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Photo: CTICC East, Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital & KPMG Place under construction

After hosting a successful Cape Construction Expo 2016 recently, the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) is proud to announce that it is on track to open its CTICC East expansion in 2017. Construction to CTICC East, which started in 2014, 11 years after CTICC West officially opened its doors, compliments other construction developments taking place on Cape Town’s Foreshore including the Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital and KPMG Place.


A nanosatellite developed by Stellenbosch University (SU) and CubeSpace, an Innovus incubation company in the Nedbank SU LaunchLab business incubator, is to be launched with 49 other nanosatellites from the International Space Station (ISS) in January 2017. The South African nanosatellite, ZA-AeroSat, weighing in at only 2 kg, is the only satellite from Africa forming part of an international project, the QB50 project, to launch 50 nanosatellites known as “CubeSats” – each about 10 cm x 10 cm x 20 cm (smaller than a shoebox) − from the ISS to gather measurements from the lower thermosphere between 200 km and 400 km above Earth.

A key milestone in the construction of the building has started with the glazing of the Western façade. The next steps will be to commence the roof sheeting scheduled to start in September and the fitting of the cold rooms and kitchens due to start at the end of October.

ZA-AeroSat will be taken to Delft in the Netherlands, where it will be packed with the other satellites before being shipped to the USA and transported to the ISS in December of this year.

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The Electronic Systems Laboratory (ESL) in SU’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and CubeSpace, which arose from the ESL, have been working on this local nanosatellite for some time.


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Creating Opportunity For All


Creating cities of opportunity for South Africans are shaped by developing environments and by inspiring innovation. Local and international speakers addressed these topics at the SA Innovation Summit 2016 that took place in Cape Town recently.

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“The question that needs answering is what can we do with what we have to make a difference and create a city of opportunity? By bringing together thought-leaders, innovators, enablers and industry leaders at the High Impact Series, the discussion has started around co-creating and moving South Africa’s beautiful Mother City forward,”


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said SA Innovation Summit Chairperson, Dr Audrey Verhaeghe. Creative approaches, innovative thinking and working towards social transformation were all topics at the top of the agenda.


“To innovate is to change one’s perspective. Creativity is all about attitude and what I have come to learn is that to be able to think out of the box, one needs to be out of the box and venture into unfamiliar areas to find new inspiration,” explained Martijn Aslander, well-known Funtrepreneur and Life hacker from The Netherlands, during his discussion on Value Thinking.

Aurelia Albert from Innovate Durban shared success stories achieved by making the youth part of solving problems within their own communities. The day ended with a thought-provoking panel discussion focusing on what a city of opportunity means, how to attract skilled minds, bringing corporate businesses and SMMEs together and how to unleash innovation. “The best way to unleash innovation is to not talk about risk and problems, but rather opportunities. As soon as we think problem, our mind starts to eliminate possibilities.”

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Don’t focus on the problem, but rather think about where the opportunity is and what needs to be done to get there. There is always more than one possibility, and the same future can be achieved in many ways,” said Dr Morne Mostert, Director: Institute for Futures Research. Putting ideas into practice, the SA Innovation Summit also hosted a 24-hour Hackathon. Teams that participated in the Hackathon were challenged to find solutions to four key challenges, namely: to alleviate crime, improve access to clean water and sanitation, care for the elderly and improvement of settlements in the area.

15 Western Cape Entrepreneurs Named As Finalists In Premier Entrepreneurial Competition Following a fiercely competitive preliminary round of the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year® competition sponsored by Sanlam and BUSINESS/ PARTNERS, a shortlist of 15 standout entrants has made it through to the final round of the competition, with the ultimate winners to be announced in September. According to Gugu Mjadu, spokesperson for the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year® competition, there was a steep increase in the number of entries received this year in comparison to the 2015 competition. “We are thrilled to announce that we received 213 entries this year, which is one of the highest number recorded to date, and an impressive increase of 40% compared to last year. There was also an increase in the number of female entries.”

Gali Gaon Segall of the Yemaya Group offers a one-stop-shop for hair and beauty treatments, with a new level of convenience at a more affordable rate, while maintaining exceptional quality. Chanette & Jonathan Goosen of Rush Extreme Sports has two parks in two cities – Cape Town and Johannesburg and, Vanessa Jacobs of Sow Delicious, a gardening business with a goal and purpose to inspire and empower people to grow beautiful, healthy food, easily.

The 15 finalists operate in various sectors throughout South Africa, says Mjadu, with the majority originating from the Western Cape (47%) and Gauteng (33%). The 2016 finalists stand the chance to win prizes worth R2 million, which include cash prizes to the value of R425 000. The Western Cape Finalists are: Carl Pretorius of Just Tree, a wholesale tree nursery that supplies specimen container-grown trees to the landscaping industry. Dillon Jearey of Killowatt Audio Visual, a high-end audio visual equipment specialist that can make any production dream a reality. Nerina Smith of Smithland Guest Apartments, consisting of 27 self-catering apartments. Mishje Cooper of ZooZool and Daycare offers a safe and nurturing environment where children between the ages of zero months and six years can build a foundation for continued learning.


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The Mother City Boom!

CTICC East on track for 2017 opening (Continue from page 1) The completed expansion will occupy 31 000m² in total. The main facility includes 10 000m2 of conference and exhibition space, sub divisible into six halls, four meeting suits, five meeting pod rooms and two terrace rooms. Additionally, the new space will include three kitchens as well as a modern sky bridge connecting CTICC West to CTICC East. A tunnel underneath the Heerengracht will connect the two buildings’ service areas. The building will have an integrated modern building management system which will allow for effective control over utility use and harness technology to lower the cost of resources. The City of Cape Town, Western Cape Government and Convenco (CTICC) are investing R832 million in the expansion of the centre.


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Photo: Gali Gaon Segall of the Yemaya Group

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“The increased capacity will allow us to host even larger events as well as run multiple large-scale events concurrently. In addition to changing the landscape of the Foreshore, the CTICC East expansion and surrounding construction projects have had a tremendous impact on sustaining jobs in the sector as well as creating opportunities for the economic development of Cape Town,” says CTICC Chief Executive Officer, Julie-May Ellingson. The main construction is expected to be completed towards the end of 2016, with commissioning taking place in February and March 2017.




SU Satellite Ready For Launch

Cape Town Business

From International Space Station (Continue from page 1)

Hits The Mark With Water And Energy Saving

Research programme - The QB50 project forms part of the atmospheric modelling research carried out by the European Space Agency to predict the results of space objects penetrating the earth’s atmosphere more accurately.

South Africa has been hard hit by a devastating drought coupled with repeated calls for water saving as dams run precariously close too empty. While businesses, under consumer pressure, must do all they can to reduce water consumption and take their environmental responsibilities seriously, reductions in energy consumption is just as important. One Cape Town based business that has prioritised sustainability is Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev). The local bottler and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company products in the Western and Northern Cape, which employs well over 1 300 people, has achieved significant results in reduced water and electricity consumption and a 97.3% recycling rate. “Between 2004 and 2015, we halved our water use ratio and reduced the effluent use ratio at the Parow manufacturing plant by 68%. These water savings are the result of targeted adaptions to our processes that make production more sustainable,” says Johan Breytenbach, Safety Health Environment and Quality Manager.

Photo from L-R at the front, Gerhard Janse van Vuuren, Jako Gerber and Douw Steyn, in the centre, ZA-AeroSat and, from L-R at the back, Mike-Alec Kearney, Willem Jordaan, Christo Groenewald and Prof Herman Steyn

“Since the ESL and, more recently, CubeSpace, are already widely recognised internationally for innovative small-satellite orientation control systems, they were asked to supply 15 control units to other satellites in the QB50 project,” says Prof Herman Steyn, head of the project and founder of CubeSpace. “They’re therefore helping out where other participants don’t have enough experience in satellite control systems. It’s a huge challenge to keep a satellite within 10 degrees of the orbiting direction,” he explains.

PenBev now uses ionised air to ‘rinse’ PET plastic and recovers the water used in the filter backwash process and bottle rinsing. Other plant-wide measures such as foot operated hand wash basins, water saving nozzles on hoses and new crate washing technology have added to the significant reduction in water usage at PenBev. The company have not stopped to rest on their laurels, but have contracted water sustainability consultants to further advise on additional measures that can be taken to reduce water usage at the plant. “In order to operate sustainably into the future we are constantly looking at how to refine our processes to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. We’re proud to have almost halved our energy usage at the plant since 2008,” says Dirk van Schalkwyk, Senior Process Engineer.

The 15 control units, fully developed within the ESL, together with some of the control system software developed with the Surrey Space Centre in England, were sent to the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Belgium for distribution to the selected project participants. The first three control units were delivered to Innovative Solutions in Space, a satellite company in the Netherlands, early in 2014, which launched two QB50 satellites as a test run before the QB50 mission was announced in May 2014. The control units have successfully been operating in space on these test satellites for more than two years now. The funding received for these control units helped to sponsor Africa’s only satellite in the QB50 project. The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) was involved in the development of the satellite’s communication modules. Steyn says that ZA-AeroSat will also be used to demonstrate the aerodynamic stabilisation of a satellite in practical terms for the first time. “The antennas at the back of the satellite will be used like the feathers of a shuttlecock to give the satellite partial passive stability,” he says. “This will be made possible by the greater atmospheric density in the low orbiting heights of QB50.” The ESL/CubeSpace developed ZA-AeroSat’s onboard computer and the attitude control system locally for use in space. The CubeSat components are also sold internationally online in the CubeSatShop and in Innovus’s online satellite component shop. A newly developed experimental star camera satellite sensor (CubeStar), weighing only 80 g, will furthermore be flown to qualify it for use in space. An experimental gravitational wave sensor is also testing whether gravitational wave distortions caused by the position of the sun and the moon relative to the earth, can be determined.

