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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Poor take to the streets TAMMY PETERSEN

M Holocaust remembered


City honours great citizens 44

ORE than 1 000 people from 12 areas braved the elements on Tuesday when they marched from Keizersgracht Street to the Cape Town Civic Centre in protest against what they call the “victimisation of the poor”. After handing over a memorandum to a City of Cape Town representative, Communities for Social Change (CSC), which arranged the protest, threatened the council with a 24-hour hunger strike on its doorstep if demands for follow up meetings were not met within the next seven days. The march comes after meetings with City of Cape Town officials failed to produce satisfactory feedback on issues plaguing the poor, Mario Wanza, the organiser of the CSC, tells People’s Post. He says the organisation is “satisfied” with the number of people who came from Hanover Park, Athlone, Manenberg, Mitchell’s Plain, Hout Bay, Heideveld, Lavender Hill, Lotus River, Ottery, Grassy Park, Elsies River and Leonsdale in support of its “Eerste Kos Dan Rent” campaign. “Their attendance showed their commitment to the cause, especially since things were rainy and wet in the city. We showed that a bietjie reën won’t keep us from demanding better lives for the poor. The spirit was there and we made our voices heard.” The group chanted slogans as they walked through the city

streets armed with banners stating their demands. The memorandum, which was received by an official from the mayor’s office, listed the group’s demands, which include the halting of all evictions; the scrapping of municipal arrears as residents are “deeply in debt and unable to keep up with payments”; that ownership be given to tenants who have been paying rent to the City for up to 40 years; a change in attitude by the City’s anti-land invasion unit whose “kragdadigheid was experienced under the apartheid government”; improving service delivery and maintenance of community facilities to lower-income areas; and dealing with issues surrounding the upgrade of the City’s triple-storey flats, especially those by people who improved their flats from their own pockets. Errol Davids, the CSC coordinator for Hanover Park, says protesters will keep returning to the Civic Centre until answers are received. “Our demands are simple and not at all unreasonable. What we need is for the relevant officials to listen and address the needs of the communities. If they don’t, we will be back.” Mitchell’s Plain CSC coordinator, Sulyman Stellenboom, says he is “mobilising the people” to bring up the numbers to make a human chain around the Civic Centre later this month. “We are sick and tired of empty promises and blatant lies. Instead of taking an interest in the needs of the people, our local government is more interested in campaigning and getting re-elected.

If they don’t listen, we will be back

Bikers lead in feeding crusade


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A LONG WALK: Scores of people gathered to join the Elite Disability Awareness Walk­a­thon on Freedom Day (27 April) which was held in the parking area of Vangate Mall. The walk­a­thon is an initiative by the Athlone police. The event was supported by Elite Foodtown and the Elite group of companies. The event is held to highlight the plight of the physically challenged and to create awareness around their ca­ pabilities rather than their inabilities. Photo: Sharief Jaffer

These are not the type of politicians who look out for the people. They only care about themselves.” Area-specific protests also took place in the past three months. In March, 3 000 residents from Manenberg took to the streets armed with posters asking the City to lower their rent and write off their rental backlog. Also under the banner of the CSC, more than 500 Hanover Park residents took to the streets two months ago and delivered a memorandum to the local rent office demanding that their arrears be scrapped. Last month, Mitchell’s Plain residents expressed their concerns about the scrapping of water arrears when they burnt a cardboard coffin containing hundreds of warning letters issued by the City. The coffin was loaded onto a hearse and taken from

Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre to the Beacon Valley Rent Office, where it was burnt in front of cheering protesters. Mayor Dan Plato says he has received the CSC’s memorandum, adding that no feedback has yet been given as “they can’t expect it immediately”. “We will respond in due time,” Plato says. He says the action is politically motivated; Wanza is standing as an independent candidate for the position of ward councillor in Manenberg and “everything should be looked at through a political lens”. He declined to comment on the further action being threatened, saying only that “if this is how they want to do it, it’s their problem”.


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Page 2 People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Holocaust victims remembered LIAM MOSES

OVER 2 000 people gathered at the Jewish cemetery in Pinelands on Sunday 1 May to commemorate the holocaust and celebrate the bravery of its victims. Yom Hashoah V’hagevurah, which translates into “Holocaust and Heroism Day”, has been held on the first day of May every year since 1945. The event was hosted by the Cape Council of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies. According to Li Boiskin, the chairperson of the organisation, the day is important to South Africans of all religions. “I think for any people, one cannot understand the present, or certainly the future, without understanding the past and history,” said Boiskin. “The importance of this day is relevant for all people at all times because it deals with the issues of fighting racism, prejudice and discrimination. And that applies to all people.” The proceedings started with a reading of the names and ages of some of the children who were murdered during the holocaust. This was followed by the singing and reading of poems and songs about the bravery and suffering of European Jews during the holocaust. Guests at the event also heard speeches by Myra Osrin, the founding director of the Cape Town Holocaust Centre, and Miriam Lichterman, a Polish holocaust survivor. Lichterman fought back tears as she spoke emotionally about her experiences in Warsaw during the holocaust. Most guests at the event sat solemnly as Lichterman spoke and others broke into tears as she described life during the period. Both Boiskin and Osrin made specific mention of the holocaust in Lithuania during

SOLIDARITY: Members of the Khoisan royal family joined a large gathering at the Pinelands Jewish cemetery on Sunday 1 May to mark Holocaust and Heroism Day. The Khoisan delegation was invited because their people had also been subjected to genocide. Photo: Liam Moses

LEST WE FORGET: Santa Pelham, a 91­year­old holocaust survivor, lights a torch in a memorial ceremony commemorating the death and bra­ very of European Jews in Nazi death camps in Poland. Photo: Liam Moses their speeches. Boiskin said the reason for this was that most South African Jews have their roots in Lithuania and other countries nearby. “Most South African Jews come from the Baltic states, and a particularly large percentage from Lithuania. “A lot of people here would have lost parents, grandparents and family during the hol-

ocaust.” Boiskin added that around 95% of the Jewish population of Lithuania was murdered during the holocaust. During the event, a special memorial ceremony was conducted, where six holocaust survivors lit six torches placed at the points of a monument, which is in the shape of a sixpointed star. According to Boiskin, the ceremony is intended to commemorate the death of holocaust victims at concentration camps in Poland. “The monument refers to the six death camps established in Poland by the Nazis with the point of annihilating every Jewish man, women and child,” said Boiskin. “So the lighting of the torches is a memorial ceremony. And it’s done by survivors. That is why it’s so important.” Guests at the event also heard speeches by Ben Levitas, the chairperson of the Cape

Council of the South African Zionist Federation, readings in Yiddish and Ladino (JudaeoSpanish) by Joy Wilkin and Isaac Habib respectively, speeches in English and Hebrew by Herzlia High School students Dalit Ansey and David Levin respectively, and a harp performance by Rachel Serraf. The event was also attended by a delegation from the Khoisan royal family and survivors of the Rwandan genocide. Boiskin said that the two groups were invited because their people had suffered a similar experience to the holocaust. “Even though we are commemorating the holocaust, the message we are trying to send is a broad one,” said Boiskin. “So it applies to all people who have suffered and all people who have experienced genocide or discrimination.” Representatives from the South African Army and Navy were also present at the event.

Where there’s a will, there’s a loophole TONY ROBINSON

IF you invest R10 000 in a financial institution, you will earn between R60 and R70 a month. Invest the same amount in a solar water heater and you will save about R300 a month in electricity costs. Next year you will save R400 a month, and R500 the year after that – and it won’t stop there. A solar water heater must surely be one of the best investments around. Why, then, has South Africa been so slow to convert to solar? Probably because Eskom does not really believe in solar power. Their subsidy scheme was just a quickie public relations exercise and a sop to the renewable energy lobby. Their mistake was to subsidise any solar water heater as long as it had the technical blessing of the SA Bureau of Standards. As a result, half the subsidies were spent on imported units, so the money flowed out of the country to Europe, Israel, Australia and China. If the subsidies had been used only for locally-manufactured products, they would have created work for our factories, economic growth and jobs. Greater production volumes would lead to improved efficiencies, better products and reduced unit costs. That would encourage more South Africans to go solar and we would create the base for an industry that could export to the world. Instead, Eskom subsidised imports competing with our local products. Did Eskom and the government learn nothing from the implosion of the textile industry?

And where is Cosatu in all this? Are the unionists so near-sighted that they cannot see that subsidising imports is stupid and that it destroys jobs? Did they, too, learn nothing from the bloodletting in the clothing factories? Why are they not banging down the doors of the Department of Trade and Industry and demanding a halt to subsidised imports? Perhaps the answer is that the scheme has been such a pathetic failure that nobody has taken it seriously. It has given us just 64 000 units against a government target of one million and a potential market of twice that number. Now Eskom is to stop the subsidies. Perhaps the City council can do better. It could go into partnership with industry to sell solar water heaters – locally made ones, of course. It is not an idea without precedent. Years ago the council used to sell electric stoves from a showroom on the ground floor of Electricity House in Strand Street. The intention was to promote the use of electricity and the business plan was marvellously simple. Instalments were added to the monthly electricity bill and those who didn’t pay had their power cut off. Electricity House has gone but the concourse of the Civic Centre should do nicely for a showroom. The business plan would have to be modified to get around the Municipal Finance Act – but where there’s a will, there’s a loophole. The rewards could be great in the form of savings for people, a reduced risk of blackouts and a booming solar industry.

The infantry reserve at Fort iKapa, Goodwood, is looking for former members of the defence forces.

Call for former defence force members THE Regiment Westelike Provinsie (RWP) is looking for members who served in the former South African National Defence Force (SANDF), the former TBVC Defence Forces and the SANDF since integration, and members who were on the strength of RWP, to join the RWP part-time. They should qualify with good fitness and health, have a force number from the force in which they served, have no criminal record and not be enlisted with the South African Police Service or Department of Correctional Services. Selected members will be required to complete a full medical examination, to conform to the minimum age to rank restriction, and will

serve in a part-time capacity in the RWP when their services are required. Interested members may contact the offices of the RWP in Goodwood by calling Mrs MacLachlan on (021) 597-2808 or Private Visagie on (021) 597-2930. Alternatively they can visit the unit at Hanger 627 of Fort iKapa, Townsend Street, Goodwood, from 9 to 13 May. Members of the RWP with whom the unit has had no contact for the past three years will be taken off the unit’s strength if they fail to make contact with the unit by 13 May. These members will have to re-apply for enlistment. The RWP is an infantry reserve unit of the SANDF and is based at Fort iKapa.


