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June 17-21; 24-28, 2013

Vol.XXXI Issue No. 2 & 3

NORSUinks MOAwith 3 NGOs By Rujonel F. Cariaga and Shenmae S. Sojor

DEVELOPING FOR SOCIAL extension and international linkages, Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) President Don Vicente C. Real led a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing with three Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as this year`s partners, June 11. The three NGOs are the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Bahaginan, Gawad Kalinga (GK), and Saceda Youth Lead (SYL). Dr. Libertine de Guzman, dean of the College of Education, who served as the initiator of the MOA signing, said the event is a call for professional involvement for all fulltime instructors of the university in the fields of social welfare and extension programs. The dean also encouraged other professionals from the NORSU community who have been working three years in their field to join Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). In their website, VSO, an international development charity that works through volunteers living and working equal with local partners, aspires to bring people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action, and change lives to make the world a fairer place for all. Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, a Philippine-based poverty alleviation and nation-building movement, has launched the Isang Milyong Bayani program, where volunteers from

NORSU strengthens academic programs via AACCUP Accreditation

For additional accreditation points! Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) President Don Vicente Real leads the signing of the memorandum of agreement (MOA) in partnership with non-government organizations (NGOs). (Photo by: Kendrex B. Pael)

various nations would donate 4 hours of work per month to assist in GK communities. Other programs included in their range are the Child and Youth Development, Community Building, Green Kalinga, Bayan-Anihan, GK Kalusugan Community Infrastructure, and Center for Social Innovation. Meanwhile, Saceda Youth Lead aims to gather teachers, student leaders, NGO


Construction work stops

workers and leadership practitioners from all over the Philippines and ASEAN to purposely identify societal issues and challenges that affect basic education. NORSU Vice President for Research and International Linkages Bernadette Tan, some college deans, directors, teachers, and selected student leaders were also present in the MOA signing hosted by the College of Education.

IN ITS VISION to deliver quality instruction that meets the requirements of the Philippine Higher Education Roadmap, Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) welcomes accreditors of the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) to evaluate the quality standards of eight academic programs of Main Campus I, first week of July. The eight progrmas are the Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Industrial Technology, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Technological Education, Hotel and Restaurant Management as well as the Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and Mass Communication. The eight NORSU programs are e v a l u a t e d o n t h e a r e a s o f Vi s i o n , Mission, Goals and Objectives; Faculty; Curriculum and Instruction; Students; Research; Extension and Community Development; Library; Physical Plant and Facilities; Laboratories; and Administration.

Norsunians complain water filters unchanged By the NORSU-IPO

By Jirah Kim R. Quinamot

Do something! The construction of the new FUPTA office temporarily stops resulting to some Norsunians spending their ‘siestas’ in the unfinished building. (Photo by: Marve G. Fabela) By Leonil G. Dayado, John R. Rio and Kendrex B. Pael

The NORSU --Federation of University Parents Teachers Association (NORSU-FUPTA) has temporarily stopped the construction of the estimated P6 million three-storey building due to insufficient funds. FUPTA Budget Officer Elsa Curaming said the initial P1 million budget for the construction was already consumed for the skeletal structure of the building alone. The said building is located at the previous green house area near the university open court. “Actually the (initial) budget of the building is not enough to finish the project. We still have to decide with the board if we can use the fund to finish it,” she said.

When asked about the project’s resumption, Curaming said they cannot specify the exact date yet since they are still waiting for the FUPTA board meeting in July to come up with a final decision. However, she hopes they could finish the project on or before their [FUPTA officers] terms of office end of November this year. As of the press time, Curaming said they are trying to finish at least the ground floor of the building using the accumulated savings of their office. Norsunians commented Rodrigo Fortin, a senior Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student, said the FUPTA personnel should have installed sign boards or warning


SOME STUDENTS OF Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) complained about the unchanged water filters of the drinking fountains installed all at the premises of the university. A group of education students questions the safety of the water from the drinking fountains since its filters are not changed yet. They said they are afraid to get infected with some waterborne diseases. Senior nursing students Jovernie Abing and Freyll Bendijo said there is a big possibility wherein students may acquire waterborne diseases. “Daghang diseases related to water, especially that it is rainy season,” they said. Business student May Flor Quinicot said “Kinahanglan ilisdan ang filters as soon as possible because there is a probability nga nay magka sakit ug tiyan.” Mark Labuay, a sophomore Hospitality Management student said he is threatened because the water might be contaminated even though the filters are changed after every three years. “Naa juy posibilidad nga naay mag kasakit kay wala giilisan ang filters,” he said. To shed light on the issue, university nurse Alexander Sibala said there is nothing to worry about since the said drinking fountains provide safe and potable water. However, if the students doubt the water’s cleanliness

No worries. One student drinks water from an installed drinking fountain in the open court. (Photo by: Kendrex B. Pael)

and purity, he advised them to bring their bottled water. Yuson explains the delay Former Federation of Student Governments (FSG) President Kathleen Jeane Yuson said the

reinstallation of the water filters was delayed after the alleged Kooler Industries [responsible company] failed to communicate the student government. Yuson said she has already followed-up the said company to fix NORSUNIANS COMPLAIN page 3


Vol.XXXI Issue No. 2 & 3

June 17-21; 24-28, 2013

Not too late! “Every day is research day, accreditation day, and quality service day,” thus is the guiding principle of the university to target by the year 2016. Hence, each one, as expected by the university president, should work stiffer to meet the standardization as set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Recently, our university president signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) about a partnership of NORSU with three Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). These NGOs are Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Bahaginan, Gawad Kalinga (GK), and Saceda Youth Lead (SYL). It will work as partners of NORSU for the whole year. The Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is a nongovernment organization that allows people to impart their skills, build capabilities, and promote international understanding and action towards changing the world into a fairer place for all. On the other hand, Gawad Kalinga (GK) Community Development Foundation is a Philippine-based poverty alleviation and nation-building movement. GK was able to launch the Isang Milyong Bayani program wherein volunteers from different countries donate 4 hours of their work per month in order to assist in some community-based activities. GK also offers programs including Child and Youth Development, Community Building, Green Kalinga, Bayan-Anihan, GK Kalusugan Community Infrastructure and Center for Social Innovation. Completing the three new partners of NORSU is the Saceda Youth Lead (SYL), which gathers teachers, student leaders, NGO workers, and leadership practitioners from all over the Philippines and the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN). SYL aims to identify and discuss the societal issues and challenges that affect basic education in the country. Indeed, we commend this development! These NGOs will truly help shape and improve the image of the university. The professional involvement of teachers and students in an international arena will bring branded professional experiences, which are helpful for a gainful collaboration. Secondly, this will boost the confidence of all Norsunians to serve as volunteers for an international linkage. Lastly, the partnership will bring the university’s social welfare and external relations to a higher ground of perspectives, thus supporting the area number six of the accreditation requirements, which is the extension and community involvement. As of the press time, Negros Oriental State University is considered a low performing school in the eyes of the people due to the several programs of the university that were recently downgraded by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities (AACUP). In fact, those programs that were downgraded to a certain level must substantially attain the level of excellence-level 4, by the year 2016; otherwise, they will be subjected to a possible closure.

