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Photography Tours & Workshops

Welcome Our collection of wildlife photography tours is going from strength to strength. We are always striving to expand our range of photographic departures, from expedition cruises to trips a little closer to home, all of which are accompanied throughout by acclaimed photographers. Within the last year both Alex Hyde and Bret Charman have won awards in the British Wildlife Photography Awards and Bird Photographer of the Year respectively. We also introduce a new leader in James Shooter and there are articles from professional photographers Tom Mason and Ben Cherry.

Meet the Experts

Nick Garbutt

Nick has worked closely with Wildlife Worldwide to develop a series of wildlife photography trips that has expanded to what it is today. A two-time category winner in BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, Nick is the backbone of our photography programme.

Mark Carwardine

Alex Hyde

Bret Charman

An award-winning nature photographer and university lecturer in photography. Alex is highly acclaimed for his spectacular and innovative macro photography images, which includes the winning image of the British Wildlife Photography Awards ‘Hidden Britain’ category.

Bret is an award-winning wildlife photographer and works in the marketing department at Wildlife Worldwide. After a stint in Australia, he joined the team and helps to develop our photography tours, in 2017 he won the ‘Birds in Flight’ category in Bird Photographer of the Year.

Joe Cornish

Chris Mattison

Mark is an award-winning writer, magazine columnist, widely published wildlife photographer, TV and radio broadcaster and zoologist. He has an extensive collection of wildlife and landscape images taken on all seven continents and in more than 100 countries.

Joe is one of the world’s top landscape photographers and is held in very high regard across the industry. Having met Mark Carwardine in 2013, he has since helped lead trips to Wrangel Island, Svalbard and Baffin Island too. His enthusiasm and unrivalled knowledge make him a popular workshop leader.

Ashley Grove

James Shooter

Ashley developed an interest in nature - and birds in particular - while growing up in the Warwickshire countryside, before setting up as a wildlife photographer in 2005. He now leads regular photographic and birding trips to The Gambia – his favourite destination.

An award-winning photographer, James has a particular fondness for capturing wildlife against the dramatic backdrops that winter brings. He has a passion for conservation and finding ways to communicate stories through a variety of different media, especially photography.

A widely published, award-winning wildlife writer and photographer, Chris specialises in reptiles and amphibians. He has led photographic trips to many locations including the Galapagos, the Falkland Islands, South East Asia, Southern Africa and Madagascar.

Alice Hunter Alice is a self-taught naturalist and professional wildlife photographer based in Cambridgeshire, but with a love of the French Alps in particular. She especially enjoys macro photography and nature writing, as well as having contributed to an anthology for the Wildlife Trusts.

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25 years experience of designing the finest wildlife holidays

Small Surprises With Alex Hyde

We are delighted to offer several opportunities to join Alex Hyde, winner of the ‘Hidden Britain’ category in the prestigious British Wildlife Photography Awards, to learn all about the world of macro photography. You don’t even need to get on a plane! “For me,” says Alex “photography is a means of getting closer to the natural world, to observe it at close quarters and marvel at its every detail. I firmly believe that all of us are born with an inherent fascination with nature. Over time, this interest may get pushed aside by other priorities: work, or perhaps a busy family life, but we never lose it completely. Given the right opportunity, any of us can reawaken that inner child and once more find ourselves on our hands and knees peering into the long grass. Over the years I have found myself drawn to those smaller subjects, the insects, spiders and other critters that are so often overlooked. It is a world full of surprise and colour, tiny scenes being played out with all the drama of an African savannah. With a simple macro lens, a whole world opens up to us.

Close-up on Alpine Nature If you fancy a real macro indulgence, this trip with Alex and Nick Garbutt visits the Tyrol when the alpine meadows are in their full glory with a show of wild flowers, an array of butterflies and other insects. The tour has been designed to maximise the opportunities for macro photography and this is therefore the primary focus. Group tour, 15 Jun 2019 8 days, from £1,995

01962 302 055

Photography can, of course, be a frustrating business with pictures not capturing the magic we remembered, out-of-focus action shots, and of course we never seem to have quite enough light. With the addition of relatively few easy-to-understand techniques such as controlling your depth of field, using an off-camera flash, and observing a good tripod technique, you can capture close-up images of the natural world in exquisite clarity and detail. I’d like to think that reading an inch-thick manual never compares to spending time in the field with working professionals who know their stuff.” Alex and wildlife photographer, Nick Garbutt also join forces to run rainforest workshops on a regular basis. Plans are afoot for a workshop in Borneo, so keep your eyes peeled for details to be revealed.


