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Tuesday 22 February 2011

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‘I did everything to protect them’ Brothers die while playing on train tracks TAMMY PETERSEN


HE did the best she could to provide for her two toddlers, always keeping an eye on the bundles of energy who regularly made a racket outside the front door of their modest Manenberg home. But on Thursday, the laughter died at 35 Yusuf Dadoo Street. Faieka Smith says she is aware that locals are questioning the type of mother she was, blaming her for being negligent by allowing her children to wander off on their own and play on the nearby train tracks that their young bodies were found at on Thursday afternoon. “People are throwing stones at me with the words they are whispering, but I would have died for my children. I loved them and I did everything I could to protect them,” the 21-year-old mother says. She had been preparing supper and listening to her boys laugh as they chased each other in the front yard of the house that day. “They loved playing with each other and rarely spent time with the

neighbourhood children,” the unemployed woman says. “I would step through the front door and check on them every couple of minutes to make sure they were okay because whenever they were quiet, they were up to no good.” She smiles sadly. “My friend was visiting and told Faiek (3) to close the front gate. I continued with the food while they played outside.” About 15 minutes later, she no longer heard two-year-old Salie’s broken sentences or Faiek teasing his brother. “I went outside and realised that they were gone and the gate was open. I ran into the street but couldn’t find them. I walked down every street calling their names and asking people if they had seen my boys but nobody had. I went home and looked in the cupboards, because they liked playing hide and seek with me. But they were gone.” She returned to walking the streets, looking in every yard for her playful boys. “While I was walking, a boy ran up to me and said they were laying on the train tracks. I went cold. They would never play there. I told

TRAGEDY: Metrorail workers and Manenberg residents gathered at the scene on Thursday after two young boys died while playing on the tracks between Heideveld and Nyanga stations. Photo: Supplied

THOROUGH: Lansdowne police and two police dogs walked through classrooms at Groenvlei High on Wednes­ day in search of illegal substances and weapons. Scholars’ bags and pockets were searched and only a cellphone, containing pornographic material, was seized and handed over to the school’s governing body for disciplinary measures. Here an officer searches Aseko Kashe’s bag, where nothing illegal was found. Photo: Lulama Zenzile

them it was dangerous,” Faieka says as she chokes up. She arrived at the tracks between Nyanga and Heideveld stations and saw the two tiny bodies laying there. She recognised them by the clothes they were wearing. “They were so young. They were my everything. I changed my life for them and now they are dead. My heart is bleeding for them.” Warrant Officer Llewellyn Lakay, spokesperson for Manenberg police, confirms that the two were dead at the scene. “Their little bodies didn’t stand a chance,” he says. In accordance with Muslim tradition, the toddlers were buried last Friday. Riana Scott, spokesperson for Metrorail, says the line, like many others in the province, is flanked by informal settlements, leading to fencing being vandalised for easy access. “The area where the incident happened is flanked by walls and

fencing. Holes in the barbed wire fence continue to be made to cross the tracks,” she explains. “The provision of street-to-street access, through a bridge or a suitable crossing, will also be raised with local authorities as Metrorail has been working with the city over the past year to replace fencing in critical areas.” But Hanief Loonat, Nyanga Cluster’s Community Police Forum chairperson, says the “community and Transnet should equally shoulder the responsibility” for the children’s death. “The fencing has been removed by vagrants and unscrupulous metal-selling members of our civil society. The community has not proactively done anything about this nor has the authority repaired or maintained these fencing over a number of years. The parents or guardians should be held equally accountable for the senseless loss of innocent lives. Why were these toddlers not super-

vised or cared for at that time of the evening?” he asks. Faieka’s aunt, Rowena Jacobs, says she is incensed that people would blame her niece for what happened. “She watched those children like a hawk. There was no negligence involved – she was preparing supper for her family and the boys were supposed to stay near the front door like they always do. “She loved her children and she would do anything to keep them safe. It’s despicable that anyone could judge her for what happened. If it’s God’s will, who are we to question it?” When asked how she feels four days after she lost her children, she simply replies that she’s “heartbroken”. At least they are together, she adds – even in death.


Page 2 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Complaints pour in as Hanover Park residents move into recently renovated homes

Council flat tenants see red TAMMY PETERSEN


HAT should have been a joyous occasion for tenants renting City of Cape Town flats instead has residents hot under the collar. They are accusing their landlord of doing a below-standard job renovating their homes and of being negligent with their hard-earned furniture. Instead of looking forward to returning to their homes the next day, Galilee Court residents were up in arms on Tuesday, threatening to stay in Container City until the flats were “redone properly”. They were demanding compensation for furniture they say was damaged during the relocation process. Despite the fact that they eventually went back to their council flats on Thursday and Friday, tempers continue to flare. Residents said it took workers less than 14 working days to complete half of one court, despite it being in a “dangerous state” before work commenced.

DON’T WALK THIS WAY: Jasmina Karriem’s furniture is standing out­ side her house after the linoleum on her lounge and bathroom floors had to be removed due to water damage.

“When you move back in, complaints will be ignored because the flats are now supposed to be ‘top class’,” Kulsum Sakildien says. “I know this because tenants who have moved in before me warned me about it and this is why they didn’t want us to view our flats before we moved in. “When I visited the court on the day before we were supposed to go back, the workers point blank refused to let me in. “They knew that I would see that things weren’t right and that they would have no responsibility towards addressing my concerns once I signed before I went in. Hulle is skelm en agterbaks!” Errol Davids, the vice chairperson of the Hanover Park Civic Association, says complaints received range from faulty wiring to cracks in their walls. “We have brought it to the attention of councillor Ken Lategan but, to our knowledge, nothing was done about it. These people are expected to be happy for another few decades with the places they are being moved into. How can this happen if the work being done is sub-standard?” Sedick Stevens, from Galway Court, says he had to be pressurised by the contractor into moving from his flat because he didn’t want council to “put their paws on my house”. “I went around and heard the complaints from the people who had moved into their flats. The quality of the material they use is bad and the workmanship is also poor. “I worked hard to fix my flat myself over the years and I don’t want to allow people looking for shortcuts to degrade what I paid for,” he says angrily.

“Eventually I moved out because the workers said they would move to another court and tell the people that it was because of me that their homes would be upgraded last. Now look at the situation. I knew it was coming.” Another resident, Jasmina Karriem, showed People’s Post how the linoleum on her lounge and bathroom floors had to be removed after the plumbing in her bathroom, which had been a recurring problem for the last 25 years, caused her home to flood for the umpteenth time. “Three days after I moved in, the problem was back. Why wasn’t the plumbing properly fixed in one go? My furniture has already been so badly damaged that I had to throw many pieces away. I thought the upgrade would resolve the situation but here I am again, surrounded by water.” But the complaints from residents aren’t limited to the state of their new homes. Fazlin Lodewyk, who has lived with her mother in their Galilee Court flat for the past 40 years, says she is “furious” as improvements which the family made to the house have been removed – and are missing. “The security gate and burglar bars we had to secure our flat literally disappeared. We worked hard to have those extras put on and I expected that when we returned it would still be there. Did we have thieves working on the site?” she asks. Fazlin says other features, such as fluorescent lights and door stoppers, were also removed. “This is not a proper job. We were out for only 15 days, so I didn’t expect anything fantastic. I’m happy that this project is taking place but where are the finishing touches,

These things take time and we will see that it is fixed

UNIMPRESSED: Vera Oliver shows how her wall unit was damaged in the move. Brand new bedroom cupboards were also chipped and look dilapidat­ ed. Photo: Tammy Petersen like window handles?” Shaki Ganief, from Galway Court, nods in agreement. “I asked the guys working on the flat to leave my old bath where it was. But when I came back, they had put this new fibreglass one in the bathroom. “Why didn’t they listen? They are working against us and treating us like muppets. This new bath is poor quality and won’t even last a year!” he says. Community Liaison Officer, Michael November, says people have to be patient as all problems will be resolved. “They get angry when they come to my house at night and demand that something be fixed while we are all off duty. That is disrespectful. “All complaints, even if you have already signed for your keys and have moved in, will be resolved. If people give their complaints to the foreman or to me, we will see to it that they are sorted. These things take time and we will eventually see that it is fixed,” he says. Ward councillor Ken

Lategan urges residents to make a note of their grievances and bring them to him. He will ensure that the problems are resolved. “There will always be snags and this is why we need the tenants to let us know what issues they have. Everything that is not perfect will be perfected,” he says. A inspector has been called in to check the houses for problems before the tenants move in in future, Lategan adds. “This will probably be your home for many years to come, so speak to us if you have complaints and they will be rectified.” He says the moving company employed to move the furniture has been warned to be more careful with the residents’ possessions. “Damaged furniture will be repaired as this cannot just be ignored. Once again, people must inform us of what happened and we'll see to it that it is fixed.”


PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PROCESS FOR A WASTE MANAGEMENT LICENCE APPLICATION FOR THE RECYCLING OF BUILDING RUBBLE AT THE FARM SWEET HOME CRUSHING AND RECYCLING FACILITY, WELTEVREDEN ROAD, PHILIPPI SEC NOTICE NUMBER: 08044 DEA&DP REFERENCE NUMBER: E13/2/10/1-A1/379-WL0041/10 SEC has been appointed by Dormell Properties 381 (Pty) Ltd as the independent Environmental Assessment Practitioner to undertake a Waste Management Licence Application process in terms of the National Environmental Management Waste Act, Act No. 59 of 2008 (“NEMWA”). The Application will be made to the Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA&DP) and is for the purposes of ensuring that the existing and operational activities at the Cdel Crushers Facility on Farm Sweet Home, Weltevreden Road, Philippi are compliant with the NEMWA. Waste management activities at the site include the crushing and recycling of construction and demolition rubble, where rubble is processed in order to produce various grades of fill-type materials for reuse in the construction industry. The waste management activities above comprise the following activities which are listed in terms of Government Notice No. 718 promulgated in terms of the NEMWA on 3 July 2009: Category A, Activities 1 and 5. According to Government Notice No. 718, therefore, the Waste Management Licence Application needs to follow a Basic Assessment process as defined in the EIA Regulations promulgated under the National Environmental Management Act, Act No. 107 of 1998, as amended (NEMA). The relevant regulations are contained in Government Notice No. 543, and include the requirement for a public participation process to be undertaken. As such, notification is hereby given of the public participation process required for the Waste Management Licence Application: If you would like to register as an interested and affected party (I&AP), please do so in writing, giving your name and contact details as well as an indication of your interest in this matter and of any direct business, financial, personal or other interest that you may have in relation to this proposal. Please quote the SEC Notice Number provided above in all correspondence. Registering as an I&AP will entitle you to further project information, to be kept informed of project progress and provide you with an opportunity to comment on the Draft and Final Basic Assessment Reports when they become available for public review. The Draft Basic Assessment Report is currently available for review in hard copy at the Manenberg Public Library, corner of Sable and Thames Roads, Manenberg (Tel. 021 691 0140). The report is also available for review and download on the SEC website: Further information about the proposed activity can be obtained via a written, faxed or emailed request addressed to Arabel McClelland at: Sillito Environmental Consulting cc, P O Box 30134, Tokai, 7966 Tel: (021) 712 5060; Fax: (021) 712 5061 E-mail: Responses (by fax, post or email) from any interested party should be received by SEC within 40 calendar days of publication of this notification (i.e. by no later than 07/04/11). Please advise us of any other party that you believe should be notified, or forward this information to them.


Tuesday 22 February 2011

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 3

Beware Rondebosch East’s ‘park police’ TAMMY PETERSEN

ACTION: The day af­ ter Carlos Kleinhans, his son and friends were told that they could not play at the Glenfer­ rie Park, a sign was erected over a faded one, war­ ning that, among oth­ ers, no ball games could be played at the facility.