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Blue Moon When we talk about the administrative officials in Negros Oriental State University (NORSU), we are more or less talking about those people who are responsible, respectful, and cool—those people who accommodate the students’ need-their academic needs to be more specific. At a mindful glance, we can see that NORSU has attracted many people.This is perhaps the reason why many of the students from the Visayas and Mindanao regions chose to study in the university to accomplish their academic goals and journey—a humble reason why NORSU came into existence. In fact, when I first stepped in the grounds of this university, I can barely recall there was an instance wherein these people fail to perform their tasks and functions. With this, I thank and

Heat and Spurs It was an ordinary night. The newly released fiction book has occupied my eyesight. Suddenly, my phone sounded with various text messages saying “NORSU will not hold classes tomorrow…”It was a jubilee. It was a big WOW! I didn`t have to spend my drained eyes on my laptop`s screen anymore just to read articles for my art class researches. I almost believed. Then, I swiped down the text message, “… oh it`s game seven, no class!” A joke? Yikes! I burst with laughter. Most Filipinos’ routines have stopped just to watch the hard court actions inside NBA finals. Yes, I am an avid fan of the two teams, and I had thought ‘Spurs or Heat?’ Well, it is not only between James and Duncan, not only between Wade and Parker but also between the half-Pinoy coach and the other. Surely, with win or lose status, both teams will be remembered. Personally, I am not a great LeBron fan, but I like his shoes. He is, no less like Mayweather, I mean his attitude. But somehow as a person, anyways, he deserved my respect as to his courage; his perspective about life and his diligence to attain success are concerned. Like Heat and Spurs’ Game 7, the life of this next-man was a series of jam-packed actions. His

congratulate them for improving the standards of the student services. We also commend them since they have encouraged several Norsunians attain better educational qualifications. I am confident we can obtain the academic qualifications we desire because these people really initiated a way in making everything possible. They made some twists that boosted the confidence of the faculty members and the students do better at their studies. However, it seems frustrating that in just a few years of development, these people have suddenly changed to the outraged. They have started to make themselves unavailable most of the time that every time students ask for their help, they cannot provide it. It appears that as the university grows older, new high breeds of undeserving people are strewn in its fertile soil. Moreover, it is quite alarming that the change of the administration has also changed the attitudes of the administrative people, which have abruptly resulted to a-not-so-good student services. Some of these officials become lazy. They just sit down behind those unnoticeable corners in their respective offices; others become ‘monsters’ because of the promotion or designation they received from the president. Several of them become very strict to the extent of putting other people’s work in total jeopardy. BLUE MOON page 8

story, his struggles and his contributions have said something. More so, as youth`s inspiration if and only if it will be valued. With his 89 years of existence in this world, I think he has done his part towards Filipino service." Juan Ponce Enrile: A Memoir,” his autobiographical book, was published by the ABSCBN with President Noynoy as guest of honor during the book`s launching. If there's an immaculate time for him to influence people to altogether change their mind about him, the word is now. Before attaining zenith, ‘out of wedlock’ and poverty had to be his birth grounds. He had to leave his hometown in Cagayan .A servant of his mother`s relative while studying until World War II broke out. He was a guerilla as a young man, he was imprisoned, tortured but has escaped from the Japanese. After the war, he met his father-that time`s Philippines` noted lawyer. From his christened name Juanito Furagganan to Juan Ponce Enrile, was a privilege he counted from Don Alfonso. He graduated cum laude both in Ateneo de Manila and in UP Law Class in 1953, 11th placer in the Bar Examinations and earned a Master of Laws at Harvard University. Upon returning to the Philippines, he joined his father`s Law Firm. He has never lost a case. He is the former Undersecretary of Finance (1966), Secretary of Justice (1968-70) and National Defense Minister (1970-86). Amid the long-drawn-out crisis that gripped the country over the assassination of Sen. Ninoy, he withdrew his support from the Marcos tenure and be one of those who activated the EDSA Revolution, modeling a subsequent bloodless revolts in the world. The legislative landmark such as the tax exemption of all allowances and benefits granted to public school teachers, including those in state colleges and universities from income tax, was one of his notable works and battlecries. HEAT AND page 3

Vol. XXXI Issue No. 2 & 3

June 17-21; 24-28, 2013


DFA Secretary discusses PFP By Jirah Kim R. Quinamot and Mary Cherry S. Sanchez

DEPARTMENT OF Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Albert F. Del Rosario discussed the Philippine Foreign Policy (PFP) during the first convocation ceremony of Silliman University for school year 2013-2014 at Luce Auditorium on June 18. The secretary talked about national security, attainment of economic security and protection of the rights and promotion

of the welfare and interest of Filipinos overseas. Del Rosario said DFA plays a vital role in promoting the country’s diplomatic external relations with foreign investors and ambassadors. He said this development has created a sound partnership among all other countries. The DFA serves as mediators between national land disputes including Spratly Islands, Scarborough Shoal, Sabah and etc. He said they at DFA also ensure the safety of the OFWs in Syria

and other parts of the Middle East where chaos is prevalent. With this development, Del Rosario said his office is planning to increase its efficiency and effectivity by removing some of the Philippine embassies that are not functioning and serving the country well. Senior Mass Communication student Lurelie Villafuerte said the responsibilities DFA handles are worth commending. She said the talk encourages her to do better as future media practitioner.

Another senior Mass Comm student, Jazzie Ocao said, “Because of the talk of the secretary, I have learned how important the role of DFA is in the success of the country.” Outgoing first district Congresswoman Josy Limkaichong, second district Congressman George Arnaiz, third district congressman Henry “Pryde” Teves, Dumaguete City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria, the SU Board of Trustees members, some DFA staff, some students

of SU, St. Paul University– Dumaguete, Negros Oriental State University ( N O R S U ) , Foundation University (FU) and Maxino College attended the said convocation.