Snow Leopards A softer option

Wildlife photographer Nick Garbutt eulogises the snow leopard ...

Big cats are always a draw, and are usually the most sought-after animals of all in the wildlife destinations where they occur. Seeing Africa’s three big cats in the wild has been the core of safari tourism for decades. Similarly, tiger tourism in India has been well-established for more than a quarter of a century, and even though the threats that tigers face have not diminished (if anything, they are on the increase!) it is still relatively straightforward to see them in the right parks. Over the past decade, it has become much easier to see the two big cats that inhabit South America: jaguars in the Brazilian Pantanal, and pumas in Chilean Patagonia. A wellorganised specialist tour to these locations (such as the trips we organise) offers an excellent chance of success, not just to see, but also to photograph these cats. However one big cat remains missing. A creature that lives unseen among the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas and Central Asia, and has for long been regarded as a mythical ghost of the mountains. If ever an animal epitomised remote and rugged wilderness it is the snow leopard, and until recently seeing one has been the stuff of dreams.


Until now that is. The past few years have seen the emergence of locations in the Himalayas that offer regular and reasonably reliable sightings, and provide an opportunity to see what must be one of the most mysterious and beautiful animals on earth. Rumbak Valley in Hemis National Park, in Ladakh, is perhaps the best known of these, and has increased dramatically in popularity. However, as visitor numbers have increased, facilities have lagged behind, and reaching this remote valley requires a strenuous trek and involves staying at a campsite that offers only very basic living conditions. We have now developed what we regard as a superior option based in the Zanskar / Himalayan ranges of Ladakh. We collaborate closely with a team of local trackers who work with the Snow Leopard Conservancy and are renowned for their ability to locate the cats. While the trackers search, we follow in comfortable vehicles, which allows us to move between locations with ease and get as close as possible to potential sightings before setting out on foot (although sightings sometimes happen from roadside locations). Unlike the majority of alternative trips, our accommodation

25 years experience of designing the finest wildlife holidays

for this tour is a very comfortable homestay lodge located at the head of a valley where snow leopards are often seen. The views from the lodge are breathtaking, both literally (as it stands at 3700 metres altitude!) and metaphorically. The lodge has well-appointed, heated bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities, and a beautiful lounge with panoramic views. Overall this provides a level of comfort hitherto unavailable on other trips. While snow leopards are clearly the main focus of the trip, and looking for them occupies the majority of our time, there is plenty of other Himalayan wildlife to see and enjoy in the area. The valleys in which we concentrate our efforts are also excellent for ibex, wolf, red fox and urial or shapo (wild sheep), as well as birds such as golden eagle, lammergeier, red-billed chough, Alpine chough and wallcreeper.

photographing a snow leopard, this tour may well be what you have been waiting for. The combination of easy access, comfort and good facilities – along with increasingly tolerant cats – makes for a compelling combination.

Searching for Snow Leopards Join this unique and exclusive trip to the Ulley Valley in Ladakh. Based at a delightful homestay lodge, offering significantly greater comfort than camping, you follow the area’s foremost naturalist guides by jeep and on foot in search of the elusive snow leopard. Group, 4 Apr 2018 & 23 Feb 2019 18 days, from £6,495

It must be stressed that long telephoto lenses (400mm minimum) are the order of the day, as most snow leopard sightings are at distances of over 100 metres, but closer encounters do occur at times. Shorter telephoto and wideangle lenses are useful for landscape photography. For anyone who has dared to dream of seeing and

01962 302055

01962 302 055



Photo Tour Calendar Spring 2018

Tiger Photo & Art Safari

Search for Snow Leopards

Bird Photography in Extremadura

Hosted by Nick Garbutt and award-winning sculptor Nick Mackman, this 13-day art safari enables you to enjoy the highlights of India’s Pench and Kanha National Parks.

