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Photo: Mossel Bay Zipline - Photo Credit: Boshoff Photography

If being strapped in a harness, hooked up to a long pulley, and flying through the air at up to 80km an hour sounds like your idea of a good time - then you are going to love the Mossel Bay Zipline. The moment many adrenaline junkies have been waiting for finally arrived on 25 January 2020, when Mossel Bay officially launched the world’s longest over-ocean zipline. The Garden Route, already known for its adventure activities such as the Bloukrans Bungy and the Otter Trail will attract tourists and locals to experience the Mossel Bay Zipline as they glide over the beautiful ocean in the Southern Cape harbour town of Mossel Bay. The Mossel Bay Zipline is 1,1km long, making it the longest over-ocean zipline on earth. If you can bring yourself to keeping your eyes open as you fly over the sea, the scenes you’ll experience are unparalleled with unspoilt views of the

cliffs, ocean and sea life - all from the comfort of a harness, high up in the air. The zipline, has been described as 1,1km of screaming fun and runs from the cliffs below Point High School to the deck of the current (Shark Lab) aquarium. But it’s not just the length that the Mossel Bay’s zipline is setting the bar on, the line can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h! The zipline was approved for construction by the Mossel Bay Municipality in 2017. SA Forest Adventures, the company behind some of the most adrenaline-inducing activities in the country, partnered with Mossel Bay Zipline to bring the longest over-ocean zipline in the world to the Western Cape. According to Mossel Bay Zipline, “To built one of the world’s top ziplines took years and months of meticulous planning, not to mention the amount of funds needed for such a venture.”

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Entrepreneur Shines With Disabled Employees “The drive for inclusion in the workplace for people with disabilities was one of the main reasons I started Msi Shoeshine and Services”, says Anda Mthulu.

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Mthulu and six members of his team are physically disabled, but are determined to improve their lives. His left leg was amputated after a shooting accident that occurred on August 27, 2011. The experience inspired him to start his own business and help the disabled. “Employing people with disabilities is great because it helps boost their self-confidence and makes them proud to be working. It also helps them provide for their families,” said Mthulu. The shoeshine business is situated at Old Mutual’s Pinelands offices and the Cape Sun hotel in Cape Town. Mthulu informally started his business in 2010 and set-up station on the ground floor of Mutual Park in Pinelands. Mthulu was initially not active in his business and had people work for him because he had a secure and full-time job at QuadPara association of the Western Cape, an organisation for the disabled.

Deadline 15th of each month


“In early 2014 I got a job and interned at the organisation for a year, then after I got promoted as a facilitator and administrator, which I did for 3-years, my work there included teaching disabled people computer skills,” says Mthulu.


Mthulu is a highly ambitious man who has never given up after being shot and doesn’t allow his disability to affect him.



“I wouldn’t say my disability affects my work because I am a highly motivated person. I do have my tough days, but then again everyone else does as well,” says Mthulu.


stories that are life changing

January 2020

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He is a firm believer that being a disabled person and doing nothing to help your situation will not help at all. Mthulu echoes the importance of having faith in everything that you do because ‘it defines you as a person’ and helps you set goals in life.


He advises people, especially the disabled to never get discouraged or give up because in life there are many opportunities to succeed. Even though Mthulu and his workers are determined, they do have challenges that include transport, which affects their business negatively.

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Cape Town is set for a bumper tourism season with estimates for the number of travellers to our shores indicating a significant increase. One of the key drivers of economic growth is the ‘Blue Economy’ which encompasses both the aviation and ocean economies. “I am very excited to confirm the impressive increases in visitor arrival numbers based on the amount of forward bookings. These numbers, based on actual flight reservations, are according to data company ForwardKeys. We are expecting almost 50 000 travellers to arrive from the UK until the March 2020 period, demonstrating an increase of 30% when compared to the same period last year.”

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Photo: Jeff Ayliffe - Photo Credit: Jacques Marais




Cape Town media executive Jeff Ayliffe, dressed in a Spider-Man T-shirt and a pair of wraparound shades, realised a lifelong dream when he did a handstand on top of one of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway cars recently.

“My daily mode of transport is a taxi and sometimes the driver may not want to accommodate me due to my wheelchair and the time taken to get in the taxi. When I catch a taxi, not only do I have to pay for my taxi fare, I have to pay for my wheelchair too,” says Mthulu.

The handstand was performed around 06:30 on a narrow beam of the cable car, halfway between the ground station and the mountaintop. “I’m super stoked that I finally bagged the cable car. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Jeff said. This was handstand number 332 for Ayliffe, who has documented each of his handstands and says he made the 365-handstand goal to challenge himself. He started on 3 January 2019, where he did a handstand every day of the year in various locations.

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Since joining the SAB foundation Tholoana programme, Mthulu says that he has accomplished his goals and is grateful for the opportunity, “I didn’t know much about running a business, so being in the programme has helped me grow a lot.” TNP0120.indd 1

2019/12/27 15:56:22

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The Tholoana programme is an initiative that invests in entrepreneurs who show passion and commitment to growing the South African economy. The business support programme offers mentorship, business development workshops, and seed funding. It also provides opportunities for women, persons with disabilities and youth in rural areas. Determined to create jobs for people with disability, he is very aware that it is not always achievable because he can’t help everyone. “People without disabilities also struggle to get jobs, so it is more difficult if you are disabled with no matric certificate,” says Mthulu. “All I can ever wish for is that when people leave my stables, they see that I, like so many other people living with a disability are perfectly able to be a valuable part of society.” Article By Khanyisa Tyelela


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World’s Longest Over-Ocean Zipline Opens In Mossel Bay (Continue from page 1) “Mossel Bay Municipality congratulates the directors of the Mossel Bay Zipline for this innovative venture that we are opening. Their dreams have become a reality. Their new venture – the longest single line zipline over the ocean – has since become a bucket list must do for thousands of other people – people who will visit Mossel Bay to do so,” Mossel Bay Executive Mayor Alderman Harry Levendal said when he officially opened the zipline at the Point.” “Mossel Bay Municipality strives to be the trendsetting municipality in the country. We regard local economic development as very important and we support initiatives that will enhance tourism, the tourism economy and economic growth in our town and the greater Mossel Bay,” adds Levendal. Although a zipline looks intimidating you don’t need any previous experience to ride it - all are welcome. You should wear closed shoes and relatively tight-fitting clothing and any flowing hair will be kept in place with a supplied hairnet. To save you from dropping your phone in the ocean while trying to get a zipline selfie, the staff will take a photo of you before and after your trip. Visitors are advised that only children aged eight and upwards are permitted to use the zipline, and the maximum weight may not exceed 120kg and the maximum height is 2,0m. The Mossel Bay Zipline experience will cost R450 per person. For more information visit

Photo's: Mossel Bay Zipline Photo Credit: Boshoff Photography

Six Months Count Down To Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to allow for Continental slots to be taken into consideration in team selection as allocated and approved by their respective International Federations. The estimated size of Team South Africa for this year’s Olympics is 228 athletes across 25 sporting codes. As of today approximately 101 athletes have qualified across nine sporting codes. Preparations for the Olympic Games are at an advanced stage. The High Performance Department have been engaging with the respective National Federations regarding the possibility of attending Pre-Games Training Camps in Japan. Athletics will be using Machida City which is one and a half hours drive from Tokyo. Rugby 7’s will be based in Kagoshima City before coming to the Olympic Village. There are still opportunities for SASCOC to finalise more venues for other potential sports codes as and when they qualify. Swimming have opted not to use pre-games training camps and would rather go straight into the village when it opens.

South Africa’s Olympic governing body, the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) together with various stakeholders in the sporting industry, celebrated six months to go before Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as the games gather momentum.

Wheelchair Tennis and Para Swimming have taken up the offer of attending a pre-games training camp in Iizuka City which is in Fukuoka Prefecture. Moving to the OPEX and Special Support programmes, the 2020 programme will start on 1 February 2020 and will run until Olympic Games for the Olympic Sporting codes and 31 August 2020 for the Paralympic Sporting Codes. All National Federations received the call for them to nominate athletes who meet the OPEX and Special Support Criteria.

