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the Long Walk to Freedom NELSON MANDELA

Oprah honoured with presidential Medal



The Presidential Medal of Freedom was granted to the queen of chat shows, Oprah Winfrey by the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

is a powerful portrayal of the late Nelson Mandela and the personal loss that he was prepared to die for...


GMP Chief Constable to face charges over shooting Anthony Grainger

February 2014

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Started from the Bottom

If you love jazz, swing and soul classics then you will just love the sweet melodies and soulful tunes of professional saxophonist, Rosemary Quaye


Caribbean Carnival of Manchester– for this year the Carnival-related change relates to its location and date; Alexander Park or Platt Field’s Park? July or August?



12 Years a Slave


Almost 10 years ago to the month, Professor Gus John in his response to a letter from the Leader of Manchester City Council, Councillor Sir Richard Leese, regarding the “Future of Carnival in Manchester” said amongst other things: “Hundreds of ordinary working people have given of themselves over the years to ensure that the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester is sustained and retains its essential character….As such, it is critical that the nature of the Carnival should not be altered by stealth and witho-

ut the fullest public debate”. The background to the circumstances in 2004 that led Manchester resident, Educationalist and President of the former Caribbean Carnival of Manchester, Professor John, to urge the council in this way is not too dissimiliar to

the circumstances surrounding the holding of Carnival this year, 2014. The Professor’s statement is therefore directly applicable to current events. Presumably, the core Carnival-related issues on the table then, 2004, were neither fully nor adequately resolved, or they simply

were not resolved at all. Notwithstanding, Professor John, was of the resounding opinion that, although it was March 2004 and the Carnival was scheduled for August that year, there was still a way forward “based on the most inclusive consultation and communication”.

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The film, which is based on a true story, takes a somewhat different angle on slavery - that of the abduction of a free black man named Solomon Northup.



Ronaldo Strikes Gold! Real Madrid forward,

Cristiano Ronaldo,

has won the prestigious 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or.

Khali Best wins National TV Awards

The Nubian Times

“The Britis’Khali won Best Newcomer at the National Television Awards for 2014 beating fellow


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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

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actors from Coronation Street and Hollyoaks and also Emmerdales’ Michelle Hardwick

the Editor

Greetings One and All!

This being the first issue of the year, I trust that it is in order to wish you all the very best for 2014! May be peace, good health, love, happiness and prosperity be yours to enjoy with family and friends. ‘Family’ is a blessed institution – all the more when there are children and young persons within it. This letter centres on that principle particularly in light of recent news that refers to this generation of children and young persons as “the pressure cooker generation” who are living in a “toxic climate of porn, bullying and fear of failure”. Lucie Russell of the charity, YoungMinds, has referred to this unprecedented ‘trap’ that our young people are living in as a “mental health timebomb” as a result of today’s “24/7 online culture where they can never switch off ”…. Ring any bells? A moment’s reflection will allow us to appreciate that, as adults, we contribute to this rampant online culture when we buy our children mobile phones, ipads, tablets and other such high tech gadgetry from an incredibly early stage in their lives. Yes, we are undoubtedly living in a technological age, but do our children need to be inculcated into it at such tender years as three and four? This manner of life for children and young people comes at a cost to their physical health – potential problems with vision and hearing have been recorded - it really was just a matter of time before mental health issues were highlighted. For all of us, not least of all the BME community, mental health issues

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are far too rife these days. As adults, we often struggle to cope with the level of pressure that society places on us – how on earth do we expect our youngsters to cope? In appreciating that this letter does not even scratch the surface of this ticking timebomb, may I take this opportunity to encourage everyone to take hold of the reins attached to their family, perhaps a little tighter than was the case previously. If your child was amongst those who got a phone or an ipad, and then some, for Christmas, please lead the way in laying down some guidelines/rules as to its use. This is all the more relevant and possible to achieve with the young and impressionable who may have been introduced to their very own piece of technology for the first time over the holiday period. Whilst we do not wish to return to the days of paper and quill pen, we do want our children to grow up to be mentally and physically well-balanced individuals so it starts with us. Little things mean a lot so, where possible and by way of example; let us set time limits (particularly for younger children) so that they are not up all night….take an interest in what it is they are doing online for hours on end….talk to them about degenerative websites….don’t allow them to let their schoolwork suffer…. tell them that they are beautiful/ handsome and smart so that they do not so easily fall prey to peer pressure to be slim and/or be wearing the latest gear, and, listen to them when they talk to you! Let us spend the better part of this year embracing our children and telling them every day, “I LOVE YOU”. TnT Hazel Sevell



I live in Hulme and have done for a number of years. I have seen many a publication come and go over the years in Manchester but for the past year your newspaper has been posted through my door. The Nubian Times is supposedly an inspiring read if you like that sort of thing. I say that as I have to ask you to try and make me understand why the BME community feels the need to have a newspaper geared to them solely? Your newspaper seems to exclude others. It would be interesting to hear your response if you choose to reply. Hulme, Manchester

Dear TNT Reader,

Many thanks for your letter – why on earth would I not choose to reply to a TNT Reader? Thanks are also due for you having taken delivery of TNT for the past year. The fact that it has not yet inspired you suggests that you have read it or, at the very least acknowledge it in some form. To that end, I feel obliged to work towards ensuring that TNT will serve to both inspire and edify you and all others readers who may feel as you do. TNT exists to serve not only its immediate community but also the wider community and, in fact, anyone anywhere who reads it. In accepting that there has been some room for improvement, TNT continues to work tirelessly to affect the necessary changes and, therefore, actively encourages the community to ‘help us to help you’ by letting our newspaper and online publications be your voice. I trust, dear reader, that you will stick with us long enough to derive some ‘inspirational’ or other benefit as we move forward.

...continued at

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Business spotlight TNT Exclusive - Olive Strachan Resources Chair of the Manchester’s Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, named by Insight as one of the top 100 most influential women in the North West.



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President Barack Obama presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Oprah Winfrey.

killing “lawful”

The facts of the case however are not straightforward. The family of Mark Duggan have vowed to fight on. His Aunt, Carole Duggan, called the killing “an execution” and vowed to “to fight till we have no breath in our body for justice.” They believe that there are still too many questions which haven’t been answered satisfactorily and this view is shared among the general public. This case highlights a lack of police accountability when they take the life of an unarmed man. The 31 police witnesses refused to be interviewed for the inquiry; rather some, including the alleged killer, later submitted written statements. If those involved are not even required by law to co-operate fully with the investigation it suggests that the police have far more protection under the law than the very public whom the law is designed to protect. Judge Cutler, the coroner who presided over the inquest, in summing up the evidence for the jury before sending them out to reach their verdict, told them: “If you are sure that he [Mark Duggan] did not have a gun in his hand then tick the box ‘unlawful killing.” The jury then returned a ‘lawful killing’ verdict notwithstanding that Duggan was unarmed

when he was shot. The general belief seems to be that the unarmed Duggan presented a risk to the lives of the armed police unit. While the decision of a court must be respected, the speed, extent and sincerity of police co-operation poses crucial questions. In the words of Tottenham MP, David Lammy, aspects of the verdict are “perplexing and seemingly contradictory” and these need to be addressed if the reputations of the IPCC and the police, are ever to be repaired. He said the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) is riddled with a “series of deep flaws” and concluded that “it is imperative that we have an independent regulatory body that is strong enough to sufficiently hold the police to account.” The feeling across the nation is that we do not.

