soda. Avoid foods containing salt and high levels of preservatives. Avoid foods containing artificial coloring or flavoring. Eliminate your alcohol and caffeine intake. Eliminate tobacco. Avoid full cream dairy products, fatty meals, animal fats and simple sugars. 9. Include some form of physical activity on a daily basis. 10. Focus on whole grains and avoid processed grain foods like white pasta, white bread, white rice, and low-fiber breakfast cereals.

Gelotology is the study of laughter.



l i t e r a r y


Swing by Francis Gerald Scott Gonzales


ife is an exciting book written by God. It sometimes may be difficult for us to carry the burdens of our past, present, and future. We tend to swim against the waves of time because we are determined to instantly overcome all of life’s difficulties. But how do we learn to appreciate the things we don’t have or we have none? A round shaped head, a beautiful face like that of a doll, and her innocent aura. Her hair shines like twilight that marks the end of the day and the beginning of the night. She bears a lovable smile that masks every burden that she carries in life. The burden of being motherless, that which haunts her all the time. This twelve year old girl is Meca. She grew up without her mom and misses her every time she sees her friends together with their mother. She would rather long for her mother to come back from the afterlife instead of having gadgets, tablets, and material treasures in her life. All she wanted was to have her priceless pearl back, to be with her mother once again. Meca and her friends used to play tumbang preso in a vacant lot just behind their house. She recalls how their mothers were always there to watch them and they were worried that their child would get hurt. They brought along towels to wipe their children’s sweaty bodies and extra clothes to replace those that have already drowned in perspiration. Meca looked at them and she remembered her mother taking good care of her when she 7 years old. She just kept it to herself and sighed. She suddenly sat down on a swing made by a wheel and tied by a fine rope made from abaca. The swing was tied to a branch of a green, big tree which was standing there for many years because of its great foundation, just like the love that her mother gave to her. As Meca saw the mothers of her friends, her crystal clear tears slowly flowed down from her innocent eyes. She missed her mother so much that it hurt. She continued to swing herself, thinking about her mother’s love for



her. She s l o w l y stopped shedding tears every time she swung herself. She felt like she was being rocked and beig sung a lullaby by her mother, just like when she was just a baby. Meca felt the presence of her mother at that moment. The frown on her face turned upside down after she swung herself. She forgot all of her distress and the pain loss brought. All of her agonizing feelings towards losing her mother were erased every time she swung herself. And after that day, whenever she misses her mother she would often go and swing because every time she swings herself, she feels comforted. She has nothing with her past but today, the swing to her is more than a thing that she sees in a playground but it reminds her about her mother and that it is there to comfort Meca. From then on, Meca learned the values of life: she learned to accept and to appreciate simple things. She accepted that her mother was in a different world now, a better place---in heaven. Despite having no mother to comfort her, she realized and appreciated the people who are alive and well are who are willing to love, abate, and care for her like her mother. She still has her family, friends, and God who are willing to help her flip the pages and be part of her book of life.

Remember, Celebrate, and Believe by Jennifer Nufuar


n our lives, we would rather choose to forget the bad things that have happened, like our struggles and sufferings, and choose to remember the happy, memorable, and sometimes embarrassing moments. This is what life is, the presence of both sadness and enjoyment. My Grandmother once said, “We remember our past, we celebrate our present and, we believe in our future”. Our PAST makes us realize the things we should and shouldn’t do. We learn through our mistakes and we remember the things we never imagined we could do, and because of this, we succeed. We laugh because we made it, we cry because we missed out on it, and sometimes we want to go back to the past where love once sprung and where memories were born. Our PRESENT. We are challenged every minute, every hour, and every second. We strive to be on top and we want to make things perfect. We face life in uncertainty,

without knowing what might happen next. We learn new things. We become one as we reach out to one another and if we open our minds to welcome the truth. We learn to love and nurture the blessings we have and continue to overcome the obstacles that come our way. Our FUTURE. We believe that one day we can achieve whatever we dream. We imagine the most conceivable things we will be in the future. We create a happy ending, a life spent with those we love. However sometimes, we tend to fear because we do not know if it is really going to happen, we don’t know if what we aspire could actually become a reality. This is Life. If you TRUST in yourself and have FAITH in God, truly nothing is impossible. Always be yourself, be positive, and never let the evil seduce you to do what is wrong. We are here to remember the past, live and celebrate the present, and plan for what we believe might happen to the future.