A press briefing at Olympic House, Johannesburg on Friday, 24 January, outlined SASCOC’s milestones in terms of their preparation to the world’s biggest multi-coded sporting event, Olympic Games. “Some of our athletes, who are the main point of focus were in attendance and these included: Tatjana Schoenmaker our well decorated and multi medallist swimmer, Caitlin Roosenkrantz and Naveen Daries both from Artistic Gymnastics, Siviwe Soyizwapi, recently named Rugby sevens player of the year and Kurt-Lee Arendse who is also part of the Rugby sevens squad, Morgan Moss from Karate and Brandon Valjalo our top skater. Athletes’ coaches and National Federations’ leadership were also in attendance.”

The SASCOC Acting President commented, “The excitement for Tokyo 2020 is starting to build up and we can confidently say we are preparing and getting ready and our athletes should rest assured that they are going to Olympics in July. Team SA will make us proud because you have been preparing well.” The Acting CEO, Ravi Govender advised that SASCOC is confident that based on the good relationship we currently have with stakeholders, we will be able to fund sending Team SA to Tokyo. The opening ceremony of the Games will take place on 24 July 2020, featuring South Africa’s and the globe’s finest athletes and will run for just over two weeks before ending on 9 August.

South Africa will be sending its largest delegation of athletes since Beijing 2008. At the Annual General Meeting held on 23 November 2019 the SASCOC Olympic and Paralympic National Federations voted to have the selection criteria relaxed

In the next few months, athletes are gearing up their final training preparations as the various disciplines attempt to make the qualifying standards. The first team announcement will be made towards end of April 2020.

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Woolworths Kicks Off The New Year With An Innovative Coffee Cup Recycling Programme After successful trials at the Woolworths Head Office and Garden Centre store, Woolworths has rolled out its new coffee cup recycling initiative to all Western Cape stores with cafés, coffee carts or pods. When it comes to recycling, the disposal of coffee cups presents the challenges of mixed materials and the potential of food waste contamination. At the centre of Woolworths’ solution is a custom-designed recycling bin which will enable in-store customers to ensure their coffee cups are recycled in three quick, easy steps. The innovative Woolworths coffee cup recycling bin has three distinct compartments. The first step is to dispose of the plastic lid in the first partition which is sized so that only lids can fit in. Remaining liquid in the cup then needs to be poured into the liquid partition which has a 1.5 litre bucket in it that is emptied and sanitised between uses. Finally, the coffee cup is placed into the third partition which is shaped to resemble a coffee cup to make it easier for the user. The lids and cups are then collected from Woolies’ stores through the reverse logistics system which uses return trips to transport recyclable store waste to the Woolworths Distribution Centre where it is collected and sorted before moving onto the recyclers. “Our Western Cape roll-out of the programme will be a pilot for a scaled-up collection so that we can refine the end-to-end process if necessary,” says Woolworths Group Head of Sustainability, Feroz Koor. “Following that, we will implement the model and process regionally to achieve a national roll-out. We have seen a very positive response at our Garden Centre store with collection rates that exceed world averages within the same confines.” The coffee cup recycling programme is a further development on the Woolworths Good Business Journey that aims to achieve ZERO waste to landfill. Woolworths is moving steadily towards meeting its commitments which include eliminating single-use plastics by 2020 and ensuring that all its packaging is either recyclable or reusable by 2022. “Once we have rolled the coffee cup recycling bins out nationally, we believe that this will be the most extensive coffee cup recycling programme in the country,” adds Koor. Woolworths also offers various reusable coffee cup options for customers who prefer to use their own coffee cups, as well as giving a R1 discount for bringing your own cup.

Year-On-Year Growth In Passenger Numbers Recorded At Cape Town International Airport In total, 10 979 946 million passenger arrivals and departures were recorded by Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) in 2019, representing a year-on-year increase of about 2% when compared to 2018. This is heartening despite the impact of the drought and other challenges. Overall arrivals grew from 5 364 704 in 2018 to 5,468 093 in 2019, equating to an increase of 103 389 additional passengers passing through the CTIA, which has been ranked the top airport in Africa. The domestic market grew by 4,92% in December 2019 when compared to December 2018. The overall domestic arrivals for 2019 (full year) recorded a 2,56% increase in comparison to 2018.

On the regional and international front, visitor arrivals for the year (2019) when compared to 2018, grew by half a percentage point. “We are optimistic, however, that significant growth will be recorded in our regional and international arrivals during our traditional peak season for these tourists, between January to March 2020. It’s no secret that the tourism industry was hard hit by the effects of the drought last year, but reports from many of our tourism partners have been largely positive,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management, Alderman James Vos. The City of Cape Town, together with partners, Wesgro and Cape Town Tourism have worked hard to counter the negative messages around water shortages and decreasing rainfall in 2018, and we are pleased that the narrative internationally is beginning to change. The growth in international traffic at CTIA is testament to the good work of the Cape Town Air Access team, which has spearheaded the launch of several new routes over the last year, including the first direct flight between Cape Town and New York in December. The Air Access initiative, a partnership between the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape Government, Airports Company South Africa, Wesgro, Cape Town Tourism, South African Tourism, and the private sector, has helped land 16 new routes to CTIA, adding over 1,5 million two-way seats to our destination. This has resulted in a R6 billion boost to our economy since 2015. The busy peak season and tourism growth is encouraging. “For the festive season, which started in December 2019 and runs up until March 2020, we expect almost 50 000 travellers to arrive from the UK alone, demonstrating an increase of 30% when compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile Germany shows a 20% increase and the USA 11%. These numbers are based on actual flight reservations,” said Alderman Vos. (Source: Data Company, ForwardKeys) In 2019, CTIA, once again, won the award for Africa’s Leading Airport. These awards, among a host of other accolades, acknowledge our efforts and signify a turn for tourism in Cape Town. Tourism accounts for thousands of jobs in our city and has great growth potential. The City, in partnership with Cape Town Tourism, will continue investing in programmes and initiatives to drive demand that make business sense.





Located on Spier Wine Farm, Vadas Smokehouse and Bakery is open 7 days a week and the best part is that they are not affected by load shedding thanks to a generator. So plan ahead your load shedding schedule and make a turn at Vadas to enjoy their scrumptious offerings. Every Friday night, in addition to their regular al la carte menu is the very popular ‘Friday Night Pizzas’. What became a firm favourite last Summer, Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery will be offering their artisanal pizzas until end of March. They also offer their pizzas as take-aways, so there’s no excuse not to try it out! The full pizza menu is on the Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery website

COOKING ITALIAN WITH CHEF PJ Cooking and eating in the Italian culture are revered as one of the most important sensory and nurturing experiences—even more so when shared between lovers. So, if you’re planning a valentine’s night in, why not try one of Chef PJ’s go-to recipes:

Spaghetti Bolognese Sauce

50ml olive oil 1kg mince 400g chopped bacon 160g chicken livers 1 onion finely chopped 1 carrot finely chopped ½ celery stalk finely chopped 2 garlic cloves finely chopped 2g rosemary chopped 2g thyme chopped 1 bay leaf 50g sugar 50g tomato paste 500ml red wine 500ml bone broth salt and pepper to taste


Method Heat the oil in a large pot then add the bacon, cook until crispy and most of the fat is rendered. Add the mince. Once the mince is brown, add the chicken livers and cook for a further 5 minutes. Add the onion, carrot, celery and garlic and brown in the pot with the meat. Once everything is nicely brown and caramelized add the rosemary, thyme, bay leaf and tomato paste. Stir and cook for about a minute. Add the red wine and reduce by two thirds and then add the bone broth. Turn the heat down and cook slowly for about 2 hours. Season with the sugar, salt and pepper.

VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL The month of love is upon us. Treat your loved one to dinner at Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery on Friday 14th February. Book now for the Chefs Platter of 8 dishes for only R395pp and enjoy a complimentary glass of Spier MCC Brut.

Stay up to date with daily specials and new dishes by following Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery on Instagram @vadas_smokehouse or Facebook @vadassmokehouse For lunch and dinner, open Monday to Sunday 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 11pm (kitchen closes at 9pm) For bookings contact 021 809 1137 or and view the full menu online at





South Africans will be subjected to several changes in terms of Schengen Visa application procedures, rules and benefits, starting from February 2020. The new changes are set to make the visa process easier for countries and individuals in good standing with the EU, as well as address the rise in security concerns stemming from migration. Due to the implementation of the Updated Schengen Visa Code, adopted by the EU Council in June 2019, all representative missions of the Schengen Countries located abroad are obliged to apply the new rules, including the ones in South Africa. The Schengen visa is one of the most famous visas in the world, and one of the best to have. Granting to its holder the possibility of traveling to 26 European countries, 22 of them part of the European Union, the number of Schengen visa applicants has been steadily increasing every year. Currently, travellers from 104 countries and entities need to obtain a visa to enter the EU for stays up to three-months within the Schengen Zone. The new rules also permit South Africans to submit an application up to six months in advance of their trip, instead of three as it is now, and foresee a harmonized approach to the issuing of multiple entry visas with lengthier validity to regular travelers with a positive visa history. According to, Member States that are not represented in South Africa in terms of visa admission, are now obliged to cooperate with external service providers, in order to facilitate visa application for travelers. In addition, the updated Visa Code introduces a mechanism that assesses whether the visa fees should change, every three years. Another mechanism that will use visa processing as leverage will be introduced, in a bid to improve cooperation with third countries on readmission. On the downside, the Schengen Visa will be getting more expensive and South Africans will as from February pay a fee of €80 instead of €60 when applying for a Schengen Visa from South Africa.

Children between the ages of 0 and six will still be free. The external service providers are allowed to charge a service fee, which cannot be higher than the visa fee. This means South Africans applying at an external visa service provider may have to pay up to €160 per visa application, if the external service providers set the maximum service fee permitted, which is €80. The minimum number of days to apply before your trip will remain at 15 calendar days. Travel and medical insurance will remain mandatory. Statistics by show that in 2018, Schengen embassies and consulates in South Africa processed 221 790 visa applications, of which 5 403 were rejected. Italy was the top favourite country for visa submission, as 44 298 of the applications submitted in South Africa were for Schengen visas to Italy, followed by France with 37 042 and Germany with 32 167 applications.



21 Nettleton attains their Green Key Award from WESSA, becoming South Africa’s first boutique hotel to achieve this accolade for its efforts in sustainability. An exciting partnership between the WESSA and 21 Nettleton has resulted in the private boutique hotel in Clifton, being awarded the prestigious Green Key award. Green Key is a well-established global tourism industry ecolabel which recognises excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operations. Sustainability is a core focus of 21 Nettleton’s operations. The boutique hotel were able to comply with the highest environmental management standards set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). 21 Nettleton has been described as the ‘epitome of elegance and luxury’. WESSA, with its continual focus on environmental education and development, is pleased to support the property on its sustainable journey – proving that it is possible to become sustainable without compromising on comfort and quality.

Photo: 2019 FNB Cape Town 12 ONERUN - Photo Credit: David Tarpey

Monday, 3 February 2020 marks the date on which entries will open for the FNB Run Your City Series, SA’s trio of iconic mass participation road races that include the FNB Cape Town 12 Onerun, FNB Durban 10K Citysurfrun and FNB Joburg 10K Cityrun. The FNB Run Your City Series encourages runners of all ages (male and female) and walks of life to celebrate the magnificent city in which each event is hosted. Each route highlights iconic landmarks and boast magnificent views while featuring lively performances from local performing arts groups. “The FNB Run Your City Series is synonymous with fantastic routes, local and international competition, an impressive prize purse, new records, personal bests, vibrant route entertainment, spectacular sponsor activations, an energetic atmosphere and so much more,” says Michael Meyer, Managing Director Stillwater Sports. “We have an exciting list of innovations that are guaranteed to further elevate the runner’s experience in 2020. This includes a date change for the FNB Durban 10K Citysurfrun. The 2020 Series will commence with the 6th annual FNB Cape Town 12 Onerun in May, followed by the 4th annual FNB Durban 10K Citysurfrun in July and finally the 5th annual FNB Joburg 10K Cityrun in September. We can’t wait to get the 2020 FNB ‘Run Your City Series’ started and look forward to welcoming runners to the start line in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg ready for a memorable road running experience like no other.” Bonga Sebesho, Head of Sponsorships at FNB adds, “FNB has been involved in the FNB Run Your City Series from 2015. It is a great privilege to see how the FNB Run your City Series has grown to become one of the best family events that South Africa has to offer. We are proud to be part of this wellness series and would like to encourage everyone to partake in this much anticipated series. Make your wellness a priority in 2020 and join us for one or all of the races this year.”

On 21 Nettleton’s Green Key award, Roxanne Dovey, Green Key National Coordinator at WESSA said, “The property has set an excellent sustainability standard for boutique hotels in the country and we are very proud of the steps they have taken to meet this global standard.” On receiving the award, Dirk Jacobs, Curator of 21 Nettleton said, “At 21 Nettleton we have always been mindful about the impact which we have on the environment. For years I have listened to the travel trade green-wash their environmentally consciousness claims – it has become more of a trend than anything else.” “We wanted to have our establishment verified for its environmental efforts and we are hoping that Green Key will become the accepted standard in South Africa that it is in Europe.” Jacobs concluded with his vision for the South African Sustainable Tourism Industry, “Due to South Africa being a long-haul destination for international travelers, it should start with us taking the extra effort to help offset the carbon footprint left behind by our guests. I hope to see less green-washed talk at trade shows and more evidence of verified sustainability programmes and initiatives.” Green Key implements new ways of looking at the operations of tourism establishments and promotes the development of sustainable and responsible tourism through strict and progressive criteria. It is currently implemented in 66 countries, with 3 100 certified establishments. WESSA is the National Operator for this prestigious international eco-label in South Africa. It is WESSA’s vision to grow the Green Key label throughout South Africa, and together with other reputable ecolabels, ensure that South Africa becomes one of the most recognised sustainable tourism destinations in the world.



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Budbreak To Bottle by Samarie Smith Another year, another vintage. Yet, many don’t realise that it’s the current vintage that will most probably only come to life in the year to follow, or the next, or even the year after that. Wine is the perfect social lubricant, right? Why wreck your brain about what fruit was used or what processes followed to ensure the fruit stays healthy and be transformed into the best wine possible? When the sun beats down and many of us are blessed to be dowsed in the comfort of air-conditioned rooms, lazing by a pool (with a glass of wine of course) or packing the fridge for the weekend celebrations, the clock doesn’t stop in the vineyards and the cellar. There are people unfalteringly picking the grapes, loading them, sorting them and processing them. This process repeats itself at hours determined by the whims of nature. Back at the cellar, another team is receiving the grapes, diligently sorting them to remove MOG (matters other than grapes) and to ensure the best and healthiest bunches tumbles down the funnel into the press. Here too they work like a well-oiled machine, swiftly moving like one big centipede to ensure steady work flow.

But when is harvest supposed to start? Veraison is the French term used to describe the onset of ripening or when the grapes start to change colour in January and February. This is when the vineyard team need to judge the perfect time to harvest certain cultivars. With what seems to be a particularly hot and dry summer, the vines will against all odds continue to use all its energy to ripen its grapes. The viticulturist needs to be sensitive to its water needs and the vineyard team needs to keep a close eye on the sugar accumulation, something that can change in a blink of an eye.