…more interesting facts about the case:

• The Duggan case echoes similar cases where police officers have killed unarmed men without ever facing a legal challenge, these include Jean Charles de Menezes, Rodney Azelle, and Mark Grainger. • The police moved the taxi that Duggan had been travelling in away from the scene then returned it. Initially the IPCC claimed they were unaware of the removal but later claimed that they sanctioned the removal and asked that it be returned. Why return it? • As with the killing of Charles de Menezes, there was no CCTV footage of the

incident and many aspects of the case were handled in secret away from the IPCC investigation under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. • The initial report by an officer identified as ‘W70’ did not state that Duggan drew a firearm yet the very same officer later filed a report claiming that Duggan had pulled a gun from his waist. If this was so, wouldn’t such a significant event be remembered as a matter of course and thus be included in a report at the first opportunity to do so? • The IPCC claimed that that the weapon Duggan was suspected of carrying was found several feet away from the scene of the crime behind a fence. Counsel for the Duggan family claimed witnesses told him that they saw the police throw the gun over the fence and the IPCC said this was backed up by three police witnesses but this was later retracted. Neither Duggan’s fingerprints nor his DNA were found on the handgun, nor was any gunpowder residue found on him. The officer who killed Duggan testified that Duggan was still holding a gun after the officer had fired both shots. However, a military surgeon counter-claimed that it would be difficult to imagine Duggan flinging the weapon as far away as it was alleged to have been found after being hit by two fatal gun shots. • The picture used in the media’s portrayal of Mark, one that makes him appear “cold” and “moody”, was cropped; the full picture shows him at the side of his deceased daughter’s grave.

Oprah Winfrey honoured with Presidential Medal of Freedom

The Presidential Medal of Freedom was granted to the queen of chat shows, Oprah Winfrey; the juncture was an honour bestowed by the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

TnT Lloyd Wall

The award ceremony was staged at the East Room of the White House and celebrated the contribution that Oprah had made to America, including her longevity in what has proved to be a successful career spanning nearly 30 years. Oprah is best known for her accomplishment in the ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’

community. The issue of institutional racism in the police again raises its ugly head with no shortage of opinions within the community about how to tackle this problem. The trouble is that the police and the black community appear to be operating on parallel tracks as there is no sense that the Police Service acknowledges the existence of institutional racism. It must logically follow that if there is no problem in the eyes of the police then the result is business as usual. Recent research into

police professional standards conducted by The University of Manchester supports the view of the Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA) that there is a fundamental problem as to how the police deal with different groups of people. In addition to this, with the level of inequality reflected in Ministry of Justice statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice System and in spite of the rallying call following the Mark Duggan verdict of ‘No Justice No Peace’, one would expect a more pro-


The jury at the Inquest into the death of Mark Duggan concluded that his death by armed police in August 2011 was “lawful”.

which is rated as the premier chat show in history, but that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of her achievements. Amongst other things, she has achieved an honorary doctorate degree from Harvard. President Obama paid tribute to Oprah describing her as a prominent American: “Today, we salute fierce competitors who became true champions,” he declared. The celebrated Presidential Medal of Freedom is the foremost civilian award in the United States along with the Congressional Gold Medal and recipients are given this honour on the basis of their contributions to society. It was founded in 1963 and changed the previous Medal of Freedom that was created by President Harry S. Truman in 1945.


&WHITE Have the Public Become Adjusted to Injustice?

BLACK Its not so

Most sensible observers agree that public trust and confidence in the police has probably been at an all time low of late. The guilty plea of PC Keith Wallis admitting that he lied in a statement over the so-called ‘legate affair’ which cost cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell his job, clearly did not help matters. It was evident from the reaction after the lawful killing verdict in the Mark Duggan Inquest, that there is a more deep-rooted distrust of the Police within the black

Channing Tatum Actor

This funny man and heart throb became a first time dad in 2013

Beyonce Performer

The wife and mother of one, found the time to put out a full album complete with a video for every track without any promotion and all done in between two worldwide tours!

longed public outrage at the state of our justice system. If justice is supposed to be blind, how would we explain the fact that black people, whether as victims, suspects or employees in the criminal justice system, are treated differently? There is a real and urgent need for greater accountability in these matters but I wonder if, as African-American professor Cornel West suggests, the public has become too adjusted to injustice? The views expressed in this

column are not necessarly the views of the Police Service.

Will.I.Am Performer

Picking out the hidden Gems on The Voice and showing them how their hard work can pay off like his did.

TnT Charles Crichlow









The Nubian Times

Ariel Sharon, a Genius of Calculated Tactics. In death as in life Ariel Sharon remains a divisive figure. He was an esteemed and ruthless general and statesman.



GMP Chief Constable to face charges over shooting of

Anthony Grainger

Anthony Grainger, of Salford, was fatally shot by a Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officer in Cheshire on the 3rd of March, 2012. The officer was engaged in a planned operation to arrest a suspected gang of armed robbers which included Grainger.

The victim was unarmed when he was shot and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) believes that there are sufficient grounds to prosecute GMP Chief Constable, Sir Peter Fahy, as chief of the organisation – although Fahy himself is not personally on trial. The basis for the prosecution is under the Health & Safety at Work Act whereby GMP is charged with “failing to ensure that unnecessary risk [to the suspects] was avoided.” According to the CPS, “there were serious deficiencies in the preparation for this operation that unnecessarily exposed individuals [Grainger] to risk.” The officer who shot the unarmed father of two, 32, will not face charges because the CPS has raised doubts that a court could prove that “the officer did not honestly believe it was necessary to use force” or that “the force used was disproportionate in the circumstances as the

officer believed them to be.” The finding indicates that because of the officer’s understanding that the man could have been armed, he believed Grainger posed a threat therefore the only reasonable response was deadly force. This understanding was based on the operation’s “preparation” and so blame, according to the CPS, could fall on the GMP but not the officer who pulled the trigger. There is an apparent discrepancy in a system of law that essentially allows one man to kill another on an assumption that is proven to be incorrect and yet that man cannot be brought before a jury to answer for his deadly error. Members of Grainger’s family believe that it is absurd that the provision for finding justice for the killing of one man by another lies among the statutes designed to ensure safety in the workplace. Mr Grainger’s cousin, Wesley Ahmed said: “I am lost for words. I cannot believe they are the only charges over health and safety”. The first hearing in the case against Sir Fahy will take place February 10 and, if he is convicted, the GMP will face a fine for taking Grainger’s life. Whether the CPS finds GMP responsible depends on whether it can be proved that it was unreasonable to assume that the unarmed man was carrying a weapon.

TnT Lloyd Wall


Lessons We Can All Learn From Francis,


Bad new sells. Good news inspires

2014 Event’s List NUBIAN NETWORKING: KEEP IT MOVING, Saturday 22nd Feb-

ruary - 6:00pm - 8:00pm, Venue: Kingdom Mandate Centre, Chichester Road, Hulme, M15 5EU, Entry Fee: £3.00 Members: FREE

EASTER EGG HUNT: Sunday 20th April - 12:00pm - 3:00pm, Venue: TO BE CONFIRMED, Entry Fee: FREE


15th May - 6:00pm - 8:00pm, Venue: The POD, 141 - 143 Princess Road, Moss Side, Manchester, M14 4RE, Entry Fee: £5.00 Members: £3.00


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Kingdom Mandate Centre, Chichester Road, Hulme, M15 5EU, Entry Fee: £5.00 Members: £3.00


THE NUBIAN TIMES MBC AWARDS: - Saturday 25th October 6:00pm - till late, Venue: TO BE CONFIRMED Ticket Price: £65.00 (early bird), £75.00 (standard), Members: £45.00

IN Kylie Minogue






The petite pop princess is mentoring wannabes on The Voice. In so doing, she is reminding us how she’s been in the limelight all these years.

Jessica Ennis

Olympian Heptahlete

A whirlwind year for this sportswoman that ended in the announcement of her first pregnancy.

Since taking office on 13 March 2013, Pope Francis has got people talking whilst making screaming headlines in the press. The most notable, which came as no surprise to many who have been paying attention to his way of connecting with the masses and inspiring many across all faiths, was when Time magazine named him Person of The Year 2013. Although some of the powerful Vatican hardliners and an alleged ‘corrupt’ group have turned against him because of his deep probes into corruption and his liberal views on things such as homosexuality and income equality, he has certainly made the majority of the billion-strong institution, and the world, frantically wave ‘World Hearts Francis’ flags. Pope Francis’ accomplishments thus far have come under scrutiny from critics who cite that he has been more about tone than real substance. Of course it has only been 11 months but what has he actually done in that time? When approaching homosexuality he states what no previous pope has uttered before; that although the Catholic Church has a right to its opinion on the matter, “if someone is gay and turns to God with good intentions then who am I to judge them?” Although the statement does not promise sweeping

change in Vatican attitudes towards homosexuality, it is a ground-breaking step in the right direction. With exemplary humility, he delights in meeting children and the less abled whilst the car he drives around in is a 20-year-old Renault 4 with over 190,000 miles on its clock. You may have also heard about the time when he embraced a man with severe facial deformities or when he washed the feet of Muslims, something that no previous pope has ever done! These are a few of the reasons why his actions should resonate with us regardless of our stance on the Church. Pope Francis’ actions are teaching us to practise humanity and kindness towards others notwithstanding that he is one of the most powerful men in the world.

