The 29th Annual Thea Awards Program

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29th Annual Thea Awards

April 15, 2023,

The Disneyland Resort

Bringing us together, from TEA International Board President Melissa Ruminot 3 Thea Awards Gala Production Team Credits 7 A personal note of gratitude, from TEA Executive Director Lindsey Nelson 8 Thea Awards Program Acknowledgements 9 TEA Events Serve the Attractions Industry 11 Beyond the trophies: A conversation with the Thea Judging Committee Chairs 15 History of the Thea Awards 21 How to Create a Thea Awards Submission 27 TEA Code of Conduct 78 Roland Mack: Buzz Price Thea Award - Recognizing a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements 29 Thea Classic Award: The Main Street Electrical Parade 33 Thea Catalyst Awards: Susana Tubert and Chevy Humphrey 38 TEA Peter Chernack Award for Distinguished Service: Kevin Murphy and Peter Weishar 97 Absurdities Vol. 1 by ANDSOFORTH 43 Beaudry Interactive - Diva® Real-Time Control 45 Chasseurs de Tornades 47 How to Train Your Dragon: Untrainable 49 The Irish Racehorse Experience 55 JUMP by Limitless Flight 57 Jurassic World Adventure 59 Particle Ink: Speed of Dark 65 QUAKE - Lisbon Earthquake Center 67 Shanghai Astronomy Museum 69 Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser 71 Underlandet 81 Universal Studios Beijing 85
Specialty Awards Advertiser Index 4Wall 18 7thSense 44 AECOM cover AET 88 Alcorn McBride 58 AREA15 100 Chimelong 13-14, 52 Christie 76 Color Reflections 26 Creature Technology 62 DemoDave 46 EPS 79 Europa-Park 28 EXP 12 FAR Out! Creative Direction 27 Forrec 88 IAAPA 80 Moment Factory 37 Museum of Science and Industry Chicago 42 Nanolumens 78 Odd-O-Ts' Entertainment 58 Panasonic Connect 51 P&P Projects 64 PGAV Destinations 96 Radiance Lightworks 88 RWS Entertainment 5-6 Stantec 74 Storyland Studios 1 TEA Past Presidents Committee 82 Universal Creative 92 Universal Destinations and Experiences 84 University of Central Florida 22 VCI Events 64 Vekoma 10 Visual Terrain 20 Walt Disney Imagineering 40
Thea Awards for

Bringing us together

Welcome to the 29th Annual TEA Thea Awards!

The Thea Awards have been bringing us together for nearly 30 years – three decades –a generation!

Bringing us together - but around what, exactly? What do the Thea Awards represent? What is the unifying force?

What the Thea Awards represent is inspiration, innovation and the industry’s inexhaustible creativity: The power to imagine the unimaginable - and then to actually deliver it –and, by doing so, to redefine what is possible.

The unifying force - the thing that brings us together and ignites our camaraderie - is the celebration of excellence and the power of community. The Thea Awards help us see and feel ourselves as an industry, with a global presence.

To perceive our themed entertainment and experience industry in its true depth and breadth requires that you appreciate its fantastic diversity – the hundreds of individual disciplines; the global sweep; the range of markets, perspectives and cultures; the many types of attractions and experiences and their power to engage.

Through your creations, you and your colleagues make a difference, a positive impact on the lives of families and guests, evoking great experiences, magical moments and lasting memories. We are fortunate to be part of this amazing industry - where world-class teams come together to create spectacular, world-class projects that engage guests’ hearts and minds through the power of storytelling. And with all that’s been created so far, see the unending potential for more!

As we look to the future, it’s essential to also stay in touch with our legacy, the foundation of great projects and great vision that remain timeless.

Special congratulations to Lifetime Achievement recipient Roland Mack; to our two Thea Catalyst recipients, Chevy Humphrey and Susana Tubert; and our two TEA Service Award recipients, Peter Weishar and Kevin Murphy. I am so inspired by the work and legacy each of you has contributed to our industry.

To our Thea Classic honoree, The Main Street Electrical Parade, and all of the 29th annual Thea Recipients – Bravo! We are so happy to celebrate alongside each and every one of you. Profound thanks as well to the project owners who literally make all this possible, and special appreciation for their providing the credits lists published here - those acknowledgments are an absolutely essential part of the Thea Awards. We are also most grateful to everyone who made a point of journeying to participate in the Thea Awards


in person, whether as a recipient, presenter or speaker, attendee or volunteer.

We’re pleased to have RWS Entertainment Group on board to produce the Thea Awards Gala this year and in 2024 and look forward to their show of shows. Deep thanks to the Thea Awards Judging Committee for their hard work and commitment to defining what excellence truly embodies, to my colleagues on the TEA International Board of Directors, to TEA Executive Director extraordinaire Lindsey Nelson and her hardworking staff, and to everyone whose contributions have helped make this event that much better, that much more of a success. Sincere gratitude to our event sponsors for their

generous support, and for believing in what TEA and the Thea Awards represent. You help us believe in ourselves!

Look around you and celebrate your success and your industry’s success. Raise a glass to excellence. Celebrate your wins and celebrate each other.

I can’t wait to see what comes next.



Melissa Ruminot

The Nassal Company

Vice President

Matt Barton

7thSense Design

Vice President

Nathan Jones


Vice President

Shannon Martin

Color Reflections


Anthony Pruett Affinity, Inc.


Evi Sari

WildBrain CPLG

immediate Past President

Chuck Fawcett Allureum

President, asia Pacific diVision

Adron Leow

Aamoni Lifestyle Sdn Bhd

President, eastern north america diVision

Gregory Senner Scenario

President, euroPe & middle east diVision

Chris Willrich DJ Willrich Ltd

President, Western north american diVision

Tracy Balsz Technifex

Marissa Blake Experience Designer

Ifat Caspi

P&P Projects BV

Yael Coifman

Leisure Development Partners

Winston Fisher

Fisher Brothers

Mk Haley

University of Texas

Garrick Hansen


Christian Kubsch

Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris Lange


Dan Memis

Universal Creative

Luke Riley

Village Roadshow Theme Parks

Brian Sands HKS

Peter van Roden

Global Themed Entertainment, Warner Bros. Consumer Products






Thea Awards Gala Production Team Credits

Show Producer/Director

Rebecca Holmes, RWS

Creative Director

Monica Miklas, RWS

Art Director

Daniel Russo, RWS

Music Director

Dylan Ris & The Moon Units

Principal Lighting Designer

Steven Young, Visual Terrain

Assistant Lighting Designer

Christina Martin, Visual Terrain

Assistant Lighting Designer 2

Austin Kelm, Visual Terrain

Show Writer

Monica Miklas & Michael Restaino, RWS

Video Content Design

Paul Fynn, ted

Production Stage Manager

Jody Slagle, RWS

Lighting Programmer

Steeve Vajk, Visual Terrain

Assistant Stage Managers

Steve Smith & Jami Montegny, RWS

Production Coordinator

Kristen Sheola, RWS

Production Assistant

Andrew Hayes, RWS

Technical Director

Marissa Parr, Anchor Mill

Technical Manager

Alex Eastman, RWS

IMAG Director & Video Post-Production

Ray Jensen, SJ Media Productions

Cameras & AV

Todd Dale, VCI Events


VCI Events

Live Voiceover Talent

Dave Martin, Demodave Production & Voiceover

Hair & Make-up

Bonnie Sinclair & Karen Weller, Costume Connection

Thea Centerpieces

Color Reflections

Foyer Graphics Art Supervision

Dale Sprague & Alicia Cabos, Canyon Creative

Foyer Graphics Production Supervision

Shannon Martin & Durant Ashley, Color Reflections Las Vegas

TEA Sponsor Reel Production

Dave Martin, Demodave Production & Voiceover

Media Contact

Lauren Moore, IMN Solutions

Candid Photography

Martin Palicki, InPark Magazine

Gala Photography

Annie Lesser

TEA Thea Awards Gala Event Producer

Lindsey Nelson, Laura Singler, Morgan Lucchese

TEA Event Registration & Hospitality

Terry Lacson

TEA Volunteers & NexGen Crew:

Victor Mandala (Embry-Riddle), Kenna Kankival (USC), Layla Yun (USC),

Hanna Rose (USC), Lilah Capp (USC), Angelina Yalda (College of the Canyons)

TEA Event Registration & Hospitality

Terry Lacson

Disneyland Resort Teams

Technical Director

Andrew Graves

Light Board Operator & Programmer

Jamie Manriquez & Valentine Lopez


Thomas Price

Audio Engineers

James Toucey, Daniel P Gilstrap

Lighting Tech

Ashley Kirkland


Jose Luy

Disneyland Resort Banquet Operations Managers

David Ramos, Ana Vazquez, Marcella Gonzalez, Laura Rich, & Edwin Mendoza

Disneyland Resort Culinary - Banquet Chef

Chris Faulkner, Ralph Stuhlmueller

Disneyland Resort Culinary Sous Chef

Joven Tolentino, Luis Favila, Vinay Yadav

Disneyland Resort Banquet Captains

Jesus Estrada, Norberto Martinez, Rob Grosse, Einar Solis

Disney Catered Events

Terry DeLorenzo, Senior Sales Manager

Disney Meetings & Events

Brenda Uribe, Senior Catering & Convention Serivces Manager

Disneyland Resort

Ken Potrock, President

TEA Headquarters Staff

Executive Director

Lindsey Nelson Director of Operations

Laura Singler Administrator

Terry Lacson

Executive Assistant

Juliette Grace

Events Manager

Morgan Lucchese

Membership Manager

Kirsten McGargill

Marketing Manager

Tori Sauerbrunn

Operations Manager

Clara Allen


A Personal Note of Gratitude

What a pleasure to be celebrating the 29th Annual Thea Awards Gala with all of you once again. This event, and all of the events of INSPIRE Week represent a tremendous year-round team effort on the part of a dedicated group of volunteers who have invested hundreds of hours over the last year to make these events possible. In particular, I’d like to acknowledge the following volunteers for going above and beyond the call of duty to deliver the excellent programming we all enjoyed over the last 3 days.

Juliette Grace

Steve Birket, Birket Engineering

Christine Kerr, Kerr Creative Company

Shannon Martin, Color Reflections

Luc Mayrand, Walt Disney Imagineering

Brian Morrow, BMorrow Productions

Melissa Ruminot, The Nassal Company

And certainly, I want to highlight the contributions of the fantastic TEA Staff for all of the work they did leading up to this week, but also every day of the year. Their talents, work ethic, and passion for member service contribute so significantly to the tapestry of this organization and we could not do this work without them.

Please join me in thanking these individuals when you see them onsite this week.

And last, but certainly not least, thank YOU for coming this week, to be inspired and celebrate excellence. I know this trip represents a sizeable investment for you and your company, and I hope you leave Anaheim with a renewed sense of energy, connection, and pride from being part of the TEA community.


Morgan Lucchese Laura Singler Clara Allen Kirsten McGargill Tori Holland Sauerbrunn Terry Lacson

Thea Awards Program Acknowledgements

Publisher: Themed Entertainment Association (TEA)

Editor: Judith Rubin, InPark Magazine

Cover and Program Design: Alicia Cobos, Canyon Creative

Art Direction: Dale Sprague, Canyon Creative

Layout and Production: Martin Palicki, InPark Magazine

Project Descriptions: TEA Thea Awards Judging Committee

Credits lists provided by the Thea Awards recipients

Advertising Liaison: Martin Palicki, InPark Magazine

© 2023 Themed Entertainment Association. All rights reserved.

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About TEA

The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) is the international non-profit association representing the world’s leading creators, developers, designers and producers of compelling places and experiences - worldwide. Our members bring specific expertise in a variety of disciplines to a field that is constantly evolving: the creation of successful, highly engaging, out of home visitor attractions and experiences in the leisure and travel sector. These entertaining and educational projects include theme parks, water parks, museums, zoos, corporate visitor centers, casinos, restaurants, branded experiences, multimedia spectaculars, retail spaces, resorts and hospitality, destination attractions and more.

TEA was founded in 1991 and now encompasses some 1,600 members and four primary Divisions: Eastern North America, Western North America, Europe & Middle East, and Asia Pacific. In the 25+ years of its existence, TEA has changed the global conversation about how great guest experiences are conceived and realized, and focused international attention on a vital niche of popular culture. There are many benefits and advantages to becoming a paid association member and taking your place in the TEA community.

About the TEA Thea Awards

The annual Thea Awards were created to bring recognition to achievement, talent and personal excellence within the themed entertainment industry. From a modest beginning in 1994, the Thea Awards have become internationally recognized as a symbol of excellence.

29th Annual Thea Awards Judging Committee

The Thea Awards Judging Committee includes past lifetime achievement honorees, one Board Liaison position and 12 Members-at-Large appointed to three-year terms.

Fri Forjindam, Chair

Andy Westfall, Co-Chair

Jhenny Capili, Administrator

Michael Blau, Board Liaison


Patricia MacKay

Dave Cobb

Michel Linet-Frion

Jin Wang

Franceen Gonzales

Fri Forjindam

Andy Westfall

John Robinett

Christian Aaen

Luc Mayrand

June Ren

Shawn McCoy

Catalyst Sub-Committee

Nancy Seruto, Chair

Phil Hettema

Luc Mayrand

Doris Hardoon

Patricia MacKay

Technical Sub-Committee

Luc Mayrand, Chair

Franceen Gonzales

Rick Rothschild (Advisor)

Museums & Aquariums/Zoos


John Robinett, Chair

Shawn McCoy

Doris Hardoon

Nancy Seruto

June Ren

Joe Rohde

Attraction Sub-Committee

Andy Westfall, Chair

Christian Aaen

Dave Cobb

Michel Linet-Frion

June Ren

Franceen Gonzales

Live Event Sub-Committee

Kim Irvine, Chair

Doris Hardoon

Ron Miziker

Yves Pépin

Connected Immersion


Luc Mayrand, Chair

Dave Cobb

Michel Linet-Frion

Patricia MacKay

Jin Wang

Buzz Price Thea (lifetime achievement) recipients

Tony Baxter**

Mark Fuller*

Bob Gurr**

Phil Hettema

Garner Holt

Kim Irvine

Don Iwerks*

Keith James

Monty Lunde**

Ron Miziker

Yves Pépin

Jeremy Railton

Bob Rogers

Joe Rohde

Jack Rouse*

Frank Stanek

Barry Upson*

Bob Ward

Mark Woodbury

Nancy Seruto

Bob Weis

Doris Hardoon

** Emeritus for both Lifetime and Main Committee

* Emeritus for Main Committee but participating in Lifetime

In Memoriam – Buzz Price Thea (lifetime achievement) recipients

John Hench (1908-2004)

Jon Jerde (1940-2015)

George Millay (1929-2006)

Harrison “Buzz” Price (1921-2010)

Marty Sklar (1934-2017)






TEA Events Serve the Attractions Industry

Inaddition to the Thea Awards, TEA serves its members and the industry with a full calendar of events and programs at the global and regional levels to help you network year-round, online and in-person, wherever you are located. For the latest information, visit www.teaconnect. org and click on the News and Events Tab.


SATE is the TEA’s signature conference series on Experience

Design. The SATE acronym: Storytelling + Architecture + Technology = Experience. #TEAsate

TEA SATE Europe is scheduled for May 3-6, 2023 at Europa-Park in Germany, and tickets are now on sale. More than simply a disruption, or reaction to the inevitable cycles of life and business, we are experiencing a radical, and complete change in our industry. We no longer need permission to break old habits. We’re being unapologetic about taking new steps. This fundamental changeover is not one big idea, it’s a great many small ideas. Come join the REVOLUTION

TEA SATE North AmericaKansas City, MO: Coming October 2023.

For the latest information on TEA SATE conferences, including speakers and registration, visit and click on “SATE” under the Events tab.

TEA Masters


epitomize the highest standards relative to their respective professional disciplines while also setting the standard for professional conduct within the Themed Entertainment industry.

They begin with pure talent and grow it with experience over decades, constantly evolving and maturing their craft to become industry leaders. TEA Masters have built a demonstrable body of work that shows consistency in the quality of work over many projects throughout their career. They lead by example and are mentors to many, inspiring and empowering others while executing their own craft with a spirit of collaboration with the project teams, interns, and students.

WHO: Creators, Managers, Designers, Writers, Producers, Engineers and Craftspeople who have built a body of work over decades with consistent quality and execution – contributors through their imagination, design, craftmanship, leadership and their pure artistry of their craft. TEA Masters can communicate their craft and are generous with their time and talents, eager to use their knowledge to create new experiences of the highest caliber while always pushing the limits.

WHEN: The new TEA Masters nominations cycle will begin April 15, 2023 and run through June 15, 2023. Check the TEA website at for updates.


Be sure to visit TEA at IAAPA Expos. Visit our booth on the showfloor or join us for one of our awesome networking mixers!

• Asia June 13-16

• Vienna Sept 25-28

• Orlando Nov 14-17

TEA Division events

TEA in-person and digital Division events are back in full swing for 2023. Our divisions are constantly taking these events to new levels. We are excited to see what's in store for the remainder of 2023. Visit for more information about TEA Divisions and Events.



EXP congratulates all 2023 Thea Award recipients!

EXP has led design innovation for some of the most recognizable and successful entertainment and sports venues in the world.

Our specialists provide a range of engineering and design services for theme parks, water parks, zoos, aquariums, sport facilities and attractions to create unforgettable guest experiences.


Attraction | Jurassic World Adventure, Universal Studios Beijing, Beijing, China

Brand Experience | Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

Theme Park | Universal Studios Beijing, Beijing, China

understand | innovate | partner | deliver

Beyond the trophies: A conversation with the Thea Judging Committee Chairs

Fri Forjindam (Chief Development Officer, Executive Creative Director MYCOTOO, Inc.) is wrapping up her year as Chair of the 29th annual Thea Awards Judging Committee, which oversaw the current slate of awards honored at the Gala in 2023 and covered in this program. Andy Westfall (Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Development at Herschend Family Entertainment) served as the 29th Committee Co-Chair, and now steps into the Chair position for the new cycle, the 30th annual Thea Awards.

Why are the Thea Awards uniquely important to the industry? What kinds of changes and improvements have they brought?

Fri Forjindam: The TEA Thea Awards represent the best in storytelling, execution and impact. Where so many awards programs highlight the tip of the iceberg in their respective arenas, the Thea Awards have, since their genesis, held a strong position of celebrating the full team - from owners and operators, to third-party vendors and independent consultants - all of whom played a role in delivering on excellence at opening day. This signature distinction of transparency has remained a constant for the Theas, and will continue to be improved upon, as the barrier of entry for submissions gets more and refined.

Andy Westfall: Every year, I’m elated by how the Thea Awards shine a bright global spotlight on outstanding individuals, dynamic teams, and unique projects from around the world, including many that might have otherwise flown below the radar in our colossal entertainment industry. Recognizing, celebrating, and elevating these unknown and emerging creative talents (alongside those that are better known) serves and fuels our industry to

continually expand and diversify our community of future creators. I believe that 29 years of Thea Awards has helped do more than celebrate a vast field of excellence; this award is a catalyst binding our global community to raise the collective bar for ourselves and our guests.

Speaking of catalysts, the Theas have been expanding to include more recognition for individuals, most recently the Catalyst Awards. Tell us about that and why it’s important.

Fri: I believe that before talking about the Catalyst Award and why it’s important, we must first recognize the context in which the award itself was urgently birthed. In 2020, we came to a tipping point in our

Fri Forjindam

Andy Westfall

collective consciousness. Generational disparities in representation, access and resources came to a head that could not be ignored. In order to conscientiously continue to reflect standards of excellence, our slate must extend to individuals (not just projects) who have significantly impacted the way we view and approach experiences.

I’m honored to say I am not alone in this resolve. Industry leaders including Nancy Seruto, Phil Hettema, Pat MacKay and Luc Mayrand were strongly aligned and motivated on this vision. They came together like a team of superheroes to help enlist and energize the entire Committee to champion a new, much deserved category of distinction. The Thea Catalyst Award is reserved for an individual who has achieved a real and

positive impact on the culture of our industry, and who inspires and empowers those who create compelling places and experiences. The award can be given to any individual who has recently made an important impact benefiting our industry.

The Catalyst Award represents a bold and promising step in bridging the gap between the work that is happening now and the work that is yet to be known. It looks to the future of our industry. It is a step that the Thea Committee is excited about - and a launch that I am extremely proud of.

What else does the current slate of recipients tell us?

Fri: The Future is Global! The 2023 slate of Thea Award recipients makes a bold commitment towards the TEA membership around the world, with a more diverse and globally inclusive narrative. This year 33% of the honorees were from the Americas, 36% from Asia and MENA, and the remaining 31% from Europe. Where we know there is so much more runway for exposure and awareness is in South America, Africa and Oceania. It is the Committee’s hope and intention to continue our outreach and scouting of the amazing projects and individuals from these areas.

One of the big contributions of the Thea Awards has been the publication of credits lists. Why do these matter?

Andy: The best ideas, solutions, and dreams come from persons at all levels of an organization, and it’s our role, as leaders in this industry, to listen and give credit where it’s ultimately due. As a creative business community, we build our entire future upon the strength of our integrity in our products and


services. Valuing the roles and contributions of everyone creating a masterpiece is foundational to our growth as an industry and a global creative community.

The Theas “celebrate excellence.” How do you know excellence when you find it?

Fri: When you’re forced to see the world and the opportunities for storytelling in a different way, that’s when you know you’re witnessing excellence. New adoptions of off-the-shelf technology to amplify the stories; new technologies that disrupt how we view the world; creative problem solving when using limited space or budgets; and bearing witness to “How’d they do that” moments that jolt us from our very smart and seasoned pedestals to a place of true awe…that’s when the spark happens. We love those moments, and when they happen, it’s magic that you can’t ignore.

The Committee is a sizeable and very dedicated team. Why are you (and they) willing to commit your time, talent and energy to this process?

Fri: At some point, you realize that it is an honor AND choice to show up authentically in the spaces we occupy. While it does require a lot of dedication outside of our respective careers, I know I speak for the committee when I say that it is a privilege and responsibility to champion excellence seen and unseen, to bring our unique perspectives to the decision process and a responsibility to the future of our industry, that we believe in.

Why is it important for people to nominate projects, people and technologies for the Thea Awards?

Andy: By submitting a Thea award nomination, you are choosing to actively celebrate the passion,

work, and dedication put forth to bring a creative vision to life. Regardless of its final judging, every nomination is a chance to acknowledge the fantastic people and teams involved in the complex symphony of creation we all respect and love. I encourage everyone to search for excellence in our industry and acknowledge the passion you see with a Thea nomination.

Andy, tell us about the singular perspective you bring to the role of Thea Awards Judging Committee Chair, as a designer working on the operator’s side.

One of my favorite aspects of this role with the Committee is how it intersects with my regular jobthe focus is on discovering and celebrating how we interact with guests in a significant, heartfelt, and emotional way. The guest is at the core of our daily mission and business in this amazing industry. We should always recognize our collective abilities and skills to craft lasting, multi-generational memories that live well beyond our projects and person.

Andy, you’ll be chairing the Committee on the 30th anniversary of the Thea Awards. What will be some special ways TEA will mark three decades of the Theas?

You’ll have to wait and see….

PARTNERS MAKE IT POSSIBLE PARTNERS MAKE IT POSSIBLE TEA thanks its Global Partners for their year-round support, enabling TEA to achieve its mission and unite its global membership. Thank you to our sponsors! Thank you to our sponsors! Chimelong Fantawild RWS Entertainment Universal Creative Walt Disney Imagineering PREMIER PREMIER INNOVATION INNOVATION 7thSense Christie Digital Color Reflections Nanolumens Panasonic Connect Visual Terrain BREAKTHROUGH BREAKTHROUGH Adirondack Studios AECOM Canyon Creative Creature Technology Co. DemoDave Disney Live Entertainment Electrosonic IAAPA The Companies of Nassal Nolan-Heimann VCI Events List as of March 21, 2023

History of the TEA Thea Awards

The establishment of the TEA Thea Awards as the preeminent award program recognizing excellence in themed entertainment projects was seminal to the recognition of themed entertainment as a professional industry. The Theas shine a bright light on the industry and its leaders, fabricators and creative geniuses who make themed entertainment magic.

-- Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Founder Monty Lunde, Technifex

TEA created the Thea Awards to bring recognition to achievement, talent and excellence within the themed entertainment industry.

The Thea Awards began in 1994 with a single Lifetime Achievement Award, and the first honoree was Harrison “Buzz” Price, a pioneer in entertainment feasibility. Monty Lunde, Bob Rogers, Pat Scanlon and Barry Howard were on the first Thea Awards organizational and judging committee.

The Thea Awards were named in reference to three words:

•“Thea” - the Greek goddess from whom all light emanates

•“Theater” - derived from the goddess Thea

•“TEA” - the acronym referring to our Association

The original Thea trophies were designed by Barry Howard and Jeremy Railton. The current Thea trophy debuted in 2001 and was designed by Zofia Kostryko.

The first year’s ceremony, held at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, was produced by Ron Miziker and coordinated by Jana Love, with TEA founder Monty Lunde serving as master of ceremonies. The 1995 Thea Awards also took place at the Biltmore, again with a single honoree: the late Marty Sklar (an official Disney Legend).

After Buzz Price passed away in 2010, TEA renamed the Thea Lifetime Achievement Award in his honor. It is

now called the Buzz Price Thea Award - Recognizing a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements.

The third year (1996) saw the introduction of Awards for Outstanding Achievement (AOA). Ten AOAs were bestowed. The Thea Classic category was created in 1997. It can be given to one achievement per year that has stood the test of time. Also in 1997, the AOA category of Excellence on a Limited Budget was created, to celebrate outstanding achievements under $10 million.

For 2014-2015, new Wizarding World of Harry Potter attractions at Universal Studios prompted the TEA Thea Awards Judging Committee to create the Paragon Award, which recognizes a project that sets a new bar of excellence.

Since 2017, numerous projects have been honored within the new Thea Award category, “Connected Immersion,” recognizing that tremendous advances in technology, social behavior and connectivity are reinventing our notion of storytelling and immersion. Introduced in 2021, with the first two recipients honored in 2022 as part of the 28th annual Thea Awards cycle, was the Thea Catalyst Award, recognizing individuals who have made recent, notable contributions to the industry.

The Thea Awards also reflect the global expansion of our industry, and the geographic coverage has grown accordingly, with the Committee continuing its efforts each year to span the globe.



Located in the themed entertainment capital of the world, the University of Central Florida in Orlando offers a graduate program that prepares students for the creative career of their dreams. Themed Experience at UCF takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching the necessary skills for industry success. Internships, site visits, and networking events ensure that students connect with the leaders of the industry.

Further your creative career at UCF in Orlando.

Students at UCF receive unique opportunities to make connections with industry leaders.

Advisory council members include:

Peter Weishar, UCF founding director

Patrick Brennan, Castle Arts and faculty member

Steve Birket, Birket Engineering

Juliette Feld-Grossman, Feld Entertainment

Pat Gallagher, Orlando Magic Basketball

Denise Hatcher, AOA

Cecil Magpuri, Falcon’s Beyond

Merrill Puckett Miller, Herschend Enterprises

David Stofcik, Walt Disney Imagineering

Bob Ward, Robert L. Ward, Inc.

Mike West, Innovative West, Inc.

It should be noted that the Thea Awards are not by any means confined to theme parks. Museums and museum exhibitions, heritage centers, casinos, multimedia spectaculars, brand experiences, theatrical productions and many other types of attractions and guest experiences - some yet to be invented or discovered - fall into the realm of projects that may be eligible for Thea Awards.

The TEA Peter Chernack Distinguished Service Award recipient is also recognized at this time. This award was created and is decided by the TEA Past Presidents Committee, and was renamed in honor of the late Peter Chernack, a TEA Past President who was instrumental in conceiving this award.

In 2020 and 2021, the realities of the global pandemic prevented us from being able to gather in person. Although the big Summit and Gala weekend could not take place, TEA determined that the Thea Awards cycle should continue uninterrupted, with the submissions and judging process going forward and the community gathering to honor the recipients via an online platform. The virtual Thea Awards Case Studies were a success in 2020 and 2021. TEA also continued to publish the official Thea Awards Program online during this period.

In 2022, TEA once again welcomed the global industry community in person to the Thea Awards Gala and TEA Summit conference (now TEA INSPIRE) at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California.

The culture of the Thea Awards is unique. Here are some key characteristics:

• The honoree is the project itself – Thea AOA and Thea Classic awards honor the entire achievement. The trophy is awarded to the project owner.

• Official project credits – The project owner is obliged to furnish a comprehensive credits list for publication by TEA. In this way the Thea Awards

have resulted in the first official project credits of the themed entertainment industry, and shed light on the complexity and true nature of these projects and the creative collaboration that produces them.

• Trophies for the team – Individuals and companies named on the official credits list of a Thea-honored project are entitled to obtain their own trophies from TEA.

• No set categories – The TEA is free to honor several achievements in the same category, create a new category, or to skip categories as the year’s achievements warrant.

• No secrets – Award recipients are openly announced in November, and the awards are formally presented the following spring at the Thea Awards Gala.

• Open nominations – Anyone can nominate a project for a Thea Award. It is not necessary to be a TEA member. You can nominate your own project.

The objective is simple: To find excellence and celebrate it. As we look to the future, the Thea Awards will continue to grow and evolve, while continuing to honor the original objective of bringing recognition to achievement, talent and professional excellence within our themed entertainment industry.

24 2 0 2 3 P R E M I E R G L O B A L P A R T N E R T H E A A W A R D S G A L A P R E M I E R P A T R O N S P O N S O R T H E A A W A R D S G A L A P R O D U C T I O N P A R T N E R 2 0 2 3 P R E M I E R G L O B A L P A R T N E R S Special Thank you to our Sponsors
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How to Create a Thea Award Submission

The Themed Entertainment Association’s annual TEA Thea Awards recognize excellence and innovation in the themed entertainment and international visitor attractions industry.

Each year, hundreds of submissions are received and considered by the TEA Thea Awards Judging Committee for outstanding destination attractions, breakthrough technology, event spectaculars, cultural attractions or guest experiences, as well as for individuals who have made their mark on the industry. The pandemic obliged our industry to rethink and reinvent projects in many creative ways. We’re looking to find and celebrate the brilliance of those re-inventive experiences and more, from around the globe.

Submissions info for 2023

The submissions period for the 30th annual Thea Awards judging cycle runs May 1-July 7, 2023.



along with all of the 2023 Award Recipients!

Here’s to each of you who've brought such wonder and magic to audiences across the world.

Here's to a joyous celebration with all who are part of our international industry and who collectively represent the best in themed entertainment!

To be eligible for submission, a project must have opened during this timeframe: July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023.

After submissions close, the Thea Awards Judging Committee begins its extensive review and judging period. The slate of recipients will be announced in November 2023, and awards formally presented in Spring 2024 at the annual TEA Thea Awards Gala.

For more information, see below, and visit the TEA website at

Did you know?

• You can submit your own project, event or technology

• Anyone may create a submission - whether or not a member of TEA

• Submissions for lifetime achievement honorees, the Thea Classic Award and the Thea Catalyst Award are also welcome

How to prepare a Thea Award submission

Phase 1: Visit the TEA website at www.teaconnect. org and select “Thea Awards” from the “Awards and Recognitions” drop-down menu; click on “Submit Your Project” and then “Submission Portal” to navigate to the nomination form. Follow the instructions to provide the required information. You will also see links for Tips for Thea Submissions and Thea Rules & Judging Criteria.

Phase 2: You will receive an email response including a link to use in submitting additional materials and media. Note: for projects, the video is a most important element.


The TEA website also provides access to further resources that can help you understand more about the Thea Awards, including Thea Awards and Thea Case Studies video archives on TEA TV, links to past Thea Awards Programs, and galleries of past Thea Awards recipients organized by year.

We hope you will participate and share something spectacular! For more information and assistance, email or telephone TEA headquarters at +1 818 843-8497.




Innovator, visionary and a true trailblazer of our industry. With the Buzz Price Award, the theme park community recognises a lifetime of distinguished achievements. From your family and all your work colleagues – we are proud of your accomplishments so far and exci ted to see what’s yet to come!



Roland Mack, Founder and Managing Partner, Europa-Park

The Buzz Price Thea Award

Recognizing a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements

A showman of the seventh generation, Roland Mack is not done yet

If there ever was a person in our industry who was born to be in this industry, it would be Roland Mack. Roland Mack’s parents’ house was located right on the grounds of the Mack Rides Factory in Waldkirch, Germany. And as a young boy, Roland took full advantage of riding on all the colorful rides and constructions Mack Rides was building.

One of our favorite stories from this era was that Roland was the first person in his family to take English lessons at school. From age 12, after school Roland would be the one called to the phone when an English-speaking person was needed. His English was so good - and no one ever asked him how old he was. That little story is still told to insiders today.

Growing up at Mack Rides, it was pretty well forged into Roland’s destiny that he would study to be an engineer and one day follow in his father Franz Mack’s footsteps. For those who may not know, Roland is a seventh-generation leader of the Macks, who started in 1780 making wagons and stagecoaches, and in the early 1900s began making amusement rides.

Our story now moves to 1972, when Roland and his father took an historic first step in creating EuropaPark, with a trip to California to visit Disneyland. At the time there were not a lot of theme parks in Germany, although every major town had some sort of Oktoberfest or other festival. It was an era of showmen, who brought elaborate rides and decorations to each event.

Roland and his father both felt there was an opportunity to build a park in the Black Forest region of Germany, about 40 minutes from their factory, that could also serve as a living showroom for their rides. They thought they would start out small, and every year add something. Little did they know this dream would grow into a world-class theme

park resort - currently with two parks, six hotels, campgrounds and first-rate food and entertainment, and attendance in the range of 6 million guests per year and still growing.

But not everyone was convinced at first that this park would succeed. In the early days, there were a lot of doubters. However, the Macks kept investing each year, creating from the beginning a park that was built in a highly detailed and high-quality manner. The doubters were soon silenced, when in the park’s opening year - 1975 – attendance was 250,000, increasing to 700,000 in the second year, and passing the one-million mark in 1978.

When Europa-Park opened, it followed the pattern of many European parks in that era with lavish gardens and water features, but Roland knew he also wanted to pursue a distinct theme for his park, and the first country-themed section was "Italy," which debuted in 1982. Like most of the original themed areas at


Europa-Park, it was designed by Ulrich Damrau, a German film set designer who, supported by Roland’s drive and determination, went on to add country after country. The European theme was an instant hit and Roland’s detailed eye realized that the food and shows in each area needed to be authentic and held to a high standard of quality.

It is safe to say that Europa-Park was not a masterplanned resort. Rather, it is a resort that is so full of details and personality, and staying so true to the original mission of celebrating the experiment of the European Union, that it creates its own energy - with

small streets, and 15 lovingly and highly detailed European Countries. And it keeps growing. A new land, themed on the country of Croatia, will be opening in 2024.

Roland and his wife Marianne worked at the park every day and invested everything they made back into the park. It was - for sure in those early daysnot glamorous, but their three children - Michael, Thomas and Ann-Kathrin - now all hold leadership positions in the park. The Mack family business now has an eighth generation in place.


Roland’s younger brother, Jürgen Mack, has long been the financial person in the company, working to support Roland’s decisions on what’s next. The company is for sure a family-run business in every way, and it is the strength and bedrock of what the company is built on.

Roland has always been an innovator and leader of trends in anything he touches. But it has not always been easy. Roland felt the future of the Europa-Park Resort was to expand into hospitality to support a longer guest stay and extend the season. He spent a great deal of effort to realize this vision, and in 1995 the El Andaluz hotel opened. From there, the Macks never looked back, and the resort now boasts six magnificent hotels.

"Work hard, play hard" has always been a motto of Roland and the Macks, though they don’t always agree on everything at first. When El Andaluz was built, it would be fair to say Franz Mack was worried about this development. So, during the construction of the hotel when Roland went on vacation, Franz


took a razor blade and cut off the top floor of the hotel plans, to make the construction a little less costly. He insisted on planning a new ride opening as backup in case the hotel did not succeed.

Roland is always thinking about his next move, and in 2019 a long-planned, spectacular indoor water park, Rulantica, made its debut to great reviews for its groundbreaking design and selection of water rides that brought something unique to the German market. The acceptance of Rulantica by guests has been so strong that already two impressive expansions have been added.

Roland Mack is a family man – and family businessman - in all ways. He spends a great deal of time in his parks and hotels, always asking his guests what they want to see next. He is famous for saying “You have to like people to be in this business.”

He is beloved by guests. When planning a new attraction or hotel, he talks to so many guests that it can be challenging to keep up with all his

details. But he has a unique talent for getting one good point out of every conversation. Everything he learns is put to work enriching the guest experience.

The Mack Family and our approximately 5,000 Team Members are so thrilled to see Roland receive the Buzz Price Thea Award, Recognizing a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements. The body of his work is already so compelling - but all of us know he is not done yet!


The Main Street Electrical Parade -

Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA

Thea Classic Award


And the crowd goes crazy in delight to the first few notes of the “Baroque Hoedown”!

The Main Street Electrical Parade, created by Executive Producer Robert Jani and Project Director Ron Miziker, recently marked its 50th anniversary, having made its debut on June 17th, 1972. Like something out of a bizarre but wonderful dream, the parade features floats and live performers, covered in roughly half a million colored lights, and employs a first of its kind, synchronized soundtrack, triggered by radio control, along key zones on the Parade Route.

This much-adored parade originated in Disneyland California, but different versions have made long running appearances at other Disney parks with some variations on the name, including Disney California Adventure Park, The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland,

and Disneyland Paris. Much to the thrill of Disneyland fans, it returns continually to its birthplace in California with both technical and theme updates, including its latest Finale float celebrating the Children around the World, featuring a selection of recent Disney star characters such as Mulan, Coco, Tiana, Moana and Raya.

Consider these amazing statistics:

• 50+ YEARS of performances, from June 1972 to the present

• 80-100 performers per show

• 90+ different float designs

• 50+ songs and melodies

• 300,000,000 estimated viewers

• Countless number of Fans who know the song and can hum that synth sound!


The Thea Awards Judging Committee agrees that this is the parade that defined “fantastical” and set the bar for all other great theme park parades. That is why the Committee’s unanimous choice for this year’s Thea Classic Award is The Main Street Electrical Parade!

Additional, historic information provided by Disney: Main Street Electrical Parade - changes over the years

Since debuting in summer 1972, the Main Street Electrical Parade has seen a number of changes to its lineup of colorful floats. The iconic Train and Drum unit and the Cinderella court dancers have been part of the parade for 50 years, while other units have come and gone. The parade’s original 1972 finale featured a series of small floats, including drums carrying favorite Disney characters.

The original Main Street Electrical Parade went on hiatus in 1975 for the two-year Bicentennial celebration at Disneyland and returned in 1977, fully reimagined with new, dimensional floats and a new finale unit complete with mirrors and neon-lit depictions of Disney characters. The parade’s finale changed once again in 1979, when the 108-foot-long flag and eagle float was introduced. During 1980, Disneyland added a special float reproducing Sleeping Beauty Castle in honor of the park’s 25th Anniversary celebration.

For a summer 2009 promotion at Disney California Adventure Park, a new Tinker Bell float was created to lead the parade, with pixie dust enhancements added throughout the lineup. Tinker Bell replaced the Blue Fairy float, which had led the parade since 1972. When Main Street Electrical Parade returned to Disneyland Park for limited runs in 2017 and 2019, the Train and Drum led the way, with Tinker Bell taking her place as part of the Peter Pan unit.

The new finale created for the 50th anniversary of Main Street Electrical Parade in 2022 features several tributes to the parade’s past, including the return of the Blue Fairy character from Pinocchio, the iconic score composed in electro-syntho-magnetic musical sound, and a 19-foot-tall version of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Parade background courtesy Dave Smith, Disney Archives

The Main Street Electrical Parade played during summers at Disneyland beginning on June 17, 1972, and ending November 25, 1996. The parade, featuring half a million tiny lights on floats themed primarily to Disney movies, became one of the most beloved traditions at Disneyland. The park’s lights were dimmed, and the illuminated parade snaked from a gate next to “it’s a small world,” past the


The Main Street Electrical Parade (continued)

Thea Classic Award

Matterhorn, skirted the hub, and then continued down Main Street to conclude at Town Square.

The parade’s synthesizer music was based on a piece called “Baroque Hoedown,” with themes from Disney songs worked in. The parade did not run in 1975 and 1976 because of America on Parade for the Bicentennial,

but it returned in 1977 with a whole new edition. A 108-foot-long “Honor America” finale unit was added in 1979. During 1980, there was a special unit reproducing Sleeping Beauty Castle in honor of the park’s 25th anniversary. The parade did not run during the summers of 1983 or 1984.


Official Credits List - The Main Street Electrical Parade


Jim Christensen, Music Producer

Don Dorsey, Music Arranger

Ken Dresser, Designer

Jerry Hefferly, Engineering

Bob Jani, Executive Producer

Gershon Kingsley, Composer

Ron Miziker, Project Director

Jean-Jacques Perrey, Composer

Jack Wagner, Music Producer


John Addis, Show Director, Disney Live Entertainment

Darrin Anten, Art Support, Disney Live Entertainment

Robby Armitage, Talent Casting, Disney Live Entertainment

Mitch Atkins, Technical Director, Disney Live Entertainment

Michael Beech, Art Support, Disney Live Entertainment

Aimee Berkeley, Talent Casting, Disney Live Entertainment

Chris Bermudez, Costumer, Disney Live Entertainment

Hannah Black, Costume Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Lisa Borio, Production Specialist, Disney Live Entertainment

Lisa Bradley, Media Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Shawn Brewer, Show Control Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Jennifer Brooks, Cosmetology Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Becca Carroll-Mulligan, Creative Costuming Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Mariko Cataldo, Manager - Technical & Design, Disney Live Entertainment

Clarissa Chun, Parade Operations, Disneyland Park Operations

Melissa Clark, Parade Maintenance, Disneyland Park Operations

Stephen Clark, Parade Maintenance, Disneyland Park Operations

Dusty Clements, Parade Operations, Disneyland Park Operations

Kyle Cole, Principal Technical Designer - Show Control, Disney Live Entertainment

Alan Collins, Choreography, Disney Live Entertainment

Mark Compean, Parade Maintenance, Disneyland Park Operations

Matthew Conover, VP - Live Entertainment, Disneyland, Disney Live Entertainment

Suzanne Davison, Creative Costuming Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Haley Deems, Costuming, Disneyland Park Operations

David Duffy, Director - Creative Development & Production, Disney Live Entertainment

Jeff Duke, Parade Operations, Disneyland Park Operations

Michael Duncan, Production Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Caitlin Eby, Lighting Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Carlos Ferrusca, Choreography, Disney Live Entertainment

Patty Forecast, Choreography, Disney Live Entertainment

Carolyn Gardner, Writer, Disney Live Entertainment

Allison Goodman, Choreography, Disney Live Entertainment

Caitlin Guyan, Lighting Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Tracy Halas, Show Director / Choreography, Disney Live Entertainment

Patrick Hand, Technical Director, Disney Live Entertainment

Wendy Hart, Parade Maintenance, Disneyland Park Operations

Bruce Healey, Music Producer, Disney Live Entertainment

Dan Healey, Principal Technical Director, Disney Live Entertainment

Roger Heartsner, Executive Producer, Disney Live Entertainment

Mark Hollingworth, Mgr - Technical Development, Disney Live Entertainment

Veronica Horton, Parade Maintenance, Disneyland Park Operations

Jesse Human, Audio Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Kane Kongpien, Choreography, Disney Live Entertainment

Joe Kucharski, Costume Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Kirk Kusano, Technical Director, Disney Live Entertainment

Michael Lewis, Costuming, Disneyland Park Operations

Gilbert Lucero, Casting Director, Disney Live Entertainment

Tom Marino, Costuming Manager, Disneyland Park Operations

Erin Marting, Parade Maintenance, Disneyland Park Operations

Bob Maske, Audio Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Brit Masterson, Parade Operations, Disneyland Park Operations

Jim McCormick, Music Producer, Disney Live Entertainment

Jill McDaniel, Choreography, Disney Live Entertainment

Robin McKenrick, Production Specialist, Disney Live Entertainment

John Carlos McMaster, Parade Operations, Disneyland Park Operations

David McTiernan, Parade Operations, Disneyland Park Operations

Connie Mendieta, Choreography, Disney Live Entertainment

Megan Miller, Costumer, Disney Live Entertainment

Jason Milligan, Writer, Disney Live Entertainment

Elizabeth Moghaddam, Costumer, Disney Live Entertainment

Mike Montero, Parade Maintenance, Disneyland Park Operations

Denny Newell, Show Director, Disney Live Entertainment

Jeanette Nichols, Production Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Preston Oliveras, Parade Operations, Disneyland Park Operations

Lily Pahl, Costuming Manager, Disneyland Park Operations

Michelle Paxton, Choreography, Disney Live Entertainment

Jimmie Payton, Parade Maintenance, Disneyland Park Operations

Kristin Peterson, Producer, Disney Live Entertainment

Jordan Peterson, Show Director, Disney Live Entertainment

Renee Rand, Choreography, Disney Live Entertainment

Vin Reilly, Producer, Disney Live Entertainment

David Rivera, Parade Maintenance, Disneyland Park Operations

Paul Rivet, Director - Creative Development & Production, Disney Live Entertainment

Jack Russo, Costuming, Disneyland Park Operations

Jeremy Rynders, Principal Audio Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Jennifer Saeger, Production Specialist, Disney Live Entertainment

Joseph Saenz, Parade Operations, Disneyland Park Operations

Matthew Selby, Music Producer, Disney Live Entertainment

Scott Shaffer, Art Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Robert Smoot, Audio Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Candice Stewart, Production Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Patty Sullivan, Operations Coordinator, Disneyland Park Operations

Robb Sutton, Parade Maintenance, Disneyland Park Operations

Johanna Thompson, Costuming Manager, Disneyland Park Operations

Brent Thurston, Technical Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Karina Trinidad, Project Controller, Disneyland Park Operations

Robin Trowbridge, Show Director, Disney Live Entertainment

Susana Tubert, Creative Director, Disney Live Entertainment

David Underwood, Choreography, Disney Live Entertainment

Ray Urban, Production Specialist, Disney Live Entertainment

Paulette Uris, Costumer, Disney Live Entertainment

Nick Vanhoutten, Lighting Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Amy Vento, Parade Operations, Disneyland Park Operations

Robyn Vossen, General Manager - Disneyland Entertainment, Disneyland Park Operations

KC Wilkerson, Principal Media Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

Ron Woleck, Hair & Make-up, Disney Live Entertainment

Naomi Yoshida, Costumer, Disney Live Entertainment

Erin Zachary, Cosmetology Manager, Disneyland Park Operations

Tom Zofrea, Art Designer, Disney Live Entertainment

A Cast of Thousands in Disney Parks around the world



37 Visit to discover more Grand Magic Hotel Paris, 2022

The Thea Catalyst Awards

The Thea Catalyst Award is timely, relevant and responsive to current events and trends. The award recognizes individuals who have made an impact within our industry now, or very recently, without regard to length of career - a real and positive impact that inspires and/or empowers those who create compelling places and experiences.

Comments from Fri Forjindam, Chair of the 29th annual Thea Awards Judging Committee:

“The Thea Catalyst Award highlights one of the many steps the Committee is taking towards recognizing excellence and broadening the conversation to include and celebrate individuals, not just projects, whose impact will forever change how we experience themed entertainment. This award, like the Committee's mission, is to nurture and model greater inclusion within the TEA and our industry, with consideration given to individuals representing diversity in age, gender, region and ethnicity. Our industry's most prestigious award - the Thea - now includes the opportunity for anyone whose work influences shapes what we do.