Albert F. Del Rosario

2 NORSU profs rank NORSU Registrar launches 1st on FCA-NMRC Student Web Portal By Arean Fel E. Dorio

TWO PROFESSORS OF Negros Oriental State University ranked first in Floro Crisologo Awards (FCA) during the National Multidisciplinary Research Conference (NMRC) at Vigan Convention Center, Ilocos Sur on May 22-24. The awardees are Physics and Geology Department Head Eduardo Iso and Geology Student Society Adviser Agueda Castillo. Iso and Castillo were also named “Best in Oral Presentation.” Iso presented his research paper entitled: “The University Students’ Understanding on The Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy: A preliminary Investigation” under education category. Castillo, on the other hand, presented her research paper entitled “Carbon Footprint of NORSU-Main Campus I” under the Science & Technology, Energy & Industry and Math category. Castillo shares she is happy about the result especially that it is the first time NORSU won first place in the said annual conference. Meanwhile, Math department head Michael Baldado ranked second under the Science & Technology, Energy & Industry and Math category while Andrea Flores and Ma. Sarah Fatima Valencia of NORSU Bayawan

and Bais campuses, respectively ranked third under the education category. Moreover, Charlene Cañete (Food Security, Agri Productions and Environment) and Felisa Trayvilla and Delilah Ablong (Education) placed fourth. Lastly, Bernadette Tan (Food Security, Agri Productions and Environment ) and Libertine de Guzman and Magdalena Sabando and Charlita Yap, obtained the fifth spot under the Education category. Vice President for Research, Extension, and International Linkages Bernadette Tan said these researchers’ win will surely encourage many Norsunians to also do better in research. The award will aid in acquiring additional points for a promotion in accordance to National Budget Circular 461 which is used in evaluation for the purpose of promotion of faculty positions from State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), HEI (Higher Eudcation Institute (HEI) and TEI (Tertiary Education Institute). The said conference was participated in by 258 researchers from 30 private and state universities and colleges across the country who make their respective research studies.

By Ariel B. Dizon and Mei Anne A. Morales

FOR A MORE convenient access to student records, the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU)—Office of the Registrar launched a Student Web Portal during the university’s 9th Charter Anniversary on June 25. According to University Registrar Reymil Cadapan, the Student Web Portal is an online website that is designed to provide direct access to student’s profile, grades, and class schedules. Cadapan said in order for the students to freely access their pertinent school records, they need to register by filling up the personal information form provided in the website. He shared it will undergo series of verifications in order to guarantee ones’ privacy and confidential information. The registrar articulated the student web portal is just one of the innovations their office has envisioned to serve Norsunians. He hopes that in the coming months, some additional features will be added to provide students a more realistic online access of their school records. Moreover, he shared before this semester will end, they will be launching an android application,

‘New milestone for NORSU’. A Norsunian signs up for the newly computerized system for a fast-way of getting grades and schedules implemented by the office the university registrar. (Photo by: Marve G. Fabela)

where everyone can substantially maneuver their personal information online. “Aside from that, we will soon be availing wi-fi in the entire NORSU Main Campus,” he added. Sophomore Geology student Kim Lou Tenorio, shared her insight about the newly launched web portal, saying “For me, okay siya kay ma-inform ka sa imo status about your grades ug I can finally prove to my parents that I’m serious in my studies.” For second year Bachelor

of Science in Computer Science student Nikki John Bayot, “I am glad knowing that NORSU is now embracing modernization through an online access to students’ grades and schedules”. “I just hope nga ma-implement ng wifi nga ilang gina-ingon kay I’m sure that it would be very useful,” said Bachelor of Arts in General Curriculum student Anna May Sagarbaria. NORSU Student Web Portal can be accessed on the website:

CCJE-SG officers elected By Jirah Kim R. Quinamot

THE NEWLY BUILT NORSU-College of Criminal Justice Education (NORSUCCJE) has elected its first set of student government (SG) officers, May 29. Sonny Jay Aragones is the newly elected governor of the said college who garnered 80 votes against Niño Paguirigan. Jeodera Sabanal is the new vice governor who earned 36 votes over Ronelio Dagoy with 35 votes, Jenessa Ebasan with

16 votes and Mayflor Asierto who got 14 votes. The college representatives are: Odoname Sayconwith 22 votes, Mayflor Asierto with 19 votes, Victor Bariga with 20 votes and Ana Marie Yaeso with 33 votes. When asked about his expectations of the newly elected SG officers, CCJE–SG adviser Edward Maglucot said he expects the officers to use the funds of the college with integrity and do worthwhile activities for the college. Sophomore BS Criminology

student Remy Jane Loguillano said she expects “a continuation of good leadership that has principles of transparency, patience and humility.” Moreover, freshman BS Crim student Mary Jane Diputado said she visions “the student leaders help improve their constituents’ skills needed by Criminology students.” CCJE–Student Government adviser Henedino Ramacho and SGDC–I President-elect Norelyn Talorete assisted the recently concluded election.

distribution, where in fact, he himself is excluded from the funds issued? The only reason why questions are being raised is because not everyone has received the same amount. But as Senate President, it’s his judgment call. National newspaper columnists have varied analyses after Enrile`s resignation during his privilege speech of the 15th Congress. If the accusations were true or not, proven or not, as a man of virtue and intelligence, he should face it squarely. As time is concerned as to the writing of this

article, senators are still waiting for the liquidation. Moreover, to obtain the desired transparency, I agree with Enrile’s notion to challenge all senators (including him) to have all their senate`s expenses be liquidated and be shown publicly. Politics is like Heat and Spurs’. Sometimes, unseen fouls exist. Sometimes, honest shot wins.Visit my blog at thegenteelparadigm. and/or pm me on FB for comments. (With reports from The Inquirer News and JPE`s biography at

HEAT AND SPURS...from page 2

Prior to JPE`s irrevocable resignation from Senate presidency, he felt that the accusations have battered trust. He was accused of using his position to benefit himself, an allegation he strongly opposed. It has begun from the complaints aired early this year by Senator Santiago and Senator Peter Cayetano about the selective distribution of additional maintenance and other operating expenditures summing up to P1.8 million and a P250, 000 cash bonus to 18 senators on the month of December. Realizing this, how can Enrile benefit on that selective


Vol.XXXI Issue No. 2 & 3

June 17-21; 24-28, 2013

Congratulations to the following applicants for successfully passing the examination and interview given by the NORSUnian at the Negros Oriental State University-Main Campus I on June 15, 2013.