l i t e r a r y

A Love Letter to Napoleon by Clarissa Joyce Tiu

The moon may gallantly smile on its throne, Like the wind that whispers sweet nothings to console. But I only see darkness with Luna sitting alone And the night’s caress brings only shivers to my soul. Worse still! Stories of your Beloved Josephine roam the corridor, Like filthy rats scurrying to and fro, From room to room, door to door. It’s not my wish to relive the sordid details of the past, But what if you return to the one who gave you so much pain? What if your love for me will not last? Such thoughts make my tears fall like pouring rain. When you left your unfaithful first love, Josephine And came to ask my hand at the age of nineteen, The proposal caused me distress before we met For I fear to share the fate of Marie Antoinette. Such stories I heard of you were deemed fallacious. You were a devoted husband from the first day, You cherished me like a gem so precious. Your Love brings me warmth and joy everyday, Yet it makes the shade of loneliness all the more unwelcoming. To hasten your departure from camp, I am with child, my Beloved King. So for now, Let the moon keep you company, Let the wind convey to you my thousand kisses. Tonight, A perfect night it would be, If you were right here lying next to me.



Love Letters by Jeremay Campos (BlueScribbler)


hen I was 9, I used to tie my hair up to two separate ponytails, which what my mom would call “two ears.” I always loved sporting my white bunny shirt and my favorite jeans with patches stitched to it on 5 different places. Even as a kid, it didn’t matter to me that I was alone because I was already used to it. Being an only child made me that way. It was summer of 1995 and I was doing my usual routine – playing in our backyard. It all happened when I was climbing the Mango tree. This boy – the nephew of our neighbor and was about two years older than me – called out and distracted me. I lost my balance and fell off the tree. I didn’t have any broken bones but I bruised my elbow. Much to my surprise, he offered me his handkerchief and introduced himself. His name was Ted and he was there for a vacation. During that summer, he and I became friends, but only through the fence since I was not allowed to go to any of the neighbor’s house. It was one of those freak rules my parents imposed because I was an only child. Ted and I would talk for hours while we played separately with our toys on each side of the fence. We sometimes would exchange things such as his Lego toys for my Play Does through a small hole. Other times, we would also exchange some other stuff we own. I remember there was one time when I gave him my favorite blue hanky with my initials embroidered to it. I told him it was a replacement for his handkerchief which was stained with my blood after I fell off the tree. He teased me saying the initials in my hanky were my love letters to him and that I was in love with him. “You’re a dope!” That was my reply and then he would just laugh. Ted and I had a peculiar connection, but odd as it was, we were contented of how things were going. One day, while I was playing, he called me and slipped his hand through the small hole of the fence. He was holding a folded paper. “What’s this?” I asked getting the paper from him. “Don’t open it!” He exclaimed which surprised me. I gave him a frown, but after a while I shrugged. “Okay. What’s in it?” “Something… I mean I’ve written something.” He said. “I’m leaving today. My mother is cutting our vacation short because she said she has to work somewhere else… So, it’s like a goodbye letter or something.” “Oh…” I didn’t know what to say. I never thought he would ever leave. “Could you promise me you would save it and

open it tonight?” He asked referring to the paper I was holding. I nodded “Ummmm… could you slip your hand through the hole?” He added. And I did. I didn’t know what his reason was but he held my small hand for a while and after that he kissed it. Surprised by what he did, I took my hand from the hole. “Hey! What was that for?” I demanded. He just smiled at me and said, “Goodbye Mary.” And he walked towards the door of his aunt’s house. “Bye.” I whispered. For the first time in my life, being alone didn’t feel right. I felt sad and wretched. I again frowned. And then my frown turned to sobs. After a while, my sobs turned to cries. That night before I went to sleep, I opened the paper Ted gave me. I read it and my little heart just broke. Dear Mary, I love you. We will meet again. I promise. Ted 