Photo: CO2 self-generating plant opened in Parow

Installation of solar panels (30 kilowatt-peak) on the roof and a reduction in pressure on the bottle blowing machine are two of the recent energy saving interventions at PenBev. Most pumps used to run the production line have been replaced with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) pumps, another reduction in electricity consumption at the plant. The next plan is to adjust cooling temperature on the bottling line for even more energy saving. PenBev have also embarked on a cooler replacement programme at stores which stock their product. Fridge coolers are installed with an energy saving controller, LED tubes and energy efficient fan motors and compressors, representing an energy saving of up to 25%. “We encourage all businesses, whether they are in production or not, to assess their water and electricity consumption by investing in sustainable processes. Besides the cost saving, we benefit from improved customer confidence in our product and the values we uphold as a business,” says Breytenbach.


Barry Hilton

Matie Teams Up With NASA

Motivating Others to Succeed

For Extreme Underwater Mission

Three decades on and South Africa’s ‘My Cousin’, Barry Hilton continues to send worldwide audiences on an instant vacation where unmatchable, hilarious and extremely animated anecdotes are the order of the day. Now living in the Cape, Barry has added motivational speaking to his vast repertoire of corporate events - and he derives enormous enjoyment from it, as of course do his audiences.

Five, four, three, two, one - Stellenbosch University alumnus, Dr Noel du Toit, took the plunge in the deep seas during July to live and do research at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for eight days as part of a NASA mission.

Photo: SA Comedian Barry Hilton is having a whale of a time being back home in the Western Cape - Photo Credit: Leanne Dryburgh

Having spent the last 33 years as a very successful comedian, Barry Hilton has amassed all his experiences, knowledge and observations to create humorous, insightful talks about what it means to be successful, and how you too can be successful if you put your mind to it. Through his unique comedic style, Barry shares with his audience how important small daily successes are in working on the bigger picture. “Giving motivational talks to people in business is a now a part of my business and I see how people relate to someone who makes ‘em laugh”, says Barry. “It’s mutually rewarding because I enjoy seeing audiences react to humour – that’s my real business – and they love straightforward talk that’s delivered by an ordinary guy like me. It really works. They go away inspired and happy without the pressure of ‘having been motivated’.” After living in various parts of the world and performing across the globe, Barry has now taken up permanent residency in Hermanus. With whale watching on his doorstep, Barry is very happy to be there. “The Western Cape is just beautiful. It’s the only place that makes you feel as if, while working, you are on holiday”, says Barry. “I love how busy it is and how everything is connected – and how I can get anywhere from Cape Town easily. In the Cape, you can be who you are and the people are lekker. Also, it’s the only place you can get real daltjies and not chilli bites.” A ‘Barry’ of all trades, this warm-hearted good guy constantly strives for success and never gives up. There is no slowing him down.












who will treat you like guests in their own home. You can also enjoy a drink on our patio or at our stylish wine bar.


The mission, known as NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations project 21 (NEEMO 21), involved studying human/robotic interaction and preparing for future deep space missions. NEEMO missions involved sending three to four astronauts from NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) and other subject matter experts to live underwater for up to three weeks. During these missions, the astronauts (known as “aquanauts”) focused on evaluating tools and techniques being tested for future space exploration by living in simulated spacecraft conditions and conducting simulated spacewalks outside of their undersea habitat (as though they are on the International Space Station), including communications delays and rigorously scheduled daily activities. The mission took place at the Aquarius habitat, an undersea research station off the coast of Key Largo in Florida - the last facility of its kind in the world. This unique opportunity resulted in Dr Noel du Toit becoming one of less than 800 people around the world that have lived underwater like this. He currently works as a Research Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. Du Toit’s focus was on the development and deployment of maritime robotic systems and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). Du Toit grew up outside of Pretoria, completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering at Maties and went to the United States in 2003. He obtained a Masters’ degree from MIT in 2005 and a PhD from the California Institute of Technology in 2010. “My academic focus was on control theory and robotics, and I have worked on unmanned ground vehicles (self-driving cars), aerial vehicles (quad rotors and fixed-wing UAVs), surface vehicles and underwater vehicles,” he says. According to Du Toit, Stellenbosch University’s world-class education gave him the ideal launch pad for his pursuit of engineering research. “There are many opportunities for graduate work in the States and beyond, and though that may not be an appropriate path for everyone, my sense is that the students in South Africa do not pursue those opportunities because they are unaware or simply do not believe it possible. My advice is: pursue your dreams, because you will never know if you do not try.”

New Technology Puts Customers In Control of Express Deliveries Leading express parcels company DPD Laser has rolled out the most advanced mobile technology platform of any SA express service in its Dawn Wing and Time Freight businesses. The platform offers customers unprecedented real-time visibility and control of their deliveries. The rollout is a key part of DPD Laser’s strategy to offer market leading delivery services for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-toconsumer (B2C) clients, and in doing so become the undisputed market leader in e-commerce delivery. “The e-commerce market in South Africa is set for massive growth but has been poorly served by delivery companies. In all markets globally where e-commerce has grown exponentially, reliable and convenient delivery solutions have been critical enablers to that growth,” said Iain Johnson, CEO of DPD Laser. “Our technology development provides our customers, and their customers, a high-quality service which finally gives them the level of control they’ve wanted over their deliveries.” DPD Laser’s new ‘Follow My Parcel’ platform alerts customers to their expected delivery time and confirms their delivery address, both of which can be changed by the recipient at any point during the delivery day. It also provides details of the specific driver and delivery vehicle, a useful feature in a security conscious environment. The platform then alerts the recipient by SMS when their delivery is next en-route and the recipient can track the driver on a live map as they make the delivery.

DPD Laser says the end result is a more convenient and personalised delivery experience which has already improved first time delivery success rates and resulted in significantly less customer frustration. “This strategy of building a hybrid B2B/B2C delivery network, underpinned by technology, great service, and an obsession with the customer experience is nothing new to us as it’s what our sister companies across DPDgroup have been successfully building for many years.” DPDgroup is regarded as a market leader in both B2B and B2C delivery in over 40 countries and delivered over 1bn parcels last year.




Experience Wellness at Warmwaterberg Spa & Mineral Hot Springs The studio units are fitted with a King size bed, custom built luxurious bath and indoor braai/fireplace and is suitable for couples looking for rest and relaxation. The fully bi-folding front doors provide an incredible indoor outdoor flow - a perfect place to enjoy the Karoo environment.

Warmwaterberg Spa and Mineral Hot Spring dates back to the early 19th century – offering prospective guests the same genuine rustic experience away from the style, luxury, and five-star service of the modern day spa - as close as you will get to an artesian hot water spring experience!

The Victorian styled ten roomed Main House or Sanatorium built in 1907 with Oregon pine floors, ceilings, doors, and windows illustrates the architecture of a typical Karoo Victorian “ostrich” house of the early 20th century.

Warmwaterberg Spa and Mineral Hot Spring with its setting in a farming community is situated on Route 62 only 26km from Barrydale en-route to Oudtshoorn. The Spa is set on 600ha of land at the foothills of the Warmwaterberg Mountain with spectacular panoramic views over the Klein Karoo, Langeberg and Swartberg Mountains. Its rustic, close to earth, unspoilt, peaceful and tranquil settings with healing elements in the water able to revitalize and rejuvenate the body and soul. This is the Spa meant for people who live close to nature and seek, “Water that Heals.” Each of these rooms include its own private walk-in 2000 litre Roman Bath where guests can luxuriate. All baths in the units are supplied with spring water at 43.5°Celsius. Three styles of Timber Chalets are available; one, two or three bedroom units, each with its own kitchenette, shower and outdoor braai facility. Furthermore, the 20 Campsites are serviced with power and a braai, while the ablution block offers natural hot water and contains two walk-in roman baths. Facilities

Artesian Spring – “Water that Heals” The Artesian Spring is the main attraction at Warmwaterberg Spa. This spring is believed to be 4-6 km deep with a temperature at the source of 43.5° Celsius. The source of the water is almost a thousand years old and saturated with iron and manganese, but without any traces of Sulphur, which makes it unique. The water is untreated, has a high Iron content and therefore, extremely healthy and sweettasting. The water also contains traces of Lithium which has a soothing and calming impact on the human body. Regular visitors to Warmwaterberg Spa believe they have experienced healing from arthritis and various other ailments.

Another typical example of Karoo vernacular is the Old School built in 1914 for the children of the area. This building has been kept in the same state it was built, and today caters for a group of 30 people. The original dam was reconstructed as a Lapa and serves as a focal point to the Restaurant and Bar, and Kiosk, and ideal for weddings and social gatherings providing seating for as many as 130 guests.

In addition to the two hot swimming pools, there is a cold pool and a number of roman baths on the property. The water is untreated and comes out of the earth as it is, and is piped to the pools without any additives. The cold pool is favourably received in the summer months. Accommodation Warmwaterberg Spa offers only Selfcatering accommodation. The 1890’s mud and stone buildings (“badhuisies” or “Bath Houses”) were originally constructed as bathrooms for travellers. The Main House constructed in 1907 became the Historic Sanatorium. Wooden Timber Chalets were later built, and camping sites made available to facilitate the demand.

