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Tuesday 5 April 2011

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Muizenberg’s ‘white elephant’ The Muizenberg Pavilion is ‘not being used to its full potential’ DALEEN FOUCHÉ

MUIZENBERG’S beachfront Pavilion has come in for criticism over its outer appearance and council has been accused of neglecting it as an asset. From afar, the building appears neat and in good order, but a closer inspection reveals that some parts are rusty or are rotting because of damp. But South Peninsula Subcouncil chairperson Demetri Qually, who admits that the building needs work, insists that it is not because of neglect that the building looks this way. He says the building faces the constant onslaught of the southeaster wind and its salty content, which “attacks” all the metal parts of the building. Torrential rains and weather conditions on the beachfront add to the quick deterioration of the building. Qually says council has, in the past two years, painted the building three times, with the latest paint job having been done only three months ago. “Before, the building looked bad, but council repainted the entire building and the roof.” He adds that the contractor has tried three different products on the steel fittings to combat the rust, but all have proven ineffective. “The only solution is to replace the steel railings with non-rustable material.” Qually says the contractor is currently looking at sample material made from polywood (recycled plastic), which will replace the steel fittings. “This can only be done in the new financial year,” he says. “Council has spent a lot of money on this building and it receives frequent attention.” Peter Wright, portfolio manager of the Muizenberg beachfront and park for the Muizenberg Improvement District (MID), acknowledges the effort that council has put into the outside of the building. He says

the exterior of the building is “looking good”. Wright adds that some council officials are working very hard towards the upkeep of the building. But Wright says the Pavilion hall needs attention. He says the hall is not being managed well, adding that several kitchen and light fittings are not working. Wright believes that the reason the hall is not being “used to its full potential” is because it is not up to standard. “The hall was built as a multipurpose hall which can host events from boxing matches to orchestra performances.” The Pavilion has also been labelled a “white elephant” by the False Bay Tourism and Business Association (FBTBA). The Pavilion was built in 1981 and can accommodate restaurants, but is currently occupied only by officials from the City of Cape Town. Gerald Musikanth, chairperson of the FBTBA, told People’s Post that in Muizenberg’s heyday, the Pavilion boasted a Milky Lane and other attractions for tourists and holidaymakers. But Musikanth says when Muizenberg’s economy “went downhill” the Pavilion followed suit. The once-popular Mike’s Kitchen moved out of the premises, and the building itself began showing signs of neglect. “But now that Muizenberg is experiencing a revival, the Pavilion should be used as it was originally intended.” Musikanth says the Pavilion, which was built on a “prime spot”, is currently an “empty shell”. He says that even though events are still being held in the Pavilion hall, the process of booking the hall is made “strenuous” by council. “To book the hall, one needs to go to Plumstead,” he says. People who wish to use the hall for events must supply mostly their own equipment. Qually admits that there are “maintenance issues” which need










R 44 9 5


R 49 95

to be addressed, but adds that the hall is still in regular use. He says the hall is equipped with a kitchen, but says the design of the building is not “ideal” for hosting events. Qually, however, agrees with Musikanth that the building is not being used to its full potential. But making the building reach its potential requires “time, money and vision”. Because the building is situated on the beachfront, renovations would require an extensive Environmental Impact Assessment. Qually says the City’s new Draft Coastal Protection Zone Management Bylaw (“Bylaw to protect the coastline welcomed”, People’s Post, 8 February), which aims to protect the coast, will also have an impact on possible new renovations, because the bylaw does not allow further development on the shore-line. He says investors have shown interest in the Pavilion over the years, but adds that it would take a determined investor to take on this project. Qually says after several attempts to have a restaurant at the Pavilion failed, the City decided to move council offices into the building. He says there is no reason why council offices cannot be moved to another location, once a new proposal for the Pavilion is approved. Proportional representation councillor, Dave D’Alton, who is also a Muizenberg resident, says previous restaurants at the Pavilion did not draw enough customers, but says if the Muizenberg revival continues and strengthens, a new restaurant might work. He agrees that there is definite potential use for the Pavilion. Mike Walker, a St James resident and historian, says before this Pavilion, there were two other Pavilions on the same spot. He says the first was built out of timber in 1911 and boasted a tearoom and bathing facilities. The building had to be de-

TAINTED: The rust from railings on the Pavilion’s first floor is dripping down the wall, creating brown stains on the building. Photos: Clifford Wyeth

FALLING APART:The gutter is tearing away from the roof.

RUSTY: The steel fittings on the building are rusty. molished because of rot. The second Pavilion, designed by William Grant, was built in 1928. This Pavilion featured a restaurant and theatre. “It was built in a beautiful Mediterranean style,” says Walker.


3-5Meter RADIUS WAS R34.95



R 24 9 5

WAS R459.95

This Pavilion was also demolished, after the concrete started to break off. The site stood empty for 11 years before the City built the current Pavilion in a standard design used for all pavilions in the city.



R 369 95 R 99 9 5


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In the Navy

Tuesday 5 April 2011

TIN CAN: Mel Wain­ wright, a former Senior Warrant Officer, shows visi­ tors the control room of the SAS As­ segaai, a submarine which now serves as a museum.

THE South African Navy opened its doors for civilians to explore naval culture when it hosted the annual Navy Festival in Simon’s Town at the weekend. The family event coincided with the navy’s 89th birthday celebration and streams of people showed their support at the free show at the East Dockyard on Friday night.

IS THIS THE FRONT END?: Ben Dia­ mond (2) from Fish Hoek showed a keen interest in the canons on dis­ play. Photo: Cassie Carstens

Photo: Michael Hammond

CRY HAVOC: The Navy’s guard dogs take down a “suspect” during their dis­ play.

WHO’S THERE? Visi­ tors observe a Navy diver in action. Photo: Cassie Carstens

Photo: Cassie Carstens






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DIEP RIVER 23 Estmil Rd, Diep River. TEL: 021 712 5236 021 712 4813 MasterCard and Visa-Credit Cards Accepted.

FAMILIES are invited to join A Whale Of A Heritage Route for an overnight Whale Camp near Fish Hoek beach on Saturday at 17:00. After a braai and a short quiz on whales and dolphins, there will be a starlight search for “spooks in Fish Hoek’s nooks”. There will be an early Sunday morning walk in the Cave Man Ramble to Peers’ and Tunnel Cave. The check-out time will be at 13:00 on Sunday. The camp fee is R90 per adult. Children between the ages of five and 12 pay half price, and children under five attend free of charge. The fee excludes braai meat, accommodation and camping gear. Participants do so at their own risk and indemnity is required. For further information and accommodation options call 079 391 2105 or email



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TOP BRASS: Flag Officer Commanding, Rear Admiral (Junior Grade) Koos Louw, and Chief Naval Staff, Rear Ad­ miral Rusty Higgs clearly enjoyed the fes­ tivities.


Unit no.10 Estoril Rd, Killarney Gardens. Tel: 021 557 3136 Products supplied unassembled E&OE

THE Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) has an outing at Dalebrook (False Bay) on Sunday 17 April at 08:00 to 10:00. Come explore this fascinating stretch of rocky shore during spring low tide with marine biologist, Professor Charles Griffiths, from UCT’s zoology department, as he introduces us to myriads of colourful creatures that thrive along our coastline. All are welcome to meet at the Dalebrook car park (on the Muizenberg side of Kalk Bay harbour). Bring your own refreshments and wear clothing suitable for the weather on the day. Non-members pay a R20 donation and the proceeds will go to funding WESSA’s work. RSVP to Sandy by Friday 5 April on (021) 7011397 or


Tuesday 5 April 2011

People’s Post False Bay Page 3

Saint Mark’s Passion in ST SAINT Francis Church, Simon’s Town, and Saint Paul’s Church, Rondebosch, present the “Saint Mark Passion” by Charles Wood at 18:00 on Sunday 10 April at St Francis Church, in Court Road, Simon’s Town. The work will be conducted by Grant Braslar, and the organ will be played by Gavin Julius. Soloists include Gretchen Langenhoven (soprano), Willem Bester (tenor) and Patrick Tikol (bass). Entrance is free. A collection will be taken. Contact Nick Hodson on (021) 786 5931.

A night out with Bill

OFF­ROAD: This car drove off the main road, just outside Misty Cliffs, on the M65 in October 2010. Photo: Supplied

ROADKILL: This small spotted genet was killed by a car and its body dumped on the side of the road. Photo: Supplied

Death stalks the roads DALEEN FOUCHÉ


XCESSIVE speeding by motorists travelling on two isolated roads in the direction of Cape Point claimed the lives of many animals, including seven penguins, two porcupines and one baboon, in March. The speed limit on the main road out of Simon’s Town towards Cape Point – known as the M4 – and the main road going through Misty Cliffs, Scarborough and which continues towards Cape Point – known as the M65 – is 90 km/h. But a recent decision by council to reduce all main road speed limits also applies to these roads (“Safety measures for Far South Roads”, People’s Post, 8 March). The new speed limit for all the main roads in the Far South will be 80 km/h. Parts of the main roads that are considered high risk zones will be 70 km/h. Signage to indicate new speed limits on these roads has not yet been installed on any of the main roads in the Far South. Ward Councillor Demetri Qually, chairperson of the South Peninsula Subcouncil, says signage is “due to go up shortly”. The recent deaths of several animals have highlighted the need for stricter enforcement of road rules on these isolated roads. When People’s Post visited this scenic route, there were no signs indicating the presence animals, with the exception of a few faded baboon signs. Janine Genade, a Miller’s

Point resident who drives on the In the past six months, PeM4 twice daily, says there is no tersen has come across a lynx, a law enforcement and no signage grysbok, many frogs and 10 to indicate the presence of ani- molerats which have all been mals on the road. She says peo- killed by cars. “I urge people to ple drive at very high speeds and be aware when driving on these are not aware of the many ani- roads, especially in the evemals, such as porcupines, small nings.” buck, baboons, otters, genets Petersen says people must reand penguins, crossing the road. alise that once they pass the Fish “Our authorities do not seem to Hoek and Kommetjie Valley, care for the wildlife in and they are driving through mounaround Simon’s Town,” says Ge- tain areas which form part of the nade. Table Mountain National Park, She has had first-hand experi- with a large concentration of ence of people racing animals living against each other there. “People down the M4. She should drive on says the Southern these roads as if African Foundation they are driving for the Conservation in a national of Coastal Birds park.” People should (SANCCOB) spends Leon Morris, thousands of rands the portfolio drive on these manager on the rehabilitation of of African Penguins, roads for the which are endan- roads, as if they Misty Cliffs Vilgered, but adds that lage Association the City of Cape (MCVA), says are driving in a Town spends little the organisamoney on signage tion, along with National Park the Scarborough and does the “minimum” to protect the Residents’ and penguins. The City Ratepayers’ Ashad six penguin sociation, has signs up on the Simon’s Town been asking the authorities to Main Road, of which only two implement a reduction in speed are still standing. limits for a long time. He says Wally Petersen, project ma- they are happy with the decision nager for the Kommetjie Envi- to reduce the speed limit. He, ronmental Awareness Group however, agrees that stricter law (KEAG), situated in the Soetwa- enforcement is needed on these ter Conservancy on the M65, roads. “There has been no visisays he tries to record all the ani- ble policing for years.” mal deaths on the road that he Morris says some people have encounters. Depending on the “no interest” in adhering to the season, five snakes are killed on speed limit. these roads per month. “Overtaking on a blind corner

on the wrong side of the road is becoming a habit. Recently, after a high speed chase, an unlicensed foreign national driving an unlicensed car was arrested by the local security company outside Scarborough.” Richard Gebhardt, chairperson of the Scarborough Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association, says the “road kill tally” is rising. He says the road does not “lend itself” to 90km/h. “The road is not built for that kind of speed.” Gebhardt notes that even though there were traffic officers on the Scarborough Main Road two weeks ago, more enforcement is needed. However, Qually says Law Enforcement cannot be everywhere, adding that it is a driver’s responsibility to keep to the speed limit. He emphasises that the speed limit is the maximum speed a person is allowed to drive, and not an indication of the average speed for that road. Qually says more cat’s eyes will be placed on the main roads to increase visibility. When questioned about the lack of signs indicating animals, Qually said he would follow up on the matter. Neil Arendse, spokesperson for Law Enforcement, says when a “hot spot” has been identified, Law Enforcement will hold an operation in the area, and more action can be planned. He says, however, that they need the help of residents to inform them of problem areas. People’s Post could not gain comment from the Traffic Department before going to print.



ON TORCH-ON WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS & NEW INSTALLATIONS Members: Waterproofing & Roofing Association Cape Legal & Registered: VAT No: 4150236653 Don’t be Dogmatix, Getafix from ROOFMATIX


EST.1930 • 3rd Generation Roof Specialists in

Help improve Muizenberg A REMINDER to all the members of the Muizenberg Improvement District (MID) that the rescheduled AGM will take place at 19:00 at the George Whitefield College on Wednesday 6 April. Registration is from 18:30. People are requested to arrive early. Contact the manager with any queries on 082 463 1525 or

FISH HOEK METHODIST CHURCH Welcomes you to their

Sunday Services

08h30, 10h15 & 18h00 Sunday School 08h30 Minister Ronnie Cawood Further enquiries phone Church Office Mon. – Fri. 08h30 – 15h00 Telephone: 021 782 1569 Sunday School Grade 0 – 12 All children welcome Creche/Mother's room available.

Come and journey the Lenten journey with us

Holy Week Services (April) Monday 18th - Thursday 21st at 7pm Good Friday at 9am Easter Sunday at 8:30am and 10:15 am

Tel 021 782-1569

“Father! In your hands I place my spirit!” Luke 23:46

Independent Electronic Security Approved by

ADT, Chubb, YMA, Scarborough Security

We Install/Upgrade/Maintain Electronic security



BILL KNIGHT will be presenting an evening of old favourites, such as “Kimberley Blue” and “Hill of No Return”, and some exciting new material, including “We Don’t Talk”, “Tales of a Troubadour” and “Valentine’s Day”. The show will take place on Saturday 9 April at the Cottage Club in Capri. Entrance for the evening is R80 and R20 will buy you a soup. Bring your own drinks and a picnic. For more information, go to and book on (021) 785-5052.



A dynamic educational approach developing academic and personal potential through experiential learning and quality relationships.

Three positions available: A FOUNDATION PHASE TEACHER to teach a Grade 1 and 2 class A FOUNDATION PHASE OR ECD trained TEACHER to teach Grade R and the year below (4 turning 5 year olds). A qualified Co-TEACHER to work with the classes for Grade R to Grade 2. Start: Term 2, 3rd May 2011 or possibly Term 3 18th July 2011 All teachers need to be fully qualified and ready to be trained up in the dynamic and empowering Synergy methodology.

Sunnydale (Foodzone) Tel: 021 785 2669 Muizenberg Tel: 021 709 0590

send CV to Closing date for CV: 5th of April 2011 Closing date for responses to questions: 7th April 2011

Alarms/Outdoor beams/ Intercoms/CCTV/Gate motors/ Locksmith

Weight Loss Challenge “What do you have to lose?”