Join this unique and exclusive trip to Ulley Valley, India. Stay in a homestay and follow the finest naturalist guides by jeep and on foot in search of the elusive snow leopard.

This spring birdwatching break to Extremadura provides an opportunity to photograph a wide diversity of species from dedicated hides during the breeding season.

Borneo: Rivers & Rainforests

Slovenia’s Brown Bears

Focus on the Danube Delta

Join this small group tour with acclaimed photographer Nick Garbutt to explore Borneo’s stunning landscapes, spectacular rainforests and secluded jungle streams.

Join award-winning photographer Bret Charman in Slovenia’s Dinaric Alps to photograph brown bear. There will also be the opportunity to photograph Ural owl and beautiful landscapes.

Join this tour in Romania, where purpose-built hides offer excellent opportunities to photograph exceptional wildlife and a fine array of bird species within the Danube Delta.

9 Mar 2018 (limited space) with Nick Garbutt & Nick Mackman 13 days from £5,995

26 Apr 2018 (limited spaces) with Nick Garbutt 19 days from £7,195


4 Apr 2018 with Nick Garbutt 18 days from £6,495

4 May (limited space) & 9 May 2018 with Bret Charman 5 & 6 days from £1,645 (5 days)

20 Apr 2018 & 5 Apr 2019 with Ashley Grove 5 days from £1,595

5 May 2018 (limited space) with Ashley Grove 8 days from £2,295

25 years experience of designing the finest wildlife holidays

“Nick and Alex couldn’t do enough to make this a successful and enjoyable holiday, and their photographic tuition was superb. With a lovely, friendly hotel amid fantastic surroundings, it must be one of the best wildlife holidays I have had.” Jenny – Close-up on Alpine Nature 2017

Summer 2018

Skomer’s Perfect Puffins

Close-up on Alpine Nature

Finland: Boreal Predators

Spend 2 nights on the island of Skomer, home to one of the UK’s largest colonies of puffin, to escape the crowds and make the most of countless photographic opportunities.

Macro photography expert, Alex Hyde, together with Nick Garbutt will take you through everything you need to know to photograph the macro world in Austria.

Join Bret Charman on this remarkable photography tour and capture images of Finland’s finest predators – brown bear, wolf and wolverine – in the boreal forest. There are also opportunities to photograph red squirrel.

Birds of Paradise Photography

Hungary: The Steppes & Forest

Flower Photography in the Pyrenees

Join acclaimed wildlife photographer Nick Garbutt in Papua New Guinea, and visit the country’s finest locations for culture, birding and wildlife with an emphasis on photography.

With Ashley Grove and the knowledge of our local guide, this spring photographic tour focuses on Hungary’s birds at the peak of the breeding season using specialist hides.

Discover the magic of the French Pyrenees, seeking out some of the floral highlights, striking insects and magnificent scenery. Fine tune your photography skills under the expert guidance and tuition of Alice Hunter.

24 May (limited space) with Bret Charman 3 days from £495 (land only)

29 Jun 2018 with Nick Garbutt 19 days from £10,595

16 Jun 2018 with Alex Hyde & Nick Garbutt 8 days from £1,895

16 Jun 2018 with Bret Charman 6 days from £2,395

12 Jul 2018 & 19 May 2019 with Ashley Grove 7 days from £1,945

Wrangel Island Exclusive

14 Jul 2018 with Alice Hunter 8 days from £1,895

The Pantanal - Brazil’s Wetland Wonder

21 Jul 2018 (limited space) with Mark Carwardine & Joe Cornish 18 days from £13,725 (twin cabin)

24 Aug 2018 with Nick Garbutt 18 days from £9,895

Explore the remote wilderness of Wrangel Island with its prehistoric landscapes and phenomenal wildlife. Escorted throughout by photographers Mark Carwardine and Joe Cornish.

Watch and photograph the excellent wildlife of the Pantanal. This immense landlocked delta offers tremendous habitats and the finest opportunity to see the elusive jaguar.

All holiday prices in this brochure are based on two people sharing, including flights from the UK, accommodation and transfers (except where specified). Prices are correct at the time of print. For full details please contact our expert wildlife team.