TnT Yasin Chinembiri

Idris Elba


Made waves in latest film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. The man himself approved of Elba’s portrayal just before his passing.

Coronation Street Wins


Coronation Street has won the National Television Awards (NTA) for the second year in a row. This year’s award went to Julie Hesmondhalgh



Bashy Bashy Presentz

Ghetto Lottery


FRIDAY 21ST FEBRUARY 2014 1st PRIZE £500 // 2st PRIZE £300 // 3st PRIZE £200

2 rooms // reggae-dancehall-rmb-soul




The Nubian Times


TnT speakers

COMMUNITY CONSULTATION In 2004 matters centred primarily on issues of ‘community’ inclusion, achievability and sustainability. Fast forward to 2014 and, arguably, the core issues are the same but for the added seemingly basic yet crucial issues of venue and date. However, the key issue appears to remain the same as existed back in 2004 in so far as there has allegedly been no consultation, either with ‘relevant’ interested parties or with the wider community, about the respective changes to Carnival – changes that arguably will not only impact greatly on the future of Carnival itself but, by extension, will also have a profound, immediate and long-lasting effect on the Caribbean community in Manchester.

Ten years on, it is 2014 and Professor John’s words should resonate with every Carnival goer, organiser and funder – in fact, with each and every stake-

holder and other beneficiary of the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester – for this year the Carnival-related change relates to its location and date; Alexander Park or Platt Field’s Park? July or August? Next year and the year after that what, if any, change will be made? In time, will there even be anything left to change? But for the ‘blip’ last year, ostensibly due to the unavailability of Alexander Park, Caribbean Carnival of Manchester has for more than 40 years (and so traditionally and culturally) been based in the Ward of Moss Side. Viewed as an important cohesive aspect of the community for over four decades the Manchester Carnival has been a traditional source of culture and inclusion. “Why hasn’t it returned to Alex Park, the home of Carnival?” is the cry of one community member, former



we stop and


Michelle a lift too?

Ms Vanquish

volunteer on a now dissolved Carnival committee, Collette Williams. So disaffected is she with the lack of transparency surrounding the fundamental changes to Carnival that are apparently underway and the lack of communication and consultation with the ‘community’ - a term that also appears somewhat contentious – that she joined a “working group of people who are looking for change”; people who simply want to have a say on the future of Carnival. Thus, in each publication leading up to the month of Carnival TNT will devote space in its Reader’s Voice column to Carnival-related issues. A number of the various issues that arise from the changes to Carnival that are already underway will be explored – issues such as the reason for change, drivers behind the change, the social and economic impact on the community and, in short, the future of a cultural tradition. To that end, all interested parties and, in particular, both sides of the current debate, are encouraged to ‘get on board’ and have their say! It is on this premise that TNT now, as early as February 2014, expresses this wish to become ‘The Voice of the People’ as, traditionally, Carnival is enjoyed by everyone. It is a cohesive force that serves to unite not divide, to include and not exclude - the very essence of a true Caribbean Carnival - and should continue to be that way. So be inspired to have your say on the primary issue as to where Caribbean Carnival of Manchester should be based and also when it should be held, not only for this year but for the years to come. Platt Field’s Park, July 26th, is this year’s venue and date.

“Should we stop and give Michelle a lift too?” “I can’t stand her!” says Samantha as she drives past. “Why? She’s alright.” “You can’t see what I see; I’m a bit deeper than you.” “What?” “She’s manipulative, always trying to control others, the fat mess!” Samantha exclaims. “Stop it Sam!” “I can see right through her, trust me I know who she is, I’ve dealt with people like her before. She’s weak and surrounds herself with weak people so she can feel better about herself.” “She’s always been nice to me, that’s why we’ve been friends for so long”, explains Louise, “when I was going through my tough period she really helped me through it.” “Yeah but why, dummy?” “What do you mean why?” “Don’t you remember that she needed to borrow a hundred pounds?” “Yeah, but that was three months later”, Louise responds. “Exactly! She knew she would need the money so when you were having a hard time she thought, right I’m going to use this to my advantage because I’ll need some money” Louise stares out the window thinking about what Samantha has said. “Gavin, Gavin!” “Leave him Sam, he’s sleeping.” Sam’s words continue to ring in Louise’s ears as she explores the possibilities of Michelle’s potentially calculating behaviour....


...continued online at

thinking of adoption?


A loving and secure family can give children the best start in life, but many children still wait for this. There are many children from your community waiting for adoption. Last year only 17% of these children from black or minority ethnic backgrounds were placed with their ‘forever family’, 6 times lower than from other communities.

families that last

Adoption can change these children’s futures. Could you help a child find a permanent home? Find out more about adopting a child today. call: 0300 456 2656 or text ADOPT TIMES to 60777

changing children’s lives through adoption

Rochelle Humes Singer

One half of one of the few successful couples of colour in the UK.

Kathryn Bigelow

first female director to win an Oscar

“I hope I’m the first of many. I’m ever grateful if I can inspire some young, intrepid, tenacious male or female film-maker and have them feel that the impossible is possible and never give up on your dream.”

Alek Wek Model

A model for half of her life since she was 18, Wek recently appeared on the cover of the first issue of new Forbes Africa magazine, Africa Forbes Life.







The Nubian Times






Influenza, more commonly known as the ‘flu’, is a viral infection that commonly strikes between October and May every year. The Flu can cause sudden high temperatures (38-40°C), headaches, chills, general aches and pains, tiredness and a sore throat. It can also make you feel nauseous, make you cough and sneeze as well as lead to a loss of appetite. The elderly, for whom it can be dangerous, are most at risk from the flu and people with underlying health problems (such as asthma, diabetes, chronic kidney/lung disease) are also more likely to develop complications due to an attack. The flu virus is spread by coughing and sneezing, which sends small droplets of infected fluid into the air and can infect anybody up to a metre away. Flu can also be spread if somebody with the virus transfers it onto their fingers by perhaps touching their eyes or nose and then touching someone else. The infection can also be transferred to hard surfaces so that the next person who touches that surface is at risk of infection. Preventing the spread of germs is the best way of slowing the spread of flu. A few tips include: • Making sure that you wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

The government are conducting a flu cam-

paign: ‘Catch

it… Bin it…Kill it’-

this highlights the importance of reducing the spread of the virus. • Cleaning surfaces such as keyboards, telephones and door handles regularly to get rid of germs. • Using tissues to cover your mouth or nose when you cough and/or sneeze. • Putting used tissues in the bin as soon as possible. The government are conducting a flu campaign which you may have heard of - ‘Catch it…Bin it…Kill it’- it highlights the importance of reducing the spread of the virus.



As a pharmacist I have been asked the question: ‘What can I do to get better quickly?’ and I always reply with the same advice that the simplest measures are usually the best. Hence the following: • Bed rest and plenty of sleep • Increase fluid/water intake • Use an over the counter cough remedy • Stop smoking or drinking alcohol as this further lowers your immune system. • Use other over the counter remedies such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen to help lower temperature and reduce aches and pains. Due to the flu being a viral infection antibiotics do not work and doctors will not prescribe them for you thus why home remedies are so powerful! If, however, you are still feeling rotten after 7-10 days, you should make an appointment with your GP. Vaccination is also an important option to guard against the flu, and the NHS provides free vaccinations for ‘high risk’ groups (such as the elderly or asthma sufferers). However, anybody outside of this group can buy a vaccine from their local pharmacy at reasonable cost and this should help guard against most outbreaks of flu each year.