Tel / Fax: 782-2661 e-mail: • PSIRA: 1346048

12 Weeks Weeks of Fun Fun & Personal Personal Coaching CASH PRIZES Weigh-ins & Measuring Full Body Evaluation Eating & Exercise guide

STILL TIME TO JOIN NEW CHALLENGE Contact: Loraine Graham 083 962 7443 or 021 789 1222

1 Security Solution


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Tuesday 5 April 2011

‘Kamakazi’ rider has shot at paralympic glory TERESA FISCHER


IDING a horse is not easy, but imagine you have to hold on without the use of your legs.


Lakeside resident, Nicola Sanders (25), has cerebral palsy but is blasé about her riding skills. “Oh, there is a girl in Germany who rides without arms or legs,” she points out. Within days she is flying to Deauville in France for a ParaEquestrian Dressage competition, which is a qualifier for the 2012 paralympics. It takes place from Friday 15 until Sunday 17 April. Sanders has been riding since she was six, after her physiotherapist suggested it would be beneficial exercise. But it is so much more to her. Sanders notes: “Crutches are limiting, a horse is not.” She has always been a fighter. When she was born, her lungs collapsed, she had a brain haemorrhage and doctors thought she would be a “vegetable”. But Sand-

ers proved them wrong and does not allow her severe cerebral palsy to stop her from achieving her dreams. ”I almost died twice, I figure there is a reason for me to be here,” she says. She has to raise all the funds herself as the sport struggles to attract sponsors, and several pulled out at the last minute. Sanders will compete on an unknown horse that she will meet for the first time before the competition. The rider horse bond is crucial to riding, especially in dressage, where the rider and the horse aim to be perfectly in tune. “I have been saving since I was six; it’s nearly all gone in two weeks, but this is my once in a lifetime shot,” she explains. She points out that people who play club-level rugby receive payment and funding, yet even at her level of almost representing the country, sponsors are almost impossible to find. She does not have her own horse, but has been generously allowed to ride a dark bay boereperd called Nooitjie, owned by Noord-

A couple of smaller suites and apartments have become available at The St James providing a unique opportunity to acquire property in one of the most elegant and welcoming addresses on the False Bay Coast. Our Retirement Hotel suits every need, with 5-star comfort, fully serviced suites, a restaurant serving three excellent meals a day, 24 hour security, a dedicated staff and a warm, congenial community atmosphere. Choose your lifestyle: a private apartment (ideal if you like to come and go) or a suite in the main building if you prefer the safety and companionship of communal living. Join us for a cup of tea and explore our special community for yourself.

Contact Shirley Eva for an appointment at 021 788 8931,021 785 1450 or 082 785 1450.



THE Noordhoek Riding Association’s (NRA) three-phase eventing show on Noordhoek Common will go ahead on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April despite the outbreak of African Horse Sickness. The Noordhoek Riding Association (NRA) has been holding threephase eventing twice a year on the common for many years, and the events have become a traditional part of the Noordhoek year. Three-phase eventing involves dressage, jumping and cross-country, and it is the cross-country phase, traditionally held on the Sunday, which really attracts the crowds, as the horses jump ditches, logs and banks. Entries for the April show have been halved because of the outbreak of the disease, and the NRA had to seriously discuss whether or not it could afford to hold the show. “Noordhoek Farm Village have got behind the community and saved the day They have very generously agreed to be a last-minute sponsor to make it possible to now go ahead with the show, for which the riding community of Noordhoek is extremely grateful,” an NRA statement says. The Noordhoek eventing season

runs from February to the beginning of May, as that is the time of year that the common is useable, being the dry time, and residents will notice that, by agreement with the Conservancy, most of the jumps are left up from one show to the next, as this considerably reduces costs. Putting up a crosscountry course is expensive, but does provide employment for a RIDING HIGH: Tarryn Mason riding Pohlands Watch­ team of workers, led by word at the Noordhoek eventing show on Avondrust the course builder, Common, Noordhoek, in April 2010. Photo: Supplied Andy Balula, who has trained throughout South Africa and hoek Common since they were small in Europe, and has built with David children on their ponies. Evans, who designed the Hong Kong The Noordhoek Riding AssociaOlympic track. Eventing is enjoyed tion relies on a small army of volunby all ages, from the children on fat teers to put on all its shows, and says ponies competing in the Pony Riders it is enormously grateful to all their Welcome classes, to world-class sponsors, large and small. adults competing in the CIC1 top diThey encourage all interested in vision. Two Noordhoek riders, Man- horses to visit the Noordhoek Comdy Mason and Inge Hansen, are on mon on Sunday to watch the crossthe SA Eventing Olympic long list for country phase, which starts with the the London Olympics. big classes at 09:00 and continues unBoth have been eventing on Noord- til 13:00.




SONY 12” 1000W SUB

An uncommon sport


Visit for more specials



can Riding for the Diabled (SARDA) and gyms four times a week. She says she is not necessarily looking for a sponsor, even a small


Prices advertised are discounted for Cash. Credit cards welcome. RCS accounts Offered with 24/36 months to pay. Ts & Cs apply. E&OE.


hoek resident, Isabelle Stirrup. Nooitjie has a brilliant, calm nature, but at 22, Nooitjie is too old too travel. Sanders also rides at South Afri-

0861 SOUNDMATCH - 0861 768 636


TALENTED TEAM: Para­Equestrian Dressage rider,Nicola Sanders of Lake­ side, is competing in France later this month – in a competition which is a qualifier for the 2012 paralympics. Photo: Supplied

donation would be welcome. “Just someone brave enough to take a chance on me, on my dream, which is a lot to ask I know,” she adds. Her determination stems partly from proving a point to herself and to others. “I will do anything, try anything,” she swears, adding her “bucket list” runs to 20 pages. In addition to competing internationally, it includes flying an open door apache helicopter, abseiling and paragliding. She says she was always a cautious person, but that she realised you only have one life. Also, she says her disability might become worse with age and she wants to seize the moment. “Severe irritation” at being overlooked also drives her. She adds her success is all thanks to her coach, Teri Smith, who she says is like a mom, but also pushes her to be her best. Her quiet sense of humour is endearing. Of her modified riding equipment she jokes: “I look like a kamikaze pilot.” If you can help please call Teri on 082 898 3849.



















including fitment








100W RMS



CD SPECIALS 4 GB flash ... ...69 69 8 GB...99 CD 10s...10 CD 100s...95 DVD 10s...15 DVD 100s...149 16 GB ...199 SD CARD READER from 59 H4 XENON BULBS MEGUAIRS CAR KIT PER SET





376 Voortrekker Road Tel: 021 592 1794


Cnr Klipfontein Road & Belgravia Road, Athlone Tel: 021 638 6624


Unit F3, CNR Doncaster & Racecourse Rd, Kenilworth Tel: 021 671 4555


Shop 9, Poppy's Village 7th Avenue, Retreat Road Tel: 021 715 0597

GATESVILLE - BP BP Garage, Rygate, 21 Hazel Road (next To Gatesville Medical Centre) Tel: 021 637 5372

Tuesday 5 April 2011


People’s Post False Bay Page 5

Calling all netball players UP IN SMOKE: About 30 shacks were burnt down in a fire in Pokela Road in Masiphumelele on Satur­ day 2 April, leaving about 80 people displaced. Theo Lane, station commander of the Fire and Rescue com­ mand and Control Centre, says eight fire­fighting vehi­ cles attended the scene. The fire broke out at about 13:20 and was under con­ trol by 15:30. The cause of the fire could not be deter­ mined, and the case was handed over to the police for further investigation. Here a resident tries to douse the flames with a bucket of water.

ALL netball players are invited to join the South Peninsula Netball League. The season will start on

Volunteer needed THE Ocean View Association for Persons with Disabilities is looking for a volunteer to work as an instructor teaching movement

Photo: Chad Chapman

WELCOME HOME: The skip­ per of the City of Cape Town­ sponsored yacht Spirit of Izivunguvungu, Kader Wil­ liams from Mitchell’s Plain, hugs his sister, Mezyda Sam­ sodien, after returning to home shores on Wednesday 30 March. The yacht was dam­ aged beyond repair in a storm last week, as the crew sailed her back to South Africa after taking part in the Heineken Cape to Rio 2011 yacht race. The sailors were rescued by a Liberian­registered ship after communication with the boat was lost for four days. They disembarked at Simon’s Town harbour. Photo: Chad Chapman

Strictly no wallflowers THE Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope is hosting a “Strictly Come Dancing” evening at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre on Friday 8 April at 19:00. This will be an evening of fun for everyone – no partners are needed

and everyone will be able to get onto the floor. There will be an exhibition of dancing by professional dancers, including line dancing, sequence dancing, Latin American dancing and many other dances. The cost of the evening is R35 a person and you are asked to bring your own refreshments. Tickets can be obtained upstairs at AP Jones.

Sunday 8 May. The league will play at Fish Hoek Primary School from 13:00 to 16:00. Contact Tassie on 072 762 9797 or and light exercise to people in wheelchairs. If you are able to assist or require information, contact Dawn Hare on (021) 789-1424 or 082 688 0508.

Page 6 People’s Post False Bay REWARDED: Ocean View Secondary School re­ ceived several achievement awards at a spe­ cial ceremony hosted at the school by the Western Cape Department of Education on Wednesday 30 March. In the front row, from left, are: Virginia Truter, who received an award for her achievements in teaching Afrikaans; Keith Klein, the principal, who was rewarded for his contribution to the 19% improvement in the school’s pass rate over three years; and Shireen Klein, the deputy principal, who re­ ceived an award for teaching maths literacy. In the back row, from left, are: Eugene Daniels, the Department of Education’s Director for Metro South; Brian Johns, who received an award for his efforts in teaching tourism; Erica Johnson, for her contributions in the life orien­ tation classes; Charles Petersen, who also re­ ceived an award in the Afrikaans category; and Juan Benjamin, the school’s circuit team man­ ager. Photo: Supplied


Tuesday 5 April 2011

BUSTED: The Ocean View police arrested six suspects for possession of dagga on Wednes­ day 30 March in Masiphumelele and Ocean View. They confiscated dagga worth R3 500. A woman was also arrested for drug posses­ sion in a separate incident on the same day, when police confiscated dagga worth R2 000. The suspects appeared in the Simon’s Town Magistrate’s Court on Thursday 31 March. People’s Post could not determine the out­ come of the bail hearing before going to print. Seen here, in the front row from left, are Con­ stable Nazeem Daniels and Student Constable Mbudzeni Magodi. In the back row, from left, are Constable Zukile Tyeshani, Constable Clive Meyer and Warrant Officer Nolen van Nel, with the confiscated goods. Photo: Supplied

Witnesses sought after bus kills woman DALEEN FOUCHÉ

THE family of a woman (67) who was killed by a bus in Kommetjie Road is appealing to anyone who witnessed the accident to come forward with information that could help an investigation into the matter. The woman was hit by the bus on the corner of Kommetjie and Lochiel roads on Wednesday 23 March (“Body left for hours at roadside”, People’s Post, 29 March). The accident took place at 07:00, but the body was only removed by forensic pathologists at 10:30. In that time police carried out preliminary investigations at the scene. The victim’s son, who did not want to be named, says his family have not been visited by the police, and they have “no idea” how their mother was killed by the bus. He says the “word on the street” is that the bus made a turn when it was not supposed to and hit his mother. This was only a rumour, however, and the family would like to know the facts. “Our family is looking for closure on this,” he says. When he arrived at the scene of the accident at 12:00, the bus had already left and only “a bit of sand” was left. He described his mother as a hard-working woman. “She was strict with us, but was a very loving mother.” He says she always tried to help others. Meanwhile, the Ocean View police have also asked any witnesses to come forward and help them solve the case. A culpable homicide docket was opened at Ocean View Police Station. The bus driver was not arrested as previously reported in the People’s Post. Warrant Officer Nkosikho Mzuku, says in a case of culpable homicide the police will investigate all the facts, but it is up to a judge to decide who is the guilty party. The investigating officer, Detective Constable Mfuneko Adonis, can be contacted on (021) 783-8300.

Valley watch meets THE regular monthly meeting of the Glencairn Valley Neighbourhood Watch will take place at 18:30 on Wednesday 13 April. The venue this month will be the Community Hall, Scarborough. All residents of the Greater Glencairn Valley, Scarborough, Misty Cliffs, Red Hill, Neptune’s Close and Bay View Heights are welcome. Contact Aliet Pelt on (021) 781-0028.


Tuesday 5 April 2011

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IN DISTRESS: This pen­ guin was found cower­ ing on the rocks just off the catwalk on Fish Hoek Beach on Sunday morning. The Emer­ gency Control Centre (ECC) was alerted, and the penguin was rescued shortly after­ wards. It was kept safe until the South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coast­ al Birds (SANCCOB) collected it. The rescu­ ers said the penguin had lost one flipper, with only a piece of bone showing. Photo: Lor­ DANGEROUS HOLES: MCSI Neighbourhood Watch member, Bryan Johnson, measuring an open drain. Photo: Supplied

raine Lemmon­Warde

Spot­it and fix­it

SHOWING THE WAY: Miranda Jaques (10) was moved by the plight of fish in the bottom pan of the Glencairn Wetland, which has been drying up, leaving many fish stranded and dying in puddles. Mi­ randa designed her own poster, handed out 100 flyers and posted it on her Facebook page. She re­ cruited 10 other children, who helped her on Friday 1 April. They caught up to 400 little fish and re­ leased them into the top pan, which is still filled with water. She will monitor the situation through­ out the week and will launch an­ other rescue operation on Friday 8 April, if not sooner. Phone Miranda for details on (021) 782­1305 or her mother, Grete Jaques, on 082 733 4400. Photo: Supplied

A “LOOK-AROUND WALKABOUT” is being organised by the Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative (MCSI) for Saturday 9 April. The MCSI Neighbourhood Watch is inviting residents to join the walk to spot things that need to be fixed, for example potholes, missing manhole covers, leaks or anything else needing attention. The walk is supported by various other local organisations that will also help to take the problems to people who can get them fixed. Anyone who wants to help to make Muizenberg better, neater, safer, cleaner and smarter can meet at the parking area at the bottom of York Road near the railway line. The walk starts at 08:00 and will end at about 09:30. There will be two groups, led

SPRUCED UP: Capri residents gathered on Sunday 13 March to spruce up the play park in Main Road. The initiative was organised by the Capri Neighbourhood Watch. Residents removed Port Jackson willow and weeds at the site. A total of 101 black garbage bags were filled and removed. In­ digenous shrubs were planted, the jungle gym was painted and a pathway was built. A garden club has also been established to take care of the newly­planted shrubs.

Nuclear power station lecture

Use Less and Save More

Power Stations”, for Wednesday 6 April at 17:30 for 18:00 at the Simon’s Town Museum. The donation is R15, which includes a glass of wine or fruit juice.

CREDIT VEND - TAX INVOICE Distributor VAT Number Eskom Online 4740101508 Date 2010/10/15 12:01:22 AM Address Megawatt Park, Contact Centre Tel 086-003-7566

Inclining Block Tariff (IBT) for prepaid electricity

From 1 April 2011 Eskom’s prepayment metered customers will benefit from Inclining Block Tariffs or the IBT structure.

