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Tuesday 5 April 2011

UNCOVERED: The theft of a drain cover leaves a gaping hole in the pavement. Photos: Tauriq Hassen

Tel: 021 713 9440 Fax: 021 713 9481

GUTTED: This gutter (photo above and right) was ripped from the pavement in Retreat Road.

Drain cover thieves strike in Retreat TAURIQ HASSEN


N INCREASING number of drain covers and gutters are disappearing in the Retreat area. The covers are usually found on pavements, while the gutters serve to funnel water from the pavement into drains. Residents say the gutters are being stolen late at night, when the culprits can operate under the cover of darkness. Patricia Manual, a resident, says she noticed three covers going missing in the space of one week, which she believes is “unbelievable”. “Whoever these people are, they don’t seem to understand that this is our community they are breaking down. “You never see them actually

stealing the stuff,” says Manual. Manual twisted her ankle in Retreat Road last month after stepping into a hole created after guttering was stolen. “I just twisted my ankle, which was not that bad, but you can imagine what would happen if someone steps into a hole where the drain cover has been removed. That can cause so much more damage,” Manual says. Faseeg Efendi, a resident living in Cafda Village, has never witnessed the covers being stolen, but has heard of the covers being cut up and sold to scrap dealers. He said many of the covers would be cut up into tiny pieces, making it difficult for them to be identified by police or the council. “You can make some money out of these covers, because they are heavy. At the scrapyard they weigh



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Joseph. He added that anybody caught in the act or found with drain covers in their possession would be arrested and charged with theft or possession of stolen property. “When we come across a case like this, council (as the owner of the covers) is contacted, and they are requested to visit the station in order to lay a formal charge against the suspect,” says Joseph. If anybody is able to provide information on stolen covers or witnessed covers being stolen, contact the station and ask to speak to either Warrant Officer John Bartlett, or Captain Gavin Sheldon, on (021) 702-9000.


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ing stripped and carried away by vandalism and theft, with residents now becoming accepting. They continue to allow this to become a norm of life,” says Burger. “In order to take the iron strips out, these culprits needed the time and equipment, so surely someone or other must have seen something,” says Burger. Colonel Noel Joseph, station commander for the Steenberg Police Station, is aware of the concerns, and confirmed that the station also received complaints from the community. However, Joseph felt that the extent of the problem, “was not as bad as in other areas”. I still posed a problem for the community, though. “Removing these covers is not just against the law, but it also introduces safety concerns for the community,” says

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in all your items and then pay you according to the weight,” says Efendi. Myrna Richards, owner of a clothing store in Retreat Road, noticed that two covers were stolen from in front of her business last week. She now has pools of water developing in front of her shop, which she says is “unnecessary and extremely “inconsiderate”. “The culprits must know that they now cause us problems in order to make their money, and it makes our area look extremely bad,” says Richards. Richards did not see the gutters being removed, but says they also went missing in the night. A frustrated ward councillor, Jan Burger, confirmed that a number of locations around the Retreat area had covers missing. “Retreat is slowly but surely be-



















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376 Voortrekker Road Tel: 021 592 1794


Cnr Klipfontein Road & Belgravia Road, Athlone Tel: 021 638 6624


Unit F3, CNR Doncaster & Racecourse Rd, Kenilworth Tel: 021 671 4555


Shop 9, Poppy's Village 7th Avenue, Retreat Road Tel: 021 715 0597

GATESVILLE - BP BP Garage, Rygate, 21 Hazel Road (next To Gatesville Medical Centre) Tel: 021 637 5372


Page 2 People’s Post Retreat

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Accounts of slavery in Diep River DR FRANCOIS CLEOPHAS

NOT all slaves were removed from doing business and the historian, JS Marais, quotes the Fiscal as reporting in 1830 that “slaves made as much as five to 15 sterling pounds per annum by cultivating potatoes, pumpkins, melons, beans, peas and Indian corn”. Some freed slaves or free born “blacks” even owned slaves themselves. In 1801, a manumitted slave, Christina of the Cape, became the common-law wife of another ex-slave, Tobias – a tailor in Church Street, Cape Town. Seven years later, Tobias, applied for permission to cultivate a small piece of vacant land at Diep River. A quitrent lease was approved. Tobias had his little farm surveyed, and began to erect buildings on his land while continuing to work in Cape Town. The nearest people bordering on the piece

of vacant land were the “free blacks,” Abraham and Frederick, both from the Cape. In July 1809, Tobias and his assistant Johannes Jepsen (another emancipated slave), were arrested and charged with fraud. Both were sentenced to Robben Island – Tobias for 25 years and Jepsen for 10 – without wages. Christina forwarded unsuccessful petitions to the colonial authorities at the time. Tobias and Christina could not fulfil their dream of becoming peasant farmers on their own piece of land in Diep River. Round about the same time, in October 1808, Louis of Mauritius, organised and led a revolt in the grain growing areas, north of Cape Town. His choice of Malmesbury was influenced by an acquaintance, Jan of Batavia. Louis was a slave and married to a “free black woman”, Anna, who also owned a slave, “Oude” Baatjoe. Urban owners who had “surplus slaves” allowed them to work away from home for a fixed fee. In this man-

ner Baatjoe worked for the “free black” couple, Frederick and Betje Arendse in Diep River. Louis, living in Cape Town at the time, befriended an Irishman, James Hooper, who spoke about a slave free society in Ireland. Louis planned a slave uprising, starting in Malmesbury and ending in Cape Town, with him as governor and Hooper holding high office in the new administration. The revolt failed. Louis escaped to Diep River, where he spent the weekend with Frederick and Betje Arendse. When Frederick heard rumours about Louis’ role in the recent uprising, he sent a secret mes-

sage to Field Cornet Colyn, but Louis slipped away and was eventually arrested by a detachment of Khoi soldiers in a wine house in Wynberg. . Dr Francois Cleophas writes a monthly column for People’s Post on how things used to be in the Heathfield/Retreat/ Steenberg area. His family ties to the Heathfield/ Retreat area stretch back 65 years. His grandfather was principal at the Blouvlei Retreat DRC School for many years. Dr Cleophas attended Heathfield Primary School. A resident of Heathfield for more than 40 years, he holds a PhD in sport history from Stellenbosch University.

Fundraiser for China trip AN AUTUMN ball will be held on Friday 29 April at St Anne’s Catholic Church Hall in Steenberg at 19:30. Funds raised will be in aid of Heathfield High School music learner, Hayley Coller, who will be attending a Youth Music International Festival in Beijing, China in July. Bring your own platter and XYZ. Tickets cost R80 and the dress code is smart casual. For tickets contact Sharon Coller on (021) 715-6526, 072 184 5988 or 079 980 8434.

Discussion on Islamic law TIMBUKTU BOOKS is inviting the public to a discussion between Dr Jasser Auda and Sheikh Seraj Hendricks on “Maqasid Al Shari’ah as Philosophy of Islamic Law: A Systems Approach” on Wednesday 6 April at 19:00 for 19:15. The discussion will take place at the bookshop, situated on G03 Ground Floor, Stadium on Main, Claremont. Attendance is free. For further information call, or call (021) 671-9819.

STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS: Pupils from Thomas Wildschutt Pri­ mary School in Retreat, under the guidance of volunteer teacher, Grant Solomon (at the back), took part in a Hu­ man Rights Day pro­ gramme on Tuesday 29 March. The pupils per­ formed skits depicting the importance of hu­ man rights and what it means to them. Photo: Melissa Le Roux

SALUTING CAPE TOWN: Cape Town cel­ ebrated its 359th birthday at the Good Hope Castle on Saturday 2 April. A mili­ tary trumpeter will sounded the “Wilhel­ mus”, followed by a salute fired by histori­ cal muzzle­ loading mus­ kets and can­ non. The event was co­pro­ duced by the Castle, Regi­ ment Westel­ ike Provincie and the VOC Foundation.

Learning about leopards

Help feed Egoli kids

THE Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) members’ evening and talk will be held on Thursday 14 April at 18:00 for 18:30 to 20:00. Dr Quinton Martins, of the Cape Leopard Trust, will talk about his eight years’ work with leopards in the Cederberg Mountains, studying in intimate detail the ecology of one of the most elusive cats, as well as the threats they

A GROUP of Christian bikers called On Eagle’s Wings Christian Motorcycle Social Club, Children and Youth Ministry, needs donations for its feeding scheme. The club spends each Saturday singing and playing with about 500 children at the Egoli informal settlement in the Ottery Farmlands. They provide the children with a hot plate of food, which is often their only meal for the day. The group will also be starting a soup kitchen in May. They will be having their sec-

and other predators of the Cape face. All are welcome at the WESSA Barn at 31 The Sanctuary, Kirstenhof. Non-members pay a R20 donation. The proceeds go to covering costs and funding WESSA’s work. There is a bar available for wine and soft drinks. RSVP to Sandy by Wednesday 13 April at or (021) 701-1397.

ond fundraiser – a bingo evening – to raise funds for the project, on Friday 27 May at Rondebosch East Primary School at 20:00. The community is asked to assist with any donations for the fundraiser, such as gifts that can be used as prizes, or donations towards the work done on a Saturday. Bread, jam, peanut butter, margarine, soup and greens would be greatly appreciated. For more information contact Glenda Maree on 082 945 4954, Murvin Maree on 083 351 8865 or Penny Sackim on 083 453 2799.


Tuesday 5 April 2011

People’s Post Retreat Page 3

Student kidnapped, dumped in bushes TAMMY PETERSEN


KENILWORTH student was kidnapped, robbed and dumped in the bushes at Schaapkraal when four robbers found him pushing his car in Racecourse Road, Kenwyn, after he ran out of petrol in the early hours of Sunday morning.

WELCOME HOME: The skipper of the City of Cape Town­sponsored yacht Spirit of Izivun­ guvungu, Kader Williams from Mitchell’s Plain, hugs his sister, Mezyda Samsodien, after returning to home shores on Wednesday 30 March. The yacht was damaged beyond repair in a storm last week, as the crew sailed her back to South Africa after taking part in the Heineken Cape to Rio 2011 yacht race. The sailors were rescued by a Liberi­ an­registered ship after communication with the boat was lost for four days. They disem­ barked at Simon’s Town harbour. Photo: Chad Chapman

FEED­ BACK: Albert Fritz, Western Cape MEC for Commu­ nity Safety, address­ es an au­ dience at the Protea Archery Club hall in Main Road, Retreat on Monday 4 April, while Donald Grant, Western Cape MEC for Education, listens. Fritz and Grant were invited to the meeting by the DA constituency heads to speak about community safety and education. Fritz said safety was the responsibility of the entire community, while Grant highlighted the seven issues that his department would be focusing on this year, which included improving Grade 12, teachers’ salaries, text books, matric exemptions, school infrastructure, the Safer Schools campaign, as well as special needs education. Photo: Liam Moses

BACK TO THE STREETS: Major­General Sharon Japhta, the newly appoin­ ted Western Cape Deputy Police Commissioner, speaks to a crowd of police officers and residents in Lavender Hill on Saturday 2 April during the “taking back the streets cam­ paign”. The campaign, which is an initiative of the Steenberg police, saw of­ ficers from the station and members of the Steenberg Community Policing Forum walking the streets of the greater Retreat area in attempt to combat crime. The campaign proved to be successful, as three black bags of dagga were found in Hillwood, Muizenberg. The event was held on Friday 1 April and Saturday 2 April. Photo: Hermanus van Dyk










R 44 9 5


R 49 95

The 27-year-old, who was on his way home from his fiancée’s house in Lansdowne, told police that a dark-coloured Opel Kadette pulled up next to him at about 01:00 as he pushed his blue Toyota Conquest towards a nearby garage. Warrant Officer Robert Lakey, spokesperson for Lansdowne police, says two men got out of the car and approached the student. “One of the men pulled out a gun and they grabbed the student, forcing him into the Kadette. “As he got in, another man got out and went to stand at the student’s car. The suspects, the two men as well as a woman who was waiting in the car, then drove off, taking the M5 to Ottery.” As they drove, the robbers demanded the man’s bank card and PIN number. “He complied and the robbers took him to the ATM at the corner of De Wet and Ottery roads, where they withdrew R2 600. They then got back in the car and started driving towards Philippi,” he explains. As they drove, the armed robber instructed him to remove the laces from his shoes, whereafter his assailants tied his hands and feet. “They drove to Schaapkraal, where they dumped him in the bushes. Before leaving, they asked him whether his car was fitted with an anti-hijacking device and when he said that it wasn’t, they threatened to come back and kill him if he was lying. They then left him there.” The man, stumbling through the darkness, managed to find a sharp stone which he used to cut the laces and free himself. “He ran to a nearby garage where he contacted his family, who came to fetch him. When they returned to where the incident started, the car was already gone,” Lakey explains.

As they drove, the armed robber instructed him to remove the laces from his shoes, whereafter his assailants tied his hands and feet.


3-5Meter RADIUS WAS R34.95

The man sustained no injuries. Hanif Loonat, the chairperson of the Kenwyn Safety and Security Association, says it is the first time in two years that such an incident happened at the “usually quiet part of Racecourse Road”. “This section of the road is usually crimefree and what happened can only be described as very unfortunate. “People should realise that no matter where you are, you have to make every effort to ensure that you are not making yourself susceptible to opportunistic crooks. It can happen at any time, in any place.” He says the local neighbourhood watch, which has been dormant for a year, is gaining momentum for a relaunch. “We need patrols from locals who are concerned with protecting their area. “Structures like these are usually a strong deterrent to criminals, as their presence make it difficult for chancers to strike.” Majidie Abrahams, the chairperson of the Lansdowne Community Police Forum, describes the incident as “surprising”, and reiterates that the Kenwyn section of Racecourse Road is “usually quiet”. “This man seems to have been spotted by criminals passing through the area who decided to take a chance. “However, the main thing that should come from this is that if you are stranded, phone someone or go somewhere safe. “Thieves prey on the vulnerable, so instead of putting yourself in a dangerous situation, phone the authorities and explain your situation. A sector vehicle should be at hand to help or wait with you until assistance arrives.” No arrests have been made. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to phone the station on (021) 700-9000.



