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Tuesday 12 April 2011

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The SA Surf Life Saving Nipper Championships were held in per­ fect weather conditions at Strand beach on Saturday. The Fish Hoek Surf Lifesaving Club walked off with the championship title, while Durban Surf and Kings Beach (PE) placed second and third respec­ tively. Photo: Denzil Maregele

Not all rangers will be armed TERESA FISCHER

CONTRARY to earlier media reports, not all of the 50 additional rangers who will be deployed in the Table Mountain National Park will be armed. Instead, there will be a specifically-trained unit of armed rangers, with one armed ranger per patrol group. These officials will carry 9 mm handguns. It is envisaged that the first recruits will be in action within the next three months. On Wednesday 6 April, the chief executive officer of South African National Parks (SANParks), Dr David Mabunda, announced that rangers are to be armed. The park currently employs 43 rangers and 12 visitor safety officers, who cover the mountain range from Cape Point to Table Mountain. According to Mabunda, efforts will be made to increase the number of additional rangers by 50 over the next three years. There will also be more dogs used on the

mountain. SANParks spokesperson, Wanaka Rusthoi, adds that at this stage numbers of armed rangers cannot be given for safety reasons. The specifics of where these rangers will be deployed and in what circumstances they could use their weapons has not been finalised. Rusthoi says this is partly to maintain the element of surprise, but added that hot spots would certainly be targeted. A spate of mugging incidents, often at knifepoint, flared up in May last year. However, the latest announcement seems to have taken civilian stakeholders by surprise. In February Community Safety MEC, Albert Fritz, initiated the formation of a steering committee to tackle crime on the mountain. This aimed to coordinate park officials, police and groups such as the Table Mountain Safety Action Group and to facilitate consultation. The announcement that rangers would soon be armed followed, but it is understood that no mention of the plan was made at the last Safety Fo-

rum meeting. Asked to comment on this, Rusthoi says only: “The steering committee is working well together on all matters regarding visitor safety on the mountain, including search and rescue efforts. We look forward to working together to make the mountain safer for all visitors.” Asked if the decision was a result of the efforts of the steering committee, Melany Kühn, spokesperson for Fritz, said that the SANParks announcement was driven nationally and that it was the culmination of a process that started “way before” the steering committee was formed. Kühn adds safety on Table Mountain is about involving the community as a whole to bolster existing law enforcement initiatives. According to Kühn, a prime example is that UCT, which borders the mountain on the Rhodes Memorial side, is currently looking at additional state-of-the-art cameras to include the mountain in its surveillance. Mabunda said the impact of


crime over the years in parts of the TMNP had resulted in the decision. He adds that SANParks and its partners had to “act decisively”. But it is understood that promises of an armed response team were made two years ago but never materialised. Andre van Schalkwyk, of the Table Mountain Safety Action Group Watch, a group of hikers, mountain bikers and walkers, welcomes the development and says he is very happy with these new steps. “We believe the constant pressure all concerned mountain users and the media have applied over the past four years has contributed to these developments, especially the data and the statistics we made available recently.” Van Schalkwyk adds that the TMNP has a clear obligation to ensure people are secure within their parks and that not delivering on this mandate would not be in their interests. Noordhoek resident, Louis Liebenberg of CyberTracker, has previously submitted a proposal to the


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TMNP to train rangers to become trackers. He tracks and maps the paths and hiding places that criminals use on the CyberTracker software he developed, along with an American programmer. Liebenberg says: “The announcement is to be welcomed as the park currently has far too few rangers to make it safe. “The aggressive nature of the incidents makes it necessary for rangers to be armed.” He adds: “However, simply employing more rangers to do visible patrols will not be sufficient. Criminals often simply hide when they see patrols, and then attack visitors when the patrols have moved on.” Rangers need to be trained in tracking skills and stealth in order to catch criminals.”

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Tuesday 12 April 2011

Heathfield man dies in Congo plane crash LIAM MOSES


HEATHFIELD family has been left devastated by the sudden and unexpected death of their “pillar of strength” days before he was set to arrive home after six months abroad. Randall Quickfall (47) was killed on Monday 4 April when the plane transporting him to the N’Jili airport in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), crashed, killing 32 of the 33 people on board. Quickfall had been working in the DRC as a deputy project manager for a company called Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE), and was an experienced and highly-respected firefighter. Cheryl Snyders, Quickfall’s older sister, says the sudden nature of her brother’s death makes it harder for the family to deal with. “Any family that loses a member is traumatised, but in our case, because it was so tragic, we are definitely devastated,” said Snyders. “My mother and father aren’t dealing with it well, his children aren’t dealing with it well and I don’t think any of us are.” Snyders was still visibly shocked by her brother’s death when People’s Post visited the family’s home on Wednesday 7 April, and came close to tears during the interview. Mercia and William Quickfall, Randall’s parents, looked on solemnly as Snyders described her brother’s passion for his career. “What I can say is that Randall died for what

he loved,” said Snyders. “His work was his passion; he lived for his work. So he died being happy, I suppose.” Quickfall was returning to his home base in Kinshasa from an assignment in Goma, and was set to return home to South Africa on Friday 15 April. He had planned to spend over a month in Cape Town on leave before returning to the DRC. Snyders added that her brother’s dedication to his work was so strong that he was prepared to die. “I visualisethe torrential rains and that plane going down, and him actually seeing that death is coming,” said Snyders. “But I don’t think he even complained because he was executing his duty. And that is who Randall Malcolm Quickfall was.” The family have been living in Heathfield for close to 50 years. Quickfall is survived by his two children, Carri (17) and Bryan (21) Quickfall. Snyders said she would remember her brother as a funloving, people’s person. “He lived life, he enjoyed life, he loved people, he was bubbly,” said Snyders. “He enjoyed entertaining. There was never a limit to the budget when Randall entertained, to be honest. He enjoyed karaoke. He enjoyed dancing and parties, but even though he enjoyed that he never ever forgot that we grew up in a Godly home.” Quickfall’s body is expected to arrive in the country this week, and his family is in the process of making funeral arrangements. Snyders added that the family’s faith in God was helping them through “this difficult time”.

I don’t think he even complained – he was executing his duty

DEVASTATED: The family of Randall Quickfall, who died in a plane crash in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday 4 April. Cheryl Snyders, Quickfall’s sis­ ter, holds up a picture of her brother. Next to her are his sister Beverley Lategan and Mercia Quickfall, his mother. William Quickfall, Randall’s father, is seated in front of them. Photo: Liam Moses

Election time created temporary employment MELISSA LE ROUX

WITH the municipal elections around the corner, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has created 15 630 temporary voluntary employment opportunities for community members. This is in addition to other IEC positions, such as assistant project coordinators and area managers. The 15 630 temporary staff will man voting stations. The IEC is a publicly-funded, permanent body that was established in terms of the Elec-

toral Commission Act of 1996. Its purpose is to promote and safeguard democracy in South Africa. Provincial Electoral Officer, Reverend Courtney Sampson, says the IEC’s task is to put all structures and systems in place for a “free and fair election without showing prejudice or favour to any of the participating political parties”. The IEC’s job structure consists of permanent jobs as well as “expansion job structures” – temporary employment for people in the community during the election period. As each electoral project coordinator has an assistant, there are 40 posts for the assistant project coordinator position. There are also 387 posts for the area manager position. These positions are advertised in various publications as appli-

cants would need to have a tertiary qualification. The posts are terminated one month after the election is over. Sampson said: “There are 1 570 voting stations, and during the registration process, three staff members are at each voting station and 10 are present on election day.” However, there are currently no more positions available at the IEC, as they have all been filled. According to Sampson, the IEC does not offer jobs. “The 15 630 positions that are available at the time of elections are voluntary positions, and they get compensated for the time spent working in aid of the elections,” he said. The IEC advertised the available positions and anyone interested could apply at the local offices in Athlone, Mitchell’s Plain, Strand, Constantia and Bellville. Training is provided by the

IEC and began on Friday 1 April. It covered the operations involved during elections. Staff are taught to handle difficult situations, what their duties are and the legal aspects of the legislation. According to Sampson, political party officials or campaigners may not apply for a job at the IEC during election time. “Having someone who campaigns for a particular political party volunteering at a voting station on election day will put the IEC in a bad light, as they could try to persuade people to vote for that party. “There is a declaration that the volunteers at the voting station have to sign, saying that they are being truthful,” he says. Any of the volunteers found guilty of campaigning for a political party at any time during the election period, will be removed from their post and replaced immediately.

Learn how to make a pass

Probe into unorthodox arrest by Claremont police ongoing

THE Cape Natural History Club will host an illustrated talk by Dave Cowley on Wednesday April 20 at 20:00 at SACS School in Newlands. Cowley will discuss early road and pass developer, Thomas Bain, in a lecture titled “A Colossus of Roads”. Bain was responsible for 23 passes, most of which are still in use today. He also unearthed, during construction, some of the country’s rich fossil records. Entry to the talk is R20. Enquiries can be made to Eleanor by phoning (021) 762-1779, or visiting

THERE is still no word from police on why officers loaded suspects into the boot of a car after arresting them five weeks ago. The incident occurred in Claremont Boulevard on Tuesday 1 March and was captured in a series of photographs taken by a bystander. The unorthodox arrests were strongly condemned by the provincial police at the time. (“Police dump suspects into boot of car”, People’s Post, 8 March).

