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Tuesday 8 March 2011

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Problem house a burning issue in Salt River TAURIQ HASSEN


HOUSE in Salt River continues to plague its neighbours, with a fire being the most recent irritation. The house at 17 Coleridge Road has been burnt, overcrowded, destroyed and abused, leaving behind a dark empty shell covered in domestic and building waste. The building was previously occupied by several foreign nationals, who have since vacated the premises. One neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, explained that her kitchen now has a bad odour because of the stench emanating from the building next door. She added that several concerns were lodged with the City of Cape Town, and police said that each time a request was made for the building to be cleaned and secured. According to residents, complaints started streaming in about two years ago when the property reached its worst condition. Last year, People’s Post highlighted similar conditions at the building (“Nest of filth: ‘Do something now’”, 1 June 2010). “This has been carrying on for years. It’s getting out of control now and affecting all the residents around that disgusting building,” says the resident. Ziyaad Effendi, another Salt River resident, walks past the building every morning and night, as the house is on his route to work. He explains that strange people are usually seen leaving the building at “unusual hours”. “They must be drug users or something, because that house has been empty for years and they al-

ways look so drugged,” says Effendi. Ward Councillor Cedric Thomas feels “really sorry” for the surrounding residents, and says he has submitted suggestions to council to have the site improved. According to Thomas, the owner of the building has left a forwarding address, which is in Mafikeng. Thomas says it would appear that the owner no longer lives there as several letters have been sent to this address and no-one has received a response. Cheryl Walters, director for Planning and Building Development Management for the City, explains that tracking down the owner “has been a challenge”. “It is believed that he is living somewhere near Mafikeng, but there is no specific address recorded,” says Walters. Walters was fully aware of the problems at the site. “At present, the building is vermin infested and has been used by drug dealers and criminals, which compromises the safety of the public,” says Walters. Thomas confirmed that several “major” problems stem from the building, including anti-social behaviour, dumping and a major rat infestation. “It’s disgusting what is happening at that building, and I completely understand what the residents around the building are going through. Something must be done about this problem,” says Thomas. Nathan Ladergourdie, an official at the City’s Problems Building Unit, confirmed that the team is currently working on finding the owner. In December last year, Thomas, along with officials from the Prob-

DUMPED: Construction rubble is seen dumped all over the house. BURNING ISSUE: Number 17 Coleridge Road is slowly falling apart and creating anti­social prob­ lems, which are concerning local residents. A fire recently broke out on the top floor, which drove resi­ dents “up the wall”. Photos: Tauriq Hassen

DISGUSTING: Urine and fae­ ces are found all over the house, creat­ ing a disgust­ ing stench. lem Buildings Unit, met on site, and discussed ways in which to improve the state of the building. Thomas confirmed that council cleaned the building in November last year, but during a visit the following month, the building had slowly returned to its former state. It was then decided at the meeting that the building be barricaded, and adequate signage be incorporated at the site to warn anyone found trespassing about the criminal charges they could face. “This was decided and I was told this would happen, but it’s taking very long now and we need to get something done about this major problem,” Thomas said. Walters confirmed that the city had considered introducing fencing around the site, but discovered that the building was constructed too close to the pavement. “The building inspector served two notices in terms of Section 12

COMMUNITY WASTE: Certain members of the community are also guilty of dumping inside the house.

of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, Act 103 of 1977, but these notices have not been complied with by the owner,” Walters explained. According to Thomas, the notices have been sent via mail, with “no response to date”. People’s Post visited the site and scarring from the most recent fire could still be seen on the outside of the building. It was covered with litter and rats could be seen in the filth, with a foul stench creeping into the street. Another woman, who wished to remain anonymous, described the house as “a disaster waiting to happen”. “There are so many things happening at this house and nothing is being done about it. Only when something happens to the residents around here, then council wants to jump,” says the resident. Her home is currently being in-

vaded by “large green flies” making their way from the piles of rubbish inside the house. Residents also highlighted that the dumping problem is caused by “residents around the area”. Ladegourdie said once the owner is located, he will be penalised, and he stands to pay for the costs incurred by council in boarding up the property. Walters confirmed that the building would be safely secured to prevent access. “This will be done at the owner’s expense. He will be presented with a bill and the process of boarding up the building is currently under way,” she said.






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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Meet the brainy bunch TERESA FISCHER


HIS Rondebosch family can boast that both parents and children were placed in the top 20 of the province’s matric results list. Parents, Eleanor and Suresh Rajpaul, and son Vinesh (22), also ranked high on the country’s top achievers list. Eleanor gradu- GREAT GENES: (left to right) The Rajpaul family of Rondebosch: ated from Alexan- Vinesh Rajpaul, Eleanor Rajpaul (née Steyn), Suresh Rajpaul and der Sinton High Sheryl Rajpaul, all made it into the top 20 in their provinces’ mat­ School in Athlone ric results. They say they enjoy regular, vigorous and loud de­ in 1977 and was bates, usually over the dinner table – a source of alarm for those placed third in who don’t know them well. Photo: Supplied South Africa. Suresh graduated from Raisethorpe mother a housewife, and neither of his High School (in KwaZulu-Natal) in 1977. parents had a high school education,” He was placed fourth in South Africa. says Vinesh. Vinesh graduated from SACS in 2006, Both his mother’s parents were teachand placed second in the Western Cape ers and she too came from a very poor and second in South Africa. family on the Cape Flats. Daughter Sheryl (19) graduated from Both Eleanor and Suresh were inWesterford in 2010 and was placed 13th volved in the underground anti-apartin the Western Cape. heid movement in the Eastern Cape and Vinesh is now completing a Master’s occasionally ended up on the wrong side degree in astrophysics at UCT and hopes of the infamous Security Branch, often to obtain a doctoral degree from Oxford while trying to protect hospitalised politor Cambridge. ical prisoners. His long-term ambition is to carry out Today, both Vinesh and Sheryl volunexo-planetary research (researching teer regularly at the Red Cross Children’s planets outside our solar system). Hospital, where Vinesh coordinates the Sheryl is also at UCT, studying medi- weekend volunteer programme. cine, and might eventually like to specialEleanor describes her daughter as an ise in neurophysiology or psychiatry. extremely compassionate person. For exBoth their parents studied medicine. ample, as a little girl playing with dolls, Suresh is a specialist physician and she insisted that her doll house have Eleanor works as a senior medical officer wheelchair access for the dolls with disaat a large life-assurance group. bilities. When asked if they ever felt pressured Sheryl serves on the committee of the to achieve just like their parents, Vinesh Animal Rights Advocates, an animal says: “I guess that with three of us with rights society founded by her best friend, top 20 matriculations against our names, Gaby Teale-James. Sheryl must’ve felt some pressure last Eleanor says Vinesh’s decision to year not to be the odd one out!” study astrophysics came as no surprise. But he says their parents never pres- As a four year old he’d “spend ages outsured them. Although they encouraged side, transfixed and staring quietly at the them to take their education seriously, night sky”. “In pre-primary his teacher they also wanted them to enjoy them- told us that he would not cope at primary selves. He adds the only pressure he ever school and tried to fail him.” felt was an obligation not to waste all the Recently Vinesh single-handedly instiwonderful opportunities that came his tuted an annually-awarded merit scholway. arship at a Cape Flats school. Vinesh says the situation was very difAsked what she thinks the secret is, ferent for his parents and describes their apart from brains, Eleanor replies: “I achievements as “remarkable”. think that the secret – if such a thing ex“Their education was their only weap- ists – is to develop, at a young age, a love on against oppression, and so they were of knowledge and a strong work ethic. necessarily under pressure to achieve Start young and never stop.” high marks. Just a few of the family’s interests in“My dad grew up in rural Natal, one of clude literature, travel, wine, cooking, eight children in an extremely poor fami- golf, animal rights, music and philosoly. His father was a truck-driver, his phy.