EEL like tossing a ball with your sons at the local public park? A Rondebosch East man says residents living around the Glenferrie Road park don’t have this luxury because they have to face the “park police”. Carlos Kleinhans, who has lived near the public open space for 17 years, says he was forced to leave the park by a man who claimed he was “in charge” of the park and was managing it on behalf of the City of Cape Town. “Shortly before Christmas, my son and I decided to make use of the good weather and play a few games at the field. He rounded up a few friends and we set off, ready to play tag-rugby and basically get some exercise,” the 47-year-old says. They had hardly run a few laps when they were approached by a local resident, ordering them to get off the park as they were “too old to play”. “He made it sound like we were doing something illegal. We were playing with a normal ball and just wanted to run around a bit. I asked him who gave him the authority to decide who can and can’t play at the park and he claimed that the municipality had.” He says he asked the man for proof that he had been “appointed” and the man was unable to substantiate his claim. “I was trying to handle the matter in a civil way but the next thing this guy called the local security,” Kleinhans says. “I decided to let the matter go but I would still like to know exactly why I’m not entitled to play there if I am a ratepayer. It’s ridiculous!” What is more, he adds, two Metro Police officers visited his home later that night and warned him that he had transgressed council bylaws and could face legal action. “I know there was a sign up at the park which said no hard balls are allowed at the

OUT WITH THE OLD: A new sign was erected a day after the incident. City Parks area ma­ nager, Pauline McConney, explains that while no formal practices or matches can be played on the Glenferrie Park, a kickabout is accepta­ ble. facility but ours was your normal, average playing ball.” Ward councillor Pat Hill says the incident is “absolutely mad” as anyone can have access to the public park. “The only things that are prohibited are structured, football club games and hard ball games. Other than that, no-one can chase anyone off the park, which is essentially there for the people of the area.” Pauline McConney, the area manager for City Parks, says she has spoken to the man, who works for the city on a “community orientated” basis, and explained to him that anyone may use the facility on a recreational basis. “A kickabout is perfectly acceptable,” she says.

Photos: Lester Fielies


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Page 4 People’s Post Lansdowne

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Officer, residents shot after raid at ‘drug house’ REYANA STEYN


HAOS erupted in Manenberg at the weekend when a police officer was shot and three residents were injured by rubber bullets. “On Saturday at 21:00, police were called to the area to investi-

gate a complaint,” says Colonel Andre Traut, provincial police spokesperson. “As the officers were driving through Manenberg Avenue, several shots were fired and an officer was shot in the chest.” The 24-year-old constable was rushed to hospital, where he is currently in a stable condition.

Police on full alert in Manenberg after an officer was shot on Saturday.

Scores of police officers were at the scene on Saturday, combing the area for the suspects, but no arrests were made. A source tells the paper that the shooting was a result of an alleged drug house being searched earlier in the week which belonged to gangsters. “A Manenberg home was searched earlier in the week, but police were allegedly stopped from entering it by gangsters and an argument broke out and things turned violent, until Saturday when the police were called to a complaint.” The source says when the police came into the area, stones were thrown at their vehicle. “When police officers stepped out of the vehicle, the officer was shot.” The officer was wearing a bulletproof vest, but he was shot through the armhole. Manenberg police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Llewelyn Lakay says rubber bullets were fired as a warning to the crowd to disperse after the police officer was shot. Traut says police are investigating all angles which could have led to the police officer being shot, in-

INJURED: Ebrahiem Hendricks was shot by a rubber bullet in the leg. Photos: Peter Abrahams

cluding the details of the call that logged the complaint. “We regard any attack on a police officer as serious and it will not be tolerated. We will do everything in our power to bring the cul-

prits to book.” Police are urging anyone with information on the shooting to call Crime Stop on 08600 10111 or Manenberg police station on (021) 699-9400.

Vagrant killed in Rondebosch East accident TAMMY PETERSEN

A VAGRANT was killed after being hit by two cars on the M5 offramp off Kromboom Road, Rondebosch East, last Saturday night. The man, who is yet to be identified, died after sustaining serious injuries and was declared dead at the scene. Warrant Officer Robert Lakey, spokesperson for Lansdowne police, says it is understood the victim was crossing the road and was on his way to a field where he and other vagrants slept. “A Mercedes-Benz driving down the off-ramp, saw too late that the man was in the road as two of the lights flanking him were out and he was wearing dark clothes. After the car hit him, he

flew across the road, where another car, a maroon Toyota Tazz, drove over him,” he says. When the police arrived, both drivers were at the scene and gave statements. “The investigating officer later visited the local fields where the vagrants are known to sleep but no-one has been able to identify the man,” Lakey adds. The man is black and aged between 30 and 40. Vagrants who knew him say he was called Tangana but his full name is not known as he was known as a drifter. Lakey says the man does not fit any missing person profiles. Anyone able to identify the victim is asked to phone Constable Quinton Hendricks on (021) 7009000.

Body found in Manenberg MANENBERG police need the public’s help in identifying a body found in the area. “Police found the dead body of an unknown man on Sunday 6 February at the railway line behind the Campwell Hardware building in Duinefontein Road,” says Warrant Officer Llewelyn Lakay, Manenberg police spokesperson. “The victim was assaulted

by an unknown suspect and he sustained injuries to his head.” Lakay says the man was wearing a white striped shirt, brown top, blue overall pants and black-and-grey takkies. No proof of identity or address was found on him. Anyone with information can call Constable Wayne Leukes on 082 559 4713; 082 306 7627 or (021) 699-9491.

Woodside hosts concert and market THE Woodside Special Care Centre in 29 Lawson Road, Rondebosch East will hold an open day concert and morning market on Saturday 26 February at 11:00 in celebration of its 35th birthday. There will be stalls selling a variety of goods such as bric-abrac, food, books and clothing. There will also be face painting and a jumping castle for the chil-

dren. There will also be live entertainment, with singing and dancing by well-known local artists such as Harmony Voices, Neesha Abrahams, the EOAN Group Dancers, Ricardo Dyson and the College of Magic. Residents will also be performing. For more information about the open day concert call (021) 696-2811.

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Tuesday 22 February 2011

More arrests for Athlone murder REYANA STEYN

ANOTHER three youths have been arrested in connection with the murder of a man People’s Post can identify only as Jawaad (23), who was killed after he tried to save a woman from being beaten up. The young man’s act of helping the woman – who was being assaulted by her boyfriend – turned to tragedy when he was stabbed to death on Sunday 13 February. Two other men were also viciously attacked. The trio were outside Fast and Furious Foods in Gatesville when they intervened in the fight. About a hour later they stopped the fight, they were in Rylands outside another Fast and Furious Foods outlet when two cars pulled up, with eight men inside. The men all had knives, bottles and batons on them. A stab wound to the heart and leg claimed the life of Jawaad, who hails from Mitchell’s

Plain. His father was stabbed three times in the shoulder and his uncle in the arm. The family has asked to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation. Jawaad, a father of two young children, was buried on Sunday 13 February according to Muslim tradition. Three men were arrested shortly after the murder and appeared in the Athlone Magistrate’s Court on a charge of murder and attempted murder last week. They were remanded to Pollsmoor Prison after their first appearance and the case was postponed until today. Three more suspects, aged between 16 and 20, were arrested on Wednesday at 01:30 in their Rylands and Kewtown homes by the neighbourhood watch members. They appeared in the Athlone Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, but the case against them was temporarily withdrawn.

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 5

Racecourse Road aptly named TAMMY PETERSEN


PEEDING cars, irresponsible driving and drag racing – welcome to Racecourse Road.

The Kenwyn Ratepayers and Civic Association (Kraca) last week put pedal to the metal in their endeavour to see the City of Cape Town ensure that suitable measures are implemented by its traffic engineers after another accident claimed the life of a young man last Sunday night. He was the passenger in a tow truck which hit another car from behind as it allegedly sped towards Kenilworth. The tow truck spun and hit the walls of two Kenwyn homes.The 23-year-old passenger died at the scene. The incident is still under investigation. It is alleged that the tow truck had been racing with a white Honda when the truck driver lost control of his vehicle. Hanief Loonat, chairperson of Kraca, says he is “angered that after singing the same tune for quite some time, there is now blood in the road”. “This incident could have been avoided if our calls for traffic calming measures had been heeded. Will this accident be the eye-opener which opens council’s eyes? We will have to wait and see,” he says. People’s Post visited the site with Loonat, who yelled at numerous motorists who were blatantly ignoring the 60 km/h speed limit. Some vehicles were estimated to be driving at 100 km/h, paying no attention to Loonat’s waving arms as he reprimanded them. Despite checking that it was safe for him to cross the road, one speeding car nearly mowed him down as it took the turn off into Civic Road. “This is what happens every day,” the frustrated man says. It is understood that the road has been a hot topic for the past 20 years but, despite Kraca working in earnest on the matter for the last four years, nothing has

DANGER ZONE: Kenwyn Ratepayers and Residents Association chairperson Hanief Loonat yells at motorists speeding down Racecourse Road to slow down. Photo: Tammy Petersen

yet been done. “We appealed to the city to give us either a traffic circle or another set of robots but so far we have received nothing. “A speeding camera would also be imperative. Last week we spoke with council’s traffic engineers, who committed to working with us to find a possible solution to the carnage on this road.” Loonat says speeding isn’t the only problem on Racecourse Road. “There is a dip on either side of the street, which leads to paved sections which assists the water flow to the drains off the road. When you drive close to the edge of the narrow road, you can literally feel your car tilt. For someone who does

not know the area, feeling the car go off balance will be startling, which is why we see so many drivers losing control of their cars and ending up on the gravel which flanks the road,” he adds. Ward councillor Pat Hill says he only “recently realised what a serious problem” the road is. “It has certainly turned into a race track. I have formally informed the city about the problem and we will leave it in the road engineers’ hands to find suitable solutions in terms of traffic calming measures as soon as possible,” he says. He adds that he has also requested that the road be evened out and the paved area be lifted “urgently”.

Page 6 People’s Post Lansdowne


Tuesday 22 February 2011

Opera open day CAPE TOWN OPERA (CTO) welcomes the public to a behind-thescenes look at the production of Carmen at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town on Saturday 26 February from 10:00 until 15:00. The public will get a chance to look at all aspects of the production, from costume manufacture, set design and musical rehearsal, to lighting sessions. At Unwrapping Opera Open Day, you can learn how to hold your own in a stage fight, or get some pointers on singing (even if you only sing in the shower). Learn about stage design and lighting from the experts. Watch the orchestra and cast rehearsing, meet Cape Town Opera’s young artists and see Artscape’s backstage facilities. Activities cater for all ages and entrance is free. There will also be a range of workshops and sessions. For bookings and inquiries email

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Tuesday 22 February 2011


People’s Post Lansdowne Page 7

Anti­crime cameras on cards P

LANS are in motion to have CCTV cameras installed in Athlone, Manenberg and Hanover Park’s business areas in a bid to stop crime in the areas. Three CCTV cameras are already situated along Klipfontein Road. Riedewaan Wagiet, the Cape Town Metropolitan Police director for CCTV and radio communications, says the CCTV cameras will also help with transport management and manhole problems. “What’s great about these cameras is that they are monitored all the time; there is someone watching the cameras in Cape Town as well as Goodwood,” he said. “In the incident where we had the children trapped in the drain, these cameras would have helped and so much manpower would not have been spent on searching for the children. Public transport will also be monitored on the cameras. “As soon as they (the monitors) see something suspicious on the camera, they would be able to alert the response team and action will be taken immediately,” he said. Councillors were taken on a walkabout to view the CCTV cameras, which are earmarked for Athlone but will be controlled from Parow, a few weeks ago, and shown what they can do. Councillor JP Smith, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, says the CCTV cameras are important, but the budget still needs to be approved. “The CCTV camera are expensive and many aspects need to be looked at because in order for

these cameras to be installed there needs to be a fibre optic cable in the area, which could cost R15 million. A master plan has been drawn up to see which area’s crime is the highest and where it is needed.” He says after the budget has been approved – later in the year – the master plan will be assessed again, as the crime in the areas may have changed. “The areas that will receive the CCTV cameras at first are all those that have been identified as crime hotspots, public transport interchanges and emerging business nodes. “Each year a budget is made available for the CCTV cameras to be placed in various areas. Last year Gugulethu and Manenberg received them, and this year we’ll be looking at other areas.” Athlone is third in line to receive the cameras. Smith added that in order for the CCTV cameras to work, a response team must be set up. “We need a response team who will be on call. Someone will be behind the scenes watching the areas and people need to be in place if something happens or it won’t work. “That’s why it will be easier to place the CCTV cameras in business areas and city improvement districts which have added members for their response team.” Councillor Cynthia Clayton, chairperson of the Athlone subcouncil, says she is very impressed with the CCTV cameras which will be placed in the area. “It will definitely be a good investment when Athlone receives the cameras. These cameras will help with crimes and help solve accidents,” she says.