People’s Post has been told that an investigation into the incident is continuing. Claremont Cluster police spokesperson, Captain Angie Latchman, says it is unclear at this stage when it will be finalised because the matter is being investigated at provincial level. Provincial police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut, says the matter is still pending as the outcome has not been finalised.


Tuesday 12 April 2011

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 3

FED UP: Several Claremont land claimants fighting for 1,2 ha of prime land on Bowwood Road held a protest march from St Saviour’s Church to the site of the old bowling green on Saturday 9 April. They were removed from their homes as a result of the Group Areas Act. Neville Hendricks, chairperson of the claimants’ trust, says the council is currently conducting a third valuation on the land. Previous valuations found the land to be worth R27 million and then R45 million, an amount the Land Claims Commission said it was unable to pay. Hendricks says the claimants have been fighting for restitution since 2000. “Claimants are dying on our hands. There is always a spoke in the wheel. They want to keep the leafy suburbs lily white,” he says. Hendricks says if “something doesn’t happen” in the next three weeks, the claimants will hold another march, this time to the City of Cape Town or the provincial parliament. Photo: Lester Fielies

City seeks Plan B to bail out Cape Town stadium VERNA VAN DIEMEN


T LEAST two residents’ associations around the Cape Town Stadium say they will support a review of some of the restrictions preventing commercial activity in the area when there are no events at the venue. The stadium is built on grounds declared a public open space, which restricts any commercialisation. The conditions are stipulated in the Record of Decision (ROD) issued in 2006 by then MEC for Environmental Affairs, Tasneem Essop. It is projected that ratepayers will have to cough up R44,6 million of the R56 million operating costs needed to run the stadium this year. But members of the Sea Point, Fresnaye and Bantry Bay Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (SFBRRA) and the Green Point Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (GPRRA) say they would support any efforts by the City to unlock the stadium’s economic possibilities, including lifting some of the restrictions. Brett Herron, the Mayoral Committee member for Community Services, says he welcomes the positive feedback from the two associations.

“The site has always been controversial, but we were hoping for the support of the community,” he says. David Lazarus, of SFBRRA says: “Making the stadium financially viable must come first. The ratepayers are paying for it at the moment. We are not saying do a blanket lift of restrictions but look at each restriction on its merit.” Jocelin Kagan from GPRRA says: “The short-sightedness of those who were responsible for drafting this document (ROD) costs the City and ratepayers an extraordinary amount of money every month to keep the stadium going. “The City has the power to reformulate the ROD and as such, could speed its income-generating capabilities if they would move to focus on this document and process.” The Mouille Point Ratepayers’ Association (MPRPA), however, did not want to voice its support or disapproval for the zoning restrictions, opting instead to raise its concerns about the impact stadium events have on residents. Marco van Embden, the MPRPA chairperson, says: “The workings of the City and its endeavours to run the stadium at a break-even are not part of our discussions with them at this stage. “Our concerns are limited to the

impact the various events would have on our owners and residents who live in Mouille Point, between Three Anchor Bay and The Water Club. “The shortage of parking in and around Mouille Point is an issue, especially now that the magnificent Urban Park is fully operational. We are in contact with the City in this regard as the lack of parking and excessive traffic in the area at peak visitor times does cause inconvenience to residents.” The City put out a tender last week for a service provider to look at all potential business models for managing the stadium. This process could look beyond the ROD as well. The business analyst would best be able to advise the City on which zoning restrictions could be lifted, adds Herron. “The idea is not to build a mall or a casino, but we would like to see a tea room, a restaurant and to sell souvenirs from the visitors’ centre, which already attracts people.” Lesley de Reuck, director of the Cape Town Stadium and Green Point Park, says the concerts held so far and those lined up for the stadium are not sufficient to cover the costs of running the stadium. “It is well-known throughout

world that events and concerts alone do not nearly cover operational costs of stadia. “The most important thing is an anchor tenant and other potential tenants, for example coffee shops and a sports shop so that all the revenue-generating opportunities can be optimised to create income,” says De Reuck. Residents’ associations are eager to have the taxpayers’ burden lifted. Lazarus says they encourage any efforts by the City to make the “lossmaking venture run by the council with ratepayers’ money” sustainable, “provided that the conditions of use continue to meet the terms laid down by the Stadium Compliance Management System so that neighbouring residents are not adversely affected”. “If anchor tenants or even branding the stadium provide a means of achieving that goal, then we would encourage such moves ...” Kagan says it was “extraordinary to think that they did not initiate this process immediately the 2010 World Cup finished. Almost a year down the line they are still wriggling around trying to find ways to make the stadium pay when it can, but they have not moved to remove the greatest stumbling block.”

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De Reuck says: “We need to consider the best option. It might mean that we will have one or many anchor tenants.” Despite having more than seven concerts and big events scheduled for this year, the revenue will not be enough to break even, says De Reuck. The city made R2,5m from hosting the U2 concert, with R868 000 profit after expenses. Yesterday’s Neil Diamond concert brought in around R100 000. “It is impossible to run the stadium on just the revenue from concerts and events.” De Reuck says the City has already made a saving of R2 million by renegotiating two tenders – for cleaning and safety and security. Thirteen new tenders to deliver services at the stadium have just been advertised. It is envisaged that further savings could possibly be realised from the process, says De Reuck. The City has been managing the stadium since January after Sail Stadefrance backed out just weeks before their lease agreement was to have come into effect in November. At the time Sail Stadefrance said the strict zoning conditions made it almost impossible to generate income.


Page 4 People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Learn more about your history

TEARS OF JOY: Ncebakazi Bu­ ka (left), of Ikamvalethu Secondary School, won the Knowledge Workshop’s speech compe­ tition, which consisted of both a prepared and impromptu speech. Also pictured are Christina Goni­ we (middle) and runner­up Sikwakhile Msuthu (right).

TOP SPEAKER: The winner of the speech competition held on Saturday 26 March, Ncebakazi Buka, (second from right) with her prize – a bicycle – at home with her family in Khayelitsha. Marian James is on the far right.

English skills on show at speech contest TERESA FISCHER


N 2008, the English pass rate at Ikamvalethu Secondary School in Langa was just 36%. Within a year this percentage was up to the mid 80s, largely due to a partnership with The Knowledge Workshop, a language skills training centre in Rosebank that offers TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses. Knowledge Workshop founders, Marian James and Paul Salmon, say part of the TEFL course includes practical experience at struggling local schools. This “win-win” situation gives their students invaluable practical teaching experience, while simultaneously helping the host school by bringing mother-tongue English teachers into the classroom with new ideas for stimulating learning. At Ikamvalethu, the use of the

pupil’s mother tongue, Xhosa, is banned during English lessons. James explains that this goes a long way towards improving results. In the three years of the partnership, the English pass rate has consistently been in the 80% range. She says one of the best aspects of the programme is that it demystifies a lot about township life for their students, who are relatively affluent and from the suburbs. In many ways they find it better than they expected, particularly in terms of safety, but the infrastructure is “so much worse”. “They realise how much better off they are,” says James. “The moment when they drive down Washington Drive into Langa is like stepping out of a cocoon,” says James. “Teaching is also about learning; you can’t teach if you are not willing to learn yourself,” notes Salmon.He says that often their

response is to question why they haven’t done it before. They realise anyone can go into the township and make a difference. The students devise unique lesson plans during their time at the school. This means they leave a tangible legacy, as these plans are permanent resources that can be used repeatedly. Others are inspired to help in different ways, such as the student who donated his unused golf equipment to a pupil who loved golf, but only had a broken putter. Some have painted the school, and last year a student who was working for FIFA managed to organise a trip to the Cape Town Stadium for the Ikamvalethu soccer team.“Things like this happen all the time,” says James. She says the children are well behaved at Ikamvalethu; they want to learn and “just need the tools”. The Knowledge Workshop also

runs free holiday programmes at the township school, which last year attracted 104 pupils. James is a passionate teacher and her energy is often rewarded, for instance when one of the pupils, who used to struggle to string a sentence together, wrote her a poem and reduced her to tears. The Knowledge Workshop held a speech contest on Saturday 26 March. Ncebakazi Buka, with her topic “If I were president, I would…”, just pipped Siwakhile Msuthu into first place. Msuthu’s topic was “What makes a good leader”. Both speakers almost moved the audience to tears, and the outcome was ultimately decided by a second round of impromptu speeches. Msuthu picked “Convince us to vote for you as the next president of South Africa” and Buka wove a beautiful metaphor on the topic “Explain three uses of a pencil, other than for writing”.

THE Cape Town Family History Society will present a special interest workshop on the topic “Was Your Ancestor from Saint Helena Island?” by Merle Martin on Thursday 5 May at St Paul’s Church Hall, Main Road, Rondebosch, starting from 09:30 to 11:30. The cost is R50. Registration inquiries to Lois Harley on (021) 797-6537, email or visit the website on for the annual timetable.

