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Tuesday 5 April 2011

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WHO’S THERE?The South Afri­ can Navy opened its doors for ci­ vilians to explore naval culture when it hosted the annual Navy Festival in Simon’s Town at the weekend. The family event coin­ cided with the navy’s 89th birth­ day celebration and streams of people showed their support at the free show at the East Dock­ yard on Friday night. Here visitors observe a Navy diver in action. Photo: Cassie Carstens



Student kidnapped, dumped in bushes TAMMY PETERSEN


KENILWORTH student was kidnapped, robbed and dumped in the bushes at Schaapkraal when four robbers found him pushing his car in Racecourse Road, Kenwyn, after he ran out of petrol in the early hours of Sunday morning.


The 27-year-old, who was on his way home from his fiancée’s house in Lansdowne, told police that a dark-coloured Opel Kadette pulled up next to him at about 01:00 as he pushed his blue Toyota Conquest towards a nearby garage. Warrant Officer Robert Lakey, spokesperson for Lansdowne police, says two men got out of the car and approached the student. “One of the men pulled out a gun and they grabbed the student, forcing him into the Kadette. As he got in, another man got out and went to stand at the student’s car. The suspects, the two men as well as a woman who was




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ally a strong deterrent to criminals, as their presence make it difficult for chancers to strike.” Majidie Abrahams, the chairperson of the Lansdowne Community Police Forum, describes the incident as “surprising”, and reiterates that the Kenwyn section of Racecourse Road is “usually quiet”. “This man seems to have been spotted by criminals passing through the area who decided to take a chance. “However, the main thing that should come from this is that if you are stranded, phone someone or go somewhere safe. “Thieves prey on the vulnerable, so instead of putting yourself in a dangerous situation, phone the authorities and explain your situation. A sector vehicle should be at hand to help or wait with you until assistance arrives.” No arrests have been made. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to phone the station on (021) 700-9000.


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“He ran to a nearby garage where he contacted his family, who came to fetch him. When they returned to where the incident started, the car was already gone,” Lakey explains. The man sustained no injuries. Hanif Loonat, the chairperson of the Kenwyn Safety and Security Association, says it is the first time in two years that such an incident happened at the “usually quiet part of Racecourse Road”. “This section of the road is usually crime-free and what happened can only be described as very unfortunate. People should realise that no matter where you are, you have to make every effort to ensure that you are not making yourself susceptible to opportunistic crooks. It can happen at any time, in any place.” He says the local neighbourhood watch, which has been dormant for a year, is gaining momentum for a relaunch. “We need patrols from locals who are concerned with protecting their area. Structures like these are usu-

0861 SOUNDMATCH - 0861 768 636


waiting in the car, then drove off, taking the M5 to Ottery.” As they drove, the robbers demanded the man’s bank card and PIN number. “He complied and the robbers took him to the ATM at the corner of De Wet and Ottery roads, where they withdrew R2 600. They then got back in the car and started driving towards Philippi,” he explains. As they drove, the armed robber instructed him to remove the laces from his shoes, whereafter his assailants tied his hands and feet. “They drove to Schaapkraal, where they dumped him in the bushes. Before leaving, they asked him whether his car was fitted with an anti-hijacking device and when he said that it wasn’t, they threatened to come back and kill him if he was lying. They then left him there.” The man, stumbling through the darkness, managed to find a sharp stone which he used to cut the laces and free himself.



















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Page 2 People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Friends of Rondebosch Common meet THE Friends of Rondebosch Common meet on Tuesday 12 April to discuss the proposed nonmotorised transport path around the common. The meeting will start at 17:30 at the Guide Hall in Alma Road, Rosebank and the organisation’s annual general meeting will be held directly afterwards. Non-members are welcome to attend. The “Rondebosch Common” book will be on sale. For more details phone Joanne or Sue on (021) 685-3451 or (021) 686-8968.

BUSINESS BRAINS: Claire Vaskys and Gavin Hiscock, both Claremont Improvement District Company (CIDC) di­ rectors, at the organisation’s AGM, held at the Vineyard Hotel recently. Chairperson David Stoll said that while the economic outlook remains uncertain, it is the aim of the CIDC to deliver the services it is renowned for. He says two clear messages should be sent to all who use Claremont: that they have entered the “best managed business node in South Africa”, and that Claremont is open for business. He said the CIDC’s mission was still to make Claremont a better place for all. Photo: Supplied

CLIMBING THE RANKS: The old South African Police force is remembered for its militaristic, patriarchal and separatist policies. The first intake of col­ oured women only occurred in 1981, and 19­year­old Constable Sharon Geldenhuys (now Major General Sharon Jephta) was in that group. On Friday 1 April she became the Deputy Provincial Commissioner responsible for polic­ ing in the Western Cape. She is pictured here with Western Cape Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Arno Lamoer. Taking up her post, she said one of her priorities would be an aggressive crime­prevention drive focused on drugs, liquor and firearms, as these are considered the main contributors to serious and violent crimes. Jephta first started working at Manenberg Police Station. Soon after that she had a seven­year stint as an instructor at the Bishop Lavis Police College. In 1988 she was promoted to Grassy Park as a branch commander. She vividly remembers her commander’s moti­ vation, which read: “She’s on equal ground with her male colleagues.” She then made a conscious decision not to be equal to her male colleagues, but “to be head and shoulders above the rest”. Jephta also spent time in Mitchell’s Plain as a branch commander, and later visible police commander, where she started the first community policing partnership. In 1998, she became the station commander of Philippi Police Station, in a time of gang violence. Her interventions, coupled with community involvement, managed to contain the violence to some extent. Photo: Supplied

Cars are easy targets in Rondebosch RONDEBOSCH police are urging residents and visitors to be more vigilant about securing their vehicles, after an “alarming number” of cars were broken into last week. Captain Angie Latchman, Claremont cluster spokesperson, says many cars are left unlocked, with valuables such as jewellery, handbags, Global Positioning Systems, laptops and cellphones left in full view. She says this creates an opportunity for criminals. The community is strongly advised to discontinue this practice, and to ensure that cars are properly se-

cured and valuables stored away. Some safety hints provided by police include: . Always travel with your doors locked and windows closed. . Lock valuable items inside your boot and never leave valuable items on your car seat. . Activate the alarm system when your car is parked. . If possible, install a Tracker or anti-hijacking device. . Be alert and conscious of your surroundings when approaching stop streets or traffic intersections. . Do not stop directly behind

another car at a robot. Stop a short distance from the car in front in order to make quick escape in the event of an attack. . Be wary of strangers approaching your car or people loitering nearby. . When driving alone, do not respond to strangers asking for assistance, or anyone trying to tell you that there is something wrong with your car. Drive to a safe place or nearby garage. . When travelling on highways, make use of your rear view mirrors to constantly monitor vehicles behind, ahead or next to you. If you feel threat-

ened or become suspicious, do not drive into your driveway, rather proceed to the nearest police station, hospital or fire station. . If you are a victim, try to remember as much detail about your attacker as possible, for example clothing, distinguishing features such as facial marks, height and, if there is a getaway vehicle, the type of vehicle, registration number or any identifiable marks. . High-risk areas include Central Business District areas, home driveways and residential areas, stop streets and traffic lights and parking lots.

April 1 fines were no laughing matter A WHOPPING R70 300’s worth of fines were issued in a combined operation by the SAPS, the traffic department, Metro Police, Law Enforcement, the Claremont Improvement District Company and the Groote Schuur Community Improvement District in the Claremont Cluster – which includes Claremont, Rondebosch and Mowbray.

The integrated crime prevention operation, involving 106 personnel, was held on Friday 1 April. Its main aim was to address drug-related issues, traffic violations, upholding of bylaws, the execution of warrants of arrest, clamping down on illegal trading and the arrest of all wanted suspects. The operation comprised

stop-and-search operations at taxi ranks and CBD areas. Roadblocks and Morpho Touch (fingerprinting) operations were also conducted in all identified crime hot spots within the Claremont cluster. Sixty-eight taxis were stopped and searched, as were 120 people and 500 other vehicles. Fines were issued for the fol-

lowing offences: traffic violations (51), unlicensed vehicles (23), unlicensed drivers (26), overloading of vehicles (four) and illegal trading (21). Forty-five people were fingerprinted and one was arrested for a parole violation. Four people were arrested on warrants of arrests in respect of traffic violations.


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Tuesday 5 April 2011

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 3

Near miss for motorist after branch crashes onto car TERESA FISCHER

ON A beautiful, windless day, a large blue gum tree branch – 30 centimetres thick and 15 metres long – plummeted onto a woman’s car. Peta Murie was in Rosmead Avenue and turning into College Road on her way to the Spar on Monday 21 March when the accident happened. “I heard what sounded like a gunshot and took cover under the steering wheel,” she says. The branch crashed onto the roof just behind her, rolling down and smashing the rear windscreen and also damaging the boot. She came away unscathed, but R40 000’s worth of damage was caused to her car. A witness saw the branch knock another branch down on the opposite side of the road.

“The two branches were lying across Rosmead Avenue, and the traffic came to a standstill. “Some kind folk dragged them onto the verge to clear the area,” she says. “These trees are called widow makers in Australia, and are hugely dangerous, as they literally drop branches out of the blue,” says Murie. She fears that with winter approaching, the large, old trees may cause a fatal accident. “I believe it is my public responsibility to try get my freakish story out there and hopefully force the City of Cape Town to do something,” she adds. Murie says: “Now I drive there in my courtesy car, palms sweating.” Regarding the possibility of claiming from the city council, she says her insurance company would handle that, if it is possible.

Safety hints for senior citizens FOLLOWING last week’s article, “Elderly women warned to be alert”, (People’s Post, 29 March), and an increase in robberies of elderly women in the precinct, Captain Angie Latchman, Claremont Cluster spokesperson, supplied the following safety hints: . An alarm system, preferably connected to an armed response company, can act as an effective deterrent. . A few panic buttons in different rooms of the house should preferably be installed. . An alarm must also have the capability to warn the occupants of any intrusion into the house. . Security lights on the outside of the house improve the physical protection of a house. . Ensure that all doors are locked at all times, and that windows are closed when you are not at home. Investigations have shown that half of all house robberies occur due to doors and windows being left open. . Large dogs serve as a deterrent. At least one dog should be trained to sleep inside. . If you leave your residence, inform your family or neighbours of your intended destination, the time you expect to return and the route you will be driving. . Ensure that tools such as axes, spades, picks and ladders are locked away when you are not using them.

. Vary your daily routine. Get into the habit of not immediately falling asleep after switching off the lights. . You should not be visible in the bedroom from the outside when you are asleep. . Always keep a torch nearby at night and when you use it, ensure that you do not give away your position. . If you are unsure about the security status of your home when returning – for example, if your dogs do not come to the gate – do not go inside. . Do not allow strangers on your premises or in your house without having properly identified the person. . Implement proper key control measures. – Identify keys by means of codes instead of indicating in writing on labels to which gate/door access can be gained. – Keys to the safe must be kept on the person. – Never hide any keys in traditional places, such as in pot plants or under doormats. – Keys in the keyhole on the inside of the front or back door should be turned to avoid easy removal. – Never allow strangers to handle keys or look at key numbers. . Have the telephone installed where it is easily accessible and have a backup such as a cellphone.

Shop owners in the vicinity agree the trees are a safety risk and that something needs to be done, especially with winter approaching. Ward councillor Alderman Owen Kinahan says: “There is no doubt that the trees in Rosmead Avenue are an accident waiting to happen, and I think that we will have to give urgent attention to a felling and replanting programme sooner rather than later.” He fired off an email to officials in the department of community services, urging them to take action, and not to “muck about with tree policy”. Johann Beyers, facilities manager of the Louis Group, the landlords of the Rosmead Superspar, says that when he heard about this incident, he brought the danger to the attention of the ward councillor. Kinahan reminded residents that ward councillors remain active and in office until 18 May, and to bring such issues to his attention or to use the C3 system for all service delivery queries or complaints. Call 0860 103 089, email or SMS 31373 (no more than 160

NEAR MISS: The damage caused to a woman’s car after a blue gum branch fell onto it. Photo: Supplied

characters). The contact will be logged and a unique reference number will enable progress to be tracked. .

WIDOW MAKER: A blue gum tree branch 30 centimetres thick and 15 metres long fell onto a woman’s car in Rosmead Avenue. Photo: Supplied

Police catch fraudster A 43-YEAR-OLD woman has been arrested for cheque fraud following a breakthrough by Detective Constable Rayaan Green of Claremont Police. The woman was being sought in connection with the issuing of fraudulent cheques at shops in Claremont and Athlone. Green obtained video footage from one of the stores, and a clear image was obtained of the suspect issuing a cheque. At 13:30 on Wednesday 23 March the woman was arrested in the vicinity of Manenberg.She made a brief appearance in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court on Friday 25 March on charges of fraud.

Police are currently investigating 15 cases of fraud against the woman. Her next court appearance has been scheduled for Friday 1 April. . Shortly after midnight on Saturday 26 March, Mowbray police acted on information received pertaining to possible drug dealing, and swooped on a residence in Mowbray where they confiscated 14 bank bags of dagga and 13 stoppe of dagga with a street value of R800.A 32-year-old man was arrested on charges of possession of drugs, and was scheduled to make a court appearance on Monday 28 March in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court.

Don’t be led on by this conman POLICE say they have received complaints of an unknown man who approaches Claremont and Rondebosch residents for permission to use an extension lead on the pretext of being employed to cut down trees. Once inside the yard he asks to use the bathroom, and while the home owner is setting up the extension lead, he quickly scans the house and steals various items. The latest incident occurred on Saturday 26 March in Paradise Road in Newlands, where two

cameras were reported stolen.The suspect is dark in complexion, approximately 38 years old, of medium build and has a scar on his forehead. Police urge anyone with information pertaining to his identity or whereabouts, or have had similar experiences, to please contact Detective Constable Mkhuseli Ngqiyana at Claremont Police station, on (021) 657-2266 or Detective Captain Nathan Aries, at Rondebosch Police Station, on (021) 685-7345.

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Page 4 People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch

PEOPLE’S PARK: A free concert and ribbon­cutting ceremony heralded the opening of the Green Point Urban Park on Sunday which was attended by more than 5 000 people. Performers included Elvis Blue, The Rudimentals, Emo Adams, Icon Jazz Band, Heavenly Quartet and Larry Joe. The 12,5ha public park, which boasts an array of plants and a biodiversity showcase garden, is open from 07:00 to 19:00 daily. Doing the honours are from left: JP Smith (ward councillor and Mayoral Committee member for Safety and Security), Dan Plato (Executive Mayor of Cape Town), Soli Philander (MC for the event) and Brett Heron (Mayoral Committee member for Community Services). Photo: Bruce Sutherland

The Pinelands Li­ ons co­hosted a free concert in De Waal Park in Cape Town with neigh­ bouring Lions clubs on Saturday 19 February. The South African Ar­ my Band enter­ tained the crowd and the Lions pro­ vided refresh­ ments. Photo: Supplied

HELPING HANDS: Shannon Fillmer and Janine Fillmer.

Photo: Supplied

BEST IN THE WEST: Herschel Girls’ School teams ended their waterpolo season in fine style when they won the top trophies in the Western Cape. The under­ 16 A team won their final against Reddam to walk away with the Morelli Trophy, held here by the two captains, Sa­ mantha Rule and Natasha Scott. The first team also bat­ tled it out against Reddam to win the Waller Cup. In addition, the first team recently won the St Peter’s tournament in Johan­ nesburg. Photo: Supplied

Tuesday 5 April 2011

RECOGNITION: The Protea Subcouncil Civic Honours awards were held on Thursday 31 March at the council's offices in Constantia. Seen here are the honourees and officials of the subcouncil. Back row: (from left to right) Alderman Owen Kinahan (Ward 58), Brian Ford (Subcouncil manager), Abdul Kerbelker, Alderman Neil Ross (Ward 62), James Forsyth, David Gore and Chet Sainsbury. Front row: (from left to right)Barry Hart, councillor Carol Bew (Ward 73), Trevor Robinson, Diarmuid Baigrie, Rose Smuts, Carlo Ricky Penso and Councillor Ian Iverson (Ward 59). Photo: Liam Moses

Protea Subcouncil honours community LIAM MOSES

THE Protea Subcouncil honoured nine of its citizens and organisations last week for their work in the community over the past few years. The citizens were honoured at an event hosted at the subcouncil premises in Constantia on Thursday 31 March. . The Claremont Improvement District Company (CIDC) was honoured for its contribution to creating a cleaner and safer Claremont. Abdul Kerbelker, executive director of the CIDC, accepted the award. . James Forsyth received his civic honour for helping to ensure that Constantia stays pristine and graffiti-free. Forsyth started a group called The Graffiti Busters in 2005. He has also, through his presidency of the Friends of Constantia organisation, extended the paths and trails in the Constantia valley, removed invasive alien vegetation and planted indigenous plants in the Sand River catchment area. . The College of Magic was honoured for the work it has done with young people during its 30 years in existence. David Gore, the director of the college, accepted the award. . Chet Sainsbury was awarded his civic

Explore the stars THE South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) in Cape Town will have a public lecture on Saturday 9 April starting at 20:00. Dr Bruno Letarte will talk about “How do we know what the stars are made of?”. For










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further information on the lecture, contact Thembela Mantungwa from SAAO on (021) 460-9319, or fax 086 612 7502 or 071 105 0109, email or visit the website at or

Dance for an innings THE Victoria Cricket Club will be holding their annual presentation dance at the John Graham Primary School on Friday 8 April, starting at 19:30 for 20:00. Platters will be on the table, but everybody


honour for his achievements in the field of marathon management and design. Sainsbury is the former director of the Two Oceans Marathon and is currently working on the Landmarks half-marathon. . Barry Hart was honoured for the 37 years he spent as a teacher and headmaster at St George’s Grammar School in Mowbray. . Trevor Robinson was recognised for his work in keeping up the appearance of Plumstead. He has lived in the area for over 47 years and is a member and former chairperson of the Plumstead Civic Association. . Diarmuid Bagrie was awarded the civic honour for his work as president of the Newlands Residents’ Association. Bagrie was instrumental in ensuring that the Forresters Arms pub in Newlands was not turned into a large hotel against the wishes of Newlands residents. . Rose Smuts was honoured for her work in Kenilworth. Smuts has planted and taken care of trees and flowers in pots along Main Road in the Kenilworth CBD. . Carlo Ricky Penso received his award for volunteering his time and energy to help unwell children at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. Penso is a volunteer care clown and helps the hospital’s young patients to get through their time in the wards.


is encouraged to bring their own XYZ and glasses. A shooters bar will be available. The school is located on the corner of Dick Burton and Milford Roads, and R75 will get you in. The dress code is smart.


