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September 2010, Tri-annual Issue

Up and Coming News from Nancy Cartwright

Just From Nancy… Summer has practically come and gone. I can’t believe how fast time goes when you stay busy. I am now on show #13 of 22 episodes that we will be recording for season 22 of The Simpsons. The scripts are as good as they have always been. It is still a total joy to go to our Table Reads on Thursdays and hear what the writers have done once again! I am currently in pre-production for my 5th annual Monte Carlo fundraiser. Held on Oct. 2nd, this year it promises to be more exciting than ever. I have wonderful friends who support the same youth programs by being on my hosting committee, including Brad Garrett, Julie Kavner, Dan Castellaneta, Anne Archer, Lou Diamond Phillips, John Travolta and Kelly Preston. We have a great turn out of stars and pro poker players and you can find out more on this site or visit It is a fun evening with all proceeds being split between the local PALS youth center and the West Valley Boys & Girls Club. Artistically I am working on several projects, developing animation and writing a screenplay. It is never a dull day in NancyLand. Ciao for now,


MARK YOUR CALENDARS • October 2nd - Monte Carlo Night • November 20th - Children’s Day at Woodley Park

Volume 15 Issue 2

Bring Out the Denim and Diamonds Once again, more than 500 guests will swarm Nancy’s Northridge “house that Bart built” decked out in Denim and Diamonds for the 5th annual Monte Carlo Night. This year, Cartwright Entertainment has added the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley as an additional beneficiary. The last four years’ fundraising efforts helped to raise money for the building of the Councilman Greig Smith LAPD Devonshire PALS Youth Center. Devonshire PALS (Police Activities League Supporters) will again be a beneficiary to support many of the programs at the Center. Play No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em with Nancy and her celebrity friends such as Kirstie Alley, Camryn Manheim, Brad Garrett, Jose Conseco, Patrick Cassidy, Michelle Stafford, Bill Smitrovich, and many, many more. Co-hosting the Poker Tournament are poker pros Jerry Yang (WSOP Main Event Winner) and Mary Jones (WSOP Ladies Event Winner) – who will conduct a Texas Hold ‘Em boot camp and other poker champions including Annie Duke, Barbara Enright, Jennifer Harmon, Men “The Master” Nguyen, Jamie Gold, and many more. Dorian Harewood will teach Black Jack. In addition to the exciting Texas Hold ‘Em tournament with top five winners receiving seats in a WSOP satellite tournament, there will be casino games, gourmet barbecue dinner, open bars, a cigar lounge, great entertainment with Nathan Osmond, Dee Dee O’Malley and featuring special guest performances, dancing with line dancing lessons, and better-than-ever raffle and auction items including a private lesson with Annie Duke and Polanti watches. For reservations to play in the tournament or simply to have a great time at the party, go to or call 818.882.7336.

NANCY CARTWRIGHT MAKES GOOD CHOICES Nancy has joined forces with Freshi Filmworx and The International Family Film Festival (IFFF) to establish the “Happy House Good Choices™ Movies With a Message™” contest based on the positive premises of the Good Choices program. Nancy believes that “Filmmakers of any age have the ability to change the world with their ideas, images and stories.”

This unique film competition, in which a choice of three themes communicates a way in which to make Good Choices, can be entered by students in two age groups, from 6-10 or 11-14 years of age. The theme options are treating others as you would want them to treat

you and taking care of yourself. The films, not to exceed 10 minutes, can either be live action, animation or a combination. With computer capabilities and programs like those of Freshi, a filmmaking program in its fifth year, younger and younger filmmakers are evolving. There are multiple reasons for this endeavor. According to Suzanne Shoemaker, one of the founders of Freshi, “The dropout rate in schools was approaching 50% nationwide and we realized we had to do something to infuse the visual communications tools of the 21st century into the classroom to get kids reengaged.” The Grand Prize, for Best Overall Film, is a day in Hollywood with Nancy. For Best Representation of Theme, the winner will get an escorted tour of Universal Studios Theme Park and a video camera. For Audience Favorite—an escorted tour of an animation studio

and a visit to a taping of a show. Most Imaginative film creator will receive an escorted tour of a film studio and a free Hollywood Film Camp. Best Use of Filmmaking Skills will be rewarded with a free filmmaking program for the school the student goes to and a video camera and the Best Family Project (one in which the entire family participates) will receive a free DVD series, “How To Make Movies,” and a day with a filmmaker filming the family. All prizes will be given in each age category. The submission deadline is January 16, 2011. Fifty semi-finalist films will be chosen to be submitted to the International Family Film Festival (IFFF) for judging. These filmmakers will be notified of this selection by January 26, 2011. Twelve films will be selected as Finalists in each age bracket and screened at the International Family Film Festival (IFFF) in Hollywood on March 19, 2011, when and where the award presentation will take place. For additional information contact (818) 882-7483 or log onto www.