Writer Applicants:

The serenity of the night laughs at you, who seem to succumb into a revitalizing slumber, yet the excitement tries to deny it from you. You sit on your bed uneasy. Perhaps, you study how to fix the problem you have with a special someone, a dispute with a friend or a misunderstanding with a brother. Then, you open your MP3 because you can bear the confusion no more. And Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” is your choice-a music which allows you to release your emotions-a song which enables you to have a deep and restful sleep. “Just give me a reason, just a little bit’s enough… just a second we’re not broken just bent…and we can learn to love again,” thus are few lyrics of the song “Just Give Me a Reason” featuring Pink and Fun’s lead vocalist, Nate Ruess. This pop ballad song, was purposely made to give people, who desire a strong relationship even when it appears to be weak, something to hold on despite of the adversaries they encounter. This aesthetic composition won the hearts of most teenagers. According to lyricsinterpretation. com, the artist is trying to depict a scenario where two lovers are faced with a “drifting-apart” relationship. One of them feels they need to break up because there is no more love between them. The other one, in contrary, still has a flicker of hope believing that they could still savor their relationship if they strive hard to make it work again. Its Success This song became an international success, topping charts in over 20 countries worldwide including Australia, United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Italy, Denmark, Netherland, Poland, and Scotland charts –as well as peaking in the top 5 in

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. With the song’s first release in the Philippines, Filipinos accepted it right away. In fact, in the first month’s emergence of the song in the Philippines, it has already accumulated millions and millions of views in YouTube against the long denomination of “Gangnam Style” of K-Pop artist Psy on the Top 100 Hits of the United States. On June 10, 2013, it has the highest number of I-Tunes downloads. It also reigns supreme among other songs in Tacloban City, Bacolod City, and Dumaguete City on the first week of June according to the Philippine Music Charts making the artists certified YouTube sensations after gaining 136 million views of their official music video. Truly, Pink made her biggest feat on her 13 years of television career.

flaunting with smiles, as if he remembers something. Moreover, he says, he would no longer wonder why there have been a considerable number of people, especially to those young couples, who accepted it wholly and enjoyably. BS Geology student Maeben Mariah Angay furthers the claim of Baldoza saying that the song displays the clear picture forgiveness, acceptance, a n d

—89.19 % —88.01 % —76.33% —74.83 % —74.13 % —72.88 % —71.8 % —69.47 % —68.98 % —68.37 % —67.91 % —67.77 % —66.11% —65.16 % —64.47 %

Artists: 1.Alexander Jusay 2.Joleos June Vegare Webpage designers:

Norsunians’ varied interpretations Freshman Associate in Hospitality Management student Lyzzel Q. Caballeda shares she hears the song everywhere she goes. She says the spirit of the song seems very inviting that it catches the hearts of most youths. “Nindot kaayo siya. Lami kaayo siyang paminawon. Ang chorus, nice kaayo. Nice pagud kaayo ang meaning sa song,” she says. Several Norsunians still say that the song’s message is invigorating in nature as in the case of a junior Bachelor of Secondary Education student Dave Baldoza, who happens to experience no relationship with someone special but feels the real emotions of love set in the song. “Wala man nuan ko nakasulay ug mga relationships. Pero, ug maghuna-huna ka, realistic man gud kaayo ang lyrics, most especially ug magka-crush ka,” he says

1.Julius Asierto 2.Shiela Mae Guad 3.Nina Marie Pino 4.Dayanara Villalon 5.Jeffrey Aguilar 6.Lifeel Gleedz Raga 7.Jireh Joy Sayon 8.Klein Jen Ontolan 9.Jamaica Petras 10.Richel Mae Dennison 11.Kimberly Rose Lumaya 12.Meljean Dela Pena 13.Clinton Dayot 14.Sheila Mae Tropezado 15.Marlito Caluyo

1.Jergo Acido 2.Jun Rey Raip Photojournalists: commitment. She says she keeps on singing the canticle because she was once in a condition where the relationship she had with her boyfriend was almost going to end; however, they realized that they only have a miniature misunderstanding over a simple issue they both failed to discuss with. “There have been a time when I thought everything was over, everything was to fall apart, but there was nothing wrong at all. We just needed to settle things faceto-face. Now, I have a sort-off LSS with Pink’s song. It’s just crazy.” Songs really have various impacts on our young interested souls. It may give us joy, excitement, dismay, disappointment and other emotions. The featured song gives its listeners the thought of reconciling broken relationships. Bu one thing is for sure, whatever we have in life, whatever songs we choose to be played and/or whatever the extent of the impact may be, we cannot deny that every song has the power to put back broken pieces to where it is supposed to be.

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes; always perseveres. Love never fails….” (I Corinthians 13: 4-8 NIV) I have always dreamt of meeting an archetypal prince charming who will treat me as a princess. He came one mundane day. I honestly imagined that our relationship would appear to be like a fairy tale. However, unlike Cinderella and Snow White, I did not live with him happily ever after. The day I met him is still fresh in my mind. I met this chinito person with a killer smile in my English 121 class. He is not that tall, but he dresses well. That is perhaps the reason why he is appealing to most women. One day, our teacher divided us into groups for a special performance. He was a member of this group I led. That was the time when he knew of my existence. During the break of our practice sessions, he came near and blurted unexpected words I did not expect he would say, “Wear this crown my queen.” I had nothing to say after he spoke. All I can remember was that I was flattered and felt that thing everyone else

1.Kent Mapula 2.Alyn Sarita Layout Artist: 1.Alyana Wilma Molinos

calls kilig. I pretended I did not hear him and told the group to go back to practice. Because we belong to the same group, I had a chance to get his number and then we started exchanging our thoughts about anything else. I became glad every time I see his name in my inbox. I just did not understand the emotion I have felt whenever he texted me back. Days had passed, and our relationship became stronger. Slowly, he meant more than a friend to me, and I, more than an acquaintance to him. He was even my last dance on the eighteen roses of my debut. Indeed, he is special in his own ways. He would always make me laugh. We had this mutual feelings when we spend time together. One day, he courted me. Of course, I did not say yes right away. I surely made pakipot until such time I knew him better. I just said my “yes” to him after several days, and then the intimacy got deeper. The beauty of our relationship was a glorious one. I was Eve and he was my Adam. I was her Juliet while he is my Romeo. It was a consummate moment when we were together since he taught me to view love in a different perspective. He even taught me how to kiss. GOODBYE IMMODEST LOVER page 6

Vol. XXXI Issue No. 2 & 3

June 17-21; 24-28, 2013


Many people get sick during the monsoon season. They either capture colds or flu due to the sudden fluctuations in temperature. As a student or a working citizen, you must protect yourself from getting sick. Once rain starts to pour, your initial reaction is to run to a shaded area and wait until the shower subsides. You may be safe from getting totally drenched but the risk of getting sick is still high. If your immune system is low, you may instantly catch a cold after being exposed to the cool breeze that often accompanies rain showers. You should apply certain countermeasures to keep yourself healthy during the rainy season. Here are some sicknesspreventing countermeasures you can try: 1. Prepare Your Rain Gear – The most effective way not to get sick during the rainy season is to wear rain gear. The primary components of rain gear are umbrella, rain coat or hooded jacket, and waterproof shoes. If you have a complete set of rain-repulsing items, your chances of getting sick totally decreases. They’re a bit tedious to bring so you can just leave them in your school or office locker, when it is not raining. 2. Load Up on Vitamin C – Vitamin C, as a cure for the common cold, is still being debated upon by medical researchers. What it really does is reduce the severity of the cold’s symptoms, making them tolerable. With a healthy supply of vitamin C in your body, your antibodies will repulse the cold virus faster. Some doctors even say that the vitamin stands as a form of cold prevention. Always remember to take your vitamins.