“Last year’s honorees - Carmen Smith and Sina Bahram - set a high bar, demonstrating what it means to commit to disrupting design narratives by promoting true inclusivity across a broad spectrum of immersive experiences and cultural attractions. In its second year, the Thea Catalyst Award continues in that tradition with Susana Tubert and Chevy Humphrey.

“Susana’s trailblazing spirit and multiple accomplishments from her work with the Latino International Theatre Festival of New York to Walt Disney World Company have influenced the creation of brilliant theatrical experiences that we’ve come to know and love. Chevy’s tenure as a global leader

in the field of informal science education, plus her current roles as Chair of AAM, the world’s largest museum association, and first woman and Black American to lead MSI Chicago is a mic drop in itself.

“As the first BIPOC woman to chair the Thea Awards, the significance and convergence of this milestone is not lost on me, and in 2023, should not reflect a pat on the back, but rather reinforce our commitment to INSPIRE the next generation of storytellers. THAT is why the Catalyst Award is so important and urgent. By highlighting impact in creative storytelling as well as business and leadership, the award will continue to reflect the committee’s belief that career influence and inspiration can come from anywhere and anyONE.”


Susana Tubert

Creative Director for Disney Live Entertainment, Disneyland Resort and Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

Thea Catalyst Award

In her role as Creative Director, Susana Tubert contributes to strategic planning for Disneyland Resort, provides artistic leadership to a world-class team of dedicated Disney Live Entertainment professionals, and collaborates with Walt Disney Imagineering. From ideation through story development and production, she plays a key role in spearheading innovative projects, large and small, from the page to the stage.

Susana is known for inspiring artistic risk-taking with an emphasis on story and relevancy, so guests of all backgrounds will see themselves reflected in inclusive entertainment that is both culturally authentic and uniquely Disney. Signature offerings developed by Susana and her teams include: Tale of the Lion King (2022 Brass Ring Award for Best Theatrical Production), Main Street Electrical Parade 50th anniversary edition and new grand finale (2023 Thea Classic Award), Together Forever - A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular, Disney ¡Viva Navidad!, Disney Festival of Holidays, Pop-Up Disney! A Celebration of Mickey Mouse, Plaza de la Familia, Lunar New Year Celebration, Celebrate Soulfully, and a refresh of the classic Disneyland Band, among others. Susana has also been an active contributor to Bob Iger’s Creative Inclusion Council and other company-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Prior to joining Disney in 2013, Susana had an extensive career in the entertainment industry. Originally from Argentina, she settled in New York City in 1980 to pursue opportunities to perform and write, before turning to developing and directing award-winning plays and musicals that premiered in New York and at major regional theaters. In 2005 she cofounded the Latino International Theater Festival of New York, Inc., a non-profit organization that, under Susana’s leadership as Executive Director, produced the vibrant TeatroStageFest. Susana curated all groundbreaking productions from New York, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain, as well as a popular year-round series of artist panels, readings, master classes, playwriting workshops for high school students, and TeatroStageFamily programming in underserved communities. She produced two TeatroStageFest tours to Latin America and a four-city national tour. The festival was adopted as an Official Event of New York City and Susana was bestowed an award by the State of New York for her contributions to its Arts and Culture.

A member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society and the Directors Guild of America, Susana was recognized with a Theater Communications Group/National Endowment for the Arts Directing Fellowship and named one of “125 most influential people for 2022” by the Orange County Register.

40 ©Disney 2022

Chevy Humphrey

President & CEO Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago Chair of the Board, American Alliance of Museums

Thea Catalyst Award

For more than three decades, Chevy Humphrey has made it her mission to create transformational learning experiences that entertain while helping people understand and navigate the role of science in their lives. Working with local and global communities, she combines innovation, collaboration, and engagement to enable widespread access to high-quality experiences and the execution of next-level management of organizations.

Chevy’s esteemed career includes leadership positions at The Phoenix Symphony, Houston Symphony, University of Houston, and The University of Texas at Austin. When she was named President and CEO of Arizona Science Center in 2005, she became the first Black American to lead a science center in the United States. In January 2021, she became the first woman and first Black American to lead the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Chicago.

A native of Houston, Chevy inherited from her parents a deep commitment to advancing and serving the community. Even as a young child, Chevy was aware of the disparities in children’s access to resources. Understanding that the school she was bused to was more academically advanced than the school her friends in the neighborhood attended, Chevy started in her garage what was essentially an afterschool program. Every afternoon there, she shared with neighborhood kids what she had learned that day in school. Doing so shaped her way of thinking about what is possible and framed a lifelong commitment to equality and providing an opportunity to learn.

This pattern of elevating and encouraging others has been a lifelong endeavor. At the helm of MSI, Chevy leads her team to develop meaningful connections with communities by designing innovative experiences and exhibits that educate and expose the full range of science fields. Chevy has also mentored countless numbers of young people, staff members, and organizational leaders around the world. She is especially passionate about mentoring young women and has helped scores of women advance their leadership skills and careers.

In addition to her role at MSI, Chevy serves on the boards of several nonprofit, philanthropic, and civic leadership

organizations, including the Argonne National Laboratory, Grand Canyon Education, Inc., Helios Education Foundation, the Sandra Day O’Connor Institute, and The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library.

Chevy holds an MBA from Northeastern University, with specializations in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is the recipient of an honorary Doctor of Science and Technology degree from the University of Advancing Technology.


Absurdities Vol. 1 by ANDSOFORTH - Singapore

Thea Award For Outstanding AchievementImmersive Dining Experience, Limited Budget

On a street corner in the bustling traditional neighborhood of Farrer Park, the chic Asylum Coffeehouse transforms at night into the first scene of the Absurdities dining experience. Each 30 minutes a group of eight guests starts their experience, which will last approximately two hours across six courses. Each scene is set up to defy expectations, with surprising transitions, mysterious or transforming dishes, served in incongruous spaces by performers that both guide the guests and inhabit the spaces.

The first scene/course in the coffee shop serves as a welcome, including a garden bowl and Sun wine, with a performer setting up that we need to pick the correct door to get to our next stop. Once found, the door opens on a neon kaleidoscope space, at the end of which a hidden door opens on the second scene, the Tree of Old. Here guests sit amongst the huge roots of the tree, which also serve as tables. A zebra-suited comedian engages with the guests in a guessing game as to what are the mysterious ingredients of the delicious dish. It turns out the burger and fries is not made of anything that goes into a burger or fries.

The journey of incongruities proceeds in this fashion, touching all the senses and keeping guests smiling with the marriage of clever set design, physical mysteries, witty cultural references and innovative in-story dishes, right down to the dessert. To say that Absurdities is an unusual dining experience is an understatement. It’s more Alice in Wonderland than any other dinner - whimsical and delightfully confusing.

The experience uses a unique model: rotating small groups of diners into small, distinct sets with actors telling a story for each course, with touches of escape room. But it is also very challenging. Each dish was carefully crafted by the creators of the experience to serve the story of surprise and misdirection, so nothing is off-the-shelf. The dishes must be ready with every quick pulse of the guests, arrive warm and ready at the perfect time, with the proper amount of story context. Absurdities is done with great spirit and high quality throughout.



Stuart Wee, Co-Founder, ANDSOFORTH

Emily Png, Co-Founder, ANDSOFORTH


Stuart Wee, Co-Founder, ANDSOFORTH


Thomas Brunning


Lloyd Chia


Nicholas Wong, Director, Wing Lee Interior Design Pte Ltd

Yap Yong Yiah, Director, Wing Lee Interior Design Pte Ltd

Brandon Lim, Arts & On Staging

Kristof Portscher

Ignatius Tan

Beverly Liang


Stuart Wee, Co-Founder, ANDSOFORTH

Lloyd Chia


Stuart Wee, Co-Founder, ANDSOFORTH


Stuart Wee, Co-Founder, ANDSOFORTH


Riyan Haffys, Costume Designer, Riyan Haffys | The Design Atelier

Nicholas Jacob, Assistant Costume Designer, Riyan Haffys | The Design Atelier

Nurdamia Bte Sardi, Wardrobe Assistant, ANDSOFORTH


Jason Ang, Chef, Nómadas

Stuart Wee, Co-Founder, ANDSOFORTH


Pavethra D/O Balasubramaniam, Operations Executive, ANDSOFORTH


Emily Png, Co-Founder, ANDSOFORTH

List - Absurdities Vol. 1 by ANDSOFORTH the power behind the story Congratulations to all Thea Award Recipients thank you for bringing stories to life, from everyone at 7thSense

Beaudry Interactive – Diva

Real-Time Control

Suite of Tools - Los Angeles, California, USA

Thea Award For Outstanding AchievementTechnological Innovation of Industry Significance

The Diva system is a suite of hardware and software tools for performer-driven, real-time control of design elements and guest interactions in a live environment. These can be anything from a puppet, lights, media elements, scenic elements, etc. Performers have been able to use this to exercise control through gestures, or through poses, depending what the story or the controlled item requires.

When the power to control the show is given to the performer, it can take interaction to new levels. Diva tools were recently used to enliven Big Bird interactions at Sesame Place San Diego. Utilizing a new pose-based gesture system, Diva now allows puppeted, walk-around characters to talk to and interact with guests using the authentic voices of each character. Through easy gestures and poses, the performer can cue and trigger pre-recorded sound bites in the moment, with no need for a prescribed cue list. The character can walk around and interact with guests anywhere in the park, untethered.

David Beaudry and his team at Beaudry Interactive (founded in 2006) have spent many years developing this unique set

of technologies. Diva has three main parts: tools for realtime control and manipulation of design elements in live performance environment; tools for sensing and analyzing what a performer is doing in a live performance environment; and tools that allow designers to map actions and behavior to creative intent. Over time, the capabilities of Diva have grown beyond the stage to enhance guest engagement within theme parks, TV game shows, cultural and educational institutions, and public spaces.

The Diva Control Suite was inspired by and is inspiring our industry. The storytellers of our industry wished for a way to experiment with performers having control, and an innovator responded. The technology inspired the design of new shows, which in turn called for more technological invention. What began as a tool to control audio elements became used for much more, and these tools are now perfectly integrated in multiple shows, and accessible to everyone. Beaudry Interactive was one of the first to get into this space – we commend their leadership and innovation as well as the product itself.



David Beaudry, Principal and Founder

Valeria Beaudry, Principal

Tim Pike, Director, Creative Technologies & Production

Mike Segawa, Art Director, Visual Experience Design

Mitch Mastroni, Lead Developer


Nicole Graber, Assistant Creative Producer

Alexis Cruz, Product Development Manager

Kevin Worsley, Creative Technologist

Jim Botko, Business Development


Ryan Dorn

Sean Phillips

Tonia (Tonz) Beglari

Benjamin Bennett

Dominique Sheth

Heidi Pinchal

Shannon Deadman


People outside b/i who recognized what we were doing & championed our work

Bruce Vaughn

Clint Brinker

Cory Rouse

Ergin Kuke

Erik Baeumlisberger

Holger Irmler

Joe Adams

Jacques Heim

Lisa Passamonte Green

Matt Almos

Michelle Kreher

Scott Trowbridge

Tom Williams

Diva ® Real-Time
• Voiceover For Your Next Project - Male & Female • Phone System - Fully Produced On-Hold, Voice Prompts • Audio Editing • Video Editing • Photo Slideshow Videos for Any Occasion or Presentation 702-499-6869
Official Credits List -
Control Suite of Tools

Chasseurs de Tornades - Futuroscope Park,

Jaunay-Marigny, France

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement - Attraction

“Chasseurs de Tornades” (Tornado Chasers) opened in 2022 at Futuroscope Park. As the story goes, the audience is invited to visit the park’s new scientific center dedicated to extreme weather studies. The 40-minute experience begins as guests enter a walkthrough, laboratory-themed environment where they meet Melanie, a young scientist and Alex, a tornado chaser, working on their next mission.

After exploring the scientists’ workspaces via a series of sets with background information in media displays, guests enter the test center, a room equipped with a holographic installation and a vibrating floor. Here, the scientists introduce their inventions: TrombX, a probe designed to neutralize tornadoes, and Bully, the souped-up device used to launch it.

Suddenly the presentation is interrupted by the Doppler radar alarm. A tornado is looming, and guests are led to shelter in the conference room (actually a sophisticated, 120-seat motion theater.) Buckled into their seats and surrounded by super high-resolution imagery on a very large cylindrical

display (eight meters high, and with an area of 470 square meters), with powerful theatrical effects, and retractable screens to accommodate live action, the audience is plunged into the adventure of Melanie and Alex who are chasing the tornado, determined to quell it. Things come to a close with dramatic images of damage and debris around Futuroscope as guests return to base, mission accomplished.

This show combines an original, consistent and very exciting story with spectacular situations and thrilling effects based on very innovative technologies, notably the unique vehicle in which the heroes cross the park, and the motion system, which, based on three powerful mechanic and hydraulic cylinders, masters the large floor permitting the seats to go up and down, incline and rotate at the speed of 30km/h. Anchoring the story in the Park itself is a clever approach that helps suspend disbelief, and a tornado-themed attraction is simply a great fit for a park that is devoted to the combination of amusement, emotion and knowledge.


Official Credits List - Chasseurs de Tornades


Rodolphe BOUIN, Director, Elodie ARNAUD, Project Director, Olivier HERAL, Creative Director, Remi CODRON, Project manager building, Adrien RABAT, Project manager system, Yannis MARCHET, Project manager, Audio visual, Cedric GIRARDIN, Chief operating officer, Remy TREGUER, Customer experience director, Thierry PIRODEAU, Technical Director, FMD



Valérie BOURNEAU, Charline BERTHELOT, Aurélien GAUD, Frederic JUILLE, Katarina BALVONAVA, Jean-Marc COMPAGNON,

Didier DUCOURET, Christophe GODARD, Véronique GUIMARD, Johan RANGER, Alexis COULONNIER, Simon ROBERT, David KERSTEN, Simon LEFORT, Alexandre THILLET,

Maëva BERTRAND, Gabin BLANC, Arnaud BIHIN, Audrey BOURDON, Maxence CHARDIN, Jean COGNY, Antoine COURIVAUD, Marine EMERET, Valentine GUERIN, Jason HIPAUX,

Alexandre HIRSCHMULLER, Manon KANE, Jonathan LOUVION, Agnès MALE, Théo MASSON, François ORGERIT, Alex PERRIN, Allan RICHARD, Flavien STREIFF, Fanny SUITE, Victor TAILLE, Baptiste VACHEROT, Loïc VENAULT, Pauline VIAUD, LEMAIRE Stéphane, DELHOMME Franck.



François-Xavier AUBAGUE, Director, 5MOTION


François-Xavier AUBAGUE, Olivier HERAL, Philippe RICHE


François-Xavier AUBAGUE, David TESSIER


Carine RIBERT is Melanie MELVILLE, Yannik MAZIILI is Alex Faure, Monette is Susie


François-Xavier AUBAGUE, 5Motion

Benjamin RIBOLET, Original Soundtrack

David Trescos, Chief sound operator

Benjamin MASSOUBRE, Editing preview

David TESSIER, Montage Live

Ivan GOMEZ, Storyboard

Tony LE BASTARD, Meteorological Advisor



David DANESI, General Manager

Lolet ONG, Post-productionVFX

Arnaud LEVIEZ, Superviseur VFX



Jérôme « Lardux » BILLET, Concept Artiste





Jékhiel BOYER, Féodor CARDENAS





Justine GASQUET, Sébastien GINESTRA



Anthony LE GUEN, Baptiste LEFEBVRE





Philippe NALET, Thierry NOGUERA



Alexander SEBAG, Patrice VILA





Fannie Pailloux, Producer Apaches

Gaetane Josse, Production Manager

David Tessier, Artistic direction actors

Camille Servignat, First assistant director

Tatiana Aoun, Stage Manager

Jean Paul Agostini, director of photography

Sepehr Azadi, first camera assistant

Marine Lebon, second camera assistant

Odeline Reix, second camera assistant

Christophe Penchenat, sound engineer

Vincent Robidou, sound assistant

Patrick Cauderlier, stunt coordinator


Alexandres Grynagier, Design

Durango Studio, Shooting previews


Performed by l’Orchestre national d’Île-de-France


PISTE ROUGE - Bruno Seznec


Raphael DAGUET, Aurélien GAUD, Sarah BRILLETEAU


Olivier HERAL






MODULO PI : Yannick KOHN, Arnaud TOURE










DV-Group : Jean-Pierre ROUTIER


Architecte : Umberto TUMINO


CSI-Morillon : Damien GUICHET




FLAM : Martin PION









SMAC : Frédérique HARDOUIN







Jeffrey GOSIOR, Kari McCABE

Charlie GILL, Chris TODD, Anthony CIPRA

Carissa KING, David CHESNEY

Dominic TSANG, David LO

Mike GEDIG, Walter BRZEZIK, ZHU Steven



CDA : GODARD Christian








How to Train Your Dragon: Untrainable -

Universal Beijing Resort, Beijing, China

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement - Live Event / Event Spectacular

Universal Beijing Resort proudly presents “Untrainable,” a new stage production based on the DreamWorks Animation How to Train Your Dragon series. This amazing production transports the audience into the adventurous world of Dragons and Vikings where they discover the common values of life, and the message of cooperation and empathy between them, and that “family first” is the greatest thing they both treasure. This fantastical show takes the audience on a mythical journey to the Isle of Berk and the new Hatchery where baby Dragons are born.

To produce this attraction, the on-site team for Universal Beijing Resort partnered with Universal Creative more than 7,500 miles away, providing virtual walkthroughs of the theater and stage performances, making this show’s creation a global success story.

This large-scale production is housed in the magnificent, 1500-seat, two-story, Majestic Theater at Universal Studios

Beijing. The 20-minute, immersive storytelling performance engages the entire theater by using state-of-the-art technologies including multiple large high-flying-over-the-audience animated Dragons, spectacular automated scenery, surround projection mapping, stunning lighting, extraordinary costumes, numerous special effects, breathtaking live stunts and an original musical score. All of this is integrated with a cast of 24 talented artists, including live actors, dancers, musicians, vocalists, stunt performers and puppeteers, delivering the fantastical heartwarming story of “Untrainable,” that will touch the hearts of the audience.

“Untrainable" is an impressive, fully immersive, theatrical production experience that has seamlessly combined aweinspiring technology, beautiful music, and an overall stunning live-performance stage design. Every single component supports telling this relatable, heartwarming story of love and compassion.


Official Credits List - How to Train Your Dragon: Untrainable


Tom Williams, Chairman, Universal Parks & Resorts

Mark Woodbury, Vice Chairman, UPR & President, Universal Creative Universal Parks & Resorts, Universal Creative

Tom Mehrmann, President & COO, Pacific Rim, UPR, Universal Orlando, Universal Creative

Thierry Coup, SVP, Chief Creative Officer, Universal Parks and Resorts‬, Universal Creative

Page Thompson, President & COO, Universal Parks & Resorts

Mike Davis, SVP/ Executive Producer, Universal Parks & Resorts


Steve Blum, SVP Ride Safety & Engineering

Mike Hightower, SVP, Project Director

Eugene Dobrzyn, SVP,Project Management Office, Universal Orlando

Mike Harrington, VP, Project Director

Christopher Oliver, VP, Engineering & Safety

Doug Akers, VP, Park Operations

Mike Kiddoo, VP, Engineering & Safety Ride/ Show

Christopher Oliver, VP, Engineering & Safety

Carter Williams, VP, Executive Project Director, Finance


Stanley Walker, St. Project Director

Sean Fitzpatrick, Sr Director, Engineering & Safety Controls

Jason Marylander, Mgr, Technical

William McGehee, Director, Engineering & Safety

Alex Abdala Castano, Asst Mgr, Technical

James "Jim" Roberts, Sr Engineer

Richard Amiss, Mgr, Technical Show

Olivier De Kegel, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Camille Coladonato, Producer, Media

Nicole Payton, Associate Media Producer

Yangxuan Zenith Yang, St. Coordinator, Media

Robert Fitzpatrick, Engineer

Christopher Oliver, VP, Engineering & Safety

Jim Andrews, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety

Jason Heimermann, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Brayan Delgado, Engineer (Controls)

John Bakken, Manager, Technical Show

Gloria Ossa Carmona, Asst. Manager, Interior Design

Brittany Vega, Assoc. Producer

Jack Feivou, Sr. Producer, Show

Cameron Kania, Programmer, Show

Chi-Kit Cheung, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Gary Graham, Sr. Manager, Technical

Vicky Lyu, Coordinator, Show

Victora Zhang, Coordinator, Technical

Diego Guo, Engineer, Mechanical

Clinton Hughey-Truman , Manager A/V

Debra Walker, Director, Media Production

Adam Hyskell, Engineer, Controls

John Gentile, Senior Director

Marcus Lee, Creative Director

Katherine Li, Coordinator, Media

Phoebe Li, Coordinator, Media

Daniel Hoon, Mgr, Technical

Nick Rigney Rigney, Mgr, Technical

Alvin Gao, Engineer, Controls

Iris Wang, Coordinator, Technical

Alice Xu, Coordinator, Installation

Naysa Luna, Sr. BIM Manager

Thomas Mahaffey, Technical Manager, Themed Lighting

Robert Murphy, Senior Facility Design Manager

Kyle Simmons, Show Programming Manager

Rob Kippling, Show Programmer

Sophie Duan, Scheduler

Cece Gil, Contracts Representative

Darlene Royer, Contracts Representative

Stacie Long, Financial Analyst

Richard Erpenbeck, Director, Contracts

Daniel Freedman, Architectural Designer

Howard Schlieper, Asst. Director, Engineering & Safety


Joe Relich

Nolan Liberto, Assistant Director, Attraction Ops

Jeff Rush, Assistant Director, Technical Entertainment

Daniel Blumberg, Assistant Director, Entertainment Ops

Justin Tse, Senior Manager Costuming Operations

Jenny Koh, Manager Costuming Operations

Birdy Wen, Assistant Manager Costuming Operations

Jason Ramsburg, Director, Entertainment Operations

Rachel Ong, Senior Manager, Entertainment Operations

Rebecca Yao, Manager, Talent Booking and Casting

Liz He, Stage Manager, Operations

Xue Fei, Assistant Stage Manager

Ian Wang, Assistant Stage Manager

Lv Ping, Technical Manager, Operations

Paul Hu, Assistant Technical Manager(Automation)

John Wei, Assistant Technical Manager( Sound)

Ted Yan, Supervisor, Majestic(Video /Lighting)

David Hu, Supervisor, Majestic (Automation/ Rigging)



Sylvia Hase, President

Steve Bass, Creative Director


Bob Wackerman, Music Production

Paul Freeman

Alan Lee Silva, Music Composition

Matthew Tishler

Jingxi Zhu, Chinese Lyrics

Alan Lee Silva, Score Orchestrated, Conducted and additional underscore by Fletcher Sheridan, Vocal Arrangement & Contracting