Discover how galaxies are formed THE South African Astronomical Observatory in Cape Town will have a public lecture, “Unravelling the Mystery of Galaxy Formation and Evolution”, on Saturday 12 March at 20:00. The talk will be presented by Dr Bonita de Swardt, a post-doctoral research fellow at the SA Astronomical Observatory. De Swardt’s research interests are in characterising the faintest galaxies in the universe. At first glance, astronomers characterise galaxies into different stages of evolution based on visual appearance or morphology. However, this visual characterisation

is not always clear cut, and can strongly depend on the wavelength at which the galaxy is observed or its immediate environment. With the development of larger, more sensitive telescopes, more clues can be obtained on how galaxies may have formed and evolved. After the talk there will be stargazing, weather permitting, as well as tours of the library and the McClean museum. Public lectures are free and there is no need to book. For more details, call the SA Astronomical Observatory on (021) 460-9319 or visit

CRASH: A truck crashed into the barricades on the M5 freeway where it links up with the N1 on Saturday. Warrant Officer Siyabulela Vukubi, spokesperson for the Maitland Police Station, says the truck was on its way to Cape Town just before 14:00 when the driver lost control. “The truck slammed into the barricades on the island between the two busy roads,” says Vukubi. He also confirmed that the driver escaped the crash with only minor injuries. No other injuries were reported. Photo: Lester Fielies

RARING TO GO: Mukhtar Lee will be riding a hand cycle in this year’s Pick n Pay Cape Argus cy­ cle tour. He is part of a 75­ strong group partici­ pating in the tour for the benefit of The Chaeli Cam­ paign.

What goes around ... THE Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Tour taking place on Sunday 13 March is much more than a cycling event. There are the ardent podium racers, the social cyclists and a significant number of entrants who cycle for charities. Within this diverse group of cyclists you will find the most fascinating people with the biggest hearts. This year there’s a team of 75 riders cycling for The Chaeli Campaign in Plumstead. Some are raising funds for specific individuals with disabilities and others for any number of current Chaeli Campaign programmes. Last year CEO Zelda Mycroft entered with a hand cycle due to a knee operation not allowing sufficient rotation to ride a conventional bicycle. This experience inspired Mycroft to approach Pedal Power for a donation to purchase two more hand cycles so that the experience could be shared by those who cannot ride conventional bicycles. This year, Mukhtar Lee and Tracy Cohen, who both have significant physical disabilities and cannot ride conventional bicycles, will be joining Mycroft and riding for The Chaeli Campaign. Lee is a second year marketing student at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in Bellville and an avid sportsman, playing tennis, basketball, table tennis and pool. He started ballroom and Latin American dancing at the age of nine. Lee has spastic diaplegia, a form of cerebral palsy that affects the muscles in the lower limbs, and us-

es crutches to help him walk. Last year Cohen raised sponsorship as a ghost rider for The Chaeli Campaign and assists with fundraising, social media updates and administrative duties at The Chaeli Campaign. She is cerebral palsied, walks with difficulty and yet has the passion and drive to make a difference in the lives of others. This year she set herself the challenge of raising R10 000 for 10km and has already hit her R10 000 goal. What now lies ahead is the physical challenge of completing 10km of the Cycle Tour route along the Blue Route. A mighty challenge for her and one she is determined to meet. The three intrepid hand cyclists will be raising funds in support of the newly founded Chaeli Sports and Recreation Club, which offers weekly practices in karate, ballroom and Latin dancing and boccia, a ball game for athletes in wheelchairs. Exercise is important to build strength for mobility and The Chaeli Campaign Sports and Recreation Club will be holding a 4km fun Walk for Wheels on Friday 25 March starting at 17:00 at the Bergvliet Sports Association in Bergvliet. This event is being held to raise awareness of the positive role that people with disabilities have to play in society. Individuals or teams of four or more people may enter. For more information on Walk For Wheels, Chaeli Sports and Recreation Club activities or to sponsor a Chaeli rider, contact Melanie or Lana at 0861 CHAELI (0861 242 354) or email

Tuesday 8 March 2011


Two nabbed in second­hand shop TAURIQ HASSEN

TWO suspects were arrested inside a second-hand goods store in Maitland, minutes after breaking into a car. On Tuesday 1 March, at about 11:30, patrolling police officers were told by a member of the public that two men had broken into a Hyundai Getz in Station Road. According to Warrant Officer Siyabulela Vukubi, spokesperson for the Maitland Police Station, the officers spotted them and followed the pair into a second hand goods store in Maitland Square. “The officers searched the men, where they found a GPS device in one of the suspects’ possession,” says Vukubi. When police arrived at the station, the complainant was in the process of opening a theft out of motor vehicle case. The two suspects, aged 21 and 25 and both from Maitland, were arrested on a charge of theft out of a motor vehicle and appeared in Cape Town Magistrate’s court on Wednesday 2 March. The case was then postponed for further investigation, the date of the case could not be confirmed. “This breakthrough comes after Maitland police were concerned by a sudden rise in theft of motor vehicles in the area,” Vukubi added. Maitland detectives will now be attempting to link the suspects to outstanding cases in the policing precinct. Police would also like to advise car owners to take the following safety precautions:

