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thePharmakeia JUNE-OCTOBER 2011 CLAVEJO

Enrollees continue to increase By Danica Jaranilla CPMT is soaring high! For six decades and to date, the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology (CPMT) continues to produce professional and competent Pharmacists and Medical Laboratory Scientists. The CPMT family for the last three years has been significantly receiving more aspiring Pharmacy and Medical Laboratory Science students! The number of enrollees this school year increased substantially from 543 freshmen students last year to 736 students, having an increase of 36%. Out of 736 freshmen, 406 are Pharmacy students and 330 are Medical Laboratory Science students. There are 9 sections in the Pharmacy department and 7 sections in the Medical Technology department. Each section has an average of 45-48 students in each class. The significant increase in the number of enrollees shows that the Pharmacy and Medical Laboratory Science programs of the University of San Agustin are exemplary. However, with this big number of students, we must also acknowledge the great responsibility being brought upon to both students and faculty members: achieving and maintaining an excellent academic performance. It will be a big challenge to maintain academic brilliance, but we all know that everyone of us is up for the challenge. Truly, the CPMT right now is at its very peak.

F-A-S-H-I-O-N-I-S-T-A By Trisha Marie Tarrazona and Mary Jazzsmae Mabilog

AS we entered the doorway of the USA gymnasium, giddy and excited faces greeted us. The energy inside the place was very contagious. It was a great start for the most awaited event, The PMT Acquaintance Party 2011. This year’s theme was “Don’t fit in, stand out, PMT,” which was spearheaded by our energetic and charming Epsilon Chapter president,

their creativity. Bottom-line, PharMed students are indeed true-blooded fashionistas. The council prepared games namely the: PMT Bayong, Paint Me a Picture, and Mr. & Ms. Fashionista 2011. The said games allowed the PharMed family to show their hidden talents, skills and abilities, boost their selfconfidence, share laughter, make new memories to cherish, and meet new faces that they can add to their growing circle of friends.

mainly the highlight of the event. All of the contestants looked stunning in their outfits. The Juniors felt superb when their representatives (Maribert Alcazaren & Anthony Cabuchan) were crowned as winners. After the pageant, the band started to rock the gym down and the PharMed students went wild. Even the faculty members and our beloved Dean joined the crowd. Some of the freshmen said they felt that they officially belong to the PharMed family.


the program drew near to the very end, heavy rain came pouring, but that d i d n ’ t stop the PharMed students

CLAVEJO Jim Jaralene Porquez. It was really amazing on how the PMT family set effort on putting together their headturning get-ups. Some dressed laid back, boho, and gothic, while others dressed preppy and vintage. The outcome of their outfits showed

To make the event thrilling, the council searched for a number of students who wore striking outfits to walk the runway. Students from all levels gave their full support on rooting for their representatives. The Mr. & Ms. Fashionista 2011 was

from partying to their heart’s content. Not all of us bagged prizes, but for sure we are all winners by heart because the memories we shared that night was truly priceless and remarkable. It was definitely a night to remember.


thePharmakeia JUNE-OCTOBER 2011


On friendship and charity By Airelle Rose Cagatin and Hannah Garmillos AS the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology (CPMT) increased in population, so did the pressure of gaining awards during the University’s Patron Saints Day (PSD) 2011. The University of San Agustin’s feast day highlights were celebrated for two days, September 26–27, 2011 with the theme, “St. Augustine: Our inspiration on friendship and fraternal charity.” A month was allotted for the intramurals and the CPMT was represented by selfless, dedicated, and passionate




individuals who represented the college but also in each and every one of us. Let us look ahead of us and grab every opportunity presented before us. Let’s exceed the expectations of the university, as well as our own expectations from ourselves. So that the next time you read thePharmakeia’s article about Patron Saint’s Day, you can say you were there and “I DID MY PART.”

JAMLS celebrates MLS Week 2011 By Lorraine Chavez

ESPINO players who gave pride to the college at the awarding ceremony. The road to success was a bit rough. Sweat and tears of players became evident of their passion that moved even the audience, especially the avid supporters of the college. It was also inevitable to see that coaches of the CPMT for different sports gave their own personal time to win the games, realizing that CPMT has individuals of character. With regards to talent, CPMT has it all. Literary and musical contests were well represented by the talented CPMT students. Mister and Miss Intramurals was also a big success for the college. Representatives, Mr. Louis Gabriel Espinosa won 4th Runner -up and surprisingly, Miss Janelle Rodriguez bagged the title of Miss Intramurals 2011. There were also new additions to the contest categories, the Augustinian MasterChef, represented by Mary Grace Valenzuela and Jaspher John Jacar, and the show choir competition, which exposed the amazing voices of the students that represented the college. This year’s Patron Saints

ESPINO Celebration was concluded with the very first Augustinian Youth Day held last August 27, 2011. The said event was spearheaded by the university’s campus ministry. It was to encourage the students to exercise and develop the virtue of friendship and charity, the Augustinian way. To set the big celebration in motion, a floral offering was done, followed by a procession from the chapel going to the university gymnasium for the Eucharistic celebration. After the Holy Mass, the students went to each of their assigned locations. A short program was held while the Amazing Race went on. The different colleges were grouped in two’s for a dance presentation. Our very own 2DMax dance crew, grooved together with the College of Nursing’s V-Tach for the said number thus, calling their group “V-max” while the salu-salo was then held simultaneously. In the afternoon of the same day, a “talk” related to this year’s theme took place wherein the campus was divided into different catechetical sites. A barrio fiesta was prepared for dinner,

