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2 Advertiser Index 4wall Entertainment 98 7thSense Design 48 Adirondack Studios 38 AECOM cover AES-Artistic Entertainment Services 5 Alcorn McBride 14 Animax Designs 5 AOA 102 Barco 75 Birket Engineering 45 Canyon Creative 13 Chicago Scenic Studios 64 Chimelong Group 6 Christie 116 Color Reflections Las Vegas 26 Cumming 102 d&b audiotechnik 68 Demodave Production and Voiceover 53 DE-ZYN Studios 51 Disney Live Entertainment 25 DJ Willrich 39 Electrosonic 75 Entertainment + Culture Advisors 1 ETF Ride Systems 79 Europa-Park 80 Falcon's Creative 40 FAR Out! Creative Direction103 Fantawild 73 Good Theory Studios 34 The Grand Parc du Puy du Fou 76 The Hettema Group 18 Huitt-Zollars 99 IA Stage 53 InMotion Entertainment 45 JRA 76 Jora Vision 83 Lightswitch 61 Lionsgate 109 Lodging Hospitality Mgmt 52 Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering 60 Miziker Entertainment 54 Meow Wolf 9 Nolan Heimann LLP 61 Oceaneering 66 OE Experiences 103 Panasonic: Global Themed Entertainment Solutions 83 PCL Construction 39 Sally Dark Rides 79 Scenario 84 The Shipping Monster 64 Stantec 103 Studio Concepts & Innovations 103 Super 78 72 TAIT 108 TEA Foundation 11 TEA Past CommitteePresidents 60 TechMD 102 Technifex 38 Thinkwell 114 Ty Fy Studios 76 Universal Creative 44 VCI Event Technology 46 Vekoma 30 Visual Terrain 110 WaltImagineeringDisney 21-22 27th Annual Thea Awards A warm welcome from TEA International Board President Chuck Fawcett 3 Thea Awards Digital Case Studies Acknowledgements 5 Thea Awards Program Acknowledgements 7 TEA events serve the attractions industry 8 Luc Mayrand to chair Thea Awards Judging Committee 10 History of the Thea Awards 15 How to create a Thea Awards Submission 17 Appreciation: The incomparable Karen McGee 19 Buzz Price Thea Award - Recognizing a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements: Robert Weis 23 Thea Classic Award: Blackpool Pleasure Beach 27 TEA Peter Chernack Award for Distinguished Service - Dale Sprague 115 Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement Amazing Pollinators 31 ARGUS LED Dome System 33 Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall 35 The Bourne Stuntacular 41 D.R.E.A.M. Centre 47 Entrance Experience, St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station 49 Jewel Changi Airport 55 Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway 57 The Nest 65 Les Quais de Lutèce Hotel 67 Qu Yuan 69 Sesame Street: Street Mission 77 Snorri Touren 81 Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance 85 TAIT Navigator Automation Platform 105 The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride 111

These Thea tribute platforms - the Gala, the Case Studies and the Program - are not ends in themselves, but part of how TEA fulfills the overall mission of the Thea Awards, which is part of the larger mission of the Association. While we had to modify the format, we did provide genuine Thea continuity.

Ensuring that continuity in 2021 has had its unique challenges, especially for recipients that had been been shut down or partially shut down for many months when TEA called to welcome them into the ranks of Thea Award honorees.

The Thea Awards Judging Committee is also due a hefty and warm share of gratitude and appreciation. They too are charged with significant responsibility - a volunteer responsibility they take very seriously - reviewing and discussing submissions with thorough attention, meeting week after week for many hours on top of their “day jobs” until they have agreed on a slate of people, projects

We extend heartfelt acknowledgement and appreciation for their considerable efforts and Acompliance.TEATheaAward confers responsibility along with honor. The recipient is obliged to take an active part, which includes providing documentation - especially that critical, key component of the credits list. You can find the credits list for each recipient project published in this program. These credits lists are a permanent record and reference, and an invaluable education for the industry and the world about the complexity of our industry, its collaborative nature and the many disciplines within it.

Since becoming TEA International Board President in November 2020, I’ve been pleased to help guide the association in what is shaping up to be a hybrid period. Some in-person gatherings will resume in 2021. But due to the logistics of travel, shipping, and advance planning, many of our grandest occasions must remain virtual. This includes the TEA Thea Awards. We do expect to be back together in person for these and other events in 2022 - and to adapt the format of the 2022 Thea Awards Gala so that the 2020 and 2021 recipients can enjoy some of the Gala glory they missed. We’ll bring you more details of that as it takes shape in the Meanwhile,

TEA International Board President Chuck Fawcett

A welcome

The year 2020 sent all of us looking for ways to maintain our roles in the industry, while seizing the opportunity to regroup and do things differently. It’s encouraging as we write this in April 2021, to see parks and attractions opening back up, industry members resuming business travel, and projects moving forward.

is so vital to continue the annual Thea Awards cycle and we are thrilled to have been able to do that. TEA pivoted quickly in 2020 to deliver the Thea Awards Digital Case Studies as a successful online series. It was well attended and enthusiastically received by the recipients, TEA members and the industry, and the 2021 series will be too. This book - the official TEA Thea Awards Program - usually doubles as a printed program at the Thea Awards Gala in addition to its online publication. This year and last, it has been released online with the option to order a print copy for your office.



This official Thea Awards Program is your guide to discovering more than you might ever have imagined about our unique industry; your informative companion to attending the 2021 Thea Awards Case Studies Series online; your reference to rely on again and again in the future. You can also share this program or select articles from it to share, as many do, especially recipients or those who contributed to a recipient project. On behalf of TEA, I extend warm and sincere congratulations to all of the 2021 TEA Thea Awards recipients! You inspire us and set an example with your creativity and innovation. Congratulations also, and heartfelt thanks, to all who were and are part of this year’s TEA Thea Awards. And a very special thank you to this year’s sponsors who help make it all possibleand to the TEA community of leaders, volunteers and staff, and the TEA membership. We work hard to be there for you in good times and bad, and you have repaid the dedication. You are part of the creative core driving this industry forward.

President Chuck Fawcett Animax Designs Vice President Nathan Jones eXP Maven Vice President Shannon Martin Color Reflections Vice President Melissa Ruminot The Companies of Nassal treasurer Brian Sands HKS Advisory Services secretary Matt Barton 7thSense Design immediate Past President Michael Blau Adirondack Studios President, asia Pacific diVision Owen Zhao Max-High International President, eastern north america diVision Trent Oliver Blue Telescope President, euroPe & middle east diVision Yael Coifman Leisure Development Partners President, Western north american diVision Jeff Crocker Mister and PlayPower,DavidMischiefAionInc.ChrisConteElectrosonicChrisHo Chimelong Group Co., Ltd. MattScenarioKent Christian Kubsch Walt Disney TheUniversalImagineeringDanMemisCreativeAnthonyPruettHettemaGroupClaraJ.Rice JRA (Jack Rouse Associates)EviSari Nickelodeon Experience Design Peter van Roden Warner Bros. ConsumerSallyInnovativeMichaelProductsWestWestJohnWoodDarkRides associate rePresentatiVes Mk Haley UT Austin Marissa Blake Hancock NCIDQ Experience Designer THEMED ENTERTAINMENT ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2021

4 and technologies that embody excellence and innovation, and submit it to the TEA International Board of Directors for final Theapproval.Committee’s role is not just to review, commend, and hand out trophies. They must look at the industry with fresh eyes every year. Part of Thea culture is that the Judging Committee take it upon itself to stay current, to work to ensure that the Thea Awards respond to and reflect the global industry in its continuing evolution - whether that means creating a new category of award, setting up a subcommittee focus on a particular area, or updating the rules and submission process.

SPECIAL5 THANKS TO OUR PRODUCTION TEAM for Thea Awards Digital Case Studies Series 2021 TEA Corporate Sponsors Production: Joe Fox, Alcorn McBride - Technical Manager Ian McDaniel, Good Theory Studios - Assoc. Tech Manager & Video Design Dave Martin, Demodave Production & Voiceover - Sponsorship Video Alicia Cabos, Canyon Creative - Hero Graphic Design VCI Studio Team Acknowledgements: Chris Crowe, VCI Event Technology - Producer Dan Esparza, VCI Event Technology - Director of Production David DaCosta, VCI Event Technology - Director of Engineering Damian Zuleiman, VCI Event Technology - Webcast Engineer Josh Padilla, VCI Event Technology - Webcast Engineer TEA Headquarters & Production Staff: Tammie Richards - Director of Events, Producer Terry Lacson - Administrator, Help Desk Betsy Powell - MarCom Manager, Help Desk Sarah Barges - Coordinator, Events, Marketing & Member Services Moderators Fri Forjindam, Mycotoo Luc Mayrand, WDI Shawn McCoy, JRA Monty Lunde, Technifex Brian Morrow, BMorrow Productions

Nancy Seruto, Chair Adam Bezark

Thea7 Awards AcknowledgementsProgram Publisher: Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Editor: Judith Rubin Cover and Program Design: Alicia Cobos, Canyon Creative Art Direction: Dale Sprague, Canyon Creative Layout and Production: Martin Palicki, InPark Magazine Project Descriptions: TEA Thea Awards Judging Committee Credits lists provided by the Thea Awards recipients Producer, Thea Awards Digital Case Studies Series: Tammie Richards Advertising Liaison: Martin Palicki © 2021 Themed Entertainment Association. All rights reserved. Thank you to our TEA Headquarters Staff Tammie Richards – TEA director of events Sarah Barges – TEA coordinator Linda Hamm – bookkeeper Terry Lacson - administrator Betsy Powell - marketing and communications TEA Global Headquarters 150 E. Olive Ave., #305, Burbank, CA 91502 USA +1 818 843-8497 • About TEA The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) is the international nonprofit association representing the world’s leading creators, developers, designers and producers of compelling places and experiences - worldwide. Our members bring specific expertise in a variety of disciplines to a field that is constantly evolving: the creation of successful, highly engaging, out of home visitor attractions and experiences in the leisure and travel sector. These entertaining and educational projects include theme parks, water parks, museums, zoos, corporate visitor centers, casinos, restaurants, branded experiences, multimedia spectaculars, retail spaces, resorts and hospitality, destination attractions and TEAmore.wasfounded in 1991 and now encompasses some 1,600 members and four primary Divisions: Eastern North America, Western North America, Europe & Middle East, and Asia Pacific. In the 25+ years of its existence, TEA has changed the global conversation about how great guest experiences are conceived and realized, and focused international attention on a vital niche of popular culture. There are many benefits and advantages to becoming a paid association member and taking your place in the TEA community.

John Hench (1908-2004)

Jon Jerde (1940-2015)


Michael Mercadante, Board Liaison McGee, Coordinator “Buzz” Price (1921-2010) Sklar (1934-2017)


Bob Gurr, Chair Monty Lunde Rick Rothschild Connected Sub-CommitteeImmersion Fri Forjindam,


Shawn McCoy, Chair Christian Aaen


Phil MontyKeithDonKimGarnerHettemaHoltIrvineIwerks*JamesLunde (Technical SubCommittee Co-Chair)

27th Annual Thea Awards Committee

Joe LarryNancyRohdeSerutoWright

George Millay (1929-2006) Members



Technical Sub-Committee Chair Dave Cobb


Mark Fuller*

* Judge Emeritus – A title established for Lifetime Members who



Ron Miziker (Live Event SubCommittee Chair) Pépin (European SubCommittee Chair)

Phil JeremyPatriciaYvesHettemaPepinMacKayRailton

John Robinett

Live Event Sub-Committee

Dave Cobb, Chair Luc Mayrand, Vice-Chair


Sub-Committee Luc Mayrand, Chair Marc-Andre Baril

JoeRonPatriciaNelsonMacKayMizikerRohde Museums & Sub-CommitteeAquariums/Zoos

Christian LarryAndyRickJohnBradShawnPatriciaFriMarc-AndreAaenBarilForjindamMacKayMcCoyMerrimanRobinettRothschildWestfallWyatt

Tony Baxter

yearly judging


The annual Thea Awards were created to bring recognition to achievement, talent and personal excellence within the themed entertainment industry. From a modest beginning in 1994, the Thea Awards have become internationally recognized as a symbol of excellence.

Jeremy Railton Rogers

Jack MarkBobBarryFrankNancyRouse*SerutoStanekUpson*WardWoodbury are no longer active in the process who may become active at any time in the


Bob Gurr (Technical SubCommittee Co-Chair)



Buzz Price Thea (lifetime achievement)



About the TEA Thea Awards

In Memoriam Buzz Price Thea (lifetime achievement) recipients

WHEN: TEA Masters is an annual program. The 2021 nominations period ran 15 April - 15 July.

TEA Masters

TEA SATE Global Series: REINVENTION presented by The Hettema May-JulyGroup,2021

SATE is the TEA’s signature conference series on Experience Design. The SATE acronym: Storytelling + Architecture + Technology = Experience. This exciting, new approach to SATE learning will be presented as a virtual conference of 4 Episodes. Each will explore the theme of REINVENTION from different perspectives. Each episode will feature a broadcast of approximately 90 minutes of prerecorded programming followed by a live Q&A. Once aired, episodes remain available to ticket holders on-demand through 31 July 2021. In 2021, the TEA SATE Global series is also planned to continue in-person with conference sessions in Asia and Europe. For the latest information on speakers and episodes, and registration details, visit the TEA SATE Blog.

WHO: Creators, Managers, Designers, Writers, Producers, Engineers and Craftspeople who have built a body of work over decades with consistent quality and execution – contributors through their imagination, design, craftmanship, leadership and their pure artistry of their craft. TEA Masters can communicate their craft and are generous with their time and talents, eager to use their knowledge to create new experiences of the highest caliber while always pushing the limits.


TEA Thea Awards Digital Case Studies Series, July-Oct 2021 The 27th annual TEA Thea Awards recipients (featured in this Thea Awards Program) will be showcased in a series of curated, online sessions produced by the Themed Entertainment Association, running July-Oct 2021. Once aired, episodes remain available to ticket holders on-demand through 31 Oct 2021.

In addition to the Thea Awards, TEA serves its members and the industry with a full calendar of events and programs at the global and regional levels to help you network year-round, online and in-person, wherever you are located. For the latest information, visit

The 27 t h Thea Awards

TEA @ IAAPA is back in 2021

TEA events serve the attractions industry

The TEA is resuming its presence at the annual IAAPA expos in Europe, Asia and Orlandoincluding a booth on the showroom floor, mixers and SATE conference sessions.

TEA Division events

We are pleased to be able to resume a calendar of in-person events (as well as online events) produced by the TEA Divisions (Eastern North America, Western North America, Europe & Middle East, and Asia Pacific).


WHAT: TEA MASTERS OF THEIR tostandardsepitomizeCRAFTthehighestrelativetheirrespectiveprofessional disciplines while also setting the standard for professional conduct within the Themed Entertainment industry. They begin with pure talent and grow it with experience over decades, constantly evolving and maturing their craft to become industry leaders. TEA Masters have built a demonstrable body of work that shows consistency in the quality of work over many projects throughout their career. They lead by example and are mentors to many, inspiring and empowering others while executing their own craft with a spirit of collaboration with the project teams, interns, and students.

9 Immersive experiences are here to stay. Together we will continue supporting our creatives, designers, vendors, and communities with relentless passion and the power of great art. From art to joy to keepjobs...let’screating! SANTA FE OPENED 2016 LAS OPENEDVEGAS2021 OPENINGFALL2021

When it comes to creating extraordinary experiences, the name of Luc Mayrand comes to mind naturally. He has been active for more than two decades at Disney and has been the leading force behind some of the most daring projects at the Shanghai and Hong Kong parks. Luc has also been a key member of the Thea Awards Judging Committee for the past five years. He is now appointed as Chair of the 26-person team. The TEA will this year again emphasize the role of those awards in celebrating excellence and moving our industry forward. “It is not the technological aspects or the magnitude of the nominated projects that weigh in most heavily,” says Luc. “We realize and acknowledge that the very act of creating something sublime requires enormous effort, regardless of the means at your disposal. Therefore, we hope to receive entries for different scales of projects, large or small, and obviously give them all equal chances.”

The Committee has addressed up to 300 Thea submissions annually over a busy, two-month evaluation period. There is currently an expectation that, due to the effects of the pandemic, the submissions for the next cycle of Thea Awards will be different from past years in many ways - likely to feature some notable re-imaginings - and the Committee welcomes that.

NOTE: In order to address the timing effect of the pandemic, entries will be accepted for projects that opened between July 1, 2019 and July 31, 2021 (a month longer than the usual window). Online submissions will be accepted from May 1 - August 6, 2021.

Luc Mayrand to Chair Thea Awards Judging Committee

Luc says, “The Thea Awards re-invent themselves at every edition, as the categories are not pre-defined they can evolve and address emerging trends in our industry. For example, Brand Experiences and Connected Immersion were added over the years, as the industry evolved. Now, remote interactive shows, and 'Phygital Experiences' (a blend of physical and digital experiences) have become popular during lockdowns and are not necessarily out of bounds. It is important that those and other types of experiential projects are submitted - the Committee will create new categories as they are warranted.” This time of re-invention is also marked with the start of a new award, the Thea Catalyst Award, specifically to celebrate persons that have caused important, positive change for our industry.

The Thea Awards continue to evolve and celebrate excellent experiences


Luc concludes, “We encourage everyone to participate in the Thea Awards, and to keep challenging your teams to develop creative ideas and excellent achievements. Submissions are not limited to clients and those who made the projects, anyone can submit a project they saw for consideration.”

11 Special Thank You to our Sponsors Themed Entertainment Association Foundation a 501c3 Charitable Foundation Congratulates all of the Thea Recipients The mission of the Foundation is to provide and promote educational opportunities for individuals pursuing careers in the themed, leisure and entertainment design and production industries.


Kudos to Canyon Creative President Dale Sprague for being honored with the TEA Peter Chernack Distinguished Service Award


The Thea Awards were named in reference to three words:•“Thea” - the Greek goddess from whom all light •“Theater”emanates - derived from the goddess Thea •“TEA” - the acronym referring to our Association

The original Thea trophies were designed by Barry Howard and Jeremy Railton. The current Thea trophy debuted in 2001 and was designed by Zofia Kostryko.

Introduced for the current cycle of nominations: the Thea Catalyst Award, to recognize an individual who has made a recent, notable contribution to the industry. The Thea Awards have also reflected the global expansion of our industry and the geographic coverage has grown accordingly. It should also be noted that the Thea Awards are not by any means confined to theme parks. Museums and museum exhibitions, heritage centers, casinos, multimedia spectaculars, brand experiences, theatrical productions and many other types of attractions and guest experiences fall into the realm of projects that can be eligible for Thea Awards.

The third year (1996) saw the introduction of Awards for Outstanding Achievement (AOA). Ten AOAs were bestowed. The Thea Classic category was created in 1997. It can be given to one achievement per year that has stood the test of time. Also in 1997, the AOA category of Excellence on a Limited Budget was created, to celebrate outstanding achievements under $10 million.

History of the TEA Thea Awards

For 2014-2015, new Wizarding World of Harry Potter attractions at Universal Studios prompted the TEA Thea Awards Judging Committee to create the Paragon Award, which recognizes a project that sets a new bar of Sinceexcellence.2017,numerous projects have been honored within the new Thea Award category, “Connected Immersion,” recognizing that tremendous advances in technology, social behavior and connectivity are reinventing our notion of storytelling and immersion.

The Thea Awards began in 1994 with a single Lifetime Achievement Award, and the first honoree was Harrison “Buzz” Price, a pioneer in entertainment feasibility. Monty Lunde, Bob Rogers, Pat Scanlon and Barry Howard were on the first Thea Awards organizational and judging committee.

The establishment of the TEA Thea Awards as the preeminent award program recognizing excellence in themed entertainment projects was seminal to the recognition of themed entertainment as a professional industry. The Theas shine a bright light on the industry and its leaders, fabricators and creative geniuses who make themed entertainment magic.

-- Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Founder Monty Lunde, Technifex

After Buzz Price passed away in 2010, TEA renamed the Thea Lifetime Achievement Award in his honor. It is now called the Buzz Price Thea Award - Recognizing a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements.

TEA created the Thea Awards to bring recognition to achievement, talent and excellence within the themed entertainment industry.

The first year’s ceremony, held at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, was produced by Ron Miziker, and coordinated by Jana Love, with TEA founder Monty Lunde serving as master of ceremonies. The 1995 Thea Awards also took place at the Biltmore, again with a single honoree: the late Marty Sklar (an official Disney Legend).

In 2020 and 2021, the realities of the global pandemic prevented us from being able to gather in person, and so the annual, elegant Thea Awards Gala could not take place. However, the Thea Awards cycle continued, with the submissions and judging process going forward, and TEA producing an online event to actively recognize and celebrate the recipients with the participation of the community: the TEA Thea Awards Digital Case Studies Series. TEA has also continued to publish the official Thea Awards Program (this book) online. The culture of the Thea Awards is unique. Here are some key characteristics:

• No set categories – The TEA is free to honor several achievements in the same category, create a new category, or to skip categories as the year’s achievements warrant.

• Trophies for the team – Individuals and companies named on the official credits list of a Thea-honored project are entitled to obtain their own trophies from TEA.

• No secrets – Award recipients are openly announced in November, and the awards are formally presented the following spring at the Thea Awards Gala.

The TEA Peter Chernack Distinguished Service Award recipient is also recognized at this time. This award was created and is decided by the TEA Past Presidents Committee, and was renamed in honor of the late Peter Chernack, a TEA Past President who was instrumental in conceiving this award.


Open nominations – Anyone can nominate a project for a Thea Award. It is not necessary to be a TEA member. You can nominate your own project. The objective is simple: To find excellence and celebrate it. As we look to the future, the Thea Awards will continue to grow and evolve, while continuing to honor the original objective of bringing recognition to achievement, talent and professional excellence within our themed entertainment industry.

• Honoree: the project itself – Thea AOA and Thea Classic awards honor the entire achievement. The trophy is awarded to the project owner.

• Official project credits – The project owner is obliged to furnish a comprehensive credits list for publication by TEA. In this way the Thea Awards have resulted in the first official project credits of the themed entertainment industry.