Society plant sale THE Cape Horticultural Society’s annual plant sale is being held on Saturday 16 April. The plants have been grown by members, and reflect the wide range of indigenous and exotic plants in the Western Cape. The sale will be held at 6 Thomas Road, corner Summerley, in Kenilworth, from 10:00 to 13:00. For further information call Melanie on (021) 797-1319.

History of suburbs along the Liesbeek THE renowned historian, Dr Helen Robinson, is to discuss her new book about the history of the development of the suburbs along the Liesbeek River from 1652 until 1913, at the AGM of Friends of Plumstead Library on Wednesday 13 April. The meeting begins at 17:00 for 17:30 at the library, which is in Yudelman’s Lane, off Main Road, Plumstead. For further information telephone Melanie at (021) 550-2618.

Learn about leopards LOCAL FLAVOUR: Re­ nowned cartoonist Zapiro’s illustrations grace the Big Five Development Pro­ gramme, an interactive six­ week literacy development programme devised by Helaine Robinson and re­ formatted by Mary Walsh. Robinson, of the Centre for Sport and Development on Grove Avenue in Claremont, says children start to learn to read and write within six weeks on the programme, which caters for all ages, as well as children who have special needs or learning problems. The unique, user­friendly Big Five Development Programme consists of nutrition, occupational therapy, memory development, art therapy and scholastic development covering literacy and numeracy. Walsh reformatted The Big Five Development Programme into a modern, Western programme children, students and teachers from around the world can access. A British funder is subsidising 30 children and 30 students, teachers and NGOs who would like to do the programme. Contact Robinson on 073 280 3585 or email Supplied

HANDY WORK: Claremont Police were conducting routine crime pre­ vention patrols on Thursday 7 April at 07:30 at the corner of Lansdowne and Garfield roads when they spotted a suspicious­look­ ing man carrying a black bag. The officers confronted him and dis­ covered brand new tools in the bag. On further questioning, the sus­ pect then took the officers to a canal in Rondebosch, adjacent to the M5, where more tools were recovered. Police arrested the 29­ year­old Hanover Park resident on a charge of possession of stolen property. He appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court on Friday 8 April and investigations are continuing.

THE Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) members’ evening and talk will be held on Thursday 14 April at 18:00 for 18:30 to 20:00. Dr Quinton Martins, of the Cape Leopard Trust, will talk about his eight years’ work with leopards in the Cederberg Mountains, studying in intimate detail the ecology of one of the most elusive cats, as well as the threats they and other predators of the Cape face. All are welcome at the WESSA Barn at 31 The Sanctuary, Kirstenhof. Non-members pay a R20 donation. The proceeds go to covering costs and funding WESSA’s work. There is a bar available for wine and soft drinks. RSVP to Sandy by Wednesday 13 April at or (021) 701-1397.



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Tuesday 12 April 2011


Railway garden under attack TERESA FISCHER


OOKING after her “children” entails clambering over the railway line in her protective vest, and never letting them go thirsty. Harfield Village resident Gail Brown’s babies include a milkwood tree, a wild olive, vygies and plenty of juicy succulents, which she has planted on the Harfield Village side of the railway line, away from the tracks. The area has been transformed from barren, stony ground into a landscaped wonder for everyone to enjoy. But to her despair Metrorail allegedly killed about 20 of her plants when they sprayed herbicides on the track. Brown says this is despite her repeated appeals to the company to not spray her plants. She says Metrorail has also destroyed some of the many rose bushes planted along the outside of the fence in a City of Cape Town-

GROWING BEAUTY: A view of some of the succulents Harfield Village resident, Gail Brown, has planted along the railway line.

sponsored programme last year. Brown has planted the indigenous garden at her own expense and waters the plants weekly. A neighbour allows Brown to use her water as her own house is too far way. “God gives me trees,” she says, adding that she digs up saplings in her own garden, but that neighbours also drop plants outside her house when they realise what she is doing. GREEN FINGERS: Gail Brown planted these indig­ Without her inter- enous trees along the railway line in Harfield Vil­ vention the line is lage, but recently several of her plants were alleg­ strewn with litter, edly destroyed by Metrorail as it sprayed fungicide which she says is oth- on the tracks. Photo: Teresa Fischer erwise just left lying around. a few years ago have grown quickly “Any other company on this plan- and their green branches attract et would be thanking me and mak- birds and butterflies. ing every effort to assist me in this Twenty-five trees have already task. Many of your passengers do in been planted, and she has a vision fact thank me, when they pass me of creating an avenue of trees from working on their way to the station Bell Road right down to the park. entrance,” she writes in an email to She is hoping for volunteers to Metrorail. help her with this task. She adds that it has been proven She says it is wonderful to see that if an area is visually appealing, that quite a few residents along the people behave better within that en- line have now taken up the chalvironment. lenge and are “getting out there and She points out that with vandal- doing their thing”. ism being a big problem for the comBut she is still hoping a few more pany, she would think it would be people living along the line might happy to support any drives which volunteer to water the section in aim to achieve an area of beauty. front of their homes. Brown has been trying to get Donations of worm juice, comMetrorail to meet with her to dis- post or organic fertilisers are also cuss the installation of a water always welcome. Phone Gail on point, but says she has not had any (021) 671 0311. response. However, following this Metrorail was unable to comment latest issue, a representative has by the time of going to print, but unagreed to meet her today. dertook to provide a response in the Several trees that Brown planted course of the week.

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 5

Gandhi’s grandson to visit Athlone centre MAHATMA GANDHI’S grandson will present a public lecture at the Samaj Centre, Temple Road, Rylands on Saturday 16 April at 18:30 for 19:00. Arun Gandhi will speak about “Gandhi’s legacy: from Phoenix Settlement to the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute”. The event has been organised by the 1860 Legacy Foundation, in conjunction with the Indian High Commission and the Cape

Town Hindu Seva Samaj. A variety of Mahatma Gandhirelated collectables will be on display. If you have any items of interest (statues, plaques, stamps, medals, books, magazines or photographs) which could be added to the exhibition, or for any inquiries, contact Ela Valji on 072 341 7543. Alternatively email

Cool cats on show THE Big Cat Club Cat Show will be held at Cape Town High School on Saturday 16 April from 10:00 to 15:00pm. Over 100 felines, including many pedigreed cats and kittens, as well as domestic cats, have been entered and will compete for various awards.The Emma Animal Rescue Society (Tears) will have beautiful rescued cats on ex-

hibition available for adoption. There is an adoption fee of R450, which includes vaccination, deworming, flea and tick control, sterilisation and micro-chipping. All cats have been tested for Aids and leukaemia. Entrance is R10 for adults and R5 for children. For further information call Marilyn Hoole on 083 651 6343. .

Help feed Egoli kids A GROUP of Christian bikers called On Eagle’s Wings Christian Motorcycle Social Club, Children and Youth Ministry, needs donations for its feeding scheme. The club spends each Saturday singing and playing with about 500 children at the Egoli informal settlement in the Ottery Farmlands. They provide the children with a hot plate of food, which is often their only meal for the day. The group will also be starting

a soup kitchen in May. They will be having their second fundraiser – a bingo evening – to raise funds for the project, on Friday 27 May at Rondebosch East Primary School at 20:00. Any donations for the fundraiser, such as gifts that can be used as prizes, are welcome. Bread, jam, peanut butter, margarine, soup and greens would be greatly appreciated. Contact Glenda on 082 945 4954 or Murvin on 083 351 8865.


Page 6 People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Safe alternative to dumping infants VERNA VAN DIEMEN


ESPERATE mothers are being urged to drop their unwanted babies in baby boxes in an effort to halt baby dumping and infanticides in Cape Town.

THE LINE­UP: The contestants on “Whodunit”, a reality show that combines traditional Survivor­ style competition and strategy with murder­mystery role play. The contestants were (back row): Kyle Bedingfield, Billings Siwila, Charlie Manner, an actor known only as Bingo, Bertrand Logan, Richard Slater and Inger Jansen. Front row: Bianca Kaltwasser, Astralita Dreyer, Sebastian Owen Murray, Tarryn Sessions and Matthew Bernstein. Photo: Roche Pienaar

Mystery reality show shot in Tokai LIAM MOSES

BEING trapped in an abandoned mental hospital for two days and subjected to strenuous mental and physical tests may seem like a nightmare to most people, but 12 Cape Town residents volunteered for it. A reality show called “Whodunnit?” saw contestants overcoming mental and physical challenges to win R1 000, bragging rights and possibly fame, should the show be taken up by a television station. “Whodunnit?” is a cross between the reality television series “Survivor” and a murder mystery role play in which one competitor is the “killer” while the other 11 try to stay alive and follow clues to solve the case. Director Jacques Brown says the contestants were removed from their comfort zones and tested in every way during filming. “I think it was very challenging for the contestants,” says Brown. “It was emotionally, physically and physiologically challenging because they didn’t have comfortable beds to sleep in, there weren’t any doors or windows in the asylum and they had difficult tests to complete.” The show was filmed in the abandoned mental asylum in Tokai Forest, and contestants faced challenges such as paintball wars, an archery competition and freeing themselves after being tied up. The challenge winners received either a clue to help them find the killer or “safe house” status, which granted them immunity from the killer and the right to choose the next

victim. According to Brown, the show’s unusual format and unique cinematography make it unlike any reality show seen in South Africa. “I think it’s exciting and different to other reality shows,” said Brown. “I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll say that the way we shot it is different to what people will see in other reality series. The other shows are just focused on the contestants. It will be more interesting visually.” Brown says the show was made even more riveting by the fact that viewers could try and work out who the killer was while watching the contestants compete. “I think people should watch it because they can try to figure it out themselves and they can watch the contestants as they try to do the same thing.” The entire programme was filmed on a budget of R5 000. Brown and his co-producer Chris Spinas have not yet approached any broadcasters to air the show but are confident about finding a channel once they have edited all 11 episodes. This is the second version of “Whodunnit?” to be filmed. The original was filmed and aired in the US in 2010 by Cody McCollum, a friend of Spinas. McCollum then allowed Spinas and Brown to film the series as long as they called the show by the same name and used the same theme song. Visit for more information on the show or the contestants.