Warmwaterberg Spa also facilitates a full-service licensed Restaurant and Bar, open every day of the year (excluding New Year’s Day), an off-sales as well as a small kiosk offering basic necessities to guests. The Restaurant specializes in a traditional à la carte “Boerekos” favourites such as Lamb pie, Karoo chops, and Bobotie. While relaxing at Warmwaterberg Spa guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the elevated Karoo landscape with five mountain ranges and a horizon stretching 90km in the distance. The views are spectacular, not to mention the sunrise and sunset, and the Milky Way and stars at night.

The Bath Houses being kept as close as possible to its original 1886 mud and stone design. The three roomed building consist of two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen with a fireplace, private toilet and outdoor “braai-facility.” The main bedroom has a double bed and private bath, while the second bedroom has two single beds and private bath. The new Whittingdale Studio Bath Houses completed in 2015 are modern day tributes to the Historic Bath Houses. Hiking Trails Barren and desolate as the area may seem to be the Succulent Plant Kingdom, unrivalled in specie numbers, diversity and beauty gives meaning to the peaceful and tranquil environment of Warmwaterberg Spa. The Spa provides its own spectacular 6km walking trail on the edge of the mountain taking you behind the spring eye where over 2000 different endemic species can be identified, and where the Springbok, Duiker and Steenbok ponder. The Hiking Trail also has its season of extra ordinary beauty which could be viewed shortly after good rains and in Spring. The long Hiking Trail is probably the finest publicly available walk through the succulent Karoo. Come and visit Warmwaterberg Spa today and experience the vast Outdoors! Contact (028) 572 1609 or visit




Red Tape Protects You When Applying for a Personal Loan This means following a series of steps including confirming your credit score, income, other debt you may have, how much you owe compared to what you earn and any other expenses. Your credit score is calculated by credit bureaus. It is based on your history of repaying debt. Credit providers can access your credit score, as can you, from one of the four credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, CompuScan or XDS. Scores range between 330 and 850 and the higher the score the better your chances of getting the loan you want at a good interest rate. The basic information you will need to provide when applying for a loan is: Proof of identity in the form of a clear copy of your South African identity document; Proof of residence such as a recent Eskom or rates bill or similar document confirming your residential address. The document shouldn’t be more than two months old. If you are renting and have a PO Box rather than a street address you will need to provide some other form of confirmation such as an affidavit from your landlord. Proof of income - If you’re employed this is fairly straightforward as you can provide copies of recent payslips. If you are self-employed, however, you will need copies of bank statements for the last three months. Most people need a little financial help from time to time, whether it is to meet a school or university’s registration deadline, repair a car or even do some urgent home renovation.

Bear in mind that this is the minimum needed. In some cases you may be asked for additional information. For example, people married in community of property might need a spouse’s permission.

Whatever the reason, applying for a personal loan should be reasonably quick and straightforward if you know and understand the process.

“It is important to remember that the reason this documentation is required is to protect you from borrowing more than you can repay.”

South Africa has strict lending laws in the form of the National Credit Act. The law aims to provide clarity throughout the lending process, protect both lenders and consumers, and ensure you are informed about and understand your rights.

“While the law requires credit providers to collect and check all this information, you also have a responsibility to ensure it is accurate and that you answer questions about your expenses and other debt honestly,” says Marlies Kappers, head of marketing at financial services company, DirectAxis.

The Act puts most of the responsibility on the credit provider to carefully check that the person who is applying can afford the loan.

For more information visit

Cellular And Internet Services Closer To Farming Community Agri SA and AliSom Communications, a Vodacom national partner, has joined forces to bring cellular and internet services closer to farming communities and agri businesses. This follows after signing an agreement between the two organisations and Agri SA’s endeavour to provide rural farming communities with world class communication systems. AliSom will assist the farming community with a personal touch by providing direct access to these services so that they will not need to go through a call centre to resolve a query, acquire new services or upgrading on existing packages. By choosing AliSom, members of the farming community shall reap the benefit of considerable experience and expertise. AliSom will be able to assist the farming community with leading edge technology in the cellular, data and internet space. They are also able to assist farming communities from other provinces. AliSom is one of Vodacom’s national partners and is therefore able to offer a wide variety of Vodacom products such as mobile, data and fixed-line facilities, including detailed business solutions, cell phone packages and internet connectivity. One of Agri SA’s aims is to improve communication infrastructure to the farming community with leading edge technology. Farming entities must use technology to sustain their businesses and therefore require efficient telecommunication technology, which AliSom can provide.

Through this technology, farming communities can gain access to internet and telephone services.

One of these technologies is the VSAT (very small aperture terminal), which is based on a satellite system and therefore works best in cases where more traditional methods of communication is problematic, due to difficult access.

The company believes that agriculture is a critical sector to stimulate economic and rural development and in signing this agreement the company will also contribute to the Agri Securitas Trust Fund to improve the safety of the farming community.


OPEN DAYS 09h00 - 16h00 Stellenbosch: Monday, Monday 19 Septt ‘‘16 16 Skilpadvlei Wine Farm Wellington: Tuesday, 20 Sept ‘16 Dutch Reformed Church Wellington-East

Tuesday, Muizenberg: Tu T esday, y, y 11 Oct ct ‘‘16 16 Muizenberg Mui Muizenber nb Bowling Club Thursday, 13 Oct ‘16 Tulbagh: Thursda Town T Hall

Paarl: Wednesday, 21 Sept ‘16 Toringkerk Dutch Reformed Church

Presentations: 09h00; 11h00 and 14h00 |




Myth busting this heart month Busting myths around heart disease There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding heart disease, she says. One of these is that people with healthy cholesterol levels will never have a heart attack. High blood pressure and a history of smoking could increase the risk for a heart attack. Another misconception about heart attacks is that they all feel the same. But not everyone suffering from a heart attack feels sharp pain and numbness in one arm. Other symptoms are: difficulty breathing, sweating, a cold or clammy feeling and heart palpitations and exhaustion. Women often have different symptoms when having a heart attack. It is crucial that people are reminded of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, getting enough exercise, eating a balanced diet and not smoking. September is Heart Awareness Month and the Heart & Stroke Foundation South Africa has teamed up with Dischem Pharmacies to offer free testing to help prevent unnecessary deaths from heart disease. “Millions of South Africans get dressed each day to go to work, checking the state of their hair and the way they look as they leave home. But sparing a thought for the state of your heart and arteries inside your body is much more important – and could save your life,” says The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA). An estimated 210 South Africans die each day from heart attacks and the numbers are increasing. “Our population is becoming less active and our dietary habits are becoming increasingly unhealthy. Conditions that lead to heart disease like obesity, diabetes and hypertension are all on the rise,” says Professor Pamela Naidoo, the new CEO of the HSFSA. Know your risk factors empowers you Naidoo says knowing the risk factors for heart disease can inform people how they should act. The most important factors are blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol and obesity. In the month of September, which is Heart Awareness Month, the HSFSA will be offering free tests for these risk factors at all participating Dischem Pharmacies countrywide.

High blood pressure (also known as hypertension) is often called the silent killer because there are no warning signs when levels are high, causing damage to arteries, putting the heart under strain and paving the way for a heart attack or stroke. Having your blood pressure measured is the only way to know if it’s too high. Adults from the age of 20 should start having their blood pressure checked at least once a year, advises the HSFSA. Smart little hearts Many South Africans are also not aware of the fact that children too are affected by heart disease. This is why the Foundation during Heart Awareness Month this year will also raise awareness and funds via the Smart Little Hearts campaign. The HSFSA aims to improve these children’s lives by raising funds to upgrade health facilities where children are treated. Seven public paediatric cardiac care units in South Africa have been identified as being in desperate need of attention. The HSFSA is hoping that more people will sit up and take note of the health of their – and their children’s hearts this September. “Getting free tests could be the most important thing many South Africans do in the next 30 days,” says Naidoo. For every person who gets tested, MNI Lifestyle and Patient Focus will donate towards the HSFA smart little hearts campaign. For more information visit

International #MissingType Campaign The Western Province Blood Transfusion Service (WPBTS) relies on the altruism of thousands of blood donors to ensure it continually has stocks of the correct blood type to help treat critically ill patients. In the Western Cape alone the Service has to collect 700 units of blood daily to meet the need of patients.

During the week of 15-21 August 2016, WPBTS together with 21 countries took part in an international awareness campaign to encourage more people to register as blood donors and donate blood. People rarely think about their blood type – most of us don’t even know our blood type. But if that ‘type’ was to go missing in everyday life, people would start to pay closer attention to the need for blood. So during the campaign period blood services and their partners removed the letters A, O and B (the blood groups) from places of high interest on a global scale as part of the International Missing Type campaign to create engagement and awareness of the importance of giving blood. The ground-breaking and award-winning Missing Type campaign was first activated very successfully in England and North Wales in 2015 by NHS Blood and Transplant. This campaign aims to create wide scale engagement with blood donation, increase the number of donors and ultimately help save lives. You can also be part of the campaign and assist by encouraging others to register as blood donors and donate blood regularly. Any person older than 16 years, weighing more than 50kg and who leads a healthy, safe lifestyle can donate blood. Donors must remember to eat three to four hours before donating blood and increase their fluid intake before, during and after blood donation. For more information visit

Cape Town, Durban Residents More Grey, Stressed, Than Gauteng - Survey Despite their laid-back reputation, more Cape Town and Durban residents say they are going grey – which they attribute to stress – than their Gauteng counterparts, according to a new survey. About two in three Cape Town and Durban residents surveyed (about 64%) say their hair is greying, compared to only one in two (51%) in Gauteng. And, 80% of all respondents said they believed greying was due to stress. The independent research by Insight Survey, on behalf of Alpecin Tuning Shampoo, also found that about 25% of 1 000 male and female respondents, mostly between 25 and 49-years-old, said they were going grey prematurely. The research also found that 31% of all respondents were worried about going grey, just over half said they would prefer not to go grey, one in two said grey hair made them feel old and 60% said they would happily tint greying hair. Two in three believe that reducing stress could reverse greying. Dr Adolf Klenk, head of research at the German-based Dr Wolff Group which produces caffeine shampoos to help prevent hair loss (without a result of a medical condition) including Alpecin Tuning shampoo for men which also maintains a dark shade -- explained that hair becomes white when cells called melanocytes stop releasing the pigment melanin into the hair. The combination of dark and white hair gives the grey appearance.