Introduced for the 28th Annual Thea Awards, the Thea Catalyst Award recognizes an individual who has recently made an important and beneficial impact on our industry. This is the award for dreamers and doers who have notably influenced the creation of compelling experiences and places. Did you know?

• You can submit your own project, event or technology

Each year hundreds of submissions are received and considered by the TEA Thea Awards Committee for outstanding destination attractions, breakthrough technology, event spectaculars, cultural attractions or guest experiences, as well as for individuals who have made their mark on the industry. The pandemic obliged our industry to rethink and reinvent projects in many creative ways. We’re looking to find and celebrate the brilliance of those reinventive experiences and more, from around the globe.

Special submissions info for 2021

How17 to create a Thea Awards submission

To be considered for the 28th annual Thea Awards judging cycle, the project must have opened, or the event have taken place between July 1, 2019 and July 31, Submissions2021. for this cycle close on August 6, 2021; then the Thea Awards Judging Committee gets to work. Review and judging take place between August and October. The slate of recipients is announced in November, and awards will be formally presented the following spring at the annual TEA Thea Awards Gala.

• Submissions for lifetime achievement honorees, the Thea Classic Award and the new Thea Catalyst Award are also welcome How to participate Phase 1: Visit the TEA website at and select “Submit a project” from the Thea Awards dropdown menu; then click “Submission Portal” to navigate to the form. Follow the instructions to provide the required information. You will also see links for Thea rules, judging criteria and submission tips.

Phase 2: An email response to your submission will include a link with further information and any additional steps that may be required. Note: for projects, the video is a most important element. Resources The TEA website also provides access to further resources that can help you understand more about the Thea Awards, including Thea Awards and Thea Case Studies video archives on TEA TV, links to past Thea Awards Programs, and galleries of past Thea Awards recipients organized by year. We hope you will participate and share something spectacular! For more information and assistance, email or telephone TEA headquarters at +1 818 843-8497.

Thanks to Dave Cobb for chairing the 27th Annual Thea Awards Nominating Committee!

The Themed Entertainment Association’s annual TEA Thea Awards recognize excellence and innovation in the themed entertainment and international visitor attractions industry.

• Anyone may provide a Thea Award submissionwhether or not a member of TEA



The great writer James Baldwin famously said, “The world is held together by a small number of kind people.” I’m quite sure he was thinking of Karen McGee when he said this. Karen McGee is about to retire. In 2014, she received the TEA Distinguished Service Award (now the TEA Peter Chernack Distinguished Service Award). Why? Because for as long as anyone can remember, she has served the TEA with impeccable skill and gracious goodwill - particularly in regard to the TEA Thea Awards. She served as the facilitator, coordinator, administrator and benign guiding spirit of the Thea Awards Committee. That means she took every submission (in a given year, there are several hundred submissions), every piece of documentation, and every video (which she watched and timed) and entered it into a database. Every member of the Thea Awards Committee had every piece of documentation they needed before the first meeting.

The Thea Awards Committee convenes for a series of lengthy meetings over several weeks, during the judging process. At such times, Karen made sure each Committee member attending in person got a parking place, an agenda and a great lunch. She helped prepare and present the final recipient slate to the TEA International Board of Directors for their final approval. She sent letters regarding all carryover projects and projects that are no longer eligible, expressing thanks for participating in the Thea Awards program. Then she filed everything away until next year. This job involved 28,495 pesky details, and she attended to each one so that the Committee could concentrate on the important work at hand. And she did all this hard work with unfailing grace and good humor. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the members of the Thea Awards Committee themselves, as they praise Karen for her years of attentive service: Karen, it’s been a true pleasure to work with you, to know that you were there in the background, in the foreground… just there, for all the years you’ve supported the TEA and the Thea Awards Committee

The incomparable Karen McGee by Rich Procter, BRC Imagination Arts

“To Karen McGee, for Years of Distinguished Service Doing Everything For Everyone Around Her That No One Else Wanted to Do But Somebody Had To Do. For Doing This With Grace, Good Humor, and Integrity. For Reminding Us That the Reason We’re Here on Earth for This Brief Time is to Serve Others with Kindness, a Smile and a Loving Spirit. And for Her Unerring Sense of How To Select A Tasty Lunch That Two Dozen Wildly Disparate, Highly Opinionated People Would Like.”

20 annual business. With kindness, efficiency and always a pleasant tone in your voice and smile to go with it!

So let me take the liberty here of assigning a new honor to Karen McGee: the Karen McGee TEA Lifetime Service Acknowledgment For Benign Indispensability. And the details of this acknowledgment are as follows:

Karen, you are the personification of what the TEA Service Award is all about and we are so grateful for everything you have done for the Association over the last two decades!! Monty Lunde Oh Karen! Is it true you are leaving us? I cannot figure the future of our gang without you!!! Yves Pépin And here’s the thing: this wasn’t even her real job. Karen was the Executive Assistant to Bob Rogers, the BR of BRC Imagination Arts. Bob is a recipient of the Buzz Price Thea Award for a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements. He is also a highly caffeinated, slightly scattered, often demanding, fair (usually) boss who tasked Karen with keeping his schedule, writing letters and memos, booking his travel, answering his phone, remembering everyone’s birthdays and kids’ names, and tracking the other 28,495 pesky daily details involved in running a successful business. He came to expect that Karen would do everything flawlessly the first time. She never let him down. He is grateful for her contribution to the success of BRC. He is bereft that she will no longer be his assistant, his friend, and his indispensable right Thehand.most important thing Karen brought to every jobfor the TEA and for BRC - was her kind, friendly touch. She was a pure pleasure to work with. She reminded us all that the jobs we do in this complex, challenging business are just an excuse to form friendships in the pursuit of service: to make the world a better place by telling stories that cause us to know and love each other a little bit more.

Rick Rothschild

Life is about making differences. The more differences, the better the life. Karen McGee has made a positive difference in everyone she’s encountered over several decades. I’d say that’s a very successful life. Thanks to TEA Master Rich Procter for writing this article, and to Joe Fox, a longtime TEA volunteer who has also been honored with the Service Award, for his contributions.

Karen McGee with husband Chris and daughter Kaitlyn


While the creative talents of Bob Weis are widely known, he also has the leadership skills to bring team members together to focus and collaborate on a project. He has a keen ability to align a very large effort and provide clear direction towards success among the more than 100 diverse disciplines required to create a multi-dimensional end product. The projects Weis has spearheaded are recognized by the industry, his peers and the tens of millions of visitors as among the best, and a testament to his exceptional ability to deliver high quality and complex innovative work. The admiration he has earned from our community over the decades is rooted in his authentic leadership style, that of a world class visionary who is sincerely modest, selfless and kind. At the heart of his style is the empowerment of the individual and the team, treating all with respect and trust.


An Extraordinary Leader

In his current role with Walt Disney Imagineering, Bob Weis leads talented Imagineers around the world to advance the quality of immersive experiences across theme park resorts and cruise ships, with a focus on quality, storytelling, and collaboration with diverse talents to achieve extraordinary results in experiences and live entertainment. His portfolio of work, particularly on major comprehensive themed projects is unparalleled. His early achievements at Disney include being part of Disney’s first international theme park development – Tokyo Disneyland. He later worked Robert Weis President - Creative and New Experience Development, Walt Disney Imagineering Buzz Price Thea Award - Recognizing a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements with the Oriental Land Company, the park’s owner, to deliver on their expectation of a unique Disney theme park experience, Tokyo DisneySea. At Walt Disney World Resort, Weis worked on the creation of Disney’s Hollywood Studios (then called Disney-MGM Studios) and continues to oversee the transformation of that park with recent inclusions of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Toy Story Land and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. His overall creative leadership of a major transformation of Disney California Adventure included the creation of several new attractions, extending the guest stay into the evening with the opening of World of Color nighttime spectacular and the introduction of a major new, highly immersive land called Cars Land, based on the successful Pixar film franchise. These changes were story driven and led to boosts in attendance as well as guest

A Lifetime of Achievements –Theme Parks

He has developed projects for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and The Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth. He was involved in the master plan for National Harbor, near Washington, DC. He has advised the late Paul Allen on museum

24 satisfaction.

The result of his strategic and focused direction is a world-class park that Disney’s CEO at that time, Bob Iger, described as, “Authentically Disney and Distinctly Chinese.” The experiences throughout resonate with local audiences and set a new standard for storytelling that bridges cultures. The success of Shanghai Disney Resort is a glowing example on the world stage of Weis's mastery of international projects. His leadership and influence continue with expansion projects at each of Disney’s six resort destinations around the world.

A Passion for Community and Culture Separately from Disney, with his firm Bob Weis Design Island, he has applied his talent and vision to develop groundbreaking exhibitions and visitor centers with several of these projects receiving Thea Awards including Adventures in Movie Making, and CSI: The Experience, along with Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, and many others.

Currently Weis oversees large teams transforming EPCOT as well as Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris.

A Career with Global Impact Our industry is a key facilitator in today’s world of global outreach and multi-cultural connections and experiences. Bob Weis has shown that he can integrate the experiences and perspectives of many viewpoints into a winning project, inclusive of all participants, and enjoyed by all who visit over several decades. The Shanghai Disney Resort showcases his thoughtful leadership. Beginning with an extensive research effort and outreach into the local market, Weis led the effort to develop a deep understanding of the Chinese audience and culture. Moving into this new market, the first for Disney in mainland China, he identified that local creative voices were key to the project’s success and resonance with local guests, and he drove Imagineering to broaden its reach and build teams that included local artistic talent, advisors and storytellers.

25 projects and has been an advisor to the Smithsonian, including serving on the Board of Trustees of the National Museum of the American Indian. He is also a member of the advisory committee of the Walt Disney Family Museum. Despite the demands on his time, Bob Weis will always find a way to give back to the community and help institutions solve creative challenges. Weis founded the Ryman Foundation Hani El-Masri Student Artist Award, which celebrates the life of the late Disney Imagineer and artist Hani El-Masri by recognizing at least one outstanding Ryman Arts student each year who represents the diverse talents in our community, and who is, like Mr. El-Masri was, an immigrant to the United States. Weis supports Cal Poly Pomona, School of Environmental Design, and was one of the founders of the Bobby Brooks Studio, which for 10 years, has built for students a culture of collaboration and narrative design methodologies in memory of Bobby Brooks, beloved Cal Poly Pomona Architecture Alumnus and Imagineer. In addition to an already significant breadth of creative and philanthropic work, Bob Weis is an accomplished filmmaker and has created feature films and documentary projects. Recently he championed the making of the multi-part docuseries, “The Imagineering Story,” which premiered on Disney+ last year, a triumph in storytelling that has been a key driver to subscriptions in this newly launched streaming service.


As Blackpool Pleasure Beach turns 125 years old in 2021, it stands as one of those venerable, classic destinations in the world of themed entertainment, connecting the industry’s past and future. This seaside amusement park has survived two world wars and welcomed guests through more than a century of cultural, social and technological change. Remarkably, since its inception it has remained family owned and operated, currently under the care of the fourth generation of Blackpool lineage. Spurred by the popularity of the seaside resort location due to its railway connections with the mill towns of North West England, Blackpool Pleasure Beach was founded in 1896 by A.W.G. Bean and his partner John Outhwaite, and soon became known for its innovative thrills as the site became packed with all sorts of unique attractions over decades of expansion. Today, its overall footprint occupies 42 acres with 38 rides that span thrills, coasters, dark rides and family rides, as well as shows and walkthrough attractions. Most notable is the park’s surviving collection of vintage rides, some of which are among the last of their kind in the world. These include four wooden roller coasters; of those, The Grand National is one of only three Möbius loop coasters in existence, where a singular track "loops" around itself, offering a facsimile out and back layout and creating a "racing" effect on two parallel tracks. Sir Harim Maxim’s Flying Machine (1904) is known as the oldest amusement park ride in Europe. The River Caves scenic flume (1905) remains a favorite today. Blackpool is also the last park in the world to still operate the iconic Steeplechase, installed under the reign of the late, legendary Geoffrey Thompson Modern-eraOBE.additions are equally impressive. The park was the first in Europe to introduce a fully inverting steel coaster, Revolution (1979); The Big One was the tallest coaster in the world when it opened (1994). The park also operates a Nickelodeon Land and the world's only Wallace & Gromit ride, the Thrill-OMatic. Red Arrows SkyForce (2015) is a white-knuckle, physically challenging pilot experience and was first of its kind in the UK; ICON (2018) is a multilaunch coaster. Valhalla (2000) was at the time it opened one of the largest and most elaborate indoor dark rides in the world, and has garnered numerous awards. Providing family fun and thrills for generations, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is an iconic destination that has stood the test of time and deserves recognition as a Thea Classic.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach — Blackpool, UK Thea Classic Award

28 Official Credits List - Blackpool Pleasure Beach Amanda Thompson OBE, Managing Director, CEO, President of Stageworks Worldwide Productions Nicholas Thompson, Deputy Managing FionaDirectorGiljie – Architect & Director Barbara Thompson - Director Mike Brown – Deputy Managing Director Jonathan Gray – Group Financial RobertDirectorOwen – Director of Marketing, Sales & PR Nigel Kilgallon – Group Legal Counsel & Director, Director Stageworks Worldwide JohnProductionsCollins - Non Executive Director Craig Hemmings – Non Executive RogerDirectorDevlin – Advisor Alexa Robinson – PA to Amanda Thompson, Vice President Stageworks Worldwide Productions Mark Holden – Senior Financial Officer, Director Stageworks Worldwide TonyProductionsCross– Director of Security Steve Hughes – Director of Engineering & AlexProjectsPayne – Technical Director Andy Hygate – Director of Operations Craig Clews – Assistant Director of WayneOperationsBrandon – Electro Mechanical TimManagerCurrey – Construction Manager Steve Hellam – Creative Design Julie Hawkins – Creative Design Mandy Ramsden – Group Purchasing DamianManagerJackson – Head of Retail Karen Nicholson – Head of Catering Barry Tiplady – Catering Commercial LeeManagerParkin – Park Services & Enviro DarrenManagerJewitt – Group Stores Manager Yvonne Csonge – Director of Ticket Sales James Cox – Head of Marketing Lynsey Brown – Head of Entertainment Tuesday Bridgman – Event Co-ordinator Simone Bolajuzon – Wardrobe Manager David Bailey – Arena General Manager Jason Taylor – Production Logistics DaveManagerRenwick – Production Manager Tom Shea – Assistant Production JeffManagerFillingham – Hospitality Manager Michael Spencer – Casino General RichardManagerShirt – Head of IT Sara Boswell – Group HR Manager Alison Paterson – Education & Corporate FabioManagerVidotti – General Manager, Boulevard Hotel Leon Cordell – General Manager, Big Blue Hotel Tim Bailey – Group Revenue Manager, Boulevard & Big Blue Hotel Steve Thompson – Purple Giraffe SteveProductionsLee– Red Box Studios –DavidPhotographyBromilow – Safety Advisor Will Campbell – Accountancy Lee Blackshaw – Accountancy Professor Vanessa Toulmin – Heritage Advisor Blackpool Pleasure Beach Partners Aardman Animations RAF Red Arrows -Ministry of Defence Pepsi Ripley’sEddieTimMarketingVisitBlackpoolLeftcoast/Johnstone’sViacomMax/BritvicCBS–NickelodeonPaintLancashireBatstone–HBLeisureLeHart–HBLeisureBelieveItorNot! Burger King Ltd Pasaje Del Terror Blackpool Pleasure Beach Recent Suppliers Mack Rides GMBH & Co Arrow NorthernFarmerRushworthFyldeArkRichardATetradWatsonsNorthernJohnWestlakesGlobalC&MBullivantsTazikerAddisonPartnersMichaelRainbowJohnTechnifexAdrianOlafE3MobaroSkidataAccessoProPomvonAquatiqueGerstlauerPhiladelphiaS&SVekomaZamperlaIntaminDynamicsRidesManufacturingWorldwideIncTobogganCoastersShowInternationalVenueTechnologyGroupLightingMordelt–OneWorldStudiosFisher–MazeDesignerPaulGeurtsProductionsCollins–LeisureDevelopmentEngineeringLtdIndustrialLtdEngineeringEngineeringEngineeringBrayNeonLightingSteelPlcCEntertainmentTechnologiesLtdJamesAssociatesConstructionLtdCoastGateLtdPaintingLtdAttractionDevelopmentNeonLighting

29 Back Stage Technologies Andrew Martin Designs APBoseSound & Lighting BSI Management Systems Kuehne & Nagel International Ltd BLT RockwellDirectAutomation Retail Global Merchandise & Design TY UK Ltd First Brand Innovations Ltd Aardman Animations Ltd Cleotta UK Ltd Keel Toys Ltd Full ChengpresStart Co Ltd Teddy Mountain UK World of Sweets Ltd Brazier & Co Product Zone Stanton AuroraLightCandyAdventaSpinSPSHalfmoomSliverlineConfectioneryBayLtdMasterToysUpToys Catering RolloverTango Ltd BurgerWall’s King Nestle UK Ltd A G Barr StarbucksPlcCoffee & Co (UK) HoneywellMarston’sBidfood Meats Ltd Krispy Kreme UK Ltd SwithenbankColpacAtkinsonsLtd Foods Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery Ltd Costume Design - Stageworks Worldwide CastingProductions-Stageworks Worldwide SetProductionsDesigns – Stageworks Worldwide LightingProductionsDesigns – Stageworks Worldwide Productions The Notable Stranger – Music Production Berenice Scott - Music Production Phil Rice – Music Production Rick Guard – Music Production Glenn Gregory – Music Production Craig Hemmings – Music Production Adam Slevin – Special Projects Creative NickAdvisorFarmer, Farmer Attractions Development – Special Projects Creative Advisor Ged Campbell, Jennings Campbell & Bibby – Designer Jump Design Direction Ltd Carat Global Media JKN SharpstackGreenPerfectDigitalFitMedia4SolutionsHosting Ltd Aspect Market Research Links Signs & Graphics Andrew Martin Designs Tetrad –AndersonAdrianNewheyMedlockAllisonTrumanChelsomAndrewTekturaPremierArleyDesignersFurnitureGuild–FabricHouse–FabricVoiles–Fabric–Wallpaper/WallcoveringsMartin–WallpaperLightingDesign&BuildLtdPikePartnershipLtdConstructionLtdCarpetsLtdHouston&Low Official Credits cont'd - Blackpool Pleasure Beach



Pollination in nature is about more than just bees. Birds, butterflies and even the wind can pollinate flowers to help nature flourish. People of all ages can practice being all of those and more at the hands-on, immersive, traveling exhibit “Amazing Pollinators,” that highlights pollinators’ benefits to Earth’s ecosystems. The exhibit takes the form of a clever, interactive game that is arranged in a colorful maze designed to suit tweens, teens and adults. Within this immersive maze, visitors can hunt down their different flowers and role-play as pollinators. Utilizing their personal “Mission Boards,” visitors interact in various ways with the exhibit to see how bugs see flowers - or to “become” butterflies, bees, birds or bats, to learn how each impacts the world around them. At the same time, they will be scoring points through their activities, with the goal of achieving the level of a “super Visitorspollinator.”canembark on up to 48 unique, short roleplay missions throughout the maze, which features a labyrinthine set of concentric rings representing nine environments, holding 195 interactive flowers of 60 plant species in need of pollination. The 48 missions feature eight different types of pollinators from the venerable Honey Bee, to the majestic Monarch Butterfly, and even the less-appreciated House Fly.

This cleverly conceived exhibit successfully sparks interest in the natural world, in young visitors as well as their parents, and is meant to spur at-home observation of plants and pollinators as well. Through an immersive game and analog-style interactive elements, it educates its audience on the importance of pollinators and the role they play across the planet.

Overall, Amazing Pollinators provides an astounding magnitude of science and nature education in a cohesive, fun exhibit that engages all ages to play the game, score points, and learn. Its design is consistent in its playful graphic and physical composition. The analog-style interactivity is a welcome counterpoint to today’s media- and digital technology-saturated world. It is a remarkable achievement that delivers an impressive amount of experience and interpretive content.

Amazing Pollinators

Thea Award for Outstanding AchievementTouring Exhibition, Limited Budget

32 Official Credits List - Amazing Pollinators Minotaur Mazes Kelly O. Fernandi, President & Creative JaeDirectorNale, Vice President of Operations Leah Ritz, Education & Operations JackManagerStawick, Director of Sales & SergioMarketingSoares, Lead Fabricator Susan McHaney, Exhibit Technician Florida Museum of Natural History Darcie MacMahon, Director of Exhibits & Public Programs Dale Johnson, Exhibit Project Manager Jonnie Dietz, Exhibit Development and JulieOutreachWaters, Exhibit Coordinator Ian Breheny, Exhibit Designer Andreina Hornez Peralta, Creative Director Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation Scott Black, Executive Director Matthew Shepherd, Director of Communications Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates Geoffrey M. Curley, Principal Matthew Ramirez, Content Developer John Dolton, Graphic Design Frankoy D.A. François Morin, Art Director Production JDCarolineJean-ChristopheAnne-MarieDesignersGiardAlliéPichéSmith,GraphicDesigner, J. Donovan Creative Reid Signs Dustin King, Lead Designer, Fabricator Chris Jensen, Print & Manufacturing Greg Reid, Principal Kathy Jenkins, Manager Triangle Reprographics Joel Strickland, Production Manager Art Jones, Production Manager Chip Hannah, Quality Assurance Octavio Colina, Digital Technician Roto Jeff Pecchio, Project Manager, VP of JeffreyFabricationStemen, Lead Designer Joseph Patterson, Lead Exhibit Builder Levi Crumley, Production Manager Alpha Graphics – Seattle Team Eldon Goe, Account Manager Teresa Lizotte - Senior Graphic MatthewConsultantNeaves, Project Manager Eric Logue, Prepress Specialist Kyle Bevan, Grand Format Press ProductionOperator Technicians Alyssa Watson Dave Clark Moss, Inc. Christopher Fordham, Vice President, New Business Development & Strategic ConstancePartnershipsBrooks, Customer Success VictoriaManagerWeidner, Director of Operations John Cooper, Plant Manager Chris Principe, Production Manager Alexandra Rykman-Harriett, Graphics Pre-Production Manager Jonathan Householder, Supervisor of Tech Design Brave New Pictures, Inc. Kathy Monk, Producer Dave Monk, Director, Editor Dina Monk, Narrator Julia Monk, Production Assistant, Talent Craig Randle, Production Assistant, Talent GP Color Imaging Victor Sevilla, VP Sales Blacklight Digital WesGraphicsAdams, CEO and Technical Wizardry Bisher Ahdab, Chief Operating Officer Jorge Garcia, Production Manager Taylour Trunzo, Customer Service Manager Debbi Katz Productions Bill Bywater, Sculptor Debbi Katz, Founder, Executive Producer eWorld Translations Chris Perrin, Production Director Maria Parodi, Translator Carlos Parodi, Translator Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation Merlin Tuttle, Founder & Executive TeresaDirectorNichta, Operations Manager, Archivist, Photographer Renee Cornue, Photo Collection Administrator Freelance Graphic Design Linda Mondragon Freelance Fabrication Mark Colombino Dick RobertKingSheehan VENDORS Hobart Machined Products Superior Imprints Varro ZverseBooks

The ARGUS LED Dome is a revolutionary viewing experience that facilitates a more fully immersive storytelling experience in large dome applications with superior clarity, color saturation, high contrast and a wide viewing angle. With this platform, imagery can be startlingly lifelike and appear three dimensional. The technology also opens the door to potentially new applications using this pioneering compound-curved screen LED technology. The technology also offers solutions to many of the challenges associated with traditional projection, such as brightness, saturation, contrast, high maintenance and repair costs, and cast shadows within a theater.