Photo's Credit: Samarie Smith

So yes, no rest for the vineyard and cellar team for the better part of summer, pacing the rows to measure ripeness. It is crucial to pick the grapes with the ideal amount of malic acid intact that will contribute to the wine’s longevity and freshness. The balancing act of sweetness, acidity and phenolic ripeness is what sets the stage for the quality of wine to be made in the cellar.

Waterkloof Unveils Its Charming Cape Coral 2019 Mourvèdre Rosé Celebrated Helderberg wine estate Waterkloof has drawn back the curtains on the latest creation in its Circumstance range for premier, site-specific wines to reveal the Cape Coral 2019 Mourvèdre Rosé. For winemaker Nadia Barnard-Langenegger, the release is especially poignant – it marks her 10th anniversary harvest at Waterkloof. “The Cape Coral Rosé was one of the first wines I tasted from Waterkloof. When I did, I just knew I’d ended up at the right farm,” declares Nadia. The delightfully pale-coloured Rosé shows delicate aromas of pomegranates and raspberries with a prominent flintiness. There’s finesse and elegance on the palate with lingering fresh acidity on the aftertaste. “Every year I look forward to every aspect of making this wine; finding that optimal ripeness and carrying the character of the fruit through to the wine,” Nadia says. “To make that happen, pressing is gentle to retain both the beautiful, light-pink colour and a soft mouthfeel. Of course, we try not to interfere with nature. The juice is left to ferment – slowly, in oak fermenters – by the wild yeast that occurs naturally in the vineyards.” “Our guiding principle is to create what we call ‘honest wine’ – wine that’s true to its terroir.” That terroir is located among the fynbos-covered hills of the Schapenberg, which is embraced by the mountains of the Hottentots-Holland and Helderberg. It was here - also in 2009 - that the construction of Waterkloof’s state-of-the-art gravitational cellar, tasting room and restaurant began. The farm’s highest point is 300m above sea level and it lies a scant four kilometres from the False Bay coast, giving the vineyards the full benefit of ample sunlight and cooling breezes essential for the slow and full development of fruit.

Blue Waters Seafood and Sushi


R68.00 Hake or Dorado (12h00 - 15h00)


Welcome drinks to be served, Set menu on request when booking. Book your table in advance to avoid dissapointment.

TEL: 021 852 8012 5 Lourensford Road, Stuart’s Hill, Somerset West






It’s a new year and a new decade and if any time is going to be the time to take your business to the next level - it is now! It has been said that how say you spend your New Year’s Eve dictates the context of your year. Jacqueline Raw, Owner and Founder of Ycagel agrees but also adds that she believes that it is what you do in the first year of a new decade that will set the pace for the next three!

Prevalent topics with particular reference to Africa’s energy sphere, are set to form the core of discussions at the 12th Africa Energy Indaba to be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 3 - 4 March 2020. Interactive dialogues and key outcomes emanating from these themes will provide business growth opportunities for Africa’s energy sector and inspire the necessary transformation within this realm. Various thought-provoking session themes involve the following:



In the spirit of setting your business up for success in 2020 (and beyond), she shares 4 top trends: Social Engagement - The decade has closed on social content and we are now entering into the era of social engagement. Live streams, watching parties, group chats - it’s ALL about engagement. Social media has become too noisy for content to be enough on its own. Quality, relevant, engaging content is the only content acceptable in 2020. Ensuring that your audience is actually engaging with your brand and that you are engaging with your audience is a critical element in the social media space right now. It’s about differentiating your brand by having a conversation more than just having a voice.

African leaders are proactively striving to improve aspects relating to three core dimensions: energy security, energy equity (accessibility and affordability), and environmental sustainability of energy systems, all of which require funding. The upcoming event will unpack integrated strategic endeavours that governments plan to implement to offer significant catalytic ramifications for long-term investment prospects across Africa’s energy sectors. Forums have been intricately developed to educate players on the various governmental investment opportunities and financial solutions, such as maximising the flow of green finance and carbon funds together with the use of market mechanisms such as the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), and mobilising private capital to effectually develop the energy sector. In an effort to reduce national emissions and decrease their reliance on energy imports whilst increasing clean air in cities and towns, African nations will inevitably observe a considerable shift in the transport sector and the Africa Energy Indaba is set to delve into the details of such. Moreover, Africa’s decarbonisation endeavours, driven by the environmental sustainability agenda, is shifting the energy mix at an accelerated pace, to a point that is predicted to position gas ahead of coal by 2030. This year’s event is set to reveal the intricacies concerning this exciting phase of transformation and disruption transpiring in Africa.

Good old-fashioned networking - Professional networking was all the rage back in the day when multi-level marketing was at its peak. The onset of the digital revolution, saw on-purpose networking take a bit of a back seat as professionals sought to establish themselves as thought leaders. Now, with every person a potential thought leader, we are (just like fashion seems to be) reverting back to what worked well back in the day. Creating solid professional networks and reaching out or tapping into new ones is widely accepted and even welcomed as networking starts to build massive momentum again. Wide, deep and strong networks are the foundation for generating good quality business leads and getting solid recommendations from your peers. Take advantage of this growing trend in 2020 and you’re business will look very different in 2021! Workshops - streamed: So, if you’re going to make any kind of impact this year, running workshops to teach people how to do what you do is a non-negotiable, and so is streaming them (when you can). People are so interested in ‘Do it your own’ across so many different industries and technologies and new software makes it easy to try new things. For example, if you’re in the pool business, you could hold a ‘Surviving the rainy season with a sparkling clean pool’ workshop, record it and post it to YouTube. No matter what your industry, hosting workshops is going to ensure you attract new clients and gain more exposure when you share the sessions online.

Furthermore, the prevalent energy transition is expected to generate broader socio-economic benefits, including the impact of expenditure in human capital and education, reduced health impacts from air pollution, reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and depletion of natural resources. Discussions will centre around how such socio-economic impacts of the energy transition will be converted to acceptable outcomes.

Webinars - It’s time to fire up the midnight oil, team! Most side-hustle entrepreneurs are missing out on this insanely powerful trend thinking that webinars need to keep office hours. I’m here to tell you that it’s just not the case. Most webinars these days are happening during the evening to accommodate the time-starved entrepreneur hoping to upskill themselves.

Adopting technology, cultivating talent across the generations and encouraging digital skills acquisition are fundamental factors to enhancing efficiency within the energy sector. Well-versed industry leaders attending the event, will impart their knowledge of opportunity development and management of related threats whilst proactively implementing strategies to fortify competitive advantage and boost profits through the digitalisation of operations within the landscape that is energy.

Get out those PPT presentations and dust off your cameras - now is the time to get your message out there at scale! “Some fundamentals to your success is ensuring that your product or service is top-notch, that your customer experience is insane and that you are consistent and I mean seriously consistent. Back that by following 2020’s 4 hottest trends and you’re going to explode your business and brand growth!” concludes Jacqui.

During this time of critical energy transition, the Africa Energy Indaba 2020 aims to support African and international energy leaders to translate global objectives into regional and national business solutions in order to secure a more accessible, affordable and sustainable energy future for the African continent. For more information visit




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6 EPIC CRUISES YOU HAVE TO DO IN YOUR LIFETIME Make magical family memories with Disney Cruises For families with kids of any age, it’s just doesn’t get better than this. Be immersed in the magic of Disney from the moment you step aboard one of four enchanting cruise ships. Sailing from Europe and America’s most popular ports, Disney Cruise Lines never fails to delight adults and kids alike with dazzling musicals, themed parties, movie nights, water parks and much more. Adults are free to enjoy some downtime too, while kids have the time of their lives at private clubs perfect for little ones, tweens and teens. Romance on the water with Azamara Club Cruises Explore the world with your special someone on a spectacular cruise aboard Azamara Club Cruises. Renowned for unique itineraries and authentic cultural experiences, Azamara allows you to share new experiences, exciting cuisine, and thrilling adventures together in some of the world’s most exciting destinations. Onboard you’ll find personal service, a super relaxed atmosphere, and all the luxuries a couple could ask for. The ultimate river cruise with AmaWaterways

There’s no doubt that cruising is one of the best ways to spend your holidays. But not all cruises are made equal. Take a look at these legendary cruise lines that are at the top of their game when it comes to style, value, fun, romance and family. Revel in luxury aboard Crystal Cruises Champagne on ice, caviar and white-gloved service – you’ll find all of this and so much more aboard uber-luxurious Crystal Cruises. Boasting two ever-so-elegant ships, this sophisticated cruise line offers the ultimate in fine dining, spa relaxation, stylish evening soirees, and all the luxurious touches a discerning traveller could dream of. See the world in unrivalled style with Crystal Cruises. Fun meets affordability on Royal Caribbean International Royal Caribbean’s fleet of 25 ships offers a range of cruise styles to suit your needs and your pocket. Whether you’re travelling as a family, with friends, your partner, or even solo, you’re in for a fantastic time. Look forward to some of the best dining and entertainment at sea, with thrilling activities such as skydiving and rock climbing, along with excursions to private islands in the Bahamas, world-class casinos and themed cruises for the kids.