Tuesday 3 May 2011

Two people stabbed LIAM MOSES

TWO people were stabbed and mugged by a group of men in Imizamo Yethu last week. According to warrant officer Tanya Lesch, the man and woman were walking in Molokwane Street at 22:00 when they were attacked by four men. “On Saturday 23 April at 22:00, the complainants were confronted by four unknown males in Molokwane Street who demanded that they hand over their belongings,” said Lesch.

People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg Page 3

NATURAL SPLEN­ DOUR: Visitors are trickling in to enjoy the Green Point Park and Biodiversity Gar­ den, which was built as part of the World Cup legacy pro­ gramme. Boasting over 300 Cape plant species, the park was officially opened on Sunday 3 April with a free concert to resi­ dents of the City. The park is open from 07:00 to 19:00 daily. Entrance and parking is free, with 24­hour security provided. Enjoying the facilities are (left to right) Jojo Landstedt (8) of Sweden and Sihle Songanga (10) of Camps Bay. Photo: Albi Fouche

“The suspects were armed with knives and they stabbed one of the women in the leg and upper back and then stabbed the complainant on her left hand.” The men got away with two cellphones, a pair of brown boots, a pair of sunglasses and a black belt but were arrested later that evening after police followed up on the information given to them by the victims. The suspects appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court on charges of robbery with a weapon other than a firearm on Tuesday 26 April.

Comment on city’s draft ECD policy by 17 May

Trauma unit needs help

THE public can now comment on the City of Cape Town’s new Early Childhood Development (ECD) policy. The newly revised ECD draft policy aims to address all the aspects of establishing ECD centres and is applicable to all ECD centres. “The new draft policy states the same minimum standards and policy statements should apply citywide and across different income groups,” says Brian Watkyns, chairperson of the City’s planning and environment portfolio committee (Pepco). The policy provides planning and land use management guidelines for the establishing of ECD centres, health and safety standards, information on the operational management of these facilities and guidance as to what assistance the Department of Social Development will give to these centres after they have been approved.

VOLUNTEER councillors at the Kirstenhof Police Station Trauma Unit are appealing to the community for donations to help refurbish the trauma room. The trauma unit is run by the Kirstenhof Community Policing Forum (CPF), and provides counselling to victims of violence or people suffering from trauma. According to Karin Duncker, a spokesperson for the trauma unit, the room needs to be refurbished urgently. “The furniture, carpets, curtains, office equipment and cupboards in the room are all secondhand items generously donated over the years, which are now in need of replacement,” said Duncker “Currently the space is a riot of clashing colours and patterns. Ideally neutral colours should be used to create a calm, soothing atmosphere.” The trauma room is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is staffed by unpaid volunteers who were trained by either the Trauma Centre or other NGOs and organisations. The trauma councillors also provide assistance with domestic abuse cases, drug addiction,

Animal rescue open day THE Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) will be hosting its Open Fun Day on Sunday 8 May at the DARG Adoption Centre in Main Road, Hout Bay, from 10:30 to 16:00. There will be bargain stalls with books, bric-a-brac, t-shirts, pet accessories, plants, tombola, and a watering hole for parents. Visitors can enjoy brunch and watch the Western Province Dog Jumpers compete for prizes. There will be a face painting competition and jumping castle for the kids. There will be a tours of the only animal sanctuary in Africa with unique, semi-furnished apartments for its residents. There will also be dogs, puppies, cats and kittens needing homes. For more information call (021) 790-0383 or 073 148 3183.

James Vos, councillor and chairperson of the City’s health portfolio committee, says the policy aims to ensure children’s needs are met at all ECD centres across the Cape metropole. Although the application and registration process for ECD centres is dealt with by the Department of Social Development, various City departments give their input. These departments include health, fire and rescue services, as well as the department of planning and building development management. Comments on the draft policy will be accepted until 17 May. The draft policy can be downloaded at or can be forwarded by email upon request to Hard copies are available for viewing at all subcouncil offices, district planning, health and social development offices and public libraries.

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depression and suicide related trauma. According to Sandy Graham, head of the Kirstenhof Trauma Unit, the trauma room provides an important service to victims of crime. “More and more people fall prey to drug and gang-related crimes,” Graham. “Once the formalities of the incident have been dealt with, victims can find themselves in limbo. Depression may set in, simple day-to-day tasks can become daunting and arguments with family and friends may become the norm.” Graham added that trauma reactions often manifest themselves within 72 hours of the incident. The trauma room at the Kirstenhof police station was initially launched, and is primarily funded, by the Kirstenhof CPF. The CPF recently pledged a monetary donation, raised in its recent “Community Put Foot Walk-a-thon”, to assist with the upgrading of the comfort room. But, according to Graham and Duncker, more money is needed to buy the appropriate furnishings and equipment. Anybody wishing to make a donation can contact Julie at

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Page 4 People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg

Tuesday 3 May 2011

‘Exceptional’ work awarded T

HE City of Cape Town bestowed civic honours on 37 exceptional individuals and Thursday 28 April. The individuals and organisations were honoured for their out-

standing service or contribution to the City and its residents. At the ceremony, City of Cape Town Executive Mayor, Alderman Dan Plato, explained that the awarding of civic honours was important for a city’s progress and

growth. “We bestow civic honours on certain individuals and organisations to acknowledge their varied contributions to our collective development and to encourage them to continue their outstanding efforts. Our support is important be-

cause these contributions will achieve real, lasting development in this place we call home. “As we build our new democracy, we must do all we can to promote the values of civic-mindedness,” said Plato.

Civic honours were conferred in three categories this year, namely Signing of the Civic Honours Book, one of the highest accolades that the City can confer on its residents, Honorary Title of Alderman and the Mayor’s Medal.

Councillor Demetri Qually from the South Pe­ ninsula Subcoun­ cil was one of six coun­ cillors to be awar­ ded the ti­ tle of Al­ derman. Brent van Rensburg (right), was recognised for his achieve­ ments as the co­founder and artistic director of the Zip Zap Circus. On the left is Mayor Dan Plato. Photo: Carl Fourie

Alvon Collison, a well­known theatre and television personality, re­ ceives his civic honour from Dan Plato, executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. Photo: Carl Fourie

Dave Dewar was honoured for his work as the current emeri­ tus professor of medicine at the University of Cape Town (UCT), director of the UCT Bio­ethics Centre, professor in public health sciences for the University of Toronto and an international member of the standing committee on ethics for the Canadian Institute of Health Research.Photo: Carl Fourie

David Kramer (right), a highly acclaimed playwright, musician and thea­ tre director, is congratulated by Dan Plato, executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. Photo: Carl Fourie

Franklin Sonn the former South African ambassador to the USA, the current rector of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and a trustee for the Worldwide Fund for Nature, the Desmond Tutu Peace Trust and the Impumelelo Innova­ tions Awards Trust, receives his civic honour from Mayor Dan Plato (left). Photo: Carl Fourie

Professor JC de Villiers receives his award from Dan Plato, executive mayor of the City of Cape Town (left). De Villiers is the former chairman of neurosurgery at the University of Cape Town (UCT), and currently devotes his time to writing about medical history. Photo: Carl Fourie

Clive Fox (right) receives civic honours on behalf of the Lions Club International from Dan Plato (left), executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. The club, which is one of the world’s largest and most active voluntary humanitarian service or­ ganisations, received the award for community work around the city. Photo: Carl Fourie

Ian Weinberg (right) accepted the civic honour on behalf of the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) from Dan Plato, executive mayor of the City of Cape Town (left). Photo: Carl Fourie

Zackie Achmat re­ ceives his civic hon­ our from Dan Plato (left), executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. Achmat founded the Treat­ ment Action Cam­ paign (TAC) and the National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality. Photo:



The City also conferred civic honours on the late Prima Ballerina Assoluta Phyllis Spira. Spira’s artistic achievements and her contribution to dance development were acknowledged in a moving citation. Philip Boyd, the head of Dance for All in Athlone, an organisation that has been teaching ballet and various other dance forms of dance to children since 1991, accepted the prestigious award on behalf of his late wife. Seen here are Boyd (left) with Mayor Dan Plato and entertainer Alvon Collison (right). Photo: Alison Foat

Photo: Own archive

The Western Cape Emergency Medical and Rescue Servic­ es (EMS) was honoured for its services to the people of Cape Town for the past 31 years. Dr Cleeve Robertson (right) accepted the award on behalf of the organisation from Dan Plato (left), executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. Photo: Carl Fourie

Koos Bekker (right), the chief executive officer of Naspers, with Dan Plato, executive mayor of the City of Cape Town. Bekker received the accolade for his contribution to the financial and business advances of the media in South Afri­ ca and Africa. Photo: Carl Fourie

Allan Perrins (right) accepted an award on behalf of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, one of the oldest and largest animal welfare organisations in South Africa. Photo: Carl Fourie


Tuesday 3 May 2011

People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg Page 5

Family live in hope

Illegal dumping blitz planned



THE family of James Fisher, a Lotus River teen who is believed to have drowned off Kalk Bay last week, held an emotional vigil at the Kalk Bay harbour yesterday.

THE City of Cape Town is planning a series of blitzes to catch illegal dumpers in the act. Those caught will face “heavy fines”. Those found dumping cigarette butts would face a possible fine of R500 and businesses would be fined a minimum of a R1000 for illegal dumping of waste. The solid waste bylaw enforcement team will launch special operations in dumping “hot spots” to combat the spiralling problem of illegal dumping in the City. During the blitz operations, a group of officers will arrive, without warning, at designated areas. The team has identified 1 500 “hot spots” across the entire metropolitan area. Heavy fines will be issued to those caught dumping illegally or committing any other waste-related offences such as littering of cigarette butts, chips packets and cooldrink cans. “The team’s job is to check all the “hot spots” and trace all illegal dumping sites – where people continuously dispose of their waste,” says Ward Councillor Jan Burger. Officials will inspect, monitor and catch the culprits who continues to use City-owned areas as illegal dumping sites. Claire Mckinnon, manager of the City’s Area Cleaning Solid Waste Management Department, says the days on which the special operations are to be held will be kept secret. “This is to ensure that residents of the various areas won’t know that we’re coming. The dumping would continue as usual and we can catch the dumpers,” she said. Illegal dumping is one of the City’s biggest problems, costing hundreds of millions of rands a year to clean up. The problem of illegal dumping happens all over the City and is prevalent in areas

