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10 NORSU geology graduates pass GLE September 1—13, 2013

Vol.XXXI Issue No. 7 & 8

By Mary Grace G. Bornales

WITH PRIDE AND honor, 10 geology graduates of Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) passed the Geologist Licensure Examination (GLE) given in Manila, August 13–15. Of the 31 examinees, ten of them passed the GLE, posting a 32.26 percent passing mark as announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). This result is a bit lower as compared to the 55. 90 percent national passing rate. The new licensed geologists are Karl Achay, Alona Aguilar, Joie Autor, Idzel Bonn Demetillo, Francis Jay Escal, Ryan Gantalao, Filman Monceda, Tamar Palma Pinero, Ellen Rose Salibio and Michael Vincent Tubog. Of the 109 passers out of the 195 takers throughout the country, NORSU managed to produce six out of nine fresh graduates, one out of 10 non-fresh graduates but first timers, and three out of 12 repeaters.

Physics and Geology Department Head Eduardo Iso said the good performance of the fresh graduates with 67 percent passing rate was affected by the low performance of those non-fresh graduates and repeaters. With the department’s problem of having no resident teachers, Iso advised geology students to focus on their course, have a good study habit, and practice good communication with their teachers. Meanwhile, Geology Student Society adviser Russell Tucker congratulated the passers for their good performance. “We, in the Geology Department, are happy to see them become successful geologists,” Tucker said. Idzel Bonn Demetillo, one of the passers, said the blessing he received is also for NORSU. He said, “the exam was really difficult; the coverage was so unpredictable.” Thus, Demetillo advised the future GLE takers to start reading books. He said, the more time they (the students) read, the higher chance they get to pass in the board exam.

LSO hosts academic DepEd launches PA, SK; orgs exhibits NORSU takes part

Hooray! Some recipients of the Project Agakay perform a short drama presentation in line with the Sugilanon sa Kahanginan, a “storytelling on air” that seeks to support the implementation of Mother Tongue Based Multi Lingual Education (MTB-MLE) that helps enhance the K to 12 Curriculum of the DepEd during the launching of the PA, SK in September . (Photo by Jessie P. Dolia) “Slowly but surely.” One Norsunian carefully moves the wire loop handle to its finishing point as set up by the College of Industrial Technology during the academic organizations exhibit on August 30. (Photo by Marve G. Fabela) By Niña Marie T. Pino

TO DISPLAY THE creative innovations of the participating academic organizations, the League of Student Organization (LSO) hosted an exhibit for academic organizations at NORSU Open Court, August 30. A total of 36 academic organizations participated in this exhibit. The LSO decided to give 1000 points for those academic organizations that, at least, participated in the event. According to LSO President Vince Anthony Villanueva, they have come up with this activity to lessen the garbage in the

university and prevent the organizations from being inactive like the previous years. “With this, makalihok ug ma-involve na jud ang mga organizations,” Villanueva said. He added this is to measure the creativity and innovation of each academic organization through using recycled materials. The winners The Elemento de Quimica was hailed Best in Exhibit while the Computer and Electronics Technology Society (CETS) and SPED Youth Advocates garnered the second and third places, respectively. LSO HOSTS ACADEMIC... page 5

By Ariel B. Dizon and Jessie P. Dolia

THE DEPARTMENT OF Education (DepEd) – Dumaguete City Division in partnership with the Negros Oriental State University Main Campus 1 launched the second year of Project Agakay (PA) and the Sugilanon sa Kahanginan (SK). This aims at helping high school students go back to school and obtain proper education. DepEd–Dumaguete City Schools Division Superintendent Ramir Uytico, in an interview with the The NORSUnian (TN), said the Project Agakay aims to assist chosen high school students around the city who are at risk of dropping out. He said, as of the second year of project

Agakay, his office has already helped seven schools in the city that equate to 70 students who are at risk of dropping out. He added the city division also targets to help another 10 students from 10 schools throughout the city. Asked how are these students selected, he said, “they are selected for any reason, poverty, lack of guidance, lack of interest ug uban pang factors. Mostly of the dropouts are those that lack attendance.” Uytico said these students are given monthly activities such as personality development, skills training, tutorial sessions, spiritual activities, recollection and monthly visit to their foster families wherein the students shall enjoy their education and fulfill their dreams. DEPED LAUNCHES PA,... page 6


September 1—13, 2013

Vol.XXXI Issue No. 7 & 8

Wake up! During the recently concluded Geology Licensure Examination, Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) has produced fewer passers as compared to the previous years. This year’s passers are 7.13% lower than the last. However, acting Physics and Geology Department Head Eduardo Iso said that the high performance of the fresh graduate takers that is 6 out of 9 passed was compromised by the ratings of those non-fresh graduates wherein only four out of 22 takers passed. This made Iso to conclude that these non-fresh graduate takers lack more preparations and reviews that would eventually help them pass in the said licensure examination. But are you convinced with this reasoning? Iso must have a point on this light, but the long existence of the BS Geology program in NORSU does not make full sense to produce passers with less than 50% passing rate every year. We believe, apart from those reasons, that the lack of full-time and resident instructors qualified to teach in the program; sufficient geological and laboratory equipment; the whereabouts of the budgets for the program and support from the administration are also few of the major reasons of the low ratings of the geology graduates of NORSU every year. In fact, last year, we heard that the Geology Department requested the administration for the immediate procurement of Polarizing Microscopes that are essential to supply an actual field-like instruction. Surely, if they have these equipment, they could have gotten, at least, higher than the result this year. Moreover, College of Arts and Sciences Dean Fe Violeta Taring, also made a promise during the first general meeting of the Geology Student Society that they are going to find resident instructors or professors who can teach in the program. Recently, the BS Geology is made a flagship program. This is sought to improve the offering of the course. In line with this is the increase of laboratory fees that obviously drew oppositions from the students. But the students, on other hand, were left unattended. At some point, the students understand it since they believe it is after all for their benefits. But it turned out that what they have promised before were still left promises. What went wrong? Geology alumni, students and even the bigwigs in the Geology industry have already made their best. Now it is about time for the administration to make haste and do something about this decade-long problem. And refrain from babbling promises that are meant to be broken, as the cliché goes. The passing rates of the geology graduates substantially depend on the quality of the program the administration is providing. It is about giving importance on the course offerings in order to regain the standard name as we were previously branded.

