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Summer/Autumn 2018 | Norfolk Edition

for bump to toddlers around the age of 5 years FR O M TH E C R E ATO R S O F TH E PA R ENT & BA BY S H OW

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The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Let's talk pregnancy, baby and toddler!

Useful Organisations and Contacts for Families

We’re so happy to bring you the second issue of this lovely magazine. Months of work go in to creating our magazines, and we love bringing together some amazing businesses in the industry, who we feel you should know about. We hope you enjoy reading this issue, it stretches from July through to early winter 2018, so you have plenty of time to delve into a little part of the Norfolk baby world.

Norfolk SEND Partnership Information, Advice & Support Service. Supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their parents. 01603 704070

As ever, a big thank you to our magazine sponsors:

We hope you enjoy reading our creation, please tag us in pictures and get spreading the love for our local, talented businesses.

Lots of love Alex and the team 

x Front page image supplied by Pennycress Photography,

CHILDREN CHARITIES AND ORGANISATIONS: EACH A charity which supports families and care for children and young people with life-threatening illness across East Anglia.

PARENT SUPPORT: Gingerbread Norwich A charity which provides advice and practical support for single parents. There’s also a Facebook chat group for single parents in the Norwich area. Young Parents Group, Sprowston Contact Emma Nobbs on 01603 301408.

Baby Bank Norfolk collects donations of all things for baby, checks that they are clean and meet current UK The Blayze’ing Star Charity safety standards. They are Group B Strep Charity and then passed to local families local to Norfolk. in need via referrals from Finnbars Force Midwifes, Health Visitors Raise awareness, help fund and other social and research and support children health professionals. suffering from brain tumours. Get Me Out The Four Walls A Facebook group aimed at Unlock A Life For Lockey parents in the Norfolk area A charity that that have time at home with provides support and the kids. Also helps combat stimulating activities Postnatal Depression. for children undergoing Home Start Norfolk cancer treatment. A charity that offers support and practical help to parents with young children across BREASTFEEDING Norfolk. If you are struggling AND FEEDING: and would like to get help Lactation Consultants call 01603 977040 or email of Great Britain Find your local consultant in Norfolk. Living with Reflux Support and Information for parents with a baby who has reflux. Lactation Motivation A great charity in the King’s Lynn area offering skilled breastfeeding help and support. Find them on Facebook. There are also many feeding support groups in Norwich - www.nnuh.nhs. uk/departments/maternitydepartment/feeding-andcaring-for-your-baby/ support-groups/


Time Norfolk A charity which provides free confidential help and support to anyone who has experienced Pregnancy Loss through Miscarriage, Termination or Stillbirth. Nelson’s Journey A Norfolk charity that supports children and young people up to their 18th birthday who have experienced the death of a significant person in their life.


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

The region's largest and most interactive baby show from bump to children around 8 years old


Sunday 16th sept 2018 (10:30-15.00) UEA SportsPark NORWICH, NR4 7TJ



FREE for under 16s • FREE parking next to the venue

For a full programme of talks, workshops and interactive features:

Where Else Can You Find Us Mon 27th August Aylsham Show with The Parent and Baby Marquee

The Essential Birth and Newborn Workshop

Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd September Tribe Norfolk Weekend

Supporting the transition into parenthood

Sunday 9th December The Parent, Baby and Toddler Christmas Fair at The Forum, Norwich Sunday 17th March 2019 Newmarket Racecourse 2019 PROGRAMME TO BE ANNOUNCED ON OUR WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA OVER THE SUMMER

Covering essential tips and advice for all things from birth to feeding, sleep, emotions and all that’s in-between.

Sunday 28th October, 11am-5pm Rowan House Health and Wellbeing Centre, Hethersett, Norwich







Tickets can be bought in advance at The Parent and Baby Show is coming to Newmarket Racecourse on Sunday 17th March 2019 Watch this space for more details. Trade bookings OPEN Email:


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

The Norfolk Pregnancy, Baby and Child Awards 2018

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The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Know Your Rights and Risks in Pregnancy and Labour By Treat Norwich

Expectant parents are often unprepared for the pressure to accept interventions in pregnancy and labour. Some interventions are essential, but many are not justified by evidence. For example, in one local hospital the induction of labour rate has risen beyond 40% compared to 29% nationally. There’s little evidence to suggest almost half of all pregnant women need to cut short their pregnancy. Parents may be told “the risk of your baby dying is doubled without a certain intervention”, but they are not told the absolute risks involved. If the chances of a problem are 1:50,000 and it rises to 1:25,000 relative risks have doubled – but they still remain very low in absolute terms. Understanding these differences helps assess options presented during childbirth. Occasionally language is used that seems to remove choice. For example, being told “you are not allowed to…” - NO-ONE should tell you this. Human rights aren’t left at the hospital door, choices belong to you, it’s rare there is immediate danger and usually there is time to consider and discuss options. It’s also important to understand medical opinions can differ, one of my hypnobirthing clients was told by one consultant she was ‘not allowed’ to use the midwife led birth unit but a second consultant recommended it. Never be afraid of asking for a second opinion. A good understanding of birth and labour and the kind of pressures medical conventions can put on women is an essential part of birth preparation, but even with preparation it’s hard to challenge medical opinion during childbirth.

The BRAINS acronym is a useful mnemonic to help assess the information on offer. B Benefits: how will this intervention help keep me and my baby safe? R Risks: what is the downside of this intervention? A Alternatives: what other action could be taken? I

Information and Intuition: do I have enough information to make a decision – what does “gut instinct” say?