3. Cut Down on Smoking – Smoking brings temporary relief during cool rainy days since each puff brings a small amount of heat to the body. Unfortunately, the cigarette smoke weakens a person’s respiratory system, which is the usual problem area when you’re soaked in rain water. You should stop or at least minimize smoking during rainy days so you can withstand drizzles better. 4. Take a Shower when You Get Soaked by Rain – At first glance, this suggestion seems far-fetched. If you think about it clearly, taking a shower right after getting drenched by rain actually makes sense. Diseases develop when your body experiences a drastic change in temperature. Taking a shower stabilizes the cold temperature brought by rain drops then enforces a gradual shift back to your normal temperature once you dry yourself. 5. The Convenience Store – Rain showers tend to surprise people, especially those who are unprepared. Everyone will run to the nearest covered area to take shelter. In your case, you can be a bit more selective and head straight to the nearest convenience store or mini mart. Those establishments often have rain gear and medicine for colds and flu. Pick up everything you need and walk in the rain with confidence. 6. Sweat Out the Symptoms – Before a flu develops, you will feel your body weaken and your mind clouded. You can stop those symptoms from developing into a full-fledged fever by sweating. Of course, the best form of sweating is through exercise. You can jog around the

area of your home when you start feeling cold and do some indoor exercises. By doing so, not only will you sweat out the symptoms, but you will also be healthier in the process. 7. Hot Soup – Consuming a bowl of hot soup is healthy, especially during the monsoon months. Its temperature will give your body some warmth that will help you withstand rain and the cold monsoon breeze

longer. For people soaked in rain water, soup provides instant relief since its warm base clears up phlegm in the nasal cavities and general throat area. It also cleanses your body as it carries away bacteria and waste products to the body’s excretory system. 8. Clean Hands – According to medical researchers, the best way to contract the common cold is by having dirty hands. We use our hands in almost every activity so the cold virus can easily enter our bodies at any time. You probably know how the common cold’s symptoms can escalate during the rainy season. To keep yourself safe, clean your hands regularly and always bring a hand sanitizer. 9. Power of Suggestion – The human mind is more powerful than what some people would expect. Some sicknesses actually develop through sheer belief even if no virus is present in the human body. This occurrence is called the placebo effect. Given the responsiveness of the human body to the mind, you can believe that you will not get sick when you get soaked by rain. Your body will act accordingly if your will is strong enough. Of course, this method’s efficiency is questionable so just use your positive thinking in conjunction with the other countermeasures. 10. Drain your Sickness Away – Drinking water is an indirect form of prevention and sometimes treatment to all sorts of illnesses. Water hydrates the body, helping it deal with cold and flu viruses. Water also cleanses the body as it washes 14 WAYS NOT page 6

I always dreamt of walking through the pathway of the country’s top university. However, fate gave me a dirty rotten deal. I was in remorse. I then struggled. But I changed my perspective so that I can make the tweaks straight. When I was about to graduate from high school, my teacher showed the class I belonged a copy of an application form for the University of the Philippines College Admission Test. He asked the ones who were interested to get a copy. In my zeal for quality education, I never thought twice but to get one. I then processed the requirements for the examination. When I presented to my mother my plans of entering UP, she did not affirm it. She completely discouraged my enthusiastic spirit and told me I was not mature enough to live alone in the urban Manila. I was disappointed because I missed the chance to study in the country’s most prominent university. I tried to forget the pain that was caused by my disappointment. When all things started to turn out fine, the subtle sorrow in my heart that was to fade gradually grew enormous. This is due to the mailing of the admission slips. What made me more remorseful was the thought that those who have lower class standing than I passed. I convinced myself it was alright. I inculcated in my mind a rationale so that I could be at peace. I told myself that the school I will enter into won’t matter most; it would be the knowledge I will attain. There was still a reason left to be happy because I was one of the fortunate students who passed the scholarship program of the Department of Science and Technology. I took Bachelor of Science in Geology here at NORSU since it’s the only course closest to my interest that my scholarship granted. On my first semester in the university, I thought I had moved on from my yearning for UP. The situation of BS Geology program here in NORSU, like having no permanent major subject instructors and the desire of my new friend to transfer to UP, made me long for it again. I then I tried to prove to my parents that I was capable of living independently. I tried my best to covet those good grades. Also, I tried to persuade them to make me transfer in UP. And honestly, when I heard rumors that the BS Geology program in NORSU will be closed, I wished it would really be permanently closed so that my parents will have no choice but to send me there; but I realized it was a selfish act of mine. I waited for a miracle to occur. I, however, never stopped persuading my parents to let me study there not until the second semester. Not until the day when my sister confronted me to stop dreaming about studying in UP. “Ging, undanga na nang ganahan pa ka makaeskwela sa UP kay dili na gyud na mahitabo,” my sister said. I was stunned. Those words penetrated my heart like a double-edged sword. My beloved sister who helped me persuade my mother to take UPCAT was the very one who frankly told me to stop my yearning. I had no choice. Maybe after all, I’m destined to be a “Norsunian.” I think fate is playing on me. Because after I moved on the second time around, the same sister asked me if I would like to go with her in Metro Manila. I later heard that she was referred a job in Makati City. Well, my hopes had gone high again because maybe finally, I am meant to study there. But after a series of disappointments, I had a hunch that it’s not going to happen. Because of that, I never told my close friends that I am planning to transfer. I did not tell anybody, even my trusted friends, because I’m afraid it won’t be happening. But still, I asked my friend who was planning to transfer in UP what were the requirements by cautiously not wanting him to discover my plan. By February, I heard my sister discussing with my parents about the work in Makati. By the flow of their conversation, I have understood that she will not pursue in working their anymore despite the big salary. I did not wait for her to approach me and then tell me she’s sorry because MY ILL FATE page 7


Vol. XXXI Issue No. 2 & 3

June 17-21; 24-28, 2013

Admin explains tuition fee increase By Rujonel F. Cariaga and Jirah Kim R. Quinamot