HIT FOR A SIX: The DHL Stormers took on the Nashua Cape Cobras in the Pick n Pay Newlands Challenge charity match at Sahara Park on Sunday 13 February. The game ended in a draw after both teams managed 137 runs in the allocated 20 overs. During the innings break, Ajax Cape Town enjoyed a game of soccer with the young spectators. The Stormers donated R15 000 to the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund, which assists people seriously injured while playing rugby. The Cobras gave their R15 000 to the QuadPara Association of South Africa. Here rugby star Bryan Habana signs Lansdowne resident Anees Warda’s shirt. Photo: Peter Heeger

Explore India in Rylands THE India Show will be hosted at the Samaj Centre in Rylands for the first time, from 27 February to 6 March. The show will be exhibiting a wide range of Indian goods, including casual to exclusive Indian outfits, bridal wear, sa-

ris, punjabis, jewellery, sandals, bangles and many more items. The goods are from all parts of India and Pakistan. Entry to the show is free. For further information, call 071 501 0488.










RRP R899



92 cm wide



White & Ivory Colours extra

RRP R9199


RRP R1599





Including Pedestals

RRP R2999


Also available in IMBUIA, OAK & RRP R3999 IVORY



SLEIGH COT White & Ivory Colours extra

RRP R3999

RRP R7799



Mattress optional extra




Also available in IMBUIA, OAK & IVORY

RRP R3999




Mattress & drawers optional extra

RRP R2999

RRP R1399


3047 • LAY -BY








Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm

OTTERY MEGASTORE Open Sundays 9 am - 1 pm


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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Your SMSes Where have all the fathers gone? I’M concerned about our boys Our young men Our sons who grow up without fathers Not getting to know who he really is or experience him daily Fathers, living with their mistresses, not taking time to get to know their sons Boys who fashion their manhood on them Absent fathers So, in absentia, they presume what a “real” man should be

From music vids and vile lyrics Little girls need their daddies too, to discern how a man should treat her. Those young men grow up to be their husbands and fathers. Absent fathers, absent in heart and mind. They go on to have mistresses and leave their sons and daughters behind. ANONYMOUS Fairways

Tarred with the same brush ON Saturday 12 February, we, a racially mixed group ranging from 15 to 45 years, tackled Lion’s Head for the first time. Being aware of mountain crime, including the robbery of a tourist in the area a week before, we left our valuables in the car. What was a most enjoyable hiking trip on the way up turned sour when the teenage boys in the group, all from Khayelitsha, separated in order to descend at a faster pace than the rest. Walking down the winding path far ahead of the others, they were met with suspicion and fear – some of the hikers they encountered moved to the very out-

er edge of the path, others froze their conversations mid-sentence when they had to pass the boys. What should have been a pleasurable experience of Cape Town as a city for all was suddenly marred by those obvious gestures of mistrust. We all know that mountain muggers come from impoverished communities, but not every aspiring hiker not wearing up-market hiking shoes is a criminal-in-training. The culprits have done greater damage than we imagined. MARCO SCHMITT Cape Town

Desperately seeking Brian McRae THE Salvation Army Family Tracing Service is looking for David Brian McRae, also known as Brian McRae. He was born on 9 January 1941 and is being sought by his sister, Beryl Embleton,

who lives in England. Anyone able to help find him can contact Lieutenant Colonel Veronica Trollip on (022) 492-3410, 082 414 2029 or email

‘Suffer the little children’ I WAS most distressed at the news of the two Manenberg toddlers losing their lives so tragically in the horrific train accident near the Nyanga railway station, and my sincerest condolences go out to the grieving family. But as a parent I am faced with the following question: ultimately, who is to be held responsible for the untimely deaths of the brothers? According to media reports, the young bereaved mother, Faieka Smith, was sure that they were playing safely in the confines of their property. But why were the railway tracks open and exposed instead of being fenced in as is the law requires? Was it neglect on the part of Metrorail to ensure that adequate fencing was provided? Surely a member of the community or neighbourhood must have noticed the boys making their way to the exposed railway tracks, or playing precariously near the oncoming danger? With so many unanswered questions, I pray that the authorities are able to investigate this unnecessary accident thoroughly in order to prevent a recurrence. But sadly, it will not bring back Mogamat Salie or Faiek, robbed of their young lives so prematurely. May we all learn a vital lesson that as a community we have to exercise utmost vigilance to avoid such dastardly fatal accidents. Our collective prayer thought: “Suffer little children to come unto thee.” MARK KLEINSCHMIDT Kenwyn

General . SA at present is counting the costs of a failed affirmative action strategy. The wrong, untrained people are unfortunately in the right places. L.S, Lansdowne . We would like to thank the MJC for the donation. Elsie, Gigi . Make 2011 the year you help your community. Please join the Friends of Lansdowne Library. Phone Tessa on (021) 697-2853 for more information. . Congrats, Faith, for showing the “City that works for few” that you will beautify where you live. I wish you lived in Lansdowne. Cheers you bright sparks for these great SMSes. . How do we know it is election time again in the Western Cape? When the ANC starts handing keys to non-existent houses in District Six. Are people not tired of being used all the time? Teresa . Come on Metrorail! Trains are still being cancelled or running late. People are putting their lives at risk by standing or sitting on the links between coaches. Truck drivers and a shortage of petrol is going to make it worse. . Regarding mountain crime. The TMSAG threatens to hire lawyers to demand something that is not there due to lack of resources. Surely it would be more civil and helpful to rather contribute towards the extra resources needed? . Does anyone know of a doll hospital? I have three 1930 dolls I wish to donate to a museum. Please phone Linda on(021) 439-1761. Zuma’s Heaven . Regarding Zuma’s ANC Heaven – We “heaven” got electricity, we “heaven” got houses, promises “heaven” been fulfilled, etc. . As for President Zuma’s statement that if you do not vote ANC you are going to hell. Please, Mr President, kindly base the country’s principles on Godly principles. Do not instil fear into the nation. That sounds more like dictatorship. Where is democracy? Glorya . Why are there no new shows on TV? We don’t pay licence for ancient shows or local junk! You show enough adverts to afford the newest films so where are they? Disgusted views


The City of Cape Town has released a new draft By-law Relating to the Use and Control of Recreational Water Areas and Boating, 2010 for public comment. The City provides for the public as well as organised sport clubs to access certain recreational water areas and to practice various boating and water sports activities thereon. An amalgamation of the old by-laws which make provision for these activities, as well as several changes and additions in a new draft by-law, were required in order for the City to uniformly and consistently manage its recreational water areas. One example of an addition is a provision that written permission may be given to certified water sport clubs to allow persons under the age of 16 years to pilot power boats up to 15 horsepower during approved events such a youth training academies. The draft by-law also aims to align with the Merchant Shipping Act (57/1951): Merchant-Shipping Regulations of 2007. The public participation comment period lasts from 1 to 31 March 2011. Copies of the draft By-law Relating to the Use and Control of Recreational Water Areas and Boating, 2010 are available at subcouncil offices and City libraries for viewing purposes only. You may also access the document and post comment at recreationalwaterareasbylaw

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Groote Schuur Hospital, Observatory, Cape Town


Remuneration: R 79 104 per annum. Service benefits: 13th cheque, employer’s contribution to the pension fund, housing and medical aid allowance. Requirements: Minimum educational qualification: Junior Certificate (or equivalent) with typing/ computer literacy as a passed subject. Competencies (knowledge/skills): • Computer literate (MS Word and Excel) • Knowledge of dictaphone typing/audio typing • Good communication skills • Knowledge of office administration practice • Good planning and organising skills • Knowledge of medical terminology. Duties (key result areas/outputs): • Effectively provide administrative and dictaphone duties • Typing support service to the department • Electronic correspondence • Typing of documents • Filing of documents. Enquiries: Ms C Barker: 021 404-3177/6417. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Please submit your application stating the name of the publication and the date on which you saw the advertisement (candidates may also use this as reference) for the attention of Ms F Safodien to the Chief Executive Officer, Groote Schuur Hospital, Private Bag X4, Observatory 7925. As directed by the Department of Public Service & Administration, applicants must note that further checks will be conducted once they are short-listed and that their appointment is subject to positive outcomes on these checks, which include security clearance, qualification verification, criminal records, credit records and previous employment. Applications must be submitted on a Z83 form, obtainable from any Public Service Department, and should be accompanied by certified copies of qualifications, Curriculum Vitae and the names of three referees. It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place as determined by the Department. Kindly note that excess personnel will receive preference. The Department of Health is guided by the principles of Employment Equity. Disabled candidates are encouraged to apply and an indication in this regard will be appreciated.

Closing date: 18 March 2011.

For further enquiries and for written or faxed submissions, please contact: Koos Retief Area Manager: Biodiversity Management Tel: 021 550 1086 Fax: 021 550 1003 Email:



Human Communications C91942



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Tuesday 22 February 2011


All Classified ads


Phone: 021 405 1136 | Fax: 021 406 2943

DVD/Photos/Slideshow ( 021 422 0472/083 513 6906 JEAN'S stunning Designs Bridalwear, casual wear, hire or buy & catering. Shop no.21­ Town Centre Mini Mall. (021 376 2083/078 3400 473 VEILS, HEADGEAR and stiffenings for hire. Ph 021 705 7289 or 084 570 5728

DR. SHEIK ABDU KARIMU (FOR STRONG DUA'S) WE ALSO HAVE HERBAL REMEDIES 4 ALL PROBLEMS . Marriage Problems . Bad Luck in what you do . Court/Divorce cases RESULTS WITHIN 3­7 DAYS! I DO HOME VISIT REQUESTS. Call by appointments or house visit­ 021 705 5623/07 2 243 9136­ 5th Ave.Grassy Park (opp.Nando's)

TODDLERS DEN Loving Educare Centre ­ Grassy Park

Caring, qualified teachers. From babies to Grade R . Swimming, drama , aerobics, kata boxing, drumming, pottery, Madressa education. Transport available. Aftercare also available. Registration open for 2011 Phone 021 797 1936, 082 3539 736

AKHNI & CURRY'S 40L­ 100L +. Catering done on request.(Jasmine on 021 391 2763/ 083 582 6618

GASIENA'S DRIVING ACADEMY Pick up & drop off all areas. Patient, reliable instructor for expert K53 tuition. "DONT BE NERVOUS, I AM AT YOUR SERVICE! " ( 021 692 3098(a/h) or 073 159 6400

Menus from R69 p/p. Price includes basic decor. For all your hiring needs and stage decor, incl chair covers, Ph Rashieda or Shafiek 021­372 5921 / 082 660 0876 or 084 566 0087

EDUCARE from 3 months to 5 and half years old. Transport avail. Mitchells Plain area only. Ph 021 392 0633

Nervous ladies welcome. Car hire for pass out. All areas.