Further, the ARGUS LED technology has adjustable brightness from 100 300nit, a sequential contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and intra-frame contrast ratio of 100:1. This means the system displays true black and a very fine grayscale. A patented structural design ensures consistency in the smoothness of the dome’s curved surface and accuracy of its measurements. Magnetic connection of the circuit boards to the grid superstructure provides ease of service and replacement.



Additionally, the patented, acoustically transparent circuit board allows speakers to be mounted behind the dome for accurate screen sound localization, so that each sound effect can perfectly match the visual it accompanies. With its impressively low power consumption, the ARGUS LED Dome does not need a dedicated air conditioning system. The only regular maintenance is a dusting and surface cleaning. The LEDs can last over 100,000 hours.

The ARGUS LED Dome technology is patented and manufactured by Lopu, based in China and produced in four standardized dimensions, with diameters of 15m, 18m, 20m, and 23m. The system can also be customized to meet a project’s specific needs. The system can deliver high quality video resolution of 4K, 6K, 8K, and more.

After three years of research and development, Nanjing Lopu Technology, working in cooperation with Creative Smart Vision, launched “ARGUS,” a revolutionary, LED dome technology that provides audiences with a clearer, more vibrant compoundcurved LED imagery.

ARGUS Dome System Award for Innovation


Outstanding AchievementTechnical

General Designer Bin Zhu, Senior Vice President, Lopu Chief Advisor Xiaobing Shen, President, Lopu Senior System Architect Nong Li, CTO, Lopu Lei Chen, R&D Director, Lopu Algorithm Engineer Qing Li, Senior Engineer, Lopu Yan Liang, Senior Engineer, Lopu Wei Zhang, Senior Engineer, Lopu Shidong Zhou, Senior Engineer, Lopu Shiming Lv, Senior Engineer, Lopu Sales and Marketing Sheng Li, Vice President, Lopu Zhaoxiang Li, General Manager, Lopu Lili Ji, Marketing Director, Lopu Qiang Lin, Vice General Manager, Lopu Engineer and Production Lingling Jiang, Engineer, Lopu Long Lu, Engineer, Lopu Dingqiang Wang, Engineer, Lopu Wenda Wang, Engineer, Lopu Yingkang Hu, Engineer, Lopu Shujiang Su, Engineer, Lopu Wei Wang, Engineer, Lopu Zuo Wang, Engineer, Lopu Lei Xu, Engineer, Lopu Yinfeng Tan, Engineer, Lopu Minyao Wang, Engineer, Lopu Wenjie Feng, Engineer, Lopu Xiaoleng Hu, Engineer, Lopu Fan Yang, Engineer, Lopu Junjie Zhu, Engineer, Lopu Yingchao Wang, Engineer, Lopu

Chaoqian Li Yunfeng ChengPingChunliangXuechaoJieKaiDelinChunqiangShiyuanQianglinXianchaoHongjianYourenWeiqiFeiTaoShengquanShaoShiHuangShenWangHeWangShiXuGuoZhangSunWangHeLiZhangFengLuo

34 Official Credits List - ARGUS LED Dome System

The real (virtual) presence of Jane speaking her life experience in her own words, as part of the exhibition, is Theinspirational.informational aspects of the exhibit sit nicely between its emotional punctuations, and the theme of “Becoming Jane” is even more deeply meaningful than it first suggests. It is not only a story about how Jane became Jane: the summation of the experience calls upon each guest to be involved, to care - and in that sense, each person is “becoming Jane.” It is, altogether, a very rewarding and inspirational experience, delivered with taste and restraint.

The “Becoming Jane” exhibit is an emotionally moving insight into the extraordinary life and accomplishments of the world-famous researcher and conservation advocate, Dr Jane Goodall. The exhibit traces the entirety of the life and career of Dr. Jane, through a series of built and projected environments along with interactive installations. These involve mapped projection, touchscreen interactives, photo-real set work, point source audio and other techniques; however, the strength of the design is not in groundbreaking technical achievements. Rather it is the sense of immediacy and emotional engagement that the experience engenders.


Thea Award for Outstanding AchievementMuseum Exhibit Design, Limited Budget

Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall — National Geographic Museum, Washington DC, USA

Excellence is not always a question of material richness and technical virtuosity. This is a deeply affecting installation because of its sincerity and immediacy. The presentation of childhood objects and stories helps to humanize a woman who has become a virtual demigoddess of conservation.

36 Official Credits List - Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall National Geographic Society Executive Leadership Jean N. Case, Chairman, Board of JillTrusteesTiefenthaler, Chief Executive Officer Mike Ulica, President and Chief Operating Officer Crystal Brown, Chief Communications VickiOfficerPhillips, Chief Education Officer Jane Goodall Institute Dr. Jane Goodall, Founder Anna Rathmann, Chief Executive Officer Linda Berdine, Vice Chair, Board of MaryDirectorsLewis, VP, Outreach and Assistant to Dr. Goodall, Office of the Founder–SusanaGlobal Name, VP, Founder Relations, Office of the Founder–Global Daniel Dupont, VP, Communications and AlicePolicyMacharia, VP, Africa Programs Kamilah Martin, VP, Roots & Shoots Carmen Mullins, VP, Development Lilian Pintea, VP, Conservation Science Shawn Sweeney, Senior Director, Community Engagement Bill Wallauer, Research Videographer and Wildlife Cameraman Mary Paris, Archivist Ashley Sullivan, Community Engagement Specialist National Geographic Museum Kathryn Keane, VP Public Programming and Director, National Geographic AlanMuseumParente, VP Creative Tibor Acs, Multimedia and AV Manager Erick Bonilla, Print Production Technician Erin Branigan, Exhibition Content and Research Specialist Austin Braswell, Senior Graphic Designer Kallie Brennan, Visitor Experience IvanSupervisor(Spanky) Campbell, Technical Coordinator Catherine Clark, Exhibition Coordinator Seth de Matties, Traveling Exhibition BriannaManagerDeOrsey, Group Sales Specialist Cynthia Doumbia, International Exhibition Director Allison Farber, Project Manager Cole Fiala, International Exhibition CharletteManager Hove, Senior Exhibition LaurenDesignerIppolito, Exhibition Manager Lindsay Marcus, Museum and Ticket Operations Manager Edward Mooney, Exhibition Design IvoDirectorMorales, Museum Operations and Planning Director Joel Persels, Exhibits Production and Operations Manager Steve Pickard, New Media Manager Allison Shelly, Visitor Experience BritSupervisorShoaf, Art Director, Experiences Jeff Thomas, Print Production Specialist Ellen Tozer, Retail Manager Jennifer Wallace, Museum Partnerships Director National Geographic Marketing and Engagement Julie Gerdes Becnel, Senior Director, VictoriaMarketingSharbaugh, Senior Manager, LexieMarketingSimpson, Specialist, Marketing and Engagement National Geographic Digital Alison Bourgault, Senior Manager, Digital Strategy and Public Experiences National Geographic Measurement and Evaluations Emily Hoagland, Director, Research Methodologist National Geographic Impact Media Kaitlin Yarnall, Chief Storytelling Officer and VanessaSVP Serrao, Executive Producer Chris Dye, Senior Producer Devin Swanson, Producer/Editor Eddie Olvera, Producer/Editor Sydney Guthrie, Producer/Editor Ruben Rodriguez Perez, Producer/Editor National Geographic Museum Visitor Experience Representatives Olivia ElsieJeanneMatthewRobertMyyJodiKellyTrevorHannahReadLondonMelanieBambaraBulavinetzChildersCullenHicksJohnstonJoySinclairMcIntyreNguyenSamselvonLeszczynskiSheaEinhornSimpsonWidmayer National Geographic Library and Archives Cathy Hunter, Senior Archivist Sarah Manco, Senior Archivist Kendall Crumpler, Archivist, Digital JulieImagingMcVey, Project Manager, Digital Preservation Archive National Geographic Education Jenny Aguilar, VP, Educator Initiatives National Geographic Maps Alex Tait, Geographer Sam Guilford, GIS Cartographer

National37 Geographic Legal and Business Affairs Megan Musgrove, Manager, Contracts and JeanneRightsFink, VP and Senior Associate General Counsel, Programs and Intellectual Property Agnès Tabah, VP and Senior Associate General Counsel, Public Experiences Ashley Dutrow, Specialist, Intellectual Property National Geographic Finance Lauren Petruzzi, Director, Financial Planning and Analysis Sarah Guynn, Senior Analyst, Financial Planning and Analysis Joan Hewitt, Manager, Risk Management and Insurance National Geographic Museum Store Destin DavidWilliamShermainBrooksBrownCotterPeterson National Geographic Events Stacy England, Senior Director, Global Events and Sponsorships Jenn Armand, Senior Producer, Global Events and Advancement Krista Strahan, Director, Event Operations Elizabeth Filippone, Director, GregProgrammingMcGruder, Curator, Global Events Daniella Thompson, Manager, Member and Special Events Stephanie Rexford, Registration Specialist, Global Events and MarilynSponsorshipsPrempeh, Coordinator, Global Events and Sponsorships National Geographic Building Services and Security Frank Candore, Chief Engineer and Senior Director General Services Dale Wheeler, Senior Manager, Security, Health, and Safety Engineer National Geographic Carpenter and Paint Shop Jean-Pascale Desperes David Hoffman Tom Kemp Ron JoseWuilverPancieraRosalesTorresAguilar National Geographic Marketing Creative Nicki Avena, Senior Graphic Designer Jim Choe, Art Director, Marketing Todd Georgelas, Research Manager Dave Myslinski, Director, Creative Carol King Woodward, Director, RolfPhotographySjogren,Senior Photo Editor, Creative National Geographic Strategic Systems Kristin Deming, Director, Program GopalApplicationsGorthi, Salesforce Technical Lead Falcon’s Creative Group Cecil Magpuri, President/Chief Creative JasonOfficerAmbler, Vice President of Digital Media/Executive Producer Claudio Gonzalez, CG Supervisor Saham Ali, Director of Technology Jesse Allen, Editorial Director Rick Morris, Director of Sound Audrey DeLong, Producer/Writer Andy Painter, Editor David Consolo, Senior Interactive AndreasDesigner LaTourrette, Interactive Artist Ben Allen, Interactive Designer Andrew Lopez, Senior CG Asset Artist Anthony Solitario, Animation Lead Ashley Prescott, Animator Dave Drake, Animator Meghan Stockham, Animator Chris Jolly, Senior Lighting Artist Hieu Nguyen, CG Asset Lead Craig Barnett, Pipeline Supervisor Doug Halley, Pipeline Technical Director Frank Bango, Senior Rigging and Dynamics Artist Joel Rey, CG Asset Supervisor Joey Kowalewicz, FX Technical Director Jonah Pine, Junior CG Asset Artist Mike Wallace, Creative Director Stephen Ricker, Associate Creative MonanDirectorBian, FX Lead Nicolette Korpolinski, Compositor Sam Lombardo, CG Asset Designer Stacey Vrigian, CG Asset Artist Tyler Capo, Associate Production AbhinavManagerNarain, Creative Content CorinneSpecialistTau, Graphic Design Manager Bruce Sereta, Senior Concept Designer Patrick Reilly, Senior Concept Designer Daniel New, Concept Designer Monica Benya, Junior 3D Asset Artist NeoPangea Brett Bagenstose, Creative Director Phillip Krick, Project Manager Emily Rhinehart, Project Manager Teresa Van Wagner, Creative and Design ShaneLead Hoffa, Lead Developer Damon Williams, Senior Developer Pascal Chaumette, 3D Developer Zach Decktor, Senior Animator Alli Landino, Designer Official Credits cont'd - Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall



40 Cross Museum Services Henry PeterSteveReedElliotRowanRachelCrossSchmidtCorbettDoughtieHigginsJonesHalsey E-Squared Editorial Services Emily GlennaSandyEstersonMcGinnisStocks East Stroudsberg University Dr. David Buckley Kyoto University Dr. Tetsuro Matsuzawa Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC Jane Terry ChicagoClevengerScenic Studios FarmExplusElectrosonicCinnabarSanctuary SA Mid-AtlanticMasterclass PolymershapesInteriors Special Thanks Dr. Jane Goodall Lisa KarenPatrickMartyWalidFrankRoetLagorioSaadWaullauerO’ConnellO’Connell Official Credits cont'd - Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall Photos by Rebecca Hale/National Geographic for “Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall” exhibition organized by National Geographic and the Jane Goodall Institute. Thank you for this honor, and congratulations to all the Thea recipients! www. falconscreativegroup. com

The show seamlessly blends multiple elements - live stunt performers, large-scale, high-resolution media, special effects, and massive show action set pieces - in synchronous choreography to achieve a thrilling theatrical and immersive experience. A well-designed queue and preshow set up the story context, informing the audience they have been recruited as part of a “Situation Analysis Team” that will track the movements of rogue agent Jason Bourne. Guests enter a virtual “Surveillance Room” (the main theater) where they will track Bourne’s movements as he tries to escape pursuit by nefarious forces. The upstage wall of the large stage - a 3,640 sq. ft., high-resolution LED wall - allows for instant transformation of the show’s environment and locale. Live performers interact with the digital media (including digital performers) in ways that make it difficult to perceive the line between live and digital.

The show moves at lightning pace, switching instantly between The CIA Mission Control Center and several exotic locales. Each scene is augmented by the physical set pieces closely registered in position with the digital background. During the action of each scene the audience viewpoint changes, with scenery and background moving to create powerful illusions of cinematic motion. Physical stunts and environmental effects such as fire and wind add to the dynamics of the show.

The show concludes with a high-speed chase with two, full-sized, physical cars that rise on lifts from below stage and rotate and move with complex motion and precision. Used in conjunction with live performers, in-theater effects and the digital environment, the scene climaxes in a spectacular and fiery crash. This live attraction raises the bar on the stunt spectacular, with sophistication and imagination and one "wow" moment after another. While its technical elements are executed at the highest level, the effectiveness of the show is ultimately due to the creative staging which uses those elements in dynamic ways. The high level of technical achievement and the creative application in creating a spectacular, immersive experience make the Bourne Stuntacular a worthy recipient of this honor.

This groundbreaking attraction immerses the audience in the world of Jason Bourne, the international spy on the run who has lost his identity, but not his razor-sharp instincts and incredible (and lethal) physical capabilities.

The Bourne Stuntacular Universal Studios Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA Thea Award for Outstanding AchievementLive Attraction Spectacular


42 Official Credits List - The Bourne Stuntacular Universal Orlando Resort – Project EntertainmentTeam Jim Timon, Senior Vice President Deborah Buynak, Vice President John Hamaric, Vice President, Technical TJ Mannarino, Vice President, Art & AmandaDesign Hartman, Senior Director, CelianaProjects Clavell, Senior Director, JustinCostumingBowen, Senior Director, Technical Stacy Martin-Tenney, Director, Strategy and ArianaDevelopmentMorabito,Director, Operations Vicki Bowlin, Director, Entertainment Art & NatalieDesignLopez, Producer Sabrina Bunnell, Senior Manager, AlexTechnicalSeib, Production Manager Sara Pepper, Production Manager Brian Villa, Production Manager Steven Noieam, Production Manager Ryan O’Hearn, Stage Manager Sean Weaver, Technical Supervisor UO Entertainment Costuming Team UO Entertainment Technical Team UO Entertainment Contracts Team UO Entertainment Art & Design Team UO Entertainment Operations Team Tech Services Carlos Castano, Sr. Manager, New Attractions - Ride & Show Alexis Papadelias, Manager, New Attractions - Ride & Show William Crowe, Supervisor - Ride & Show Jim Childs Jr., Engineer Controls Robin Graham, Lead Technician - Ride & ThomasShow Prinicpato, Technician, Show Systems Attractions Operations Julie Hecht, Director Marian Adams, Senior Manager Operations Safety and ADA Compliance Zach Harig, Senior Manager Anthony Espin, Assistant Manager Brie Ohse, Supervisor Christian McClure, Supervisor Environmental Health and Safety Barbara Dewoody, Vice President Yvette Cox, Director Mark Lee, Senior Manager Dennis Kline, Specialist Finance Chad Adams, Senior Director Tashekia Fowler, Senior Manager Elizabeth Phillips, Manager Legal and Business Affairs Sandra Chen, Vice President, Legal Affairs John Hanebrink, Senior Director, Legal and Business Affairs Jeana Hanratty, Director, Contracts Agnelli Santiago, Senior Paralegal Universal Creative – Project Team Stephanie Green, Project Director Thomas “Rooney” Panzella, Technical CarlosDirectorVarela, Construction Project AlanManagerOson, Senior Engineer Peter Kris Cleven, Engineer Bryan Delgado, Engineer Erika Tan, Engineer Matthew Rossett, Associate Engineer Chandler Schramm, Associate Engineer Nicole Vitiello, Associate Engineer Mike Esmonde, Senior Manager, WilliamTechnicalPeabody, Assistant Manager, Technical Amy Sirak, Assistant Manager, Technical Matt Gall, AV Manager Jeffery Allison, Network Systems RohanManagerGarricks, Lighting Manager Zoey Perlow, Assistant Manager, SeanGraphicsNoble, Project Engineer, Facility Susanna Malott, Associate Project Manager, Construction Richard Krent, Facility Design Manager Mark McKay, Facility Design Manager Concepcion Nicadao, Facility Design JosephManagerZabrosky, Senior Building Information Manager Sasha Marthinez, Building Information CandidoManagerRodriguez Jr., Senior Project AdministrativeCristinaJoliRebeccaKatyaMilesMikeAmandaAnniaJeffreyWalterJoshChrisSuperintendentBoucher,SuperintendentHolzhausen,SuperintendentPotts,SuperintendentSherron,SeniorEstimatorRodriguez,SeniorCostAnalystEanes,ProjectControlsAnalystMorgan,SourcingManagerAnderson,SchedulerMurray,ContractsAdministratorSlowik,ContractsAdministratorHellmer,Sr.AdministrativeAssistantLipsettMaldonado,Sr.Assistant Universal Creative – Project Management Office Gene Dobrzyn, Senior Vice President Tony Davit, Vice President, Orlando KeithPortfolioWright, Vice President, Project AndreControlsColeman, Senior Director, Facility JodiConstructionErnst,Senior Director, Facility Design Michelle Hines, Director, Contracts

43 Rich Lall, Director, Finance Bill McGehee, Director, Safety and Engineering Universal Creative – Core Steve Blum, Senior Vice President, Safety and Engineering Dan Memis, Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer Brawner Greer, Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs Mike Kiddoo, Vice President, Safety and ChrisEngineeringOliver, Vice President, Safety and JenniferEngineeringAddeo, Vice President, Finance Robert Cortelyou, Senior Director, Safety and BrianEngineeringMcQuillian, Senior Director, Safety and KarenEngineeringTrauger,Senior Director, Contracts Terry Trauger, Director, AV Kane Fritz, Assistant Director, AV Kevin Smith, Assistant Director, MichelleEngineeringSmith, Engineer Francis Tam, Engineer Dorothy Bresnahan, Senior Manager, AnthonyGraphics Tucciarone, Manager, Finance Universal Parks and Resorts –Executive Leadership Tom Williams, Chairman, Universal Parks and MarkResortsWoodbury, Vice Chairman, UPR & President Universal Creative Bill Davis, President & CEO, Universal Orlando Resort Tracey Stockwell, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, UOR Universal Pictures Donna Langley, Chairman, Universal Filmed Entertainment Group James Horowitz, Vice Chairman, NBCU Business Affairs & Ops Peter Cramer, President, Universal Pictures Michael Moses, Chief Marketing Officer, Universal Pictures David O'Connor, Executive Vice President, Franchise Management and Brand AngelaStrategySharma, Senior Vice President, Brand ChristopherMarketingCastelonia, Vice President, Brand Marketing Renaissance Show Production Team Jon Binkowski, Creative Director Lisa Enos Smith, Executive Producer Scott Smith, Technical Director Tito Enriquez, Live Performance Director Tiffany N Thetard Roby, Project Manager Cindy Cote, Contract Administration Stephen DeWoody, Script Development/ Blocking Charts Alexa Timon, Production Coordinator Gary Dean, Concept Development Lyn Lin, Concept Development Wang Jie, Concept Key Art Mike Conrad, Storyboards Theresa Bowser, 1st AD (Orlando UO PeytonShoot) Lee, Vocal Talent Jason Urbanski, Vocal Talent Ann Closs-Farley, Costume Designer Salvador Zalvidea, VFX Supervisor Tracey Gibbons, VFX Producer Martina Silharova, VFX Line Producer Jane Ellis, VFX Production Manager George Allan, Lead Unreal Artist Helgi Laxdal, Compositing Supervisor Matthias Bjarnason, CG Supervisor/ Unreal AndrewArtistHungerford, Interior Design Ben Kupfer, Pre-show Producer Scott Heineman, Scenic Designer Tom Edelston, Designer Stunt Elements LyleMock-upScott, Production Assistant/Stunt Elements Mock-up Joop Katana, Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Elements Mock-up Tim Linamen, Principal Lighting Designer Jami Beasley, Senior Design Project RonManagerFrankel, President Joshua Wexler, Executive Producer for Pure ScottImaginationArnold,Technical Director of AV DavidDesignAndrade, Pre-show Visual Effects Peter J Lehman, Composer/Sound AlexDesigner/MixerJLehman, Sound Designer Wendy Heimann-Nunes, Partner/Legal clearance and related intellectual property matters Action Horizons Stunt Team Ken Clark, Action Director Pat Millicano, Action Director Peter Nelson, Action Director Mark Vanselow, Action Director David Kelly, Operations Director John Donohue, Stunt/Fight Coordinator Laurent Demianoff, Fight Coordinator Jeff Imada, Fight Consultatnt Tim Aberdeen, Logistics Coordinator Gaby Davis, Administration Cameron Smith, Assistant Admin Dianna Castronuovo, Workshop Stunt MikeTeamDeCamp, Workshop Stunt Team Gary Hancock, Workshop Stunt Team Amanda Masongsong, Workshop Stunt AndreaTeam Miceli, Workshop Stunt Team Joseph Oreste, Workshop Stunt Team Nate Spare, Workshop Stunt Team Dave Tomassi, Workshop Stunt Team Travis Voisard, Workshop Stunt Team Tanner Vanbeber, Workshop Stunt Team Josh Wray, Workshop Stunt Team Hunter C. Smith, Workshop Stunt Team Vendors 7thSense Design LLC, Video Integration Artistic Entertainment Services, Scenic Work – SAE Official Credits cont'd - The Bourne Stuntacular

Universal elements and all related indicia TM & © 2021 Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

45 Celebrating 20 Years of Creating Wonder, Surprise and Joy for Guests Worldwide! Congratulations to our Thea Award winning colleagues Birket Engineering Congratulates Thea Recipients Orlando | Shanghai | Hong Kong

46 Acme Cryogenics, SFX Support AET Inc., SFX Support Barton Malow Company, General Contractor Services Boland Production Supply, Weapons & BRPHSFX Architects-Engineers, Inc., Architectural & Engineering Services Birket Engineering, Inc. Engineering CCKServicesConstruction Services, Inc., Preconstruction Services Christie, LED Screen Contrologix, LLC dba CLX Engineering, Engineering ComprehensiveSupportEnergy Services, Inc., Boiler and Exhaust Fan VFD CSA America, Inc., Third Party SFX Flame DaleReviewStockstill & Associates PA, Surveying DesignServicesInteractive, Inc., Consulting InterAmericaServices Stage, Inc., Venue Support ITEC Entertainment Corporation, SFX Support Jensen Hughes, Inc., Commissioning and Testing Smoke Controls Magic Design Corporation, Scenic McGuireServices Associates, Inc., ADA Compliance Assessment Point of Light, Inc. Principal, Show Lighting Design Pro Sound, Inc., Audio, Video, Projection and ProfessionalSurveillanceService Industries, Inc., Testing & Inspection Siebein Associates, Inc., Acoustic Review Sign Producers, Inc., Signage Services Smart Ride, Inc., Construction Support SmartWatch Security & Sound, LLC, Access Control and Security System Steve Ward & Associates, Inc., Theater Seat Installation Tait Towers Manufacturing, LCC, Design and Build for Show Action Equipment Tait Towers Manufacturing, LCC, Lead Automation/Show Control Programming The Wilsten Group, Inc., Disposition of Existing UniversalVenueEngineering Sciences, LLC, Third Party Testing and Inspections Wild Dog Enterprises, Inc. dba Murphy Lighting Systems, Show Lighting Fixture Procurement, Installation, and Control Systems Integration Willis Construction Consulting, Inc. dba WCCI, Third Party Estimator Special Thanks Frank Marshall The Kennedy/Marshall Company Jeffrey Weiner The Robert Ludlum Estate Julia Stiles Official Credits cont'd - The Bourne Stuntacular Congratulations to this year’s THEA Awards Recipients! For over 25 years, VCI Event Technology has established itself as a premier meetings and special events partner of audio, video, lighting, staging, LED and projection technology to event producers, agencies, motion picture studios and major corporate clients alike. We’re a team of event architects, engineers and solution experts who are dedicated to making your goals our goals. We help our customers create exciting and memorable event experiences that inspire their audiences worldwide . Please visit

The D.R.E.A.M. Centre 4D experience uses virtual settings involving screens, movable panels, and hoists combined with a series of sensory additions often supplied directly by hand. The experience offers the young people the opportunity to choose what they see and where they go within the world, and how to interact with it. It is not technically extravagant; however, the very high degree of care and curation make this experience remarkable for its target audience. In some cases, tactile stimuli need to be handed directly to the participants by curators because the participants are incapable of controlling their own movements. The delight, even rapture of the children who are offered this experience is profound. This is a specific audience and one that is often underserved in more standard environments. Many of these guests are so profoundly restricted physically or cognitively that it would not be enough to simply get them access to a standard themed experience. They simply cannot engage. In fact, these environments must be reconfigured to adjust to the needs of particular guests. Here, through this relatively simple application of adaptable screen technology and projection, they are given specific, careful, loving attention as they are taken step by step, by hand, through virtual experiences which they, the audience, can choose and which they clearly find have.highestmoving.entertaining,profound,andAndthatisthestandardwe


Installed as part of the Chailey Heritage Foundation in Lewes, England, the D.R.E.A.M. Centre 4D experience zone is a high-touch, virtual, interactive experience specifically designed to cater to children of very limited abilities. This includes people with profound mental and physical conditions who cannot move on their own, nor be left on their own. Because of the physical and neurological conditions of many of the guests, they cannot go out and physically experience much of the world, even in some cases something as simple as a real forest. (D.R.E.A.M. stands for Dynamic, Real, Experiential, Amazing, Magical.)

D.R.E.A.M. Centre Chailey Heritage Foundation, Lewes, UK Thea Award for Outstanding AchievementImmersive Design for Special Needs Guests

Official Credits List - D.R.E.A.M. Centre Chailey Heritage Foundation Mark Elms, Content Researcher and SimonDeveloperEverest, Communications and Marketing Manager Helen Hewitt, Chief Executive Sally-Anne Murray, Development MartinDirectorNelhams, Estates Manager Tyrone Da Silva, IT Manager 7thSense - AV and Show Control Design and Installation Concept Design and Consultancy Matt JohnRichardBartonBrownHiggins System Integration David Croney Jon AndyHamleyRobinson BlueBox Attractions - Show Control Programming Mike Ross Northstar Engineers - AV System Integration Damian Andrews Sunninghill Construction LtdConstruction Gary Call, Site Manager Ian Pearce, Contracts Manager TEECOM - AV System Design & Consultancy Blair MagnusParkinKemp EPSOM - Projection George Orton, Acoustician, AA DaveAssociatesBatey, Architect, Deacon and Richardson Architects Ltd Paul Ellis, Structural Engineer, Ellis IanStructuresPratt– Services Consultant, Freeman and Beesley Chris O’Brien, Quantity Surveyor, Wenham O’Brien


Entrance Experience, St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station - St. Louis, Missouri, USA Award for AchievementEntrance Experience, Limited Budget

The St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station is a 120,000 square-foot attraction built into the former Train Shed of a 19th century National Historic Landmark: St. Louis Union Station. The two-story project houses exhibits and aquatic environments for approximately 13,000 aquatic animals from the world’s rivers and oceans in 1.3 million gallons of water.

The awe-inspiring historic architecture was preserved as an integral part of the theming that carries through the entire experience. But there wondersunexpectedarehere for aquarium visitors. Entering the Grand Lobby, guests are greeted with an immersive LED curved ceiling, and whilemotion,imagery,displayinsubmergesthatcircularintegratedclocktankimmediatelyguestsafantasticofart,color,andmusic,hundredsofcolorful discus fish swim among the gears of the working clock. Ten original vignettes celebrate the incredible beauty found beneath the surface of our blue water planet. With incredible artistry, vignettes are choreographed to a beautiful original score, creating a visual ballet that captures the moment in the most magical way.

The ExperienceEntranceat St. Louis Aquarium at Union gueststhatvisualandartstate-of-the-aquaticwithHistoricinspiringByaquariumgenerationrepresentsStationanewofdesign.combininganNationalLandmarkoutstandingexhibits,technologyimmersiveeffectstransporttothe

natural wonders beneath the surface, the Aquarium creates unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for each and every guest. The utilization of immersive LED imagery, original music and a simulated train ride that transports guests from past to present makes this incredible new aquarium entrance experience cross the threshold into entertainment design in new and unexpected ways. The fact that it was all done on a limited budget simply adds to its qualification as a crowning achievement.



Next, visitors board the Union Station Express, an immersive, simulated train ride where guests feel the motion and view a breathtaking panoramic 38400 x 4420 resolution film as they are wondrously “transported” to the Aquarium. The ride features the voice talents of John Goodman (a St. Louisian) as the conductor whose inventions allow the train to depart historic Union Station, fly above the developing city of St. Louis, then startlingly dive beneath the surface of the Mississippi River, then transport beyond to the ocean depths. The experience creates a unique transition from the Train Shed’s history to the arrival at the new Aquarium… it's difficult to know where reality ends and fantasy begins.

Sam Chen, Engineer (Grand Lobby)

Randy Wang, Engineer (Grand Lobby)

Alex Vazquez, Video Server Programming, Analogue Way (Grand AlanLobby)Anderson, Project Account Executive, Smart Monkeys (Grand Lobby)

Mark Stasiuk, Executive Technical Director, Fusion CI (Water Flow)

Don Bellevue, Technical Supervisor (Grand Lobby)

Mitch Schuh, Senior Show Control and Networking Engineer, Smart Monkeys (Grand Lobby) Matt Wyman, Show Control Engineer, Smart Monkeys (Grand Lobby)

Stevie Max, Design Coordinator Fusion CI, (Water Flow)

Forest Arnold, Lead Modeler and Animator, Fusion CI, (Water Flow)

Vincente Porras, Technical Supervisor (Train Flight)

DE-ZYN studios :: engineering, programming & integration

Tony Shi, Engineer (Grand Lobby)

Evan Hall, Executive Director of AV Engineering, Forward Thinking Conner Purzycki, AV Design & Engineering, Forward Thinking Dale Whealton, AV Engineering, Forward EdThinkingLlerena, Senior Show Control, Forward Thinking (Train Flight)

Lauren Millar, Executive Creative Director, Fusion CI (Water Flow)

Jason Pontius, Project Manager, Smart Monkeys (Grand Lobby)

50 Official Credits List - Entrance Experience, St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station Lodging Hospitality Management Bob O’Loughlin, Chairman Steve O’Loughlin, President Chad Smith, VP Design & Construction John Goodman, Character Voice (John Tinkerman) zoOceanarium Group Chris Davis, Managing Partner Tamera Brown, Executive Director at St. Louis Aquarium Erin C. Clark, Director of Animal Projects PGAV Destinations Mike Konzen, Chairman Emily Howard, Vice President Justin Stichter, Attraction Designer/ Project AndrewManagerSchumacher, Project Architect Sara Tetley, Interior Architect Jayvn Solomon, Graphic Designer DE-ZYN studios :: creative development & project management John Miceli, President, Executive Creative Media & Technical Director (Director, Senior Project Manager, Scripts & Treatments, Technology Design) Nathaniel Ruhlman, Executive Producer / Art CesarDirectorJovine, Chief Innovative Officer / Project Manager Brandi Monard, Train Design Kristin Hill, Logistics Supervisor DE-ZYN studios :: music & sound design John Miceli, Music/Sound Supervision/ TonyEditorialMiceli, Additional Composition/ Character Supervision Patrick Sellers, Sound Design/Mix Engineer DE-ZYN studios :: visual arts Nathaniel Ruhlman, Editorial, Formatting, Compositing, Color Correction, Finalizing (all Vignettes/Train JohnFlight)Nadeau, Story Board Artist Tony Miceli, Live Production Director (Train Flight) Eric Knuble, Animation Design (The Journey, Whale Songs) Alex Popov, Animation Design (Penguin Race, Surface Dance, Water Flow) Javier Beltran, Animation Design (Deep Sea PatrickObservatory)Arrington, Animation Design (Sardine Ballet, Betta Love Story, Jellyfish DavidMarch)Driscoll, Lead Maya Artist, Modelling, Lighting, Animation and Compositing (Train Flight) Gaston Fernandez, Project Manager, V Studios (Train Flight) Ignacio Mathé, 3D Animation Director/ Post-production, V Studios (Train Flight) Pablo Cremona, Lead 3D Artist/3D Animation, V Studios (Train Flight)

Train Fabrication Greg Pieczynski, President, Fixture JDContractingKimbrough, Shop Drawing Design, Fixture Contracting Dave Lieble, Superintendent, Fixture Contracting Ceiling & Grand Clock Aquarium Structural Engineer (Grand Lobby) Michael Leonard, Principal, MLA JeffEngineeringThompson, Senior Engineer, MLA Engineering Existing Structure Modifications (Grand Lobby) Andre Audi, President, Alper Audi, Inc., Michael Lubiewski, Structural Engineer, Alper Audi, Inc., Electrical, Plumbing, & Fire Protection Engineer (Grand Lobby) Brandon Lemonier, Principal, EXP Jon Turner, Project Manager/Electrical Engineer, EXP Cameron Sherwood, Mechanical Engineer, EXP Barton Berg, Mechanical Engineer, EXP Christopher Zwicky, Fire Protection RickEngineerMcGuire, Plumbing Designer, EXP Grand Clock Aquarium Life Support Systems Engineer (Grand Lobby) Terri Johnson, President, TJP Engineering Joey Fallon, Senior Engineer, TJP KrisEngineeringBrown,Senior Designer, TJP Engineering Architectural Lighting Design (Grand Lobby) Scott Hatton, Principal, Oculus Light JaneStudioYou, Senior Associate, Oculus Light Studio Official Credits cont'dEntrance Experience, St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station ST. LOUIS UNION STATION ST. LOUIS AQUARIUM AND ITS OUTSTANDINGPARTNERS-ACHIEVEMENT/ENTRANCEEXPERIENCE CONGRATULATES ST. LOUIS UNION STATION ST. LOUIS AQUARIUM AND ITS OUTSTANDINGPARTNERS-ACHIEVEMENT/ENTRANCEEXPERIENCE CONGRATULATES

53 • Voiceover For Your Next Project - Male & Female • Phone System - Fully Produced On-Hold, Voice Prompts • Audio Editing • Video Editing • Photo Slideshow Videos for Any Occasion or Presentation 702-499-6869

A l l t h e W o r l d ’ s O u r S t a g e ! T M

The Jewel delivers an environment that goes far beyond just creating a layer on top of its 280 retail and dining options. It is a new destination that has an uplifting effect, motivating visitors to want to stay, to explore, relax and connect with the environment and with one another. The multi-sensory experiential arrival, the quality of the integration of the natural and nature themed environments and the family entertainment aspect of the Canopy park and the Experience Studio combine to make The Jewel unique and worthy of a Thea Award honor.

55 Jewel Changi Airport has been described as a wondrous world where nature meets retail. It exists within Singapore Changi Airport, which is often ranked the world’s best airport. With that reputation in mind, it created the Jewel, aimed at bringing a new travel and leisure experience to the airport passengers and to local Singaporeans. The Jewel officially opened on October 18th, 2019, receiving about 300,000 visitors per day.

Jewel Changi Airport features a Southeast Asian themed forest world, with tropical foliage and a jungle-like area called the Shiseido Forest Valley. More than 900 trees, 220 species of plants, and 60,000 shrubs and orchids surround the world’s tallest indoor waterfall: the Rain Vortex. The Shiseido Forest Valley offers guests a sense of physically ‘hiking’ through the forest with 30 minute walking trails, illuminated at night with interactive lighting and immersive sound Theeffects.Jewel also features a hotel, more than 280 retail and dining options, leisure themed attractions including a family recreation and leisure area (Canopy Park) and interactive games and immersive attractions illuminating the history of the airport (Changi Experience Studio) under a 10-story-high, glass dome architectural marvel. Other, familyfriendly entertainment activities include two different mazes, suspended nets for bouncing and walking, four ‘discovery’ slides and giant concave bowls where guests can jump into mist clouds. The Canopy Park, described as a “14,000 square meter recreational wonderland,” offers visitors some entertaining physical activities also geared to families. Guests are also entertained by an impressive nightly show of video projections, sound and lighting effects. This wondrous world activates all of the visitor’s senses and is a spectacle of beauty. It demonstrates excellence, creativity and innovation in the application of a themed, natural environment as part of an airport experience.

Jewel for Outstanding AchievementAirport Destination Experience

Changi Airport - Singapore Thea Award

56 Official Credits List - Jewel Changi Airport Principal Architect: Safdie Architects Asia LLC Mr Moshe Safdie, Lead Designer's Principal Mr Jaron Lubin, Principal Ms Charu Kokate, Principal & team Local Architect: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd Mr Lee Kut Cheung, Managing Director (Architectural) Mr Ronny Soh, Project Director & team Civil & Structure Engineer: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd Mr Lai Huen Poh, Managing Director (Civil & Structural) Mr Anthony Tan, Associate Director & team Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Mott MacDonald Singapore Pte Ltd Mr Soh Kai Yea, Divisional Director & team Mr Ong Thiam Guan, Technical Director Quality Surveyor: Arcadis Singapore Pte Ltd Mr Tim Risbridger, Country Head Ms Tricia Tang, Director & team Interior Designer: Benoy Limited Mr Simon Bee, Global Design Director Mr Terence Seah, Director & team Façade Consultant: Buro Happold Consulting Engineers P.C. Mr Craig Schwitter, Principal & team Mr Cristobal Correa, Associate Principal Water Feature Consultant: WET Design Teresa Powell-Caldwell, Senior Vice President Tony Freitas, Project Director & team Landscape Architect (Foreign): Peter Walker and Partners Landscape Architecture, Inc. Mr Douglas Findlay, President Mr Adam Greenspan, Partner & team Landscape Architect (Local): ICN Design International Pte Ltd Mr Henry Steed, Director Mr Terrence Fernando, Director & team Landscape Furnishing Designer: Nathan Yong Design Pte Ltd Mr Nathan Yong, Director & team Lighting Consultant: Lighting Planners Associates (S) Pte Ltd Mr Kaoru Mende, Director Ms Reiko Kasai, Director & team Security and Protective Design Consultant: K&C Protective Technologies Pte Ltd Mr Liu Chunlin, Chief Executive Officer & team Signage Consultant: Pentagram Design Inc. Mr Michael Gericke, Partner & team Traffic Consultant: CPG Consultants Pte Ltd Dr Mak Chin Long, Senior Vice President (CPG Transport) & team Fire Safety Engineering Consultant: IGnesis Consultants Pte Ltd Mr Henry Ho, Managing Director & team Acoustic Consultant: Arup Singapore Pte Ltd Dr Xu Jingfeng, Associate & team Environmental Sustainable Design Consultant: Atelier Ten Ltd Mr Meredith Davey, Principal & team Green Mark Consultant: G-Energy Global Pte Ltd Mr Johny Salim, Technical Director & team Civil & Structure Technical Assessor: Parsons Brinckerhoff Pte Ltd Dr Yong Wee Loke, Deputy Head (C&S) & team Mechanical & Electrical Technical Advisor: Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte. Ltd. Mr Michael Lim, Vice President (M&E) & team Structural Vibration Engineer: Acviron Acoustics Consultants Pte Ltd Dr Lim Chiak Hwee, Principal Consultant & team Registered Surveyor: Tang Tuck Kim Registered Surveyor Mr Tang Tuck Kim, Registered Surveyor & team Hotel Interior Designer: Swan Maclaren Pte Ltd Mr Lim Chai Boon, Director & team Information Technology Consultant: Pioneer Infotech (S) Pte Ltd Mr Anthony Kuck, Director & team Attractions Consultants/ Vendors: Hedge and Mirror Maze: Adrian Fisher Design Limited – Mr Adrian Fisher & team Walking Nets: Officium design engineering GmbH – Mr Thomas Ferwagner & team Bouncing Nets: Sarl Chien Noir – Mr Cedric Chauvaud & team Foggy Bowls and Fog Bridge: The Exploratorium – Ms Silva Raker & team Slides: Designed by Carve Pte. Ltd., Built by Playpoint (Singapore) Pte Ltd Crystal Clouds at North Gateway: Cao Perrot Studio – Mr Andy Cao, Mr Xavier Perrot & team

The attraction’s hand-drawn look is authentic to the cartoon and not only feels like a Mickey Mouse cartoon short, it sounds like one, too. An exclusive, theme score begins in the premiere of the short “Perfect Picnic” and then transforms from scene to scene to capture the particular genre or flavor of each, while still carrying the melody through the attraction from beginning to end.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway raises the bar for all dark rides to come by utilizing many of the technologies Disney has developed over the last 20 years, to turn a two-dimensional cartoon world into a vibrant and multidimensional environment, using a novel approach.


Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway repurposes the replica of the Chinese Theatre at Disney’s Hollywood Studios into a new attraction for the ages. It replaces the classic Great Movie Ride (after its 28-year run) with a 21st century attraction featuring a combination of physical sets, Audio-Animatronics figures, animated media and projection-mapping techniques, all syncing in time with trackless vehicles and a catchy, original song and musical score that turn a two-dimensional cartoon world into an immersive, eye-popping experience. After stepping into the ornate restoration of the iconic theater, guests experience the cartoon world beginning to develop in the pre-show while watching a new cartoon short. An unexpected event blows a hole through the middle of the movie screen, revealing the highly stylized dimensional cartoon world on the other side. In a mind-blowing transition, guests step right through the movie screen directly into the dimensional cartoon side, where they are greeted by Goofy, who invites them to take a leisurely ride around Runamuck Park. Soon, the trackless train cars unexpectedly uncouple from engineer Goofy’s locomotive, taking guests on a free-ranging romp through ever-changing and rearranging cartoon scenes. Guests experience surprising twists and turns, dazzling visual effects and magical scenes that transform right before their unbelieving eyes.

Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Attraction ©Disney ©Disney

It deploys an astounding and impressive array of technology to tell a captivating story that will stay with you long after the ride. It is likely to remain one of the new crown jewels of Disney’s Hollywood Studios for decades.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Florida, USA

This new attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is both surprising and mind-blowing; it keeps one engaged and delighted throughout the ride, making all guests feel as if they have literally stepped into an animated world, uniquely and richly imagined.

58 Official Credits List - Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway Walt Disney Imagineering Aaron ChristinaChrisCharlesCharitaChadChadChadCathyCaseyCaseyCarterCarolynCarmenBryanBrookeBrittanyBrianBrenenBrendaBrandtBobBlaineBenjaminBenjaminBenjaminAviAudreyAprilAntonyAnthonyAnshulAnjelicaAngelAndreaAmyAmberAmandaAllanAliciaAlexandreAlexAbigailLeahyWorkmanGoldJuliaoLynchMarascoSharpeLaRosaMoralesOteroQuintanillaCasillasRaghuwanshiConnellyCapstickWarrenHauserTuchmanBowserFromanVanBeusekomKennisonWeisMarshallSrHaggardThulNefskyHowellSwiftJolleyPerreaultOjedaLewellynCollinsRoachRitenourOglesbySmithStachnikCarterAndersonKubschWoodman Christoph JeffreyJeffreyJasonJasmineJaredJannJamesJamesJacquelineJacobGregGordonGillesFredFranklinFrankErissaErikElizabethEdwardEdgarDustinDustinDustinDonaldDianneDerekDawnDavisDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDanielDanielDanielCorbanChristopherChristopherChristopherWagnerGustafsonLarsenO'RourkePrimBeaumontRichardsonSteckJrChristoffersKatzmanMyersOdomRothmanSmithWoulfDuncanFarmerLewisWibergClausenEshenroderRayStephanMahnkeIVFritzKangMooreMacKaronVillalpandoBatinoPascualMartinLevinRandlePatrickScogginArmagostBloomfieldAdachiBishopKrullDriverBarrettLehn Jeffrey Michalsky Jeffrey LauraLauraLarryLanceKyleKimberlyKevinKendallKelseyKellyKellyKayKathrynKathrynKathleenKatherineKatherineKarenKareemKaleyKaitlynJustinJustinJuliaJudyJoshuaJosephJosephJosephJosephJonathanJonJohnJohnJohnJohnJodyJillianJessicaJerryJeremyJenniferWhiteGrubbWadeFrameCartwrightRothmanGerstnerDennisHigginsMalluckTheobaldCarverFisherHerringtonKnappJrLorenzSciarpellettiEusebioReshSoderstjernaLouisNewtonWeaverAlcockDanielAustinLopinskiVarnadoeGoreBarberLashleyGheringCarlsonKippHardwickHarveyRaffertyPayneGaugerHansonPoolJrAlletagElliott

59 Lauren MichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMeghannMaxMatthewMatthewMatthewMatthewMattMasonMaryMartinMarcMackenzieLucasLoriLindsayLindaLeviLawrenceMartinezPollaJrPonceSpicherMorrisStoryKrullReiningerD'AmelioFranzkaCarverLevWalkerGoldbachMackeyMooreSchoepfRobertsMorrisDemetriadesGodoyJrHermanJacobs Michael LeBel Michael McCormick II Michael Shalla Miguel Lima Jr Mike RebeccaRebeccaPhillipPhilipPearcePaulPatrickPaolaNicoleNicoleNicolasNicholasNicholasNathanielMorganMollyMohamadMingkeKutcherXiongBahlawanBakerDurkelHalldaSilvaRoedlMansurGonzalezMartinezSorianoStewartJohnsonBerghWeidnerJrHillisClancyTrain Renata Molnar Richard Adam Richard Pitcock Rob't WilfridoValerieUrielTroyToddTimothyTimothyTiffanyThomasThomasTerriTarynTanyaSusanSueStevenStephenStephenStephenStephanieStacieSinthiaShilinShayShawnShaneSarahSarahSandiSalvatoreRyanRussellRobertoRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertColtrinDahmEngleForsterJodoinMinasiSebestaVignecVarelaCopelandAdamsIngraldiSullivanNesbittRamosMartinMcDanielWillardQiuDearCovingtonShelleyBuchananLittenYenVagniniFredericksAdamsBurmeisterStickrathSmithLaDukeNiederhiserLiouSchmidtSkilesGlanzPalermoSanchezChenSotomayor Official Credits cont'd - Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway ©Disney


61 In a year none of us could ever have anticipated, we found strength in one another Together, our best is yet to come As always, thank you for allowing us to serve such a talented community. C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s t o t h e T E A & a l l o f o u r T h e a A w a r d - H o n o r e d c l i e n t s & f r i e n d s ! Toa Heftiba @unsplash

62 William Coddington William Sheerin Xuan Loan Quach Zachary Jordan Walt Disney World Resort Adam Dodds-Wade Alan DavidDavidDarrinDanielCynthiaCurtisCurtisCraigClaudeChuckChristopherChristopherChristianCeceliaCathyCaseyCarrieCarmelaCarlosCarlosCameronCalvinBobbyBenjaminBenjaminAylaAshleyAnnaAngelaAndrewAndrewAndrewAmandaAllanAliciaAlexanderSchwartzCarlsonRothCody-RapportKennyMarshallMilluzziWilsonHetesCzarnomskiStegallBondoraChamblissTrabuccoMartinCamposMeaseFigueroaAponteNegronCirilloAndersonPenceArnottCicchiniFernandezMannMillerGraingerCageHouserDonahouSpurkMossSpinellaLarkinDupreeKennedy Dayle EarlDylanDoreenDeanaMiracleJacksonMuirMojherSchiffhauer Jr Elise ElizabethLim Foley Emerson Spano Franciso Figueroa Frank Chietro Frank JillJessicaJeffreyJeffreyJefferyJasonJacksonIzzyGuillermoGregoryGregoryGiriGeorgeRamosKalogridisShankarFurlowIINathanRiveraRussellConleySavageMcFarlandRipleyWileyZapfSypko Jim MaribethMargaritaMarciaLexiLaurenLauraKyleKristinKimberlyKimKevinKennyKennethKennethKatieKathrynJuanJoshJoseJorgeJonathanJohnJohnMacPheeDvorakRonanGrilloMontalvoCorpuzD’AmaroDominguez-LantiguaSkobrakKellyBudzynskiLumpkinsJrPersonLandHanleyLauRumbleMuddimanPannoStecSchmidtWilliamsRiondaBisienere Official Credits cont'd - Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway©Disney

63 Mark Hartwig Mark Lach Mark Spurk Matt Huber Matt TylerToddTienStrattonStephenStephanieStaceySophiaSirivongShawnShannonSerinaSeanScottScottSamanthaSabriannaRyanRogerRichardRichardReneeRebeccaRebeccaPhilPaulPatNoelNickNicholeNathanMollyMiguelMichaelMichaelMichaelMercedesMatthewMatthewKnoppDukeMolleRiveraLingSpurkWadsworthRodriguez-RamirezFinneganShontsAyersRoedlBrownComoRagusaHolmesCarltonYuBrockHartTedersStevensForkZaretsky-LongoBeneshDudasHutchersonPoluhaFischerMaceAbbuhlSisaleumsakVandyckeRomanoMahBrucksCarverDangUhlYosua Victor ZaneWilliamWhitneyWayneWalterJaccoud-MileyEmerineSmithNovotnyCraigPerkins Talent Bill TressTonyRussiJimChrisFarmerDiamantopoulosCummingsTaylorAnselmoMacNeille Key Partners Christopher WIllis Drew TomToddSatoshiRyanReggiePaulNilsJosephJordanJeremyJamesElyseEdwardEdwardConleyTrybekUnderhillWillisReganMilleCoxHoltPeterssonRudishWilsonDonoghueNoguchiHommeHardisty Vendors Acomb Ostendorf & Associates, LLC Adirondack Scenic, Inc. D/B/A Adirondack Studios Barton Engineering Solutions, LLC Birket Engineering, Inc. Buena Vista Construction Company Candela Controls, Inc. Celtic Engineering, Inc. Coastal Steel, Inc. DesignContechCommunications Ltd. DH EASiDuffyGriffin&LeeDbaAllegis Group Holdings, Inc. Elite A/V System Inc. Exp US Services Inc HincheyGulfGrunauMechanicalDesignCompany LLC Hoar Construction, LLC Icon Computer Corporation Interamerica Stage, Inc. Interior Specialties, Inc Jervis B. Webb Company LaKHS&SJK2Propoint, Lifeformations,Inc.Inc. (Dba LifeformationsLf Creative Group) LRK MADINC.Creative Fabrication Llc Maddox Electric Magna Tech Electronic Co. Inc. MinerMcEnanyFlorida Ltd Moser Graphics, Inc. PrismPanasonicSystems, Inc. Pro Sound ProfessionalIncServices Industries, Inc (PSI) Rose RoushBrandIndustries Inc Samson Metal & Machine, Inc. ShowtimeService Scenery, Inc. Sigma Tile Sign Producers, Inc. Sound Sculpture, Inc. Uni-SystemsTaylorSunbeltState-LineMetalsCottonRidleyEngineering, Inc. Wellens Fire Protection Engineering, Llc Y Tech Inc. Dba Redd Ash Technologies Official Credits cont'd - Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway

64 w w w . t h e s h i p p i n g m o n s t e r . c o m 8 6 6 8 7 9 8 5 3 7 | h e l l o m o n s t e r @ t h e s h i p p i n g m o n s t e r . c o m A t t r a c t i o n s | A m u s e m e n t P a r k s | F E C s | M u s e u m s | F i n e A r t | E x h i b i t i o n s Specialty Logistics We’re fresh from helping to create a deeply engaging new visitor experience at SkyDeck Chicago, the world renowned observation deck at Willis Tower. Let’s get busy on your next challenge—anywhere in the world! chicag o | 312. 274. 99 0 0 Such crowd-pleasers.


The Nest is well positioned at the epicenter of all of these tenets… under the guise of exploring an abandoned storage unit. The probing question throughout this hourlong walk-through experience is the question: how do the objects we own tell our story? As we age, what memories do we hold dear? And what legacy do we leave behind when we’re Thegone?Nest seeks to answer these questions, taking guests down a rabbit hole of clues and intimate props, armed with audio cassette tapes that provide a narrator as the North Star to follow. The unique, one- or two-person experience is a theatrical takeover of a large warehouse storage unit near downtown Los Angeles that is scenically propped and dressed into an exploratory narrative of increasingly mysterious and dreamlike hidden rooms, where guests rummage through the personal belongings of the protagonist as they unlock her beautiful, wistful, and powerful story.

Is this walkthrough, temporary attraction representative of the themed entertainment industry - an industry that demonstrates excellence in the integration of design, storytelling, operations and execution? The resounding answer is “yes!” The success, momentum and impact of this caliber of immersive storytelling equal the exact demonstration of excellence that the Thea Awards stand behind.

The Nest Los Angeles, CA, USA Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement Connected / Immersive Storytelling

Combining some of the tenets of a puzzle/escape room with the immersion of an attraction, the emotion of an intimate theatrical performance and the personal agency of an alternate reality game, the Nest sold out its wildly popular and critically acclaimed initial run (with the promise for a postpandemic return).

The future of themed entertainment is intimately linked to the evolution in demand for a more immersive, entertaining and authentic dialogue between storyteller and guest; a dialogue that can sometimes be experienced in a multitude of ways, that empowers the guest with an entry point that feels autonomous, intimate and that pushes the boundary between a "choose your own mystery adventure" and theatre of the mind.

66 Official Credits List - The Nest WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Jarrett JeffCreativeLantzDirectorLeinenveberCreativeDirector STARRING Mackenzie Firgens, as Josie CAST Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, as Tom Evlana Panelli, as Young Josie John McCormick, as Josie’s Father Mayanna Berrin, as Josie’s Friend DESIGN AND BUILD CREW CoreyExecutiveLubowichProducer IanTechnicalMomii Director Elizabeth Jarrett Scenic AmySamJarodMichaelMarKyleStephanieDesignerPereidaPropShopperGeeInteractiveDesignerFerreriInteractiveDesignerIlardiInteractiveDesignerHamiltonCarpenterTowlerModelDesignerPlouffScenicArtist Kylah SheldonNickScenicFrazierArtistFarmerScenicArtistBachanPublicRelations OPERATIONS CREW Roby BenOperationsJohnsonCoordinatorMarshOperationsStaff Congratulations from Oceaneering to all of the THEA Award Winners!  OUR FAMILY. YOUR STORY.

Les Quais de Lutèce is the third, on-site hotel created for Parc Astérix guests. Only 30 minutes from Paris, this four-star hotel is designed as a Gaulish village from the first century BCE. The impressive entrance gate and lobby, made of monumental pieces of locally sourced wood, give access to the three parts of the charming and detailed village, where the guests find numerous craft workers and boutiques. In the middle and all along the property runs the Seine; all around the river, the buildings are designed to evoke Roman times. The property includes 150 themed rooms, six seminar rooms, a fitness center, a themed bar and an indoor/outdoor Forrestaurant.theguests, to stay at Les Quais de Lutèce hotel is to travel 2,000 years back in history. The master plan is designed in a way that you can walk all along the quays without going out of this ancient atmosphere.

Les Quais de Lutèce Hotel Parc Astérix, France

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement Themed Hotel


Les Quais de Lutèce provides a way to walk, shop, dine, and sleep in a detailed replica of a Gaulish village and simultaneously to be immersed in the world of Astérix and Obelix. It is a shining example of excellence in themed hospitality.

All the architecture - with its 35 different types of façade, its bridges, its boutiques, its signs, its lighting - is characterized by a high level of concern for detail. Natural components and means of construction convey authenticity. In addition, the backstory of Obelix and Astérix is still present through the famous names in “ix” which characterized their world, on the signage of all the venues, inside the shops and restaurants, as well as the goodies in the of the quality and detail of the design, the management of Astérix has given careful attention to the sustainability aspect of the project. They emphasized hiring local suppliers and used local wood from sustainable and eco-responsible forests. The hot water supply comes from non-visible solar panels located in the roofs of the houses, and, in every room, guests are provided with certified, eco-responsible products.

The key to an unforgettable experience is immersing audience in a new The sights, the sounds. Sound conveys emotional information that transports want It’s almost like magic, until the sight of loudspeakers gives the trick away. system won’t steal the spotlight. Scalable, versatile, and customizable, there is a d&b system ready to help create that magic.

smells and

them to go.

A d&b

listeners wherever you


HenneUwePhoto:Germany.Cologne,Deichkind, dbaudio-ad-image-may-2021-draft.indd 1 05.05.2021 15:35:54



68 Official Credits List - Les Quais de Lutèce Hotel PARC ASTERIX Directeur Général Nicolas MickaëlDirecteurSanaaDirectriceKremerDéveloppementMotonneTravauxNeufsDalencourt SEPTAGONE - Architecte Philippe Aucagos DUNES - Scenographe Thierry Retif AZ DECOR - Decoration Dominique HarcourtHARCOURT It starts with atmosphere. Find out how at

Qu JingzhouYuanFantawild Oriental


Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement Live Show Spectacular

begins at the end of Qu Yuan’s life, when his suicide in 278 BCE in the Milou River sets in motion the annual Dragon Boat Festival celebration and he morphs in legend into a Taoist Water Immortal. Using lush film and projections, actors, dancers, and performers are set in misty landscapes and photo-realistic scenes. They fly across starry skies and negotiate flying characters and words as each change of scene explores a new episode in Qu Yuan’s life or one of his famous poems. This is an unparalleled blending of elements. Qu Yuan deftly brings together live performers in architectural space, a rotating and elevating stage, large-scale projections in 2D and 3D projections and augmented reality with real-time tracking and intelligent interactions and sensors to create a seamless and immersive guest experience. The seamless blending of technology and storytelling creates an immersive and boundless world that sets guests free to explore the life and times and words of this Chu cultural hero. With this production, park and experience developer Fantawild Holdings has raised their own internal experience bar ever higher to make Jingzhou’s history and culture breathe for today’s audience. Heritage Park, Hubei, China

Using the best of 21st century, immersive experience technology, the live event spectacular Qu Yuan, at Jingzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage Park in Hubei, brings to life a 2000-year-old story, drawing upon the Fantawild palette of entertainment technology solutions. First open in September of 2019 this creation focuses on the culture of Jingzhou and the ancient Chu state (present day Hubei province). Telling the story of Qu Yuan, heralded as the father of Chinese poetry, the production traces his life from ambitious teenager to adviser to King Huai, to slandered exile during which many of his most important works were Thecomposed.presentation

70 Official Credits List - Qu Yuan Leadership Team Fantawild Holdings Inc. Frank Ming Li, Founder of Fantawild Holdings Inc. & Chief Creative of all Fantawild theme parks Mike Liu, President & Chief Operation Officer of Fantawild theme parks Liang Ding, Chief Supervisor of Artistic Effects of Performance & Stage Nan Li, Scriptwriter & Chief Director Daisy Shang, Chief Officer of Global Brank AssemblyCaixiaTechnologyBingkunHuiEngineerYongshengImagineeringAihuaDaohongZhongjiePromotionDun,ProducerLiu,ChiefArchitectYun,HeadofFantawildLiu,ChiefConstructionLiu,ChiefR&DEngineerHao,ChiefEngineerofAttractionHuo,DirectorofEquipment General Coordinator of Construction Haiping KuiKangquanRenGouXu,General Coordinator of Production Engineering Director of R & D Institute Peixiong Guang Yong YiFanxinQiangXiaodongYangShiLiuKongLv,Director of Technical Engineering Deputy Director of Equipment Assembly Jun DezhongGengDongChengXie Deputy Director of Architect Design Institute Jian ZhenchengZhenZhangWang Guo Xueyuan Yin Min Ji, Assistant of Chief Architect Yang Wang, Supervisor of Architecture YuanDesignLv, Supervisor of Architecture Design LieqingEffects Luo, Assistant of Chief Architect Kaijie Li, Supervisor of Film Production Wenzhuo Liu, Production Effects YingSupervisorWang, Deputy Director of Project Planning Office Ziquan Cao, Deputy Director of Technical BoEngineeringZhou,Supervisor of Cost Control & Construction Quality Wei Wang, Construction Supervisor Yurong Yang, Supervisor of Construction Safety & Internal Audit Management Project FantawildTeamArt Troupe Xia Zhang, Music Choreographer Guangyao Zhao Tao JingyuXi Chen Light & Sound System Xiaohong Qin Yong Gong Dresser Qian Qian Xian Yang Prop Master Liwen Meng Fang Zhao Actor Lei Wang Yu ZhouyangQiu Chen Fantawild Digital Film Inc. Huanxi Yan, Head of Modeling Na Cai, Modeling Designer Xin Luo, Head of Special Effects Dept. Kezhi Long, Special Effects Designer Binbin Lin, Head of Animation Dept. Baikui Li, Animation Designer Data Manager Yihui Peng Han WenhaoZhangZeng, Head of Art Dept. Sijian Xu, Head of Film Characters JiangfengModeling Zhou, Rendering Engineer Kunpeng Shi, Head of Synthesis Dept. Synthesis Designer Xinlin YoumiaoYe Lin Linlin Kong, Editor of Synthesis Yuxuan Wang, Audio Mixer Linxing Huang, Head of Special Effects Dept. of Xiamen Branch Bo Jin, Head of Synthesis Dept. of Xiamen Branch Qing Su, Technician of Film Shooting Yunhong Jiang, Supervisor of Film LihuaShootingYin, Dresser Yu Gan, Photographer Fantawild Architecture Design Institute Zhihang Wang, Director of Architecture Design Center Zidou Wu, Director Assistant of Drawing Design Center Taoxia Xia, Deputy Director of Effects of the Design Center Weilin Fu, Deputy Director of Landscape Design Center in Shenzhen Branch Jun Liu, Deputy Director of Landscape Design Center in Xiamen Branch Structural Engineer Jian TaotaoYiweiJianhuaZhuminWangZhangDaiZhengLi,Deputy Director of Architecture Design Engineer Architecture Designer Xie Shi Hui KunpengLiu Mo


Ziyu YouWeiHongzhiYongbinHaihongDingMengNanZengWang,Director

Tuo Wang, Senior Engineer Engineer of Mechanical & Electrical Test Center


Liji YuanhongTan Weining Zhu Hytechnology Inc.

