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FOOD & DRINK Page 6 Photo: City of Cape Town - Photo Credit: Diriye Amey

Although South Africa may attribute a small proportion of total retail sales to e-commerce, the industry is growing quickly and Cape Town can increasingly lay claim to being the e-commerce hub of the country. According to the City of Cape Town’s Economic Performance Indicators (EPIC) Report for the third quarter of 2016, to benefit fully from the shift toward online retail in Africa, cities need to establish themselves as seedbeds for emerging e-commerce companies. Cape Town has done exceptionally well in this regard and is widely considered to be a tech and e-commerce hub within South Africa. This is not because the city boasts the largest number of online buyers, but more as a result of Cape Town’s well established tech landscape which makes it an appealing destination from which to run an e-commerce business.

Solar - The Best Way Under The Sun! The Western Cape Government’s energy efficiency awareness campaign kicked off at the beginning of February 2017 with the message: “Solar -The best way to save under the Sun.” It focuses on raising awareness about the benefits of installing solar water heaters and solar PV panels, as a cost saving measure, and in line with creating a greener world. Through this campaign, companies who are leading the way in sustainable energy will be showcased. Minister Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities said the energy efficiency awareness campaign forms part of the Energy Security game-changer, a joint initiative of the Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town and the five largest local municipalities, namely Stellenbosch, George, Drakenstein, Saldanha Bay and Mossel Bay.


As part of the campaign, Alan Winde visited Bayside Mall in Table View - a Cape Town shopping mall saving 2 200 units of electricity each day due to the installation of renewable energy systems. Minister Winde said that Bayside Mall had reported significant cost savings since the installation of its rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system, which includes 2 000 solar panels, two years ago. “Bayside Mall has saved R1 million through its reduced energy savings initiatives, and used around 800 000 less kilowatts of energy over the same period. These figures show us that energy efficiency is the responsible and moneywise way to operate,” he added.

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Source: Effective Measure, 2015.


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FOOD & DRINK Page 6 & 7

Photo: Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens - Photo Credit: SANBI/Kirstenbosch

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The Western Cape has taken its place as a global big-hitter amongst tourists, with arrivals and infrastructure spend reaching record levels.

The City of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority has published a draft Cycling Strategy which aims to increase the percentage of commuter trips made by bicycle from the current 1% to 8% by 2030, and has committed substantial resources over the past eight years to pursuing the vision of a cycling-friendly city. Currently cyclists have access to at least 450 km of cycle lanes across the city, some of which are separate from the road.

Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, and Wesgro, the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape, revealed key facts on the state of the Western Cape’s tourism sector.

On City’s Draft Cycling Strategy

“Although some of these lanes are popular for recreational cycling, we still have not seen the growth in commuter cycling which is required to have a noticeable impact on traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and to improve mobility in the lower-income areas.� “We evidently need a new approach, together with some key interventions from both the City and the private sector, to realise our goal to increase the percentage of commuter trips by bicycle to 8% within the next 13 years,� said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member: Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA), Councillor Brett Herron.


Minister Winde said that the Western Cape has entered a exciting period in the tourism sector. Nine of out ten key attractions reported record visitor numbers for the 2016 peak season, and these increases speak to the emergence of the Western Cape as one of the world’s leading tourism destinations.

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Diagram 2: The e-commerce ecosystem in Cape Town Software and app development 76<.:* 4*,:2<A .:=B*4 "./:.;1 :.*<2>. .-2* ".*45 202<*4

Payment gateways *A % *A/*;< *A *<. .*,1 *A5.6<;


TRADITIONAL RETAILERS Companies in Cape Town with a strong e-commerce presence E &774?7:<1; E 2,3 6 *A E 42,3;

!=2:3 47? 29=7:2,. 6,= .<*


C2C e-commerce

B2C and B2B e-commerce

6426. ,4*;;2C.-; E =5<:.. E '

.6.:*4 :.<*24 E $*3.*47< F 47<1260 *6- *,,.;;7:2.; E )*6-7 E #8:.. E #=8.:+*42;< E "=+A 7@ 077-; E !=2,3.<

INDUSTRY BODIES E *8. $ 62<2*<2>. *8*,2<2 *6-?2-<1 *:6 E #242,76 *8. E ,755.:,. 7:=5 /:2,* E 7-.' E *=6,1 4*+


2,1. :.<*24 E (=882.,1./ E .< 47:2;< E #..-; /7: /:2,* $:*>.4 *6- 17;82<*42<A E #*/*:2 7? E $:*>.4 :7=6E .33.;4**8

6 17=;. E : .42>.:A $*3.*47< =<;7=:,.- E 6 <1. -7< E " E " '

:2,. ,758*:2;76; E :2,. 1.,3 E $:*>.4;<*:<

E-COMMERCE AWARDS 2016 # D; /*>7=:2<. . ,755.:,. ?.+;2<. +.;< 57+24. ;<7:.

Yuppiechef In terms of the latter, 75% of all venture .;< . ,755.:,. ;<7:. +.;< ;1788260 8:7,.;; capital deals in 2015 were located in =5+.:; 26 +:*,3.<; 26-2,*<. <1. ,758*6AD; :*63260 *5760 <1. 57;< >2;2<.- . ,755.:,. ?.+;2<.; 26 #7=<1 /:2,* the Western Cape according to the F :27: <7 <1. $*3.*47< *4*1*:2 5.:0.: *4*1*:2D; ?.+;2<. ?*; :*63.- *6- $*3.*47<D; Southern African Venture Capital and EPIC ECONOMIC INDICATORS FOR CAPEcompanies TOWN Q3 2016 48 Private Equity Association. The diagram illustrates the e-commerce landscape in Cape Town.PERFORMANCE Cape-Town based accounted for all 10 of the most visited e-commerce websites in South Africa in 2014. th


“The digital space is increasingly disrupting the way in which we watch and listen to content and how we keep in touch or communicate. The way we shop can no longer escape our digitally connected world. A greater number of consumers are today choosing to shop online, using one of their favourite digital devices from the comfort of their homes or at their desks.� “The current online purchasing numbers may be small in comparison to traditional buying habits, however, there is an increasing shift to online purchasing. A disruptive evolution in the retail industry is under way,� said the City’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson. Today, consumers are spoilt for choice. Retail store and brand loyalty may no longer be the deciding factor when contemplating where to shop. Therefore, online purchasing gives a consumer the option to choose from a much larger variety of products that are available online, when compared with a traditional retail outlet. The added benefit is being able to shop after traditional store hours at a more convenient time for the individual. There is huge untapped potential for e-commerce in Africa and South Africa in particular. Currently, only 14% of South Africans with access to the internet have shopped online (source: UNCTAD 2016). This industry provides huge opportunity for strong future growth as internet penetration increases and consumers increasingly choose digital options over traditional shopping patterns. While estimates of the size of the local e-commerce industry may vary, forecasts for its future growth are quite similar. Worldwide Worx (2016) recently predicted a doubling of online purchasing between 2016 and 2020. Deloitte (2015) shares the same sentiment with estimates that the industry will more than double its share of retail sales by 2020. This is further backed up by a PWC study that polled emerging companies. A total of 55% of the emerging companies surveyed indicated that they are expecting to sell more than half of their goods online in the next five years. The majority believe that this upward trend will continue and in the longer-term they will sell between 75% and 100% of their products online. “The City has set itself the goal of establishing Cape Town as a forward-looking, globally competitive business city. The strides that the e-commerce sector has made in our city are helping to boost our international reputation in the tech space. I am confident that more tech companies and start-ups will establish a presence in Cape Town going forward, wanting to tap into the synergies of the local tech ecosystem, the high standard of local infrastructure, and the high quality of local talent,� added Alderman Neilson.

February 2017

Factors that have underpinned Cape Town’s attractiveness to e-commerce companies include an appealing lifestyle; an extensive network of supporting companies and institutions, including payment gateways, software developers and tech incubators; a strong supply of ICT skills among the workforce; and better availability of venture capital than in other areas of the country.






The diagram below depicts the e-commerce landscape in Cape Town. It distinguishes between companies with a strong e-commerce presence and those which are often referred to as ‘e-tailers’, companies that would be classiďŹ ed as exclusively e-commerce by Statistics South Africa. Of the 10 most visited e-commerce websites in South Africa in 2014, Cape Town-based companies accounted for all 10. Gumtree, OLX, Takealot and Price Check’s websites recorded more visits in 2014 than any of the physical retailers’ websites.