ICE CUBES & blocks for sale. 100 Ruth Road, Rylands. ( 021 638 7394

( 078 900 4797 Pay after job is done. DR ASHRAF

* * * *

Now in Athlone Court Cases Relationship Problems Financial Problems Pregnancy Problems (/Sms to 073 115 1523

DIVORCES from R500. ( 021 948 2161

DR M ZAID • People with mental illness • We remove bad luck and give good luck • Men and women that can’t produce • Luck charms and gambling • Bring back lost goods and jobs • Bring back lost lovers • Do you need protection at home and work? • Unfinished job and financial problems

Marshall House Room 208 Upstairs by Joshua Door Claremont

072 205 3388 021 671 1920 DR ZAID 01 02 11- ILL

ALL wheel driving school. k53 specialist. Avail. 7 days a week. For all areas. Affordable rates @ R120p/hour. Toyota conquest avail. for lessons & for driver test hire.(Waleed on 082 555 4654


K53 Specialist. Code 08. Driving lessons at special prices. SPECIAL PACKAGE FOR 3 MONTHS ONLY Learner classes available. Ph 021 391 2728 a/h, 071 437 1015, 082 070 8000 or 074 111 1512

,PSYCHIC, SPIRITUAL & HERBAL SPECIALIST , ( FROM ZANZIBAR) ,For Strong Dua's, .Financial Difficulties . Relationship problems . Work promotions . Protection against Evils . Men and women who can't produce . Court cases.

(073 135 2979 LK Centre, Suite No4 Belgravia, Athlone

K's Personalised and unique handmade invitations / cards for any occasion. ( Karen on 021­701 6400 or 073 418 6671

AFFORDABLE hiring of jumping castles & chair covers.( 082 994 0679/80 AHMED'S jumping castles for hire. 072 344 6977 BJUMPING castles for hire. Cartoon characters & purple dinosaur castles available. Excel. rates.(082 938 5342 HIRE a castle, from R150 p.d. Slides, kiddies chairs & tables. 021 696 3791, 084 209 1313 J/CASTLE for hire. 021 393 4663/083 357 4008

DRINK TEA AND SHRINK Lose 4 ­ 8kg per month and still enjoy your favourite foods. (Abeda­ 072 806 5399

Register @ Cape Town Hi-Tech Computer Training Centre Tel: 021 424 4594 or visit us @ 47 On Strand, 1st Floor, Suite 105 Advanced Driving Acc 8 02 11 1AI1D00.cdr



28 yrs exp

Qualified, patient, reliable instr. Free, door-door pick up Car hire Toyota Tazz Pre-test evaluation Nervous ladies are welcomed

• Driving & parking lessons • Assoc. with all traffic dept. • Covering all areas • Manual and Automatic Vehicles

All our vehicles are fitted with satelite tracking devices, and two-way radio’s. Allowing loved ones to have piece of mind.


O/h: 021 396 2319 Cell: 084 415 2622 Email:

CATER HIRE 021­696 2394 Plastic chairs R2. Round Table: 10 seats R10 Long Table: 10 seats R10. Chair Covers: R4. Chair Cover Bows:R2. Long Table Cloth XL:R12. Round Table Cloth XL:R15. Organza Overlays: R5. Chafing Dish: R50 Red Carpet R100 Delivery Service Available COLORADO HIRING Crockery, cutlery, glassware linen and backdrop. Ph 021 374 7104 / 0822278968


Crockery, cutlery, glassware & linen@ 10c per item. Ph 021 371 7229 / 072 443 6695

JUMPING CASTLES & waterslide for hire. Ph 021 704 0859, 083 281 7930

1st 50 clients get ½ hr free

Terms & conditions apply




021 397 8388 078 536 2678 072 542 7217 ATHLONE

021 696 4183 072 542 7217 GRASSY PARK/RETREAT 021 762 1252 072 542 7217 LANDSDOWNE

021 797 6569 072 542 7217


021 797 6569

WENDY HOUSES Concrete foundations. Better structures 2 year guarantee. Ph 021­391 7757 or 078 144 8857 or 072 665 6553

AFFORDABLE repairs to tv's, m/waves, w/machines, fridges,stoves & geysers. All areas. collect & deliver. (021 691 2162/082 490 019 7

Wendy Houses "SPECIALS" 6m x 3m, R6 000 cash. ( 082 621 4441/021 393 5475

WENDY 021 697 3530

WEDDING dress and 3 yellow bridesmaid dresses. (021 376 0261/076 102 029 7

DSTV, Aerial Installations & repairs done. DSTV Special R599.( 072 249 1889/ 073 966 0860

• NO DEPOSIT • BLACKLISTED WELCOME • FAX: 021 696 5397 I do divorce, testaments, sell & evaluate properties and all legal matters. ( (021) 374 3786 (a/h) / (021) 391 0530 (o/h) 083 6603 495

All Fridge Regassing and geyser repairs. 021 3715362


VAN for hire. (021 637 5595

JUMPING CASTLES for hire. We deliver. Ph 083 377 5564.

084 458 9957 021 801 3801


PHOTOGRAPHER for weddings, birthdays, special events, websites etc. Ph 021 692 0221, 084 562 0811

BUSSES & LATEST BMW'S FOR HIRE For all your special bus trips & weddings, matric balls & juniour proms. (Evan on 084 585 6080

JUMPING CASTLE for hire. 021 393 8528, 083 890 4793


• • • • •

Backdrop poles & chair covers. Ph 021 637 0133 or 083 453 9021

JUMP 4 JOY castle hire. ( Ricky on 073 268 7546

•PC Fundamentals •MS Word •MS Excel R300 Certificate •Internet / Only Email •Speed Typing NO CATCHES



HOUSE OF HIRING Call us for your hiring needs plus kids party items. (021 3711 588/082 503 9026

JUMPING CASTLES for hire. Ph Johan 083 365 7684


A DVD, FOTOS & VIDEO 082 738 1166/021 372 6950

DECOR Backdrop poles and lights. (021 396 2526/082 212 8949

HI TECH 08-02-11-1AHYT1F.cdr

Bad evils, Lotto/casino, bad luck, pregnancy, Blood Pressure, etc. Next to Shoprite, Cape Town and next to Town Centre, Mit­ chell's Plain

ACCOUNTING TUITION Grade 10­12. Contact 072 380 8042

Troubled marriages, Divorce, Lost lovers, Big debts/Blacklisted, court cases,

SHEIK ALI In Gatesville for strong duas and effective rubaan "Inna Ma­Alusri Usrah" Come for my herbal treatments for all body pains, marriage, house protection, business, property and all kinds of evil. PAY ONLY WHEN JOB IS DONE! PENSIONERS: FREE TREATMENT Roymo Butchery. Unit No. 6 (next to Barber Shop) Corner of Klipfontein and Ruth Road, Rylands Estate Ph 078 284 2787 or 076 910 3387 or 021­633 2103

DECKSTER'S CATERING Menu's from R90,00. Price includes: Backdrop, Arch, Red Carpet and chair covers. (Ielaahm or Rene 021­371 4507/082 324 9486 FULL CATERING from R80 p.p. including backdrop and chair­covers.( 391 6775 / 073 517 2177 Debit & credit cards accepted.

021 397 3912/ 072 617 4472


CLC BESSICK HIRING Crockery, cutlery, glassware, trestles and chair covers. ( 021 371 9464 or 084 974 6176 or 072 381 4784


A FAMILY DRIVING SCHOOL Code 08,Man & Auto. K53. ( 021 633 7402


BESSICK HIRING Cutlery & Crockery Linen, tables, chairs and covers, etc Ph (021) 374 3786 or Joan 079 4688 616/ Leon 083 6603 495


ADELAH & SHAKIER'S Samoosas & pies, R105 per 100, Budget Pack R140 (40 pies, 40 samoosas, 20 pizzas, 20 spring rolls). We deliver. Ph 376 2506

BSI DRIVING ACADEMY K53 driving lessons Competitive Rates Packages available Contact Sharon / Bernie on 021 638 3649 or 074 133 0069 021 802 4221 bsidrivingacademy

Dj With Sound & Karaoke ( 083 747 3304


KIDS THEMED PARTY DECOR From R400 for 10 kids. Ph 021­391 6775 / 073 517 2177 Credit cards accepted

AC Driving Academy DRIVING LESSONS Code 10 (Truck) Code 8 Manual/ Automatic. Ex Hillstar Examiner Ph/sms 073 555 8410

WENDY 250510

DIVORCES R3 000 Renette Rauch Attorneys 021 418 1337/8

Amy’s Wendy 16 11 10






per week

TV REPAIRS " LOW COSTS" 18 Linaria Cres,Silver­ town.(Steven on 021 633 1802 / 083 486 5394


Page 10 People’s Post Lansdowne BUILDING AND RENOVATIONS


Installations, repairs & sales. Contact Terence on

083 769 7242/

TELERAMA TV REPAIRS Efficient repairs to TV's & microwaves. We collect and deli­ ver.(021 391 57 79, 021 3915819 /083 861 0418

Carports etc...

Contact: 021 393 3897 / 073 588 1163

ARE you sick & tired of your debt? Cant control it anymore? I can help you. Garnishees on payslips, summonses, don't have money for food? Reduce payments to one instalment. Stop the struggling, the help you need is hassle free. Service guaranteed. Call us now.(Audrey 079 395 4709 or fax: 021 421 6817.Fax your ID, payslip and all your accounts to see what you qualify for.



IBR Polycarbonate, Polyethylene and new in SA ­ PVC Sheeting available cut to size and delivered

Tel: 021­948 3803

while waiting for:

DAVIDS PRECAST We do all Vibrecrete Walls / Raisings / Gates & Barb Wire / Carports / Structures & Garages / Paving / Laminated Floors / Painting Waterproofing / Roofs & Ceilings.


CONTACT :021 692 3107 021 691 5877 / 072 106 0655 083 691 4449


Payout (lumpsum only)


Same day payout Tel: 021 949 0930/1/2


FLOWERSONG GARDEN SERVICES For all your garden needs. ( Henry on 072 553 6239

Free water. Wellpoints / mini boreholes. No water, no charge Improve your existing wellpoint.( 021 637 5677 021 701 4522/ 072 825 9586 GARDENING We cut lawns, weed flowerbeds, plot clearing, refuse removal, treee felling, in your yard. 7 days a week. 0734923255 / 637 9373

KASSIEM'S roof cleaning and painting service. Phone 073 096 2249 or 021 376 7514


A A+ CASH PRICE PAID for good used 2nd hand clothing, shoes, linen, etc. 021 761 3083 or 084 9733 899

2 & 3m sand & stone & rubble removal. Ph 078 6113 627. 3M/6M Sand, Stone & Rubble ( 083 292 3960 5M, SAND, STONE, RUBBLE ­ Bakkie loads also 021 397 6413 or 082 709 6443 A 6 cubic meter sand, stone & rubble removal.(John on 072 407 4289

Cutting, Edging, Devin Doors Hardware&Fittings, Deliveries, Off­Cuts Freddy Lenderts Tel/Fax: 021 705 8897/079 9943 629 Andrew Gideons Tel:021 706 7387/ 084 210 1704 Sally Harry:021 706 7387 082 588 9940

SPEED QUEEN SPECIALIST 15 years experience. All repairs done on site. Call Alister on 021 715 1173 or 071 680 2617

A 6m 3 sand, stone, lime & rubble removal 021 691 6995 / 072 374 9801 A bakkie sand ­ R195 A bakkie stone ­ R385 Paving slabs 300x300 ­ R6.90 400x400 ­ R10.90 per slab 450x450 ­ R12.90 per slab 600x600 ­ R18.00 per slab Colour cobblestone ­ R2 each. Rockface 450x450 ­ R22.90 per slab. Contact 073 182 1491 o/h or 021 372 2961 a/h A bargain block: 190, 140 & 90. Ph 021 374 2053/ 021 692 1209 all hours. Free Delivery. AA BARGAIN PAVING SLABS 400 x 400 = R10,50 450 x 450 = R12,50 500 x 500 = R13,50 ( 076 382 6711


90s, 140s, 190s, Sand, Stone. Tel: 021 704 4109 021 715 2739 Cell: 084 368 8125

BUILDING MATERIAL & Home Improvement

On account, no deposit 12 to 60 months to pay, Tiling, vibracrete, paving and all sorts of building material. Blacklisted welcome. Contact André 071 588 2172

DAVID'S PRECAST We sell Vibrecrete Poles & Slabs. (021 692 3107 / 021 691 5877/ 072 106 0655 / 083 691 4449

Waiting for Pension/package payouts? SMS or send

“please call me”

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0860 105 546 0 ­ 150 000. B/Listed, & Consolidations welcome Ally 073 212 4233 A BEST CASH LOAN ­ R150 000. All can apply. Call/send ID, name & netpay. Can help you out of admin. 2/3 home loans up to R1m. (Wilma ­073 247 6116 / 371 7572 A CASH LOAN up to R100 000. Same day payout. b/listed welcome. Conditions apply.(Randee on 021 761 3995/083 548 7293

ALTERATIONS garages, carports, brickpaving, tiling. (082 409 0592/021 392 550 1

AMK Drafting CC Your building plans specialists. Affordable rates. Prompt servi­ ce.(082 094 694 2 BUILDING PLANS Professionally drawn and council approved. (082 662 4008


Bridging cash for PENSION/PACKAGE Lumpsum/Payout same day


" 021 949 3402/3 Call back 073 609 9307 073 439 3111


Pension/ Provident/Package on a

Lumpsum Payout? Cash sameday. Sms/Call: Nawaal ( 076 064 0458 Awaiting Pension/ Provident Fund? Imm. CASH (/Sms KIM 083 665 1002/021 949 8566 CASH LOANS up to R50 000. Blacklisted welcome. Ph/sms Michelle 082 338 9403


190 &140's ­ Sand & Stone Call 021 393 0661/ or 073 186 2991 (a.h.)