Marc Riley, Music Copying - Los Angeles

David Hage, Music Copying - London

Dan Boardman

Jake Parker

Dan Savant, Music Contractor - Los Angeles

Isobel Griffiths, Music Contractor - London

Susie Gillis

Paul Freeman, Sound Design


Paula Salvatore, Studio Management


Fiona Gillott, Studio Management

Brian Kilgore, Live Percussion Consultant

Tom Float

Todd Schroeder, Vocal Coaching


Lily Twining, Technical Director

Chris Lee, Lighting Deisgn

Gabe Wood

Daniel Porter

Shane Martin



Aaron Campbell

Adam Lockett

Adam Paulford

Adam Thoroughgood

Alan Jones

Alexander Weisman

Andrew Jenkins

Andy Hyden

Anthony Dent

Antonio Campbell

Brandon Marks

Brandon Nixdorf

Brett Porter

Brian Sanders

Bryan Goodall

Chloe Shriner

Chris Chan, Onsite installation supervision

Christopher Warren

Clare Hamilton

Craig Roberts, Onside installation supervision

Cruze Foggo

Curtis Firman

Daniel Furner

Dariusz Duda

Dariusz Kizewski

Dariusz Paturej

Davern Ball

Davern Westley

David Owens

Deng Zhou

Dominik Owczarek

Donald Young

Du Luu

Edward Ling


Official Credits List - How to Train Your Dragon: Untrainable

Emily Talbott

Emmanouil Zafeiriou

Endri Agaj

Felix Mao

Franklin Agubuzu

Gary Sweeting

Gavin Macdougall

Harry Marchant

Himesh Dhorajiwala

Isaac McAully

Jacob Obermeier

Jake Mansfield

James Smith

Jamie Cockett

Jamie Whiteley

Jared Fortney

Jessica Vangiesen

Jim Shumway

John Parish

Joseph Kershner

Justin Furner

Kala Mohandas



Karl Erickson

Kevin Snow

Kieron Ewens

Kim Swaden-Ward

Lauren Walters

Lee Bennett

Lee Buckingham

Lee Robinson

Lee Spinks

Leon Thomas

Lewis Spencer

Lex Wang

Liam Fenner

Luke O'Connor

Lyle Turner III

Marco Van Leeuwen, Onsite installation supervision

Marcus Hunt

Mary Morrison

Matt Brockis

Matthew Walrond

Maurice Paul

Melody Wong

Michael Bavester

Michael Cooper

Michael Lee

Nathan Hyden

Nathan King

Nathan Plumb

Neil Gridley

Nick Iland

Nina Bartlett

Oliver Sutherland

Owen Williams

Paul Donovan

Paul Ekins

Paul Turner

Peter Salmon

Philip Hawxwell

Phillip Lewis

Rawi Fayad

Robert Goldshear, Onsite installation supervision

Robin Tarling

Rowland Walker

Ryan Head

Ryan Igglesden

Ryan Towers

Samuel Woodward

Shane Ekis

Spencer Jeffs

Steve Cockett

Steven Snow

Stuart Baker, Project Manager

Susie Turner

Suzanna Paulos

Timothy Italiano

Timothy Joseph, Onsite installation supervision


Official Credits List - How to Train Your Dragon: Untrainable

Toby Molyneux

Todd Vernon

Valeriu Comanici

Vladimir Dimov

Yuhong Xu

Zbigniew Kornatowski

Zygmunt Zgardzinski


Peter Herbert, Producer

Jacob Kyriakidis, Engineer

Tim Shepheard, Engineer

Hayden Zylbernerg, Engineer

Sarah Wong, Project Manager


Angel Wong, Business Development Director

Virgina Chu, Managing Director

Jenny Wong, Project Manager


Phil Bengtson, Project Manager

Aaron Gou, Installation Supervisor

Alex Zahn, Engineer

Mike Holtzinger, Engineer


Pat Milicano, Vice President / Co-owner

Peter Nelson, Vice President / Co-owner

Mark Vanselow, Vice President / Co-owner

Ken Clark, Managing Partner & Executive



Nicole Messner, Project Manager

Lance Chenier

Bruce Robinson


Mark Peterson, General Manager

Sabrina Asquith, Project Manager

Chris Batstone, Nick Christiani, Elliot Bertoni, Jonathan Seiler,


Brent Miller, Project Manager

Jill Claus, Operations Manager


David Birchall, Director

Arnaud Guerin, Show Control Programmer

Lucas Harrison, AV Systems Engineer

Richard Kemp, Audio Specialist

Lawrence Ryan, Show Control Programmer

Robert Strefford, Project Manager & Systems Engineer

"Craig" Pow Chong, Director of Engineering


Haz Minor, Design Director

Bret Woodbury

Taylor Gelhausen


Donna Hampton , Executive Producer - VP, Production & Business Development

Dave Wein, Producer

Lang Walker, Technical Director

Damian Fulton, Executive Creative Director


Kate Harrow, Assistant Technical Director

Michael Pena, Assistant Director, Choreographer

Mirena Rada, Costume Designer

Denise Wilcox, Assistant Lighting Designer

Nick Reichert, Lighting Programmer

Eric Larsen, Special Effects Designer, Explosive-Fx

Nick Sieffert, Assistant SFX Designer, Explosive-Fx

Susan Fenty Studham, Stage Manager

Todd Schroeder, Vocal Coach, Other Productions


Cindy Lau, Translation and Dubbing Producer

Yunming Zhang, Creative Director


Karen Foster, Steven Hickner,


Ben Casey, Chief Executive Officer

Sandy McEvoy, Chief Operating Officer

Isaac Brantner, Finance Director

Damian Fulton, Executive Creative Director

Donna Hampton, Executive Producer

Lang Walker, Technical Director


Official Credits List - How to Train Your Dragon: Untrainable

Nils Porrmann, Technical Consultant

Roy Christian, Technical Support

Will Skinner, Sr Motion Designer

Gilad Arazi, Sr Motion Designer


Sonny Tilders, Design Director/CEO

Tim Rolfe, General Manager

Richard McKenna, Chief Engineer

Malcolm Place, Production Manager

Marc Warshall, CFO

Damian Guiney, Director, Partnerships & Development

Kathy Fox, Producer

Peter Nielson, Creative Producer

John Hempel, Project Manager

Chris Dardis, Head, Digital Design

Paul Fleer, 2IC, Digital Design

Ben Forster, Senior Animator/Designer

Brent King, Digital Manufacturing Coordinator

Claire Harrison, Technical Artist

Kelsey Birrell, 3D Artist

Brendan Butcher, Head of Department, Engineering

James McDonald, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Leon Wong, Project Engineer

Avon Perera, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Josh Gallo, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Michael Bais, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Stephen Wilkie, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Sandrine Cameron, Mechanical Engineer

Hayden Zylberberg, Design Engineer

Angus McLaren, Design Engineer

India Luscombe, Student Engineer

John Dawson, Senior CAD Drafter

Brian Helmkamp, Engineering Assistant

Michael Larratt, Electrical Engineering Team Lead

Zyniz Wong, Electrical Engineer

Denis Gatiatulin, Senior Controls Tech

Matt Cooper, Electrician

Pete Lindsey, Electrician

Karen Souter, Principal Control Systems Engineer

Rob Crittenden, Control Systems Engineer Team Lead

Luke Cartwright, Senior Control Systems Engineer

Josh Dunstan, Senior Control Systems Engineer

Amy Thompson, Control Systems Engineer

Daniel Vlahovic, Control Systems Engineer

Nick Mulder, Control Systems Engineer

Simon Carroll, Testing & Installation Coordinator

Jeremy Soawyer, Project Engineer - Controls

Chip Wardale, Head, Engineering Fabrication

Alex Toa, 2IC, Engineering Fabrication

Tim Collard, Senior Mechanical Fabricator

Lorne Dennis, Senior Mechanical Fabricator

Ollie Ebdon, Apprentice Mechanical Fabricator

Peter Betts, Mechanical Fabricator

Morgan Durst, Mechanical Fabricator

Jacob Kyriakidis, Finishing & Assembly

Sam Zanghi, Finishing & Assembly

Deb Berzins, Head, Sculptural Fabrication

Nerissa Box, Sculptural Fabrication Team Lead

Jenny O'Keeffe, Sculptural Fabrication Team Lead

Jody Overhill, Sculptural Fabrication Team Lead

Andrew Thilby, Senior Model Maker

Paul Smits, Sculptor/Colourist

Richard Mueck, Sculptor

Matt Cotter, Sculptor

Apichart Chaipipath, Sculptor

Fiona Abicare, Lead Mould-Maker

Torie Nimmervoll, Mould-Maker

Lisa Calwell, Mould-Maker

Elin Soderlund, Senior Sculptural Fabricator

Courtney Clarke, Sculptural Fabricator

Gina Nomachi, Sculptural Fabricator

Eleanor Hutchison, Sculptural Fabricator

Jack Milne, Sculptural Fabricator

Peri Jenkins, Sculptural Fabricator

Joanna Gust, Sculptural Fabricator

Lexi Galexy, Sculptural Fabricator

Ruth Twardy, Sculptural Fabricator

Samantha Harding, Purchasing Manager

May Zhang, Financial Accountant

David Higley, Finance Manager

Carly Davey, Office Manager

Murray Rogers, Facilities & WHS Manager

Christophe Dubillon, Inventory Coordinator


The Irish Racehorse Experience, Irish National Stud & Gardens Co. - Kildare, Ireland

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement - Museum, Limited Budget

The Irish Racehorse Experience takes the visitor on a personalized journey tracing the story of an Irish thoroughbred horse, from yearling through coming-of-age. Through interaction with industry experts, this experience provides an insider’s guide to the fascinating world of being an owner, a foaling manager, or a thoroughbred trainer – and the respect, knowledge, responsibilities, and dedication that go with those roles.

The 6,500 square foot facility is nestled in a beautiful garden setting where, first-hand, visitors can view yearlings and famous horses in the Living Legends paddock. The objective is to engage expert and non-expert visitors alike by immersing them in the excitement and thrill of horse ownership and professional horse racing. Throughout the various exhibits,

visitors from around the world are engaged in compelling, hands-on, interactive experiences thanks to multisensory technologies and audio guides in their individual languages.

At the culmination of their visit, visitors have the opportunity to form groups for the “Big Race,” test their competitive spirit and find out if their horse is a winning thoroughbred. This takes the form of an interactive, digital game in which visitors play jockey on mechanical horses, paired with imagery on a large, curved screen to simulate a race. Each visitor rides their own selected horse to the finish line. The experience is given realism through actual reciprocating motions of the mechanical horse’s head, hand grips, and seat. The Irish Racehorse Experience uniquely showcases an industry that very few people have had the privilege to know.


Official Credits List - The Irish Racehorse Experience


Architect KBM Architects

Civil/Structural Eng/PSDP Tobin Consulting

Mechanical/Electrical Eng Bernard Smith


Quantity Surveying Michael J Broe & Associates

Main Contractor Duggan Lynch Builders

Exhibition Design DMW Creative

Exhib.Production Imagineer; Hypsos; HWVA; MCW

Heather Dowling-Wade, Interpretive Design & Content Supervision, DMW Creative

Rob Molenaar, Interpretive Design & Technical Supervision, DMW Creative

Peter Whittaker, Interpretive Design & Media Supervision, DMW Creative


Hypsos, Consortium Lead

Mark van Drieberge

MCW, Graphics, Games & Interactives, Audio Visual Productions

Martin van den Berg

Roeland Grootscholten

Eric Mahieu

Martijn de Man

Frans Knoop

Borg Lenstra

Roy van Venrooij

Glenn Krijgsman

Jan Willem van der Plas

Heijmerink Wagemakers, Project management, Technical development, Set build, Interactives & Mechanics

Bart Wagemakers

Maan het Lam

Ronald Eijgermans

Hans Appelhof

Rapenburg Plaza, Hardware & Show Control

Stijn van Bruggen

Remon van der Lelie

Eli van Hooff

Sunke Puell


Aga Khan Studs


Alexsander Dzerdz

Bankos Tales Productions

Caroline Norris

Coolmore Stud


Getty Images

Jan Govaere, Ghent University & Jeroen Hoekstra


The Irish Field

Juddmonte farms

Healy Racing

Horse Racing Ireland

Racing Post

Troytown Grey Abbey Equine Veterinary Hospital


Production Hannah Brook-Lawson

Score Sarah Lynch


Des Scahill

Ronan Wilson

Peter Whittaker


Dr Adrian Mcgoldrick

Andrew Coonan

Berney Brothers Saddlery

Brendan Sheridan

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Coolmore Stud

The Curragh Racecourse

Daragh Fitzpatrick

Des Scahill

Doneraile point-to-point

The Equestrian Laundry

Fáilte Ireland



Graduates of the INS Thoroughbred Breeding Course

Horse Racing Ireland


Jessica Harrington Racing

Jim, John, Billy, Ciaran, Fergus and Sylvester Gray

John Osborne

Johnny Murtagh

Keith Mitchell

Kildare County Council

Kildare Village

Martin Leahy


Naas Racecourse

Pat O’Sullivan


Robert Hall

Slim O’Neil

The Staff at The Irish National Stud

Tony James

TRI Equestrian

Willie McCreevy

Windmill Lane Recording


JUMP by Limitless Flight - Bluffdale, Utah, USA

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement - Connected Immersion

JUMP opened in May 2022. After arrival and check-in, Pilot Guests get tips in a pre-flight video and enter one of two bays to put on their wingsuits, and adjustable helmets with integrated VR display. After a free-fall jump, they set off to explore.

The ride system allows free-range control of direction and steering through cliff tops and tree lines, in a 180-degree, high-resolution, realistic digital landscape. Eventually guests deploy their parachutes, glide to the ground and de-suit to and go view the flight playback. The experience is approximately 40 minutes from check-in to leaving with a v-log of the flight.

The team worked to provide the best possible experience for all levels of guest mobility. Their FAQ carefully outlines, for wheelchair-related inquiries, the amount of unassisted movement required for the experience. JUMP opens up the possibility of some thrilling and soaring experiences for challenged riders.

JUMP makes the most of best-in-class technology for a wicked-clever, impactful merger of physical experience with sophisticated flying control - the best-yet integration of VR into a physical guest experience. It delivers a weightless jump off a cliff, the rush of the wind, the wind engaging with the wings of your suit, the sense of controlling the direction and forward motion of your own travel as you soar over Utah until the moment your chute engages and you steer into an effortless and safe landing. To incentivize repeat ridership, the pricing model makes successive jumps less expensive.

Its stellar development team has not missed any gamification strategies. JUMP is a whole new hyperreal, multi-sensory experience, combining live elements with guided free flight with top-notch graphic quality VR - an unparalleled, hyperreal experience. It might be the thus-far elusive, killer application of VR that brings it into the mainstream of guest-engaging immersive experiences.


Official Credits List - JUMP by Limitless Flight


James Jensen, CEO/Founder

Matthew Hall, CFO/Co-Founder

Brad Ritchie, VP of Operations

Paul Metcalfe, Director of Research & Development

Rylan Metcalfe, Junior Engineer

Yann Robert, Senior Engineer

Gage Jensen, Director of System Engineering

Zane Jensen, Junior Engineer

Shane Loder, Manager

Vicente Lleverino, Assistant Manager/Events

Rodney Wilkinson, Corporate Attorney

Jordan Garn, Senior Engineer

Jamey Anthony, Engineer

Anne Jensen, Director of Communications


Marshall Miller

John Gaeta

Jim Shumway

Luke Aikins

William Lam

Sajid Patel

Brian Wright

Beth Mcrae


Richard Keen, Senior Engineer

Jon Warner, Senior Engineer

Mark Owen, Senior Engineer

Allen Williams, UX

Matt Peterson, Technical Artist

Paul Gerla, Technical Artist

Abel Perry, Technical Artist

Maddie Hill, Director of events and communications

Clayton Talley, Director of Operations

Joseph Robbins, VP of content

Ryan Whitehead, Senior Engineer

Hartman Rector, Senior Engineer


Chad Davis

Jason Carley

McKay Johnson

Daniel Kattan

Andrew Orosz

Ross Moore

John Dorfman

Steve Oshgan

Sajid Patel

Mike Reich


David Cox, Branding & Spatial Design

River Wilde, Branding & Spatial Design

Roman Smart, Web & UX

Brandon Leavitt, Web & UX

Aaron Sorensen, Video & Photo

Jes Anderson, Video & Photo

Austin Bentley, Video & Photo

Mikelle Cox, Operations & Project Management

Bekah Coffey, Operations & Project Management


Prototype Development

Jim Shumway, Sr. Project Manager

Andrew Mudie, Sr. Mechanical Integrator

Andrew Penney, Sr. Control Integrator

Christopher Delizza, Control Integrator

Samuel Hillyer, Head of Show Programming

Mclane Snow, Head of Design Development

Nicholas Bonsell, Studio Lead - Mechanical

Ryan Kunkel, Principal Mechanical Engineer

Design and Fabrication

Kim Ross, Project Manager

Matthew Bettinger, Electrical Engineer

Alec Ciemiewicz, Sr. Mechanical Designer

Daniel Movick, Lead Mechanical Designer

Andrew Himmelrich, Mechanical Designer

Jason Scott, Mechanical Engineer

Jacob Ostdiek, Mechanical Integrator

Paige Rogozinski, Mechanical Integrator

James Southworth, Sr. Controls Integrator

David Alfano, Control Integrator

Brian O'Neill, Control Integrator

Frank Jaramillo, Control Engineer


Alexis Moreno

Brandon Nixdorf

Brian Richard

Christopher Wilson

Cody DeVoe

David Heisey

Du Luu

Erin Manka-White

Gordon Woodson

Ian Fox

Joseph Kershner

Matthew Manley

Michael Stokes

Miranda Martz

Ronald Taylor

Ryan Buswell

Wayne Leibenguth


Jurassic World Adventure - Universal Studios Beijing, Beijing, China

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement - Attraction

With Universal rebooting its Jurassic Park franchise as Jurassic World in 2015 – releasing three hit movies so far – it was time to apply the successful, cinematic brand pivot to its global theme park empire. With the creation of Universal Studios Beijing, an entire land was dedicated to this epic adventure series, giving designers a clean slate to create a new kind of immersive environment themed on the new marquee attraction. The existing River Adventures provided inspiration, but having the action unfold on dry land, and all indoors, supported creating a novel adventure, with full theatrical control.

Having perfected their roving motion-base technology - first created for the (largely 3D-projected) Adventures of SpiderMan and Transformers attractions - Universal now opted for a more tangible, physical experience. The carefully protected audience view shed of these vehicles supports a highly

directed, intimate experience without the need for 3D glasses. Massive physical sets feature integrated 2D moving-eye-point media, and of course, giant dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Adventure also takes animated dinos to a whole new level, with a scale and impact that directly affect the dynamics of the experience (an Ankylosaurus bashes the vehicle and causes it to spin out of control, an overhead battle between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Indominous Rex seems far too close for comfort...) But the game-changing, industry first is a full-size, walking Indominus Rex that actually chases the riders. This ingenious design puts the massive dino animatronic on the same track system as the ride vehicle, creating a hair-raising face-to-face reverse chase unlike any dino encounter in any ride or attraction, anywhere. This attraction raises the bar for animatronic dark rides, creating a whole new breed of epic thrills.


Official Credits List - Jurassic World Adventure


Tom Williams, Chairman, Universal Parks and Resorts

Mark Woodbury, Vice Chairman, UPR & President, Universal Creative

Tom Mehrmann, President & COO, Pacific Rim, UPR, Universal Orlando

Thierry Coup, SVP, Chief Creative Officer, Universal Parks and Resorts


Steve Blum, SVP Ride Safety & Engineering

Mike Hightower, SVP, Project Director

Eugene Dobrzyn, SVP,Project Management Office, Universal Orlando

Mike Harrington, VP, Project Director

Christopher Oliver, VP, Engineering & Safety

Doug Akers, VP, Park Operations

Mike Kiddoo, VP, Engineering & Safety Ride/ Show

Christopher Oliver, VP, Engineering & Safety

Carter Williams, VP, Executive Project Director, Finance


Dante Bruno, Assoc. Designer, Show/Set

John Sirabella, Assoc. Producer

Daniel Jenkins, Creative Director

Martha Gutierrez, Designer, Show/Set

John "Clif" Hawkins, Production Art Director

Bob Bowman, Production Art Director (Rockwork)

Chris Frisella, Sr. Producer, Show

Thomas Simoneau, Assoc. Designer, Architectural

Rebecca Liu, Manager, Interior Design

Joe Zabrosky, Sr. Manager, BIM

Bob Jones, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Richard Donofrio, Sr. Manager, Planning & Area Development Design

Chris Ecklund, Assoc. Engineer

Jason Fitzgerald, Assoc. Engineer (Controls)

Roberto Duran Marti, Manager, Ride & Show Engineering

Sylvain Marcotte, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Kyle Dembinski, Manager, Ride & Show Engineering

Rebecca Dean, Manager, Ride & Show Engineering

Julian Beloiu, Sr. Engineer

Ray Chowning, Sr. Engineer, Controls

Lenna Minion, Sr. Manager, Technical

Yanan "Melody" Zhou, Coordinator, Show

Rommel Sedano, Production Art Director

Yu "Floyd" Chen, Production Art Director

Bo Zheng, Asst. Manager, Facility Design

Kai Li, Assoc. Engineer (Mechanical)

Yuetong "Heather" An, Coordinator, Technical

Jun Yi, Coordinator, Technical

Yu Tian, Manager, Show (Animation, SFX, SAE)

Khah Leang "KL" Choon, Manager, Technical (Lighting)

Yixiong "Ethan" Geng, Manager, Technical (Mechanical)

Xi Chen, Manager, Technical (Ride Controls)

John Paul "JP" Pagulayan, Sr. Manager,

Technical Show

Aaron Philpott

Carlos Beato, Structural Engineer

Julian Beliou, Sr. Engineer, Ride

Mike Brister, Ride Programmer

Lloyd Brown, Asst. Director, Engineering & Safety

Dante Bruno, Show Set Designer

Renee Camp, Associate Media Producer

Ashley Williams, Associate Media Producer

Yangxuan Zenith Yang, Sr Coordinator, Media

KL Choon, Manager, Lighting

Rebecca Dean, Manager, Show

Kyle Dembinski, Manager, Ride Controls

DeeDee Draz Barreras, Production Art Director

Roberto Duran, Engineer, Show Controls

Dave Edwards, Production Art Director

Richard Erpenbeck, Director, Contracts

Chris Frisella, Senior Show Producer

Ethan Geng, Engineer, Ride

Crinilda Gil, Contracts Administrator

Martha Gueterriez, Show Set Designer

Clif Hawkins, Production Art Director

Dan Jenkins, Creative Director

Jason Surrell, Concept Creative Director

Jannik Jensen, Sr Engineer

Bob Jones, Facility Design Manager

Cameron Kania, Ride Programmer

R Kearns, Media Producer

Dan Kent, Director, Engineering & Safety

Kirsten Ruhs, Sr Director, Sculpting & Design

Tom Xiu, Anaylst, Project Finance

Tom Lewis, Sr Manager, Finance

Jennifer Keim, Technical Coordinator

Alex Abdala Castano, Manager, Network Systems

Luis Alves, Sr Engineer, Ride/Show Engineering & Safety

Sean Fitzpatrick, Sr Director, Network Systems

Ally Killian

Robert Kipping, Show Programmer

Nolan Libero, Director, Attractions Operations

Sylvain Marcotte, Manager, Lighting

Lenna Minion, Sr Manager, Attraction

Jody Rivera, Project Coordinator

Ken Saba, Media Producer, Sr.