FINAL DRAFT DISTRICT SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT PLANS AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORKS The final draft District Spatial Development Plans and Environmental Management Frameworks relevant to your area will be available for public viewing from Friday 1 April 2011 at your local library, subcouncil office or Planning & Building Development Management District office, or visit

SECURE: A baby placed in one of the baby safes, which can serve as an alternative for mothers who want to dump their new­ borns. the safes, prompting the organisation to expand their marketing strategy to raise awareness of the safes in local townships through posters, fliers, community meetings and radio interviews. Elmien Durieux from Baby Safe says, “Our team of social workers is immediately notified by voice call when a baby is left in the safe and a safety backup system confirms that the infant has been fetched.” The organisation counselled more than 238 women and children during 2010. Durieux says the organisation is embarking on a vigorous awareness campaign so that more lives can be saved. Otter says he understands why women dump their babies, as they are often judged by social workers, nurses and support staff. “There are many reasons, such as massive social issues. I know that in communities like Masiphumelele there is a stigma attached when a woman falls pregnant from a man from a different African country. Poverty and rape are some of the other reasons,” he said. Other organisations and churches are also invited to apply for the six extra baby safes, which Baby Safe has just bought. For further details call Babysafe on 072 116 5403.

Fundamental learning at a young age THINK TWICE – a non-profit organisation based in Wynberg – believes that it is important to lay strong foundations with young people from the earliest of ages. Think Twice’s early childhood development programmes target young people from the age of five, and focus on instilling a sense of their own self worth and ability to make good decisions, while empowering them to deal with issues such as HIV/AIDS and child sexual abuse. Think Twice will be hosting a two-day training workshop, where the fundamentals

of the programmes – techniques and tools for facilitating the Grade R Jerry Giraffe programme and the Grade 2 Mr Wiggly Worm programme – will be taught on Monday 18 April and Tuesday 19 April; and another on Wednesday 20 April and Thursday 21 April. Parents, guardians, Sunday school teachers and those interested in this age group are welcome to join. May dates are available on request. Contact Ntsiki or Miemie on (021) 762-2979 or (021) 761-3338, or visit the website

Every year thousands of South Africans are diagnosed with leukaemia.

Comments can be forwarded to: Spatial Planning & Urban Design Department City of Cape Town, P O Box 4511, Cape Town, 8000

Their only chance

Fax: 021 425 6495

of survival is a bone marrow

E-mail: You are invited to participate in stakeholder open days in each of the districts in the month of April 2011 where the revised draft proposals of the district plans will be presented and discussed. The following open day is planned for the Cape Flats District: Date: Tuesday 19 April 2011 Venue: Grassy Park Civic Centre, Cnr Victoria Road and 5th Avenue, Grassy Park Time: 16:30 – 19:00 For more information please visit the website above, or contact Paul Prinsloo on 021 400 9412 or e-mail The closing date for public comments is Thursday 30 June 2011. ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER

Many of the 500 babies who were dumped last year survived their ordeal. Now Baby Safe, an NGO based in Noordhoek to counter infanticide and baby dumping through providing alternatives to desperate mothers, has launched a campaign to highlight the problem, and to promote the use of a baby safe, in which women can anonymously drop off their babies to be found and cared for. The Department of Social Development has expressed concern that the campaign may encourage mothers to dump their children. Social Development spokesperson, Stephen Otter, said: “It’s an awkward situation. We don’t want someone’s baby to end up in the drain or in a garbage bag, but still it is not the ideal situation.” Otter said the matter should be tackled while the mother is pregnant. “We encourage young women to seek help at the beginning of their pregnancy. Our department is equipped with people who can help pregnant women make the right decisions,” he said. The drop-off point is usually hidden from view, shielded by trees and away from security cameras. The baby is put on a tray that slides through a hole in the wall and is gently lowered into a heated cot. An alarm bell alerts social workers and the baby is collected within three minutes. They have three drop-off points, which includes the King of Kings church opposite Longbeach Mall in Noordhoek, Jeffrey’s Bay and Somerset West. Three baby safes are also on order for Potchefstroom, Pietermaritzburg and Lesotho. To date two babies have been placed in


stem cell transplant. You can help make this possible.


Tuesday 12 April 2011

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Win with Decorex!

Things can be much worse than fracking

DECOREX comes to Cape Town from Friday 29 April until Monday 2 May. Themed “Beauty and the Basics”, Decorex Cape Town expresses the city’s creative energy with its back-to-basics approach, topped with good-humoured décor and a touch of fantasy. Workshops, special trend reporting and trend-forward concept stands will add diversity and interactivity to the interior design show. “High tea with the Royals” is an initiative echoing the new romantic trend, and with the expo opening on the day of the royal wedding, show visitors can watch the wedding coverage in style, nibbling on sweet treats. Decorex Cape Town takes place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, and doors open daily from 10:00 to 19:00. Entrance is R60, with pensioners and scholars paying R50 per ticket and children under five, only R5. For more information visit, or find us

The good, the bad and the ugly surrounding the Karoo cores? The impact on the Karoo will be considerable. And where will the water needed for fracking come from? On the other hand, holes 10 kilometres deep will give us access to an inexhaustible supply of geothermal heat. And that can be turned into electricity. The US Department of Energy says geothermal electricity is cheaper than coal or nuclear power and the price does not go up every year along with the cost of fuel and labour. Even if there is no gas we could win. So here’s the question: would you rather have Shell fracking in the Karoo or Eskom trying to run half a dozen atomic power stations? Nuclear power requires consistent good management for at least 50 years. There is no place for CEOs who trim the maintenance budgets to improve the bottom line and their bonuses. And there is no place for cadre deployment. Imagine a future Minister of Minerals, Energy and Nationalisation – someone like Julius Malema – having a hand in the appointment of nuclear mangers. His matric woodwork studies would be of little help. We may be able to survive an implosion in the Land Bank or a foulup in the Karoo, but mismanagement of a Koeberg could be goodbye Cape Town.


MOST of the people who are raging against the idea of exploring for shale gas in the Karoo know very little about the technology and what Sasol has called its “game changing” potential. In fact, most of the knowledge in circulation has come from those strongly opposed to “fracking”. Public relations companies have even been retained to blacken the picture and whip up emotions to a point approaching hysteria. They have plenty of material to work with. In the early days of fracking there were disasters, most of them the result of wild cat operations. But the technology has improved and in responsible hands it might even be acceptable in some circumstances. So it is easy to understand the fears in circulation. I grew up in the Karoo and I know that water gives land its value. Take away the water or contaminate it and one is left with worthless desert. In a drought, a good borehole is the only thing that stands between a farmer and financial ruin. It is an emotional relationship. You can mess with his wife but don’t touch his borehole. The water of agricultural importance lies at depths

of no more than a few hundred metres. Fracking, however, takes place something like 10 kilometres below the surface! That is five time deeper than our deepest gold mine. The temperature down there will be about 300°C and any water would become instant steam. If the hole is lined with steel there should be no contamination of agricultural water. But one can understand the fear. The biggest problems will be logistical ones. The equipment is massive and new roads will be required. What does one do with 10 kilometres of earth from borehole

DECOR DREAM: A tantalising taste of the 2011 Decorex exhi­ bition. Photo: Supplied on Facebook, Decorex SA, or follow @decorexSA on twitter. . Ten lucky readers can win double tickets. To enter the lucky draw, SMS “Decorex” to 34586 by noon on Wedenesday 13 April. SMSes cost R2 each; winners will be phoned.