Struggling to pay many accounts? Pay only one account by calling SCM Debt Clearance 021­788 4485 24/hrs: 078 221 0193 CONSOLIDATION Apply for an old mutual finance consolidation of debt or personal loan from R1 000 ­ R100 000.(Jacky/Charl on 021 706 5029 or sms your name to 082 990 4196 CONSOLIDATION LOANS and Personal Loan. Pay all your loans + acc. Deposit change in your bank acc. Criteria: Perm emp, 3 months bank statement, latest payslip, copy of ID. Payout in 1 hour ­ 24 hours. Ph 078 116 1508

DEBT STRESSED? We help all people. Judgements, bad credit record and debt review. We can finance you. Homeowners unable to make monthly repayments welcome. (021) 705 0226 OR 082 378 8592

IS JY MOEG VAN JOU SKULD? Bel my vandag nog!

Ingrid 087 802 9371 021 931 1320 082 647 7173 Mariette 083 594 2310 Annemarie 083 227 7242 Reginald 073 006 3632 LOANS , Judgements, B/listed, NO PROBLEM. Quick Payouts. No itc. ( 073 315 0904/

LOANS R5000 TILL R50 000 No Credit Checks. All Welcome. Govt. and Prvt. (Gavin on 073 997 1169 LOANS up to R150 000. Sms Loan to 081 346 2800. conditions apply. LOANS We come to you. ( 021 558 6648 / 082 957 3251

Is your house going to be repossessed? I will buy your home. And advance you money. ( Riyard on 083 420 8989

FED UP WITH TOO MUCH DEBT? PH: (021) 706 8365 OR E­MAIL: msdc@telkom­

For assistance and advice call or sms Debt Counsellor Fataana 072 980 9792 NCRDC 1755 Offices: Wetton & M/Plain

ACTIVE BLINDS For all your window blinds. Also carpet and upholstery cleaning. Ph Bernie 021­393 0672

BLINDS AND CURTAINS. All types. Free quotes. Less 10%. ( 021 371 8627/08 2 516 0030

M&M INTERIORS ­ Blinds, curtains, rods, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. All blinds less 10%. Phone Moosa 021 371 8917 or 083 4931 495

IMMEDIATE APPROVAL Loans up to R100 000. Cash sameday. Govt. & b/listed.(021 949 8566/ Kim 073 0502 179 Shirley 083 665 1002 LOANS No ITC. Same day payout. Fax 086 666 4811 or call 071 512 1923

A­B TRUCK HIRE / COURIER Anything & everything. 073 339 1828

CLEAN & MAINTAIN pools. Ph 083 494 3939 or 702 1208



WE COLLECT AND DELIVER (021 371 7267 / 082 579 6947 (5.30pm ­ 8.00pm)

ALUMINIUM windows, doors etc... For prompt,honest services contact Mr A. Daniels on 076 778 7300 ARTHUR'S SLIDING GATES, b bars, vibracrete & steel fencing & automation. 021­ 691 1936 or 083 229 7612 BELIEVE IN CHRIST SERVICES Vibracrete, tiling, carports, paving, gates. Contact Albert 073 545 6994 /

FURNITURE removals and up country trips ( 078 611 3627


TILING indoor & outdoor. Call Jeremy on 021 391 2517 or 072 395 2479

JC ACTIVE ELECTRICAL Fully licenced electrician.Re­ pairs to lights, plugs,geysers, installation of prepaid meters, main boards, etc. (021 701 3022 / 072 470 7658

SHANTIE’S GLASS & ALUMINIUM Fast Easy Affordable Manufacturers & Installers of: Aluminium windows and Doors. Replacement of wooden & steel windows. ALL AREAS – FREE QUOTES Contact: 073 348 0991 073 099 5322/ email:

A FREE PLUMBING quote for bathroom renovations, geysers, leaks and blocked drains. Call Joseph 073 322 4661 ALL PLUMBING, good ref.. 076 124 4713

OTTERY­ WOODALE Modern upgaded family home. 3 Beds, bic's, f/fitted kitchen. Sep. tv room + study. 2 Baths, Braai­room, pool, maid's quaters. Aluminium windows throughout. Double automated garage, +++. R1.150 000. (Jenni on 083 419 4133 GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. R800p/night. Sleeps 6.(079 522 4309.

WEEKEND SPECIALS AT CLUB MYKONOS STARTING AT R600 PER NIGHT! Contact Suzanne 021­448 2717 office hours only


We have qualified buyers. Call Karen 083 494 3939 RETREAT (LAKE VIEW DRIVE) 3Beds, mes,bic's. Sep.toilet & bath. O/plan kitch with bic's. Lounge. F/encl, garage. B/bars & alarm. R600 000neg. (Sharon on 083 499 8141 to arrange viewing session.


2 Beds, lounge, kitchen, f/bathroom, garage for 3 cars, separate maids/spare room. R420 000. Immed occup. Contact Noor 072 946 2280

0860 777 000 Bellville – 021 949 7309 Cape Town – 021 421 6818 Goodwood – 021 591 9531 Worcester – 023 347 0340


Very neat house consisting of 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathr R299 000. Immed occupation Call Noor 072 946 2280

FRIDGE repairs, all appliances.(073 922 5336

SPECIALISING HANGING DOORS Phone Mr M Harris 021 392 2894, 073 2933 952

or call

Extended duplex. 3 Beds, lounge, d/room, kitchen, family bathroom. R269 000 incl cost. Contact Noor 072 946 2280

FRIDGE AND FREEZER REGASSING & REPAIRS Reasonable prices! ( 076 164 0700

BUILT IN CUPBOARDS repairs & alterations. ( 072 695 9738

082 410 8186

KFS 10X3


Bathroom renovations, wall and floor tiling. All Tiling at R50/sqm. Ph 074 129 5829

PAINTING and maintenance. Ph 073 231 6475

ALL CARPENTRY WORK All carpentry, Hanging of all doors, fixing roofs & cupboards.(Nico 021 392 6818/076 342 1470

ALTERATIONS, brick, plas., skin., tiling, etc. Good Refs. 076 124 4713

PAVING, labour only. Good rates.(073 145 3329/ 021 396 4154

ALL PAINTING and Waterproofing. Good ref. Ph 076 124 4713

076 523 0306

021 705 5372 / 072 425 5111

ALL PAVING. Excel ref. Ph 393 2090 or 076 124 4713


GARAGE DOORS & automation.

AA paving and vibracrete.

POOL SERVICE and maintenance. Ph Michael 073 104 3575 or 021­705 8851

ENGINE OVERALL R1 800.Clutch overalls, R850.Gearbox repairs from R950.Parts & labour incl. (021 376 6014/ 078 875 4394

Single view systems ­ R599 installed. Xtra View as well as HD installations. SMS or call Mikah­eel 073 374 3951


Plumbing, Electrical .24hrs . R125 p/hr ( 021 703 0906


FOR ALL types of blinds. Ph 074 259 1802 Renaldo or 082 598 2606 Wesley or 021­371 8315 o/h


Tuesday 22 February 2011

FOR ALL YOUR PLUMBING Maintanance and new installations. All workmanship guaranteed. (Frank 082 3544 076

EGYPT AND ISRAEL departs Sept 2011. For info, Velme 392 0148/ 073 202 5776 GARDEN ROUTE departs 26 Dec 2011 & returns 6 Jan 2012. Ph Velme 392 0148/ 073 202 5776

BAYVIEW Strandfontein. 2 bedrms. R2 800 + dep. Ph 076 124 4713 ZEEKOEVLEI 1 bedroom, kitchen, en­suite (shower and toilet). Parking avail. R2 800 incl lights & water. Avail immed. Suit couple or single male. (082 978 9016


GRASSY PARK Avail. 01/03/ 2011. R2 200p/m.(073 188 8952

Reboring.Skim­ ming and ALL engineering requirements ,Specialised Welding, cracked cylinder heads blocks, straightening, pressure testing, metal stitching. Visit now at 11 Jagger Street, Goodwood or call 021 592 4728 / 021 592 4747

FREELANCE BOOKKEEPER Ur System or ours Temp Assignments Welcome


Tuesday 22 February 2011

AVON REPS NEEDED Call Michelle 021 396 2115 or 082 637 6559


Reps needed urgently. Athlone & surrounding areas. Call Sumaya 072 700 1581

REGISTRATION FEE: R500 DURATION: 2 week period Payment for practical training assistance with job placement

BUXEY'S INSTITUTE 2nd Floor Kentucky Building Allegro Lane Town Centre Mitchells Plain Contact office: 076 873 1327 / 082 971 2585 / 021­391 5885 Mark 074 691 3854

Data Clerk work from home & earn money. For info, sms name/address to 072 141 6240 DATA CLERKS needed ­ Work from home with or wit­ hout computers. Sms name and address to 073 176 4267 DATA ENTRY with or wit­ hout computer. Own hours. SMS name & address for full brochure to 073 423 3436 DATA ENTRY WORKERS NEEDED Earn R1500 in your first week. No exp needed. SMS name and full postal address to 073 884 0388

EARN CASH NOW Sell tupperware full or part time. ( Narriman 084 414 7444 or 021­637 5932 or Zainoe 084 530 0300 WE DON'T REPLY TO PSE CALL ME


2011 Special, Available Immediately, No Experience needed, local + International placements Training + Certificate + Job Placement " Flight Attendants, Receptionists, Bank Tellers, Cashiers / Data Capturers, Office Administrators " Book Keepers / Accounts " Computer IT, Call Centre, Waiters & Bartenders, Home Base Nursing " Free Computer Training Come to: Bellville, 14 Kruskal Avenue, Same Building with African Bank & PC training building on the 4th Floor. @ AH Personnel / YIES Project, Co.Reg.No.2008/129244/23 CALL: 021 820 3231, 021 9464 663 078-857-8272, 078-857-8271 Registration fee is R500

EVERY genuine business opportunity does not have to be about selling, capturing or policies... for more info call Cheryl on 071 527 1869 EXTRA income opportunity. Data works with or without a computer. For info sms name, surname & adress to 084 062 4825 FINANCIAL FREEDOM Earn +_ R25 000 part time. SMS FREEDOM to 34008 MAKE money doing what you already do.(083 588 5871

DRIVER ­ OTTERY Sober habits. Valid Code 10 and PDP Ph Mr Karriem 079 464 4302

REGISTER today to avoid disappointments.