Klenk added that diet also played a role, especially a deficiency in vitamin B, while there was some indication that excessive stress may lead to greying.




getTOD, The Innovative Answer to 24-hour Home Maintenance Four Cape Town entrepreneurs; Daniel Marcus, Shannon Mackrill, Grant Bergman and Bradley Elliott recognised the need for tradespeople that could not only be booked on demand but that were punctual, reliable and cost effective. getTOD aims to modernise the professional trades industry by providing confidence and convenience to end users, while at the same time empowering tradespeople with the tools to be more efficient. Angus Lovitt, founder of the marketing team at King Digital Entertainment (creators of Candy Crush), has recently joined the team as consultant, board member and investor. “Much like Uber changed the taxi industry, we want to disrupt an industry that is fraught with irregular pricing, poor service and inconsistent quality,” says cofounder Shannon Mackrill. “getTOD is not a directory or future-booking tool, it’s a 24-hour on-demand service.” getTOD is safe and reliable as all suppliers are pre-screened and carefully monitored via a client rating system. Only four months since its inception in Cape Town, getTOD (Get Tasks on Demand) launched in Johannesburg. With over 250 registered tradespeople and an exciting exclusive partnership with Builders, it’s all set to become a game-changer for South African homeowners and tradespeople. “getTOD is on an exciting path to deliver excellent service standards to key industries in terms of price and quality, to the benefit of all customers and service providers. We are excited to be an exclusive partner in walking this journey with the getTOD team,” Andre Steyn, Director, Massbuild. Developed in Cape Town, getTOD is an innovative mobile application offering reliable on-demand services. By allowing you to book trusted suppliers in your area, in real time; it’s quickly removing the frustration of finding reliable plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and handymen. Available immediately and free to download, getTOD takes the hassle out of home maintenance with the tap of a button.

All jobs are insured and pricing is standardised in each service category so that the end user is aware of the cost upfront. All consumers have to do is to simply download the app and log a request. Invoices are sent directly to your email and pre-loaded credit cards allow for easy, cash-free transactions. “Finding the right tradesperson is often daunting,” says Shannon Mackrill. “We hope to remove all trepidation and procrastination! We’ve been working collaboratively with our network of tradespeople for almost two years to create getTOD. I’m thrilled it is now live for people to try out.” Nationwide supplier sign-ups are increasing on a daily basis. getTOD is the first of its kind. Through helping one consumer and tradesperson at a time, getTOD aims to create an African tech business that will soon be able to compete on the world stage.

Leon Kluge & South African Mint at Cape Town Flower Show in October The Cape Town Flower Show is delighted to have designer Leon Kluge participating at the event. Not only one of South Africa's most reputable international export garden designers, Leon needs little introduction in the world of showcase gardens. His garden at the Cape Town Flower Show is being sponsored by South African Mint for whom Leon has cleverly included a theme to reflect their participation. This young and seriously talented, avant-garde landscape architect works all over the world. Kluge has earned accolades that designers twice his age would covet, including 3 participating Gold medals at the Chelsea International Flower show in London in 2010 - 2012; a Gold at the Singapore International garden show 2016, Best outdoor lighting design at the Singapore Garden Festival, Gold and Best in Show Home Garden at the Gardening World Cup held in Japan in 2013 and won the top awards at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2015, including Best in show for major landscape exhibits. Lastly, a Show Garden of Special Recognition at the Chaumont Garden and Landart Show in France as well as Silver at the Japan Garden Show in 2011 and 2012.

Photo: Singapore International Garden Show 2016

Origami is the theme for Leon Kluge’s garden. The water sculptures will be based on the Typha reeds (Bullrush) that grow in all the ponds and streams around Cape Town. These will be made out of SA Mint coins. One of the main attractions of Leon’s garden design will focus on brand new colour coins to be launched by the South African Mint at the show. The new sterling-silver coins will depict the Hermanus cliff gladiolus and the blue Disa in full colour; a great innovation in coin minting in South Africa. This annual lifestyle show brings together gardens and gardening, planting trends and designs for living outdoors; unites notions of beauty, sanctuary and sustainability; and celebrates local food, culture and community. The show taps into a gardening culture that’s young, vibrant and identifies with a universal awareness for the need to care for the environment. The Cape Town Flower show offers the landscapers the opportunity to explore their creativity, while challenging them to show their understanding of the current environment. For more information visit




Inspire, Create, Innovate Your Dream Home Cape Town’s trendiest home improvement, décor, design and lifestyle exhibition is gearing up to inspire in 2016. From up-to-the-minute kitchens to state-of-the-art appliances, on-trend DIY to beautiful interiors and décor ideas, you will find it all under one roof at the Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo, on from 15-18 September at the Cape Town Convention Centre (CTICC). Let the pros show you how it’s done at the tuis | home Demo Theatre with daily creative garden, DIY and kitchen demos – your practical guide to beautiful living. Find irresistible interiors, functional décor items, and soft furnishings in the live by DESIGN feature area. Enjoy the good life at the ever-popular d’VINE life MARKET with its wonderful selection of delicious treats, Cape wines and local craft beers. Outdoor living offers inspirational alfresco lifestyle ideas, ranging from outdoor entertaining, garden décor and patio heating, to mood lighting and landscaping. The coffee lover’s theatre will offer tastings of the best cuppa, while you watch the experts compete in the Barista, Latte Art and Cup Taster Showdown. The Interior Design Challenge - two design teams battle it out to create their ultimate space. We can’t wait to see what they come up with! The Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo is proudly presented by HOMEMAKERS, the biggest home enhancement exhibition group in South Africa, presenting four home lifestyle events in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth, reaching 125 000 visitors every year.

Inspire, create and innovate your dream home at this year’s Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo.

A Celebration of Power

Red Carpet

Living in the Now

Fashion Show Goes Global

“Being mindful, being kind and a deep appreciation of the beauty in even the most ordinary things, that’s what living with grace means to me,” says Jackie Burger of the theme of Salon 58’s soirée which took place in Stellenbosch recently.

Saturday, 17 September sees the sixth annual Red Carpet Fashion Show to take place at Tides at The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay. The Red Carpet Concepts production, in partnership with Prestige Magazine and DSTV Fashion One, has taken a leap into the international arena, showcasing a mix of some of the world’s finest designer brands.

Tickets available from Webtickets

Integrating all fashion capital corners of the globe #RCFS2016 redefines the runway in SA, upping the ante with designer brands like Devernois (France), Hackett London, Juicy Couture (USA), Vilebrequin (Spain) and Etnia Barcelona eyewear to name a few. These together with SA’s King of Couture Jacques La Grange and rising fashion powerhouses Joanna Hedley, BeachCult, The Hive and On Trend. With leading high-end technical equipment specialists, Kilowatt AV and New York and SA Fashion Week’s music producer, Dino Moran on board, RCFS2016 will be showcasing a cutting-edge international production standard.

When compiling the programme for the day, Jackie drew on her own journey that sprung from a growing desire to find balance and perspective in her own life. “I, too, fell into a rut of chasing the next big thing instead of living in the now and allowing myself to give and receive with grace.”

Guests can expect a more than impressive pre-event performance from beatboxer, singer, live-looper - The Loneraynger as well as a fabulous after party performance by Francesca Briancoli’s jazz quartet, both taking place at the Sandy B Private Beach Club.

The conversation session centered on the essence of mindful living and Burger hosted a sensory exploration using food and fashion. Together with Dr Yvette de Villiers, they considered the need for and importance of living with grace, particularly now. The white room showcased a series of moodboards created by each of the collaborators to provide snapshots of their inspiration, memories and points of view whilst an installation by artist and photographer Jeandri Streicher paid homage to the strength, wisdom and beauty of women. The botanical scented beauty of Wild Olive African Artisan Apothecary products added a sensory layer to the ambience of the setting. The taste experience - Slippery Spoon Kitchen’s Johnny Hamman and Marius Uys worked with Woolworths Food to create a series of simple, elegant and refined taste sensations, while wine and fruit juices were served to complement the taste sensations of the day. Grace in fashion - The white shirt is considered one of the simplest, most stylish fashion items. “It represents possibility, simplicity and creativity – a blank canvass to showcase one’s personal style.” “It is truly timeless,” Burger explains. The new feminine curl - Hairstylist Dawid Kriel of Institute Aesthetic hosted a workshop on the return of the curl and the hair colour that transcends seasons and trends. Whether ice-cool blonde, platinum or grey, he illustrated the why-to and how-to of wearing your style with confidence. The right shade of red - The M.A.C Cosmetics team proved that all women can wear red lipstick and that, like finding the shade of grey for your hair, it’s just a matter of finding the right shade of red for your lips. For more information visit

International TV News Anchor and Radio Presenter, Jen Su will be bracing the stage as this year’s international celebrity Master of Ceremonies. Surrounded by breath-taking sea views, it encompasses an all-round feel for every guest to catch the full effect of the show and the designers’ pieces as each model walks down the runway. Extravagant artwork from Kelly John Gough and Natasja de Wet will draw the eye as focal points at the entrance of the runway while the exquisite dance performances by Tulu Entertainment will embrace the audience during brief designer interludes. Guests are invited to end the evening at Sandy B Private Beach Club for the after party where Dino Moran sets the pace for the rest of the evening subsequent to the live jazz performance. Upon arrival each guest will receive a complimentary Rotary International Relate Bracelet whereby the proceeds will go towards The Endangered Wildlife Trust for the Dugong Project, the Rhino Project and Cheetah Project as well as the Save The Elephants Project.