Learn how to tender HAEDON’S Training Academy, in association with the South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum (SABEF), will host a workshop titled “Introduction to Tendering” on Thursday 21 April at the Grassy Park Library from 09:00 to 10:30. Subjects include: what tendering means, positive changes in government procurement, what

preferential procurement means and BBBEE. The topic “Business opportunities with provincial government, local government and the private sector” will also be covered. The cost is R50. For more details, call John Prinsloo on 082 958 7865 or email

EASTER A TIME FOR SAVING AT Fabrics, Curtains & Linens 11/13 Picton Street, Parow Tel: 021 930 5170/1






SINGLE R69.00 3/4 R79.00 DOUBLE R99.99 QUEEN R109.99 KING R150.99









R10.00 A PAIR





1 METRE X 140 CM 1.4 METRE X 1.8 M

R22.99 R35.99



R29.99 R29.99







1.0m R10.00 1.5m R15.00 2.0m R20.00

2.5m 3m

R25.00 R30.00


ASSORTED TO CLEAR @ incl inner
















6-PIECE DUVET COVER SET - incl 2 p/cases - 2 conti - flatsheets

R9.99 R60.00








- incl 2 p/cases - 2 conti - flatsheets





50g Toytime 25g Mirage DK Mirage/Baby 3ply Mirage 4ply 25g Elle Plume 50g

R9.75 R3.85 R4.20 R3.75 R6.75

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Tuesday 12 April 2011

‘Massive’arrears protest action planned TAMMY PETERSEN


HOUSANDS of people are expected to take part in a massive protest which will see residents from 12 suburbs march to the Cape Town Civic Centre under one banner on Tuesday 26 April to demand the scrapping of all municipal arrears for people living in the city’s impoverished areas. The decision to protest was made by Communities for Social Change (CSC), a coordinating structure of civic organisations representing Hanover Park, Athlone, Manenberg, Mitchell’s Plain, Hout Bay, Heideveld, Lavender Hill, Lotus River, Ottery, Grassy Park, Elsies River and Leonsdale. The decision comes after meetings held with City of Cape Town officials failed to resolve issues concerning the poor, says Mario Wanza, the organiser of the CSC. Representatives from the CSC met Mayor Dan Plato and City officials yesterday to discuss their demands. These include the halting of evictions due to illegal occupations, debt and anti-social behaviour, a call for the scrapping of municipal arrears and the handing over of council-owned units to people who have been paying rent for years. “What upset us is that there was no investigation into the validity of our requests and no committee set up to review our demands. “The City just flat-out re-

fused what we were asking for, and we will respond by doing what’s best for the people and protesting. Ons gaan Kaap toe.” The action comes two months after 3 000 residents from Manenberg took to the streets armed with posters asking the City to lower their rent and write off their rental backlog. Wanza says people have been paying rent for over 30 years and they should be given ownership of the council properties. Also under the banner of the CSC, more than 500 Hanover Park residents took to the streets last month and delivered a memorandum to the local rent office demanding that their arrears be scrapped. One of the area coordinators for CSC, Errol Davids, says people are becoming involved in the “movement” because they are desperate and “over their heads in debt”. Davids, who is the deputy chairperson of the Hanover Park Civic Association, says the organisation is in “total support” of the planned protest, adding that they will start distributing pamphlets within the week. Two weeks ago, Mitchell’s Plain residents expressed their concerns about the scrapping of water arrears when they burnt a cardboard coffin containing hundreds of warning letters issued by the City. The coffin was loaded onto a hearse and taken from Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre to the Beacon Valley Rent Office where it was

FIERY: Mitchell’s Plain residents burn a coffin containing their municipal bills during a protest on 24 March. Photo: Melissa Papier

burnt in front of cheering protestors. The CSC’s Mitchell’s Plain coordinator, Sulyman Stellenboom, says another march will take place in Mitchell’s Plain on 21 April when they will return to the subcouncil office and request feedback on their demand for the removal of water management devices behind the incorrect readings being taken from water meters, leading to high bills. “This City has no respect for the poor

and is not taking this matter seriously. We are representing the people and although we try to engage with the officials towards finding a solution, they are not coming to the party.” Plato, who was handed a copy of the pamphlet which the CSC has been distributing to invite people to take part, declined to comment on the planned protest, saying only that “it’s their right to march”. However, he says the action seems to be “politically motivat-

ed” and that the CSC is making “one demand after the other”. “They are making accusations and allegations without listening to our explanations. They claim there is a lack of service delivery to the poor, but they cannot give us the proof to back this claim. They need to be more organised and give me a list of complaints so that I can follow up on it.” He adds that a follow-up meeting is being planned, although a date is yet to be set.

Manenberg teen needs funding for trip LIAM MOSES

THE furthest 17-year-old Manenberg resident, Cleon Botha, has been from her home is Durban. But now, thanks to her hard work and keen interest in the environment, she has the opportunity to travel all the way to Aachen, Germany, in June. Botha, along with nine other students from the Phoenix Secondary School in Manenberg, was selected to travel to Germany as part of a student exchange with the Kreisgymnasium School in Heinsberg, Aachen. And she is determined to make the trip, even though her parents cannot afford to pay for her flight. “We are trying to raise funds by starting a small business and selling things,” said Botha. “We’ve also gone to businesses to ask for donations. They all said they would send letters to their head offices but we haven’t heard from them yet.” The student exchange forms part of the Local Agenda 21 partnership between the governments of Cape Town and Aachen, which strives to improve environmental, social and economics conditions

in both cities. Several students from the Kreisgymnasium School spent time at the Phoenix Secondary in 2010 helping to uplift Manenberg and educating pupils about the environment. Botha’s father is currently unemployed and her mother works as a trimmer at a shoe factory in Epping. In order to help raise funds for the trip, Botha has also started working at a shop in Gatesville on weekends. However, so far all of her efforts have brought in only R1 000 of the R7 500 needed to pay for her plane ticket. Botha said she hopes to raise the funds so she can spend her time in Germany learning and changing the negative perception that Germans have about South Africa. “I’ve never travelled before. It’s the chance of a lifetime,” said Botha. “I can represent my school, Manenberg and Cape Town. “People in Aachen don’t really know about South Africa. I want to help them learn more about our country.” Cleon and her parents, Shaida and Martino Botha, can be contacted at (021) 637-2503 for bank account details.

DID YOU KNOW that Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, is a former journalist and anti-apartheid activist, and famously exposed the truth behind the death of Black Consciousness leader, Steve Biko, while working for the Rand Daily Mail in the late 1970s? She also worked with the Black Sash and other pro-democracy groups during the 1980s. – (

Tuesday 12 April 2011


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Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Classic jam with top artists TWO of South Africa’s foremost classical guitarists, James Grace and Jonathan Crossley, are giving music lovers the duel of the decade: an innovative feast of modern and classic works by Bach, Tarrega, Albeniz, Myers, Abdullah Ibrahim and more. The concert will take place at the Baxter Concert Hall on Saturday, 16 April at 20:00. James Grace is one of one South Africa’s leading concert artists, appearing with symphony orchestras and in recital. He studied at the Royal College of Music, taught guitar in Qatar, and then returned to South Africa, where he was appointed head of Classical Guitar Studies at the University of Cape Town. Grace recently released his fifth solo album, “World Café”, and is in the final stages of setting up the Stringwise Young Artist’s Trust, which will assist young artists from across the country to produce their own albums, as well as offer bursaries for overseas

study. Jonathan Crossley, who began his career on the classical guitar, has shifted his focus more towards jazz performance, and appeared on stage with international and local stars. As a composer, he has found his outlet through The Jonathan Crossley Electric Band, with which he has appeared more than 45 times across Europe over the past three years, most notably at festivals in Spain, Slovakia, Turkey and ongoing tours in the Czech Republic. Crossley will be giving master classes for the public on Friday 15 April at 14:00 at UCT. For more information, email or The Concert Series recital starts at 20:00 and tickets can be booked in advance from Computicket at R125. Student and senior citizen discounts can be purchased at the door on the night of the concert.

The Alexander Sinton High School Jazz band.

Drama, jealousy at the theatre “LOVBORG’S WOMEN” is the final production in the summer season at The Intimate Theatre, and will run from Saturday 14 to Saturday 21 May. Presented by The Mechanicals, the cast includes Adrian Collins, Mikkie-Dene le Roux, Andrew Laubscher and Kate Liquorish. Directed by Christopher Weare, “Lovborg’s Women” is a comedy spoofing the naturalistic and realistic dramas of Jorgen Lovborg (after Anton Chekhov and Ibsen). Hens, geese, earmuffs and geraniums are all part of this tapestry of lust, drama and jealousy as an embittered Lovborg considers three influential women. A number of established physical forms are explored; for example the work of Steven Berkoff, DV8 Physical Theatre and the late Marlene Blom. For bookings phone (021) 480-7128 or email Advanced booking is advised as seats are limited.

This arts focus school will be sending its music pupils to an international gathering for the first time. The youngsters will perform only South African music. Their journey to Beijing in July is historical, says music director Ronel Nagfaal. “We are proud and eager to represent Athlone and South Africa at this global assembly, where youth musicians will present musical traditions from their countries. “This contact and exchange is a unique cultural experience, a tremendous opportunity for the musical and personal growth of our youth, and their grooming as leaders in music and in their communi-

ties.” The other Cape Town schools sending bands to the eight-day festival are Heathfield, Bergvliet and Wynberg Girls’ High. Appearing at the Artscape Theatre Centre will be vocal star Gloria Bosman, pianist George Werner, bassist Norman Sauls, drummer Frank Paco, guitarist Jimmy Dludlu, troubadour Errol Dyers and promising jazz vocalist Lee-Ann Fortuin. Now in their 11th year, The Little Giants, directed by Werner, and the Alexander Sinton Jazz Band will be the youth jazz groups in attendance. Both groups will participate in this year’s Grahamstown National Youth Jazz Festival. The concert starts at 20:00 in Artscape’s Opera House. Tickets are available at Computicket and cost R100 for adults and R50 for pensioners and children under 18. For more information call 083 390 4529.