CLAVEJO where the entire university gets to share food with everybody. No divisions, just pure friendship and charity. Later that evening, a Casisiacum was done with no less than the Archbishop of Jaro, Most Rev. Angel N. Lagdameo, D.D. It was held inside the gym wherein he was able to answer some of the students’ questions regarding friendship and charity. To intensify this whole-day affair, the Hataw Agustino Concert performed. It was evident that students who participated during the Augustinian Youth Day enjoyed during the concert. It was a night full of music, praise, and worship. It was then concluded with a fireworks display at the USA grandstand. It was indeed so clever of the campus ministry to have thought about something different other than our usual routine in celebrating the University’s Patron Saint’s Day. Different bonds of friendship were created and strengthened. The enthusiasm showed by the students during this event manifested that the objective of the activity was achieved. From character to talent, the CPMT has it not only in the

The Junior Association of Medical Laboratories Scientists (JAMLS) celebrated the annual Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Week last September 17-24, 2011. The week-long celebration was opened with a Fun-Run activity entitled, “Run, MedTech, Run! 2011” followed by an Opening Program participated along by BMLS students from Central Philippine University (CPU) and Iloilo Doctors’ College (IDC). A seminar on Interpersonal Relationship and Communication followed last September 22 at the USA Auditorium. Brains clashed then for a MLS Quiz Bowl. The next day was opened with a Eucharistic Mass. The Amazing Race kicked off along with the MLS Got Talent. The celebration was highlighted with the Mr. and Ms. MLS Pageant in the afternoon. The celebration concluded with an Interschool Basketball Championship Game between USA and CPU at the IDC Gym on September 24 having the MLS Week 2011 a sure success.



Enrollment is a race What is life? Is it a race? Or is it not a race? Either way, it is a journey. Everyone goes at their own pace, and more often than not it is those with a desire to accomplish more than what is expected of them who moves the fastest. We are all travelers in

this world with different goals and wants in our individual lives. But in spite of our individuality, we can’t help but consider the people who surround us. We can never achieve our aspirations in life without choosing to move forward in cooperation

thePharmakeia Editors-in-Chief Breann Katrina Chaplin Lorraine Chavez Associate Editors Airelle Rose Cagatin Clarissa Joyce Tiu Managing Editor Hannah Garmillos News Editors John Michael Jordan Danica Jaranilla Feature Editors Trisha Marie Tarrazona Jennifer Nufuar Sports Editor John Ernest Tolentino Cartoonists Richard Laurence Gaboy Allysa Grace Daguro Photojournalists Gil Arthur Clavejo Mharvie Capundan Lay-out Artists Calvin John Espino Jineah Mercado Katrina Angelica Mana-ay, Mary Jo Anne Balasa, Marycel Sanchez, Kim Dhel Ann Laforteza, Dave Garin, Mary Jazzsmae Mabilog, Julienne Adele Lao, Francis Marie Japitana, Ana Rose Oyco Contributors Ms. Remi Charlene Salvilla, Ms. Jeremay Campos, Mrs. Lerma Paris Advisers

thePharmakeia JUNE-OCTOBER 2011


with our classmates, teachers, friends and family. It isn’t just A-okay to waste the precious time given to us through laziness and timidity. The College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology would not have reached its 65th year if it wasn’t for the solid teamwork and support coming from both the students and teachers. This semester’s issue of thePharmakeia sheds light on the wonderful years of service given by the CPMT to its members. May we all be enlightened and inspired to keep moving forward for the betterment of our society, our college, and ourselves. Whether we prefer to run toward the finish line or walk breezily, keep in mind that if we’re going after what we want, we will all get there eventually. -Chaplin E ditorial C artooning by

Richard Laurence Gaboy

INBOX New elected officer of CPMT should be responsible enough to do their job --zyl... University facilities are very poor, sometimes there’s no water coming from the sink in our laboratory during our lab experiment.;( -peacePMT Building??? Diin ka nah??? -hopingPMT is the best department I’ve ever seen..go..go..! So help us to show what weve got..Proud to be PMT student.. -mj villaMore information of the medical society..keep up the good work..! -unkwn..luv all d Teachers in PMT they are all Genius... Beautful...and handsome..they teach all from there heart... ! :-0 -JeedeTeachers be on time!! And be considerate..!! -LovelyMore activities for this coming PMT week… UnkwN Follow all prescribed uniform, rules and regulation. Whee--; D Initiation is d best I enjoy so much; D sHAy_90 I hope for this semester to have many vacant periods and activities should be held earlier… --jill— Grabe kadamu gid yah sang mga T-shirts, puno na akun cabinet asta ka graduate ko...Pero ok Lang luv it..!! - ;D – ...Why are the entire major subjects so HARD..! -uNKwn-