Franschhoek Uncorked Festival


South African National Culinary Team WOWS palates in the Mother City

With just three months to go until the South African National Culinary Team compete in the 2016 IKA Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany, the heat in the kitchen at the Belmond Mount Nelson where the practice took place, reached scorching levels despite the wintery temperatures outside. As any other Olympic athletes would, this team of seven extremely dedicated and talented chefs has trained relentlessly for two years leading up to the most prestigious culinary competition on the global culinary calendar. The team’s practice was a replication of the conditions under which they will compete when they are one of 32 countries vying for the highest accolades the culinary industry has to offer at the IKA Culinary Olympics.

With Spring in full swing what better way to savour all things new than at this year’s Franschhoek Uncorked Festival from 24 - 25 September. Celebrate your heritage over a glass of Franschhoek wines, selected by the winemakers, and paired with delicious food cooked over an open flame as Franschhoek prepares to Braai4Heritage.

The format of the dinner for 110 guests was served restaurant-style just as it will be for the Olympic judges and patrons at the Restaurant of Nations in the Olympic Village. In line with Culinary Olympic rules, the team had six hours to prepare their official three-course menu for these VIP invited guests.

The ideal opportunity to travel from farm to farm sampling wines from the Franschhoek Vignerons. Visitors can also look forward to amazing festival offerings – the perfect excuse to stock up on wine for the upcoming festive season! With so much on offer you’ll be forgiven for wanting to make a weekend of your Uncorked experience. As an added extra, outdoor enthusiasts will be able to participate in a selection of outdoor activities on offer during the weekend. Watch the press for further details. For more information visit

The Oak Café @ Helderberg Nature Reserve

Photo L-R: SA Culinary Team FLTR Minette Smith, Trevor Boyd, Blake Anderson, Dion Vengatass, Arno Ralph, Henric Grobbelaar, Kirstin Hellemann & Heinz Brunner

The South African National Culinary Team’s Olympic Hot Kitchen menu featured: Starter: Cape Crayfish ‘Malay’, Main Course: Springbok ‘Masakhane’ and Dessert: Textured Splash of Raspberry, Rose, Coconut & White Chocolate. The guest list included the proud families of some team members, as well as the first South African team to compete at the 1980 Olympics, Bruce McCune and Garth Stroebel. The team’s manager, Heinz Brunner, presented each chef with their official Springbok caps after the dinner in a ceremony which underscored the privilege of representing our country at an international level and called on all South Africans to support these young men and women for flying the South African flag at Olympic level. Following two years of dedicated practice, the last two stops on the team’s itinerary leading up to the IKA Culinary Olympics in October included a lunch for 50 by-invitation-only guests in Johannesburg and finally the team practice concentrating on the Cold Table will take place on 19 -20 September in Cape Town.

The Oak Café is located in a tranquil setting nestled at the foot of the mountain in the Helderberg Nature Reserve. One can sit in the cosy indoor restaurant equipped with a fire place for those cold winter months or in a lovely garden where the weaver birds can be observed setting up their nests in the middle of the nearby pond. Once in a while a big tortoise may come by looking for a piece of lettuce. The café is a favorite spot for the hikers coming down from the mountain enjoying an ice cold beer or a cup of tea with Elke’s famous apple crumble cake. The menu offers a wide variety of affordable homemade food ranging from breakfasts, light lunches, vegetarian dishes and delicious scones (the recipe will remain a closely guarded secret). If you enjoy the solitude and beauty of nature, The Oak Café may well become your home away from home.

Come and enjoy an affordable meal in the tranquil setting of nature. Delicious homemade food, scones and cake. Small functions and memorials. Takeaway picnic baskets and platters. See our menu on: Our opening hours: Tuesdays - Fridays: 10h00 - 16h00 Saturdays, Sundays: 09h00 - 17h00 Tel: 021 851 4543 • Email:

First Artisanal Cheese Fair Be it gorgonzola, pecorino, fontina, mozzarella, provolone, brie, chèvre, blue or cheddar, one thing’s certain: the Say Cheese, Artisan Cheese Fair will celebrate all things cheese on 24 - 25 September 2016 at the Italian Club in Milnerton. The brainchild of Miki Ciman, this premier cheese event will bring together artisan cheesemakers, cheese lovers, bakers, brewers and visitors for a weekend of cheese tasting and appreciation.

Says Ciman, who has been making cheese for more than 40 years and is best known forCome her family restaurant, La Masseria: “The Fair promises to be a muchand enjoy the beauty of anticipated, and will allow guests to appreciate every step thecheese-lover’s Nature Reserveparadise in autumn! of theDelicious farm-to-table processfood of cheese making, while highlighting the extraordinary homemade and cakes. local Takeaways, talent we have in this field. Cheese makers are creative, passionate and compicnic baskets and platters. mitted and need the opportunity to show off the fruits of their labour. We want to assist them in an affordable way.” A lively weekend line-up will see top artisan cheese experts, chefs and wine purveyors in attendance, conducting tastings, pairings, and cheese-making demonstrations. “Visitors will have the opportunity to experience limited production, rare artisan cheeses and learn about the art of making cheese, while supporting local and sustainable farmers and cheese makers from Cape Town and surrounds. There truly will be something for everyone,” Ciman concludes. For more information contact 072 795 4214




Hacks For The Well-groomed Travelling Man Most men have a similar pre-flight routine: Throw some clothes at a suitcase – check; If you’re really metrosexual, give your shoes a quick polish – umm OK; and lastly - Run for the airport – check! So what better time to re-think that checklist and arrive at your next overseas meeting looking more James Bond than Mr Bean? Edward Frost doesn’t rate himself as a grooming expert, but as British Airways’ commercial manager for South and East Africa he does plenty of business travel. Over the years through trial and plenty of error he has worked out a preflight, in-flight and post-flight routine that will ensure you arrive looking the part or at least better than all the other rumpled guys who flew in on the overnight red-eye. Pre-flight - Don’t leave your packing until the last minute. You will forget something important like a belt or cufflinks. Fold your clothes carefully along the seams or better still in tissue paper. This minimises wrinkles. Plan your day. If you’re flying in the evening, try to leave some time for a run, brisk walk or light gym session. You’ll be sitting for 11 hours or more, so a little pre-departure cardio will do wonders for how you feel when you land. After a long, hot shower or relaxing bath, apply plenty of moisturiser. According to Frost, this is one of those hard-earned lessons. “The air in aircraft cabins is, by necessity, kept pretty dry. This helps prevent the airframe corroding, but it also sucks the moisture from your skin. That’s why you look wrinkled and puffy the next morning and cut yourself shaving.” The problem is less apparent on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which has a composite fuselage, so the cabin air can contain more moisture. If you’re not on a Dreamliner, the top tip is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. In-flight - It’s a good idea to wear natural, breathable fibres such as cotton. If you’re lucky enough to be flying in one of the premium cabins, you can change into something comfortable onboard. If not, then it’s a good idea to layer. Put a light jersey or sweatshirt over a cotton shirt or T-shirt. Also remember your skinny jeans may turn heads in the terminal, but might not be ideal for sleeping in. Oh, and wear sensible shoes.


Have a drink, but don’t overdo it. Aircraft cabins are pressurised to 8 000 feet. This and the dry air don’t combine well with alcohol, Rather than have that second whisky, settle for a straight water instead. Before landing, the essentials you’ll need in your cabin bag are: face/hand wipes, moisturiser (of course) and a dry shampoo. “You always wake up a little groggy and it’s amazing how using a cleansing face wipe can make you feel clean and refreshed. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it,” says Frost. Apply some moisturiser and if you’re really getting into this suave traveller thing, de-zombie with a suitably masculine revitalising eye gel. Although you’ll have taken the advice to bath or shower before departure, you’ll inevitably feel grubby. The face wipes will only solve part of this problem, but a dry shampoo will do wonders to restore your lank, greasy hair to its normal sheen. Finally, a roll-on deodorant or solid cologne will ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running! Before you get too carried away with your onboard routine, it’s important to bear in mind that any liquids or gels in your hand luggage may not exceed 100ml. Post-flight - Assuming you’ve spent your day in meetings, by the time you get to your hotel room you’ll probably be exhausted. The first thing you should do is unpack your suitcase and hang up your clothes. If the shirt you plan to wear the next day is looking crumpled and you can’t be bothered to iron it - hang it up in the bathroom. The steam will help get rid of some of the creases. Then, if you can, try to get some light exercise in the hotel gym or by going for a quick run. Make sure you stay hydrated and keep up the moisturising routine. “Most of these travel hacks are nothing new, in fact many of my female colleagues have been applying them for years. Although men may be somewhat slower on the uptake, what I can vouch for, from plenty of experience, is that they work,” says Frost.