N Nothing: what will happen if I wait and do nothing right now. S Smile: health professionals have your interests and safety at heart – it doesn’t have to be a battle. This is your body, your pregnancy and your baby, how you give birth matters. Getting accurate and up to date evidence will help you make the best decision for you and your baby. This information does not substitute care from your midwife or doctor and should not be relied upon as personal medical advice.

Article By Molly O'Brien Molly is a midwife of over 20 yrs experience and runs Hypnobirthing classes, Free Pregnancy Classes and other Birth Preparation Classes at Treat-Norwich Tel: 01603 514 195 Find them on



The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Newborn safety

by Shellie Wall Newborn Photography Although beautiful images are the ultimate aim of a newborn photographer, the main priority is ALWAYS safety. From maintaining the correct temperature, ensuring the babies are comfortable and safe in all poses and props, knowing when to shoot an image as a composite (meaning the photographer or an assistant never let’s go of the baby), right through to checking there are no squished up fingers or toes. This sounds simple enough but there are an alarming number of people trying to recreate professional style images without proper training. You wouldn’t trust an untrained midwife to deliver your baby, just because they owned a pair of forceps and had watched an instructional YouTube video. Similarly, if you are wanting posed images of your baby you should always go to a trained professional. A baby has no control over it’s neck muscles, it’s head is a third of its entire body weight. The oesophagus and windpipe could be severely damaged if allowed to flop. No matter who you choose to photograph your baby PLEASE make sure your photographer is trained and if you do not want to pay to use a professional and want to take images yourself PLEASE understand your limitations and stick to simple and imposed shots. There are many things to consider when booking your photographer, ask if they use a spotter for container/prop/floor work; What temperature do they have their studio? Do they use composite images? Now, as a parent you may not know what all these terms mean, but any newborn photographer who has had proper training will have no issue in guiding you and showing evidence of how they work.

Article by Shellie Wall Photography Email: Find Shellie on

Your newborn baby, whom you carried for nine months, nurtured and loved inside your womb before he or she even arrived is treasured and precious. Your choice of newborn photographer should reflect that. Selecting your photographer should have as much, if not MORE importance placed upon it as your choice of car seat, pram system and nursery furniture. Making the right choice will result in beautiful and timeless images, capturing a fleeting moment in time that flies by all too quickly. Above all these will be captured safely with baby’s comfort being the utmost priority. There is a directory that parents can go to find a newborn photographer that has been checked over and approved. BANPAS (The Baby and Newborn Photography Association) is about encouraging photographers to be safe and helping parents make sure they choose a proficient photographer, giving them the tools to ask the right questions to ensure their choice is correct.


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Taster Sessions

Precious bonding time in a bubble of splashy fun! To give your baby a splashing start call

01603 263 227

or visit

Let’s teach your baby to swim!


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

More than one by One To Cherish

Your precious bundle of joy is so much fun, you have everything under control and everything is going well, meeting with friends, enjoying play dates and seeing the world through a new set of eyes, the wonder of it all, so lovely and precious to be a part of. You may be thinking of baby number two or maybe are already pregnant and wondering how you could possibly fit everything in and will there be enough love for another baby. These thoughts are completely natural and maybe something you have or have not considered but other people may have commented on, hopefully they have offered words of encouragement. Having the next baby could feel exciting and daunting at times and it is about talking things through with those you trust as well as exploring those feelings. You and your little one will have had a lovely time and you may ask yourself or wondered if you could possibly offer as much love and affection to the next baby. The answer is of course you will and can, you may just need to make some adjustments. Children of any age will become excited about the new adventure if they are offered information and support throughout the journey. This will also offer you time to reflect on your own thoughts and feelings about the new arrival. Children are very attuned to parent’s emotions, and sharing them with your child offers them support but also learning that even adults feel worried sometimes. Open communication can take practice but when it is present communication becomes easier in time. What can you do to help your little one with the new arrival? Talking really helps, explaining about feelings, accepting they may feel happy, worried,

Article courtesy of One to Cherish Email: Find Liz on

scared all at the same time or at different times. Offering them reassurances, telling them they are loved and wanted really helps and finding books and having one to one time talking about the new arrival. Creating this time before the baby arrives creates the habit which can be continued after the baby is born, bringing the baby into these quiet times sharing this special together time. Some children will want to help with the baby and can develop a close connection with their sibling. Other tips include, choosing/buying them their own baby to care for, asking them if they want to read to the baby, baby massage with them both or one to one, finding techniques before the baby arrives which offers calm time together, continuing with some of the activities which are easy to take a small baby to or inviting the play dates to your home. Another baby is an absolute joy however there are times when we can feel overwhelmed. Take time with each other and the new situation and watch, learn and wonder and keep things as calm as possible and before you know it everything will seem as natural as it did with your first born. Additional support is available from your health visitor, Sure Start centres, child’s practitioners and friends and family. Enjoy the new adventure – the memories you create will be amazing.


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

OTC Baby

services for babies and their families

The Onesie Baby Prep Programme Sign up for a hands-on 3 hour course to learn all you need about preparing for baby!

Life size baby dolls and practical exercises that will make you experts in: • • • • •

changing nappies - how you actually do it! how to bath your baby, how to dress and undress, how to hold and soothe your baby. What are the key early development stages - what to look for. • Relationship building - how this works, what to do to make it successful. All courses held at John Lewis, Norwich. Including a free ‘try-before-you-buy’ session, with a JL Partner.