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SUPER VALUE SUPER SERVICE TOKAI ON MAIN Tel. 021 715 4666 *Conditions apply


Tuesday 5 April 2011

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 5

Driver arrested for assault TERESA FISCHER


MOTORIST was arrested for assaulting cyclist Andrew Wheeldon on the same day Wheeldon reported the incident, and has since been released without having to pay bail. The incident in which Wheeldon was allegedly punched in the jaw by an irate motorist took place at noon on Sunday 27 March near Claremont. Claremont Police arrested the man, who lives in Rosmead Avenue, on charges of assault on Monday 28 March. He appeared in court and was released without having to pay bail. He will, however, appear in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday 14 April. Wheeldon, the director of the Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN), was cycling towards the corner of Rosmead Avenue and Lansdowne Road, when he says the motorist jumped a stop street. Wheeldon says he just shook his head. He says the driver then suddenly

braked and reversed and, as he passed the car, the driver almost hit him by suddenly opening his car door. This happened three times he says, adding that he would simply ride around the car. Then, as he was stopped at a robot at the Rosmead and Lansdowne Road intersection, the driver got out and approached him, asking: “Do you think you are a hero?” He replied “no”. The man then asked: “Why did you shake your head?” Wheeldon replied this was because the driver had jumped the stop street. “So you think you are a hero then?” the driver allegedly asked before punching him in the jaw. He then asked: “So what are you going to do, hero?” Wheeldon replied that he was going to report him for assault and the man said he would go with him to the police station. He followed Wheeldon closely, and this was captured in photographs taken by a witness, who holds a senior position at a large media house. “He really picked the wrong guy to hit,” says Wheeldon wryly. One of the missions of The Bicycle Empow-

erment Network is to advocate safe bicycle travel. The man then drove away. Another witness has since approached Wheeldon, saying she saw the man punch him. She told him that she was amazed he didn’t even lift an arm to defend himself, even to protect himself. Wheeldon says the day before he had cycled over 400 km and was just hoping to do an easy 10 km. He says it was partly a case of turning the other cheek, but adds, “I didn’t have the energy”. Wheeldon says it was good if the “cyclist/motorist problem” was brought into the public sphere, adding that it had been kept under wraps for too long. He pleads for tolerance from both sides. He highlights the importance of educating drivers and cyclists. He says incidents can easily escalate into a full-blown fight. He adds: “Fighting back, by for example slapping someone’s car, is the wrong reaction.” He suggests stopping confrontation immediately, by down-playing whatever has happened.

PARKING OFF: Reader William Samuels spotted this Metro Police car parked over the yellow line at Mutual Park in Pinelands on Wednesday 30 March at 10:00. He remarks: “This is how Metro Police park. Now we know where taxis take their lead.” Samuels suggests it would be a good idea to let readers send in pictures of people who violate traffic laws. Photo: William Samuels

Tee off for mental illness THE Friends of Valkenberg Trust will be hosting their annual golf day on Thursday 14 April at Rondebosch Golf Course. This charity event is aimed at raising awareness of mental health, and raising the funds required to promote the dignity of people with mental illnesses who spend time at Valkenberg Hospital. Dr Despina Learmonth, psychologist and lecturer, will be telling golfers why sport is good for their mental health. The Sports Science Institute of South Africa will set up

various stalls with their service providers (including massage therapists and biokineticists) to provide assistance and information for players on the day. Golfers are encouraged to enter a 4-ball at R1 600. (There is a pensioners’ discount on request). The format is 4-Ball Alliance with two scores to count. Entry includes complimentary gift packs, prizes, drinks, braai and a boost to your mental health. In order to secure your place, please deposit payment into the Friends of Valkenberg Trust

bank account. Reference your deposit as “golf” followed by your name. Please send a copy of your deposit by fax to 0866 102 414 or email The banking details are: Account Name: Friends of Valkenberg Trust, Account Number: 071270728, Account Type: Current, Bank Name: Standard Bank, Branch Name: Mowbray, Sort Code: 024 909. Contact Marsha van den Berg on (021) 447-2092 (mornings) or email to confirm your place.

Go hire. It’s the way to Go.

Page 6 People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch


Tuesday 5 April 2011

Don’t think and everything will be perfectly fine TONY ROBINSON

WHAT is the “battery chicken mentality”? Most people think intensive farming with battery chickens is a cruel practice, but it is probably the perfect socialist system. Think about it. All the birds are equal. They all get equal amounts of food delivered every meal-time by a conveyor belt. The health care is meticulous. Medicines are free and conveniently dissolved in the drinking water for effortless consumption, whether the birds are sick or not. And they all have the same life expectancy. There is no stressful fighting for a place in the pecking order (that would be too much like capitalism) and there is wonderful protection from stray cats, baboons and other night raiders. One bird, one protective steel cage. What security! It is true that the lighting may be a bit low, but chickens don’t read, so what’s the problem? And, most of all, they don’t have to think. Just like the plump people in our great bureaucracies. Very often things like the battery chicken mentality are best explained by producing an example. Like the mythical 68 kilogramme passenger. According to our road traffic legislation, the average passenger on a bus or taxi weighs just 68 kg and this figure is used to calculate the number of passengers a vehicle can carry. But we all know that the 68 kg passenger is a myth. The airlines know it because aero-

planes have to fly and they take the payload figures very seriously. They reckon the average passenger weighs well over 80 kg and closer to 90 kg in the fat West. And most of us free-range citizens know that in the real world of junk food and fizzy drinks, there is an obesity problem. Waist measurements and bra sizes are increasing. Average weights are more like 85 kilogrammes. Now what happens when you squeeze 15 real people with their luggage into a minibus taxi designed to carry 15 theoretical people of 68 kg or 150 pounds? It means that the taxi is top heavy and overloaded by at least 250 kilogrammes. That’s equal to five bags of cement! In fact, most taxis carry more than 15 passengers so the actual overloading is even worse. Tyres wear quickly and they burst. Drivers lose control, vehicles roll and people die. But the plump bureaucrats go on believing in the 68 kg passenger. After all, it’s enshrined in the legislation. To change would probably mean telling the taxi industry that the maximum load for a Toyota Hi Ace is 11 people. And who would be brave enough to do that? So it’s better not to think about it. Just sit back and take a swig of medicated water. It’s just too bad if people get killed. Life isn’t perfect. Anyway, it happens to chickens too. As Julius Caesar said, “Cowards die many times before their death”… So what’s the use of worrying? That’s the great thing about socialist systems like battery farms. You don’t have to think.

BREATHING SPACE: Six new classrooms and offices at Groote Schuur High School were officially inaugurated on Friday 25 March. Education MEC Donald Grant and Penny Vinjefold, the superintendent general of Education in the Western Cape, were among the dignitaries at the event. Principals from various feed­ er schools, the school’s Governing Body and Parent Teacher Association, as well as representatives of the construction team, attended. After speeches and performances by the school choir and band, the guests moved to the new class­ rooms, where Vinjefold cut a ceremonial ribbon to open the classrooms. The extra capacity follows a decision taken in 2010 by Grant to expand access to quality education, and to address the demand for increased admissions at successful schools. The Western Cape Education Department has under­ taken to build additional classrooms at various schools in the metropolitan area of Cape Town, and Groote Schuur was chosen as one of the recipients. Construction began in October 2010, and the classrooms were completed at the end of February. Grant is seen here with some of the Grade 10 pupils.Photo: Supplied

Saturday 9 April

Saturday 9 April

Newlands: Antiques and Heritage Society Meeting at the Athenaeum, where, at 15:00 sharp, Andre van Graan will give an illustrated talk entitled: “Sir Herbert Baker’s Architecture, Buildings and Furnishings.” Guests pay R25 each, which includes refreshments. For more information, contact Ann on (021) 689-1124.

Rondebosch: Craft in the Park from 09:00 until 14:00. Support Animal Rescue and other charities. Drop off anything you don’t want at the information desk and Ann will drop it off at Marsh Memorial. Contact Ann on (021) 531-4236 on Tuesday until Friday between 09:00 and 17:30 or on 083 272 5482 on market day.

A future in birds IF BIRDS are your passion, then visit the fourth Biodiversity Expo at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden from Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 May. The Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at UCT will be showing its work and discussing ideas for careers at their display. The exhibit is one of the more than 30 informative projects that will feature at this annual event offering ideas for careers in the area of biodiversity. Securing a sustainable future in the face of escalating global environmental change requires innovative approaches to conserving biodiversity, and this is the Fitztitue’s (as it is commonly known) focus. It is the only ornithological research institute in the Southern Hemisphere, and arguably one of

the most active in the world in terms of programmes of both ornithological research and education. In recognition of its achievements and future potential, the Fitztitute was awarded the prestigious status of one of only six National Centres of Excellence in Science and Technology in 2004 – an award made by the South African Department of Science and Technology and the National Research Foundation. To find out more about the Fitztitute or a career in ornithology, visit the stall at the Biodiversity Expo at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in the Old Mutual Conference Centre. For more information, visit, or email Augustine Morkel on

Saint Mark’s Passion in Simon’s Town SAINT Francis Church, Simon’s Town, and Saint Paul’s Church, Rondebosch, present the “Saint Mark Passion” by Charles Wood at 18:00 on Sunday 10 April at St Francis Church, in Court Road, Simon’s Town. The work will be conducted by

Grant Braslar, and the organ will be played by Gavin Julius. Soloists include Gretchen Langenhoven (soprano), Willem Bester (tenor) and Patrick Tikol (bass). Entrance is free. A collection will be taken. Contact Nick Hodson on (021) 786 5931.