“Valentine’s Day is one of a number of days when the garden invades our homes in the most beautiful and often romantic ways possible. Roses, especially red roses, are attributed to love for a family member, friend and/or lover but bearing in mind that Valentine’s Day, in the most common instance, is for couples, this poem has been dedicated to such”: by Georgina Lee



a alentine’s

Special by Claire Meadows

TnT Adedayo Titiloye



MRPharm S

“I really can’t imagine life without a bowl of soup!” Tomato Soup with Basil & Cream

Soup can be made well ahead of time and chilled in the fridge or kept in the freezer, it is both practical and healthy and can be a great alternative to meat and two veg. This particular soup is both creamy and rich; made with ripe tomatoes and fragrant basil leaves, it is delicious served with a warm crusty roll.


Melt the butter and oil in a frying pan. Add onion and cook for 3 minutes. Add garlic, tomatoes, thyme, stock, sugar and wine. Stir and leave to cook for 20 minutes until the mixture is soft. Let the soup stand for about 5 minutes before putting it in a blender together with the basil leaves. If the soup is too thick add extra stock or water. Add cream and re-heat the soup but do not boil. Enjoy!

1 oz butter 1 tsp olive oil 1 onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, chopped 1lb tomatoes, chopped

1pt vegetable stock 2tbsp basil leaves 1tsp white wine 2tbsp double cream 1tsp thyme leaves Salt and pepper 1tsp sugar

TnT Beverly Ogle-young

A Treat for my sweet

On Valentine’s Day we share our love, heaven has sent this from above, star-dazed people who fall for one another, destined now to love each other a loving couple become great lovers, with souls entwined with cupids bubbles, run a bath with rose petals and some time, red roses and champers it’s so divine, now you may give a loving rub, and share your dreams with bubbles and hugs.

Look who’s reading The

Nubian Times

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Stan Collymore reactivating Twitter War?

Stan Collymore is in the news again for reportedly reactivating his twitter account after deactivating it because of racist abusive tweets and death threats


The Nubian Times

SEE ALSO ACROSS: 1) Accountant (3) 4) Records (5) 9) _____ Morgan, British Journalist and TV Host 14) ___ talk, high spirits (5) 17) A woven fabric or garment, woof (4) 19) Western State in the USA (5) 20) To set or place in or within; insert (5) 21) Decree (4) 22) Like a wing (4) 23) Lukewarm (5) 24) Smile scornfully (5) 25) Latin word for ‘bear’ (4) 26) Spanish word for ‘fresh’ (6) 28) Captain (abbr.) (4) 30) Seed planter (6) 32) Remains after a fire (3) 33) Stamp (5) 36) Hawaiian dish (3) 37) Fly (3) 40) Message (abbr.) (5) 43) Uninvolved (5) 45) Music type, Jazz (5) 49) More than one male sheep (4) 50) Transparent gem (5) 52) Repentant (5) 54) Couch (4) 55) Airport abbr. (3) 56) Berated (7)

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97 103

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110 115 123 124


125 131





t is all too easy in this world of convenience and time restraints to watch a film rather than read a book. Reading, for a child and also for yourself, is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your mind. Roald Dahl is an excellent writer and has published many books which have been made into films but, if there is one book of his that you should read let it be this one. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of my favourite books from this author and is capable of capturing any imagination. The story is about a boy named Charlie Bucket who lives in a small house with his parents and grandparents. Now, although Charlie comes from a poor household this does not stop him from being a good natured child, and it is this good nature which wins out in the end. The moral of this story is

The Lorax

by Dr Seuss


s parents it can be hard to teach our children, in an uncomplicated way, to be concerned or even just think about the environment. To be able to pick up a book which helps us explain just how consumerism is destroying both mankind and the earth is immensely useful. Thus, Dr Seuss’ The Lorax is a must read! As a child one of my favourite authors was, and still

simple; family should always be a part of your core being and greed and selfishness will get you nowhere. This is a book with old fashioned values which are still applicable today. One of my favourite parts of the book is where Willy Wonka describes how television can rot the mind and take away a child’s imagination - how true is this even today? This book was first published in 1964 but there are still themes which are relevant today. A favourite line from the book is: “My dear Veruca! How do you do? What a pleasure this is! You do have an interesting name, don’t you? I always thought that a veruca was a sort of wart that you got on the sole of your foot! But I must be wrong, mustn’t I?” One thing which is fact is that reading will open your mind to possibilities that you thought were just fantasy.

happens to be, Dr Seuss. Having the memory of a book that was read to me as a child by my mother - one which I can share with my own daughter - makes this read all the more special. He has such an endearingly silly and extremely humorous way with words which, even as an adult, I still find very amusing. The Lorax was first published in 1971 and the characters he introduces to us in all of his books are unique to Dr Seuss. Although The Lorax is a children’s book, the powerful moral of the story is still very relevant to adults.

...continued at




89 94 101 107 112















Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

by Roald Dahl
























63 67


36 44








30 34






50 56














9 20





32 37








120 128

132 136





by Johanna Spyri


’ll always say my prayers…… …. and if God doesn’t answer them at once I shall know it’s because He’s planning something better for me”: Johanna Spyri. What a beautiful quote from the author of a classic children’s book. This wonderful book is so much more than just a story; it’s a book about triumph against adversity. It is story that will touch your heart and take you to the mountains of Switzerland where a young girl called Heidi is sent to live with her somewhat grumpy grandfather. Magically alluring, this book

is hard to put down as it delightfully describes how a cute and lovable girl, whose parents have died, has a nature that touches even the coldest heart. Heidi, like many young children today, faces rejection and hurt. However, if there is something that this story teaches us, it is that through humility and perseverance we all matter no matter how insignificant we might feel. The author, Johanna Spyri, who herself was born in Switzerland, took just four weeks to write this superb book. Whilst the story was first published in 1880, many of its themes remain relevant in today’s world of consumerism and greed. References to God are never far in this story; this too is hard to find in a children’s book of today. This charming story will engage your child’s mind and its heart-warming tale will stay with them forever.

TnTReview by Jacqueline E Hylton “Looking Good, congratulations!”

“Thank you for dedicating the newspaper to Black History month”

“Great inspiring read”

“We all love What’s On in Manchester”



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Caribbean Carnival of Manchester


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Diary of Black Teacher



Alexander Park or Platt Field’s Park?


I’m new to the social dynamics of ballet class parenting. One of the parents came up to me at the end of the session and said, “You’re daughter’s brilliant, she looks so cute in her outfit!” Now, I should have said something back like, “But your daughter is really cute”, or replied, “I just loved your daughter’s spins!” But what I actually said was, “Yeah, your daughter is doing well; if she stands with her legs a bit further apart she wouldn’t fall down as much.”

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C orner What is Love?



Stuart Miles /

What Love do you want And what will you give? Who’s, Loving who? A new life to live, Do you seek love? Will you trust love? Do you sell love? Will you buy love?

My life’s different now from before; before I was alone, scared and noone much cared for me. I was always hungry, scared and constantly wished I could be taken away. Sometimes I would be beaten or worse still ignored and I felt as though my family weren’t bothered whether I lived or.... But things are so different now! I’m not alone or scared or feel as unhappy as I always once was. He’s always there, no matter what. He tries to cook, ha ha ha, he cannot but he tries, it’s not nice. So we order in pizza, Chinese and chicken. He makes good scrambled eggs, beans on toast, bacon…. before him I’d never tasted any of these things; it’s hard to imagine life without him. I’m safe now, ‘cos he tells me that, no matter what, he’s my dad and I always love him for that! When other kids tease me and say ‘you’re fostered’, I tell them that I have a family and my life’s different now! 13 year old, I love Manni...

Approaching the subject of teenage pregnancy with a more open-minded approach could benefit many people. If a young person is going through pregnancy, knowing that people are willing to support them would make the already difficult process they are going through much easier to handle. Being quick to condemn teenage mothers to a future of struggle and difficulty is something that happens far too frequently. It ought not to continue. nT

One group of people who are largely opinionated on the subject


My life’s Different Now!

Even though frequent mention is made of pregnancies occurring amongst under-18’s, there has been a noted decline in the figures. According to the Office of National Statistics, an estimated number of conceptions in England and Wales was 31,051 in 2011 as compared to the significantly higher number of 45,495 teenage pregnancies over the four previous decades.





able employment and countless other issues are all commonly associated with pregnancy at a young age. It is understandably quite saddening. Although there are resources and support systems available to teenagers experiencing pregnancy or already involved in the process such as through participation in Teen Parents support programmes, it is mostly negativity that surrounds the topic. Furthermore, emotional support from family and friends is not always guaranteed.

With Vici

Trevor MOSES

are teenagers themselves. On being questioned as to whether society labels all teenage parents or soon-to-be parents as lost causes, a variety of different answers were given. One 16 year old student who attends a high school situated in Gorton said, “Adults think they [the teenage parents] are going to fail. It’s like people give up on them.” Whilst this response was followed by sympathetic comments, another student’s view point was in complete contradiction; “Everyone knows that having a kid changes your life. If you can’t handle it, don’t have one”, she stated emphatically.

by digitalart /

Is love trust and respect? How would you recognise love? Would you see it coming, In the form of lust? Is love unconditional, With conditions attached?

Teenage pregnancy carries a relentless stigma with it; loss of academic opportunity, future problems with finding suit-

IN Tatyana Ali

SPI Planning to show there is more to her


Actor/ Singer

than ‘Ashley Banks’ with new film,

TIO Home Again and an EP that will be

NAL released later this year.

Mini Middle

Bottom Booster Challenge

If I had a £1 for every girl I’ve heard say, “I’m doing the squat challenge”; you know, the ones who do 1 squat today, 2 tomorrow, 3 the next day etc.… blah blah, I would be rich! Apparently rounded bottoms and small waists are all the rage these days, so ladies, this one’s especially for you who’s looking to get super sexy in time for Valentine’s Day. I am challenging you to take your squat challenge to the next level! I call this the 20/20/20/plank challenge; it consists of:

20 squats 20 Jumping Jacks Running 20 metres and back

Jourdan Dunn Model

Back to work just ten weeks after giving birth, a single mum to a three year old son with sickle -cell and just 22 yeas old!

T Navayne Forrester

Repeating the full set as many times as you can until you can’t run anymore. Finally, finish with a 1-minute plank. Do this 3 days on and 1 day off, for 30 days. Remember to stretch fully at the end of your workout to avoid injuries and remove lactic acid from your muscles (they will ache less). If you’re up for the challenge, I would love to see your ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures so send them to me at the paper: v.thompson@

TnT Victoria Thompson

a Angry



I was immediately ostracised. Ballet, it would seem, has no place for constructive criticism. It would also seem that neither does teaching as Labour introduces their plans to ‘get rid’ of underperforming teachers. The Labour party are suggesting a policy whereby teachers will need to prove themselves every two years in order to have a license to teach. Sounds good huh? Who wants to have bad teachers entrusted with inspiring and educating a new generation? I have worked with teachers who have just been in the wrong job so that their vocation is as scientists not science teachers or their career ought to be in banking not teaching maths but, unfortunately, the shadow government’s views on this important issue are too simplistic. They are planning to introduce more work for teachers and head teachers because of a small minority of people who were absent for their school careers interviews! What about head teacher accountability? Wasn’t it Labour who employed these teachers? These head teachers are forgetting that education is inclusive. If a member of the cohort is struggling, interventions are put in place to aid development. Thus, the Labour policy writers should focus on trying to aid teachers to make them more confident and accepting of their weaknesses so that teaching will have a more honest and less deprecating effect. So people, I’m starting a constructive revolution! Next week I will be moving on to the ballet parent whose child’s nose constantly has green bogeys. She shall not be banished just definitely introduced to Kleenex! TnT Mr L

Bill Cosby Actor

“The past is a ghost, the future a dream. All we ever have is now.”


Review Cloud 23



More than just a bar, it an experience aimed at appealing ‘to all senses’ and so is a ‘must try’ for an evening of luxurious indulgence.


Review 12 years



**** Stars

a slave

The Long walk to freedom

Nelson Mandela

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is a powerful portrayal of the late Nelson Mandela and the personal loss that he was both prepared to and did endure for the betterment of the ‘Rainbow’ nation of South Africa; it is undoubtedly a history lesson on the iconic ‘Madiba’. Director, Justin Chadwick, took a huge risk in casting Idris Elba as Mandela both in light of his popular staple roles in BBC’s ‘Luther’ and HBO’s ‘The Wire’, and his somewhat larger stature than that of Mandela. It nonetheless paid off as Elba depicted the great ‘Madiba’ with aplomb.

Twelve Years a slave is by no means the first film about slavery nor is it the first to evoke horror, tears and hatred for the overseers. No, there was more recently ‘D’JANGO’ and, of course, the classic and iconic ‘Roots’.

The film, a biopic based on Mandela’s autobiography, ‘Long Walk to Freedom’, chronicles his life from childhood through to election as South Africa’s first democratically-elected president thereby giving viewers a greater understanding and appreciation of the sacrifices he made.

The film, which is based on a true story, takes a somewhat different angle on slavery - that of the abduction of a free black man named Solomon Northup in 1841 in Washington.

**** Stars...continued at

...continued at

Rosemary Started from the Bottom

Quaye TNT has been feeling the New Year’s love and is sending back some Valentine’s blessings xx @rosemaryquaye (Rosemary Quaye) “Fantastic afternoon being interviewed by @Nubiantimes2 @SiobhantheHack #bestpaperintown” Steven Woolfe @Steven_Woolfe The brilliant ladies of @Nubiantimes2: The Nubian Times Ladies.. Promoting Inspiring News @Nubiantimes2 isossy children @isossychildren Thanks to @Nubiantimes2 for profiling

Alice Walker

American novelist, poet and activist

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

If you love jazz, swing and soul classics then you will just love the sweet melodies and soulful tunes of professional saxophonist, Rosemary Quaye. Whilst her name may not yet automatically ring a bell, if you are the type to attend lavish parties and glitzy award ceremonies such as the 2013 Nubian Times MBC Awards evening, you are very likely to have heard the hauntingly endearing sound of Rosemary, “Manchester’s finest black female saxophonist”. A pretty big statement to make so I met with the Knutsford- based musician to see what she’s really all about. We start at the beginning. Rosemary tells me a lot about her troubled upbringing and it becomes a theme throughout our conversation. She attributes a lot to her childhood and parents. Rosemary’s mother was a war bride who was brought to England from Bologna, Italy, by a soldier of the Second World War. When they later divorced she met Rosemary’s father, a Ghanaian whom she married and set up home with in Hulme, Manchester. The marriage between Rosemary’s parents was tumultuous and consequently very unsettling for her. Rosemary would often come home from school to find all of her belongings in boxes and her mum ready to take her as far away from her alcoholic father as possible, however they would always eventually return. It was her father’s drinking problem that indirectly started Rosemary’s love of jazz. Her first memory of the music

our shoot with @csphoto_atl Colourful Radio @colourfulradio @Nubiantimes2 @Hands_on_Hair @Danni_ Henry @Marcquelle @aaron_cobham @TonyMorrisITV @rioferdy5 Happy, healthy, prosperous 2014 to you all David Okoro @davidokoro1 Belated New Year wishes to @Nubiantimes2 . Big year for the team. It’s all about moving onto the next level. Bless up MiddleAgedBlackMan @MiddleAgedBlack What’s going on @Nubiantimes2? Wishing

The Nubian Times

is watching her father through a crack in the door having a drink of whiskey and listening to jazz after a row with her mother. This could have made her hate jazz music but instead it became a comfort, endearing her to want to hear more.


Despite all the upheaval Rosemary is now able to make a living solely from gigs, however there is still a lot that she would like to do: “Until 50 Cent calls me up and says he’d like me to play on one of his albums I won’t feel like I’ve made it.” she jokes.