Rommel Sedano, Field Art Director

Phillip Shaw, Sr Manager, A/V

Kevin Smith, Director, Engineering & Safety

Paula Stenzler, In Loving Memory

Diane Manzi, In Loving Memory

Bob Stephens

Cherisse Tillet, Associate Show Producer

Eric Vance, Sr Director, Engineering & Safety

Anthony Villani, Scheduler

Debra Walker, Director, Media Production

Eric Yu, Intern, Media

Michelle Willett, Production Art Director

Melody Zhou, Creative Coordinator

Tian Yu

Parker Harley, Concept Illustrator

Cal Harley, Writer

Ryan Bona, Sr. Manager Lighting Design & Technical Systems

Danny Liu, Assistant Lighting Manager

Daniel Freedman, Architectural Designer

Howard Schlieper, Asst. Director, Engineering & Safety


Joe Relich

Serene Yip, Senior Manager, Attractions Operations

Spud Yang, Area Manager, Attractions Operations

Nicolas Lai, Supervisor, Technical Services

Jackie, Assistant Manager, Attractions Operations

Melissa Adams, Senior Project Director


郭强 Jerry Guo Qiang

哈博 Ha Bona

申红旭 Simon Shen Hongxu

王超 Alan Wang Chao

王志强 Edward Wang Zhiqiang

李岱 Lydia Li Dai

周博 Jim Zhou Bo

乔梁 George Qiao Liang

张大冲 Zhang Dachong

吴智昌 Luke Wu Zhichang

董光宇 Dong Guangyu

高超 Andy Gaochao

刘博 Albert Liu Bo

张旺达 Wonder Zhang Wangda

王为公 Rocky Wang Weigong

王飞虎 Tony Wang Feihu

武斌 Wu Bin

宋超 Song Chao

姜涛 Jiang Tao

耿伟 Geng Wei

邹卉 Zou Hui

肖亚男 Judy Xiao Yanan

杨婉婷 Wendy Yang Wanting

梁安正 Liang Anzheng


Angie Sharma, SVP, Brand Marketing

David O'Connor, VP, Franchise Management

Chris Castelonia, VP, Brand Marketing


Colin Trevorrow, Director of Sales - Systems

Frank Marshall, Producer



Bing Xiong, Installation Lead


Jeffery Hampton, Project Engineer - Creative Programmer


Official Credits List - Jurassic World Adventure

Buddy Pope, Sr. Project Director - Special Projects

Nathan Barmer, Applications Engineer

Brent Pritchett, Director of Sales - Systems


David MacMurtry, President

Cynthia Friedman, Comptroller/HR

Tantris Hernandez, VP Contracts

Matt Samsel, VP Production

Chris Bell, Purchasing Manager

Matthew Gorka, Senior Project Manager

Jon Isenberg, Assistant Project Manager

Joe Simmons, Lead Designer

Mark Temple, Designer

Quang Truong, Designer

John Canton, Controls Engineer

John Reyes, Controls Engineer

Mark Friedman, Controls Shop Supervisor

Alex Alarcon, Fabrication Shop Manager

Ernesto Jara, Quality Assurance

Luke Blair, Shipping and Receiving

Charles Hernandez, Installation Supervisor

Mario Armira, Fabrication Lead

Adam Sahagun, Fabrication Lead

Jarrod Estrada, Controls Tech

Jennifer Calderon, Controls Tech

Glen Burns, Fabricator

Mark Still Jr, Fabricator

Martin Smith, Fabricator

David Rhea, Fabricator


Ross Ruppel, Project Manager

Josh Sauerman, Creative Director

Paul Fly, Technical Design Manager

Brian Burns, Mechanical Design Engineer

Zach Jordan, Mechanical Design Engineer

Ahren Wert, Character Artist

Dave Nixon, Sculptor

Chris Grondin, Sculptor

Dominic Cardoso, Assembly Lead

Tim Cochran, Controls Engineer


Greg Meader, Audio Mix Engineer

Joe Pileggi, Audio Mix Engineer

Paul Freeman, Audio Mix Supervisor

Bob Wackerman, Audio Mix Supervisor


Brian Kuhar, VP of Engineering

Phil Coombs, Technical Project Manager

Joseph Fox, Engineering Manager

Glenn McNair, Sr. Staff Engineer

John Soucy, Sr. Engineer

Zhao Tianjiao, Engineer

Felisha Birket, Sr. Technician

Zachary Cross, Engineer

David Foley, Technician

Jeff Ripley, Sr. Technician


Erik Egleston, Project Manager

Sabrina Kanaley, Designer

TJ Perrotti, Engineer

Dillon Ivey, Technical Process & Safety Coordinator

Chase Hogoboom, Program Manager

Eric Goetz, Fabrication Manager


Joseph White, Principal Designer / Founder

Michael King, Senior Design Engineer

Suraj Patel, Design Engineer

Casey Catto, Lead Fabricator

Jolynn Arias, Project Manager


Sonny Tilders, Design Director/CEO

Tim Rolfe, General Manager

Richard McKenna, Chief Engineer

Malcolm Place, Production Manager

Marc Warshall, CFO

Damian Guiney, Director, Partnerships & Development

Kathy Fox, Producer

Peter Nielson, Creative Producer

John Hempel, Project Manager

Chris Dardis, Head, Digital Design

Paul Fleer, 2IC, Digital Design

Ben Forster, Senior Animator/Designer

Brent King, Digital Manufacturing Coordinator

Claire Harrison, Technical Artist

Kelsey Birrell, 3D Artist

Brendan Butcher, Head of Department, Engineering

James McDonald, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Leon Wong, Project Engineer

Avon Perera, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Josh Gallo, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Michael Bais, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Stephen Wilkie, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Sandrine Cameron, Mechanical Engineer

Hayden Zylberberg, Design Engineer

Angus McLaren, Design Engineer

India Luscombe, Student Engineer

John Dawson, Senior CAD Drafter

Brian Helmkamp, Engineering Assistant

Michael Larratt, Electrical Engineering Team Lead

Zyniz Wong, Electrical Engineer

Denis Gatiatulin, Senior Controls Tech

Matt Cooper, Electrician

Pete Lindsey, Electrician

Karen Souter, Principal Control Systems Engineer

Rob Crittenden, Control Systems Engineer Team Lead

Luke Cartwright, Senior Control Systems Engineer

Josh Dunstan, Senior Control Systems Engineer

Amy Thompson, Control Systems Engineer

Daniel Vlahovic, Control Systems Engineer

Nick Mulder, Control Systems Engineer

Simon Carroll, Testing & Installation Coordinator

Jeremy Soawyer, Project Engineer - Controls

Chip Wardale, Head, Engineering Fabrication

Alex Toa, 2IC, Engineering Fabrication

Tim Collard, Senior Mechanical Fabricator

Lorne Dennis, Senior Mechanical Fabricator

Ollie Ebdon, Apprentice Mechanical Fabricator

Peter Betts, Mechanical Fabricator

Morgan Durst, Mechanical Fabricator

Jacob Kyriakidis, Finishing & Assembly

Sam Zanghi, Finishing & Assembly

Deb Berzins, Head, Sculptural Fabrication

Nerissa Box, Sculptural Fabrication Team Lead

Jenny O'Keeffe, Sculptural Fabrication Team Lead

Jody Overhill, Sculptural Fabrication Team Lead

Andrew Thilby, Senior Model Maker

Paul Smits, Sculptor/Colourist

Richard Mueck, Sculptor

Matt Cotter, Sculptor

Apichart Chaipipath, Sculptor

Fiona Abicare, Lead Mould-Maker

Torie Nimmervoll, Mould-Maker

Lisa Calwell, Mould-Maker

Elin Soderlund, Senior Sculptural Fabricator

Courtney Clarke, Sculptural Fabricator

Gina Nomachi, Sculptural Fabricator

Eleanor Hutchison, Sculptural Fabricator

Jack Milne, Sculptural Fabricator

Peri Jenkins, Sculptural Fabricator

Joanna Gust, Sculptural Fabricator

Lexi Galexy, Sculptural Fabricator

Ruth Twardy, Sculptural Fabricator

Samantha Harding, Purchasing Manager

May Zhang, Financial Accountant

David Higley, Finance Manager

Carly Davey, Office Manager

Murray Rogers, Facilities & WHS Manager

Christophe Dubillon, Inventory Coordinator



David Birchall, Director

Arnaud Guerin, Show Control Programmer

Lucas Harrison, AV Systems Engineer

Richard Kemp, Audio Specialist

Lawrence Ryan, Show Control Programmer

Robert Strefford, Project Manager & Systems Engineer

"Craig" Pow Chong, Director of Engineering


Eric Roehl, Project Manager

Anthony Cornely, Assistant Project Manager

John Marhoefer, Chief Engineer

Justin Stehr, Engineer/Executive

Chris Gaines, Production Manager

Ian Gaines, Director of Operations


Gavin Fox, Creative Director

Jason Fox, Creative Director

Eugénie von Tunzelmann, Visual Effects Supervisor

Maximillian Guy McNair MacEwan, Producer

Brad Silby, Supervisor

Stephen Goalby, Supervisor

Martin Cutbill, Supervisor

Adam Burnett, Supervisor

Marco Parenzi, Supervisor

Andrea Sjoberg, Production


Official Credits List - Jurassic World Adventure

Molly Collins, Production

Liz Oliver, Production

Olivia Unwin, Production

Jamal Bennett, Design

Jake Hardiman, Design

Ian Spendloff, Design

Yukari Schrickel, Design

Michael John, Assets

Bruno Coimbra, Assets

Paola Santoro, Assets

Mary Doyle, Assets

Omar Jason Lawal, Assets

Ahmed Ugas, Assets

Jeremy Berruel, Assets

Linda Dussine, Assets

Edward Randall, Assets

Ceyhan Kapusuz, Assets

Grant Walker, Assets

Justine Lecat, Assets

Florence Green, Assets

Marnie Pitts, Assets

Billy Butler, Assets

Robert Joosten, Assets

Ewa Zych, Assets

Leo Schreiber, Assets

Amanda Johnstone-Batt, Shots

Nicolas Barbier, Shots

Justin Long, Shots

David Watson, Shots

Baptiste Roy, Shots

Erik Weaver-Pronk, Shots

Roger Escola Jane, Shots

Adam Chabane, Shots

Anthony Arnoux, Shots

Stephen New, Shots

Zybrand Lourens Jacobs, Shots

Dan Bielawski, Shots

John Peck, Shots

Suzanne Jandu, Shots

Andy Hunwick, Shots

Daniel Ravanelli, Shots

Owen Carroll, Shots

Katherine Ross, Shots

John Williams, Shots

David Early, Shots

Francesco Cosatti, Shots

Harry Wormald, Shots

Enrico Selmi, Shots

Valerio Di Napoli, Shots

Gabriela Ruch Salmeron, Shots

Adam Ting, Shots

Ashley Reemul, Shots

Rodrigo Gottardi, Shots

Emma Ewing, Shots

Jacqui Lockley, Shots

Alicia Saleh, Shots

Thomas Ashby, Shots

Carey Williams, Shots

Isabelle Slocombe, Shots

William Bartlett, Shoot

Noah Enhus, Shoot

Chris Wait, Shoot

David Hay, Shoot

Ben West, Shoot



Cindy Lau, Translation and Dubbing Producer

Yunming Zhang, Creative Director



Mario Schädler, Mechanical Engineer

Tomislav Baričević, Electrical Engineer

Karoly Pal, Assembly and Commissioning Engineer

Matthias Gerber, Project Manager


Warren Kong, Principal Lighting Designer

Jesse Scott, Lighting Designer

Mark Andrew, Lighting Designer

Daniel Bergher, Lighting Designer



Phillip van Stratum, CEO & Art Director

Bowie Faas, Project Manager

Mark Toonen, Lead Engineer

Jasper van Kemenade, Lead Foreman

Eppo Zeegers, Project Coordinator

Gerard Berkers, Head of Engineering

Rick Dekkers, Procurement Officer

Kyra van Helden, Lead Scenic Painter

Yara Boudoin, Engineer

Nicole Caris, Scenic Painter

Melanie Jacobs, Scenic Painter

Mechie Voermans, Artistic Welder

Jos van Nistelrooij, All-round Worker

Rens Boone, All-round Worker

Yuri Janssen, All-round Worker

Lars van Grinsven, FRP Specialist

Bram Verhoof, FRP Specialist

Laura Bierman, 3D-Modeller

Edwin van den Heuvel, Designer

Chris van Seggelen, Graphic Designer

Mark Jurriens, Sculptor

Roger Geraedts, Sculptor

Dick Dorshorst, Sculptor

Anton Lemmens, Lead Carpenter

Madelon van Doorn - Raaijmakers, Financial Secretary

Mariette van der Linden, Secretary


Randall Dannemann, RCS/VCS - Commissioning Support

Richie Fortenberry, RCS/VCS - Project Engineer

Jeremy Garner, RCS/VCS - Commissioning Support

Chris Grimmell, RCS/VCS - Commissioning Support

Tino Hakata, RCS/VCS - Commissioning Support

Amy Hataway, RCS - Software Design & Commissioning Support

Eddie Herrington, RCS - Safety Design

Brian Kennedy, Network - Design & Commissioning Support

Lance Park, RCS/VCS - Commissioning Support

Parth Patel, RCS/VCS/Network - Commissioning Support

Cody Poynor, RCS/VCS - Commissioning Support

Trae Rushing, Network - Design & Commissioning Support

Chuck Serpa, RCS/VCS - Electrical Design & Commissioning Support

Mary Serpa, RCS/VCS - Electrical Design & Commissioning Support

Shawna Smith, RCS - Software Design & Commissioning Support

Drew Yates, RCS/VCS - Commissioning Support

Steve Zuercher, VCS - Software Design & Commissioning Support


Dean Jing, Animated Figure Commissioning

Toby Yan, Ride System Commissioning

Charlie Shi, Track Switch/APOS Installation

Tianyi Yang, RSN/Fluidmesh Installation & Commissioning


Johnny Pan, Operations Manager

Jan Blomme, Managing Partner

Meng Li, Installation Tech

Rooney Jiang, Installation Supervisor



Peter J Lehman, Sound Design / Music Supervision

Alex J Lehman, Sound Design

David Kneupper, Music Arrangement


John Dietz, VFX Supervisor

Hazel Han, VFX Producer

Chen Yang, VFX Supervisor Assistant

Lei Huang, Compositor

Huan Gu

Shu Liang

Shaolei Zhang

Benjamin Zhu

Kelsey Bai, VFX Coordinators

XinYue Cui

Sandon Wang, Tech Support/IO

Mingze Xu

Zhiyu Zhao

Xiaowei Qi, HR

Amber Cai, Finance

Dong Chen, Administrative

Yuqin Huang

Jiuli Zhang, Driver

Jun Liu

64 Congratulations to this year's THEA Awards Recipients For 30 years, event marketers have relied on us to get it right the first time, every time. Learn more about us at ©Disney

Particle Ink: Speed of Dark - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement - Immersive Live Experience

Particle Ink takes the guest into the vivid story of an artist and his wife who have lost their child, and must face their inner fears and sorrows to rediscover joy through art. The venue is a converted garage in an industrial area. The garage door opens, and guests enter and discover various spaces with a riot of homebuilt sculptures and art. We meet the main character - the father - at the crib of his lost child. A tiny spark of magic and imagination appears and proceeds to transform into the delightful sprite of a child, in what is called the “2.5th dimension.”

From this point the show takes to every surface in street art fashion, with projections and clever handoffs and interactions. As the couple struggle to reclaim joy, the scenes flow from room to alcove to walls and floors with acrobatics, performances, puppetry and dance. Partway through the show a new larger room is revealed, in which the darker moments, a big battle and the joyful finale occur. In two moments of pause, the audience is invited to roam around the space and play with interactive art installations. The total experience is approximately 60 minutes.

This is literally a show in a garage, and while it shows its humble origins with pride, it quickly transcends that with magical moments. The set design is rich and eclectic to begin with, but the media totally transforms it, enabling the same spaces to be used multiple times. The audience is very actively engaged as the show moves them from set to set, whether roaming, standing, or sitting, as well as interactively participating.

Surprise and delight are key parts of this touching show, which features an astounding amount of original media; it is practically an animated feature in its own right, strikingly styled and highly interactive. Many simple but effective theatrical gags and touches are timed to media for moving story moments, and reactive media supports the actors’ performance perfectly. The energetic, young and highly emotional soundtrack composition is supported by a powerful and clear audio system.


Jenn Tuft - Co CEO

Official Credits List - Particle Ink: Speed of Dark

Cassandra Sanford-Rosenthal - Co CEO

Cesar Hawas - Executive Producer, Chief Experience Officer

Created and Directed by: The LightPoets


Ekenah Claudin - Artist

Dani Maloney - Keeper

Natsumi Miyazaki - Lilith

Marquith Miller "Crush" - Ink God

Joey Mandel "Jam" - Bathroom Beast

Jason Nious and Darren Pitura - Joint PuppeteerInterstellar Storyteller


Natalie Rhae - Lilith and Keeper

Ashley Addison - Lilith

Lisbeth Mikoleit- Keeper

Ricardo Barraza Jr - Bathroom Beast, Artist, Puppeteer

Sai'len Jaeger - Artist

Marcus Cole "Qwenga" - Ink God


David Gonzalez - Director of Operations

Lee Ann Groff-Daudet - General Manager/Venue Operations

Dawn Maxfield-Brock - Production Stage Manager

Annie Scheuermann - Assistant Stage Manager

Isaiah Mincher - Lead Tech and Tech Operator

Leigh Lewis - Props & Deck Track

Kat Rhind - Wardrobe Track

Samantha Thompson - On Call Assistant Stage Manager

Mauricio DeFendi - Venue Construction Supervisor

Tanya Adams - Operations Manager


Evelyn Stockmann

Erin Chitren

Cindy Miles

Dale Darcas

Robert Reddic

Rufus (Ed) Butler

Son Le

Jen Little

Maria Peralta


Steven Zeller - Sound Designer

Belinda Leelong - Wardrobe Supervisor

Claire Karoff - Props Designer

Steven Mack - Lighting Designer

Frank Strebel - Elite Creations

Thom Rubino - Illusion Props

Joshua Brokaw, Break All Productions - Scenic Designer

Matt Hawkins - Fight Director

Derek Lux - Puppet Props

Diane Zizka - Scenic Painter

Omar Martinez - Videographer

David Matz - Drone Video Footage

Scott Johnson - Build Crew

Eric Foster - Rigger

Stephan Wood - Rigging Inspection


Scott Johnson

Eva Mecham

Leon Bicam

Roger Wesby

Alex Freyding

Nicholas Brown

David Santos

Robert Gulick

Bradley Fitzgerald

Harold Winstead

Stage Hand: Ernie


Erika Pope - Vox Agency

Desiree Webb - Senior Account Executive

Andrea Heerdt - Account Executive

Jevaughn Williams - Assistant Account Executive


Ed Gold - Gold Business Management

Savannah Morrissey - Gold Business Management


Lauren Steiner


QUAKE - Lisbon Earthquake Center, Lisbon, Portugal

Thea Award For Outstanding AchievementHistorical Experience, Limited Budget

Many people do not realize that one of the most destructive earthquakes in the West occurred more than a quarter of a millennium ago, in the city of Lisbon on November 1, 1755, destroying most of the city’s buildings, streets, and squares. The earthquake was followed by a tsunami and raging fires, which changed the face of Lisbon forever.

The 18,000 square foot, 90-minute, walk-through “Quake” historical experience recreates this event and much more, with nine timed and show-controlled scenes. Quake challenges guests to unlock the knowledge about the 1755 earthquake, to journey back in time to re-live the event. Starting in an abandoned laboratory, they are introduced to a professor. Their mission is to travel back in time to recover important missing documents. Walking through the lost city, they re-visit its horrors and wonders, and the drama unfolds around them. They get the opportunity to meet the heroes and villains from that time and experience being at the heart of the earthquake itself, eventually leading to a major political, scientific, and historical transformation.

The Quake journey is brought to life through state-of-the-art projection mapping, integrated media screens, interactive exhibits, special effects (smoke, scents), immersive show lighting, highly themed environments, simulator effects and a beautifully composed soundtrack, all on a limited budget.

While the story revolves around the actual events and adheres to authenticity, it takes visitors by the hand and fully engages them on an emotional level. The Quake team consulted with local academic experts to ensure historical and scientific accuracy as well as educational relevance. Quake strikes an excellent balance between education and entertainment, active and passive participation, and ride, show, and exhibit scenes. It achieves this balance while seamlessly weaving historical, scientific, and cultural facts into an outstanding, story-driven, and unique visitor experience.




Founder & Owner

Ricardo Clemente, Co-Founder

Maria João Marques, Co-Founder

Clara Santiago, Marketing Manager

Madalena Júdice, Operations Manager

Marta Pisco, Content Manager

Pedro Clemente, CFO

Pedro Silva, Project Manager

Ricardina Valente, Audit Manager

Nuno Santos, Advisor

Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, Advisor

Nuno Silva, Brand Strategist


André Canhoto Costa, Historian, André Canhoto


Luís Matias, Seismologist, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon

Susana Custódio, Seismologist, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon

Mónica Amaral Ferreira, Seismic Risk Engineer, Instituto Superior Técnico

Ana Matilla, Translator

Sara Pisco, Translator

Hugo Silva, Music Expert


Marcus Cerdeira, Architect, Fragmentos

Jorge Ferreira, Architect, Fragmentos

Joana Samúdio, On site Architect, TecnoVia


Turnkey Experience Contractor, Full Design Development, Theming (interior)


Marco Giovanni Ruzza, Creative Director

Robin Van der Want, Project Development Director

Jan Maarten De Raad, CEO

Andrea van der Vlis, Senior Experience Designer / Interior architect

Jessica Piatti, Experience Designer

Joost Samsom, Technical designer

Pedro Valverde, Graphic Designer

Vincent Jansen, Senior Visual Artist

Andre Lammers, Senior Visual Artist

Gerben Pasjes, Visual Artist

Hans Steenvoorden, Site Manager Production

Mohamed El Mazouz, Production Manager

Roy Ravensbergen, Production Planner

Marcel Van Leeuwen, Project Manager Production

Steven Peltenburg, Project Manager Production

Gary Kruger, Production Shaper

Tjeerd Heerschop, Production Furniture

Richelle De Mooij, Production Allround

Arjen Kunnen, Production Decorative Painter

Cindy Van der Sloot, Production

Decorative Painter

Jordi Van Veldhoven, Production Shaper

Official Credits List - QUAKE


Contributing Vendor: Show Equipment, Lighting & Control

Luc Peumans, Creative Director

Céline Cuypers, Production Manager Projects Division

Michiel Vanderhenst. Project Manager / Technical Designer

Ashwin Coelhu, Lighting Designer

Iiris Rousku, Projection & Lighting Designer

Yann Lenaerts, Lighting & Technical Designer

Sieben Vannuffelen, Lighting Programmer

Philippe De Winter, Show Control Programmer

Steven Kemland, Audio Designer

Stijn Vanstiphout, Audio Programmer

Dieter Vendericks, Lighting & AV Installer

Steven Nietvelt, Lighting & AV Installer

Lucho Suto, Lighting & AV Installer

Tom Van Pelt, Lighting & AV Installer

Dennis Verelst, Lighting & AV Installer

Jan Ceuppens, Lighting & AV Installer

Kevin Timmermans, Lighting & AV Installer


Contributing Vendor: Media Content Development & Creation

Mo Assem, Creative Direction

Bucko Arends, Content Direction

Eléni Hoogenbosch, Art Direction

Denaé Vorster, Design Direction

Franck Pagnon, Lead Animation

Luc Pettersson, Lead 3D Animation

Jessie Joosten, Lead Motion Design

Onno Hekman, Technical Director

Bastiaan Bus, Creative Technologist

Henk-Jan Berkhof, Creative Technologist

Monique Hekman, Production Management

Roel Slootman, Music Composition

Aline Bruijns, Sound Design

Hans Jong, Voice Over Direction


Contributing Vendor: Motion Seats

Jan-Sören Auer-Fahnemann, Team Lead AV Technicians

Alexander Dörner, CAD Design / Visualization

Maximilian Gebetshuber, Technical Apprentice

Christoph Heinzl, Senior System Designer

Matthew Jones, Programming and Commissioning

Jürgen Lafleuer, Team Lead Implementation | Senior Project Manager

Paul Meier, Mechatronics Technician

Ejub Pehlic, Site Manager

Thomas Pradel, Special Application Technician

Kevin Murphy, Senior VP - Commercial and Concept

Ferenc Barta, System Designer

Alex Sanfilippo, Senior VP Engineering

Thomas Gellerman, Head of Special Projects


Contributing Vendor: Exhibits

Gernot Schröder, Exhibit Product Development

Thomas Boltz, Project Manager


Contributing Vendor: Translations & Writing

Cynthia Vergon, Copywriter, InFact Global

Chloe Chabas, Project manager, InFact Global

Patricia Menduiña Piñeiro, Spanish translator, Versus Linguistics

Ana Maria Gamero Andueza, Spanish translator, Versus Linguistics

Ester Duran Cayuela, Project manager, Versus Linguistics

Paula Amaral, Portuguese translator

Nadia Morais, Portuguese translator

Lucie Taffin, French translator

Ludivine Gotor Duquenoy, French translator, Ludivine Gotor Duquenoy

Mary Moritz, English reviewer, Wordstyle Translations


Shanghai Astronomy Museum - Shanghai, China

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement - Science Center

A star of Shanghai’s sprawling new Pudong District is the brand-new Shanghai Astronomy Museum. From afar, its structure appears celestial and extraterrestrial, and one can only stand in awe of its otherness; up close, its facade comprises winding architectural ribbons, no straight lines, and three salient design components: the Oculus, Inverted Dome, and Sphere.