Tuesday 5 April 2011

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 7

Get web wise CHILDREN today are rapidly outstripping their parents in Internet savvy and use. Older generations are increasingly being left behind. Sam Paddock, co-author of the new University of Cape Town Internet Super-User course, believes parents have a responsibility towards their children to learn about the Internet. He says parents cannot help children understand the Internet or protect them from online threats if they haven’t educated themselves. Many web browsers have built-in tools that allow parents to select which websites their children may visit and which ones to automatically block. Parents who assist their children with their homework will also find that the Inter-

net is an amazing tool. Web-savvy parents can help steer them towards good materials and sources, helping with the work at hand and exposing the children to subjects that interest them. Even children who consider books boring will happily spend hours online reading about their favourite topics. Paddock says GetSmarter “is making a broad range of technology skills available to the average person that will add value to their lives”. The part-time UCT Internet Super-User short course is presented online throughout South Africa and starts on Monday 11 April. For more information contact Abby on (021) 685-4775, email or visit

FUN FOR ALL: The Family Sea­ son of Perform­ ances is a 10­day festival of thea­ tre for young peo­ ple and their fam­ ilies, which takes place from Wednesday 6 un­ til Saturday 16 April at the Thea­ tre Arts Admin Collective in the Methodist Church Hall on the corner of Milton Road and Wesley Street in Observatory. Young and old are encour­ aged to explore a kaleidoscope of performances that promise to deliver visually arresting theatre. Tickets are R40 for anyone over the age of 12 and R20 for under 12s. Group tickets cost R15 for 30 or more under 12s and R35 for a group of 30 and more high school pupils. There will also be a three­day animation workshop from Wednesday 6 until Saturday 9 April, starting from 11:00 until 14:00 at R300. Junk puppet and shadow puppet workshops start from 11:15 and are held until 12:30 at R30. A clowning work­ shop will be held on Saturday 9 April, starting from 11:00 until 14:00.

KIDDING AROUND: WP Rugby’s new principal sponsor for 2011, DHL, has brought new and exciting initiatives to match day at DHL Newlands. The kicking simulator has brought a fun atmosphere to the Castle Lawns, while new competitions and entertainment before kickoff and at half time have enthralled fans waiting for the teams to take the field. At the recent game against the Western Force, DHL hosted over 60 children from Marsh Memo­ rial Home, the St Francis Children’s Home, the Durbanville Children’s Home and the Heatherdale Children’s Home. Each child was treated to burgers, cooldrinks and Stormers merchandise. Seen here are the children with DHL Express Sub­Saharan Africa MD, Charles Brewer.






Gia 1 Drawer Wooden Pedestal

R379 • Unassembled


Jessica 1 Drawer Pedestal


On your marque THE Italian Motorcycle Owner’s Club (IMOC) is planning to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Moto Guzzi motorcycle marque on Sunday 17 April, from 11:30 to 20:00, at the Fireman’s Arms, on the corner of Buitengracht and Mechau Street in Cape Town. Both the World Superbike races taking place in Assen in the Netherlands will be

More teams needed

screened live on the big screen. There will be a limited number of commemorative Tshirts and various prizes to be won. IMOC is inviting all Moto Guzzi owners to attend on their motorcycle. Food and a limited range of free drinks will be provided. Other interested people are welcome to attend the event, but their food and drinks will be to their own account. For further information email to RSVP for catering purposes.





91cm Single Mattress 137cm Double Mattress 152cm Queen Mattress Standard Length

R899 R1199





Bed Set


R 999




91cm Single Mattress



CHIRO SUPPORT 91cm Single Mattress BEDSET R1599 137cm Double Mattress







152cm Queen Mattress

137cm Double Mattress

R1499 R1699

Bed Set R 1299











R425 Dressing Table

R1099 Stool

R315 Double Bed Queen Bed -

R 13 99

137 X 188cm 152 X 188cm or 152 X 200cm



Zena 160cm



3pc Jemma Set



Leather High Back Dining Chair






• Dark Brown • Cream • Black







Queen R549 Headboard Single Headboard




Leather Touch

Belinda Armchair


Dining Chair




Cushions Included



• Accessories not included EVA LEATHER TOUCH CORNER UNIT

• Black • Brown


Terri 2 Drawer Pedestal

Double R469 Headboard




THE Christianbased Southern Suburbs Football League is appealing to churches to join the league, which runs from mid-April to August. There are currently 10 teams in the league, and the aim is to grow it to 16 teams. All the matches are played at the Chukker Road Fields in Kenilworth. Contact Simon Magner on, or call 084 922 2468 for further information. Alternatively visit the website on http://



CLEARANCE Vegas Armchair



•Coffee Table SAVINGS optional extra


Vegas 2 Seater

Ricardo Leather Armchairs

Set of 2





Eva Leather Touch Corner Unit



R2499 Vegas

2,5 Seater

R2899 Cushions Included


DIEP RIVER 23 Estmil Rd, Diep River. TEL: 021 712 5236 021 712 4813 MasterCard and Visa-Credit Cards Accepted.


Unit no.10 Estoril Rd, Killarney Gardens. Tel: 021 557 3136 Products supplied unassembled E&OE

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Tuesday 5 April 2011

‘Kamakazi’ rider has shot at paralympic glory TERESA FISCHER


IDING a horse is not easy, but imagine you have to hold on without the use of your legs. Lakeside resident, Nicola Sanders (25), has cerebral palsy but is blasé about her riding skills. “Oh, there is a girl in Germany who rides without arms or legs,” she points out. Within days she is flying to Deauville in France for a ParaEquestrian Dressage competition, which is a qualifier for the 2012 paralympics. It takes place from Friday 15 until Sunday 17 April. Sanders has been riding since she was six, after her physiotherapist suggested it would be beneficial exercise. But it is so much more to her. Sanders notes: “Crutches are limiting, a horse is not.” She has always been a fighter. When she was born, her lungs collapsed, she had a brain haemorrhage and doctors thought she would be a “vegetable”. But Sand-

ers proved them wrong and does not allow her severe cerebral palsy to stop her from achieving her dreams. ”I almost died twice, I figure there is a reason for me to be here,” she says. She has to raise all the funds herself as the sport struggles to attract sponsors, and several pulled out at the last minute. Sanders will compete on an unknown horse that she will meet for the first time before the competition. The rider horse bond is crucial to riding, especially in dressage, where the rider and the horse aim to be perfectly in tune. “I have been saving since I was six; it’s nearly all gone in two weeks, but this is my once in a lifetime shot,” she explains. She points out that people who play club-level rugby receive payment and funding, yet even at her level of almost representing the country, sponsors are almost impossible to find. She does not have her own horse, but has been generously allowed to ride a dark bay boereperd called Nooitjie, owned by Noord-

hoek resident, Isabelle Stirrup. Nooitjie has a brilliant, calm nature, but at 22, Nooitjie is too old too travel. Sanders also rides at South African Riding for the Diabled (SARDA) and gyms four times a week. She says she is not necessarily looking for a sponsor, even a small donation would be welcome. “Just someone brave enough to take a chance on me, on my dream, which is a lot to ask I know,” she adds. Her determination stems partly from proving a point to herself and to others. “I will do anything, try anything,” she swears, adding her “bucket list” runs to 20 pages. In addition to competing internationally, it includes flying an open door apache helicopter, abseiling and paragliding. She says she was always a cautious person, but that she realised you only have one life. Also, she says her disability might become worse with age and she wants to seize the moment. “Severe irritation” at being overlooked also drives her. She

TALENTED TEAM: Para­Equestrian Dressage rider,Nicola Sanders of Lake­ side, is competing in France later this month – in a competition which is a qualifier for the 2012 paralympics. Photo: Supplied adds her success is all thanks to her coach, Teri Smith, who she says is like a mom, but also pushes her to be her best. Her quiet sense of humour is en-

dearing. Of her modified riding equipment she jokes: “I look like a kamikaze pilot.” If you can help please call Teri on 082 898 3849.

Riders revved up for regionals

TWO IN A ROW: Peninsula Girls’ Rowing Club members (from left) Jessica Bobbert (Westerford High School) and Clarice Gomes (Springfield Convent) received the Trakai Award for the most successful double team (Girls Under­ 16). The club celebrated the closing of the rowing season at its end­of­year dinner and awards ceremony. Photo: Gareth Griffiths

THE Cape Town Motocross Club will host the second round of the regional motocross (MX) competition on Saturday 9 April on a redesigned and challenging new Melkbos MX track. Many of South Africa’s top riders have already descended on Cape Town to practise ahead of the race. All eyes will be on the local favourite, Justin Sangster, of Bergvliet, who recorded the fastest time in practice in Port Elizabeth last week. Sangster, who currently holds the lap record for the Melkbos track, will want to impress the home crowd ahead of the national competition, which will be held on Saturday 23 April. Racing will commence at 09:00 at the Melkbos track, which is on the R27 (West Coast road). Spectators will be treated to a full day’s racing. Entry to the circuit will cost R30 for adults and is free for children under 12. For more information contact the race secretary, Karen, on 072 369 7356 or visit

HANG TIME: Justin Sangster (8), of Bergvliet, jumping a 9­ metre table top at the Melkbos motocross track.