As well as her father being responsible for Rosemary’s first experience of ...continued at jazz music, he also supported her childTnT Siobhan White hood dream and bought her first saxophone - an alto Boosey & Hawkes - for Stars restaurant Christmas at the age of 12. Rosemary used that same saxophone at music lessons in high school where she began to perfect her chosen profession. With some training under her belt from school and college, then switching from alto to tenor saxophone, Rosemary, like many up and coming musicians, started from the bottom playing in local bars and pubs. Her hard work over the last twenty years has paid off and with her talent she has been able to travel as far as South Africa, playing in concerts, competitions and corporate events. Whilst working towards becoming a professional musician Rosemary worked in a music shop and had a baby which, she said, presented many more challenges throughout the years: “I’ve had to go the long way around to get where I am, making sure my daughter always came first. At times I thought about giving up and just getting any job for a steady wage but if I’d have done that I wouldn’t be a good role model to my daughter and I’d be miserable.”

everyone on the team a fab New Year and a hearty and successful 2014. Blessings, #KeepBlackLoveAlive positiveimageproject @positiveimagep @BET @Nubiantimes2 wonderful!





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Mae Jemison Astronaut

“It’s your place in the world; it’s your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live.”


Review Olive&Thyme


A Hidden Gem in Chorlton




what’s TnT Siobhan White

What’s On - February by Siobhan White From club nights to concerts to comedy, there’s plenty to do in the most romantic month of the year.


YOUNG VOICES Phones 4 U Arena 3rd - 5th Feb, 7pm, £24 The world’s biggest school choir organiser is coming to Manchester and your child’s school could get involved! X-Factor finalist, Stacey Solomon, will be joining the kids. OFF THE HOOK VS. POP CURIOUS? Contact Theatre, Oxford Road, M15 6JA 8th Feb, 11pm - 3am, £6 RnB queer alternative, Off the Hook, and purveyors of modern pop music, Pop Curious, provide the perfect soundtrack to the Queer Contact 2014 opening weekend. THE CORNER CLUB VALENTINE’S SPECIAL 25 Bradshawgate, BL1 1EL, Bolton 15th Feb, 10pm - 4am, £3-£5, DJs - Silva, Snypez, Burgaboy and Drizz - playing Funky House, Bassline, R’n’B and Bashment. ERROL DUNKLEY W.I.S.S.C, Westwood Street, M15 4SW 15th Feb, 10pm - 4am, £10 (MOTD) Arguably one of the finest Reggae artists to come out of Jamaica with Megatone Sound and Nasty Rockets. NATURALLY 7 + CHLOE CHARLES RNCM, 124 Oxford Road, M13 9RD 28th Feb, 8pm, £19.50 + BF The acappella group return to the UK to celebrate the release of their new album.


ZARA MACFARLANE London XOYO, 32-37 Cowper St, EC2A 4AW 12th Feb, 8pm, £15 +BF Becoming known as an eloquent and assertive singer-songwriter, Macfarlane brings her new album.


Olive & Thyme restaurant in Chorlton, Manchester, is a hidden gem of delightful food and customer service with its continental culinary influence and its welcoming friendly staff. On New Year’s Eve last, it was definitely the place to be; the Salsa and Meringue music performed by professional dancers was a truly delightful experience in a genuinely bubbly atmosphere that rivalled the city centre. Willing audience participation completed the ambience. The restaurant’s signature complimentary bread with garlic butter and olives was a delicious way in which to tantalise the taste buds as was the exquisite set menu. However, a non-set menu would have been preferred as it was a pity to not be able to savour the wide range of choices on offer! TNT recommends early bookings for New Year’s Eve 2015!!

CHINESE NEW YEAR Stageside, Hippodrome 2nd Feb, 12pm - 5pm, FREE Explore Chinese culture by celebrating the year of the Horse with magic tricks, indulging in the traditional ceremony of tea and making a horse’s head mask amongst other activities. SAINSBURY’S INDOOR GRAND PRIX Birmingham NIA 15th Feb, 12.45pm, £15.70-£50.70+ BF Watch some of the best athletes in the world compete under one roof. Expect the likes of Mo Farah, Holly Bleasedale and Shelly-Ann FraserPryce.


REFUGEE BOY Courtyard Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse 6th - 8th Feb, 7.45pm, £10-£18 14 year old Alem is suddenly left in London by his Eritrean mother and Ethiopian father who hope he will finally be safe away from the civil war back home.


INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street 27th Feb - 2nd Mar, £12.50 The return of the international Jazz Festival to the UK’s music capital

Rosa Parks Activist

“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear.”







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Tucked away in a hide-away office in the heart of Manchester city centre’s ‘Corn Exchange’ is a business woman who is definitely fizzing with positivity, bursting at the seams with extraordinary ideas and laden with accolades to rival Lord Sugar. Olive Strachan, Chair of the Manchester branch of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), HR Specialist, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker, Management Development Consultant and recently named by Insight as one of the top 100 most influential women in the North West, is by far one of today’s most inspirational BME women.

TNT meets Olive Strachan Resources




2013 turned out much better than anticipated for UK public limited companies. This time last year the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expected the economy to grow by 1.1% - now it has pencilled in 2%. Meanwhile, employment has ostensibly risen by close to half a million, the unemployment rate has fallen from 8.3% towards 7%, while inflation down to 2% from 2.7%. Rising house prices and a five-year high in the number of new car registrations, at 2.3 million, are adding to the Chancellor’s swagger. But for many of us it was a case of treading water rather than swimming upstream. Employment among the under 25’s has been flat and their unemployment rate remains close to 20%. Wages have risen by only 1% and more than half of the jobs created have been part-time with low pay. These

Gabourey Sidibe Actress

Silenced Twitter Trolls and critics by saying: “To people making mean comments about my GG pics, I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night. #JK”

Mind the Gaps! factors, along with benefit adjustments in the name of fiscal austerity, help to explain why average living standards barely budged.

This stagnation of household incomes has led more of us to fund our lifestyles, as well as the economic recovery, by drawing on rainy day savings, taking on more credit card, overdraft and loan debt as well as re-mortgaging as the government encouraged lenders to ease their credit taps. But recent signs of decreasing high street sales suggest that this spending momentum faltered in the run-up to Christmas, possibly because too many potential shoppers had reached their credit limit. And for those who are overstretched due to the gaps between our income, spending and debts, the key issue for 2014 is how long it will be before interest rates start rising appreciably. The Bank of England, which has held its policy rate at 0.5% since March 2009 in order to avert a 1930s-style economic implosion, is now loudly signalling that the end of the ultra-low interest rate era is firmly on the horizon.

So what’s in store? At the moment the Bank expects to raise its rate between the end of 2014 and the middle of next year. Taken at face value, this suggests that there is plenty of time to adjust our spending and payment patterns accordingly. However, lenders have wasted no time running ahead. Average rates on new credit card debt have risen from 17.5% at the start of 2013 to over 18%, while the interest on a £5000 bank loan has increased from 10.1% in August last year to 10.9%. 2014 therefore promises to bring some painful shocks to the unprepared! TnT Jonathan Thomas

Karren Brady


The Nubian Times

Recently, Ms Strachan graciously took the time from her very busy schedule to speak with TNT at the OSR office. When asked about the great many accolades she has received and how it all came about, she told TNT that it is due to her belief in herself and her early working life experiences. “I’ve been a manager since I was 24 and I am now 52,” she said. “I had a lot of grounding from my 13-year stint at Reed [recruitment agency] where the team I managed exceeded its targets most months so I knew that I could achieve goals.

On the question of breaking through the ‘glass ceiling’ barrier to career progression that most women aspiring to senior management positions, Ms Strachan poignantly told TNT that whether you are a female member of the BME community or just a ‘woman’ in general irrespective of cultural or other background, the only barrier that exists is in your head. People respect someone who knows their craft and that’s why I have always kept on learning. I did my first degree in Human Resources and then a postgraduate Masters degree two years later. I have also learnt that, in business, it helps to remain professional and dignified in order to form lasting partnerships – the foundation of any sustainable business venture. Her advice to Manchester’s budding young entrepreneurs is that dreams need to be actioned so that they may become real. Get qualified! Get the experience! Get out there, network and make it happen! ‘The beginning is always difficult’, she warned, ‘but you must build contacts and not be afraid to work hard”.

TnT By Yasin Chinembiri

Immigration Advice UK immigration laws are complex and constantly changing. Simpson Millar Solicitors provide reliable, cost effective advice and representation for all immigration applications and appeals wherever you are in the process.