Interested in Baby Massage? Book an OTC Baby Massage (IAIM) course



+ free guest

+ Free

Goody Bag

OTC Baby also offer Breastfeeding support and the Baby Fed programme

For more information: Liz Thurston 07765 411 805


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Two Children Final by Sally at Wife Of A Wig Wearer

When you have a second child the washing doubles, the sleep halves and the guilt quadruples. It is horrendous and wonderful and really hard work. But there’s things you can do to ease the transition from one child to two.

reassuring to spend time with people who have children at the same stages as yours. Playdates with existing friends who have different aged second children can be trickier than you may have anticipated.

Unless your first born is much older, it is difficult to gauge just how much they understand about the new arrival. Some parents like to buy a present from the baby and give it to the big brother or sister. This is a nice idea and especially if it is a DVD or something they can play with independently.

Also, don’t’ be alarmed if your children are completely different. There also seems to be a universal rule that if you had an ‘easy’ first child, your second may well be less so! It’s only fair, right? Some many parents find themselves sobbing in confusion ‘but his brother never did this!’ . It seems to be nature’s way of keeping parents on their toes/on the edge!

Keeping your older child in nursery or keeping their routine as familiar as possible seems to work for lots of parents. This has the benefit of allowing you quiet time at home for some of the week but also children seem to crave routine at times of upheaval or change. Arranging playdates so another toddler can come and raise merry hell with your older child while you doze on the sofa can be a good idea. Meeting up with other parents of children of a similar age is ideal if you can’t face a house-full. Castles, soft play, parks and museums are all ideal because there’s usually plenty to keep everyone occupied- and they all sell coffee. With a second child, you may feel reassured that you’ve already got friends with children and you’re ‘up and running’. Attending baby groups and events is still a help though as it’s easy and

And having two, like everything, gets easier as they get older. Soon they’ll be playing cafes together or racing about in the garden together. The sound of your child’s laugh always brings a bubble of joy but when your hear your two children laughing at something together, that’s the best feeling in the world. And as for the guilt? Just know you’re doing your best.

EMERGENCY TOP TIP: For those days when having two at home is bringing you to the brink of despair, run a bath, chuck in bubbles and some toys and put the kids in it. It often snaps them out of a bad mood and ‘restarts’ the day. Follow Sally’s blog for parenting truths and spoofs Find Sally on

@wifeofawigweaer and follow on


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Specialist physio support at each stage of your pregnancy and beyond. • Pre/postnatal physiotherapy • Physio pregnancy Yoga

(including active birthing advice)

• Mummy MOT- Postnatal physio assessment of abdominals and pelvic floor with a detailed report and exercise program • Postnatal core restore Pilates (babies welcome)

+44 1603 514195

‘Helping to prepare your dog for family life’

Providing Specialist Support for Expectant Families and Families with Babies/Toddlers/Young Children that have a Family Dog. Home Visits, Practical Training Sessions, Workshops, Problem Behaviour Consults, Pre-Dog/Puppy Consults Email: Tel: 07572593582


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

The Nurturing Womb offers a nurturing, hands on treatment for your individual needs. • Fertility • Pregnancy/postnatal • Menopause • Gentle touch™ Reflexology for Babies and Children • One to One Bespoke Baby Massage and Yoga Parent Instruction

Based in Drayton Norwich, NR8

A beautiful collection of high quality baby accessories and handmade hair accessories.

Your Lifestyle Matters With a recognition towards the importance of remaining active and healthy in pregnancy for you and your baby, restoring physical health and well-being after birth, and the ability of women to regain independence and relief of symptoms in their 60’s/70’s which they have been living with for years. It is never too early or late to make simple lifestyle and exercise changes to prevent or improve symptoms and your quality of life. This is the generation of change for women - Don’t suffer in silence.

Bespoke women’s health physiotherapy and specialist pilates Services:

Conditions treated:

• Antenatal Pilates and core fitness courses - suitable from dating scan • Postnatal Pilates and restore your core courses - suitable from 6 weeks after birth • Fit for Pregnancy well-being physiotherapy assessment and treatments • Mummy MOT assessments and bespoke after birth rehab - suitable from 6 weeks to 6 years after birth

• Pelvic girdle pain and lower back pain • Pelvic floor dysfunctions • Incontinence • Pelvic organ prolapse • Maintaining fitness and health in pregnancy • Return to health and fitness after birth

To book courses and/or sessions visit: Or contact: 07734455184 / 01603 813999 / @TPRphysio The Powder Room Physio thepowderroomphysio

The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018



The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Motherhood Matters? It most certainly does.

At a time of huge emotional, social and physical change how women transition into motherhood really does matter. Not only to their immediate family but to society in general as we predominantly still rely on mothers to nurture the next generation. Professionals agree that the first 1001 days of a baby’s life (from conception to age 2) are the most important to an infant’s development. At a time when brain connections are forming at a rate of 1 million per second our children need confident mums who are in the best physical and mental health possible. Secure relationships (i.e. parenting which is sensitive and responsive to the baby’s signals and cues) promote emotional health, effect cognitive and language developments and other learning (Wave Trust 2013). This can only be optimal when maternal health and wellbeing is also considered.

Motherhood Matters pop-up parenting café complements the comprehensive Pregnancy & Parenthood services already offered at Rowan House Health and Wellbeing Centre in Hethersett. The café offers a safe and welcoming space where new mums can form their extended Nest, Nurture their baby and Natter with likeminded mums, whilst being supported by a range of professionals in areas that matter in motherhood. Sessions include; women’s health, stress relief, emotional support, weaning, infant development and sleep. For more information and to book please visit or The Café usually runs twice a month on a Thursday morning and costs £3.50 – refreshments included.