. Make sure your car is locked and activate an alarm at all times. . Never leave valuable items on the seat or where the criminals can see. . Park in well lit areas at night. . Keep emergency numbers handy at all times. . In another incident, police arrested a 34-year-old man for an armed robbery that occurred in Maitland last weekend. At 12:55 on Friday 26 February a complainant withdrew money from a bank in Voortrekker Road. Vukubi explained that the complainant then headed to his Lanham Street home, where he was approached by two men, one who was armed with a gun. “As he pulled up in front of his house, they approached him and the armed suspect pointed the gun at him and the other stuck his hand in the pocket so he knew exactly where the money was,” says Vukubi. Both suspects escaped in an unknown direction in a black Toyota Tazz. Further investigation then led to the arrest of 34-year-old Silumko Nontongana from Stock Road. Nontongana appeared in Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday 1 March on charges of armed robbery, but bail was denied and he was remanded into police custody for further questioning. Maitland police are asking anyone with more information to please contact the station on (021) 506-9400 or the investigating officer, Detective Constable Mpumezo Londile on 082 878 155.

. In Kensington, a man was arrested for perjury after claiming he had been hijacked, robbed of his wallet with bank cards, cellphone, MP3 player and R1 800 in cash. “Police then investigated the matter and we later found out that he had lied about the incident,” says Warrant Officer Ntombi Nqunqeka, spokesperson for the Kensington Police Station. The man appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Thursday 3 March, where the case was postponed to 7 April for legal aid and investigation purposes. Police would like to warn the community about reporting false cases to police. “You stand a chance of facing serious charges in court if you are found to be reporting false cases to police,” says Nqunqeka. . Maitland Police are also concerned over the number of wheelie bins being stolen in the area. “Theft of wheelie bins is raising an alarm for the police and approximately five dust bins are reported stolen in one week,” says Vukubi. Police are therefore appealing to dust bin owners to look after their dust bins. The dust bin should be clearly marked with the name, surname and full address of the registered owner. “On the day of refuse collection, where we suspect most of these bins get stolen, ask the neighbour to push the bin into the yard after it has been emptied,” says Vukubi. “Anyone caught pushing the stolen wheelie bin is going to face the full might of the law.”

People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland Page 3 THE VICTORIA CRICKET CLUB will be hosting their fundraiser at the Victoria Clubhouse in Chukker Road, Kenwyn on Saturday 12 March. DJ Dino will hit the decks with drinks on sale at the clubhouse. The event will start at 20:30 and continue until 03:00.

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Win a 3 seater leather look Double sleeper couch SMS charged at R2.00 each. Draw on 31 March 2011.

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Maitland Medical Centre 222 Voortrekker Road Maitland

Dr Avinesh Ramlal (MBCHB)

General Practitioner For appointments, please contact: 021 511 8741

Dr Nazira Essa (BChD)


FREE gold tooth with full set of dentures made.

For appointments, please contact: 021 511 6574 Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm Sat: 9:00am - 12:30pm

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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Agents warned to be cautious GERDA VON BENECKE


STATE agents are being encouraged to tighten up on security in the light of an apparent spate of thefts from show houses.

AFRICAN CARNIVAL: Production is in full swing for the Cape Town Carnival taking place on Saturday 19 March. Qanita Smith (left) and Tatiana Jacobs­Croucamp are seen here fitting on some of the costumes. This year the carnival will have all the glamour and sensuali­ ty of Rio but with a distinctive African beat. The Carnival parade will start at 8.30pm and proceed down the “Carnival Corridor” in Long Street, through the purpose­built gateway that will be ablaze with colour, lights, lasers and dancers. Harley­Davidson motorcycles will herald the grand entrance of nine spectacular floats and over 2 000 dancers in elaborate and colourful costumes. There will also be a special FanJol in Greenmarket Square to accom­ modate early spectators. A large screen, a themed bar and food vendors will be set up for the Stormers vs Bulls Super 15 rugby match. Photo: Jaco Marais / Foto 24

This number has a ring to it FIVE Ombuds offices and two regulatory bodies (all in the Financial Services Sector) have joined forces and initiated one share call number, 0860 OMBUDS (0860 662 837), for consumers to contact: . The Credit Ombud . The Banking Ombud . The Long term Insurance Ombud . The Short Term Insurance Ombud . The Financial Services Board . The FAIS Ombud ; and

. the National Credit Regulator. “This is a wonderful resource for consumers. Very often consumers do not know which authority their complaint falls under, with all the ensuing difficulties,” says Lisa Griffiths of En Avant Financial Services. “We have all joked endlessly about the wheels of bureaucracy moving slowly, and one department not communicating with another. This is a surprisingly pleasant development.”

BOULEVARD TO BOARDING GATE. City Centre to Airport for only R50. Experience the most convenient way to get away. Airport transfers depart every 20 minutes from the Civic Centre Station on Hertzog Boulevard between 04:20 and 21:00.

And while provincial police authorities insist that attacks on estate agents are not a trend in the province, safety is being encouraged. Similar incidents involving theft at show houses have been reported to People’s Post in the past two weeks by estate agents operating in the southern peninsula including Bergvliet, Noordhoek and Kommetjie. Tony Shreiber, the operations head for Bergvliet neighbourhood watch, known as BKM, says the trend is for thieves to distract the agent by striking up a conversation while an accomplice heads to a room and steals valuables. An estate agent from Seeff Properties told People’s Post this is exactly what happened to her at a house she was showing in Bergvliet at the end of last year. The agent, who has been in the industry for 25 years and who usually makes a point of lecturing her sellers to put away all valuables, was caught in a trap by two young women who stole a Wii game console and jewellery. She says the incident happened on a Sunday afternoon, when two “responsible looking” young women with “good stories” came in, one of them constantly talking to her while the other roamed around. According to the agent, she has heard of a few other incidents where women of a similar description - sometimes accompanied by two men – have been involved in such incidents in the area. Similar incidents reported to People’s Post occurring in Noordhoek and Kommetjie involve a young couple pretending to be home buyers while allegedly stealing items at houses on show. In one of the incidents in Noordhoek, a coin collection, a watch and a few other items were allegedly stolen on Sunday 20 February, by a “young couple” who made the agent feel “uneasy” . The agent says the young women said she was “exhausted” and asked for some water. While the agent and the young woman were in the kitchen, the man “disappeared”. The agent says he seemed to remember seeing the same couple at a show house in Marina Da Gama two months ago and, after phoning other estate agents, found, to his surprise, that they had experienced the same thing. According to a Seeff sales agent from the Kommetjie branch, on Sunday 9 January, a young couple walked into a show house. She says the young woman kept her busy, while the man excused himself to “make a phone call”. She says the owners later realised that their laptop had been stolen from a shelf. The agent confirms that an agent from Sotheby’s in Kommetjie had had a similar experience with a couple of the same description. Matt Mercer, area convener for the Southern Peninsula branch of the Institute of Estate Agents Western Cape, says they are aware of recent reported incidents and are “naturally concerned for the safety of our colleagues”. Mercer stresses, however, that incidents of this nature are “truly the exception rather than the norm”. According to Mercer there are more than 120 show houses in the immediate area on Sundays and only a “handful

of opportunistic incidents” every year. Western Cape provincial police spokesperson, Captain Frederick Van Wyk agrees saying “this modus operandi is not prevalent in the Western Cape”. However, he says, police do want to warn estate agents when they take prospective buyers to view houses to be aware of immediate surroundings and to let their office know about the viewing of the particular house. According to Diep River police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Keith Chandler, though he was not aware of any incidents of theft occurring during the last three or four months in the area, if people reported these incidents more often, police would be more aware. Chandler also added that people often did not report minor incidents. Mercer says show houses are not popular hunting grounds for criminals, not only because most agents have solid defence strategies in place, but also because criminals are aware they could be disturbed at any time. It is also pertinent to note, says Mercer, that in the case of the agent in Bergvliet, after working in the industry for 25 years, this was the first time she had experienced criminal activity at a show house. According to Mercer, however, these incidents can be minimised even further if agents follow basic safety protocols by, for example, always ensuring that valuables are packed away by the sellers, always ensuring that access is monitored and that all visitors supply names and contact details before gaining access. Where necessary, says Mercer, agents should have backup from colleagues and armed response teams. “Most importantly is that agents trust their intuition,” he adds. Mercer says the IEASA is holding an agent safety seminar, called “Defending the Agent”, on Wednesday 16 March. Agents will learn advanced self defence strategies from renowned trainer Kelee Arrowsmith. The morning is sponsored by ADT, SA Homeloans and Coulters Inc. Space is limited. Email for bookings and for further information. Furthermore, safety measures for estate agents suggested by Schreiber from BKM Watch include the following: . Ensure security gates are closed. If necessary have a mobile/wireless free battery intercom (available from most hardware stores) that can be attached to the gate for the duration of the show house . Always work in pairs at the house – never alone . Ensure that you know which police precinct the show house is in and that the phone number for the specific police station is in your phone contact and programmed under AA police so it is your first contact. . Ensure that your local Neighbourhood Watch control number is also saved on your phone. . Ask the home owner to inform their armed response company that the house is on show and to request more frequent patrols. . Always ask prospective buyers for their ID book or drivers licence and what their price range is – if not produced do not let them in. . Be aware of what vehicles look like, as well as the registration plate of any suspicious vehicle that comes to house. . Never leave prospective buyers alone in any room; and . Do not fall asleep in front of the TV.

Explore French culture For more information: Transport Information Centre (toll-free 24/7) 0800 65 64 63

THE Alliance Française du Cap is commemorating International Francophone Day on Sunday 20 March. A whole month of cultural activities is to be hosted under the theme “Encounters of Peoples and Mixing Cultures”. The organisation says the celebrations are an opportunity for francophones and francophiles of the world to better under-

stand the concept of francophonie, while sharing moments of conviviality around the French language and Francophone cultures. A literary encounter with French writer, Marie Darrieussecq, will be held on Thursday 10 March at 18:30 for 19:00 at the Alliance Française at 155 Loop Street. RSVP to For more information phone (021) 423-5699.


Tuesday 8 March 2011

Family loses everything in fire TAURIQ HASSEN

“I ALWAYS wondered how it would feel to lose everything, but now that the feeling is here, all I’m feeling is confused and I don’t know where to go,” says Abruy Papier, a Facreton resident who recently lost all his belongings in a tragic fire. In addition to losing their material belongings, the family have also been forced to say goodbye temporarily to two foster children they were taking care of in their three-bedroom home. The Papier family were making their way home from church on Sunday 20 February when they noticed a cloud of smoke in the air from a distance. At approximately 11:45 they returned to their home in Eiland Plein to find the back section of the house in flames. “I just stood there staring at the fire for one minute or so, because I couldn’t believe this was happening to our house,” says Abruy Papier. Cheryl Abrahams, who witnessed the fire, said it’s “truly tragic what happened to the family”. “They are left with nothing and they are people who are so caring and always ready to assist others, so I really can’t believe this happened to them, but God has a plan for everyone,” says Abrahams. She added that she was passing the road when she noticed the smoke pouring from the house: “Seeing the panic and teary faces really hit me.” Fortunately the family, which is made up of six children, with youngest being seven years old, and Abruy and their mother, were all at church at the time of the fire and no one was injured. According to Abruy, an electrical fault in one of the rooms ignited the fire, which ripped through the passage, into the bathrooms and destroyed two bedrooms. The restoration process has already begun, with painting in the kitchen and front entrances having been carried out. Many of the burnt cupboards and ceilings boards are spread across the small patch of land found behind the house. “Everything was burnt in the fire, my children have nothing; even their school clothes were burnt in the fire and it makes me extremely sad to think that we lost everything,” says Abruy, as he stares into the broken windows of one room. Jimmy Xalipi, community worker for the area, says he has begun the process of securing new ID books for the family. He explained that one family member’s book was burnt in the fire, with other important documents being damaged by the smoke, but he has already re-applied for a new book. “It’s important that we stand together as a community, because these are good

SA Chelsea exhibit back on THE 2011 SA-Kirstenbosch Chelsea Flower Show exhibit has been saved, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Provincial Government of the Western Cape (PGWC) and the SA Gold Coin Exchange. The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) confirmed that the 35year run of exhibiting at this prestigious event will not be broken, and the display will be heading off to London to the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show in May. “Our grateful thanks must go to the Provincial Government of the Western Cape and the SA Gold Coin Exchange, who responded so quickly to our media announce-

ment, and the groundswell of public interest,” says Dr Tanya Abrahamse, CEO of SANBI. Agriculture MEC, Gerrit van Rensberg, speaking on behalf of Provincial Government, said that when he heard that SANBI had not managed to raise the funds to showcase South Africa’s unique biodiversity at the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time in over 35 years, he engaged his colleagues to raise the funds between their departments “to make it happen”. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show runs from Monday 23 May to Thursday 26 May in London and this will be the 36th year that South Africa has been represented.