Summer of 2013, 27 and single, I was engrossed reading a romance novel at my favorite coffee shop. I was so absorbed with the story that I didn’t even notice a tear already rolled down my cheek. Not until someone tapped my shoulder. I looked up and saw a guy standing right beside me offering me a handkerchief. “I never thought of you as a crybaby.” The guy said smiling at me. “Excuse me, but do I know you?” I asked looking at him. “I think so.” He replied. I raised my eyebrow at him and he said still smiling. “I hope so.” My forehead furrowed. Now I’m confused. Do I know this guy? I thought. He chuckled. “You always were the skeptical kind.” He placed the handkerchief on my table and winked at me. “See you around, Mary.” He then turned and walked out of the coffee shop. I was left shocked and still confused of how the guy knew my name. For a few moments, I stared at the handkerchief he placed on the table. It was blue. As I looked closely, it seemed familiar. I slowly opened it and there was a small piece of paper inserted to it. I picked the paper up and read what was written. “I told you we would meet again.” My eyes then grew wide as I saw my initials embroidered into the handkerchief. I gasped. “Ted!”



r e v i e w s “So, Wolverine is being chased by Gladiator. He agrees to raise Catwoman’s baby and she grows up to be in Mamma Mia.” - Les Miserables at SAG Awards

A Movie Review by Abigail Marie Perez


es Miserables is a musical film directed by Tom Hooper based upon the 1862 French novel by Victor Hugo. It was released on December 25, 2012 and was one of the best movies ever released in the year 2012. It even received a lot of favorable reviews and standing ovations from the crowd. The story of Les Miserables is a classic. It tells us a captivating story about redemption, unconditional love, broken dreams, and sacrifice. The story begins with Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman), a man who was imprisoned because of stealing bread to feed his family and a man being hunted by Javert (Russell Crowe), a merciless policeman. He was driven out of town because of his parole. The Bishop of Digne (Colm Wilkinson) offered him food and shelter, but because of his past experiences with starvation, he tries to steal the Bishop’s silver at nighttime. The civil enforcers caught Jean but the Bishop saved him by telling the authorities that he gave the silver to him freely, as a gift. Valjean, being shocked by the Bishop’s kindness vowed to start a new life and to start aiding in others’ need. After eight years, he was now living under a new identity; he was now a factory owner and the mayor of Montreuil-surMer. He comes across Fantine (Anne Hathaway), one of his factory workers, who was being provoked by the other factory workers because she was discovered to be sending money to her illegitimate child Cosette (Isabelle Allen) who was living



under the Thénardiers (Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen) and their daughter Eponine (Samantha Barks). When this news was found out, the others turned against her and she was fired. Fantine was in desperate need of finances and there was no way that she could take care of her daughter. Out of utter anxiety, she was left with no choice, other than prostitution. She was about to be arrested by Javert because of fighting back against a harassing customer when Jean saved her. At some point, a man is falsely accused of being Valjean. When Valjean heard of this news he surrendered his self at the jury, revealed his identity that he was the one who broke his parole years ago, but started anew. Before being imprisoned again, he promises Fantine that he would find her daughter and take care of her like a real father would do. Valjean pays the Thénardiers, the ones who have Cosette under custody, to allow him to take her. After a few years later, Valjean has to go to exile again, but was caught in a series of rebellions in Paris. In the end, Jean resolves his conflict with Javert, Cosette (Amanda Seyfried) became married to Marius (Eddie Redmayne), and Paris began a new civilization. But what Valjean didn’t really know was that when he agrees to take care of Fantine’s daughter Cosette, their lives would drastically change forever. And so, long story cut short, “Wolverine is being chased by Gladiator. He agrees to raise Catwoman’s baby and she grows up to be in Mamma Mia.”

The markings that are found on dice are called “pips.”


confess that my addiction to Phineas and Ferb started when I got to watch the show during my free time. Unsuspectingly, I became engrossed with these two genius stepbrothers and their amazing world of science and inventions. And come to think of it, the show captivated me because of its wit and humor that is rarely seen in other animations. I say that the plot, the characters, plus the music and the jokes make every episode very amusing. Phineas and Ferb is a complicated animated comedy with the events of the secret world of Perry the Platypus (yes, a platypus!) and the self-proclaimed “evil” Doofenshmirtz, coinciding with those of the world of Candace (Phineas and Ferb’s sister) who is desperate to get her brothers caught, which coincides with the world of their parents (particularly, their mom). The animation has great soundtracks, like Gitchi Gitchi Goo for example, which often gives me the “last song syndrome”. The story revolves around the two genius stepbrothers, American Phineas and British Ferb, who build machines and other contraptions (like roller coasters, tower mazes, and legendary lemon juice stands) to spend their 104-day summer vacation meaningfully. As if exactly in cue, Candace will appear and try to bust the boys by getting their mother to catch them red-handed. In fact, because Candace never gets the boys caught, their mother is convinced that her daughter has a mild disorder of being crazy. Around this time, in another secret world, there is Perry the Platypus, the family pet. Perry often hangs out with the boys, sleeping lazily with the incognito of “platypus doesn’t do much.” But don’t let him fool you. He is actually Agent P, a secret agent who foils Dr.