Musical set for Baxter stage

Jazz to break the silence brary will host the John Pama Primary School Brass Band, which is part of the Amy Biehl Foundation’s after-school initiative. Also on the bill is Momentum, which features Ted Faulkner, and Allen van der Merwe. As part of the library’s community involvement plan, they will be running a drive to collect old musical instruments on behalf of the Amy Biehl Foundation as the organisation can currently accommodate only 15 learners per teaching session. Central Library is situated in the Drill Hall at the corner of Darling and Parade streets in Cape Town. Contact the library on (021) 467-1560.

Come out to quality concert THE Songmakers’ Guild will have their next concert on Sunday 17 April at the Nassau Centre, Groote Schuur High School in Palmyra Road, Newlands. Borrowed Plumes with Magdalene Minnaar (soprano), Christopher Vale (baritone), Albie van Schalkwyk (piano) and songs by Maurice Ravel, Richard

Playing among the stars SOUTH AFRICAN jazz stars will gather at the Artscape Theatre Centre on Friday 15 April in support of the Alexander Sinton High School jazz band’s pending trip to the Tutti World Youth Music Festival in China.

HAT TRICK: Andrew Laubscher is one of the cast members of “Lovborg’s Women” in May. Photo: Supplied

THE Central Library will change its tune from 19 until 21 April when free live jazz performances by fresh young talent will replace the usual silence. On Tuesday 19 April, from 13:00 to 14:00, join The Tribe of Benjamin Jazz Quartet, which features Benjamin Jephta, Marlon Witbooi, Keenan Ahrends, Zeke le Grange and special guest vocalist, Sandile Gotsana. On Wednesday 20 April, from 16:30 till 17:30, visitors will be treated to the smooth sounds of Afternoon Standards, with Ryan Andrew Peters on vocals and Keenan Adamson on guitar. On 21 April from 15:15 till 17:00, the li-

Photo: Supplied

Strauss, Gustav Holst, Mátyás Seiber and others can all be expected. The concert starts at 16:00 sharp. Tickets are being sold at R40 at the door. Bookings can be made with Hanna on 082 824 1007 or

THE Cape Town Festival (CTF) will be presenting the acclaimed musical “Silence of the Music” at the Baxter Theatre from Wednesday 13 to Saturday 30 April. Opening night is Saturday 16 April at 20:00. Shows will take place on Mondays to Saturdays from 20:00 till 22:00, except Friday 22 April (Good Friday). Produced by Desert Rose Music, “Silence of the Music” combines leading world music composer and director, Lynne Holmes-Ganief and renowned theatre director, Basil Appollis. It tells the story of an intercultural couple whose love for each other was spurned in 2010 by their families, friends and broader society. The original musical score, composed by Holmes-Ganief, reflects the rich diversity of South Africa’s melting pot of cultural influences, combining classical, Middle Eastern, Asian and African musical elements into contemporary, melodic, world music arrangements.

Join the concert THE Musicanti Chamber Orchestra, directed by Erika Naumann, will perform a concert at the St Martini Church at the top of Long Street on Sunday 17 April starting at 18:00. The programme includes Stabat Mater,

In January this year the CTF adopted “Silence of the Music” as one of its major cultural arts projects for 2011. Tickets are R120 each and can be bought through Computicket, online at or its call centre on 083 915 8000. Tickets can also be bought from any Shoprite or Checkers branch. For corporate bookings, charities and special block bookings at discounted prices contact Sharon Alexander on (021) 680-3962 or email or Shelagh Blomkamp on 083 205 0935 or email . “Silence of the Music” forms part of the CTF’s year-long programme of events, which also includes a 1CMC discussion; community youth workshop programmes; a senior citizens’ day; a leadership forum; a multimedia exhibition and community festivals. For more information, visit or email by Pergolesi, with soloists Jessica Wells, soprano, and Caren Van Heerden, alto, and Horn Concerto no. 4 by Mozart, soloist Peter Amon, horn. Tickets are sold at the door at R50 for adults. Students pay R20 and scholars can attend for free. For further information, phone (021) 790-5310.

College students take centre stage THE Students Quarterly Concert takes place at the Baxter Concert Hall on Tuesday 19 April, starting at 20:15. The concert is arranged by Franklin Larey and Dizu Plaatjies, and features a selection of the performance students at the South Afri-

can College of Music. Tickets are available at Computicket or at the door. Prices are R50 for UCT staff, R45 for senior citizens, R35 for tertiary students and R25 for pupils.


Tuesday 12 April 2011

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Special school for special youth launched

After a successful season in the wa­ ter, the Pinelands High School girls first water polo team was treated to a surf camp by Surf Shack of Mui­ zenberg last week. Here they pose with Ismail Williams, of Checkers Muizen­ berg, which spon­ sored snacks for the event. The event was coordi­ nated by A Whale Of A Heritage Route.Photo: Supplied

A DEVELOPMENT project for young adults with autism and special needs was opened in Lakeside recently by The Academy for Adults with Autism. However, they need help to keep their doors open and run optimally. The Enrichment Centre Project provides a safe and caring environment for young adults and school leavers with autism, special needs and development delay who would otherwise have no place to go during the day. The structured daily programme incorporates craft activities, encouragement of independent life skills, constant supervision by qualified and experienced staff, behavioural management, exercise with supervision and advice of therapists and a trained facilitator, as well as supervised leisure time and opportunities to socialise and practise communication. Constructive activities such as puzzlebuilding and gardening are also on the list of activities, as these are used as learning tools. Occasional outings to places of natural beauty like the beach, forest or parks are also a highlight for the youth. However, the centre still requires educational games, puzzles, books, art materials and a 3x3 m carpet. The centre welcomes donations as well as

APPLICATION: Lakeside’s Jarred Flugel (23) paints a stationery holder. items which can be sold at fundraisers to purchase materials for the centre. Anyone willing to assist the non-profit organisation, or for more information, phone Debbie on (021) 788-7652 or 071 933 0535. Alternatively, email or visit on 083 342 2261 or (021) 424-0497 or email

Saturday 16 April

Wednesday 13 April Kenilworth: The Claremont Community Police Forum joins the Harfield Pine Neighbourhood Watch, in conjunction with all the other neighbourhood watches and groups across the peninsula, to support the candlelight vigil against criminals. Meet on the corner of Main and Pine Roads between 19:15 and 19:45. The CPF appeals to anyone wanting to join to bring a candle or torch and preferably wear a white T-shirt. Contact Tom Crafford on 084 8459 504.

Thursday 14 April Claremont: Cavendish Square, in conjunction with Well Read Books and in aid of Wola Nani, holds a charity book sale from Thursday 14 April to Sunday 17 April. This month’s theme is “Africana” books, supported by a variety of other genres, such as nonfiction, sci-fi, thriller, romance and modern classics. On Saturday 16 April at 12:30, radio personality, Charmaine Noy, will read to children. For further enquiries, or to donate books, CDs and DVDs, please contact Mark

Basil Wild Garlic Flower Carpet Roses Star Jasmine Wild Plum Tree Pony Tail Palm Hibiscus Chondropetalum Assorted Buchu and many more

was R16.95 R16.95 R99.95 R16.95 R159.95 R49.95 R69.95 R29.95 R49.95

now R 9.95 R 8.95 R 59.95 R 8.25 R119.95 R 29.95 R 39.95 R 19.95 R 24.95





Kenilworth: The Friends of Kenilworth Racecourse Conservation Area Easter Egg Hunt. All families are warmly invited to participate in the fun with children under the age of 12 being the hunters. Meet at Wetton Road Racecourse entrance at 10:00. Members and all children are free; adult non-members pay R10. Contact (021) 700-1843 or Margaret (021) 762-3170.

Monday 18 April Rosebank: The next meeting of the Groote Schuur branch of the South African Association of Retired Persons is on Monday 18 April at the Methodist Church Hall at 10:00. Join them for tea or coffee, fellowship and to listen to Dr Dick Stoh, who will talk about “Birds of the Helderberg”.

Saturday 14 May Rondebosch: Craft in the park from 09:00 until 14:00. Enjoy handmade crafts, breakfast and coffee in the park. Support Animal Rescue and other charities. Drop off anything you don’t want or need at the information desk and Ann will drop it off at Marsh Memorial. Contact Ann on (021) 531-4236 on Tuesday until Friday between 09:00 and 17:30 or on 083 272 5482 on market day.