Fisher (14) has been missing since last week, when he fell off the harbour wall during a fishing expedition and disappeared into the ocean. Desiree Williams, Fisher’s grandmother, said the family were hosting the vigil in hopes that it would somehow lead to her HOPEFUL: Desiree Williams (left) and Crystal grandson being found. Moses, the grandmother and aunt of James “We are here today because I want to show Fisher, wait at the Kalk Bay harbour. Fisher him that we are here for him and then maybe has been missing since Wednesday 27 April, he will come back,” said Williams. when he fell off the Kalk Bay harbour wall into “We’re going to call his name and throw the ocean. Photo: Liam Moses flowers onto the water to show him that we are there for him, to show him that we aren’t provincial spokesperson, the focus of the going to abandon him.” search could soon move away from diving Fisher had been fishing with two friends and on to patrols along the coast. at the harbour at about 05:00 on Wednesday “The police will continue searching for 27 April when he fell off the harbour wall and him, but they won’t be diving any more,” disappeared into the ocean. says Jones. “They’ll be searching along the Fisher and his friends, Moegabeach. That will continue unmat Adams and Chandre Hentil they make a breakdricks were driven to the harthrough. But that will still bour at 04:00 that day by Adams’ take some time.” father, Riedewaan. Darren ZimJones could not say exactly merman, the National Sea Resat what point the SAPS would cue Institute’s Simon’s Town stop diving. station commander, said Fisher Fisher had been living fell off the breakwater while with his grandmother for the casting his line into the sea. past nine years, as his moth“The teenager then swam into MISSING: A younger er and father died nine and the harbour to up against the James Fisher poses with eight years ago respectively, harbour wall, but was unable to a snake. Fisher has been and it was Williams who climb up the steep and high har- missing since Wednes­ bought him the fishing rod he bour wall. “While holding onto day 27 April. was using on the day. the fender tyres he passed his Photo: Nasief Manie Williams said she felt hopefriend his fishing rod, which he ful that her grandson would had hung onto, and then he informed his be found alive, as her daughter had dreamt friends that he would swim out through the that he would be. “I am very, very hopeful harbour entrance to the beach.” that he will be found alive,” said Williams. Zimmerman added that Fisher’s friends “My daughter had a dream that he would saw him disappear below the waves while be found if we just come here and call his trying to swim to safety. name.” Williams added that the grief of los“The last sight that the friends had of him ing her grandson was at its worst when she was in the harbour entrance,” said Zimmer- was alone. “I feel at ease until I’m alone – man. “It appears that the teenager may have then its gets to me, because we have photos grown tired and been swept out to sea by cur- of him in the house, large photos. rents and may have succumbed to hypother“There’s one were he is laughing and the mia.” The search for Fisher is currently be- other is where is near the water. He loved ing conducted by the SAPS. the ocean very much and he loved fishing According to Brigadier Billy Jones, SAPS very much,” Williams says.

such as Athlone where, in one instance, a field is covered in unsightly and unsanitary waste, including broken couches, mats, clothes, wood, bottles, tyres and papers. People’s Post has reported frequently on illegal dumping, highlighting among others: . A spate of illegal dumping incidents occurred at Wolfgat Nature Reserve in Mitchell’s Plain, where a group of people was found living in the bushes in March. The bushes were filthy, with dirt and rubble everywhere. . The area along the railway line in Mocke Road, Punts Estate in Retreat, is used by vagrants to dump waste and sort out their scrapyard mess. There is also a constant problem in Retreat with fishmongers who continue to dump their waste in vleis, causing an insanitary mess for those who use the vleis. . Illegal dumping of tyres is on the increase in Grassy Park – from Beak Road in Pelican Heights, towards Fifth Avenue, where damaged tyres are dotted across a vacant piece of land. . In Voortrekker Road in Maitland, a large number of tyres are on the side of the road in front of a derelict building. While the City tries to prevent illegal dumping by providing facilities for the disposal of waste – such as garden waste, recyclables, residential waste and builders’ rubble – the dumping of waste on public or private properties still occurs. As part of the City’s prevention plan, aside from the Solid Waste By-Law Enforcement team, a new litter bin design was implemented, to encourage citizens not to throw their litter on the streets. The bins have been placed all over the City, especially in areas where there are businesses, transport interchanges and places of high pedestrian traffic.

Search for your bargain THE first Alphen Antiques and Collectables Fair of the month will take place at the Alphen Centre, Main Road, Constantia (opposite Constantia Village), on Sunday 8 May between 10:00 and 16:00. A variety of items,

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to 21:00 at Bergvliet High School. All residents are encouraged to attend as a new executive committee needs to be elected. Visit, contact Jeanette Muller at (021) 715-5557 or email between 08:00 and 12:00.

THE Bergvliet Kreupelbosch Meadowridge (BKM) Watch annual general meeting will take place today, Tuesday 3 May, from 19:30

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Page 6 People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Bikers silence rumbling tums MELISSA LE ROUX


HOUSANDS of children across the city are lucky to have just one meal a day, and many more go to bed on an empty stomach. The Egoli informal settlement in Ottery is one of the areas where poverty and hunger prevails. Relief came to the area at the beginning of this year, when On Eagle’s Wings Christian Motorcycle Social Club rallied to alleviate hunger for the children of Egoli. The club was formed at the beginning of the year by Southfield residents, Murvin Maree and his wife Glenda. After visiting Egoli last year, a seed was planted in the couple’s minds. The pair have been biking enthusiasts for over 20 years. Along with five friends – from Fairways and Goodwood –they ventured into the informal settlement to hand out food to the children. They started by giving from their own pockets, having fundraisers and appealing for sponsorship from supermarkets. “The community has so far responded very well to our appeal. Businesses in Plumstead, such as Pick n Pay and Cash Converters, have donated money and vouchers to use as prizes for our fundraisers. Dros in Canal Walk will be donating bread and rolls every Sunday to give to the children,” says Glenda. Every Saturday, the seven members gather at one of their houses and prepare food parcels. The group then makes its way to the informal settlement, where they spend time with the children – showing them that there are people who care about them – and ending off by providing them with a hearty meal.

“When they reach out their hands for the food, it’s so heartbreaking because you know it’s probably their first, if not their only, meal for the day,” says Glenda. The group arrives at the settlement at around 14:00. Murvin takes along his guitar to entertain the children, who all join in and sing along. He and the rest of his charitable group take the food to the children in a kombi, with all of them wearing T-shirts displaying the name of their group. “When we first started in January, there were about 10 or so children, and each week they seem to get more and more. These children come running because they know they are going to get something to eat,” says Penny Sackim, a member of the club. The club is in need of sponsorship as there are many mouths to feed each week. “It breaks your heart when you see those hands reaching out and you don’t have enough to feed them all,” says Glenda. The motorcycle group would like to go beyond just feeding the children. Their goal is to take the children to a field, perhaps Zandvlei, and spend individual time with them – getting to know their names and providing a range of activities for them. “We want to show the children that we, as a group, do care about them. We would like to start teaching these children the basics, such as how to wash their hands before they eat and to pray before they eat. We would also eventually like to do story-telling,” says Glenda. The group will be hosting a bingo fundraiser on Friday 27 May at Rondebosch East Primary School in Fourth Avenueat 19:30 for 20:00. Booklets cost R20. For more information or if you would like to make a donation, contact Glenda Maree on (021) 706-6848 or 082 945 4954.

REVVED UP: The children from Egoli informal settlement line up for food parcels from On Eagle’s Wings Christian Motorcycle Social Club.

BIKER ANGELS: On Eagle’s Wings Christian Motorcycle Social Club go out every Saturday to Egoli informal settlement in Ottery to hand out food. Photos: Supplied

The Blue Room

Choir debutantes rock Cape Town


LET US SPOIL YOU FRI 6 & SAT 7 MAY 10AM - 4PM FREE Nail Paints front of Dream Nails

FREE Lip & Eyebrow Waxes front of Enigma

FREE Make-overs front of Foschini & Edgars

FREE Facial Treatments front of Placecol

FREE Wet Haircuts* front of Regis & Classic Cuts


Wishing moms a happy Mother’s Day on Sunday 8 May * Free haircuts are ‘wet cuts’ only. We will refer you to a KC salon for any additional treatments, which will be for your own account.


For further information please contact Suzette Searle on 021 671 5054


THE Cape Malay Choir Board (CMCB) has wrapped up a successful 2011 Malay choir season. In their debut season, the CMCB caught the attention of thousands of local supporters, even recruiting eight new choirs to compete in next year’s competition. Ebrahim Hull, president of the CMCB, says the first year “proved to be a major success”, and their sights are already set on arranging an even “bigger and better” competition. “We are proud of what we achieved this season, and we will raise the bar slightly next year to create the best Malay choir competition for everybody to enjoy,” says Hull. The 2011 competition was split into five segments, Section One, Section Two, the Challenge Cup, the Champions Cup and the Heritage Cup. On 25 February, the Section One winners were the Silver Sounds Singkoor and Kenfac Community Singkoor. Capetonians Singkoor and Jordan Sporting Club won Section Two on 26 February. In the Challenge Cup on 11 March, Playboys Sporting Club and Hamediehs Sporting Club walked away with top honours. The six top choirs in the top three segments were then all drawn into the Champions Cup, which took place on 27 March at the Athlone

Lions bingo night THE Newlands Lions Club will be hosting a bingo evening in Constantia on Saturday 7 May. The event will take place at the Cape Academy of Maths and Sciences on the cor-

Anyone can write LANSDOWNE poet and writer, Toni Stuart, will run a free poetry workshop for Grade 9 to Grade 12 learners at Athlone Library on Saturday 7 May, from 10:00 to 13:00. The workshop is open to any learner who

Party time at VCC THE Victoria Cricket Club will be hosting a

Civic Centre. According to Hull, the Champions Cup “was an extremely tight affair”. Capetonians and Playboys ended in first position, tied with the same number of points, with Silver Sounds and Hamediehs, also in joint second position. On 2 April, the teams competed for the ultimate prize – the Heritage Cup – at the Vygieskraal Stadium. Capetonians Singkoor walked away with the top prize, wrapping up the year’s final competitive choir event. “We believe the competition was a great success. The event was organised well, the people showed great support and we can only go from strength to strength,” says Hull. Looking ahead, Hull says the event will take place at the Good Hope Centre next year. “We don’t want to reveal the dates for the next competition, but we can confirm that we have secured the venue,” says Hull. An additional feature to their debut season was seeing two lucky winners walk away with a flat screen television and a ticket to go on Hajj (holy trip to Mecca) later this year. “We achieved a lot in our first season, but we hope to achieve a lot more next year, building on our experiences in our debut season. We say thank you to everybody involved in making this year’s competition such a major success,” Hull says. ner of Firgrove and Spaanschemat Roads in Constantia at 15:00. Tea or coffee and cakes will be available and there are prizes to be won. All proceeds from the event will go to charities involved with the club. Call Warren Hermanus on 084 584 4926. is keen to discover how to express themselves through words. Anyone who feels they have something to share or say and would like to learn how to do so is invited to attend the free workshop. For details and to book, call Toni on 071 573 3597 or email fundraiser party at the Victoria Clubhouse in Chukker Road, Kenwyn, on Saturday 14 May. Entrance is R10 and drinks will be on sale.