H in TS clu & T de AX d ES

Photo: Ed Frost

Airports involve a lot of walking and your brand new cap-toe Oxfords are just going to give you blisters.

We are Imagine discovering your perfect holiday – well now you can! We work with all the major hotels, cruise lines and airlines to offer holidays across the globe, from Asia to the Mediterranean. Why not visit the store and speak to our holiday experts?

Mauritius 4* All-Inclusive

Cape Town to Melbourne Grand Voyage


22 NIGHTS – 27 JANUARY 2017

There are usually three reasons why people choose Mauritius: it’s close, there are plenty of luxury resorts and of course, the beaches.

Sail from Cape Town to Melbourne on board the stunning Queen Mary 2, crossing the Indian Ocean and exploring a variety of ports in Australia.

But what if we told you there was a lot more to Mauritius than meets the eye? You could find yourself nose to beak with a variety of birdlife, such as a vibrant fody or a pretty paradise flycatcher.

You’ll board the Queen Mary 2, one of the world’s finest ocean liners that evokes a feel of the golden age of travel. Sumptuous furnishings and fantastic facilities make her extra special, and after a recent refurbishment she’s looking fabulous. Dock at Port Elizabeth and explore the Art Nouveau architecture before you visit the Indian Ocean islands of Reunion, an unspoilt paradise, and Mauritius, with its beautiful beaches. You’ll cross the ocean to Australia as you discover colonial Fremantle and vibrant Busselton. Coastal towns give way to city towers next as you dock at Adelaide and finally, Melbourne. Where you can experience this buzzing city.

Located on the unspoilt northeast coast, the four-star Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette is a small hotel which makes the most of its location on the beautiful island. Set in splendid isolation on a semi-private beach, the hotel has just 100 rooms so you’ll never feel crowded like in one of the bigger resorts.




What’s included:  7 nts at the 4* Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette  All-inclusive


 Adults only  Return flights & taxes

Shop G45, Willowbridge Mall, 39 Carl Cronje Road, Tyger Valley



STORE OPENING HOURS: Mon to Sat: 9AM - 6PM Sun: 9AM - 5PM

R34,999PP Call us on:

What’s included:  22 night full-board cruise on board Queen Mary 2  Inbound flight & taxes  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks

021 915 6900





Why We Need to Unite to Feed Children While at School The result - At school, hungry children are unable to concentrate due to hunger. Hunger is also the cause of many children not attending school at all. The answer - To develop into his or her full potential, every child needs regular balanced nutrition across all food groups – protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. PSFA breakfasts and lunches are designed and prepared accordingly – costing only R2.00/day. By feeding children in school, the PSFA contribute to: Learner attendance - By providing food, more children are incentivised to attend school. Learner Performance - Without hunger and malnutrition, children will have more energy and the ability to learn, better their concentration, and improve school marks. Physiological Performance - By eating healthy balanced meals daily, bone and muscle growth are improved and this helps children to perform better at sports, improving overall development. Employment - The school feeding program helps create job opportunities since educated staff is needed to prepare the food. In a call for Cape Town to unite against hunger at our schools, the Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) held its annual Charity Family Fun Walk Blisters for Bread in Cape Town recently. This fundraiser began in 1968 with the main purpose to raise funds to feed hungry schoolchildren. Social Impact of School Feeding - PSFA focus entirely on school feeding and ways to improve their menu based on research. Their vision is to eradicate childhunger and malnutrition. Even though the focus is narrowed to one main objective, it has a much broader social impact. The statistics - A report from the University of Cape Town reveals that 3 out of 4 children go hungry every day. 30% of the South African population live in poverty with regard to food insecurity. The Consequence - Under-nutrition in children becomes irreversible if not addressed. Additional to the disastrous effect of hunger on education and a child’s future, another far-reaching outcome is a generation with poor immune systems, frequent illness, and a link to life-threatening diseases in adult life.

Easigrass Improve

Animal Welfare Kennel-camps in Gordon's Bay

Improved health and reduced costs - The nutrition improves the immune system; children will be healthier and it will reduce the amount of children in need of healthcare due to malnutrition related diseases. Household economy - By providing school with lunch and breakfast where it is needed, PSFA indirectly help take the strain off the household. Safe food handling - All food is handled by trained staff in sanitary locations. Supporting research - In order to improve the menu and school feeding, PSFA continue to support research on nutrition done in Cape Town Universities. Stop short-term hunger and long-term - School feeding gives children the possibility to make it through school. By stopping short-term hunger through nutritious meals, children will be healthier. In the long-term they will have better chances of making it in the future. As PSFA slogan states: “You can’t teach a hungry child”. For more information visit

Inspirational Schools Programme Launches With A Bang!

Animal Welfare Organizations have always been close to the heart, especially with so many pets that end up being unwanted, neglected or abused - it’s up to them to help those animals find new homes. Easigrass voluntary engaged to improve the Animal Welfare Gordon's Bay kennel-camps. It is a problem which currently stems from the minimal ground covering, which means that during winter, it becomes very muddy, while during summer the already minimal lawn dies out either from the drought or the fact that the dogs damage the grass, causing more exposed soil for mud during winter. This is but one of the vicious cycles. Furthermore, when it comes to disease outbreaks, based on their current situation, it also becomes very difficult to sterilize and keep the kennel-camps clean to prevent the further spread of disease. The Animal Welfare in Gordon's Bay alone takes in 2 000 dogs yearly, a number that is sadly increasing. Easigrass’ ultimate goal is to raise enough funds to cover all of the 22 Kennelcamps. They plan to cover the 40m² ground surface of each of the 22 kennel-camps with Easigrass – an area of approximately 880m² in total. Easigrass is donating their time and expertise which will include 1m² covering for every 10m² pledged on all current and future projects, until they have succeeded in their ultimate goal.

On 12 August, local organisations joined forces at Delta Primary School in Steenberg to deliver the first ‘Day of Hope’ – an initiative bringing fun and inspiration to underprivileged kids in Cape Town. Over 950 excited children took their seats and shortly afterwards the hall erupted into scenes of dancing and giggling as the MC got them up and moving to the music. The Art of Living guided the children through meditation - the quiet and calm that descended on the hall during these 10 minutes of mindfulness, was incredible. BodyBuilding Champion and ex-Delta student, Joey Koffman, delivered a motivational speech reminding the kids that they are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. Mentalist Russell Fox amazed with a series of illusions and Healing Rhythms lead a fun drumming workshop. The show finished with energetic music from local artists that had the kids jumping, and Ladles of Love served up snacks, juices and nutritious soup to each child.

This dream is much bigger than they are, therefore Easigrass call on the public and organisations to take part in this initiative. “Let us together get those dogs the kennel-camps they deserve while they are awaiting their forever homes, whether you just want to donate a square metre or a whole camp, please help us help them, together we can do this! All business donations will receive a tax certificate from the Welfare,” says Easigrass. Any Company that wishes to donate a whole camp, will also receive a sign board on the camp donated. For more information contact Easigrass on 021 200 1457 or visit

Although a huge hit with students and staff alike, Days of Hope is about more than this one day. Spokesperson, Danny Diliberto, said: “Our mission is to create a longlasting, sustainable relationship between the partners and Delta that continues into the future.” Days of Hope will now provide ongoing support and access to courses like Generation @. Run by One Million Strong, Generation @ is a lifeskills programme teaching children about positive choice and the importance of staying in school and away from drugs. One volunteer, Kate Haywood, described the event as inspirational, saying, “‘It’s been the most rewarding day you can imagine. The atmosphere in the hall was electric. I can’t wait to do it again at the next Days of Hope event.”




Cape Town Fringe's 2016


Programme Promises a Cultural Binge

Wildflower Show

From fresh, edgy works to crowd-pleasers, the Cape Town Fringe 2016 takes place from 22 September to 8 October with theatre, music, physical performances, comedy and family fare.

Darling Wildflower Society has been around now for more than a century and the annual Society’s Show takes place 16-18 September. It celebrates an integral part of the Cape Fynbos Kingdom comprising of Renosterveld, Rietveld, Sandveld, and Strandveld where more than 1200 different species of flowers can be found.

The Cape Town Fringe will focus on innovative works and interesting productions that will shake-up the notion of theatre and bring creative and engaging performances to new audiences. This year the programme hits the sweet spot between being a platform for innovative, experimental pieces and presenting a “thoroughly entertaining” collection of works that are short, sharp and interesting. One such production is Police Cops from the UK, Pretend Men, described as an ‘adrenaline-fuelled, three-man cop parody featuring supercharged physical theatre, cinematic style and uncompromising facial hair.’ Amongst this year’s Standard Bank Ovation Award Winners being staged is Rob van Vuuren’s darkly brilliant Dangled, clown-satirist Klara van Wyk in You Suck and Other Inescapable Truths, Alan Parker’s sublime physical theatre piece Sacre for One, Hungry Minds Production’s edgy Out of Bounds, Lexi Meier’s Fabric of the Universe, and Falling off the Horn from Grahamstown’s Uyabona Ke. The Baxter’s Zabalaza Festival is bringing four shows to the Cape Town Fringe, while Afrikaans audiences can expect some interesting work including artist Jason Jacobs and Terence Makapan. Cape Town Fringe will once again have its hub at the Cape Town City Hall but also spreads into venues at the Alexander Bar, Khayelitsha’s Theatre in the Backyard and Guga S’Thebe as well as Observatory’s new AFDA Theatre. The inaugural Cape Town Buskers’ Festival, in partnership with the V&A Waterfront, forms part of the Cape Town Fringe and sees free, outdoor sessions at the V&A Waterfront from 5-8 October, from an array of international and local public theatre talents. This year’s Cape Town Fringe family fare will be reaching more little people than ever with a schools outreach programme, including a new production from The Jungle Theatre Company and Puppetrix’s CityGull / StadMeeu. Standard Bank is proud to have been a sponsor of the Cape Town Fringe Festival since its inception in 2014. For more information visit

This year’s show will be the 99th, building towards the Centenary Show next year with the theme: ‘The Weather & The Wildflowers’ to demonstrate to visitors the impact which weather has on our flora, especially in the Darling region.