Motherhood Matters Nest, Nurture, Natter

I really enjoyed today’s Motherhood Matters, I learnt a lot from the session and from chatting to other mums, thank you again for creating a peaceful and homely learning relaxing environment Infant Development session May 2018

I don’t really know what to say other than having somewhere we could be really honest & actually vocalise some of our challenges etc seems really important. Having such a safe place to do it was great & I don’t think there’s anything else like this ‘out there’. Feelings & Focus group June 2018

A calm and friendly pop-up parenting cafe where you can relax and connect with your baby and other mums


Rowan House Health and Wellbeing, 28 Queens Road, Hethersett, NR9 3DB

Bought to you by:


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

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Last month Marshes & Flint opened a new boutique store at Creake Abbey just outside Burnham Market.

Olli Ella, Natural Strolley £79

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The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Countryside Vibes A Festival Inspired Real Women and Child Photoshoot

Fable Heart Cape & Little Cotton Clothes Dress available at Marshes & Flint for AW18 Clothing & Luggy available at Marshes & Flint

Clothing, Luggy & Strolley available at Marshes & Flint Clothing available at Marshes & Flint


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Clothing, Chari Bags & Fable Heart Crowns available at Marshes & Flint

Clothing available at Marshes & Flint CREDITS: Venue: Happy Valley Norfolk and Glamping Retreat Photography: Shellie Wall Newborn Photography Hair and Makeup (Adults only): Stephanie Alexandra HMUA Children’s Clothing: Marshes & Flint. Glitter Artist: Embellish Face & Body Art UK Balloons: Claire Carney Floral and Balloon Design


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Blogger Me Up! Each issue of The Parent and Baby Magazine we list some fabulous parent bloggers we have come across. Here are some who we think you should go and find this summer.

Raising the Rings Jade is a West Norfolk mum of two (with another on the way), talking all things parenting, pregnancy and lifestyle. Loves tea and white chocolate.

A Story From Dad Tim writes about his journey as a first time father, from bedtime stories to the highs and lows of parenting life.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too Sarah runs an award-winning family, lifestyle and top 10 parenting blog which showcases family life, home decor, travel and everything in between.

The Life Schoolers Lucy is born and bred in Norfolk, and although she now lives in Lincolnshire her blog is a brilliant source for ideas around creative play and home education.

Big Family Organised Chaos Mandi writes about hints and tips for large families ensuring you get to spend as much quality time as you can with your brood, fun and chaos guaranteed. www.bigfamilyorganisedchaos.comÂ


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

The Honest Confessions of a Freelance Blogger by Honest Confessions of a NICU mum!

Back in 2014, I began my blog; The Honest Confessions of a NICU Mum. After a couple of months, I looked at everyone making a career out of it on Instagram and thought; I can do that. I became a regular blogger for several parenting websites. Most of the blogs that I feature on were unpaid, and realistically despite finding my passion it didn’t seem to be a viable career. I wasn’t the type of blogger who would review things or feature them on my blog as that didn’t fit in with what I was blogging about. My blog has had hundreds of thousands of hits and I have been in magazines, newspapers and guest blogged on the top influencer sites but guess what? I don’t think I have even earned £10 from three years hard work from my personal blog. In Dec 2017, I became a freelance blogger, and began to build up a client base of regular paid writing jobs. However, 80% of my paid work isn’t parent related. I write about wine, property investment and Norfolk days out to name a few. The parent blogging world is a very saturated market. Of course, there are ways to earn money, reviewing products, featured ads, content in return for promotion, but for me it just didn’t fit in with my brand.

Vicki Cockerill is a NICU/ CHD Mum of two boys, a freelance blogger and social media adviser, Co-Founder of #knackeredandNorwich social club and NICU and maternal mental health advocate. Find Vicki on http:/

Bold styles and divine prices For kids with soaring style.

I, by no means am an authority, I am just one Norfolk blogger with a lot to say and not much time to say it in. I regularly get asked how I find the time to do what I do, and the truth is I find it very hard. My personal blog has taken a backseat to the paid work I am doing now, and I spend hours scheduling content a week. Do it for the love and passion of it, not for the money you will get further than you think.

An online store for baby & children’s clothing


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

James Sam

C oaching

Life coaching with me can:

Build Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem | Improve Goal Setting & Achievement Reduce Stress Levels | Find The Balance Between Work & Home Life Improve Relationships | Improve Health & Wellbeing

Helping You

Helping Mums

Helping Your Business

07736 325189 | |

When you become a parent, guilt can plague you, as you strive to care for you family to the best of your abilities. Often, it is tangled up with feeling like you are not good enough and not being the perfect parent Pressure of social media and well-meaning advice from people can add to it. All this gives your inner chatter ammunition to make you feel worse. Taking time each day, to focus on the good things can be a great antidote for this. And remind yourself that the perfect parent doesn’t exist! You are human, you make mistakes, you have limits and needs of your own and that’s all OK. Guilt can be a great prompt to check in with yourself and whether you are making choices that are the best fit for you. Being clear on how you want to be living life on your terms (your values and principles), and what your

key priorities are, really helps. You can use these as your blueprint to guide your decisions and choices. When the guilt kicks in, pause and ask yourself, “Am I acting in line with my values and priorities?”. Sometimes it might be that you then need to make some tweaks, to mean that it is a big fat YES! Parental guilt may always be there, but you can counteract it with focusing on what is important to you, what your priorities are and how you are being true to these each day. And remembering you are doing the best you can right now.

Find Sam on


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Prevention against

dr wning The scary facts

Drowning is the second leading cause of injury and death for children in the EU with the most vulnerable age being children one to four years of age. A drowning incident can happen silently within seconds, in as little as 2cms of water, and less time than it takes to answer the phone. Survival depends on quick rescue and CPR (resuscitation) if the child has stopped breathing. So, teach your children these water safety rules: Never swim alone Do not engage in behaviour that might result in injury or drowning Do not dive into water unless someone has already tested how deep it is and checked for any underwater hazards Know what to do in an emergency and where to get help Finally, teach your children to swim from as early as possible

In the event of an emergency call Procedure for contacting the Emergency Services

> Call 999 > Confirm the service you require > Answer the questions clearly > Do not hang up And it might be a cliché, but it’s true:

don’t panic! Contact us on

Fact Sheet To help prevent any acci dents, we have compile d these simple guidelines for you to follow Check your home env ironment. Are there any unsecure d areas of water: a pond, a paddling pool, a discarde d bucket? Always actively supervis e your children while they are in, on, or near the wate r. It’s vital that any adult carin g for a child is water confident and able to take action in an emergency. Never leav e an older sibling to wat ch younger children.

Be safety conscious at the pool side. Check whe re the rescue equipment and first aid lifeguards on duty. At a priva kits are and if there are te pool save the local emergency numbers on your mobile at the star t of your holiday.

Flotation devices. Ensu re that they’re the correct size and age for your child and that they’re fitted correctly practice using them first – .

Do not swim at beache s where there are larg e waves, a powerful undertow or no lifeguards. Stay sober near water. Alcohol can impair your supervision and swimmin g skills. Learn CPR (cardiopulm onary resuscitation). Seconds count in preventi ng death or brain damage.

999 remember:

answer the ques tions as calmly and cle arly as possible

If someone is drowning

it may not look like anything you’ve imagined: • There may be ver y little splashing • There may be no waving, yelling or calls for help

• A drowning per son will often drop their legs into a vertical/standing position and struggle to sta y above the water So do be absolutel y aware at all times, when in or around water.


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Complementary Health Clinic

• Natural Pregnancy Inductions • Moving for an Easier Birth Class • Hypnobirthing Courses with Molly the Midwife

• Post Pregnancy Core Restore class with babies

• Pregnancy Acupuncture, Massage and Reflexology

• Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates Capitol House, 4-6 Heigham st Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 4TE, UK

• Children’s Reflexology Training for Mum's with Babies and Children

• Mumma MOT -

Postnatal physiotherapy assessment of the abdominal and pelvic area.

• Acupressure training for Labour for couples

• Nutritional Advice for Breast Feeding and baby weening

01603 514195

Give us a call to find out more or to book your appointment.


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Home Educating! We caught up with Lucy at The Life Schoolers who will provide each magazine issue with a piece on the trials and tribulations on home educating! Here’s her introduction… Hi! I’m Lucy, wife of Rex and Mummy to Archie (“4 but I am nearly 5”) and Rocco (2). Together we make up The Life Schoolers – a home educating family, learning together through play and the experiences of everyday life, whilst nurturing and encouraging curious minds. Home educating wasn’t something that we had ever considered for us, or our children and if I’m totally honest, I had, in the past, been a bit dubious of home schooling. I think, in hindsight, that it was largely down to my lack of understanding of what home education can look like, having spent my life growing up in school and then going on to be a teacher myself. Home schooling, home education, de schooling, unschooling, life schooling, world it what you like. It is essentially a way to offer your child an education totally tailored to their needs and interests, out of the confines of the school gates. Some people have a formal approach, yet others are far less structured. What we have discovered so far is that there is no right or wrong way to home school, except what works for you and your children. Our home education journey didn’t start right away. Our eldest son started school just like the rest of his peers in September 2017, just weeks after he turned 4. For him, something just was not right from the start. With my background based largely in the Early Years, careful consideration was taken to pick the right school for Archie with values that we agreed with and a fantastic teacher, but even after all of that, school itself did not suit him. We had a lot of tears at home that he had spent all day bottling up at school, where he was just trying to blend in. To the eyes of those who did not know him like we did, he looked fine. Quiet, but fine. It soon became clear that this struggle was more than just a bit of a wobble and he was developing anxiety whilst becoming a shadow of

himself. We had been riding along on the wave of “he’ll get used to it” for too long and having assessed what it was we were asking him to get used to, we realised we needed to do something about it. We couldn’t watch our little boy go through this any longer. Initially we cut his hours down to half days, but when things didn’t get any better and after meeting with some home schoolers and asking them lots of questions, we realised what we needed to do. I know we are so blessed to be in a position to home educate our children, even if it does raise a few eyebrows. This is not meant to make you feel guilty about sending your child to school, as I know the large majority of children love it, but this is our story. I will continue to share our story, as I feel it is important for people to know that there are always other options and it is good to talk about them. If you have any questions, do feel free to get in touch.

TOP TIP: RELAX. Slow down. You don’t need to rush. Your children will not be being assessed and tested against government targets, so you can take things at your own pace and do what’s right for you and your child. Take time to work out what works and what doesn’t. ENJOY this initial transition into home educating.

Find Lucy on @thelifeschoolers Email:


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Creative play with The Life Schoolers We do a lot of our learning through play, so I was delighted to be asked to share a few ideas with you to try at home over the summer.

FREE THE JEWELS RESOURCES Water • Jewels or glass beads • Sequins Glitter • Tools for breaking the ice LET’S PLAY! Your child can be involved right from the start for this activity, helping to add the sparkly jewels to the water before freezing. We used jewels because we were learning about the Royal Family, but you could swap the jewels for anything your child is interested in. How about freezing some dinosaurs, flowers or cars in the ice? Once frozen, set the ice and trapped jewels up in a tray with different tools to help them to free the jewels. Encourage your child to choose the tools, thinking about what would be good for breaking the ice. WHAT LEARNING IS INVOLVED? • Understanding what happens to water when frozen and then warmed up again. •

Developing language – hot/cold/freezing/ hit/crush/spike etc.

• Counting.

FLOWER POUNDING RESOURCES Cotton fabric • Flower petals • Hammers LET’S PLAY Lay some cotton on a hard surface, place the flower petals on top and either fold the cotton over the petals, or place a separate piece on top. Then...POUND, BASH, WHACK with the hammer to make some beautiful natural artwork to hang in your home. We used small squares of cotton to make some bunting for our outside teepee. WHAT LEARNING IS INVOLVED? • Respect for and safe use of tools. • Colours. •

Flower identification.

Gross motor skills.

So much more, depending on where the conversation and talk takes you.

Fine and gross motor skills.

So much more, depending on where the conversation and talk takes you.


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Top Toys to help encourage play and creativity with toddlers by BeeBops In our Beebops Sensory Music and Dance classes, every week we explore different toys in our free play sensory time section near the end of our class. The children love to explore all different textures, and mediums in this section and we find it really brings out the creativity and imagination in all of them. We have some firm favourites which are always well received in our classes. Construction toys are wonderful for developing many skills and behaviours. Fine motor skills are required to manipulate the materials and helps to improve their grip, move and in turn helps with writing. Blocks and bricks help to improve problem solving through finding better ways to make a tower, or create a castle. Counting bricks helps with addition and subtraction, and making geometric shapes helps with maths and spatial awareness. Our favourite construction toys are: •

Natural Wood Tree blocks

Wooden block shape sorter

Star Links

Dress up toys are fantastic for stimulating your child’s imagination, unleashing any adventure and turning it temporarily into reality. By changing into a costume a child can become anything they want to be. Allowing them to explore themselves through other people. It helps develop different languages and social skills and makes them think what a fireman, ballerina or super hero might say. Dressing up is also great in nurturing confidence as a shy child often takes on the persona of a brave super hero, and can therefore express themselves through play in ways they may usually find difficult. Role play toys are a great way to stimulate and teach your children basic life skills, healthy eating, cooking, cleaning, gardening etc. Role play helps children to explore and revisit real-life situations and environments. It helps with confidence and helps children to learn empathy. Through

role play children can explore and stretch their imaginations by visiting places they may not ever get the chance to explore such as the moon or deep under the sea. Small world play (where adults can create a life scene for children to interact in) is great for recreating jungles and zoos and wild exploration (amongst other unusual habitats). Through role play children are able to build on their communication, especially when taking on voices of different characters. For Example: •

Play food and saucepans – often add dried pasta to this too!

Miniature animals, furniture, people, vehicles

Dolls and action figures

Homemade toys are one of my particular favourites, and we do make some of the things we use in class ourselves. Play dough has to be one of my favourites as it’s so versatile! You can add colour, scent, glitter, sand or even jelly to make different textures and smells. Play dough is brilliant for helping develop children fine motor skills and strengthening muscle tone in their hands. Squashing, rolling, cutting, flattening and mark making with play dough helps develop the skills necessary for writing too.

Beebops pre-school sensory music and dance classes run throughout Norfolk and Suffolk, including Beccles, Salhouse, Spixworth, Dereham, Oulton Broad, Gorleston, Belton, Long Stratton, Wymondham, East Harling, Carlton Colville, and Gunton. Our classes are a lively and exciting mixture of structure and free play and include singing, dancing, exciting props and lots of fun sensory play to stimulate your child’s imagination and help their development. Email: Find Beebops on


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

WE REVIEWED: The Massage Hut at The Grove Hotel in Cromer Early July I went along to visit Christy at The Massage Hut in Cromer. Although being born and bred (with a 10 year stint in York), in North Norfolk, AND living nearby, I’d never ventured to The Grove (although I’ve recently seen it in lots of Norfolk magazines). I was amazed! It’s the perfect, hidden, little gem in what is a buzzing seaside town. The Massage Hut is based in a peaceful clearing in the grounds of the hotel, away from the World, perfect for relaxing and having a spot of ‘me time’. The hut is gorgeous, clean, calming and cosy. Great in the summer, and I can imagine perfectly inviting on a cold winters day. With 18 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor since it’s opening in early 2018 (and more on Facebook), I knew I was in for a treat.

Christy was really friendly and gave me a superb pregnancy massage tailored to my body’s needs. I was able to quickly switch off and enjoy an hour of tranquility whilst listening to the birds tweeting around us. Afterwards Christy gave me the low down on a fabulous walk from The Massage Hut, through Warren Woods and onto the coastal path towards Cromer Pier. Combine this with afternoon tea on return to the hotel, and you’ve got yourself a perfect getaway afternoon. Would I recommend? I certainly would… and I’ll be back again soon. Cromer Pier

CROMER The Grove

Royal Cromer Golf Course

Amazona Zoo




wich > TO Nor

Email: Find them on

29 1. Preheat the oven to 180C/ Gas 4 (160C if you have a fan oven). Put the cocoa in a large bowl, add boiling water and mix until you have a smooth paste. Add the butter and beat until smooth, then add the remaining cake ingredients and mix until well combined.