The world’s largest astronomy museum spans a total area of 38,164 square meters and utilizes bold, immersive spaces and imaginative experiences to exhibit astronomy, with the intent to make this ‘hard science’ engaging and personal to visitors of all ages. It houses both permanent and temporary exhibitions, and research facilities in addition to its public spaces.

Three foundational, existential questions: “Where are we?”; “Where did we come from?”; and “Where are we going?” sparked the backstory to over 300 exhibits in three galleries aptly named “Home,” “Universe,” and “Journey.” In framing the contents of its exhibits around the three questions, paired with three “Look at Earth” moments, the storytelling becomes intensely meaningful and intimate. It speaks to personal,

professional, and national aspirations of grasping the unknowns within space, and exploring the universe.

Notably, the Museum also contains a 720-degree spiraling ramp in its interior, state-of-the-art giant screen theater and planetarium systems, and a 24-meter-high solar telescope.

Each exhibit’s design fully capitalizes on the opportunities afforded by the museum’s architectural features. Each space, whether it be a long corridor, narrow space, bridge, or dome, is carefully and purposefully crafted for the exhibit, and the museum itself is rife with symbolism. Visitors are encouraged to momentarily forget the limitations of space and time, leaving reality and Earth behind as their perspective is enlarged.

The proportion of original exhibits in Shanghai Astronomy Museum is as high as 85%, with more than 50% being interactive. For example, a Theory of Relativity interactive exhibit uses a grid pattern on its walls and floors which visitors can step onto and press to “warp” space-time. The museum thus creates said meaning for visitors by integrating cuttingedge technology with the latest science and physics.


Official Credits List - Shanghai Astronomy Museum


Wang Lianhua, Managing Chairman

XinGe, General Managing Director

Lin Qing, Science Content Developing Director

Lu Wenhui, Information Technology Director

Wu Qun, Zhao Hong, Administrative Director

Chen Ying, Shi Wei, Du Zhimao, Head of Content & Exhibits Developing Managing

Han Xiaoxiao,Head of Exhibition Construction & Exhibits Developing Managing

Zhou Hua, Head of Exhibits Technology Managing

Zhou Yuan, Lu Qi, XueZhengmin, Kou Xinnan, Li Yuanyuan, Wang Chen, Yao Song, XuJiayi, BaoQijiong, Content & Exhibits Developing Managing

Zhao Hui, Meng Ran, Chen Ying, Space Design & Exhibits Developing Managing

Lin Fangfang, Jin Zhenghua, Graphic Design & Exhibits Developing Managing

Zhang Yao, Liu Chengcheng, Educational Program Developing Managing

Zhang Jielu, Public Art Works Developing Managing


Chen Mingbo, Gu Qingsheng, Jin Jianming, Lu Xiaofeng



XuXiaohong, Li Yansong, JiaHaitao, Gao Jiang, ShenGe,Chen Jiayuan,Xu Chen, Architecture Construction Managing

Luzhou, Chen Qi, Yuan Mingqiang, Liu Yichun, Qi Shiyuan, Security Managing

Wang Yun, Ma Xiaojing, Zhu Yan, Li Yao, Administrating

WanHong, GuLiya, Jia Qing, Huang Kai, WengHaiyan, Zhang Binsheng, Pan Xiaoning, Zhang Yunfei, Wu Guoying, BaoLijun, Administrating Managing


Architectural Design

Ennead Architects, LLP

Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design & Research Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Master planning XENARIO Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Construction

Design & Construction

Shanghai Building Decoration Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Attraction & Theatre & Show

Shanghai Motion Magic Digital Entertainment Corp.

Metron Technology Ltd.

Holovis International Co., Ltd.

Bokeh Visual Digital Media Studio

Scenes & Model

Shanghai ASES Spaceflight Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Spacecrafts

Cinq-art Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xiumei Model Design and Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Studio MDI Beijing Limited Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Huizhan Advertisement Decoration Co., Ltd.

Beijing Hofo Design Engineering Co., Ltd

Dome Video

Shanghai Xinying International Communication Co., Ltd.

Omnibus Japan Inc.

Digital Planetarium System

Evans and Sutherland Computer Co., Ltd.

Optical Planetarium System


Scientific Drawing

Shanghai Ying Yuan Graphic design Studio

Shanghai Shader Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Panel Design & Production

Nanjing I-Design Digital Technology Co.,Ltd


Z&H Lighting & Audio Technology Co., Ltd.

Rdesign International Lighting

Audio System

Advanced Communication Equipment (International) Co., Ltd.

Music Composer

Stephen Thomas Cavit

Public Artists

Koorida Masayuki

Vincent Leroy

Anthony Howe

Tada Minami


Michele Oka Doner

Telescope & Solar Telescope

Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Science

Institute of Optics and Electronics Chinese Academy of Science

Information System & Digital Lab

Wonders Information Co., Ltd.

Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Zhejiang World Trade Decoration Co., Ltd.

Zigong Zhicheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

HeFei TanAo Automation Co., Ltd.

Hefei Panshi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

YST Shanghai Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Epean Exhibition Creativity Co., Ltd

Shanghai Super Han Modelling Art Co., Ltd.

Shanghai YingYuan Graphic Design Co., Ltd

Beijing Guokr Interactive Technology Media Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Pico Exhibition Management Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Museum Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd


Ye Shuhua (Academician), Shao Zhengyi, Chen Li, Li Ligang, Zuo Wenwen, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Zheng Yongchun, Cui Chenzhou, National Astronomical Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Xu Weibiao, Wang Ying, Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Qu Zhongquan, Yunnan Astronomical Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Zhang Shuangnan, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Rao Changhui, Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Fang Cheng (academician), Chen Pengfei, School of Astronomy and Space Science, Nanjing University

Shen Juntai, Department of Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Tao Jianzhong, Institute of Aerospace Systems Engineering of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology

JimSweitzer, Owner of Science Communications Consultants

Carolyn Collins Petersen, IMERSA Communications Coordinator


Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser - Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement - Brand Experience

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World Resort is a first-of-its-kind, multi-day immersive experience with interactive connected storytelling. It excels at taking a complex, branching narrative and making the story feel specific and personal for each guest, before threading everything back together for a climactic finale. It invites guests to play along at their own comfort level, with their friends and family.

It begins at the Galactic Starcruiser Terminal near Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guests check in for their voyage aboard the Halcyon starcruiser, enter a Launch Pod and see their everyday worlds fall away as they jump to hyperspace and draw closer to the starship. When the Launch Pod docks, guests step into the ship’s main deck Atrium to begin their journey.

Over the course of their stay, guests have a chance to explore this magnificent ship and become the heroes of their own Star Wars stories. The narrative takes place between blockbuster films “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” One hundred well-appointed cabins feature viewports out to space that continuously change throughout the journey. Guests also enjoy out-of-this-world dining and entertainment, experience Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in new ways, and discover some of the ship’s secrets. All is supported by state-of-the-art

technology with new, real-time imagery that runs through the whole starship.

Guests’ choices determine their stories as they interact with characters such as Rey and Chewbacca, crew members, droids and other passengers. Guests may be asked to deliver a covert message, take part in a high-stakes heist, defend the ship or hide an ally. Guests can deepen their engagement by using the Play Disney Parks mobile app, as well as interacting with D3-O9, the ship’s Logistics Droid, via vidscreen.

A key innovation that provides vital continuity is that live performers and crew members work two-night voyages, with a director in the background running the two days as live, immersive theater – so the characters and cast remain consistent for the whole journey. Other key features include the Databands, exclusive to the Starcruiser, connecting guests with their data on the ship. They allow guests to use simple taps to unlock cabins, participate in side missions, and more.

This new adventure in a galaxy far, far away goes beyond anything Disney has created before. Disney’s Imagineering team is showcasing the future of immersive experiences for theme parks and attractions by focusing on how we change the way people play together, the way stories are told together (immersive theater), and how technology can support such experiences.


Official Credits List - Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Walt Disney Imagineering

Aaron Szylewicz

AC Christakis

Adam Alexander

Adam Galloway

Adam Hendershot

Aileen Trombatore

Alex Brueningsen

Alex Campbell

Alex Juliao

Alex Lee

Alex Pelaez

Alexander Mendoza

Alexander Yarini

Alfredo Ayala

Alicia Lynch

Allen Jones

Alyson Pallanck

Amber Fether

Amber McManus

Amy Greive

Andrew "AJ" Johnson

Andrew Malluck

Andrew Mon

Andrew Stine

Angela Jay

Anisha Deshmane

Anita Gonzales

Anita Williams

Anjelica Casillas

Ann Morrow Johnson

Anna Eremenko

Anna Ruse

Annie Skogsbergh

Arashi Yoshioka

Aron Anderson

Art Belanger

Arthur Brown

Ashley Cummings

Ashley Girdich

Ashley Jenner

Audrey Hauser

Barbara Bouza

Bei Yang

Benjamin "Frodo" Froman

Bettina Buckley

Bill Hanus

Bill Hogue

Blake Fricker

Bob Hickman

Bob Michel

Bob Seketa

Bob Weis

Bobby Bristow

Brad Ringhausen

Breanna Gottlieb

Brenen Thul

Brent Watkins

Brett Nicholson

Brett Owens

Brian Marschall

Brian Nefsky

Brian Orr

Brianna Pfost

Brice Croskey

Bridget Cyrulik

Britainne Pedersen

Brooke Burris

Bryan Thombs

Bryan Tye

Bryce Buckley

Bryce Schulte

Brynn Gelerman

Caleb Wild

Cameron Schlender

Carolyn Bellino

Carolyn Teves

Carter Tata

Casey Collins

Casey Ging

Chelsea Whikehart

Chris Kubsch

Chris Mann

Chris O'Rourke

Clara Bercovici

Clare Carroll

Clint Reagan

Colleen Meyers

Corey McClelland

Cory Rouse

Dan Brookwell

Dan Hunter

Dan Scott

Dan Stamper

Daniel Dickman

Daniel Joseph

Daniel Trupiano

David A. Lewis

David Bell

David Buckley

David Howe

David Kilpatrick

David Lightbody

David Shirley

David Van Wyk

David Wiedman

DaVonda Simmons

Dawson Dill

Dean Majors

Debbie Petersen

Debra Kohls

Diana Hall

Diego Parras

Donnie White

Doug Fidaleo

Doug Rohrer

Ed Ahern

Ed Fritz

Edgar Mahnke IV

Edie Solomon

Edward Norman Pottorff

Edward Zeigler

Elizabeth Diaz

Emily Bishop

Emily Peck

Eric Miranda

Eric Smolikowski

Erika Charlassier

Ess Fortunato

Evan Klein

Eve Hinds

Fabian Lopez

Felicity Ryder

Frank Reifsnyder

Frank Tran

Franklin Batino

Gabe JeanSimon Sr

Gary Yunker

Gilles Martin

Grace Beck

Grace Brown

Greg Ashton

Gregory G. Johnson

Harmony McChesney

Harout Jarchafjian

Harrison Haug

Harry Wykes

Heather Fleming

Heidi Fleming

Isabel Leibfacher Queiroz

Jackson Dunstan

Jacqueline King

Jake Lockwood

James Carlson

James Kennedy

Jamie Conviser

Jamie Easter

Jamie Robertson

Jared Sell

Jason Badger

Jason Bayever

Jason Monahan

Jason Ribando

Jeff Elbert

Jeremy Mika

Jerry Frame

Jerry Hiler

Jerry Rees

Jesse Pipkin

Jessica King

Jessica Klouda

Jim "Ralphie" Weisbecker

Jim Armagost

Jimmy Pickering

Joanna Walker

Joe Herrington

Joe Lorenz

Joe Mohos

Joey Kadin

Joey Reynolds

John "JK" Kestler

John Dennis

John Hagen-Brenner

John Higgins

John Ward

John Weigele

John Wiseman

Jolene Johnson

Jon Snoddy


Official Credits List - Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Joop Katana

Joseph Konopka

Joseph Meoak

Josh Eisenhardt

Josh Iscovich

Judith Hill

Justin Hamana

Justin Petronglo

Kat Gore

Kate Papas

Kathryn Husted

Katie Dayton

Keith Mazzella

Kelly Kipp

Ken Petersen

Kerry Milligan

Kevin Phillips

Kiran Jeffery

Kris Larson

Kris Muller

Kristen Coogan

Krysten Burton

Kyle Reid

Kyle Smith

Kyle Thompson

Laura Offerdahl

Lauren Irving

Lauren Niederhiser

Lawrence DiLauro

Leonard Gibbs

Leonid Makovoz

Leslie Evans

Leslie Pavlansky

Lisa Hanusiak

Lori Rothman Story

Lujan Decima

Luke Consolo

Madeline Zupan

Maeis Heshmati

Manika Gupta

Marc "Flounder" Hurst

Marc Rothschild

Marcel Santos

Margaret Kerrison

Marie Sinks

Marihan Mehelba

Mark Kohl

Mary Carver

Mary Lily

Marya Armentrout

Matt Goldbach

Matt Williams

Matthew Giddens

Matthew McKim

Maya Newlin

Maya Vyas

Mayumi Davies

Meghan Short

Melissa Jackson

Michael Acevedo

Michael Beckerman

Michael Carter

Michael Kingery

Michael Saunders

Michael Sean Foley

Michelle Hampton

Michelle Kniffen

Michelle R East

Mike Arevalo

Mike Davie

Mike Fracassi

Mike Honeck

Mike Johnson

Mike Sigmund

Mike Williams

Missy Tereck

Mohsen A Nasr

Molly Baker

Monica Cordero

Natalie Woodward

Natasha Kessler

Nate Genung

Nathan McMahan

Naveen Kumar

Nick Dunn

Nick Hammond

Nicole Miniclier

Octavian Petrescu

Ognjen Boras

Owen Knight

Paola Soriano

Patrick Dudiak

Patrick Grinnals

Patrick Kearney

Patrick Rand

Paul Beasley

Paul Fuller

Paul Pestrichello

Peter Stepniewicz

Philip Schenkel

Philip Williams

Pooya Ghobadpour

Rachel Sherbill

Raina Ross

Ray Scanlon

Raymond Jones

Remi Yasui

Rich Enders

Richard Mason

Riley Malcolm

Rob Blue

Rob Leathley Andrew

Robert Huebner

Robert Mason

Ronald Edney

Ross Allen

Rowan Johnson

Ryan Abel

Ryan Gravilla

Ryan Kothenbeutel

Ryan Vecci

Sabrina Angelo

Sal Lombardo

Sally Jacob

Sam Campion

Sara Thacher

Sarah Sterling

Sarah Wulfeck

Scott DePriest

Scott Kelly

Scott Signore

Scott Sohan

Scott Tolleson

Scott Trowbridge

Sean Poluha

Shannon Mashchak

Shannon Moore

Shay Willard

Shelby Jiggetts-Tivony

Soni Lazor

Sophia Mallaro

Sophie Katz

Stacey Leong

Stacey Simons

Stacy Munoz

Stephanie Shelley

Stephen Bash

Stephen Gelpi

Steve Koepke-Carpenter

Steve Litten

Susan Harden

Tami Empero

Taylor Burk

Taylor Maurer

Teresa "T-Bone" Lundgren

Teresa Wood

Thomas Niederhiser

Tiffany Bagwell

Tiffany Hauser

Tiffany Lay

TJ Johnson

Todd Glanz

Tom Child

Tom Gabriel

Tom Hamberg

Tony Morris

Tori Chelini

Travis Finstein

Trevor Blackstone

Troy Palermo

Tyler Landgraf

Veronica Hebbard

Victor Ho

Wendy Anderson

Wendy Ruth

Wesley Dewberry

Yaron Spiwak

Zara Bucci

Zonia Wynns

Disney Parks

Aaron O'Connell

Adam Galarza

Adam Galea

Adam Hose

Adam Ignacio

Adam Reilly

Alanna Weisbrodt

Alex Brueningsen

Alex Curby

Alfred Spear

Alison Armor

Alison Bryan

Allison Daniels

Allison Jean


Official Credits List - Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Aloha Morales

Amanda Forsyth

Amanda Leahy

Amanda Rubinos Luna

Amanda Staulters

Ameenah Kaplan

Amy Derrick

Amy Howell

Ana Sencha

Andrea Bess Abel

Andrea Finger

Andrew Keen

Andrew Mckenzie

Andrew Romano

Andrew Trask

Andrew Zaleski

Andy Wilson

Andy Wilson

Angel Creeks

Angie Sardiña

Anna Sproul

Anthony Gennara

Ashley Vaccaro

Barrett Allen

Ben Bailey

Ben Zielinski

Beth Fiske

Beth Marinaro

Beth Mulder

Bobby Rivera-Otero

Brad Schoenberg

Brandon O'Roak

Brayshawna Bates

Brian Curnow

Brian Mountain

Brian Piasecki

Brian Ramondetta

Brian Saunders

Brian Vucinich

Brian Winney

Briana Moten

Brie Devor

Bryan Campbell

Bryan Holt

Bryce Larsen

Callie Shilling

Candace Cooper

Carlos Santiago

Carlos Soto Rosa

Caro Murphy

Chelsea Warren

Chintan Patel

Chloe Mobley

Chris More

Chris Purola

Christine Burchett Butler

Christine O'Neil

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cox

Christopher Faulkenberry

Cindy Hoevenaars

Cindy Sweeden

Cody Hampton

Colleen Molnar

Craig Johnson

Cynthia Beckert

Dan Wilkes

Dana Bellamy

Dana Elliott

Daniel Hare

Daniel Mastropietro

Daniel Natal De Queiroz Pereira

Daniel Roop

Daniel Spinella

Darlene Papalini

Dave Coombs

David Hall

David Kennedy

David Lieberman

David Moore

David Perkins

David Staub

Dawn Zappitello

Dean Mazzoli

Deanna Paisley

Debbie Hart

Dennis Askins

Dennis Chalifour

Dennis Miller

Doug Leckie

Drew Blanchard

Drew Kerr

Drew Kesler

Dusty Huffman

Eddie Thomas

Edgar Quinones

Elizabeth Mullins

Emily Antico

Emily Jubert

Emily Trolia

Eric Boxer

Eric Tryon

Ericka Bautista

Erika Kolbush

Erin Corbo

Erin Youngs

Erin Zwart Ulmer

Evan Klein

Evan Rosenthal

Fernanda De La Garza

Frank Bonrazio

Gary Latouche

Gayathri Sarivisetti

Giselle Thomas

Greg Johnson

Gregg Hannon

Gregory Schwartz

Heather Holmes

Henson Milam

Ian Hall

Ian Thomson

Irma Gilmore

Jacki Grimault

Jackie Swisher

Jacquee Wahler

Jake LaViola

James Cote

James Kleinschmidt

James Wood

Jamie Yeh

Jamie-Lyn Markos

Jason Kellerman

Jason Tubbs

JC Booth

Jeff Vahle

Jen Bascom

Jen Jacobs

Jen Kagarise

Jenn Brunner

Jenn Mariano

Jennifer Culcumber

Jennifer Essick

Jennifer Harrell

Jennifer Sanchez

Jeremy Schoolfield

Jerome Smith

Jerry Cox

Jess Galvin

Jessica Baker

Jessica Kalafsky

Jessica Maloney

Jim Case

Jim Young

Joe Cerilli

Joe Cunningham

Joe Kennedy

Joey Arteaga

John Lewis

John Roberts

Jon Garcia

Jordan Kimelman

Jordan Wright

Jose Corpuz

Jose Gonzalez

Joseph Tassone

Josh Hinman

Joshua Raymond

Joshua Reysen

Joy Flatz

JP Casaretto

Juan Carlos Cardona

Justin Aldridge

Justin Beard

Justin Greene

Justine Taormina

Kaley Greer

Katie Erickson

Kelly Blakely

Kelly Harris

Kent Muscaro

Keran Schexnayder-Bohne

Kerri Bair

Ketan Sardeshmukh

Kevin Ciullo

Kevin Meza

Kierna Conner

Kim Ellis

Kimi Lloyd

Krista Bullaro

Krista Miller

Kristal Jones

Kristen Baez

Kristen Steele

Kristen Wilty

Kristie Moses

76 Explore our solutions: THE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE. AND THE SMART TECH THAT POWERS IT. Complete range of projectors Built-in warping and blending Projection software tools Content management & show control Image processing Extended warranties & support Partners: Star Networks, MOFAC Photo courtesy of the National Museum of Korea

Official Credits List - Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Krystle Stamps

Larry Zappaterrini

Lauren Gossett

Linda Reid

Lisa Black

Lisa Ruiz

Liz Butler

Lori Besig

Luis Rosario

Luke Consolo

Luz Stella

Madeline Riemer

Mandi John

Manny Patel

Maribeth Bisienere

Marita Sarad

Mark Kirkley

Mark Lawrence

Mark Todd

Marlene Salomon

Marvin Grant

Mary Hosford

Mary Mason

Mary Schlichting

Maryam Iqbal

Matt Zagardo

Matthew Pablo

Matthew Roach

Matthew Rothenberg

Maurice Adams

Meghan Moroney

Meka King

Melanie Braunstein

Melanie Whipple

Melissa Merklinger

Melissa Stecki

Mercedes Fournier

Michael Ehmcke

Michael Mentz Jr

Michael Revell

Michael Swanzy

Michael Swickard

Michael Wadsworth

Michelle Eppink

Mike Lebel

Mike Lovelle

Mike Marin

Mike Sevidal

Mike Westmoreland

Mike Whitt

Mikki Sandora

Mitchell Web

Monica Quintanilla

Nate Wilson

Nicholas Christiansen

Nicholas Terruso

Nick Badal

Nick Giordano

Nick Montgomery

Nicolas Baynum

Nicole Hudson

Olivia Farinelli

Omar Mills

Omar Mourad

Orlando Torres

Oscar Melgar

Pat Binkley

Patrick Hayes

Patrick Meister

Patrick Werner

Paul Abboud

Peter Goodwine

Peter Zampaglione

Phil Baum

Phillip Steagall

Preston Ellis

Quentin Beamon

Rafael Frederick

Ray Smale

Rena Langley

Richard Sweitzer Jr

Rob Delafuente

Rob Ward

Robert King

Roberto Sierra

Rowan Johnson

Ruth Nay

Ryan Abel

Ryan Gravilla

Ryan Legg

Sage Starkey

Sam Easley

Sam Weingarten

Samantha Boggs

Samuel O'Brien

Sandy Waters

Sara Jackson

Scott DePriest

Scott Hunnel

Scott Langford

Scott Pilarski

Seth Hitt

Shamara Prophete

Shannon Bagwell

Shannon McCully

Shavana Buchanan

Shelby Soltero

Simon Leon

Simon Needham

Sonia Beard

Stefan Riemer

Stephanie Dold

Stephanie Santiago Ojeda

Stephen Liam

Steve Taylor

Steven Cieplik

Steven Eaton

Steven Lane

Steven Sokoloski

Steven Wagner

Summer Nagle

Teresa Wright

Thomas Pigott

Thomas Sullivan IV

Tim McCloskey

Todd Graham

Tom Arthur

Tom Wyatt

Tracie Alt

Tracy Weselis

Tricia Gruden

Tyler Emptage

Valerie Ferguson

Vern Johnson

Veronica Silva

Vincent Mercer II

Wendy Samuels

Wesley McIntosh

West Fort

William Terry

Winnie Wong Ibanez

Zachary Rand

Zarrail Muniz

Industrial Light & Magic

Alberto Martinez Arce

Alexander Jaeger

Aron Bonar

Benjamin Neall

Brett Northcutt

Christine Li

Damian Steel

David Isetta

Davide Pagin

Delio Tramontozzi

Derrick Carlin

Duncan Graham

Elona Musha

Frankie Kwak

Gregory Weiner

Harvey Whitney

Janet Lewin

Jason Breneman

Jeff Grebe

Jessica Tong

John Teska

John Walker

Jonathan Sabella

Khatsho Orfali

Matthew Canei

Matthew Koehler

Micah Russell

Mike Conte

Nicholas Walker

Pat Conran

Roger Stevens

Roman Schmidt

Ryan Jones

Sameer Shah

Samuel Wirch

Shane Roberts

Sophie Quagebeur

Susan Greenhow

Will Muto

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Anna Yeager

Carrie Beck

Doug Chiang

Matt Martin

Pablo Hidalgo

Rob Bredow


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Official Credits List - Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Key Partners

Andy Crocker

Blaine Taylor

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Underlandet - Liseberg Park, Gothenburg, Sweden

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement - Attraction, Limited Budget

With the grandest of goals for even the smallest of guests, Liseberg set out to create a timeless family dark ride – and succeeded. The Underland, (Underlandet) opened in 2021 after a 17-month covid closure of the park, represents its first dark ride addition in more than 50 years.

