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Tuesday 23 October 2012

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One voice Salt River Blackpool Football Club hosted a march against al­ cohol and drugs on Saturday. Community organisations, po­ lice, local councillors and resi­ dents all marched through the streets, speaking out against substance abuse in the commu­ nity. People turned up at the foot­ ball club in Shelley Street to watch the unveiling of the “Drug Free Area” sign. Here Saliegh and Laylah Gamiet from Cecil Road in Salt River have their say. See more on Page 3. Photo: Tauriq Hassen

Residents seeing flames TAURIQ HASSEN

SIZZLING sounds of irritation are coming from Harbour View flats in Woodstock, thanks to popular braai spot aMadoda Braai in Strand Street. Residents in the Bromwell Street block of flats are at the wits’ end with the noise coming from aMadoda and have come up with suggestions for authorities to fix the issue. Residents have lodged complaints with council about the persistent noise from the venue. They are also deeply annoyed by patrons’ noise while partying at their cars before and after visiting the premises, drinking in public as well as revving their engines. Leo Rust, a tenant and trustee for Harbour View, explains that residents have proposed some actions to be taken by the City. “This disturbance takes place virtually

every Sunday afternoon well past midnight and on some other nights too,” he says. Rust explains that over the past year, the situation has become “increasingly worse”, especially in the last six months, resulting in several complaints being lodged with the City and the police. Suggestions include the venue’s liquor licence be investigated. Tenants requested the City to deal with noise levels from the venue and not to allow drinking in public spaces. They also suggest no-parking zones to be enforced behind the Harbour View in Strand Street, nor in front of the building in Bromwell Street. aMadoda Braai falls under the Madworld business stable, which includes a number of businesses in Woodstock.

about this matter, but report it to the necessary contacts.” Andries van Wyngaard, the marketing director for Madworld, says they are are doing everything they can to address the issue. “We are not there to create trouble in the community, but we do want to reach a compromise,” Van Wyngaard says. “We do not want to operate outside the laws and we will be looking at putting further systems in place in order to tackle some of the problems the tenants might have,” he says. Richard Bosman, the Executive Director of Safety and Security for the City of Cape Town, confirms that owners of the venue have already been served with a compliance notice. “We are currently investigating the matter due to the fact that the complainant contacted Law Enforcement on 1 October, informing them that the problem had re-occurred,” says Bosman.

Over time, residents of Harbour View has had to endure being parked in, fire escape doors blocked by patrons, loud noise into the early hours, broken bottles in the road and patrons driving the wrong direction in Bromwell Street, which is a one-way street. Resident Anthea Wilson avoids her home on Sundays. “It’s terrible and the situation seems to be getting worse as the time goes on. I would rather not want to be at my house because there is constant music playing and people going on like hooligans outside,” she says. Rust continues: “These matters have been raised in several of our meetings with tenants and they are becoming really frustrated with this problem. There is very little we can do

People’s Post wishes all our Muslim readers and advertisers an Eid Mubarak




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Taking charge Dear reader,

Often, in times of hardship, most people tend to find solace and comfort in God, our spirituality and faith. Some believers would say others ought to always remember and place their trust in their Creator, not only when faced with adversity. I acknowledge that when all goes well for me, I sometimes forget to give as much thanks as I ought to. Not that I ever take for granted all my blessings, but I get caught up in the whirlwind of


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life. My counter is that I’m only human. In the same way, I realise that there is only so much another human can do for me. This I’ve learnt from experience, especially the times I’ve found myself completely at the mercy of a higher power, such as when I felt my life was in danger or when I’ve anxiously awaited medical results of tests done for troubling ailments. This I regard as the point of surrendering, a powerful choice which, by virtue of freeing one of worry and the need to always be in control of every facet of one’s life, provides strength and serenity and the ability to soldier on. As Muslims worldwide prepare for Eid-ulAdha (the Festival of Sacrifice to mark the end of the Holy Hajj) on Friday, it is in this same spirit of surrendering and accepting things we cannot influence or change. Equally important, but different to Eid-ulFitr (the Festival of Charity to mark the end of Ramadan) which was celebrated about two months ago, this Eid will be a joyous occasion as well for the millions of pilgrims who have completed their journey to Mecca, but with a different significance. On Friday, Muslims will honour the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son Ismail (Ishmael) in obedience to God, before God intervened to provide him with a sheep to sacrifice instead (Qurbani). Eid-ul-Adha is incorporated in the pilgrimage to Mecca; it is a time for Muslims to learn the value of self-denial by making a sacrifice of something living to God – ultimately, total surrender to the will of God. Submission is one aspect, followed by choices and actions that are not left to fate. God created us with brains, capable of cognitive thought and rational behaviour, and gave us an abundance of resources. We can sit back and allow life to carry us – to a point. We can pity ourselves when it seems the world has turned against us and everything seems to be going wrong. Or we can be decisive and choose a positive course. We can choose to act and emerge from out challenges stronger. It is how we rebuild our lives after life knocks us down that defines our character. I wish all Muslims Eid Mubarak. ’Til next time, go well! ConnectED is a weekly column by People’s Post editor Feroza Miller-Isaacs who can be contacted on

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Happy memories will come ON BEHALF of the Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town, I wish to thank you and your team for the publicity you have so kindly given to our forthcoming concerts with the Cape Town Youth Choir (“Two choirs, two shows�, People’s Post, 9 October). The eye-catching headline will attract a lot of attention, I am sure. We really appreciate your help. Also, as one who has been through

a loss like this, I send you my deepest sympathy on the recent passing of your mother. It is very hard at first, but ultimately the happier memories will predominate over the painful ones of her suffering. You will be in my prayers at this sad time. REPRESENTATIVE OF PHILHARMONIA CHOIR

None can ever take her place HAVING just read People’s Post I must say the tribute to your mother was so moving, inspiring and heartfelt that even though I do not know you, I was moved to tears. I, too, had a wonderful mother who passed away nearly 20 years ago and also miss her and her kindness. A mother is someone who can take the place of others, but whose place no-

one else can take. I saw this quoted somewhere and thought it so apt. Also a mother can look after many children, but many children cannot look after one mother. I read a previous tribute you wrote a few months ago and again thought how wonderful to have appreciated your mother. DELENE EISMANO

A way to help ease the pain MY SINCERE sympathies in the passing of what sounded like a true treasure from God. My heart (and I’m sure all other children of all ages) goes out to you with the passing of an unforgettable example in our lives. May you be comforted by the fact she no longer suffers and has found eternal rest. In singing her praises, as you have

done, it is possible you have caused someone to stop and think of what they could be as a parent. When her birthday or anniversary of this time comes around each year, visit a spot of beauty in nature and picture her with you. It does eventually ease some of the pain. Blessings. MAGGIE JAMES

She is a worthy role model YOU are very blessed to have lived with such a beautiful person, as you describe in People’s Post of Tuesday 9 October. Cape Town needs so many more such mothers to help the youth of today

avoid gangsterism, drug and alcohol abuse. Go well, as I believe you will be a similar role model for your own children as your mother was to you. GERRY

Sympathy for your great loss I AM really sorry to have read of the sad loss of your mother. May her dear soul rest in peace. Please convey our condolences to all

of your family. Always remember the Almighty now has an extra angel in heaven. PETER VAN KERVEL AND FAMILY

You’ve captured Mom’s spirit I AM feeling very emotional after reading your tribute to our dear mother. Well done.

You captured her true spirit, strength and inspiration to all who knew her. YOUR PROUD BROTHER, ZAIN

Prayers and thoughts are with you


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Tuesday 23 October 2012

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THE pastors and members of Lofdal Church, Downberg Road, Hanover Park wish to convey sympathies to People’s Post editor Feroza MillerIsaacs and her family at this time of sadness and bereavement.