R 34 95



R19 9 5




R 129 95


PAVERS 400 x 400mm WAS R34.95


R 12 95 R 19 95

SUPER VALUE SUPER SERVICE TOKAI ON MAIN Tel. 021 715 4666 *Conditions apply

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Tuesday 12 April 2011

Cry, beloved country WHILE most South Africans live in abject poverty, public officials such as Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Sicelo Shiceka seem to have been living like a millionaire – if the findings of a Sunday Times report are true. No expense was allegedly spared by Shiceka who – according to documents in the newspaper’s possession – has spent more than R2.5 million on first-class flights and accommodation since 2008. The article states that Shiceka spent R640 000 in one year for him and staff to stay at the One & Only, of which R280 000 was spent on Shiceka alone – by his own admission. Furthermore, it is reported that Shiceka embarked on a first-class flight for him and his personal assistant, rounded off with a stay in a five-star hotel to visit his girlfriend in prison in Switzerland, at a cost of R335 000. The visit to the prison, in a chauffeur-driven limo, cost R32 000. If true, Shiceka’s lifestyle smacks of “blatant abuse of taxpayers’ money”. His alleged wasteful expenditure has attracted widespread condemnation. Shiceka is not the only South African public official whose lavish lifestyle is under scrutiny. In a country that can ill afford to blow millions of rands, ANC youth league leader Julius Malema cost taxpayers more than R886 000 for police bodyguards from October 2009 to October 2010. Malema did not hold any public office to justify having two bodyguards. He was just an ordinary citizen, like the millions of other ordinary South Africans who fork out millions to keep themselves safe. But the buck doesn’t stop there. Flying in the face of a country lacking housing, health and basic services, is Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu’s decision to lease two new aircraft for transporting VIPs, at a staggering R800 million. When South Africans voted a democratic government into power 17 years ago, they voted for democracy, and a better life for all. A better life is being had, but only by a privileged minority.

MINISTER of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Sicelo Shiceka has come under fire for leading a lavish lifestyle at taxpayers’ expense, following

a Sunday Times report into the R2,5 million in state money he has allegedly spent on luxury hotels, limousines and overseas trips since 2008. In a country whose

public representatives are often caught out enjoying too much of the good life, his particular blend of lavishness has a bit of a Hollywood ring to it.

May we never forget IRONICALLY for Heinz Behrens – as for thousands of other German Jews – the events of November 10 1938, which led to his being taken off to Buchenwald prematurely, contributed to his survival. He was one of the fortunate ones who, in managing to get out of that Camp of Death, had no option but to leave Germany, thereby escaping a certain death in the relentless Holocaust that followed. In November 1938 Heinz Behrens, 25 years old, was living in Breslau, Silesia, with his family. He was a traveller in textiles and had as a partner, a good friend, a Roman Catholic, who for reasons of economics only, had joined Hitler’s SA. When, on November 9 the Kristallnacht violence erupted upon the Jews, Heinz’s partner insisted on taking his family to the safety of his home. Heinz recalls his father breaking down when he saw the Jewish shoe shop across the road being looted by the Nazis. Heinz decided to go back to his parents’ flat to see if all was well. On the way out to his DKW car parked in the front of the building he was confronted by two SS policemen and taken unawares, admitted to being Heinz Behrens, the son of Adolf, whose name was on the list. He did not know where his father was. The SS policemen returned with Heinz to the house to

search it and when they found that indeed no one was at home they said: “OK, so we will take the son for the father”. And that was how Heinz came to be one of the thousands of Jews who were rounded up throughout that day and taken to the local police station. “It was terrible,” Heinz recalls.That night, amid unremitting shouting and cursing they were chased, in fours, through the streets. Many of the elderly who were beaten died in the street. Finally they were beaten into the compartments of a train, with orders not to look out of the windows. On the morning of November 11 they were again forced out of the trucks. They had arrived at Buchenwald. They had been told that they had to be taken into custody for their protection “to save them from the wrath of the Germans, following the attempt on Vom Rath” (He was in the Ambassador’s office and was shot by a Jew.) Heinz recalls very clearly those days in Buchenwald where about 11 000 Jews and 11 000 Christians were incarcerated under the menacing surveillance of those well-remembered watch towers.He recalls the crowded bunks in the barracks, the dry bread and bean soup, the lack of water which forced them to use snow and the long days that Jews were forced to spend sitting on stools watching people being executed on the gallows. Prisoners had to write a postcard home, carefully censored, report-

ing that they were well. One more postcard of acknowledgement was permitted. Heinz found four uncles at Buchenwald, all of the First World War. They were among the first released, a few weeks later.Heinz,too, was subsequently released. His mother had gone to the Gestapo to be told that if he could get papers for another country and would leave immediately, he would be released. After frantic telegrams his mother secured an “affidavit” from her sister in Chicago. Heinz was called over the loudspeaker. Before being released he had to sign a form stating that he had been well treated and he was warned that if he ever told anyone of what had taken place at Buchenwald his family would immediately be interned. Furthermore, if he revealed anything outside of the country, German agents would kill him. Heinz was taken home by truck from Buchenwald on December 24, 1938. Heinz Behrens did not go to Chicago. When he reached the American Consul in Berlin he was given a number, about 53 000. Fortunately, in the interim they had received permits for Northern Rhodesia. Heinz, his brother and a cousin sailed from Hamburg and they eventually reached Livingstone on June 5, 1939. For two years Heinz managed to keep some kind of contact with their parents, until 1941 – then nothing. Even at Yad Vashem, where their names are listed, their fate is unrecorded. A postcard sent to his parents reads: “Dear Parents, I received the parcel in good condition, with thanks. I am fine and hopefully, so are you. I am not allowed to get any more parcels. To you my dear ones the warmest regards, from your Heinz. VG BEHRENS Pinelands (Letter shortened - Editor)


Tuesday 12 April 2011

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Culling leaves writer sick

Your SMSes . Ban the use of all animals in circuses worldwide. Do not support any circus with animals. Wild animals belong in the wild, not in circuses. See real-life footage of what really happens behind the scenes with the money-hungry people exploiting animals. Only by banning the use of animals in circuses and closing zoos will this awful situation end. Eleanor . Yet again most of the public telephones at Howard Centre in Pinelands have been out of order for more than three weeks and all requests to Telkom and Howard Centre Management are ignored. Can anyone help? . It is not only the blue gums but just trees in general in Kenilworth that must be addressed. McKinley Road has a few very large ones that could do with a bit of a haircut. It’s a disaster waiting to happen if you ask me. I hope council sees fit to address this matter.

. To the body corporate of Harfield Terrace, on the corner of First Avenue and Bell Road, please paint your wall, we are trying to beautify Harfield Village. . We need security officers on the trains – not on the platforms at the stations. The criminals walk from carriage to carriage while the train is moving, looking for an easy target to rob or attack. Please place a security officer or two on each train to minimise these attacks. . How come retail stores and major supermarkets are still not giving customers the five cents at the check-outs after the rounding on the till print out shows this is owed to them? This is theft and must be dealt with urgently. A. Albertyn . In reply to the issue around the Pick n Pay Smart Card: for every R100 you spend you will get R1, which means you get R10 for every R1 000. Either you donate your money to an organisation, or it can be accumulated until you decide to spend it. Regular Pick n Pay shopper

Who drove first? the floor. He and his wife got into the car and she drove it to Muizenberg. Whether she had a drivers licence I do not know. Unfortunately we are not told at what age Mrs Stevens started driving. If it was at the age of 20 the year would be 1931, long after my aunt. P DURING Claremont

why the City of Cape Town has to cull. If they do, they should try and do it as humanely as possibly, not like in my country. Thank you from a proud, but sad, Canadian. SIMON WINFIELD Canada Steve Smith of M.E.R.C.Y. Animal rescue responds: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to picture what happens next when a bullet deviates fractionally from its point of exit upon leaving the barrel of a gun ... one can just picture the bloodbath that is the hunting “industry” with all those weapons in the hands of incompetents (stand by for “outrage”). I suggest the reader Google a bit deeper with regards to the husky incident. The irony is sickening – the animals get excruciating pain, shock and lingering death, and their murderers get “trauma counselling!” I imagine there would have been less “trauma” had these fools been able to execute the mythical “clean kill” 100% of the time. The questions: “What are they culling on Robben Island, and are they using firearms or poison?” can only lead one to conclude that the reader has been living in Cape Town for less than a week. The answer is “anything and everything for which there was a humane alternative”. But that would require “humanity” – something our politicians are bankrupt in. Perhaps if more people spent less time being “proud” and more time “ranting” we’d begin to see a change in the course of human evolution.