by Richard Laurence Gaboy Doofenshmirtz’ plans by destroying the doctor’s “evil” weaponry (which always ends in “-inator” like “magnet-inator” or “poop-inator”), mission impossible style. The story always ends up with Candace’s plan failing, because of some phenomenon from the other secret world with Dr. Doofenshmirtz’ “-inators” going haywire because of Agent P and end up obliterating the precious evidences of Phineas and Ferb’s mischievous inventions. Exactly at the part where the mother comes in, no single trace is found, leaving Candace’s mouth gaping wide with disbelief. So start watching and be captivated! Because building a rocket, fighting a mummy, or climbing up the Eiffel Tower is always possible with Phineas and Ferb around!

There are no two zebras that have stripes that are exactly the same.



e n t e r t a i nme n t





The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water. (Sigmund Freud)

s the saying goes, the unconscious part of the mind comprises the bottom of the iceberg which is hidden from our plain sight. But in there holds the answers to who you really are. With this fun test made by the Japanese psychologists, Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, it becomes a great conversation starter and a personal journey to your elusive self that you never knew. The rules are simple. Just be honest as it would reflect the real you (which is the purpose for the quiz), the first thought to your mind is your answer. You don’t have to agree to the interpretation if you don’t believe it. It’s just a game. So have fun with it! Below are two excerpts from the book, KOKOLOGY. Enjoy and remember to be honest! STORY OF THE BOOK 1. A book is lying in front of you. What type of story does it contain? 2. You begin to read and soon find that you yourself are a character in the story. What kind of role do you play? 3. You read further and come to a section where the pages have been damaged, making them nearly impossible to read. What part of the story is it? 4. You have just closed the cover after finishing the book. How was the ending?

INTERPRETATION According to Kokology, books and school are inextricably linked, and the answers you gave in response to this scenario likewise echo your own experiences during school. 1. The type of story you imagined reflects your general impression of your school years. Does your answer suggest you lived through a comedy, a mystery, or a romance? Then


thePharmakeia Pharmakeia

again, who among us didn’t? Or perhaps it was an erotic novel? Either you were a very precocious child or you had an overactive imagination. A Shakespearean tragedy? The fact that you survived all five acts has added nobility to your character. 2. The role you saw yourself in is the image you have of yourself in your time as a student. Were you the star of the tale? A sidekick? Comic relief? Or no more than a bit player with only a single dialogue on page 283? It may just be that your character was being developed for the sequel. 3. The scene described in the damaged pages mirrors a situation in which you were hurt during your

youth. Broken hearts can hurt as much as an act of violence, and even seemingly minor traumas can take a lifetime to heal. Although at first there might not seem to be any immediate connection to your life, if you think back to your past, it’s more likely you’ll find some buried painful memory associated with the scene. 4. The ending of the story is an expression of your feelings of closure (or lack thereof) regarding your days spent at school. Did you answer something like, “And they rode off into the sunset to live happily ever after”? A little cliched, perhaps, but you can’t argue with success. Perhaps you envisioned a story in which your character dies in the end? It’s likely you greeted your graduation as a chance to be reborn into a new life. Or was the ending a cliff-hanging “To be continued…”? In a way, that’s the most accurate response you could give. You’ll just have to wait and see how the next episode turns out.

the situation was very bad, it will not become worse. Remember there is no rain that never stops. and no night that kept the dark where there is no dawn. 2. Those who said the bird turns blue again are practical optimists. It means you yourself are an Optimist. You believe that life is a mixture of good and bad. There is no point in fighting reality. You accept a losing with calm and let things run according to the track without the stress and worry. Hope this makes you undergo a wave of misfortune without drifting inside. 3. Those who said the bird turns white are cool and decisive under pressure. If you choose the option become white bird, it means that you’re a calm person and you can make a decision under pressure. You don’t spend much time just to think about unclear thing or t o

THE BLUE BIRD One day, a blue bird suddenly flew to the window of your room and was trapped. You got attracted to this bird that’s why you kept it. The next day, you were surprised to see that the bird turned into color yellow. On the third day, it became red, and on the fourth day, it became black. What color is the bird when you wake up on the fifth day? 1. It stays black. 2. It turns back to its original blue. 3. It turns white. 4. It turns golden colour.