Simply Unjust It was an ordinary day. A day for me to submit my delayed assignment. I was already few minutes late. I ran as fast as I could as I traveled my way to reach our classroom in the nth floor of a building somewhere in NORSU in order to, at least, beat on the time of the submission of the assignment and to witness and perceive every single instruction of our teacher if ever she gives us some tasks to do. When I reached our classroom, I had freely released my breath. I saw the rest of my classmates doing nothing which means we didn’t have anything tasked for us to do. They were just listening to our teacher, whom we shall hide in the name Ma’am Red, telling ‘something’ so I hurriedly submitted my assignment to her and immediately sat on the chair which I’ve been using for almost half-year stay in the class. It took me how many minutes before I understood what Ma’am Red was talking about. She was talking about the assignment that we

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Of Pork Scam and the Zamboanga Crisis: A Trust vs. Mistrust Game I had an initial thought that the Zamboanga crisis might cover up the issue on Napoles and company.At my full man`s honesty, when I heard the crisis, the cliché of the politics` propaganda which is to pay the showbiz personalities to divert the citizen`s attention came into my mind. However, what bothers me most is that the Zambo thing is more threatening since it deals life-and-death turn of the hostages. I hope that there were no political bigwigs who secretly prompted or funded the MNLF men to do such act. I hope there was no Judas Iscariot, but all Jonathans in PNOY’s admin. From the ancient Greece to Hitler`s period, I hope that this great-conspiracy-ofall-time that I am thinking has no room of the current devouring probability. And I must be wrong, I pray. Indeed, the Pork Barrel Scam and the Zamboanga Crisis are the two big issues right now in the country which have baffled many Filipinos from all walks

had submitted to her. She said that she’ll exempt from the Final Examination those who’ll have high scores on that particular assignment. As the discussion went on, Ma’am Red announced that an evaluator from Quality Assurance Management Center would conduct a teacher’s evaluation for her on our class time. She added that we have to wait for the evaluator before she’ll go out from the room. While we were waiting, one of my classmates jokingly said “Ma’am, hatagan jud ka namo ug flat one!” (Since in the evaluation sheet, one is the least score in the scale of 5.) Due to this, Ma’am Red uttered back “I-flat one nya kay ako pud i-fail ang inyong scores ani nga assignment!” Aside from that, she furthered a statement somewhat like “Bantay jud niya mo kay makabalo ra ba ko sa inyong ratings nako kay ako jud lantawon inyong penmanship!” Moreover, she added “Pareha ra biya ta nanginabuhi! Kung nanginahanglan mog dakong grado, ako pud.” See! What she did is most likely blackmailing us, students. She actually used her position as our instructor to control us from the things we want to do. If she is confident that she has been a good teacher to us then she wouldn’t do such thing. She shouldn’t demand us to give her good ratings if she really deserves to have that. For the students who are also in the same case as what I and my classmates had experienced and for those who might soon be experiencing this, you should not let other people control you from doing the right things, even how influential he or she is as long as you know that you’re on the right side. You must not close your eyes if you’ve already seen something worth revealing for. You should not let adhesive tape cover your mouth from revealing what you have seen. If you can’t say SIMPLY 4

of life. At my highest guess, consecutive years ago, people in the Philippines are tired of seeing people in the higher political grounds having their wheelchairs during court trials, dropping their loyalties for the crimes they have committed, and worse, denying their immoralities in spite of the strong evidences.(Shame on them.) Back then, former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos was recorded as having the largest loot from the ‘kaban ng bayan’ in the country’s history. Moreover, ex-presidents like Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo both dented of corruption scandals in their tenures. Meanwhile, as of the press time, the news report stated the National Bureau of Investigation’s filing of charges of P10billion Pork scam against 38 people has been on. And if the NBI charge page is accurate and factual, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, Sen. Bong Revilla, and former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, will be subjects for probe for possible plunder of no less than two hundred-seventy million each.(Amounts varied based on the reports though.)According to the NBI and the Department of Justice, the three senators are topping the chart of the agency,and if proven, they would be part on the shameful food chain of government officials, and they would surely gain profit from the misappropriation, conversion,and misuse of their Priority Development Assistance Fund, or PDAF. Aside from the big three, three other congressmen are accused of lesser crimes amounting to less than P50-million threshold for plunder. While added on the lists are the presidents of NGOs, lawmakers,chiefs of staff and representatives, heads and officials of implementing agencies. I don’t have to wonder why history repeats itself upon seeing these people.People who were not able to control their greed for money.Results?They have decayed and contaminated some good public servants,I mean their colleagues who deserved our salute OF PORK 4