SORTER/SOA­ BAR HAND Experienced. Wages negotiable

Earn R30 000 p.m. @ Home sms INCOME to 34008 EARN R720 IN YOUR FIRST WEEK Guaranteed! And up till R1 440 p/day within one month. Data entry workers needed to fill out forms with or without a computer. Easy step­by­step tutorials. Own hours. Sms name and adress for a full info brochure to 073 753 6352

AUPAIR fam in Holland, two boys 2 + 5 yrs, start Feb. Apply if u r 18/25 yrs old + single + want 2 travel overseas. BAP 021 462 7800 or

At Abbey Road CMT in Observatory (Johan or Valeska 021­447 5926 Start immediately VACANCIES 2011 Secretaries, Receptionist, Bank Clerks, Account Clerks, Admin Clerks, Bookkeepers, Data Capturers, Call Centre Agents, Bartenders, Chefs, Waiters, Housekeepers, Cruise ship/ Flight attendants, Airhostesses. We train u 2 weeks and place u in a job. To Register, visit: 68 Durban Road, van der Stel

SELL BEAUTIFUL SERVIETTES Prints and plain colours Earn cash quickly (082 978 9016

Building, 5th Fl, Bellville. Call: 021 948 9551 078 904 5703 074 209 5445 072 517 2172 Register today. Training begins 28 Feb 2011.Accommodation Available

CAPE TOWN BASED COMPANY IS OPENING UP A NEW BRANCH AND NEEDS TO EXPAND ITS SALES FORCE. No transport or previous sales experience needed.All training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives. For appointment call Andre / James at 021 465 7852 Terms & Conditions Apply

STAFF NEEDED URGENTLY Recently established company needs to fill various positions: *Telemarketing *OPC/ Outdoor surveyers. If you are vibrant, goal driven & self motivated book your interviews now. Full training provided. Basic + good comm. Ph: Jolene 078 432 9174

No transport or previous sales experience needed. All training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives. For appointment, call Andre on 021 930 9068 Terms & Conditions Apply.

ON 1 MARCH 2011

medical feature 220211 1AJ9HSV 1AJ9G00

We are looking for a hard worker with sober habits and own transport. Must produce driver's licence, preferably a bakkie. Must be able to work under pressure and meet targets set. Good commission paid.

STAFF NEEDED URGENTLY Recently established company needs to fill various positions: *Telemarketing *OPC/ Outdoor surveyers. If you are vibrant, goal driven & self motivated book your interviews now. Full training provided. Basic + good comm. Ph: Jolene 078 432 9174

INSTORE PROMOTERS WANTED 18­30 yrs.Have own transport. Avail Fri­ Sun. 5 hr shift. Call 021 591 5113

Please contact Sakina on 078 128 3001

STAFF NEEDED URGENTLY Recently established company needs to fill various positions: *Telemarketing *OPC/ Outdoor surveyers. If you are vibrant, goal driven & self motivated book your interviews now. Full training provided. Basic + good comm. Ph: Jolene 078 432 9174




TEACHER AID (creche environment) Required in the Grassy Park area. Fax cv to 0866 988 22/ aaliy­ or call 021 797 1936 (after 6pm)

5 ,, 4 , HOTELS , BIG SUPERMARKETS & BIG COMPANIES URGENTLY NEEDS! .20 Receptionists .30 Cashiers .20 Barmen .30 Waitrons .20 Porters .50 Cleaners/ Housekeepers .10 Cruiseship Attendants .10 Flight Attendants/ Airhostesses For More details please contact Zetaweb or visit our offices on 112 Long Street, 3rd Floor, room 311, Cape Town, or CALL: 021 426 7615/ 021 820 3654/ 073 219 8380


AVON &JUSTINE reps needed. (Mildred 021 696 5866 /079 053 8019



And all Specialists within the medical field

082 972 9682 ebuyers 220211 1AJ8V3K 1AJ8VHV

Heideveld - Roggeberg Rd - R299 000 excl 3bed home, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet fully enclosed

Rocklands - Beaufort Str - R309 000 excl 3bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet enclosed

PORTLANDS Copenhagen Street. R429 000 excl 4 bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bath, toilet, enclosed carport. Braai area.

Rocklands - Cormorant Str - R279 000 excl Neat 2bed home, lounge, open plan kitchen, bath/toilet enclosed

Ruyterwacht - Texel Str - R 699 000 excl Freestanding 3bedroom home, lounge, diningroom, fitted kitchen, 2xbath/toilet, double garage, double carport, and braai area, on 500 ² plot

Rocklands - Stearman Close - R279 000 excl 2 bedroom home in quiet circle, lounge, open plan kitchen, bath/toilet enclosed

Parow - Glen lilly - Smith Str - R729 000 excl Freestanding 3bed home, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet, garage, outbuilding (maids courters) with own toilet fully enclosed on 500 m² plot HEIDEVELD Amatola Street. R329 000 excl onco Spacious 2 bedroom home, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet. Good area, needs attention.

Rocklands - Spreeu Str - R279 000 excl onco 3bed home on corner plot, lounge, kitchen, bath/toilet, in good area needs attention Goodwood Tygerdal - Vryburger Str R 1150 000 excl Freestanding 3bed home(mes), 2 x lounges, dining room, braai area, fitted kitchen, double garage, ++ 2bed sep entrance with own parking++ swimming pool on 700 m² plot

To view please contact Latiefa at 082 972 9682 GRASSY PARK R1199 000 NEG "Save money" combine workspace and home costs in one property. Calling all doctors, lawyers, consultants, dentists, social workers etc, ample client & private parking (currently used as youth development centre) Lorenzo 082 734 7760 / Celeste 072 112 8848

Email: RETREAT R749 000 NEG


Rich in tradition Spacious 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge open plan dining room, tv area, fully fitted eat in kitchen, pool, complete 1 bedroomed granny flat, single garage plus secure parking for 5 cars Lorenzo 082 734 7760 / Celeste 072 112 8848

Office: 021 712 9371/6472

First time offered Very need 3 bedrooms, sunken lounge, dining room, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom sep toilet, secure 3 car carport plus complete 1 bedroomed granny flat. Lorenzo 082 734 7760 / Celeste 072 112 8848

Rawson Grassy Park 10x4 22-02-11-1AJ359A.cdr

APPLICANTS NEEDED for data capturing/market research Tutorial back­up. High income. Own hours available. For info application, SMS name/address to 079 615 8070

COMPUTER SKILLS TRAINING WE OFFER: (Part Time & Full Time) Data Capturing Receptionist & Office Admin Cashiering, Bookkeeping Call Centre, Pastel Accounting, Internet and E­mail, Web Design, Drivers Learner's Classes

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 11


A cut above the rest Very neat 4 bedroomed home with mes & bic,lounge, open dining room, modern fully fitted kitchen, family bathroom, tiles & laminated flooring throughout plus tandem garage & entertainment area. Lorenzo 082 734 7760 / Celeste 072 112 8848



Ground floor flat 2 beds with lounge, kitchen, bathroom & parking bay next to room. Gareth 072 966 5758

A honey of a starter 3 bedrooms, mes, lounge, fitted kitchen, bathroom & garage facade Lorenzo 082 734 7760 / Celeste 072 112 8848

Required for butchery. Ph 021 694 7161

TELEMARKETERS NEEDED For organisation, with fund­ raising experience ( 021 393 6262 or 021­393 7774 o/h only

to promote your practice please contact janine 082 702 9090 or 086 116 918 email:

GRASSY PARK & RETREAT TEL: 021 712 6472 / 021 712 9371


Page 12 People’s Post Lansdowne

Sharon Gerbach

Address: 540 Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne 7780 Tel: (021) 762 8449/ 6888 Fax: (021) 762 5777 E-mail:


Ck 2006/006993/23 (Established 1998)

Call Mark Anthony 021 704 2160/ 083 482 4250 Sharon 083 769 3577

BUYING • SELLING • LETTING • VALUATIONS • HOME LOANS Pleasant Place – Lansdowne – Flat (Sectional Tiltle) Ground Floor – 2 Bedrooms Lounge > tiled to Open plan kitchen Bathroom Secure and enclosed Asking: R450 000 Flat Size: ±41m²

Sierra Park– Ottery – Neat 1st floor apartment 2 Bedrooms > tiled, built in cupboards Fully fitted kitchen Bathroom tiled Asking: R450 000 – Plot size: 47m²

Wynberg – Sussex Road (Spacious Semi Detached) Spacious - 3 bedrooms, wooden floors Lounge with fire place Fully fitted modern kitchen to back yard Family bathroom Carport Asking: R750 000 – Plot size 262m²

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Lansdowne – Derby Road – Spacious Older Home Lounge wooden floors Kitchen Tiled Large backyard 4 Bedrooms Asking:R850 000 – Plot size: 496m²

Southfield (Lovely Duplex Apartment) Only R489 000


Lovely 2 beds, bics, tiled family bathroom, tiled lounge, beautiful fully fitted kichen, Lots of parking, close to Station, safe and secure environment.


Lansdowne (On Lansdowne Road) Only R639 000 Retreat – Sylvester Street Modern - 3 bedrooms, main en-suite Lounge, separate dining and TV room Fully fitted modern kitchen with pantry and access to double garaging Family bathroom Double Carport Secure property Asking: R800 000 – Plot size 423m² - OFFER

Lansdowne – Well mantained, secure property Lounge laminated floors Open plan modern kitchen 3 Bedrooms – spacious Intercom – remote control access Entertainment room to pool Double garage Asking: R1 295 000 – Plot size: 505m²

Lansdowne – Double Storey with Granny Flat Lounge parquet floors Modern kitchen 3 Bedrooms laminated floors Balcony overlooking pool and granny flat Garage 1.5 Asking: R1 500 000 – Plot size: 505m²

Glen Ridge – Retirement / Young & Coast loving Lounge separate dining Fully fitted kitchen 3 Bedrooms (Mes) – spacious Double garage and breath taking views Overlooking False Bay, Simon Towns naval Base Asking: R2 300 000 – Plot size: 434m²

All reasonable Offers will be considered

Large 3 beds, wooden floors, tiled sunken lounge, large entrance hall/dining room, Extra large eat-in fully fitted kitchen, bath and shower, long drive-way (approx 5 cars), covered entertainment area in paved yard, very secure. Opposite Blomvlei Road Mosque & Aloe Medical Centre. MARK ANTHONY2 22-02-11-1AJ6KX5.cdr


Call Anthony Arendse 021 704 0289 082 673 1503

Call Mark Anthony 021 704 2160/ 083 482 4250 MARK ANTHONY1 22-02-11-1AJ6KUA.cdr

Lentegeur (Close To Eisleben & Station) Only R279 000

Westridge (Nice Area) Only R399 000

Parow West (Churchill Estate) Only R719 000

Hanover Park R270 000

Lovely 2 beds, lounge, kitchen, Close To Giel Basson. Large 3 Large 3 beds, separate bathroom & toilet, large fitted kitchen, lounge, cemented yard, enclosed, carport. If your bathroom, drive-way, yard. Close beds, mes,lounge + dining, large To shopping Centre. If your combined wages is R12 500.00 per month you can buy combined wages is R8 700 .00 per fully fitted kitchen, double carport + garage. NEAT PROPERTY. this house. month you can buy this house.

Newfields Village (Nice Area) Only R289 000

Large 3 beds, 2 bathrooms, lounge, kitchen, carport, garage, braai area, 432m² plot.

Lovely 3 beds, fully fitted kitchen, lounge, family bathroom, fully enclosed yard. If your wages is approx R9 000.00 per month you can buy this house.

Rocklands (Close To Cedars) Only R289 000

Rocklands Only R299 000

Large 3 beds, fitted kitchen, tiled Neat 2 beds, lounge, bathroom, fitted kitchen (Granite Tops), large lounge, fully tiled bathroom, drivegrounds, enclosed, cemented yard. way, large block paved yard. If your If your combined wages is R9 500.00 combined wages is R9 500.00 PER per month you can buy this house MONTH YOU CAN BUY THIS HOUSE.