The Flower Show will be offering a variety of activities to entertain young and old, and on 18 September entrance for pensioners will be only R30! Your ticket includes entry to the Landscaped Hall depicting the flowers of the area in their natural habitat; a free ride on a tractor-drawn wagon to see the pristine wetland at Oude Post which is not normally accessible to the public and may only be visited during the Show; a Craft & Gourmet Food Market; Veteran Tractor/Car Display; an Entertainment Tent featuring live music from the famous Swartland band, Klassik and other local acts, with safe and secure parking for vehicles. With more than 100 food and craft stalls, everyone’s taste buds and shopping needs will be catered for! Kids will have a weekend of fun in the playpark area with entertainment ranging from face-painting to rides, whilst adults can relax in the Mini Wine Route & Beer Tent. For more information visit

NATIONAL PARKS WEEK South African National Parks (SANParks) will be opening its 11th annual SA National Parks Week at Addo Elephant National Park from 12-16 September 2016. This initiative in partnership with Total SA and FNB is in line with SANParks vision statement of ‘A sustainable National Park System Connecting Society”.

Hermanus Whale Festival Celebrating its 25th Year

Since its inception in 2006; National Parks Week, under the theme ‘Know Your National Parks’, has seen an influx of over 225 104 day visitors in all participating parks. SANParks Chief Executive Officer, Fundisile Mketeni says that the idea of a national parks focus week is a world-wide campaign. “The week was established in a bid to cultivate a sense of pride in South Africa’s natural, cultural and historical heritage, protected by the national parks system.” The week grants free access to most of the 21 national parks for day visitors, especially people from the local communities. It should be noted that free access to parks does not include free access to accommodation facilities and other tourist activities. Some of the parks will be extending the week to include the weekend. SA National Parks Week has proved to be a successful campaign in terms of education and awareness of conservation issues. “The survival of the South African national parks system and our natural and cultural heritage lies in the people of South Africa. Environmental education and protection is the responsibility of everyone, not just a privileged few,” said Mketeni. All of the parks managed by SANParks excluding Namaqua National Park and Boulders Penguin Colony in Table Mountain National Park will be participating in the initiative to give the public an understanding of the role that SANParks plays as custodian of the country’s natural heritage. The excluded Parks will apply normal entry tariffs, as they have been declared non-participants in the free access scheme, due to the seasonality of their product offering. “If we are to create a sense of ownership of the natural heritage of South Africa in all South Africans, then all South Africans must be able to have access to such. We especially want our young people to take advantage of this opportunity because this heritage will be under their protection in the near future,” concluded Mketeni. Don’t miss out on this annual event to experience South Africa’s beautiful natural heritage

The Hermanus Whale Festival is celebrating its 25th year as the only enviro-arts festival in South Africa, “putting the creatures of the deep on stage and under the spotlight alongside top performers and musicians from 30 September to 2 October”. Hermanus, known as the best land-based whale watching destination in the world, plays host to thousands of visitors (2015 we welcomed over 90 000 visitors) who flock to the seaside resort to exhilarate in the unique natural environment, watch the whales and revel in music, enjoy great food and enjoy the many activities available during the festival. The Whales are always the star performers at the festival and will be joined on land by great food, quality crafters, great sport events, kids entertainment, the Music stage with over 20 artists performing over the festival, Marine ECO Village, Vintage Car Show, and full program at the Municipal Auditorium. The South African Defence force will be at this years festival and will take part in the street parade led by the SA Army and Cape Highlanders bands which will be enjoyed by thousands of people celebrating Spring in the most beautiful place on earth – Hermanus! For more information visit




Cape Town’s Freeway Management System – Watching Over Your Safety More than 240 strategically placed CCTV cameras on Cape Town’s major freeways feed real-time information on traffic conditions to SANRAL’s Traffic Management System, day and night. Engineering manager for operations at SANRAL in the Western Cape, Randall Cable said that video feeds from these cameras are sent to a central control room at the Traffic Management Centre in Goodwood. The operations centre incorporates both transport- and safety-related functions. Since its inception, the Traffic Management System has helped coordinate response teams get to the scenes of more than 12 300 crashes on Cape Town’s major freeways.

Real-time information about Cape Town freeway traffic conditions are available at and on Twitter @ CapeTownFreeway. The site is updated by Freeway Management System (FMS) operators and, in many cases, photos are included in the tweet to illustrate the impact and location of the incident. “Through the dedicated FMS website, road users can literally scan the traffic flow on their planned freeway route,” Cable said. “Road users have ready access to real-time speed maps and visuals from more than 240 CCTV cameras along the city’s busiest freeways.” The FMS covers the N1, from the CBD to the Huguenot Toll Plaza; the N2 from the CBD to the top of Sir Lowry’s Pass; the R300 between the N1 and the N2; the M5 between the N1 and N2 and the N7 between the N1 and the Potsdam Interchange. In all, approximately 155km of the busiest freeways in Cape Town are under 24/7 surveillance. Cable said, “Traffic services and FMS operators work closely together to ensure the best service to road users.” “The ability to coordinate a multi-agency response to a major incident, from a single location that has a real-time video feed, has already saved Cape Town motorists hundreds of hours of frustration in congestion and delays.” SANRAL, in partnership with the provincial government of the Western Cape and the City of Cape Town, have funded the implementation of the CT FMS. Apart from the numerous CCTV cameras, SANRAL runs 53 electronic boards, or Variable Message Signs (VMS) along Cape Town freeways, which are also used to convey updated information to motorists.

Imperial Road Safety

Paramedic’s Safety Top Priority

Imperial Road Safety, took their Safe Scholars programme to Cavalleria Primary School - situated in Kraaifontein in the Western Cape, in the aim of generating awareness around road safety for the school’s learners and in teaching them the basics of safe road practices, in a fun and engaging manner.

The DA in the Western Cape is pleased with the response from the Department of Health with regard to the attacks on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel in recent months.

Takes Safe Scholars Programme to Schools

“Road crash fatality information indicates that approximately 35-40% of road deaths in South Africa are pedestrian deaths. As such, we believe that creating awareness and educating from grass root level around key road safety aspects, and to encourage the youth to become advocates for change in this regard, is the first step in achieving less pedestrian incidents – especially among these young people who are heavily reliant on walking as a method of transport,” says Niki Cronje, Group Marketing at Imperial. The Imperial Road Safety Safe Scholars programme was launched in October 2012 and is sanctioned by The South African Department of Education. To date, the campaign has visited over 960 schools, given road safety talks to 868 741 learners and distributed 45 000 reflective sashes to wear as part of the children’s school uniform in certain regions - as part of Imperial’s commitment to road safety.

For Western Cape

In her capacity as Chairperson of the standing Committee on Health in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, Lorraine Botha has written to the Minister of Health in the Western Cape, Nomafrench Mbombo, to inquire what is the Department’s long term solutions to stop the violence against EMS personnel, and ensure that adequate ambulance response times resume. “In recent months we have seen a number of attacks on paramedics, prompting some of them to wear bullet proof vests in an effort to avoid injuries. We applaud the dedication and commitment of these brave men and women, who despite the tough working environment continue to do their jobs and save lives at the risk of their own,” says Lorraine Botha.

“There is no doubt that creating an active, fun learning environment is critical to ensuring a lasting, memorable experience and this is ever more important today where road safety education needs to stick in the minds of those that we deliver it to.” “As such, through the Safe Scholars campaign and our activation here today, we believe that we are able to do just this – teach the learners key messages around road safety including; buckling up in vehicles, crossing the road and the basics of safe road usage as drivers and pedestrians,” continues Cronje. As part of this activation, Imperial Road Safety took along their newly launched road safety mascot – Bongie, Buckle-Up-Buddy. Bongie is a fun-loving bush baby who visits schools across the country, as well as attends key Imperial Road Safety activations during busy holiday periods, to educate and actively deliver the message of road safety to children in a fun and exciting way that helps them connect with the message. “We are so excited to see the enthusiasm of the children at Cavalleria Primary School. They all showed a real interest in learning about safe road practices and in taking this message home with them – not to mention the extreme excitement of having Bongie visit their school.” “We are very excited that we have been able to make a key contribution in educating our youngest citizens in this area, around important road safety behavioural skills that will carry them through their adult years accordingly,” concludes Cronje.