01962 302 055


Autumn 2018

Spirit Bear Quest

Madagascar’s South & West

18 Sep 2018 with Nick Garbutt 16 days from £8,795

21 Sep 2018 (limited space) with Chris Mattison 20 days from £5,495

A unique opportunity to search for and photograph the elusive spirit bear as well as grizzly bears, black bears, humpback whales, orcas and other whale species.

Join acclaimed photographer Chris Mattison on a unique tour to see the best of Madagascar’s prolific wildlife. Explore some of the island’s finest reserves for the country’s iconic species.

Join photographer Mark Carwardine and Wildlife Worldwide founder Chris Breen for our 2018 Festival of Bears to see the grizzly bears of the Great Bear Rainforest at the prime time.

South Georgia: Festival of Wildlife Photography

Mana Pools: Wild Dogs & Elephants

1 Nov 2018 with Nick Garbutt & Alex Hyde 17 days from £8,895 (voyage only)

1 Nov 2018 with Bret Charman 11 days from £7,945

Puma & Patagonian Wildlife Photography

Rightly referred to as ‘the most staggering wildlife show on earth’, visiting South Georgia during the breeding season is like being immersed in your very own private wildlife documentary.

Join Bret Charman on this unique safari for close encounters on foot with unrivalled photographic opportunities of wild dogs and bull elephants, in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park.

Festival of Bears

6 Oct 2018 with Mark Carwardine 9 days from £6,495

20 Nov 2018 with Nick Garbutt 17 days from £11,220 (limited space) Join renowned photographer Nick Garbutt on this incredible journey to the heart of Patagonia, home to a wealth of wildlife and a major stronghold for the region’s top predator, the puma.

Bobcat taken on our Wild West Winter Wonderland tour by Nick Garbutt


25 years experience of designing the finest wildlife holidays

in 2019

Wild West Winter Wonderland

NEW Scotland: Red Squirrel Photography

NEW Wildlife Photography in Costa Rica’s Rainforest

Led by prize-winning photographer Nick Garbutt, this small group trip will reward you with images of frost-covered bison herds, coyotes and superb frozen waterfalls.

Stay in a comfortable rural lodge, at the heart of Cairngorms National Park, and photograph red squirrels and crested tits from a range of purpose-built photography hides.

Join this small group tour with acclaimed photographer Nick Garbutt to explore Costa Rica’s rich rainforests and photograph the wildlife that calls them home.

Focus on the Danube Delta

Slovenia’s Brown Bears

Kamchatka Whale Watch

Join Ashley Grove in Romania, where purposebuilt hides offer excellent opportunities to photograph exceptional wildlife and a fine array of bird species within the Danube Delta.

Join award-winning photographer Bret Charman in Slovenia’s Dinaric Alps to photograph brown bear. There will also be the opportunity to photograph Ural owl and beautiful landscapes.

This unique voyage in the Russian Far East takes us from Sakhalin to the Bering Sea in search of a wealth of cetacean life, accompanied throughout by Mark Carwardine & Joe Cornish.

Papua New Guinea: Culture & Birds of Paradise Photography

Wrangel Island Exclusive

NEW Northern Tanzania: The Great Migration

17 Jan 2019 with Nick Garbutt 17 days from £7,295

4 May 2019 with Ashley Grove 8 days from £2,395

6 & 27 Apr 2019 with Nick Garbutt 19 days from £6,995 (limited space)

16 Feb 2019 with James Shooter 5 days from £795 (land only)

7 Jun 2019 with Mark Carwardine & Joe Cornish 20 days from £12,995

19 May 2019 with Bret Charman 6 days from £1,895

26 Jun 2018 with Bret Charman 19 days from £11,695

22 Jul 2019 with Mark Carwardine & Joe Cornish 18 days from £13,395

Join acclaimed wildlife photographer Bret Charman in Papua New Guinea, and visit the country’s finest locations for culture, birding and wildlife with an emphasis on photography.

Explore the remote wilderness of Wrangel Island with its prehistoric landscapes and phenomenal wildlife. Escorted throughout by photographers Mark Carwardine and Joe Cornish.

21 Aug 2019 with Nick Garbutt 18 days from £11,195

Watch and photograph wildlife during the great migration, one of the world’s finest wildlife wonders, in the company of renowned photographer Nick Garbutt.