Women drivers took the lead I REFER to the article in People’s Post (“SA’s original woman driver looks back on 100 years”, 29 March): Warmest congratulations on attaining the 100 years. I must dispute her claim to being South Africa’s first woman driver – she did say “probably” but you headed the article “original”. My late mother, Coral Stadtlander-de Villiers, obtained her driving licence on 2 July 1930. My mother was a competent driver who, although erring on the side of speed, obtained only one traffic ticket – and that was for parking. Neither she nor my father had ever been in an accident. My mother learned to drive because she was the youngest child of aged parents living in Kommetjie. Between playing tennis, swimming and socialising (girls did not work in those days) she used to drive her parents wherever they needed to go. No-one in our family ever claimed that my mother was the first woman driver in South Africa, which leads me to believe that there may well have been many others, in outlying places such as Kommetjie, who also drove out of necessity. MRS Y GILLESPIE Rondebosch


REGARDING South Africa’s first woman driver, I doubt that Mrs Stevens is South Africa’s original woman driver. My uncle bought his first car in the 1920s from a local department store, Garlicks I think. It was suspended from the ceiling of the store. At the purchase it was lowered to

READING the letter (“Robben Island cull is murder”, People’s Post, 22 March 2010) this morning left me with a few questions and some shame too. First of all, what are they culling on Robben Island and are they using firearms or poison? As I was finishing the letter, I came across the writer dropping some shots at Canada without any references to back up what he or she ranting about. After some Google searching, I found the article about the hundred or so huskies that were found in a mass grave in Whistler, British Columbia, (close to Vancouver, my home town). The Canadian newspaper reporting it said nothing about dogs fleeing with parts of their bodies blown off and left to die, but there was a mass grave and the police are investigating. The persons that had to do this ungodly deed are in counselling with Worksafe BC. For me this is another stain on Canada and its excellent reputation in this small world. First was baby seal clubbing, which is still legal and does produce an economy for our indigenous population, but it is very brutal and very unnecessary in this day and age. As if Mother Nature doesn’t have enough on her plate (See Google for Japanese whaling, Russia’s tiger poaching, American slaughter houses, India pollution and so on). I am a proud Canadian and proud to be living in South Africa too, but as a human being I am sick to my stomach. When will we learn? Will we ever learn? I would like to know the reason




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Tuesday 12 April 2011

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Be wary of wounded Lions TASMIN CUPIDO


HE reaction of the DHL Stormers team, who suffered their first defeat of the season at the weekend, will dictate the team’s run for the rest of the Super Rugby competition. And head coach Allister Coetzee hopes his troops will take the loss in their stride, get up and learn from the mistakes made against the Australian outfit at Newlands on Saturday. “This is a long and tough competition, and it is crucial that the guys pitch with their A-game at each match,” Coetzee said. “We need to take this loss on the chin and stand up to produce better performances.” Unforced errors and ill-discipline marred the Stormers’ game plan in the 19-6 defeat to the men from Brisbane saw. The Reds, who dominated the lacklustre Cape side in all aspects of the game, were simply the better side on the day – Coetzee is the first to admit this. “We were not at our best; tactically the Reds were much better and their physical intensity was much higher – all credit to the Reds,” he said. A territorial game, keeping the Stormers in their own half for most of the match, saw

TELLING TALE: Unforced errors marred the game of the DHL Stormers in their 19­6 defeat to the Queensland Reds at Newlands on Saturday. Here eighthman Duane Vermeulen loses the ball in a tackle by Reds front rower, James Slipper. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images the likes of Quade Cooper and Will Genia using tactical kicks to put pressure on the men in navy blue. Stints in the sin bin for

GET AWAY: Wynberg Boys’ High (WBHS) wing Rushdie Salie (right) beats a St Stithian’s oppo­ nent, during Wynberg’s 14­6 win in an under­19A match at the annual WBHS rugby festival at Wynberg on Saturday. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

SALES ASSISTANT NEEDED Sales assistant required for outdoor retail, must be passionate about the outdoors, well spoken. Min. two years retail experience. Pref. outdoor retail. Own transport essential and contactable references. Starting date: 01 May 2011. Email CV to shane@hi­

Stormers eighthman, Duane Vermeulen, and hooker, Tiaan Liebenberg, also did not help them.

“We couldn’t gain or keep any momentum and playing with 14 men for 20 minutes of the match did not aid us, either,” Coetzee says. Despite the loss, they remain in the top position on the South African conference log and third on the combined log. Now the Stormers will divert their attention to the MTN Lions, who they take on at Coca-Cola Park in Johannesburg on Saturday afternoon. The last time the two sides met the Stormers came out 19-16 victors in their first match of the competition. John Mitchell’s side has had a spate of unfortunate, tightly-contested losses throughout the competition and will be looking to raise themselves from the bottom of the combined log. With nothing to lose, playing for pride in front of their home crowd, the men in red will put up a brave fight in the hope of turning the tables on the high-flying Stormers. Never afraid to run a risk, the men from Egoli will test the ever on-song Stormers defence, while a battle in the engine room can also be expected. Coetzee expects inside centre Jean de Villiers, who was a last-minute withdrawal from the Reds’ clash, to make his return against the Lions this Saturday.

SPORTING SPRINT: Ikapa Sporting FC’s Ukunia Nuka (right) races Ryan Herman of Steen­ berg United FC, during Ikapa’s 2­1 win in a Vodacom Second Division soccer match at Grassy Park on Saturday. Photo: Wayne Lategan


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Brent’s making it happen BRIAN GAFFNEY


THE Safa Cape Town is forging ahead with plans to stage an eight-nation international showpiece for under-20s – believing it will generate a huge financial spin-off for amateur soccer in 2012. So much so that the Safa CT application to run the event – in partnership with the City of Cape Town – has already been approved by the SA Football Association. Safa CT president, Norman Arendse, disclosed that the eight-nation championship will comprise the respective winners of the six Fifa Confederations Cup championships, the SA under20s and an additional African team. “It is vital that we recognise under-20 soccer as a milestone for the development of our players. It is our responsibility as an amateur association to showcase this talent,” said Arendse. The blueprint for the 2012 championship comes on the back of the successful inaugural Cape Town International Challenge for under-20s that was hosted by the Safa CT and the city in 2010. Ghana, Brazil, South Africa and Nigeria vied for honours on the eve of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Ghana defeated Brazil 3-2 in the challenge final, watched by a 50 000-strong crowd at Cape Town Stadium – with the overall gate-takings from all matches allowing the city to contribute R600 000 to the coffers of the Safa CT. Arendse also disclosed that the Safa CT has secured increased financial support from other stakeholders to stage its senior and junior competitions this year. . Coca-Cola has agreed to increase its sponsorship for the Coke knockout Cup championships from R500 000 to R600 000. . Freeworld Coatings has upped its sponsorship for the club championships for under-11s and under-13s from R50 000 to R75 000. . Peace activist Mary Burton will patron the new Unity Cup for under-16 high school teams from various communities to the tune of R150 000 this year; and . Build It will sponsor junior tournaments in areas close to its branches across the Peninsula.

Tuesday 12 April 2011


T age 30, Brent Carelse resists thoughts about hanging up his boots in the forseeable future – but rather focuses on what more he can aspire to achieve with Ajax Cape Town FC on the road ahead. What is uppermost in Carelse’s mind of course at the moment, is to help Ajax win the Premier Soccer League (PSL) champions title for the first time in its 11-year history. “I believe we can finish top if we stay focused and avoid complacency,” says Carelse, who has become no stranger on the champions’ rostrum. Carelse – eyeing a fourth winners’ medal – represented champions Mamelodi Sundowns (2006/2007), whereafter he shared in two of SuperSport United’s three consecutive league triumphs (2008/2009 and 2009/2010). Now Ajax could enhance their championship chances if they notch full points against Golden Arrows at Newlands Stadium on Friday (start 20:00). Carelse, buoyed by Ajax CEO George Comitis’ disclosure that he will sign the midfield maestro next season – after he came on loan from SuperSport in January – is expected to continue his rich vein of form for the Urban Warriors. “I was not only looking for a new challenge when I returned to Ajax from SuperSport, where I felt my game was stagnating because of my irregular appearances in matches. I also felt a need to settle in Cape Town with my family,” said Carelse. The presence of a versatile leftsided midfielder – who has thus far netted four goals for Ajax – has also brought out the best in the free-scoring Thulani Serero and Khama Billiat. So often Carelse’s penchant for

engaging his pacey fellow players in quick one-two plays has allowed Ajax to prosper during their recent run of successes. The other motivation for Carelse is to be mentored by Dutch coach Foppe de Haan. “He is professional in his approach and a very honest coach. He constantly tells us that we are better players than what we think we are.” “De Haan’s one-on-one chats with each player really makes us believe in our abilities,” enthused Carelse. The Johannesburg-born Carelse is also thankful to his father Dougie Carelse – a former pro with Cape Town Spurs and Vereeniging Old Boys in the old Federation Professional League – for inspiring him to pursue a soccer career. “My dad insisted that I enrol at the School of Excellence in Johannesburg during my teens. “It was a tough experience but he encouraged me to persevere to ensure my future in the game. “He has always allowed me the freedom to do things my way on the field. But he will occasionally tell me what aspect of my game I need to improve on,” said Carelse junior, who first turned professional with Hellenic FC (then coached by Gavin Hunt) at age 17. But back to the showdown with Golden Arrows. Remember that it was Arrows that drew 2-2 with Ajax in 2007/2008 to deny Ajax the title on goal difference when the clubs tied on points. First choice custodian, Hans Vonk, is also ruled out by suspension and will be replaced by Andre Petim on Friday night. Good news for Ajax though, is that Clayton Daniels returns from suspension and that Saamehg Doutie is fit to play. . Tickets are on sale at Computicket and Shoprite/Checkers branches. No tickets will be on sale at the stadium.

CHARGED UP: Brent Carelse, influential mifielder for Ajax Cape Town FC. Photo: Gallo Images

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SUNSET SUCCESS: The Adidas Kings from the Adidas Running Club won the recent inaugural Sunset team time trial over 12 km in a record time of 35 min 38 sec at Green Point Park. The event was hosted by ATC Running – a member of the ATC Multisport Club. Seen sharing in the awards ceremony were, from left, ATC chairperson Steve Attwell with Sityilo Diko, Hein Camphor, Tom Lusaseni and Velani Lusaseni of Adidas Kings. Photo Supplied

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Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch Edition 12-04-2011  

Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch Edition 12-04-2011

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