MengyangDannaQiupingRuiGuihuaLinLiangZhaoWangLuLai Scene Modeler


Zhiquan Cao, Project Manager Fu, Director of AVCL System Engineering Center Di, Deputy Director of AVCL System Engineering Center




Xiaodong Du, Head of Equipment Center

Official Credits cont'd - Qu Yuan

Donghai Tan, Senior Project Manager Xia, Project Manager Deputy Director of Planning-making Center YuanQiyiXiongChengGao,Project Manager Yu, Director of Technology HaimiaoCenter Chen, Deputy Director of Technology Center Lei, Director of Intelligent Engineering Center



Lishi Xie, Director of Project Management Center

71 Xueli Gao Ming Li, Director of Decoration Design Decoration Designer Bin JinfaLiliJunjieChunhuaChunpuZixiongHongzeKuangXuLiuHuangLinHuangXieLin,Deputy Director of Electrical Design Engineer Electrical Engineer Chenyu Wei Fan ShiguangYe Peng Liming You Public Art Design Engineer Jiaqi Ji Lu LishaYu Huang Wei Lei Lighting Design Engineer Long MinjieTaoGangLiYangYangChen HVAC Engineer Liangcai Li Jie ShengbiCai Jiang Xinlin Zhang Water Supply & Drainage Engineer Fan ChaoWuChen Decoration Engineer Haoran XianBinZhibinChimingWenqingAnWuWuXiaQianHuiLin Architecture Engineer Ruchun ShengfengLiu Lin Hong GuangjianLin Ren, Landscape Engineer Rongfa Xiao, Landscape Designer Yinyan Tu, Graphic Advertising Designer Shuping Lu, Project Manager Fantawild R & D Institute Qiyun Zeng, Director of Technology TianhongCenter Zheng, Workmanship Engineer Zonghao Shu, Standardization Engineer Jing Zhao, Head of Technology Center Jisong Chen, Data Manager Doudou Liao, Planning Maker Jianhong Chen, Data Manager Haizhu Cao, Director of Moulding & Workmanship Institute Kunming Xiao, Material R & D Engineer Zhengping Wu, Director of Stage Technology Institute Mechanical Engineer Yunfei MingchengSun Cui Qixian Liu Yong Feng Ziyun Su, Director of Automatic Control Institute Head of Automatic Control Institute Gui YongLanZhou Test Engineer Jiqiang Li Jie Yang Electrical Engineer Bo SihangSun MingweiLiuHe, Deputy Director of Software YantingInstitute Hong, Software Test Engineer Yong Zhang, Director of System Institute Chi Zhang, Simulation Study Engineer Fantawild Imagineering Art Designer Yige YuelingZhangKuang Li Yang Action Designer Yuxuan Tang Huiyu Liu 3D Animator Zhen Liu Shijie

74 Shuijin Ye, Project Manager Xing Fan, Commissioning Engineer Ping Cao, Director of Intelligence Design ChongCenter Liu, Deputy Director of Intelligence Design Center Designer Lin LiYangZengHuangTang,Head of Intelligence Design XitongDept. Dong, Project Manager Commissioning Engineer Weizhi JunFangyanZhanliuYangMengZhouWu,Director of AV Design Center Tongsheng Zeng, Director Assistant Yongting Lai, Sound System Designer Fei Xue, Director of Electromechanical Integration Center Senior Engineer Xiongzhi Wang Jiang Yao Kai ChaoZhangYu Fantawild Engineering Management Huiyuan Yang, Supervisor of Construction Safety & Project Internal Audit AssitantManagementofChief Construction Engineer Xiaobing Yang Bin ZhengrongHuang Zhang, Director of Construction Cost Accounting Center Zihuan Yang, Deputy Director, Supervisor of Construction Schedule Shidong Wei, Deputy Director of Construction Quality & Documentation Construction Cost Control Engineer Guohui Liu Tao WeizhenHu Ye Feng Cheng Bei Guo Xici Zhao Zhenhua Li Yi XimeiLuo GongshiLiaoLin, Landscape Engineer Qingshan Zhang, Business Manager Project Interal Audit Management & Construction Safety Engineer Lifang JieBayiBinglinZhijiangLuWuTanCaiWu,Project Manager Lijuan Liu, Deputy Director of Construction Agreements Center Feng Xie, Head of Construction Safety Dept. Jun Zheng, Head of Construction Technology Dept. Wei Luo, Director of Civil Engineering PengqiangCenter Zhou, Engineer Chengjuan Shen, Head of Documentation Control Lvcheng Yuan, Project Manager of Fire HandouControl Li, Hydroelectric Engineer Wei Liao, HVAC Engineer Xuxin Guan, Agreements Control MengtingEngineer Wang, Data Manager Official Credits cont'd - Qu Yuan

75 Creating experiencesthemedwith technology imagination.and Get thrilled! Treat your visitors with thrilling experiences all year long. Put a smile on your guests face from start to finish. Give tourists that memorable trip they won’t stop talking about. With Barco’s visualization and processing solutions you create the most magical experiences – ride after ride, day after day. Join the ride at



Sesame Street: Street Mission

Sesame Street: Street Mission illustratespowerfullyhowmajor, IPbased attractions can be executed with excellence at theme parks around the world. After years of wondering exactly “How to get to Sesame Street,” we now know it’s at PortAventura.

Sesame Street: Street Mission brings the bold, bright, fuzzy and friendly world of Sesame Street to life at PortAventura World in Spain. This mixed media, interactive dark ride takes the guest on an adventure along that “most well-known street in the world” to solve the mystery of the missing big cookie. Trackless ride vehicles transport guests down the street past a series of interactive, 3D gaming scenes including a fly-through of Count’s Castle and dive into Oscar’s Smelly Trash Can. Along the way, guests collect cookie crumb clues, via a specially designed, child-friendly, interactive interface, helping to solve the Whilemystery.targeted squarely at a preschool/family audience, this attraction thrills guests of all ages with its iconic IP and interactive gaming, making it a true, multi-generational ride experience. To deliver this great cookie caper, the outstanding creative team delivered the classic cast of Sesame Street in both digitally animated and lifelike, animatronic forms. The ride is not only multi-generational, but multilingual, presented in as many as five different languages, (Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Russian) to serve the park’s regionally diverse guests. This family-focused attraction drove results for PortAventura World, with a 50% increase in the park’s season pass sales in the first operating year and helping to set record park attendance for the 2019 Withseason.acombination of amazing, lifelike characters, a simple, fun, and engaging storyline, a highly approachable gaming system, and an ageappropriate ride experience, Sesame Street: Street Mission creates a unique family attraction worthy of recognition. This project truly understands its brand and its target audience, delivering an engaging and immersive experience, highly focused on that young guest and their family. The amazing execution and detailed animation of these iconic childhood characters immerse the guest in a world formerly experienced only on a television screen.

PortAventura World, Tarragona, Spain

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Attraction

78 Official Credits List - Sesame Street: Street Mission PortAventura Entertainment S.A.U. Sergio Feder, Executive Committee ArturoPresidentMas-Sarda, President Fernando Aldecoa, General Manager Choni Fernandez, Central Services Department Director Alfonso Garcia, Maintenance Department Director Joan R. Calanda, Finance Department GiovanniDirector Modena, Operations Department Director Luis C. Valencia, Development Department Director Viky Salazar, Architecture & Theming VeronicManagerFernández, Construction, Cost and Planning Manager Gabriel Moreno, General Utilities VicensSupervisorSeguès, Construction Supervisor Carme Cabistany, Interiors & FFE MartaSupervisorPellicer, FFE Procurement Sebastià Perelló, Architecture & Theming OlgaSupervisorLorenzo, CAD Technician Leire Zapatero, CAD Technician Nuria Ocaña, CAD Technician José L. Díaz, Electronics and Electricity JavierSupervisorAroca, HVAC Supervisor Jordi Vidal, Attractions Maintenance CarlesManagerRoig, Operations Manager Paco Ballester, Procurement Manager Ricard Puig, Legal Assessment Manager Eugenia Gaisan, Marketing Manager Esther Vallespín, Finance Manager Sally Dark Rides John Wood, Chairman & CEO David Bishop, COO Rich Hill, Creative Director Victoria Lane, VP Finance Lauren Weaver, VP Marketing & Business ToddDevelopmentGillrup,VP Operations Donna Gentry, VP Projects John Stegall, VP Technical Services Sheila Leonard, Office Manager Logan Zawacki, Project Manager John Salsbury, Animation Supervisor Luda Budnik, Art Finish Supervisor Sherrie McRee, CAD Supervisor Greg Rodriguez, Customer Service SteveManagerPhillips, Pneumatics Supervisor Ric Hostetter, Scenic Supervisor Russell Hall, Sculpt & Mold Supervisor David Jones, Senior Programming LeeDirectorDodd, Shipping Supervisor Travis Bergstrom, Technical Services JohnSupervisorTedder, Woodshop Supervisor Grant Hamilton, Animation Fabricator Rob Braddock, Animation Fabricator Jon Elwood, Animation Fabricator Don Sesco, Animation Fabricator Nick Gilder, Animation Fabricator Jefferson Taylor, Animation Fabricator Alex Gutorov, CAD Designer Christina Hartz, Customer Service BillRepresentativeKivi,Designer & Art Director Josh Rudloff, Designer Williams Toledo, Electronics Technician Leo Dorado, Electronics Technician Tom Etherington, Electronics Technician Frankie Ironside, Marketing & Graphic NickDesignMichael, Pneumatics Technician Henry Gonzalez, Sculpt & Mold ChrisTechnicianAberly, Sculpt & Mold Technician Sesame Workshop Annette Augeri, Assistant Vice President, International Product Development & Creative Services Melissa Dino, Supervising Producer, Special Projects Risa Greenbaum, Assistant Vice President, International Consumer JackieProductsHou, Senior Manager, Europe Jodi Nussbaum, Vice President Production, Special Projects Salvador Perez, Sr. Director & Supervising Producer, International Media Business Kip Rathke, Creative Director Stuart Rosenstein, Brand Development RosemarieConsultant Truglio, Senior Vice President, Curriculum and Content Jennifer Schiffman, Director, Curriculum and Content Ed Wells, EVP and Head of Global Media and AshmouEducationYounge, Producer, Special Projects Vendors Sesame Workshop, Puppeteers & English Voice Talent SDI Media, Spanish Voice Talent Jim Henson Creature Shop, Puppet KeithFabricationJones, Concept Artist B Morrow Productions, Interior Scenic SimDesignLeisure, Interior Scenic Fabrication Techni-Lux, Lighting Design Strong/MDI, Screen Systems Door Control Inc., Show Door Systems ETF, Ride Systems Alterface, Interactive Systems Ralph S. Alberts Co. Inc., Interactive Device Fabrication Bon Art, CG Media & Gameplay Jon Baker Productions, Audio Composition & Production InFact Global, Translation Services

79 Fusta & Fusta, Industrial Carpentry Gicsa, Construction & Electrical Ingeacer, Construction Safety PGI Engineering, Construction GarcíaEngineeringRiera, Civil Works Construction Cullerè Sala, Steel Structure Construction Urbaser, Tecmolde,LandscapingExteriorScenic Fabrication TÜV SÜD, Functional Safety Experts Weigl Control, Animation Control Bose,EquipmentAudio Equipment Barco, Projection Equipment RealD, 3D Projection System Official Credits cont'd - Sesame Street: Street Mission Do you want to be a winner next year? WWW.ETF.NL ETF Ride Systems congratulates PortAventura World Four years in a row, ETF Ride Systems is involved in a TEA Thea Award winning dark ride. A unique achievement! All these rides are based on trackless ETF ride vehicles, enabling endless ride possibilties and creating a unique dark ride experience every time. We thank Sally Dark Rides for integrating the ETF transport system in this year’s award-winning ride. SESAME STREET: STREET MISSION - PORTAVENTURA WORLD / SPAIN Four years in a row TEA Thea Awards: 2017 Symbolica – The Efteling / The Netherlands 2018 Bazyliszek – Legendia / Poland 2019 Popcorn Revenge – Walibi / Belgium 2020 Street Mission – PortAventura World / Spain

to all the 2021 Thea Award recipients We are extremely proud to receive the Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement (Attraction Limited Budget) for Snorri Touren! Thank you to everyone involved in this great accomplishment! EXPERIENCE.TIME.TOGEHTER.


This family-friendly dark ride was created within a very limited footprint, of only 500 square meters, with budget constraints and a very aggressive schedule to reopen with the new Scandinavian section of the park.


The seamless, clever and supporting usage of video and 3D projection throughout the ride enhances the energy and richness of the scenic environments of the Thestory.timeframe in which Europa-Park and its partners were able to deliver this high-quality attraction is worthy of recognition; design, fabrication and installation of this stellar attraction in just over a year’s time is a staggering accomplishment.

In May of 2018, Europa-Park suffered a devastating fire that destroyed both the Dutch and Scandinavian sections of the park. Just over a year after that destructive fire, the Scandinavian zone of the park was reborn. Rather than simply recreating the former land, Europa-Park seized the opportunity to create an entirely new attraction, Snorri Touren. This new dark ride attraction directly links the rebuilt Scandinavian land with the storyline of the park’s new second gate, the Rulantica waterpark, the biggest project in the company’s history.

The Snorri character, developed for Rulantica, connects the youngest of guests with ancient Nordic stories in a beautifully lighthearted way. The immersive quality of the ride’s highly stylized scenery, combined with its intimate sense of scale, make this an extremely charming and engaging experience.

The Snorri Touren dark ride is a wonderful update and evolution to the classic, character-driven family dark ride. Guided by Snorri, a mischievous and adorable octopus, park guests board rubber dinghies on an undersea adventure to discover the magical island of Snorri’s home Rulantica, building guest familiarity between the waterpark, hotel and the attraction.

The ride blends classic dark ride show sets and scenic decor, animatronics and lighting, with more novel techniques such as video integration, dome projection and video mapping.

TheaEuropa-Park,TourenRust,GermanyAwardforOutstanding Achievement Attraction, Limited Budget

82 Official Credits List - Snorri Touren Mack Family: Dr.-Ing. h.c. Roland Mack Jürgen Ann-KathrinThomasMichaelMackMackMackMack Mack Solutions: Charles Botta Jürgen Hauptmann Sarah ChristofGlennDavidChristianMarinaLisaAldricPatrickRyanJulienMatthiasChrisStephanHealHercherLangeLangeLauffenburgerLawrenceMarxMullerPaddingRüttenSchätzleStuderSturgisZimmermann Europa-Park: Andy PhilippeMichaelJohannesLukasDr.Dr.MirkoFrankChristianAnitaHaraldKevinSvenBenjaminValentinGerdLauraAurichCianoDörflingerFindeliFischerFischerGufertGutHaussHirtHönningerKernVolkerKlaiberThorstenMarohnMielkeOhnemusOttSchaeffer Nico Schwinnig Alain KaiMariusHaraldMatthieuJürgenDr.PatrickPhilippeSimonSpahnSpothMichaelThomaVetterVogtWanglerWinterhalterWolf Mack Rides: Stephan Alt Luisa ChristianFrankDominicJoachimWolframMichaelMatthiasChristopherFelixBenjaminThorstenFelixFrankKaiMarkusJensDennisOliverAlexanderGuenterBofingerBurgerDöhringGebhardtGordtHilbertHugHülswittJoosKochKoebeleKrauseKüfnerMeierMinichMoserReineltRöttgerSchaetzleSornikvonElverfeldt Mack Animation Bernd Bohnert Lars GuillaumeHolgerGoldenbogenTappeWyatt MackNeXt Niels Feigenwinder Jörg Ihle Tobias Mundinger Jora Vision Andre Lammers Jan Maarten de Raad Roy SidneySimeonRobinPedroKevinRavensbergenSebregtsValverdevanderWantvanTellingenWedding T-Rex Classics Jan HendrikLepoldSchwarzer Electrosonic Matthew Barlett Paul JamiePaulRobertKentMannTaylorVann ART Engineering Georg OliverAndreasBehringerKieferPierling LifeFormations Marc Maley Lara McLaughlin Bret Woodbury Tejix Henry EdouardCorradoTrichet Lespagnol TreeLocate David JonnyMarkThomasKitchen-dunnKramerNesbittNesbitt

83 to our friends and all Thea Award recipients! THEA AWARD 2019 THEA AWARD 2021 THEA AWARD 2015 THEA AWARD 2020 POPCORN REVENGE® WALIBI BELGIUM SNORRI TOUREN EUROPA PARK We thank Europa Park for the great creative collaboration and we congratulate them with their Thea Award for Snorri Touren BAZYLISZEK LEGENDIA THE TIME MACHINE FUTUROSCOPE Panasonic Sharing the Passion and Excitement Panasonic Corporation Shiodome Hamarikyu Bldg., 8-21-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan A Better Life, A Better World

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Attraction ©Disney

Allheads.the while, these dozens of individually complicated systems are choreographed seamlessly into an impressively high-capacity attraction that redefines what a major marquee attraction can be, and how a detailed, legendary IP story can be told through a full set of experiences that add up to much more than just a ride. Front to back, this attraction leaves riders gobsmacked and in disbelief at what they’ve seen, and represents the absolute pinnacle of how our industry is capable of entertaining an audience at a theme park.

85 Located in the groundbreaking and Thea-Awardhonored Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge themed land at two Disney parks on both coasts of the US, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is a genre-defying attraction that casts guests as part of the Resistance in a thrilling, multi-sensory experience as they combat and escape the evil First Order. Part walk-through immersive theatre, part dark ride, part thrill ride, this nearly 20-minute experience allows guests to live their own personal Star Wars story in spectacular new Secretedways. away in ancient ruins deep in the forests of Batuu, at a hidden Resistance base, guests are recruited by Star Wars characters on a mission to rendezvous at an undisclosed planet, and board a Resistance Intersystem Transport Ship. Suddenly, the mission is disrupted by a First Order Star Destroyer. Their transport captured and pulled aboard the massive ship, guests face a battalion of menacing Stormtroopers. A spectacular rescue adventure ensues, involves branching paths, evading giant AT-AT walkers, numerous near-misses, thrilling space battles, and a final face-off with Dark Side powers before their craft engages into an escape pod for a freefall finale back to Batuu.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Florida & Disneyland Park, California, USA

Rise of the Resistance is simply the most technologically advanced theme park attraction in existence today, a seamless, story-driven, linear experience standing on 60 years’ worth of WDI innovation and attraction design. The level of complexity and engineering is unparalleled; several completely unique ride systems are used - a standing simulator on a giant turntable that acts as a “magic trick” that takes guests from the surface of Batuu to the Star Destroyer all on-foot; a droidpiloted, trackless dark ride system of multiple, eightpassenger vehicles; a thrilling, hybrid simulator/drop ride. Extensive environmental special effects include state-of-the-art Audio-Animatronics figures; largescale, show action equipment; extensive, mapped projection effects; high-resolution video views into space through spacecraft windows; “holographic” video effects; multi-channel audio in the environment and on-board the vehicles; unique, persistence-ofvision LED lighting effects that create signature Star Wars “laser blasts” that visibly careen over guests’

86 Official Credits List - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Walt Disney Imagineering Aaron Allen Aaron McDonald Aaron Norstad Abbie Bender Abel AngieAngelaAngelaAngelAngelAndrewAndrewAndrewAndrewAndrewAndrewAndresAndreaAndreaAnaAmieAmandaAmandaAmandaAliAlexisAlexanderAlexanderAlexAlexAlexAlanAlanAJAerinAdrianAddiAdamAdamAdamAdamAdamAguilarAlexanderFlemmingFrankHillJonesGaashTealAveryMarascoAuPilukasGuerreroKwokMoserKaushanskyMendozaWielandTarazkarCanteenwallaCraneNozakiGodfreyMedinaBakerMattinsonHernandezGrenierMayNocarRutkinSeimSibnerMorenoQuintanillaJayMazzaRamirez Anisha Deshmane Anita AnnaAnnaAnjelicaWilliamsCasillasHudmanVladimirovna Eremenko Anne BillBillBenjaminBenBartonBarryBariBaldwinAvisAviAsyaAshleyArthurArashiAraceliAprilAnthonyAnnettePauleyMcQuilkenFloresWarrenMartinezYoshiokaBelangerHamesPenaTuchmanLewisChanBermanGoldingBrodyMorgan“Frodo”FromanHogueWest Billy Almon Billy CamilleCalebCalBryantBryantBrookeBrookeBrittanyBrittanyBriannaBrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrennanBradBobBobBobBobBlakeWiltFrickerEvansMinasiWeisYoungOkesonDuttaLamannaLooNefskyOrrVannemanPfostPittnerWrightBurrisSwiftBoyleKimWalstenWildRosario ©Disney

87 Carl CynthiaCynthiaCurtisCristinaCraigCraigCourtneyCoryCorbanConorConnieColleenCodyClarissaClarenceChristopherChristopherChristopherChristianChristaChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisCherylChelseaChadChadChadChadCaseyCarterCarterCarriCarolynCarolynCarolinaRutterHubbardBellinoOjedaForrestLewellynTataWilsonManleyOglesbySmithStachnikWhikehartLeeAndradeBeattyGrimmellKellyKubschLeeMaisMazzellaO’RourkeTurnerSuarezWeeksJohnsonSeipWickerWhitleyMatalonePoynorMeyersStamosMcKinnonPrimRouseKobataBarrRussellMoreno-WaltersDonahouGouldMcWilliams Dan Carney Dan Steck Dan DanaTappeElizabeth Baker Dane Coffey Dane Roemer Dani Bellar Pilukas Daniel DonnaDonaldDonaldDonaldDonaldDiegoDianneDianaDevinDerekDerekDerekDelaneyDebraDebbyDebbieDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDaveDarcyDanielleJosephCastilloAccardiGraulAllenAzcarragaBarnettBrancatoBrennanBuiDahlkeDunwoodieGoldbergKilpatrickMyersRaghavanRoseShirleyVanWykWishartWoulfLeeLowKohlsBalesHaasHowardVelardeParkerRogersWibergParrasClausenPutnamUpdykeWhiteGilley Douglas Hartwell Ed GeriGeraldGeorgeGenevieveGenellGateGaryGaryGaryGakuGabrielGabeFujitaFredFranklinFrankFrankFrankFrankFrankFrankFranciscoFabriceErikEricaEricEricEricEricEricEricEricEricEmilioEmelineElizabethElisabethElinaEliasEdnaEdithEdgarNemethMahnkeSaucedoLandryLopezAbediVellaLagedrostLeeLozaAndersonBakerChumbleyDaffernDavisHirotaMillerSchmidtBourdageTyeKennelCorderoCaliAntonidesCassinMezzatestaNewmanReifsnyderVillalpandoBatinoPascualKimuraKingAlmarioSatoGrahamPowellSchnuckleMargrodHoechstetterSheehanAzizRossAnneGoldberg Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

88 Gilles JamieJamieJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJameelJaimeJacobJaclynIvanIstvanIraHolgerHlynurHienHepzibahHeatherHeatherHeatherHaroutHalseyHalseyGuillermoGuillermoGuillermoGrisolGregoryGregoryGregGregGregGregGrantGraceGordonGohtaGlennGlenGiriGiovanaMartinPotiensShankarKochWensNakashizuLevinBeckBarkerMooneyProRosaWiatroskiGJohnsonKadorianRamirezFokDeJesusHerrejonMoralesEdmundsHermsJarchafjianGreeneKingKlaubertChandranandDinhSnorrasonIrmlerFrankKadarLopezYangyuenBoyerGutierrezHaiatBraffordDurandKlepperKnoxTatumThomasLynnMcguinnessMcGough Jamie Oakley Jamie Reichart Jamie Robertson Janice Knapp Janice Wiener Jann JillianJillJessicaJessicaJesseJessJerryJerryJerodJeremyJeremyJensenJennyJenniferJenniferJenniferJennaJeffreyJeffreyJeffreyJeffreyJeffreyJeffreyJeffJeffJeanetteJavierJasonJasonJasonJasonJasonJasonJasonJasmineJaredJaredJaredAdachiBishopKleierSellKrullAbruzzeseBadgerBayerBayeverLitzingerWeissYoungEstopinianLomboyBarrettGaineyDavisHamptonHudsonMichalskyRubinsteinWhiteRenardAlvarezMokPlessingerO’NeilLinGarnerStolarzCrouchFletcherFrameKuncarLozanoBushGaffinFukumotoBarajas Jim JosephJosephJosephJosephJosephJoseJoseJordanJonathanJonathanJonathanJonJonJonJonJonJonJonJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJoeyJodyJocelynJoannaJoanJingcongWoodhouseZhangHansenWalkerRamirezGerstnerKadin“JK”KestlerArgoArreguinBenedettiDennisEliasHigginsJohnsonLarenaMalluckMauvezinMillsMurphyNoonanPhamRizoSchmidtVanZelstWardCarverDickinsonFarmerGeorgesPorazzoSnoddyStevensBowenFisherMoranColemanGutierrezJimenezAcelloEsperanceGarciaKadinLorenz Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