“This turned out to be the trip of a lifetime never likely to be equalled. The combination of good weather and very cooperative polar bears made the trip phenomenal.” Ann – Wrangel Island 2017”

01962 302 055


Top Tips

for Wildlife Photography Tom Mason is a professional wildlife photographer and passionate vlogger.

I have always had a huge passion for the environment and sharing the stories of the natural world through photography, hoping to positively engage people. After several years of assignments both in the UK and overseas, I have put together some top tips for getting the best from your next wildlife photography trip.

1. Your subject always comes first

As wildlife lovers and photographers we always have to remember that no matter what, our subjects come first. When out taking images sometimes it is easy to get caught in the moment, to push closer than we should, and to frighten or disturb. Sitting back and letting wildlife come to you is often the best way to shoot, as when animals are relaxed the images can be far more powerful. If you’re away with a guide, ask them for the best ways to approach, as their skills and knowledge will be vastly helpful in safely getting yourself into position for some great images.

2. Learn your camera

Before getting stuck into some wildlife photography, be it at home or on an incredible wildlife holiday, take some time to really get to grips with your camera. Sit down at home and delve into the manual. Learn the button placement, functions and basic settings to ensure you can quickly and efficiently find and adjust your settings when creating images. There is nothing worse than having a truly epic moment of wildlife watching unfold in front of you when you can’t remember how to change your camera settings!

3. Eye level


For powerful wildlife images, connection is key, and one of the easiest ways to develop this with your subject is to be at eye level with them. A far more natural and flattering position, being at eye level enables you to create more striking portraits, also giving you a better chance of blurring out background and isolating your subject from its environment.

4. Negative space

When composing your shots, be sure to leave some space for your subjects to look into. Often, tight crops can feel claustrophobic, so try to give your subjects room to breathe. If they are looking to the right, put them on the left side of the frame, and vice versa. This makes a far more pleasing composition than a subject looking out of an image.

5. Anticipate action

As wildlife photographers, anticipating action is important to capture those perfect moments, however that’s no use if your card is full or your battery is dead! When moving locations or experiencing a lull in activity, be sure to check your memory and battery levels. If your card is getting full or battery is running out of juice, switch them ahead of time and be ready for the next shooting opportunity. Discover more of Tom’s Top Tips for Wildlife Photography, and a range of other fascinating posts on our blog.

25 years experience of designing the finest wildlife holidays

Festival of Wildlife Photography

South Georgia 2018 Festival of Wildlife Photography - South Georgia with Nick Garbutt and Alex Hyde

Join award winning wildlife photographers Nick Garbutt and Alex Hyde on this exceptional journey to South Georgia on board the ice strengthened Vavilov, visiting the most spectacular landing sites.

Group tour, 1 Nov 2018 17 days, from ÂŁ8,895* (voyage only)

This unique Festival of Wildlife Photography includes ten full days of exploration around South Georgia at the beginning of the season, timed to coincide with the arrival of spring as the island emerges from winter. The voyage is sure to provide an unsurpassed depth and variety of experiences that will not only be unforgettable, but will also provide a constant steam of peerless photographic opportunities.

*Price includes flights Punta Arenas - Mount Pleasant (Falkland Islands) - Punta Arenas, accommodation aboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov on a full board basis, transfers, services of the expedition team and exclusive photography tuition and workshops from Nick Garbutt. (International and domestic flights London - Santiago - Punta Arenas - Santiago - London and pre and post-cruise accommodation in Punta Arenas are excluded - details on request)

Our base, the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, is a comfortable, ice strengthened polar research vessel, accompanied by a symposium of five professional photographers on board, ready to assist with your photography skills, in addition to your exclusive tuition with Nick Garbutt and Alex Hyde. Wildlife Worldwide founder Chris Breen will also be on board the trip. The day-to-day itinerary is influenced by the prevailing weather, but the intention is to stop at all the major wildlife and historical sites on South Georgia. We begin along the southern coastline at King Haakon Bay, before sailing around to the more protected waters of the north east coast, where we can indulge in an in-depth exploration of the bays and harbours that run the entire length of the island, including iconic sites such as The Bay of Isles, Salisbury Plain, Fortuna Bay, Stromness, Grytviken, St Andrews Bay and Gold Harbour.