To answer the complaints of the students about the tuition fee increase, the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) administration finally gives the reasons that boggle many Norsunians. According to the official statement released from the university Information and Publicity Office (IPO) dated June 4, the university has to collect P 1,000 for the regular programs and P 2,000 for some specialized programs including the flagship programs of the university

due to the decrease of budget from the national government. It states that the university has increased the tuition fees to allocate funds for the immediate upgrade of some of the academic facilities like classrooms, laboratories, and breakout other academic-related facilities which are important for the accreditation “These may not happen all at once, but with funds from the tuition fee increase, NORSU is now in a position to prioritize and fund these projects,” the statement noted. Moreover, the statement underscores another reason of the increase saying that university is in a high need of qualified

part-time faculty members that will form part in the teaching force of NORSU, as a plus factor for accreditation. It says it has to allocate more funds for their compensation, thus getting a portion of money from the tuition fees of the students. “To make sure students have enough teachers, NORSU tries to attract parttime faculty members with the necessary educational qualifications and professional expertise,” the statement continues. The statement continued it has been in the university’s priority list to have a “rationalized and fixed salary scheme” which would equate to the “part-time

NORSU ensures quality assurance among stakeholders In its vision to provide quality instruction as mandated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Roadmap through CMO No. 46 entitled “Policy standard to enhance quality assurance in Philippine higher education through an outcomes-based and typologybased Quality Assurance”, Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) conducted the first-ever Quality Assurance Seminar Workshop among state colleges and universities in the country at the Perpetual Help Credit

Cooperative Incorporation (PHCCI) Building in Dumaguete City on July 11 to 12, 2013. The two-day event entitled “NORSUNIAN Accountability to CMO 46: Quality Based Strategy Workshop and Dynamics” featured former CHED Commissioner Roberto N. Padua who stressed that the seminar-workshop would ensure NORSU’s preparedness for the higher demands of the educational sector starting 2016. Padua congratulated NORSU on the initiative the university has taken to conduct such an activity,

saying that other SUCs should follow NORSU’s lead. The event, organized by the Quality Assurance Management Center (QUAMC) spearheaded by Dr. Jim Villahermosa, QUAMC Director, was participated in by the administrators of the NORSU System and representatives of the university’s stakeholders. It featured a lecture by Dr. Padua, a Quality Assurance Workshop, Quality Assurance building activities and the presentation of the University’s Quality Policy by NORSU President Dr. Don Vicente C. Real. By NORSU-IPO

LCP donates 101 books to NORSU By Ariel B. Dizon

In its aim of providing excellent classroom research-oriented instruction, the Little Children of the Philippines (LCP) Foundation Incorporated donated 101 assorted collegiate books to Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) community on July 9. Some mathematical and scientific books like calculus, chemistry, accounting, physics, and algebra comprised most of the donations. LCP representative Glenna Waller said the donated books will be kept in the library as additional learning paraphernalia for all Norsunians, who, from varied interests, want to use it as their research references. Wa l l e r confided the said books came all throughout from Georgia, USA and were designed as donations for the whole NORSU c o m m u n i t y. S h e d i s c l o s e d t h e y are humbled to be part of the university benefactors. Sought for his response, NORSU President Don Vicente C. Real said, “We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the LCP for the scholarship they have been giving to the students of NORSU and for the donation of books.” Real articulated the books will

Thank you: Hon. Don Vicente Real together with the representative of the LCP discuss the list of books donated by the Little Children of the Philippines (LCP) foundation. (Photo by: Kendrex B. Pael)

really help the students improve their knowledge. He said it will be surely used as effective tools for the improvement of the students’ education especially that the books were shipped from one of the world’s leading countries. Meanwhile, university librarian Pablita Munar, expressed her gratitude on the said donation. “I’m happy for

the donation of the books because karon it’s difficult to acquire books and it’s also a welcome addition to our collection,” she said. The LCP is one of the university’s benefactors who have been giving scholarship grants and other financial help for the poor but deserving Norsunians since 2001.

automatically free you from colds and flu but it will certainly improve y o u r r a t e o f r e c o v e r y. 12. Don’t Touch Your Face – Aside from getting drenched, a common way to transmit the cold virus is by touching your face or putting your hands close to your face. The usual entry point of the virus is through your facial organs. The rainy season is the breeding ground of cold and flu viruses. Clearly, you must avoid placing your hands anywhere near your face or the faces of other people during the monsoon months.

13. Eat Vegetables – According to some medical researchers, vegetables that contain phytochemicals work better than vitamin C. They are more efficient in pacifying the symptoms of colds and flu. Eating a good dose of vegetables also lessens your recovery time from those illnesses. Vegetables are also rich in vitamin A that makes your eyes healthier. What more can you ask for from these nutritious plants? 14. Throw Up – Notice how puking makes you feel better whenever you’re tipsy or when you have a hangover. Remarkably, it has the same effect on

teacher’s educational qualifications and/ or experience.” The IPO explained that NORSU is not a lone university faced on the issue of increasing tuition fees, but all other SUCs in the country as well. In spite of the said increase, IPO noted that NORSU still managed to be on the list of having the cheapest tuition fee all throughout the SUCs in the Philippines. As of the press time, the university president initiated an easier payment process that allows students to pay half of their tuition fee upon enrollment and the other half within the current semester. GOODBYE IMMODEST LOVER ... from page 4

He was my first kiss actually. However, there came a time when the perfect relationship I perceived of was not what it has used to be. I did not like the way he behaves. I knew he dated other girls and partied all night. The good start we had was overpowered by his bad deeds. Therefore, there was misunderstanding and we were even faced with a thing they called ‘cool off’. He asked for a second chance. And because I love him that much, I affirmed to his plea for reconciliation; but the feelings I had for him already faded. After my statement of forgiveness, I saw him did his very best to bring back the blaze of our relationship. He did pakitang gilas by introducing me to his mother. And that evil day came. I did not expect that the man I loved would do such thing to me. He seriously asked me to hook up and sleep with him. He asked it from me like a toddler asking for toys in a toy store. And so I told him with opposition and disgust, “If love ko nimo. Dili jud ko nimo pugson. Muabot ra bitaw ta ana,” I said. “Lage! Love lage tikaw maong dili tikaw pugson,” he responded. Honestly, he even asked me again with the same thing for three times. I felt so embarrassed and as if, I already lose my dignity as a woman. My refusal to his request was perhaps the reason why he has lost his interest with me, which have obviously resulted to a dimmer phase of our relationship. We fought most of the time and so I decided to have a “cool off” in order for us to find space and think occasionally. However, he eventually ended up our relationship. “Mas maayo dagway ug magbulag nalang ta kay murag kita ra japon magkasakitanay,” he intentionally texted. After that incident, I realized that what we had was not true love, for love is patient, kind and, it never fails. True love waits for marriage before something physical attachment happens. Respect and chastity are two important factors that must be considered in order to obtain a lasting relationship. I will wait for my prince charming to come one day. I know God has destined a man for me. He will be the bones of my bones and the flesh of my flesh. He will be perfect. This I wait in God’s perfect time. Yuna is a talented lass, who spends most of her time making worthwhile activities.