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SUPER VALUE SUPER SERVICE TOKAI ON MAIN Tel. 021 715 4666 *Conditions apply


Page 4 People’s Post Retreat

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Police still baffled by body TAURIQ HASSEN

POLICE are appealing to the public for help after a burnt body was found along the M5 highway last week. The charred body of a man thought to be about 30 years old was found in the bushes at the Kromboom Road and Racecourse turn-off at 06:00 on Tuesday 29 March. The media reported last week that the body was found along the same road where actor Brett Goldin and fashion designer, Rich-

ard Bloom, were shot execution style. In April 2006, Goldin and Bloom were found naked alongside the M5 with their hands tied behind their back and bullet wounds to their heads. However, the Lansdowne police have not linked the two cases. The charred body had apparently been tied to tyres with chains before being set alight. According to Warrant Officer Robert Lakey, spokesperson for the Lansdowne Police Station, the body was burnt beyond recog-

nition, and police struggled to lift finger or toe prints in order to identify the man. “The unidentified body of the man was found with a chain around his right arm and right leg in the bushes, near a tree,” says Lackey. Police attempted to identify the body by sending out an internal memorandum requesting information from their offices of missing people. On the morning of the incident, a traffic official was driving down the M5 towards Muizenberg when he spotted a cloud

of black smoke coming from the bushy areas alongside the freeway. The official immediately contacted fire and rescue services, which attended to the fire and found the body. “The investigation is currently under way and police have opened a case of murder, which we require more information about,” says Lakey. Anyone able to shed light on the incident is requested to contact the Lansdowne Police Station on (021) 700-9000 or Crime Stop on 086 001 0111.

A FRESH LOOK: Government Avenue will undergo an upgrade and restora­ tion.

Government Avenue gets a facelift PICTURESQUE Government Avenue, which runs through the Company’s Garden, is to be upgraded and repaired. The project is linked to the city’s Inner City World Cup Non-Motorised Transport Project, which includes improvements to pedestrian footways. Some of the existing concrete paving bricks, which were laid around 1970, have been lifted by tree roots, while in other areas depressions have occurred. At the same time some of the other paved areas will be renewed with clay bricks and cobbles, such as the Parliament gates, the main gate to the Company’s Garden, the Tuynhuis gate, the Rose Garden entrance gate and other smaller entrances along the avenue. The damaged edges of Government Avenue will also be restored using original, historic, granite cobbles taken from the Lower Loop Street area, where roadworks are taking place. New benches will replace the old concrete and wooden-slate benches on the upper portion of Government Avenue. To complement this project, a watersaving initiative has been instituted by the City’s water and sanitation department in the Company’s Garden. It entails piping Table Mountain spring water, which yields 2,5 million litres of water a day in summer. This watering system has been laid from the main springs at Homestead Park, down Upper Orange Street, along Government Avenue, Queen Victoria Street and Somerset Road to the Cape Town Stadium and the Urban Park as well. This water is also being used along the way for the irrigation of De Waal Park and The Paddocks area of the Company’s Garden. The Garden’s much-loved aviary will not be snubbed during the upgrade. New birds will be introduced when the renovations are complete, and these will reflect, as much as possible, the local bird population. The existing building was built in the 1930s, and has been retained as part of the heritage of the Company’s Garden. The interior has been completely renewed and opened up, and new water features and a passageway right through the aviary have been built. The enclosing mesh has also been renewed with high-quality fencing, which allows good visibility. Once the refurbishments of Government Avenue are complete, the parks department plans to revive the oncepopular summer “Art in the Avenue” programme, and will examine the feasibility of the establishment of a regular fresh produce market in The Paddocks. This relates to the origins of the Company’s Garden, once a vegetable farm for the Dutch settlers and the Castle.


Tuesday 5 April 2011

Driver arrested for assault on cyclist TERESA FISCHER


MOTORIST was arrested for assaulting cyclist Andrew Wheeldon on the same day Wheeldon reported the incident and has since been released without having to pay bail. The incident in which Wheeldon was allegedly punched in the jaw by an irate motorists took place at noon on Sunday 27 March near Claremont. Claremont Police arrested the man who lives in Rosmead Avenue on charges of assault on Monday 28 March. He appeared in court and was released without having to pay bail and will, however, appear in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday 14 April. Wheeldon, the director of the Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN), was cycling towards the corner of Rosmead Avenue and Lansdowne Road, when he says the motorist jumped a stop street. Wheeldon says he just shook his head. He says the driver then suddenly braked and reversed and as he passed the car, the driver almost hit him by suddenly opening his car door. This happened three times he says, adding that he would simply ride around the car. Then, as he was stopped at a robot at the Rosmead and Lansdowne Road intersection, the driver got out and approached him, asking: “Do you think you are a hero?” He replied “no”. The man then asked: “Why did you shake your head?” Wheeldon replied this was because the driver had jumped the stop street.

“So you think you are a hero then?” the driver allegedly asked before punching him in the jaw. He then asked: “So what are you going to do, hero?” Wheeldon replied that he was going to report him for assault and the man said he would go with him to the police station. He followed Wheeldon closely, and this was captured in photographs taken by a witness, who holds a senior position at a large media house. “He really picked the wrong guy to hit,” says Wheeldon wryly. One of the missions of The Bicycle Empowerment Network is to advocate safe bicycle travel. The man then drove away. Another witness has since approached Wheeldon, saying she saw the man punch him. She told him that she was amazed he didn’t even lift an arm to defend himself, even to protect himself. Wheeldon says the day before he had cycled over 400 km and was just hoping to do an easy 10 km. He says it was partly a case of turning the other cheek, but adds, “I didn’t have the energy”. Wheeldon says it was good if the “cyclist/motorist problem” was brought into the public sphere, adding that it had been kept under wraps for too long. He pleads for tolerance from both sides. He highlights the importance of educating drivers and cyclists. He says incidents can easily escalate into a full-blown fight. He adds: “Fighting back, by for example slapping someone’s car, is the wrong reaction.” He suggests stopping confrontation immediately by down-playing whatever has happened as much as possible and moving away. If necessary ask for help, he says.

People’s Post Retreat Page 5

PEOPLE’S PARK: A free concert and ribbon­cutting ceremony heralded the opening of the Green Point Urban Park on Sun­ day which was attended by more than 5 000 people. Performers included Elvis Blue, The Rudi­ mentals, Emo Adams, Icon Jazz Band, Heavenly Quartet and Lar­ ry Joe. The 12,5 ha public park, which boasts an array of plants and a biodiversity showcase gar­ den, is open from 07:00 to 19:00 daily. Doing the honours are from left: JP Smith (ward councillor and Mayoral Committee mem­ ber for Safety and Security), Dan Plato (Executive Mayor of Cape Town), Soli Philander (MC for the event) and Brett Heron (Mayoral Committee member for Community Services).

It isn’t easy being green THE NGO Soil for Life is offering two workshops this April. On Wednesday 6 April from 10:00 to 11:30, Thea Priestley will be hosting a morning talk on “Gardening with Earthworms”. She has written a book on the subject called “To Live”. The price per entry is R100, which includes tea, muffins and preserves. Over the weekend of Saturday 9 April and

Photo: Bruce Sutherland

Sunday 10 April, Pat Featherstone, who has a vast knowledge of natural methods of growing foods and greening one’s lifestyle, will present the popular “Grow-to-Live” food gardening workshop from 8:30 to 15:30 on both days. Both events will take place at the Soil for Life Training and Resource Centre in Brounger Road, Constantia. Bookings are essential. Call Tania on (021) 794-4982 or email her at

FLOWER POWER: Renowned horticulturalist, David Davidson, will be giving a talk on his experiences in Thailand on Tuesday 12 April at 09:30, at Christ Church Hall, corner Main and Parish roads, Constan­ tia. Davidson was invited to Thailand after a trip to Singapore to show the South African 2010 Chelsea Flower Show Exhibit. The talk and slide show will be on the flowers and arrangements used in Thailand. The event is being hosted by the Constantia Flower Club. The cost for visitors is R25 and includes refreshments.

Explore your shore THE Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) has an outing at Dalebrook (False Bay) on Sunday 17 April at 08:00 to 10:00. Come explore this fascinating stretch of rocky shore during spring low tide with marine biologist, Professor Charles Griffiths, from UCT’s zoology department, as he introduces us to myri-

ads of colourful creatures that thrive along our coastline. All are welcome to meet at the Dalebrook car park (on the Muizenberg side of Kalk Bay harbour). Bring your own refreshments and wear clothing suitable for the weather on the day. Non-members pay a R20 donation and the proceeds will go to funding WESSA’s work. RSVP to Sandy by Friday 5 April on (021) 701-1397 or


Page 6 People’s Post Retreat CLIMBING THE RANKS: The old South African Po­ lice force is re­ membered for its militaristic, patri­ archal and separa­ tist policies. The first intake of col­ oured women only occurred in 1981, and 19­year­old Constable Sharon Geldenhuys (now Major General Sha­ ron Jephta) was in that group. On Fri­ day 1 April she be­ came the Deputy Provincial Com­ missioner respon­ sible for policing in the Western Cape. She is pictured here with Western Cape Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Arno Lamo­ er. Taking up her post, she said one of her priorities would be an aggressive crime­prevention drive focused on drugs, liquor and firearms, as these are considered the main contributors to serious and violent crimes. Jephta first started working at Manenberg Police Station. Soon after that she had a seven­year stint as an instructor at the Bishop Lavis Police College. In 1988 she was promoted to Grassy Park as a branch commander. She vividly remembers her commander’s motivation, which read: “She’s on equal ground with her male colleagues.” She then made a conscious decision not to be equal to her male colleagues, but “to be head and shoulders above the rest”. Jephta also spent time in Mitchell’s Plain as a branch commander, and later visible police commander, where she started the first community policing partnership. In 1998, she became the station commander of Philippi Police Station, in a time of gang violence. Her interventions, coupled with community involvement, managed to contain the violence to some extent. Photo: Supplied

Dance for an innings THE Victoria Cricket Club will be holding their annual presentation dance at the John Graham Primary School on Friday 8 April, starting at 19:30 for 20:00. Platters will be on the table, but everybody is encouraged to bring their own

XYZ and glasses. A shooters bar will be available. The school is located on the corner of Dick Burton and Milford Roads, and R75 will get you in. The dress code is smart.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Man behind bars for series of hijackings REYANA STEYN

A MAN wanted for seven hijackings and motor vehicle thefts around Cape Town has finally been arrested. The Retreat man has a string of hijacking and car theft cases against him. He appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court yesterday. “On Friday 25 March, Manenberg police, members of the Serious Violent Crimes Unit and the Organised Crime Unit, followed information of a possible stolen vehicle that was hijacked in Manenberg,” says Warrant Officer Ian Bennett, Athlone police spokesperson. “The hijacking took place on Saturday 19 March in Manenberg Avenue, when a man was approached by three men, one with a firearm. The men then drove with the man until Athlone, and then threw him out of the vehicle and sped off in his car. Information given by the Manenberg community said the car could be in the vicinity of Gansbaai.” Bennett says police searched the area for the blue Mazda 323, which was found at an address in Gousblom Street in Blompark, Gansbaai.

“A 32-year-old man was arrested and questioned. After tactful interrogation, the suspect told detectives that he had bought the vehicle, and that the person who had sold the vehicle to him was on his way to collect the money owing on the vehicle.” The 23-year-old man who sold the vehicle to him was arrested. It was also discovered that the Toyota Tazz the seller arrived in had also been stolen in Diep River on Thursday 24 March. “The passengers of the vehicle, a 20-yearold man and a 23-year-old woman, also from Retreat, were also taken into custody,” says Bennett. “The dedicated detectives then discovered that the 23-year-old man had several outstanding warrants for his arrest.” The suspects were transported back to Manenberg where they were detained. “We continue to encourage the community to speak out against crime by reporting all incidents that could jeopardise the safety of the community,” says Bennett. The suspects are set to appear in court again on Monday 11 April for bail application. To report crime call 08600 10111 or the Manenberg Police Station on (021) 699-9400.

A future in birds

SENIOR PRIDE: After all the gang violence in Lavender Hill recently, 73 senior citizens of Seawinds and Lavender Hill were able to enjoy a few hours being themselves again. On Human Rights Day, 21 March, about one thousand senior citizens from old age homes from across the city were invited to an event hosted by Mayor Dan Plato. The theme was “Feeling Dignified”. The elderly were provided with lunch and entertainment by Alister Isobel and other local artists.