CONTACT US Call: 0808 129 3311 Visit: Your local office: Manchester, Trafford House, Chester Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0RS Other offices available nationwide Calls from UK landlines are free. Calls from mobiles may vary depending on your service provider © Simpson Millar 2013. Simpson Millar LLP, Solicitors is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with registered number OC313936. Our registered office is: 27 St Paul’s Street Leeds LS1 2JG. Vat number: 2359349 40. Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority: Registration No: 424940.

Leonardo DiCaprio Actor

This managing director of Birmingham City FC, vice chairman of West Ham football club, The Apprentice star and author is showing us that anything is possible.

Starred in no less than three hit films in 2013/ Jan 2014 and still found time to continue his environmental work.








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Keen to kick-start your career... but want to continue your education? Laing O’Rourke offers the best of both... As a Laing O’Rourke ‘cadet’ you will get a debt-free degree while gaining valuable on-the-job experience. Find out more and apply online: Queries:

Image: Manchester Town Hall Complex Transformation Project


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Detainee Custody Officers Manchester Employment type: Permanent Full time: flexible to work Monday Sunday 37.5 hours per week including night-shift allowance for applicable hours Salary: £7.93 per hour + shift allowance Tascor are looking to recruit a number of Detainee Custody Officers to join us on a permanent basis. Working as part of a team, you will be responsible for maintaining the welfare and safety of detainees and any dependent children being escorted around the UK to a consistently high standard ensuring their moral and legal rights are observed at all times and that constant care of their property is undertaken. Successful candidates must: • Be flexible to work Monday - Sunday including night shifts • Hold a full UK drivers licence • Have an excellent standard of verbal and written English • Be able to work flexibly to achieve the overall goals of the business • Demonstrate a high level of initiative and common sense • Have the ability to work well as part of a team • Have the ability to remain calm under pressure • Have a fully checkable 10 year work/ educational history • Possess a good level of fitness in order to fulfil the physical aspects of the role, for example, control and restraint Interested? APPLY ONLINE: or CALL ON: 08455 049 599

Experienced sales staff needed Employer: The Nubian Times Newspaper Location: Greater Manchester Salary: £7.00ph plus Commission - to be discussed at interview. Hours Per Week: 21 hours Contract Duration: 12 Month Closing Date For Applications: 25/02/2014 Key Responsibilities: • Hit individual & group sales target • Manage a client base and develop relationships • Target new clients to generate advertising revenue • Identify new customers and build a client base through field sales • Post media packs out to potential advertisers • Maintain a Leads Spreadsheet using in-house systems • Follow up on new leads and referrals resulting from field activity • Offer a price and negotiate around it You will need: • Over 18 months sales experience • A proven track record • To provide three (3) written references Are you wanting to take control of your own wage? We are looking for candidates who are hi-


ghly focused, practical and have a can-do attitude and the ability to use initiative to gain advertising sales. How to Apply: Send your CV and a brief description explaining why you would be suitable for this role. Email:

H & M: SALES ADVISORS CROWNPOINT NORTH SHOPPING PARK, DENTON, MANCHESTER. Employment Type: Permanent Part-Time Sales Advisor Working Hours: 8 hours per week Are you ready for a customer focused, action-packed career at the heart of our company? Find your place in a fast moving environment where you create the optimal shopping experience with excellent customer service in a global fashion setting. Just like everyone at H&M, we believe you are a sales driven, social, open and ambitious team player full of drive and optimism. Your personal qualities should also include: • A friendly and helpful approach to our customers and colleagues. • The ability to recognise sales opportunities and maximise selling potential. • Be open to feedback and communicate with your team and managers in a clear and straightforward way. • Ability to multitask and handle the pressure of a busy day. • Drive and ambition to complete your tasks in a timely and effective manner. • A willingness to learn and improve. Sounds interesting? Here’s your chance for a career with endless opportunities! APPLY ONLINE: or CALL ON: 0207 434 88 00

German Reservation Service Agent, Manchester Salary: £16K + benefits Duties & Responsibilities As a member of their Customer Service and Reservations Team you will answer inbound calls and provide advice, support and recommendations to their clients. This will involve managing the call and advising the best options to customers and closing them on the sale. You will support the German market on email and phone calls in German language. To be considered for this role you will need to speak native level German plus advanced English. You will also need a proven track record in customer service or reservation sales in a contact centre or other customer service role. You should have experience of working with customers and possess a minimum GCSE or equivalent. Previous Travel and Call Centre experience is desirable Interested.... CALL US ON: 020 3468 4181

Clever Beans: Game Designer We are looking for a Game Designer to help us develop the next generation of console games. You will be involved in design at all stages of the development process, from initial concept to level design and user testing and balancing. If you have a strong desire to bring creative & fun new game concepts to life, we want you to apply! Duties & Responsibilities • Design, document and communicate game features to the team • Design and build (block-out) levels using 3d layout tools • Balance and fine-tune gameplay both alone and using feedback from playtest sessions • Work with the team to resolve design and gameplay issues as they emerge during development • Work with artists to create designs that are also sympathetic to art composition • Critically review the product at each stage of development Required Skills & Experience • Deep understanding of game mechanics • Demonstrable experience in designing levels for puzzle and/or action games, preferably in a previously shipped game, but otherwise in a working demo that you can supply • Experience using a 3d level editor or modelling package such as Unity, Unreal, 3DS Max, Maya or Blender for level layout or block-out purposes • Some familiarity with an in-game scripting language such as Lua, Python, UnrealScript, Unity script, or another programming language Applicants must be able to relocate to our studio in central Manchester, England, and be legally eligible to work in the UK.

please visit the BCL Legal website at:

ble out of pocket expenses are reimbursed. For further information, please contact Victor Hassan on 0161 274 2140 or email

Arawak Walton: Finance and IT Apprentice

Salary: £13,923 p.a. FIXED TERM FOR UP TO 2 YEARS. Reporting to the Management Accountant, you will provide effective assistance to the finance team in the performance of accounting and financial analysis tasks. In addition, you will support the smooth running of the Association’s IT systems. In addition to on-the-job training, the role will incorporate attendance at Manchester College, one day per week, to study for an appropriate accountancy qualification for the first year. Following successful completion, the second year will be spent developing and consolidating finance experience. The successful candidate must have an interest in accountancy, Information Technology and customer service. Ideal skills and qualities for this post include a willingness and ability to work individually and as part of a team, good numeracy and IT skills, confidence and politeness when dealing with people and also good organisational skills and an ability to work to tight timescales. We offer a generous holiday entitlement and other benefits are applicable upon completing the probationary period. Unfortunately we are unable to accept applications from candidates who already have a degree level qualification. To obtain an application pack for any of these positions: email, telephone our office on 0161-272-6094

Please email your CV and any supporting documentation to

Closing date for all returned applications is 5pm on 31st January 2014. Proposed interview date: Monday 10th February 2014.

BCL Legal: Industrial Disease Paralegal


Salary: £17,000 - £22,000 Sector: Private Practice Location: Manchester Type: Permanent role Practice area: Industrial Disease, Insurance / Defendant PI, Personal Injury Claimant Job title: Industrial Disease Paralegal Reference number: JM/31463D

We are currently recruiting for the important position of Tenant Board Member. No particular previous experience is needed you just need to have a passion and to be committed to making life better for people in east Manchester and also be one of our tenants.