Tuesday 3 May 2011

THE Lupus Samaritan group will be hosting a lupus support afternoon on Saturday 14 May at St Cyprian’s Church on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Consort Road in Retreat at 14:30. A guest speaker on lupus will be at the event to answer any questions. Caregivers, newlydiagnosed patients and the friends and family of lupus sufferers are welcome to attend and share details of their experiences. For any inquiries please contact Frank Gordon at (021) 715-3400, (021) 700-1149 or 076 733 9806, or Mervyn at (021) 712-8317 or 082 458 6154.

Get hip hopping THE Cape Town Eisteddfod Hip Hop Dance Competition will be taking place on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May. All “hip hoppers” are encouraged to join in on the action with substantial cash prizes up for grabs in this new event. For more information and for entry forms, contact Sharon on 082 563 1693 or email

Shutterbugs: understanding depth of field JOHN RAYNER

DEPTH OF FIELD (DOF) is the term given to that area in front of and behind an image that is in focus (the focal plane). It is dependant on three things – the aperture size; the focal length of the lens in use, and the distance you are from the subject. The smaller the aperture, the greater the depth of field. For example, f16 is a small hole/aperture and will give you a good, deep (front to back) DOF, whereas f5.6 is quite a large opening, and will give you a shallow, limited DOF. An example: you wish to take a pic of Oupa in the back garden but there is so much unwanted clutter in the background – lawnmower, the dog’s basket and a pile of bricks – that it will detract from the main subject, Oupa. Set your camera in aperture priority, and dial in f4 (or as low as you can go) and ISO100. The camera will automatically adjust the shutter

speed to suit those settings. What you have done, is restrict the depth of field dramatically, transforming that background clutter into a blurry soup – quite indistinguishable. Oupa, however, will be nice ’n crisp and clear. His image has now been separated from the background, and he stands out in sharp contrast, providing the photo a sense of depth. When taking photos of wildlife, flowers, birds or Fido, use this method. The leopard will not blend into the background as it is supposed to do (after all, those spots are its camouflage); the flower will stand out from all the surrounding clutter of leaves, and insects and birds will be isolated from their surroundings too. At the other side of the scale is when you take a landscape photo and you want as much as possible in focus –


THE Western Cape Branch of the SA Archaeological Society is holding its next meeting on Tuesday 10 May starting at 18:00. Francis Thackeray will speak on “Human Evolution, Past Climates and Statistics”. The talk takes place at the SA Astronomical Observatory auditorium. The cost is R10 for non-members. For further information, contact Connie Feast on (021) 689-5921.

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23 Estmil Rd, Diep River. TEL: 021 712 5236 021 712 4813

for All”, showing there is an exercise that suits everyone, regardless of age. The venue is The Site Office Restaurant at the Belmont Square Conference Centre in Rondebosch. Contact




THIS month’s Soulmate Dinner Club meets again on Friday 6 May. Meet mature (aged 45 to 75) single professionals in a nonthreatening environment. Before dinner, guest speaker, Patricia Lamond, will be discussing her new book, “Pilates




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4 to 12 Seater Tables Available

Find your soulmate over dinner


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Statistically speaking



Islam in the modern world TIMBUKTU BOOKS is inviting the public to a discussion between Sheikh Seraj Hendricks and Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr on Nasr’s book, “Islam in the Modern World: Challenged by the West, Threatened by Fundamentalism, Keeping Faith with Tradition”. The talk will take place on Wednesday 4 May at Timbuktu Books, shop G03 ground floor, Stadium on Main, Main Road, Claremont, starting at 18:30. Attendance is free and anybody interested should RSVP to or contact (021) 671-9819.

everything from your feet to infinity (well, almost). With your camera in aperture mode, set the aperture to f16 and you will have a good DOF – the flower in the near distance, to the mountains far on the other side of the valley. To increase the DOF, focus on an area about a third the way into your scene. This is called the hyperfocal distance, and it will give you the maximum depth of field for the lens in use at a particular f-stop. . John Rayner is a selftaught photographer and has been at it for well over 40 years. He writes a monthly photographic column for People’s Post. He is available to give hands-on general photographic tuition and take you on practical walkabouts. Phone him on 073 360 1710 or email with any questions.


Lupus support

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Unit no.10 Estoril Rd, Killarney Gardens. Tel: 021 557 3136 Pr o d u c t s s u p p l i e d u n a s s e m b l e d E&OE

BELLVILLE - Eversdal Rd, Exit 25 off N1 - TEL. 021 919 1106 KENILWORTH - Doncaster Rd, next to KC Centre - TEL. 021 671 9050/1 MILNERTON - Racecourse Road, behind Paddocks TEL - 021 528 4000 Offers valid until 8 May 2011 while stocks last


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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Sailing ship launches dreams of the sea THE 180-foot rigged sailing ship, Bark Europa, arrived in Cape Town harbour from Antarctica on Thursday 21 April after a gruelling 55 days at sea sailing around Cape Horn and across the southern ocean.

The ship is readying for the next leg of her world voyage to Europe via Ascension Island. A trainee from the Cape Windjammers Education Trust (CWET), a section 21 public benefit organisation doing youth development and leadership training through sail training, will join the Bark Europa on its next leg to Europe, South America, Antarctica and back to Cape Town – a year-long journey. Marx Mohr (18) sailed on the sailing vessel Concordia in 2009 with Monde Sitole and eight other South African youths, together with 25 youths from Canada, Mexico, USA and Germany. For those who wish to experience a chance of a lifetime voyage at sea, CWET will benefit from any bookings made for the Bark Europa’s 2011 itinerary. CWET is also planning a Winter Sailing Programme for 27 learners from three Cape Town schools over the June/July school holidays, in collaboration with the Izivunguvungu Sailing School in Simon’s Town. Training will be conducted aboard the well-known “STY Howard Davis”, kindly made available by the owners of the vessel. Dennis Stevenson, chairperson of CWET says: “She was purpose-built as a sail-train-

SAIL AWAY: Marx Mohr (18) will be aboard the Bark Europa, on its next leg to Europe, South America, Antarctica and back to Cape Town – a year­long trip.

UNSELFISH SERVICE: From left, Edmund Michaels (past president), Esme Kennel and Val Turner (current presi­ dent). Photos: Supplied LAND AHOY: Monde Sitole at the helm of the 180 foot rigged sailing ship, Bark Europa, which is getting ready for the next leg of its world voyage to Europe via Ascension Island. Photos: Supplied

ing vessel for the merchant marine, the brainchild of Captain Phil Nankin, himself a tall ship sailor, having been mate of the Lawhill.” During the Winter Sailing Programme, 27 youths gain invaluable life skills experience in seamanship, environmental awareness of the sea and vocational training in navigation and vessel management. “It is our aim to train SA youth in seamanship, but more importantly develop leadership and responsibility amongst our youth via this unique and exciting method,” says Stevenson. CWET is relying on companies to sponsor the cost of a learners’ training, which amounts to R5 000 per trainee per week. There are 26 countries representing Sail Training International, and South Africa is currently the only member country without its own tall ship. CWET has identified the staysail schooner Clan Mackenzie as a possible sailing platform to seriously embark on its programmes. This 76 foot, 65 ton vessel was designed by Brian Lello and built in Noordhoek. In it present configuration it is not the ideal sail training vessel, but conversion to a brigantine is a possibility, making it more suited to CWET objectives. Interested parties or would-be sailors wanting to book on the Bark Europa can contact CWET on (021) 685-4013 or email, call Dennis Stevenson on 082 499 1537 or Will Gubb on 071 602 5793 or email

Cancer survivor gathering THE Voice of Cancer Survivor Forum is being held at the Cape Town Civic Centre from Thursday 12 May to Friday 13 May. Attendance is free and open to all, but reg-

istration is essential. For more information email Alternatively call 0861 ASK NOW.

Preparing for life

tor of Frontline Fellowship, and a missionary to Mozambique, Angola and Sudan. The summit practically prepares families to deal with the issues, temptations and pressures of life. Contact Frontline Fellowship on (021) 689-4480, email or visit the website on

THE Biblical Worldview Summit will be held at the Rocklands Campsite near Simon’s Town from 24 June until 1 July. International speakers at the summit include Dr Peter Hammond, founder and direc-

UPDATING OF ARTS AND CULTURE DATABASE The City of Cape Town’s department of Social Development: Arts and Culture is updating its database and calls on all arts, culture and heritage organisations and practitioners to register. Registration forms are available from all local libraries or the City’s website below and may either be handed in, faxed, or e-mailed to: Address: Website: Fax: E-mail:

Room 27, 1st Floor Paul Sauer Building, 1 Adderley Street, Cape Town 021 400 1660 Melissa Hendry at

The closing date for submission is Wednesday 15 June 2011. Further enquiries may be directed to Melissa Hendry on tel 021 400 1581. ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER

WINNER: Val Turner (left), president of the Lions Club in Newlands, with Yolanda Parry, who also received the Louis Volks Award for Humanitarian Work.

Lions reward women LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL recently held its Woman of the Year Awards evening at the Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology in Constantia. The winner was Yolanda Parry of Kirstenhof. Parry is a volunteer at the Retreat Maternity Clinic, where she works as a

doula. Esme Kennel, a member of the Lions Club in Newlands – who works extensively in the field of diabetes and at The Fisher Centre in Grassy Park for mentally challenged people – received the Benny Reich Trophy for the Most Outstanding Individual Service in Lions Clubs International.