Cape Town e-commerce Hub of South Africa While Gauteng contributes a much larger proportion of the country’s online buyers, Cape Town accounts for the lion’s share of the headquarters of the most well-known e-commerce companies in South Africa. The city is also the birthplace for the majority of new tech start-ups operating in the e-commerce ecosystem.


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Solar - The Best Way Under The Sun!

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The goal of the Energy Security Game Changer is to ensure long-term energy security through the availability of reliable, diverse and low carbon energy to support economic growth and improve communities in the Western Cape. Bayside Mall’s Green Initiatives Bayside Mall launched their “We’re Going Green” sustainability initiatives in 2014, whereby the shopping centre is equipped with technologies to reduce its environmental footprint. One of the most significant interventions is the harvesting of rainwater, which involves the extraction, detaining, storage and utilisation of stormwater. Harvested rainwater is being used for numerous non-potable purposes, particularly flushing toilets and landscape irrigation. Stormwater is extracted directly from the adjacent canal. Harvested stormwater is screened before entering the main stormwater holding tanks. The main tanks have a holding capacity of 60kl, and provide a minimum of three consecutive days of toilet flushing. The stormwater is then sent to the various header tanks within the Mall to be used for toilet flushing. Cleaned storm water is also sent to the central irrigation manifolds to irrigate the mall’s vegetation. A 500kWp solar plant has been strategically positioned on the mall’s rooftop. The electricity generated by the solar plant during the day feeds into the shopping centre’s electricity grid and is used throughout the mall. The solar plant offsets approx.

5 – 10% of Bayside Mall’s electricity consumption per annum. With that said, the solar energy generated at Bayside Mall during one day could supply a day’s electricity to 150 households.

Stellenbosch Academy of Sport Celebrates 5 years of Excellence The Stellenbosch Academy of Sport (SAS) recenyly celebrated five years of excellence. Since opening its doors on 11 January 2012 SAS has become a training destination of choice to some of the most prominent sporting teams and individuals in the world. Rob Benadie, CEO of SAS, said over the years international clients have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about SAS and the wider Stellenbosch experience. “Sport teams and athletes from some 40 countries and from every continent have visited SAS so far.”

“The best compliment they are paying us is by coming back year after year. Dutch hockey coach Max Caldes has been coming to SAS since the beginning – both as coach of the women and men’s teams.” “The coaches and athletes that come here are our best marketers and they are incredibly impressed with not only the SAS environment, but also with what they experience in Stellenbosch as a whole.” At the event the outspoken and passionate Johann Rupert spoke about some of the challenges faced by our local sport federations and how important it is to always keep perspective when dealing with sport, recognising that there are far more important challenges in life to focus on than winning trophies. Stellenbosch and SAS has been buzzing with international athletes preparing for the World Championships later in the year in London. Double Olympic triple jump champion Christian Taylor from America, Dutch silver medal sprinter Daphne Schippers and gold medal Paralympian Richard Whitehead from England were among the 80 plus athletes that decided to train here. It was the third consecutive year that Whitehead and his coach Keith Antoine came to SAS. At the same time the Dutch Men and Belgium Women’s hockey teams also had their pre-season training camps in Stellenbosch while based at SAS. The Academy has proven itself as the choice of champions of the years with various World and Olympic champions choosing to stay here for their training camps. SAS is owned by Remgro Sport Investments and is a custom-built facility dedicated to the needs of professional teams and athletes. The vision is to be recognised as a world-class sport training and preparation environment. The SAS environment includes accommodation, training facilities, nutrition, and specialised sport science and medicine services.

Photo L-R: Jannie Durand (CEO of Remgro), Rob Benadie (CEO of SAS), Jeff Rosenburg (General Manager Tsogo Sun Waterfront) and Johann Rupert Photo credit: Thys Lombard

There is also a physiotherapy unit that is open to the general public. Anchor teams permanently based at SAS are Springbok Sevens Men and Women, the Western Province Rugby Institute, and the recently launched Stellenbosch Football Club, formerly known as Vasco de Gama.




Mediclinic Hermanus Offers

City Maintains Highest

Fulltime Emergency Centre Service

Possible Credit Rating Opinion From Moody’s

Mediclinic Hermanus is a true community hospital serving the Overberg/Overstrand region including the towns of Bettys Bay, Kleinmond, Gansbaai, Greyton, Bredasdorp, Stanford, Napier, Riviersonderend and Struisbaai. The hospital is the only private facility between Somerset West and Mossel Bay increasing the demand for 24/7 emergency care. As such they understands that the community requires an emergency centre with a full time doctor on duty. “The need for the upgraded service was highlighted by the increase in medical emergencies in the region and consequently the increased demands on emergency medical staff in our hospital,” says Mrs Anne-Marie Nortjé, Hospital Manager at the Mediclinic Hermanus. “From 1 February 2017, the Centre will be manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a doctor supported by experienced registered nursing staff. The Overberg Emergency Care24 doctors are led by Drs Leon Siecker and Charles Henegan, who specialise in emergency medicine and the acute care of patients who present themselves without an appointment. The Doctors will be supported by state of the art technology and will endeavour to incorporate the patient’s general practitioner in the further treatment of the patient. Looking to the future, various initiatives and upgrades are planned to ensure that the Emergency Centre continues to provide a reliable and professional service of the highest quality to the people in the Overberg/Overstrand. It is the best way to provide the community with 24-hour quality emergency medicine,” she adds. Mediclinic Hermanus is situated in Hermanus in the Western Cape and serves private and medical aid patients in the Overberg/Overstrand Region.

The latest annual credit rating review of the City of Cape Town has been completed by Moody’s Investors Service which has reaffirmed the existing long- and short-term national scale rating of as published by Moody’s during January 2017. This rating follows closely after the City received its 13th consecutive unqualified audit report and its fourth consecutive clean audit from the AuditorGeneral. The City of Cape Town is pleased with the latest national scale credit rating from Moody’s where the municipality is rated at the high end of the range of South African municipalities. Cape Town’s relative position reflects debt levels that are lower than the median of other metropolitan cities. Moody’s noted that Cape Town compares favourably with the other rated metros in South Africa in terms of budgetary performance and management and consistently displays robust cash holdings. The City therefore has the highest possible level of credit quality within the national context.

It offers the following hospital services: Cardiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, ENT Surgery, 24-hour Emergency Centre, General Practitioners, General Surgery, Gynaecology/Obstetrics, Internal Medicine (Physician), Orthopaedic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics/ICU Neonatal Care, Plastics Surgery, Psychiatry, Sonology (Ultrasound), Urology and supplementary Services including CT scan, Pathology and Radiology.


Moody’s stated that the City’s global and national scale issuer and debt ratings reflect the City’s consistently robust budgetary performance, strong liquidity position, and low debt levels. The financial position is supported by the administration’s prudent financial policies and its relatively large and diversified economic base. As a result of this financial position, the City is expected to maintain its relatively strong financial position in the medium-term. The City of Cape Town welcomes this news as it reaffirms our commitment towards building a well-run city which prioritises excellent and prudent financial management. A favourable rating from Moody’s holds several benefits for the administration and the residents of Cape Town. Moody’s is one of the world’s leading ratings agencies. A favourable rating gives investors confidence in the financial leadership and management of this municipality. As a result, companies that do business with the City can do so in the full knowledge that the City is able to pay its accounts. A strong rating also allows for a lower interest rate from banks and other financial institutions, which places the City in a stronger financial position. The stronger the City’s financial position, the more resources can be allocated to our residents – in particular to those most in need of our assistance. “This rating is a welcomed boost to our efforts to attract investment so that we can create more much-needed jobs and comes on the back of Cape Town being ranked among the top cities worldwide for its foreign direct investment (FDI) strategy.” Cape Town has been ranked 21st for its FDI strategy in the Global Cities of the Future Winners 2016/17, published by Foreign Direct Investment Intelligence, a division of the Financial Times. Cape Town is the only African city listed in this category by FDI Intelligence.