14 WAYS NOT ..from page 5

away germs and bacteria through your excretory systems. The “eight glasses a day” rule isn’t really necessary. You should just drink to your heart’s content daily. 11 . L i m i t Yo u r A l c o h o l – M a i n t a i n e d h y d r a t i o n i s a n e ff e c t i v e way of preventing and dealing with t h e h a r s h b i o l o g i c a l e ff e c t s o f r a i n . Sometimes drinking water or eating s o u p i s n o t e n o u g h . Yo u s h o u l d l i m i t your alcohol intake since it is known to dehydrate your body and weaken your immune system. Limiting yourself from drinking will not

colds and fever. If you feel heavy after getting drenched by rain, you can force yourself to puke. The act of puking forces phlegm and germs to exit from your body. You will suddenly feel better and lighter right after. Getting sick during the rainy season is a frequent occurrence. You must always stay protected. Remember, taking a sick leave for a few days may cost you your much awaited promotion or a passing grade at the end of the school term. S o u r c e : h t t p : / / l i f e h a c k e r y. com/2008/09/10/health-6/

Vol. XXXI Issue No. 2 & 3

June 17-21; 24-28, 2013


Below is an excerpt from the speech of Dr. Don Vicente C. Real during a Thanksgiving Mass on July 12, 2013 at the PHCCI Grand Ballroom marking the celebration of his first year as University President.

One morning, you find yourself staring at the clear blue skies. Your torso is shaking like never before. You are contemplating the things you need to accomplish in school. Stress. That is exactly what you feel. It’s the emotional cancer you need to shun away from. In order for one to neutralize this normal adversary, one must establish a coping mechanism. For you who perhaps need to establish one, this text gives you a number of suggestions to choose from. Get active. Being active is a very good stress reliever. Being active does not mean being the top athlete in a certain sport. The point is, you move and exercise. Perhaps, you can walk with friends, jog around the park, engage in gardening activities, clean your room or bike around your neighborhood areas. These activities would surely enable your body organs to release feel-good endorphins. Never procrastinate. Procrastination which is the act of replacing more urgent actions with tasks less urgent is very common especially among students. That is the reason why most students usually cram during long exams because they tend to spend their vacant time on doing unnecessary things rather than studying. So, if you want things to work smoothly, then don’t procrastinate! Be optimistic. Being pessimistic will only give you stress. If you have a problem, it is best to think that it will be solved. Meditating the word of God will help much. Always deal positively with your daily endeavors. By this, you can feel relaxed.

Know your priorities. Keeping yourself busy with the things that aren’t really important will cause you much burden. Thus, you must know how to say “no” to some opportunities that come your way. Doing so many things could cause conflict because you do not allot time for those that really matter. Take a moment to laugh. Truly, laughter is the best medicine. When you laugh, the tension inside your body is released; hence, bringing positive psychological changes. When you start to laugh, your mental load lightens. Laughter cools down your stress response and improves your heart rate and blood pressure, producing a relaxed feeling. Ergo, read books containing jokes, watch a comedy film or hang out with your crazy and funny friends. Socialize. You want to be alone because you feel stressed and irritated. That is actually a bad habit. The right remedy for that is to socialize. Social contact is a good stress reliever because it diverts your attention. Therefore, when you start mingling with friends and family, you forget all the problems in school and love life perhaps. And the next time you feel the agony in your body, get a coffee break,

invite a friend and chat with him. Get enough sleep. Those who do not get enough sleep are those who mainly get stressed. Have a beauty sleep, sleep like a king or queen every night. Get at least eight hours of sleep to be efficient the next day. Let it out through writing. Research shows that writing in journals about your sentiments will help release stress. Do not give a care about the grammar of your texts. Just express what you feel. Remember, no one else gets the chance to read it. It’s your private flat. Once you’re done then you may toss out what you wrote or reflect with the situation. Listen to music. Music alters your physiology and serves as a passive route to relieve stress. It has the ability to reduce muscle tension and magnitude of stress hormones. And so, amplify the speaker and keep the music playing! Pray. Supposed to be, this is the first thing on the list but

................................................................................................... Future The gate of the future opens up To enter for it is not easy but tough Get ready to get in and be prepared For there is only one chance to get remembered You are the key of your parents strive To lift them up is a big honor and pride So don’t be afraid to join the institution This will make you better and successful person Even if it is so hard to be far from family Be strong, tough and ask guidance to our God the holy For He will join our ride in your great path And give you a better way to make things possible Work for the best, work for the betterment Plant the future and wait for the fulfillment Make great things, for tomorrow there will be coronation But for now, this is your stepping stone And you are welcome in this institution Tier Yu

SHUNNING AWAY FROM ... to page 8

Salamat Kaibigan Sa araw na ito, mayroon akong pasasalamatan Isang dalagang nababalot ng katangi-tanging kagandahan Na mahirap na talagang hanapin sa ibang kababaihan Kaya naman iingatan ko itong aking munting kaibigan Dahil siya lang ang nagbibigay sa akin ng wagas na kasiyahan Na kahit kailan hindi ko pa ito naranasan at naramdaman Nang kami’y nagsimulang magpakilala sa isa’t-isa Hindi ko inakalang ang puso’t isip naming ay magiging isa Dahil alam naman naming ang aming pagtatagpo ay magkaiba Pero pinagtagpo talaga kami sa tinatawag nilang tadhana Na kahit kailan hindi ko inaasahan na ito’y magkatotoo Na mayroon pa palang isang tao na magpapasaya sa buhay ko Kaya naman ina-alay ko ang aking sinpleng tula At sana naman ang bumabasa nito ay makadama ng tuwa Alexander Macayan


MY ILL FAITH ... from page 5

I can’t transfer there anymore. I had anticipated it. My instinct was right! For the third time, I can’t do anything about it so I moved on again. I did not show my family how disappointed I am. I busied myself with other things. At the end of the semester, I geared up with the reality that I couldn’t join my friend in transferring. So I just helped him process his transfer credentials in NORSU because he was in Manila that time. Just this May, he told me he was accepted in UP Diliman for the BS Geology course. I was so happy for him because I knew that his dream of becoming an “Iskolar ng Bayan” came to pass. But there was this part of