May the Almighty be your strength and comfort and sustain you in your time of pain and heartache. Our prayers are with you and the rest of your family. Bless you all. ANN ABRAHAMS

vAcANcy BUllETiN


Page 2 People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland


ForENsic PAThology oFFicEr grADE 1 (2 Posts), Forensic Pathology laboratory (sAlT rivEr (1 Post), vrEDENDAl (1 Post)) (chieF Directorate: general sPecialist anD emergency services) The above-mentioned post was advertised in the People’s Post (Woodstock/ Maitland) on 16 October 2012. Please note that enquiries are amended as follows: Enquiries: mr W mitten or ms t Penny, tel. no. (021) 448-4456 (salt river). mr e neethling, tel. no. (027) 213-4847 (vredendal). TBWA\H300024/E



Tuesday 23 October 2012

People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland Page 3

Vulnerable site locked down TAURIQ HASSEN

OBSERVATORY residents took a stand when they secured a problematic property which acted as a gateway for criminals. The property in Polo Road is owned by an elderly woman who is unable to secure the property. Ursula van Stavel, the Chief Operating Officer for the Observatory Improvement District (Obsid), confirms that surrounding properties and the recreational park in Scott Road were hit by criminals who entered these premises via the Polo Road property. “We requested permission to secure the property,” says Van Stavel. Residents responded to the requests and a security gate and razor wiring were donated and installed at the house. “Obsid facilitated the process of seeing what could be done to rectify this situation, as the property owner is not by the means to secure their home,” says Van Stavel. Modest donor and resident Christopher Schmidt is pleased by neighbours’ “priceless” action to create a safer environment. “We live in a world where everybody hides away from crime.

“I did this for my own safety, as well as the surrounding community,” he says. Schmidt confirms that the property was officially declared secure last week. “If we all chip in we can really tackle crime and make a difference,” Schmidt adds. Resident James Hoffmeyr is proud to hear of action being taken by residents and Obsid. “This is a very tight-knit community and generally when there is a problem, people always stand together. This specific case should act as example to everybody living in the community.” Observatory Neighbourhood Watch member James Cowley is relieved to hear about residents putting up a united front. “This is what makes a community special,” he says. Cowley explains that lately house breakins have been on the rise, but over the past three weeks there has seen a significant drop in the amount of cases being reported. He encouraged residents to be on the lookout for suspicious-looking characters in the area, suggesting that pictures be taken in case anything illegal unfolds in their streets. “If they feel a person looks really suspicious, they can just take a snapshot and if something should happen they can then forward the picture and we will have information on a possible suspect,” he says. “We need to establish a good neighbourly watch within the community and hearing stories like this is really inspiring.”

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Residents came out in their numbers to support the anti­substance abuse march called by the Salt River Blackpool Football Club.

Giving llife ife a sport sporting ing chance chance LOCAL football club, Salt River Blackpool, hosted a march against drugs and alcohol

abuse on Saturday. People’s Post was there to capture the moment.

NO DRUGS: The soccer club along with other organisations in the community unveil the “Drug Free Area” at the Salt River Blackpool premises in Shelley Street. Photos: Tauriq Hassen








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Wrath of law for cop killers?

FIVE police officers were shot in the Cape in recent weeks.

Three were were gunned down in Hout Bay and Khayelitsha. Another was shot in Belhar and is reportedly in a critical condition. And one was shot dead in Philippi on Friday. People’s Post interns Tar-

Tuesday 23 October 2012

ren-Lee Habelgaarn and Luzuko Zini heard from readers if convicted police killers should get harsher sentences.

DANGER PAY: PAY: Mailys Dagen feels the police deserve to get paid more for a dangerous job. “The sentence for killing someone should be the same for all criminals – no matter who the victim is – because a life is a life.”

FAIRNESS AND EQUALITY: Alistair Petersen believes the lives of police officers are the same as any other person’s. “I think it must be fair. A police officer’s life is not more valua­ ble than those of ordinary South Afri­ can citizens.”

ACTIONS: Zawadi Dabephi Bede says people who kill police officers should get harsher punishments. “The government should provide more training for police officers so they can protect themselves better in dangerous situations.”

PRAYER: Joseph Manuel says: “I PRAYER: pray every day for the police because they work in dangerous conditions. Those people who kill them should receive harsh sentences.”

IT’S MURDER: Eugene Sickle says police killers should not be treated differently to others. “The law should be harsh to anyone who commits murder.”

VALUE OF LIFE: Sandi Hendricks be­ lieves murder is a sin. “A life is a life regardless of who you are. So sen­ tences should be harsh on every­ one.”

A mind ind-blo -blowing wing ex exper perience ience Eish with Pieter-Dirk Uys LOCAL mentalist Gilan Gork will enMIND OVER OVER MATTER: MATTER: thral and astonish Take a journey Beyond audiences in Beyond the Mind with Mentalist the Mind at Camps Gilan Gork at Theatre on Bay’s Theatre on the the Bay. Photo: Kevin Mark Pass Bay from Wednesday 7 to Saturday 24 November. Gork’s show includes visual and mental experiences that will change the lives of those who see events unfolding before them. He will extract a dream from the mind of a randomly selected audience member, while the audience will use special “dream viewer” ing his mind to bend objects such as spoons glasses to step inside the dream of an audience and forks provided by members of the audimember connected to a machine that projects ence. a 3D image of their mind. The show runs from Tuesday to Friday at Audience participation is key in Beyond the 20:00 and Saturdays at 17:30 and 20:30. Tickets, Mind, with one person getting the chance to via Computicket on 0861 915 8000, cost R120 to have their abilities unlocked and read the R160. minds of three volunteers. Ticket holders are asked to take an old Gork’s performances also includes him us- spoon or fork to the show.

A feast of family fun at Artscape VALLEY Kids will present a performance, Torchbearers, at Artscape on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 November at 19:30 and Saturday 10 November at 15:00. The performance is two-hours long and suitable for the entire family. Tickets cost R60 and may be booked

through Artscape Dial-a-Seat on (021) 421 9675 or Computicket, Shoprite and Checkers outlets. Seating is unreserved. Call Toberin Meyer on (021) 410 9917 or for more information.

HOLD ON to your hats because Pieter-Dirk Uys is back with a new show. An Audience with PieterDirk Eish! will be running at the Baxter Theatre from Monday 29 October until Saturday 17 November and will have a different theme every night. Uys will present a celebration of free speech, an orgy of laughing at sacred cows, all in the loving embrace of being in a relatively healthy young democracy. The audience chooses from fifteen boxes on the stage and depending on which number is chosen, it could either turn out to be a drama, a comedy, a farce or a shocking expose. Every box holds a familiar secret and every laugh will be authentically South African. It could be Evita Bezuidenhout as part of a new ANC cadre, or Nowell LAUGHTER AWAITS: Pieter­Dirk Uys will have you in stitch­ Fine celebrating 40 years es with his new show An Audience with Pieter­Dirk Eish! in the public eye. Maybe it will be Malema in Gucci or chains, some R100 for the previews on Monday 29 and Zumas married or not, one or two Mande- Tuesday 30 October and the matinee on Wednesday 14 November at 15:00. All othlas, a Tutu or many other characters. An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Eish! was er performances are R140. Booking can be made via Computicket a complete sell-out at the recent National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and re- or by calling 0 086 191 58000. There are also special discounts available for groups ceived rave reviews. The show is 90 minutes and runs Mon- and schools when you call 0 (021) 680 3962 days to Saturdays at 20:00. Tickets cost or 0 (021) 680 3993.


Tuesday 23 October 2012

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Numbers down at Zonnebloem Nest TAURIQ HASSEN

ENROLMENT at Zonnebloem Nest Senior Secondary has been hit hard by earlier news of the school potentially closing. By this time of the year, 80% of Grade 8 classes would be filled but this year it falls way below that mark, says principal Monty Damsell. “We have not had the time to inform the public that the school will remain open,” he says. Last week, the school received a letter from the provincial education department stipulating that the school would remain open. The news has been met with joy and excitement from students and staff. “The news was very sudden and we have not had the opportunity to sit down and discuss ways on how we would improve, as the matric students are starting with their final exams and this is our main priority at the moment,” Damsell says. He adds: “We are extremely happy that the school is staying open and it makes me feel as if we are doing good work.” The Walmer Estate school in Cambridge Street was issued a provincial education department notice suggesting closure, with 27 schools facing a similar fate, (“School closure still in balance”, People’s Post, 12 June). This sparked anger in the community, resulting in a number of protests and marches by concerned parents. According to the provincial education department, in 2011, 54,8% of pupils in Grade 11 did not progress to Grade 12; 46,2% did not pass Grade 9 and 42,9% failed Grade 10. Students were delighted that the school doors will remain open and when People’s Post visited, the hallways were filled with

RELIEF: Students at Zonnebloem Nest Senior Secondary have been handed a lifeline after the announcement that the school will remain open. Photo: Tauriq Hassen laughter and celebration. Grade 8 pupil Nqaba Pakade (14), is relieved to hear that he will not have to enrol at a different school. “When we found out that we might close, we tried applying at other schools, but they did not accept me. Some schools were already full. So I was extremely upset and worried that I would never go back to school,” Pakade says. Ongezwa Mbombo (14) also tried applying at other schools but was rejected. “It was really hard trying to learn knowing that the school could have been closed. I have

NOTICE OF A MEETING OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN A meeting of the Council of the City of Cape Town will be held on Wednesday 31 October 2012 at 10:00 in the Council Chamber, 6th Floor, Podium Block, Civic Centre, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town. Please note that limited seating is available in the public gallery of the Council Chamber, and therefore seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Should you wish to attend the meeting you are requested to contact Michelle Alberts on 021 400 3708 between 09:00 and 16:00. All requests for attendance must be received by no later than a day before the meeting. You will be required to provide your surname, initials and contact telephone number. Visitors are kindly requested to be seated by 09:30.










WA S 9 9 .95


00 m2

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60 x 60 cm

51 Paarden Eiland Road, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town Tel: 021 510 5500 Website:

Pictures are for illustration purposes only • Price incl VAT • E&OE • Terms & Conditions Apply • We reserve the right to limit quantities • Cash & Carry • No Traders

22856 E.&O.E.


no idea what I would have done if that happened, but I am over the moon that we will stay open,” she says. Grade 9 pupil, Lusanda Nqankala (15), is just happy that she would not be parting ways with her friends and she can continue to enjoy school with them. “That was the first thing I thought of, that I would be losing my friends. I am extremely happy the school is staying open and I will not be losing any of my friends,” she gushes. In the same week, the school received even better news when a few dance and drama students all walked away with top marks from

their exams. Drama teacher Carmen Hector believes the school is now enjoying a “new start” and will certainly be looking at ways to improve their system. “These results means a lot because we were labelled as an underperforming school. Our main aim is to prove the department wrong,” she says. She confirms that the school is now in the process of making internal changes in order to get rid of the stigma. “We are working really hard and we will continue to do so until this label is removed,” Hector adds. Provincial minister of education, Donald Grant, considered all representations made by the school’s governing body, the community concerned and the public before deciding that the school’s doors should remain open. Among the representations made were that the conditions at the school could be significantly improved to overcome the problems of a high drop-out rate and poor performance levels in Grades 8 to 12. “Our children deserve nothing less than what it takes to provide them with quality education and with it, the opportunities to make the most of their lives,” says Grant. As the school is on privately-owned land, the education department is unable to provide funding to upgrade the facility, but will make an effort to contact the owners, requesting them to improve infrastructure. Grant confirms the department will be working closely with the school to enhance performance and outcomes. “Any decision I have made has been ultimately guided by what is in the best interest of the learners,” says Grant. “I am confident that my final decision in each case will ultimately improve opportunities for the learners concerned.”

Page 6 People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland


Tuesday 23 October 2012

Trip-up over open drains TAURIQ HASSEN

SALT RIVER residents are up in arms at having to contend with gaping holes where drain covers should be. The unsightly gaps – as a result of drain covers being stolen – are creating a safety hazard for pedestrians who have to negotiate the walkways. One resident, Ishma-eel Richards, has already sustained injuries after stepping into an uncovered drain. “We pay our rates to receive this sort of treatment. It is the City’s duty to ensure these services are carried out,” he says. Richards says he understands that when drain covers are stolen, it becomes a police matter, but still feels “proper measures” should be put in place. He suggests the City replace the stolen drain covers with ones which can be locked to prevent attempts to steal them. Three drain covers are missing from the pavement outside the home of Benson Daniels, also of Salt River. He believes this is creating an “unsafe environment for the community”. Benson adds: “The City must understand these drains can cause lots of damage, because you don’t know what is inside those drains. You could injure yourself really badly.” Adding to their concerns are rats scurrying into the uncovered drains. “This is a health issue. If we are not worrying about stepping into these uncovered drains, we worry about

what is coming out of them.” Wardah Rahim, the chairperson of the Salt River Residents’ Association, encourages more residents to lodge complaints. “We are aware that this is a major problem, not only in Salt River but all over Cape Town,” she says. “We need the residents to come forward and report these problems in order for us to attend to them.” According to Rahim, the issue has surfaced at recent residents’ association meetings. “We understand this is a very general problem, but these drains cannot stand open and they are dangerous to everybody in the community.” Richard Bosman, the Executive Director of Safety and Security for the City of Cape Town, explains that patrols have been increased in the area and more strategic information is being gathered in order to catch criminals. He acknowledges that theft of drain covers is a citywide problem, costing around R1 500 to replace. He believes that drain covers that are stolen predominantly gets traded in at scrap yards. Suggesting a possible solution, Bosman says: “One is the process of replacing the metal drain covers and frame with a polymer gully grid and frame. “The cast iron water channel, found on pavements, can be replaced with PVC-pipe, which have no trade-in value at scrapyards and thus will not be stolen.” If anyone witnesses drain covers being stolen, contact the City’s call centre on 0 086 010 3089 or the Metals Theft Unit on the toll-free number 0 0800 222 771.

CLASSIC EXPERIENCE: It’s that time of the year when tourists flock to the Mother City to admire its beauty and splendour. But the natural resources of Cape Town is not only for the enjoyment of tourists – locals can now also explore the place they call home with the great packages offered by City Sightseeing Cape Town. In addition to the two offers on board the iconic red double­decker open top buses, City Sightseeing also offers a unique night tour during summer. The company has launched its newest offering – the Cape Point Sidecar Tour. The classic sidecar motorcycle is driven by an experienced and knowledgeable chauffeur and takes two passengers, departing from the City Sight­ seeing ticket office at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Travel to Newlands and the Far South, heading back to the Waterfront through Sea Point and Three Anchor Bay. In total, the Cape Point Sidecar Tour takes about five hours and covers a distance of 150kms. Tours require pre­booking at the ticket office or online at

Get in on tthis his secret – and win THE Spier Secret Food and Wine Market offers a wide variety of food, treats, homebaked goods and lots of entertainment for young and old. The event, which is on Saturday 27 October, promises tons of surprises – from toffee apple trees to helium-filled hippos. Tickets are R70 for adults and include a wine glass and five Spier wine tasting vouchers (strictly for over-18s).

Children under 18 years pay R40 to enter and those under 12 enter free. The market runs from 10:00 to 16:00. People’s Post readers can win 10 double tickets. Send competition entries to with the words “People’s Post Secret” in the subject field, followed by your name and contact details by Thursday 25 October at 13:00.

YUMMY DECISIONS: A customer had difficulty choosing one of the delicacies at a stand at the Spier Secret Food and Wine Market last year. Photo: Supplied

PET PARTNER: Former Springbok flanker Rassie Erasmus showed his support for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s “Life’s Better Shared” pet adoption campaign by adding his signature and message of support to the giant adoption campaign sup­ porter wall at the SPCA Adoption Centre. The campaign, launched earlier this month, has seen more than 30 animals adopted and is aimed at creating awareness of the many abandoned and rescued ani­ mals needing loving homes. “The re­ sponse, even before the campaign was officially launched on World Ani­ mal Day, has been amazing and we’re thrilled that so many more peo­ ple have visited us and made enquir­ ies about adopting a pet,” says SPCA Animal Care Centre Manager, Margie Ainscow. For more informa­ tion visit www.lifesbetter­ or call the SPCA on (021)700­4146. Photo: Supplied

Tuesday 23 October 2012


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Tuesday 23 October 2012

VACANCY BULLETIN EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES FOR PERSONS WHO WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Post: Medical Officer Grade 1 to 3 (Staff/Occupational Health Clinic) Institution: Groote Schuur Hospital, Observatory Remuneration: Grade 1: R 520 680 per annum Grade 2: R 595 347 per annum Grade 3: R 690 918 per annum (A portion of the package can be structured according to the individual’s personal needs.) Requirements:- Minimum educational qualification: Appropriate qualification that allows registration with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as Medical Practitioner. Registration with a professional council: Registration with the HPCSA as a Medical Practitioner. Experience: Grade 1: None after registration as Medical Practitioner with the HPCSA in respect of SA qualified employees. One year relevant experience after registration as Medical Practitioner with a recognised foreign Health Professional Council in respect of foreign qualified employees, of whom it is not required to perform Community Service as required in South Africa. Grade 2: A minimum of 5 years appropriate experience as Medical Practitioner after registration with the HPCSA as a Medical Practitioner in respect of SA qualified employees. A minimum of 6 years relevant experience after registration as Medical Practitioner with a recognised foreign Health Professional Council in respect of foreign qualified employees, of whom it is not required to perform Community Service as required in South Africa. Grade 3: A minimum of 10 years appropriate experience as a Medical Practitioner after registration with the HPCSA as a Medical Practitioner in respect of SA qualified employees. A minimum of 11 years relevant experience after registration as Medical Practitioner with a recognised foreign Health Professional Council in respect of foreign qualified employees, of whom it is not required to perform Community Service as required in South Africa. Inherent requirement of the job: A valid driver’s licence (Code B). Competencies (knowledge/skills): Computer literacy (MS Office). Ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written) in at least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape. Knowledge of Health Risk Management (HRA, Occ. Hygiene report assessment). Knowledge of Medical Adjudication (return to work medicals). Knowledge of HIV management and Primary Healthcare. Management of Injuries on Duty cases. Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational health (DOH) advantageous. Duties (key result areas/outputs): Render clinical patient care to patients visiting Staff Health Clinic. Render Emergency Care with regard to injury on duty Medical Examinations (pre-employment, periodical, exit, medical surveillance and fitness to work medicals). Assist with Health risk management (HRA, Occ. Hygiene report assessment) and Medical Adjudication (return to work medicals). Assist with the planning and implementation of quality assurance for HIV services for the hospital as part of the comprehensive care, management and treatment of staff with HIV. Implement internal and external protocols to ensure effective functioning of clinical services. Work within a team of health care workers to offer a comprehensive package of care at Primary Health Care level. Be part of the Awareness Drives and Campaigns of the Clinic. Enquiries: Ms M Govender, tel. no. (021) 404-2311. Please submit your application for the attention of Ms N Mbilini to the Chief Executive Officer: Groote Schuur Hospital, Private Bag X4, Observatory, 7935. Post:

Assistant Manager: Nursing (Specialty: Critical Care, Psychiatry, Trauma and Emergency) (3 posts) Institution: Groote Schuur Hospital, Observatory Remuneration: R 386 265 (PN-B4) per annum Service benefits: 13th cheque, employer’s contribution to the pension fund, housing and medical aid allowance. Requirements:- Minimum educational qualifications: Basic R425 qualification (degree/diploma in nursing) or equivalent qualification that allows registration with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) as a Professional Nurse. A post-basic nursing qualification with a duration of at least 1 year accredited with SANC, in one of the following specialties, Post 1: Advanced Psychiatry Nursing Science or Medical and Surgical Nursing Science: Oncology. Post 2: Critical Care Nursing: General. Post 3: Critical Care Nursing: Trauma and Emergency. Registration with a professional council: Registration with the SANC as Professional Nurse. Experience: A minimum of 10 years appropriate/recognisable experience in nursing after registration as a Professional Nurse with the SANC in General Nursing. At least 6 years of the period referred to above must be appropriate/ recognisable experience in the specific specialty after obtaining the one year post basic qualification in the above mentioned specialty. At least 3 years of the period referred to above must be appropriate/recognisable experience at management level. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Quality Assurance, Human Resource, Finance and Change Management. Decision making, negotiation, facilitation, problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills. Grievance procedures and disciplinary legislation. Computer literacy (MS Word and Excel). Infection Prevention and control policies. Extensive experience in an Academic hospital. Duties (key result areas/outputs): Co-ordinate, supervise and control nursing services in the Surgical Department. Ensure the provision of optimal, holistic, specialised nursing care within set standards and a professional and legal framework. Ensure that prescribed policies and procedures are adhered to. Effectively manage the initiation and utilisation of human and material resources. Ensure the control and execution of quality of care and financial management. Co-ordinate the provision of effective training and research to maintain professional growth, ethical standards and self-development. Liaise directly with the Nursing and Medical managers as well as the relevant Departmental Heads (Ancillary and Support Services). Enquiries: Ms MJ Ross, tel. no. (021) 404-2071. Please submit your application for the attention of Ms N Mbilini to the Chief Executive Officer: Groote Schuur Hospital, Private Bag X4, Observatory, 7935.

Closing date: 9 November 2012 Instructions To Applicants Z83 forms (obtainable from any Government department or must: Be completed in full, clearly reflect the name of the position, name and date of the publication (candidates may use this as reference), be signed, accompanied by a comprehensive CV, and certified copies of ID, driver’s licence and qualification/s. A separate application form must be completed for each post. Applications without the aforementioned will not be considered. Applications must be forwarded to the address as indicated on the advertisement. No late, faxed or e-mailed applications will be accepted. CV’s will not be returned. Excess personnel will receive preference. Applications, which are received after the closing date, will not be considered. Further communication will be limited to short-listed candidates. If you have not received a response from the Department within 3 months of the closing date, please consider your application as unsuccessful. It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place as determined by the Department. As directed by the Department of Public Service & Administration, applicants must note that further checks will be conducted once they are short-listed and that their appointment is subject to positive outcomes on these checks, which include security clearance, qualification verification, criminal records, credit records and previous employment. The Department of Health is guided by the principles of Employment Equity. Disabled candidates are encouraged to apply and an indication in this regard will be appreciated. TBWA\H300038/E

Creative kites to take flight

COLOURFUL creations will decorate the sky at Zandvlei as the Cape Town International Kite Festival makes its way to Muizenberg.

The highly-anticipated festival will also see an almost lost kiting tradition fly again, thanks to the annual event organised by Cape Mental Health. People’s Post is the print media partner of the festival. The Cape Swaeltjie is a kite design that appears to have come to SA several centuries ago via slaves and immigrants from South-East Asia. The few people still making this style of kite have learnt the technique from their parents and grandparents; it’s a heritage which has GO FLY A KITE: Goosain Davids and his grand­ been passed down son, Mujaid, have taken the best Heritage Kite through the genera- prize at the past two Cape Town International tions. Kite Festivals. Goosain Davids and Ebrahim Sambo, award- competition to find the best winning kite makers from Ath- Swaeltjie kite. This is the third Heritage Kite lone, will be running the first Cape Swaeltjie kite-making Award and the judges will be workshop at the festival on Sat- looking for the best hand-crafturday 3 and Sunday 4 November. ed, locally-made kites. Judging takes place on SunThe workshop will take place day afternoon, and there are on Sunday morning. The cost of R50 a person in- cash prizes. Entry to the competition is free. cludes materials. For more information visit There is only space for 30 entrants so it is advisable to pre-, call (021) 447 9040 or email inbook. At the festival there will be a

Seventeen cheers cheers for VOC Fest Festival ival THE Voice of the Cape Festival – which draws about 70 000 visitors – will be held from Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 December at the Cape Town Market in Epping, with the slogan A Festival for You and Me. This year the station celebrates 17 years as a community broadcaster. With a daily listenership of over 350 000, VOC is the third biggest community broadcaster in South Africa. It was established in January 1995 to empower the local community in the post-apartheid era. Although the issues generally tackled on-air relate to the Muslim community – the radio station has an Islamic ethos – it does not concentrate solely on Muslims. VOC sales co-ordinator Hassiem Bastra says the anticipated festival is an exciting initiative which was planned to create a more neat and coordinated festival. Tickets for daily entries cost R20 for adults and pensioners and children under 12 pay R10.

This year the Sports Live Show will host the VOC Street Style 5-a-side Soccer Tournament. Bastra says they hope to get 20 junior and 20 senior teams, with each game lasting 20 minutes. There will be prizes for top goal scorer, goal of the day, goal of the tournament, goalkeeper of the tournament, most disciplined team and best team gear. Junior entrants must be under 16 and seniors over 16 years. Email registrations to Situated in Salt River, it broadcasts to the Cape Town metro area (100.4FM) every alternate day, but has daily frequencies of 95.8FM (Boland), 90.7FM and 90.9FM – which are accessible in Mitchell’s Plain and the Two Oceans areas. The station also reaches an international listenership through audio-streaming via The station’s website features articles and blogs by VOC reporters, with regular updates of breaking news.


Tuesday 23 October 2012

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Beach booze ban enforced TAURIQ HASSEN

PERILOUS WATERS: WATERS: Micheal Gresak is believed to have drowned off Duiker’s Rock in Clifton.Photo:

A WARNING is being sent out to scholars celebrating the end of their school year with beach parties following the drowning of a college student last week.

The City is already aware of a number of schools that will be celebrating their valedictory day over the course of the next few days and wishes to remind all students that the consumption of alcohol on beaches is forbidden. “The cause of the drowning incident last week is still being determined, but this tragic loss acts as a cruel reminder that accidents can happen very quickly,” says Schafer. Both Schafer and Davidson expressed their condolences to Gresak’s family. Ed Schroeder, the regional co-ordinator for


City officials fear that most students will be out celebrating without understanding the dangers of the sea, with large quantities of alcohol already being confiscated on Clifton beaches. On Wednesday, a 23-year-old Progress College student, Micheal Gresak from Wynberg, is believed to have swam out to Duiker’s Rock on Clifton’s Fourth Beach, but never returned. Bruce Davidson, the National Sea Rescue Institute Bakoven Station Commander, explains that Gresak had been out with friends at the time when he reportedly went for a swim to the rock. “Off-duty Clifton Surf lifeguards responded to the scene and initiated a search launching their surf rescue rubber duck,” Davidson says. A massive search for Gresak ensued, including police divers and other law enforcement agencies, around the region. “During the search, the body of the man was located and recovered,” he says. Ward councillor Beverley Schafer stresses that the seas are “currently rough” and currents are strong. “I’m encouraging parents to remind their children about being safe, taking care on the roads and acting responsibly wherever they are celebrating,” Schafer says. She adds that this time of the year is always the challenging period for the City of Cape Town, as learners complete their school year, mostly with annual valedictory day celebrations.

Lifesaving Western Province, confirms that lifeguards will be present at Camps Bay and Clifton beaches from 1 December until Easter Monday. “Lifeguards will be present at these Blue Flag beaches everyday throughout the day,” he says. Schroeder expects a busy beach season , but wished to warn beach users about the dangers of the sea. “Alcohol remains a huge problem, but Law Enforcement will be clamping down heavily on those who do not follow the City’s rules

There is life after debt.

around using the beaches.” Mayoral Committee member for Community Services, Tandeka Gqada, confirms that the City has a formal partnership with Lifesaving Western Province, which is mainly sourced from existing lifesaving clubs. “The City’s Sport, Recreation and Amenities Department is still wrapping up the final numbers of lifeguards,” Gqada says. She confirms that “no alcohol is allowed on any City beach”. The NSRI encourages the public to contact their emergency number on 0 (021) 449 3500.

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Tuesday 23 October 2012


ONE of the police officers was pregnant when she was shot dead nearly two weeks ago. That brings the death toll to five after a total of five officers were shot in recent weeks. Hout Bay constable Phindiwe Nikani (26) was pregnant when she was killed during a routine patrol in Imizamo Yethu. She was reportedly about to be married. Her colleague, Constable Mandisi Nduku, was also shot and died in hospital later. Before this incident, Mphumelelo Xakekile (50), was shot dead while ticketing a taxi near Khayelitsha. At the weekend, another police officer, Douglas Moses (50), was shot dead while on duty in Philippi. And a 29-year-old sergeant, shot in Belhar, is reportedly in a critical condition in hospital. One man was arrested for Nikani’s killing. Provincial police commissioner Lieutenant-General Arno Lamoer is quoted as saying the police will “never give up”, but “will stay focused” on their task to protect the nation. Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has said there “should be no parole for the killers of police”. For those in mourning, these words come too little, too late. As their tears dry, life goes on for those now without a mother or father. Being a parent, a child, husband or wife is their first “station” in life. While many police officers go to extremes to live their calling as men and women in blue, none should have to give their lives to serve and protect. The question begs: have gangsters put a bullseye on every police officer? Or is this a confluence of a series of coincidences in which the bad people with firearms outshoot the good people with guns? And what is national police commissioner Riah Phiyega doing to halt these killings? Talk is cheap. Human life isn’t. Whether you’re a cop, a council worker or a corporate person, everyone deserves to live to old age, safely.

Water is recyclable

helping ourselves Let us star t helping

I HAVE said it before and I will say it again: South Africans are a strange nation and one which allows itself to be bullied economically, even with our world-acclaimed constitution. How can I make such a statement – or, more so, am I allowed to make such a statement, legally? If I correctly understand my constitutional rights, I have every right to make such a statement. Recently I was at a friend’s council flat when I heard a cry that brought back my youth. It was a hawker with a horse and cart, selling fruit and vegetables with his shouts of “aartappel, uiwe, tamaties en pampoene”. He encouraged housewives to flock to the cart and buy his wares.

A question immediately came to mind: where have all our hawkers gone? Those business people who, for under the belt prices and on the book, sold us food for the table? Has legislation forced them to the grant and begging queues? Yet we want to create employment. How many times have I and others written to those in power? Need I remind those for whom we voted to use the vacant ground to start community vegetable gardens, so as to avoid crippling food prices and create employment? We do not see the hawkers as in the past and the open ground stands like major beacons, just waiting for someone to start ploughing. KEITH BLAKE

Commuters separated separated by class I AM a Metrorail commuter. Why on earth do we still have first and third class carriages? In the morning the third class carriages are packed to capacity while the front carriages are almost empty. This is economic segregation and Metrorail is a dinosaur in post-apartheid South Africa. Intelligent marketing would suggest that Metrorail creates one class and one fare for all. Restore the dignity of your commuters! MUHAMMED KHAN Commuter

Metrorail Regional Manager Mthuthuzeli Swartz responds: As public transport operator, Metrorail has to be demand-responsive by offering differentiated services such as MetroPlus and Business Expresses. Metrorail matches capacity to demand as best it can and encourages the public to move from private to public transport. Trains have the dominant modal share (57%) of public transport in Cape Town. And 10% of Metrorail’s patronage prefers to travel on MetroPlus and contributes significantly to the region’s fare revenue.

WHAT a pity People’s Post interns Luzuko Zini and Tarren-Lee Habelgaarn did not manage to find even one enlightened person to interview in their poll on recycled water! Every drop of water on the planet has been recycled millions of times and has been through the bodies of many people and animals on its way to our taps. People’s Post should not be encouraging this ignorant knee-jerk response, but rather explaining how fortunate we are that we have safe water on tap and do not have to collect it from a stream and purify it ourselves. PENELOPE FORREST Email The matter of recycling water in the Western Province and KwaZulu Natal is relevant and topical to readers, hence the poll. People’s Post respects the right of every reader to their opinion. - Ed

Tuesday 23 October 2012


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Hajj: a holy experience Shahista Rohan-Toefy is a former reporter who shares her journey to Saudi Arabia days before Eid-ul-Adha, more commonly known as the “day of sacrifice”.

IT IS mere days before the hajj and people’s spirits are high. Everyone is excited and anxious for the climax of the pilgrimage. Most of the people here, like me, will be performing their pilgrimage for the first time and don’t know what to expect. From what we are being told, it is a very strenuous journey which entails lots of walking. It also is a very emotional one. Walking is something I am used to, but when you’re walking in temperatures ranging from 36 to 40 degrees Celsius among mil-

Team-up to help protect animals IN THE LEAD up to Qurbani, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA has been working closely with the Muslim Judicial Council, the Halaal Trust and farm owners who have collectively committed to ensure this Eid-ul-Adha is held not only in accordance with the Muslim religion and culture, but also in accordance with the Animals Protection Act. SPCA Inspectorate manager Moyo Ndukwana says inspectors will be monitoring the transportation, handling and housing of the estimated 5 000 animals destined for slaughter as part of the annual Muslim festival. Local Muslim veterinarian, Dr Ayoub Mohamed Banderker, says animal welfare organisations are often faced with cases of animal cruelty or neglect during the time of Qurbani, mostly owing to inexperience and lack of knowledge of lay persons who have little or no contact with livestock. “Due to the sheer numbers of animals being slaughtered during the three days, many people attempt to rush through the process, which is against the true spiritual significance of Qurbani or even Halaal slaughter. In order for Qurbani to remain true to its religious meaning and intentions, the Muslim community must adhere to the Islamic welfare laws and teachings for maintaining and handling Halaal slaughter. In so doing, there would be no incidents of cruelty or neglect of animals”. The SPCA advises those who are inexperienced, but want to participate in Qurbani, to make use of or request advice from approved Qurbani farms. People who wish to perform Qurbani at their homes are urged to ensure that animals are slaughtered humanely by an experienced person and must obtain permission from their local City of Cape Town environmental health offices. In preparation for Qurbani, the SPCA visited the main Qurbani farms in the Cape Town area in an effort to educate the owners on proper handling and the humane slaughtering of animals such as sheep and cows. “All animals need to be provided with adequate food, water and shelter and only experienced slaughterers should perform the slaughtering,” he says. SPCA inspectors will be stationed at Qurbani farms to ensure animals are sacrificed humanely and will offer to pre- or post-stun animals to facilitate this. The SPCA encourages pre-stunning of all animals before slaughter and hopes this will become the norm, rather than the exception. Transportation of animals to places of slaughter will also be monitored. They appeal to the Muslim community to ensure suitable modes of transportation are used for livestock to prevent incidents of unnecessary suffering to animals. For referrals to Qurbani farms or to report alleged acts of animal cruelty, contact the SPCA Inspectorate on (021) 700 4158/59 or after hours on 083 326 1604.

lions and millions of people, it certainly is no joke. To top it off, most people here have some sort of health challenge; in my case, I am three months pregnant and tire very easily. For that reason I’m very nervous about the impending hajj. My hope is that I will successfully complete my pilgrimage. Muslims take part in this strenuous journey and hope our intention will be sincere enough that God will accept it. Once our hajj is accepted we’ll be sin-free and will be given the opportunity to continue our lives on a clean slate. Pilgrims normally come to Medina and Mecca a few weeks earlier to spend time preparing spiritually to perform the pilgrimage. Medina is known for its peace and tranquilli-

ty as it is where the body of our Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) lies. It also is where two of the Islamic leaders who succeeded him are buried. Their bodies are buried adjacent to an area known as the Rauwda tul Jannah and it is believed that praying in this area is equivalent to praying in heaven itself. In Medina, the pilgrims pray and pay their respects to the Prophet (PBUH). In Mecca the Muslims visit and circumbulate – or tawaaf – around the Kaa’ba, which is the house of God. Muslims spend hours just praying to God here. We believe prayers are almost always answered when made at the house of God. One of the most amazing things about the hajj is the number of like-minded people gath-

HOLY CITY: The bustling city of Medina, out­ side the holy mosque and burial place of Proph­ et Mohammad (PBUH). Photo: Shahista Rohan-Toefy ering here. People from every culture and race gather in this holy city and pray together and this site is one to behold.

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Tuesday 23 October 2012

That’s what friends are for

assist with the Winter blanket campaign of the Woodstock Police Station,” added A GROUP of women are Kensley. proving there’s much more They have also donated to to friendship when it comes the incubator fund at Groote to doing good in their comSchuur Hospital and work munities. with the Sisters of Charity in Khayelitsha, she adds. The Association of Friends Their anniversary function recently celebrated their 20th was used to raise funds to buy anniversary in Maitland with toiletries for 50 abused woma high tea at St Anne’s Anglien and gifts for 65 abused chilcan Church. dren who live at the Place of While the women enjoyed Hope in Athlone and Carethe treats and entertainment haven in Bridgetown respecprovided, the event also doutively. bled as a fundraiser to assist Another member, Cyntha some organisations on the pePhilland, added that the sucninsula. cess of the club is largely due Association member Natato the support of family and sha Kensly explained that the friends who all want to be club was originally called the part of helping in their comYes Girls. munities. “The Yes stood for Year End “We come from across the Supply, and originally our peninsula and gather as aim was to meet and subfriends, but through our scribe to the club with money friendship we realise we must to buy groceries in bulk,” she always try to look at helping said. the disadvantaged in our “Joan Thomas started it in neighbourhoods. 1992 and while she is no long“It is a legacy to our parents er a member she is also celebrating here with us today CHEERS: The Association of Friends toast their 20th anniversary at a high tea in Maitland. Front, from left, are who raised us to care for othand supports us in our en- Ray Williams, Erica Thomas, Cynthia Philland and Angie Schullard. Back, from left, are Yvonne Lawrence, Fiona ers, and our members who Esau, Jenny Fortune and Natasha Kensly. Photo: Gary van Dyk have died for their commitdeavours. ment to the aims of the club.” “We changed the name of One such member, said Philland, is Jill tivities. the organisation when we realised that selves.” “We have raised money to give children Alcock, who died last year. Over the years they have raised funds while we still wanted to save for those barFor further information about the group gains that helped our families at the end in various ways included charity shows at uniforms where they could not afford their of the year, we wanted to do something the Baxter Theatre, and a number of or- own, donated wheelchairs to organisa- call Kensley on (021) 559 7023 or positive for those less fortunate than our- ganisations have benefited from their ac- tions and members of the community, and 082 302 2164. GARY VAN DYK

Don’t cchicken hicken out; watch this! this! CHICKENS, a play by playwright Gabriella Pinto, will take to the stage of the Magnate Theatre in Observatory from Thursday 25 October to 3 November. Directed by award-winning director Tara Notcutt, the hilarious play explores what happens when an older, seasoned journalist and a young intern attempt to write a masterpiece of a play under the pressure of an urgent deadline. The play was the winning entry of the inaugural SCrIBE Scriptwriting Competition, a competition presented by the Imbewu Trust to promote and develop contemporary South African theatre. The prize is to have the play mounted by a professional team for a run at a theatre. It features Adrian Galley, Dylan Horley and newcomer Kelly-Eve Koopman. This tongue-in-cheek production takes a close look at the BRIDGING THE GAP: From left, Adrian Galley, Dylan Horley generation gap, the negation of and Kelly­Eve Koopman in Chickens. Photo: Danielle Bischoff old people and the contradictions and complexities of daily life. er. Coincidentally, two of the cast members “It’s a fresh, funny and insightful script also have extensive experience as journalthat sees these two men travel on a journey ists!” of self-discovery as they struggle to write Chickens will be performed from Monday their masterpiece,” says Notcutt. “The play to Saturday at 20:00. Tickets cost R60 and R50 touches on ‘hipster’ culture, mortality and for students. To book, email imbewuthe apprehensions we have about one anoth-

Rev your bike for a good cause SHOW your support to people living with life-threatening illnesses by joining the Sunflower Foundation for the Bikers for Bandanas Motorcycle Race on Sunday 28 November. The race aims to raise awareness for those living with various forms of leu-

kaemia and other blood disorders. The 60km event will take place at the Ysterplaat Air Force Base and entry is R50. Registration is from 8:00 to 9:45 and engines start at 10:00. Call Nontobeko Mpeqeka on (021) 701 0661 for more details.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Free exam help on MXit

DON’T FRET if you notice your child spending too much time on his cellphone – he might very well be studying. The Educational Improvement and Study Health (Eish) Team in partnership with the Digital Media and Marketing Agency (DMMA) has launched a revision series on MXit called “CellSchool”, designed especially to help this year’s matriculants ace their exams. The series consists of short video lessons for six key subjects, delivered by top teachers who guide the Grade 12s through exactly what they need to study in order to succeed in their finals. With forty 10- to 15-minute lessons for Maths, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and English, and 20 each for Maths Literacy and Accounting, the revision series covers all the key concepts in the Grade 12 curriculum. CellSchool tutors are available on MXit from 17:00 until 19:00 daily to help learners with their revision questions. They also guide learners through practice activities and questions from past exam papers, ensuring that they are able to engage with the content in the video lessons, practise until they have mastered it and then apply the knowledge in an examination context. “It is a way of showing learners the efficiency of various digital media channels when it comes to transforming education,” says Anastacia Martin, the head of the DMMA’s training and transformation section. During the exam period itself, “night-before” guidelines for each exam paper will also be provided on MXit, including advice on what to expect in the following day’s exam, how best to approach each section, and how to ensure maximum marks. “We’ve been experimenting with mobile methods as a way of delivering good quality video lessons to learners at a very low cost,” says Eish content producer Lisa Blakeway. “It seemed silly not to make the pilot content available to the people who will benefit from it most – this year’s Grade 12s. “We’ve shot the series especially with inexpensive, small-screen cellphones in mind, and have compressed the content dramatically so that the associated data costs are as low as possible for the end user – approximately 20c for a 5-minute/2MB lesson segment. “Anyone who can get MXit on their phone can access the content. It’s all there already; it’s now just a matter of making matrics aware so that they may make use of it.” To access CellSchool on MXit, go to Tradepost, MXit Reach, Education and then CellSchool. For the full MXit matric revision schedule visit or Contact Martin at or Blakeway at


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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Far South gears up for second surfski race ENTRIES are open for amateur and novice paddlers for the Best4 Summer Surfski Series – the season’s second race in the Hansa 3 Beaches Surfski Race – taking place at Fish Hoek beach on Sunday 28 October. Cape Town series coordinator Dawid Mocke says: “The series is not just for the fast and fit professionals. It’s a great way for anyone to get fit while having fun on our beautiful beaches across the Peninsula with your family.” The series started on Sunday 14 October at the V&A Waterfront. A field of over 170 paddlers braved the windy conditions to paddle at the iconic tourist spot, with the race being the first surfski event held at that venue. The top three places in that race went to Far South residents Simon van Gysen, Kenny Rice (both of Fish Hoek) and Alis-

dair Glass (Lakeside). After Sunday’s race, the Best4 Surfski series races are on Sunday 4 November (Blouberg); Sunday 18 November (Hout Bay); Sunday 25 November (Strand), Sunday 2 December (Long Beach, Kommetjie); Sunday 13 January (Miller’s Point); Sunday 20 January (Lagoon Beach, Milnerton); Sunday 27 January (Seaforth Beach, Simon’s Town), with the final race and series prizegiving at Clifton Beach on Sunday 3 February. Sunday’s race begins at 9:00 at the Fish Hoek Lifesaving Club, with preregistration between 7:30 and 8:30. The race entry fee is R80, but early birds can enter online at for R70. For more information on this race and the series, which has 10 races in total, visit or call (021) 782 4311.

PADDLE UP: Race organis­ ers Dawid and Nikki Mocke test the course for Sun­ day’s race. Photo: John Hishin


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Personal CHIEF OMAR IS BACK! Lost Love (sameday) Financial problems Gambling casino, lotto, etc Marriage problems Etc. Bellville Cell: 071 995 0681/ 021 839 5778

PROF SHAKURU * Lost lovers same day * Pregnancy problems * Financial problems ( 071 903 6820

ALPHA CATERERS Menus from R60 p/p. ( 021­703 6495 or 082 742 7098


Children’s Entertainment HIRE A CASTLE from R150. Kidies Chairs, tables & linen. Ph 696 3791/ 084 209 1313


Entertainment 911 MOBILE DISCO for all occasions. Ph 082 337 0911



sms WENDY to 41911 and we’ll call you back.





Hiring Services

PIANO, KEYBOARD, GUITAR, RECORDER LESSONS. All ages, all stages. Experienced teacher. Reasonable rates. Rondebosch area. Phone: 0744017380

CATER SUPPLIES 021­696 2394 or 084 588 0686 Plastic chairs R2. Round Table: 10 seater R10 Long Table: 10 seater R10. CHAIR COVERS FROM R3 Round table cloth XL R15 Long Table Cloth XL: R12 Organzas: From R2. We Deliver & Collect

Wendy Houses SPECIALS 6 x 3m, R6 000 cash. 082 621 4441/021 393 5475







Garden Services QUICKTRIM GARDEN SERVICE Tree­felling with a difference. Also garden maintenance, mowing, trimming, flower beds, refuse removal and much more. Ph 082 875 5260

“SPASIE VIR DIE NASIE” For all your Wendy house needs watch this space: Specials on Wendy houses, Playhouses and NuTec homes

021 405 1136

082 961 8108

• Replacement on all types of roofs, eg: slate, tile and metal roofs • Residential and Commercial • Torch-on Waterproofing & Maintenance • Repairs on all roof types • Roof Spray Painting • High pressure cleaning • Concrete Decks • Excellent Workmanship with • Reputable References   e-mail:  021 556 5732 | 021 838 1060

PENSION/PACKAGE Lumpsum/Payout same day


 021 949 3402/3 Call back 073 609 9307 078 8897 038


With basic expenses and increased prices of petrol, groceries, electricity and even train tickets hiking up by 50%, there is just no way you can manage to pay your debt, as you cannot negotiate on those prices. However, with us you can consolidate your debt and pay less on your account instalments, and even pay less interest. Call us now on 021­788 4485 24/hrs: 078 221 0193 SCM DEBT CLEARANCE LOANS Up to R250 000 Blacklisted welcome Garnishees welcome 0717620362/ 0717726630 Fax: 086 724 5130

expo roof 24 7 12 1BMBAA0.cdr


Building Material

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A BAKKIE LOAD of rubble and garden refuse removal. Ph 078 6113 627.


Flats to Let

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CASH PAID For household furniture and Brick ‘n brac.

Contact Andre on 083 518 9014 021 511 0449 (work hrs) 021 531 8889 (after hrs)



At 250 MAIN STR, opposite Mr Price, DIEP RIVER, Table View, also at 190 Durban Rd., Bellville (opposite Speedy) Buys gold, jewellery & diamonds. (Even broken)

Tel: 021 715 4896 Tel: 021 949 1215 Cell: 082 456 4104

Home Improvement Interior PAINTING and general handyman. Ph 021­712 4923

WOODEN FLOOR SANDING All work done personally

Sasha Georgiev 076 525 2317


Home Improvement Exterior AA paving, vibracrete extensions and spikes. Ph 021 705 5372 / 072 425 5111

Moving and Storage

''LET'S MOVE IT!" Glen : 079 079 2323 S/Suburbs


Carpentry SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952


Plumbers GARTH'S PLUMBING SERVICES Geysers, taps blocked drains, etc Tel: 083 261 4306 / 021 715 1479


Rubble Removal REMOVAL OF GARDEN refuse, tree branches, home, garage & office junk. ( Nigel 083 426 5058




A CHASH LOAN UP TO R150 000 B/LISTED/GOVT WELCOME Same Day payout Ph / Sms Lizzy 074 295 9559

Holiday Accommodation

APPLY NOW loan up to R100 000. Same day. Sms/call

GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. R1000p/night. Sleeps 8.(079 522 4309.

081 449 6824


Grand Central Studio apartment immed. R2 900. FISH HOEK 2 Bed flat, furnished, immed. R5500. Fanie 082 551 8074

Vacancies Wanted EVERY DAY OR TEA LADY OR CLEANER. Good refs. Ph Priscilla 071 823 4710 IM LOOKING FOR CHAR WORK, HOUSEKEEPER, BABYSITTER, CLEANER AVAILABLE. 2 or 3 days a week. Refs. Phone Elizabeth 083 997 1837 Im looking for a char job 3 days a week or even a position to be a tea lady or a cleaner . Im a hard worker and go the extra mile. Oreilla 078 922 7075 LOOKING FOR CHAR WORK FOR 2 DAYS A WEEK ELIZABETH 083 565 4491



Accommodation Wanted SEA POINT House urgently needed to rent. 082 801 7112

General Vacancies Everyday or char 072 6763850 Everyday or char 0788305699


Staff Vacancies


115 A BAKKIE LD frm A­B. Rea­ sonable, reliable 082 428 7349



WE PAY CASH FOR Peoples Post will be having a Wendy house feature 30 October 2012 To advertise your Wendy House Business please Contact Tamara, Book before its to late!!!

Bridging cash for

WENDY 041011 1B1IUAQ

74 Electrical Appliances AA APPLIANCE repairs to all makes of washing machines, tumble dryers, etc. 40 yrs exp. Ph Alwyn West 021 671 5786 or 082 705 8103.






We are looking for casual staff that is energetic, hardworking individuals to assist in our Queenspark Waterfront store. If you are self motivated, a good communicator with excellent people skills and have a passion for service excellence and fashion merchandise, send your CV to Marina . Individuals must be able to work during the week and weekends until 9pm as well as have a matric and previous experience in a retail fashion environ­ ment is preferable. If you have not received a response within 2 weeks please assume that your application would have been unsuccessful.


Tuesday 23 October 2012

People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland Page 15

SKATING SESSION: The Western Province Skating Challenge, for all rollerblading clubs in the province, was held in the parking area of Athlone Stadium this weekend. Here Melikhaya Dlambolu (left) leads the boys open group, closely followed by Shakeel Abra­ hams (far right), as they round the first bend. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

SWEET SHOT: Westridge Yankees’ Megan Cable hits out during her team’s 17­2 thrashing of Tanta at the Turfhall Sports Complex on Saturday. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

DIFFICULT POSITION: Ajax Cape Town midfielder Khama Billiat struggles to defend an attack by Supersport United’s Grant Kekama during his side’s loss in the Telkom Knockout Cup at Ath­ lone Stadium on Saturday afternoon. The Urban Warriors were knocked out of the tourney follow­ ing a penalty shootout (3­4), after the match ended 1­1 at regular time. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

SPIRITED APPEAL: Cape Town CC medium­fast bowler Rory Cullinan appeals for a catch against Michael Pote of Pinelands CC during the two side’s WPCA 1A match at Boon Wallace Oval in Plumstead on Saturday. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

Touchline topics

. All soccer players born in 1997 and 1998 in Portlands who want to participate in a community tournament on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October, are asked to phone Ricky Burns on 0 084 531 8884 or Jeremy on 0 083 552 3530 before Thursday 15 November. . Groote Schuur High School will host its inaugural golf day at Parow Golf Club on Sunday 4 November. The competition will be based on official handicap, while a 4-ball betterball stableford will be played. Great prizes are up for grabs. The unofficial handicap will be maximum 14. To book, sponsor a hole or further details

call Jerome Jacobs on 0 073 387 3317 or email 2 . Engen Santos FC will hold trials for its academy from Tuesday 30 October to Thursday 8 November at the Santos training grounds in Lansdowne. The trials kick-off with the under-11s (born in 2002 and 2003) on Tuesday 30 October at 16:00 for 16:30; under13s (born in 2000 and 2001) on Thursday 1 November at 16:00 for 16:30; under-15s (born in 1998 and 1999) on Tuesday 6 November at 16:00 for 16:30; and under-17 (born in 1996 and 1997) on Thursday 8 November at 16:00 for 16:30. All players must take along a playing jersey, shorts and socks. No latecomers will be accommodated.

TRY TIME: Western Province under­19 centre Justin Geduld dives over to score one of two tries in the Absa under­19 semi­final against the Lions at Paul Roos, Makotter on Saturday. The Province youth team were 24­14 victors, securing their place in final against the Bulls. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

Let your Business be noticed!

FISH DEN 021 593 2824

Full coverage of the southern suburbs.


2.5kg hake R100 or fillets

R34.99 /kg

SMS cost R1

To advertise SMS “QS” to 32516`, and we will call you! Tel: 021 713 9495 Fax: 0866 366 849

Seafoods available - ideal for EID Takeaways available We take telephone orders

Sheryl People's Post Page 16

Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Province eyes illusive silverware TASMIN CUPIDO

WILL this be the year the men in the royal blue and white hooped jersey finally put the Absa Currie Cup trophy in the cabinet at Newlands? Many critics will answer “no” to this question, but after an erratic season, Allister Coetzee’s chargers have managed to defy the odds and find themselves in the running to hoist the trophy this weekend. This after defeating defending champions the Lions 21-16 in the semi-final at Coca-Cola Park in Johannesburg on Saturday evening. They will now travel to Durban’s Kings Park to do battle with the Sharks on Saturday at 17:00. For the men from the Cape, the situation will remind them of the 2010 Currie Cup final, when they played the Sharks at the same venue. But they will want to put the memory in the back of their minds – they were thrashed 10-30 in that match, with a young Patrick Lambie scoring 25 of his team’s points. As the WP squad prepares to do battle in the Shark Tank, they will be sure not to write off the young flyhalf, who was instrumental in his team’s 20-3 semi-final victory over the Blue Bulls on Saturday. Coetzee’s men will also look to draw from the positive and spirited play in Saturday’s win. A team balanced with youth and experience, as well as heart and determination will surely take to the field on Saturday. However, they will again miss the leadership and presence of franchise and Springbok skipper Jean de Villiers. Sidelined with a grade one hamstring strain, he will not be fit for Saturday’s encounter. They will also remain without the services of hooker Tiaan Liebenberg (back) and lock-forward Andries Bekker (toe). They will look to players such as Gio Aplon, Bryan Habana, Juan de Jongh, Eben Etzebeth and captain Deon Fourie to lead from the

FOR THE BADGE: Western Province centre Marcel Brache celebrates after beating the Li­ ons in the semi­final of the Absa Currie Cup at Coca­Cola Park in Johannesburg on Satur­ day. Photo: Felix Dlangamandla/Photo24

said. “There has to be a favourite and an underdog (in every game) and we’re up against the team that ended top of the log and is playing at home. But we know what we’re capable of and that’s all that matters to us.” In addition to the senior team challenging the final, the Province under-19 and under-21

front, while season performers Skarra Ntubeni, Marcel Brache and Demetri Catrakilis will look to make their mark in the match. Coetzee remains positive his chargers will be competitive against the Currie Cup season’s in-form side. “We’re keeping the week as normal as possible and we’re all looking forward to the weekend,” Coetzee reportedly

R64 995

R49 995




R69 995


teams will also do battle in the division finals. The under-19 chargers will meet the Blue Bulls after beating the Lions 24-14 in Stellenbosch on Saturday, while the under-21s will also face Blue Bulls following a 19-18 win over the Sharks. Both finals will be curtain raisers to the senior final at the Shark Tank.

R69 995

R49 995



R59 995

A/C, P/S, E/W






DEP: R31 000 @ R1423x36 TOTAL: R82 228

DEP: R36 000 @ R1423 x 36 TOTAL: R87 228

DEP: R36 000 @ R1423 x 36 TOTAL: R87 228

2003 AUDI A4 1.8T

2004 RENAULT SCENIC 1.9TDi DEP: R23 000 @ R1077 x 36 TOTAL: R65 228

DEP: R28 000 @ R1352 x 36 TOTAL: R76 672

R32 995

R85 995

R39 995

R19 995

R42 995

R56 995

2000 VW CITI CHICO 1.4i


2000 M/BENZ C200



R44 995


2005 FORD FIESTA 1.4

2002 VW JETTA 2.0

DEP: R23 000 @ R1173x36 TOTAL: R65 228

2000 NISSAN MAXIMA 2.0 GX V6 Dep: R14 800 & R984 x 30 Total: R44 320

2010 CITROEN C1 1.0

DEP: R46 000 @ R1637x36 TOTAL: R104 932



DEP: R18 500 @ R1119x36 TOTAL: R58 784







Prices valid until End OF OCTOBER 2012

Bunks Pine R1590


DEP: R20 000 @ R1031 x 36 TOTAL: R57 116

ALI 079 505 4081



High Density Chip Foam Mattresses

Including mattresses

Quality approved - 1 year guarantee - no cheap imports!


• Ideal For Spare room • Spring Mattress • Takes up to 80Kg/per side

(max 2 per customer)












ELSIES RIVIER 021 934 3837



021 534 4900



021 703 3300

JUSTIN 076 315 9715

Value Plus



Edblo Energiser (Pamper Top) R4290


DEP: R26 500 @ R1298 x 36 TOTAL: R73 228

R1150 3/4 R1250

Orthopaedic R1990




Rest Assured Matrix R3020


Heavy Duty 150kg per side


1983 M/BENZ 200

DEP: R10 000 @ R913 x 15 TOTAL: R23 695

021 465 2675




Interest & Service charges are included in the monthly instalments


credit available at 0% interest Cloud Nine



Piper Tri-Bunk Excluding Mattress





021 447 5266


SA quality not Chinese


312 Main Road (Victoria Rd)

Peoples Post Woodstock 23 Oct 2012  

Peoples Post Woodstock 23 Oct 2012

Peoples Post Woodstock 23 Oct 2012  

Peoples Post Woodstock 23 Oct 2012