IF BIRDS are your passion, then visit the fourth Biodiversity Expo at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden from Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 May. The Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at UCT will be showing its work and discussing ideas for careers at their display. The exhibit is one of the more than 30 informative projects that will feature at this annual event offering ideas for careers in the area of biodiversity. Securing a sustainable future in the face of escalating global environmental change requires innovative approaches to conserving biodiversity, and this is the Fitztitue’s (as it is commonly known) focus. It is the only ornithological research institute in the Southern Hemisphere, and arguably one of

the most active in the world in terms of programmes of both ornithological research and education. In recognition of its achievements and future potential, the Fitztitute was awarded the prestigious status of one of only six National Centres of Excellence in Science and Technology in 2004 – an award made by the South African Department of Science and Technology and the National Research Foundation. To find out more about the Fitztitute or a career in ornithology, visit the stall at the Biodiversity Expo at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in the Old Mutual Conference Centre. For more information, visit, or email Augustine Morkel on

Fishmongers continue to dump their waste in vleis MELISSA LE ROUX


RINCESS VLEI is once again being misused by fishmongers, who dumped their dead fish into the water on Wednesday 9 March at about 18:00. According to Robert Johnson, known to the regulars at the vlei as Gino and who has been sleeping on the vlei for about 17 years, the dumping of fish wastage in the water is a regular occurrence. However, the ward councillor, Jan Burger, says that it does not happen regularly, but only “now and then”. “About every three to four months we will get a complaint about unsanitary dumping of fish. We had a similar situation at Langevlei, but we’ve sorted it out.” According to Johnson, the culprit who dumped the fish into the vlei was rude, and assaulted him when he told the heavilybuilt man that he should not dump his

waste into the water. “People come here to get baptised, and it’s not healthy, because they could get sick if fish are dumped in the water,” he says. Johnson adds that he didn’t want to make a fuss because he was afraid the offender would hurt him or his wife, Mieta. Johnson says he usually digs holes in the sand for the fishmongers who want to dump their waste. According to Burger, people have been getting baptised at the vlei for close to 30 years. A similar problem has been occurring at Langevlei, where fishmongers also dispose of fish entrails in the water. The Rondevlei subcouncil has asked whether Law Enforcement could extend its working hours due to problems in the ward, which include persistent social

problems at Langevlei, and fishmongers contributing to the pollution of the vlei by throwing their fish entrails into it. Law Enforcement responded by saying that the fishmonger who sold his fish at the vlei had been asked to trade elsewhere. Burger said residents could help by reporting the disposal of waste in the vleis much faster. Chairperson of the Retreat Community Policing Forum (CPF), Kevin Southgate, says he is opposed to the illegal dumping of fish offal in the vlei or anywhere else. “I am totally against dumping fish wastage into the vleis. It’s unhealthy, and Metro Police have to monitor the situation. The fishmongers should be confronted and given a talking to so that they know they mean business,” he says.

UNHEALTHY: A witness saw a fishmonger dumping these fish in the Princess Vlei. Photo: Supplied


Tuesday 5 April 2011

People’s Post Retreat Page 7

City’s new horsepower does not come cheap TONY ROBINSON

HAVE you noticed the motorcycles the Cape Town traffic cops are riding these days? They are 1300 cc Hondas and they cost about R150 000 each. Now why do the traffic police need such powerful motorcycles when their operations are confined to the municipal area where speed limits are between 60 and 80 km/h? It is true that speed limits do go up to 120 km/h on the freeways, but that is not where the work is. So what is the point of motorcycles that can race along at speeds in excess of 200 km/h? For less than half the price, the City could have bought versatile 600 cc bikes by the same manufacturer that are also capable of excessive speeds. That means they could have bought twice as many bikes (or saved a lot of money). How much money? Well, it would take a pensioner who lives in a modest home and pays about R500 a month in rates 16 years to pay the extra cost of a single superbike. No doubt the traffic department will have their own story. They will probably explain about the radios and other equipment the officers have to carry, but that’s all bunkum – radios have never been smaller or lighter than they are now and, anyway, the bike was designed to carry

Food fair in Retreat THE Wesley Methodist Church in Retreat will be hosting a food fair on Saturday 9 April from 12:00 to 17:00.

A weekend at the Spa A WEEKEND getaway to Goudini Spa will be held from Friday 24 June to Sunday 26 June. Tickets cost R750 per person and a deposit of R250 must be paid by Friday 25 March. The balance must be paid by Friday 17 June. All deposits are to be paid into FNB cheque account number 62015316848, Grassy Park branch, branch code 203109. There is a R100 discount

Nominations needed THE Southfield Neighbourhood Watch’s annual general meeting will be held on Monday 18 April at Southfield Primary School in Dirkie Uys Street at 18:15. Nominations for the positions of

two. There is no way the equipment (whatever it is) could be heavier or less compact than a pillion passenger. Anybody who has ever ridden a motorcycle (and I am one of them) will tell you that a 600 cc machine is more than powerful enough for traffic work. In fact, the lighter machine is better suited for use in heavy traffic. Buying the big 1300 cc superbikes for traffic cops is as extravagant as buying BMWs and Jaguars for building inspectors and social workers. Of course there was a time, under a previous City administration, when the mounted traffic officers disappeared and the new crop of officers tried to do the job in air-conditioned cars that cost even more than superbikes. Somehow it always took two cops to drive one car so this reduced the visible presence on the roads and it reduced their effectiveness because it is darn difficult to thread an air-conditioned Camry through a traffic jam to the scene of an accident. Once there, the car becomes an extra obstacle. The mounted traffic officer, on the other hand, can thread his/her way through traffic to take charge and get the traffic flowing again. So it’s good to see the bikes back, but why the superbikes? We must think of the pensioner who has to pay an extra 16 years’ rates for the extra horsepower.

The countries that will be represented are South Africa, England, Italy, Portugal and India. The cost is R75. For more information contact Jake Adams on (021) 712-2436 or 084 208 0771. on a full rondawel. Email deposit slips to,, or fax it to 086 295 1349. A free ticket, inclusive of accommodation and meals, will be given to a deserving pensioner who otherwise would not be able to afford a holiday. For further inquiries call Ebrahim on 083 792 0096, Fatiema on 079 676 3055 or Soraya on 076 664 5294. chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer and operations manager are now open. Forward nominations to Andrew Lillie, the electoral officer of the watch, at or on 083 282 9918, by 12:00 on Wednesday 13 April.

Collect your certificate CRAFTERS who attended the Lotto Funding Project at The Cape Flats Development Association (CAFDA) in January, February and March are asked to come to The Stables at 8th Ave-

nue, Grassy Park, by 10:00 on Friday 8 April to receive their certificates and to take up opportunities in craft work. RSVP to Joyce on 082 425 3092 or Amanda on 073 366 4872.

Circus fun for all

cost is R30 for adults and R20 for children at the Liesbeek Parkway, Hartleyvale, in Observatory. Free, secure, parking is available. The circus equipment will also be open for the public on Friday 8 April from 12:00 to 18:00. Experience obstacle courses, foofie sliding and the flying trapeze and more for only R40 per person per hour. For further information and to book, call (021) 692-4287.

THE South African National Circus has an amazing family show with trapeze, acrobatics, contortionists, the Amazing Man in the Bottle, hilarious clowns and much more. Live and fabulous entertainment at its best. The circus takes place on Saturday, starting at 19:30 and Friday 8 and Saturday 9 April, both starting at 19:30. The

BEARERS OF THE LIGHT: Several staff members at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and mem­ bers of Childsafe, an NGO based at the hospital, took part in an Earth Hour event in the hospital’s foyer on Saturday 26 March. Pictured, here are, (in front) Mathew and Cuba Arendse. (second row) Grace Rwan­ ca, Yumna Abrahams, and Dorothy Schulman of Childsafe, with Jaqualine Adams, Catherine Kestoor, Ayesha Mustapha and Mogamat Yaseen Mustapha. Professor Sebastian van As, the head of Trauma at the hospital, is at the centre back. Photo: Supplied

Little lights convey big message THE entrance to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital was completely candlelit for Earth Hour – between 20:30 and 21:30 – on Saturday 26 March. Fires caused by fallen candles are frequent in Cape Town. Last winter 23 children and adults died in fires caused by six fallen candles in Manenberg, Khayelitsha, and Kleinmond. “These sad events increased the resolve of Childsafe to continue Safer Candle Project outreach opportunities, and convey the message that a Safer Candle is essential for all homes,” Dorothy Schulman, of Childsafe, a non-profit organisation based at the hospital, said. The Safer Candle project teaches parents how to

make a simple, cost-efficient candleholder using a large glass jar and dry sand. The candles should be cut in half, so that the flame is lower than the top of the jar. Then, if the jar tips over, the sand extinguishes the flame and prevents the fire from spreading. Every week Childsafe runs Safer Candle demonstrations in the hospital’s outpatient waiting rooms. During Earth Hour, Childsafe set up 24 Safer Candles in the hospital’s main foyer. “The 24 Safer Candles represent 24 hours in the day, when all citizens should be aware of energy saving and climate change,” Schulman said. For more information about Childsafe visit


Page 8 People’s Post Retreat

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Drug abuse shock SHOCKING statistics in a study conducted by the University of Stellenbosch serve as a reminder to parents to consider serious measures to protect the next generation in a fastpaced world plagued by substance abuse. The study, which targeted 400 pupils from 12 high schools in Mitchell’s Plain, was published by the SA Family Practice Journal last week. The study found that teenage substance abusers living in Mitchell’s Plain are younger than their European peers, increasing the risk of dependency at a younger age. It also revealed that the substance of choice for pupils in the area is tik, with its use having surpassed the use of ecstasy, cocaine and crack. Based on the study, dagga smoking in Mitchell’s Plain was rated at three times the national average of 10%, determined in 2007. But while results such as these are indeed shocking, the question remains: how will authorities and the families of youths respond to this information to make a tangible difference? Even if you are not immediately affected by drug abuse, you’re bound to feel the effects in terms of drug-related crime in your local neighbourhood. The police can only fight one aspect of this scourge – dealing with the criminals who perpetrate the crimes. The state is drowning under the ever-increasing pressure of drug addicted youths, with only a handful of state-run drug rehab centres serving the broader Cape Town area. In the case of adolescents and teens, it is really up to their parents, relatives, teachers and active NGOs to make the biggest impact on personal decisions. Parents, relatives and teachers are the roleplayers who should constantly serve as a moral compass in young people’s development towards adulthood. Having honest conversations about drug use and abuse, and using over-the-counter drug tests as tools to identify potential problems, could also be considered a tool. With local pupils currently on a week-long break, have you asked yourself what your children are up to? More importantly, should you find out what you’ve always dreaded, what will you do about it?

PETROL is due to increase on Wednesday and Eskom has increased its cost of electricity by 25.8%. Petrol will cost just under R10 a litre once the price increase kicks in at mid-

night on Tuesday. Commentators are concerned about the knock-on effects of these two price increases, which are expected to filter into food costs.

Your SMSes Is this law going to work? THE new Act which government is trying to implement is the Act that raises the age restriction for drinking from 18 to 21. This is believed to help problems related to alcohol, such as domestic violence and road accidents. Government has noted that countries where the age restriction for drinking alcohol is 21 leads to lower alcohol consumption. For a moment, let us be serious. We are not a First World country, so why are we trying to imitate First World country tactics? And let’s be real, will it really reduce alcohol consumption? Children are seen to be drinking in their teenage years already, even smoking. Yet, the South African government is trying to support this act. The effects will just be worse; now we will sit with more 18year-olds drinking alcohol illegally. The next big thing is corruption. We should seriously take note of how can we support this act if it has no real solution to the constant problems that commu-

nities are facing? We can agree that the government is trying to solve the problem, but this does not seem to be the right way to go about solving these problems. As South Africa, we should agree on solving these problems together. We are living in a time of democracy. So because of that, we shouldn’t allow these decisions to be made without even considering our opinions. If this Act is implemented, it will not work if it is only coming from government’s side. To make it work, it requires a lot of effort and money to implement. This money should rather be spent on more important things. The list of problems is endless; to mention just a few, it includes housing and education. Perhaps it is time for South Africans to see that change takes place rapidly and if you do not agree with things, then stand for what you believe in and speak out against these injustices. REECE GOODWIN Crawford

In response . Regarding the Metro Police who were sentenced for the death of Ebrahim Adams: I think the four were all guilty of defeating the ends of justice when they cleaned that van. Funny enough that someone committed suicide and shot himself twice? And when Februarie moved the body further, they could have driven away. Maybe then he could have shot himself thrice? . The post-mortem showed it was suicide, but the deceased shot himself twice in the head? I mean people, really! Stop covering up for these killer cops. Next time it could be you. The colour of money must be very beautiful. . People who work in the industrial area adjacent to Flintdale Estate use Kingfisher and Gull Roads as a short-cut to avoid slow-moving traffic and congestion at the Princess Vlei Road/De Waal Road intersection. As a resident just off Gull Road, I know that the three-way stop is ignored – I see it every day – and most of the time it’s someone going to or coming from Princess Vlei Road. The only deterrent on that route would be speed bumps. It’s unlikely that the residents would object. To the writer: Kingfisher is not paral-

With food, petrol and electricity costing more and more, consumer spending patterns are expected to revert to the conservatism and caution displayed in the recession in 2008.

lel to Gull, but perpendicular. There is a difference. General . Aan die drankraad van die Wes Kaap: laat alle legal drankwinkels toegemaak word op Sondae. Ek is ’n gewese alkolis met vier kinders. En­ kel ouer, Retreat . Don’t pay your TV licence. It is the right thing to do because I have a contractual problem with my bank, as SABC claims they have not been showing certain cricket matches. Ganief . I am responding to the person complaining that they can’t open an account with a basic of R6 000 per month. It’s funny, my husband opened two accounts, he got an RCS card, and a loan from a bank (with a clean credit record) earning just R3 200 per month. Maybe you must check your credit record? Just curious. Fat cats and lean masses . The collapse of a viable country starts at presidential level. It then filters down to ministerial, administrative and police level. The justice system collapses and business becomes corrupt. The broad mass of citizens become lawless and the country takes the route Zimbabwe took. It works without fail for the corrupt politicians every time. The solution lies in your hands. Only a full-blown public uprising will cure the cancer of corruption

in the ANC government. Granville . If a person receiving a government pension buys just two loaves of bread and two litres of milk per day for one month, then they will spend virtually their entire pension on these two basic food items, and cannot afford to buy meat, veggies and fruit, which are all vital for good health. When the poor can no longer fill their own stomachs due to greedy businessmen, you can expect serious civil unrest. Eddie . Serving members of the SANDF are prepared to go to war and die for their country and earn a meagre salary, and here we have ward councillors earning R750 000 per year! For what? Money for warming their bums on the chairs? Who justifies this logic? If I take a bullet for SA, it’s cheaper than the councillors missing out on their privileges. Now, who is more important? . How much money will Eskom and government offer Cosatu to keep quiet with the massive electricity increase facing consumers? . Jacob Zuma? What a mockery that you have alterations done to your house worth millions while there are people going to bed hungry. Can you not afford a loan from the bank? . When our justice system is corrupt, it makes a person real sick.