If you love the idea of cruising but prefer to stay a little closer to land, AmaWaterways is the way to go. Their award-winning fleet sails the renowned rivers of Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa and beyond. Relax in utmost luxury, while attentive crew take care of your every need. The intimate ships carry a maximum of 164 guests, so you’ll have plenty of your own space to take advantage of the ships’ many amenities, including spacious rooms, live entertainment, gourmet restaurants and curated excursions. You simply couldn’t ask for more. Sail your own way with Le Boat Ever wondered what it’s like to be the captain of your own ship? Then a self-drive cruise with Le Boat is definitely for you! Now you can get behind the helm and cruise the waterways of Europe at your own pace. What’s more, you can choose who you cruise with. Be it friends, family or just you and your partner (you can even bring a pet!). Pull in at quaint little towns for lunch. Or drop anchor for a night or two to explore a little further on land. It’s all up to you. Speak to one of our experienced cruise experts to book one of our legendary cruise deals! For more information contact Cruiseabout Waterstone Village 022 065 0300, or

WILD WILD WEST! GUIDED DAY TOURS AND TRAILS If you’re looking for adventure just off the beaten track this summer, then head west! West Coast Way is a uniquely South African road trip that offers 101 stops sure to get your heart going again. Seasoned adventurers can forge their own way along a variety of trails that head north up the coast, cut east through the Cederberg or south along the beaches of Langebaan. For those who are new to the region, West Coast Way now has a ‘basket’ of free themed routes on offer that take the guesswork out of your trip. “We highly recommend the Foodie Route, Cultural Route, Wild Route, as well as the newly launched Cape Way Route – all of which are designed to showcase the many attractions and activities that are already on offer on the Cape West Coast and inland areas but many may not yet know.” So, whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the region’s rich San heritage at !Khwa ttu, tough it out on a trail run, make a splash kayaking, or even just get out of the city for some stunning bird watching, the West Coast Way is the way to go! To plan your own road trip visit or to book guided Day Tours and Trails call 0861 321 777 or





The second Homegrown Expo, which focuses on authentic, home-grown finds, will take place from 5 - 8 March at Canal Walk, Century City. Located at the epicentre, the Centre Court, the Expo will feature products including clothing, ceramics, décor, jewellery, furniture and more. Says Expo Organiser, Miriam Vallie: “We’re so excited to host our second Homegrown Expo at Canal Walk after our first successful event at Tyger Valley Centre last year. We’re blown away by the talent and entrepreneurship of our exhibitors, who have all been handpicked, and strongly believe local entrepreneurs should be given the opportunity to introduce their products to the market. There is no better place to do so than Canal Walk! ”

Fellow organiser, Lee-Ann McNulty, adds that there will be something for everyone. “From handmade ceramics to bespoke baby rooms, custom-made furniture to handcrafted macramé, lifestyle accessories and jewellery, the Expo promises to offer visitors the opportunity to get to know and support local design and crafts. Whilst the product range is broad, they are all heart made with pride, lovingly displayed and sold by the business owner, creative or maker.” Vanessa Herbst, Marketing Manager at Canal Walk, adds: “We look forward to hosting the Home Grown Expo for the first time at Canal Walk and are excited at the prospect of

merging the creativity of these exhibitors with the brands already on offer at Canal Walk,” Vallie concludes: “When you support handmade, you’re not only supporting a person, small business, family, and our economy. You’re also purchasing a small part of an artist’s heart. Be sure not to miss this exciting, one-of-a-kind event.”

Experience Art From Africa

Celebrating 25 Years of Design Indaba

And Around The World

Design Indaba’s yearly lineup is a highly anticipated event on the creative calendar. Having established itself internationally as one of the premier multidisciplinary programmes in the world, it consistently draws the globe’s luminaries to its stage. But it’s not just inspiration for inspiration’s sake that the conference advocates. With ‘a better world through creativity’ as their guiding principle, founder Ravi Naidoo and his team have continually shown their commitment to positive change through design-led thinking. In line with this powerful impetus, they’ve created a legacy for including speakers in the programme whose work seeks to better the world we live in – whether through technological advances, environmental advocacy, or simply social change that fosters healthier communities.

Experience Art from Africa and around the world at the Cape Town Art Fair taking place from 14-16 February at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Leading galleries specialising in Modern and historical works from South Africa will once again return to the Past/Modern section with João Ferreira as guest curator of the section. Past/Modern is a retrospective of historical significance, featuring works by modern masters, the section will include resistance and protest art from the apartheid period casting a lens on the socioeconomic effects of the apartheid struggle.

The event can boast star-studded speaker alumni - leaders and achievers in a variety of fields – that constitute the who’s who of international design. Anyone from Thomas Heatherwick to Patricia Urquiola, Tom Dixon, Brian Eno, Yves Behar, Jaime Hayon, and scores of other global luminaries have graced Design Indaba’s stage to share their progressive work in genres as diverse as business innovation, product design, costume design, performance art, architecture, food design – and many more. The common denominator among its myriad speakers and indeed the driving force of Design Indaba’s ethos itself, is the desire to demonstrate that ideas are universal and that the key to innovation is in the sharing of them across disciplines. Celebrating a quarter century in 2020, Design Indaba is more committed than ever to offering a world-class event that not only equals its past stature, but also builds upon it. But this impressive 25-year milestone offers an opportunity too, to look forward, as well as back. And while its founders reflect on this landmark with immense pride, they also consider where to next.

In regard to his aim for the section, João Ferreira states: ‘’Artistic expression has always been an accurate social barometer and drawing from South Africa’s history of late colonial, apartheid and post-apartheid years - artists originating from formal education, community centres, self-taught or cultural tradition, who have reached consensus as to their vital contribution to the evolution of South African art history. This section sets out to create a dialogue about the work, questioning the importance and collectability of the artists, their origin, style and impact on contemporary art.’’ Galleries included in the section are EBONY/CURATED and for their booth they will present a visual timeline of South African artworks created between 1950 – 2000; focusing on specific pieces by Dumile Feni, David Phaswane Mogano and Leonard Matsoso. Goodman Gallery will show an extensive list of artists ranging from Paul Weinberg, Faud Adams, Sue Williamson, David Koloane, Peter Magubane, Jeremy Wafer, Raymond Preston, Harold Rubin, Mainganye Avhashon and Dumile Feni. Graham Fine Art will be showing works by Peter Clarke, Dorothy Kay, Gerard Sekoto and George Pemba. Alongside this will be a selection of works by increasingly sought after Amadlozi group, Cecil Skotnes, Eduardo Villa, Sydney Khumalo and Ezrom Legae among others from WALL gallery. A solo presentation from The Melrose Gallery by Dr Esther Mahlangu, internationally collected and award winning artist on the verge of her international retrospective, exploring the impact her imagery has on contemporary culture. Kevin Atkinson, Trevor Coleman and Andrew Newall with bold bursts of colour and sophisticated forms in a presentation of Geometric Abstraction from SMAC gallery. According to João Ferreira, the aim of this presentation is to revisit and revaluate abstract art produced during this period and beyond, an area of increased collecting interest. ‘’To collect art is more than an artwork on the wall or the expectation of its monetary appreciation. Paintings and artworks concern cultural enrichment and human achievement. They are instrumental to a deeper more meaningful life,’’ says João Ferreira. ‘’To collect art has to do with availability and opportunity, awareness and passion.’’