thePharmakeia JUNE-OCTOBER 2011


Orienting the fresh sixteen By John Michael Jordan

Auditorium last July 1, 2011. The program began The College of Pharmacy and with the welcome address Medical Technology (CPMT) for given by the Dean of the the A.Y. 2011-2012 is very much college, Ms. Victoria Sustento blessed to have an enormous RMT, MS Bio., followed by a population of aspiring video presentation of the CPMT Augustinian Pharmacists and through the years in relation Medical Laboratory Scientists; to this year’s celebration of having nine (9) sections the 65th year of Pharmacy for the Bachelor of Science and 50th year in Pharmacy of the Medical program and “Orientation: an Technology seven (7) sections introductory instruction to program of the for it’s Bachelor guide individuals and give University of San of Medical them an awareness of Agustin. This Laboratory the existing situation with was followed by Science program. reference to time, place and the presentation Having identity of persons in of the University proclaimed rules and adjusting to new situation, to be the best regulations inside employment or activity.” institution and outside the p r o d u c i n g campus, of the outstanding Pharmacists and University Library and facts Medical Laboratory Scientists about the University Guidance over Western Visayas, the Office and the CPMT Guidance CPMT welcomes the aspiring Office. Pharmacists and Medical This was followed Laboratory Scientists to the by the presentation of the college through “Freshmen respective Professors in the Orientation.” The orientation different subjects offered by this year was held at the the CPMT (both major and University of San Agustin

thePharmakeia joins Panulaton 2011 By John Michael Jordan

world and of course, enable ourselves to improve our AS the official student literary skills in order to cater publication of the premiere our dear readers, our fellow college of the students, the University of best thoughts San Agustin, “All human beings have the that they can it is our ability to write, but to write with ponder on. commitment L a s t passion and heart is the skill to provide the September best literary that defines a true writer.” 24-25 2011, genre that thePharmakeia encompasses and covers staff together with other the voices of the students participants namely: of the College of Pharmacy Secondary English Teachers and Medical Technology. from different secondary Through this commitment schools within the region, 3rd we will engage ourselves in as year Education students major many workshops, seminars, in English of the West Visayas etc., throughout the year State University (WVSU)’s in which we may learn and College of Education (COE), the gain ideas about the literary staff of The Forum Dimensions,

minor subjects) from the different departments of the University. The program also covered the presentation of the different organizations like the Tilipunan which also subjects the student’s college life to not just academics, but also service towards the community as valued by St. Augustine. Speeches regarding the freshmen expectations were stated by two distinct individuals coming from both B.S. Pharmacy and B.S. MLS. The freshmen’s faces were filled with smiles and their hearts filled with joy as they were entertained by the Health/Exercise Dances and Commercial spoofs of the Pharmacy Seniors. In addition to that, CPMT Professors showcased their talent in dancing which revealed another side of their being an educator. To conclude, the CPMT freshmen orientation is a yearly event that aims to introduce to the new members of the purple colony a guide to the path of the profession they have chosen in order for them to be aware of the things

5 that defines an “Augustinian PharMed Student” in order for them to adjust in their new surroundings, activities and undertakings in life.


the official student publication on the said topics. After of WVSU, Assumption discussions of each topic, School Iloilo, etc. joined we are entitled to submit Panulaton 2011, a Journalism our entry that measures Workshop for Teachers our creativity, teamwork, and Students organized by and learning of what have Silak, the official student been discussed. One of publication of College of our staff, Danica Jaranilla, Education of West Visayas bagged first place in the category State University. The event Photojournalism was held at the Center with her entry entitled for Excellence building of “Reflection.” At the COE of WVSU main campus. end of the We gave up two-day our weekend in workshop, order to attend we realized this seminar to that we learn what it did not can offer to us just learn as a ‘Keian. The t h i n g s two day seminar a b o u t w o r k s h o p journa lis m was made up REFLECTION. Even unexpected things can reflect per se, but beauty. In every thought to see this image reflecting of lessons on spoons that are hanging on cartons behind the walls we also regarding Layout of the grade school cafeteria of WVSU. I guess beauty l e a r n e d and Design (Day is everywhere, it only needs to be appreciated. how to 1–Part 1), Photoshop and deal with each other’s Elements of Layout (Day 1–Part company, develop trust 2), and Photojournalism and towards each other as Captioning (Day 2) which were one family of writers discussed by professionals committed to serve our who are considered experts beloved college.




Diamond and Gold Jubilarians


By Katrina Angelica Mana-ay and John Ernest Tolentino

ast July 2, 2011 the College of Pharmacy the University of San Agustin (USA) gym, to bless the and Medical Technology celebrated its entire event and its participants. After the Holy Mass, 65th and 50th Anniversary respectively the air became thick with activity as everyone shuffled to with Alumni homecoming. and fro looking for car parade numbers and What made this event different is “It was an emotional streamers, and putting up signs and labels that so many of the alumni pledged moment when the cars on their cars stating their course and batch to participate in the celebration. The came in through the as everyone was getting prepared for the cheers of the future Pharmacists motorcade. front gates of the and Medical Technologists were The participants of the motorcade University wherein all over the gymnasium when the occupied the entire Jalandoni Street. It the statue of our was easy to understand that the event is alumni marched as they entered. patron saint stood Everyone seemed excited to start as if to welcome his of great magnitude after witnessing the the celebration of the Homecoming line up of vehicles with their respective children home. ” of our dear alumni this year 2011 banners. Several batches of Augustinian themed “PMT at 65: Looking Pharmacists and Medical Technologists back...building it forward.” The registration for the were present. Each batch or group produced their own alumni started at 7:30 A.M. up to 7:55 A.M. mode of transportation and banner. The event started properly such, a When everything was ready, the motorcade Eucharistic celebration was held at 8:00 A.M. at commenced at 9:30 A.M. Dozens of cars and jeepneys