Portlands R359 000

MITCHELLS PLAIN Free-standing, 3 beds, en-suite, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, large grounds. If your combined wages areR8 000 per month you can buy this house.

3 beds, lovely fully fitted kitchen, tiled lounge, fully tiled bathroom.


ASHIFA 082 051 9192

Extended 2/3 beds, lounge + Free-standing 3 beds, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, kitchen, bathroom. If you combined wages are R8 000 nice grounds per month you can buy this

MITCHELLS PLAIN 021 696 4114




RASHEEDAH 084 586 7120 / GAMIEDA 082 933 8092

MENU: RAZEEN 072 619 8155


BEDS: 3 | BATHS: 2 | GARAGE: 2 WEB ACCESS: KW1042152 SHAMEEMAH 083 335 4713

ANDY 074 470 7068

Beacon Valley R249 000


RIEFQAH JACOBS 083 738 7901 PAMG SSURBS 5X8 220211 1AJ2WS5

LANSDOWNE R1.295 Million


Eastridge Only R235 000


ATHLONE 021 696 4114 WE ARE LOOKING FOR TRULY EXCEPTIONAL AGENTS TO JOIN OUR TEAM If you are as serious as we are about property, call Nazmie to arrange for a confidential interview. 082 630 6134

Westridge R289 000

Eastridge R269 000

CLOSE TO CEDARS & EISLEBEN 3 beds, fitted kitchen, 3 beds lounge, kitchen, beds, tiled lounge & fitted kitchen, bathroom, lounge, yard. bathroom carport for 3 cars 3bathroom, paved drive-way. If your Extended. If you earn R8000.00 combined wages are R9 300 per per month you can buy this month you can buy this house. house

The Leagues Only R249 000


Ruytewacht (Close To Grandwest) Only R739 000

2 beds, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, family bathroom

Newfields Village R249 000

SHAMEEMAH 083 335 4713





STOCK URGENTLY REQUIRED. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US FOR A MARKET RELATED VALUATION! Schaapkraal: 4th Avenue – 1 acre (Rural) - R899 000 (UNDER OFFER) Schaapkraal: Strandfontein Road – Vacant Land – 5000m² – ‘PRIME POSITION FOR BUSINESS’ – R1.7 Million Wynberg: Top Floor Bachelor flat – R320 000 Razeen: 072 619 8155 Zeekoevlei: Fisherman’s Lane – Vacant erf, 624m² – R540 000 Retreat: 3 Beds, 2 baths, lounge, dining room, semi-fitted kitchen, 1 bed separate entrance, 6 parking – R895 000 Andy 074 470 7068

BEDS: 6 | BATHS: 3 | GARAGE: 2 | + SWIMMING POOL WEB ACCESS: Kw347 019 RAZEEN 072 619 8155


R775 000


BEDS: 3 | BATHS: 1 | PARKING: 4 | GRANNY FLAT WEB ACCESS: KW1041255 RAZEEN 072 619 8155




BEDS: 4 | BATHS: 3 | GARAGE: 3 RAZEEN 072 619 8155 PAM GOLDING 10x8 220211 1AJ5U25


Tuesday 22 February 2011

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 13

KIT BOOST: Hame­ diehs Rugby Club re­ cently received a kit sponsorship for its senior and junior teams from Waa­ seen Pillay (right) of Nolitha. Sharing in the hand­over were Fagrie Adams (in new kit), with Riede­ waan Davids (junior convener) and exec­ utive member Faried Berdien.


Photo: Rashied Isaacs


MUNEER R270 000: TAFELSIG Free-standing, 3Beds, Open plan fitted kitchen Family Bathroom, Lounge-tiles, large grounds Call: Shaamiel 082 723 1118

R250 000: HANOVER PARK 3Beds, Open plan fitted kitchen Bathroom, Lounge, Yard Front & Back, Parking ×2 Cars Call: Shanaaz 071 203 6341

R250 000: BONTEHEUWEL 2Beds, Kitchen, Fam Bath, (Shower) Lounge, Paved Driveway Call: Shaamiel 082 723 1118

R340 000: PORTLANDS Free-standing, 3Beds, Kitchen, Family Bathroom, Lounge Call: Shaamiel 082 723 1118

R170 000: DELFT SOUTH 3Beds, Kitchen Lounge Big Yard and Large Grounds Call: Muneer 073 313 0152

R170 000: EASTRIDGE 2 Beds, BIC, Lounge, Dining, Fitted Kitchen, Tiled, Fam Bath, Parking 2 Cars CALL: Shamiel 082 723 1118.

R400 000.00 Westage 2 beds bic, fam. bathroom, ff kitchen, lounge, big grounds, fully enclosed and galvanized gates. Shihaam 072 192 1411

R310 000: LENTEGEUR 2Beds, Family Bathroom, Kitchen, Lounge, Big Grounds on Eisleben, Potential business site Call: Shihaam 072 192 1411

R360 000: WESTRIDGE 3Beds, Toilet & Bath, Kitchen, Lounge, Enclosed Parking, Quiet Area. Call: Nazeem 083 375 7128

R250 000: BEACON VALLEY 3Beds, Kitchen, Toilet & shower, lounge, beautiful garden with trees Call: Nazeem 083 375 7128


R385 000: WESTRIDGE Freestanding, 3Beds, FF kitchen, f/bath, lounge, garden front & back, Big grounds, Modern Call: Shihaam 082 723 1118


R350 000: LENTEGEUR 7Beds, 1 with ensuite, Kitchen, 2 Family Bath, Lounge, Garage

Every Agent Will Promise To Sell Your Home … We GUARANTEE it

If your Home Doesn’t Sell, Mark is Willing to Buy it Himself at a Price Acceptable to You

R340 000 : MORGENSTER Freestanding 2 Beds, Fam Bath, Lounge, Kitchen, Parking 4 Cars, Garden CALL: SHANAAZ 071 203 6341

No Gimmicks!

DISTRESS Call Mark on 072 742 6963 for more info SALES!! OR

FREE CALL 0800-00-00-08 24HRS, 7 DAYS A WEEK

For a Guaranteed Sale on Your Home. Seller and Mark Brickles must agree on guaranteed price at time of listing


Receive a Free list with pics of Below Market Value & other Distress Sale Properties Visit: Or SMS “D22”, Your Name, Email address/ address to 079 174 9961

CALL: SHANAAZ 071 203 6341 R200 000: TAFELSIG 3 Beds, Kitchen, Lounge and Family Bathroom

CALL: SHANAAZ 071 203 6341

R1 100 000: VANGUARD ESTATE 5Beds, MES, FFK, Diningrm, Pool Area, Separate enterance + more Call: Shariff 082 781 2903

KAYS 22-02-11-1AJ3EH5.cdr


SMS “G22”, Your Name, Email address/address to 072 742 6963

R250 000 : TAFELSIG 3 Beds, Lounge, Dining, Fitted Kitchen, Fam Bathroom, CALL: SHANAAZ 071 203 6341


Remaxultra- 22-02-11-1AJ7CXV-ILL Nadia's 22-02-11-1AJ7XFQ

ZEEKOEVLEI - Immaculate. 2 B/rooms, BIC. Full bathroom. F/F Kitchen. Large Open Plan Lounge with fireplace. Large enclosed entertainment area and garage. R590 000. ZEEKOEVLEI - Modern. 2 B/rooms. BIC. Family bathroom. Stunning open plan lounge + F/F Kitchen. 2 car garage. Large grounds. R650 000. ZEEKOEVLEI - Neat face brick family home on huge plot. 3 B/rooms. BIC. Full family bathroom. F/F Kitchen. Lounge + D/room. Garage. Well priced @ R850 000. ZEEKOEVLEI - Choice of three modern homes with too many wonderful features to mention. R899 000, R990 000 and R1,1 M.


ZEEKOEVLEI - Large family home on huge plot. Needs TLC. 4 B/rooms. BIC. MES. F/F Kitchen. Lounge, D/Room + Family room. Jacuzzi. Swimming-pool. Double garage. Reduced to bargain price of R899 000.

EST. 1996

ZEEKOEVLEI - Good position. Neat and clean family home on large corner plot. 3 or 4 B/Rooms. MES + Family bathroom. F/F Kitchen. Large lounge and D/room. Very pretty garden. Reduced to sell R985 000. ZEEKOEVLEI - Location, location. A Must to view. Modern, renovated. Large 4 B/rooms with laminated floors. BIC. Ultra modern bathrooms. XL modern F/F Kitchen. Large lounge + Family room. Jacuzzi and swimmingNADIA'S PROPERTY SHOP pool on 1 041 sqm plot. R1,5 M. ZEEKOEVLEI - Waterfront homes and a choice of 4 plots off and on the Peninsula from R450 000

FOR THESE AND MORE PLEASE CALL MICKAEEL 082 216 4269 or NADIA (o) 021 706 8197, (c) 083 654 4234 Nadia's 22-02-11-1AJ7XA0

BRANCHES: WETTON 021 761 0707 M/PLAIN 021 391 2200 PROSPUR 22-02-11-1AJ744A.cdr

GRASSY PARK: R869.000excl F/s, 4Beds(2xB), 2xF/Baths, 2xFK, G/Flat(2Beds, K, Brm), T/G(4xCars) ASHRAAF 072 945 5145

PINATTI ESTATE: R695.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Lnge, D/room, FFK, Laundry, Garage, 556m² F/Paved. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

RYLANDS: R1.750mil D/s, 6Beds(3xB), S/Lounge, D/rm, 5xF/Bth, 2xMes, FFK, M/Q, D/Grage SHEREENA 072 435 4085

GRASSY PARK: R980.000excl D/s, 5Beds, Lnge, F/Place, Drm, FK, G/Flat(2Beds), Storerm, Garage, Encl. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

KENWYN: R730.000excl Semi, 2Beds, Lounge, FFK, Laundry cum Scullery, E/Garden, P(4xCars). FATAANA 072 980 9792

DELFT: R300.000excl D/storey, 3Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Garage, Carport, Encl, JESICHA 073 698 9260

New Development CHOOSE YOUR PLOT Brand New 2Bedrooms Semi’s From R369.500 SALAAMAH 083 670 9668

EAGLE PARK: R475.000Neg F/s, 2Beds, Lnge, Drm, FK, 387m², D/Carport, Garage doors, E/Garden. PRISCILLA 082 717 1688

EAGLE PARK: R499.000excl F/s, 2Beds, Lnge, Drm, Garage, E/Garden, D/Way (12xCars), Alarm. KEITH 084 888 2526

NEWFILDS VILLAGE: 195.000excl Semi, 2Bedrooms, Lounge, Family Bathroom, Kitchen, Encl. SALAAMAH 083 670 9668

WETTON: R489.000excl Duplex Flat, 3Beds, Lounge, F/Bathroom, Kitchen, Encl Hse 72m². SALAAMAH 083 670 9668

GRASSY PARK: R189.000excl Top Floor Flat, 2Bedrooms, Lounge, Kitchen, F/Bath, Enclosed. SALAAMAH 083 670 9668

FAIRWAYS: R750.000excl Town House, 2Beds(1xBics), Lounge, FFK, Tandem Garage, 243m². KEITH 084 888 2526

SEAWINDS: R365.000excl Semi, 3Beds, Lnge, F/Bath, K(Bics), D/Way(3xCars), W/Hse, Encl. MARIAM 082 641 2157

LANSDOWNE: R680.000excl F/standing, 3Beds, Lounge, Bath, S/toilet, Kitchen, Encl, Needs TLC. JILL 073 551 2625

BONTEHEUWEL: R299.999excl Semi. 2Beds, Lnge, Drm, F/Bath, Kitchen, Encl, Sliding Gates, B/Bars DESIREE 079 875 9975

GATESVILLE: R1050.000excl Ext. Mais, 4Beds, FFK, S/Entrance, Storerm, F/Garage, E/Garden, Encl. FATAANA 072 980 9792

SCHAAPKRAAL: R750.000excl F/s, 2Beds, FFK, Driveway(5xCars), Encl, 496m² with a Second Dwelling MARIAM 082 641 2157

DELFT: R260.000excl 3Baeds, Lounge, F/Bath, Carport, E/Garden, Encl, 320m², B/Bars. EGHSAAN 073 845 9392

OTTERY: R619.000excl Flat, 3Beds(2xB), Balcony, Lounge, Drm, Bath, S/toilet, FFK, Garage.. NAJWA 082 377 7027

NEWFIELDS ESTATE: R880.000 2Beds(Bics), Mes, FFK, S/Entrance, 2xGarage, Carport, 772m²+ More. AQEELAH 074 042 4168

BELHAR: R380.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, K(Bics), Carport, Park(4xCars), S/Gates. EGHSAAN 073 845 9392

OTTERY: R1050.000excl F/s, 3Beds, Mes, FFK, Laundry, MQ, TV/rm, D/Garage, Carport, 594m² SHEREENA 072 435 4085.