Design Indaba has evolved to become a hybrid Think Tank/Do Tank, ensuring that ideas surfaced on the conference stage become real world solutions that create a better world of all, contributing to Design Indaba’s legacy of cultural invention and impact. Seeding over one hundred impact-led projects over its lifetime and poised to realize many more in the near future, Design Indaba remains unwavering in its commitment to invoking change. Design Indaba has been built on the foundation that creativity drives progress and opens doors. In times of challenge, it can prove the key to unlocking the cures. As a result, the three-day programme will continue to offer a spectrum of events that prompt people to think, and act, and from the Emerging Creatives showcase, to the daily action outside on the piazza, and of course the conference itself, the programme is designed to catalyse creativity, foster networking and inspire progress and innovation across disciplines and divides. The conference will once again take place early in the calendar – kicking off the year with a high-octane programme of dynamic talks, exciting exhibitions and engaging workshops. It will run from 26 - 28 February 2020 at the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town. Additionally it will be broadcast live via simulcast to major cities around the country, allowing design devotees in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Potchefstroom to take part in this must-attend event.




Nudging - How We Can Trick Our Brains Into Making Healthy Habits Stick “We are bombarded with new research that shows that by changing our day-today habits, we can improve our lives. But how do we just do it? Thanks to insights into human decision-making, we now know how to trick our brains into forming positive, healthy habits.” It’s no understatement to observe that many of our health, money and environmental problems are essentially a result of our own bad habits. Although behavioural changes that prevent disease – like eating healthier and exercising 30 minutes a day – can literally save our lives, we struggle to sustain them. Why? Researchers have studied behavioural economics for years to try to explain how and why we make certain decisions. Why so often we opt for junk food, sedentary lifestyles, and spending instead of saving – despite knowing the consequences. What’s stopping us from making better choices? “We tend to blame the lack of willpower when we fail to stick to a new healthy eating plan or exercise routine. But often, our irrational beliefs – called behavioural biases – are the cause of our perceived failure to make healthy choices stick. And most of the time, we’re completely unaware of these biases and how they influence our decision-making,” says Vitality CEO, Dinesh Govender. He adds that attaining wellness is tougher because people tend to be overlyoptimistic about their health status. The question is not just how to get people to adopt positive health behaviours, but also how to sustain them. The solution, says Govender, lies in ‘nudging’ – a term from a ground-breaking book by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. In Nudge: Improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness, the authors explain that people can be prompted to make healthier choices through subtle, positive interventions.

“And then there’s the reward! Knowing you will benefit in health, but also earn tangible rewards, anything from a simple cup of coffee, to devices and travel, means your healthy lifestyle is twice as fruitful,” says Govender. Vitality has various programmes that encourage members towards positive behaviour, and regularly commissions large, science-based studies to measure the impact of its programmes. For example: The Apple Watch Study: In the world’s biggest study on physical activity, RAND Europe investigated if the Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch benefit leads to higher physical activity levels than the initial Vitality Active Rewards incentive. The results: Participants of the Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch benefit increased their activity levels by 34% and sustained it over the long term. The HealthyFood study: Based on Vitality’s HealthyFood benefit, US-based policy research programme Rand Corporation explored whether lowering the cost of healthy foods in supermarkets would motivate shoppers to buy more healthy food items and less unhealthy ones, like sugary snacks and drinks. The results: A discount of 25% on certain healthy foods led to a 9.3% increase in the buying of healthy foods. It also increased the ratio of fruit and vegetables to total food purchases by 8.5%, and lowered the purchase of not-so-healthy items by 7.2%. The Vitality ObeCity Index: The 2017 Vitality ObeCity Index explored important factors in combating obesity, particularly within a South African context. The results: Vitality showed that subsidising healthy eating with financial and other rewards encouraged healthier food purchases, which positively lowered the body fat percentage of members.

“Nowadays, nudging is widely seen as an effective way to persuade people to make better decisions, and no company has mastered this better than Vitality – the largest science-based wellness programme in the world. With more than ten million members in 22 countries, Vitality has shown that nudging helps its members to live healthier and more active lives,” says Govender. Does nudging work? Vitality proves it does. Dan Ariely, professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina says: “People underestimate how much they enjoy exercise because of a myopic focus on the unpleasant beginning of exercise, but this tendency can be harnessed or overcome, potentially increasing intention to exercise. The trick, he says, is to focus on the good feelings (endorphins) you will get while doing the exercise. What looks dreadful on a to-do list usually isn’t that bad when you’re in the middle of it. Focus on the good feelings in the moment,” says Ariely.

The converse: when we are our own worst enemies - Research has found that dietary risk factors and physical inactivity are responsible for the majority of global disease – nearly double the number of deaths caused by tobacco and four times the number caused by abuse of alcohol and drugs. In South Africa alone, half of all South African adults are overweight or obese, which in most cases, is the outcome of poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Being obese increases healthcare costs by as much as R4 400 a year for each person – a hefty added burden on the cost of healthcare nationally. But, it’s not only healthcare costs that escalate in the face of lifestyle risks. A recent study from RAND Europe and Vitality – The economic benefits of a more physically active population – has deepened our understanding of the link between physical inactivity trends and economic indicators globally. Changing the world through smart choices - “The results of these studies underscore the success of nudging. All they do is gently urge people to make better judgments by offering compelling incentives, which encourage people to make positive changes every day, towards a healthy lifestyle. Combined with access to knowledge and awareness through screening and prevention, Vitality hopes to help turn the tide on preventable diseases globally, one positive habit at a time,” says Govender.

Blind runner Louzanne Coetzee is dominating tracks around the world The incredible South African, Louzanne Coetzee may be blind, but that has never stopped her from achieving her goals and dreams. She doesn’t need to see the track to dominate it. The Paralympic athlete is breaking records despite only beginning her running career seven years ago. Coetzee was born in Bloemfontein in 1993. She attended school in Worcester where she matriculated in 2011 as one of the top students in the province. She started her career as a paralympic athlete in 2012 during her first year at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein where was encouraged by her friends to start the sport. “When I started, people told me I was very slow,” Coetzee says. She was born with Leber congenital amaurosis, a condition that results in undeveloped retinas and loss of vision. Yet Coetzee still leaves dust in her wake. At the Summer Paralympics in 2016 Coetzee accomplished the unthinkable and broke the world record in the T11 category by 13,97 seconds representing South Africa in the 5 000m. This made her the first blind female athlete to run this distance in under 20 minutes. On top of that, Coetzee holds the 800m record in Africa. “To run without being able to see feels normal to me,” she says. Her partner Xavier Adams guides her direction. “When people see Xavier, they either think he’s in the wrong race or he’s there to beat me,” Coetzee says. “But he’s actually the one who helps me win.” Their relationship is built on trust – Adams’ support is key to Coetzee’s career. Friends off the track, they propel each other to success. “It feels like my win as well, because we’re a team,” Adams says.

Photo: Louzanne Coetzee - Photo Credit: Beautiful News South Africa

Coetzee is currently in position to compete at the 2020 Paralympics and challenge herself with marathons in the future. “To those who doubted me, look at me now,” she says. “Nothing is impossible.” Alongside each other, Coetzee and Adams make a powerful duo. We all have our strengths. And when we work together, we can cross the finish line victorious.” Louzanne Coetzee is outgoing, loves challenges and lives life to the fullest each day.




Realising a Plan B in Cyprus is affordable Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity!

There is a perception that it is very expensive and onerous to realize a Plan B in Europe. In Cyprus – an English-speaking, ex-British colony and full member of the EU – this perception couldn’t be more further from the truth. Cyprus is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world; and last year saw an increase of 65% in property sales to overseas buyers from the previous year. Huge investment is pouring into the economy with all the infrastructural developments and the enormous natural gas fields.

Properties in Cyprus offer excellent value for money when compared to other European countries – especially homes right on or near to The Med. The lifestyle is similar to South Africa: golf courses are world-class, the countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and Cyprus has 65 blue-flag status beaches, the cleanest seas in the Med and a mountain-range where it snows for 3 months.

There’s never been a better time to explore investing in Cyprus.

There is no inheritance tax in Cyprus: on your death you can dispose of your assets to your loved ones without having to pay any tax - this is very advantageous for legacy planning. Having a low cost of living – it’s more than 40% cheaper to live in Cyprus than it is to live in South Africa – makes this country even more appealing.

The best programmes Cyprus has been voted as having the best permanent residency & 2nd citizenship programmes available in Europe. Cyprus’ Fast Track permanent residency programme entitles 3 generations in the same family line to all secure permanent residency FOR LIFE in 2 months of making application. All dependent children up to the age of 25 as well as both the parents AND the parents-in-law automatically qualify under the main investor. You can rent out the property and you do not need to live in Cyprus for the residency permits to be valid, you only need to visit the island 1 day every 2 years. If you are looking for 2nd citizenship, then having an EU passport has enormous benefits. You and your family (including dependent children up to age 28) have unlimited access to the EU and UK. Benefits include being able to travel, live and work anywhere in the European Economic Area; plus visafree travel to more than 171 countries in the world.

Your trusted partners Cypriot Realty – a proudly South African company in operation for 12 years with offices in Sandton, Cape Town and Cyprus – is your trusted partner to realise your Plan B in Europe We are recognised and respected as Southern Africa’s authoritative investment specialists promoting Cyprus as an ideal destination for acquiring EU citizenship or permanent residency, for property investment, for immigration or retirement and starting an EU-based business. We understand investor’s needs, and we have an impressive track record showcasing our success.

Cyprus’ 2nd citizenship programme was voted as being the best is that it is the quickest in Europe - it only takes 6 months to process – but more importantly, citizenship is passed down to future generations and you do not need to live in Cyprus for your citizenship to remain valid. On both programmes your property ownership gives you a solid investment, good rental returns, a superlative lifestyle in The Med; and easy access to Europe. The lifestyle benefits In addition to being a full member of the EU and the Common Wealth, Cyprus is a very popular choice because of the affordable investment entry-level to secure permanent residency & the speed to secure a 2nd citizenship. Cyprus is economically stable and politically secure – the country is not flooded with refugees. LOGO

Property inspection trips

We arrange personalized property inspection trips for you to come to Cyprus to look at the property options and to experience for yourself the lifestyle on offer. From arranging meetings with taxation and legal specialists, to opening up your offshore bank account – we hold your hand every step of the way. Contact us for a confidential meeting to discuss how Cyprus can fit in with your offshore plans – we will assist and guide you every step of the way to realise Your Plan B. Contact Jenny Ellinas Founder & Managing Director Tel : +27 83 448 8734 Email: Visit:

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Share the love at Benguela Cove February is the hottest month in the Cape and while the summer sun is doing its part, the Winelands are turning up the heat with a plethora of offerings to spark a flame for those in search of a special place to celebrate their love. Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate is known for its Lagoon Cruises on the Bot River lagoon in a covered pontoon, fondly named Lady Bonnie. A slight wind is a welcome addition here to take in the fresh air rolling in from the Atlantic. This is a brilliant start to the day for anyone planning to spend a full day at the estate. Top of the list is Valentine’s Dinner Experience on 14 February at R550 per person. Chef Annie Badenhorst is a wizard when it comes to flavour combinations and to honour this day, she created a 5-course menu, perfectly paired with estate wines. The romance is introduced with a refreshing Gazpacho starter with confit prawn, vinegar pearls, sauce Vierge and basil. Slowly turning up the heat, this is followed by a Turmeric risotto, rich, beef fat braised baby carrots, pickled sultanas, smoked yoghurt and orange. As for mains, a delicious cut of beef sirloin is served with colours of beetroot, radish, celery, pickled onion, potato and pomegranate jus. And to wrap it up with some sweetness, you can offer your partner the first bite of Litchi and cucumber Turkish delight cheesecake with rose and coconut custard. Off course there are more activities to enjoy at the estate before the dinner, or you can enjoy a picnic and cellar tour to experience the harvest activities. The cellar door platters remain a favourite, as well as the wholesome Sunday brunches.

If you are treating your loved one to a weekend in the Overberg, join the Benguela Cove team the next day on 15 February for a rock and roll celebration featuring a Benguela Cove favourite, Cloud 9. Tickets are available online from Webtickets or at the Benguela Cove gift shop. For more information visit

Cape Town Prawn Festival

Symphony Of Santoor

The 2019/2020 #SummerOfChampions has been one for the memory books – thrilling finishes, epic on-course entertainment and a passion for fashion! As the Cape Town racing season comes to a close, it seems fitting to end off with a race day that embodies all things symbolic of the Western Cape – juicy, freshly cooked prawns, warm summer sunshine and an impressive sundowner view over Kenilworth Racecourse.

Inner Circle Entertainment is fast making a name for its unique and large-scale productions that often combine established international musicians with the crème of South African artists. ‘Symphony of Santoor’ is one such creation that will fit the bill and enthral audiences lucky enough to have a seat for its world premiere, on Friday, 21 February 2020 at the Artscape Opera House.

It’s a race day filled with Graded races - including the Cape Derby (Gr 1), the Khaya Stables Diadem Stakes (Gr 2), the Vasco Prix du Cap (Gr 3), the Cape of Good Hope Nursery (Gr 3), the Kenilworth Fillies Nursery (Gr 3) and the Selangor Jet Master Stakes. It may sound like a mouthful (pun intended), but the only thing more appetizing than the line-up of equestrian champions fighting it out for those titles, is the thousands of freshly cooked prawns awaiting race goers at the Cape Town Prawn Festival on 22 February at Kenilworth Racecourse. “The Cape Town Prawn Festival is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Few things bring friends and family together better than wholesome, delicious food coupled with live entertainment and beautiful Cape Town summer days,” says Bryn Ressell, owner of Vasco de Gama Taverna in Green Point which has become an institution for Portuguese food and sport watching in Cape Town - making it fitting that the Vasco sponsored, Prix du Cap, falls on the same day as the Prawn Festival. “All feature race days are exciting, but the Prawn Festival in particular brings an entirely new vibe to the racecourse. It’s heart-warming to see so many people, from all walks of life, on-course enjoying the days offerings – whether it be the horse racing or the food.”

Inner Circle’s philosophy of shifting the context of musical expression, resonates through its creation of musical collaborations. The most recent world-first production that caught the imagination of the South African public and now a growing worldwide audience, was the world’s biggest Islamic music star, Maher Zain, in concert with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) – two sell-out concerts were not nearly enough to satisfy the demand. Similarly, Symphony of Ghazal with violinist Deepak Pandit showcased a successful crossover of raga based compositions performed with the CPO. Now, it is Symphony of Santoor that will capture the audience’s imagination. Award-winning Santoor player, Rahul Sharma and the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Brandon Phillips, collaborate for a magical confluence of the rich traditions of Indian and western classical music. This worldfirst concert will journey through Indian classical ragas, folk, and light classical music compositions, rearranged for orchestra by Sharma, with the 100-stringed santoor as the starring soloist. Rahul Sharma learnt his craft from his father, the renowned Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, beginning his training at the age of 13 years old. Father and son are globally recognised for their skill on the Santoor - a trapezoid shaped 100-string wooden instrument - transforming it from a simple Kashmiri folk item, to a respected instrument in Indian classical circles and around the world. Rahul, has made it his own however, with his music spanning many genres from classical to folk, rock, new age and world fusion, working with artists such as pianist Richard Clayderman, psy-chillout pioneers Deep Forest, and topping the US Billboard with his collaboration with smooth jazz artist Kenny G.