Telescopic murder mystery A TALK on “Saving SALT” (Southern African Large Telescope) will be rendered by Dr Darragh O’Donoghue, who will home in on efforts to diagnose one of its problems, presenting the investigation as though it’s a murder mystery, concluding with where things stand now and the outlook for the future.

The talk takes place on Wednesday 16 March starting at 17:00 at the SA Astronomical Observatory Auditorium in Observatory Road. No bookings is required. For more information on the event and directions to the venue go to

DESTROYED: Abruy Papier, right, stares into his yard filled with the burnt furni­ ture, with Jimmy Xalipi, community worker, checking out the damage. Photo: Tauriq Hassen

people, doing good work, so they need to be helped, not only by council or organisations, but also from individual members within the community,” says Xalipi. The Papier family also had to say goodbye to their seven and nine year old foster children, who had to return to Social Development, as the family caring has no home. Xalipi was convinced that losing their foster children would not be a problem, because the family is already attempting to fix the house. “This is a good family and they are doing good work for the community, so they will be helped out wherever possible,” says Xalipi. Although the work inside the house is slowly progressing, Abruy made it clear that there are things “desperately needed” to get the house sorted out. During the fire, all the furniture was destroyed, including every piece of clothing, leaving them with only the clothing on their backs. All the ceiling boards in the back section of the house were destroyed, including the doors and windows frames. If any business or individual member is willing to donate items of clothing, building materials or even food to the Papier family, call (021) 593-6690 or visit them at 20 Eiland Plein, Facreton.

DAMAGED: The room where the Papier boys used to sleep is now an empty black shell, with a de­ stroyed ceiling.

Woodstock residents called out THE Upper Woodstock Residents Association (UWRA) will have their annual general meeting on Wednesday 9 March starting at 18:30 for 19:00. The meeting will take place at the Queenspark High School in Balfour Street, Woodstock. The agenda will include a short report back by the steering committee and the election of a new steering committee.

People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland Page 5

However, the main point will be the upcoming municipal elections. Political party representatives and candidate ward councillors will be present to answer questions about issues that concern the Woodstock community. For more information, contact the chairperson, Teun Baartman, on 083 298 1009 or (021) 448-3584.




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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Broken Glass at the Fugard ARTHUR MILLER’S internationally acclaimed and hauntingly moving Broken Glass will be on show at The Fugard Theatre during March and April.

GREAT MUSIC: Back by popular demand is “A handful of keys”, with Jonathan Roxmouth and Roelof Colyn. The show continues its love affair with the Mother City at the Theatre on the Bay from Thursday 17 to Monday 21 March. Directed by Ian von Memerty, this is a per­ formance of constant surprise, intelligence and wit, with music that ranges from the great classic masters such as Bach and Beethoven, through to the kings of soul, Ray Charles and Fats Waller, and pop artists such as Elton John, Freddy Mercury and Liberace. The show starts at 20:00 from Monday to Friday, and at 17:00 and 20:00 on Saturday. Book at Computicket or the theatre box office by calling (021) 438­3300. Photo: Supplied

WindWorx benefit THE WindWorx Symphonic Wind Ensemble will be presenting a benefit concert at the Hugo Lambrechts Auditorium on Friday 11 March at 20:00. WindWorx will be performing under the baton of renowned Belgian conductor Rik Ghesquière. The programme will include the South African premieres of works by the Flemish composers Jan van der Roost and Jan Segers, and will also feature Men- UNDER THE BATON: WindWorx will perform with re­ delssohn’s “Con- nowned Belgian conductor Rik Ghesquière.Photo: Supplied cert Piece No. 2” for two solo clarinets with Danré dent conductor, Sean Kierman. Strydom and Annelize de Villiers as Windworx will be joined by the Silsoloists. The programme will also versands and Rosendal ensembles. feature the finale from Shostakovi- Tickets are R40/R20 and are availach’s “Symphony No. 5”, arranged ble at the door or pre-book on 082 923 for winds and conducted by resi- 6655 or

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The play will star Sir Antony Sher, a double Olivier Award-winning South African-born British actor, writer, theatre director and painter. Eric Abraham is the producer, while the play will be directed by Janice Honeyman. The play is about a major, coordinated attack on Jews throughout Germany on the night of 9 November 1938, and into the next day, recorded in the history books as Kristallnacht, or The Night of Broken Glass. It is regarded by many historians as one of the events that preempted

CONCER­ TO: Liesl Stoltz and friends will hold a concert at the Bax­ ter Con­ cert Hall in Ronde­ bosch on Tuesday 15 March at 20:15. Stoltz plays alto and bass flute. Her friends are Pieter van Zyl (piano), Farida Bach­ arova (violin), Paula Fourie (viola), Sta­ nislav Anguelov (accordion) and Rox­ anne Steffan (bass). The programme will include new music written specifi­ cally for Stoltz’s new CD, which will be launched at the concert. They will per­ form Hanmer’s “Sarabande” for flute and piano, Klatzow’s “Sur une route toute blanche” for flute and piano, Du Toit’s “Filigrame for Florence” for bass and alto, flute and prepared piano, Tiersen’s “Valse d’Amelie” from the film “Amelie for flute, violin, bass, ac­ cordion and piano and Massenet’s “Meditation from Thaïs” for flute and piano. Tickets are available at Com­ puticket or at the door at R50. UCT staff and senior citizens pay R45, stu­ dents R35 and learners R25. For book­ ings call Computicket on 083 915 8000 or visit For further information call University of Cape Town College of Music on (021) 650­2640.


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THE Cape Academy of Performing Arts (Capa) presents “What a Wonderful World”, under the direction of Debbie Turner, in collaboration with Jacqui Pells and Nathalie Vijver, at the Artscape Theatre until Monday 13 March. The production showcases 175 talented dancers from the ages of five to 25, in a production that explores global cultures and events through ballet, modern, hip hop, tap, drama and song. Choreographers include Turner, Michelle Reid, Illana Margolis, Celeste Botha and Pells and audiences

can look forward to innovative numbers such as Paris Fashion Week, with the dancers costumed by House of Fashion in Long Street. Skits themed Nicely Nautical, the Chelsea Flower Show, Wimbledon, Diwali and the Oscars will be performed. Nomfundo Xaluva, Capa’s voice coach, will also perform a solo item. “What a Wonderful World” will have evening and matinee performances. Tickets range from R75 to R150 and are available from Computicket. Call (021) 421-7695 to book your place.

From Russia with love THE brilliant young Russian pianist, Natalia Lavrova, will bring her talent and virtuosity to the Cape Town Concert Series on Saturday. Lavrova will play Prokofiev’s “Sonata No 6 in A”, Shostakovich’s “12 Preludes”, “Rhapsodie Espagnole” and “Apres une Lecture du Dante” by Liszt and the “Sonata in F sharp minor” by Clemente at the Baxter Concert Hall. Lavrova is noted for the sincerity of her interpretation and her beguiling charm, which has captured concert hall audiences in venues such as the Avery Fisher Hall at the

22 March

Lincoln Centre as well as across her native Russia, other parts of America and Europe. Many top prizes have come her way, and her repertoire includes over 30 piano concertos and extensive solo recital programmes. She is founder and president of a very successful private school, the Music School of New York City. The concert starts at 20:00 and tickets can be booked in advance from Computicket at R125. Student and senior citizen-discounted tickets can be purchased at the door on the night of the concert.

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Booking deadline: 15 MARCH Material deadline: 17 MARCH

021 713 713 9443

The help of Dr Harry Hyman is called in, and a relationship between him and Sylvia develops that could have impending distressing effects on the family. Sher will be joined in the Fugard Theatre run by a South African cast, with Susan Danford in the role of Sylvia Gellburg. The rest of the cast includes Stephen Jennings, Claire Berlein, Anthea Thompson and Patrick Lyster. Broken Glass will be on show from Tuesday 22 March to Saturday 16 April. Tickets for Broken Glass range from R120 to R180 and can be booked through Computicket on or through the Fugard Theatre box office on 021 461-4554. Visit the website for further information

Dance and song at Artscape

Education M T RING Feature

on 22 March Kindly call

the Holocaust. Jewish homes, shops and villages throughout Germany and parts of Austria were ransacked, leaving the streets covered in pieces of smashed windows. Miller’s play, first published in 1994, explores themes of guilt, personal tragedy and love in the lives of a Jewish couple living in New York in 1938, deeply affected by the horrific anti-Semitic events of that ominous night. At the end of last year, Sher starred in a sell-out season of the drama at The Tricycle Theatre in London. Sher plays Phillip, who is preoccupied with his job at a Wall Street bank, to the detriment of his relationship with his wife Sylvia. She unexpectedly becomes paralysed after reading newspaper reports of Kristallnacht.


Booking deadline: 17 MARCH Material deadline: 18 MARCH

Booking deadline: 23 MARCH Material deadline: 24 24 MARCH

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Kindly call

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021 713 713 9443

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Tuesday 8 March 2011

People’s Post Woodstock­Maitland Page 7

Malay choirs rock Cape Town TAURIQ HASSEN

THE first event for the Cape Male Choir Board rocked the Athlone Civic Centre last week. Audiences flocked into the civic centre to watch choirs compete for a place in the Champions Cup to be held later this month. Choirs were greeted to a sold-out venue, with approximately 1 000 people in attendance. Ebrahim Hull, president of the board, was delighted at the turnout of the event. “The choirs kept the audience entertained and they were ecstatic, which proves that the first event was a complete success,” Hull explained. The board is integrated with the Keep The Dream Malay Choir Forum, which assists struggling choirs in finding their feet to perform on the big stage. The forum was established last year. In the first event, which took place on Friday 25 February, Silver Sounds Singkoor walked away the winners, with Ken-Fac finishing off in second place. The following evening, it was the turn of Capetonians Singkoor to blow the crowd away with their melodic performance, as they finished in first place, with Jordan Sporting Club coming in second. He added that the rest of the teams taking part in the competition would be competing in the

GOLDEN VOICE: Mogamat Salie from the Hollywood Singkoor, from Eastridge in Mitchell’s Plain, per­ forming the Senior Solo item. Challenge Cup on Friday 11 March. Each choir stands a chance to win a spot in the Champions Cup, which takes place on Friday 25 March at the Athlone Civic Centre. Choirs which finished first and second in the most recent competition automatically qualify to compete against Cape Town’s finest. “This is an opportunity for choirs to really compete on a different level and will surely blow the crowd away,” says Hull. Tickets can be purchased from the choirs, as well as at the door. Adults pay R35, children between four and 14 pay R20 and pensioners will pay R25. For more information on the events contact Hull on 073 651 9989.

HIGH NOTE: Shafiek Anthony from the Jordan Sports Club per­ forming his Nederlands item.

FULL EMOTION: Yaasien Cloete from the Jordan Singkoor performing his Junior Solo item.

ON SONG: The Jordan Sports Club in full voice at the first event.

Photos: Yunus Mohamed

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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Bumpy ride WESTERN CAPE MEC for Transport and Public Works, Robin Carlisle, boarded a train from Khayelitsha to Cape Town last week to experience for himself the troubles that frustrate regular commuters. Fortunately for Metrorail, which is thought to have been unaware of the MEC’s trip, everything ran smoothly, aside from the fairly empty peak-hour train arriving at its destination seven minutes late. In reports, Carlisle dubbed the journey “excellent” when compared to conditions on the same line a year ago. But while Carlisle’s efforts should be commended, his single novelty rail trip cannot compare to the everyday horrors that mostly poor commuters are forced to endure. For them there are no alternatives, and the recent 41c per litre increase in fuel costs may see their numbers swell in future. The flood of complaints from frustrated rail commuters seems never-ending. Last year, when Metrorail increased ticket prices and cited Eskom’s increase in electricity tariffs, imported materials used on the railway, labour, and the absence of automated ticket sales as reasons for the price hike, they also promised to raise service standards with the introduction of better facilities at stations just in time for the World Cup. But all too often commuters still find themselves stuck in overcrowded trains during peak-hour, targeted by criminals, and at times are even forced to disembark and walk to nearby stations alongside railway tracks because trains suddenly grind to a halt without any explanation. To the average commuter it would appear that Metrorail shows no respect to its customer. Carslisle has promised to meet with Metrorail to gain answers on faulty doors, security problems and generally poor conditions, demanding of Metrorail consistent service delivery. National Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndbele has promised 8 000 new coaches for the rail transport network, 1 000 of which should be sent to the Western Cape by 2015. One can only hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. Until then, commuters face a long road ahead.

Blinded by pseudo-science IT’S the emperor’s clothes all over again (“Cats killing millions of wildlife a year”, says Rob Simmons of the UCT Dept of Ornithology). The danger of conjecture disguised as science is that the naïve or intellectually challenged may well fall for fantasy projected as fact. Even worse is that uninformed people – read “authorities” – will feel compelled to acknowledge this fantasy by virtue of the “intimidation factor”, that is the “indisputable” words of “academia”, and take “appropriate actions”. It is from such “humble” beginnings that self-serving, authoritarian edicts are passed. The so called “facts” offered in the cats vs wildlife “issue” have no bearing on reality, offering only the fallibility of speculation. The information based on a “short” study and a “handful of questionnaires” was “statistically significant”, pronounced Dr Simmons. Hardly. Upon scrutiny it becomes clear that outrageous, unsubstantiated claims fly in the face of one another. Now this “gospel” is being preached as “fact” at UCT. And judging by the mantra being parroted by the converted, the old adage “you can fool some of the people all of the time” holds true. Witness this bizarre statement by a member of Birdlife SA: “Facts are facts, and until you can prove otherwise, the fact is that local cats kill more than 17 million wild creatures

a year.” This pretty much sums up the mentality we’re dealing with. Here’s a reality check – you have no facts. On the contrary, it is up to you to prove that cats are killing more than 17 million wild creatures a year and until you can prove otherwise (I shan’t be holding my breath) these meaningless claims will be held as the fallacious utterings that they are. I’d like to propose a new study for the UCT Dept of Ornithology: the effects of predation by birds of prey (snakes, et al) on animal life in the Table Mountain National Park every year. I have no doubt that the total of this figure will number in the millions. Science observes through a set of rigid and inflexible rules, failing to account for the variables of which nature is inextricably composed (the big picture) and thus is suffocated by its own one-dimensional approach. The use of scare tactics, in light of such limited understanding and awareness therefore, is spurious to say the least. My own observations in working with cats in their environment have been enlightening. To even come close to understanding their place in the scheme of things would require a macro-study of the inter-connected dynamics of nature and how they play out against each other over a continuous period of time. And even then you still would not be able to factor in all the variables, such as the life-cycles of those termed “prey” and

Your SMSes . Police officials should really act on what they promise. You see them driving around, but they never act! . I had an operation at Groote Schuur and I just want to say thanks to doctors, nurses, sisters and other staff for the excellent work. They do everything with a smile and a good heart, may God strengthen all of you. Mrs Snyders . Is there anyone out there who has not been paid by the IEC yet ? It is not fair! I am still waiting to be paid. Anonymous . Trevor Manuel is right: Manyi is a racist. Why should our coloured people leave the Western Cape when we were born here? We have rights too. Fed­up . What’s Jimmy Manyi’s problem? He must be colour(ed) blind! Lewis, Lansdowne . About the outcry over the Kuli Roberts column which appeared in the Sunday World on 27 February. I respond by stating: let’s break out of our moulds by

“predator” and the unaccounted external environmental factors upon each. To represent a one-sided “study” composed of such inadequate data as fact is misrepresenting reality in the extreme, and frankly, disingenuous. In Cape Town, it seems, trying to recalibrate nature according to your own interpretation of it is the order of the day. Numerous counter-realities aside, I can further comfort the authors of this “study”

distinguishing ourselves according to boxed labels. Firstly, I am a human being and am part of a human race as history has taught us. Secondly, I am a South African citizen and call myself a Homo Sapien. Glorya Alfreds . With reference to the SMS about the DA. You are voting for the wrong party! They don’t care. As long as they get your vote and the vote of others like you. DA supporter . What has the ANC done but live in the past? Improve our health and education system, etc before anyone points a finger at the DA. F.K. . I am shocked at how the traffic department wastes money. We have one car and received two notifications for licence renewals. There is no control over money that we could use for fixing roads. . My name is Clive Jacobs and I found out that I’m very sick and could die of this illness. I lost contact with my wife Beverly and son Mickaylo. I want them to phone me on 076 852 7023.

that they can rest assured that the number of cats I encounter slaughtered on a regular basis – shot, poisoned, stoned, kicked, beaten, drowned, hunted by dogs and their owners (the list is endless and quite ‘inventive’) – no doubt contributes to any desire to see these maligned animals reduced in number. STEVE SMITH, M.E.R.C.Y. ANIMAL RESCUE Green Point


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Tuesday 8 March 2011

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Big Walk indeed! OVER 20 000 people participated in Cape Town’s annual 10 km Big Walk on Sunday. The 1UP Cash and Carry Big Walk, presented by Spice Mecca, was in aid of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and Islamic Library. A cheque of R125 000 was handed to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital on Sunday. Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato

pulled the starting gun trigger just before 08:00. Dr Ivan Meyer, MEC for Cultural Affairs and Sport, was spotted among the Big Walk participants walking along the beachfront to the Green Point track. Seen here are just some of the thousands of people who enjoyed the glorious weather and healthy outdoors on Sunday. . People’s Post is the print media sponsor of the Big Walk.

KEEP WALKING: Mareldia (60) and Is­ gaak Jo­ haar (59) from Bo­ Kaap are proud to have crossed the finish line. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

Tuesday 8 March 2011 Tuesday 8 March 2011

JOYRIDE: The annual Community Chest Carnival, which was held at Maynard­ ville Park in Wynberg from Wednesday 2 March until Saturday 5 March, cele­ brated its 60th anniversary this year. It began as a theatrical garden party in 1951 and over the past six decades has evolved into a pageant of international food, local entertainment and family fun, which attracts more than 100 000 people over four days. But there’s a seri­ ous side to carnival. It raises funds for some 400 social welfare organisations that the Community Chest supports across the Western Cape. “Carnival has always been an important showcase for the Community Chest, where we’re able to engage the public about the work we do. It’s also one of our significant fundraising events where people can combine having a good time with helping a good cause,” says Community Chest CEO, Amelia Jones. It is made possible by the efforts of some 7 000 volunteers who donate their time and skills to ensure that each year’s event is better than the previous one.Photo: Danielle Karallis

Once is never enough THE “Tweede Nuwe Jaar” carnival is a significant aspect of the social history of Cape Town and continues today to form part of the city’s cultural landscape. “Ghoema and Glitter: New Year Carnival in Cape Town” shows how carnival participation has been passed on from generation to generation, while at the same tracing the changes to the carnival over time. The exhibition details the histories and performances of the Nagtroepe (Malay Choirs), Christmas Bands and Klopse, who together make up the “Tweede Nuwe Jaar” celebrations. The exhibition draws on Iziko Social Histo-

ry’s new oral history and Carnival collections, which are included in the exhibition in the audio-visual stations, texts and images, as well as displays of artefacts. “Ghoema and Glitter: New Year Carnival in Cape Town” has been extended and runs at the Iziko Good Hope Gallery, Castle of Good Hope until 31 July. The exhibition can be seen daily from 09:30 until 16:00. Adults pay R25 and R15 on Sundays; pensioners with SA pensioner cards pay R15 and students with SA student cards pay R10. Children between the ages of 5 and 16 pay R10 and R5 on Sundays. Booked school groups pay R5 per learner. For further information contact Fiona Clayton on (021) 467-7219 or email