Mother’s Day treatments at Kenilworth Centre IN celebration of Mother’s Day, Kenilworth Centre is offering moms a selection of free treatments on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 May between 10:00 and 16:00. The luxurious treatments include free nail paints offered by Dream Nails; Enigma is offering free lip and eyebrow waxes; Foschini and Edgars promise a complete make-up make-over; Placecol will provide the latest facial technology, and Regis and Classic Cuts will ensure a brand new hairstyle just in time for Mother’s Day. For the convenience of Kenilworth Centre shoppers, various stores will be offering

great Mother’s Day gifts in the mall areas, on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 May. From over 100 stores to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect gift for the special mom in your life, including fashion, jewellery, chocolates, specialised gifts, books, treatments, cards, movie tickets, meal vouchers and more. Centre manager, Terry Pollock, wishes all moms a fabulous Mother’s Day on Sunday 8 May. For further information, please contact Suzette on (021) 671-5054 or visit

A weekend of thought THE Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) present “The Names We Give”, a weekend-long event of performances which will run from Friday 13 May to Sunday 15 May at UCT’s Hiddingh Campus. Speakers have been drawn from a range of different institutions and contexts, and include Thembinkosi Goniwe and Zen Marie from Wits University, Ruth Simbao and Nomusa Makhubu from Rhodes University, Leora Farber from the University of Johannesburg, Crain Soudien, Carolyn Hamilton and Imraan Coovadia from UCT and Kathryn Smith from Stellenbosch University. Performances include readings of evocative and provocative texts such as “Paper Flowers” and “Dutchman”, under the direction of Sara Machett, Amy Jephta and Fleur du Cap Award Winners, Mwenya Kabwe and Lara Bye. On Saturday evening a party will feature the music of Ntone Edjabe and Sannie Fox as well as performance installations by Liza

Grobler, Sanjin Muftic and Ikapa Dance Theatre’s Theo Ndidwa. Premiering their work, “Fractography”, will be Donald Gordon Creative Arts Award winners, Jamila Rodriquez, Steven van Wyk and Kristina Johnstone. Music will be provided by Mike Rossi and a jazz quartet on the opening night, and a Charles Mingus concert to close on Sunday evening. Film screenings curated by Lesedi Mogoatlhe will bring fresh perspectives in compelling image and sound. The full programme is available on The registration fee for attending all three days is R60, or R30 for a single day. Student registration fees are R40 for the entire event, or R20 per day. Bookings can be made by emailing and payment can be made at the door. For more information contact the GIPCA office on (021) 480-7156 or email

Comic books take centre stage FREE Comic Book Day, an international event to promote the medium of comics as a form of art, literature and entertainment, will be hosted by Readers Den Comic Shop at Stadium on Main, Claremont, on Saturday 7 May from 09:00 till 15:00. Well over 1 000 comics will be given away and attendees can look forward to original comic book art displays and digital art being created on the spot by the local talent, including work by the Trantraal brothers (“Coloureds”, “Richenbaums”) and an exclusive look at the Gaining Velocity graphic novel anthology, an exciting South African/ Australian co-production featuring the work of 25 local and Australian artists. Artist and animator, Jesca Marisa, will also showcase original art from the upcoming “Awakenings II” graphic novel. A vintage comics mini exhibit featuring

a selection of rare and vintage comics from the 1940s to the 1970s will be on display. Attendees can also watch a Gundam model kit being built from scratch. There will also be a display of completed models. Lucky draw competitions will also take place, with over R10 000’s worth of prizes to be won. Join the fun by dressing up as your favourite comic book character and win great prizes. There will also be collectable card and board game demonstrations, and you can have your photo taken with Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and Supergirl. For more information visit or visit For sample copies of the comics, contact Nizar Abrahams on (021) 671-9551.


Tuesday 3 May 2011

EASTER JOY: A fun Easter egg hunt was held at Pick n Pay head office in Kenilworth for 75 chil­ dren of the Zanokhanyo and Nced­ olethu places of safety in Mfuleni and Khayelitsha. For many of the children it was the first time they had ever travelled to the suburbs of Cape Town. Along with Pick n Pay, staff at Continental Brands, International Sweet Importers and Sasko made sure that the children had a lovely time. There were traditional three­legged and egg­and­spoon races, as well as jumping castles and face painting. The children were fed lunch and each child had a huge goodie bag of sweets and toys to take back with them. Photo: Supplied

Mystery reality show shot in Tokai LIAM MOSES

BEING trapped in an abandoned mental hospital for two days and subjected to strenuous mental and physical tests may seem like a nightmare to most people, but 12 Cape Town residents volunteered for it. A reality show called “Whodunnit?” saw contestants overcoming mental and physical challenges to win R1 000, bragging rights and possibly fame, should the show be taken up by a television station. THE LINE­UP: The contestants on “Whodunit”, (back “Whodunnit?” is a cross between row): Kyle Bedingfield, Billings Siwila, Charlie Manner, the reality television series “Survi- an actor known only as Bingo, Bertrand Logan, Richard vor” and a murder mystery role Slater and Inger Jansen. Front row: Bianca Kaltwasser, play in which one competitor is the Astralita Dreyer, Sebastian Owen Murray, Tarryn Ses­ “killer” while the other 11 try to sions and Matthew Bernstein. Photo: Roche Pienaar stay alive and follow clues to solve the case. The other shows are just focused on the conDirector Jacques Brown says the contest- testants. It will be more interesting visualants were removed from their comfort zones ly.” and tested in every way during filming. “I Brown says the show was made even more think it was very challenging for the contest- riveting by the fact that viewers could try ants,” says Brown. “It was emotionally, and work out who the killer was while watchphysically and physiologically challenging ing the contestants compete. because they didn’t have comfortable beds to “I think people should watch it because sleep in, there weren’t any doors or windows they can try to figure it out themselves and in the asylum and they had difficult tests to they can watch the contestants as they try complete.” The show was filmed in the aban- to do the same thing.” doned mental asylum in Tokai Forest, and The entire programme was filmed on a contestants faced challenges such as paint- budget of R5 000. Brown and his co-producer, ball wars, an archery competition and free- Chris Spinas, have not yet approached any ing themselves after being tied up. The chal- broadcasters to air the show but are confilenge winners received either a clue to help dent about finding a channel once they have them find the killer or “safe house” status, edited all 11 episodes. which granted them immunity from the killThis is the second version of “Whoduner and the right to choose the next victim. nit?” to be filmed. The original was filmed According to Brown, the show’s unusual and aired in the US in 2010 by Cody McColformat and unique cinematography make it lum, a friend of Spinas. McCollum then alunlike any reality show seen in South Africa. lowed Spinas and Brown to film the series “I think it’s exciting and different to other as long as they called the show by the same reality shows,” said Brown. name and used the same theme song. “I don’t want to give too much away, but Visit for I’ll say that the way we shot it is different more information on the show or the contestto what people will see in other reality series. ants.

People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg Page 9

Jolly good hockey ON Friday 15 April, eight under-13 Kronendal hockey girls took part in a tournament arranged by Cannon Creek School in Pinelands. The girls were focused, enthusiastic and played so well that they won their section of the tournament. The goalie, Roos Bakker, managed to let no goals slip past her and Kronendal managed to score nearly 20 goals.

VICTORIOUS: Back row, from left: Chied­ za Chakanyuka, Roos Bakker (goal­ ie), Broode Pitzer, Natasha Mauye and Hayley Preen. Front row, from left: Juliet Stromin, Rafia Dav­ ids and Callen van der Ross. Photo: Sup­ plied

Bergvliet’s can-do kids BERGVLIET HIGH SCHOOL collected the most cans for a school in the Collect-a-Can recycling competition for February and March. Collect-a-Can was established in 1993 to focus on the promotion of the recovery and recycling of used beverage cans and other steel packaging in Southern Africa. The school won R5 500 in prize money.

TEAM WORK: From left, Willy Webb (recycling co­ordinator at BHS), Stephen Price (Principal), Melanie Adams (assistant brand manager for Collect­a­Can) and Amanda Ludwig. Photo: Supplied

Westcott Primary turns 105 WESTCOTT PRIMARY SCHOOL in Diep River turned 105 years old on Saturday 9 April. Because this date fell during the school holidays, the school celebrated its birthday on Friday 15 April. The Grade 7 prefects held assembly, where the school’s motto – perseverando (persevere) – was clearly illustrated when the Grade 7 pupils played a movie clip of Nick Vu-

jicic, a motivational speaker who has no limbs, which can be found on YouTube. Godfried Olivier (an ex principal of Westcott) took the two Grade 4 classes on a historical walk. He told the classes many funny and interesting stories about the history of the school. Once back in the classroom, he showed the pupils many artefacts dug up on the school property many years ago.

SHARING HISTORY: Godfried Olivier showing an old glass bottle to the class.

Actors needed for cast THE Muizenberg Dramatic Society will be staging Tracy Letts’ “August: Osage County”, at the Masque Theatre from Friday 28 October to Saturday 5 November. Auditions will be held at 14:30 on Sunday 15 May at the theatre, which is in Main Road, Muizenberg. To be directed by Birga Thomas, this dark, comic drama set in 2007 requires eight women (ages 14 to 65) and five men (ages 37 to 69).

The rehearsals start during the first week of August and will be held three times a week. This play won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, as well as the Tony Award for Best Play, and is full of “rich compelling characters and scintillating criticism of the modern American family”. For more information, contact Thomas on or (021) 788-5272.

WINNERS: Two lucky readers secured their place in a four­day cricket holiday clinic at one of the country’s leading cricket schools. Ryan Maron’s Cricket School of Ex­ cellence and People’s Post have once again teamed up to offer bud­ ding cricketers the chance to boost their skills. The clinic was held at the Rondebosch Boys’ High School from Tuesday 5 April and ended on Friday 8 April. In picture is Cameron Arnold from Kenilworth, who at­ tends Grove Primary School, with his prizes.

’n Mediese Fonds is nie net nog ’n versekering nie. ’n Ware mediese fonds stel jou belange eerste deurdat dit jou gesondheidsvereistes beide effektief en omvattend bestuur. Dis waarom Selfmed opsies bied wat by alle gesondheidsorgbehoeftes pas – van ’n gewone verkoue tot ’n swangerskap en selfs ’n lewensbedreigende noodgeval. Ons bedank ons lede vir meer as 45 jaar se volgehoue ondersteuning en is met reg trots dat Selfmed steeds een van die mees etiese en lid-vriendelike skemas in Suid-Afrika is. Boonop bied dit finansiële gemoedsrus met reserwes wat wetlike vereistes by verre oorskry. Praat met ons, want by Selfmed is dit ons lede wat die vrugte pluk.

LUCKY CHAP: Grant Spaans, who lives in Pinelands and attends Pinehurst Pri­ mary School, with Ryan Maron at the prizegiving ceremony.

Photo: Supplied

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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Through the camera’s eye BERGVLIET resident, John Rayner, is seldom without his camera, having enjoyed photography for well over 40 years, and over the years has accumulated quite a collection of interesting snaps of life on the Cape peninsula. Here we publish some of these “in the moment” photos which, on the whole, give pause for thought – and a snicker on the side!

Keep on walking, Bart!

Breaking out in Barts.

A sign at Riebeeck Square.

Photos: John Rayner

When clothes need a breather ...

They’ve adopted their spot!

A seagull ambles up to make use of a self­ service facility.

Biodiversity expo kicks off A youngster waits out time at the V&A Waterfront.