Receipt No EAPOLVA02854276

Do your sums It’s really easy to work out what your prepaid electricity will cost every month. Simply use the example below: Imagine you purchase R250,00 a month and want to know the units you will receive. The Inclining Block Tariffs are structured as follows:

Client ID 6004708053837

Terminal ID 1

Meter No 04085285281

Tok Tech 01

Alg 07

SGC 100405


TI 07

Taking the rate in the first block

50kWh X 65,72c/kWh

Electricity Consumption Blocks

Energy Rate* (cent/kWh)

Energy *kWh 337,91

Taking the rate in block two

287,91kWh X 75,42c/kWh

Block 1 [ ≤50kWh]

65,72 75,42


Add the two consumption blocks together (50kWh + 287,91kWh) = 337,91kWh

Block 2 [ >50 - ≤350kWh]

Description Normal Sale

Block 3 [>350 - ≤600kWh]


Block 4 [> 600kWh]


Being efficient with your electricity means that you pay less! For more information, Eskom customers can contact 08600 37566 or go to Issued by Eskom Distribution Division April 2011 Eskom Holdings Limited Reg No 2002/015527/06


THE Simon’s Town Historical Society has arranged a special lecture by Dr John Walmsley, a well-known nuclear physicist, entitled “Nuclear Power, with special reference to Japanese

Photo: Supplied

This is how it will be calculated:

by locals who know the area well: . Muizenberg village and beach, led by Peter and Margaret Dugmore; and . Mountainside and park, led by John Cartwright and George Hill. Please bring cameras and notebooks so that the MSCI can send lists and examples to responsible people, owners, or the City, and insist that they fix things. The walk is free – but people could bring money if they want to join other walkers for drinks or eats in the Empire Café afterwards. For inquiries contact Elizabeth on (021) 788-9121, email or call Truida on (021) 788-7718 or 082 452 0341 or email

*Note: The energy rate includes VAT and the Environmental Levy charge.

Token Amt R 250.00

0396 5997 4923 6066 4087 0050.00 kWh @ 065.72c/kWh: 287.91 kWh @ 075.42 c/kWh: 0000.00 kWh @ 109.50 c/kWh: 0000.00 kWh @ 120.10 c/kWh: VAT included at 14%

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Tuesday 5 April 2011

Drug abuse shock SHOCKING statistics in a study conducted by the University of Stellenbosch serve as a reminder to parents to consider serious measures to protect the next generation in a fastpaced world plagued by substance abuse. The study, which targeted 400 pupils from 12 high schools in Mitchell’s Plain, was published by the SA Family Practice Journal last week. The study found that teenage substance abusers living in Mitchell’s Plain are younger than their European peers, increasing the risk of dependency at a younger age. It also revealed that the substance of choice for pupils in the area is tik, with its use having surpassed the use of ecstasy, cocaine and crack. Based on the study, dagga smoking in Mitchell’s Plain was rated at three times the national average of 10%, determined in 2007. But while results such as these are indeed shocking, the question remains: how will authorities and the families of youths respond to this information to make a tangible difference? Even if you are not immediately affected by drug abuse, you’re bound to feel the effects in terms of drug-related crime in your local neighbourhood. The police can only fight one aspect of this scourge – dealing with the criminals who perpetrate the crimes. The state is drowning under the ever-increasing pressure of drug addicted youths, with only a handful of state-run drug rehab centres serving the broader Cape Town area. In the case of adolescents and teens, it is really up to their parents, relatives, teachers and active NGOs to make the biggest impact on personal decisions. Parents, relatives and teachers are the roleplayers who should constantly serve as a moral compass in young people’s development towards adulthood. Having honest conversations about drug use and abuse, and using over-the-counter drug tests as tools to identify potential problems, could also be considered a tool. With local pupils currently on a week-long break, have you asked yourself what your children are up to? More importantly, should you find out what you’ve always dreaded, what will you do about it?

PETROL is due to increase on Wednesday and Eskom has increased its cost of electricity by 25.8%. Petrol will cost just under R10 a litre once the price increase kicks in at mid-

night on Tuesday. Commentators are concerned about the knock-on effects of these two price increases, which are expected to filter into food costs.

With food, petrol and electricity costing more and more, consumer spending patterns are expected to revert to the conservatism and caution displayed in the recession in 2008.

Florence will be missed

Raise level of the ongoing bin picker debate IN AN SMS response, Magda (surname withheld) rebukes me for calling for the arrest of the paintballers targeting the poor and desperate (the so-called “bin pickers”), who are merely trying to survive by recycling what the middle classes throw away. There was also an earlier challenge on this letters page calling for evidence to support the assumption that this practice is a cover for criminal activity, which has gone unanswered (“Research needed on bin picking”, People’s Post, 15 February). Magda, you warn of chickens coming home to roost. Indeed! Do you want to live in a lawless, inhumane society that condones and encourages assault on the vulnerable? I don’t. In a world of dwindling resources, we face a terrifying future if we are unable to cultivate values of compassion and care at

the core of our society. I’m alarmed to hear also that you produce enough waste on a weekly basis to turn your street into a dump. Thankfully, “bin pickers” are recycling some of it, helping to save the planet from the excessive consumption of the suburbs. In the bigger scheme of things, we might see that they perform a significant environmental and social good, while themselves having to operate in the most abject of circumstances. I would like to see this debate move from superficial and uninformed knee-jerk reactions that criminalise or simply victimise the poor, toward sustained reflection on our consumption patterns and the spread of resources across various social sectors. MEG SAMUELSON Muizenberg

A DEMARCHY (or lottocracy) is a form of government in which the state is governed by randomly-selected decision makers from a broadly inclusive pool of eligible citizens. These groups deliberate-

ly make decisions about public policies in much the same way that juries decide criminal cases. The Venetian Republic was well known for the demarchical aspects of its long-standing and stable government. – (

IN RESPONSE to last week’s article, “Body left for hours at roadside”, People’s Post, 29 March: While I was gratified that people cared enough to question why, I also felt quite upset as I had just returned from the lady in question’s funeral. It made me realise I didn’t like her to be thought of as just a “body”. Her name was Florence and she was one of the most wonderful women I have known. She began working for my husband’s family in 1976 and was, in fact on her way to them on that fateful Wednesday. She was dignified, highly-principled, honest and kind. She took no nonsense from anyone and was a straight talker. She commanded respect. Her family meant everything to her, and she put everyone else before herself. I have never met anyone who worked as hard, or as well as Florence did. She worked for a lot of people, all of whom rated her very highly. She was such a character that I’m finding it hard to believe that I will never see her again. It honestly feels to me like we have lost a member of our family. Florence, we love you and miss you so much already. Rest in Peace. TRACY LONDON Noordhoek

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Tuesday 5 April 2011

From seeds to daisies SOWING THE SEEDS is back once again to share its uniquely laid back vibe of music, great company and delicious food on Saturday 16 April from 12:00 till 22:00. This exciting teaser event gives the public a taste of what to look forward to at Rocking the Daisies 2011, and takes place at the Cape Farmhouse in Scarborough. The venue sets the perfect atmosphere for a day of relaxed festivities by including a craft market, children’s play area and art gallery along with live music, bar facilities and gourmet food. Tickets are R100 for presale, online bookings and R110 at the door. Children under 12 can enter for free, while children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. The line up includes 7ft Soundsystem, Jeremy Loops, Feat Trak, Hot Water, aKING, James Copeland and Mix n Blend.

Get silly but play it safe on the Daisy Train, an exciting train ride starting at Cape Town Station and travelling to Simon’s Town, with bus shuttles to and from the event. R30 gets you there and back and includes complimentary drinks from SAB. The private train carriages come fully equipped with great music, ample security and 240 like-minded Sowing the Seeds revellers. The train departs at 11:20 and returns at midnight. To book your ticket or for more information, visit Pre-sale tickets can be bought at Rafikis Restauruant at 13b Kloofnek Road, Cape Town. . WIN! People’s Post is giving away two sets of tickets. To enter the giveaway, SMS “Seeds” to 34586 by noon on Wednesday 6 April. SMSes cost R2 each; winners will be phoned.