89 Josh Cimino Josh KevinKevinKevinKestaKerryKennethKennethKennethKeneithKenKenKellyKeithKeithKeithKeithKayKatieKatieKatieKathyKathrynKathrynKathrynKathrynKathrynKarinKarenKarenKareemKaoruJustinJustinJustinJustinJulieJulieJuliaJudyJuanJoshuaJoshuaEisenhardtChapelSwansonAlvarezJr.ReshSoderstjernaBryantLangmannHarrisNewtonPetrongloRuggieroMoorewoodDanielAustinLawrenceHansonHustedLashleyMcChesneyMillerYanceyMangumEastmanHeydorffMcFarlandGheringAbutinMazzellaRectorWalshKippPetersenSwappWuChapmanLennonSmithGilmanSuarezBashamCardaniFong Kevin Fructuoso Kevin Nishikawa Kevin Phillips Kevin MarcManniMaghaleeLyleLuisLuisLucasLorrieLoriLoriLoriLoraLonnieLisaLimeiLeslieLeonLenLenLaurenLaurenLaurenLauraLauraLarryLarryLandonLanKyleKurtKristopherKristinaKristinKristinKristinKristenKristenKristaKrishnaKirstinSmithMakelaTamminanaJamgotchianCooganZeiglerAppletonAthansTolentinoDewberryLaffinSawitskasReidHoangTranSomloAhernPoolElliottVogelsongBaldesarraMarreroMartinezBurgeGibbsMakovozGrahamJingAnderson(Deer)SepulvedaJohnsonBenderReffettStoryHansenPhelanBarriosPintoWohlfarthRosenbergWong“Flounder”Hurst Margaret Kerrison Mariorla Katherine de Jesu Rondon MarisaPerez Mazzotta Mark Gilbert Mark Goldberg Mark Kohl Mark Kuskowski Mark Larabel Mark Mattias Mark Mesko Mark Miller Mark Panelli Mark Sumner Mark Volle Mark MichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMelissaMelissaMelaniyaMeghanMeganMeaganMaureenMatthewMatthewMatthewMatthewMattMattMattMattMattMattMattMasonMartinMartinWuHernandezUrbinaMattensonBarryDalyHaggertyMcCroryMcKimVertiWalkerJonesMackeyNelsonSoplinskiHartJoyNowikowskiShortAyrikyanJacksonTrouttAcevedoAlioAranaBishopBurlefingerCarterCawlinaCristilli Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

90 Michael Earnest Michael Ferguson Michael Foley Michael Fracassi Michael Harper Michael Hazelwood Michael Horen Michael Iezza Michael Kelsey Michael Koronka Michael Larrabee Michael Lipinski Michael Peters Michael Petrucci Michael Shalla Micheal Hachache Michelle Kniffen Miguel Lima Mike Brent Mike Kilbert Mike Matthews Mike McCormick Mike Smith Mila NicoleNicolasNickolasNickNickNickNickNicholasNathanielNathanielNathanNathalieMonicaMollyMohsenMohsenMohamadMirenMirandaMindaCorkinsRichmondJeffriesBamforthBahlawanFeizNasrHoelperChiodoTorresBrubakerGearhartMoretzNeubrandDunnHerringKozaPitmanRigneyMansurTan Nikolas Villar Noah Holliday Noah ReneRaymondRaymondRayRaulRandyRandallRainaRaeRachelRachelRachaelRQinmingPrzemyslawPremPhilipPhilPeterPeterPeterPeterPeterPedroPearcePauliinaPaulPaulPaulPaulPaulPaulPatrickPatrickPatrickPatrickPaolaOscarOmarOctavianNormaReichCardonaPetrescuFuentesSanchezSorianoGirvinKearneyKrughVisteBaileyBakerBeasleyCorboFullerLahaiseLehtomakiBerghLimaAthansHaoHernandezMontgomeryStepniewiczBloomWeidnerJr.EncarnacionIwanowskiZhouScottThompsonShaneyHoffmannSherbillJillianRiveraRossMyersTammeFelixJaredJonesMalphrusBarrios Rhine Meyering Ric SamuelSamanthaSamanthaSamSamSalvatoreRyanRyanRyanRyanRyanRyanRyanRustyRussellRussellRussellRussellRuiRubenRonRogerRodneyRodRobinRobinRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobbinRickRickRichieRichardRichardRichardRichardRichTurnerRhoadesConwayEndersHymanMaxfieldOlsonDaffernWonBroadEngleFoxJewelOyosSebestaSeketaZielbauerBlackburnReardonKuriharaRayborneHeydenreichMonkDeLaTorreDeMatosAllenDunnGatesLarsenPeaseHincheyJodoinSandzimierShaughnessyShepardStellWachIngraldiRichardsTowlerCatanzaroKaplanHolmes Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

91 Sanne Worthing Sarah Nesbitt Sarah SavannahZhu Wexler Scott Branch Scott Kelly Scott Miller Scott Signore Scott Trowbridge Scott Wilson Scott Wood Sean Eustace Sean Robb Sean Torres Sean StijnStevenStevenStevenSteveSteveSteveSteveSteveStephenStephenStephenStephenStephenStephenStephanieStephanieStanStaceySpencerSophiaSonnySonnySijinShawnShannonShaneShaneSevastyYatesDileoMartinMonseesMooreMcDanielKimChapmanNguyenAcevedoBanksLeongBoruszewskiRodriguezShelleyBabbingtonClaiborneCummingsFelderGregoryRoweDoddFuGoddardLittenWymaKosakuraSmithSpiegelVandycke Stuard Aguilar Stuart Calder Sunjit Singh Susan Chung Susan Jaeger Susan Russell Susan VaibhavUrielUgoTylerTrungTroyTrishaTrishTrinhTriciaTrevorTracyTracyTonyTomTomToddToddToddTodTimTilakTiffanyThu-HaThomasThomasTheodoreThanhTerryTerryTedTaralynTannerTannerTaniaTammyTaishiroWoodHoshinoTosounianPosadasLovgrenSmithVonDerLindenBabinAndradeHwangNguyenSchnackFotieGabrielHoangLiouMandadiWarzechaMathiasFriedlineHommeNeubrandJichaPoulsenKingPierceWilsonJodoinArnesonMaiLiebegottLamLevertonNgoEmptageOkwumabuaSanchezPandey Val ZsoltZacharyZachYvesWillieWilliamWilliamWilliamWilliamWillWalterWalterWaltVinnieVinceVictoriaVictorValeryValerieUsleChenPrijacAPerezThomasCobasByrneSmithHurtarteThompsonSchulteAdamsonDepina-GomesGonzalezPryorBredbergBorckmansRiddleyMooreHormay Disney Parks Aaron Morrow Aaron Toms Aaron Wanek Aaron AmandaAlyssaAllisonAllenAllenAlexisAlexandriaAlexAlexAlexAlexAlanAJAhmedAgustinAdanAdamAbbeyWilsonGeissGregorichValdezNegronMercado-AlmodovarChangVenaCarocciFinleyGoldLopezPachecoBartlettKlingWellsGreenwaldNelsonBroyles Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

92 Amanda DiLeo Amanda Vaughan Amanda Wirtz Amaree Sova Amy BiancaBettyBethBenjaminBenjaminBenjaminBenjaminBenBenBenBaileyBaAustinAustinAustenAshlyAshleyAshleyAshleyAshleyAshleyArvinArthurArnaldoArmandoAricAntonAnthonyAnthonyAnthonyAnthonyAnthonyAngelAngelAndreyAndrewAndrewAndrewAndreaSempellFeasterBainGutierrezMilluzziLopezZendejasPriceSantosCintronCortezLangeNardoneRynearsonVargasPolishchukStootsNievesTorresGonzalezMunozTabulaCuretonJennerSilvasStegallWoodsPascualGoehringLeonardTylerVanLeFreerCanonTrabuccoWernChamblissHillisShackelfordThomasAnnSherrillRoseGillespie Bill Brasher Bill ByronBryceBryantBryanBrunoBruceBrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrettBrettBrettBrettBretBrent-AlvinBrentBrennanBrennaBrendaBreannaBrandonBrandonBrandonBradBradBonnieBobbyBobBobBobBobRoushDreslinFergerHallMillsKorposStephensBouchiePhelpsKirkpatrickMazeNashCottonHaggardFralixJohnsonWisemanRatificarPritchettAbramsJagosStraubWilcoxBarberBialobreskiBurkhouseDunsmoreHebertLeePereyraRamosReyesRodriguezSantosStalnakerTruongWaltersValentineGalliadiHigashiGonzalezSevillKorteMoline Cameron Bruce Cameron Giles Carey ChristianChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisChrisCherylCherylChelseaChelseaChelseaChasenCharlesChandradeoChadChadCesarCathyCatherineCatalinaCassiCassaundraCaseyCarsonCarolynCarolineCarolinaCarolCarlosCarlosCarlosCarlosCarlosCarlosCarleneCarlCarinaTruexGobasAdkinsBeckiusArandaAvilesAponteBaltazarCedilloAlonsoGuzmanNegronMorrisSanchezO’KellyOakesBronsertPenceCaldwellFitzsimmonsSimpsonWooddellStearnsFigueroaDulinRaederBalkaranLopezMartinHogsethLeanneCobbMoralesKrollTobiasenBuserChristensenDunsheeGarciaHoferNawaraOlsenSetonSmithBass Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

93 Christian Fernandez Christina Bartlett Christina Woodman Christina Yannette Christine DanielDanielDanielDanielDanielDaneDanDanDanDaleDaleDaleCyrusCynthiaCurtisCurtisCrystalCristinaCraigCraigConnerColinCodyCliftonClaudeClarissaClaireCidneyCianiChristopherChristopherChristopherChristopherChristopherChristopherChristopherChristopherChristopherChristopherTranBarberBowlesCampoCasteelDeGeorgeFigueroaFisherGironTurnerTushinskyReyesCastilloJodoinShultzCageGlennShackelfordHurlbutParkLakeWindeyJuarezCramerMitchellSpurkMarinaroReymundoCameronGallegoLandonBoyleFreemanWerlingArnesonCobbsHareHepperleMastropietroRoblesGonzalez Daniel Sawicki Daniel Sewell Daniel Simpson Daniel DillonDiegoDevinDerrickDerrickDennisDennisDennisDayleDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDavidDaveDaveDaveDaveDarrenDarrellDarrellDarlineDaphneDanteDannyDannyDannyDannyDanielleSpinellaFeltyJacksonNguyenPettyRuizSwinkChavezFrancoisJodoinSmithd’HedouvilleAccorneroBrunelleCarrollTrachyChouDeJesusDunlapDupreeFrobergGeierGreenHertwigJohnsonOrozcoPrincePrinsQuilesReynoldsStamberskyStewartMiracleGayosoMillerMorganFuentesSpringerMillingtonLiceaGutierrezDube Dirck Kemnitz Don Bainbridge Don ErinErikaErikaErikErickEricEricEricEricEricEnriqueEnriqueEmmanuelEmilyEmilieElyseElizabethElEfrainEdwinEdwinEdwardEduardoEdgarEdemuelEdeltraudEdEarlDylanDylanDylanDwadeDustinDuncanDuncanDukeDouglasDouglasDougDougDoreenMontplaisirMuirDeanWagnerHerbstMacMechanDerdockCurrierTartBartlettMirjahNunezPaganTalcottMaierKurzawaKraussMoraMirandaMoralesTriado-MercadoPitcherCruzReyesPerezLoussaintLaPetersEdwardsMorseLohmanPerezAlmaCervantesJr.DunnFrobergHildebrandSchlotthauerTsaiMoralesLeathAuldHernandezHenderson Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

94 Erin HaigGuyGregoryGregoryGregoryGreggoryGregGregGrantGraceGlorianmaryGertrudeGerinGerardoGeraldGeorgeGeorgeGeorgeGenoGeneGaugeGaryGaryGaryGaryGarrettGarettGarethGabriellaGabrielaGabrielFrederickFredFrankFrancisoFernandoFengFaithFabianEwartEvanEvaErnestoStackVegaKellerTodd“J5”WilliamsVazquezJohnsonSiahCortesOcampoFigueroaMatosichRapisuraChambersSanchezOrtizWernetRipleyHeffnerBainbridgeHammonsMiddletonStormsWoodsonBanksLagascaSerranoChavarriaKalogridisManzanoRamosCeballosLamarWilliamsPetit-FrèreNatalSantiagoRobinsNishinakaClarkLanderosCaineGarciaNathanToneyTeetsKhdryan Hannah Kraemer Harry JasonJasonJasonJasonJasonJasonJasonJasenJaredJaredJaniceJaniceJanetJanJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJakeJakeJaimeJahnaJacobJacobJacobJackIzzyIssyIsaitIrvinIanIanIanHowardHenryHenryHeidiHeatherHeatherHarveySarjuTotzkeDoshayPonseggiTobeyCabreraTuttleEarlBevanMartinMcQuireSerranoInfantesBozaLaBrosseDiazIICerraCortezKahlaVargasFrankmanClaytonCutlerMooreBagwellBurgessHolmesLeonardMillsPhillipsMirzaFloreaBoutteHolmesJonesAndersenBrantukLewisDavisDeBoerDenoErbLovelaceMooreNguyen Jason Schoonover Jason Tomlin Javier Porras Jaycy JoelJoeJodiJoannaJimJimJimJimJillianJillJezreelJesusJessicaJessiJesseJesseJesseJerryJerryJerryJeremyJeremiahJennileeJenniferJenniferJennacaJeffreyJeffreyJeffreyJeffreyJeffreyJeffreyJeffreyJeffJeffJeffJeffJeffJaysonJaysonClarkeMilroyPringGrucaKirkmanLaPetersMcGarryVanBurenDeCastroHawkinsHoweMaidaMcSheaSchenckSchlichterWalshGrubbKumpfBaillereVirayVichCheungCabelloTurnerWilliamsBethuneHollandMunozWintherMerinoOrtizSaltarVegaSypkoBryantJaskolMacPheeObermillerReadMariscalWhiteLaraEspinoza Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

95 Joel Jean-Francois Joel JoshJoshJoshJoshJoshJosephJosephJosephJosephJosephJosephJosephJosephJosefinaJoseJoseJoseJoseJoseJoseJoseJorgeJorgeJordanJordanJordanJordanJonivenJonathanJonJolieJohnnyJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnJohnViadoBergCunninghamEvansGumanHernandezJohnstonKirtlandMcMannenPierceWysockiVegaWestonDavidMealNguyenGreyAlvarezDemastusKimelmanWallerMontalvoRomanCorpuzDiazJrErcilloIIGonzalezMarcilla-RodriguezMichelSilvaSalasBainFavreauFernandezGibsonLinkPerezJr.ScarboroughWatkinsBassChristianManulatD’AmaroGiesmanRoss Joshua Bak-Jensen Joshua Bennett Joshua Coffee Jouri Bustamante Jovi Sayavong JT JuanBarthAleman Jr. Juan Navarro Lagos Judith Wallace Julius Rongavilla Justin Amador Justin Brock Justin Cary Justin Dixson Justin Evans Justin Osborn Justin Rutherford Justin KevinKevinKevinKevinKeviKennyKennethKendallKelseyKellyKellyKellyKelciKeithKaylaKatyKatieKatieKathyKatKaraKappyKaitlynKaiKadenJustineVelasquezCarberryMacyChowParsonsThorsenFicentiseHuthDrachKellyStreeterThomasChildersPollockRogersLittrellShawSmallKatzAlexanderLumpkinsPersonNilyAglioneCollisEatonGoodman Kevin Miller Kevin Opena Kevin Syracuse Kevin Trimmer Kieu Thi Nguyen Kim Baron Kim LisaLinhLindsayLillieLillianLeoLennyLendsieLenLeeLeeLCLawrenceLaurenLaurenLaurenLaurelLaurelLauraLauraLarryLarryKyleKyleKyleKyleKyleKristieKristenKristenKrisKortneyKirkKirkKirkKirkKimberlyBauerChinFergusonNicholsonPiltingsrudTaylorCasperTheilerAsheStalkerWilliamsGotoLandisMcCarryShookSpomerColemanMolinaBeckerNeumannBassettSkaggsHigsonPetersenStecDeSantisWolmaranGillioWilsonSpencerSalazarSpencerTorresVasquez-OrtizIbarraDibbleTranHong Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

96 Lodel MartinMarthaMarthaMarkMarkMarkMarkMarkMarkMarissaMarioMarianMariaMargoMargaretMarcusMarcosMarcosMarciaMarceloMarcManuelMalcolmMackenzieLyndaLyleLupeLuisLuisLuisLuisLuisLuisLuisLuisLuisLucasLucasLouisLouLorrieLorenzoLoganParagasDiazVillarealGebhardtBenvenisteRoseMcGuireSchlusselArteagaJr.ColondresGonzalezHernandezLugoMedinaOrtizRamirezRivera-PerezSotoDeSantiagoHawkyardFlynnFoltzLaunceMarinLandryCalanocWilliamsMorales-VazquezRiveraLedetFelbergTaylorBrenesDembiPatricioSuarezDiwasFarnsworthFortezzoSpurkTrippWagnerPowellUrbinaMartinez Mary Kuntz Mary Mac Eachin Mary Niven Matt Dorak Matt Lloyd Matt MichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMichaelMicahMercedesMelissaMeganMeganMegMcKealMaureenMatthewMatthewMatthewMatthewMatthewMatthewMatthewMatthewMatthewMatthewUhlhornDukeEllisEstevezGaryMoyettSchmidtStrandskovTuckerVillaWilleyHoganLyonsWithrowElizarrarazGrossMargaroneGuzmanGeertsonArnwineBagwellColglazierDeSimoneHarringtonHindsHogsettJonesLeBelO’maryParisiPhaneufRiesRodriguezSolaresSpurkVosslerWadsworthYetterYip Michelle Monge Miguel Colon Jr Miguel Hernandez Miguel Hernandez Reyes Miguel Oliva Miguel Osuna Garcia Miguel Rosario Mike Anson Mike Corrigan Mike Jordan Mike Kidder Mike MacLean Mike Ryan Mike Snavely Mike Sroka Mikel ObedNolanNoelioNoelNinaNickNicholasNicholasNicholasNicholasNicholasNestorNeilNeilNeilNathanNatalieNatalieNaohikoNancyMylesMoriahMohammedMiyeMitchelMirandaMilekMileenaWendlandMaaliMartinDonnianEverettKasadateJermouneHardyCuppNguyenMaedaJacksonScottClineBrosiousLaljieWerdmullerVallejoMorenoLaschkewitschPassante-OrtizRalstonRoedlStaufDinkinsLePerezGonzalezEvansFernandez Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

97 Olivia Nelson Omar RichRicardoReinaldoReginaReeseRebeccaRebeccaRaymondRaymondRandolphRandallRandallRamonRalphRafaelRafaelRafaelPierrePhucPhuPhillipPhillipPhilemonPhilPetersonPeterPeterPeterPedroPaulaPaulaPaulPaulPaulPatrickPatrickPatrickPatrickPatPamPaigeOsvaldoElizondoGomezHebertCapersDoyleBeckmanBurnettKershawSpieserAdamsConboyHoltzGomezQuintanaNegronRoblesHonikerLozanoStevensBrunoHolmesHartwellAcevesFlorendoNguyenNguyenDeckmanCarleCuevaFernandezWileyRiveraGonzalezHammondMontoneyRiveraEsparzanunezSilvaCampbellYuJohnsonRuizOrozcoMaldonadoGossett Rich RoniRonaldRonRogerRogerRogerRockyRobinRobertoRobertoRobertoRobertoRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobertRobbieRobbRobRobRobRickyRickyRickRichardRichardRichardRichardRichardRichardRichardRichardRichardRichardRozanskiBlackCrotchettFrederickHartLopez-SilveroMarcusPitcockReyesVotavaWorkmanSaffranBentleyBradleyAdamekBickelDouglasFergusonGriffinBurgerCannDavidNelsonHerzogJodoinJohnsLeskovichMarraNeuzilOgleRayReyesStoutLuciano-RampollaMolinaEscobalesNievesRomeroBellevueMacDonaldGertzHornStevensEpperlyRohrenbacherAlvarado Rony Palacios Ross Castile Ross SeanSeamusScottScottScottScottScottScottScottScotSarahSarahSarahSarahSaraSantiagoSamuelSamuelSamuelSamuelSamanthaSamanthaSalvadorSalvadorSabySabriannaRyanRyanRyanRyanRyanRyanRyanRyanRyanRyanRuthRussellRusselRufusRubenUmaliLeonGuevaraWiseCopelandHarpeDrescherForkGoughJenksLeeMeerdoPraganoSolesbeeSontagZuravelZaretsky-LongoZaretskyDuenasGodinezBeneshThekMarshallRomanToscanoValentinRodriguezNievesFilickyCookeGonzalezMoriyamaPenrodHeddonBodenHutchersonMcSheaMonsenMonsenNevinVanLeuvenCasey“Chimmi”Chiacchiaro Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

99 ENTERTAINMENT AND HOSPITALITY CONGRATULATIONS to all Thea Award Recipients LOS ANGELES 310.820.4600 | ORLANDO 407.839.0414

