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Tuesday 22 March 2011

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Big Walk noise irks residents City willing to walk the road with organisers to improve systems VERNA VAN DIEMEN

THE Green Point Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (GPRRA) wants the city to ban event organisers from using the Green Point Track after written complaints from 26 residents. The 1UP Cash and Carry Big Walk held at the Green Point track two weeks ago was lambasted by residents and ward councillor JP Smith. Smith said that while the ratepayers’ request to blacklist the event was “inappropriate and excessive”, the organisers of the event were “ill-mannered and disrespectful for going into someone else’s backyard and making such a noise”. “In the context that they have run a successful Big Walk for the last decade, this is their first transgression and as they have a new organiser it would be harsh to blacklist the event,” he said. Smith said that the organisers would have to pay a “large deposit” next year, which will not be refunded if they transgress any of the event rules. The association received 26 letters from residents complaining about the loud noise from the stadium on Sunday 6 March. Bob Goebel, chairperson of the GPRRA, said that music, announcements and soundchecks were “blasting from the PA system even before 07:00, inevitably breaking the city’s rule that announcements may only be made after 07:30”.

In addition, the speakers were turned toward the residential area and not in the direction of the sea, which would have absorbed some of the sound, said Goebel. The event started at the west forecourt of the Cape Town Stadium in Fritz Sonnenberg Road at 07:30. Participants walked towards Beach Road, then along the Sea Point Promenade to the end of the Sea Point Pavilion parking area, before returning to the finish at the Green Point Track near the stadium. Fed up with the noise, Goebel decided to go to the track and ask the event organisers to turn down the music, only to be told that it was “none of his business”. He then contacted Lesley de Reuck, who is part of the city’s stadium management team, and he, in turn, sent a representative to ask for the sound to be turned down. He too was chased away, said Goebel. “The city sympathised entirely with us but that person was also chased away.” Dr Elias Parker, sponsorship, marketing and events director for the Big Walk, said they were in talks with the GPRRA and the city to resolve the matter. Parker admitted that they started testing the PA system before 07:00 but said that the speakers were indeed turned towards the sea. “It is not true. Nobody was chased away. In fact I was there. The City sent people to the stadium. I instructed them to turn down the volume and the city representative was satisfied with the volume,” he said. Parker did, however, say that there may have been a reason for the misunderstanding.

“Our sound person, who had been with us for 30 years, passed on and we had a new company handling the sound. The speakers were turned toward the sea but the low clouds deflected some of the sound waves into the direction of the residents,” he said. Parker said that they had received complaints about the event, now in its 12th year, in the past, but this was the first time that noise levels had been a problem. Goebel said he could not comment on previous years as this was his second year with the GPRRA. The city, which sponsors the event, has defended the Big Walk, reinforcing its commitment to assisting the organisers with the event. Gert Bam, the city’s director of Sport, Recreation and Amenities, said the city would stand behind the event, but promised to address issues raised this year in the run-up to the next event. “We need to have perspective about these matters because this event is now only 12 years old, and already has a participation level in excess of 20 000 people. It should be remembered it took the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour a few decades to refine its systems. Our commitment as a department is to use every opportunity to assist the organisers with this,” he said. Goebel says the problem is not so much the noise, but that the speakers that were facing towards residents and not into the stadium. He said the only solution was to “ban offenders who disregard the community’s right to acceptable noise levels”. But although the association also received complaints about noise transgressions during the Cape Ar-

COLOUR EXPLOSION: The “Dream the future” theme for this year’s Cape Town Carnival came alive in spectacular colour in Long Street in the CBD on Saturday. The carnival parade was arranged into a series of pods, with each of the 10 pods consisting of a float, six costumed lead performers and 200 costumed performers. Photo: Jaco Marais

gus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, they have not asked for that event to be banned. Instead the GPRRA sent a more lenient letter to the organisers complaining about loud music being played at the finish line, which was “a major disruption and highly intrusive during their day”. The letter ends: “Besides the noise issue, I would like to congratulate all involved for a fantastic event, which showcases Cape Town and Green Point as the fine city and area that it is.” Goebel said the cycle tour was “a little bit noisy but it was not too bad”. The letter from GPRRA about the 1Up Big Walk has a much firmer tone, stating that: “Fining is not the answer because the fines in place are too low or never paid, or the payment is never made public (which



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does not serve) as a deterrent to others”. Goebel said that there has also been a request to ban a South African company for contravening some of the conditions of their permit while shooting a movie in Green Point last week. The 1UP Cash and Carry Big Walk is a charity event. It was opened by Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato with more than 20 000 entrants, including Dr Ivan Meyer, MEC for Cultural Affairs and Sport, among the participants. People’s Post is the print media sponsor for the event. A cheque of R125 000 was handed to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, which will go towards the newly upgraded Specialist Burns Unit. The Islamic Library also benefited from the proceeds.




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BELLVILLE - Eversdal Rd, Exit 25 off N1 - TEL. 021 919 1106 KENILWORTH - Doncaster Rd, next to KC Centre - TEL. 021 671 9050/1 MILNERTON - Racecourse Road, behind Paddocks TEL - 021 528 4000 Offers valid until the 27 March 2011 while stocks last


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Page 2 People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition

Officer disciplined for furniture delivery

Help get Jenny ‘out there’ GERDA VON BENECKE


DISCIPLINARY steps have been taken against an officer who allegedly used a police vehicle to deliver furniture to a block of flats in Rondebosch last month. The police, however, refused to tell People's Post what these disciplinary steps were. People’s Post previously reported on an alert driver who noticed an official police van driving down the Main Road in Kenilworth carrying a load of furniture on Sunday 20 February at 16:45 (“Police vehicle MOVING VIOLATION: Disciplinary action has been taken after ‘used for furniture delivery’”, an alert motorist witnessed a police vehicle being used to People’s Post, 1 March). transport furniture last month. The man, who does not want to be named, took photos of the Toyota Hilux It is understood that the officer was moving bakkie, emblazoned with the police logo and and had used the vehicle to move his furniture “SCM Somerset West” on the side, which was from the Parkhof police barracks in Kenilcarrying a fridge, stove and other household worth. appliances. The vehicle had been booked out, but the The bakkie, which did not have a canopy, station commissioner had not given the officwas also transporting two teenagers, an elder- er the necessary authorisation to use the vehily man and two young men on the back. cle. The reader then tailed the vehicle to see When People’s Post questioned police whether it was being used for “official police about the rank of the officer and what the disbusiness”. ciplinary steps against him would be, ConstaHe followed it from Aliwal Road in Kenil- ble Susan Jantjies, spokesperson for Somerset worth to a block of flats on the corner of Rou- West police, refused to answer, stating that the wkoop, Ednam and Kingsbury Park roads in “matter is under investigation”. Rondebosch. The man took down the registraHowever, she did confirm earlier that discition number and watched as the plain-clothed plinary steps “have been instituted against driver off-loaded the furniture and carried it the responsible member” and that he “has inside a side door that leads to the rows of flats. been informed about the necessary discipliHe was unable to see where the furniture nary actions against him”. was being taken, but noted that the people Colonel Mary-Ann Williams, the station went inside the block before the man had start- commissioner of Somerset West police, also ed off-loading the items. declined to comment on the details of the inAfter 30 minutes, they had still not returned. vestigation. An investigation was launched after People’s When asked what the disciplinary measPost sent the man’s report and photos to the ures against the officer were, she responded provincial and Somerset West police. The pho- only that a formal disciplinary investigation tos clearly showed the driver and passengers. had been undertaken.