Tuesday 5 April 2011

People’s Post Retreat Page 9

The man behind the baton WHILE many regular “promenaders” come every year to the “Last Night of the Proms” for the repertoire of light classical music and the medley of choirs, many die-hards come just to enjoy the guarantee of yet another spectacular performance by renowned conductor, Richard Cock. This year Cock has decided on the theme of “Gypsy Fantasy” for the “Last Night of the Proms” taking place in the City Hall on Saturday 9 April at 20:00, and on Sunday 10 April at 19:00. Globally-renowned vi-

olinist, 21-year-old Jonathan Chan, and 21-year-old soprano, Maudée Montiree, head the line-up of choirs. Tickets are available at R170 and R210. Visit or a local outlet to purchase your ticket. For more information contact Graham Todd on 082 498 3986 or . WIN! People’s Post is giving away a set of two tickets to Last Night of the Proms on Saturday 9 April. To enter the giveaway, SMS “Proms” to 34586 by noon on Wednesday 6 April. SMSes cost R2 each; winners will be phoned.

Big band sound THE UCT Big Band, under the direction of Mike Campbell, presents an evening of jazz and contemporary popular music with a South African flavour at the Baxter Concert

Get hip hopping TAKING THE LEAD: The star of the Last Night of the Proms show, con­ ductor Richard Cock. Photo: Supplied

Win an Exclus1ves shopping voucher SINCE its launch last March, customers have flocked to the site, which is a virtual entertainment galaxy, offering a huge catalogue of movies, games, music, printed books and ebooks. “Exclus1ves is the future of home entertainment,” says Evan Morris. “The tipping point has been reached in our market, and we are seeing unprecedented growth.” Morris says this is as a result of offering a “sophis-

ticated and efficient online buying platform, in a convenient, virtual, interactive, shopping environment”. The site, he adds, is easy to navigate and the purchasing process is “extremely” customerfriendly. eBooks and eReaders have also given an impetus to the online entertainment market. “We launched our ebooks offering quite cautiously towards the end of 2010, and the response flooded our sales forecasts,” says Morris. offers

Hall on Tuesday 12 April, starting at 20:15. Tickets are available at Computicket or at the door at R50. UCT staff pay R45, senior citizens and students R35 and pupils R25.

THE Cape Town Eisteddfod Hip Hop Dance Competition will be taking place on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May. All “hip hoppers” are encouraged to join in on the action with

substantial cash prizes up for grabs in this new event. For more information and for entry forms, contact Sharon on 082 563 1693 or email

shoppers “competitively priced products, with reasonable delivery options”. Linked to Exclusive Books, the website is integrated into the Exclus1ve Books Fanatics rewards programme. Go to for more information. . WIN! To celebrate the first birthday of the Exclus1ves site, People's Post is giving away four vouchers worth R250 each. To enter the lucky draw to win one of these vouchers, SMS “Voucher” to 34586 by noon on Wednesday 6 April. SMSes cost R2 each; winners will be phoned.

Win as Red Riding Hood comes to town striptease. Tickets to the 40-minute show cost R38, and bookings can be made at Computicket, at any Shoprite/ Checkers or online at For block bookings or queries, call Elton on 083 364 8284 or (021) 5582650, or the Baxter Theatre on (021) 685-7880. For more information on the Lilliput Players, visit their website at . WIN! People’s Post is giving away five double tickets to the show. To win, SMS “Red” to 34586 by noon on Wednesday 6 April. SMSes cost R2 each; winners will be phoned.

MY, WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE!: The Big Bad Wolf, portrayed by Elton John Duffy (right), is disguised as a sheep who tries to fool Red Riding Hood, played by Nikki Louw.

Use Less and Save More

CREDIT VEND - TAX INVOICE Distributor VAT Number Eskom Online 4740101508 Date 2010/10/15 12:01:22 AM Address Megawatt Park, Contact Centre Tel 086-003-7566

Inclining Block Tariff (IBT) for prepaid electricity

From 1 April 2011 Eskom’s prepayment metered customers will benefit from Inclining Block Tariffs or the IBT structure.

Receipt No EAPOLVA02854276

Do your sums It’s really easy to work out what your prepaid electricity will cost every month. Simply use the example below: Imagine you purchase R250,00 a month and want to know the units you will receive. This is how it will be calculated:

The Inclining Block Tariffs are structured as follows:

Client ID 6004708053837

Terminal ID 1

Meter No 04085285281

Tok Tech 01

Alg 07

SGC 100405


TI 07

Taking the rate in the first block

50kWh X 65,72c/kWh

Electricity Consumption Blocks

Energy Rate* (cent/kWh)

Energy *kWh 337,91

Taking the rate in block two

287,91kWh X 75,42c/kWh

Block 1 [ ≤50kWh]

65,72 75,42


Add the two consumption blocks together (50kWh + 287,91kWh) = 337,91kWh

Block 2 [ >50 - ≤350kWh]

Description Normal Sale

Block 3 [>350 - ≤600kWh]


Block 4 [> 600kWh]


Being efficient with your electricity means that you pay less! For more information, Eskom customers can contact 08600 37566 or go to Issued by Eskom Distribution Division April 2011 Eskom Holdings Limited Reg No 2002/015527/06


AFTER a completely sold-out season in 2009, The Lilliput Children’s Theatre Company will put on seven performances only of “Red Riding Hood” at the Baxter Main Theatre in April. “Red Riding Hood” runs until Saturday 9 April. This delightful fairytale follows the well-loved story of the naughty little girl who disobeys her mother and, instead of taking the safe route to visit her granny, goes into the woods, where she encounters a Big Bad Wolf (in this adaptation a rather stupid Loopy-de-Loop type who is a former music hall star). Highlights of the show include a rock and roll Granny and the Wolf’s

*Note: The energy rate includes VAT and the Environmental Levy charge.

Token Amt R 250.00

0396 5997 4923 6066 4087 0050.00 kWh @ 065.72c/kWh: 287.91 kWh @ 075.42 c/kWh: 0000.00 kWh @ 109.50 c/kWh: 0000.00 kWh @ 120.10 c/kWh: VAT included at 14%


Tuesday 9 September 2008 Page 10 People’s Post Retreat

People’s Page 11 TuesdayPost 5 April 2011

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All Fridge Regassing and geyser repairs. 021 3715362

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website and learn how to use it. Visit 082 417 8022 or Touch Nervous ladies welcome. For Kommejtie Restaurant. www.HelpMeToBlog.Com Only locals need apply. Must ALL HOME Car hire for pass out. Of Contact John have contactable references. MAINTENANCE All areas. Fax CV to 0866955424 082 870 2004 Beauty Tiling,cupboards, PASS OUT FIRSTceilings, A.B.K. PLUMBERS: Work waterproofing, TIME plastering, Come visit A DECOR donethis cozy, tranquil home salon for a little doors Backdrop poles & chair 021 397 3912/ T.L.C personally & guaranteed. covers. Ph 021 637 0133 and windows, new 072 617 4472 at the hands of a friendly, well-experienced therapist. or 083 453 9021 Leaking bathrooms, roofs also undertaken,and alterations and APRIL SPECIAL CATER HIRE 021­696 2394 small renovations. FOR PRIVATE USE OR Plastic chairs R2. PAMPER ER PACKAGE CKAGE PAMP PA consisting of a facial, building alterations. Phone Round Table: 10 seats R10 debt Consolidate your Property Care eyebrow tint, eyelash tint, mini manicure or mini Long Table: 10 seats R10. Arnie Chris 082 908 3456 Chair Covers: R4. pedicure071 for202 only... R20 000 @ R165 p.m. 7744. or 785 7690 Chair Cover Bows:R2. R50 000 @XL:R12. R375 p.m. Long Table Cloth CARPET CLEANING R330 R100 @ XL:R15. R750 p.m. Round000 Table Cloth CLIFF'S PLUMBING SPRING Subject to negotiated rates Organza Overlays: R5. Chafing Dish: R50 Licenced SPECIALS - CLEAN 3 Your income & value of your property Red Carpet R100 GET 1 FREE AND allPlumber. studentsBlocked receive drains. a 15% discount on treatDelivery Service Available determines the amount you qualify for. • NO DEPOSIT H/W Industrial machine. All ments booked. • BLACKLISTED COLORADOBased HIRING on info cylinder elements. work personally Immediate approval. supplied WELCOME Crockery, cutlery, glassware • FAX: 021 696 5397 LISA-MARIE . machineon 072 354 9110 Phone and professionally done. Contact Washing linen and backdrop. Ph consultants at: our professionally trained installations. Quick treatments for special Tel .021 Call Connie 374945 7104 4062 / 0822278968 Also available to do in-home 021 - Office Hours from Service. Phone on 073 327 2670 or Cell. 076 450 4195 - All hours events and weddings. BRICKS 1836 / 021-785 3877. DECOR 19 Canal021 Rd,785 Woodlands Park, Wetton. (close to e-mail: PLASTIC per week website: Backdrop poles and lights. 921 Department) 2246 Free quotation LINING Hillstar 082 Traffic (021 396 2526/082 212 8949


LoansWAREHOUSE Money 021 697 3530



CLOTHING/SHOES/LINEN req for cash 072 340 0536

2 & 3m sand & stone & rubble removal. Ph 078 6113 627. 3M/6M Sand, Stone & Rubble ( 083 292 3960 5M, SAND, STONE, RUBBLE ­ Bakkie loads also 021 397 6413 or 082 709 6443 A 6m 3 sand, stone, lime & rubble removal 021 691 6995 / 072 374 9801 A bakkie sand ­ R195 A bakkie stone ­ R385 Paving slabs 300x300 ­ R6.90 400x400 ­ R10.90 per slab 450x450 ­ R12.90 per slab 600x600 ­ R18.00 per slab Colour cobblestone ­ R2 each. Rockface 450x450 ­ R22.90 per slab. Contact 073 182 1491 o/h or 021 372 2961 a/h A bargain block: 190, 140 & 90. Ph 021 374 2053/ 021 692 1209 all hours. Free Delivery. AA BARGAIN PAVING SLABS 400 x 400 = R10,50 450 x 450 = R12,50 500 x 500 = R13,50 ( 076 382 6711



(021 633 0467/083 478 079 5

GRASSY PARK/RETREAT 021 762 1252 072 542 7217

WENDY 250510

AIRPORT TRANSFERS TRIPS AND TOURS Contact African Theme Tours on 782 3724 or 083 392 2796

•PC Fundamentals PASTRY CHEF / •MS Word BAKER Nrdhk confectionery looking for reliable staff. 2 Positions •MS Excel avail. Exp with novelty and R300 Certificate wedding cakes bonus. Ref •Internet / Only( Lara 021 789 2891. experience. reqd. HOUSE OF HIRING Send CV to cakes@ Email Call us for your hiring needs Fax CV to 021 790 4839 plus kids party items. N O C AT CHES •Speed Typing (021 3711 588/082 503 9026


& service. 24hr. 021 785 5999 / 073 433 3289

avail. Mitchells Plain area cleaning only. Ph 021 392 0633

DECKSTER'S CATERING Menu's from R90,00. Price includes: Backdrop, Arch, Red Carpet and chair covers. (Ielaahm or Rene AVON 021­371 4507/082 324 9486

Champs 5x1 05-04-11-1AMR1RF.cdr

DVD/Photos/Slideshow ( 021 422 0472/083 513 6906 AIRPORT & local INVITATIONS, Business ctransfers. a r d s , Best L e t trates erheads, etc..(021 933 4930/ & 24hr service. Ph 072 717 4410 082 925 0412 JEAN'S stunning Designs Bridalwear, casual wear, hire or buy & catering. Shop no.21­ AIRPORT & local Town Centre Mini Mall. transfers. Best rates (021 376 2083/078 3400 473

EDUCARE from 3 months to domestic 5 and half years old. Transport

Menus from R69 p/p. Price includes basic care decor.whenH I R E A C A S T L E F R O M For all your hiring needs and notR150 Kiddies Chairs, you're there.p/d. Contact stage decor, incl bouquets. tables and linen Ph 696 2394 Crockery and cutleryElmarie from or 084 209 1313 10c. Chair covers with bows 082 870 2004 also available. Ph Rashieda or WORLD OF BIRDS HIRING OF Kiddies tables and chairs, chair covers, table Shafiek 021­372 5921 / Requires Admin Clerk with cloths, etc. Call Beulah 021­ 082 660 0876 / 703 7107 or 073 487 2524 084 566 0087 general book keeping

HI TECH 08-02-11-1AHYT1F.cdr

( Russ 02108. 786 4837 K53 Specialist. Code CASH AND TERMS Herbalist Doctor FROM R40/WEEK Driving lessons " PAY AFTER PROBLEM BLACKLISTED WELCOME SOLVED SPRINGCLEAN domestic at special prices. MATHS " DoFREE you want your competitor LINING/DELIVERY/ERECTION and Individual tutoring. to BATHROOMS be banned from work? & ELECTRICS EXTRASPECIAL PACKAGE commercial cleaning Mon­Sun. All hours • Bring back lost lover FOR 3 MONTHS ONLY R70 or R50 each for 2 pupils • Man or Woman not cheat Learner services. classes available. • Get rich quickly Contact 084 803 5448 Free/post occupancy • Remove Tokoloshe Ph 021 391 2728 a/h, • Business Problems cleans. Holiday • Stop smoking/ Drugs 071 437 1015, homes. Tel Tarina Du · Protect family from enemy 082 070 8000 or • Win Lotto & Casino Plessis (thousands & millions) 074082 111925 1512 4646

DIEGO hiring services.