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Efficient Solar Energy is the Future! GreenSun Renewable Energy believes that efficient Solar Energy is the solution for the future – in general, most electricity users are paying between R1.80 to R2.20 per unit for electricity. At GreenSun Renewable Energy we firstly design, and secondly, provide a scalable renewable energy solution. This means that any prospective client can start with only a few solar panels to power the swimming pool pump, irrigation system, and even a few kitchen appliances not to mention your home office. A good starting point is to think what the electricity cost per unit will be in 10 years’ time. Undoubtedly, the first answer to this question remains unknown, as everything in this day and age is escalating daily. Let me entertain you with this quick, yet, simple exercise. Are you aware that almost 60 percent of all home owners do not know what their monthly electrical tariff is? This is not an official value, but rather, something we in this field of expertize experience daily when prompting clients with this simple question. Tragically, most of us simply buy electricity in the hope that it will last the entire month. Consider this fun-fact example: Let us use R2.28 per unit of electricity in this illustration. A normal household of 4 people pays R1800 per month for electricity. Now let us be very optimistic and believe the electricity rate will only escalate by 9 percent year on year for the next 10 years. Fast forward 10 years and your new end of April 2027 electricity bill will then be a staggering R4300 a month. That is equal to R5.25 per unit of electricity. This is where solar energy becomes most attractive. By fixing your energy cost over the next 25 years at between 85c to R1.20 per unit, depending on the type of solar installation and technology used, you will be in the pounding seat.

In Hawaii, there is a certain section which has no electricity; therefore, the whole village is powered by the saltwater batteries, solar panels and wind turbines. Technology is finally at a stage where it makes sense to have batteries for residential use, and interesting enough most of these new batteries comes with an 8 to 10 year warranty. Why do you need batteries? The idea is to store all the generated power from the solar panels in the Lithiumion batteries, and thereafter use the stored energy for evening usage. Presently, most users are more grid independent and more self-sustainable. Batteries will also come in very handy for these odd unexpected power failures. More important on the security side, is the fact that backup power can be to the user’s advantage. Gates can still open and close, security cameras can run uninterrupted, and life can continue as normal. The next, and final stage in your renewable investment portfolio will be making your electric motor vehicle part of your smart grid to either charge your vehicle from your solar panels, or make partial use of your car’s battery to power your appliances for evening use. This all sounds like something that will happen someday. But this is not the fact.

Photo L-R: Xavier & Andeon Louw

Presently, all are already part of this ever-growing change. GreenSun has been fortunate enough to engage in such projects, and an electric car forms part of the whole renewable energy solution. The Team

Renewable Energy Solutions Solar energy has changed quite a bit in the past 10 years. Recent studies reflect that solar energy is now officially cheaper than grid power per unit or kilowatt hour. Yet, there are so many misconceptions surrounding solar energy, and too many options and sales talk which makes it difficult to know if one should take the plunge.

GreenSun was established in 2011 by two brothers, Xavier and Andeon Louw. They have grown the company to a staff of 9 people, and have installed over 600 Kilowatts of solar panels on residential houses throughout the Western Cape. That is equal to 300 homes each generating 2kW electricity through its solar system. By positioning ourselves as a once-off solution to all energy needs and requirements, prospective clients get the best of what expertise, and specialist services GreenSun has on offer. By staffing each individual with a project manager, both our clients and GreenSun can be assured that each project is professionally executed.

The idea is to start off small and grow the solar electricity system over time by adding more solar panels. In most of the municipalities in the Western Cape, customers can apply for a net-metering facility to ‘sell’ back electricity to the counsel, an application service facilitated by GreenSun. The very exciting part of the solar market right now is the new improved Lithiumion deep cycle battery technology. A very popular option presently is the Powerwall provided by Tesla. GreenSun is an authorized Tesla Powerwall installer, and has installed many of these amazing systems throughout the Western Cape thus far. With the Tesla Powerwall 2, which might be coming to South Africa, we are able to provide the Tesla Powerwall 1 at amazing prices, while stocks last. It is recommended that any prospective client should challenge this great opportunity. Another battery player that has presently entered the South African market is the new Aquion Saltwater battery, designed for both residential and commercial use. This will be the latest and greenest battery which runs on salt water, Manganese oxide, cotton, carbon and stainless steel. It is way more complicated than this, but our main objective is to keep things simple.

Call GreenSun today for a free quote or simply obtain advice on how to become energy efficient. For more information contact +27 21 905 0120 email: or visit:




Winners of the Klein Karoo Gourmand Awards

Twenty Four restaurants on Route 62 in the Klein Karoo were named as the winners of the 2016 Klein Karoo Gourmand Awards function in the Queen’s Hotel in Oudtshoorn recently.

Restaurants: The Black Swan and Bello Cibo (Oudtshoorn), Giovanni’s Italian Country Kitchen and Zamani Grill (Calitzdorp), Clarke of the Karoo (Barrydale), and Kokkemans Kitchen and Gallery (Montagu).

The top 24 include restaurants from De Rust, Oudtshoorn, Calitzdorp, Barrydale, Joubert Tradauw and Montagu. The celebrity chef Francois Ferreira and the foodie Ann Hadley initiated the awards in 2012. Restaurants between Montagu and De Rust were judged in four categories, namely farm stall eateries, hotel restaurants, casual eateries and restaurants, with the top six in each category receiving an award. The restaurants were visited several times during 2016 by mystery diners, paying special attention to consistent good quality of the food, the menu and wine list, atmosphere and service. The six winners is each category were: Farm stall eatery: Smitswinkel (Oudtshoorn), Bella de Karoo and De Krans Bistro (Calitzdorp), The Country Pumpkin (Barrydale), Alfresco Deli (Joubert Tradauw) and Die Kloof Padstal (Montagu). Hotel restaurants: The Colony @ The Queen’s, Buffelsdrift and Su Casa @ Surval (Oudtshoorn), Karoo Art Hotel (Barrydale), and Mimosa Lodge and Montagu Country Hotel (Montagu). Casual eateries: The Village Trading Post (De Rust), Café Brûlé (Oudtshoorn), Rose of the Karoo (Calitzdorp), Rooi Kombuis and Diesel & Crème (Barrydale), and Rambling Rose (Montagu).

Photo Front from Left: Ashwan Scharneck (Buffelsdrift), Marlene Hendriks (The Colony), Anne Hadley who initiated the awards with celebrity chef Francois Ferreira, Spaas Esterhuyse (Die Kloof Padstal), Isabel van Wyk (Zamani Grill) and Wendy Remini (Giovanni’s Italian Country Kitchen). Back from Left: Retief van der Walt (De Krans Bistro), Willem Ferreira (Su Casa), Alie Killian (The Colony and Café Brûlé), Daniël Terblanche (The Black Swan), Twanette du Toit (Die Rooi Kombuis), Gerard Maré (Rambling Rose), Gerbrandt van Deventer (Bello Cibo), Mike Clarke (Clarke of the Karoo), Niekie Eksteen (Village Trading Post), Fida Hess (Mimosa Lodge), Astrid Bridger (Die Kloof Padstal), Jennifer Baatjies (Smitswinkel), Beate Joubert (Alfresco Deli) and Giovanni Remini (Giovanni’s Italian Country Kitchen) - Article & Photo supplied by Die Hoorn.

Embark on a Scenic Train Trip from Cape Town to Elgin Escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a wholesome family friendly festival at the Cluver Family Harvest Day, which takes place on Saturday, 1 April (11am to 4pm). The venue is the picturesque family-owned Paul Cluver Wines, which is set in the heart of the tranquil Elgin Wine Valley. The valley is well known for its cool climate wines and fruit. Less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town this promises to be a fun day out for young and old. Choose to self-drive or, even better, embark on a scenic train trip from Cape Town to Elgin. The train departs from Cape Town Station at 9am, with a second collection point in Somerset West. The journey should last no more than two hours, and a few treats along the way will make for a fun and memorable journey. Upon arrival in Elgin you’ll be met by a fleet of John Deere tractors ready to transport you to your final destination. The train will then depart for Cape Town at 4pm. While the adults sample the superb cider and wines on offer, the kids will be in their element as they get stuck into the myriad of old school fun and games (think bobbing for apples, sack race, egg and spoon race to name but a few). This is the perfect opportunity for mom and dad to unwind a bit as the young ones are kept entertained in the supervised kids’ area. Keep hunger at bay with the selection of artisanal gourmet fare on offer. Freshly home baked apple crumble, a selection of fine cheeses, charcuterie and gourmet sandwiches are guaranteed to add to the fun and festivities of the day. Live music adds the final touches to what promises to be the ultimate outing. For more information visit

Let Gabriëlskloof Sweep You

Sweet Sticky Fun as

Away to the Mediterranean

Lourensford Hosts Hanepoot Harvest

Picture a sunny hilltop winery surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and wheat fields. This might be magnificent Tuscany or much closer to home, just an hours trip from Cape Town Gabriëlskloof Wine Estate. It’s this idyllic setting that Gabriëlskloof invites you to enjoy with the launch of its fine Mediterranean taster platters.