Due to expansion, an industrial disease paralegal is required to join a leading insurance disease team in central Manchester. The successful paralegal will handle and support more senior fee earners with their caseloads of pre-litigated defendant NIHL industrial disease cases. The successful paralegal will come from a claimant or defendant background having gained some NIHL experience working in -house or in private practice. Please only apply for this opportunity if you have the requisite skills and experience. If you would like any further information please contact BCL Legal on: . For a full list of exclusive legal vacancies

The Board of Eastlands Homes is responsible for: • Leading the company and ensuring that it is successful and is run properly • The efficient use and management of approximately 8000 homes in East Manchester • Ensuring that Eastlands Homes achieves its vision: ‘Creating a better future for its customers and their children in safe and successful neighbourhoods’ You will benefit from having the opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience which will be useful for your personal development and future job prospects (Full training and support is given). The position is unpaid, although reasona-

Job Reference: 349-SMH-6894-73 Job Title: Ward Clerk Employer: Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Department: Ward 62 & Emergency Gynaecology Unit Location: Manchester Salary: £14,294- £17,425 pro rata Job Type: Permanent Pay Band: 2 Working pattern: 35 hours per week Are you highly organised and self-motivated? Do you have the computer skills it takes to use our in-house systems and A&E systems on a daily basis? Then consider a move to the Gynaecology team at St. Mary’s as a Ward Clerk. We’re looking for someone who enjoys a challenge and is equally at home working on their own and as part of a team. Able to thrive in a busy department, you have what it takes to communicate effectively at all levels of medical and clerical staff and put patient care at the forefront of your mind at all times. The service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you’ll be working on a rota basis. That means you could find yourself starting at 7.00am or finishing at 9.30 pm on weekdays/weekends/ bank holidays. In return, training will be provided if you’re not familiar with the PAS/ Symphony/Bedman systems and yearly appraisals are a standard requirement for all staff within the Trust. For an informal chat, contact Carly Bainbridge on 0161 701 0755 or email carly. (Please note that applications are accepted by completion of our on-line application form at: We cannot accept CV’s)

CUSTOMER ADVISER (LBG/0114/501103) Brand: Halifax Location: Manchester - Trafford Centre Salary: £14,670 - £16,300 Closing date: 15 April 2014 With us, it’s about more than giving great service to our customers. It’s about being yourself, being a valued member of the team and being recognised for the contribution you make. We’ll need you to bring experience of helping customers, answering queries and sorting out any problems. You’ll need the ability to balance the demands of paperwork with meeting and talking to customers and to keep up-to-date with new products and services. And, as well as taking responsibility for your own work, you should be a great team player to help make your branch a success. You must also be willing to work on Saturdays. Interested? …. Apply now https://careers.lloydsbankinggroup. com/Candidate/VacancyInformation. aspx?VacancyId=83619




As New York fashion week commences the latest spring - summer 2014 shows have kicked off in the Big Apple. The big talking point is regarding men’s fashion





The Nubian Times



Ball in hand: Ronaldo gets emotional winning the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or gong after being given the award by Pele (to the immediate right).

Kelly Grecula

Real Madrid forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, has won the prestigious 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or, the Portuguese player who topped the voting poll was elected by respected coaches, players and journalists from around the football world.

In the Superdraft system, teams pick players one-by-one for their squads for the new season. Along with Blake, 23, compatriot teenager Andre Lewis was the 7th player picked when Vancouver Whitecaps came in for him and he was followed by 20 year-old Damian Lowe – picked by Seattle Sounders. Jamaican players have traditionally been a big part of the soul of English football but Jamaican players are increasingly finding success in the MLS. The Jamaican national team had their infamous 15 minutes of fame in the 1998 World Cup with a spirited campaign in a tough group. They beat Japan but lost against an Argentina side that knocked out England after a notorious David Beckham dismissal. They were also defeated by a Croatia side who finished the competition in third place. The hype around the ‘Reggae Boyz’ brought admiration worldwide and prompted an international tour including a

friendly against Manchester City. The match, played at Maine Road, Moss Side, saw the teams play out a goalless draw in front of over 11,000. Since then they have once again slipped into relative obscurity - 1998 being the only time that the Caribbean nation has qualified for a major tournament. 2013 saw Jamaica climb back inside the top 50 FIFA-ranked teams despite a feeling of frustration from fans who thought the ranking was flattering and masked the failings of the Jamaican Football Federation; this has proved to be a fair assessment as Jamaica has dropped over 30 places since the summer. However, the news that three Jamaicans were among the first eight players selected to play in a league featuring the likes of Thierry Henry and will see Jermain Defoe’s arrival at the start of the season, is surely a source for optimism.

TnT Lloyd Wall

The award signifies the best football player in the calender year and Ronaldo held off competition for the elite prize by beating Barcelona’s Lionel Messi who came in second while Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribery finished in third place. It is the former Manchester United player’s second time winning the “Golden

Ball”; he first won the World Player of the Year award in 2008 whilst plying his trade in England. The player who now stars in a significant role for Spanish outfit, Real Madrid, has had an incredible season scoring a remarkable 69 goals in 59 matches in 2013. The ex Sporting Lisbon protégé has also guided his national side, Portu-

gal, to the World Cup to be held in Brazil later this year after a dramatic climax against Sweden in both legs. It was, therefore, no surprise seeing arguably the greatest footballer of all time, Pele, who won three World Cups for Brazil, handing over the coveted individual honour to a teary Ronaldo.

“Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme get on up its Jamaican bobsleigh time! “

Jamaican Bobsleigh Time!

A twelve year absence from the Winter Olympics is how long Jamaica has been away from the slopes but there’s great news because after being awarded a place at the upcoming Sochi Games, they’re back! Winston Watts as ‘driver’ and Marvin Dixon as ‘brakeman’ will compete in a two-man bob in the winter Olympics

due to begin in Russia, 7th February. The Jamaican bobsleigh team first qualified in the 1988 winter Olympics held in Calgary and, having captured the heart of the public, the Disney Film “Cool Running’s” was born. Unfortunately, this time around Watts and Dixon have highlighted the difficulty they are experiencing in raising the

funds needed to compete in the games. To that end, they have contributed some of their own money but the shortfall is too much for the them to raise alone. Watts is therefore appealing to the public for donations. A PayPal account has been launched to raise the estimated $80,000 required for the team to attend next month’s Winter Olympics.

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Rebecca Adlington Showing women nationwide that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Rachel Yankey OBE Womens footballer for England

Only the second woman to get 100 caps for England, Rachel made the New Year’s Honours List in December 2013 for her services in women’s football after receiving an MBE in 2005.

Janelle Monae Singer

This music Q.U.E.E.N is making serious moves both sides of the Atlantic.







Three Jamaicans were among the first 10 players picked in the first rounds of US football’s MLS ‘Superdraft’. Jamaican goalkeeper Andre Blake became the first goalkeeper in the history of the MLS to be selected first when Philadelphia Union made him their number one.






The Nubian Times

“The BritisKEEP IT MOVING! Saturday 22nd February 6:00pm-8:00pm; Venue: Kingdom


Mandate Centre, Chichester Road, Hulme, M15 5EE; Entry Fee: £3.00 Members: FREE






Great Look, id of colour, never be afra Guys!

Designer Dao-Yi Chow acknowledged: “Kanye West is the most advanced in his fashion sense, but young artists today, like A$AP Rocky, are very up on new brands”.

Seventy in

spired lo

ok, ver y dapp a

Casual suit with colour twist


As the New York fashion week commences in a couple of weeks, the latest spring - summer 2014 shows have kicked off in the Big Apple. The big talking points regarding men’s shows in these events are already stifling especially when compared to British menswear, which is rapidly becoming an influential element of fashion. They say that a man cannot appear stylish in an open double-breasted jacket but, while better recognised for its women’s wear, New York Fashion Week will show that men’s fashion is just as persuasive. In the Milan men’s fashion week of the winter fall, male models dis-

IN Erykah Badu




“It’s important to sound like you, to feel

TIO like you, to be like you. Be you.”


played tender checked jackets and makeover coats with stiff knits in dusty pastels. New York traditions somewhat differ; it was preppy, however as time moved forward, an amalgamation of sportswear and a flavour of street wear had every man in NY fashion preferring style to designers. Rappers have bought into this style as have athletes fancying a little downtown edge. Rappers such as A$AP Rocky (pic right) and Kanye West (pic left) have brandished leather jackets and shorts encruste over athletic pants.

Rosemary Quaye

Manchester’s finest black female saxophonist

“Don’t let people’s negative words put you down for too long. Get up and keep on pushing towards success.”

Very Bohemian ted chic ersta unadcard olympic cars manchester:1 111 template.qxd 17/07/2013

15:22 Page

GOODWINS / OLYMPIC 0 1 860 6006 - 881 5555 6 881 1011 - 881 1819 1 AIRPORTS - PARTIES - STATIONS

Special offer: starting


from £2.00


Tom Daley

British Olympian

First active sportsman to come out as gay who inspired ex footballer, Thomas Hitzlsperger, to follow suit.


The Nubian Times 2014 February Edition  

Bad News Sells.. Good News Inspires..