Exploring home births WINNING SPIRIT: Springfield Convent rowers (from left) Catherine Tinkler, Lauren Gordon, Kirsty Cassells, Katy Lovemore and Sarah Wallace with the Girls Under­15 trophy. Photo: Gareth Griffiths COMPETING COUNTRY­ WIDE: Catherine Tinkler (Springfield Convent) had the honour of represent­ ing Western Province at the Nationals held recent­ ly in Gauteng in the Un­ der­15 Girls Sculling (so­ lo) event.Photo: Gareth Griffiths

RECOGNITION: Outgoing cap­ tain of the Peninsula Girls’ Rowing Club, Amanda Dry (Girls Open Category Rower), of Herschel Girls School, ac­ cepts a special gift for her ded­ ication and contribution to the club. Photo: Gareth Griffiths

THERE will be a talk and short film for all those interested in home births, at the Erin Hall, Erin Road, Rondebosch, on Sunday 22 May from 14:00 to 16:00. Women who have given birth at home, have wanted home births, are planning a home birth or are just curious, can attend. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and speak to midwives or doulas. A doula is an assistant who provides support for a woman in labour by encouraging her to use techniques learned in

FLOWER POWER: Renowned horticulturalist, David David­ son, will be giving a talk on his experiences in Thailand on Tuesday 12 April at 09:30, at Christ Church Hall, corner Main and Parish roads, Constantia. Davidson was invited to Thailand after a trip to Singapore to show the South African 2010 Chel­ sea Flower Show Exhibit. The talk and slide show will be on the flowers and arrange­ ments used in Thailand. The event is being hosted by the Constantia Flower Club. The cost for visitors is R25 and in­ cludes refreshments.

childbirth-preparation classes. Ruth Ehrhardt, a qualified doula, said: “South Africa has one of the highest Caesarean rates in the world, with an average of 70% in private hospitals.” The guest speaker will be Angela Wakeford, a midwife and a short film on water birth will be shown. “Women often find that in a hospital environment their options and freedom to give birth as they wish are often limited through routine hospital protocol

and intervention,” said Ehrhardt. Midwives, partners and doulas who attend home births and those who have supported mothers giving birth at home are welcome to attend. Tickets cost R50 per person and R80 for two. Refreshments will be served. For details call Ruth on 078 557 9070 or email or Lana or 073 514 9754 or visit the website

Discussion on Islamic law TIMBUKTU BOOKS is inviting the public to a discussion between Dr Jasser Auda and Sheikh Seraj Hendricks on “Maqasid Al Shari’ah as Philosophy of Islamic Law: A Systems Approach” on Wednesday 6 April at 19:00 for 19:15. The discussion will take place at the bookshop, situated on G03 Ground Floor, Stadium on Main, Claremont. Attendance is free. For further information call, or call (021) 671-9819.


Tuesday 5 April 2011

Portrait of the artist TRUDIE Cousins, the new art teacher at Rosebank Junior School in Rondebosch, says her pupils are very enthusiastic about art and are a joy to teach. They did these selfportraits in her class, making her very proud.

ARTY: A self portrait by Sadie Adams, a Grade 3 pupil at Rosebank Junior School.Photo: Supplied

TALENTED: Lia Makhurane’s view of herself. She is in Grade 3 at Rosebank Junior School. Photo: Supplied

BUSINESS MINDED: Eloise Leibrandt, of Abbots College Claremont, decided in 2010 to repeat Grade 11 and change her subjects to a business stream, even though she had been promoted to Grade 12. With the encouragement of her economics teacher, she entered the Nedbank/Provincial Treasury/ WCED Economics essay competition. Eloise was selected as one of 19 final­ ists, and had to present a 10­minute PowerPoint presentation to a panel of judges. The winners were announced at a gala dinner at the Waterfront attend­ ed by MECs Donald Grant and Alex Winde, on Saturday 12 March. Lei­ brandt came sixth and was awarded a full bursary to study a commerce de­ gree. She wants to study for a Bachelor of Commerce degree at UCT or Stellen­ bosch. She says the competition taught her that one does not need to be an A­aggregate pupil to be an achiev­ er, but that consistent hard work and perseverance are the keys to success. She believes that one needs to set high goals and have good morals and princi­ ples. She also finds mediocrity unac­ ceptable, and sees herself working in a good position in a successful South African company in 10 years.

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AMATEUR DRAMATICS: The Pine­ lands Players Amateur Theatre Socie­ ty is staging “Godspell” from Friday 15 April until Sunday 24 April at the Artscape Arena. “Godspell” is de­ scribed as a fun, modern­day musical telling the New Testament parables from the Gospel according to Mat­ thew. All 10 members of the cast were carefully selected to portray Cape Town characters. It is directed by Ro­ ché Haupt Buckle, who lives in Clare­ mont. Justin Wardle, also from Clare­ mont/Harfield Village, paid a lot of at­ tention to musical perfection. The set has been constructed by Waldo Buck­ le, and costumes were designed by Mowbray resident, Carryn Underhill. The players say this “high energy mu­ sical” is a jubilant celebration featur­ ing a number of well­known songs like “Day by Day”, “Bless the Lord”, and “All for the Best”. Book at Computick­ et or Artscape (021) 421­7695. Pic­ tured here are (in the back row, from left) Allana Aldridge, Byron Bure, Jen­ nifer Moss, Gary Kiewitz and Greg Tin­ ney. (Front row, from left) Michélle Hough, Maryanne van Eyssen, Darik Velez and Douglas Middlebrook. In front is Tanya March

VICTORI­ OUS: Court­ ney Smith and Tam­ syn Louw represent­ ed Mickle­ field School in Ronde­ bosch at the recent interschool tennis com­ petition at Sans Souci School on Thursday 17 March. They came first in the under­11 group.

CUP HOLD­ ERS: The Rustenburg Girl’s Junior School achieved exceptional results in the West­ ern Prov­ ince Diving Champion­ ships, win­ ning both of the one­me­ tre competi­ tions open to girls of junior school age. Emily Malherbe (right) and Gabriella Cotchobos are seen holding the trophies they won in the under­13 and under­11 age groups respectively. The WP Championships were held at Newlands Swimming Pool on Saturday 12 March and attracted adult divers in the Open division, as well as High School and Junior School competi­ tors. Divers are required to perform numerous dives from the different categories with varying degrees of difficulty. Photo: Supplied

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Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

ER, WHAT’S UP, DOC? Bea­ trix Potter’s delightful sto­ ry for children, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, is on at the Artscape Theatre Foyer, presented by Stagecraft Drama Studio. The show tells the story of Mrs Rab­ bit, who lived in her cosy burrow underneath the roots of a very big fir­tree. She had four little children, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton­ Tail, who were good little bunnies and Peter, who was sometimes a bit naughty. Until Saturday 9 April, there will be two shows daily, starting at 10:30 and 14:30. Book now at Computicket or Art­ scape Dial­a­Seat on (021) 421­7695. Ticket prices are R50 per person. For dis­ counted block bookings phone Cheryl on (021) 423­2675. Photo: Supplied

The man behind the baton WHILE many regular “promenaders” come every year to the “Last Night of the Proms” for the repertoire of light classical music and the medley of choirs, many die-hards come just to enjoy the guarantee of yet another spectacular performance by renowned conductor, Richard Cock.

Poetry in motion IINSPIRED by beautiful poetry that includes South African works, the Cape Town City Ballet has returned with its acclaimed production of “Poetry in Motion”. The production returned to the Artscape Opera House on 26 March and will run until 6 April. “Poetry in Motion 2” introduces new works in addition to the original series of dance vignettes created by choreographers Erica Brumage, Kirsten Isenberg, Veronica Paeper, Lindy Raizenberg, Liane Lurie and Robin van Wyk. There will be nine performances and the entire company, together with guest artists, will appear at every performance. “Poetry in Motion 2” highlights the beauty of ballet, interweaving music with the spoken word and the themes of the works includethe journey of life,

love, loss and celebration. Inspired by William Wordsworth’s poem, “The Daffodils”, Robin van Wyk has choreographed an ensemble piece to the music of Vivaldi and opera diva, Aviva Pelham, joins the dancers to recite the poem. Lindy Raizenberg introduces an Irish flavour in one of her new pieces, “Celtic Tides”. Former principal of the PACT ballet company, Liane Lurie’s sensual and sultry pas de deux, “Valpurgis Night”, will be performed by Megan Swart and Xola Putye on opening night, while Kim Vieira and Jon Savage feature in Van Wyk’s turbulent new piece, “Girl of Temptation”. Ticket prices range between R90 and R160. Book at Computicket, Shoprite and Checkers outlets online at or Dial-A-Seat on (021) 421-7695.

This year Cock has decided on the theme of “Gypsy Fantasy” for the “Last Night of the Proms” taking place in the City Hall on Saturday 9 April at 20:00, and on Sunday 10 April at 19:00. Globally-renowned violinist, 21-year-old Jonathan Chan, and 21-year-old soprano, Maudée Montiree, head the line-up of choirs. Tickets are available at R170 and R210. Visit or a local outRichard Cock. let to pur-

CLASSIC FUN: “Last night of the Proms” is a festive affair.Photo:Supplied chase your ticket. For more information contact Graham Todd on 082 498 3986 or . WIN! People’s Post is giving away a set of two tickets to Last

Guitarists take note THE second Avril Kinsey Classical Guitar Competition will take place in Cape Town as part of the first Cape Town International Guitar Festival at Groot Constantia from 1 to 3 July. Guitarists can enter in three categories – up to age 12, 13 to 19, and 20 and older – to compete for prizes totalling R75 000. These include cash awards, CD recordings by Music@Work and Art Music, and scholarships to the Cape Town Academy of Music, Trinity College Guildhall examination entry fees, Hannabach strings,

and more. There will be a special prize for a young guitarist from a previously disadvantaged community who is part of a recognised arts project. The adult category victor will also win a chance to perform in the prestigious Nederburg concert series in Paarl. Guitarists will audition on June 11 at the Hugo Lamprecht Music Centre in Parow. Those unable to make the live audition may send a YouTube link. The first round is free choice; the semi-finals require two pieces from different periods; and finalists will

Puccini operas with an African twist “SOUR ANGELICA” and “Gianni Schicchi”, two well-known one-act operas by Puccini, will be presented “with an African twist” by members of the Cape Town Opera Voice of the Nation Studio and Vocal Ensemble. It will be staged at the Artscape Theatre from Saturday 16 April to Thursday 21 April. Updated productions by Matthew Wild and Sandile Kamle promise to bring fresh local relevance to the operas, with “Suor Angelica” transferred from a Tuscan convent to a third world hospice, while the money-grubbing antics of “Gianni Schicchi” gain new satirical piquancy in the context of Gugulethu’s nou­ veau riche. “‘Suor Angelica’ tells the senti-

Hiddingh Campus, 31-37 Orange Street, Cape Town. South African-born Reznek, who currently lives in North London, graduated with distinction from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Music degree. The concert is open to the public free of charge. For more information call (021) 480-7156 or email

Night of the Proms on Saturday 9 April. To enter the giveaway, SMS “Proms” to 34586 by noon on Wednesday 6 April. SMSes cost R2 each; winners will be phoned.

have to play one of the 320 works written by a South African composer. This year Avril Kinsey’s pieces will be made available for download on the official festival website. The jury comprises eminent nationally and internationally recognised guitarists Gregory Newton and David Grimes, both from America, and Tessa Ziegler, as well as composer Hendrik Hofmeyr, Abri Jordaan, lecturer at the University of Pretoria, and Rudi Bower, teacher, performer and musicologist from Port Elizabeth. Entries close on Sunday 1 May. Entry forms can be completed online or downloaded from, or call Ann Coltham on 082 414 4771.