100 Sean “Chimmi” Chiacchiaro Sean Curry Sean Devine Sean Goelz Sean Laing Sean Marshall Sean Poluha Sean Ramirez Sean Reynolds Sean Smith Sean StevenStevenStevenStevenStevenStevenStevenSteveSteveStephenStephenStephanieStephanieStanleyStaceySonnySofiaSkylerSinclaireSiddharthShelbySheilaShawnShaughnSharonicaSharonShannonShannonShannonShaneShaneSethSergioValizaGomezGrayckowskiBagleyLohdenBunchWellingWilliamsWestphalMooreLunodAbbuhlRileyTaylorShahTomanRendonHernandezMejiaRomanoBurdenLiptonMannElasaadNelsonHaroldLaneBravekBrouwerGarciaGilbertoHartmanHeraldJones Steven Lewis Steven Lowe Steven Peake Steven Polley Steven TamekaTamaraTamaraSuzySuzySusanStrattonVegaCarverPiatekLochheadLorenzoGarbisoWilson“Kenzie” Mckenzie Tanya Burmeister Taylor McLaughlin Teresa Trela Teresa Wright Terry Carr Terry TravisTrangTracyTracyTraceyToryTopherTonyTonyTonyTonyToddToddTobyTJTimothyTimothyTimothyTimTimTimTienThomasThomasThomasThomasNelsonArthurFowlerGrissonSelfDangEckHurleySharpBettnerMcGrathRogersWollardEdwardsSchenkerUhlAguilarMayaSiglerZmorenskiSchultzRuprechtYanceyCunninghamHernstromPhamSutherland Tri WilliamWikiWhitneyWesleyWayneWattsWalterWalterWalterVivekanandViorelVincentVictorVictorVeronicaVenkataVanessaTylerTylerTylerTristanTrishaTranSinayGaleBalCarlockDaleTarangoTamminanaVenzorBorjaJaccoud-MileyLyPruneanBhikhaDiolosaEmerineLiptonWattsClarkPeedeNovotnyRosasRosaAlbertSchulte Jr. William Benson William Craig William Hildebrand William McKenna IV William Moffitt William Pillows Willy ZoiloZawmoeZacheryZacharyZachYeslieYaumaraYanelyYamileXuanXimenaXavierWyattWilmaGutierrezTerryBlasticHermosilloPanayfoLoanQuachRiveraGonzalezAguilarRiveroDominguezVincentHardyBistlineLwinSolis Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

101 Zoltan Fazekas Cast Adam Driver Daisy SimoneSaffronOscarMikeKipsangJohnJamieJamesDomhnallRidleyGleesonArnoldTaylorZubairiBoyegaRotichQuinnIsaacHockingSaunders Lucasfilm Ltd. Alina Campbell Allie PabloNicoleMattLynwenLynneLelandLaelaKiriKathyJenniferJasonJamesGennaErikDougDavidDaveCarrieBrianGreeneMillerBeckFiloniHobbinsChiangTiemensElkinWaughSteinHsyuSmeadonHartFrenchCheeHaleBrennanMartinLetawHidalgo Industrial Light & Magic Alex Aponte Amy BrianBillAndrewShepardSimionasGeorgeHolligan Brooke Masotti Caitlin Thornton Can PeterNickNeilNathanMitchelMikeMichaelMelissaMelissaMauraMattMasahikoMasaMarkKrystalKimKelvinKatieJustinJoshuaJonJenJeffJayJannetteJanetIanGregGregFranklinElizabethElbertDougDelioDavideDavidDaveChristopherChrisCarolCarolChangNortonPayneHavrebergBalogLoganWeitzbergPaginTramontozziSmytheYenKimChanceSalterWeinerChristieLewinEngRWilliamsDoranHowardAlexanderOngKernPlumerLauBiancoCooperMarcinNaritaTaniLeeHoganLinMullinMidlockConteMejiaCampHerzingerWalkerDemarest Rob Bredow Rob YuhonYoshiVotchToddToan-VinhTiaSunnyStevenSteveSheldonSamSamWardShahStewartSerraoBraggsCaronWeiMarshallLeVaziriLeviYamadaNg Skywalker Sound Anthony TomCameronDeFrancescoBarkerMyers IPD Partners Bernhard Mechanical CCK Construction Services Cuningham Group EXP Morrow-MeadowsKHS&SKHS&SHuitt-ZollarsGrunauEngineeringCompanyEastWest Corporation Southland Industries SteelFab, Inc. T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc. Tri-City Electric Company Walter P Moore Western States Fire Protection Company Whiting-Turner Vendors 4Wall AdvancedAdiron7thSenseEntertainmentDesignEntertainment Technology Alcorn McBride Official Credits cont'd - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

102 Asifccorpusa.comParkar 407-575-9625 Program + Project Management Cost Estimating + Management 2021 TEA Thea Award Winner for Outstanding Achievement

103 iMagination + Stantec = Destination The Bandshell at iMagine Clearwater Park Contact: Daryl LeBlanc daryl leblanc@stantec com Greg Meyer gregory meyer@stantec com theandtoCongratulationsBob!Here'stoallofthe2021awardrecipientswho'vebroughtsuchwonderandmagicaudiencesacrosstheworld.Here'stoajoyouscelebrationwithallwhoarepartofourinternationalindustrywhocollectivelyrepresentbestinthemedentertainment! STUDIO CREATING LEISURE EXPERIENCES Consultancy & design for eco friendly and themed family leisure developments Michel Linet Frion +(33) 650 69 0123 / www concepts innovations com / congratulationstoallThea2021awardees somedaystandardsthanksforsettingthehighestweallwishtoreachalso,Michel

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TAIT Navigator Automation Platform seamlessly enhances themed experiences by effortlessly controlling tens of thousands of show control elements in attractions and nighttime spectaculars. Driven by theme park trends and feedback from industry leaders, TAIT Navigator delivers a unified attraction show control product that provides operators with single millisecond precision and an intuitive, pointand-click software interface.

TAIT Navigator has revolutionized how highly realistic, immersive, engaging themed attractions are brought to life. In order to provide the greatest creative flexibility, the one-millisecond synchronization technology within TAIT Navigator makes every transition seamless and allows for very precise adjustment of show systems. This synchronization works across the challenging environment of wireless networks. The level of precision allows guests to experience a whole new assortment of technical effects, such as 3D sound sources created by phaseshifted audio tracks across multiple speakers, in real TAITtime.Navigator’s “Library Cues” also allow programmers to create reusable cueing components that can be applied in multiple locations across an attraction. This removes the need to manage downloading programs to fleets of vehicles. Performer and guest safety are primary attributes of the system. With built-in support for a large suite of industrial communication protocols, TAIT Navigator communicates natively with the local ride system PLC. This allows show programmers to create much more sophisticated event triggers.

TAIT Navigator is a premium control system that has the potential to grow in popularity and significance within the themed entertainment industry.

TAIT Navigator Automation Platform

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement Technological Innovation of Industry Significance

TAIT Navigator Automation Platform was originally developed by Scott Fisher more than a decade ago, and TAIT bought his company to access his innovative control technology. Since then, the system has undergone many upgrades and is primarily used to control major attractions that include live performers. It has also been used to control fountain attractions and major theme park rides, as well as spectacular live shows and stunt shows. The system consists of standard industrial computers (nodes) running TAIT Navigator software. Each node can operate independently for commissioning and maintenance purposes. Nodes instantly operate together by simply connecting them to the network to coordinate effects and scenes. This plug-and-play approach is innovative: a single TAIT Navigator node installed on a ride vehicle can run a vast array of tasks such as lighting, audio, animation, motion bases, and special effects. This hardware agnostic platform not only allows a system designer to tailor the physical size and processing power of a system to meet the projects’ unique needs, it also provides a product sustainability path that ensures the guest experience is reliable and safe.


106 Official Credits List - TAIT Navigator Automation Platform TAIT Navigator Team Andy ViktorTarasScottOlehMyroslavMykhailoMikeMaksymLesaJohnJimEthanEthanEricChrisBryanStieberHeiserWesselsWiseBennettPendergraftLoveWelchSniderIvanchukSibleyKobrynHavrylyukDerevenkoChalfantHrechynTertyshnyy Global Executives Adam Davis Ben DiCarlo Bob MaryJamesEricChristianRathsamRecknagelGrossman“Winky”FairorthHuwaldt Global Senior Leadership Alistair Bell Avery White Brian Levine Dave KevinJenniferGemmaWeatherheadHodgsonKurlandTaylor Commercial Elliot Smith Eric KeithGabySchmehlWerkman,Steward Matthew Tonks Scott Levine Business Development Aaron Siebert Adam "Bullet" Bettley Ben TowakoTobyThijsTedMattJustinJamesDavidGasperBondChapmanTooneHalesMooreBruinsVanHayYagura Project Management Adam Stowe Alex Serrano Carl RhysRayRawiPhilOliverNickMatthewMaryMarioMarcoLoganLeeKimKevinJulianJimJayJamesItaloErickEmmaDimitriCordesGrantReichardFieldsToniuttiTaylorWangShumwayGoldmanDonnellyRossAshleyLowerVanLeeuwenVanDenBiggelaarMorrisonStottBeltonBrownMitchellFayadDormanDenegri Robin Tarling Rowly Walker Sam ToddStuartSonyaShannonSarahPerryTurneyNickersonMorrisBakerVernon Controls Design Adam Piotrowski Andy Hyatt Carl SteveRyanMatthewJulianFelxiDuaneChristopherHaydayPetersonTurnerMaoHoareBettingerHunterTarling Controls Engineering Brett ThanasisSuzannaPhillipPeterPatrickNikkiMiguelMattMattMarkMarcusKarlJoeJasonImantasHimeshDonaldDengChloePorterShrinerZhouYoungDhorajiwalaSlenysGoldenbergAuEricksonHuntBrownBrockisHayesBernalAlvarezClarkePlashkoMayToussaintPaulosAnagnostopoulos

Controls107 Integration Alex LexJoshJordanJoeJimmyJackImantasGioFrankEmilyDavidChrisChrisCharlotteBrettBeccaAshleyAndyAndrewAmberAlexanderWeismanSperandioStanleyPenneyWellonsAllenTerpenningSmithLockyerChanHerbGreatrexTalbottJaramilloAngottiSlenysDangremondSouthworthEcksteinSteeleLevinWang Marc YoniTorrynTomStevenSteveSofiaSamRobertMikeMikeMennoMelodyThomasWongVanWettenSharpWarrenGoldshearHillyerLiFarquharSnowRichterSmithCarver Controls Fabrication and Testing Brandon Nixdorf Du MatthewKelseyJordanJoeJCJaredLuuMcDonaldEvansKershnerLeedWhiteManley Morgan Erb Shane WestonEkisChambers Support Ahkar Aung Alex ZacVickyTonyThiagoRobertRicoReganRaffaelePaulMikeMikeMichaelMarkMarcoKevinJeronimoJayJamieJamesJacobGordonGavinCraigColinCodyCiprianAntAllanCarverMayesVitaleMafteiO’DellWilsonRobertsWellsBurrowsObermeierDorringtonCordellWitheeCarbiFordRisortoHattLeeGutierrezNorrisHollingberyBuonoKellySylvesterPooleyMachadoSuritaHamiltonPelentrides Marketing Kierston Powell Special Thanks Scott IndustryFisherPartners at WDI Industry Partners at Universal Creative Official Credits cont'd - TAIT Navigator Automation Platform



Visual Terrain congratulates the amazing Bob Weis as a most deserving recipient of the Buzz Price ea Award, recognizing a lifetime of distinguished achievements. Since 1995, Visual Terrain has been honored to be a part of 15 ea Award recipient project teams! are proud to have been on the THEA Gala Production teams in 2005-2009, 2015-2017, 2019. In 2020, Visual Terrain launched a Germicidal Lighting Advisory Group to help emed Entertainment reopen. also introduced Luminous Terrain™, a large interactive outdoor nighttime lighting experience, available now globally. Terrain™ An outdoor interactive lighting experience. Germicidal Lighting Advisory Group & Pathogens over 25 years of lighting design




for Architecture • Attractions • The Arts

Visual Terrain congratulates all of our fellow 2021 ea Award recipients for their outstanding achievements. extend a special thank you to Steve Ryan and the entire ShoConcepts Project Team for including us in the beautiful Jewel Changi Airport project. CapitaMalls Asia Limited and Changi Airport Group PTE





This fantastic adventure, Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride, is unique in being a multi-rider, high-capacity, interactive virtual reality experience to open as a major theme park attraction. Debuting a new ride system, Midnight Ride utilizes motorcycles mounted on individual motion bases coupled with real time VR that together actively respond to rider interaction.

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Attraction

The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride is one of the anchor attractions at Lionsgate Entertainment World, a new theme park that opened in July 2019 on Hengqin Island, China. It is a multi-rider, multi-sensory, interactive virtual reality (VR) experience: Guests climb aboard their own motorbikes, each with its own, multi-axis motion platform. A lightweight, individually sanitized, plastic frame fits over each guest’s face and, once they are secured on their bikes, the VR screen and hardware lower from the ceiling and magnetically click into place on the headset frame. Riders are greeted by Jacob, and he introduces them to their mission: to ride out with the wolf pack to find and put a stop to the volatile and unpredictable vampire newborns prowling the forest. In VR, the garage opens, and the riders race off into the forest. Wind and the smell of pine further enhance the forest ride. Each rider has control of their speed and direction, and they can see other riders doing the Maneuveringsame. through the forest, riders are chased and attacked by the newborns. The wolf pack rushes to defend the guests, who are in peril of crashing and being thrown from their bikes. Racing across a bridge, the guests reunite and are led back to the safety of Jacob’s garage.

The combination of VR with simulator technology and group gaming software affords each guest the ability to choose their own path while still being able to interact with other Theriders.VR headset system facilitates a quick and efficient ride load and unload, while at the same time providing for a simple and effective cleaning system. All the elements of Midnight Ride come together in a truly cohesive, compelling and shiningexperience,exceptionalaexample of excellence.

Lionsgate Entertainment World, Zhuhai, China


The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride

112 Official Credits List - The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride LIONSGATE PROJECT TEAM Jenefer Brown, EVP & Head, Global Live, Interactive, & Location Based GeneEntertainmentRogers,VP, Global Live, & Location Based Entertainment Jerry Sabatini, VP, Global Live, Interactive, & Location Based KirstenEntertainmentTaylor-Hall, VP, Global Live, Interactive, & Location Based RyanEntertainmentGallego, Director, Global Live, Interactive, & Location Based ArabellaEntertainmentWeston-Smith, Sr Manager, Global Live, Interactive, & Location Based Entertainment Erin Wilson, Coordinator, Global Live, Interactive, & Location Based EvaEntertainmentFeder,SVP, Business & Legal Affairs Hana Gandi, Attorney Alex Spring-Anderson, Business & Legal DavidAffairs Edwards, SVP, Content Strategy Development & Integration Meghann Burns, SVP, Global Earned Media & Communications Justin Yu, Director, Global Live & Location Based Entertainment Emily Movahed, Manager, Global Live & Location Based Entertainment Lori Giovengo, Manager, Global Live & Location Based Entertainment LIONSGATE EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Jon Feltheimer, CEO Michael Burns, Vice Chairman Joe Drake, Chairman, Motion Picture JenGroupHollingsworth, COO, Motion Picture Group LAI SUN – NOVOTOWN Dr. Peter Lam John Tse Larry Leung Paul MercuryChanWong Catherine Chan Eric Yang VILLAGE ROADSHOW THEME PARKS EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Clark Kirby, CEO Village Roadshow Alistair Bennallack, CEO Village Roadshow Theme Parks Asia Selena Magill, Executive General Manager Village Roadshow Theme Parks Asia VILLAGE ROADSHOW THEME PARKS Adrian Summers, Director Technical Services Asia Llewella McNabb, Operations Manager BreaAustraliaLawrence, Operations Specialist BrettAustraliaCouper, Technical Services Specialist Australia Mika Yanaka, Director of Finance Asia Charlie Castles, Audio Visual Specialist JoyceAustraliaLie, SVP Asia Luke Riley, Chief Commercial Officer Asia James Lie, Director of International Development Asia Ivan Wen, Sr Manager Theme Park Projects Asia Josh Cooper, Technical Services Trainer DanAustraliaFulwood, Technical Services Australia LIONSGATE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD Rick Zeng, Director of Sales & Marketing Royston Lee, Director of Operations Paul Yang, Director of Technical Services Gary Shao, Attractions Ops Manager David Zhou, Safety & Security Manager Cindy Yang, Admissions & Guest Services JaniceManagerChen, Park Services Manager Mackey Li, Maintenance Manager Martin Cui, Assistant Maintenance Manager Thinkwell Group Project Team Kelly Ryner, Project Executive Producer Paul Redding, Project Executive Director Matt Parker, Lead Creative Director Dave Cobb, Creative Director Scott Sun, Show Set Design Lead Cloud Li, Show Set Design Jessenia Chen, Show Set Design Jie Zhou, Show Set Design Wengjie Wang, Show Set Design Nathan Amondson, Production Designer Charles Dong, 3D Illustrator Apple Zhang, Artist/Illustrator Yong Yan, Graphic Designer Nicole Harada, Concept Graphic JenDesignerChow, Concept Graphic Designer Ryan Kester, Project Manager Kate Zhang, Project Coordinator Darcy Jaw, Graphics Manager Sherrie Dai, Art Director Tony Lusk, Sr Technical Manager Sylvain Marcotte, Technical Design YihuaManagerHuang, Technical Manager Christopher Els, Technical Manager Emily Ritter, Production Manager Alison Kane, Media Producer Lester Zhu, Project Manager Ericka Maatman, Coordinator Peiang Li, Translator Jon Sipos, Technical Director Leslie Li, Project Accountant Dou Bo, Props Master Spencer Li, Construction Coordinator/ RaymondTranslator Lin, Technical Manager Matt Lawrence, Lighting Design JeremyManagerLiang, Site Coordinator Ivy Lin, Document Control

Thinkwell113 Group Executive Leadership Randy Ewing, Executive Design Director Craig Hanna, Executive Creative Director Joe Zenas, CEO Thinkwell Group Francois Bergeron, COO & CFO Thinkwell AdamGroup Lajoie, HR Recruitment & Logistics Cockram Scenario Tom Stapleton, VP Scenario Asia Steven Rambousek, Director of Design Larry Reinhold, Director of Manufacturing and ColinInstallationLonergan, Project Executive David Somerville, Project Director Matthew King, Project Director Palig Demirjian, Project Manager of Show Set Blake Hellyar, Project Manager of Show Systems Subcontractors to Cockram Scenario GoldenSMI Mantis ParkBirket& LightswitchAssociates Framestore Lauren Anderson, Senior Producer Gavin Fox, Creative Director Adam Sargent, Producer Max McNair MacEwan, Producer Danny Lepage, Technical Lead Marc-Andre Larose, Producer Anthony Confos, Production Coordinator Amanda Johnstone-Batt, CG Supervisor Brad Silby, Animation Lead Jed Fisher, Animator Emma Ewing, Animator Ian Potsos Animator Kent Rausch, Line Producer Bruno Reis-Coimbra, Modeller Grand Central Sound Studios Sound Designer: Steve Lane Audio Developer: Mirren Malcolm-Neale Audio Producer: Mike Hill Tim Burns, Composer CAVU Designwerks, Inc. Peter Schnabel, Chief Executive Officer Mark Stepanian, Chief Experience Officer Han Xiao, Director of Global Operations Yuyi Zhao, Project Coordinator Jinhui Zhao, Project Engineer Nero Li, Electro-mechanical Engineer Chen Zhi, Project Engineer Jordan Barner, Project Engineer David Moghaddam, Mechanical TylerEngineerBlankenship, Mechanical Engineer DreamCraft Attractions Ltd. Vernon McGugan, Chief Executive Officer Chris Robertson, Innovation Technical RobDirectorBarrett, Chief Operating Officer Terry Sanderson, Producer Johnwill Keating, Software Engineer Geoff Johns, Software Engineer Ben Wilson, Senior Software Engineer Darren Keetley, Quality Assurance Lead and JasonIT Constantine, Quality Assurance Jordan Ivey, Lead Audio Designer Simmi Behal, Project Coordinator Amy Walter, Artist SPECIAL THANKS Stephanie Meyer Taylor Lautner Official Credits cont'd - The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride


For some two decades, Dale Sprague has generously provided his own time and talents to TEA, as well as those of his professional staff at Canyon Creative, a branding and marketing agency based in Las Vegas, with clientele that includes major casino operators as well as hospitality, entertainment and retail.

Dale Sprague truly embodies the spirit of service and the legacy of the late Peter Chernack, the TEA Past President for whom the TEA Distinguished Service Award is named.

Dale Sprague has been named by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) to receive the TEA Peter Chernack Distinguished Service Award, which honors exceptional service to the organization, above and beyond the norm. Giving back in this manner is the lifeblood of an association such as TEA that relies in great part on a dedicated community of volunteers. TEA announces the new Distinguished Service Award recipient each year at the same time as the new slate of TEA Thea Awards recipients.

Dale Sprague


Peter Chernack Distinguished Service Award


Dale has made himself and his company available as a resource to our association year after year. He has interfaced with the TEA International Board, TEA Headquarters, TEA Divisions, Committees and the membership. To his role within TEA, as an artist, designer and small business owner in his own right, Dale has brought an intimate understanding of and commitment to our unique, creative industry. His many years as a volunteer leader within TEA include six years’ service on the TEA International Board of Directors. He has shown up and contributed his time, voice and perspective to Board meetings, Committee meetings and the annual Strategic Planning Meeting, year after year. Dale and his team have been an expert design and resource to help TEA assume a more consistent, professional face and brand identity, online and offline. Dale brought this expertise and understanding to the design of the current TEA logo and its various iterations for TEA Divisions, conferences, NextGen and more. He has been a constant resource for maintaining and improving the TEA website. He has continued to be available to weigh in when new branding concerns or needs crop Throughoutup.his many years of service to the TEA, Dale Sprague has been generous, tireless and dedicated, a deep and patient listener with a gracious and warm demeanor. His contributions have helped TEA to strengthen its brand consistently across regions and around the world, and to achieve the global status the organization enjoys today.

AECOM provides unrivaled expertise in the business of entertainment. We are a fully integrated infrastructure services firm with extensive experience in the creation of themed environments, hotels and resorts, and cultural destinations. In addition to the pioneering economics expertise that we provide to developers, operators and investors, our collaborative approach unites creativity with technical expertise to address complex challenges at all scales.