Success is connected to action. Every successful man or woman learns that the road of success is marked by the occasional mistakes. A successful person learns from them. We are one big team and one big family. We have journeyed together for a year and have seen and experienced the challenges of higher education. I recently received an invitation to attend a conference in Cebu City together with the Dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture and his Department heads to tackle global accords and standards in Engineering to improve the Engineering education we offer. It made me think that this is the time. This is the time that we rise to meet the global challenge a university like ours face. Presidents serve for only a term or two. The next one continues to hurdle challenges inherent to the office. After my Presidency, I will continue to help since the struggle for global education is an unending process. We will try our best to reach the level of global competitiveness. The challenges to get there are so high and the requirements so stringent. A lot of smaller state universities and colleges find the challenge difficult. In spite of this, I hope everybody will arrive at the standards set by the CHED. We thank the Lord for all the trials and challenges in one year. It is not easy. Resources are not enough. Developing universities like NORSU get only a small allocation from the national budget while the leading SUCs get more. Still, we do more with less, and achieve more with less. Yes we can. We can do it if we will. Let us help each other again and again and never waver in our faith in the Lord and in NORSU that from a developing university we will become a Leading University. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and pray that another year would be as fruitful and that we will all be in good health. I always include the members of the NORSU family in my prayers every time I go to mass on Sundays that we continue to prosper given our challenges and the challenges we face from CHED. We offer everything to the Lord God who is the source of everything. We pray that the Lord continue to provide us with resources to run this great University.

me also that was sad. I am now throwing my greatest desire. I know I can’t transfer there anymore. I had wasted many chances. Though it’s hard to take in, I need to face the reality. I know there is a reason for everything. Maybe all the doors closed so that the perfect one may be opened. Maybe it’s not God’s will. He always has better plans. Golden Daffodil is a gregarious sophomore student who hides a lot of secrets about her life.


Vol. XXXI Issue No. 2 & 3

June 17-21; 24-28, 2013

NORSU to hold intrams this sem Athletes not ready yet-Padernal By Marve G. Fabela

NEGROS ORIENTAL STATE University (NORSU) has officially scheduled the Intramural activities to take place this semester as confirmed by the Sports and Athletics Director Robeleo Padernal. According to Padernal, the intramural activities will take place sometime in this semester. However, he said he did not receive yet the list of the different sporting activities for the intramurals from the administration. Sought for her reaction regarding the budget of the said activity, SGDC I President Norelyn Talorete articulated she cannot specify the exact amount since the registrar has not yet finalized the total population of students who enrolled in the university. “We made a bracketing system in which the total amount of the payment will be determined by the total number of students in each college. In other words, the higher the population, the lower the students will pay, and vice-versa, just like the CBA, the students are more than 3000, so mukuha mi ug P15 kada estudyante for that event,” she said. Norsunians react NORSU football and baseball coach Orly Ibero revealed the players have no exact venue for their rehearsals yet. He said, having their practices in the main campus II seems to be impractical. “I and my subordinates are going to SHUNNING AWAY FROM ...from page 7

it’s somehow not applied in the reality. When the stress is unbearable and you seem not to find a way to settle yourself, there is only one thing left. And that is prayer. Prayer is a very effective weapon. It can heal the pain you feel because God wants you to be relieved always. Stress is a normal feeling that everyone is dealing with. No one is excused. Thus, it is your responsibility to deal with yourself, to adopt a coping mechanism and to be productive amidst this adversary. FUPTA STOPS BUILDING ...from page 1

paraphernalia informing the students not to stay in the building to avoid accidents from a possible building collision. Freshman Bachelor of Arts student, Shyne Marie Acab said, “Lain kaayo tan-awon kay murag gihimo nalang tambayanan sa mga istudyante ang building.”

C O M I C S .


‘In honing athletic spirits’. The athletics students of NORSU are now practicing and focusing attentively for the upcoming Intramurals Day this coming September 2013. (Photo by: Marve G. Fabela)

Bajumpandan just to have a practice there and for me it’s a waste of time and practically speaking a waste of money for us, and another circumstances is that, yes, we can used the CIT court but that’s momentarily because the Badminton team will also go to practice there,” Ibero said. For freshman Bachelor of Science in Forestry student Cherry Yucor, “ para nako dili pa sila mas handa kay murag gamay ra man ang time para sa ilang pag practice”.

Another junior BS Accy student Jelly Joy Trumata shared the same sentiment saying “untani didto nalang sa 2nd sem siya i-hold kay mao naman na ang naandan.” She opined, “they [the admin] must be more focus with the academics. It will really affect our classes since mag-apas napod ta sa mga na-missed natong lessons.” The said event is a 3-day activity that will take place on September in preparation for the forthcoming Regional SCUAA meet.

BLUE MOON...from page 3

You see, with this observation of mine, apparently, I can say that they have created “a wall of separation”—that is they made their services were made far from reach. Some of them pretended busy with so many to do and so on. Others hide themselves in the caves like bats. Now, I will ask you, do we really need these kinds of people in the university? Are these the kind of people the university has produced? Definitely we do not! I am disappointed not because they are not doing their sworn responsibility but because the university fails to educate well these kinds of people. I must be honest, I seemed to loose my appetite in getting along with these people especially that, at some point, they have caused burdens to some of the student service offices who suffer from the delay of their work. Some of them are not around during office hours most of the time. In fact, every time someone asks these people to clarify things out, no one is there to answer. Why not? It appears clearer that they seem to be nocturnal animals who appear only in a “blue moon.” To my mind, no things will work for the better unless we change these people or these people themselves aim to change their personalities and perspectives in life. Norsunians, we still have ample time to make a difference. Let us start now to get involved, we participate, we search for the better, we study best and work more. Let us not remain complacent so that we will become better and useful individuals in the NORSU community.

CEd builds 2 more student lounges

By Rujonel F. Cariaga and Mary Grace G. Bornales

P R O V I D I N G NORSUNIANS WITH a better learning environment, the Negros Oriental State University–College of Education (NORSU-CEd) has started constructing additional two student lounges at the back of college edifice. Former CEd Governor Emma Sarah said a total of Php 270,000 was allocated for the overall construction of the new lounges and for some related expenses for the beautification of CEd building. She said the budget was taken from the Student Government (SG) fund that was generated by the college student government in

Creating a productive learning environment. Laborers work hand-in-hand in constructing the new College of Education (CED) lounges situated at the back of the CEd main building. (Photo by: Kendrex B. Pael).

the previous school year. “We allocated such budget since we found out the need of

every student to have a good place to study,” she said. The former governor

saidthe students will no longer experience a hard time looking for place to study every break and vacant times. For a graduating Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biology student Giovanni Nodado, “Chada nga naa nagud kaugalingon mi nga CEd lounge nga dili klasehanan compared sa una nga mahoot didto sa canteen.” Anthony Pontillas, a senior Bachelor of Elementary Education student said, “It is so beneficial for us, students, especially that during lunch time the canteen where we used to stay is so crowded. Through this, the population there [canteen] will be minimized.”

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