Chocolate traybake

with white chocolate and raspberry frosting

by The Eaton Cake Company FOR THE SPONGE: 50g cocoa powder 90 ml boiling water 100g soft butter 275g caster sugar 3 large free-range eggs 125ml cream 175g self raising flour 1 tsp baking powder

FOR THE FROSTING 150g soft butter 300g icing sugar 75g white chocolate 75g raspberries

2. Pour into a 12” x 9” greased and lined tin, spread evenly and bake in the preheated oven for about 30-35 minutes, or until risen, just firm to the touch and shrinking away from the sides of the tin. Leave to cool completely before frosting. 3. Blend the raspberries until smooth and then pass through a sieve to remove the seeds. 4. Melt the white chocolate. Set aside to cool (but it still needs to be runny). 5. Beat together the butter and icing sugar until light and fluffy. Pour in the cooled chocolate and mix well. Add a few tablespoons of the raspberry puree until you achieve a lovely pink colour. Either pipe the frosting onto the top of the cake, or use a palette knife to smooth it over the top. Decorate with sprinkles.

Baby, Kids & Maternity


10am - 12pm Saturdays QUEENS HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL Kestrel Avenue Queen’s Hills, Costessey, NR8 5FT 14th July, 8th September, 13th October & 17th November All Stalls just £18 and you keep 100% of profits!!


The Parent & Baby Magazine â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Summer/Autumn 2018

Gorgeous gifts and accessories for little people At Harry & Bella you'll find a unique collection of gifts for babies and children all in one place.



e i @harryandbellakidsboutique




The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Boost Soothe Relax




The Parent & Baby Magazine â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Summer/Autumn 2018

Family Days Out in Norfolk By Serena Fordham at Norfolk Mums

From the coast, to the countryside, to the broads, Norfolk has everything that a parent could hope for when looking for a local day out with the family. But how do you choose where to go when there is so much choice? To help, here are my top places in Norfolk to visit with the kids:

Coltishall River Bank Hemsby Located on the beautiful East Norfolk Coastline Hemsby is a bustling seaside resort with miles of golden beaches and sand dunes, making it the main reason why it is visited by thousands of beach-lovers every year. A popular location for families with children, Hemsby offers the classic traditional seaside day out, with fish and chips, stick of rock, and various fair-ground rides and attractions.

With various pubs and restaurants to choose from, all with a local Norfolk Countryside feel, the Coltishall River Bank is the perfect place to relax with the family on a sunny summer afternoon. The kids can play on the grassed area, and spot boats, ducks and canoes on the river, why you enjoy a drink or two, and a bite to eat, on outside picnic tables! Quite often there is an ice cream van parked close by, and you can usually spot the resident cow heard grazing and lazing on the far side of the river bank.

Felbrigg Hall Not far from the North Norfolk Coast, Felbrigg Hall is ideal for long walks, and to let the kids run wild and let off some steam! With beautiful grounds and a lake, this makes an idyllic spot for a picnic lunch, or you can pop into the on-site cafĂŠ for a light bite. There are also stables, complete with hobby horses for the children to ride, and horse tails for them to groom.


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Norwich Aviation Museum For a small donation to the museum you can enter and enjoy a bit of aviation history, as well as enjoy a cuppa and cake in the on site tea rooms. This place is a must for all plane enthusiasts, and brilliant for families with young children as it is just the right size to keep the kids interested. My 2 year old son is obsessed with aeroplanes, so especially enjoys sitting in the cockpits and walking through the cabins.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some of our Norfolk Mum’s top places to visit with the family in Norfolk:

Norfolk zoos are great, and most are small enough to be able to see everything, big enough to tire a toddler out! With plenty of animals to see, trains to ride and of course stamps to collect for a medal. My sons favourite part is the tractor at the farm barn and feeding the goats as Banham Zoo. Kelly Reynolds

Asking the kids and they say Pettitts, Gravity and Great Yarmouth…We are now starting the GoGo Hare Trail in Norwich and love walking around bits of the city I wouldn’t normally. Sarah Bradley

Salhouse Broad Ideal for dog walkers and families alike, Salhouse Broad is great to get some fresh air and blow the cobwebs away. If you love exploring and adventure this place is for you, and has plenty of woodland walks, a huge lake, and lots of open space for the kids to run wild! The scenery can be viewed from benches all around the lake, so it’s great to sit every now and again and take in the beautiful surroundings.

We love Walcott beach. We will definitely be doing the GoGo Hare Trails in Norwich too. Ranworth Broad is also lovely, as well as lots of parks around Norwich – Eaton, Sparhawk, Waterloo, and Catton Rec and Park. Claire Clarke

Mundesley Beach is definitely a winner for us. Melissa Brooks

We hope that this guide has given you some ideas on where to take the family on days out, and it just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive attraction admissions to treat the kids to some fun! Although a ‘99’ always goes down well on those hot Summer days.

We love so many places. Cromer is great for a lovely walk on beach and through the gardens – finished with fish and chips and an ice cream.

Serena owns the For HER Group which also features For HER and Her Business Brew

Sarah Turcu


The Parent & Baby Magazine â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Summer/Autumn 2018

Hi! I'm Emma. I'm a Norwich mum of two, who looked around bewildered after my second baby trying to see how do women do ALL OF THIS?! I set up We Got This (sometimes!) to bring specially tailored events and workshops to parents like me, who want to be inspired, entertained and high fived, while spending time with like minded people! Since November, Norwich has welcomed Hurrah for Gin, Anya Hayes, The Scummy Mummies, Fashion Re:Boot, INPOlife, Mother Pukka, Father of Daughters, Mutha.Hood, Embrace, Man vs Baby and The Unmumsy Mum. Whether you're pregnant, with adult kids or have children of any age in between - come, breathe, and feel reassured you are NOT alone!



The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Spotlight On:

We have hunted down four amazing, local businesses who are building their brands and offerings in the area. Go check ‘em out.