Opportunity to shine THE Applauz Arts Initiative is presenting its successful “Music Hall” show, which showcases some of the young and ebullient talent from this initiative and performers from all communities and all ages The initiative caters for people from communities who might not otherwise get the opportunity to be trained and perform. They are coached and directed by the highly acclaimed Natalia da Rocha. The show is described as foot-tapping fun, with many well-known songs performed in cabaret style.

Wednesday 6 April

Super service at Supa Quick MELISSA LE ROUX

ARE YOU looking for superior car service, given with a smile? Then pop into the all new and exciting Supa Quick Fish Hoek, and see what great deals there are in store for you. New owners, father and son duo Theo and Chris van der Merwe, have made it their personal mission to uphold quality service by focusing on satisfying the needs of their customers. By offering a new and exciting meaning to the quality of motor vehicle service, the duo have introduced a whole new dynamic to the service industry. Supa Quick Fish Hoek is unique in the sense that it offers vehicle users a place where they can have everything done under one roof – from tyres, exhausts and wheel alignment to having vehicles made roadworthy. The store is even looking to add auto electrical, air-conditioning and tow-in services to its list of services.

Supa Quick Fish Hoek offers services that no other motor repair shop does: . If your vehicle needs a service, you give them a call, they will come fetch it, do the service and bring it back to you. . A free vehicle condition report will be done on your vehicle upon request. The motor house is set for a complete facelift, which will see changes to its facade and inside. Customers will be able to wait in comfort on soft seats while work is being done on their cars. Driven by a passion for cars, quality service and the community, the Van der Merwe men’s business is highly enriched by the community and because of this, they would like to become more community-involved. “We’re in the people’s game, not the tyre game, not the exhaust game. “We’re serious about quality service; put us to the test,” says Theo.

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Fish Hoek: The Two Oceans Toastmasters club will meet in the Fish Hoek Civic Centre at 19:00. Learn to speak with confidence and acquire leadership qualities. Visitors are most welcome. Contact Marge Kruyt on (021) 782-2666 or 084 805 8185 or email

Thursday 7 April Muizenberg: University of the 3rd Age in False Bay will be hosting a presentation by Robin Hammond, titled “Egypt – the value and history of its oases”, at the Muizenberg Pavilion at 09:30 for 10:00. Call Peter Rickards on (021) 788-9469.

Friday 8 April

Audience participation is welcome and song sheets are on the tables. Seating is cabaretstyle at tables. The show is being staged at Theatre in the Muze, 19 Atlantic Road Muizenberg (opposite the Electricity Department). Car guards are in at- WHAT A BLAST: John Blewett (left) and Dominic tendance and refresh- Paulsen in performance. Photo: Supplied ments are available for a small donation. Thursday 14 April, Friday 15 April Performances are at 20:00 on Fri- and Saturday 16 April and tickets day 8 April, Saturday 9 April, cost R60 each. Simon’s Town: “Artists of the South” will be hosting their monthly art exhibition in the Simon’s Town Library Hall until Sunday 9 April from 09:00 to 17:00. Special guest artists include Joy Rose-Innes, Suze Duby, “Rufus”, Hildegard Mckee and Regina Zimmerman. Miriam Schwartz will display her sculptures. A meeting of the artists will be held at 12:00, with a glass of wine or juice. Contact Pauline on 082 831 1578. Fish Hoek: The next Managed Aging Seminar will take place in St Margaret’s Church Hall from 10:00 to 11:15. The topic under discussion will be “Vaccines for Young and Old – which ones and when?” Entrance fee is R5 and tea will be served at 09:45. Contact Coral on (021) 782-2024 or email

flowers at the Dutch Reform church hall at 14:00. Visitors arrival time is 14:30 and entrance fee is R10. Refreshments will be served. Call Shirley on (021) 782-8011 or 083 449 7315.

Saturday 9 April

Muizenberg: The next AGM of the Marine Estate Neighbourhood Watch will be held in the Muizenberg High School Hall from 19:00 to 20:00. Call Liz on (021) 788-7810.

Fish Hoek: The South African Cake Decorators will be having a meeting with an Easter demonstration on

Sunday 10 April Cape Point: Join the Cape Point volunteers for a hike from Smitswinkel Lookout to Buffelsfontein Visitors Centre. Hikers should be moderately fit, should wear boots, have rain gear, snacks, water and a hat. Meet inside the pay gate at 09:00 and finish by 14:30. There is no charge for the hike, but bring along your Wild Card or pay R80 admission. Contact John on (021) 782-2379.

Monday 11 April


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Tuesday 5 April 2011

Disgusting Muizenberg council offices

Open letter to the Baboon Operational Group I AM writing to query the validity of the recent decision made to euthanise the male baboon known as Fred. There are concerns as to how the baboon protocol has been followed. . Alpha male status It has been stated that Fred was no longer the alpha male of the Millers Point troop. Please could you confirm whether specific “dominance matrix” studies had been undertaken to ascertain this important piece of information? In the absence of such specific studies, deciding who the alpha male is would be entirely speculative. Unless there is quantitative scientific proof to show that Fred was no longer the alpha male, we must accept that Fred was still the alpha male, and in terms of the protocol for individual raiding males, he should not have been euthanised. . Municipal and Commercial Waste The uncontained waste at the Millers Point Ski Boat Club, in particular, is an on-going source of easily-obtainable food. Although I have seen the statements whereby it was argued that it was not the waste that caused a problem with regards to Fred, rather that the problem was specific to raiding from vehicles, I do not accept this, as I believe that the proximity of the waste in relation to the on-going vehicles stopping along the scenic route were a collective attraction and combined source of easy food. Professor Justin O’Riain makes the point that the stretch of road in which most incidents occur is a mere 1 km – within this 1 km is the City-owned ski boat club, caravan park and their relevant waste – none of which is secure from baboons. There are no baboonproof bins, nor baboon-proof cages for waste in the area. In terms of the protocol for individual raiding baboons, it is specific – if there is no baboon-proofing of authorities’ waste or commercial waste, this should be considered a mitigating factor. . Monitoring Although there were monitors working with the Miller’s Point troop, it seems fair comment that there was consensus amongst decision-makers that the monitors had been ineffectual for the best part of one year. O’Riain was quoted in a letter: “The monitors are powerless to stop him (Fred) as he simply attacks and displaces them (for the last year).” Dr Elzette Jordan, a City vet, was quoted in People’s Post: “She explains that the NCC monitors were “scared” of Fred. ‘You cannot reclaim your territory if you are scared of the animal.’” (“Protest over Fred the baboon’s death”, People’s Post, 29 March.) What steps had been taken to remedy the ineffective monitors? . Law Enforcement It is widely acknowledged that law enforce-