MANAGEMENT: Cutlery, crockery, centre DALVIE'S HOME Let pieces etc.(021 391 2262/ 071 777 8789 take


CARPET & upholsteryJ & K DRIVING SCHOOL SNOWDON K53 driving lessons. Code 8 cleaning. only. Pick up & Drop off all DRIVING Quick dry, work done areas. Patient & reliable instructors.(021 374 9380 personally. SCHOOL (a/h)/ 073 888 6782/


Phone: Phone: 021 021 405 405 1136 1136 || Fax: Fax: 021 021 406 406 2943 2943

Amy’s Wendy 16 11 10

Email: Email:

DAVID'S PRECAST We sell Vibrecrete Poles & Slabs. (021 692 3107 / 021 691 5877/ 072 106 0655 / 083 691 4449 ABACUS BLOCKS

DSTV, Aerial Installations & repairs done. DSTV Special R599.( 072 249 1889/ 073 966 0860


90s, 140s, 190s, Sand, Stone. Tel: 021 704 4109 021 715 2739 Cell: 084 368 8125

Installations, repairs & sales. Contact Terence on

083 769 7242/

Free water. Wellpoints / mini boreholes. No water, no charge Improve your existing wellpoint.( 021 637 5677 021 701 4522/ 072 825 9586 GARDENING We cut lawns, weed flowerbeds, plot clearing, refuse removal, treee felling, in your yard. 7 days a week. 0734923255 / 637 9373


190 &140's ­ Sand & Stone Call 021 393 0661/ or 073 186 2991 (a.h.)


Tuesday 5 April 2011

People’s Post Retreat Page 11

Geen huis nodig. Een paaiement vir al jou skuld. rekeninge is agter en reeds gelys? “Skakel my vir hulp” •• UU Leningsaansoeke is reeds

NATASHA 021 949 0458 Faks: 086 601 4207

oral afgekeur? • U motor, huis, kredietkaart en lenings is in ’n BAIE GROOT gemors?


Besoek PBC in die ABSA-gebou op die - 4de vloer, Voortrekkerweg 32, Bellville SMS “PBC POST” na 38020 en ons bel jou terug! (SMS Cost R10)

Skakel alle ure:

• Johan 082 431 9865 • Stefan 072 696 9301 • Anton 082 695 3807 • Martin 082 257 4164 • Charlotte 072 828 9431

BUILDING MATERIAL & HOME IMPROVEMENT S ( On Account Basis Only ) ,Tiling, Paving ,Vibracrete ,BIC's ,Wendy Houses ,L/Flooring 6 ­ 60 months to pay!!! For further info contact Ashley on 072 371 6000


ALTERATIONS, brick, plas., skin., tiling, etc. Good Refs. 076 124 4713 ARTHUR'S SLIDING GATES, b bars, vibracrete & steel fencing & automation. 021­ 691 1936 or 083 229 7612

BELIEVE IN CHRIST SERVICES Vibracrete, tiling, carports, paving, gates. Contact Albert 073 545 6994 /

ARE U WAITING on a Pension/ Provident/Package

Lumpsum Payout? Cash sameday. Sms/Call: Nawaal ( 076 064 0458


CONTACT :021 692 3107 021 691 5877 / 072 106 0655 083 691 4449

FLOWERSONG GARDEN SERVICES For all your garden needs. ( Henry on 072 553 6239 KASSIEM'S roof cleaning and painting service. Phone 073 096 2249 or 021 376 7514

A QUALITY GATES AND FENCE B/bars, sliding gates, carports, steel fencing, razor wire & vibracrete. Lowest price. Ph 021­397 4079 or 082 933 6610 Cutting, Edging, Devin Doors Hardware&Fittings, Deliveries, Off­Cuts Freddy Lenderts Tel/Fax: 021 705 8897/079 9943 629 Andrew Gideons Tel:021 706 7387/ 084 210 1704 Sally Harry:021 706 7387 082 588 9940

We do all Vibrecrete Walls / Raisings / Gates & Barb Wire / Carports / Structures & Garages / Paving / Laminated Floors / Painting Waterproofing / Roofs & Ceilings.

A BEST CASH LOAN ­ R50 000. Call/sms ID, name & netpay. (Wilma­ 073 247 6116 /021 371 7572


Bridging cash for PENSION/PACKAGE Lumpsum/Payout same day


" 021 949 3402/3 Call back 073 609 9307 073 439 3111

HOME OWNER Let BONDPRO FINANCE use your PROPERTY to consolidate your debt even if you are under administration/debt review. Property REMAINS in your name.

SMS “Debt” to 076 716 6191 or call 021 880 6000

ARE YOU SICK & TIRED OF YOUR DEBT? Cant control it anymore? I can help you. Garnishees on payslips, summonses, dont have money for food? Reduce payments to one instalment. Stop the struggling, the help you need is hassle free. Service guarenteed. Call us now! (Audrey­079 3 95 4709 or fax: 021 421 6817. Fax your ID, payslip and all your accounts to see what you qualify for. CONSOLIDATION LOANS and Personal Loan. Pay all your loans + acc. Deposit change in your bank acc. Criteria: Perm emp, 3 months bank statement, latest payslip, copy of ID. Payout in 1 hour ­ 24 hours. Ph 078 116 1508


WILDCATS TRANSPORT Bakkie Sand ­ R135 (Bags R7,50) Bakkie Stone ­ R350 (Bags R15.00) Vibracrete Slabs ­ R29.00 each Bricks from R1.20 each CEMENT R67.00 EACH We also do truck loads and rubble removals Ph 021­820 4068 or 084 467 7507


AWAITING PENSION/ PROVIDENT FUND Imm. CASH (/Sms­SHIRLEY­083 665 1002/ KIM­073 050 2179/ 021 949 8566

BLACKLISTED? Up to R100 000. Approved by phone.(Shafiq 076 919 8933

BRIDGING CASH while waiting for:


Payout (lumpsum only)


Loans and consolidation available. ( Bongi 073 171 5142 LOANS No ITC. Same day payout. Fax 086 666 4811 or call 071 512 1923 LOANS up to R150 000. Sms Loan to 078 506 5189. conditions apply.

Same day payout Tel: 021 949 0930/1/2

LOANS We come to you. ( 021 558 6648 / 082 957 3251 R1 000­ R50 000 LOANS 1minute approval. B/listed welcome.(Mansoor on 071 810 8230

DEAR FRIEND, NEED A LOAN? Plz pick up the PH HOFFMEESTER ­ we give up to R50 000. Blacklisted Welcome. 072 309 1877

DSTV AND AERIAL INSTALLATIONS Single view systems ­ R599 installed. Xtra View as well as HD installations. SMS or call Mikah­eel 073 374 3951


DSTV packages fully installed for R599. HD PVR installations from R2 699. Service call repair charge of R150. Ph 083 268 1213

TELERAMA TV REPAIRS Efficient repairs to TV's & microwaves. We collect and


DEBT STRESSED? We help all people. We can finance you. Homeowners welcome. (021) 705 0226 OR 082 378 8592 AGENTS NEEDED

(021 391 5779,

021 391 5819 /083 861 0418 ACTIVE BLINDS For all your window blinds. ( Bernie 021 393 0672

BLINDS AND CURTAINS. All types. Free quotes. Less 10%. ( 021 371 8627/08 2 516 0030

IMMEDIATE APPROVAL Loans up to R100 000. Cash sameday. Govt. & b/listed.(021 949 8566/ Kim 073 0502 179 Shirley 083 665 1002

TELERAMA TV REPAIRS Efficient repairs to TV's & microwaves. We collect and


(021 391 5779,

021 391 5819 /083 861 0418

ALL PAINTING and Waterproofing. Good ref. Ph 076 124 4713

IVANMARK OFFERS THE FOLLOWING SERVICES: * Supply, fit and repairs to fireplaces * W e manufacture/sup ply all in one fireplaces/stoves @ R1 800 excluding installation cost * Supply or DIY 12mm, self adjustable burglar bars in black or white * We do all welding repairs & glass cutting * If you design your own outside wall mounted braai, we will make it for you Contact Marco from IVANMARK @ 072 738 9382 or email: ivanmark@telko MR FIXIT For all maintenance like: tiling, painting, installation of showers, geysers, toilet systems, knotty pine ceilings, plumbing, electrical, etc. (Ridley on 076 705 8939 / 021 371 2231.Be blessed!

FOR ALL types of blinds. Ph 074 259 1802 Renaldo or 082 598 2606 Wesley or 021­371 8315 o/h

A BRIDGING loan? Waiting for Pension/package payouts? SMS or send

“please call me”

082 301 7856


0860 105 546 JC FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS Bonds/personal loans & consolodations. B/listed welc. (Janine­021 376 4690/ 082 439 9863

ALL BUILDING plans drawn up and submitted to council. (021 701 6276/082 863 913 3

M&M INTERIORS ­ Blinds, curtains, rods, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. All blinds less 10%. Phone Moosa 021 371 8917 or 083 4931 495

A­B TRUCK HIRE / COURIER Anything & everything. 073 339 1828

BUILDING PLANS Professionally drawn and council approved. (082 662 4008 DESIGNS & RENOVATIONS Undertake all building work and extentions to existing houses, and all front boundary walls. All building prices are reasonable. (021 701 6276/082 863 9133

BAKKIE DELIVERIES ­ We ALSO deliver after hours and weekends. Ph 072 274 6139

PLANS for pools and submit to council and constructions of pools onsite. (021 701 6276/ 082 863 9133

FURNITURE removals and up country trips ( 078 611 3627


076 523 0306

Verskeie Opsies:

• Konsolidasies • Skuldhersienning • VBH Plan • Clear Blacklisted • Clear Admins • Testamente


ALL Building plans drawn and submitted. Call Dominick on 021 396 2115 or 078 085 2067

GARAGE DOORS & automation.


FOR ALL YOUR Gates, burglar bars or welding repairs (Xavier on 072 212 8619


+ Top TV + God TV installations and repairs. Repair callouts from R150. 073 272 6117

A.W.A. ELECTRICAL Fully Licenced Contractor Since 1986 , Rewiring, Main Boards , Lights, Plugs , Prepaid Meters , Electrical Certificates . FREE QUOTES . ( Allan­021 392 19 73/082 708 5700 JC ACTIVE ELECTRICAL Fully licenced electrician.Repair s to lights, plugs,geysers, installation of prepaid meters, main boards, etc. (021 701 3022 / 072 470 7658

ALL CARPENTRY WORK All carpentry, Hanging of all doors, fixing roofs & cupboards.(Nico 021 392 6818/076 342 1470 BUILT IN CUPBOARDS repairs & alterations. ( 072 695 9738 SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952

A FREE PLUMBING quote for bathroom renovations, geysers, leaks and blocked drains. Call Joseph 073 322 4661 ALL PLUMBING, good ref.. 076 124 4713 Plumbing, Electrical .24hrs . R125 p/hr ( 021 703 0906

POOL SERVICE and maintenance. Ph Michael 073 104 3575 or 021­705 8851 CLEAN & MAINTAIN pools. Ph 083 494 3939 or 702 1208

ALL PAVING. Excel ref. Ph 393 2090 or 076 124 4713 TILING indoor & outdoor from R45 per square meter. ( Jeremy on 021 391 2517 /072 395 2479


Page 12 People’s Post Retreat TRAIN TRIP TO JOBURG and Sun City. 22 ­ 29 Aug. Ph 021­396 4305 or 078 708 8375


2011 Special, Available Immediately, No Experience needed, local + International placements Training + Certificate + Job Placement Flight Attendants, Receptionists, Bank Tellers, Cashiers / Data Capturers, Office Administrators Book Keepers / Accounts Computer IT, Call Centre, Waiters & Bartenders, Home Base Nursing

Free Computer Training

DAY TRIP TO WORCESTER CASINO 30 April 2010. Fare­ R140p/p. (Enid on 021 701 4522/ 072 343 8872

ENGINE OVERALL R1 800.Clutch overalls, R850.Gearbox repairs from R950.Parts & labour incl. (021 376 6014/ 078 875 4394

DECEMBER TOUR 26/12/2011 ­ 08/01/2012 To Sun City, Johannesburg, Swaziland, Mozambique, Durban & Bloemfontein. R4 550p/p. For more info call Enid on 021 701 4522/ 072 343 8872 or Hamish on 021 709 0117 /074 232 3739

AVON REPS NEEDED Call Michelle 021 396 2115 or 082 637 6559

NEW customer service department. National company

REGISTER today to avoid

EARN CASH NOW Sell tupperware full or part time. ( Narriman 084 414 7444 or 021­637 5932 or Zainoe 084 530 0300 WE DON'T REPLY TO PSE CALL ME

requires 20 intelligent attractive young people, salary R3 275p/m (HR ­Juanita on 083 581 7828 /021 930 4219 TELEMARKETERS NEEDED For organisation, with fund­ raising experience ( 021 393 6262 or 021­393 7774 o/h only

EXPERIENCED shampooist weekends only. Grassy Park/Parkwood area.(021 705 6227/ 083 757 0808

EARN extra cash in your own time. For more info sms name and address to 074 208 1452 Earn R30 000 p.m. @ Home sms INCOME to 34008


GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. R800p/night. Sleeps 6.(079 522 4309.

WEEKEND SPECIALS AT CLUB MYKONOS STARTING AT R600 PER NIGHT! Contact Suzanne 021­448 2717 office hours only

AVON REPS NEEDED Call Michelle 021 396 2115 or 082 637 6559

Come to: Bellville, 14 Kruskal Avenue, Same Building with African Bank & PC training building on the 4th Floor. @ AH Personnel / YIES Project, Co.Reg.No.2008/129244/23 CALL: 021 820 3231, 021 829 6620, 021 829 6621, 078-857-8272, 078-857-8271 Registration fee is R500

SPRINGFIELD GEARBOX AND DIFF Best prices on all Reconditioned and Repaired Gearboxes and Diffs. Ph 021­703 8220 ext 3/082 772 2664

EARN R720 IN YOUR FIRST WEEK Guaranteed! And up till R1 440 p/day within one month. Data entry workers needed to fill out forms with or without a computer. Easy step­ by­step tutorials. Own hours. Sms name and adress for a full info brochure to 073 753 6352/021 633 1041 . Sunflower close, parktown, Ath­ lone.

eDATA GROUP Jobs Guaranteed! Work at your own time and receive a steady income!

We will train YOU in just a few days for: * Data Entry Research * Word Processing & Transcription * Data Entry Marketing * Data Entry Without a Computer

" A trip you will never forget.!!!" Departure­ 28 December 2011 and return 06 January 2012. Strictly hotels. (Wendy on 083 533 0988/ 021 397 8550 or Jenny on 084 052 6589 NOT TO BE MISSED 10 Exciting days from CT ­ Lesotho ­ Sun City. Depart Cape Town 28 Dec 2011 and return to Cape Town 6 Jan 2012 More info on package: Charmaine ­ 079 474 2704 Lionel ­ 084 586 4699 A/H ­ 021­393 4558 E­mail:



No transport or previous sales experience needed. All training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives.

No transport or previous sales experience needed. All training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives.

TEL: 021 638 4565 CELL: 083 786 5405

For appointment, call Andre on 021 930 9068 Terms & Conditions Apply.

For appointment, call Aileen on 021 465 7852 Terms & Conditions Apply

garage & m.e.s. R480 000 neg.

5 ,, 4 , HOTELS , BIG SUPERMARKETS & BIG COMPANIES URGENTLY NEEDS! .20 Receptionists .30 Cashiers .20 Barmen .30 Waitrons .20 Porters .50 Cleaners/ Housekeepers .10 Cruiseship Attendants .10 Flight Attendants/ Airhostesses For More details please contact Zetaweb or visit our offices on 112 Long Street, 3rd Floor, room 311, Cape Town, or CALL: 021 426 7615/ 021 820 3654/ 073 219 8380

SMS your name and postal address for a full info brochure to:

072 953 9717

(std rates apply) or visit EXTRA income opportunity. Data works with or without a computer. For info sms name, surname & adress to 084 062 4825

A FABULOUS 11 DAY SEA CRUISE TO MAURITIUS 22 Jan ­ 02 Feb 20112 (021 712 4756


CLOTHING CUTTER AND ALLROUNDER MACHINIST NEEDED Must be professional. To start immediately.(07 3 139 8341, (021) 701 3595, (021) 761 9587

Tuesday 5 April 2011


Extended duplex. 3 Beds, lounge, d/room, kit, family bathr. R265 000 incl costs Contact Noor 072 946 2280

EASTRIDGE Lovely 2 bedroomed corner dwelling with lounge, knotty pine ceiling, laminated flooring and knotty pine flooring, large fitted kitchen/bathroom, double garage with extended yard. R320 000. Ph (021) 391 0481, 082 628 5362

COMPUTER SKILLS TRAINING WE OFFER: (Part Time & Full Time) Data Capturing Receptionist & Office Admin Cashiering, Bookkeeping Call Centre, Pastel Accounting, Internet and E­mail, Drivers Classes



Neat, 3 bedroom house, lounge, kitchen, bathroom. Immediate occupation. R295 000 Call Noor 072 946 2280


We have qualified buyers. Call Karen 083 494 3939

RETREAT AND SURROUNDS We have many houses for sale. What do you require? Phone (021) 706 4412

REGISTRATION FEE: R500 DURATION: 2 week period Payment for practical training assistance with job placement

BUXEY'S INSTITUTE 2nd Floor 25 Perm Building Symphony Walk Town Centre (opp Sports Scene) Contact office: 076 873 1327 / 082 971 2585 / 021­391 5885 Mark 074 691 3854 DRIVERS with reliable car or combi, management skills needed.(HR ­Juanita on 083 581 7828 /021 930 4219 JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! 15 Matriculants needed for various positions. (086 111 4542/081 394 8326

,ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY! , Big German company recruiting Sales reps + experienced telesales ladies. Succesful candidates has opportunity to become managers.Openi ng First office in South Africa.First 30 calls. Excellent Package per written contract + incentives. For interview call 021 801 2275 / 072 115 6266

STAFF NEEDED URGENTLY Recently established company needs to fill various positions: *Telemarketing *OPC/ Outdoor surveyers. If you are vibrant, goal driven & self motivated book your interviews now. Full training provided Basic + good comm. Ph: Lecrecia 074 842 3935 or 021­001 1013

Hygiene & Bug’s ‘R’ Us (Registered PCO & Member of SAPCA)

Guaranteed Effective PEST CONTROL







Rodents, Bedbugs, Bird Removal & Proofing


FOUNTAIN VILLAGE / BLUE DOWNS 3 beds., maisonette with starter FOREST GLADE

3 beds., fully burglar barred. R450 000 neg.


2 beds., tandem garage, yard fully enclosed. Need of TLC. R400 000 neg.


F,standing 3 bedr. with tandem garage. R450 000 neg.

Contact Martin Smit 021 904 4906 / 084 5808 346

GRASSY PARK INCOME EARNER/ WORK FROM HOME R699 000. Immaculate spacious family home with potential offers lounge/diningroom, with jetmaster, 3 bedrooms with bics in main, fam bathroom, large fitted kitchen with nook outdoor entertainment area plus granny flat, plus enclosed parking

PELICAN PARK R380 000 O/plan lounge/kitchen with bics, 2 beds, fam bathroom, paved driveway 4 cars plus large granny flat, ideal for family plus extended family BE SMART ­ MAKE A START

Call Dorothy 082 429 6722 or 021 715 9185

“They Bug You We Bug Them!” For a FREE Quotation Call * Bellville - 021 949 5915 * Cape Town - 021 425 2363 * Claremont - 021 674 5327 * Goodwood - 021 591 5209 * Paarl - 021 872 4083 * Table View - 021 556 5601 * Kraaifontein - 021 987 6798

People’s Post Page 11

PROMOTERS NEEDED Must be available Fri, Sat and Sun from 15 April to 29 May Call 021 591 5116

All Classified ads Phone: 021 405 1136 | Fax: 021 406 2943


ATHLONE: (Grassmere) R380 000. Vacant land, 400m². ATHLONE: KEWTOWN: R390 000. Extended 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathrm RYLANDS ESTATE: (Rylands Mews) R495 000. in sec complex, 3 beds, mes, bathroom, ffk, lounge, courtyard SURREY ESTATE: R765 000. F/s, 4 beds, l/d, mes, fam bathrm, large fk, laundry, plus garage, plus 1 rmd g.flat 496m² GATESVILLE (Shaanti Cres) R1 700 000. D/storey, 7 beds, lounge, d/room, large ffk scullery single gar, undercover parking 4 cars 600m²

RUYKEYA 082 741 1109


Tuesday 5 April 2011



Ottery R659 000

Rocklands Only R269 000

PROPT 05 04 11

Prop T

ANTHONY ARENDSE 021 704 0289/ 082 673 1503

Seawinds R399 000

People’s Post Retreat Page 13


WAYNE THERON – 083 483 1784

Strandfontein Only R419 000

STEENBERG – R350 000 11TH AVE - NEAR MAIN ROAD 2 BEDS, TILED LOUNGE, ENCLOSED CARPORT. CLOSE TO PRINCE GEORGE HIGHWAY Beautiful 3 beds, (Laminated floors) bics, large fitted kitchen, tiled lounge, bath & shower, cemented yard, remote garage(x2), Burglar bars, securty gates & alarm. Very Neat.

WOODALE 4 beds, 2x fitted kitchen, 2x lounges, garage. House can be divided in 2.

Eastridge Only R259 000

Rondevlei Only R379 000

2 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, drive-way, yard. If your combined wages is r8 500 per month you can buy this house.

3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, garage (2 cars), large grounds.



Elsies River Only R279 000

Extended 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, drive-way.

BEHIND WESTGATE MALL Cute 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, drive-way, large grounds.

16th AVENUE 2 beds, lounge, dining room, kitchen, bathroom. If your combined wages is R8 500 per month you can buy this house

Cash buyers come negotiate.















IGHSAAN – 0797352149





REGINA – 0728650061




Tel. 021 393 3359/95 • 157 A DENNEGEUR AVE, STRANDFONTEIN • TEL./FAX. 021 393 1568 Rawson Grassy Park 10x4 05 04 11



ANTHONY ARENDSE 021 704 0289/ 082 673 1503 MARK ANTHONY1 050411 1AMQ9TK

Pelican Park/Eagle Park Only R335 000

Belhar R339 000

Rocklands Only R299 000

REDUCED TO SELL In this large double storey family home packed with potential, 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens & ample ground for parking. 892² plot. CONTACT: LORENZO 082 734 7760 / CELESTE 072 112 8848

BEHIND SHOPPING CENTRE Free-Standing, Large 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, New tiles thru-out, newly painted inside, drive-way, large yard. If your combined wages is R10 500 per month you can buy this house.

2 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, Large, approx 330 m² Plot. If your combined wages is R10 800 per month you can buy this house.

3 beds, large extended lounge, kitchen, bathroom,carport

Rocklands R339 000

Strandfontein R529 000

Rocklands R359 000

UNDER OFFER IF YOUR FAMILY COMES FIRST... Spacious 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge open plan dining room, tv area, fully fitted eat in kitchen, pool, complete 1 bedroomed grannyflat, single garage PLUS secure parking for 5 cars. CONTACT: LORENZO 082 734 7760 / CELESTE 072 112 8848

OFF CHURCH STREET Free-Standing, Extended, 4 beds, bics, en-suite, fully fitted kitchen, tiled lounge, entrance hall + Garage.

CLOSE TO STATION 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom + Granny Flat + Tandem Garage.



LARGE FAMILY LIVING Down stairs - lounge, fully fitted kitchen, family bathroom,kids bedroom,main bedroom with ensuite & walk in closet, upstairs-lounge, fully fitted kitchen, 3 bedrooms (2 with ensuite) also secure parking for up to 4 cars + double garage with toilet & shower.

UNDER OFFER WELL WORTH THE PHONE CALL Down stairs - lounge, fully fitted kitchen, family bathroom,kids bedroom,main bedroom with ensuite & walk in closet, upstairslounge,fully fitted kitchen,3 bed-rooms (2 with ensuite) also secure parking for up to 4 cars + double garage with toilet & shower. CONTACT: LORENZO 082 734 7760 / CELESTE 072 112 8848

DESIGNED WITH DISTINCTION Very neat 4 bedroomed home with mes & bic, lounge, open dining room, modern fully fitted kitchen, family bathroom, tiles & laminated flooring throughout PLUS tandem garage & entertainment area. CONTACT: LORENZO 082 734 7760 / CELESTE 072 112 8848




FAMILY HOME 3 bed (B.I.C,s+carpets),lounge/dining room, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom+ seperate toilet, garage door & carport. double garage at the back of the house. burglar bars & security gates all around. GARETH 072 966 5758

ADD ON LATER... 2 bedrooms, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, parking for 2 cars & yard space CONTACT: LORENZO 082 734 7760 / CELESTE 072 112 8848

ATTENTION: HOME SEEKERS 3 bedroomed home with lounge, fitted kitchen, family bathroom, burglar bars, security gates & single garage. Situated close to Prince George Drive. CONTACT: GARETH 072 966 5758

RETREAT LAKEVIEW R280 000 2ND Floor flat with bic’s R300 000 Ground floor flat with secure parking R320 000 Duplex 2 beds, neat with extra safe parking WESTLAKE R200 000 Next to Business park. 1 bed cottage on large 219 m² plot

RETREAT (Offers) R600 000’s

Whether buying or selling PH DAWN 083 733 5538 021 706 1101 (O) 021 701 6444 (H)

Neatly improved 2 beds, ff kitch, brick paved garage, carport & sliding gate

LANSDOWNE R1.295 Million


LANSDOWNE (Main & Roy Rds) Offers R800 000’s

SMALL BUT PRACTICAL Lounge, 2 beds, fitted kitchen, bathroom & yard space. CONTACT: CELESTE 072 112 8848

INSPECT & MAKE AN OFFER Large lounge, 3 beds, single bathroom, kitchen, extra large plot 625m² CONTACT: LORENZO 082 734 7760

BRANCHES: WETTON 021 761 0707 M/PLAIN 021 391 2200

SYBRAND PARK: R1.250mil F/s, 3Beds, Lnge, Drm, FK, Vibacrete G/Flat, Garage, Carport, Encl, 714m². S.ABRAHAMS 072 923 1490

OTTERY: R340.000excl Flat, 2Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, OPK, Pool, P/Bay, Encl. RAHEEL 082 796 8137

BONTEHEUWEL: R299.999excl Semi. 2Beds, Lnge, Drm, F/Bath, Kitchen, Encl, Sliding Gates, B/Bars DESIREE 079 875 9975

GRASSY PARK: R869.000excl F/s, 4Beds(2xB), 2xF/Baths, 2xFK, G/Flat(2Beds, K, Brm), T/G(4xCars) ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

BONTEHEUWEL: R210.000excl Semi, 2Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Encl, 311m², No Geyser. SALAAMAH 083 670 9668

OTTERY: R1.1millon F/s, 4Beds(Bics), FFK, Pool, Garage, E/Garden, 485m², Jetmaster, Braai. NAJWA 082 377 7027

RETREAT: R399.999excl Semi, 2Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Encl, 240m², Very Big Yard. DESIREE 079 875 9975

PELIKAN PARK: R429.999excl F/s, 3Beds, Lounge, Carport, F/Garage, Appr Plans 4 Outbuilding NAJWA 082 377 7027

OTTERY: R619.000excl Flat, 3Beds(2xB), Balcony, Lounge, Drm, Bath, S/toilet, FFK, Garage. GAIL 076 558 9965

HIGHLANDS ESTATE: R460.000 F/fstanding, 3Beds, Lounge, D/room, F/Bath, FK, Storerm, Encl, 425m². NAJWA 082 377 7027

BELTHORNE: R1.2mil F/s, 3Beds, Lnge, Bath, S/toilet, Mes, FFK, Laundry, D/Garage. S.ABRAHAMS 072 923 1490

CRAWFORD: R1.250mil F/s, 4Beds(Bics), FFK, Laundry, Ent. Area, Garage, 500m², Very neat. NAZEEMA 073 924 4460

GREENHAVEN: R2.499mil D/s, 6Beds, 2xLnge, 2xDrm, 4xMes, FFK, Laundry, 2xGarage, 1310m², SHADLEY 0765913647

HANOVER PARK: R239.900excl Mais, 2Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, FK, Incomplete Garage, Encl. SALAAMAH 083 670 9668

PLUMSTEAD: R920.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Lnge, F/place, Kitchen, Garage, E/Garden, Encl, S/Gates. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

HANOVER PARK: R220.000excl Semi, 2Beds, Lounge cum D/room, F/Bath, OPK, Encl, B/Bars. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

STEENBERG: R580.000excl F/st 3Beds, Lounge, D/room, F/Bath, Kitchen, E/Garden, Encl, 349m² LYNETTE 073 580 5059

NEXT TO LENTEGEUR CHOOSE YOUR PLOT, Brand New 2BedroomsSemi’s From R329.000 SALAAMAH 083 670 9668

Mod 3 beds, ff kitch, wooden floors & door frames, d/t garage to large yard.

PELICAN HEIGHTS: R1.2mil F/s, 3Beds(Bics), Mes, FFK, G/Flat, F/Bath, Entrance stoep Encl. MARIAM 082 641 2157

Whether buying or selling PH ROY 082 656 1333 021 706 1101 (O) 021 715 9000 (H)

SCHAAPKRAAL: R700.000excl 2Beds, Lounge, FFK, Encl with high brick wall, Remote gates, 2nd Dwelling MARIAM 082 641 2157




– R1.7 Million Wynberg: Top Floor Bachelor flat – R320 000 Wynberg: Broadview apartments R550 000, 2 beds, 1 bath, 1 parking bay Ottery: Exeter lane- 4 bed, 2 bath, 3 garage, granny flat, workshop. Erf size +1000m R1.395 000 Zeekoevlei : Gallinule close-4 beds,3baths, 6parking,2bed granny flat Pelican Heights: 6 Beds, 3 baths, 2 garages, swimming pool – R1.65 Million Razeen: 072 619 8155 Stock urgently required for Grassy Park, Retreat, Steenberg, Elfindale, Heathfield.

SHAMEEMAH 083 335 4713


GRASSY PARK: R599.000 F/s, 3Beds, F/Place, OPFFK, Mes, T/Garage, Yard (8xCars), A/Windows. ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

Retreat – Ardleigh Close - Free standing 2 bed, lounge, open plan FFK, carport, secure complex – R435 000

ANDY 074 470 7068


RONDEBOSCH EAST: R1. 999mil D/s, 8Beds(4xB), 5xF/Bath, OPFFK, 2xT/Garage, Braai, Ent.Area, Pool ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

R 1.350 000

BEDS: 3 | BATHS: 2 | GARAGE: 2 WEB ACCESS: KW1042152 SHAMEEMAH 083 335 4713

LIVE IN A HOME YOU CAN LOVE 3 bedrooms, mes, lounge, fitted kitchen, bathroom & garage facade. CONTACT: LORENZO 082 734 7760 / CELSTE 072 112 8848

CRAWFORD: R3.3mill 5Beds(Bics), FFK, Braai, Scullery, Pantry, S/room, D/Garage, T/Carport. RAHEEL 082 796 8137

SURREY ESTATE: R780.000excl Semi, 4Beds(2xBics), 2xKitchens, G/Flat, Carport(4xCars), Encl, 522m² SHEREENA 072 435 4085


RAZEEN 072 619 8155

GROUND FLOOR FLAT 2 beds with lounge, kitchen, bathroom & parking bay next to room. CONTACT: GARETH 072 966 5758


PROSPUR 05 04 11 1AMR84A

Schaapkraal: 4th Avenue – 1 acre (Rural) - R899 000 (UNDER OFFER) Schaapkraal: Strandfontein Road – Vacant Land – 5000m² – ‘PRIME POSITION FOR BUSINESS’



EST. 1996

Neat 3 beds with separate spacious flatlet HEATHFIELD (Near Station) Offers R800 000’s


GRASSY PARK & RETREAT TEL: 021 712 6472 / 021 712 9371

HARCOURTS MODEL ESTATES TEL: 021 706 1101 (O) View these properties on FAX: 021 706 2688

ALL AREAS STEENBERG R495 000 Off Botma Rd, large improved 3 beds with bic’s, ff kitch, 2nd bathroom + carport. Bonus – Wendy House.



CONTACT: GARETH 072 966 5758

CLOSE TO SPINE ROAD HIGH Free-Standing, Large 3 beds, large tiled lounge + dining room, bathroom, main bed massive, approx. 20 m² + Garage + Grounds. Freshly painted. If your combined wages is R10 500 per month you can buy this house.

Office: 021 712 9371/6472



BEDS: 4 | BATHS: 2 | PARKING: 5 | + GRANNY FLAT WEB ACCESS: KW1045462 RAZEEN 072 619 8155



R765 000 LOTUS RIVER: R875 000

Lotus River – Zeekoevlei Mews -Neat 2 bed groundfloor, secure complex – R345 000 We have buyers, ready to go. Contact us for a free market related valuation and experience the personalized and professional service and our commitment to deliver on our promise. Andy 074 470 7068 Lansdowne (Old): Almar Road – R1.8 Million Ottery – Woodale Road – R675 000

Sierra Park – Woodland Road – R399 000 Shameemah 083 335 4713




BEDS: 4 | BATHS: 3 | GARAGE: 3 | 2 Bed Granny Flat WEB ACCESS: KW1045001 RAZEEN 072 619 8155 PAM GOLDING 10x8 05 04 11 1AMPCWF.cdr


Page 14 People’s Post Retreat

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Red alert for Stormers TASMIN CUPIDO


UNNING and elusive rugby should be on display when the DHL Stormers take on the Queensland Reds in round seven of the Super Rugby competition at DHL Newlands on Saturday. Both teams have always been intent on moving the ball through the backline, with “hard-to-pin-down” backs often gaining valuable metres and scoring on attack. The men from the Cape returned from Durban as the only unbeaten team in the Super Rugby competition, after beating the Sharks 16-6 in a tightlycontested match at Mr Price Kings Park on Saturday evening. They also ended the weekend on the top of both the South African conference and combined logs after the win. The win in the Shark Tank was the Stormers’ first since 2004, and head coach, Allister Coetzee, was impressed with his troops’ resilience in wet conditions. “The result certainly was pleasing; it’s tough playing in front of a packed Durban crowd,” he said. “The side showed resilience and composure in difficult circumstances. Despite an unsettling couple of minutes up front, they managed to gain composure and keep possession.” A lone try from skipper, Schalk Burger, was also lauded by the man in charge. He added that his team’s performance at the breakdown has been impressive.

“With this Stormers team you can expect a physical encounter each time they play,” Coetzee said. “Their ability to handle, and more recently apply, pressure has been impressive. The entire team’s physicality is intense.” An overall effort was displayed by the men in navy blue, with outside centre, Jaque Fourie, again impressing on defence and attack. Meanwhile, Coetzee and his charges’ attention now shifts to the men from Down Under, who managed to beat the Lions 30-25 at Coca-Cola Park in Johannesburg on Saturday afternoon. The last time the two sides met it was the Reds who came out victorious, in a closelyfought 16-13 encounter in Brisbane. And undoubtedly the biggest battle will be the one between the fly-halves of both teams, Peter Grant (Stormers) and Quade Cooper (Reds). Both fly-halves have been in form, with Grant controlling the Stormers’ backline like a drill sergeant and Cooper using his ability to create gaps to get over the advantage line and break the opposition’s line of defence. And, with Cooper being in contention for a Wallaby spot, it will also be an opportunity for Peter de Villiers and the national selectors to assess how Grant would perform on international level. The battle up in the engine room will, more than likely, determine the winner in the end. But while most Stormers supporters would believe their team is likely to take home the spoils against the Reds, Coetzee is under no illusion. “Our focus is now on the Reds, who are a difficult team to stop once they get into the swing of things,” he said. “The competition is still young and we need to focus on each match individually and maintain our current performance levels.”

The side showed resilience and was composed

SURE SHOT: DHL Stormers Peter Grant will be going up against in­form and illusive Queensland Reds fly­half, Quade Cooper. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images


R1.6 Million neg. Pine Road. 4 bed, d/storey, fully fitted

home, 2 baths +++ 4 car garaging. R495 000. Rylands News. 3 beds t/house, fit kit, 24 hr security complex. Immed occup.

NASAN 082 770 7761 BELGRAVIA R550 000. 2nd Ave. Spacious 2 bed semi + fit kitch with ample parking. GOODWOOD

R690 000. Richmond Estate. 71m² fully fitted spacious 2 bed townhouse. Opp N1 CITY. GONA 082 926 2371



Towards Marketing Excellence


082 495 8989 082 723 1118 084 295 0130 071 203 6341 084 055 3877 076 706 0910 076 509 3764 076 473 7091

HOTLINE 082 495 8989


072 192 1411

R239 000: HILLVIEW TAFELSIG R265 000 ATTENTION ALL SELLERS IN 1 Large bedroom with ensuite, FF Kitchen, Lounge 3beds fully enclosed with alarm, lounge WYNBERG 10m Wendy House, Carport for 2 cars, Fully enclosed fitted kitchen & fam bathroom with shower WE HAVE BUYERS. Call :Shanaaz 071 203 6341 Call :Delores: 76 706 0910 R4 500 000: PHILLIPI WEST CAPE VILLAS R530 000: BRIDGETOWN ATTENTION ALL SELLERS IN 2.65Hectres Farm,5 Beds, lounge, dinning FROM R339 000 4 Beds,Main ensuite with shower, separate entrance study, garage,2 en-suites, 2 separate entrances ZEEKOEVLEI Brand new 2 Beds, Only 17 Left, corner Plot and Carport gardens, Current Rental Income R11 000. Call our office or any of our agents Call :Delores 076 7060910 Call :Doerrieyah 084 055 3877 WE HAVE BUYERS. R460 000: WESTRIDGE R250 000: BEACON VALLEY R350 000: WESTRIDGE 3 Beds, Alarm, BIC in 2 Rooms, Lounge, ATTENTION ALL SELLERS IN 3 Beds,Toilet & Bath,Kitchen 3Beds,Kitchen,Toilet&Shower, Fully Fitted Kitchen, Laminated floors GRASSY PARK Lounge,Enclosed Parking,Quiet Area Lounge,Beautiful Garden with trees in all Bedrooms, Carport 4 Cars Call: Doerrieyah 084 055 3877 Call : Nazeem 084 2950 130 Call :Nazeem 084 2950 130 WE HAVE BUYERS.

R270 000: SEARIDGE PARK Free-standing, 3Beds,Openplanfitted Kitchen FamilyBathroom, Lounge-tiles,Big-Large grounds Call :Shaamiel 082 723 1118

R530 LONDON VILLAGE R340 000: MORGENSTER R370 000 RONDEVLEI PARK R650 000 EAGLE PARK 3 beds,dinning room, family Freestanding 2 Beds,Fam Bath, Lounge, 2 Beds, Fitted Kitchen, Lounge, 2 Beds, lounge, kitchen family bathroom + Sep. Entrance bathroom,en suite, kitchen, 2x Drive way, Burglar bars, fully enclosed Kitchen, Parking 4 Cars, Garden Bathroom, Large plot with potential. 1 Lrg Bedroom with en-suite open plan kitchen, lounge large grounds Call :Shanaaz 071 203 6341 Call: Doerriyah 084 055 3877. Call: Shanaaz 071 203 6341 Delores 076 706 0910 R200 000: TAFELSIG R1 100 000: VANGUARD ESTATE R459 000 NEW WOODLANDS R200 000: TAFELSIG Free Standing 2 Beds,Lounge 5 Beds,MES, FFK,Dinning 5 Beds, 2 with Bic, 1 with Slliding Door leading to yard, bathroom + 3Beds,Kitchen Pool Braai,Sep entrance +More Kitchen, Family Bathroom Kitchen, Lounge Tiled,All bedrooms laminated floors, Sunroof, Carport for 5 Cars Family Bathroom, Lounge, Call :Delores 076 706 0910 Call : Shariff 082 781 2903 Call :Shihaam 072 192 1411 Call :Shanaaz 071 203 6341


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Trophy time for Victoria VICTORIA Cricket Club will hold its annual presentation of trophies dance at the John Graham Primary School hall at the corner of Dick Burton and Milford roads in Plumstead on Friday 8 April, starting at 19:30. Snack platters will be provided and tickets at R75 a person are available from club members.




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Seawinds – St Christopher Avenue Affordable Starter Family home Lounge > 2 Bedrooms > Kitchen > Bathroom Corner plot ideal for dual access and large back yard Asking: R250 000 Plot size: ± 180m²

Pleasant Place – Lansdowne – Flat (Sectional Title)

Sierra Park– Ottery – Neat 1st floor apartment

Saxo Street – Steenberg – Property with potential

Ground Floor – 2 Bedrooms Secure and enclosed

2 Bedrooms > tiled, built in cupboards. Fully fitted kitchen

Asking: R450 000 Flat Size: ±41m²

Asking: R450 000 Plot size: 47m²

2 Bedrooms laminated floors, bics. Single Garage converted to room Asking: R450 000 Plot size: 286m²

Salerno Way – Strandfontein – Home, flatlet 2 Bedrooms(main dressing room, en-suite) Kitchen tiled, built in cupboards. Plus flatlet 2 bed, kitchen, built in cupboards, bathroom. Tandem garage Asking: R595 000 Plot size: 320m²

Minorco – Costa Da Gama, Muizenberg – Close to the beach Starter home 3 Bedrooms Facebrick Asking: Plot size: 322m²

Rooikrans Avenue– Grassy Park – Property with Potential 3 Bedrooms(main en-suite) Seperate Lounge/Dining with fireplace Asking: R700 000 Plot size: 467m²

Crawford – Vertrou Road 3 Bedrooms Attached Granny flat (lounge, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom)

Lansdowne – Derby Road – Spacious Older Home Lounge wooden floors 4 Bedrooms

Ottery – Old Strandfontein Road - Immaculate 3 Bedrooms (Mes). Lounge with fire place, separate dinette, patio to pool. Single garage > Carporting and lots more

Lansdowne – Double Storey with Granny Flat

Asking: R895 000 Plot size: 425m²

Asking: R1 500 000 Plot size: 505m²

Glen Ridge – Retirement / Young & Coast loving Fully fitted kitchen 3 Bedrooms (Mes) – spacious Breath taking views overlooking False Bay, Simon Towns naval Base Asking: R1 950 000 Plot size: 434m²

Asking: R850 000 Plot size: 496m²

3 Bedrooms laminated floors Balcony overlooking pool and granny flat

All reasonable Offers will be considered

Asking: R850 000 Plot size 496m²

SHARON 10X4-05-04-11-1AMLSPA-ILL


Tuesday 5 April 2011

People’s Post Retreat Page 15

Stephanian diamonds are forever THE Stephanian Table Tennis Club is rallying its members – including its former ace players– to share in its 60th anniversary celebration this year. Stephanian, which was founded in 1950 by the Pastor, Andrews and Meyer families in Loader Street, Cape Town, intends honouring its stalwart administrators and players in recognition of their commitment, during its diamond anniversary year. Stephanian regrouped at the home of stalwart member, Pedro Meyer, in Pinati Estate, Lansdowne after the Group Areas Act forced residents in the Loader Steet area to move elsewhere during the 1970s. The club’s top players include Lola Jooste (WP and SA singles champion) and Pedro Meyer (SA champion for several years), as well as the younger Grizelda Ruiters. Lorenzo Santamaria and Shaun Jones went on to dominate provincial and national competitions. Among the club’s rising stars are Mikail Meyer and Isgaak Jassiem – currently representing South Africa at the World Youth Junior Championship and African Youth Championship at the

Good Hope Centre in Cape Town from 1 – 10 April. Stephanian currently uses the Blomvlei community centre in Hanover Park and the Belthorn community centre for competitions and practices. The highlights of the anniversary celebration will be the Stephanian masters championship at the Wittebome Civic Centre from Sunday 1 until Friday 6 May. The anniversary ball will be held on Saturday 7 May at the same venue. The deadline for masters entries is on Monday 25 April. Entries may be faxed to (021) 433-2589 or emailed to The admission charge is R60 for the anniversary dance. Call Clement Meyer on 082 707 6891, Anna Marie Meyer on 078 803 3228 or Pedro Meyer on (021) 6922556 for further details.

ACHIEVERS: Stephanian youth players, Isgaak Jassiem (front) and Mikhail Mey­ er, are representing SA at international level.

BALL BAT­ TLE: Caleb Sampson (left) of San­ tos FC tests Nkululeko Jordaan in the Ikapa Academy FC midfield, during Ika­ pa’s 1­0 win in an under­ 15 match at the Kensing­ ton AFC youth tour­ nament at Kensington over the weekend. Old Mutual Academy completed the cup dou­ ble by beat­ ing Lucky Stars under­ 11s and un­ der­15s, 3­1 and 1­0 in the respec­ tive finals. Photos: Isaacs


GET AWAY: Ryan Stuart of Ikapa Acad­ emy leaves Kashief Dun­ das and Dayaan Abra­ hams of Ash­ ford Athletic AFC in his wake, during Ikapa’s 1­0 win in a round robin match at the Ken­ sington AFC junior soccer tournament over the weekend.

WRONG FOOTED: Ziyaad Eksteen (left) of Ajax Cape Town FC evades Damian Visagie of Ebenezer AFC, during Ajax’s 4­0 win in a round robin match at the Kensington AFC youth tournament over the weekend.

FULL FLIGHT: Aimee Faulman of False Bay Surf Lifesaving Club burns the sand during the junior sprints event at the Hang Ten South Africa Surf Lifesaving Championship that was held at Camps Bay Beach from 30 March to 2 April. The Fish Hoek Surf Life­ saving Club won the senior and junior competi­ tions to walk off with the covet­ ed overall shield at the annual event. Photo: Sportzpics

STOCKISTS OF PAINT 5L Supa PVA interior paint various colours R39-95 /5L Safari Gloss Enamel Oil Paint Interior / Exterior R139-00 /5L Contractors 20L PVA Interior / Exterior


Three burner, self igniting stove with pipe, clamps & regulator




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People's Post Page 16

Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 5 April 2011

LAVISH LAUNCH: Getting the ball rolling at the Metro­ politan Premier Cup launch at the Cape Town Stadium were: Front Row (from left): Dylan Jacobs (Bay Hill Utd), Cohan Williams (Robinvale Spurs), Mogamat Brenner (Milano Utd), Ethan Samp­ son (ASD Cape Town) and Taariq Fielies (Ajax Cape Town). Middle Row: Wade Crowie (Santos FC), Kirk Si­ mons (Mr Price Parkhurst), Phillip Simmers (Morgen­ ster) and Nathan Harris (Baltic Rangers). Back Row: John Rangoli (chair­ person Bay Hill Utd, the host club), Sibusiso Zuma (tournament ambassador), Eric Gum (Safa Cape Town vice­president) and Boebie Solomons (Santos FC head coach).Photo: Rashied Isaacs

Premier Cup vibe engrosses soccer place at Erica Park in Belhar from Wednesday 20 until Monday 25 April (Easter Monday). De Haan said he regarded the Premier Cup championship as being on par with the major youth championships in Europe. “When I watched the youth cup matches for the first time last year I was impressed by the football passion that prevailed, as well as the top-class organisation of the event.” De Haan, who ironically announced his retirement from toplevel coaching a day after the launch on Tuesday 29 March, urged young footballers to “live their dreams” and stressed that intense dedication and discipline should not be compromised if players want to play international soccer. The Ajax coach will return to Holland in May to spend time with his family. Zuma said that it was an honour for him to be named as the ambassa-


THE Metropolitan Premier Cup for under-19s reached new heights when some of the who’s who in South African football rendered impetus to the launch of the 23rd cup championship at Cape Town Stadium. Two much-revered VIP guests at the launch were the legendary Dutch coach Foppe de Haan – now at the helm of Ajax Cape Town FC – and former Bafana Bafana star Sibusiso Zuma. De Haan was the keynote speaker, while Zuma – currently spearheading the Vasco da Gama FC attack in the Premier Soccer League – was honoured as the first tournament ambassador. The Premier Cup championship – that carries R30 000 in prize money for the winners – will take

dor of a tournament with such a proud history of being a springboard for several of South Africa’s finest footballers. Bafana Bafana players like Benni McCarthy, Muneeb Josephs, Steven Pienaar, Thulani Serero and Matthew Booth, among others, have progressed through the Premier Cup ranks to international level. “We need to pass on our knowledge and experiences to the current crop of players so that they too can succeed in life and become the legends of tomorrow,” said Zuma, who has accepted a lucrative transfer from Vasco to SuperSport United FC at the end of this season. Zuma’s tasks will include mentoring the youth footballers on the life skills programmes at Belhar. Ajax Cape Town FC, Santos FC, Vasco Da Gama FC, Mamelodi Sundowns FC, Moroka Swallows, Blo-

emfontein Celtic, Kaizer Chiefs and SuperSport United were among the seeded teams in the draw. The Cape Town-based clubs have in recent years been overshadowed by their rivals from the north, with SuperSport United (2010), Sundowns (2009), Bright Stars (2007) and Harmony Academy (2006) making their presence felt. Ajax Cape Town – with Thulani Serero and Sameehg Doutie playing prominent roles won the – cup in 2008 and 2005, while Santos triumphed in 2005. This year marks the biggest African contingent since the tournament’s inception, with clubs from Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia and Botswana confirming their entries. The South Nottingham College from England will be the other foreign team taking part in the 32-club championship.

Group A: SuperSport United, University of Pretoria (TUKS), Salt River-Blackpool and Mr Price Parkhurst Academy. Group B: Bay Hill Utd, Star of Africa Academy, Sydenham Cavaliers and Cape Town Academy. Group C: Vasco Da Gama, Young Warriors (Zimbabwe), ASD Cape Town and Hanover Park. Group D: Ajax Cape Town FC, Komesho FC (Namibia), City Lovers and Milano United. Group E: Mamelodi Sundowns FC, Dipetsana (Botswana), Origan Spurs and Belhar Spurs. Group F: Santos FC, Bahlabani FC (Lesotho), Morgenster United and Riverside Rangers. Group G: Kaizer Chiefs FC, Baltic Rangers, Old Mutual Academy and Robinvale Spurs. Group H: Moroka Swallows, Bloemfontein Celtic, Swallows and South Nottingham College.

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5 99 9 R4 Ideal ladies’ car

2006 Ford Ka 1300 Dep. R23 000 R1083 x 36 Total R61 628

95 9 9 R4

Reliable & popular

1999 VW Polo Classic 1.6 Dep: R23 000 R1073 ×36 Total R61 628

95 9 9 RA/C5, P/S E/W

2001 Audi A4 1.8 Dep. R28 000 R1251 x 36 Total R73 036

95 9 9 R2 Auto Very powerful

1996 Ford Falcon GLi 4.0 Dep. R14 000 R922 x 24 Total R36 128

5 99 9 R2

Popular & economical

1995 Opel Kadett 140 Dep. R14 000 R922 x 24 Total R36 128


95 9 9

Auto Makes driving an adventure

2000 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Dep: R18 500 R1003 x 30 Total R48 590


95 9 6

Style & comfort

1993 Merc Benz 190E Man Dep: R16 800 R950 X 30 Total R45 300

95 9 9 R5 Panel Van Ideal for business use

2003 Merc Benz Vito 112 CDi Dep. R28 000 R1251 x 36 Total 73 036

GARY 079 369 2306

Interest & Service charges are included in these monthly instalments

95 9 9

R3 Sporty

& powerful

Renault Megane 2.0 Coupé Dep. R18 000 R1024 x 30 Total R48 720

5 99 9 3 RDrop-side Ready to work

2007 Tata Telcoline 207 Dep. R18 500 R1003 x 30 Total R48 590



! D OL 1997 Toyota Corolla 180i

5 99 2 RHard4working Reliable

1997 Isuzu KB 200 LWB Dep.R20 000 R950 x 36 Total R54 200

Peoples Post Retreat Edition 05-04-2011  

Peoples Post Retreat Edition 05-04-2011

Peoples Post Retreat Edition 05-04-2011  

Peoples Post Retreat Edition 05-04-2011