Big band sound

mental story of a cloistered nun who was rejected by her noble family for having a child out of wedlock, through some of Puccini’s most heartrending music, including Angelica’s devastating aria “Senza mamma”, said Wild. This is followed by the riotously farcical “Gianni Schicchi”, in which a clever trickster outwits greedy relatives determined to rewrite a deceased man’s will. It features Puccini’s most famous soprano aria, “O mio babbino caro”, memorably used in the Merchant Ivory film, “A Room with a View”, he said. Bookings can be made at Computicket or Dial-a-Seat on (021) 421-7695 or 083 915 8000. Tickets are R100, R150 and R200.

THE UCT Big Band, under the direction of Mike Campbell, presents an evening of jazz and contemporary popular music with a South African flavour at the Baxter Concert Hall on Tuesday 12 April, starting at 20:15. Tickets are available at Computicket or at the door at R50. UCT staff pay R45, senior citizens and students R35 and pupils R25.

Get hip hopping

Pianist home for one-off show THE University of Cape Town’s Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Art (GIPCA) will host international pianist and renowned piano teacher Renée Reznek for a once-off concert on Sunday 10 April at 16:00. The event is part of the relaunch of GIPCA’s “Music in the City” concert series and will take place at Hiddingh Hall, UCT

Tuesday 5 April 2011

LOOK INTO MY EYES: Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist is performing at the Theatre on the Bay from Tuesday 12 until Saturday 30 April. Trained by the legendary hypnotist, Max Collie, Andre makes his volun­ teers speak moon language, forget their names, impersonate chick­ ens and perform a host of other hilarious routines. Tickets cost R120. Bookings can be made at Computicket, or by calling the theatre box office on (021) 438­3300.

THE Cape Town Eisteddfod Hip Hop Dance Competition will be taking place on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May. All “hip hoppers” are encouraged to join in on the action with substantial cash prizes up for grabs in this new event. For more information and for entry forms, contact Sharon on 082 563 1693 or email

Tuesday 5 April 2011


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Win with People’s Post

MY, WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE!: The Big Bad Wolf, portrayed by Elton John Duffy (right), is disguised as a sheep who tries to fool Red Riding Hood, played by Nikki Louw.

Win as Red Riding Hood comes to town AFTER a completely sold-out season in 2009, The Lilliput Children’s Theatre Company will put on seven performances only of “Red Riding Hood” at the Baxter Main Theatre in April. “Red Riding Hood” runs until Saturday 9 April. This delightful fairytale follows the well-loved story of the naughty little girl who disobeys her mother and, instead of taking the safe route to visit her granny, goes into the woods, where she encounters a Big Bad Wolf (in this adaptation a rather stupid Loopy-de-Loop type who is a former music hall star). Highlights of the show include a rock and roll Granny and the Wolf’s striptease. Tickets to the 40-minute show cost R38, and bookings can be made at Computicket, at any Shoprite/Checkers or online at For block bookings or queries, call Elton on 083 364 8284 or (021) 558-2650, or the Baxter Theatre on (021) 685-7880. For more information on the Lilliput Players, visit their website at . WIN! People’s Post is giving away five double tickets to the show. To win, SMS “Red” to 34586 by noon on Wednesday 6 April. SMSes cost R2 each; winners will be phoned.

ARE YOU GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO?: Seen enjoying the “Summer of Love” evening were Jenny Katsch (left) and Melissa Stroh.

Down memory lane A FUN evening was enjoyed by all the guests who attended the Barnyard Theatre’s “Summer of Love” tribute to ’60s music. The evening was hosted by both the Sunflower Fund and the Organ Donor Foundation on 31 March as a special charity evening to raise funds. The Sunflower Fund will use the funds to build the Bone Marrow Registry of South Africa, so people with leukaemia or other life-threatening disorders can find a donor match as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. For more details on how to become a donor, visit their website,, or call the toll-free number 0800 12 10 82.

For the twitchers THE Cape Bird Club presents a full-day course aimed at helping birders get to grips with LBJs – those “little brown jobs” that are so hard to identify. Faansie Peacock, author of “Pipits of Southern Africa”, will talk on “LBJs of the Western Cape and beyond”, on Saturday 16 April at the Nassau Centre, Groote Schuur High School, Palmyra Road, Newlands. Anyone interested can book with Judith Crosswell on (021) 671-1787, after 19:00 only, or email

PAUL NEL’S debut novel, “The Law of Douglas van Yssen”, is set in the early part of the 20th century in the Little Karoo town of Oudtshoorn. An authentic recreation of life in those times, this evocatively written story traces the unusual journey of a brilliant young man struck by incurable deafness at the beginning of a promising career. Moving from the sleepy Karoo town to bustling Cape Town and the shores of our wonderful coastline, Nel gently peels back the layers of a time fraught with prejudices and social rigidity, and unforgiving of human frailties. Van Yssen removes himself from

society, has a scandalous affair with a shop assistant resulting in a child, and struggles to make a living for his family by farming. It is when poor neighbours approach him to assist in a water dispute that he uses his keen intellect to set off a chain of events that result in a landmark court ruling. Nel has crafted memorable characters, not least of which is Douglas Van Yssen himself. . WIN! People’s Post is giving away three copies of “The Law of Douglas van Yssen”. To enter the giveaway, SMS “Paul Nel” to 34586 by noon on Wednesday 6 April. SMSes cost R2 each; winners will be phoned.

Club talk will dig deep THE Western Cape Branch of the South African Archaeological Society is holding its next meeting on Tuesday 19 April at 18:00 at the SA Astronomical Observatory auditorium. The speaker is Andrew Kandel, who will talk on: “Palaeolithic Settlement Patterns in the Caucasus: New Research in Armenia”. This talk will provide an overview of the ongoing research and present results from a new archaeological research project in southern Armenia that has yielded evidence of the first Upper Palaeolithic occupation in that area. The cost is R10 for non-members. Contact Connie Feast on (021) 689-5921.

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Tuesday 5 April 2011

Drug abuse shock SHOCKING statistics in a study conducted by the University of Stellenbosch serve as a reminder to parents to consider serious measures to protect the next generation in a fastpaced world plagued by substance abuse. The study, which targeted 400 pupils from 12 high schools in Mitchell’s Plain, was published by the SA Family Practice Journal last week. The study found that teenage substance abusers living in Mitchell’s Plain are younger than their European peers, increasing the risk of dependency at a younger age. It also revealed that the substance of choice for pupils in the area is tik, with its use having surpassed the use of ecstasy, cocaine and crack. Based on the study, dagga smoking in Mitchell’s Plain was rated at three times the national average of 10%, determined in 2007. But while results such as these are indeed shocking, the question remains: how will authorities and the families of youths respond to this information to make a tangible difference? Even if you are not immediately affected by drug abuse, you’re bound to feel the effects in terms of drug-related crime in your local neighbourhood. The police can only fight one aspect of this scourge – dealing with the criminals who perpetrate the crimes. The state is drowning under the ever-increasing pressure of drug addicted youths, with only a handful of state-run drug rehab centres serving the broader Cape Town area. In the case of adolescents and teens, it is really up to their parents, relatives, teachers and active NGOs to make the biggest impact on personal decisions. Parents, relatives and teachers are the roleplayers who should constantly serve as a moral compass in young people’s development towards adulthood. Having honest conversations about drug use and abuse, and using over-the-counter drug tests as tools to identify potential problems, could also be considered a tool. With local pupils currently on a week-long break, have you asked yourself what your children are up to? More importantly, should you find out what you’ve always dreaded, what will you do about it?

PETROL is due to increase on Wednesday and Eskom has increased its cost of electricity by 25.8%. Petrol will cost just under R10 a litre once the price increase kicks in at mid-

night on Tuesday. Commentators are concerned about the knock-on effects of these two price increases, which are expected to filter into food costs.

With food, petrol and electricity costing more and more, consumer spending patterns are expected to revert to the conservatism and caution displayed in the recession in 2008.