Lourensford Estate hosted its annual Hanepoot harvest, with hundreds of fans descending on the farm in Somerset West to pick and feast on this sweet juicy fruit straight from the vines.

Situated in the Overberg between Bot River and Caledon, in an area very Mediterranean in look, feel and climate, Gabriëlskloof has teamed up with resident chef Frans Groenewald to offer something reflective of their wine cousins across the oceans. These new Mediterranean tapas-style tasters are best enjoyed on the winery’s broad veranda that overlooks the tapestry landscape or in the shaded courtyard with its soothing trees and water features. The occasion is informal and allows you to taste and enjoy, uninterrupted at your leisure. Each taster comprises four wines and five small snack-dishes, as well as a Schiacciata Coll’uva – a traditional Tuscan focaccia made with grapes. Bites include chorizo and calamari, pan-fried with red wine; mini-lamb kofta on tzatziki; hummus with fried chickpeas; dolmades; and, a fresh Caprese salad with fior di latte mozzarella, tomatoes and basil pesto.

The vines were planted in 2003 at the request of owner Christo Wiese, who is a fan of Hanepoot as a table grape, and every harvest season the public is invited to experience farm life and get their fingers sticky as they indulged in snipping bushels and filling their baskets with Hanepoot to take home at R15/kg.

“Now is the time to take a drive in the countryside,” says Nicolene Finlayson, tasting room manager and wife of the Gabriëlskloof cellarmaster. “The cellar has awakened with the promise of another bountiful harvest and visitors might get a sneak peek of the winemaker and his team at work and even taste the season’s grapes, fresh off the vine.” Visitors can expect to see a working wine farm in operation; experience the cellar at the height of its activity; and, even join in the harvest.

“On any given day going to Lourensford is great, but getting to walk thorough the vineyards picking your own grapes is something special. You’re surrounded by so much beauty and that feeling you get when you find a perfect bunch among the vines is wonderful. It’s fabulous way to spend time with loved ones outdoors – and the grapes are delicious!” says Annzra Denita, Hanepoot picker. Owned by businessman Christo Wiese, the Lourensford Estate is arguably one of the most spectacular in South Africa. The historical estate, which was established in 1709, boasts a variety of award-winning wines, made from the vineyards, grown and cultivated on the farm. The farm is also home to hectares of apples, pears and plums, and 20 species of the South African national flower; the Protea.




Michelle van Zyl - A GP with the Passion for Geriatrics and Oncology Tell us more about yourself, Dr Michelle? I completed my studies at Stellenbosch University and thereafter I completed my “Hospital Years” in the Helderberg Hospital. I achieved a post graduate in Emergency Medicine and worked at Vergelegen Mediclinic, Somerset West in their Emergency Unit. I have spent all my “medical years” in Somerset West, and got to know and love the Community of Somerset West very well.

Photo: Dr Michelle van Zyl

My partner and I are currently settled in Somerset West, where I took over a very well-established practice located in St James Street.

The Practice was established 43 years ago, and it is an amazing opportunity to engage into long-term relationships with my patients. Do you have any particular field of interest? Yes, Somerset West has a very diverse community. I developed a passion and heart for Oncology - the study and treatment of various tumours. My role is specifically to screen and identify certain malignancies (cancers); send my patients to the appropriate specialist if abnormalities are detected and to follow-up and follow through all the way with each patient.

Changes in hearing - the nerves conducting our hearing of sound changes due to the aging and even changes in our ear structures – the small bones conducting hearing becoming less mobile, causes loss of hearing, especially high frequency sounds. We all know changes in vision occurs, but there is also a change in sleep patterns, bladder and bowel functions, skin changes, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you work with other doctors to ensure optimum health options for your patients? Yes, I will work closely with Cancer Care. As I mentioned I will do the screenings, referrals, and follow-ups, but I will also take a patient’s hand and work side-by-side with them through a very difficult and often confusing time. I also work with Geriatrician, Dr Deon Greyling; Rheumatologist, Dr Clive Pettister; Physician, Dr Pierre du Toit; Orthopaedic Oncologist; Dr Andre Olivier, and Orthopaedic Surgeons, Dr Jan Louis van den Berg and Dr Rob Ducts. Dr Ferdi Marais is my go-to-Urologist assisting me to screen, diagnose and refer possible prostate tumours. Dr Errol Visser is my amazing Emergency Medicine Consultant, managing my after hour emergencies, and treating my VIP patients with the same regard and passion as I feel for them. That is quite a mouth-full. Where do these doctors practice? The Doctors are all Specialists in their field at Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital in Strand. I am very proud to have their expert help available at all times. Dr Michelle, what is your vision as a young doctor in Somerset West?

As we know: cancer is very real. It does not discriminate, and anyone can fall victim to the disease. I try to provide early screening in especially young women and create awareness about the importance of pap smears and offer ultraviolet imaging of breast tissue. This should by no means be seen as an alternative for routine mammography, but is a very helpful tool to pick up any suspicious lesions missed by normal breast examination. I am very committed to “Woman’s Health” and offer a package deal which include a pap smear, manual breast examination and ultra violet examination.

I look forward to meet the community of Somerset West and really having an in-depth relationship with them. I want to be involved with their children, their teenagers, as well as medical issues such as acne, hormones, embarrassing questions, chronic care, flu, fractures and many more. Everything that I can give and share with all of them.

Photo: Ammeret Herandien & Dr Michelle van Zyl

I am fully dedicated to provide the healthcare and personal relationship expected of a General Practitioner.

Do you have any other field of interest? I do have a soft spot for geriatrics. Geriatrics if defined, is as a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and problems specific to the elderly.

Great News! Where are you based and do you provide any other services?

We are an aging population. People grow very old with the help of modern medicine. 80-years of age is definitely the new 60. And 60 is a “spring chicken.” However, our bodies do age and a wide spectrum of changes will occur as we age. These changes aren’t necessarily due to illness, but can still cause severe distress.

My practice is based at 15 St James Street, Somerset West. My lovely receptionist, Ammeret Herandien will greet you with a smile and Anita Graham, in charge of accounts, will always be up for a chat or coffee.

Changes will take place in bone; joints and muscles. Bones loose density and strength and may actually shrink in size, thus making them more prone to fractures (breaks). Joints become easily inflamed and muscle mass decreases, making basic movement difficult. Our memory becomes impaired. This is a very distressing time for a patient and his/her family.

We do have an amazing Physiotherapist Team: The Dukes, Darren, Ingrid Dukes, Yolandi Marx and also dietician Amanda I'Ons – they are dynamic, vibrant, and full of passion.

Guidance and expert medical treatment must be offered, and that is reason why I work closely with Dr Deon Greyling, a Geriatrician.

Photo: Anita Graham & Dr Michelle van Zyl

Dr Michelle, in conclusion What are your last thoughts?

I love my job, my practice and my patients. I commit fully to each and every individual walking through my practice door. "We sure would love to get to know you."

For more information, contact Dr Michelle van Zyl on 021 852 1742 or visit



SA Transmission and Bearing Supplies A brand you can trust As an authorised distributor of the full Dunlop product range we are committed to offering all of our customers not only the widest range of quality products, but a world class quality service that you would expect from a global brand.


Agriculture Drives Western Cape Jobs Jobs in the Western Cape’s agriculture sector have increased by 17%, according to the latest figures from Statistics South Africa. Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, said that the Stats SA’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey, which was released in February 2017 showed that 250 000 people were employed in the province’s agriculture sector. The numbers were for the fourth quarter, namely October to December 2016. Minister Winde said the Project Khulisa focus areas played a key role in the 70 000 jobs added overall to the Western Cape’s economy in the last quarter of 2016. According to the report, the Western Cape’s unemployment rate is 20.5%, compared to national at 26.5%. The province’s Labour Force Participation Rate, an indicator of how many people are working or actively looking for work, is at 68%.

mission and Bearing Supplies

When purchasing any Dunlop product you can be reassured that only materials of the highest quality with full production traceability have been used, and have been produced responsibly by a manufacturer with the expectations and demands of its customers foremost in mind.