Guests are transported into a magical, underground setting below the park, home of the Green Rabbits, Liseberg’s furry rabbit family mascots. The attraction extends the storyline of these original, beloved Liseberg characters for the first time in their 40-year history at the park.

Guests are welcomed into the quirky, quaint, and carrotfilled home after utilizing a new virtual queue system. The highly themed dining room and kitchen queue are filled with everyday artifacts of rabbit life. A media-filled elevator next provides a magical ride underground. Guests board beautifully themed, glowing ride vehicles and travel through this magical world to observe just how these rabbits operate a secret, subterranean amusement park - growing vegetables, making ice cream, filling balloons, and powering the rides above.

The top-hatted, evil, moustache-wearing antagonist, Måns Tråk, attempts to obstruct the rabbits’ progress at every turn, but in the end, the industrious rabbits persevere and as in all good children’s stories, the adventures culminate in a big party.

With its rich scenic environments, wonderfully immersive queue, lovable fuzzy animatronics and highly infectious soundtrack, the Underland creates a spellbinding world that Liseberg guests of all ages will find memorable. The attraction’s visual density and charming character inspire repeat ridership to capture all of its charming moments. The Liseberg team boldly chose to elevate its own existing park IP rather than an external brand, reinforcing its connection to the guests. The ride’s scope, superior execution, deft use of branding, and timeless character all warrant this recognition of excellence.


Official Credits List - Underlandet


David Talbot, Studio Lead, Quarry Fold Studio

Mark Eccleshall, 3D artist and animator, Quarry Fold Studio

Heather Hainsworth, Illustration and graphic design, Quarry Fold Studio

David Schofield, Creative Director, Liseberg


Annika Wilen, Head of Projects, Liseberg

Jessica Ullnert, Project Leader, Liseberg

Sanna Lundberg, Project Leader, Liseberg

Sandra Leikness, Set Design, Liseberg

Lotta Carlsbogaard, Head of Concept Development, Liseberg

Kenneth Berndtsson, Head of Technical & Safety, Liseberg AB

Niklas Karlgren, Director Ride Safety, Liseberg AB

Anders Johansson, Ride Control Systems Engineer, Liseberg AB

Johan Mars, Ride Control Systems Engineer, Liseberg AB

Roberth Ek, Manager Ride Mechanics, Liseberg AB

Nils Ruden, Supervisor Ride Mechanics, Liseberg AB

Anders Ostlund, Manager Ride Electrical, Liseberg AB

Joakim Blad, Supervisor Ride Electrical, Liseberg AB

Eric Sjolin, Electrical Engineer, Liseberg AB

Richard Larsson, Electrical Engineer, Liseberg AB

Nathanael Stromberg, Electrical Engineer, Liseberg AB

Fredrik Torstensson, Electrical Engineer, Liseberg AB

Rasmus Andre, Electrical Engineer, Liseberg AB


Philipp van Stratum, CEO/ Creative Director

Ifat Caspi, CCO

Ingo de Haas, Project Mannager

Chilco Dubbelstijn, Production Manager


Bret Woodbury, Principal, Technical Director

Marc Maley, Art Director

Will Brady, Production & Installation Coordinator


Quentin Le Boudec, Project Manager Sales, Maël Gorgé, Senior Industrial Designer

Hamilton Affres, Industrial Designer

Alexis Chapin, Welder

Gabin Dubois, Technician

Mickaëla Guinard, Technician

Youenn Le Colloëc, Technician

Jonathan Roulle, Industrial Designer

Gabin Vigor, Automation Engineer


Tommy Karlsson, Project Lead


Daniel Lilieroth, Project Lead


Johan Petterson, Project Lead


Lisa Gosetto, CEO

Luca Gosetto, CEO

GianPaolo Balliana, Sales Manager

Sergio Parolin, Technical Director


Xaver Willebrand, Project Management

Sebastian Kübler, Music and Sound Design


Universal Studios Beijing - Beijing, China

Thea Award For Outstanding Achievement - Theme Park

Despite the pandemic and perhaps the world’s most restrictive lockdown, after 20 years of preparation and planning, the highly anticipated Universal Studios Beijing Theme Park Resort opened in October 2021 as a watershed moment in the Chinese theme park industry. Its ambition, scale and uniform level of excellence have set a new, international standard for theme park destination development and guest experience.

Created under the internal guideline of “global vision, international standards, distinctive Chinese features, and future-oriented goals,” the core Universal Beijing Resort covers 400 hectares and is part of a larger destination development (1,200 hectares) in the Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone.

Universal Beijing Resort features Universal Studios Beijing theme park, Universal CityWalk Beijing, and two hotels, including Universal Studios Grand Hotel, the first-ever Universal-themed resort hotel.

The park includes seven highly-themed, immersive lands with more than 37 cutting-edge attractions, rides, and landmarks; 24 shows and performances; 60 food & beverage venues and 30 retail stores - plus specially created experiences designed to honor and reflect China's rich cultural heritage.

Universal Studios Beijing is also the world’s first theme park resort destination to earn LEED Gold certification.

The Beijing destination blends Eastern and Western cultures both literally and metaphorically in its partnerships, design, attractions, and environmental elements. This is a deep rethinking and culturally appropriate reinvention of the Universal brand. The mix includes several all-new attractions and immersive lands unique to China, along with select evergreen, global fan-favorite Universal rides, shows, attractions and characters (such as Harry Potter, Hollywood, Water World).

Among these are Transformers Metrobase, the first Transformers-themed land in the world, featuring an expanded and completely fictionalized story with China as the backdrop; Jurassic World Isla Nublar, the legendary film franchise brought to life in a fully realized environment that includes the Jurassic World Adventure ride; Minion Land, the largest Minion-themed experience in the world, where guests meet characters and explore iconic locations from the blockbuster films. Also of note are the Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness, Universal’s first Kung Fu Panda-themed land, entirely indoors and rich in traditional Chinese cultural elements; and the outstanding “Untrainable” live show based on How to Train Your Dragon, which uses a superb combination of large-scale puppetry, projections, animation, and live-action stunts.

The park-wide entertainment program differentiates itself by integrating top Chinese IPs such as League of Legends in the parade and Honor of Kings Heroes LIVE. The live entertainment is performed almost entirely by the cast in Chinese, and features prominently in the programming to meet the Chinese audience preference for live shows. In bespoke merchandise, the Minions have a highly successful line inspired by the Chinese zodiac. In walkaround entertainment, the Transformers More than Meets the Eye featuring Megatron has been a viral hit, with live, stand-up comedy style interaction.

Overall, Universal Studios Beijing has gone all-out to localize and cater to the Chinese audience throughout the property, including retail brands with local appeal, and a strong e-commerce presence targeting the Chinese Gen-Z market. Universal Studios Beijing has also taken the integration of technology to a new level with wide use of biometrics and facial recognition (AI) for entry (speed gates) and ticketing/ payments providing a seamless experience throughout the resort, and 5G technology.


Official Credits List - Universal Studios Beijing


Tom Williams, Chairman, Universal Parks and Resorts

Mark Woodbury, Vice Chairman, UPR & President, Universal Creative

Tom Mehrmann, President & COO, Pacific Rim, UPR, Universal Orlando

Thierry Coup, SVP, Chief Creative Officer, Universal Parks and Resorts

Joseph Hoskin, EVP/GM

Page Thompson, President & COO, New Ventures

Mike Davis, SVP/ Executive Producer


Brawner Greer, SVP, Legal Affairs

Daniel "Dan" Memis, SVP/CFO, Creative

Steve Blum, SVP Ride Safety & Engineering

Mike Hightower, SVP, Executive Project DirectorInternational

Charles "Charlie" Gundaker, SVP, Executive Project Director, UPR

Modesto Alcala, SVP, Global Restaurant Development

Caryl Lucarelli, SVP, HR-Universal Creative&Intl

Eugene Dobrzyn, SVP,Project Management Office, Universal Orlando

Mike Harrington, VP, Project Director

Christopher Oliver, VP, Engineering & Safety

Doug Akers, VP, Park Operations

Mike Kiddoo, VP, Engineering & Safety Ride/ Show

Christopher Oliver, VP, Engineering & Safety

Janelle Lin, VP, Compensation & Global Mobility

Randy Mariano, VP, Resort Development

Xuan "Shawn" Yun, VP, Legal Affairs

Zhenchun "Charles" Shi, VP, Development

Carter Williams, VP, Executive Project Director, Finance


Alex Abdala Castano, Asst Mgr, Technical

Ora "Melissa" Adams, Sr. Director, Projects (Land)

Anthony Aguilar, Sr. Designer, Attraction

Gareth Akehurst, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Mohammed Aldada, Assoc. Designer, Architectural

David Alter, Mgr, Parkwide Systems

Richard Amiss, Mgr, Technical Show

Na "Anna" An, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition

Yuetong "Heather" An, Coordinator, Technical

Chris Anders, Asst. Manager, Facility Design

Marcus Anderson, Sr. Engineer, Controls

Beth Andes, Coordinator, Contracts

Jim Andrews, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety

Maryann Arca, Sr Master Scheduler

Dean Armenti, Manager, Technical Show

Eliyar Ayrat, Manager, Technical (Lighting)

Farooq Baig, Sr. Manager, Project Facility (Mechanical)

Osman Baig, Manager, Interior Design

John Bakken, Manager, Technical Show

Kiley Barnard, Producer, Creative

Kiley Barnard, Producer, Creative

Carlos Beato, Project Engineer, Facility (Structural)

Julion Bell, Engineer

Kayla Bell, Representative, Global Mobility

Julian Beloiu, Sr. Engineer

Michael Belt, Sr. Manager, Project

Edwin Benitez Jr., Mgr, Network Systems

Ron Bennett, Sr. Designer, Conceptual Architectural

William Benson Jr, Assoc. Engineer

James Bertoncello, Engineer

Lucinda "Lu" Biri, Manager, Logistics

Sally Bjernestad, Coordinator, RICP

Kevin Blakeney, Mgr, Area Development

Erika Blakeney, Asst. Manager, Interior Design

Thom Boessel, Asst. Director, Projects

Ryan Bona, Sr. Manager, Lighting Design & Technical Systems

Bob Bowman, Production Art Director (Rockwork)

Marc Bradman, Engineer

Ian Brazell, Asst. Director, Engineering & Safety

Dorothy Bresnahan, Sr Mgr, Graphics Fab & Implementation

Michael Brister, Sr Animator, Ride & Show

Christopher Brown, Engineer

Heather Brown, Manager, Global Mobility

Katherine "Kay" Brown, Coordinator, Technical

Melody Brown, Manager, Contracts

Lloyd Brown II, Asst. Director, Engineering & Safety

Dante Bruno, Assoc. Designer, Show/Set

Cynthia Buck, Assoc. Manager, Project

Ryan Buck, Coordinator, RICP

Tom Buck, Sr. Manager, Project Logistics Operations

Michel Louis Bultel, Production Art Director

David Bush, Sr. Manager, Technical Show

Weiqian "Olivia" Cai, Coordinator, TechnicalLighting

Xinyi "Selina" Cai, Asst. Director, Finance

Yanhua "Nicole" Cai, Coordinator, Technical

Renee Camp, Assoc. Producer, Media

Natalie Campbell, Executive Administrative Asst.

Jeremy Campbell, Engineer

Xuemei Cao, Production Art Director

Yong "Jason" Cao, Engineer (Mechanical)

Andrew Carbonar, Programmer, Show

Quentin Caron, Production Art Director (Rockwork)

John Cashman Jr, Sr Mgr, Engineering & Safety

Matteo Casto, Sr. Art/Production Director (Hardscapes/AD)

Maximiliano Castrillon, Analyst, Field Services

Claudio Cellucci Jr., Assoc. Producer, Media

Stephanie Chamney, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety

Kwok Ho "Stephen" Chan, Production Art Director

Ray Chan, Sr. Manager, Project

Felix Rodriguez Chao, Designer, Architectural (Facilities / Facades)

Jennifer Chapman, Representative, Human Resources

Matthew Chapman, Sr. Manager, Technical

Na "Selena" Chen, Sr Manager, Business Administration

Ping "Catherine" Chen, Director, Legal & Business Affairs

Tianmiao "Wusan" Chen, Production Art Director

Xi Chen, Manager, Technical (Ride Controls)

Xiaoxi Chen, Analyst, Financial-Projects

YanXiu Chen, Manager, Technical

Yu "Floyd" Chen, Production Art Director

Zhi Chen, Engineer

Shijing "Kelly" Cheng, Coordinator, OfficeCreative

Chi-Kit Cheung, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Hsiao-Te "Ted" Ching, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Khah Leang "KL" Choon, Manager, Technical (Lighting)

Yun-Chu Chou, Designer, Production

Ray Chowning, Sr. Engineer, Controls

Kati Rose Christensen, Coordinator, Technical

Judy Christie, Executive Administrative Asst.

Wayne Clark, Sr. Manager, Graphic Fabrication & Implementation

Jeremy Clow, Sr. Manager, Technical

Jonathan Cloward, Sr. Producer, Show

Camille Coladonato, Producer, Media

Dirk Coleman, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Jeraldy Collazo, Sr. Coordinator, Show

Jeffrey Collins, Asst. Director, Global Safety Operations

James "Jay" Cooper III, Sr. Manager, Planning & Area Development Design

Rich Cox, Sr. Manager, Technical

Jon Craine, Creative Director

Kendra Cuffe, Manager, Project

Carly Damstra, Coordinator, Travel & Expense Prg-Crtv

Rui "Rebecca" Dang, Engineer

Janette Dansby, Representative, Contracts

Agnes David-Hoffman, Sr. Manager, Project

Olivier De Kegel, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Rebecca Dean, Manager, Ride & Show Engineering

Brayan Delgado, Engineer (Controls)

Kyle Dembinski, Manager, Ride & Show Engineering

Bob Dennis, Creative Director

Bradley Dickenson, Director, Human Resources

Kathrynn DiGenova, Producer, Show

Andrew DiGenova, Producer, Show

Xue "Barbara" Dong, Coordinator, Finance

Richard Donofrio, Sr. Manager, Planning & Area Development Design

Deanna "DeeDee" Draz-Barreras, Production Art Director (Props/Scenic)

Joe Drury, Manager, Project

Xuefei "Sophie" Duan, Scheduler

Paul Dumond, Asst. Manager, IT

Paul Dumond, Asst Mgr, UC Technology

Allison Duncan, Sr. Representative, Human Resources

Roberto Duran Marti, Manager, Ride & Show Engineering

Luciana Durchin, Analyst, Financial-Projects

Sarah Eaton, Asst. Manager, Technical


Official Credits List - Universal Studios Beijing

Chris Ecklund, Assoc. Engineer

David Edwards, Production Art Director

Kazimiera Elson, Sr. Representative, Global Mobility

Jodi Ernst, Sr. Director, Facility Design

Rick Erpenbeck, Director, Contracts

Daniel Eshak, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety

Irene Eshak, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Gustavo Estrella, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Donald Falvo, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety

Xu "Peter" Fan, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Greg Faris, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting

Jack Feivou, Sr. Producer, Show

Guoqing "Leo" Feng, Asst. Manager, A/V/ Projection/Lighting

Jianwei "Jason" Feng, Engineer (Controls)

Adrian Finnegan, Production Art Director

Mike Fish, Art Director (Facades)

Jason Fitzgerald, Assoc. Engineer (Controls)

Robert Fitzpatrick, Engineer

Sean Fitzpatrick, Sr Dir. Engineering & Safety

Kerry Flynn, Coordinator, Global Mobility

Sebastien Foisy, Engineer

Eric Fox, Manager, Project Facility

Daniel Freedman, Architectural Designer

Richard Freudenthal, Manager, Technical

Chris Frisella, Sr. Producer, Show

Shuai "Frank" Fu, Assoc. Production Art Director

Sam Funke, Assoc. Designer, Architectural (Facilities / Facades)

George Gakoumis Jr., Art Director

Michael Gamgene, Sr. Manager, Technical Show

Tiandong "Alvin" Gao, Engineer

Yalei "Heather" Gao, Manager, Finance

Thomas "Tommy" Garcia Jr, Sr Mgr, Technical Show

Stephen Garforth, Manager, Props Dressing & Design

Michael Gargano, Manager, Facility Design

Russell "Rusty" Gates, Sr. Mgr, Engineering & Safety

William Gear, Representative, Contracts

Blake Gebhart, Sr. Manager, Project Facility (ELV)

Dennis Gebkin, Engineer

Allison Geiser, Manager, Finance

Yi "Sean" Geng, Sr. Specialist, Global Mobility

Yixiong "Ethan" Geng, Manager, Technical (Mechanical)

Steven Gensmer, Engineer (R/S)

John Gentile, Sr. Director, Executive Producer

Hillary Gesele, Director, Global Mobility

Alundra Gibbs, Administrator, Contracts

Crinilda "Cece" Gil, Supervisor, Contracts

Jianwei "Michael" Gong, Engineer

Gary Graham, Sr. Manager, Technical

Tracy Green, Dir, Engineering & Safety

Daniel Greer, Manager, Project

Leigh Grey, Manager, Planning & Area Development Design

Kim Gromoll, Designer II, Creative

Zhigang "Diego" Guo, Engineer (Mechanical)

Zhiqiang Guo, Production Art Director

Martha Gutierrez, Designer, Show/Set

Jared Hagens, Manager, Facility Design

Lei "Iris" Han, Coordinator, Graphics

Yepeng "Sabrina" Han, Coordinator, Show

Michael Hankin, Designer, Architectural

Tom Hargrove, Sr. Director, Projects (Land)

Steve Harland, Engineer

Ashlee Hawk, Coordinator, Facility

John "Clif" Hawkins II, Production Art Director

Grace Haynes, Engineer

Ru Jia "Joyce" He, Sr. Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)

Xinping "Maggie" He, Asst. Manager, Project

Yuan "Ian" He, Asst. Manager, Project

Holly Hearns, Administrator, Contracts

Jason Heimermann, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Jessica Hendricks, Sr. Coordinator, Show

Curtis Henry, Sr. Manager, Technical

Amanda Hepner, Administrator, Contracts

Peyton Hess, Designer I, Creative

Robert "Jamie" Hewett, Mgr, Props- Creative

Guoping "Stephen" He, Manager, Graphics Fabrication & Implementation

Dorris "Suzanne" Holland, Supervisor, Contracts

Alesha Hollatz, Assoc. Manager, Project

Daniel Hoon, Mgr, Technical

Richard Howard, Sr. Engineer

Shufeng "Vincent" Hu, Engineer (Mechanical)

Jiani "Jennie" Huang, Assoc. Production Art Director

Lu Huang, Analyst, Cost

Pei Huang, Manager, Project

Wei Cheng "Wayne" Huang, Manager, Technical (Lighting)

Xu "Sue" Huang, Coordinator, Show

Zhong "Alice" Huang, Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)

Steve Hubbard, Manager, Network Systems

Clinton Hughey-Trueman, Manager, A/V/ Projection/Lighting

Howard Schlieper, Asst. Director, Engineering & Safety




Official Credits List - Universal Studios Beijing

Adam Hyskell, Engineer

Ralph Iles III, Asst. Director, Engineering & Safety

Steven Lee James, Sr. Director, Utility Planning and Design

Dan Jenkins, Creative Director

Jannik Jensen, Sr Engineer

Can "Aaron" Jiang, Engineer

Xiaoqing "Sunny" Jin, Sr. Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)

Eric Johnson, Estimator

Maureen Johnston, Production Art Director

Robert "Bob" Jones, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Matthew Jones, Sr Director, Creative Eric Kaminsky, Engineer

Chung "Tiffany" Kan, Analyst, Financial-Projects

Xiaopeng Kang, Project Engineer, Facility (Resort)

Christopher Kania, Assoc. Designer, Graphics

Cameron Kania, Programmer, Show

R Brandon Kearns, Producer, Media

Jennifer Keim, Manager, Technical Documentation

Raymond "Ray" Keim, Designer, Concept Illustrator

Ronald Keller, Jr, Sr. Manager, Technical (Flames/ Pyro)

Jeffrey Kelso, Sr Mgr, Engineering & Safety

Alexander "Sandy" Kent, Technical Director

Daniel Kent, Director, Engineering & Safety

Alyssa "Aly" Killian, Associate Animator, Figure Animation

Barbara Killian, Master Scheduler

Robert Kipping, Programmer, Show

Brian Kirkland Jr, Engineer

Ashley Kitchen, Coordinator, Project

Brian Kivlen, Sr. Producer, Show

Brandon Kleyla, Manager, Props Dressing & Design

Michael Klos, Sr Analyst,Field Services

Clara Koeneke, Manager, Project Operations

David Kohlbacher, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety

Danielle Korotko, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Richard Krent, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Jeffrey Kujawa, Director, Administration

Courtney Kurtzweg, Representative, Human Resources

Lawrence "Jake" La Fond, Manager, Graphics Fabrication & Implementation

Xiaoying Lang, Designer I, Creative

Carl Langford, Representative, Contracts

Dan "Louise" Lau, Coordinator, Show

Wai Kuen "Tommy" Lau, Manager, Technical (Controls)

Shu "Catherine" Law, Manager, Parkwide Systems

Eliza Lee, Representative, Human Resources

Marcus Lee, Creative Director

Michelle Leiker, Project Manager Lights, Camera, Action! Special Effects Show

Brent LeMaster, Manager, Project Facility

Gary Lergier Hernandez, Asst Mgr, UC Technology

Neysha Polo Lespin, Analyst, Cost

Samantha Levine, Coordinator, Facility

Thomas Lewis, Manager, Finance

Chunping Li, Production Art Director

Dongran "Lydia" Li, Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)

Fan "Susan" Li, Sr Manager, Project

Jian "Linda" Li, Scheduler

Jiatu Li, Assoc Engineer

Jiaxin "Dani" Li, Representative, Nomenclature & Localization

Kai Li, Assoc. Engineer (Mechanical)

Linyao Li, Assoc. Project Scheduler

Rongting "Roselyn" Li, Coordinator, Show

Ruiqi "Katherine" Li, Coordinator, Media

Shiyu "Phoebe" Li, Coordinator, Media

Xiang "Alicia" Li, Executive Administrative Asst.

Xiang "Alicia" Li, Manager, Translation

Xianhui "Mike" Li, Manager, Technical (Show Controls)

Xiaogang Li, Production Art Director

Xinyi "Maggie" Li, Analyst, Cost (Accounts Payable)

Yinming Li, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting

Yuchen Li, Production Art Director

Zhen "Brooks" Li, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Zhishuang "Milo" Li, Sr. Specialist, ShowHardscapes

Jessica Liang, Engineer

Nolan Liberto, Assistant Director, Attraction Ops

Ling Ling "Lynne" Lin, Sr. Specialist, ShowSculpture

Yixuan "Lexi" Lin, Coordinator, Creative

Zesen "Jason" Lin, Coordinator, Human Resources

Christopher "Christo" Linquata, Production Art Director

Dan "Flora" Liu, Coordinator, Show

Jiaqi Liu, Associate Project Manager

Jing "Hellen" Liu, Executive Administrative Asst.