Tips for fire safety THE City of Cape Town has, with the start of the winter season, urged residents to be cautious and follow preventative measures in maintaining fire safety. The following safety measures are recommended: . Every home should have more than one exit to allow escape if a fire breaks out. . Informal homes should be built at least three metres apart to stop fires from spreading. . Keep matches, lighters, paraffin and poisons out of reach of young children. . Use child-proof caps on flammable products such as paraffin. . Extinguish all candles and lamps befo-

Islamic conference THE Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) of the Cape will be hosting its fourth Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Conference from Friday 6 until Sunday 8 May. The theme is “Striking the Balance”, and the diverse programme is designed for Muslims from all walks of life. Talks will be delivered by a number of local and international scholars and speakers, such as

re going to bed or leaving the house. . Avoid smoking in bed. . Keep stoves on a flat surface away from drafts and flammable objects. . Never leave fires and cooking stoves unattended. . Always keep a bucket of sand and a bucket of water handy, in case a fire breaks out. .- Switch off all electrical appliances when not in use. . Do not overload plug points. . Improvised electrical connections are illegal and are a fire hazard . Do not sleep with heaters switched on. Report any fires to the public emergency call centre on 107 from a landline or (021) 480-7700 from a cellphone. Mufti Ismail Menk (Zimbabwe), Shaykh Navaid Aziz (Canada), Shaykh Bilal Ismail (South Africa) and Dr Fadel Soliman (Egypt). The conference is to be held at Islamia College Hall in Lansdowne Road, and R400 registration fee pays for all sessions, meals, snacks and a conference pack. For information, and to register, visit, send an email to or contact Muhammad on 083 556 9838 or Roshaan 074 186 2808.

THE Biodiversity Expo kicks off on Thursday 5 May and runs until Sunday 8 May. This free event at the Old Mutual Conference Centre at Kirstenbosch is in its fourth year, and attracts participants and exhibitors who want to engage with visitors on conservation issues. Schools can enjoy a host of fascinating exhibits over the first two days, while the whole family can participate in the weekend activities, although everyone is welcome for all four days. Visitors can learn more about South African wildlife, its unique eco-systems and a wide range of related projects. On Sunday 8 May a “conservation adven-

ture” leads teams through the garden to find unique treasures that are the keys to biodiversity for the future. Great prizes are to be won for the winning teams. Apply before Friday 15 April by visiting: Following the adventure activities, Jungle Theatre will present their production, Hoerikwaggo, at 15:00 and the awarding of the prizes will take place at 16:00 to end the day (and the expo) at 16:30. Visit for regular updates. Entry to the expo is free. For inquiries, email

Acknowledging participation THE Sunflower Fund has thanked all sponsors and participants who took part in its annual Charity Golf Day, held at Clovelly Country Club on Monday 14 April. The main sponsors for the event were TaylorMade and Mike Hurworth and Associates. Paddy Smuts was the auctioneer, and raised funds that will be used to pay for new donors to join the South African Bone Marrow Regis-

try. By increasing the donors on the registry, the Sunflower Fund is able to give more people diagnosed with leukaemia or other life-threatening blood disorders a chance of finding a lifesaving donor match. For more information on how to become a donor, call toll-free 0800 12 10 82 or visit the website

Career guidance evening FALSE BAY COLLEGE is hosting a parent information evening at Norman Henshilwood High School in Constantia on Wednesday 11 May from 18:30 to 19:30. Up for discussion are career choices, subject choices and the National Certificate (Vocation-

al). Subject advisors will give parents some basic tools to assist learners to make informed career choices. Light refreshments will be served. For further information, contact Adrian Bezuidenhout on (021) 701-1919.


Tuesday 3 May 2011

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Touching stories of life and love beyond HIV

SPECIAL TIME: The luncheon attracts people from all walks of life.

Table set for peaceful future T

HE Table of Peace and Unity is a luncheon which has the sole aim of bringing South Africans from all walks of life – regardless of race, religion or political beliefs – around one table to break bread and show that, if everyone comes together, peace can be achieved. The Table of Peace and Unity began 11 years ago and remains the only annual event held on the slopes of Table Mountain. In the form of a gourmet luncheon attended by hundreds of ordinary and not-so-ordinary South Africans, the Table of Peace of Peace and Unity has already raised around R9 million for abused, vulnerable and orphaned children. In keeping with the event’s spirit of love and nurturing, this year’s luncheon takes place on Mother’s Day, Sunday 8 May, at 12:00. But event director, Christine Cashmore, says this is not where it ends. “It could also take shape in your own home, with your neighbours, friends or family.

It’s a mindful breaking of bread where we, as South Africans, consider the vast impact that a truly united society could have on our neighbourhoods, cities, country and the world. And by raising funds in the process, we are actively making a difference in the lives of vulnerable souls.” This year, top regional chefs – including Peter Templehoff (the Cellars-Hohenort, part of the Collection by Liz McGrath), Roberto de Carvalho (One & Only Hotel), Morne Botha (Blues Restaurant) and Jerome Peters (Cape Town Hotel School) – will join forces to create three courses of celebration, using ingredients supplied by Checkers, paired with Lazanou organic wine, while entertainers Danny K, the Parlotones and Vicky Sampson lend their voices to the cause. Tickets for this event are available through Computicket. For corporate packages contact Susan Hill on (021) 702-2280. For more information on the main beneficiaries, City Angel’s, or other Table of Peace and Unity events around the country, visit

A thousand women do lunch AFTER a two-year absence, the “1 000 Women Luncheon” is back with a star line-up and a renewed determination to raise voices and funds to tackle abuse and violence against women. The WHEAT Trust 1 000 Women Against Domestic Violence initiative’s signature event will be held at lunchtime on Wednesday 11 May in the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The WHEAT Trust is South Africa’s leading fund for grassroots women, which in 2010 funded over 100 grassroots women-led initiatives nationally. The lunch is being hosted by Wendy Ackerman, and features Pieter Dirk Uys

and Tannie Evita, Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon as director of ceremonies and the music of all-women band CODA. The main objective is to raise awareness and funds which will support women organising in their communities to make a difference and take a stand against violence against women. A corporate table for 10 costs R10 000. Details of the event, bookings and payment can be found on the WHEAT Trust website, Alternatively contact Sue on 082 414 4148 or Bregje on (021) 762-6214 or email for more information.

MEET the authors of “Whisper not”, a lisher of “Whisper not”, whose purpose is short story collection featuring the per- to create a supportive, less stigmatised ensonal stories of Africans living with and vironment for people living with and sigaffected by HIV/Aids, at the launch of the nificantly affected by HIV/Aids. book on Wednes“Whisper not” is the day 4 May at 17:30, third in a series of books at Lobby Books, aimed at communicating IDASA, 6 Spin personal accounts of peoStreet, Cape ple, who, through discloTown. sure, are able to live ful“Whisper not” filling, purpose-driven contains heartlives. warming firstIt includes a diverse hand accounts, message of survival and poems and photohope from Dutch immigraphs of and by grant and grandfather, 15 “courageous” Jan de Groot (84), who Africans from contracted HIV at the age South Africa, Leof 68; mother-of-four and sotho, Zimbabwe, nursing sister, Ann Ray Malawi and the (51), whose marriage surDRC. They openly vived after her husband’s share their jour- POSITIVE LIVING: The cover of “Whis­ infidelity; community neys of overcom- per not”, a book containing the stories HIV facilitator, Malehloa ing HIV/Aids and of 15 people living with and affected Ntlaloe Kalati (46), who alchallenges by HIV/Aids. Photo: Supplied so endured TB and cerviaround love, relacal cancer; and Zanele tionships, poverty and violence. Mphikwa (36), who became an HIV treat“Stigma and denial are our greatest ment advocate after losing her partner, challenges,” says Elaine Maane, the chair- Daisy. person and a trustee of Openly Positive, For more information about Openly Posthe public benefit organisation and pub- itive, visit

The science of creation THE international astronomer, Dr Danny Faulkner, will be giving a talk on “Cosmology and Creation” at Fish Hoek Senior High School hall on Thursday 5 May at 19:00. Faulkner has a PhD in astronomy from the University of Indiana, and has been on the faculty of the University of South Carolina – where he holds a professorship, teaching astronomy and physics – since 1986. In addition to Faulkner’s work in creation studies, his research interest is stellar astron-

omy, particularly eclipsing binary stars. He has published nearly 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers in his field of expertise, a number of popular articles in creation journals, a popular creationist book – “Universe by Design” – as well as featured in a popular DVD, “The Young Sun”. There is no charge for the talk and various resources will be on sale. For further details, contact Johan on (021) 975-0107 or visit the website

CHOC­A­BLOCK: Thanks to gener­ ous donations from shoppers and business people, the Childhood Can­ cer Foundation of South African (CHOC) has managed to raise R188 411 in the three years it has been active. The project’s fund­ raisers are ap­ pealing to shop­ pers to continue supporting the initiative by buying branded items for CHOC and other worthy non­governmental organisations. If you are interested in being a volunteer or in donating any items to the CHOC House or CHOC Lodge, contact Nina on 086 110 6441. Pictured from left are CHOC team members Nicole Thompson, Mel Roets (coordinator of the Lighthouse Project), Vanessa Vermaak (divisional man­ ager for CHOC Western Cape), Bev Strong, Wilf de Haan, Sue Rose and Yolanda McEvoy. In the front is Tracey de Jager.

A tale of two landings

Writers reflect on favoured passages

VIV JAMES will be giving a talk entitled “In the footsteps of Shackleton” at the next meeting of the Historical Society of Cape Town on Monday 9 May at 20:00 at the SA Astronomical Observatory Auditorium, Observatory Road, Observatory. James’ father, Reginald, joined Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 Antarctic expedition, and on the way south their ship was trapped in ice for nine months and subsequently sank. They later reached Elephant Island

where they camped for nearly five months under terrible conditions. Two years ago, James sailed from the Falkland Islands as a guest of the Royal Navy and was able to land on Elephant Island where his father was marooned. He will talk about his father’s trip, as well as his own landing on Elephant Island. Entrance is free. For details on the event contact Neil on (021) 762-2825.

Tutors needed

3 to 7. Join the team on a Monday and/or Thursday from 15:00 until 16:00 if you have a few hours spare and would like to give back to the children of the community. For more information call (021) 712-0383.

