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January 2004, Tri-annual Issue

“Up and Coming News from Nancy Cartwright”

From Nancy…

As I look back at 2003... I am happy to say I worked hard, and with a little help, more than expanded every nook and cranny of my life into brand new horizons— things will never be the same again! I am finally comfortable with who I am and excited about where my future is headed. Personally, I have never settled for “waiting for the phone to ring” or “crying over spilt milk,” when it came to my career. Why “settle” for mediocre when you can be creating so much more? Whether it is an audition, volunteer work, or just lunch with a friend—make the best of each moment. Today, I have more integrity, and as a result, I make better choices. It makes all the difference between a successful life/career, and one that is failing miserably. Whenever I take more responsibility for anything things sky-rocket—it’s amazing! When I am off doing one of my university lectures I always tell the students to surround themselves with good people—it is vital! I can never say enough good things about the people around me who have enhanced my personal goals as an artist, it has been beyond even my dreams. My staff work hard and seemingly tirelessly, although I personally know that their “boss” is a big, hulking “bully” who tends to spit on…

Volume 9 Issue 1

Nancy gets INNOVATIVE! Nancy recently signed with Marcia Hurwitz of Innovative Artists in Beverly Hills, California. Marcia brings to the table twenty years of hard-won know-how carefully applied, along with her refreshing real enthusiasm, she will be opening new doors, with unique opportunities for Nancy’s voice over future! Welcome aboard, Marcia!

Welcome Aboard! Loeb & Loeb attorney, Leah Antonio-Ketcham, joins Nancy’s team as her entertainment legal advisor. Nancy looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Here they are at the annual Simpsons season party. That’s Nancy on the left, Leah and her charming daughter, Olivia on the right. …anyone who refuses her so much as a 2-hour foot rub. (hee hee) It has indeed been an adventure, lots of ups and downs, but now mostly ups. With the aide of my highly trained personal ethics/career consultant, we have implemented a complete administrative overhaul in my career organization, bottom to top. It is this kind of dedication that enabled our team to win the Model of Admin Know-How Award for the very changes I speak of. As no artist does it alone, and not unlike the phrase it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a qualified team to raise an artist, and what a fabulous “team” we are! Here is looking toward more expansion in 2004! Thank you! And to all who receive my Nancy News, may all your dreams come true. Happy New Year! Love, Nancy

The Way To Happiness...

Kim Possible the movie! History’s most heroic cheerleader is in a race against time—past, present and future-to save the planet from evil domination in “Kim Possible: A Stitch in Time,” an all-new animated movie that premiered November 28 on the Disney Channel. This movie launches Kim Possible on her most adventurous struggle against a master villain yet. Kim is alerted to the plan by a visitor from the future; a buffed-up, talking descendent of everyone’s favorite Naked Mole-rat—Rufus 3000. Kim, Rufus 3000, and Ron Stoppable must venture into the past, then way into the future, to try and halt the evil plot that threatens to change history. The movie features a notable guest cast: Kelly Ripa (“Live with Regis & Kelly,” “Hope & Faith”) as Future Bonnie; Freddie Prinze Jr. (“Scooby-Doo”) as Future Jim and Tim; Raven (“That’s So Raven”) as Monique and Vivica A. Fox (“Boat Trip”) as Future Monique; Elliott Gould (“Ocean’s 11”) as Ron’s dad; Dakota Fanning (“Cat in the Hat”) as the voice of Pre-Kindergarten Kim; and Michael Clark Duncan (“Daredevil”) as Future Wade. has lots of new pages and continues to grow. Be sure and check out the audio section that includes a compilation of samples of most of Nancy’s voice work and read up on the latest news. You will also find a quick sign up for email updates and contact information for fanmail.

Foundation celebrated its grand opening of its brand new International headquarters on October 4th, 2003, in Glendale, California. Nancy, a longtime spokesperson for the Foundation, entertained thousands as part of an entire day of festivities with her arsenal of voices; Bart, Ralph, Nelson, Chuckie, and Rufus. The Way to Happiness book, written by philosopher and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, outlines 21 precepts that give children and adults alike, a way to live a more ethical and happier life. With proven changes amongst even the most hardened of criminals, the simple concepts contained in this distinctive book have helped bring order to life all over the world. Who can refuse this unique offering of help to have a happier life? Not many, and that is why Nancy has been a crusader for the TWTH Foundation long before it ever became a popular idea. In a time of untold worries around our globe- with war, crime, and day-to-day stress- one thing is for sure, these precepts work. So, try them out for yourself and your family by getting your own copy online at The Way to Happiness website, if you haven’t already.

Congratulations to the creative team of Kim Possible! Walt Disney Studios’ “Kim Possible” has received top honors for an animated TV series from the 2003 Women’s Image Network Awards. “Kim Possible” was also honored with a 2003 WIN Award as the Best Animated Series for the creatively produced episode, “Crush.”

Fan Club Contest Update

We have received some great essays stating just how much some of Nancy’s fans want to run her fan club. But we need MORE! Go to and find the details and send in your essay. The deadline is April 15th, 2004 and we’ll announce the winner in the May Newsletter. Happy Writing!

That’s a Wrap…party! Nancy Cartwright’s career company, Cartwright Entertainment, Inc., celebrated with a pizza and beer wrap party after having completing the final version of the, “A Day In The Life” video. Nancy’s life that is; it’s a fast-paced and fun documentary that reveals how this single mother, professional voice artist, and university lecturer, does it all. It follows Nancy through a typical day; from early morning exercises, then off to work on a crowded freeway, just barely escaping a traffic ticket, then as she races from booth to booth to record The Simpsons, Kim Possible and Rugrats. Nancy ends off her hectic day at a glamourous Hollywood premiere for Rugrats Go Wild. This video was written and produced by Nancy’s in-house team as an addition to her motivational university lecture. It is an inspiration to see—catch the next showing!

Rugrats Grown Up! The Rugrats spin-off All Grown Up showed no growing pains when it premiered on Saturday, Nov. 29. According to Nickelodeon, the show drew more than a third (3.2 million) of all kids watching cable TV for the timeslot. It was also Nick’s highest-rated series premiere ever; the number of total viewers for All Grown Up reached 5.2 million. Tweens made up a good chunk of the audience, proving that the franchise is succeeding in recapturing the interest of viewers who loved Rugrats as young children. Produced by Rugrats creators Klasky Csupo Inc., continues the adventures of Nancy’s character Chuckie, Tommy Pickles, Angelica, Susie, Kimi, and Dil as they comically face common pre-teen issues and dilemmas. More episodes coming your way.

Nancy kissing Donny at her Birthday Party!

Nancy Wins $25,000 Nancy had the pleasure of doing a second appearance on The $25,000 Pyramid which is hosted by her teen idol, Donny Osmond. Donny himself made a guest appearance on Nancy’s “glitter cake” at her recent Disco party birthday bash. Nancy just loves Donny, and gets a kick out of the game-show competition. Guess what? She’s really good at the game! Her partners on the show made it to the coveted “Inner’s Circle” more than once and Nancy got them really focused on WINNING. On the small screen also featured Nancy in VH1: Inside South Park. This journey behind the scenes of the making of South Park was hilarious and opened fans up to the minds and hearts of the creators.


ASIFA’s Annie Awards for excellent in animation, Nancy Nominated. February 7, 2004 Awards Ceremony • NACA – Associated Students Convention February 15th, 5:00 pm - opening lecture • Australia Lecture Tour, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide: March 11 – 22nd • Keynote speech, University of Dayton, Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, March 27th • Dayton, Ohio March 28th, Nancy drops the puck for Boys and Girls Clubs supporting Make a Wish Fdn in association with Books & Co. • Lectures: April 1st NIU (Northern Illinois U), Dekalb, IL - 7:00 pm; April 13th - U of Wisconsin/ Oshkosh 8:00 pm Reeve Memorial Union on campus

CONTEST-FUN-PRIZES! Okay, fans, what is the caption for this picture? The person with the catchiest phrase will win something totally cool! Our previous winner got the DVD of Season 3 of the Simpsons! Just address your answer to the Cartoon Contest at: and please include your mailing address. Or mail your entry to our return address above. Go to for more great works by this gifted artist, Jim Meskimen.

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They’ve cut expenses on the gift packages this year at the EMMYs.

Dear Fans, Thanks for the great response to cartoon #2! Dennis Laughlin wins for his caption on the left! Honorable mentions go out to: - More fan mail, Miss Cartwright, from that Redenbacher guy. (Robert Loy) - Now remember, Ms. Cartwright, this package is POP SECRET! (Kim Roe) - I know the price of popcorn at this AMC is overpriced, but this is ridiculous. (Michelle Hayes) - Renting a DVD in Beverly Hills, California (Dennis Laughlin)

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January 2004  
January 2004  

When I am off doing one of my university lectures I always tell the students to surround themselves with good people—it is vital! I can neve...