all emblazoned with ribbons of gold, blue and purple circled throughout the city, went past Jaro plaza, passed diversion road, went back to General Luna Street, and returned home to USA. It was an emotional moment when the cars came in through the front gates of the university wherein the statue of our patron saint stood as if to welcome his children home. It must have been quite nostalgic for the alumni after decades of being away, they have once again entered the gates the same way they did before. The crowd was again heralded into the USA gym for the fellowship program and the grand alumni homecoming at 11:00 A.M. Students gave song and dance numbers which bewildered the audience. The 4th year B.S. Pharmacy showcased their talent in dancing, and students from the B.S. Medical Laboratory Sciences entertained the crowd with their songs. Even the faculty jammed to the beat. The alumni from Mercury Drug Corporation showed some school spirit as they presented a mixed cultural dance. Other alumni followed suit and sang for the spectators. It has been proven that people from the CPMT department are truly talented. Though it was apparent that everyone enjoyed, everything has to come to an end. At around 4:00 P.M., the closing remarks were said, signaling the end of a

momentous occasion. It was heartwarming to see old friends reunited with all their group hugs and their cheery laughter. Though time has separated old graduates of USA-CPMT, the alumni homecoming proved that bonds of friendship don’t fade. Though we all left the gym with heavy hearts, the flame of excitement was still lit. The alumni homecoming may be over, but now, we are looking forward to the next celebration this coming December 2011. By this time, everyone will have an ample time to prepare. More alumni can show the university their love with their songs and dances. Whatever that day will bring, I am certain, that we will all look forward to it.



thePharmakeia JUNE-OCTOBER 2011

Presents: the new faces of PMT Mrs. Whinolyn Jardeleza RPh, RN

Mr. Eric Justin Blancaflor, RPh

By Breann Katrina Chaplin

“Always endure, never give up,” are the words of wisdom from Mrs. Whinolyn Jardeleza, a new addition to the PMT faculty. She completed her education in both B.S. Pharmacy and B.S. Nursing in the year 2001 and 2004, respectively. She began her career in teaching three years ago in the College of Nursing (CN). Just this school year, A.Y. 2011–2012, She personally chose to transfer to the College of Pharmacy and Medical

By Jennifer Nufuar Technology due to the needed supply of more teachers in the college. She also admits that teaching Pharmacy subjects are indeed more challenging compared to Nursing subjects. This is because it requires more thinking and memorizing. However she also noticed that there are many similarities between the students. Both CPMT and CN students have the same enthusiasm towards their education and when it comes to extra-curricular activities. Despite the demands of their academics, they all manage to balance it all.

Ms. Ricci Besana, RPh By Trisha Marie Tarrazona

AS said by Ms. Ricci Besana, Pharmacy was not her first choice when she graduated from high school. It was her parents that gave her the idea to take the course, since she liked memorizing stuff. She was up for the challenge, so she decided to enroll on the said course. Teaching for her was not what people would often call as a classic case of “calling” because when she was still a student, it never crossed her mind that she would become a teacher. After graduation however, there was one night when she found herself unable to sleep because a thought just popped into her head. The thought was, “I want to teach.” After that night, she realized that she wanted to share her knowledge so that

everything she learned in college wouldn’t go to waste. She also added that scientific names or causative agents aren’t of much use when you’re just working in a pharmacy. She expects her students to be responsible and diligent. In addition, she expects them to show respect and not to take advantage of the new and younger teachers. The most important thing she expects from all of her students is honesty. She quoted, “Remember, HE sees everything.” Ms. Besana’s tips for us Pharmacy students: “In order for you not to cram, develop a study habit which suits you best. Do not prioritize a specific subject; learn to love all of your subjects so that it would be easy for you to go over each of them. Don’t just aim for the passing score or grade. I know that you know you can do better than that. And it always helps if you whisper to God for help.”

Mr. Joel Livera By Lorraine Chavez

“Fly high! Make a beautiful story of your career,” said Mr. Livera, our new staff in the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology (CPMT).

Mr. Eric Justin Blancaflor is a new faculty member of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology (CPMT). He is one of the centennial year graduates of 2008 who received the Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (PACOP) award (having the 2nd highest average among all Pharmacy students), Community Outreach Award, Literary Musical Award, Leadership Award and Cocurricular Award. He was also appointed as a research assistant at University of the Philippines Manila-College of Pharmacy and involved in various drug studies and development. He passed the board exam back in July 2008. He first started teaching on the 1st semester of the A.Y. 20112012. He said, “In order to create a positive learning

environment, the students should know what to expect from their teachers each day. I am fair, consistent, and unpredictable. Fair, because I treat my students equally at all times in all situations. Consistent, so the students can adapt to my style of teaching, thus giving them greater opportunities for success. Unpredictable, I love giving quizzes at the start, middle or end of the discussion especially whenever I see them restless or feel they are inattentive.” Mr. Blancaflor’s words of wisdom to his students are, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right! Everything we do just requires the right mind set to succeed. Nothing is impossible when you are determined and willing to take the risk. Don’t ever let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do. For the students, it’s just 4 years of college. You have to give it 110% all the time. Pass or fail nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.”

Mr. Ramon Angelo Sinco, RPh By Allysa Grace Daguro

Sir Ramon Angelo Sinco is a fresh graduate from the University of San Agustin. For him, teaching is a more challenging profession than being stuck in a drugstore or in a hospital. He graduated his secondary and tertiary studies from the University of San Agustin. “The university has

Sir Joel, as we call him, is a graduate of B.S. Accountancy in 1998. He started his career in the same year and is working now in the office of the deparment along with Ma’am Nancy. He expects students to be responsible enough in their studies. He quoted, “Focus on something that is productive in terms of learning.” He also added, “Students should always remember the two most important things in life: Prayer and Studies.”

molded me into what I am now,” he said. He used to teach toddlers of aged four to eight years old and teenagers of twelve to seventeen years old in their church. H i s unforgettable experience in terms of teaching was when he was giving lectures

to his students in church and they were all yelling, screaming, fighting and even sleeping but for him, he sees these children as our future generation. Sir Sinco is also planning to take up his master’s degree in Pharmacy for he knows that it would increase his skills in the field of teaching and would help him become a better person. God is his inspiration who he believes is the source of all knowledge and a great scientist in how he planned this world with perfection. For the students, he expects them to learn from him and he hopes to learn from them as well. The following is sir Sinco’s simple procedure on how to create a perfect PMT student: M. 5 kg of determination 10 g of confidence 100 ml of dedication 6 gal of motivation 777 pt of guidance from the Lord Shake well before use.

thePharmakeia JUNE-OCTOBER 2011 Apothecarian news blitz By Julienne Adele Lao Every year, the Apothecarian Council never fails to encourage the studentry to join its activities in fulfilling their goals. They make sure that everyone has something to offer for the benefit of all. In line with this, the council president of the said organization, Shiemee Joenim Schlieske, already revealed a line-up of preparations her members put together regarding the coming semester. This includes the Pharmacy Week Celebration for the month of December which comprises the Streetdance Competition, Cheerdance Competition, Pageant Night, Sportsfest, Fun Taebo, Quiz Bowl, Pharmacy Drug Expert, Motorcade, and a whole lot more; alongside a Pharmacy Concert which showcases the talents of our dear students and alumni. Also, the

JAMLS up and about By Francis Marie Japitana “JAMLS” or “JAMeLS”? The officers of the Junior Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists A.Y. 20112012 themselves couldn’t care less. They just got to do what they have to do: stay focused on organizing events that can best benefit the MLS students of the University of San Agustin (USA) alongside coping with the daily demands of the MLS curriculum which is to STUDY. JAMLS aims to serve the student body better every year. This year’s batch of officers are taken into the all-star advisership of Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET)-Iloilo Chapter President, Ma’am Rosario Barrido, RMT, MSMT; PAMET-Iloilo Chapter Secretary, Sir Reynan Rolle, RMT, ASCPI; and last but definitely never the least, the brains behind youthful beauty, Ma’am Deanna Jolito, RMT, MSMT. The officers have also been working closely with MedTech councils from the Central Philippine University (CPU) and the Iloilo Doctors’ College (IDC). You can check out the USA-CPU-IDC MLS Students’ Page on Facebook! Here’s a quick trip back to what has conspired in the first half of the school year made possible with the cooperation between the students and the JAMLS officers: v We welcomed home the Medical Technology and Pharmacy alumni last July 2, 2011 who found their way back into the pillars of their beloved alma mater. It was an event that was made successful by the CPMT faculty and personnel with the Epsilon Chapter, Apothecarian Council and of course, the JAMLS. v “WANTED!” During the PMT Initiation Day, the Jail Booth was opened to everybody. The “imprisonment sentence” only gets better with the jam-packed booth complete with the MiniTyangge, Movie House, and a

Leaderboard council intends to push through the Gift giving, Storytelling, and Houseto-house Christmas Caroling project. For the month of January, the council will continue its MedicalDental Mission in the department’s adopted baranggay, Brgy. Nabitasan, Leganes, Iloilo. And lastly for February, alternative classes will still be given (during University Week) and the group will go on with their Mangrove Planting. To note, the activities held last semester were as follows: Clean-up Drive at Leganes, Medical-Dental Mission at Leganes, Medical-Dental Mission together with Bombo Radyo-Iloilo held in University of the Philippines Visayas, and Pharmacy T-Shirt Design Making Contest. The Apothecarian Council officers together with the rest of the mentors hope for the best for the upcoming events.

Special Dare Add-on. You must have marked that day: AUGUST 12. You can’t bail out of this fun experience! v We organized the seminar on “Blood Safety, HIV Prevention, and Healthy Lifestyle”, held last July 16, 2011 at the USA auditorium. Invited speakers were the practicing nurse Leanne Ferrer, R.N., HIV-patient, Lita Basco, and Philippine Red Cross (PRC)-Iloilo Blood Center Manager, Dr. Judith Sol-Jimeno. They have informed the first to 4th year aspiring Medical Laboratory Scientists of the essentials of living a healthy life and they were also given a background of Blood Donation as well as the nature of HIV as a sexually transmitted disease and the risk it poses to us as practicing MLS students. v “Run, MedTech, Run! 2011” kicked-off the MLS Week 2011 on September 17 following this race route: Plazuela de Iloilo to Efrain Treñas Boulevard back to the Plazuela de Iloilo. It strengthened the alliance between the CPU, IDC, and USA MLS student councils. Several activities were prepared in-line with the celebration of the MLS Week 2011 such as: Interschool MLS Basketball Game, MLS Quiz Bowl, Lecture on Intrapersonal Relationship, Collage-making Contest, Amazing Race, MLS Got Talent, and the Search for the Mr. and Ms. MLS 2011. These activities were planned for the MLS students to enjoy, remember, and learn from. v Recently, JAMLS extended a hand to help our fellows in Brgy. Nabitasan, Leganes on a Medical-Dental Mission with the Epsilon Chapter, Apothecarian Council, and the USA Student Council. You’ll be wrong to even think it all ends here. Until then, what’s to come will be an upcoming venture for all of us to try and learn new things.



Epsilon Chapter moves forward By Dave Garin

The Epsilon Chapter is the trusted student organization of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology (CPMT) which aims to serve their fellow students with core values for many years already. The council’s objective is to attain the values of competency, integrity, service, responsibility, respect, diversity, loyalty, honesty, innovativeness and excellence. Epsilon Chapter officers of the A.Y. 2011-2012 are the Augustinian leaders that are determined to take their responsibilities in hand-in-hand process with motivation and to continue to propose projects and activities that will enlighten the student body and the department as well. The council had proposed such prestigious activities that enhance the Augustinian spiritual values of the PMT students. This is also a prerequisite to their success because of their non-stop obligations and demands in school that they become more responsible with the guidance and support of their facilitators. July 2, 2011 was an exciting day of the department because we celebrated the Alumni Homecoming. The Epsilon Chapter contributed in decorating the University of San Agustin (USA) gym. It was truly a memorable event since the Alumni enjoyed watching our dear students and teachers perform. Also, our beloved Dean Sustento was really astonished and proud because of our talented department. In the evening, the Epsilon Chapter spearheaded the Acquaintance Party with the

theme, “Don’t fit in, stand out, PMT!” Numerous students wore their fashioned statement clothes with an attitude and the college united once again. The Epsilon Chapter has also played an important role during the Patron Saint’s Week wherein PMT students have showcased their talents in the different contests held by the USA Student Council like the Cheerdance competition, the Literary and Musical Contest, Show Choir, Sports, Augustinian MasterChef, and the Mural Painting Contest. There’s much to be awaited for the Second semester’s activities in our College. This coming December, there will be a Christmas Party for the college wherein all the PMT students and faculty could gather and be as one community and celebrate the spirit of Christmas. There will be contests like the Parol making contest, Video making contest, Carolling contest, and many more fun games for the students to enjoy. Another great event for the students to be looking forward to is the PMT Week 2012. Sports events will be held along with various activities like the Science Olympics, Amazing Race, Mini Olympics, and the Band fest. On the highlight of the event, they should look out for the Dance Revolution contest, PMT Fashion Runway, and the Mr. and Ms. PMT 2012. Watch out for an amazing and fun-filled second semester, fellow PMT students! The more, the merrier, right? So remember, participation is indeed a must!

EPSILON CHAPTER Jim Jaralene Porquez President Julie Ann Bernales 1st Vice President Joey Zandrew Dela Cruz, Jr. 2nd Vice President Pauline Joy Lequillo Secretary Jasper John Jacar Asst. Secretary Ana Cristiana Joy Arroyo Treasurer Katherine Ann O’Hara Asst.Treasurer Stephanie Samillano Auditor

APOTHECARIAN COUNCIL President Shiemee Joenim Schlieske 1st Vice President Ma.Ye Lhen Grace Dumali 2nd Vice President Julienne Adele Lao Secretary Ranee Joy Bunda Asst. Secretary Juneday Radan Treasurer Alyssa Rae Jaen Asst. Treasurer Marie Ariane Shayne Lao Auditor Merry Janne Reboles Asst. Auditor Cyruschad Tutor

Jerrico Nufuar Asst. Bus. Mangr. Patrick Lester Ong P.R.O.1 R-john Provido P.R.O.2 Leo Anthony Zaldivar P.C.O.1 Timothy Orven Jucaban P.C.O.2 Alyzza Angelica Herrera 1st yr Representative Roshenie Marie Santillan 2nd yr Representative Gelle Xuxa Barrios 3rd yr Representative Ana Rose Oyco 4th yr Representative Ever Clyde Esteban Bus. Mangr.

Asst. Auditor Alris Kent Alvior Bus. Mangr. Ma.Theresa Clavel Asst. Bus. Mangr. Kenneth Fabricante P.R.O.1 Dave Garin P.R.O.2 Kristina Apol Barnuevo P.C.O.1 Jessica Christi Pollentes P.C.O.2 Alexine Marie Jalbuena

JUNIOR ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENTISTS (JAMLS) President Harrold Glenn de Asis 1st Vice President Francis Marie Japitana 2nd Vice President Kevin Bryce Fullo Secretary Ma. Leonily Alolong Asst. Secretary Christine Marie Sia Treasurer Dan Paul Amiscua Asst. Treasurer Kevin Nomer Wilfred Ganzon Auditor Noel Anthony Narte Asst. Auditor Larra Mae Ledesma Bus. Mangr.

Jasmer May Blando

Asst. Bus. Mangr. Ana Lourdes Regalado P.R.O.1 Crist John Quema P.R.O.2 Camille Erika Palomar P.C.O.1 Juancho Santino Paredes P.C.O.2 Ric Martin Libo-on


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thePharmakeia JUNE-OCTOBER 2011

Thoughts behind Initiation 2011 By Mharvie Capundan

“Ari na…amu nag gid ni ya! Sophies, tsantsa ta na ni! Kita naman ang mang inititate subung!Tapus gid ni ang Freshmen muh, hahaha!” THESE were our words that puzzled the minds of the freshmen on how their initiation would be. Worst, these words made some of them somehow feel anxious towards the upcoming event. But seriously, none of us meant those words. We didn’t make the event possible just because we wanted “revenge” of the way we were initiated during our time, rather it was about the fact that as sophomores, we are tasked to do the honor of making the event happen.


CPMT Alumni Association Officers A.Y. 2011-2012

Gilda RIVERO President


VP Pharmacy (External)

Mary Anne CORPUS VP Pharmacy (Internal)

Rosario BARRIDO VP Med. Tech. (External)


VP Med. Tech. (Internal)

Christian Gregoire TIOCO Secretary

Reynan ROLLE Asst. Secretary

Tomasita SUMAYO Treasurer

Jesusima MONSERATE Asst. Treasurer

Angesles GUZMAN Auditor

Matthew TUBOLA Business Manager


Asst. Business Manager

Remi Charlene SALVILLA Public Information Officer

There is a need, more of an urge actually, for us to continue the legacy of extraordinarily welcoming our dear freshmen as the new members of the college by the way of initiation. Looking back at the event, the animated with a twist theme of this year’s initiation made the costumes of the freshmen way better than ours last year. In line with the theme, the freshmen dressed in the most comical way as cartoon characters like Dora the Explorer, the Transformers, Shrek, Fiona, Esmeralda, the Little Mermaid, and a lot more. They became the center of attention as they paraded around the campus with their heads held high clutching their creative class arcs during the beginning of their initiation. The entire USA Gym was filled with delight and thrill as the freshmen



approached the stage, showed what they’ve got and aimed to be recognized as the victor of the various contests prepared by the Sophomore Council such as Cheers and Yells Competition, Arc-Making Contest, Class Dance and Mr. and Ms. Initiation 2011. These contests emphasized that the initiation was an approach to welcome both the freshmen’s well being and their talents and skills. This year’s initiation, highlighting the talents the CPMT students, have also given value to camaraderie. It made the freshmen fully realize a few yet important things: They are truly welcome in this college as they made the right choice of choosing the CPMT, they can grow to their fullest potential as they begin their journey of achieving their goals of being successful Pharmacists and Medical Technologists in the near future and that they truly belong. Considering the largest number of the freshmen ever enrolled in the college, Initiation 2011, with a lot of activities mentioned prepared by the Sophomore Council, along with the superb booths brought by the higher years as represented by their respective councils and with the support of the entire college, was positively a BLAST. Indeed, the college had once again marked another history of having the most head-turning initiation as a way of welcoming the new members of the family. Good job, sophies nd congratulations, freshmen!




New Augustinian MedTechs

Pharmacy faculty attends ACCP

September 3-4, 2011 BOard Exams Released on Sept. 7, 2011

By Remi Charlene Salvilla Dr Adeno Bermejo, Jeremay Campos and yours truly, attended the 11th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) last June 24-27, 2011 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City, with the theme “Broadening the impact of Clinical Pharmacy in Asia through innovations and dynamic partnerships.” The conference was hosted by the Philippine Pharmacists Association, the Philippine Association of the Colleges of Pharmacy, the Philippine Society of Hospital Pharmacists and the Young Pharmacists group of the Philippines. Jeremay Campos gave an oral presentation of her paper during the conference. Her paper was entitled “Determination of Adverse Drug Reactions of Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis Patients: Basis for the Improvement of Programmatic Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis.”



First Timers: 37/37 = 100% Repeaters: 2/5 = 45% National Passing: 1,123/1,480 = 75.8% (76%) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Sheen Kristen J. Alcibar Francis Arthur T. Andrade Tracy May B. Bito-onon Yvie Sheila D. Camposano Alexandra Nicole J. Catolico Karl L. Chua Mary Katherine A. Cuenca Donna A. De Guzman Ace John Felix S. De la Cruz Caludine Quite S. De la Cruz Henny-Lyn B. Ganuhay Mark Kenneth T. Gascon Kristine Faith S. Gonzales Mario Ivan G. Gonzales Karl Ely P. Idio Cheryl Ann G. Jalagpas Crisbeth S. Lacurom Mennen Ace Q. Laude Jan Vincent L. Layson Lady Marie L. Luces

21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40.

Mary Queennie Lou S. Manzanilla Jerrick Jorge D. Medalla Michael A. Medez Whelvi M. Merisco Michelle H. Palsario Marvie S. Pano Kenneth Alain A. Parrocho Marianne B. Pineda Francis Vincent S. Po Shiela Marie S. Porcelo April Hyacinth D. Pueblo Vian Tee Jay Z. Remo Cynthee M. Rull Sharra Jaye S. Sarcia Rachelle Ann G. Sayomac Xemenes Mei S. Secondes Christian Troy S. Somogod Mary Joyce R. Sumpo Amie Marie P. Tingson Khryslynn L. Tugbang

thePharmakeia JUNE-OCTOBER 2011

Fun Zone


‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ song:

expl ained By Jennifer Nufuar

There is one Christmas Carol that has always baffled me. What in the world do leaping lords, French hens, swimming swans, and especially the partridge who won't come out of the pear tree have to do with Christmas? From 1558 until 1829, Roman Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly. Someone during that era wrote this carol as a catechism song for young Catholics. It has two levels of

meaning: the surface meaning plus a hidden meaning known only to members of their church. Each element in the carol has a code word for a religious reality which the children could remember. 1 - The partridge in a pear tree was Jesus Christ. 2 - Two turtle doves were the Old and New Testaments. 3 - Three French hens stood for faith, hope and love. 4 - The four calling birds were the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. 5 - The five golden rings


6 7

8 9

recalled the Torah or Law, the first five books of the Old Testament. - The six geese a-laying stood for the six days of creation. - Seven swans a-swimming represented the sevenfold gifts of the Holy Spirit: Prophesy, Serving, Teaching, Exhortation, Contribution, Leadership, and Mercy. - The eight maids a-milking were the eight beatitudes. - Nine ladies dancing were the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace,

Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control. 10 - The ten lords a-leaping were the ten commandments. 11 - The eleven pipers piping stood for the eleven faithful disciples. 12 - The twelve drummers drumming symbolized the twelve points of belief in the Apostle's Creed. Now we know how that strange song became a Christmas Carol.

cs mi micsmicsmics mics ics mics mics micsmics mics mics micsmics mics o C Co Co Co Co om Co Co Co Co Co Co Co Co Co C By Allysa Grace Daguro


By Jineah Mercado




The true sport By John Ernest Tolentino

During the Intramurals 2011, the College of Pharmacy Medical Technology (CPMT) joined various kinds of sports. Basketball, volleyball and football are just few of these games wherein CPMT reached the finals and made it to the ranks.

The Volleyball Women advanced to the semi-finals when they won over the College of Business Administration and Accountacy (CBAA) and had only one loss. During the championship, the ladies faced the Basic Education

Rodriguez is Miss Intramurals 2011 By John Ernest Tolentino A freshman Medical Laboratory Science student, Janelle Rodriquez won the title last August 26, 2011 during the Patron Saint’s Week celebration. The said event was held at the University of San Agustin (USA)’s overcrowded gymnasium, filled

with breath-taking yells and excitement for the contestants. Rodriguez bagged the Ms. Glamorous, a special award chosen by one of the judges, Alex Soncio, and a modelling of his garment collection held at the SM City-Iloilo Event Centre. Mr. CPMT Intramurals , L o u i s G a b r i e l Espinosa, also a Medical Laboratory Science took the 4th Runnerup spot and Best in Production CLAVEJO Number.

Department (BED). They might not have won, but they all enjoyed the game and glory of getting into the championships. The Basketball Women also made it to the championship games. Despite all the challenges and hardships encountered,

they showed what being a sport is. They showed the whole university that even if they faced loss against College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) and placed 3 rd Runner-up, they were one team. They exhibited camaraderie and unity which also happened with the Basketball Men who also placed 3 rd Runner-up. Football is becoming popular since the Philippine Azkals became famous. In line with this, the students of CPMT and even the advisers had an awakened interest on the said sport. With this kindled awareness to football, the men and women team of the college placed 3 rd Runner-up. The Table Tennis Women placed 2 nd Runnerup while the Lawn Tennis Women (Doubles) placed 1 st Runner-up. And to top it all off, the Badminton Women earned the title of being champions from this year’s Intramurals 2011. When all things are considered, CPMT demonstrated enjoyment and harmony in the university’s intramurals. We may have not gotten all the gold, but with the character that all our players and even the students who were cheering displayed, we know we showed we are the true sport, the winners.

PSD awards of CPMT GARNERED AWARDS during the INTRAMURALS Badminton Women Lawn Tennis Women (Doubles) Volleyball Women Table Tennis Women Basketball Men Basketball Women Football Women Football Women


REPRESENTATIVES in the LITERARY and MUSICAL contests Oration Extemporaneous Speech Augustinian MasterChef Talumpati Dagliang Talumpati Binalaybay Vocal Solo (Pop) Vocal Solo (Classical) Vocal Duet (Pop)

Breann Katrina Chaplin Erika Jiline Jamandre Mary Grace Valenzuela Jaspher John Jacar Jas Mer May Blando Airene Balacase Reynaldo Tabang Sachiko Suzuki Violy Mar Gacho Shiemee Joenim Schlieske Marion Franco

The Pharmakeia - Newsletter  

The Pharmakeia Volume 35, Issue 1 October 2011

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