THREE prominent authors, Henrietta Rose-Innes, Rustum Kozain and Gabeba Baderoon, will discuss a favourite literary page as part of the Great Texts/Big Questions lecture series by UCT’s Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) on Thursday 5 May at 17:30. Henrietta Rose-Innes will explore why the first page of JG Ballard’s short story, “The Voices of Time”, fascinates her. Rose-Innes is an award-winning writer and has published a collection of short stories, “Homing”, and two previous novels, “Shark’s Egg” and “The Rock Alphabet”. Her novel “Nineveh” will be published in August. Rustum Kozain will discuss a page from Mongane Wally Serote’s “City Johannesburg”. Kozain studied at UCT and taught there

THE Life Matters Foundation is looking for volunteer homework tutors for grades

from 1998 to 2004. His first volume of poetry, “This Carting Life”, was published in 2005 and his second will hopefully appear next year. Poet and scholar, Gabeba Baderoon, looks at passages from “A Life Apart” by Neel Mukherjee. Baderoon is the author of the collections “The Dream in the Next Body”, “The Museum of Ordinary Life” and “A Hundred Silences”. She is a Research Fellow in the Islam, African Publics and Religious Values project at UCT for 2010/2011. This event will take place at Hiddingh Hall, Hiddingh Campus, UCT, Orange Street, and is free. Refreshments will be served from 17:00. No booking is necessary. Call (021) 480-7156 or email

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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Protect and serve THE South African Police Service (SAPS) is under scrutiny after violent attacks, two of which ended in the death of civilians by shooting. The most recent attack occurred on Saturday, when police were caught on CCTV kicking a Pretoria man in the stomach, hitting him in the face, and trampling on his head. After this assault, the man was arrested for being in possession of an unlicensed firearm, pointing the firearm and resisting arrest. In Woodstock, a sports bar owner and his patrons were allegedly manhandled and assaulted by the Woodstock police at the Easter weekend. President Jacob Zuma, who has expressed “concern” about excessive violence used by SAPS members, called on police to rethink their strategy in containing volatile situations. This came after the death of Ficksburg resident Andries Tatane, who was assaulted and then shot in the chest by police during a service delivery protest in April. Last week, Kempton Park resident Jeanette Odendaal was shot dead by an officer outside a police station after she bumped a parked police car. Much is left to be desired when it comes to the expressed sentiment of the police’s top brass on the point of excessive use of force by officers in the execution of their duties. National Police Commissioner, Bheki Cele, said that recently reported instances of police brutality are mere “isolated cases”. But incidents of excessive violence hardly seem sporadic, with the steady influx of reports at community newspapers alone about officers exerting excessive force. Police brutality sabotages attempts by the force to build stronger relationships with the communities they serve. And a breakdown in trust works against efforts such as the establishment of community police forums and social crime prevention initiatives. Our men and women in blue must always be mindful to first to do no harm.

Assumptions made by the media IN RESPONSE to the cartoon you had in your Tuesday 26 April edition, which refers to Julius Malema: Malema did not say Helen Zille danced like a monkey. He said an ugly lady in a blue dress danced like a monkey to get votes. He could have been referring to a number of women within the Democratic Alliance (DA) – admittedly, only two of them could be from the Western Cape cabinet as there are only two women in the Western Cape (WC) cabinet to my knowledge – one less than there is on a certain DA election poster! Of course, logic has it that it is

indeed Zille that Malema is referring to, but in the absence of definite facts, surely you as the media should not make fact out of assumption. Another example of the media’s seeming ability to read Malema’s mind is when he called Zille a cockroach. It was automatically assumed he was using the Rwanda version of cockroach, where the term was used to describe the victims of that holocaust. Just another couple of examples of the media’s ability to manufacture facts. GARY WEST Marina Da Gama

Dry feet for kids this winter IN RESPONSE to your letter from Roekshanah Muller regarding the issue of school shoes at Buck Road Primary School in Grassy Park, I would like to firstly thank you for making this much-overlooked social issue known to the public through Roekshanah’s letter. I am an employee of the Bobs for Good Foundation in Cape Town, and read the appeal with interest after recently proposing to provide school shoes to three other schools

in the area where the learners suffer the daily plight of emotional and physical torment because they do not have school shoes. Upon the publication of the letter, my inbox was also flooded with acknowledgements from your readers who kindly took the time to write to our foundation for assistance. After contacting our associates in the Department of Education and Roekshanah herself about the social circumstances of the learners

The Sowetan published a photo on Monday 28 March of Helen Zille dancing in a blue DA Tshirt and blue skirt in Port Elizabeth. Malema then said in Polokwane on Saturday 2 April: “Have you ever seen an ugly woman in a blue dress dancing like a monkey because she is looking for votes?”. All media reports linked Malema’s statement to Zille’s dancing, approaching Zille and the DA for comment. If the media had erred in making the link, Malema would most likely have demanded a correction and apology – something he has never been shy or slow to do. -Ed. at Buck Road Primary, the Bobs for Good Foundation is delighted to announce that we will ensure that the learners who do not have school shoes will very shortly walk tall with pride and dignity in brand new leather and locally-made school shoes. Our foundation looks forward to visiting Buck Road Primary, and aims to have the school shoes fitted on the needy children by the end of May, in time for winter. CLAIRE ALEXANDER Bobs for Good Foundation:

Your SMSes General . Just wondering how many others are paying Telkom for no service in return? I have been without service since November. I have even paid rental for the year, yet to this day there has been no service. Is there anyone else getting such lousy treatment? . Would film extras who have issues about outstanding fees or conditions on film set please SMS details to Eddie at 083 718 1810. . Your Treknet cartoon dated 26 April may have offended all vegetarian readers. Please print an apology. . In reply to the SMS about landlords, my mother has a tenant in her separate entrance who has been living there for the past four years. The tenant

refuses to pay a cent. She moved into the place when it was in an excellent condition, but now it looks like a dump. . The recent Old Mutual Two Oceans marathon was very disappointing in the way that the cameras were focused on the fore-runners and not the whole team. TV viewer Smartening up . To the people who complain about Pick n Pay’s Smart Card, it helps me, so well done Pick n Pay. . In response to Lucille, you the consumer, get R10 returned on every R1 000 you spend. . Dear consumer, both correspondents must go and do some elementary mathematics. One point per R100 equals R1. Elementary, my dear Watson!

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Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Barry ready to visit his cousins ALTHOUGH he has only been to Fish Hoek “to fish”, comedy legend Barry Hilton hopes to bring a roar of laughter as big as Elton John’s pinky ring to the Far South when he hits the Valley on Saturday 7 May. Hilton will leave his local cousins in stitches when he kicks off the “Legends in the Valley” comedy series, organised by Noordhoek local and fellow commedian, Mark Sampson. Money raised will go to the Shark Spot- HOWZIT? Barry Hilton will be rolling out the laughter with his show ters. in Fish Hoek on Saturday 7 May. Hilton, who grew up in Observatory, says he looks forward to vi- quips. siting “the other end of the city”. The show will be presented in the Fish “It’s been a while since I’ve visited the ar- Hoek High School hall at 19:00. Tickets are ea, and I look forward to giving people a good R100 pre-booked and R120 at the door. time,” he says. “I love working in Cape Town There will be a full bar on the evening and and I’m sure this show is going to be just as a selection of snacks for sale. Hilton’s show lekker.” will be preceded by a support act. He looks forward to “checking out the To reserve your tickets, phone 078 174 4244 characteristics” when he comes to town la- or email ter this week, the comic says. . The show is proudly supported by PeoAnything he would like to add? ple’s Post, the print media partner of the “Two and two, which gives you four,” he “Legends in the Valley” comedy series.

HITTING THE COVER: Hot Water are, from the left: Leon Visser, Chris Bakalanga, Andre Swartz, Donovan Copley and Soubry Makupula. Photo: Deborah Rossouw

Every home should have Hot Water WITH the launch of their third album, “South”, Hot Water continue to unfold a distinctive, authentic and uplifting South African sound that will make you proud to be a part of this country. “Afro-Folk-Rock-Pop-Blues-Jive” is how band leader Donovan Copley would describe the music. And the purpose? “Upliftment, and finding a point of common identity,” says Copley. South is a multicultural exploration in music, and with song titles like “Lekker Sakkie”, “Tribal Man” and “Shushu”, the band is naturally accessible across the board.

Hot Water has performed at almost every major festival in South Africa, including Rocking the Daisies, Oppikoppi, Splashy Fen, Up The Creek, KKNK, Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts as well as the famed “House on Fire” in Swaziland and the Hague Jazz Festival in Holland. The band has toured in Europe five times; played alongside SA greats Hugh Masekela, Johnny Clegg and Freshlyground, and had their songs used in advertising campaigns across Europe and in the USA. For full tour dates and information go to

Brief Lives moves to Artscape THE Claremont Dramatic Society’s production of Patrick Garlands’ “Brief Lives” is transferring from the Masque Theatre to the Artscape Arena for a short run from Saturday 7 to Saturday 14 May. The play is a dramatisation of 17th century diarist, John Aubrey’s writings. Aubrey is depicted as an eccentric old man

in the last year of his life, sharing historical perspectives and spicy gossip about his famous friends. This adaptation is directed by Brenda Gray, with Brian de Kock as John Aubrey. Book at Computicket or Artscape DialA-Seat on (021) 421-7695.

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Classic whodunnit at Masque AGATHA CHRISTIE’S mystery novel, “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”, adapted for the stage by Michael Morton under the title “Alibi”, opens at the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg, on Friday 13 May. Cecil Jakins directs the play for the Fish Hoek Dramatic Society. “The Murder FAMOUS PLOT: Nigel Stevenson (left) and Noel Pratten in “Alibi”, the of Roger Ack- Agatha Christie murder mystery opening at the Masque Theatre on Friday royd “was the 13 May. Photo: Supplied first of Agatha Christie’s novels to be staged and the play Laughton, who went on to star in and direct follows the book closely. the 1932 Broadway production. “Alibi” (with a cast of 12) is full of the usu“Alibi” runs until Saturday 21 May (exal Christie red herrings, plot twists and cluding Sunday to Wednesday). Week well-defined characters. It was first pro- nights are at 20:00 and Saturdays at 14:30 duced on the London stage in 1928, with and 18:30. Tickets are R60 for evenings and Hercule Poirot played by Charles R50 for matinees and Thursday evening.