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Tuesday 8 March 2011

TACKLED: DHL Stormers centre Jean de Villiers attempts to break free from a pack of Cheetahs, including Robert Ebersohn, as Juan de Jongh lends support, during the Storm­ ers’ 21­15 win in a Super Rugby clash at Newlands on Saturday. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

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TROUBLESOME: Ajax Cape Town FC’s Tafadzwa Rusike (left) tests Gordon Gilbert in the Mpumalanga Black Aces de­ fence, during Ajax’s 2­1 win in an Absa Premier Soccer League match at Athlone Stadium on Sun­ day.Photo: Rashied Isaacs

DUST UP: Paul Bell of VOB at­ tempts to tag Faizal Moosa of Athlone Ath­ letics during the clubs’ 6­6 draw in a WP Major League baseball match at Kenwyn on Saturday. Ti­ tle­chasers Athletics went on to beat near­ est rivals Bellville Ty­ gers 8­7 on Sunday to open up a five­point lead at the top of the log. Photo:

OOPS: Kenny Jackson of Claremont ac­ cidently dis­ lodges the bails while bowling against Old Mutual in a Western Prov­ ince 1A League crick­ et match at Constantia on Saturday. Old Mutual scored 184 and Clare­ mont were dis­ missed for 161 in their first innings knocks. The two­day match resumes on Saturday.Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

Rashied Isaacs

FULL SWING: Shaheen Khan of Old Mutual hits out against Claremont in a Western Prov­ ince 1A League cricket match at Constantia on Saturday. Old Mutual scored 184 and Clare­ mont responded with 161 in their first innings. The wicket­ keeper is Keen­ an Bowers. Photo:

WELL STRUCK: Bishops batsman Daniel Russell cuts during his undefeated knock of 51 against Wester­ ford in a WP un­ der­19 schools match that Bish­ ops won by 123 runs at Ronde­ bosch on Satur­ day. The wicket­ keeper is Salih Pastor.Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo

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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Elections: farce and furious ing early. What are your feelings on this? . Do you think the reaction would have been the same from other nominees if either Less or Nacerodien had won the vote? . Some clubs were allowed to vote without the required credentials and/or being out of compliance. Will this set a precedent for future meetings? . What strengths will the new-look executive bring to the table? . What are the priorities for the new executive to tackle? Winston Engledoe . How will the LFA Cape District address the ongoing con- tions. cern among soccer clubs – raised at Nacerodien’s move, which the annual meeting – that gate in- caught club delegates by surprise, come generated entirely by soccer came soon after he had asked goes to the Facilities Management whether all clubs were eligible to Committee (FMC), while the other vote at the meeting. FMC affiliates like ballroom dancNacerodien confirmed yesterday ing, walking clubs and dog clubs that he was opposed to clubs that raise no income but benefit from were not in financial complithe use of the sports complex? ance – according to the constituThe one-on-one contest between tion – being allowed to participate Engledoe and Less arose when in the elections. Nacerodien – the other candidate “I felt I was at a dead end when for the president’s position – with- the delegates allowed the constitudrew his nomination at the time he tion rules to be broken,” said Nacerleft the meeting, prior to the elec- odien, a member of the Garlandale



HE LFA Cape District’s longserving president, Winston Engledoe, survived his closest election battle at the recent annual meeting, reflecting that all is not well in the once powerful association. Engledoe defeated Nathan Less by 22 votes to 19 to hold on to the reins for a fourth consecutive twoyear term of office, in a contest that could have gone either way. This vote had a ripple effect on the rest of the elections, with several candidates withdrawing their nominations at the 82nd annual meeting held at the William Herbert hall in Wynberg on Sunday 27 February. Engledoe, in response to a list of questions People’s Post sent him on Thursday 3 March, preferred not to comment on any of the questions. “I feel it is best to consult my executive committee or general council on whether I should respond,” Engledoe said yesterday. The questions posed were: . Several nominees withdrew from standing for executive positions – including Yusuf Nacerodien, who withdrew his nomination for president when he left the meet-


Lotriet 14 and Neil Pietersen 11, while Basil Palanyandi received no backing. Southampton AFC, who nominated Palanyandi, surprisingly voted for one of the other nominees. Cloete, after declining a vicepresident’s position, said he felt he could “serve the game better” by taking up the position of head of competitions. In the light of this development, Lotriet of Stephanian AFC was elevated to Cloete’s position. Pietersen of Battswood AFC was elected unopposed as vice-president (youth affairs), after incumbent Less indicated he would withdraw from the voting as Garlandale AFC (who had nominated him) had left the meeting. The Baltic Rangers, Montague Spurs, Hout Bay Celtic and UCT clubs – which could have influenced the final vote counts – had no delegates present at the meeting. . The LFA Cape District executive committee is: Winston Engledoe (president), Elton Lotriet and Neil Pietersen (vicepresidents), Grant Adams (CEO), Yusuf Parker (head of finance), Brian van Kesteren (deputy head of finance), Rashied Cloete (head of competitions), and Richard Mahwayo (trustee).


40% - 60%


AFC. Nacerodien also made no secret of the fact that he had no intention of standing down in favour of Less – as had been anticipated – in the battle for the hot seat. This bit of intrigue unfolded when Nacerodien insisted – according to the constitution – that clubs as well as nominees were ineligible to participate in the elections if they were not in financial compliance. Nacerodien’s call for the constitution to take its course would have ruled both Ashford Athletic AFC members Engledoe and Less out of the race – making him the only eligible nominee for the presidency. However, the majority of delegates differed with Nacerodien’s views by accepting the reasons offered by Southampton, Ashford, Spenston and Peninsula for not being square on the books. There were several twists in the contest for the two vice-president’s positions. It started when Rashied Cloete of Blue Bells AFC declined the vice-president (disciplinary and registrations) position, after polling the most votes in a four-person contest. Cloete received 16 votes, Elton


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Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland Edition 08-03-2011  

Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland Edition 08-03-2011