Rhubarb the Bird My name is Elisha and I’m a mum to three beautiful girls. I have always had a vision of owning my own business, so while on maternity leave I decided to take the step I had always dreamed of. Rhubarb the Bird is all about organic, long lasting clothing to help children look their best everyday. Keep an eye out for our Autumn/Winter collection where we will be stocking toddler sizes and NEW brands.

Bop Tots My name is Karen and I am an experienced childcare practitioner and mummy to Leila (3), passionate about providing opportunities for local families to connect and enjoy activities together. Bop Tots is an active, fun-filled music & movement class for children 1-5 years. Activities focus on moving to different styles of music while exploring instruments and props. A social time follows with refreshments allowing you to chat to other local parent’s/carers. Bop Tots is also evolving with new arts & crafts classes starting in September.

Little Liefje My name is Juliana and I am the creator behind Little Liefje. I live with my family in the lovely Waveney Valley. Little Liefje is a baby stationers. We specialise in creating beautiful birth announcements, amongst other items, which can be kept and treasured for years to come. Our aim is to radiate your joy and blissful excitement, through the design, the feel and even the traditional delivery of each and every card that you send to your family and friends.

Kathryn Stimpson - Family Sleep Consultant My name is Kathryn, wife to Jonno and mum to Oliver (with baby no 2 on its way). Some might say that I rarely decline a G&T (except for when growing our tiny humans) Having recovered from insomnia twice and from giving birth to what felt like the biggest sleep thief, I totally understand how sleep deprivation can make daily life seem impossible. My personal journey, experience of working with families across the UK, alongside my professional qualifications, support my mission of helping parents resolve their sleep challenges so that they can be healthier, happier and successful.


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018


A family ticket for the Tribe Norfolk Weekend worth £150

To enter simply email with the subject line ‘TRIBE NORFOLK WEEKEND‘ and your answer to the following question: Where is Happy Valley in Norfolk?

Tribe Norfolk Weekend A Festival For The Whole Family

Tribe Norfolk weekend is a Festival for the whole family. There’s plenty of activities & workshops to try, including: pottery, mix media art, wood combing, movie in the woods, live music, dancing, wellness, kids yoga, parent pilates, massage, incredible foodies, shopping & lots more. Come and celebrate all that is Norfolk and discover what’s right on your doorstep.

To get involved and for tickets @tribenorfolk


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018



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£15 OFF

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Quote PABS on booking



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£5 OFF



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Half price treatment



a £40 spend

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on any Babycalm workshop




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with stall booking


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This voucher is for a £20 discount on any one transaction over £80 valid until 30/9/18. The voucher can only be used once, No cash alternative. If products are returned we will issue a refund of what was paid, but no further use of the voucher will be permitted. This voucher can only be redeemed in store, no postal orders.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This voucher is for a £5 discount on any one transaction over £40 valid until 30/9/18. The voucher can only be used once, No cash alternative. If products are returned we will issue a refund of what was paid, but no further use of the voucher will be permitted. This voucher can only be redeemed in store, no postal orders.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Not valid with any other offer. Only valid at the Norwich Clinic. Voucher must be brought into store when attending scan to redeem. No cash alternative.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Not valid with any other offer. Only valid at the Norwich Clinic. Voucher must be brought into store when attending scan to redeem. No cash alternative.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Valid until the end of 2018. Voucher must be brought into store to redeem.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Valid until the end of 2018. Voucher must be brought into store to redeem.

All sessions must be booked by calling 01263 713135 quoting PABS.

All sessions must be booked by calling 01263 713135 quoting PABS.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Not valid with any other offer. Voucher must be brought to treatment to redeem.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Not valid with any other offer. Voucher must be brought to treatment to redeem.

To book email: and quote PABS

To book email: and quote PABS

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Valid for 2 parents or carers, not to be used with any other offer.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Valid for 2 parents or carers, not to be used with any other offer.

To book email: and quote PABS. Voucher must be brought to first workshop to redeem.

To book email: and quote PABS. Voucher must be brought to first workshop to redeem.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Valid until the end of 2018. Only applicable at Costessey based markets. Voucher must be brought on sale day.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Valid until the end of 2018. Only applicable at Costessey based markets. Voucher must be brought on sale day.

Pre-booking is essential via website and then email quoting PABS to book in free rail hire.

Pre-booking is essential via website and then email quoting PABS to book in free rail hire.


The Parent & Baby Magazine – Summer/Autumn 2018

Blossom Baby Massage

Watch your baby blossom Qualified Infant massage instructor (IAIM) offering group and one to one infant massage sessions in Norwich and surrounding areas. Join us for 5 week infant/parent course (6 weeks-1 years old)

Infant massage can help Reduce stress levels and help you and your baby relax Relieve colic, wind and constipation Improve sleep patterns Develop baby’s language and communication Stimulate muscle tone and growth Aids digestion Oil for babies and a booklet with all of the massage strokes included £50 for a 5 week course

To book contact Kelly on 07958 343935


Six delightful 4 Star, Families Welcome & Wheelchair Accessible graded properties in Sheringham. All houses have; Off Road Parking, Free Unlimited WIFI, Gardens and SkyTv Free Unlimited use of Woodlands Leisure Centre, Swim, Steam and Gym. Superb quiet location Blue ďŹ&#x201A;ag lifeguarded beach 2min walk, Sheringham Golf Course, Steam Railway, Theatre, shops and restaurants all within 300m / 5min ďŹ&#x201A;at walk.

Stay in one of our 4

star pr operties

Great facilities including WiFi

Super b superking


Telephone: 01263 577560 Email: Visit:

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The Parent and Baby Magazine Summer/Autumn 2018  

The Parent and Baby Magazine Summer/Autumn 2018  

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