INTERPRETATION The bird that flew into your room seemed like a symbol of good fortune, but suddenly it changed color, making you worry that happiness would not last. Your reaction to this situation shows how you respond to difficulties and uncertainties in real life. 1. Those who said the bird stays black have a pessimistic outlook. It means that you’re a pessimist person. Do you tend to believe that once the situation becomes worse, it will not be back to normal? maybe you should try to think, “if

take a decision when the condition is so bad. If the condition is worse, you think that it’s better to say nothing for the losing and take a new method to get the target than spend your time to think that you’re a loser. 4. Those who said the bird turns golden can be described as fearless. If you believe that on next day the color of bird is golden, it means that you don’t have feel of fear. Underpressure is nothing for you because you still can think well and do something just like no underpressure. You’re very confident. But, be careful. Don’t make your confident be a something that would kill yourself.

A violin actually contains 70 separate pieces of wood.



e n t e r t a i nme n t tummy SleePeR , SleePinG on tHe StomacH

back SleePeR WitH aRmS and leGS SPRead out

What a liberty-loving soul! It shows that you are a free spirit! You love your independence. Well, this posture reveals your true identity. Comfort-lover and beauty-worshipper, you are also a real spendthrift (but luckily you earn just as much). Your other undesirable trait is that you are a bit nosy and seem to enjoy gossiping. Gossip girl fan, I take? In addition, you enjoy the luxurious things in life, and are a spendthrift. But, thankfully, you earn a lot as well.

back SleePeR WitH aRmS cRoSSed to SuPPoRt tHe Head It shows that you are an intelligent person. You are not a chatterbox, but you are friendly. It takes you a while to get to like someone. Men who sleep like this make good providers, but they don’t love easily. You are highly intelligent and enthusiastic to learn. Yet sometimes you are filled with cranky ideas which people find hard to follow. You take good care of your family, but the problem is you hardly love anybody. A little bit choosy, huh?

unknoWn , coveRinG FRom Head to toe Some people sleep with the sheet covering their face. This sleeping style is a reflection of personality traits such as cowardliness and lack of courage. The person in such a case wants to hide from his problems or at least his subconscious mind thinks that by covering his head he can hide. You may appear macho in public, but deep inside you are shy and weak. You tend to keep loads of secrets. If you encounter any problem, you will rather keep it to yourself and agonize over it than ask for help. No wonder you grimace in your sleep.



Side SleePeR , lyinG on one Side This position indicates that you are a confident person. You will see success in whatever you undertake, owing to your unrelenting endeavor. People who sleep on their side with their right arm stretching over their head and lying on the right side are said to be blessed with power and fortune. If you sleep on your side, without your knees curled in towards your tummy, it indicates that you are a confident person. You usually are successful in most of your undertakings. You are hardworking and dedicated. Your lack of success at anything is more due to your neglect than incompetence. If you sleep on your right side, with your right arm stretched out under your head, power and fortune are not far from your grasp.

Side SleePeR, Fetal PoSition If you sleep on your side with your knees curled up towards your stomach, in a fetal position, it shows that you are vulnerable and sensitive. You are easily hurt. You also tend to be selfish, and put your needs first. You have a short temper and are easily irritated. Jealous and vindictive are words that describe you. People around you got to be careful not to step on your toes as you are easily irritated!

Side SleePeR WitH one knee bended Do you sleep on your side, with one knee bent and the other straight? You are an introverted person. However, you are balanced and intelligent. You don’t have patience with those who are less intelligent than you. Loosen up! You talk less because you don’t believe in indulging in unnecessary conversation. You don’t discuss your feelings, and are not a very emotional person. You are rational and think with your head, not with your heart. You are inclined to be fussy, always whining and complaining. Nervousness is probably your second name. You tense up easily and get overly excited over small matters. Life isn’t such a big deal. Learn to relax.

The quills of a porcupine are soft when they are born.



If you sleep face down all night, you are likely to be narrowminded. You are probably self-centered and always force people to comply with your own needs. You are also likely to be reckless and desultory. You have fixed ideas and are unlikely to accept another person’s opinion easily. You force people to comply with your needs, and you rarely adjust to others.

s p o t l i g h t


National Passing : 641/1,181 = 54.28% USA Passing : 61/93 = 65.59% 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31.

Aguilar, Ma. Nelia A. Aguillon, Wellarose P. Alderete, Sheen S. Ambrocio, Ariane I. Ayeng, Mark Gerome B. Balbuena, Joie Angelar S. Baldoza, Michaella Tisha S. Belga, Tiffany Rose E. Bermejo, Jael B. Brillantes, Almond John G. Bunda, Ranee Joy P. Cabarles, Pearl Joy C. Cachila, Jugilyn J. Calpa, Loville P. Casio, Kirsten Joyce V. Chan, Michael Jan L. Cordova, Jennifer P. Dacutan, Dyesel Joy E. Dayaday, Rieza Lyn G. De Guzman, Charry Grace C. De La Vi単a, Zamantha B. Deslate, Melreen Jane T. Deslate, Natalie Marie R. Dumali, Ma. Ye Lhen Grace B. Escanlar, Josephus Ambrosius Renatus T. Escanlar, Rikka Angeli T. Esteban, Ever Clyde B. Fasomingo, Fiona Grace M. Fernandez, Stephanie Rae S. Gacho, Violy Mar G. Gallardo, Maria Therese F.

32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61.

Gavieta, Hyacinth Joy C. Golez, Pristine Coleen Marie M. Gorospe, John Paulo P. Jaen, Alyssa Rae D. Jordan, John Michael P. Magalona, Rafaelito R. Marzo単a, Princess Mae V. Medianero, Rhea P. Monta単o, Gaudiosa J. Moscaya, Alexandra M. Ng, Karen Joy T. Nufable, Lea Marchelle N. Nufuar, Jerrico L. Nu単ez, Miriam Nica Grace T. Panes, Hazel Mae T. Patricio, Sherwin Eve R. Portal, Mylyn L. Porras, May P. Provido, R-John D. Pudadera, Aiza May L. Reboles, Merry Janne J. Salarda, Jay Ann M. Sandoval, Krezea June L. Schlieske, Shiemee Joenim D. Tamayo, Krisia Bell A. Tanaleon, Ma. Aveliza B. Tejones, Ariane-Pearl S. Templonuevo, Hynne T. Villar, Yvonne Antonette M. Young, Krystal Ann G.


National Passing : 641/915 = 70.05% USA Passing : 95.83% First Timers : 23/23 = 100% 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Abucejo, Dennil John M. Alinsod, Ayin P. Ang, Karen Joy R. Barcenas, Renelyn U. Briones, Karen May V. Buena, Janeva S. Calapardo, Shellaviv C. Dumapig, Jamila Hannah A. Enero, Rogelio II M. Garcia, Katherine F. Ladores, Quartzel S. Malinao, Jessica V.

People have the tendency to chew the food on the side that they most often use their hand.

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.

Melgarejo, Alrea Mhay T. Molo, Lordess A. Moratalla, Mary Jean T. Paredes, Juancho Santino N. Paredes, Ma. Ann Margaret G. Quimpo, Sharon Joy F. Santacera, Jessa Marie S. Santamaria, Filippo T. Satana, Leonybelle Vernice F. Solas, Levy Jun V. Tan, Michael Joshua S.



r e t r o s p e c t

Recap of a.y. 2012-2013


clash dance crew Queenie Gallenero Zailani Kalene Sumbilla Den Marion Algarne Nestor Alitao Kae Caryl Magrare Gerose Parcon Dave Garin Paul Bernard Alcantara June Luis Salvador Leandro Miguel Legaspi Kryziel Tabion


Pagbanaag sa San agustin dancers Ph I-C Kenneth Singgo Nerben Roy Tolentino Philip Adrian Panique Ph I-D Iana Camelle Latoja Tina Andrada Faith Algebra de la Cruz Gezelle Mari Joie Go Rommel Milliam Jacquiline Toledanes-Milliam Ph I-E Maycelle Agustero Ph I-F Shiela Marie Padernal Shannen Cajilig Janica Libante Jesevel Esteva Barry Anayan Arlo Hualde Noemilene Dula Novie Joy Venteroso Chessa Mae Talibutab Caryl Joy Subong Deborah Pefianco Ph I-G Camille Terrence Huesca Aubrey Marie Chicana Romela Angelica Matulac MLS 1-F Jennybeth Secatin Ylaissa Joy Burgos Geen Camille Garsuta Earl Don Dioso Julius Mediodia MLS 2-G Kenneth Borra Mare Castellano Aldrin Jules Galboso Ymir John Dureza Kenneth Fabricante