Jinmeng "Jane" Liu, Coordinator, Project

Meicheng "Maggie" Liu, Admin Assistant

Pei Liu, Designer, Architectural

Qin "Louise" Liu, Coordinator, Project (P&D)

Rebecca Liu, Manager, Interior Design

Robert Liu, Sr. Director, Facility Design

Xiao "Dany" Liu, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Javier Llavona, Sr. Manager, Project Facility (Electrical)

Stacie Long, Financial Analyst

Melina Lopez Cora, Coordinator, Show

Sergio Lopez Flores, Assoc. Engineer

Man On "Leo" Lou, Manager, Digital Projects

Kylie Lowell, Assoc. Designer, Interiors

Johnnie Loy, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Xiaoting "Leighton" Luan, Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)

Daniel Lucas, Art Director

Anthony Lucchesi, Coordinator, Technical Naysa Luna, Sr. Manager, BIM (Parkwide Standards)

Jiaxing "Justin" Luo, Engineer

Pan "Dancy" Luo, Sr. Analyst, Cost

Vicky Lyu, Coordinator, Show

Milai "Miffy" Ma, Manager, Technical (Lighting)

Weibing Ma, Production Art Director

Xin "Emma" Ma, Coordinator, Technical

Michael Maddamma, Designer, Architectural

Michael Maddamma, Sr Designer,Show/Set

Steven Madole, Sr Engineer, Controls

Caitlin Magness, Asst. Manager, Project

Thomas Mahaffey, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Lourdes Malinovsky, Manager, Human Resources

Emmanuel Manalo, Production Art Director

Alex Marcello, Asst. Manager, Intellectual Property

Sylvain Marcotte, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Sue Marrero, Asst. Manager, Project - Facilities

Thara Marrero, Sr. Manager, RICP

Anna Martin, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting

Jason Marylander, Mgr, Technical

Kimberly McCaslin, Mgr, Technical

Amanda McClard, Coordinator, Technical

Dennis McCormick, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety

Darby McDonald, Sr. Manager, Finance

William McGehee, Director, Engineering & Safety

William McKenna, Designer, Attraction

Lauren Meena, Manager, Planning & Area Development Design

Paul Meena, Asst. Director, Administration

Stephanie Megill, Coord, Project

Chen "Mike" Meng, Coordinator, Technical

Er Meng, Production Art Director

Israel Mercado, Sr. Designer, Show/Set

Richard Meyer, Sr. Engineer, Controls

Nathan Mikulski, Assoc. Engineer

Lenna Minion, Sr. Manager, Technical

Joshua Mock, Assoc. Designer, FA Technical

Reinaldo "Monty" Montero, Manager, Project

Erik Morris, Manager, Technical (Lighting)

Jessica Morris, Assoc. Producer

Saul Mudd, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety

Robert Murphy, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Mary Jo Murray, Supervisor, Travel & Expense


Brett Neeld, Sr. Coordinator, Show

Andra "Andy" Nelli, Manager, Interior Design

Sabrina Newton, Coordinator, Technical

Connie Nicdao, Manager, Facility Design

Aaron Nielsen, Analyst, Cost

Niels Nielsen, Art Director

Xinran "Cindy" Ning, Coordinator, Project

Tiffany Novotny, Supervisor, Contracts

Mark O'Brien, Sr. Manager, Technical

Amy O'Malley, SAE (Props)

Dean Orion, Creative Director

Gloria Ossa Carmona, Asst. Manager, Interior Design

Ray "Charles" Otte, Sr. Producer, Show (Land)

John Paul "JP" Pagulayan, Sr. Manager, Technical Show

Lei "Tyler" Pang, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Laura Panno, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting


Official Credits List - Universal Studios Beijing

Leon "Lee" Parrott, Sr. Director, Projects (Land)

Michael Pattison, USH Animations Technician

Haley Paulsen, Designer I, Creative

Nicole Payton, Coordinator, Media

Peiqi "Peggy" Peng, Coordinator, Project

Leanne Penna, Engineer

Elena Peraud, Assoc. Designer, Interiors

Paul Perez, Manager, Show (Animation, SFX, SAE)

Richard Perkinson, Sr. Manager, Project Facility (Civil)

Robert Perrier, Estimator

Angela Persons, Engineer

Janene Pettus, Mgr, Technical (Lighting)

Brian Phraner, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Richard Pietruszka, Engineer (Controls)

Tessa Pobanz, Assoc. Designer, Architectural

Aris Poulos, Assoc. Producer

Michael Powers, Engineer

Elizabeth "Betsy" Prokes, Asst. Manager, Interior Design

Stefani Putt, Sr Mgr, Interior Design

Shuyuan "Julia" Qiu, Manager, Project

Tai Quach, Manager, Technical

Pamela Quesada, Coord, Technical

Anthony Quibin, Production Art Director

Patrice Ragusa, Sr. Mgr, Planning & Area Development Design

Cary Ramos, Assoc. Engineer (Mechanical)

Gregory Rell, Asst.Dir, Engineering & Safety

Shan Ren, Manager, Project

Lynn Ricketts, Sr. Designer, Show/Set

Nickolas Rigney, Sr. Manager, Engineering & Safety

Jim Ritchie, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Jody Rivera, Sr. Coordinator, Project (Prolog)

James "Jim" Roberts, Sr Engineer

Victoria Robertson, Assoc Designer,Interiors

Ronald Robichaud, Production Art Director

Megan Robinson, Assoc. Animator, Figure Animation

Gabriel Rodriguez, Manager, Facility Design

William "Bill" Rodriguez, Mgr, AVPL

Hector Roel, USH Animations Foreman

Kate Rogers, Production Art Director

Peter Rohleder, Director, Estimating

Chase Roles, Sr. Manager, BIM

Ivette Rosado, Executive Administrative Asst.

Darlene Royer, Representative, Contracts

Franklin Ruffin II, Manager, Ride & Show Engineering

Kirsten Ruhs, Sr. Director, Production Art & Design

Kurt Rutz, Manager, Technical

Ken Saba, Sr. Producer, Media

Geraldine "Gerrie" Santos, Sr. Director, Projects (Land)

Deb Sassak, Manager, Graphics Fabrication & Implementation

Natalia Savorotca, Assoc. Designer, Architectural (Facilities / Facades)

Anita "Gina" Scheraldi, Assoc. Producer

Howard Schlieper, Asst. Director, Engineering & Safety

Evan Seccombe, Designer, Show/Set

Rommel Sedano, Production Art Director

Gregory Self, Mgr, Technical

Greg P. Senner

Lewis "Skip" Setliff III, Sr. Director, Projects (Land)

Ken Shaffer, Manager, Graphics Fabrication & Implementation

Marcelo Shah, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Katelyn Shallue, Designer I, Creative

Shabnam Shams, Assoc Animator, Figure Animation

Phillip Shaw, Sr. Manager, Technical

Ying "Serena" She, Sr. Administrative Asst.

Xiaoqing Shen, Coordinator, Gov Relations-UPR (BJ)

Huiying "Sophie" Shi, Coordinator, Project

Rebecca Rose Shuker, Sr. Analyst, Cost

Christina Shum, Engineer

Absar Siddiqui, Sr. Analyst, Cost

Eddid N. Silva, Senior Coordinator

Steven Silvestri, Production Art Director, Brand Sponsorship

Kyle Simmons, Show Programming Manager

Thomas Simoneau, Assoc. Designer, Architectural

Grant Simpson, Manager, Technical (Show Controls)

John Sirabella, Assoc. Producer

Marciano "Dylan" Sitlapersad, Sr. Representative, Global Mobility

Neal Smith, Manager, Technical

Kevin Smith, Asst Dir, Engineering & Safety

Catrina Solano, Scheduler

Wenyu "Betty" Song, Asst. Manager, Interior Design

Yifei Song, Coordinator, Show

Michael Souza, Assoc. Producer

Toni Spears-Ladage, Director, Contracts

Mark Spencer, Sr. Manager, Planning & Area Development Design

Jeffrey Spoor, Manager, Graphics Fabrication & Implementation

Lora Spran, Sr. Manager, Interior Design

Michael Sprouls, Assoc. Writer

Kristen Steimer, Engineer

Andre Steimer, Engineer

Bob Stephens, Sr. Director, Project Scheduling

Eileen Stephens, Sr. Director, Projects (Land)

Wenjie "Danny" Su, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Michael Suarez, Manager, Project Facility

Franklin Sumner, Coordinator, RICP

Jiaqi "Jessie" Sun, Coordinator, Technical

Kaidi "Vicki" Sun, Admin Assistant

Xiaolei "Sunny" Sun, Sr. Manager, Human Resources


Official Credits List - Universal Studios Beijing

Richard Swim, Sr Mgr, Props- Creative

Charles Szczech, Art Director

Francis Tam, Assoc. Engineer

Yuan Tan, Coordinator, Show

Mingliang Tang, Production Art Director

Richard "Matthew" Tang, Manager, A/V/ Projection/Lighting

Tianyi "Mia" Tang, Associate Accountant

Elliot Taylor, Asst. Dir., Engineering & Safety

Jesse Techentin, Designer I, Creative

David Thomas, Sr. Manager Project, Facility (Mechanical)

Jay Thompson, Sr. Manager, Technical

Conor Thornton, Manager, Facility Design

Yu Tian, Manager, Show (Animation, SFX, SAE)

Cherisse Tillet, Assoc. Producer

Phillip Tinkes, Sr. Coordinator, RICP

Nguyen "Phat" Tran, Asst. Manager, Facility Design

Terry Trauger, Asst Dir, Engineering & Safety

Michael Traxler, Sr. Mgr, Figure Finishing

Matthew Trombley, Production Art Director

Pao-Ni "Pony" Tseng, Manager, Interior Design

Kristin Turner, Coordinator, Facility

Jules Vallier, Sr Production Designer

Chris Vamos, Engineer

Mark Vanderlip, Sr. Manager, Technical (Ride Controls)

Glenn VanWinkle, Assoc. Engineer

Brittany Vega, Assoc. Producer

Nicolas Rodriguez Villar Mac-Veigh, Sr. Production Art Director

Scott Verble, Producer, Show

Anthony Villani, Master Scheduler

Stacie Vizoso, Analyst, Financial-Projects

Kirk Walchek, Manager, Props Dressing & Design

Debra Walker, Director, Media Production

Stan Walker, Sr. Director, Projects (Land)

Brad Wallace, Coordinator, RICP

Chao "Nathan" Wang, Asst. Manager, A/V/ Projection/Lighting

Chia-Wei "David" Wang, Manager, Interior Design

Dafa "Eric" Wang, Engineer

Hongyuan "Barry" Wang, Engineer

Jiao "Sonia" Wang, Sr. Specialist, TechnicalProject

Juntao "William" Wang, Coordinator, Graphics

Kaili Wang, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Minyan Wang, Coordinator, Show

Rui Wang, Manager, Facility Design

Viva Wang, Designer, Show/Set

Xiao "Carey" Wang, Coordinator, Show

Xiao Wang, Coordinator, Graphics

Xiaohan "Han" Wang, Designer I, Creative

Xiaoyu "Karen" Wang, Coordinator, Finance

Xinwei "Iris" Wang, Coordinator, Technical

Yali "Rebecca" Wang, Coordinator, Finance

Yali Wang, Assoc. Production Art Director

Yicong "Gin" Wang, Coordinator, Project (P&D)

Yong Wang, Scheduler

Mindy Ward, Assoc. Producer

Allan Warhaftig, Manager, Ride Show Engineering

Xiaoxiao "Dilys" Wei, Coordinator, Graphics

Norman Weise, Art Director (Facades)

Fang Wen, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Gao Wen, Manager, Building Information Modeling

Jianming "Neil" Wen, Manager, Network Systems

Shun "Sophia" Wen, Manager, Art Production

Ken Wheatley, Sr. Manager, Technical Show

Garrett Whisnant, Assoc. Designer, Interiors

Spencer Whittaker, Coordinator, Contracts

Wes Whitten, Sr. Coordinator, Show

Rachel Wilcox, Coordinator, Facility

Natalie Wilkie, Project Engineer, Facility (Electrical)

Michelle Willett, Sr. Production Art Director

Ashley Williams, Assoc. Producer, Media

Kurt Wilson, Sr. Manager, Technical

Timothy Wilson, Manager, A/V/Projection/ Lighting

Josh Wiseman, Sr. Manager, Planning & Area Development Design

Eric Wong, Engineer

Benjamin Wszalek, Assoc. Manager, Project

Rebecca Wszalek, Sr. Analyst, Cost

Jianyu "Jason" Wu, Engineer

Tianmi "Claire" Wu, Sr. Coordinator, Show

Zhaoyi Wu, Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)

Ying Wu, Animator, Figure Animation

Brandon Wyatt, Sr. Manager, Props Dressing & Design

Zhenzhen Xian, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Mengjie Xing, Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)

Fangyuan "Tom" Xiu, Analyst, Financial-Projects

Fei "Karl" Xu, Coordinator, Technical

Ren Xu, Manager, A/V/Projection/Lighting

Yingying "Alice" Xu, Coordinator, Technical

Xiaofei "Jake" Yan, Engineer

Yan Yan, Designer I, Creative

Fang "Frances" Yang, Coordinator, Technical

Wanlin Yang, Production Art Director

Weifen Yang, Sr. Manager, Facility Design

Yangxuan "Zenith" Yang, Coordinator, Media

Jun "Erik" Yi, Manager, Building Information Modeling

Jun Yi, Coordinator, Technical

Shimin "Elvis" Yi, Manager, Technical- Lighting

Ting-Shan "Charles" Yin, Manager, Network Systems

Chengyin "Becky" Yu, Coordinator, Graphics

Hongbo Yu, Manager, Technical (Mechanical)

Liping "Harriet" Yu, Coordinator, Facility

Siyun "Mary" Yu, Sr. Admin Assistant

Yue "Melissa" Yu, Sr. Coordinator, Human Resources

Haidi Yuan, Assoc. Production Art Director

Hui "Jackie" Yuan, Assoc. Producer

Yuan "Olivia" Tian, Coordinator, Project

Joe Zabrosky, Sr. Manager, BIM

Min "Dorothy" Zeng, Coordinator, Technical

Tina Zeno, Mgr, Props- Creative

Wenjuan "Jennifer" Zhan, Director, Development & Government Relations

Bo Zhang, Asst. Manager, Facility Design

Haoran "Scott" Zhang, Designer I, Creative

Jiahuan "Victoria" Zhang, Coordinator, Technical

Jiawei "Kelvin" Zhang, Engineer

Jie Zhang, Designer, Graphic-Creative

Long Zhang, Production Art Director

Ning "Ariel" Zhang, Coordinator, Technical

Pengyu "Sean" Zhang, Sr. Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)

Qianrui "Cherry" Zhang, Designer I, Creative

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR TALENTED TEAMS, PARTNERS, AND VENDORS THREE THEA AWARDS FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT LIVE EVENT How to Train Your Dragon: Untrainable ATTRACTION Jurassic World Adventure UniversalCreative THEME PARK Universal Studios Beijing @UniversalCreativeOfficial Universal Beijing Resort Universal Beijing Resort Universal Beijing Resort How To Train Your Dragon © 2023 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All rights reserved. JURASSIC WORLD film and related materials TM and © Universal Studios/Amblin. Universal elements and all related indicia TM & © 2023 Universal Studios. All rights reserved. Scan to learn more!

Official Credits List - Universal Studios Beijing

Shuchuan Zhang, Admin Assistant

Tianyu "Skye" Zhang, Interpreter / Translator (Foreign Language)

Tiezhu "Noel" Zhang, Manager, Ride & Show Engineering

Xiaohui "Bonnie" Zhang, Manager, Building Information Modeling

Xiaoying Zhang, Coordinator, Show

Xiliang "Adam" Zhang, Assoc. Engineer (Mechanical)

Xing "Sunny" Zhang, Executive Administrative Asst.

Xiulian "Rose" Zhang, Sr. Analyst, FinancialProjects

Yan Zhang, Engineer

Yao "Cathy" Zhang, Sr Manager, Global Mobility

Yaru "Amy" Zhang, Manager, Network Systems

Yin "Jane" Zhang, Scheduler

Yingju "Tony" Zhang, Asst. Manager, Interior Design

Yue "Cherry" Zhang, Coordinator, Technical

Yue "Sofia" Zhang, Coordinator, Project

Zhenjiang Zhang, Project Engineer, Facility (Mechanical)

Ziyi "Hope" Zhang, Coordinator, Finance

Cheng "Zella" Zhao, Sr. Trainer,Chinese Language

Feifei "Fifi" Zhao, Coordinator, Government Relations

Jinhui "Peter" Zhao, Manager, Technical Show

Tianjiao "Jodie" Zhao, Coordinator, Project (P&D)

Xueying "Kelsey" Zhao, Analyst, Cost

Yiling "Joely" Zhao, Coordinator, Project

Yiran "Ian" Zhao, Coordinator, Technical

Yuyi Zhao, Assoc. Manager, Project

Zhao Zhao, Manager, Technical (Ride Controls)

Hongwei Zheng, Asst. Manager, Area Development

Yaling Zheng, Asst. Manager, Translation

Yuhan "Sabrina" Zheng, Manager, Interior Design

Angela Zhong, Designer, Graphic-Creative

Baoying "Gina" Zhong, Coordinator, Technical

Peng "Eric" Zhou, Manager, Show (Animation, SFX, SAE)

Siqi " Zoey" Zhou, Coordinator, Graphics

Yanan "Melody" Zhou, Coordinator, Show

Kezhen "Doria" Zhu, Manager, Facility Design

Xiaogang "Shawn" Zhu, Designer, Attraction

Yun "Diane" Zhu, Director, Finance

ZhiCheng "Wilson" Zou, Manager, Network Systems

Bing Zuo, Engineer

Xiang Liu, Intern

Sun Tom , Intern

William Zhao, Intern

Xiao Jian, Intern

Eric Yu, Intern


Joe Relich

Nolan Liberto, Assistant Director, Attraction Ops

Jeff Rush, Assistant Director, Technical Entertainment

Daniel Blumberg, Assistant Director, Entertainment Ops

Justin Tse, Senior Manager Costuming Operations

Jenny Koh, Manager Costuming Operations

Birdy Wen, Assistant Manager Costuming Operations

Jason Ramsburg, Director, Entertainment Operations

Rachel Ong, Senior Manager, Entertainment Operations

Rebecca Yao, Manager, Talent Booking and Casting

Liz He, Stage Manager, Operations

Xue Fei, Assistant Stage Manager

Ian Wang, Assistant Stage Manager

Lv Ping, Technical Manager, Operations

Paul Hu, Assistant Technical Manager(Automation)

John Wei, Assistant Technical Manager( Sound)

Ted Yan, Supervisor, Majestic(Video /Lighting)

David Hu, Supervisor, Majestic (Automation/ Rigging)

Lynn Sheaff White, Manager, Interior Design

Yangxuan Zenith Yang, Sr. Media Coordinator



Universal Pictures



11:11 Creative


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Andrea Bottancino

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Official Credits List - Universal Studios Beijing

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Official Credits List - Universal Studios Beijing

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Yichun Asia Pyrotechnics, Inc.

Zhong Shan Run Ze Plexiglass Craft Product Factory

Zhongke Master Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Bidanli Lighting Company Limited

Zhongshan City Successful Metal’s Product Ltd.


Kate Harrow, Assistant Technical Director

Michael Pena, Assistant Director, Choreographer

Mirena Rada, Costume Designer

Denise Wilcox, Assistant Lighting Designer

Nick Reichert, Lighting Programmer

Susan Fenty Studham, Stage Manager

Todd Schroeder, Vocal Coach, Other Productions





for receiving the Buzz Price Award, Recognizing a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements.


Kevin Murphy and Peter Weishar

TEA Peter Chernack Distinguished Service Award

Recognizing exceptional volunteer service to the Association, TEA Service Awards are recommended by the TEA Past Presidents Committee, which established the award. The recipients of the Service Award are honored during the annual Thea Awards Gala. The late TEA Past President Peter Chernack was instrumental in creating the TEA Service Award, and after he passed away in 2016, it was renamed to celebrate his contributions.

Kevin Murphy – TEA EME champion

Senior VP Sales and Business Development, Kraftwerk Living Technologies Associate Director, Eden Projects International

Over the years, Kevin has been a constant supporter and promoter of the TEA. He has spent ample time on the TEA Europe and Middle East Division Board of Directors, including the role of Board President. But outside those roles, whether or not serving on the Board, he has been continually involved with the organization, dating back to its earliest years.

Kevin understands the concepts of service and giving back. He has volunteered his time on a variety of Committees within TEA and EME, such as the Membership and Events committees, and most recently the Nominations committee for EME. He is well respected by his fellow TEA members, and has been a consistent champion and friendly face of the Association, helping the community to grow and thrive by welcoming new members and looking after existing ones.

Young Kevin Murphy started out in the UK civil service teaching electronics, followed by 10 years designing and working on audiovisual and interactive systems at the Natural History Museum (London). Through

his work at the Museum he became acquainted with Electrosonic founder Robert Simpson, joined the company in 1987 as a project manager, and stayed 20 years. He has been with Kraftwerk Living Technologies (KLT) since 2016.

Like so many, once Kevin got to know the industry, he was hooked for life. Through projects and travel he built his network and in the 1990s began to be active within TiLE and TEA, groups with overlapping interests.

Kevin has been integral to building up the TEA presence in the EME region. He is always more than willing to help out with organized events, whether or not they are events he is directly involved with. Simply put, he is a dedicated volunteer and has generously contributed tons of time and energy – as well as ideas, strategy and intelligence – that have served TEA, TEA EME and the TEA EME region over the years. We are pleased to see Kevin recognized for his years of outstanding service to the organization.


Peter Weishar – Education pioneer

Director of Themed Experience, University of Central Florida

President Emeritus, International Digital Media and Art Association

Steering Committee Chair, Themed Experience and Attractions Academic Society

Peter Weishar has been the founder of multiple university degree programs for themed entertainment, and a tireless promoter of the industry in general. He has helped forge important relationships between TEA and the academic community.

Peter was key to the TEA SATE conference on Experience Design being hosted in 2013 at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), where he was Dean of Film, Digital Media, and Performing Arts. This established the custom of often convening SATE in partnership with an educational institution.

The following year, as Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Florida State University, Peter hosted the 2014 SATE conference at the FSU Sarasota campus. Peter moved on to become the founding director of the Themed Experience graduate programs on the University of Central Florida (UCF) Orlando campus, where he continues to bring industry and academia together for the benefit of all, creating relevant educational programs with immediate currency.

Peter also cultivated a broader dialogue and network to help grow Themed Experience higher education at other colleges. Working with colleagues, he led development of the Themed Experience and Attractions Academic Symposium (TEAAS), now in its sixth year. TEAAS brings educators and students

together to present and review academic work and build meaningful curriculum.

Peter’s support has had a direct and positive impact on the success of TEA’s outreach to students, and its ability to connect with the next generation of industry professionals.


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Team members of Thea-awarded projects are eligible to order their own 8" Team Member Award engraved with the honored project's name, the team member's individual or company name, and a specific project credit or project team member credit. To be eligible for a trophy, you must be listed in the official Thea Awards credits for the project.


AREA15 applauds designers, performers and artists with the endless pursuit of creating new experiences. Without you, wanderlands of art, music and entertainment like AREA15 truly would not exist.

The business of entertainment

AECOM provides unrivaled expertise in the business of entertainment. We are a fully integrated infrastructure services firm with extensive experience in the creation of themed environments, hotels and resorts, and cultural destinations. In addition to the pioneering economics expertise that we provide to developers, operators and investors, our collaborative approach unites creativity with technical expertise to address complex challenges at all scales.
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