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Tuesday 22 March 2011



A RESIDENT with cerebral palsy is in a life-and-death battle to get Botox. She is appealing to the community to help her as her medical aid submission for Botox will probably be rejected. Jenny Symons was born with cerebral palsy, caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain during birth. This, says Jenny, caused brain damage, which ultimately affected her arms, legs and speech. She suffers from dystonia (a neurological movement disorder, in which DOUBLE TROUBLE: Theodora Mzebetshann sustained muscle contractions cause twist- (left), one of Jenny’s (right) very appreciated ing and repetitive movements or abnormal carers, moments before yet another “big ride”. postures). She is going into spasms and at Photo: Gerda von Benecke times her neck is thrust back and she cannot breathe as a result. (CP) Athletes with 620 other CP athletes – The only thing that will help her is Botox, again breaking a world record in shotput. but her medical aid considers it to be a cosIn 1994 she went to Malta for the Internametic treatment and not a medical expendi- tional Paralympic Committee World Swimture. ming Competition where she won two “It is literally a case of life and death,” she bronze medals at the age of 33, being beaten told People’s Post, while begging for an ap- to the finish line by a 19-year-old. peal for help to be published. And then there’s her love for talking and She added: “This is very difficult for me. public speaking. She did nine talks in three I have never asked for help before.” days in 2000 in Bloemfontein to help people Few people realise that behind Jenny’s ex- understand cerebral palsy better. terior, there is a perfectly normal brain. She There’s a lot of things on Jenny’s “still to is a self-confessed speed junkie, so a few do” list, including taking a ride in a race car days before her 50th birthday, Jenny’s long- and finding a way to paint. time friend and neighbour of 10 years, Sean But what she’s really looking forward to, Light, took her for a bike ride on the M5. after several years of going through multiIt was nothing like the scooter for disabled ple operations and setbacks, is to “get her people she owned at one stage, says Jenny. life back on track” and to “get back out there For one, this one’s wheel didn’t just fall to do life”. At the moment she just doesn’t off. In fact, burning down the freeway was know how. an “absolute blast”. Even though Jenny’s father, Michael SyAs for her sense of adventure? No problem mons, has made financial provision for her whatsoever. She’s gone bungee jumping, future and although she is on a medical tandem skydiving and horse riding in New fund, expenses due to several bladder operaZealand. tions from October 2009 to mid-year 2010, esJenny says she “lives an active life” – a sential Botox injections every eight months bit of an understatement. and monthly expenses, including special She has represented South Africa several stoma bags and nappies, have just made it times in swimming and shotput, having impossible for Jenny to keep up financially. been chosen for the first time as part of the Anyone able to provide assistance and/or Springbok team to go to Israel in 1984, where donations to help Jenny “get back out there” she won gold in swimming and broke a can phone Jenny on (021) 761-9951, send her world record in shotput. In 1993 Jenny won an email on or gold and silver in England at the Robin Hood send an email to Ruth Minnaar at ruthminInternational Games for Cerebral Palsied

Understanding the twinkle ON Saturday 26 March, the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) in Cape Town will have a public lecture at 20:00. Laure Catala, an MSc studet at UCT, will talk about "Untwinkling the stars". Everyone has sang "Twinkle twinkle little star" while growing up. During her presentation, Catala will explain why stars twinkle and how an adap-

tive optics system can compensate for this effect. She will also give an outline of the challenges involved in the particular case of developing an adaptive optics system for SALT. Public lectures at SAAO are free and there is no need to book. After the talk there will be stargazing, tours of the library and the McClean museum. Visitors are should arrive by 19:30 to allow time for parking.

Lifesaving nationals for Camps Bay


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(sprints and flags), junior water (under-16 and under-19) and senior water (over-19). 2010 Junior Flags gold medallist and False Bay rising star, Aimee Faulman, says: “I am very excited and looking forward to competing in this year’s nationals. “The season has gone by so fast and the competition will be tough. The Hang Ten Lifesaving South Africa Surf Nationals is the highlight of the season.” For more information contact Meagan Sickle on (021) 486-6000 or email

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THIS year, Cape Town can look forward to the annual 2011 Hang Ten Lifesaving South Africa Surf Nationals taking place at the beautiful Camps Bay beach from Wednesday 30 March until Saturday 2 April. The public can look forward to seeing 40 clubs from around South Africa compete for the coveted title of 2011 Hang Ten Lifesaving South Africa Surf Nationals Champion. The event format will be made up of the junior and senior arenas, both of which include three events, namely the beach

1399 Multi Robe


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Tuesday 22 March 2011

People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition Page 3

EXTRAMURAL: A mural of legen­ dary jazz musi­ cians was un­ veiled at Art­ scape last Thursday. The mural pays hom­ age to living and deceased jazz legends of the Western Cape who prevailed during the hard­ ships of apart­ heid and contrib­ uted to South Af­ rica’s democracy.The legends depict­ ed in the mural were researched and identified by an independent panel. Seen here, from left, are the painter, Garth Erasmus, the provincial MEC for Cultural Affairs, Dr Ivan Meyer, Isabella Ngcukana (mother of Ezra Ngcukana, one of the late jazz legends depicted in the mural) and Marlene le Roux, Artscape's Director of Audience Development and Education. Photo: Lulama Zenzile

TREADING WATER: Linda Paganelli swims with a sea tortoise at the I&J Predator Exhibition at the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town on Friday 18 March. Paganelli and Jacques de Vos from Freedive Cape Town swam for about an hour without a scuba set. Photo: Danielle Karallis

Things go swimmingly for pool VERNA VAN DIEMEN

A NEW partnership between the city and the Friends of the Sea Point Pavilion (FSPP) will see the once-beleaguered Sea Point swimming pool restored to its previous glory. The City’s Sport, Recreation and Amenities Department will sign a memorandum of understanding today with FSPP, a group of residents from the area. The FSPP was established in 2009 through the Ward 54 Forum following growing pressure from various residents and lobby group, Seafront for All, to repair the neglected pool. Last year they signed a lease with the City to sub-let part of the Pavilion – at the old Hard Rock Cafe – to its members and the community to generate maintenance funds for the pool and the Pavilion. They have already planted palm trees at the pool and repaired a broken wall with money raised independently. The facility boasts a 50 m Olympic-sized

swimming pool, two children’s splash pools and a deep diving pool with springboard and diving equipment, including a 5 m diving board. Gert Bam, the city’s director of Sport, Recreation and Amenities, said maintaining the pool has been an “ongoing challenge” for the city. “Throughout the City, needs and demands increase but funding is not always available. “With the increasing pressure on our budget and the needs throughout the city to maintain or provide facilities we develop partnerships with various roleplayers to assist us in maintaining and enhancing our facilities,” said Bam. He added: “This is one such instance where a group of interested people offer to partner the city.” The union will give the council “extra eyes” to oversee the management of the pool and give the FSPP access to several spaces, including the deck, the two kiosks at the pool and the big empty space on the Bantry Bay side of the office, from which they can

Safe emptied of jewellery GOLD jewellery worth R38 400 has been stolen from the safe of a business in Strand Street, Cape Town. The owner of the business found the key to the safe was missing when he tried to open it on Monday 31 January. He called a locksmith. When the safe was opened he found the jewellery had been stolen. The theft occurred between Friday 28 and Monday 31 January. Some of the items include bracelets, bangles, chains, pendants and chains. Cape Town Central police are urging anyone who has seen the jewellery or know about the theft to call Warrant Officer Craig le Sar on (021) 467-8090 or the operations room on (021) 4678001/2.

NOT SAFE: The strongbox which was emp­ tied of jewellery. STOLEN BAN­ GLES

Century of service THE Chapel Street Primary School will be hosting a centenary re-union “Eat and Treat” at the Good Hope Centre. The theme of the event is “Celebrating a hundred years of service to the community”. All past and present learners and parents are invited to join the school in a fun-filled nostalgic evening of art, entertain-

ment and good food. The event takes place on Saturday 7 May at the Dromedaris Hall and starts at 19:30 for 20:00. The cost is R150 per person and the dress code will be smart casual to formal. To RSVP, contact Fatima on 073 352 5343 or Zeenat on 079 652 1120 or the school on (021) 4654107.

raise funds towards top-up maintenance and extraneous goods and services at the pool. Ward councillor JP Smith said the organisation could generate at least R50 000 a month by using these spaces; the money will be ploughed straight back into pool maintenance. This, he said, will put the maintenance budget – which in 2006 was estimated at R2,5 million – on steady recovery. “That R2,5 million deficit has been reduced to R1 million, which has been partially budgeted for in the next financial year,” said Smith (“Budget squeeze on pool”, People’s Post, Tuesday 16 March 2010). FSPP chairperson Allen Morrison said that although the organisation has been raising funds for the maintenance of the pool, since it started, “this is a sound agreement which will have the organisation more focused”. “We won’t be doing the day-to-day running of the pool but we will be helping with improvements and nice-to-haves,” he said. Janey Ball, a member of the FSPP, said the organisation already has a list of

WANTED FOR THEFT: This man is sought by Cape Town Central po­ lice in connection with a charge of theft. He is known as Barend Christof­ fel Janse van Nieu­ wehuizen (47). The charge relates to the theft of a wallet from a locker of an Indian national at a backpackers lodge in Castle Street, Cape Town on Monday 28 February at 08:50. Anyone with information can contact the investigating officer, Detec­ tive Warrant Officer Craig le Sar on 084 207 5310 or (021) 467­8010. CHARM BRACE­ LET

projects, including the installation of lap timers, lap markings on the swimming pools, rental of deck chairs, repairing the grassed area on the north-eastern side of the pool, swimming classes, lifesaver training and an educational swimming programme for babies. “We want to be able to sell a cup of tea and a snack to those who visit the promenade. This is exciting because it finds the balance between the concerns about commercialisation – which we strongly oppose – and providing services which can be of an advantage to the community,” said Ball. Smith said the FSPP will also employ Straatwerk to remove graffiti from the pools’ toilets every week. Straatwerk gives work to poor and homeless people in Cape Town while providing the Central City with street sweeping and other services. “If the graffiti is removed immediately, this will eventually deter those who write on the tiles and walls from doing so because the cost of being caught is not worth it,” said Smith.


Page 4 People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Hip new ambassadors VERNA VAN DIEMEN

TWO Grade 10 leaners from St George’s Grammar School in Cape Town are the 2011 Brand Ambassadors for the youth brand HIP2B². Trent Marescia and Valerie March were chosen to represent the Western Cape from 850 national nominations sent in by teachers. Each of the other eight provinces across South Africa have their own brand ambassadors. HIP2B², is an initiative founded by Mark Shuttleworth in 2002 to “slay the myth” that maths and science is “difficult” or “hard”. HIP TEENS: Valerie March and Trent Marescia from St George’s Cathryn Treasure, gener- Grammar School in Cape Town are the 2011 HIP2B² ambassa­ al manager of BSquare dors. Photo: Supplied Communications, said: “Each learner is chosen bassadors work closely with Programme. based on his or her passion their communities; inspirJohan van Lill, project for learning, personality and ing learners to continue manager of the HIP2B² ability to inspire.” with the study of science-, Brand Ambassador ProMarescia and March will maths- and technology-relat- gramme, said: “These are edbe required to host local ed subjects throughout their ucators who are committed workshops, brand activa- school careers as a means of to young people and passiontion events and open days. opening doors professional- ate about teaching.” They will also illustrate ly in the future,” says Treas“Science, for example, how science is present in ure. manifests itself in everyday everyday life, how maths As an extension of the life: from your MP3 player to can develop innumerable brand – especially in far- your TV. Imagine how difskills, and how small ideas reaching regions such as ferent the world would be can grow into solutions for Mpumalanga, the Northern without so many of the items socio-economic problems or Cape and Limpopo – HIP2B² we find indispensable tobecome businesses. has appointed one dedicated day,” he said. “Acting as the face of the teacher per province as part For more information visbrand, HIP2B² Brand Am- of its Teacher Champion it

NOTICE OF A MEETING OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN A meeting of the Council of the City of Cape Town will be held on Wednesday, 30 March 2011 at 10:00 in the Council Chamber, 6th Floor, Podium Block, Civic Centre, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town. Please note that limited seating is available in the public gallery of the Council Chamber, and therefore seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Should you wish to attend the meeting you are requested to contact Ms A Curtis on 021 400 3342 between 09:00-16:00. All requests for attendance must be received by no later than a day before the meeting. You will be required to provide your surname, initials and contact telephone number. Visitors are kindly requested to be seated by 09:30. ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER


DRAGGING ON: The Tsunami Dragons, the German schools’ dragon boating team, won three trophies when they participated in five categories at the Western Province Dragonboat Festival held at in Century City on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 March. Photo: Chris Hitchcock

Garden ready to rock THE recent Infecting the City Outdoor Festival inspired more than just creative growth in the central city. It also inspired a group of horticulture students and volunteers to restore the rockery garden at the Cape Town Station, one of the main venues during the festival. The rockery is situated in one of the public spaces which form an integral part of the new station development. But sadly, it had been neglected for years and continues to be vandalised even though the rest of the station property has undergone a massive facelift. By February, when the Africa Centre earmarked the rockery garden as an ideal venue to be included in its Infecting the City public arts festival, it was in a sad state and needed some serious work. Infecting the City is all about public art that demands a response, and it was clear that the rehabilitation of the rockery was an ideal project to form part of the festival. The lines between art and work were blurred as a group of students and volunteers set about their task during the festival week held last month. Benjamin Festus, senior outreach greening horticulturist of the Gold Fields Environmental Education Centre, called in four horticulture students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, currently gaining work experience at Kirstenbosch. “We saw the project as a perfect fit with the SA National Botanical Institute’s out-


reach greening programme,” Festus said. “We need more gardens in public spaces, especially in the city where nature can often feel removed from the people.” Festus said the only thing missing from the area was some benches because people tended to sit on the rocks of the rockery. Horticulture student Rebecca Wengrowe was daunted when the project began. “It was amazing how dirty the area was when we arrived. It was full of litter and even a couple of old bowties. But by the second day it was all clean and we could enjoy planting the indigenous, waterwise plants we had chosen for the rockery,” she said. The garden serves as a reminder of the importance of planting unique indigenous plants rather than costly exotics. Festus said: “Our indigenous plants are an important part of our heritage. People need to think local when they are making their gardens. “The plants we chose are ideal for the site. They are well adapted to harsh environments and can survive with very little water.” Tasso Evangelinos, from the Central City Improvement District, was pleased to offer his organisation’s support for the project. “We assisted with covering the cost of the rehabilitation,” he said. “We also want to ensure that this is more than just a temporary facelift, so we are working with the City to find ways that the garden can be maintained and kept looking its best.”

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Tuesday 22 March 2011

What your ward councillor earns TAMMY PETERSEN


N average ward councillor in the City of Cape Town earns R29 057 a month but is also allowed to hold down a private job, as the job of councillor is considered a part-time one. There are 105 ward councillors in the city, amounting to a total annual cost of R36 611 820 annually. The mayor’s annual package is R1 000 219 a year. Included in this amount is a cellphone allowance of R35 964 per year and a travel allowance of R241 064 a year. Mayoral Committee members, the Whip and subcouncil chairpersons are paid R741 143 a year (R61 761 a month) and the city’s Speaker as well as Deputy Mayor get R789 355 per year, or R65 779 per month. No provision is made for annual bonuses or 13th cheques. The role of the ward councillor is to chair the local ward committee, be responsible for handling queries and complaints within the ward, and resolve municipal disputes. Councillors also have to attend all subcouncil meetings, which take place 12 times a year. If a councillor is unable to attend, an apology must be forwarded to the Speaker’s office.

However, if a councillor misses three meetings without an apology, he/she will be dismissed. Dirk Smit, the City’s Speaker, explains that the job requirements for councillors revolve around the responsibility for interaction between council and the residents within the ward. “The councillor also has to be active in the various council committees and facilitate ward committees where the community gives feedback on council decisions within their area. “Also, the councillor must correspond with residents once every three months. This can be done either through a public meeting or in writing.” Councillors are allowed to be employed in the private sector, he explains, as the position of ward councillor is a part-time job. However, while Mayoral Committee members are full-time employees, they may apply for permission to have another job. . Complaints against a councillor can be made to Smit in writing and forwarded to via email, or faxed to (021) 400-5864.

Biblical proportions in Vredehoek THE New Apostolic Church will present a Bible readathon at its Vredehoek congregation, corner of Derry Street and Gladiolus Avenue, Vredehoek, from 21:00 tomorrow to Saturday. The NAC Bible Readathon coincides with the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, which is celebrated with various initia-

tives during 2011 under the banner “Me and my Bible”. Anyone can take part in the readings or provide support as audience members. International and local friends will be given the opportunity to deliver a reading via the internet. For more information, please contact Zane Pillay on email

Learn to speak with confidence THE Table Bay Toastmasters Club meets on Monday 28 March from 18:00 for 18:30 at The German Club, off Hope Street, Gardens. Guests are welcome and a meal of R80

is obligatory. For more information contact Mashilo on 074 145 4833 or Geoff on 083 280 2456. Alternatively visit

Thanks from the Sunflower Fund THE Sunflower Fund would like to thank their valuable sponsors and supporters involved in the 2011 Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour for helping their cause. All funds will be used to assist in building

the Bone Marrow Registry of South Africa so that children with leukaemia or other lifethreatening blood disorders can find a donor match as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition Page 5 HUMAN COMMODITIES: Protesters marched from District Six to Par­ liament on Friday 18 March to hand over a pe­ tition calling for the final­ isation of a Bill against human trafficking. The Prevention and Combat­ ing of Trafficking in Per­ sons Bill has been five years in the making, but has not yet been enact­ ed. The petition was handed to the chairper­ son of the portfolio com­ mittee on Justice and Constitutional Develop­ ment, Llewellyn Landers, who reportedly said that the bill would be finalised as soon as possible. Photo: Albi Fouche


Tuesday 22 March 2011

People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition Page 9

Choirs prepare for final battle TAURIQ HASSEN

THE time has come to separate the boys from the men, as the Cape Male Choir Board (CMCB) has reached the grand final stage of the Malay choir competitions. Six teams will be battling it out for the prestigious title of best choir when they take part in the very first Keep The Dream Champions Cup on Sunday 27 March. Jordan Sporting Club from Manenberg, Silver Sounds Singkoor from Athlone, Ken/Fac Singk-

oor from Kensington and Factreton, and Capetonians Singkoor have all qualified for the final round of the competition. On Friday 11 March, Playboys Singkoor from Silvertown and Hamediahs Singkoor from Mitchell’s Plain qualified for the Champions Cup, after competing in the Challenge Cup. This part of the competition gave two teams an opportunity to sing their hearts out for a place in the grand final. Ebrahim Hull, president of the Cape Male Choir Board, was delighted at the outcome of the or-

ganisation’s first year in existence and said: “It all went very well and the launch has been successful, but it’s not over, because the grand final is promising to be even more spectacular.” The board is integrated with the Keep The Dream Malay Choir Forum, which assists struggling choirs in finding their feet to perform on the big stage. The forum was established last year. “The standard of our first event has been really good and the top six teams have really produced quality entertainment for the

crowds, which promises to follow through to the final,” says Hull. The Keep The Dream Champions Cup takes place at the Athlone Civic Centre on Sunday 27 March, with only 150 tickets still available at the door. Tickets can also be purchased from the respective choirs at R35 for adults, R20 for children and R25 for pensioners. Hull said the crowd is encouraged to hold on to their tickets, as attendees stand a chance to win a plasma screen television. For any further information or tickets call Hull on 073 651 9989.

Angels delight in Bernadino Heights BERNADINO HEIGHTS in Kraaifontein will be a hub of activity for young entrepreneurs when they host the biannual Rachel’s Angels Market Day on Saturday 26 March. The programme was conceptualised by US economics professor Rachel Jafta, Media24 chairman Prof Jakes Gerwel and Naspers managing director Koos Bekker. The American term “angel’ refers to people willing to invest in a risky opportunity with the prospect of great rewards. The first of its kind in Kraai-

fontein, the event is a highlight on the annual calendar of the Media24 Rachel’s Angels Empowerment Trust which, in partnership with Stellenbosch University, runs a mentorship programme which teams Grade 11 and 12 learners from schools in the Western Cape with studentmentors from the university. Learners and mentors who have been working together to prepare and implement a business plan to develop their entrepreneurial skills will put together stalls with something for everyone.

These include fresh fruit and vegetables, face painting for children, games, food stalls and handmade products. “The Market Day is a great way to get involved in and give back to the community,” says Erna Fransman, educator at Bernadino Heights Secondary School. The festivities will start with an early morning, 5 km fun walk in Kraaifontein, followed by a talent competition, a Mr and Miss Rachel’s Angels Pageant and the Rachel’s Angels Baby Competition. Child care facilities will be provided.

Local artists such as Blackkurrant, Chad Saaiman, La Vuvuzela and Axene will share the stage. Entry is R10 for adults and R5 for children under 18. All funds will be donated to Kraaifontein Tehuis community centre for the aged and disabled and the St Raphael Pre-school Centre in Kraaifontein. For more information, contact Kaylynn Smith on (021) 914-2821. For more information about the Rachel’s Angels Market Day fun walk, contact Top Events on (021) 511-7130 or email

Memoirs of apartheid’s diplomats THE South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), Western Cape Branch, invites you to the launch of “From Verwoerd to Mandela: South African Diplomats Remember” at the Centre for the Book, 62 Queen Victoria Street, Gardens, Cape Town on Monday 28 March at 17:00 for 17:30. In trilogy form, the book tells the largely unknown stories of many apartheid-era diplomats and contains the collected memoirs of over 100 members of the South African foreign service who served between the 1960s and the early 1990s. This “fascinating read”, which is edited by Tom Wheeler, Pieter Wolvaardt and Werner Scholtz, will serve as a first-hand resource about South Africa’s international relations before and until shortly after the political changes of 1994. RSVP to or call Pippa on (021) 7614842 or 083 305 2339. Entry for nonmembers is R30 or R15 on presentation of a current student card. Parking is freely available behind the building after 17:00. GOODHOPE FM radio DJ Nigel Pierce’s real name is Gavin Goliath. He decided the original was a mouthful and opted for a combination of two of his sports heroes – Formula One racing driver Nigel Mansell and English soccer fullback Stewart Pierce. (

Page 10 People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition

NOVEL IDEA: Brent Meersman launched his latest novel, “Reports Before Daybreak”, at the Book Lounge in Roe­ land Street on Tuesday 15 March. Seen here are Mari­ anne Thamm (left) and Meersman. Photos: Supplied

Rheina Epstein and Nicky Newman sharing a moment at the launch.


Brett Bailey (left) and Barbara Mathers.

Book Lounge staff, from left, Matthew Brecher, Sarah Stipinov­ ich and Helen Sullivan.

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Nick Ashby (left) and Pieter­Dirk Uys.

Fourie Botha (left) and Marius Roux enjoying the evening.

ENTERTAINED: The Chatroom celebrated its 10th anniver­ sary at the Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park at The Grand Daddy Hotel on Thursday 24 February. There to help them celebrate were, from left, Gouwa Waja­Stemmet, Nomvuyo Kandisa and Zintwe Makeng. Photos: Michael Kirner

Anja and Miguel Tambusso­Ferraz

Ines Stoll (left) and Mark Dittken

Gordana McNamara and Angela Naumann

Wolfgang Drechsler and Nicole Nelissen

Juli Pietersen (left) and Claudia Frenzel


Tuesday 22 March 2011

End of the road T

O END off the long journey of the 1UP Big Walk with a bang, the organisers hosted a “thank you” dinner at the Wittebome Civic Centre in Wynberg

on Wednesday night. Everyone who had a part in the event was invited to spend a special evening reminiscing on the good times that were had.

GOOD TIMES: From left, Sakiena Karriem, Zaayda and Abubaker Manuel and Nazeem Kariem.

Join the navy for a day 10:00 and close at 18:00. There will be various events in the main arena and the dockyard that both young and old will find entertaining. The programme of events includes: Ships and submarines open to the public; tug boat rides; a flea market; a Navy Band performance; a fire fighting display competition; a dog display by the navy’s Dog Unit; the Izivunguvungu Youth Band; and live canon firing. For further inquiries call SubLieutenant Leverne Benjamin on (021) 787-4620.

Heavy hiking schedule ahead THE Meridian Hiking Club will be embarking on the following hiking trips: . On Saturday 26 March, they will be hiking up Chapman’s Peak. For more information, contact Evelyn on 072 244 2974. They will also be taking on the Cecilia Circuit. Contact Frank on 082 882 4388 or email

. On Sunday 27 March there will be a hike through the Holein-the-Wall. Contact Denise on 083 261 3326. They will also be walking along Cape Point to Sirkels Vlei. To book, email . On Sunday 3 April they will be taking a hike through the Tygerberg Nature Reserve. Contact Eddie on 084 245 2761.

Tee off for tissue typing THE Sunflower Fund is hosting its seventh annual Golf Day on Thursday 14 April at The Clovelly Country Club. The event raises money for The Sunflower Fund, whose sole purpose is to pay for the tissue typing of potential bone marrow stem cell donors for inclusion on the South African Bone Marrow Registry. The more donors there are on

SPECIAL: From left, Shaheem Amardien, Nas­ rella Enus, Eb­ rahim Cor­ nelius and Shaheen Orrie.

FANTASTIC: From left, Fadia Abrahams, Fa­ rah and Ach­ mat Jacobs, Magmoed and Ayesha Laa­ toe, and Sukay­ na and Ebrahim Jahaardien.

WALK A MILE: From left, Mohamed Jaffer, Marwaan Moerat and Dr Eli­ as Parker.

THE South African Navy is promising a bigger and better Navy Festival in Simon’s Town from 1 to 3 April. The navy will once again open its doors for civilians to explore naval culture at the East Dockyard in Simon’s Town. Last year over 120 000 people visited the base. The family festival coincides with the navy’s 89th birthday celebration – the SA Navy was established on April 1 1922 – and henceforth the festival will be called the SA Navy Birthday Festival. Entrance to the festival is free and gates will open daily at

People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition Page 11

the registry, the more hope leukaemia patients have of finding a life-saving donor match. The cost of a 4-ball is R3 000. For entries and sponsorship, call Adi Phillips on or call (021) 701-0661. For more information on The Sunflower Fund, visit or call toll free 0800 12 10 82.

LOVELY: From left, Sedick and Mymoena Hendricks and Fayruze Tape.

INCREDIBLE: From left, Fatima Amardien, Muniebah Orrie and Zaida Cornelius. Photos: Melissa Le Roux


Page 12 People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition

Tuesday 22 March 2011

A different struggle THIS week, South Africans observed Human Rights Day, commemorating the Sharpeville massacre which claimed the lives of 69 people and left 180 others injured on 21 March 1960 outside Johannesburg. Violence erupted as scores of men, protesting against carrying the dompas (an identity document indicating where black people were allowed to go), marched to the police station to offer themselves up for arrest, as they were without their passes. Panic-stricken Sharpeville policemen opened fire on the crowd. Fifty-one years later, laws may have changed but human rights are not automatically respected. It comes down to each and every one of us respecting the other as a worthy and equal partner. Yesterday's Human Rights Day commemoration at Athlone Stadium, attended by President Jacob Zuma, vividly demonstrated how the term “human rights” is empty without effort. Patricia de Lille, acting Premier of the Western Cape, was heckled and booed while delivering her address. Political affiliation is relevant only to the persons who chose to disrespect her because of the party she represents. It ought to be irrelevant in a context in which shared is history is commemorated. The complexity of South African society requires a tolerance for diversity. This country is made up of a wondrous array of different people – and our differences must be accommodated if we are all to feel at home within its borders. Respect cannot be legislated. While the many apartheid laws based on the absence of respect for citizens of this country have been dumped, this, as yesterday shows, does not automatically bring respect into our hearts. It is an attribute we must strive to acquire. It was fought for during many points in our history and if commemorative days such as Human Rights Day, Women’s Day and Youth Day hold any value to us, it lies in their reminding us of the mistakes of our past, and also in reminding us that the real work does not lie with our law-makers, but with ourselves.

THE feeding of baboons and monkeys has been outlawed in the Westen Cape and anyone not adhering to the new regulation will be fined. According to Fanie

Bekker, CapeNature’s executive director of Operations, the regulation applies in private and public spaces. Previous regulations regarding feeding baboons only

stipulated that people may not feed baboons along roads, but new laws empower CapeNature to prosecute people feeding baboons in their back gardens.

Your SMSes

SA belongs to all of us IT is a sad indictment on our beloved country when on Human Rights Day, a speaker at the national celebration is shouted down by those who may not agree with the speaker’s political affiliation. Even before the Acting Premier of the host province could make any remark, people in the audience waving the flag of a particular political party shouted her down. This says so much about where we are as a country. It is clear that we are a deeply divided nation. We have not yet progressed beyond our black-white politics. Sadly we have not yet moved towards becoming a nation united around common principles irrespective of our political or economic perspectives. The behaviour of a huge section of the Athlone Stadium crowd will be to our shame as a nation. What does that say about our respect for human rights? Are we so divided that just because the highest office in a province is not held by one from my party, that I will show disrespect to that office? And the respect given to

the deputy minister, who happens to be white, was in such sharp contrast to the disrespect shown to the Acting Premier of the Western Cape. What was the difference? It was not the colour of the skin so it must have been the intolerance towards those who hold a different political perspective. Our national celebration days should unite us. Yet we have seen over the years how this country failed to use our national days as opportunities to unite the nation. Why are these days turned into party-political rallying events? Should we not unite around the events organised by our government? Why are political parties holding rallies on these days? More should be done by our government to ensure fuller participation by all political parties and leadership in the national events. Our people will see the example. They will follow. There should be no separate party-political rallies on our national days. And while opposition groups would want to complain about the lack of inclusion, they should accept that by organising their own rallies,

they are becoming instruments of division. What was remarkable, though, was the recognition given to Robert Sobukwe and the leadership of his party in the events that are being commemorated in the current human rights celebration. Nation building begins by recognising that our freedom was not brought to us by one party but by a wide range of freedom fighters. That battle was fought on many fronts and it is time South Africa gives due recognition to those stalwarts. Nation building really begins when we start recognising the role played by the first nation, the Khoi people, in the fight against settlers who sought to dehumanise them and take their land. When we move from the fallacy that we are beholden to one party or a particular group only for the freedom we enjoy today, then we would have advanced on the road to building a true united South Africa. Human Rights Day should move us to do more to unite as a nation. PHILIP M. BAM Grassy Park

. To Metrorail and associates, I am very pleased about your new timetable. Before you start, please clean your filthy trains both inside and out, especially the windows. I can’t see through them during the day, what about at night? Disgusted commuter . So which experts back in the ’70s decided that building a nuclear power station practically on the Milnerton fault line was a good idea? And “they” still propose to build more along our coastline? Let’s “wake up” and see that alternative energy is really not that expensive in the long run. Pete . To the idea of hanging our country’s flag in front of our homes: just take a look at those mirror flags that now hang torn and faded from people’s cars. That is disrespect and not so proudly South African. Imagine what the wind will do to these hanging flags. Will that home owner care enough to keep it Proudly SA? Wendy, Muizenberg

. I agree with what Amos is saying. Why can’t we fly our flags high? Our boys are doing our country proud and we are doing nothing in return. But everyone has a lot to say when they’re not giving their all. Good luck boys. Shana . If Golden Arrow doubles its fleet and routes, it will reduce taxi violence. Each bus takes 80 passengers, which means 80 fewer cars on roads. Magda . To all those who are driving and using their cellphones, there is a group of people that is taking pics of you and who are going to put it in newspapers and on Facebook so beware. . I agree with Concerned Young Adult. I have been out of college for a year and I still don’t have a job for the field I studied in. Everyone says I don’t have experience but how will we gain experience if no one hires you without it? . We won’t employ Concerned Young Adult or her friends as we cannot fire her/them if she/they are no good.

. I rather buy Jive. It tastes far better than Stoney. I don’t buy Stoney any more. . I have experienced the same taste of Stoney as you have. Jive ginger beer is far better, and cheaper too. Thank you! . Thank you very much for the Mummenschanz tickets. It was an amazing experience. What a talented troupe. My sister-in-law and I had fun! Chantal Burricks, Manenberg . Heartfelt thanks to People’s Post, Kiwi and Toughees for the school shoes I won recently. They will be donated to a needy child. Vera Eksteen . Thank you People’s Post for the Jamali tickets I won! We had a wonderful time at Kirstenbosch. Tracy . Thanks so much for choosing me as your winner of the two tickets to the Riverdance show at Grand West on 24 February. It was awesome. People’s Post made my day on my 60th birthday. B. Watlington

ORVILLE WRIGHT took the Flyer that he and his brother Wilbur built into the air for what has come to be known as the first powered flight at 10:35 on Friday 17 December 1903. Earlier, unbeknownst to them, Gustave Whitehead and Richard Pearse were also experimenting with flying machines. Who actually took first to the sky remains a controversy. – (


Tuesday 22 March 2011

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which is appearing on the 5th April will be:

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Page 14 People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Be there on the square THIS year’s free community concert – a build-up event for the Cape Town International Jazz Festival – is to be held at Greenmarket Square in the CBD tomorrow. The concert will start at 17:00 and finish at 23:00. The line-up will feature local and international artists. Organisers espAfrika say they have been working with the Central City Improvement District (CCID) to ensure a safe and secure environment, and additional city services will work overtime on the night. Free additional late-night trains have been scheduled for after the show. The line-up includes Tortured Soul (USA), Hanjin (Singapore/Hong Kong), and three South African bands, Tribe of Benjamin, Gang of Instrumentals and the Cape Town Tribute Band. Tortured Soul, a three-piece band, will

bring all the elements of soul and disco, while indie folk band, Tribe of Benjamin, offers harmonised sounds of the slide guitar, mandolin, didgeridoo and harmonica. Singaporean artist Tan Hanjin creates compositions that fuse Chinese music with rock, western pop and R&B. The free concert will also feature some of South Africa’s hottest talent, such as SAMA award winners Gang of Instrumentals, who play a blend of soul, reggae, rock and kwaito. They are best known for songs like “My Number One” and “Woza December”. There will be road closures on the day of the concert. The Cape Town International Jazz Festival takes place on 25 and 26 March. Details can be obtained at, or by calling the festival hotline on (021) 422-5653. Tickets are available from Computicket and Shoprite Checkers stores.

A classical gypsy fantasy THE Wynberg Rotary Club will be hosting its 26th annual Last Night of the Proms at the Cape Town City Hall on Saturday 9 April at 20:00 and Sunday 10 April at 19:00. The Symphony Choir of Cape Town, the Cape Town Male Voice Choir, the Cape Welsh Choir and the UCT Choir are providing a evening of classical music. This year’s theme is “Gypsy Fantasy”. The Cape Town Proms Orchestra will be conducted by the legendary Richard Cock, and an international violinist, Jonathan Chan, with exciting new soprano, Maudée Montiree, completing the line-up. The Cape Town Highlanders will pipe the audience back into the City Hall after a street party at the interval. Purchase tickets at Computicket at R170 and R210. For more information call Graham Todd on (021) 712-4070 or 083 414 0462 or email

Mac’s goema night

This year’s Last Night of the Proms “Gypsy Fantasy” theme incorporates an evening of light and popular clas­ sical music with combined choirs. Photo: Supplied

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GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. R800p/night. Sleeps 6.(079 522 4309.

WYNBERG ­ GRAND CENTRAL. 1 bedroom unit. R3 200 p/m. Ph Aslam 083 658 2786

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Hygiene & Bug’s ‘R’ Us (Registered PCO & Member of SAPCA)




PARTS of Mac McKenzie’s Goema Symphony No. 1 will be performed by a 25-piece orchestra at the SABC Studios Auditorium on Saturday, starting at 20:00, with doors opening at 19:30 in Beach Road, Sea Point. The show will feature guest compositions from Derek Gripper, Mandla Mlangeni and Aykes Swartz. McKenzie debuted the piece in August 2010. It was the culmination of a process that started officially with seed funding from the Cape Africa Platform in 2005, and that began unofficially back in the days of The Genuines, Mac’s cult punk rock band. The concert take place under the auspic-




Rodents, Bedbugs, Bird Removal & Proofing

“They Bug You We Bug Them!” For a FREE Quotation Call * Bellville - 021 949 5915 * Cape Town - 021 425 2363 * Claremont - 021 674 5327 * Goodwood - 021 591 5209 * Paarl - 021 872 4083 * Table View - 021 556 5601 * Kraaifontein - 021 987 6798

es of the Cape Town Composers’ Workshop, a not-for-profit organisation created to develop young composers and to network with international composers. The work draws on the indigenous roots of Cape Town music, and tells very distinctly Cape Town stories. Expect banjo, mandolin and gummie drum added to the traditional symphonic instrumentation for the unique goema groove. Tickets are available at the door for R150. There is a reduced price for students and pensioners at R100. Reservations can be made by emailing or sms 072 500 2204.

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FIERY PERFORMANCES: “Burnt”, a new play by internationally acclaimed, award­winning play­ wright Ian Bruce, opened at the New Africa Theatre at 43 Golf Course Road, Sybrand Park on 18 March and runs until 3 April. The play is about a poverty­bound community forced to survive by competing with each other for meagre resources and opportunities, and where those who are different easily become scapegoats, attracting inhuman and irrational violence. The produc­ tion is 80 minutes long and has no interval. There is ample parking in front of and around the theatre. Performances are at 20:00 from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays at 15:00 and at 20:00. Ticket prices are R60. Pensioners, students and block bookings of 10 or more cost R45. Scholars pay R20. Book at Computicket or Shoprite Checkers outlets. Phone Nabeelah on (021) 696­2392 for more information about school and group bookings. Pictured are, from left, Mbulelo Grootboom, Luvuyo Mabuto, Abongile Kroza and Lungi Pinda.

PEOPLE'S POST, a Media24 publication and member of WP Newspapers, prominent publisher of community newspapers in the Cape Peninsula, offers an exciting career opportunity for an enthusiastic news reporter in its Tokai office. The ideal candidate: • has a journalism qualification and reporting experience; • has a keen news sense and is versatile; • shows initiative and can act independently; • has an excellent command of written and spoken English; • can work under pressure; • will be able to quickly cultivate a wide range of news contacts; • is prepared to be trained in layout; • is prepared to work irregular hours. A valid driver’s license is compulsory. To the successful candidate the company offers a market related salary, as well as pension and medical benefits. APPLICATIONS CLOSE ON THURSDAY 31 MARCH 2011 Send applications to If you have not heard from us by 7 April 2011, your application has not been successful. Please indicate in your application that you are applying for the above-mentioned position. Ref: P022125/69 Given the employment equity policy of Media24, preference will be given to suitable candidates from the designated groups. The company is under no obligation to fill this position.




AVON REPS NEEDED Call Michelle 082 637 6559



Tuesday 22 March 2011


CHUFFED CHAMPS: Nashua Mobile Cobras captain Justin Kemp, flanked by Charl Langeveldt (left) and Herschelle Gibbs (right), lifts the Standard Bank Pro20 champions’ trophy after the Cobras beat the Chevrolet Warriors by 12 runs in the final, watched by an 18 000­strong crowd at Newlands Cricket Stadium on Friday evening. The Cobras scored 166/5 in the allotted overs before restricting the Warriors to 154/6 in a tense finish. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo

CASTLED: James Cameron­Dow of Western Province CC is bowled out for one by Colin Birch of Pinelands, during a Western Province 1A League cricket match at Pinelands on Saturday. Pine­ lands scored 178 and pinned down WPCC to 190/9 at the end of the first day’s play. WPCC need to win this match to annex the league title.Photo: Pe­ ter Heeger/Gallo Images

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FULL STEAM: Helio de Abreu of Rondebosch Boy’s High at full throttle against Bishops, during a WP under­19A schools crick­ et match at Rondebosch on Saturday. Rondebosch won the match. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

BRAVE BAT: Richard Levi plays confidently while top scoring with 45 for the Cape Cobras against the Chevrolet Warriors in the Standard Bank Pro20 final at Newlands on Friday evening. The Cobras won by 12 runs. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

GETTING AWAY: Rushdi Salie of the Strata Civils Serpents eludes Lance de Kock of the Enriching Life Eagles dur­ ing the Eagles’ 2­0 win in the Princess Pro Se­ ries hockey championship at Hartleyvale on Sunday.Photo: Rashied Isaacs

TURF TUSSLE: Jack Thonissen (left) of the Enriching Life Eagles counters Hugh Savage of the Strata Civils Serpents, during the Eagles’ 2­0 win in the Princess Pro Series champi­ onship at Hartleyvale Stadium, Observatory on Sunday. The championship will continue on Sunday 27 March. Photo: Rashied Isaacs

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Tuesday 22 March 2011

Windy weather at Newlands TASMIN CUPIDO


VICTORY over the Vodacom Bulls at Loftus Versveld for the DHL Stormers for the first time in eight years will certainly put an extra spring in the team’s step for the rest of the Super Rugby competition. The men from the Cape, who are now the only unbeaten team in the coveted competition, managed to trump the Pretoria men 2313 in a tightly contested, physical encounter last Saturday evening. And to add to the notches on the Stormers’ belt – a try from recently under-performing speedster Bryan Habana. The try was only the team’s second for the season, after the one by flanker Pieter Louw in the team’s opening match of the competition against the Lions. And, despite only scoring the sole try, head coach Allister Coetzee was impressed with his team’s attack. “We created a lot of opportunities and we know that we need to keep improving. The attack displayed against the Bulls is definitely a step in the right direction,” he said. Discipline was another reason for the Stormers’ victory. The Bulls constantly transgressed, giving flyhalf Peter Grant opportunities to add to the Stormers’ tally. The visitors remained the more disciplined of the two sides, only conceding six attempts

at goal. Grant managed to slot six of 10 attempts at goal, while the Bulls’ usually accurate Morné Steyn only managed to convert three of six attempts. The set pieces and the breakdown points were dominated by Coetzee’s chargers. “We always knew that we would have a challenge up front and there was certainly a physical intensity,” Coetzee said. “Although a battle, we managed to do well – we scrummed well and stole a couple of lineouts. The victory was a collective effort from the entire team. A lot of hard work went into the preparations for the Bulls match and the players accepted the challenge and stood up on the day.” But on Saturday the Stormers will face a team with a different style and approach to the game. They take on the Western Force from Australia who, despite being relatively inexperienced, always pose a threat on attack. After beating the Lions 27-15 at Coca-Cola Park in Johannesburg on Saturday afternoon, Nathan Sharp and his men will believe that they are able to compete with the Stormers. An interesting battle between flyhalfs Grant and wunderkind James O’Connor is likely to ensue, while the experience of captain Sharpe and fullback Cameron Shepherd will assist their team in the challenge. The battle between blind-side flankers Pieter Louw and Richard Brown should interest rugby lovers as well.

TRY TIME: DHL Stormers winger, Bryan Habana, is congratulated by team mate Jaque Fourie as Vodacom Bulls winger Bjorn Basson looks on. Habana scored his team’s only try in his team’s Vodacom Super Rugby victory over the Bulls on Saturday. Photo: Christiaan Kotze

Dutch fast-tracking Ajax ace BRIAN GAFFNEY

Thulani Serero, tormenting an Orlando Pirates defender during Ajax’s re­ cent 3­0 win at Newlands. Photo: Gallo Images


THULANI SERERO is close to leaving Ajax Cape Town FC to pursue a professional soccer career with Ajax Amsterdam FC in the Netherlands. Serero’s move to the world-renowned Dutch club was confirmed by George Comitis, the CEO of Ajax Cape Town FC, over the weekend. “There is little doubt that Serero will soon be joining Ajax Amsterdam. He was invited to a trial so that they can further assesses his ability to withstand the pressure of European soccer,” said Comitis. The good news for Ajax fans is that Serero (21) will not be lost to the Urban Warriors until after the end of the Premier Soccer League (PSL) season. Serero and Sameehg Doutie were on trial at Ajax Amsterdam early last year on the recommen-

dation of Hennie Spijkerman, a former technical director at Ajax Cape Town. Spijkerman is now the assistant-coach for Frank de Boer – the new head coach at Ajax Amsterdam. De Boer last week informed Ajax that he needs to have another look at Serero, who has shown excellent form for the title-chasers in the PSL this season. Ajax Cape Town FC, which is a satellite club of its Dutch namesakes, has since its founding in 1999 regularly concluded successful contracts for its star players with its Dutch namesakes. Serero is set to follow in the footsteps of ex-Ajax aces Benni McCarthy, Daylon Claasen and Steven Pienaar, as well as Cameroon international midfielder Eyong Enoh – a member of the current Ajax squad that is placed third in the Dutch Premier League. The Soweto-born Serero, Pien-

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aar (now Tottenham Hotspur FC) and Claasen (now Lierse FC, Belgium) were included in the 22player Bafana Bafana squad that will face Egypt in an African Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifier at Ellis Park, Johannesburg on Saturday 26 March. . Bafana Bafana Squad Goalkeepers: Itumeleng Khune, Wayne Sandlands, Darren Keet. Defenders: Morgan Gould, Sibonisi Gaxa, Bongani Khumalo, Prince Hlele, Anele Ngoncangca, Siyabonga Sangweni and Reuben Cloete. Midfielders: Andile Jali, Thanduyise Khumboni, Renelwe Letsholonyane, Steven Pienaar (captain), Daylon Claasen, Kagiso Dikgacoi, Siphiwe Tshabalala, Sifiso Myeni and Tiou Sengolela. Strikers: Kermit Erasmus, Bernard Parker, Davide Somme, Thulani Serero and Katlego Mphela.



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Peoples Post Atlantic-Seaboard Edition 22-03-2011  

Peoples Post Atlantic-Seaboard Edition 22-03-2011