“In total, jobs grew by 70 000 in the fourth quarter and by 6 000 year-on-year, bringing our broad unemployment rate down to 23,6%, the lowest in the country. We know this is still not good enough. It is important to note that employment numbers between quarters can vary greatly and are influenced by a range of factors, and annual comparisons do offer a more balanced view on jobs growth. Over the past year, jobs in primary agriculture have grown from 214 000 to 250 000.”

Largest range in Europe

Steynsrust Road, Firgrove,

Dunlop’s product range and stock holding is now one of the largest found anywhere in Europe. A base stock is Somerset West, 7130, South Africa held in South Africa and is available for immediate despatch or collection.

fully trained and friendly dedicated staff waiting to provide you with any 15 E:Our help you may need to make your selection.

Many of the world’s most prestigious original equipment manufacturers in the automotive, agricultural, industrial & recreational sectors now rely on Dunlop for high end quality products. For more information contact +27(0)21 842 3780, SA Transmission and Bearing Supplies, Eendrag Farm, Steynsrust Road, Firgrove, Somerset West email: or visit:

“In the Western Cape we’ve had a good harvest and the unemployment rate in the non-metro areas dropped to 14%, despite the ongoing drought. We prioritise conservation agriculture, which has limited the impact of the drought in some of our agricultural regions. We also reported on the gains in tourism as visitor arrivals increased across the province, and the progress we’re making is evident in the numbers.”

Stellies Street Market A Humbling Experience!

South Africa’s No.1 Transmissions Brand


ynsrust Road, Firgrove, Somerset West, 7130, South Africa




The Stellies Street Market was founded in October 2016 by Caylin Van Wyk, Tamlynn Almacin and Kim Vries in Partnership with Standard Bank Stellenbosch and the Stellenbosch Night Shelter. The charity initiative is fully run and set in motion by volunteers and donations received from the Stellenbosch community and other surrounding communities, which in return was handed out to homeless and less fortunate individuals at the Stellies Street Market on 5 November 2016. “Our main aim for this initiative is to help those who cannot help themselves and restore their dignity, by giving them a free shopping experience to pick out clothing items, shoes and other necessary personal care items.” “The first Stellies Street Market was a great success. We received over 2200 clothing items donated by Dischem Pharmacies Zevenwacht, Parmalat SA, LA Bakery, and Chill Beverages were amongst our huge array of sponsors working together with Standard Bank Stellenbosch and all their staff.” “The Street Market is a market experience for the poor, found entirely on the street and curated by us.” “In partnership with Standard Bank Stellenbosch we have brought this initiative to the community and start the Stellies Street Market in Stellenbosch.”



Authorised Distributor

“Through our volunteer efforts, we have learnt that there are a large number of homeless individuals within the Stellenbosch community. The Stellies Street Market is an initiative focused entirely on these individuals, to uplift them, to help them and to bring dignity for those who have none. It is based on donations and volunteering efforts by the community for the community, together with Standard Bank to raise as many clothing and other necessary items and bring the Stellies Street Market to life.” Homelessness is not just one person’s problem; it affects the community and surroundings. “We as the community should strive to help each other and uplift those who cannot help themselves. Stellenbosch is their home just as it is ours and we as individuals have the social responsibility to look out for each other. To bring hope, where all hope has been lost.”




7 Reasons to secure a Plan B in Europe The opportunity to acquire permanent residency or a 2nd citizenship to formalise a ‘Plan B’ to leave a legacy for their family is very appealing to many people. And Europe - the largest single market & global trading block in the world - still holds huge appeal. Investing in Europe to try and hedge against our volatile currency is a sensible decision - but the choice of where to invest can be intimidating. The financial, legal and tax implications coupled with language & cultural barriers sometimes makes even thinking about a “Plan B” a non-starter. Going overseas on holiday can endear that country to you: it’s easy to fall in love with the charming customs and romantic foreign language. But investing offshore can often expose a very different picture – especially if it becomes difficult to be accepted into the local community, if you are always seen as a foreigner and you don’t quite feel like you fit in.

Some other attractions that Cyprus offers are: a. Being an ex-British colony, there is no language barrier – everyone speaks English; b. You can rent out your property to earn a Euro-based income; c. Low cost of living; d. Euro-accredited education gives your children a distinct advantage when they enter the global job market; e. Europe on your doorstep: Cyprus has 2 International Airports and several marinas; f. 1st world medical facilities & affordable healthcare with highly qualified doctors & specialists.

Savvy investors should ensure they make the right decision to secure a “Plan B” in Europe especially with some counties offering the chance to secure relatively easy permanent residency status or a 2nd passport. You are advised to closely evaluate each programme to understand the pre-requisites, limitations and of course all of the costs. Cyprus is a very popular choice not only because of the affordable investment entry-level to secure residency, but also because of the following 7 benefits: 1. Cyprus is economically stable and politically secure – the country is not flooded with refugees. 2. 3 generations in the same family (including parents and in-laws) secure permanent residency status FOR LIFE in 4 – 6 weeks through the purchase of a single property. 3. The whole family can get EU passports in 3 months via Cyprus’ “Citizenship through Investment” programme – and dependent children up to 28 years of age also qualify! This is the quickest way to get unlimited access to Europe for life! 4. Properties in Cyprus offer excellent value for money when compared to other European countries – especially homes right on or near to The Med. The lush & beautiful Western side of the country is similar to the Western Cape and enjoys the biggest demand and highest growth. 5. The lifestyle is similar to South Africa: the golf courses are world-class, the countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and Cyprus has 57 blue-flag status beaches, the cleanest seas in the Med and a mountain-range where it snows for 3 months. 6. No inheritance tax: on your death you can dispose of your assets to your loved LOGO ones without having to pay any tax. This is advantageous for legacy planning.

Your approach to your investment decision will be determined on how clear you are on the reason you want a Plan B in Europe. Is the driver to acquire residency or a 2nd citizenship, to relocate and create a home for a growing family or invest in a property to earn a subsidiary income? Investing overseas is a huge financial and emotional commitment, but your offshore journey can be made easier when you get advice from professionals. Always check exactly what you are buying before signing any contracts; and take your time – there will always be a good deal to be had. Going across on an inspection trip to personally view the property opportunities and do the groundwork could save you thousands in the long run! Cypriot Realty is a pioneer in actively and consistently promoting property opportunities primarily in Cyprus. They have successfully been doing this from their Cape Town and Sandton offices since 2008. As a result, the company is recognised and respected as Southern Africa’s authoritative investment specialist for promoting Cyprus as an ideal destination for acquiring permanent residency/citizenship, property investment, immigration/retirement and starting a European-based business.

Jenny Ellinas Founder of Cypriot Realty

Contact us for a confidential meeting to discuss how Europe can fit in with your offshore plans – we will assist and guide you every step of the way to realise Your Plan B.

c ypriot y pr iot 7. There are no social problems in Cyprus : no car guards, shanty towns or people living below the poverty line; and because of this Cyprus has huge appeal as a destination for relocation, retirement, holiday-making and investment.



For more information contact Jenny Ellinas on +27 83 448 8734 email Visit



Grand Old Dame Gets A Makeover At 111 years old, most grand old dames – and certainly the City Hall – could do with a nip here and a tuck there to enhance their aesthetic appeal, all within heritage standards. The City of Cape Town is therefore undertaking an upgrade of this heritage asset. The current scope of work includes repainting the main entrance hall (which has been completed) and work on the slate roof (which is in progress) at a total cost of just over R20 million. Additional planned upgrades spanning the next three financial years will include a revamp of the stage and backstage area, the auditorium seating, venue acoustics, the banqueting rooms and the installation of new mechanical ventilation. All of this additional work will cost in the region of R27 million that will be spread across this period. “City Hall is one of our oldest and most central public spaces with a rich history that resonates with residents across the city and the rest of South Africa. As a key strategic asset of the City, we need to ensure that its upkeep and maintenance is done with the utmost care to preserve the integrity of this heritage building,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Assets and Facilities Management, Councillor Stuart Diamond. The iconic City Hall building shot to fame locally and globally when it served as the landmark for a turning point in our country’s history.