Vol.XXXI Issue No. 7 & 8

They could be your ordinary co-Norsunian schoolmates that you happen to bump with inside the university premises. But once they wear their clothing with fashion they could start to transform themselves into no average students. The way they wear clothes with a beaming expression of individualism singling out charisma is just way above mediocrity. Wearing plain clothing for them is simply not enough; thus, giving out the cue to turn themselves into undeniably compelling outfitters – Fashionistas. Yes, they are your ordinary schoolmates, classmates, or even just your friends. But what singled them out from the norms is how they carry themselves before the people surrounding them and how they express themselves as individuals flaunting with the gists of simple yet exquisite clothing that is expressed on the way they dress themselves every day. However, their freedom of expression through clothing is confronted. Our university is not as liberated as the others are. We are not allowed to wear short-sleeved tops and short shorts. We are not even allowed to get inside the campus if we wear slippers. Yes, your thinking is right, we are guided by dress codes, and if we do not follow it and are caught by security guards, we are given warnings or even suspensions. But how could these people managed to stay Fashionistas despite of the directives of the university? How could these people bring out the best in their characters through clothingswhen in fact they are studying in a conservative school like ours? As I roam around the vicinity of the campus, I spotted several students unique in their own way who still managed to flaunt their fashion style without violating rules of the school. They caught my attention as they walk on the building hallways with their confident stature and clothing style. They are those people who remained “Fashionistas” despite the ala convento dress codes implemented in the university. So allow me to present to you the tagged spotted Fashionistas for this school year: Name: Jean Ivan G. Ageas Age: 18 Course: BS Geology- II What is fashion for you? : “Fashion is when you get dressed up in a way where you are comfortable with. Fashion defines who you are” Jean Ivan is such a petite woman who will really qualify the famous “Asia’s Next Top Model: Season 2” if she desires to apply for it. She got it all. She has a model-like body that suits her feminine strides as she takes her careful steps going to her major classes in the fourth floor of Science and Technology Building. You would not believe it, the course she takes is the complete contrast of her demure personality—BS Geology. This bachelor course is stereotyped as a profession specialized in “dirty science” that suits only to those that fears nothing. But it doesn’t matter

Time will heal everything, but it can’t keep the memories from the past away. It was year 2002. My mother left us in gloom when she needed to go to Dubai in a desperate hope to escape from monetary adversaries. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t accompanying her. She was being maltreated by her ruthless employer. But she remained strong for our family. However, the time has come when the direction of her fate changed. It didn’t take long when she was laid off by her employer. It was because of a single cut on her right thumb. She got it when she accidentally touched a broken glass while she was washing dishes. But that cut was left unhealed. Afraid that it was a grave wound, her employer sent her back here in the Philippines. Two years have passed, and my mom went abroad again.

September 1—13, 2013


to her because she is capable to be a tiger even though she looks like a lamb. And even though she will be a Geologist sooner, she will still not lose her fashion sense because for her, being fashionable is only how she wears outfits that make her comfortable. Name: Eillen Dawn R. Colina Age: 18 Course: Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management - II What is fashion for you? : “Fashion is dressing well and having a dear understanding of what is comfortable styling in elegant attire during an appropriate occasion” Now a sophomore student, Eillen never fails to go to the university not “in her best style.” Well, the course she takes just coincides with her fashion sense at all. As a BS HM student, you are really trained to be presentable all the time for you will be dealing with different people. However, it is effortless for Eillen to do since she never fails to display her appealing outlook through her vibrant clothings.This lass wears her clothes in a way that would only make her comfortable, but not really in a provocative manner especially when going to school. Because for her, you only need to wear the clothes that are suitable on certain occasions that you will be attending. In going to school, Eillen grabs attention as she wears hanging clothes that are luminous in shades and pairs it with high cut shoes that would surely make her fashion statement distinct from others. Name: Syrah Mae V. Merto Age: 17 Course: Bachelor in Elementary Education - II What is fashion for you: “Fashion is not only expressed through the dresses you wear; it has also

something to do with how you flaunt it to the public to showcase who you really are, in an elegant but modest manner” Syrah is an aspiring educator for the future generations. And maybe someday, we can coin her as a “fashionista educator” because she shows signs of being fashionista even during her early college years. When not wearing her college uniform, Syrah makes her own vogue by wearing neon-colored outfits that will make your eyes stunned. Not only that it could attract people, she also wears those because it emanates her bright personality—jolly and optimistic. Name: Albert Ryan E. Gabriel Age: 19 Course: Bachelor of Arts in General Curriculum What is fashion for you: “Fashion is everybody’s best friend. Without it, how can we attract people?” This chinito gentleman is Albert. You can usually see him strolling inside the campus wearing colored jeans matched with pallid-colored polo shirts in a pair of popular branded shoes. He surely is a Fashionista lad just by the looks of his everyday clothing. The way he dresses

This time, she was in Hong Kong. Thank God she had no problem with her employer. But she was starting to have a problem with her health. She sought for a doctor there, and she was advised to have her right thumb cut. It was said that it was what actually caused her to experience the numbness in her body. She heeded for the advice of the doctor. For once more, she came home again to recover. When my mother returned home again, she wasn’t contented of the result that the doctors in Hong Kong told her. So we accompanied her to the doctor immediately after she arrived in the airport. The result showed that she had a lupus, an illness wherein her white blood cells were more than the red one. So she had once again undergone many medications to treat her illness. After how many months of treatment, we thought that everything was fine already. We thought that she had fully recovered already. However, we were all wrong. It was just an ordinary day when we witnessed her whole body getting paralyzed. We returned to Siaton, Negros Oriental, for it was my parents’ hometown. We knew that my mom’s parents could help us for her treatment. She wanted to know if she had really fully recovered. But instead of a good news, a depressing revelation stumbled upon us. The doctor said that her immune system became weaker because she acquired some sort of virus. He added that it wasn’t a lupus after all that she had. But it was leprosy! We couldn’t comprehend on the news. I gazed at my mother’s reaction and I could see in my mother’s eyes the look of concerned. She was afraid that she would transmit the virus to our family. It could have been easier to surpass this hardship if we were given moral support from the family of both my parents. Sad to hear, it turned out that everyone felt disgusted towards my mother. They showed to us that my mother is such a dirty old hag bringing contagious diseases. There was even one time when my grandmother started to spread gossips to our neighbors that my mother had some tuberculosis. I could feel that we weren’t welcomed by my grandmother. She would even insinuate to us that we were being such a burden. But my mom would just swallow all these taunting and remained silent. Feeling desperate, we went to Siaton Center and asked if they could lend us some free medicines for my mother. Fortunately, the doctor felt pity towards us. He kindheartedly gave us some supply of medicines. The night after that, my mother and I had a heart-to-heart talk. She told me she was starting to lose hope. Her illness had reached

the third stage already. She was telling me some parting words, as if she will be gone anytime soon. I couldn’t help but tears fell down on my cheeks. I couldn’t bare to see the desperate visage of my mother. I don’t either want my mother to fly in Palawan and live with those leprosy-stricken human. I would prefer to have the disease and die together. But we didn’t reach that point. Fortunately, my mother recovered from the contagious disease. I was very much in debt to God for giving my mother another life. Even though my mom has recovered, I won’t deny that I was still daunted by those people who despised my mother just because she acquired some disease that she didn’t even intend to have. I could still recall the time when we were in the hospital and people were shooting glares on us as if we are bringing some deadly virus. Worse, they would obviously stay away from us and sneer behind our backs which we could really hear very well. There was also a moment when we weren’t entertained at all by the nurses on duty. They were supposed to assess my mother in her examination but they were afraid to even come nearer to her. But the happenings that really embarked inside my heart was when my very own grandma didn’t even bother to show her moral support to her daughter. My mother was her very own blood and she didn’t even seem to care. But what it made it worse, she loathed to be with us. Because of that, we couldn’t go back to what we were used to be. It’s really hard in my part to forgive and forget all the things that my grandma did to us. The pain was still there when she repudiated us. I wanted to forgive her, but how could I do such when I couldn’t even forget the memories she left to our family! I know grandma was sorry for her actions. And I could notice that she now does pleasing things to gain back my trust and respect to her. For now, I am trying to forget all the bad things that happened. I am also now trying to establish a harmonious relationship with our family despite the conflicts that happened. And time could only tell when will it be back to normal again. JC is a strong girl who gathers strength from her family and her unrelenting faith with God. Without these, she would have not surpassed all the troubles the world has casted upon her.



Vol.XXXI Issue No. 7 & 8

September 1—13, 2013

In some romance-themed teleseryes, you could easily deduce that a protagonist will soon end up falling for the guy she hates the most. But this story of mine didn’t end up like that! It’s just that I thought of some erroneous views that had complicated the situation. I met a friend named Drew (not his true name). I got acquainted to him because we have the same course enrolled. During the first two semesters of my schooling here in NORSU, I really don’t know who Drew really was. But I had an instinct that he’s just hiding beneath a mask and there’s really more about him. I heard many have admired this guy. And even my friends agreed that this boy has some kind of sex appeal. But for me, I find him no extraordinary guy. For some reason I can’t surmise, my course mates began to tease me with this guy. They said we are a perfect match. I find it really hilarious because there wasn’t really special about Drew. Plus, he has lots of friends that are SIMPLY UNJUST... from page 2

it verbally, The NORSUnian is widely open to welcome your observations and revelations through pen and paper. For Ma’am Red, if you have read this one and realized who I am referring to, I am begging for your forgiveness but I’m telling you that what you have done was wrong. Good thing, the evaluation was postponed and was not pursued because if that happened, you already know how I am going to rate you. If you have comments, suggestions and reactions about this column, just contact me through my email

girls, and he’s been into relationships before. I have a major turn off with guys who had lots of girlfriends, honestly. It really annoyed me when they keep on teasing me with Drew, especially when they see us walking together, making assignments together, or even discussing with the lessons together. But I just let it pass because Drew and I knew that we don’t have special feelings for each other. During the summer of 2013, Drew and I began texting each other almost every night. That was a sort of an improvement to our friendship! During the previous school year, we don’t really text each other. I don’t really have the interest to know him more. But, I think the persistent teasing of my friends with Drew made me want to know what’s really special with this guy. Well I learned a lot about him. Though he doesn’t readily share what he really was, I can smell a strong personality from him. I know what he has undergone in terms of family matters and he was the best example in faking his real feeble personality. And I could reckon that the reason why he keeps on changing his girlfriends because he was actually seeking the affection of a mother. However, I still don’t know why girls, even gays, like him. In the first few weeks of this year’s semester, we still haven’t escaped the infuriating teasing of our classmates. But this time he acted differently. He started joining their teasing. I find it really disgusting! It made me not like him more. Then there were times when I ask him a question about certain matter in a serious mood and he will just reply flirtatiously. Really, I don’t know what’s with this guy! And to make things even now, I also started to join with the teasing of my friends with him. I love to feign emotions so I acted like I’m beginning to like him. But I didn’t know that I will be ensnared with my own disguise. I think I’m truly beginning to like him. I realized it when I acted unusually upon seeing him walking with three beautiful girls, and I believe those were his classmates in one subject. He was acting like a gentleman in front of them, when in fact I know he really isn’t. I acted like I didn’t see him. And I didn’t talk to him the whole morning. During lunch time, I said a half-meant joke to my friends and to him that I got jealous when I saw Drew walking with other girls. Of course, they’re teasing was louder than usual. When I was going home that afternoon, I was asking myself why there was sudden pang when I saw him with other girls. I knew he has lots of flings but I haven’t ever

seen him dating with a girl or whatever term to use. I just let it pass. I told myself that I wasn’t just used to his style of getting attention from girls. But as the days pass, I began to notice more of him. I was starting to be very particular to what he wears, what he does, and what he talks the entire day. I couldn’t understand myself for acting that way. I was also starting to get jealous whenever he talks to other ladies I’m not acquainted with. I hated to admit it but it seems like I became more resentful to the girls he talked with. With that, I don’t go with him anymore for I might do something out of bounds again. I looked for excuses not to go with him. And my perception about him has changed already. I see him as a flirtatious and manipulative devil. Yet, there was still a part of me that wanted him to turn back his attention to me. I was getting insane. I opened my laptop and typed all the reasons why I would never ever like him. I tried to stop myself to like him. But after a few minutes, I found myself looking at his Facebook pictures. Really, I can’t believe I’m falling for this guy. He’s lean-bodied guy wearing a bit lousy jeans, awkward face with pimples and wears an outdated haircut that doesn’t fit his unkempt wavy hair. That’s how I describe him. Yet, many like him. And now, am I one of those starting to admire him? Many friends of mine opined that it might be because I’m in love with him already. With all these strange behaviors I show towards him, no doubt I was starting to like him, they say. But I couldn’t just agree with them. I remained adamant. I pretended that I wasn’t affected. Then one day, I found out that I didn’t have any romantic feelings for him. This isn’t love. I just became too possessive of my friend, of him. This was me before I entered college. I used to get angry with my friends because they found out new friends. And this is now the case with Drew. He was my first college friend so it really hurts me when he had his attention to girls other than me. It just so happened that my close friend this time was a boy so I wrongly associated my inexplicable emotion with a romantic feeling instead. But I knew I must overcome this weird attitude. It might not be an overnight process, but somehow I will manage to pull this through. With God’s help and my concerned real friends. Although very loquacious, Some Weird Girl isn’t really what you think about her. She’s a very ludicrous student of College of Arts and Sciences.

OF PORK SCAM...from page 2

because of their honesty.It is just so upsetting that these intellectuals,whom we looked up and who deserved our trust,were the ones being deceived to take advantage of their privileged position,moreover, pushing down the struggling Filipinos who worked overnights just to have meals on their table. These people have caused the typical taxpayers pay of what they have corrupted.Thus it repeats the inutile story of country`s official corruption.They should note that life is not about earning money or extending their comfort zones at the same time hurting others,but it is more about credibility and integrity. They should value those two latter words.They should understand that

gaining lost trust is as difficult as fixing a broken chicken`s egg.They should be reminded that building a reputation requires a lifetime and losing it only requires a matter of seconds. How about the public?Trust versus mistrust?I think that would be a big deal that everyone has been facing by the time the controversy has occurred.No other way but the power of our prayers can do better out from the situation.Asking God for just trial and good judgement to the concerns should be mouthed in our devotions.Leaders need our prayers.Let us include them in our knees. How about PNoy`s? Fighting against official corruption is very tough. Nonetheless, it is a good start,

with so many government officials being charged with irregularities in their official functions. I, myself, would personally commend the President Aquino’s administration for fulfilling the promise to file charges against those caught up in the PDAF scam. But seeing the bigger picture let me take off my hat to the concerned Filipino citizens, whose united cries at the scandal radically forced the hand of Malacañang not only to announce the abolition of the PDAF in following budgets, but also to get Napoles and the likes into supervision. This time, I expect that the dishonest officials will no longer be satisfying from the fruits of their corrupt

practices and that the administration will continue to labor for the anti-corruption fight. PNoy should continue to show that the government is pro-justice and pro-life by making further peace treaties, as long as the situation permits. If not, an all-out-war should be observed by the government against those barbarians and peace distractors. I look forward the admin will gain more public trust from the former sundry and cynical authority to a fair and a Godly governance. God bless the Philippines! For comments email the writer at him on twitter @RujCariaga.You can visit his blog at thegenteelparadigm.blogspot. com for more updates.