01962 302 055



Whale Watch With Mark Carwardine

Discover the magic of Russia’s remote Kamchatka Peninsula on this completely unique trip with Mark Carwardine & Joe Cornish. Delight in the region’s incredible marine life, including over 10 species of cetacean and a huge variety of seabirds, as well as some fascinating wildlife on land. As Mark Carwardine says: “This has to be one of the most exciting whale-watching trips ever – in a part of the world that some people may find difficult to point to on a map.” Join our privately chartered ship, the Spirit of Enderby, a comfortable ice-strengthened polar expedition ship, for this wonderful far-reaching 16-night voyage. Travelling through some of the world’s most remote and least-visited regions, we go in search of a fabulous array of whale species, packing in numerous Zodiac cruises and shore landings along the way. Our journey takes us from Sakhalin Island to the Shantar Islands, then across the Sea of Okhotsk and through the northern Kuril Islands, before sailing along the Kamchatka Peninsula and across the Bering Sea to the incredibly remote Commander Islands.

will have migrated over 9,000 miles from Baja California in Mexico), sperm, Baird’s beaked and Cuvier’s beaked whales and two different orca ecotypes. With luck, shore excursions should include close encounters with a wide variety of exciting wildlife such as Steller’s sea eagle, Kamchatka brown bear and sea otter. Be sure to join Mark Carwardine and Joe Cornish on this trip of a lifetime.

NEW Kamchatka Whale Watch with Mark Carwardine This unique voyage in the Russian Far East takes us from Sakhalin to the Shantar Islands and across the Sea of Okhotsk, through the northern Kuril Islands, then along the Kamchatka Peninsula and across the Bering Sea to the incredibly remote Commander Islands to see a wealth of cetacean life. Group, 7 Jun 2019, 20 days, from £12,995

Wildlife Highlights We hope to see critically endangered North Pacific right whale, bowhead, blue, humpback, fin, minke, both western and eastern grey (perhaps even some of our old friends who


25 years experience of designing the finest wildlife holidays

Red Squirrel

Photography With James Shooter

Wildlife photography is becoming increasingly popular and our range of photography tours continues to expand, reaching more corners of the world and providing further opportunities to photograph wildlife. However, while there is a swathe of exotic destinations to visit, there is also excellent wildlife to be seen much closer to home. We have a number of tours that take place right here in the UK to spot and snap the very best of British wildlife. This includes a brand new tour to Cairngorms National Park in Scotland where the focus is on red squirrels.

jumping, creating a range of image opportunities. Even portrait shots are possible on our five-day itinerary as squirrels pause for thought on their foraging mission. Led by award-winning photographer James Shooter, there will be on-hand, experienced tuition to help you learn new skills and make the most of your images. James has worked in the Cairngorms National Park for the last six years capturing images of its wildlife and leading photographic groups. He has a particular interest in winter photography, and red squirrels are among his favourite subjects!

The red squirrel is one of most endearing and charismatic animals in the British Isles. With their bright bushy tails, red fur and little tufted ears, red squirrels make extremely appealing photographic subjects too. Our departure is planned for February to coincide with winter, which will hopefully (weather depending) provide a snowy backdrop for the furry stars of our show. The weather conditions at this time of year are some of the most interesting for photographing wildlife in Scotland.

Join us in Scotland in February 2019 to see the red squirrels, and receive first-class tuition in wildlife photography. To ensure that James can provide the best tuition possible, the group size is limited to just nine people, so places will go quickly – that’s if the red squirrels hadn’t swayed you already! or in the national press.

Using a number of purpose-built hides, we hope to capture compelling and personable in-depth images of these captivating little mammals, as well as other resident wildlife such as crested tits and a variety of woodland birds. From the hides you will be able to see the squirrels running and

Join us in Scotland in February 2019 to see the red squirrels, and receive first-class tuition in wildlife photography. To ensure that James can provide the best tuition possible, the group size is limited to 10 people.