Walks on the wild side with nanny School will miss legendary ‘Mr Fixit’ AT THE end of March Mike Bircher will officially retire from Rustenburg High School for Girls. Trained at the Cape Town Technicon as a diesel mechanic, Mr Bircher joined Rustenburg in 1998. We have gained much from his expertise and ability to fix nearly anything. Whenever the office received messages of crises ranging from dodgy toilets to power failures, Mr Bircher would arrive tools at the ready – hero of the hour. As estate manager, he lived on the school’s property and was therefore on hand when disaster struck. The hot water cylinder in the principal’s house decided to give up the ghost in the early hours of one dreadful morning about a year ago and poor Ms Laura Bekker and Mr Bircher had the unhappy experience of trying to sort out the mess until a decent hour when a plumber could be called. Over the years the boarding house has experienced any number of mechanical malfunctions, worst of which was the saga of the new boilers which did not produce hot water at an acceptable rate. It is a sad day when, in the middle of win-

ter, 85 residents do not have access to warm water. They were most displeased and Mr Bircher worked arduously to rectify the matter His patience and easy manner were a blessing to many a parent, and countless staff members, who left their car lights on with inevitable consequences. Steady Mr Bircher and his jumper cables became a common sight in winter time at Rustenburg. He has driven the intrepid Rustenburg bakkie all over Rondebosch and surrounds – fetching and carrying documents, machinery, tools, crockery, umbrellas and musical equipment. From the Grade 8 braai when girls enter the school, to Erinville’s end-of-year functions, his ability to make jolly good fires and brandish a pair of braai tongs is admirable. He and his wife, Jeanne, have been part of the fabric of our school for 13 years and we are going to miss them.We bid them a successful, happy move to Kommetjie and hope that they will stay in touch with the many friends they leave behind. ADRIAN SKELLY Rustenburg High School for Girls

I AM absolutely amazed at how many mothers allow their nannies to take their babies for walks. I have just driven past a nanny pushing a pram down Goldbourne Road, Kenilworth. She was wearing a pink uniform and looking up to the drizzling clouds – it appears she was singing. She was walking in the middle of the road when there are pavements on both sides of the road. I had to move to the oncoming side of the road to pass them. I stopped to watch, but although tempted, I felt I had better not interfere. She totally ignored the fact that the passing cars were stopping and waiting to be able to overtake her. What on earth would make a nanny who has been entrusted with someone’s precious child want to put it in danger’s way? A couple of weeks ago a nanny was running up Herschel Walk (wearing a black and white uniform) – also in the road when there is a pavement. She crossed at the intersection having come up Tennant Road and just pushed the pram up the hill and was obviously in a huge hurry. Herschel Walk is extremely busy – and the cars fly up and down – I know because we live there. Please instruct your nannies to use the pavements. BEV WARD Kenilworth


Tuesday 5 April 2011

Fat cats and lean masses . The collapse of a viable country starts at presidential level. It then filters down to ministerial, administrative and police level. The justice system collapses and business becomes corrupt. The broad mass of citizens become lawless and the country takes the route Zimbabwe took. It works without fail for the corrupt politicians every time. The solution lies in your hands. Only a full-blown public uprising will cure the cancer of corruption in the ANC government. Granville . If a person receiving a government pension buys just two loaves of bread and two litres of milk per day for one month, then they will spend virtually their entire pension on these two basic food items, and cannot afford to buy meat, veggies and fruit, which are all vital for good

What would be the hidden agenda?

health. When the poor can no longer fill their own stomachs due to greedy businessmen, you can expect serious civil unrest. Eddie . Serving members of the SANDF are prepared to go to war and die for their country and earn a meagre salary, and here we have ward councillors earning R750 000 per year! For what? Money for warming their bums on the chairs? Who justifies this logic? If I take a bullet for SA, it’s cheaper than the councillors missing out on their privileges. Now, who is more important? . How much money will Eskom and government offer Cosatu to keep quiet with the massive electricity increase facing consumers? . Jacob Zuma? What a mockery that you have alterations done to your house worth millions while there are people going to bed hungry. Can you not afford a loan from the bank? . When our justice system is corrupt, it makes a person real sick.

YOUR front page story “Belated application denied” (People’s Post, 22 March) with respect to the planning application for 30 Portland Road heard by the Protea Subcouncil refers. Your report fully describes the concerns and the process, but the remarks of the disgruntled applicant require response. It is laughable that a director of a major property development company can suddenly claim ignorance of City processes and planning legislation. If he is genuinely ignorant in these matters, surely the council has a fiduciary responsibility to investigate every development with which he is involved. How much more “I didn’t know” will we discover? I simply cannot understand Mr Onia’s remarks that as the ward councillor for Rondebosch,

Holistic solution required for problems at the Belvedere Centre

Avonduur squatters should help clean site WITH the exposure given to the state of the empty land on Avonduur in Pinelands (“Squatters a ‘national’ problem”, People’s Post, 22 March) which is occupied by the shackdwelling “family”, there has been a sudden flurry since Thursday last week to clean the overgrowth. This takes place every time one emails our local councillor. However, what is evident this time is the greater-than-normal amount of rubbish which has been exposed since all the bushes where cleared yesterday.

Given that the residents are paid to sort the recycling, and therefore are responsible for most of the rubbish, it has been infuriating to observe that they are not being made to assist with the clearing of the rubbish, and council staff would have been paid overtime to do the clearing on a Sunday. Surely the recycling project, which is sanctioned by the authorities, should carry a proviso that they take responsibility for maintaining the site. DEBBIE REGENSBERG Pinelands

THE letter “Woolworths must stick to the agreement that was made” (People’s Post, 22 March) refers with respect to the issues of goods receiving and traffic circulation at the Belvedere Centre. Mr Alan Jackson has made a characteristically bad-tempered remark that I have “failed to follow up” and that I have “considerable clout in the council but have chosen not to use it in this instance”. Unfortunately I do not keep score of emails in the same bean-counting way, but I can report that the issues are a lot more complicated. I have repeatedly made the point that they need to be dealt with holistically and that is exactly what has happened.I have met with the own-

ers of the site, the Louis Group, and the following has been put in place with deadlines. Woolworths – and any other commercial vehicles – as well as residents and shoppers, will be dealt with very seriously by the Traffic Department. Any obstruction of traffic, double-parking or idling of motors will be regularly blitzed by traffic. The Roads and Traffic Management branch will immediately begin the design and construction of loading embayments on Cleveland Road, which has already been improved as a one-way. The footway will be narrowed to accommodate goods-receiving vehicles.

An investigation will be undertaken to resite the entrance to the site on Ranelagh Road close to Keurboom Road with a reticulation and parking layout to replace the presently unsatisfactory access point on Keurboom so close to the traffic signals. Naturally, this will be open to comment in due course. The Louis Group is engaged in discussions with anchor tenant Woolworths with input from me and the City which we hope will result in a multiple solution sooner rather than later. ALDERMAN OWEN KINAHAN Ward Councillor: Ward 58 Chairperson : Protea Subcouncil (20)

What happened to the trees? COULD someone please explain why so many trees along Rosmead Avenue and surrounds had the trunks stripped of their bark?

It is unsightly and surely detrimental to the tree. It was suggested by someone that it gets sold for muti.

Use Less and Save More

Surely not? People’s Post is great reading! LINDA JARVIS Kenilworth

CREDIT VEND - TAX INVOICE Distributor VAT Number Eskom Online 4740101508 Date 2010/10/15 12:01:22 AM Address Megawatt Park, Contact Centre Tel 086-003-7566

Inclining Block Tariff (IBT) for prepaid electricity

From 1 April 2011 Eskom’s prepayment metered customers will benefit from Inclining Block Tariffs or the IBT structure.

Receipt No EAPOLVA02854276

Do your sums It’s really easy to work out what your prepaid electricity will cost every month. Simply use the example below: Imagine you purchase R250,00 a month and want to know the units you will receive. This is how it will be calculated:

I was “involved”. That’s what a ward councillor does, monitoring, inter alia, planning issues in the ward! And what on earth is a “hidden political agenda”? Since when does an illegal structure have anything whatsoever to do with politics unless you are trying to sweep it under the carpet? That has not, does not and will not happen on my watch. Mr Onia’s remark that he has “the wrong surname and is the wrong colour for Rondebosch” is tiresome and offensive. It is people like him who keep racism alive and think they need to be treated differently if they break the rules. Forget it. ALDERMAN OWEN KINAHAN Ward Councillor: Ward 58 Chairperson: Protea Subcouncil (20)

The Inclining Block Tariffs are structured as follows:

Client ID 6004708053837

Terminal ID 1

Meter No 04085285281

Tok Tech 01

Alg 07

SGC 100405


TI 07

Taking the rate in the first block

50kWh X 65,72c/kWh

Electricity Consumption Blocks

Energy Rate* (cent/kWh)

Energy *kWh 337,91

Taking the rate in block two

287,91kWh X 75,42c/kWh

Block 1 [ ≤50kWh]

65,72 75,42


Add the two consumption blocks together (50kWh + 287,91kWh) = 337,91kWh

Block 2 [ >50 - ≤350kWh]

Description Normal Sale

Block 3 [>350 - ≤600kWh]


Block 4 [> 600kWh]


Being efficient with your electricity means that you pay less! For more information, Eskom customers can contact 08600 37566 or go to Issued by Eskom Distribution Division April 2011 Eskom Holdings Limited Reg No 2002/015527/06


Your SMSes

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 13

*Note: The energy rate includes VAT and the Environmental Levy charge.