WALMER ESTATE: R1150.000 3Beds, Spacious Lnge, Drm, Kitchen, Park(2xCars), Crt Yard, Study, TVroom. S.ABRAHAMS 072 923 1490


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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Gallant Grant back for opener TASMIN CUPIDO

IT’S game time at DHL Newlands on Saturday, when the DHL Stormers take on the Lions in their opening match of the 21-week Vodacom Super Rugby competition. And with the addition of experienced flyhalf, Peter Grant, to the 35-man Stormers squad, head coach Allister Coetzee and the rest of the coaching team must be breathing a sigh of relief. In the Stormers’ warm-up matches leading up to the kick-off of their Super Rugby campaign, they experimented with youngsters Gary van Aswegen, Lionel Cronjé and Elgar Watts. While Van Aswegen impressed in the first two matches against the Maties and Ikeys, he displayed less than average performances in the Neo Africa Tri-series. Cronjé mostly strut his stuff in the number 15 jersey, while Watts was good on defence and attack, but lacked the ability to secure points with the boot. Grant has been contracted with Japanese club Kobe Kobelco Steelers since October 2009, missing out on the last Super 14 tournament last year as well as the 2010 Currie Cup. He was due to return to the Stormers squad in three weeks only, but the Steelers were knocked out of the semi-finals of the Japanese club competition the past weekend. It is still not clear when he will return to training at the Western Province Rugby Union’s High Performance Centre in Bellville. And Coetzee has made it clear that Grant is part of his plans for the match against the Lions, who staged a gutsy second half fightback, but lost 20-24, in their opener at the home against the Vodacom Bulls the past weekend. “Bash may be part

of the 22-man squad even if he only returns from Japan on Tuesday (today),” Coetzee says. “I have no doubt that his fitness levels are good and that he is match ready. He is such a dedicated player and will, without a doubt give his all should he be selected.” The men in blue will also be weary of the Lions’ fighting spirit for the entire 80 minutes. Their desire to win was apparent against the Bulls, and this could’ve been achieved had flyhalf Elton Jantjies slotted vital penalties and conversions. The likes of winger Michael Killian and centre Waylon Murray were impressive, and the Stormers would be doing themselves a favour if they kept their eyes on the two speedsters. The Super Rugby tournament has an entirely new format, with the five teams from each country, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, forming a conference league, with each team playing a home and away match against the four other teams. Each team will play four matches overseas and four on home soil. This will bring the tally of round-robin matches to 16 for each team – four abroad and 12 in their home country. Six teams will play for a semi-final spot – the three teams ending at the top of the conference logs and the three teams – regardless of the conference – with the most log points. The two teams with the most log points will automatically qualify for a home semi-final and be on a bye the first week of the three-week long play-offs , while the other four teams will then battle it out. The semi-finals and the finals will follow the same format, with the home final being awarded to the team with the highest number of points at the end of the conference leagues.

NEWLANDS’ SON RETURNS: Peter Grant could be back in a Stormers jersey as soon as Saturday. Photo: Die Burger

Entry forms available from most of our sponsors’ outlets. For more information contact the BIG WALK OFFICE at 3 MAVIS ROAD, RYLANDS TEL: 021 637 1607 or Fax: 021 633 6239



• • • •

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MATCH WINNER: Olwais Shah of the Nashua Mobile Cape Cobras hits out during his undefeated knock of 58 against the Chevrolet Warriors in a Pro20 match at Newlands on Friday night. The Cobras won by seven wickets to assure them a place in the semi­final, where they will face the Titans. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

Touchline Topics . WEST END UNITED AFC will hold a fun day for its junior footballers at West End Park on Saturday 26 February. The activities between 10:00 and 13:00 will include a coaching clinic. All juniors from under-7 to under-17, as well as new members are welcome. For more information call Ryan Adams on 072 175 1887 or Godfrey Jonathan on 082 300 5267. . Rangers Rugby Club’s juniors will practise on Mondays and Wednesdays and on Sundays at the club in Diamond Road, Surrey Estate.The weekday practices start at 18:00 and the Sunday training starts at 09:00. All players from under-7 to under-19 must attend. The registration for youth players will

take place on Sunday 27 February at the venue. For more information contact Reza on 076 091 5283 or Sedick on 078 616 2239.. . Safa Cape Town will hold a general meeting at the Crossroads multi-purpose centre at the corner of Pauli and Sonwabile roads in Old Crossroads. The meeting starts at 10:00. . Bridgetown AFC pre-season senior practices are held at Bridgetown Sports Complex on Mondays and Wednesdays, starting at 18:00. For more information ccontact Mogamat Awaldien on 076 313 3420. . Devonshire Rovers AFC will hold a junior registration meeting at the clubhouse at William Herbert Sports Complex, Wynberg on Saturday 26 February, starting at 11:00. All current members and new members must bring birth certificates. Call V Julies on 076 452 9009.


Tuesday 22 February 2011

CLOSE ENCOUNTER: Ricardo Skippers of Engen Santos FC impedes Tinasha Nengoma­ sha of Kaizer Chiefs during the clubs’ 2­2 draw in an Absa Premier Soccer League match at Athlone Stadium on Sunday. Vuyisile Wana and Jurie Basie scored for Santos, while Knowledge Musona (penalty) and Sthembiso Ngcobo hit the target for Chiefs. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

People’s Post Lansdowne Page 15

KNOCK OFF: Ajax Cape Town FC’sKhama Billiat gets the better of Rudi Isaacs in the Vasco Da Gama FC defence during Ajax’s 2­1 win in an Absa Premier Soccer League match at Athlone Stadium on Saturday evening. Thulani Serero scored a brace for Ajax and Zeka Karkee netted for Vasco. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

FULL STEAM: Anees Davids of United CC claimed 4/57 against UCT in a Western Prov­ ince 1A League cricket match at Groote Schuur, Rondebosch on Saturday. UCT scored 187 and United replied with 218/8 declared on the first day of the two­day match. Pho­ to: Peter Heeger/Gallo Im­ ages

DUST BUSTER: Nigel Kerchhoff of Athlone Athletics beats a tag by Kurt van Niekerk of Westridge Yankees during Athletics’ 12­2 win in a Western Province Major League baseball match at Westridge on Saturday. This win keeps Athletics in pole position in the championship race. VOB beat Bothasig 13­2, Bellville Tygers defeated Crusaders 14­2 and Blaauberg whipped Durbanville 13­2 in other league matches. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Twist in turf tiff

Grassy Park (Greater Wynberg) not qualifying for the project. A task team appointWHEN it comes to the allocation of as- ed by Safa Cape Town then allocated the troturfs, the grass will not be any astroturf to the Helderberg FA at Lwandle. greener at Grassy Park in the foreseeaThe Greater Wynberg LFA was one of ble future. the first successful applicants for the international standard astroturf – courtesy of But the Greater Wynberg LFA – which R3 million in funding from the Lotto has its headquarters at the Rooikrans Ave- Board. nue Sports Complex in Grassy Park – has The board disclosed at the time that 27 vowed to “fight on relentlessly for the as- astroturfs would be laid across South Afritroturf it was denied in 2009. ca within three years at a cost of R81 milThe Lotto funding for astroturfs in rural lion – and that Greater Wynberg was to be and township areas formed part of the 2010 one of the first nine associations to benefit World Cup Legacy Project from the funding. programme. But the association’s enthu“An injustice has been siasm to become the first affilicommitted and we depend ate of the Safa Cape Town to reon the Promotion of Adminceive an astroturf was dampistrative Justice Act (PAJA) ened when Safa Cape Town to correct the wrong. We inquestioned the procedures that tend to fight for fair play for Greater Wynberg had folour children and our comlowed. munity until justice is This resulted in the relocadone,” said Faiek Cassiem, tion of the astroturf to Lwanthe president of Greater dle, which Safa Cape Town Wynberg. task team regarded as being The not-so-good news remore in need of such a project. garding the astroturf for Cassiem is, however, adaGreater Wynberg is a sequel mant that the Greater Wynto an ongoing war of words NOT GIVING UP: Faiek berg LFA – which draws its between the association and Cassiem. president of membership from Grassy SA Football Association the Greater Wynberg Park, Phumlani, Retreat, Lav(Safa) Cape Town. LFA. ender Hill, Steenberg and VryThe latest twist to the row grond – is being unfairly treatis that Safa president, Kirsten Nematanda- ed. ni, and Minister of Sport, Simphiwe Mn“Where is the Fifa Fair Play policy cube, have been drawn into the fray follow- now?” asked Cassiem. ing correspondence on the matter from Cassiem believes his association deGreater Wynberg to Mncube’s office. serves an astroturf on the grounds that it Nematandani subsequently disclosed too is a home for footballers from several that Safa endorses Safa Cape Town’s stand. needy areas. He also advised Mncube that Safa Cape He also rejected the claim by Norman Town is the “highest decision making Arendse (Safa Cape Town president) that body” in the Cape Metropole. his association had not “followed the corAccording to Safa correspondence sent rect procedure” in applying for an astrovia Safa Cape Town to all the local Safa turf in 2009. Cape Town-affiliated associations, there “Mr Arendse has never been to our LFA were “no records showing any process was to watch our players at matches in Grassy followed that resulted in the first turf allo- Park, Retreat and Vrygrond,” claimed Cascation to Grassy Park (Greater Wynberg)” siem. in April 2009. Cassiem, in correspondence from GreatSafa also had no objection to Safa Cape er Wynberg, declined to comment further Town – with president Norman Arendse at on the matter, saying it was “sub judice” the helm – setting aside a decision on the as the association had filed an objection in Grassy Park astroturf project. terms of the Promotion of Administrative A fresh process that followed resulted in Justice Act. BRIAN GAFFNEY

Too few Chiefs

Kaizer Chiefs FC ace Kaizer Motaung (centre) is harassed by Wayne Arendse and Jurie Basie of Engen Santos FC during an Absa Premier Soccer League match at Athlone Stadium on Sunday. A 20 000­strong crowd watched the clubs draw 2­2. The result leaves Chiefs and Ajax Cape Town FC joint second (43 points each) behind pacesetters Orlando Pirates (44 points), while Santos (30 points) are now in sixth position. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

African rendezvous at Rondebosch RONDEBOSCH will be the meeting place for the second Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) cross country championships on Sunday 6 March The cross country will follow a course at the Western Province Cricket Club sports complex and adjacent Rondebosch Boys High field. Fourteen countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Congo, Mozambique, Nambia and hosts South Africa will be taking part in the event.

Senior men and women will compete over 12km and 8km repectively, while junior men and women will run 8km and 6km distances, with the course including a loop through Keurboom Park to the finish at the WPCC. A 4km fun run is included in the programme for local runners who want to experience the event. Runners will need to pre-enter this fun run by calling the WP Athletics office on (021) 6990615 to secure entry. No entries will be taken on the day of the event.

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Peoples Post Lansdowne Edition 22-02-2011  

Peoples Post Lansdowne Edition 22-02-2011

Peoples Post Lansdowne Edition 22-02-2011  

Peoples Post Lansdowne Edition 22-02-2011