NEW Red Squirrel Photography

Group,16 Feb 2019, 5 days, from £795

01962 302 055


Optimum viewing

with Swarovski Optik Chris Breen, our founder, reviews Swarovski’s latest addition to their CL binocular range

Well, they’ve done it again Swarovski Optik have brought out another absolutely fantastic pair of binoculars! The new 8 x 30 CL Companions are an excellent addition to Swarovski’s armoury especially as they are smaller and more compact than most. They feel as good to hold as the EL’s (their top-of-the-range bino’s) but they are infinitely lighter. Being only 500gms and just short of 12cms long they are as light as a feather - good news for those of us who lug substantial amounts of camera equipment around but can’t bear to be without binoculars. Their short focussing distance, three metres, is a perfectly respectable distance from which to look at lions, leopards and wild dogs, enjoying every whisker in intimate detail, and I would be just as comfortable using them on a whale watching holiday (they are water resistant to four metres). I’d also be just as happy carrying them with me when I am out with my dogs… after all there is plenty of wonderful wildlife to look at in the British countryside and it can always be enhanced with great optics. These really are the complete package!

New CL Companion – Optimum viewing experience. New focus mechanism, slim compact design, good field of view. Choose from three accessory packages.


25 years experience of designing the finest wildlife holidays


Through the lens By Bret Charman I can’t help feeling that, as a leader of photographic tours, I’m in a very privileged position. After all, I have wonderful opportunities to enjoy the world’s most incredible wildlife. After working in the world of safari and wildlife travel for five years, in 2014 I took the decision to pack in my desk job and head to Australia. However, this was no ordinary gap year. Instead of the usual backpacking experience, I went out in search of the country’s magical wildlife.

Mana Pools - Wild Dogs & Elephants Photography Join Bret Charman for this unique safari with close encounters and unrivalled photographic opportunities of the wild dogs and bull elephants of Mana Pools National Park. Group tour, 1 Nov 2018 11 days, from £7,945

I spent ten months exploring the rich forests, plains and spectacular coastline of this antipodean wonderland. Species such as platypus, dingo and the red-eyed tree frog were my photographic quarry, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with just about everything I saw. On my return to the UK, I joined the growing marketing team at Wildlife Worldwide, with the additional role of helping to expand the collection of dedicated photography tours. In 2016 I was delighted to be named as a winner in the prestigious Australian Nature Photographer of the Year competition with my image of a dingo. My success continued in 2017, when I was extremely proud to win a category (Birds in Flight) in the Bird Photographer of the Year competition. You may have seen my winning image of an Australian pelican, entitled ‘A Perfect Landing’, on the BBC’s One Show or in the national press. So, if you are looking toward your next photographic journey, why not join me in 2018 on one of my trips in Europe, or further afield in the stunning surroundings of Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools in the quest for images of the stunning African wild dog?

01962 302 055


Coming soon We are currently working on a range of exciting new photography tours, including some dedicated rainforest photography workshops around the world with expert tutelage from award-winning photographers Nick Garbutt and Alex Hyde. To register your interest email

We create outstanding

Wildlife Holidays Over 300 locations worldwide, handpicked for the best wildlife viewing.

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Long Barn South, Sutton Manor Farm, Bishop’s Sutton, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 0AA, United Kingdom

25 years of creating the finest wildlife holidays Wildlife Worldwide is a part of the Natural Travel Collection Ltd, a Knowledgeable & passionate team of wildlife experts small independent travel company that places a special emphasis Flexible tailor-made holidays on sustainable tailor-made and small group holidays. All holiday in this brochure based on twoworldwide persons sharing, including flights from the UK (except where specified), accommodation, transfers and the services of an expert Smallprices group wildlife & are birding trips leader and photographer. Prices correct at the time of print. For full details call our expert wildlife team. Committed to conservation & responsible tourism Expert local naturalist guides Peace of mind - 24 hour on-call service 100% independent 100% financial protection Photographs courtesy of: Nick Garbutt, Alex Hyde, Bret Charman, Ashley Grove, Chris Mattison, Chris Breen, Chris Breen, Ben Cherry, Mark Carwardine and James Shooter. Š Wildlife Worldwide 2018 No portion of this brochure may be reproduced without the prior written consent of Wildlife Worldwide.

Wildlife Worldwide Photography Brochure 2018  
Wildlife Worldwide Photography Brochure 2018  

Our collection of wildlife photography holidays has been designed to offer the perfect combination of outstanding wildlife viewing, exceptio...