Token Amt R 250.00

0396 5997 4923 6066 4087 0050.00 kWh @ 065.72c/kWh: 287.91 kWh @ 075.42 c/kWh: 0000.00 kWh @ 109.50 c/kWh: 0000.00 kWh @ 120.10 c/kWh: VAT included at 14%


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Tuesday 5 April 2011

People’s Post Claremont­Rondebosch Page 15

Stephanian diamonds are forever THE Stephanian Table Tennis Club is rallying its members – including its former ace players– to share in its 60th anniversary celebration this year. Stephanian, which was founded in 1950 by the Pastor, Andrews and Meyer families in Loader Street, Cape Town, intends honouring its stalwart administrators and players in recognition of their commitment, during its diamond anniversary year. Stephanian regrouped at the home of stalwart member, Pedro Meyer, in Pinati Estate, Lansdowne after the Group Areas Act forced residents in the Loader Steet area to move elsewhere during the 1970s. The club’s top players include Lola Jooste (WP and SA singles champion) and Pedro Meyer (SA champion for several years), as well as the younger Grizelda Ruiters. Lorenzo Santamaria and Shaun Jones went on to dominate provincial and national competitions. Among the club’s rising stars are Mikail Meyer and Isgaak Jassiem – currently representing South Africa at the World Youth Junior

Championship and African Youth Championship at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town from 1 – 10 April. Stephanian currently uses the Blomvlei community centre in Hanover Park and the Belthorn community centre for competitions and practices. The highlights of the anniversary celebration will be the Stephanian masters championship at the Wittebome Civic Centre from Sunday 1 until Friday 6 May. The anniversary ball will be held on Saturday 7 May at the same venue. The deadline for masters entries is on Monday 25 April. Entries may be faxed to (021) 433-2589 or emailed to The admission charge is R60 for the anniversary dance. Call Clement Meyer on 082 707 6891, Anna Marie Meyer on 078 803 3228 or Pedro Meyer on (021) 692-2556 for further details.

ACHIEVERS: Stephanian youth play­ ers, Isgaak Jassiem (front) and Mikhail Meyer, are representing SA at interna­ tional level. Photo Supplied

CHAMPS AGAIN: Mobile Nashua Cape Cobras coach Richard Pybus (left) and cap­ tain Justin Kemp received the 2010/2011 SuperSport Series champions’ trophy at the presentation ceremony at Newlands on Sunday. The Cobras ensured they’ll retain the title when they defeated the Titans by seven­wickets at Paarl on Saturday. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

FOOT LOOSE: Norway Parks AFC’s Denzil Johnson (right) battles Mickey Smith of Kensing­ ton AFC during Kensington’s 1­0 win in an under­11 round robin at the Kensington AFC junior tournament at the weekend. Old Mutual Academy recorded a cup double by beating Lucky Stars AFC’s under­11s and under­15s, 3­1 and 1­0 respectively in the finals. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

GEARING UP: SACS High School has announced its newly­formed partnership with the Canterbury sportswear group, who will sponsor the new kit for the school’s first team this season. Sharing in the kit handover were, from left, Brett Burgess (Canterbury general manager), Percy Montgomery (former Springbok and SACS rugby player), Paulo Lupini (SACS first team captain) and Ken Ball (head­ master of SACS High School). Photo Supplied

WRONG­FOOTED: Ziyaad Eksteen (left) of Ajax Cape Town FC, evades Damian Visagie of Ebenez­ er AFC, during Ajax’s 4­0 win in a round robin match at the Kensington AFC youth tournament over the weekend.



287 Lansdowne Rd Claremont


Minor service from R475

Free Quotations

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People's Post Page 16 TASMIN CUPIDO

RUNNING and elusive rugby should be on display when the DHL Stormers take on the Queensland Reds in round seven of the Super Rugby competition at DHL Newlands on Saturday. Both teams have always been intent on moving the ball through the backline, with “hard-to-pin-down” backs often gaining valuable metres and scoring on attack. The men from the Cape returned from Durban as the only unbeaten team in the Super Rugby competition, after beating the Sharks 16-6 in a tightly-contested match at Mr Price Kings Park on Saturday evening. They also ended the weekend on the top of both the South African conference and combined logs after the win. The win in the Shark Tank was the Stormers’ first since 2004, and head coach, Allister Coetzee, was impressed with his troops’ re-

Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Red alert for Stormers silience in wet conditions. “The result certainly was pleasing; it’s tough playing in front of a packed Durban crowd,” he said. “The side showed resilience and composure in difficult circumstances. Despite an unsettling couple of minutes up front, they managed to gain composure and keep possession.” A lone try from skipper, Schalk Burger, was also lauded by the man in charge. He added that his team’s performance at the breakdown has been impressive. “With this Stormers team you can expect a physical encounter each time they play,” Coetzee said. “Their ability to handle, and more recently apply, pressure has been impressive. The entire team’s physicality is intense.”

An overall effort was displayed by the men in navy blue, with outside centre, Jaque Fourie, again impressing on defence and attack. Meanwhile, Coetzee and his charges’ attention now shifts to the men from Down Under, who managed to beat the Lions 30-25 at Coca-Cola Park in Johannesburg on Saturday afternoon. The last time the two sides met it was the Reds who came out victorious, in a closelyfought 16-13 encounter in Brisbane. And undoubtedly the biggest battle will be the one between the fly-halves of both teams, Peter Grant (Stormers) and Quade Cooper (Reds). Both fly-halves have been in form, with Grant controlling the Stormers’ backline like a drill sergeant and Cooper us-

Tuesday 5 April 2011 ing his ability to create gaps to get over the advantage line and break the opposition’s line of defence. And, with Cooper being in contention for a Wallaby spot, it will also be an opportunity for Peter de Villiers and the national selectors to assess how Grant would perform on international level. The battle up in the engine room will, more than likely, determine the winner in the end. But while most Stormers supporters would believe their team is likely to take home the spoils against the Reds, Coetzee is under no illusion. “Our focus is now on the Reds, who are a difficult team to stop once they get into the swing of things,” he said. “The competition is still young and we need to focus on each match individually and maintain our current performance levels.”

Premier Cup vibe engrosses soccer BRIAN GAFFNEY

THE Metropolitan Premier Cup for under-19s reached new heights when some of the who’s who in South African football rendered impetus to the launch of the 23rd cup championship at Cape Town Stadium. Two much-revered VIP guests at the launch were the legendary Dutch coach Foppe de Haan – now at the helm of Ajax Cape Town FC – and former Bafana Bafana star Sibusiso Zuma. De Haan was the keynote speaker, while Zuma – currently spearheading the Vasco da Gama FC attack in the Premier Soccer League – was honoured as the first tournament ambassador. The Premier Cup championship – that carries R30 000 in prize money for the winners – will take place at Erica Park in Belhar from Wednesday 20 until Monday 25 April (Easter Monday). De Haan said he regarded the Premier Cup championship as being on par with the major youth championships in Europe. “When I watched the youth cup matches for the first time last year I was impressed by the football passion that prevailed, as well as the top-class organisation of the event.” De Haan, who ironically announced his retirement from top-level coaching a day after the launch on Tuesday 29 March, urged young footballers to “live their dreams” and stressed that intense dedication and discipline should not be compromised if players want to play international soccer. The Ajax coach will return to Holland in May to spend time with his family. Zuma said that it was an honour for him to be named as the ambassador of a tournament with such a proud history of being a springboard for several of South Africa’s finest footballers. Bafana Bafana players like Benni McCarthy, Muneeb Josephs, Steven Pienaar, Thulani Serero and Matthew Booth, among others, have progressed through the Premier Cup ranks to international level. “We need to pass on our knowledge and experiences to the current crop of players so that they too can succeed in life and become the legends of tomorrow,” said Zuma, who has accepted a lucrative transfer from Vasco to SuperSport United FC at the end of this season. Zuma’s tasks will include mentoring the youth footballers on the life skills programmes at Belhar. Ajax Cape Town FC, Santos FC, Vasco Da Gama FC, Mamelodi Sundowns FC, Moroka Swallows, Bloemfontein Celtic, Kaizer Chiefs and SuperSport United were among the seed-

LAVISH LAUNCH: Getting the ball rolling at the Metropolitan Premier Cup launch at the Cape Town Stadium were: Front Row (from left): Dylan Jacobs (Bay Hill Utd), Cohan Williams (Robin­ vale Spurs), Mogamat Brenner (Milano Utd), Ethan Sampson (ASD Cape Town) and Taariq Fielies (Ajax Cape Town). Middle Row: Wade Crowie (Santos FC), Kirk Simons (Mr Price Parkhurst), Phillip Simmers (Morgenster) and Nathan Harris (Baltic Rangers). Back Row: John Rangoli (chairperson Bay Hill Utd, the host club), Sibusiso Zuma (tournament ambassador), Eric Gum (Safa Cape Town vice­president) and Boebie Solomons (Santos FC head coach). ed teams in the draw. The Cape Town-based clubs have in recent years been overshadowed by their rivals from the north, with SuperSport United

(2010), Sundowns (2009), Bright Stars (2007) and Harmony Academy (2006) making their presence felt. Ajax Cape Town – with Thulani Serero and

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Sameehg Doutie playing prominent roles won the – cup in 2008 and 2005, while Santos triumphed in 2005. This year marks the biggest African contingent since the tournament’s inception, with clubs from Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia and Botswana confirming their entries. The South Nottingham College from England will be the other foreign team taking part in the 32-club championship. GROUPS Group A: SuperSport United, University of Pretoria (TUKS), Salt River-Blackpool and Mr Price Parkhurst Academy. Group B: Bay Hill Utd, Star of Africa Academy, Sydenham Cavaliers and Cape Town Academy. Group C: Vasco Da Gama, Young Warriors (Zimbabwe), ASD Cape Town and Hanover Park. Group D: Ajax Cape Town FC, Komesho FC (Namibia), City Lovers and Milano United. Group E: Mamelodi Sundowns FC, Dipetsana (Botswana), Origan Spurs and Belhar Spurs. Group F: Santos FC, Bahlabani FC (Lesotho), Morgenster United and Riverside Rangers. Group G: Kaizer Chiefs FC, Baltic Rangers, Old Mutual Academy and Robinvale Spurs. Group H: Moroka Swallows, Bloemfontein Celtic, Swallows (Port Elizabeth) and South Nottingham College (England).

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Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch Edition 05-04-2011  
Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch Edition 05-04-2011  

Peoples Post Claremont-Rondebosch Edition 05-04-2011