11 February 2017 marked the 27th anniversary of former president Nelson Mandela’s first speech as a free man when he was released from prison in 1990. He addressed a jubilant crowd that had gathered on the Grand Parade from the balcony of City Hall. About City Hall - Built in 1905, it was one of the first major constructions on the Grand Parade The bell tower has an astounding 39 bells that chime the Westminster quarter on the hour and on special occasions. In the heart of the building sits the Grand Hall, home to an organ of 3 165 pipes. The exterior façade is primarily built out of oolitic limestone imported from Bath in England, which gives it an unusual honey-beige. The lower walls and plinths, however, use granite from the quarry on Signal Hill The interior boasts beautiful mosaic floors, marble staircases, and stainedglass windows. City Hall has played host to a number of international luminaries and served as the venue for Queen Elizabeth’s 21st birthday party in April 1947. In 2007 the Springboks made an appearance on the balcony after winning the Rugby World Cup. In 2010 the stately building looked out over the FIFA Fan Fest revellers during the first FIFA World Cup™ on African soil.

Growthpoint Embarks on A Strategic Partnership with OPEN

Technology has changed the way people work and, as a result, office arrangements and work environments are changing too. This has led to the rise of co-working. Thanks to their cost-efficiency, flexibility, and often inspiring environments, co-working spaces are attracting a growing user base from businesses big and small, locally and globally. Meeting the working needs of modern businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs, leading JSE-listed REIT Growthpoint Properties has partnered with local co-working space trailblazers OPEN in a 50/50 joint venture. Together they will grow an exciting network of co-working spaces across South Africa. Co-working spaces allow entrepreneurs, consultants, service-providers, and corporate teams convenience and flexibility.

Businesses are afforded by means of growing and shrinking more easily as well as a way to house consultants and temporary staff. Co-working spaces solve the need for space for meetings, working at a desk, audio-visual needs, and coffee and food for a more mobile business generation, while away from a head office. The OPEN spaces also provide an environment of ideas, energy and opportunity through being part of a dynamic community. OPEN designs, builds and manages inspiring and comfortable spaces to work, meet, learn, collaborate and hold events. It has two existing co-working spaces OPEN Maboneng in Johannesburg and Workshop17 at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town - which have redefined workspaces as flexible, multifunctional places for working, connecting, developing and creating. OPEN’s vision is to create an inclusive platform for start-ups and established businesses to engage with each other, to thrive and to make a difference. To achieve this, OPEN is creating a network of spaces located in prime locations as well as in upcoming areas and townships. For Growthpoint, the joint venture adds to the full range of workspaces it offers for all kinds of business to thrive in, from iconic headquarters for large corporates to collaborative spaces for entrepreneurs starting out on their business journeys. By adding more shared facilities to Growthpoint’s buildings, it also activates them and adds value to buildings for existing clients and another way of attracting new ones. For OPEN, the joint venture enables its substantial growth and unlocks access to prime sites for co-working spaces in major metropolitan cities countrywide. For OPEN’s members, it offers the expansion of services in multiple locations and the opportunity to grow. The eight - or more if demand is robust - new co-working locations planned for the next three years will each have a coffee bar with public access, meeting and seminar facilities, member areas with hot desking, dedicated desk and team spaces, and dedicated serviced offices. While having much in common, each location will be distinct with design elements that uniquely reflect its position.

Photo L-R: Co-owners of OPEN Paul Keursten, Mark Seftel and Westleigh Wilkinson

Each co-workspace will be around 2,000sqm and feature superb connectivity and technology with all the office fundamentals in place for a plug-and-play environment that provides full functionality for optimal productivity. Yet, they also offer so much more. The co-working locations developed as part of the collaboration between Growthpoint and OPEN are also designed to give their users a distinct advantage by providing fertile ground for creativity and innovation while connecting members with a diverse community to share and develop ideas.




perfect place for kids to develop important skills

Climbing, jumping, exploring and engaging are just a few words to describe the endless fun to be held at the largest playpark in the Western Cape. Bugz Playpark has worked hard towards building a range of zones guaranteed to get your kids outdoors and away from being cooped up indoors.

Each activity in the playpark sparks imagination and develops core skills of a growing child. The playpark boasts with a colourful and intriguing indoor area for kids aged 2- 10 filled with obstacles, slides, educational boards and challenges to keep attention spans going while allowing creativity to overflow. Their huge outdoor playground is everything a child can imagine – swings, jungle gyms, maps, peddle carts and waterslides; each activity challenges little minds, builds motor skills and burns energy the fun way! Bugz Playpark is the perfect venue for your little one’s next birthday party with five delightful outdoor party areas and should the weather be grey, they have seven indoor party areas so that the fun never stops! With endless themes like Cake Boss and Shake & Bake where your mini master chefs take over the cooking venue to whip up their own tasty treats, a Frozen Party where Anna, Elsa and Olaf create a magical winter wonderland to a Smurfs Party where no child is left behind or feeling blue. Bugz Playpark is where your kids will have the time of their lives! Bugz Playpark has dubbed them the imagination and needs you! Join their march as they say “NO” to boredom and entrapment of technology by saying “HELLO” to learning the fun way through free play!

Leeu Estates Named One Of The Best New Hotels On Travel + Leisure’s It List Leeu Collection is pleased to announce that Leeu Estates has been featured on Travel + Leisure’s It List 2017. Leeu Estates and the other award-winning properties will appear in the March issue of Travel + Leisure and can also be found on Every year, Travel + Leisure editors and contributors vet the most exciting debuts around the globe to create this highly selective list, which encompasses openings and major renovations from the previous year. This year, only 44 properties were included on the It List and Leeu Estates is thrilled to be one of the chosen few. “It is a great honour to have Leeu Estates included on this prestigious list, in such good company. Analjit Singh, founder of Leeu Collection, along with the team, have brought to life the beauty and warmth of this property. We look forward to further growth in 2017 and invite everyone to experience the magic of Leeu Estates and the entire Franschhoek region,” said Carrie Wicks, CEO of Leeu Collection.

"We are Cape Town" by 100% Design South Africa

Photo: Leeu Estates, Franschhoek

We are Cape Town will celebrate the unique and renowned design spirit of the Mother City – which was credited as the world’s most creative city in 2016. Conceptualised and curated by 100% Design South Africa’s Creative Director, Cathy O’Clery, We are Cape Town celebrates some of the enablers, curators, collaborators, studios and designers who have put the city on the world’s design map. The exhibition will be one of the main attractions of Decorex Cape Town, which takes place from 27 – 30 April 2017.

Photo Credit: David Ross

“The Cape Town design community plays a substantial role in our society by creating outstanding environments for our tourists, jobs for our residents, beautiful interior solutions for homes, and work that resonates across the globe,” Cathy O’Clery explains. “We Are Cape Town dual purpose is – putting the spotlight on the city as a nurturer and hub of creative talent and promoting a community that plays a substantial part in the economic growth of the city.” We are Cape Town will feature work by Cape Town-based design practitioners such as studio mates Clementina van der Walt, Peta Becker and Hoi P’loy, Michael Chandler and some of the Chandler House collaborators as well as artists working at Art in the Forest with Anthony Shapiro.

O’Clery has chosen work from a wide number of design disciplines in order to reflect the depth and range of the local industry. We are Cape Town is a standalone exhibition within Decorex Cape Town and acts as an enticing forerunner to 100% Design South Africa’s main event, which will be held in Johannesburg at Gallagher Convention Centre from 9 to 13 August 2017. Visitors to the Johannesburg event can expect to see a similarly themed exhibition that pays homage to Gauteng’s design collaborators, called We Are Joburg. “100% Design South Africa is not just about Joburg – it is the largest exhibition platform for contemporary high-end design on the continent,” says Reed Portfolio Director, Sian Cullingworth. “We are always scouting the African creative scene for the best of the best and creating special platforms to connect talent with trade. We are Cape Town is just such a platform, dedicated to promoting leading design from the tip of continent.”

We Design & Develop Modern Websites

WEB SERVICES - Website Design

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DESIGN SERVICES - Logo’s - Brochures - Business Cards - Books - Magazines - Newspapers

// Cell: 082 628 5028 // Email: or // //




Club Travel Schools Supports Educational Fund-Raising It’s not every day that you get a cheque handed to you for doing, well… not much at all! This was the case when the team from Club Travel Schools visited the staff from Somerset College on 17 February. Somerset College, set in the picturesque winelands of the Western Cape, has been a participant of Club Travel Schools’ online travel booking widget for some time already, and were delighted to receive the cashback commission payment off the December bookings made through their branded travel portal. The amount of R2 542 couldn’t have arrived at a better time, as the school is currently in the process of raising funds to cover the cost of renovating their sports pitches. Club Travel Schools operates on the premise that a percentage of spend on ALL travel booked through the dedicated portal goes straight back to the schools’ coffers. With Club Travel’s bulk-buying power and negotiated rates from travel suppliers across all sections, the consumer (or parents, in this case) are guaranteed

Music Means Something To Everyone SRH Music School

Music means something to everyone. It can provide a creative outlet for often inexplicable emotions, give inspiration in moments of loneliness and sorrow, connect people, and communicate beauty. Regardless of what music means to you, chances are that it adds colour and splendour to some area of your life. Playing a musical instrument is likely to add a dimension of creativity and joy to your day while stimulating your mind. SRH Music School are based on a holistic educational approach, and strives to facilitate enjoyment during the learning process. We understand that lessons should be altered to the individual’s specific needs and cater for all age groups. Whether you are interested in learning music for the first time, pursue a new instrument, or brush up on your skills, or engage in ensemble playing, SRH Music School will be able to assist you in the musical journey.

that they will not only get the best price and the convenience of having an online booking tool with the security of a dedicated travel team to look after the fulfilment on the back-end, but that their spend will directly contribute to fund-raising efforts of the school. “Club Travel Schools also has a dedicated team for any group bookings – so whether it be a hockey tour to Hungary or a netball tournament in Nelspruit, we have the expertise and experience to offer the best value and a seamless, reliable service.” Club Travel has been successfully operating in the travel industry since 1987, and has been an annual recipient of the World Travel Award since 2007. For more information visit

Cape Town Boys To Star In Priscilla Showtime Management, SA Producers of the soon to be staged international hit musical, Priscilla Queen of the Desert announced the three boys who join the all South African cast alternating the role of Benji, when the show opens at Artscape, running from 26 March to 23 April 2017. Ten year olds, Jack Fokkens and Jagger Vosloo and eight year old Alexander Wallace take to the stage as Benji, the son of lead role Tick played by Daniel Buys. Benji is the real reason Tick convinces his fellow friends Bernadette and Felicia to head off into the desert in a big pink bus for a four-week stint at a Hotel Casino Resort in Alice Springs, the same resort managed by his estranged wife Marion played by Taryn-Lee Buys. Interestingly, the roles of the estranged couple are played by real life husband and wife! Tick hasn’t seen eight-year-old Benji for years and is nervous about exposing him to his colourful lifestyle, only to be surprised that Marion has raised him to be sweet and open-minded so he’s fully supportive of his father’s sexuality and career.” The three “Benji’s” share a love of dancing, singing and acting and their enthusiasm for this, their first professional musical theatre role is infectious. The youngest of four children, Jack Fokkens has been performing in ballet productions since he was four years old, most recently in Cape Town City Ballet’s Peter Pan. He is an accomplished pianist and French Horn player, and when not practicing, he loves learning new tricks at ‘the College of Magic’. Jack is starring in his first international movie ‘The Kissing Booth’, to be released on Netflix later this year.

Madaleen Botha, the Director of SRH Music School, is a PhD candidate with a fervent interest in Music Psychology. Her experience in music education includes teaching saxophone and piano at various private and public schools and lecturing at the University of Pretoria from 2015-2016. Her qualifications include BMus (UP); BHons (Psych)(NWU), MSc (Psych) (Lond.) and MMus (UP).

Fellow “Benji”, Alexander Wallace has been entertaining friends and family since he could walk and talk. Also an early starter, Alexander has attended the Waterfront Theatre School for the past four years where he is studying dance and drama. He has featured in various international commercials and has starred in several movies, most recently acting as the young Eric Bana in 'The Forgiven'. This is Alexander's first professional theatre production. Jagger Vosloo recently starred in ‘The Magic Carpet’, a school rendition of Aladdin. He enjoys playing guitar, and attending Hip Hop classes. Jagger comes from a family with strong theatrical ties so it seems he is destined to be in the theatre. In his spare time he enjoys playing Xbox, ramping on his scooter and building Lego. To learn more about performing both Jagger Vosloo and Alexander Wallace attended classes at the Musical Theatre Workshops. Priscilla Queen of the Desert has been seen by over 5 million people and grossed in excess of $300 million worldwide to become the most successful Australian musical of all time. With 10 years and several thousand kilometres racked up, the pink bus is looking more magnificent than ever for its South African debut and will run for a strictly limited season at Artscape. This wildly fresh and funny musical, based on the Oscar-winning film, features a hit parade of dance-floor favourites including I Will Survive, Hot Stuff, Finally, Boogie Wonderland, Go West, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and I Love The Nightlife plus more than 500 outrageous costumes, 200 extraordinary headdresses and a 10 metre long customised bus weighing 6 tonnes as its sparkling centrepiece – Priscilla Queen of the Desert is a must-see extravaganza! Tickets available at Computicket




Two Oceans Aquarium Awarded Prestigious Diamond Status The Two Oceans Aquarium has been awarded the prestigious Diamond status by the Heritage Environmental Rating Programme. This classification is awarded to participants in the Heritage Programme who have maintained Platinum status for 5 consecutive years, and have shown continued improvement in their sustainability efforts. There are currently only two other Diamond status properties in South Africa – the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway (2015) and Tsogo Sun’s Drakensberg Sun Resort (2013). “I am extremely proud of the Two Oceans team which has made this a reality ,and in particular the handful of people who drive our sustainability programmes daily. We are on a sustainability journey and this award is affirmation that we are on the right track, not that we have reached the end.” “We still have a long way to go! Our success so far is a result of dedicated staff, with an eagerness to reduce our footprint, and a partnership with Heritage, which requires constant improvements in all areas of our operation.” “Constant improvement is achieved through accurate measurement and reporting, goal setting, and planning – therein lies the benefit of external auditing and partnering with Heritage.” There is just no time to sit back and polish our diamond,” said Michael Farquhar, CEO of the Two Oceans Aquarium. The Two Oceans Aquarium aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and promote conservation. This is in line with its vision of abundant and healthy oceans and its mission to inspire support for their future wellbeing. It is therefore imperative that the Aquarium leads by example, and actively strives to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment. Through its environmental charter, which includes aspects of legislation, resource usage and communication, the Aquarium clearly outlines its sustainability goals. “Sustainability in the Aquarium is a team effort and our achievements to date are as a result of an increasing awareness among our staff, volunteers, suppliers and partners as well as a commitment to environmentally-responsible practices as far reaching as possible.”

“While we have much still to do on our journey it has been extremely gratifying and inspiring to see the shift in people’s attitudes and behaviour over the years and to see sustainability move from being on the fringe of the business to now being a core focus area,” said Helen Lockhart, Communications & Sustainability Manager. The Aquarium joined the Heritage Environmental Rating Programme in 2007 on Silver status. Year-on-year improvements saw the Aquarium rise through the ranks and achieving Platinum status in 2011. The Aquarium has maintained this status since, and through continued efforts and improvement to its sustainability practices, has therefore qualified for Diamond status. The Heritage Environmental Management Company was first established in 2001 as an environmental rating initiative for the hospitality industry in South Africa. Heritage is currently being applied by over 150 businesses across eight African countries and is recognised as the leading certification brand in Africa. For more information about sustainability journey & environmental campaigns visit

All Systems Go For Boulders Penguin Colony Upgrade SANParks – Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) are pleased to announce that construction and upgrade of the increasingly popular Boulders Penguin Colony in Simonstown commenced during the second week of February 2017. Construction is scheduled to span over the next 8 months and work will be completed in three phases to accommodate visitors wishing to enter the park, says Senior Section Ranger Justin Buchman. Access to visitors will not be uninterrupted and the operational hours of the park will remain unchanged. It is however important to note the Boulders Info Centre will be closed during the construction period. Staff will put up advisory notice boards on the Boulders gates and Cape Point notice board, informing visitors of the possible interruptions. Visitors are in for a treat as the upgrade promises facilities being re-done and reconstructed to make way for a world class, less congested experience when visiting the park. Updates will be posted as the upgrade unfolds on the TMNP facebook page on a regular basis. Boulders telephone numbers will remain the same and should remain operational over the period. TMNP Management thanks the public in advance for their patience and cooperation.

Atlantic Ocean Tropical Tuna Tagging Program The International Commission for the Conservation of the Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT) has launched a tuna tagging program in South Africa to tag a total of 6500 Yellowfin, Bigeye and Skipjack tuna in a joint program with Capricorn Marine Environmental (CapMarine) and the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). ICCAT is an inter-governmental fishery organization responsible for the conservation of tunas and tuna-like species in the Atlantic Ocean and its adjacent seas, under the auspices of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FOA). ICCAT compiles fishery statistics and supports the management of tuna stocks in the Atlantic Ocean on behalf of its members (countries), coordinates fisheries research and conducts stock assessments. In June 2016 ICCAT initiated the Atlantic Ocean Tropical Tuna Tagging Program (AOTTP) funded by its members and the European Union. The aim is to tag a total of 120,000 tunas in the Atlantic Ocean in the next three years including 6,500 in South African waters. During the next six months a tagging team working closely with Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) will be deployed by CapMarine in Cape Town to tag Yellowfin, Bigeye and Skipjack tuna with spaghetti and electronic tags. The team will be monitoring tuna landings at the main ports, fish landing facilities, processing plants as well as commercial and recreational tuna boats to collect all the information on tagged tunas that are caught and recovered. The AOTTP results aim to improve the understanding tuna movements, their growth rates and the abundance of the main commercial species. This important information will be invaluable for the management of the stocks of tropical tunas in the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Cape Getaway Show 2017


Cape Argus SportShow returns for its sophomore showing The Cape Argus SportShow returns for its sophomore showing this year in the heart of the Cape Winelands. From 24-26 March, Sandringham will play host to a three-day sporting showpiece that encompasses live shows, sporting celebs, clinics, exhibitors and games for young and old alike. According to event organizer Stephan Jooste, the SportShow promises fun for the entire family. “Too many sporting events exclude moms and dads and daughters,” says Jooste. “But the SportShow is wholly inclusive, and pleases casual fans and hardcore sports fanatics alike.” He holds dear a quote by Richard Branson, which posits that sporting shows should be more like concerts: “Fun for everybody.”

The Western Cape’s largest travel, outdoor and adventure event, The Cape Getaway Show, returns to Lourensford Wine Estate from 31 March to 2 April 2017. Promising to be bigger and better than before, he show offers mountain bike races for all ages and experience levels as well as a trail run. Unlock your travel dreams at the Cape Getaway Show with over 200 interactive travel, outdoor and adventure exhibits, Kiddies’ activities, Great music line-ups on Saturday and Sunday, Loads of prizes to be won at the event plus a grand prize of an international getaway. Transport your taste buds at the Taste of Travel Theatre and discover unique flavours of local food, wine and beer. Enjoy talks from awesome South Africans who have conquered extraordinary feats around the world. This is a jam-packed weekend you won’t want to miss. The Cape Getaway Show has special events happening each day with loads of adventures for the whole family and a few special treats for the outdoor sports fanatics. For more information visit

Hands On Harvest Taste The Lifestyle Experience the harvest in the heart of autumn with the 9th annual Hands on Harvest festival from 10-12 March 2017 in the beautiful Robertson Wine Valley. This down-to-earth country celebration offers families a chance to experience the magic of harvest while enjoying country hospitality. Indulge in country cuisine and enjoy delicious local wines from more than 40 wine estates, boutique wineries and tourism establishments from the Ashton, Bonnievale, McGregor and Robertson region.

Last year’s highlights included the world-famous slam-dunk team Lords of Gravity, Nick de Wit and his freestyle motocross riders, triathlete Conrad Stoltz, as well as good food, craft beer and areas for kids. From tag rugby, cricket, golf, netball, paintball, watersports, BMX biking, obstacle courses and even drone racing, the SportShow promises to be bigger than ever. Team players and individuals are welcome to sign up for fixtures on the day of the event or simply soak in the action on offer. Clinics and seminars will help players hone their game, while the Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy will be in town to dispense invaluable advice. Inside two sprawling halls, sporting exhibitors will be on hand with gear and technology for sale. The main halls serve another purpose: host of the third SA Schools’ Sports Summit, where more than 120 schools and 350 delegates will be in town to discuss the future of school sport in South Africa, from 24-25 March.

See the grape’s journey from vine to barrel by participating with hands on experiences from grape picking and stomping to wine tasting and blending your own creation. Enjoy authentic vineyard safaris, food and wine pairings and riverside lunches. The adventure lover can get their fix of excitement with a host of outdoor activities including skydiving, 4x4 routes, golfing, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and river cruises. The first Hands on Harvest market will showcase country living at its best with

Flanking the halls, an action sport and tag rugby arena sits beside a paintball court, where the Western Cape Provincial Cup will be contested. In the middle of Sandringham, a freestyle stunt arena is sure to draw crowds, while South African freediver Hanli Prinsloo will demonstrate the tips for holding one’s breath underwater. Eastwards, a food truck and beer tent, will be busy all weekend, alongside a fives football arena and kiddies’ area. Finally, watersports action takes place at the nearby dam.

local treats, country cuisine, delicious wines and kids’ activities. Hop onto the boat for a cruise down the river, or listen to live music on Sunday, 12 March from 10h00 till 14h00 at Viljoensdrift Fine Wines and River Cruises. For more information visit

“South Africans live and breathe sport and it’s fantastic to be able to put together an event that champions the fun of competition,” Jooste says. “Whether you’re after the craft beer and grub or want to get active, there’s something for everyone.” Sport is a way for families to come together, Jooste adds. “A language everyone can understand.” For more information visit


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Gear Up For The 40Th Edition of SA's Iconic Cycling Event The Cape Town Cycle Tour is turning 40 on Sunday, 12 March 2017 and we are so excited to commemorate this massive milestone of SA’s most iconic cycling event. Grown from humble beginnings in 1978 when just 525 riders took part, 2017’s 40th event will see 35 000 cyclists line up in Hertzog Boulevard to tackle the spectacular 109-kilometre loop of the Cape’s peninsula. In so doing, they will not only participate in the world’s largest timed cycling event, but be part of a special day in the history of the event. The 40th Cape Town Cycle Tour is the fourth and final event in the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust’s annual Cape Town Cycle Tour Lifecycle Week – a week-long celebration of cycling, healthy lifestyles and outdoor sporting fun in one of the world’s most scenic destinations. Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo The Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo is a cycling megastore, info hub and gathering place all under one roof. The event once again takes place at the Cape Town Stadium, in the heart of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Precinct, between Thursday, 9 March and Saturday, 11 March ahead of the 40th edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour on Sunday. The Expo is the largest of its kind in Africa, with roughly 70 000 visitors making their way through the Cape Town Cycle Tour Registration area and Expo hall over the three-day period. This year, thanks to input from exhibitors and visitors, the layout has been redesigned, resulting in shorter walking distances and an all-round improved experience for all. Visitors can also look forward to an upgraded Pick n Pay food hall area. With over 300 stands showcasing the latest and greatest in cycling gear and paraphernalia, there is something for everyone. From the Momemtum Wellness medical testing to top road and mountain bikes, the refreshed event is a must-see for all sport enthusiasts and spectators.

Photo: Cape Town Cycle Tour - Photo Credit: Sam Clark All Cape Town Cycle Tour entrants must visit the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo to collect their race packs and goodie bags. Participants will gain a once-off Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo entry with a scan of their RaceTec chip. Please note that very limited parking is available around the Cape Town Stadium Precinct. Please rather make use of the MyCiti buses, order an Uber or cycle to the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo and leave your bike safely in the Thule Bike Park. If you are using your car, please park in the legally marked parking spaces around the Cape Town Stadium Precinct.

2017 Safari Half Marathon / 10 km and 5km Substantial prize money can once again be won by category winners with male and female athletes receiving equal prize money. In addition to this there is a 10km run and walk and the ever popular 5km family fun run which has shown considerable growth in recent years. The first 10000 entries to enter will receive a Safari goody bag filled with wholesome products and other items. Official race t-shirts are also on sale and can be purchased online or in store at Sportsmans Warehouse outlets pre race day. The Safari half marathon is hosted by the Wellington Athletics club in association with the Wellington Rapportryers who have both being involved in the event since inception nearly 30 years ago.

2017 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the flagship road running event on the Boland Athletics calendar - the Safari Half Marathon. The event takes place in Wellington on Monday, 1 May 2017. This year the Safari will also host the Boland Half marathon championships in which numerous elite athletes will participate.

Overall management and the organizing of the event is done by Top Events in partnership with these organizations. There will be lots of lucky draw prizes to be won on race day as well as entertainment for the whole family. Numerous stalls and organizations will also provide food and beverages. Entries for the Safari which is a pre entry event can be done in store at Sportsmans Warehouse stores in the Cape Peninsula or online. For more information contact: 021 5127130, e-mail: visit

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