Propsmen Ph I-F Ph II-G MLS I-A MLS I-C

MLS II-G choir MLS I-B Ph I-F

Zarmaine Faith Londres Zena Ray Palanog Carol Joy Rico Maria Joliza Agres Naser Valenzuela June Luis Salvador Josef Nava III Tomas Paolo Falconite Ermity Guy Gadong Kathleen Batir Katrina Taclas Angel Pardinez Jenny Lamanosa Romeli Maria Alojado

Pmt debate team Speakers Breann Katrina Chaplin Diane Danica Dy Ric Martin Libo-on Researchers Clarissa Joyce Tiu Wilhelm Lizada Genessa Buenafe mr. and ms. uSa Ric Martin Libo-on Justine Rose Silayro


tGiF 2013: Glamazon Ph I-E Denielle Andrea Gallardo Ph I-I Myrbert Alba MLS III-D Ninfa Marie Se単oron Odessa Stefan Ca単eda MLS III-F Den Marion Algarne Fredrik Lipardo MLS Interns Rhona MacEachen Kyle Alcala augustinian X-Factor MLS II-A Sharlene Mae Quiliquili

A giraffe has the ability to clean its ears with its own tongue.


activity date Freshmen General Orientation ................... June 22, 2012 Grand Rally ......................... June 22, 2012 Patron Saint’s Week .......... August 24 and 28, 2012 50th Jubilee of the Department of Medical Technology ................... September 21, 2012

Second SemeSteR

activity date Earth Day ........................... November 16, 2012 Pharmacy Day ................... December 7, 2012 University of San Agustin Christmas Celebration .... December 2012 Departmental Mass .......... January 11, 2013 Sto. Niño Novena Mass .... January 20, 2013 PMT Hinampang January 18, 19, 21, 22, 25, 26, 2013 PMT Medical-Dental Mission .......................... February 16, 2013 PMT Day ............................. February 20-21, 2013 University Week................. February 26 – March 1, 2013

AWARDS FiRSt SemeSteR eventS

Patron Saint’s Day 2012 Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2012 John Miedes ...................... 2nd Runner Up Paula Taleon ...................... 1st Runner Up Show Choir Competition .... 2nd Runner Up

Second SemeSteR eventS

USA Christmas Celebration Parol Making Contest ....... 1st Runner Up Light a Tree ........................ 2nd Runner Up University Week USA Dance Crew ............... 2nd Runner Up Paghanaag sa San Ag (Street Dance) .............. 2nd Runner Up St. Augustine’s Cup: Inter-Departmental Debate Series .............. 1st Runner Up Breann Katrina Chaplin .... Best Speaker Mr. and Ms. USA Ric Martin Libo-on ....... Mr. USA Justine Rose Silayro ....... 1st Runner Up Ms. USA overall Result ................. 3rd Place cPmt

JS PROM AWARDS claSS dance comPetition 1st Place: PH III-E 2nd Place: MLS III-A 3rd Place: MLS III-F and MLS III-D kinGS and QueenS Royal Duke of the Night: Royal Duchess of the Night: Prom King 2013: Prom Queen 2013: King of Hearts: Queen of Hearts: King of Diamonds: Queen of Diamonds: King of Spades: Queen of Spades: King of Clubs: Queen of Clubs:

Mr. Matthew Tubola Ms. Mary Colleen Gomiega Marcel Luigi Panes Bridget Marie Lucero Richard Laurence Gaboy Francis Danielle dela Llana Kyle Alcala Clarissa Joyce Tiu Aladino Junjun Jaleco Anne Napulan Juan Carlos Magallanes Genessa Buenafe

otHeR SPecial aWaRdS High Rollers of the Night: Couple of the Night: Eye Catcher: Head Turner: Killer Smile: Earliest Croupier of the Night:

Joelen Lara and Janine Dalisay Angelica Edang and Karlo Laud FG dela Cruz Lianne Hiponia Breann Katrina Chaplin Jaspher Jacar

The loss of eyelashes is referred to as madarosis.





























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The Pharmakeia Volume 36, Issue 2 May 2013


The Pharmakeia Volume 36, Issue 2 May 2013