ment remains a huge problem, and that, to date, few (if any) people have been prosecuted for feeding baboons along this scenic route. In my own experience, I have encouraged people who have witnessed the feeding of baboons to lay charges, and in all cases it has been CapeNature that has been the stumbling block – refusing to prosecute specific cases (for numerous reasons), with the overall result being a complete lack of law enforcement. Although CapeNature proudly announced new, improved laws regarding the feeding of baboons (“Feeding of baboons banned”, Peo­ ple’s Post, 22 March), if the new law remains unenforced as the previous one had been, it will remain just another piece of ineffectual legislation. . Complaints It is unclear who monitored the number of attacks attributed to Fred and who compiled the case history. The current service provider would have limited input, as the monitors are not always present, so who would have taken overall responsibility for collating the case history? By all accounts, the Baboon Liaison Group (BLG) have talked about the case, but have yet to see the case history. It is noteworthy that without having ever seen the dossier or case study, the majority of BLG still took a majority vote to accept the killing of Fred. All parties contributing to decisions regarding baboon management should be transparent with the decisions made regarding all aspects of baboon management, and should be prepared to withstand public scrutiny. This is clearly not the case, as to date three males have been killed without informing the residents or public of their reasons and intention to undertake such drastic actions. . Conclusion Baboon Matters Trust is demanding that any further euthanising of individual raiding baboons be immediately suspended until such time as our concerns regarding the death of Fred have been adequately addressed, and until such time as the authorities are doing everything in their power to ensure all mitigating circumstances have been properly dealt with. I look forward to your urgent response to the concerns raised in this letter. JENNI TRETHOWAN, BABOON MATTERS TRUST Letter shortened. – Ed. . PEOPLE’S POST requested a response to this letter from the Baboon Operational Group [City of Cape Town, Table Mountain National Park, CapeNature, the Baboon Liaison Group (BLG) and UCT’s Baboon Research Unit (BRU)]. The Baboon Operational Group advised that it could not respond before the set deadline.

All road users must own the problem I AM replying to the letter posted by Doug Calvery, (“Blame drivers, not cyclists”) published in People’s Post on 22 February. Sure, it is easy to point the finger, shift the blame and fling mud across the fence. The fact of the matter is that there is blame on both sides of the line. No-one is ever completely guilt free when it comes to the use of public roads. The main reason I take particular care when I cycle on public roads is because I am also a motorist daily, and as a motorist I realise that being human I am easily distracted by my own thoughts. I often find myself thinking about things in my life so intently that I suddenly realise I have driven a few moments without even concentrating on the road very attentively. Should a pair of cyclists have been riding abreast in my way, most certainly I would have had a close call there or perhaps even have hit the one. When I cycle, I imagine people like that

driving behind me all the time, and it keeps me in line, because I realise that even at the best of times we are all still just human and prone to distraction and mishaps. As a cyclist and a motorist I take ownership of my weaknesses as a public road user, and try to overcome it by being a realist about my own responsibility when doing either. I recommend that everyone using our public roads, whether cyclist or motorist, change their attitude about who is to blame and take ownership of the role they play in creating either a safer travel experience for everyone, or conflict across the thin invisible line separating motorists and cyclists on public roads daily. We can drive and cycle in harmony, but not as long as there are cyclists disregarding motorists’ right of way, or motorists recklessly disregarding the safety of cyclists. GEORGE MACDONALD Simon’s Town

THE front of these offices have a handrail balustrade alongside steps to the building that are rusting away. The windows have not been cleaned in years, and the woodwork needs treatment, along with the doors which have the ward councillor`s name on them. I would be

ashamed to have my name there. This, to me, is a sign of apathy, especially after reading your list of salaries paid to the ward councillors and others (“What your councillor earns”, People’s Post, 22 March). SW QUELCH Lakeside

Why no law enforcement against wood sellers? THERE is a signboard on Ou Kaapse Weg that says “No Hawking” – but still there are people selling their goods. Is this a message to the rest of the world, who go by in those tour buses over Ou Kaapse Weg, or locals in their cars, that “we’ll” do anything we want, regardless of the “law” because Law Enforcement doesn’t care, or are too lazy, as long as they get paid at the end of the month? Those hawkers have been there forever. Yet there is no visible Law Enforcement. There is furniture and bedding visible in the bushes behind the paraphernalia. Do they live there? What do we pay rates for? Is this another squatter camp? ANONYMOUS Fish Hoek SHAUN SMITH, ASSISTANT CHIEF FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT SERVICES REPLIES: Illegal wood trading along this road is an ongoing problem and receives regular Law Enforcement intervention. The author is correct, there are Hawking Prohibited signs and the wood cutters trade behind them. Only five metres of the road reserve is City land. The rest is private property that belongs to a developer who has been trying for years to develop the land, which has been met with opposition from locals. The Law Enforcement Informal Trading Unit conducts regular interventions in this area. From 20 April to 9 May 2010 officers were there daily. The private property where wood is cut

and stored was also checked. Nine tons of wood were impounded, an illegal structure was removed and tools were confiscated. Officers issued 62 by-law contravention fines and 20 traffic fines. City Parks cleared the site of all refuse. A similar one-week operation was undertaken in August 2010. Three tons of wood and tools were impounded. This was followed up with a twoday operation in November 2010, where one ton of wood was impounded. In January 2011 Law Enforcement’s Anti-Land Invasion Unit checked the private property for squatters. Only one structure was found and removed. Weekly checks are continuing. The developer has a High Court interdict in place to prevent any illegal occupation of his property. The wood traders are all from the Masiphumelele area and this is their only form of income to sustain their families. There has recently been an increase in the number of traders in this area. The City has a market for informal traders at the foot of Ou Kaapse Weg in Sun Valley, but the traders are reluctant to use it as there are already a number of wood traders at this site. The residents of the valley are also at fault as they persist in buying from illegal wood traders along the road instead of supporting those trading legally at the market. As long as there are customers willing to buy from them, this illegal trade will flourish. Law Enforcement, with its limited resources, cannot sustain daily action and faces a losing battle unless the public play their part.

A bucketful of thanks ST JOHN South Peninsula recently held a very successful fundraising Bridge Drive at St Margaret’s Church in Fish Hoek. As usual, this annual event was very well supported by South Peninsula bridge players, who enjoyed an afternoon of fun, spot prizes and a sumptuous tea. St John wishes to thank the following sponsors for the prizes: Central Jewellers, Blue Bottle Liquors, Monkey Valley Resort, Dixies Restaurant, Seaforth Restaurant, Kalk Bay Books, Quarter Deck Coffee Shop, Polana Restaurant, Pick n Pay Arcade, Olympia Cafe, Cape Dutch Nursery, Bayside Restaurant, Brass Bell, Harry Goemans Nursery, Harbour House Res-

taurant, Wordsworth Books, Ellie’s Deli and Café, Heather Maltby, Rod Baker, Angus and Sue Galloway. Without them, this event would not have been possible. And a special thanks goes out to Eve Anderson, chairperson of the St John Committee, who organised the event, and our thanks and appreciation also goes to her helpers. Raffles were won by M McJannet, A Stepto, B Tunbridge, J Sinclair, M Pemberthy, K Mee, R Conyngham, Y Loubscher, G Taplin, M Glaston, D Semple, A Pengelly and N Ryan. HEATHER BAKER Centre Manager St John South Peninsula – Fish Hoek

Another dangerous intersection THROUGHOUT the raging controversy over the Kommetjie Road/17th Avenue issue, and now the discussion on the Ou Kaapse Weg/ Silvermine junction, I have always been surprised that no-one has mentioned (to me) the even more dangerous access of Riverside Road, turning right into Kommetjie Road. Going to work each morning is a daily dice with speeding traffic. One has to pull into the middle of the road and then wait there to find a gap to enter Kommetjie Road into the fast lane. During peak traffic this is not an easy or safe task, and vehicles approaching at

speeds far in excess of the limit and dicing with each other make it even more dangerous. I have always been surprised that there has not been an accident at this intersection and recently I saw that, sadly, it happened. It looked to be a pretty serious collision, judging by the emergency and medical vehicles in attendance. Maybe some extra access lanes would help? Another robot? Am I the only one who finds this a dangerous intersection? JUDY CHAPMAN Fish Hoek