SGDC – I VP, TN EIC join reg’l public consultation on SK By Ariel B. Dizon

On resolution. Student Council Presidents, student Publication Editors-in-Chief, Local Government Units in Region 7, Non-Government Organizations, SK officials, tertiary and secondary level educators, and media men discussed the recent developments of the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) during the Regional Public Consultation in Eco-tech, Lahug, Cebu City on August 27. (Photo by Jessie P. Dolia)

STUDENT GOVERNMENT OF Dumaguete City – I (SGDC – I) Vice President Jay Miralles and The NORSUnian Editor-in-Chief (TN EIC) Jessie Dolia attended the Regional Public Consultation on Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) forum in Ecotech Pavilion, Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City, August 27. Gathering and soliciting the youths’ voices on the alleged issues concerning the recent development of SK, Meralles and Dolia participated in a regional public consultation to share views and stands regarding the current stature of SK. It seeks to resolve whether to adapt new reformation in its system or to abolish the SK in the country. In an interview with TN, Dolia said the forum was a significant avenue for young people like him who are leaders in their respective places since it channels greater advocacy on youth leadership, public involvement and local governance. He said, the event provided a participatory mechanism to elicit regionspecific views and generate broadlybased consensus on categorical support or opposition of the participants to SK

reformation and abolition and the decision on the pursuance of the October 2013 SK election. The editor-in-chief furthered he was delighted to represent NORSU in the said public consultation since they had their time to defend the continuation and pursuance of youths’ leadership in local governance through the SK. He said, “the youths are given wide perspective in decision-making and leadership.” Moreover, Miralles supported Dolia’s claim saying, “we were given the chance to be heard and to be part of the decisionmaking regarding the issues on SK…our sentiments and concerns were documented.” He said during the forum, they were divided into two groups: the reform group and the abolition group. He shared most of them [participants] joined in the reform side which favors on the continuation of SK but in a reformed administration. Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)–Region VII initiated the said event pursuant to the directives of President Aquino, which is aimed consolidate the voice of the youths throughout the country. It was designed to tackle two issues SGDC – I VP, TN... page 6

September 1—13, 2013

Vol.XXXI Issue No. 7 & 8


4 NORSU offices collaborate with PNRC for bloodletting, typing By Niña Marie T. Pino

FOUR OFFICES OF Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) have collaborated with the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) during the voluntary blood donation and free blood typing activity held at the university mini-hospital, August 30. The Federation of Student Governments (FSG), League of Student Organizations (LSO), University Clinic and Student Affairs Office (SAO) are the four offices that worked hand-in-hand with PNRC in the conduct of blood typing and bloodletting activities. FSG President Norelyn Ta l o r e t e s a i d s h e w a s h a p p y for the successful conduct of the activities. She said, “it was financially supported by the University Clinic as what we have planned before the event.” She said there were 138

students who undergone blood typing and 13 students voluntarily donated blood to PNRC. As a reward, LSO President Vince Anthony Villanueva said the LSO will give 2000 points t o t h e o rg a n i z a t i o n o f t h o s e students who donated blood. Sophomore Education student, Genelyn Aparado, said she enjoyed the free blood typing test. “Okay kaayo siya nga activity kay mahibaw-an jud nako akong blood type so in case nga in need ug blood, makadonate ko especially if family nako ang manginahanglan,”she said. Third year Criminology student, Jerome Dela Cerna Jr. said, “my purpose is to save lives, then naa man guy gaingon nako nga mahugaw ang atong blood if i-store ra nato so better if ipagawas nato, ug para pud maka avail sa 2000 points nga ihatag sa LSO [for the organizations].”


Saving lives: Volunteers from the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) take blood sample of two Norsunians for bloodletting and typing activities during the voluntary blood donation and free blood typing activities held at the university mini-hospital on August 30. (Photo by Kendrex B.Pael)

New FUPTA officers elected; constitution, by-laws revised By Meljean F.dela Peña

THE NEGROS ORIENTAL State University-Federation of University Parents – Teachers Association (NORSU-FUPTA) elected its new set of officers and revised its Constitution and By-Laws during its first general assembly for school year 2013-2014. FUPTA Constitutional Amendments Committee Chairperson Eduardo Iso spearheaded the election, amendments and revisions of the Constitution and By-Laws at the university sports and cultural gym on August 14. The new FUPTA officers are Mr. Manolito Gantalao, FUPTA president and Mr. Carlos Batalan is elected new vice president while Mrs. Zarah Venzuelo and Mr. Edward Maglucot are newly elected secretary and assistant secretary, respectively. Moreover, Mrs. Gina Salas is the new treasurer and Mrs. Nity Fernandez is her assistant. Mr Julio Ventolero is elected new auditor while Ryan Tayco is the new Chief Information Officer. The newly elected Board of Directors (BOD) parents are Mr. Carlos Tabanao, Mrs. Susie Villaluz, Mr. Alan Navaja, Mrs. Bethzaida Paalam and Mr. Peter Caluscusan. Mr. Herminio Tinguban, Mr. Ildefe Villanueva, Mrs. Agueda Castillo, Engr. Marinela Bansuela, Mrs. Mari Sue Cual and Mr. Rico Tamparong were the newly elected NORSU-Faculty BOD. The Revision Part of the revisions that were

adopted include Article 3, Section 4 that states that there shall be a unicameral body which shall be called the Governing Council which will oversee the executive and legislative functions of the Association. Article 3, Section 5 that states that the Council must composed of duly elected officers, Members of the Board, incumbent University President as Adviser, the ex-officio officers which include the immediate past university President NORSU-FUPTA of MC 1&2, the immediate past University President of the NORSU System, designated deans and office directors were also included in the revision. Moreover, Article 8, Section 8 that says that any officer who underwent investigation and is proven guilty will not be eligible for appointment as member to any committee or election to any office/position in the Council. Section nine that states that all exofficio officers are not qualified to be elected to any position in the Council; Article 9, Section 2 (H) stating that a copy of the decision shall be furnished to the concerned officers and Article 10, Section 2that states that regular meetings will be held every second Thursday of every month were also revised. These revisions of the FUPTA Constitution and By-Laws were made to render better services towards the school and the community. The parents, NORSU faculty members and staffs attended the first FUPTA general meeting for this school year.

and the way he brings himself to the crowd is just so great that it adds to his “pogi points”, never mind the charming smile. He is really successful in attracting people because of his fashion sense. That is it. They are just few of the many Norsunian Fashionistas who are spotted for this issue. Like others, they have their own choice and freedom on what clothes to wear, on what colors to pick and what footwear to use in order to complement the style they wanted. Yet, always remember that we are still under the roof of the university so we need to be careful on the style we use for we might be against the laws abiding the way a university student should dress. Nevertheless, we can still unleash the creativity of us without compromising the standards set by the university in the way people know us best.

CEd initiates SMP By Rujonel F. Cariaga and Lifeel Gleedz G. Raga

THE NEGROS ORIENTAL State University-College of Education (NORSU-CEd) has initiated the Student Mentoring Program (SMP) this year for students enrolled in the College of Education. This will enhance the talents and skills of the students that are necessary in the teaching profession. SMP is a student-based activity wherein the fourth and third year students take full responsibility of the second and first year students. Fourth year students will mentor the second year students while the third year students handle the first year students. In an official letter given to The NORSUnian (TN), the students included in the program are expected to develop leadership skills, sense of responsibility, stronger bonding and better academic performance after every evaluation. The mentees are also expected to get acquainted with different people in the university. The mentors, on the other hand, shall teach the mentees with proper values appropriate for teaching careers. They shall guide mentees to the path away from vices and immoral acts. They shall help them in

their difficult subjects and eventually help them accomplish academic requirements. “They will act as mentors and models in all aspects of the social, academic and moral life of students,” said Dr. Libertine de Guzman, CEd dean. “This is to empower students and harness their skills in taking responsibility to lead and guide lower class men, help and orient them adjust to college life and enhance capabilities of both mentors and mentees ,socially academically and morally,” de Guzman added. The program will be evaluated through a periodic evaluation. The mentor, the mentee, the year level advisers, the CED faculty and the dean will be the ones who will evaluate the said program. “They were already given respective assignments and there are papers they should comply,” the dean disclosed. Freshman education student, Fe Edsa Mae Salvado, said, “the mentoring helped me on how to enhance my skills. I enjoyed learning things and discovering awesome strategies and tactics.” “Makatabang siya kay mura man ug give and take man mi ug knowledge. Makatun ko niya ug makat-un pud siya nako,” said Jacel Patula, an education student.

LSO HOSTS ACADEMIC... from page 1

Psychology Society received the Best Gimik award and Hospitality Management Society (HMS) obtained the Best Set-up award. Villanueva said the winners and minor awardees will be rewarded with extra points. He hopes this practice of the LSO will be continued by the next officers for the years to come. Federation of Student Governments President Norelyn Talorete, LSO President Villanueva, and Student Affairs Office Director Giovanni Macahig, judged the display of innovations of the different participating organizations in the exhibit.

Junior Special Education student Cecille Anadon, said, “daghan kaayong pakulo ang ubang mga exhibit pero ang uban gamika rapud. But overall, it was really a nice activity.” Angeline Quahao, a Tourism student said, “talented jud ang mga Norsunians kay bisan ug gamay ra ang allotted time nga gihatag, nahuman jud nila ang ilang exhibit ug design. They did their best. Successful kaayo ang exhibit. I hope nga magpadayon ang in-aning activity.”

Read me! Some education students read their names on the bulletin boards for the CED Mentoring Program. (Photo by Arlyn Sarita)

September 1—13, 2013

Vol.XXXI Issue No. 7 & 8


LSO registers 87 student orgs By Mary Grace G. Bornales

BOOSTING CONFIDENCE AND generating students’ participation is the Negros Oriental State University – League of Student Organizations (NORSU-LSO) that registered 87 student organizations this year, a figure higher than the previous school year’s 62. L S O P r e s i d e n t Vi n c e A n t h o n y Villanueva made this confirmation during the interview with The NORSUnian (TN) on August 30. He said 25 student organizations that were not officially registered last year were added to this year’s 62 registered student organizations. The LSO president said the reason of the increase was due to the considerable number of accreditation scheduled this year. He said those categorized as academic composed most of the new registered student orgs. “For academic organizations, one area in the accreditation is ‘support to student’, so the deans and department heads encourage their students to organize an organization for their respective courses,” he said. Villanueva noted there are a number of requirements a student organization must satisfy before it can officially register. He said the submission of the constitution and bylaws, the painting of mural, a registration fee of P500 and the submission of plan of activities form part in the requirement process. Ariel Nico Villariaza, president of newly registered Junior Philippine Pharmacist

For registration. Org members work hand-in-hand in painting their mural as one of the requirements needed for League of Student Organizations (LSO) registration. (Photo by: Kendrex B. Pael)

Association (JPPhA) said he was happy after hearing the notable increase in the registered student organizations. “It shows that students are as active as ants in their anthill. Like the JPPhA where I serve, we too are new and this is our way of increasing our girth of interests,” he said. Geology Student Society member,

MC II is overall Intrams ’13 champ By Kimberly Rose E. Lumaya, Dayanara Villalon and Sheila Mae Guad

THE COMBINED FORCES of the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) and College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF) has made the Negros Oriental State University-Main Campus II (NORSUMC II) the overall champion during the university’s Intramural activity on September 2-6. Based on the results tallied by the Sports and Athletics Department, the MC II team garnered a total of 128 points besting all other participating teams. MC II championed in volleyball (women), table tennis (men), sepak takraw (men) and chess (men). Moreover, MC II emerged second place in arnis (men), baseball (men), badminton (men), swimming (men), softball (women), table tennis (women), lawn tennis (women), chess (women) and taekwondo (men and women) and ranked third in basketball (men), lawn tennis (men), athletics (men) and badminton (women). CEA Governor Janethriz Aso said the merging of CEA and CAF was very helpful since MC II brought home several titles in different games making them the overall champion. She said she is delighted of the results in the intramural gaming. The merging of colleges According to Aso, the merging of the two colleges is made possible due to the agreement of the deans considering the small population of MC II that accumulates a small budget for the Intramurals. “Kung gamay ang population sa

college gamay ra man pud ang budget,” she said. On the other hand, CAF Governor Kreste Pearl Imbong opined the merging of the colleges was due to the fact that MC II is somehow considered an external campus. Other winners The newly installed College of Business Administration (CBA) that is now composed of the former College of Business and Accountancy and College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (CTHM), grabbed the second overall champion in this year’s intramural garnering a total of 120 points while the College of Criminal Justice (CCJE) got the third place having a total of 107 points. CBA Dean Benjamin Villagonzalo, said intrams 2013 served as venue for both competitive power houses to be able to work and team-up as one, especially in sports. Villagonzalo said he is thankful to the students, and faculty-coaches that really worked hard in managing the entire activity. Sought for his reaction, Sports and Athletics Department Director Robeleo Padernal said he is grateful of the turnouts of the event. “The students are so enthusiastic despite the lack of money for the preparation of the intramural and also the uncertainties of the event,” Padernal said. There were seven competing teams in this year’s Intramural activity. These were the CBA, CCJE, College of Education (CED), College of Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences (CNDPAHS), College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and College of Industrial Technology (CIT) and MC II (CEA and CAF).

Break James Bation, said the growth in the number of registered student organizations is because of the student’s enthusiasm to engage in different activities. The registered student organizations are divided into four categories which are academic, special interest, fraternity and sorority and religious organizations.

DEPED LAUNCHES PA,... from page 1

Moreover, Uytico encourages the teachers to take good care of their students since this can help them prevent from dropping out. He added the community must also take good care of these students since they will become problems of the city if not being helped. “Kaning mga nanulod na sa atong tunghaan ato gyud ni silang tabangan,” he said. In a related development, the superintendent said he is thankful to NORSU for the assistance and support to the Project Agakay even if the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is yet to be signed. “Ang naka nindot sa NORSU, wala pa gali MOA, nag sugod na ug tabang. Bilib ko’s NORSU sa pag-partner pag-implementar ani nga proyekto,” he said. Uytico extended his gratitude to University President Don Vicente C. Real and the rest of NORSU faculty members who attended the said event. He said this was a manifestation that the university is willing to help DepEd in realizing its projects. Meanwhile, Sugilanon sa Kahanginan is another initiative of the DepEdDumaguete City Division which is “a storytelling on air.” It seeks to support the implementation of Mother Tongue Based Multi Lingual Education (MTB-MLE) that helps enhance the K to 12 Curriculum of the DepEd. CAS Dean Dr. Fe Violeta Taring, Dr. Ma. Elsa Ilona Bulado, Dr. Michael P. Baldado, Dr. Craig N. Refugio, DepEd teachers, some NORSU faculty, NORSU Mathematics and Education students, elementary and high school students graced the said activity. It was held at the Dumaguete Ciy High School on September 19.

Dumalag receives SUCNAAI lifetime achievement award By Richel Mae F. Dennison

THE DEAN OF the College of Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences (CNDPAHS) Dr. Dalisay Dumalag received the 2013 Silliman University College of Nursing Alumni Association International (SUCNAAI) lifetime achievement award at Hotel Essencia, August 20. The SUCNAAI lifetime achievement award is given to alumnus/alumna of Silliman University`s College of Nursing (SUCN) who has brought distinction to the college through professional and community involvement every two years. This is in line with the 112 th Founders Day celebration of Silliman University. Dr. Dumalag is the sole awardee in the field for this year. She told The NORSUnian (TN) she is glad to be given such distinction. “After many years of my teaching somebody has finally acknowledged it,” she said. The dean said, “they [awarding committee] maybe have seen what I am doing in a form of service in Nursing field.”

Looking back Asked about why she was chosen for the said award, Dumalag said she has served Silliman University for quite a long time and had been an active member of several committees i n S i l l i m a n U n i v e r s i t y ’s n u r s i n g department. To note, Dumalag served as Dean of the SUCN way back in 1984. After few years, she became Vice President for Academic Affairs of the same university. Aside from being the dean of CNDPAHS since 2008, she is also the chairperson of the Nursing Department. Students commend P i n k y M o n t e s o r, a s e c o n d y e a r Associate in Medical-Dental-Nursing Assistant (AMDNA) student said, “proud kaayo ko ni ma’am Dumalag. I’m happy for her kay na achieve niya to nga award, and deserving pud siya.” Another AMDNA student, Recyl Facturan congratulated the dean for receiving the lifetime achievement award. Facturan said Dumalag is very approachable and helpful in their problems.

SGDC – I VP, TN... from page 4

raised regarding the effectiveness of SK: the institution of reforms to the SK structure and delivery system and the abolition of SK in the local government of the country. Student council presidents, student

publication editors-in-chief, Local Government Unit in Region 7, NonGovernment Organizations, SK officials, tertiary and secondary level educators, and media men participated in the regional public consultation.

The NORSUnian 7th & 8th Issues  

School Year 2013-2014