Open day for aspiring dancers T

HE Cape Town City Ballet, in conjunction with UCT School of Dance and the Cape Junior Ballet, presents its annual open day from 10:00 till 15:00 on Saturday 28 May at the studios of the UCT School of Dance in Rosebank. The action-packed day promises excellent entertainment for the whole family, as well as providing a rare behind-the-scenes look into the daily life of a dancer. A special feature of this year’s event will be the appearance of the “Black Swan” during the two special fundraiser performances. Visitors can begin their visit by observing a company class taught by ballerina, Tracy Li, and then watch a rehearsal conducted by Professor Elizabeth Triegaardt of City Ballet’s production of Swan Lake, which will be presented at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown next month, as well as during its forthcoming season at the Artscape Opera in August. Young visitors are catered for and can participate in several events, which include Laura Bosenberg will show off her talent at Cape Town City Bal­ face painting and stage make- let’s Open Day in Rosebank. up by City Ballet dancers, and experience a tactile moment with costumes while the Cape Junior Ballet can be seen in a from their wardrobe. “Variations Class” conducted by former balleThe Ballet Shop will hold a special sale of rina, Nicolette Loxton. dance togs. A percentage of sales will be donatAdmission is R20 for adults and R10 for chiled to City Ballet’s outreach and development dren under 13, and enables participants to atprogrammes. tend all the activities, except the two fundraisMervyn Williams will conduct an open “In- ing performances at 12:30 and 13:30. troduction to Ballet” class and all are invited Tickets for these shows are available on the to join in on the fun. day for R50. City Ballet’s Male Development programme Refreshments will be on sale. will see former principal dancer, Johan For more information, phone Megan du PlesJooste, conduct a class for young male dancers, sis on (021) 650-2400.

Actors needed urgently TWO characters are urgently needed for a South African comedy or drama written by Ralph Kelly. The play, which is to be staged by the Companion Players at the Milnerton Playhouse on 7, 8 and 9 July, requires actors for

the parts of a Jewish wife and a detectivesergeant. Rehearsals will be held in Claremont. Anyone wishing to audition or help backstage and front-of-house, please contact Pam Burger on 082 488 0442.


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Tuesday 3 May 2011

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Plumbers ABSOLUTELY Honest. 15 years experience. Quicksilva Plumbing. (071 743 2288

FAMILY NOTICES Geen huis nodig. Een paaiement vir al jou skuld. rekeninge is agter en reeds gelys? “Skakel my vir hulp” •• UU Leningsaansoeke is reeds


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Plastic chairs R2.


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Free Assessment Caryn & Sebastien ( 071 362 5616

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CLEAN CUT GARDENS Regular garden maintenance, once off clean­ups, cutbacks and hedge specialist Contact Steve 021­797 2442

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Tuesday 3 May 2011

People’s Post Constantia­Wynberg Page 15

Task team to probe Dallas tours BRIAN GAFFNEY


LL Dallas Cup tours for youth footballers to America over the past decade – including the controversy-dogged tours coordinated by Basil Palanyandi since 2009 – will be investigated by an independent task team cochaired by two advocates. This was confirmed by the Safa Cape Town president, Norman Arendse, yesterday (Monday) in the wake of the 2011 tour which went horribly wrong for the 25-person travelling party – which included 17 under-15 footballers. The task team, which will be cochaired by advocates Charles Simon and André Coetzee, have been briefed to investigate the matter with urgency once they have received the relevant submissions from parents and other stakeholders in the tour. Arendse said the Safa CT has also recommended that “pending the outcome of the task team’s findings, Palanyandi must be suspended from all Safa CT activities, including his executive committee position [head of fixtures]”. He said that Palanyandi will be afforded the opportunity to explain his “side of the story” regarding the Dallas tours when he meets with

the task team. Palanyandi has coordinated the tours on his own since 2006, after they were run by the old Safa Western Province since 2000, with him on board at the time. Since 2006, he continued to present the tours to locals and to the Dallas Cup organisers as the “Archbishop Desmond Tutu Ikapa United” tour, implying continued endorsement from Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s office. Local youth footballers’ dreams of competing in the 2011 international showpiece were shattered when they were told they had been disqualified for not meeting the registration deadline, and for failing to have all members present for the opening day on Sunday 17 April. The tournament organisers instead arranged friendly matches for the touring team in Dallas. The tour that never got off the ground was bedevilled by a delay in the issue of visas by the American Consulate in Cape Town. According to irate parents that had called People’s Post, Palanyandi had blamed the consulate for the delay. The parents, however, pointed fingers at Palanyandi for “not fulfilling his duties correctly and timeously”. The tour debacle took another controversial turn on Monday 19

“ ... suspended

from all Safa CT activities ...

AIR CONTROL: Ajax Cape Town FC midfielder Granwald Scott counters Good­ man Dlamini of AmaZulu FC dur­ ing Ajax’s 2­1 win in an Absa Premier Soccer League match at Athlone Stadium on Friday evening. The re­ sult placed title­ chasing Ajax in pole position in the race for the league champi­ onship title.

FIERY WELCOME: Carla Goodman, the spokesperson for parents of the under­15 tour team that was disquali­ fied from the Dallas Cup, confronts tour coordinator Basil Palanyandi at Cape Town International Airport on Thurs­ day. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

April when Dan Vaughan – the aide for Archbishop Desmond Tutu – informed this newspaper that the Archbishop’s office was no longer responsible for the Dallas tour. “About two years ago, the Archbishop’s office, following inquiries to the office, became concerned that the Archbishop’s support of the Dallas tour was being misrepresented and that it was not receiving financial reports regarding the fundraising”. Vaughan said that no further support by the Archbishop could be assured until Palanyandi had provided audited financial statements. “Archbishop Tutu’s support for the tours was accordingly with-

drawn and he has not endorsed the project since then [2009],” said Vaughan. There was a heated confrontation between some parents at Cape Town International Airport when Palanyandi and the tour group returned from Dallas on Thursday. Carla Goodman from Camps Bay, whose son was included in the under-15 touring squad, called on Palanyandi to call a meeting to address the parents’ concerns surrounding the ill-fated tour. Palanyandi said he would provide parents with his 2011 tour report at the offices of the LFA Cape District at the William Herbert Sports Complex on Wynberg this

past Friday at 18:00. However, when this newspaper contacted Palanyandi yesterday (Monday), he said he was unfortunately able to get the necessary information from the LFA Cape District office, which he said was locked. He, however, met the parents of the junior players at a clubhouse on the complex – where it was decided to reconvene the report-back meeting for Friday 6 May in Wynberg. Palanyandi said he was unaware that a task team had been appointed to investigate all Dallas Cup tours. He was not prepared to comment on any tour issues until after the meeting on Friday.

PACY: Western Province under­ 21 captain Can­ dice Manuel (right) races Ka­ ra Stella of Kwa­ Zulu­Natal Coastal during the teams’ 1­1 draw in a nation­ al under­21 hockey champi­ onship match at Hartleyvale in Observatory on Sunday. Photo: Peter Heeger/ Gallo Images

Photo: Rashied Isaacs

CHALLENGING ENCOUNTER: Ajax Cape Town FC goal ace Thu­ lani Serero har­ asses Tsweu Mokoro in the AmaZulu FC midfield during Ajax’s 2­1 win in an Absa Premier Soccer League match at Ath­ lone Stadium on Friday evening. Goal ace Serero and central de­ fender Clayton Daniels were back in action for the Urban Warriors after attending trials with Ajax Am­ sterdam in Hol­ land last week. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

TELLING TACK­ LE: DHL Storm­ ers wing Bryan Habana is up­ ended by Sharks flyhalf Patrick Lambie during the Stormers’ 32­12 win in a Super Rugby match at New­ lands on Satur­ day. Photo: Peter Heeger/ Gallo Images

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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Stormers brace for the Crusaders TASMIN CUPIDO


CLASH of the titans can be expected when the DHL Stormers take on the Crusaders in the Vodacom Super Rugby competition at DHL Newlands on Saturday. Arguably South Africa and New Zealand’s most consistent, strongest and best teams in

the competition, Allister Coetzee and Todd Blackadder’s charges will do battle in one of the most eagerly-anticipated matches of the tournament. And, following an emphatic 32-12 victory over the Sharks, their closest rivals in the South African conference, the Stormers will be looking to replicate the performance when they take to the field this weekend. The Stormers shook off their label as a de-

QUICK STEPPER: DHL Stormers centre, Jean de Villiers, manages to get past the clutches of Meyer Bosman of the Sharks during the Stormers’ 32­12 victory at DHL Newlands on Saturday. De Villiers, who scored one of his side’s four tries, was named man of the match. Photo:


Sonny Bill Williams

Photo: Getty Images

centre pairings of De Villiers and Jacque Fourie, and Sonny Bill Williams and Robbie Fruean. It will be Williams’ first match in South Africa, and he will undoubtedly live up to the hype. His ability to draw defenders on attack, as well as off-load within the tackle has been the talking point of the rugby world this year. Williams, a former rugby league player, has lived up to the expectations of the rugbymad New Zealand population – can step (thanks to his heavyweight boxing background), spot gaps and is no slouch on defence either – and the partnership between him and Fruean has been groundbreaking this season. An attacking game plan can be expected from the men in red-and-black – they have scored 36 tries this season while the Stormers have only managed to score 16. The men in navy-blue-and-white must ensure that their defensive plans – their pride – are in tip-top form when they take the field.

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fensive team when the men in navy-blue-andwhite ran in four unanswered tries and picked up a valuable bonus point. Even the loss of flyhalf and leading point scorer, Peter Grant, could not deter the Stormers from playing all-round good rugby – and young Lionel Cronjé stepped up to the plate and did a fine job replacing the Stormers pivot. Inside centre, Jean de Villiers, was impressive and scored one of his side’s four tries. His performance also earned him the man of the match award. The Stormers dominated at the breakdowns, maintained a solid defence and thrilled the 46 000-strong crowd with attacking and wide-spread plays. The excellent play by his side impressed head coach, Coetzee. However he maintains that they can still improve their current form. “It was a good win, and I am satisfied with the outcome – we scored three tries in the first 25 minutes of the match,” he said. “I felt that we stood up physically and again did well on defence. We have been criticised for not scoring many tries, but if we are preventing the other side from scoring tries, I am happy. “However, we still have a lot to work on – we created several opportunities which we did not capitalise on. In a play-off match you need to take such opportunities.” Following the victory over the men from Durban, the Cape side extended their lead on the top of the South African conference log, and have moved to second place on the combined log. The Blues from New Zealand are on top with a one-point lead. The men from Canterbury in New Zealand will be looking for revenge, after their last visit to Newlands ended in a record-breaking 42-14 win in favour of the Stormers. The current crop of Crusaders players has impressed throughout the season, despite injuries to vital players such as captain, Kieran Read, Daniel Carter and stalwart, Richie McCaw. Read and Carter, without a doubt the number one flyhalf in the world, are said to be making their return on Saturday, while McCaw played his first match for the side in their 42-30 victory over the Western Force in Perth on Saturday. Several battles can be expected, with the most exciting being the battle between the


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Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg Edition 03-05-2011  

Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg Edition 03-05-2011

Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg Edition 03-05-2011  

Peoples Post Constantia-Wynberg Edition 03-05-2011