Tuesday 5 April 2011

Your SMSes Fred the baboon . Hopefully the “intelligent” beings who shoot at innocent baboons, causing them long, painful deaths, will also be trapped and put down. Ken . This is another tragedy caused by stupid so-called humans! Hendry . Thank you Chad Chapman for your moving letter regarding Fred. It summed up the poignant cruelty and humanity’s apparent lack of concern and lack of will to change. . I couldn’t agree with you more, Chad! Well done on your letter! Chantal . It is sad to read about another magnificent-looking baboon’s life being ended. If we carry on this way, in 50 years, children won’t know baboons at all. The law allows the printing of photos of people feeding these animals, but one never hears of anyone being fined. Is Law Enforcement too lazy? Is it easier to kill baboons until there are none left? Is the greed for tourist money too great? It’s fine, carry on, but be sure you are to be blamed for a future without baboons, as we had without whales. Magda . So Fred could open unlocked car doors? If an uninvited so-called human did the same would they be “put down” too? I hope so. HH General . A ward councillor failed to keep a scheduled appointment. His sec-

retary claimed ignorance of his executive powers and refused a return call. Is this worth R29 057? . Don’t ever judge people too soon. I always thought my neighbours were low class, but have now only realised they have no class whatsoever. Capri .History repeats itself in Ocean View. People with connections again getting houses, like those who stay in flats. Sista . I’m writing on behalf of my daughter. She matriculated in 2009. She so much wanted to go into banking, but everywhere she applies she is told that the employer is looking for black people only. Isn’t it supposed to be the rainbow nation? Frustrated mom . I am a poor, single dad looking after my daughter, who has autism. I have no car so I walk with her twice daily where I want to, even in remote areas. I am not scared because I have the right to walk around freely. I have been a martial arts expert for 55 years and if my child is in danger as a result of a robbery I will take them apart in no time, with my bare hands, no matter what. It is our lives at risk and it’s my two-year-old cellphones and my little bit of money at risk too. You will see us around some day. Leon . The Health Expo was excellent. Keep it going. Great job. Movies . Everyone moaned about “The King’s Speech” not coming to our local cinema, but how many were at the cinema today, Tuesday 29 March at 11:35? Twenty! Come on people, support the cinema.

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. Please show more Nouveau and art films at Longbeach Mall SterKinekor. It would be greatly appreciated in the Valley. And advertise it in the local papers. Liz Dogs on beaches . To the lady wearing a blue top walking her alsatian on the Glencairn beach parking area on Tuesday 29 March at 11:10: please take a plastic bag for your dog’s turds. He cannot pick it up. Dave, Glencairn . Regarding doggie-doo. Will Mr Gloss/Glass from Glencairn please pick up his dog’s poo. I’ve been watching you take your dog for a walk, then you pick up all papers and bottles and that kind of rubbish, but when your dog makes a poo on the pavement you turn your head and walk away. Clean up after your dog. Ani, Glencairn Safety and security . In response to the SMS about attacks on Noordhoek Beach: I will always carry a handgun on me while walking on Noordhoek Beach and other secluded walks in the area. Yes, we all have the right to protect ourselves against these thugs that rob, rape and murder. They have no respect for life. . Concerning the Military Police’s jurisdiction, they have none. Their law applies only to the SANDF members and their property. In cases when they assist the SAPS, they may pull you over. Please note that their jurisdiction is up unto the high water mark. GSM . A huge thank you to the Mountain Men for their hard work and dedication in keeping Lakeside and its people safe. A word of warning to the criminals – the Mountain

Men are watching and you will be caught. Carol . Regarding an attempted car theft in Kommetjie. Fantastic support was gained from Kom Watch, SAPS and Chubb. Super service from National Auto Glass in Fish Hoek too. Great to have a community pulling together. Debby, Kommetjie . Poachers destroy a valuable tourist industry and ultimately revenue for RSA. They should therefore be charged with treason. Christeon, Fish Hoek In response . L Johnson of Longbeach Village, have you ever lived in Welcome Glen? If not, please make sure of your facts regarding Jenny and her walkies two years ago. Christine . Graham, where are you living? I was told that if I found a man at my bed during the night and I fired a gun I would be up for murder. Three weeks later, while asleep, I was robbed and even my wedding ring that has not been taken off my finger in 34 years was stolen. I have a case number, but what good is that? In one year I have not heard anything from the police. Well done, Fish Hoek police. Well done . Congrats to Pick n Pay Fish Hoek for a well-lit, spacious and clean store, with all tills open and manned by friendly staff. Other stores should follow your example, because I never see unwanted goods left behind by shoppers cluttering up your till counter space or shelves. You can rely on my contin-

ued support. Smiley . I am pleased to say that the Nutshell Kitchen makes the best pies in Fish Hoek. Thank you Chris. Main Road mysteries . Who is with the Fish Hoek Chamber of Commerce? Who is the mysterious CID? How can you ask for ideas for a Saturday market on the pavements when you stopped the braaing on Saturdays for fear of encouraging street vendors? How many members share the views of the Chamber? Get the businesses of Fish Hoek on board, and not only on Main Road. Any answers? . What happened to the veg and fruit sellers in the car park across from Water World in Muizenberg? It is wrong that they have gone! . What happened to the megabucks from the filming of “Free Willy”? At the time it was said that the money would be used to upgrade the Pavilion. Raindance . Great celebration, in every nation. Cape Town has rain, Cape Town has rain! And with jubilant voices the whole world rejoices, Cape Town has rain, Cape Town has rain! In lands far and near, they raise a great cheer, Cape Town has rain, Cape Town has rain, Cape Town has rain! Again and again, we hear the refrain, Cape Town has rain! Seaward

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Tuesday 5 April 2011

Fish Hoek surf live­ savers cel­ ebrate their suc­ cess at the national champion­ ship that was held at Camps Bay beach. The champions dominated the senior and junior competi­ tions to re­ tain the overall ag­ gregate shield.

Fish Hoek rules the waves T

HE New Balance Fish Hoek Surf Lifesaving Club successfully defended their South African title at the Hang Ten National Surf Lifesaving Championships that climaxed at Camps Bay beach on Saturday. Fish Hoek’s lifesavers dominated the senior and junior competitions to win both sections with record margins – which ensured the club of the overall aggregate shield at the 2011 championship. The champions amassed 1 250,5 points, with Durban Surf (673 points) and Summerstrand from Port Elizabeth placing second and third overall respectively. Fish Hoek’s senior men’s and women’s teams led the way throughout the championship to place first with a combined-haul of 500,5 points, while Durban Surf (300 points) and Umhlanga Rocks (239 points) finished in their wake. The Fish Hoek juniors raked in

750 points, with Durban Surf (373 points) and Summerstand (249 points) placing second and third respectively. The top lifesavers for Fish Hoek in the women’s events were Eloise van Gysen, Kendall Loots, Kim Brugman and Tarryn Brown, while Jayden Loots, Lyle Maasdorp and Dawid Mocke also walked off with several medals in the senior men’s competitions. The lifesavers in the junior divisions were Kirsten Flanagan, Jodie Cleworth, Amy Hare, Lisa Cowling (junior women), with Keenan O’Shea, Nicholas Notten, Dominic Notton, Craig Flanagan and Thomas Nel (junior men) also enjoying several successes. Richard Alford, the chairperson of the surf livesaving club, said that the team has the potential to not only dominate in South Africa but also at international level. “We are aiming for a top three place at the World Championships in Australia in 2012,” said Alford.

OPERATION RESCUE: New Balance Fish Hoek Surf Lifesavers members (from left) Jevon Martin, Bryon Allot, Phil Olkers and George Heynes carry team member Fred Wagenvoore. Photo: John Rayner

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Peoples Post False Bay Edition 05-04-2011  

Peoples Post False Bay Edition 05-04-2011

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