The Department has implemented a number of measures to deal with the problem. It has extensive and ongoing engagements with the South African Police Service, Community Police Forums, the Department of Community Safety and various other organisations. The partnership ensures that real time information is relayed to the Department and adequate measures are thus taken. Each ambulance is also fitted with a console that contains a number of improvements that include a tracking device. The improvements have led to a number of arrests this year. The community has also played a pivotal role in ensuring that people are arrested and as a result the department has committed itself to embarking on a sustained community engagement campaign to spread awareness. The DA in Western Cape is determined to ensuring that quality health care is provided to the people of the Western Cape and they urge communities to report any violence against EMS personnel as failing to do so will only ensure that ambulance response time will be delayed, and this can often have disastrous consequences.




Bigger is better for Sunshine Tour golfers “It was a lot of fun and everybody was pretty excited to see it. I think it’s a great initiative for pro-ams. I even think it could be good for young kids out there getting started in golf. I take my own kids to the golf course and watch them have seven putts on one green. I think it would be fun and great for their confidence to hole putts in a bigger hole like this,” said professional Keith Horne. Golf bodies around the world have been discussing an increase in the size of the hole as one of the means of encouraging more people to take up golf and also cutting the time it takes to play a round of golf as the game competes with the time pressures of modern living. The 15-inch hole is another innovation in a year when the European Tour led the way by allowing its professional members to wear shorts in their pro-ams, and which was duly followed by the Sunshine Tour. And Sunshine Tour Chief Operating Officer Grant Wilson says it’s an initiative they will certainly consider for future pro-ams on the local circuit. “I think any new idea that promotes the game of golf and helps to make it easier, quicker and fun should be explored,” he said.

Photo: Keith Horne - Photo Credit: Heinrich Helmbold

The Vodacom Origins of Golf tournament at Arabella Country Estate during August made history when it featured the first 15-inch hole to be used in an official pro-am on the Sunshine Tour. The hole was on the par-three fifth and was a hit with the amateurs and professionals.

As big as the hole was, some golfers still managed to lip out, which prompted professional Doug McGuigan to say, “You’ve got to have done something really bad in your life if you have a horseshoe putt on a 15-inch hole.” And for some of the veteran professionals on tour, the bigger hole sparked other suggestions. “I’d like a bigger ball so I can see it better. And come to think of it, bigger fairways, bigger greens, and a bigger clubhead on my driver,” said professional Warren Abery.

South Africa Hosts World’s Biggest Obstacle Race Paarl will host South Africa’s first FISHERMAN’S FRIEND StrongmanRun, the world’s biggest cross-country obstacle race, on Saturday, 1 October 2016. This is the first time this event, known as the ‘strongest race of all time’ will be held outside of Europe. This rapidly growing cross-country-obstacle-race will be set on a long distance track including swimming, climbing and crawling obstacles. Paarl Rock, the country’s largest recorded mass of granite and the picturesque Berg River are the location, and will add to the challenge and scenic beauty for this one-of-a-kind event. Ferdinand Rabie, winner of the first Big Brother SA in 2002, has been awarded the three-year license to bring this popular event to South Africa. “Last year, 12 FISHERMAN’S FRIEND StrongmanRun events took place throughout Europe, with over 80 000 participants and I was extremely fortunate to participate in the event in Nuremberg earlier this year,” said Rabie. “This is known as the strongest race of all time, and after participating, I know why. I had the most fun I have had in a long time wading through mud and swimming through streams in the biggest obstacles.” “Considered the ultimate adrenaline adventure and famous for its gigantic obstacles, we are expecting the first South African event to be a sell-out,” Ferdinand adds. “The FISHERMAN’S FRIEND StrongmanRun has created a new running category and obstacle adventure racing is the fastest growing sport for women. Runners can enter as individuals or teams, grab your moment, dress up, it is the ultimate adrenalin kick,” said Julie-Ann van Niekerk, Clippasales, distributors of Fisherman’s Friend.“We are excited to be extending this race outside of Europe, and teams that have competed in Europe will be coming to South Africa,” says Ingo Pauly, International FISHERMAN’S FRIEND StrongmanRun Project Team.

There are three distances: 8km with 12 obstacles, 14km with 20 obstacles and 21km with 25 obstacles. The South African event is the first to offer school learners the opportunity to participate in the 8km race. Entrance is limited to 5000 over the three race distances. All participants will receive a T-shirt and medal and the overall male and female winners in the 21km race will get to compete in the 10th anniversary of FISHERMAN’S FRIEND StrongmanRun 2017 in Germany. For more information visit

Curro Tennis to drive future of tennis development in SA Jared Temlett Tennis, one of the premier tennis coaching academies in South Africa, will take responsibility of the tennis aspect of the programme. Caylix Sport, a Stellenbosch based company recognised expert in sport development and sport management services, and will take responsibility of the management part of the programme. This private sector initiative that will aim to create and support well-rounded players that are technically, tactically and mentally superior, while at the same time create a strong Curro Tennis brand. The programme aspires to provide fit-for-purpose tennis coaching to players of any background, ability and age. Curro Tennis aim to create world-class tennis facilities locally, regionally and nationally to support the programme, and establish a sustainable and profitable tennis business model. “I want to inspire and develop as many tennis players as possible regardless of their goals,” said Temlett, Coaching Director of Curro Tennis. "The Curro Tennis model will be a national leader in developing young talent in South African.”

With the launch of Curro Tennis, Caylix Sport is taking its role in the promotion and growth of tennis to the next level. Curro Holdings, together with Jared Temlett and Caylix Sport, aim to achieve this by establishing high performance centres at Curro schools across the country.

“I am so excited about this project; we have all the ingredients to be the privatised version of a National Tennis Centre in this country.” “With Curro as an entity right behind us, we have the necessary funding and facilities to make this dream a certain reality.” Curro Tennis programmes commenced in July 2016 at Curro Sitari in Somerset West, Western Cape. Curro Tennis will be rolling out into selected schools, including Gauteng schools, from January 2017.

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Sanlam Cape Town Marathon Goes For Gold

Photo: Back row from L-R: Carl Roothman, Francois Pienaar, Cllr Eddie Andrews, Aden Thomas and Jakes Jacobs. Front row from L-R: Elana Meyer and Andrea Du Plessis Photo Credit: Mark Ward

Having cemented its place as one of the most popular and prestigious marathons on the African continent, considered the 'home' of global distance running, organisers have confirmed another world-class international line-up for the annual Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, highlighted by the 42.2km contest on 18 September, 2016. With athletes from Africa continuing to dominate the international marathon racing

circuit, by winning the majority of major global marathons, the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon will again give top performers from across the continent the opportunity to shine on African soil. The elite fields for the men's and women's races will be packed with foreign and South African stars, with the organisers announcing an international line-up which is even bigger and better than that revealed for the 2015 race, which was won by Kenyans Shadrack Kemboi (2:11:41) and Isabella Ochichi (2:30:20), with Kemboi already indicating his intention to break the course record this September after having run a 67/ 64 split last year. This year's course will be flatter and faster, with the local and international athletes chasing records, and entrants in the mass field given an opportunity to challenge themselves aiming for personal bests at the sea level race, which holds prestigious IAAF Silver Label status. The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon will also host the increasingly popular Sanlam Cape Town 10km Peace Run on Sunday, 18 September 2016. Once again, race organisers challenge those who will not be competing in the 42.2km race to join on the day, coming together to not only experience the vibrant spirt of the Cape Town community, but as importantly, to run for Peace. Participants will have a chance to raise money for multiple charities, play a role in the #RunGreen environmental sustainability drive, pledge to promote peace, and donate to official beneficiaries Endurocad and Western Province Kids Development Program in order to promote development through sport.

What’s Happening At The ABSA Cape Epic? August 2016 was a significant month for the Cape Epic! First the announcement was made that IRONMAN has reached an agreement to acquire this highly mountain bike race, an important moment in the history of the event. The announcement was followed a week later with a press conference to expand and improve the Cape Epic® development category - the race for the Exxaro special jersey. “The Cape Epic is an iconic, world-class event that many consider the most prestigious mountain bike race in the world. This acquisition shows the commitment of IRONMAN and Wanda Sports to growing mass participation events worldwide,” said Andrew Messick, Chief Executive Officer of IRONMAN who also oversees the active lifestyle segment for Wanda Sports. Cape Epic founder Kevin Vermaak will spearhead this expansion for IRONMAN, and will be responsible for developing a worldwide series of mountain bike races around the world. This means that the mountain bike stage race category will grow internationally and in turn assist the Cape Epic to maintain its growth trajectory. The Absa Cape Epic is also taking steps to boost its development rider category to help nurture future mountain bike champions and hope this will be the beginning of a process that sees whole new communities being introduced to the race and mountain biking generally. In addition to the teams fielded by the Exxaro MTB Academy, in 2017 the Exxaro special jersey race for development riders will also include teams committed from academies in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape. The category is open to historically disadvantaged South Africans under the age of 26. “The Absa Cape Epic is proud of its record of encouraging development riders and with this initiative we want to celebrate our next generation of star riders,” said Absa Cape Epic CEO Lynn Naudé. “Five riders who have participated in this category have already gone on to represent South Africa and we have the opportu-

Photo L-R: Justice Makhale and Exxaro’s Mellis Walker

nity to contribute to developing up-and-coming South African talent in the build up towards the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Durban.” Another 10 entries have been made available to sponsors, charities or others who might want to enter a team in this category. Naudé also announced that the Absa Cape Epic would support four charities for the next three years: The Anna Foundation, Qhubeka, Laureus and the Cape Leopard Trust. Naudé concluded by saying that teams riding for charities of their own choice was synonymous with the Cape Epic and they had raised over R15,4m since 2011. The 2017 edition of Absa Cape Epic will take place from March 19-26 with the route being announced in October 2016.

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