“Apart from the amazing display of equine talent on the day, there is so much to see and do at the Cape Town Prawn Festival and it can be simply summed up as a day of food, family and fun,” says Jehan Malherbe of Khaya Stables, proud sponsors of the Diadem Stakes. “Few race days have so many graded races on the card, promising race goers an action-packed afternoon. Couple that with delicious prawns and live entertainment and you’ve got the recipe for a fantastic day at the races!” “Join us at Kenilworth Racecourse on 22 February to close out the #SummerOfChampions with a bang. Whether your heart lies with the horses, your mouth watering for the prawns or if you’re looking for a day out with friends and family – diarise the Cape Town Prawn Festival for a day of sensory delights!” For more information visit

For novices to the genre, Indian music is largely improvised, with the artist gauging the audience’s vibe and mood, tuning into the heartbeat of concert goers before embarking on the main event. Therein lies its mystique and magic, as each performance is totally unique and therefore, extremely special. Orchestral music is of course more structured, and Rahul has consequently scored the pieces to take account of the different styles. The Santoor is an instrument synonymous with sounds that sooth the soul and combined with a full orchestra at the fingertips of this mater Santoor player, this concert promises to appeal to the uninitiated and the seasoned Indian and classical music fans alike, affording all who are privileged enough to hear it, the ability to soar with the music. Aside from the 46-piece Cape Town Philharmonic orchestra, Rahul Sharma will be accompanied by a team of musicians from India. Tickets available via Computicket




Events To Look Forward To February - March 2020

Photo: FNB Maties vs FNB UCT Ikeys

Photo: Huawei KDay 2020




Franschhoek Summer Wines

1 February

Leopard's Leap Wine Estate, Franschhoek

FNB Maties vs FNB Shimlas

3 February

Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch

Cricket: 1st ODI South Africa vs England

4 February

Newlands Cricket Stadium

Up the Creek 2020

6 - 9 February


Federer v Nadal: The Match in Africa

7 February

Cape Town Stadium, Greenpoint

Cape Cobras vs Lions

7 February

Boland Park, Paarl

Cape Town Pizza and Pasta Festival

8 February

Fort Wynyard, Green Point


10 February

UCT Rugby Fields

Cape Cobras vs Titans

12 February

Newlands Cricket Stadium

Valentine’s Dinner Experience

14 February

Benguela Cove, Hermanus

Cape Town Art Fair

14 - 16 February

Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

Rocking the Lagoon with Cloud 9

15 February

Benguela Cove, Hermanus

Cape Peninsula Marathon

16 February

Green Point

FNB Maties vs FNB CUT

17 February

Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch

Cape Cobras vs Dolphins

19 February

Newlands Cricket Stadium

Symphony of Santoor

21 February

Artscape Opera House

Cross Tri Challenge

22 February

Grabouw Country Club

Cricket: 3rd KFC T20I South Africa vs Australia

26 February

Newlands Cricket Stadium

Design Indaba

26 - 28 February

Artscape Theatre Centre, Cape Town

Ultra South Africa 2020

28 February


Hands-On-Harvest Festival

28 February - 1 March

Robertson Wine Valley

Womens Lifestyle Expo

28 February - 1 March

The Lookout, V&A Waterfront

Gin & Tonic Festival

1 March

Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock

FNB Maties vs FNB UP- Tuks

2 March

Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch


2 March

UCT Rugby Fields

SA Cocktail Week

29 February - 7 March

City Centre, Cape Town

Africa Energy Indaba

3 - 4 March

Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

Cape Getaway Show

6 - 8 March

Sandringham Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

Huawei KDay 2020

7 March

Meerendal Wine Estate, Durbanville

Paarl Harvest Celebration

7 March


Cape Town Cycle Tour

8 March

Cape Town

FNB Maties vs FNB UCT Ikeys

9 March

Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch

The Cape Town Carnival

21 March


FNB UCT Ikeys vs FNB Shimlas

16 March

UCT Rugby Fields

The Property Show

21 - 22 March

Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

FNB UCT Ikeys vs FNB UP-Tuks

23 March

UCT Rugby Fields

Klein Karoo National Arts Festival

23 - 29 March



26 - 29 March

Jan van Riebeeck High School, Cape Town

Cape Town International Jazz Festival

27 - 28 March

Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) Celebrating

12h00 – 15h00

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Cape Town Hotel School Restaurant 48 Beach Road, Mouille Point, Granger Bay

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Cape Town Hotel School Restaurant


THE NEWSPAPER stories that are life changing

February 2020

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Delight In The Magic Of Harvest In The Heart Of Route62 Savour delectable local wines, indulge in country cuisines and explore harvest in the countryside of the Robertson Wine Valley region. This food and wine affair spoils visitors for choice with a wide variety of tailor-made activities. The towns of Ashton, Bonnievale, McGregor, Montagu and Robertson are celebrating their 12th annual Hands-on Harvest festival from 28 February - 1 March 2020 and invite you to join in on the excitement. Participate in the grape’s journey from vine to barrel to glass with grape picking and stomping, to basket pressing and blending your own creation. Travel on the farms on authentic vineyard safaris and terroir tours with local farmers. Get behind the scenes and in the cellar and learn all about the winemaking process and the team behind the label. Be captivated by the stories behind the vines during underground cellar tours and satisfy your taste buds with interesting food and wine pairings. Embrace country life with an array of activities for the whole family. Start off your morning with a vineyard trial run or bring your bike with for a scenic trip. Hop onto the boat for a leisurely river cruise down the Breede River. Join a game of croque, listen to live music and meander through the markets in search for local treasures, all while sipping on delicious wines and bubblies from our valley. Pleasure in a winemaker’s dinner, feast on harvest buffets, relish in homemade goods or merely joy in garden picnics. For more information visit

Enjoy The Annual Harvest Festival At Muratie Wine Estate

The Melck family will once again be hosting their annual Harvest Festival at Muratie Wine Estate in Stellenbosch on Saturday, 29 February 2020. The Festival, which takes place under the ancient oaks that guard this historic wine estate, is a celebratory family event featuring good food, fine wine, great company, live music and lots of fun stomping newly harvested grapes. On arrival, after a welcoming drink, visitors are bound to want to join in the fun and laughter “stomping” grapes, and tasting Muratie’s well-loved, award winning wines. Tractor Rides through the vineyards will take place at set times for the young and young at heart.

A long lazy alfresco lunch prepared by Muratie’s Farm Kitchen will follow accompanied by Muratie wines. Relax and savour a memorable afternoon of live music performed by the popular Kitchen Jammin Blues Band. There are enchanting places where one can escape life’s hustle and bustle, and Muratie is one of those magical treasures. Hidden away in the exquisite Knorhoek valley, with a perfect view of Table Mountain, Muratie is as old as history itself, with a unique, almost tangible old-world ambience. The passion for preserving the estate’s rich, centuries-old heritage is captured in every nook and cranny of this family farm. Beautiful old Cape Dutch buildings, crumbling statues, antique winemaking equipment, and the quaint tasting room with its cobwebs, stained glass windows and art, are all set in a secret garden, a lush green haven of peace and tranquillity. For those who love being outdoors, Muratie offers amazing trails for mountain biking and trail running, suitable for beginners, as well as intermediate and experienced riders and runners. The picturesque surrounding ensures an unforgettable experience. Permits are available from the Muratie Tasting Room. Muratie is also home to the contemporary MOK Gallery. ‘MOK’, an abbreviation for modern kontemporêr, is the Afrikaans translation for modern contemporary. Art is an important aspect of the Muratie history with the late owner and artist, George Paul Canitz, serving much of his tenure on the estate. The gallery is located in Ansela van de Caab’s house, dating from 1685. For more information visit

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