The Children of Migrant Workers Learn Good Choices Friday August 20th was graduation day for more than seventy children ranging in age from 9 - 18 who completed the Happy House Good Choices Program through Migrant Workers Education run by the Los Angeles Unified School District. Their families and teachers joined them in celebrating this remarkable achievement.

The Good Choices program was taught in a “round robin”style with Freshi Filmworx. The students were split into three groups  based on age and each hour every morning they would go from one to the other, first learning Good Choices and then on to game design or filmmaking.    Each child created his own video game either solo or with a The four week program started with a week at the San team and the entire group created six short movies.  These Fernando Elementary School and ended with three weeks of movies, all based on the chapters of the Good Choices Booklet, “field trips” to the Anson Ford Theatre in Hollywood, CA.  can be entered in the Movies with a Message contest. This remarkable venue was ideal for Carol Loweree, Happy   House Good Choices Director, to impart the 21 chapters of the For more information on the Good Choices Program go to www. “How to Make Good Choices ™,” booklet. and to find out about the Movies With a Message Contest go to “There is enough discipline and danger in their lives,” Mrs. or Loweree said.  “We don’t tell them what to do.  We simply show them that there is a choice and they can make it.”  

Happy House Is On the Move Happy House is proud to announce the formation of its second chapter in Thousand Oaks, CA. The first delivery of the Good Choices program was started at the Los Cerritos Boys & Girls Club of Thousand Oaks on Friday, June 25th and ended Friday, August 6th. 22 children graduated the program and were presented with their certificates by Nancy Cartwright, during a graduation event on August 11th. Of the program, the director said, “I have seen the children really excited about the program. They are really good kids already but have stepped up even more on helping each other out. We have a severely autistic child here and several of the kids that have been part of the Good Choices class have taken it on to really get to know her and make sure that she’s where she’s supposed to be, etc. The kids love the program and have been really excited attending the classes every Friday.” A little further north, The Good Choices Program was delivered in two of the Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Clubs. 52

Nancy with the Santa Barbara graduates

children graduated at a ceremony held at the Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Club on August 12th. Nancy presented all of the students with certificates and the directors of the Santa Barbara Boys & Girls clubs with flowers. One director said, “I read through the book and loved it. This is the exact thing that we wanted to present to the kids. The kids really do need a good moral compass. This program is so hands on and this is why I participated in every class because I really wanted to learn how it works and how it’s delivered.” There are also plans to make Santa Barbara the third chapter in the Happy House family. We are ecstatic about the great response to the program in these two wonderful cities and can’t wait to see what the Good Choices Program can do for the kids in these towns. Here’s to many more graduations just like these!

Nancy with the Thousand Oaks graduates

Nancy Supports Teenage Drama Workshop at CSUN Cal State Northridge produced, under the direction of CSUN faculty veteran Doug Kaback, the 53rd season of the Teenage Drama Workshop. For the second consecutive year Nancy helped out by donating to the student Scholarship Fund. “My son, Jack, was in “Pinnochio” last year and he learned so much,” said Nancy. “I really love this program and hope it goes on for another 53 years!” Productions of Suessical the Musical and Alice in Wonderland played to sold out houses and the work of the kids was, once again, stellar.

CONTEST-FUN-PRIZES! Okay, fans, what is the caption for this picture? The person with the catchiest phrase will win something totally cool! Just mail your answer to the Cartoon Contest at our address above or email us at fanmail@thenancyshow. com. Please be sure to include your return address. Go to for more great works by this gifted artist, Jim Meskimen.

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Dear Fans… Thanks for the great response to cartoon contest number 14. We had entries from 6 countries on 4 continents. The caption winner is: “In an attempt to make football a healthier sport, the ‘pigskin’ is being slowly replaced by the turkeyskin’!” Forris Day Jr from Palmer, MA Honorable Mentions: “This’ll be the last time we’ll let Martha Stewart host the Super Bowl.” Kento Gebo from Lucerne Valley, CA

“In an attempt to make football a healthier sport, the ‘pigskin’ is being slowly replaced by the ‘turkey-skin’!”

“Fowl!” Pam Davis “Who says turkeys don’t fly?” Denis Russo from Ontario, Canada

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The Nancy News September 2010  

Up and coming news from Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson

The Nancy News September 2010  

Up and coming news from Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson