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July 2009, Tri-annual Issue

“Up and Coming News from Nancy Cartwright”

Just From Nancy… Okay—we are over the hump, so to speak. It is already July, for cryin’ in the beer. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a good old-fashioned BBQ with all the trimmins! I’m talkin’ chicken, ribs, cornon-the-cob, potato salad, watermelon and apple pie. (I bake a mean apple pie!) It’s softball, volleyball, threelegged races and catching fireflies. It’s swimming and riding bikes and most important, it’s family. It’s doing things together and celebrating life. Sound a little corny? Guilty as charged. As Bart

Volume 14 Issue 2

First Happy House® Chapter Opens Happy House’s territory is expanding; now reaching into San Jose, California. The name of the new chapter is “Community United”, quite an appropriate name because its activities do just that, unite communities. Donna Stewart and Jan Nikitin first decided to form Community United with other interested volunteers to provide a vehicle to help families by using the information found in the book The Way to Happiness®. They began by delivering “The Way to Happiness Course” (in Spanish) to parents who were members of a local neighborhood group. Community United was soon invited to join the City of San Jose Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force. This is an organization which consists of city groups, schools, churches, non-profits and community groups that offer programs to address issues concerning gang-related crime and crime prevention.

Simpson would say, “If I’m guilty of anything, maybe it’s caring too much!” Haw! Haw! For the Nonce,


MARK YOUR CALENDARS • July 13th – The 30th Annual PALS Golf Tournament • September – If I Were You performance at Kettering/ Fairmont High School • October 3rd – 4th Annual Monte Carlo Night and Poker Tournament for PALS at Nancy’s House • November 21st – The Second Annual Children’s Day at Woodley Park. FREE!

Nancy with Community United founders Donna Stewart and Jan Nikitin

Using a pilot version of the TWTH book written especially for youth, Community United next delivered a 6-week program to children ages 8-12. Fifteen to twenty children attended each week. Then a 7-week program was delivered to teens ages 1217 with another 15-20 attendees each week. Key to the training is the use of The Way to Happiness public service announcment DVD which is included in the program. Things have only gotten better from there and the team at Happy House is delighted to have Community United on board as, what is hopefully, the first of many chapters of Happy House to come.

Parties Get Better With Age

A Weekend in Dayton

Like a fine wine or a good cheese, annual parties seem to get better and better with every passing year. This year Nancy will be hosting her Fourth Annual Monte Carlo and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker event for PALS. As always, the star-studded event will have great food, dancing and live music, professional poker players and celebrity guests, an open bar and tons of fun. But this year, we have lowered the price to make the party available to more people than ever. The theme is “Denim and Diamonds” and will have all the great things the event has had in previous years, AT HALF PRICE. So take this flyer, tell your friends, and come to the biggest party in Northridge. Proceeds benefit Devonshire PALS and the children of Northridge. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit and we will see you there!

Nancy Goes Irish For St. Paddy’s Day

Nancy joined Jim Brooks and Al Jean, executive producers of “The Simpsons” for her third visit to Dublin, Ireland; this time for St. Patrick’s Day. The occasion was the first time that a season of the show debuted in a country outside the U.S. Nancy enjoyed the beautiful scenery, lovely people and historical and geographical landmarks of Ireland, but it wasn’t all fun and games. There were media interviews, a screening of the episode during the day for a crowd of media and children from a local hospital and another that evening at a famous local pub. Both were received with uproarious laughter and applause. On day two, St. Paddy’s Day, Nancy, Al and Jim were special featured guests at the parade. A Simpson’s float led the parade, which featured bands and performers from all over the world including several high school marching bands from the U.S. That night she was a presenter at the Meteor Awards, their nationally televised show comparable to our MTV Awards. It was an action packed and exhausting two days, but Nancy was so well-received that FOX has asked her to make other trips on their behalf. So keep your eyes open for notices of where she’ll be next….

Chelsea Flenar receiving her award

On June 4th Nancy flew in to Dayton to give the keynote speech at the graduation ceremony for her alma mater, Kettering Fairmont High School, and to present a check to Chelsea Flenar, the winner of the Nancy Cartwright Artistic Achievement Award for Ohio University. Nancy was pleased to present one very happy young lady with a check for $5,000 to continue her education. The graduation was attended by some 600 students. Congrats to Chelsea and to all the graduates! June 5th brought an eventful day of touring some local nonprofits. First was We Care Arts, a non-profit organization that helps emotionally, mentally and physically disabled adults and youth achieve greater personal independence. Nancy was blown away by the amazing work they do there. Next was a tour of Project READ, one of Nancy’s favorite Dayton charities and for which Nancy performed in the Concert for Literacy fundraiser at the Fraze on June 6th. The event was sponsored by Time Warner and included the talented Leroy Ellington & the E-Funk Band. The crowd was fantastic, warmly welcoming her and participating in the activities. She couldn’t have had a better time being among her fellow Buckeyes while raising funds for such a worthy cause.

To learn more about these organizations, please visit and

Nancy and the Project READ team

Huge Win for Happy House Nearly 300 men, women and children came out to enjoy the weather, poker, food, live music and fun, as well as to support a great cause. The event kicked off with 118 people eagerly awaiting the “Shuffle up and deal!” call from party-host Nancy Cartwright. The action was fast and furious, with more than 100 people remaining beyond the rebuy period. But when the dust finally settled, it was a tie for first place as Doug Dohring and our very own Peter Kjenaas split top honors. After battling for some time they decided to call a truce and split first place. For those not playing poker, there was wonderful food, live music, a bounce house for the kids (and kids at heart) and even bingo. With a little something for everyone, it is no surprise the party was a fantastic success. Co-Executive Director for Happy House, Carol Loweree, said of the event, “Any day you can raise over $10,000 for a great cause, and have that much fun doing so, is a good day.”

Co-Champions Doug Dohring and Peter Kjenaas with Nancy

Nancy Receives Humanitarian Award Nancy was honored by The Hollywood NOTE Foundation at the “Change the World” Humanitarian Awards Gala. The event, which was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA on May 31st, 2009, recognized 11 chosen humanitarians who demonstrated effortless compassion with deep respect for all humankind. This year, Nancy was honored with the Change the World Public Service Award. Hosted by Scott Baio and his wife Renee, the evening was entertaining and honored other philanthropists Ed Begley Jr., Aimee Teegarden, Band from TV and others as well as companies CASA and Save the Ta-Tas. Congratulations to all the honorees. For more information on The Hollywood NOTE Foundation or the event, visit

CARTWRIGHT ENTERTAINMENT 9420 Reseda Blvd. #572 Northridge, Ca 91324


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Dear Fans… Thanks for the great response to cartoon contest number 11. The caption winner is: “My fiancé, Cauli, just eloped with some DIP.” Dwight Twentysixler from Kettering, OH Honorable Mentions: “I assure you, our company is working on going green as soon as possible.” Steve M. from Glendale, CA “I’m innocent! I’m a stalk, not a stalker!” Tom Owens from Marshalltown, IA

“My fiancé, Cauli, just eloped with some DIP.”

“I was acquitted due to a simple case of mistaken identity: I’m a stalk, not a stalker!” Mitchell Stein from Mill Valley, CA

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The Nancy News July 2009  

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